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The High Holy Days

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 29, 2016 4:10 pm

The High Holy Days

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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September 29, 2016 4:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 09/29/16.

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Dr. Michael Brown

The biblical high holy days are upon us this mean for the Jewish community worldwide was the word have to say that a lot more today on through the Jewish Thursday stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, the blast of the shofar, which symbolizes the beginning of Jewish traditions become row session, the biblical celebration of trumpets, traditional Judaism, the beginning of the new year. This will be taking place beginning Sunday night around the world was mean about the high holy days.

What about this season a lot to talk about today. This is Michael Brown coming we live from Dallas, Texas but it is still thoroughly Jewish Thursday. If you have a question, a Jewish related question of any kind, shape, size or form.

He related Jewish tradition related having you with Israel today having to do with these free holidays having to do with sharing the good news of Yeshua with a Jewish friends give me a call 866-34-TRUTH 784 866-34-TRUTH, one of the great joys I have is partnering together with other Jewish believers in ministry doing outreach events and equipping events together. One of my dearest messengers friends in the world which Glaser leads chosen people ministries with the incredible history of of decades and decades of sharing the good news to be sure with our Jewish people and we can be doing an event together in New Jersey.

In just a couple of weeks so want to bring Mitch on we got a lot to talk about that much welcome to the modifier along like cello Mitch hate you live in Brooklyn chosen people. Ministry has sent to the Feinberg center in Brooklyn with a messianic congregation. There are so many religious Jews in Brooklyn want what's what's it feel like at this time of year in Brooklyn. It's a wonderful feeling it is a Jewish believer in Jesus who grew up sort of near where you grow up in Queens, New York. It was, you know what you up.

You could feel it in your bones that the holidays were coming in and already feel it now and and so it's a very sobering very holy and sacred feeling. I mean, the streets are to be empty everything to be quiet all the religious Jewish people due to synagogue chosen people will be having services as well. And if you, the only time of the year that Jewish people really deeply thank about repentance and forgiveness and atonement. And so it's a very very special time of the air, particularly in Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods and uses the Hase wrote about this time as you didn't eat you he likes we did, we did. We wrote the book called the policies of Israel that was published by Moody press of years ago that a good thing that it has a long shelf life by clicking on the feast of change will help to cope with the year and so we cover in depth the rush on the feast of trumpets, Yom Kippur, the day of atonement in Sukkot and and we try and show how Jewish people understand these festivals.

Of course, to show what the Bible says about the festival and we show how these festivals all point to our Messiah Yeshua need someone just asked me yesterday, the day before if I could recommend a good book to them on the subjects are so yeah. Here's the book, absolute right will will get to talk about this a lot more and I want to delve into reaching our people with the good news, but the conference coming up in New Jersey just announce a quick now them will pick this up on the other side of the brain, especially for WMC listeners what's happening and where sharp October 14 through the 16th. Friday night starts with a Shabbat banquet Saturday and even on Sunday we have a couple of services so you don't have to miss your self out Christian church surfactant New Jersey pray for the peace of Jerusalem featuring Dr. Michael Brown and others like heraldic and others to week two weeks from the barely 2 weeks from now that the Senate can't wait to see the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is thoroughly Jewish Thursday on the line of fire. As always your friend Mitch Glaser leads chosen people ministries based in New York doing work literally around the world and really be part of a special conference together and Sarah fast New Jersey October 14-16 and I want to let you know about this how you can be involved especially all of our listeners in the greater New York New Jersey area become especially for you.

So Mitch, the conference name is praying for the peace of Jerusalem, who are some of the folks that he can be speaking what are some of the themes right were going to be looking at the future of Israel through the book of Jeremiah. Note Michael Brown loves the book of Jeremiah to start commentary on a while ago and so we believe that the church needs to become more familiar with the Old Testament Scriptures and so Dr. Richard Freeman from Florida. One of our staff members, myself, Dr. Michael Adele Mike from Moody Bible Institute will all be speaking on the future of Israel through the book of Jeremiah. It's can be typically enriching were also can have our leader from Israel, Michael Zinn, the Russian Jewish believer from Israel's going to be speaking on God's work in Israel today and I were also to be talking to how to share the gospel and also Olivier Melnick French Jewish believer whose right on top of the growing problem of anti-Semitism in Europe can be speaking about anti-Semitism in the last days, and these will be workshops crossing another pastors breakfast bagel breakfast and a job a bit of a panel on prophecy with Dr. Microtel like Mike Brown, myself and Rich Freeman in order to register all you need to do is go to chosen conference so chosen conference so you can call 888-405-5874 888-405-5874. We'd love for you to come you Mitch it is. I think about the subjects but then also the role of Jewish believers in the body. There are some Jewish believers who are powerful preachers anointed preachers that can stir the crowds. But when you think of a messianic usually refused especially of in-depth teaching. Somehow we been especially devoted to the word.

Or maybe it's our educational background or groin of the Jewish tradition of the more challenging our faith so when you go to a conference like this. That's the one thing and get is in depth teaching maybe great speakers as well, but the people are going to really be challenged by the word to look at things in ways that haven't before. Right absolutely and I think that we have a wonderful relationship between Jews and Gentiles in the body of Messiah, and this is no question that as Jewish believers we may not of known the Old Testament, the Hebrew Scriptures very well before we became believers but but afterwards we naturally gravitated to understand our own Jewish Bible in depth and so it's not that we avoid the New Testament we love the New Testament I came to the Lord through reading the New Testament, but but the Old Testament Scriptures are just so vitally important and a lot of Christians are mystified by the Old Testament and it's not easy to understand Jeremiah if he can automate me to understand Ezekiel. But this so many fantastic truths in the Old Testament Scripture, and particularly in the prophets, and if you wrestle with those truths if it's really wonderful. Mike just did a wonderful session at our Brooklyn Center in on Coney Island Avenue and Avenue P R Feinberg center on Isaiah 53 and what the rabbis have to say that Isaiah 53 and I wrote a little book on Isaiah 53 and I learned times that night for Mike on on the plummet plummet at the depths of Isaiah 53 help us understand what the rabbis say about it and so I think if you come to this conference you you going to meet Jewish believers who love the word and who have a unique insight into what God is saying to the Old Testament Scriptures and something happens.

It's kind of contagious where you you get more excited about being in the word you hear people teaching open it up and it gives you greater hunger and thirst it dive and it was interesting. The presentation that I did Isaiah 53 was writing an article for the forthcoming Moody dictionary that's can focus on messianic prophecy in an absolute unique a critically important work is nothing that this ever been done before this level. So I have been looking afresh and Isaiah 53 but just yesterday I finished a Bible reading program that took me through the Bible, and 90 days so your reading pretty quickly. You could be reading 15 chapters a day or whatever it is, but I I saw so many things even more clearly that I've seen before that then tied in with Isaiah 53 just as I was going through going through looking at everything there's there's something about this hunger and thirst for the word.

This getting into the word's excitement about the word that this opening up of how these ancient scriptures have application for us today so submits this is not just something a conference for people who have a heart for Israel. This is for anyone who loves the word and has a heart for God, absolutely Mike you know I've been speaking about some hundred 22 verse six. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. They will prosper loving speaking about this and using this passage for years and years and years, but I'm going going to preach on that on Friday night at Arafat Christian church at our first session and you know just spending so much time looking at that Psalm and looking at the verse I just like you. I grew so much because I I just gave myself to the passage to try and understand it, not just from a surface level but from a more in-depth level and so you're going to learn about Jeremiah can learn about the time of Jacob's trouble going to learn about the promise of the land and Israel's glorious future that's good to be our brother Mike Brown is going to speak about that the Jewish people in the in the new covenant. Jeremiah 31 Dr. Michael Adele licked and I would like to see how so many of these passages are filled in the New Testament, but the New Testament doesn't change the meaning of the Old Testament. It shows how it is fulfilled. All too often we sort of go right to the New Testament doesn't have a very cursory surface understanding of the Old Testament and just go right for the New Testament we really have to understand in-depth both in order to really understand how these prophecies are fulfilled in Jesus and in the Jewish people and in our future and our glorious future that God's promise to all of us who love the Lord, you know, I often say the folks this is when you when you build a two-story house and you finish that second story you don't knock out the first floor have to do that that the second floor will collapse with it. So for our understanding of the New Testament and who Jesus is, is enriched as we better understand of the Hebrew Scriptures. So again a bunch of things I want to talk about as well, but if you want to find out about this conference October 14-16 and Sarah fast New Jersey and again I'll be speaking a couple times of being a Sunday morning message is as well and they get to be just rich rich teachings and seminars go to chosen and then which kinda/match//1 conference okay chosen conference Mitch there's a custom call Tosh lease that religious Jews around the world will be participating in right at the time of of a rush session. The traditional Jewish new year. Can you tell our listeners about this sharp.

I grew up doing it so it's easy for me to after serve the first day of the first day of Rosh Hashanah will usually do it we go out to a living body of water and all the men because I was raised in sort of a modern Orthodox synagogue and so we would all meet at the synagogue and would walk down we walked out the alley can't talk it up with that and and so we would walk down to this living body of water and then everybody would turn their pockets inside out and I and we would remove all of the we would use a nice Yiddish word – much all the dirt and all the stuff that was in our pockets and all the maybe leftover gum that was stuck to it. You name it, but we would get rid of it and because we would we would do that and are in the way we view it the way the rabbis taught us.

It's that sort of represents our sense and the reason for that is because of the positive 10 days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur called the 10 days of awe for the 10 days of repentance. It's during these 10 days of repentance that we repent of our sins so that at on the day of Yom Kippur. Since we don't have a sacrifice and to offer at on the day of Yom Kippur. According to Jewish tradition, God opens the books of life and death and that of an in-between book you know you only want to be in one. One book at the end of these picnics. The book of life, and so Jewish tradition life closest exit of your stance is that righteousness you have a good year in the word were Tosh lease has to do with casting cast genes to the sea of forgetfulness that the whole the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown so far is most prophetic instrument and there is instrument releases symbolically God's voice.

It's just a wake-up call in Scripture. Young true on the day of the sounding of the ram's horn. According to Moses Maimonides. This is what it symbolizes wake-up from you sleep you sleepers arise from your slumber.

You slumbers. Examine your deeds return to God. Remember your creator. Those of you who forget the truth, and the utilities of the times and spend all your vanity and emptiness looking for your soul improve your ways and your deeds, that each of you abandon his evil ways and his immoral thoughts this is Michael Brown that is thoroughly Jewish Thursday I'm speaking with Dr. Mitch Glaser, who leads chosen people ministries Mitch, do you feel that this season as nonreligious dues become a little more religious and traditional Jews. Religious Jews get so focused on seeking God for forgiveness and repentance, to feel this is especially important time for the church to be praying for the salvation of our people and I do Mike, I think that we can do through three things definitely pray and I make sure it's appropriate to Sunday a happy new year card Rosh Hashanah card to your Jewish friends you can also do something else. You can also bring over little plate of apples and honey and what I said it's a very nice thing to do because the apples dipped in the honey represent the desire for a sweet year and again if you repent of your sins over these 10 days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. And then we hope that God will forgive our sins, we can we can never know for sure and or she can never know for sure unless you accept Jesus as your Messiah and sacrifice, but Jewish people do hope for a sweet new year and so is a Gentile Christian, particularly if you bring in apples and honey particular, if you work with some Jewish people and just put it out and say in a happy new year to to our Jewish friends to be astounded that you understood that you know the tradition and not just you have to say a lot about Jesus, just tell them you know we hope that you have a good and sweet. There is really a wonderful testimony yeah. Obviously, many Jews, especially religious, you still feel that Christians hate Jews.

They associate us with horrible things in the past that that professing Christians have done presaging position even even associate us with the Holocaust. Things like that so genuine Christian love and sensitivity to Jewish tradition that is meaningful and and of course yes our our goal is to demonstrate true love. So that they'll hear our message and consider it truthfully before God, and I think that many Christians are afraid to share the good news Jewish people because they think while they all know the Bible so well in any other are there religious Jews that study Scripture and study day and night that your average American Jew is not conversant with the Scriptures. Your average born-again Christian knows the Bible better than your average secular Jew right and I mean I was raised a little bit more religious and up and I thought I knew the Bible but even I didn't know the Bible and I went to Hebrew school four days awakens that of one day a week or two days a week but II could read it in Hebrew but I do not really understand what I was reading so you would you wouldn't have to be afraid of somebody like me and you know I I found that when I began hearing the word of God and setting the transform life lives of my friends and others and how I was really drawn. I was really curious. I think the most important thing in sharing the gospel with a Jewish person because like Mike said we really do expect that if we believe in Jesus somehow we no longer Jewish. I think the important thing is to de-institutionalize to just keep it personal. And the point is not bringing Jewish people to a church or bring them to a new religion important thing is bringing them to Jesus the person of Jesus. And so we can bring them to Jesus and point them to Jesus or Hebrew Yeshua then we break down a lot of the stereotypes in Jewish people really less frightened and interestingly we both come from backgrounds where before we came to know the Lord. We were in the drug world and then you could sum up both of our testimonies from LST to PhD correct.

Yes there are a lot of us out there, but not as many would like, but spread a lot yet from LST to something else right something something far better so long time ago Mike, you know, yeah, and that was fascinating as we did a conference in years gone. Isaiah 53 and it was an academic conference, but we were also asked her the US to secure testimonies with them. You shared your test without your whole presentation, which was awesome.

Is this a delight to listen to, but we also should reassure testimonies briefly and then give our academic presentation and I was gonna save you from LST to PhD, but there are so many at the site, so I have. I would adjust the wording from shooting smack to Semitic studies to keep the alliteration.

But here, here you have religious Jews that are be seeking God earnestly and got us touching them and opening their hearts and minds. They're coming to faith, although still very hidden in most cases, you have people are in the drug users of the whole range. The mercy of God's reach them and we encourage Christians to to really pray. So Mitch back to the conference in New Jersey and for those that are just tuning in, and we want Christians to be praying for the peace of Jerusalem because it if it affects everything in it. Jerusalem affects the world that affects the return of the Messiah.

What you think folks will get out of this conference and surface New Jersey October 14-16. I think that those who love the Jewish people and have a real concern Jewish evangelism and who love the Old Testament are just going to be thrilled off the charts.

You got it.

It's good to be an absolute feast for you and for those who are just putting their toe in the water. Learning more about Jewish people in Jewish evangelism. The Old Testament Scriptures. I think you're going to find that you can to be encouraged to learn a whole lot more. And I think that you cannot just find it interesting and it's gonna really be helpful to you, but I think it's also going to really be life-changing because were going to have Michael Adele Nick and Mike Brown and myself and Michael Zinn from Israel, and I can assure you that throughout the whole serious Bible teaching on the Old Testament. This can be lots of humor and looking to share our testimonies because as you can already tell Mike and I take Yeshua very seriously, but ourselves. Not so much, and so were going to work and have a great time, but you could be absolutely thrilled to hear things testimonies of Jewish people came to know Jesus and then looking to bring you up-to-date on what God is doing in Israel because not just political not just military know you hearing a lot about all this and of course you just can hear what you can do here is what God is doing in Israel. You know sometimes I have is really believer said in a young Christians come over with all these tours and they they go see the sights and everything in and they never visit us.

It's as if they don't know that there Jewish believers in Jesus living in Israel and I said well you know you're right.

You need to have a voice and so you give them is really believers in Jesus voice at this conference and you can learn from them on how you should pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

So I think that's can be incredibly exciting. I tell Sosa get how they consign us case Joseph conference/Jerusalem, how much does it cost to register so that not much like awesome young, just like in the website.

I was already box or something like that and I will see you there. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to the line of fire and delighted to be with you coming we live from Dallas Texas will be doing a special meet and greet for our Dallas listeners. A little later tonight.

Effects of something funny happened last night off. I'll share it later but let's just say that when I was at the hotel here in Dallas and I had to the room she wasn't working properly. So Hedda how to get it fixed so they want to see your ID, let's just say we used voice recognition say what I'll explain later in the broadcast get a Jewish lady question for me 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH up before I go to the phones grant clip number 15.

This is from Cory Gill Schuster's YouTube channel.

The asked project and he asked Israelis and Palestinians questions that viewers ask him to ask and the people responding or random people on the street. So talking to secular Jewish Israelis about their Jewishness as far as tradition the holidays lifestyle. This is what they have to say.

I assume you're secular it out. You don't get religious not do celebrate anything to do with Judy is in any way. No holiday also kind of man kind of guy that I choose to believe in God you believe that the Jews there's a connection between Jews and religious and secular community community whether something is strong in this fascinating he's not sure if he believes God or its complicated he considers himself secular, nonreligious, and yet and yet he said of course the holidays and things of that of course he celebrates them. That would mean probably going to synagogue for the NEA feels a connection with Jewish people.

Word what were Watson had a mystical connection. So in essence is in Jewish blood, and even being raised in Israel in a secular environment the nation still observes the high holy days they they observe the cycle of life.

Now through much of Israel say the Shabbat yet it's a non-workday. But for many Israelis. If the weather is nice is time to the beach and chill and Chris were the religious Jews. It's it's data to the restroom of the laborers in spending and prayer in and study communal gatherings and things like that.

So of course the nation is not observant Jewish in that respect only wrong impression but it still fascinating to see how deeply these things are ingrained in people's hearts so it even even a secular Israeli might fast on Yom Kippur of the day of atonement they might do that because that's what Jews do at that time of the year they might will go to synagogue if you got many nominal Christians that that might go to midnight mass sewer Christmas Eve service and have a Christmas tree but there is for the most part it's more secular for them. Worse is something about the calendar in Israel that still prevails even though the nation is still large majority secular is just just very interesting fact and it grabbed one of the clip here. Clip number 11. This is an interview that took place believe it at a mall in North Carolina was some Israelis working there. Clip number 11 how do you personally. Yom Kippur life soil people festival dollars. So the little Jake was on his electricity just sat going to the synagogue and right all day and I hope that that's basically own people form is a day for just us forgiveness myself most of the time and talking to bad morning afternoon it came. I just talked to him all day. You know, and I know you listening to me to interesting is all the more we pray for the lost sheep of the house of Israel will be right back, and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Thanks much for joining us on 784 number to call with any Jewish related question that you have a let's go to Adam in New York.

Welcome to the line of fire fighting, record it correctly.

So one divine curtain that would be the way Christian theologians often presented.

Yes okay so I think you probably know uncle that point, but why can't God create another God are what God why can't God create another God because God God G. By definition, is the uncreated Creator and God ceased to exist, he would not be God. Okay, so what God create another God because you by definition God with the G is the uncreated creator. If a God was a created being would not be a God. So the question is a self-contradictory question okay so within the Trinity. Their voluntary. There's a voluntary, self limiting in terms of this voluntary self limiting and the nature of God.

Every moment of every day that he chooses not to pour out wrath at certain times that he extends mercy a Jewish tradition points to two different me dealt different divine characteristics and and mercy versus judgment and how those things balance out. That's the perfection of the nature of God. When God appears among us. There's obviously self-limiting because he chooses not to destroy Exodus chapter 24 when God appears on Mount Sinai before you I are you think I'm doing yet another it wasn't it was not my screen so I had to I had no idea about that yet. Okay so that's that's know that that's fine off the net that is posted that also is a man of New York with the question of the Trinity.

Now I was asking is if you and I was responding as if you were as if you were Jewish, but none of that's okay not appreciate you jumping in their but you're still asking a question that I can answer biblically of the Bible is is how we know about God. There there are numerous numerous errors in the chron's recounting of biblical history and tradition because Mohammed learned things from certain Jewish and Christian sources and in it he got confused and what he learned or mistook midrash, medical Jewish interpretations for the actual biblical account. That's what you have certain apocryphal homiletic old legends from Jewish and I had another time I write I would about the sand and is is important if you want to know who God is, we have to go by the Scriptures because that's all we have an accurate and accurate revelation of who he is.

Another question about Cory Shirley Scripture at the foundation of your belief that idolatry you absolutely misrepresenting.

I Adam okay to discredit yourself was close like that.

Trust me, he's been on my show. We know this material you are you are misrepresenting what he said email that okay with you if you here's the deal out of it. If you email to our website. Asked Dr. Brown done Lori. If you email the exact quote he says if you make the Bible. The foundation of your faith that you are guilty of idolatry than I will publicly apologize to you for saying you misrepresenting it.

Conversely, publicly I this Adam, what's what.

Sure you are erased in a Muslim home okay now. Bear in mind this is thoroughly Jewish Thursday and asked if callers had a Jewish related question, so I know you said your mother highlights another planet right right okay that that's that's perfect Rachel Joanna.

20. 23 years old and how did how devout the Muslim are you the way you thought of the way people thinking.

For example, the word like if I say I'm really right.

Then people fail. Okay, why aren't you doing anything right of the defined villas of Islam that the five pillars of Islam to practice them court you play five times right you you pray five times a day correct court okay.

Of course, and so there's nobody I understand what a devout Muslim to have.

Have you made a Hargett or you you're hoping to find that right but you hope to do at some point Oakley got right okay and if if you were to die right now you have assurance that you're forgiven by all law and that you'd be welcomed into paradise. We don't have that type of theology we don't wait we are really sure of our own, but we're not sure whether I will go to hell her head. We are working to get there.

You know you be sure that Mohammed needed. Can you be sure that Mohammed made it into heaven court, one why was he was good enough to do it and you're not good enough. I want to talk about it.

I think going up and then I know it's early Jewish Thursday you called in as a Muslim saw it, I have the liberty and delivery move of the objective to cut whatever I wanted it so so so here is II just I just want to sit at Anna. Anna can't talk over his second work okay. Was Mohammed good enough) Adam Taylor. I'm happy to help you but you have to want help. Okay, I'm happy to help you find the truth about God. Find out how you can know that you know that your sins are forgiven. Find out who the real Jesus is not the false Jesus of the Koran find the one true God is, who actually want you to know him as father right. I'm happy to help you help you understand the truth about the nature of God, but were not this can have a silly argument over the radio, especially when you're not willing to take in what I'm saying. So start here and start here and you can always call in another day when you're when you're generally willing to listen to what we have to say I know that I know that I know in any possible shadow of a doubt if I was to die right now because with the Messiah did on my behalf, and the true repentance is granted posted idea immediately in the presence of God completely forgiven state and with no possible threat of hell, and that is all the more incentive to love him and serve God and to do his will and I have absolutely no question whatsoever that is the Scriptures. The Bible tells the truth about God, that of strong.

I know there are many religious devout Muslims around the world. I know that these devout religious Muslims hate and repudiate what Al Qaeda does what Isis does the Taliban do so.

I'm not making almost Lucent Terrace in any way, shape, size, reform, but I do know that you are deceived, that I do know, and that it will take tremendous courage if you humble yourself before God.

The good news is that there are countless hundreds of thousands of Muslims around the world including very very devout Muslims are having extraordinary experiences coming to know the one true God. Jesus appearing to them in their dreams and they come to know him, and experience in summer former Terrace so my friends have worked with them in other countries and were all stunned to see what God is doing so. So friends.

Let's pray for Adam that God would grant them to repentance that God would open his heart and mind and reveal Jesus the Messiah. To him that he can really come to know the one true God know that his sins are forgiven and lead a brand-new life. Let's let's pray friend and the goblet do that very thing. 8663 freight 7884II do want to talk briefly about something that happened since were on his lawn for a moment exchange between the Goldstar mother. So this is the mother of a soldier that died in combat Goldstar mother asking Pres. Obama why he won't use the phrase radical Islam. The answers from the president really are open and eye-opening and terribly tragic in my humble opinion. File the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown act of terrorism, do you still believe that the acts of terrorism are done.

The sulfur clean and Islamic religious motives and he do what he still refused to use the term racially sorry Islamic terrorist that's a fair and fine question from someone has every right to ask that Pres. Obama response will start with clip number 19 listen to what Pres. Obama has to say in response to this Goldstar mother same. Why won't you say radical Islamic terrorism. The truth of the matter is that this is an issue that is been sort of manufactured because there is no doubt that I've said repeatedly that where we say terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda were I they have perverted and distorted and tried to claim the mantle of Islam for an excuse for basically barbarism and death is a babel chilled children chilled Muslims take sex slaves.

There's no religious rationale that would justify in any way any of the things that they did right now me there's no religious justification safer kill the idolaters wherever you find them and capture them and blockade them and watch for them in every lookout, or crucify, the more other things that are taught in the Koran which it is quoted, you might say it's misusing the Koran. But please, please don't say that you can't point to the example of Mohammed. Please don't say you can't point to the example of Islamic history. Please don't say you can't point to the Koran, please don't say you can't point to Islamic tradition. Please don't say you can't point to contemporary Islamic theologians learned scholars who all say that there is a right to engage in acts of terror and war against the unbelievers are against the Jews in Israel and things like that all of them may not sanction everything that an Isis does and the fact it's Muslims coming Muslims is significant, but that doesn't mean that it's not Islamic. According to one Muslim reform group that according to their views, Mohammed would've been considered a terrorist of the president continues will go to clip number 20.

Since Pres. Obama.

What I have been careful about what I describe these issues is to make sure that we do not lump these murderers into the billion Muslims that exist around the world including MS, now actually he's low on the number. It's more like one of billion and 1/2 or something like that but that Hannah, how about the Muslims of Saudi Arabia has he feel about them, beheading adulterers and practicing homosexuals and things like that. That is, are they Muslims.

How about it in Iran were various atrocities are committed in the name of Allah. Are they Muslims. How about Pakistan, where if you accuse a Christian of blasphemy Mohammed or or or the Koran defaming the Quran or something like that that they could just be beaten to death by a mob that they not Muslim or what about groups like Hamas and Hezbollah with great sympathy. Some ostriches voted into power by the people of Gaza, so are they not Muslim you see the problem you see the predicament with the president's denial of reality here. Yes, for sure, there are peaceloving Muslims is for sure the majority of Muslims are clearly not terrorists but there is a terrorist supporting ideology within his lawn that cannot be denied will go to clip number ones. We continue to listen to Pres. Obama's comment when you start calling these organizations. Islamic terrorists the way it's harder when it's received by our friends and allies around the world is that somehow Islam is terrorist and that them makes them feel as if they're under attack.

In some cases it makes it harder for us to get their cooperation in fighting terrorism has not going let's go to England, for example, talk to the security forces there. How is it going as far as Muslims turning and fellow Muslims exposing others in their community is, the more solidarity to the nation of Israel to expose terrorists not only so, if you say radical Islam then you are distinguishing that from other aspects of Islam and in giving the benefit of the doubt say okay this is an expression of Islam, but not the only expression, and perhaps the worst of all, will go to the last clip from Pres. Obama. If you had a an organization that was going around killing and blowing people up and said more vanguard of Christianity as a Christian I'm not all of them claim my religion and say your killing for Christ. I would, I would say that's ridiculous. That's not what my religion stands for call these folks were there, which is killers and terrorists and and that's what we been trying to do is to make sure that a we don't validate their claims that somehow they speak for Islam because they don't and be making sure that we do not make Muslims who are well-meaning and are natural allies on this bike is these groups are killing more Muslims than their children. Anybody else make sure that they don't feel as if somehow that this is some contest between the West and Islam. How sad to hear when most powerful human beings on the planet say those things. What was the example of Jesus, compared to the example of Mohammed Jesus was crucified.

Mohammed was first a spiritually than a political leader than a military leader and even involved in the beheading of captives and and there are no words out of the mouth of Jesus that could justify taking up a weapon to kill someone else in cold blood practices. Put your sword back into your cease to Peter because those who live by the sword will die by the sword to talk about a defensive or something that would; people in cold blood, not of course is not a word… Jesus and what he taught his example. An example of the early Christians. They were not the persecutors, they were the ones persecuted and that's the way this around the world to this day, and that's the way it's been through history. You have the aberrations of crusades and things of that.

But even that that was the church Catholic Church fighting back against Islamic aggression in the Middle East and elsewhere so there's even more to that story. Although I never would justify the Crusades and of themselves. Of course, so the comparison is not valid and you do not have all these Christian groups committing atrocities using New Testament texts around the world. We do have Islamic groups committing atrocities using Islamic texts and, therefore, because we don't identify the ideology and take it on head-on lives are lost. Be sure to check out our very special resource offer and asked Dr. Brown the don't want to miss it. My bottom line today.

Let's not play around with the facts. When lives are hanging in the balance speak the truth. The biblical high holy days are upon us. What is this mean for the Jewish community worldwide was the word have to say that and a lot more today on thoroughly Jewish Thursday it's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH events 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you for joining us on this 30 Thursday as I come to a live from Dallas, Texas 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 784 with any Jewish related questions that you have want to talk to more about the Jewish new year, according to tradition the difficult precedents for and what will be happening beginning on Sunday night want to talk about the death of Shimon Peretz, one of the great leaders in Israel for four decades.

Highly respected Israeli leader and of course, like any is renovated is always controversy surrounding them.

I want to talk about that. Maybe a couple of other things as well and will get your calls before we do that though start here. There was a lot of attention a few days back that was put on a major archaeological development and Leviticus scroll that had been discovered many years ago but but could not be opened and could not be read if you try to open it. The thing would would fragment and you've got these different scrolls, many on parchment for you had some copper in different different different materials so this phone was virtually impossible to open and read, but through modern technology or reading was done based on let's let's us a call at this is that of a set high-tech x-ray need. Look inside it and were able to see what was on the inside and put it out and when scholars looked at it and saw this text from the book of Leviticus. It was letter for letter the same as what we refer to us as the Masoretic text are the Masoretic textual tradition which was passed on old beginning May Brown, 11, 1200 viewers ago is is what we associate this tradition with went went different vowel points were put in some go little bit further back that that's what that's all we know it from. That's who the master REITs were these these transmitters of the tradition. And yet here the text that is been copied out by the scribes and ended now been annotated with valves or accents and things like that.

Now it was found well it goes letter by letter. It is exactly the same as this text from before the time of Jesus, and a lot of people were very excited about this and I understand for degrees. However, this is not that big a surprise. Why because you ready had for example, in K4 from Qumran. The Isaiah the scroll. This is a shorter part of the book of Isaiah supposed today say a scroll space the whole book of Isaiah the SAB scroll follow the same tradition and scrimmage letter for letter, but we have in manuscripts that are a thousand years later. In other words, as we understood the scriptural text was passed on very very carefully the scriptural text was passed on meticulously. Why because it was valued and recognized as God's word and the scribes would say when they get to the end of the book, then go back said the five books of Moses that and finished the book of Ray sheets of Genesis and then at the end they would count every every verse and to make sure that the right number versus they would count every every word they shed right number of words.

Every letter here is the middle word is the letter and it was an exact together do it again.

And if you miss something.

Summary. You can use the scroll if the barriers are. It is simply because it can be used extraordinary now just which after understand that does not mean that that's a Leviticus was originally written because there were spelling changes that changes in content but in spelling protocol and things like that. Just like in English, American English bespoke color CLL. All are British English. The older you CLL old you are, so the spelling may have changed from Moses day until text passed on her plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on this thoroughly Jewish Thursday 867884 with your Jewish related calls will go to Jared in blue Springs, Missouri. Thanks: the line of fire you today very well thank you so my question just started reading the injury.

In our and route back first thing that I can't strike me as elaborate on the janitors worn one to have the guts to study in Genesis 110, yeah, yeah, yeah, when we are there other that the question is, is mostly Christian by little every every relation I can find in like it sent the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the earth. S and the tenant cannot extend there is away from God, because hovering or blowing here yet is not right when you when you speak of it. The talk it's narcissistic generally for the Hebrew Bible B-17 unit Jewish publication Society version. Yes sir, which is a notation in their thoughts are that that the Fed right now that they made very clear that they found translation in the Christian Bible. They were that they found that rendering to be unacceptable right right so so you just have you got a couple things going on. Why aren't many of the translations different from Jewish translation is composed as opposed to Christian translation and there. There are a few different reasons for it. Sometimes they're just different traditions as to how to read a particular verse. For example, the opening word spreadsheet variola team at the Shema of tolerance for hard sites had to move about going into the second verse that traditional Jewish interpretation understands this to mean when God began to create the heavens and the earth. The earth be formless and void, darkness over the face of the deep of the wind from God. Hovering of the face. The waters then proceed then God said, let there be light traditional Christian interpretation understands it to be in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and the earth was formless and void, etc. of Christian tradition might rely little bit more on the Septuagint for for help. They are the Septuagint is the Jewish Greek translation from before the time of Jesus. Traditional Jewish translations will rely on it a little bit less, even though it's a Jewish tradition, there have different potential ways of reading the same verses, but over centuries scholars read the one way Christian scholars another way when it comes to the meaning of rule Christians are a Trinitarian, and believe that the Holy Spirit is the court's third person of the Trinity and therefore see Russell humorous effort up and am I see the reference to rock Elohim and say that's the spirit of God, and that's the spirit of God active in creation. Traditional Jews if they speak of the spirit of God speak of the spirit of God with a small ass referring to God's power and things like that and would not, therefore, capitalized spirit and would be more inclined to see rule here as as wind, the word root loss is like the Greek word pneuma can mean spirit, reckoning, brass reckoning, wind, so hear the Jewish interpretation is a wind from God.

The Christian interpretation of the spirit of God that if you really and Hebrew. You wouldn't you would need to necessarily be translating you just be understanding that the picture there see you get to see differences in interpretation of messianic prophecy you can see differences in interpretation of the nature of God. Every translation on some level is a commentary as well. Every translation on some level will give you the interpretation of the translator as their reading the text so it's very helpful for Christian to read through this. It's an excellent translation despite differences that I might have because it will give it will give another perspective. So it's useful in that regard, but it still from the same original text okay will act out wife and I thank you very much.

You are very welcome Derek 8663 freight 7884. Let's go to Lucas in Seattle. I ducked around and I really appreciate it, and there it in any year of mine while I consider absolutely you really think they like my. My big heroes. But anyway I just wanted to say that I respect everything I would hear a debate with either end and on and I've done nothing and I really the reason that I have a hard I struggle with the with the moment of a modern state of nationalist Israel of the of the modern state of Israel be going to pop the reason is because the wire to crack migrant is because I look at the distant station with movement in Christian Zionism is adultery like not hanging like worship of Israel and any calling on you strike against Iran fighting all of Israel's enemies worn. How can I just cannot Jesus's Lucas and I appreciate that that I don't follow the connection between Israel being a state fulfillment of prophecy and dispensationalism or John Haiti is John. He's a pastor is very devoted to appreciate that that he's a pastor I'm not.

He's a dispensation list. I'm not having the dispensations for over 40 years of most of my friends and colleagues that are pro-Israel and not dispensation must may been saving dispensations churches, but were not. That's one of the the misnomer's that the Stephen sizes others bring that that Christian Zionism is the result of dispensationalism. The dispensations were praying for the restoration of the Jewish people back to lank as they sought an prophecy before others. There, that's great. But just because here he listened.

Stephen Sennheiser has gone to Iran and or is on a press TV and Iranian state TV and and has shown more sympathy at times towards Islamic terrorist movements and towards Israelis do.

We therefore throw out his theology. The fact that you have Palestinian Christians who are militantly anti-Israel they hold to replacement theology. They're not sinus, but they also hold to replacement theology of the church is replaced Israel see no future promises for the nation and and then you look at the supernatural demonic hatred of Israel and the Jewish people worldwide in you look at that and and many of these Christians with pleasant theology give fuel to those fires so the safe thing to do. Lucas is simply asked the question on the Scripture say that's the only issue I mean we can easily walk away from church because of the foibles and failures of Christian leaders because we could throw out Jesus because of the people of God and his name so escalate aside hundred percent and just ask a couple questions right so first question is do you believe that the Jewish people have been scattered around the world and preserved just by coincidence or by the divine will divine will, I would. I would say I believe God, and most banks echo a grant yet. I believe that the all okay.

And since he said that he would scatter Jewish people in his anger right of the simple principle when God curses. No one can bless when he shuts the door and no one can open it when he pronounces judgment.

No one can reverse it when he scatters no one can gather, since he said he would scatter his people in anger and then bring us back to the land in unbelief, not because were worthy, but because his name was being blasphemed so if he scattered us in anger.

Then if he didn't bring us back.

How is it that there are more than 6 million Jews living in Israel today that mean that we undid the will of God by our own power and initiative. I think you caught something there and I or I caught something that I did not debate you either very well, but I but you just said something they came and didn't develop part of my problem with it like moment a lot of Jews.

There are eight yet I'm still enough light you when you said they got them there in disbelief. What we would buy that well. We have paradigm of the battle that the return from Babylonian exile. So when when God brought our people back from Babylon and then some of that return is is still being fulfilled in our day because what he prophesied in terms of the return from Babylon only part of that happened back then. So the rest is still to happen. So here's what God says. For example, in Ezekiel chapter 36 he explains what he scatter his people and sent into the nation's assistant when they came to the nations as he could. 3620, whenever they came they profaned my holy name in that people set of them.

These are the people of the Lord.

Yet they had to go out of his land that I had conserved my holy name was the house of Israel profaned among the nations which they can therefore say to the house of Israel. Thus says the Lord God is not for your sickle has visual them about the act for the sake of my holy name, which you have profaned among the nations to which you came, so he says is ring them back and then once in the land will sprinkle clean water on them and cleanse them from their idolatry like that the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is generally a welcome 30 Jewish Thursday, this is Michael Brown thank you Wilbur for singing us into this segment.

866-34-TRUTH 7884 with your Jewish related question, so just start to finish up Lucas when the Jewish people came back from exile in Babylon, about 44,000 men and others along with them. They came back from from Babylon. They were not for the repentant. They did not come back because they had all turned to God. Rather, God's name is being blasphemed and it looked bad that the people of the God of Israel were scattered and that he did not have the ability to preserve his own people. And that's how the nations looked at it and his temple was destroyed, so he brought them back to Lambert said it is not for your sake. It's for my namesake so we see again over the last century plus is God doing that very same founders of of modern Israel being atheist. Being secular Jews, some of them being communist and things like that and that's who God used to bring the Jewish people back and he said once in the land he would sprinkle them with clean water and and even just in terms of the growth of messianic Jewish congregations in faith within the land it's gone from virtually nothing to maybe a couple tens of thousands of Jewish believers in Jesus living there so little by little, were seeing those things happen.

So it's not a matter of sanctioning everything Israel does is not a matter of thinking, Israel is perfect it simply a matter of recognizing what God himself is doing. If he's not the one who regathered then then the Jewish people thereby overthrew the sovereignty of God by regathering themselves when they were scattered and judgment. Moreover, there are prophetic passages like Zechariah 12 that require a Jewish Jerusalem when the Messiah returns and Jesus himself addresses at Matthew 23. A judgment passes and you won't see me again Jerusalem until you welcome me back is the messianic King Saybrook above Shannon. I blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. So it there must be Jewish Jerusalem and Jewish sovereignty in the land before the Messiah comes prescriptions to be fulfilled. It doesn't mean it's going to be a righteous or believing people that means it's going to be a people of God restored for his purposes. God bless you and your letter Orthodox ultra-Orthodox rabbis.

One of the kind of protest they vacate. No injuries were not supposed to come back on the fire comes back at it in the land in your life to the world not huddled in Israel what you think of those those Jews do everything that yet. Will that this the ultra-sexy to say that are very vocal it's it's on a mass number there have been some very prominent religious Jewish leaders over the last century and to this day who oppose who oppose the regathering of the Jewish people. It's not primarily because they say that they're supposed to be scattered around the world is as lights because drivers religious Jews, living in his own community separated from everyone else in the more serrated the better your right, but they would say that the regathering fosters anti-Semitism and of course there has been even greater hatred of Israel with regathering the let's render the Holocaust took place before the the the institution of the state of Israel. So there is another anti-Semitism to try to wipe out Jews worldwide are the Jews of Europe. Before that, they would also say that it's interfering with the work of the Messiah that that is the Messiah who will regather the Jewish people and who rebuild the temple, so as long as you have this pretend state of Israel getting in the way of it, it's actually hindering the work of the Messiah and there are religious issues, especially critical niche or a cartoon which means keepers of the city and Aramaic who are particularly virulent in their opposition, but a significant portion of religious Judaism and injury, especially following the footsteps of of a founding rabbi Cook in it. In Israel they have recognize this is the precursor of the redemption they have seen, this is part of the messianic work and it did to the traditional views. I would simply say that we did not have the power to regather ourselves and that the very regathering is the proof and that the prophetic Scriptures require a Jewish Jerusalem and the Jewish presence in the land before of the Messiah sets of his kingdom. And that's how I would respond to them. Hey Lucas, thank you for your very kind words and forget all I appreciate it. Thank you very much about all right 866-34-TRUTH that the scholar Robert in Portland, Oregon.

Walking to the line of fire. You talk about my question today is how is the truth of Jesus reveal any your and the observance of Rosh Hashanah as return apps in how that relates to the historical church creeping sure let me do my best to answer scripturally. We understand that the Messiah fulfill Scripture and even fulfills Israel's calendar so you begin with him dying as a sacrificial lamb at the time of Passover and then his resurrection taking place with the firstfruits celebration and immediately follow that on that first day after the Sabbath, and then 50 days later of Pentecost shall float Jewish tradition says was the time or the giving of the law.

Now this is the time of the giving of the spirit that we have a gap of a few months, and now the fall feasts, the others being the spring faced the fall feast now prefigure the Messiah's return.

So the first day of the the seventh month, which is what we are about to come into which will begin on Sunday night the first day of the seventh month.

This speaks of the time of the trumpet blast which is a wake-up call and we know from Scripture that the Messiah returns the blast of the trumpet.

We know that, for example from Matthew 24 from first Corinthians 15 from first Thessalonians 4 from Revelation 11, where the seventh trumpet is when the kingdoms of this world become the kingdom of our God is Messiah who will reign forever and ever. And then of this is followed by coal. The days of awe, and Judaism. You mean no right being 10 days between the setting of the trumpet and junkie for the day of atonement. This is a time of testing and purging, after which is a celebration of Tabernacles to coat which is a time of of celebration and rejoicing and also symbolizes the ingathering of the nations we have these three holy days laid out in Zechariah 1213 and 14, the Messiah's return.

In Zechariah 12, which comes with great morning and repentance, so that the blowing of the shofar. The wake-up call leading to the deep repentance and the recognition that we we have rejected and pierced our very Messiah as he returns, which then leads into Zechariah 13 one. A fountain is open for cleansing for the nation of Israel so atonement comes on the heels of repentance and the return of the Messiah and then Zechariah 14 the nations that survive of the survivors of the nations that attacked Jerusalem will come to celebrate the feast of Tabernacles. And that's explicit in Zechariah 14, so you have the second coming, tying in directly with this imagery and I believe you read it like that ties in with compass/processing on his condition is followed by atonement cleansing.

Israel is followed by celebration from the nation's health that helps. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to the line of fire. It is thoroughly Jewish Thursday I am coming away live from Dallas Texas.

We had a delightful night at Gateway last night as I spoke on moral and cultural issues. Having hearts of compassion, backbones of steel I would've flown back early this morning except this is not a want to get some time with our radio listeners on our great stations here in the greater DFW area so that specifically why we have stayed around and I'm looking forward to seeing you tonight. I give you the details of exactly where that is going to be and we got some great stuff to talk to bat on the air. I think it's can be really eye-opening. As we get into the broadcast the next few minutes, but if you're if you're listening on Kd KR FM 91.3 Dallas-Fort Worth third Irving FM 99.9 S. Dallas FM 97.5 open commerce FM 91.3 as well, so KY JC there. Otherwise, Kd KR, be sure to join us.

It's gonna be an intimate meeting were not can have thousands of people there. It's gonna be a nice intimate setting on and share some things I think are really gonna build your faith and inspire you and will do live Q&A 90 need to call 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH serenity for you. I need to do that, you can just ask me your questions will have some live Q&A if you wanted to take a picture together, have me sign a book will have similar materials. There, in fact, because we shipped some extra materials beyond what we needed were going to give you some special discounts and similar material.

So join us tonight you say where second be all right. It's it's going to be at at the gateway campus in North Richland Hills six N. Richland Hills campus 7501 Davis Blvd. N., Richland Hills can start at 7 o'clock. If you can't be there until 715 or so. That's great. Just come as you come right so 7 o'clock tonight everybody in the greater DFW area were here for you. North Richland Hills gateway campus 7501 Davis Blvd. I'm really looking forward to seeing each of you there hate you will be interested, you'll be interested in seeing my latest videos. One of them. I address my friend Rabbi Israel Blumenthal.

I respect the fact that he is not wanted to do a life face-to-face debate with me.

He feels that things are better hashed out in writing, of course, we've exchanged hundreds of pages of of private emails and things like that and I told him I felt he never scored a major point. He told me he felt I never scored a major point of respect people are following written discussion like this and when everyone did a formal written debate at the seminar time to do that but I find I respect that, but he's not taken to be to put out these video challenges and claiming that this is self-contradictory. My writings from that answer these questions so just to to silence the critics and to expose the error of what's being said I've put out video responses, so I put one out. We posted it last night. So go to asked Dr. Brown that org ASKDR and you'll see that posted you'll find it encouraging your find it enlightening you find it instructive as we open the Scriptures and expose some of the Arab with the sincere Rabbi has posted and I keepers you look if you do these video things and let's do the face-to-face debate with us today. Could you imagine presidential debate right here is a video from Hillary Clinton and she's got presented on TV today and two days later, you'll get Donald Trump's response to her video where he says will actually your your miss representing things. Okay, now she's comes back a week later with her video and 10 minutes long and know she missed represented nothing. These are points Donald Trump records his video is actually missing the whole point is a quote what was your father how many years it takes to make any headway, exactly, exactly, is less than the video, click on the digital library. Also we got important video as well as a brand-new one want to teach your kid clear on series. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown think too much for joining us for eight 780 words number to call if you get a thoroughly Jewish Thursday question before I go to the phones we just explain a few things this Sunday night begins a sacred time in the biblical calendar and sacred time for traditional Jews around the world and the time and even nonreligious fees will become more religious.

It is become known what what will be on Sunday is Russian on the Bible shown true, all which is that the day of the trumpet blast shofar blast, but in Jewish tradition is become Russian on the beginning of the year in the Bible. It's the first day of the seventh month the beginning of the year would be at the Passover time in the first month but traditional Judaism has developed this that this is now the new year, so it's not the new year with celebration and partying its new year was sick and six circumspection and prayer and repentance leading of the day of atonement.

If you just go to website to give you some information why why this change of the new year. According to Jewish tradition. You have four different types of Jewish New Year's.

The. The first of Nissan which is really an early spring. That's according to the biblical calendar with the Passover season, that this is the first month because it is a time of a new beginning for the people of Israel coming out of bondage in Egypt but for centuries now that has not been recognizes the Jewish new year.

That is, we Jewish people. A good new year. That's what's coming up beginning on Sunday night, the first of a little, which normally falls late summer and August. That's the second quote new year. According to Jewish tradition. This was the new year for animal ties so it was used to determine the start date for the animal ties to the priestly class in ancient Israel similar how we use April 15 US is tax day.

Then, first of Tishri Russian. That's what were coming into the first day of the seventh month, and according to Jewish tradition. This is when the world was created and in ancient times lessees recalculating certain times and then the 15th of Shabbat considered the new year for trees, usually falling between January and February. According to the Torah. Fruits cannot be consumed from trees less than three years old. This is used as the starting date for determine the age of trees. This much we do know the Jews around the world celebrate this time of the year as new year so that's normally when messianic Jews as well will say happy new year and and make your name inscribed in the book of life, as is a prayer for fellow Jews, but it's it's not the original biblical new year. Now in Jewish tradition is also celebrated all over today. Celebrated over today. Even though in the Bible it was just one day. I don't over complicate things.

It had to do with siding of the new moon and when other witnesses could verify it so you it's okay this is the day we believe is here's where the new moon has that this is the beginning of the month and there for the first day of the seventh month that if if witnesses came later and said no it's is a day later than what have the first day in it ends up being two days. According to Jewish tradition, but biblically was only one and then you have an interesting custom and interesting custom which is called colloquial Jewish expression would say comparison of its copper root, which literally means atonement's plural and what it refers to is a customer right that that is done before young Q4 before the day of atonement where a chicken is is spun around the head three times. It is then slaughtered its its monetary worth then donated to charity. In some cases the chicken itself will be donated to charitable cause and as you stroll this around your head say this is my substitute. This is my atonement now traditional Jews might differ with my understanding of this. Obviously I say this arose because in the absence of the temple sacrifices. There was a a recognition of the lack of an atoning sacrifice, and therefore a sense of need that this needed to be done in order to in order to have some sense of substitution some sense of someone something taking my place that they're here's here's what's really interesting okay I'm it says a copper Road can be done anytime during the 10 days of repentance that means between Russian beginning Sunday night gnocchi person attended.

But the ideal time is on the day preceding young Q4 during the early predawn hours for allegedly threaded divine kindness prevails during those hours so why is it chicken chosen for this and this website gives a few possibilities. So I'm a man takes a rooster woman takes a hand why chicken in Aramaic, a rooster is known as a gather in Hebrew. A Gever is a man. Thus we take again fair to atone for a gather isn't that substitution friends. Isn't that life for life is that the very thing that we say that the perfect one, the Messiah took our place to bring atonement to us to a chicken is a commonly found Fallon relatively expensive. Three is not a species that was available for eligible for offering us a sacrifice and a holy temple. This precludes the possibility that someone should erroneously conclude that the cop wrote as a sacrifice. But isn't it is and it taking one's place when you wave it around your head and say this is my substitute.

This is my exchange.

This is my atonement. Aren't you saying that notice, it is customary to use a white chicken to recall the verse Isaiah 118. If your sins proved to be like Crimson. It will be white as snow. In any event, one should not use a black chicken is black is the color that represents divine severity and discipline. Now there are other parts of Jewish community that oppose this custom there. There are others that oppose this and say it ought not to be done and it's confusing, but it is still widely practiced by Jews around the world and my interpretations on giving you my take on it. The rabbi would call differ is pointing to the lack of sacrifices and the recognition of the importance of sacrifices at the day of atonement and yes there is repentance in this tradition if you say that's most important. And yet this concept of substitution remains 86634 let's go to story city, Iowa. Welcome to the line of fire. Hello Kurt hi Dr. how are you dear law, thank you happen to be driving down the road and I flipped on the station that Your Honor and I urge talking about end times, things in the last days so I thought I'd call up and give you some food for thought. The last day of the day of God and see that all through the Old Testament and New Testament when God's coming back and he is going to as in Noah's day the flood used to wipe away all the garbage sits on the but it's not to be exactly the way that we think that notice how you know how I can be the way that we think well I know it's not good to be the way that we think is we don't understand the Scriptures. In some areas. For one, everybody thinks Jerusalem is going to survive this Jerusalem isn't going to survive like I do is turn the Luke 21 when you see Jerusalem compassed about by armies but only God's is delayed in an era. This is the current class you deliver the remnant analysis is going to deliver that the people's insistence in the final economy scan asking to come and fight for them and in Zechariah 1920, when he comes back and that's going to happen. I hundred percent agree with your current hand count for second. Here's what troubles me with. I don't know you from Adam. Obviously care all right, but when you say everybody's got this wrong.

That means you got it right is got this wrong. That's what travels me at present whose anyone this. Everybody's had it right. I got it right at the hundred percent right. I agree hundred percent and let's look at it another way, let's look at what the Scriptures say that not what I think you say let's just look at the Scripture you Kate.

We know that there's going to be a last generation and when I come.

Shall I find faith on here and we know that he is going to come back and judge his people for a week. Those things all are in Scripture. We also know in Scripture that when we read in Ezekiel we find out that he gathers the people back and he melts them. He puts them in a furnace so if you look from Israel's time you just doesn't and he melts them sir since they melts them. This is a purging that takes place retirement. Let me just read Scripture got great miracle of the word of the Lord concerning Israel. Thus declares the Lord is stress that the heavens informed them of the earth formed the spirit of man within the holder thus make Jerusalem a cup of staggering to all the surrounding peoples. The siege of Jerusalem also begins. Judah I met day will make Jerusalem a heavy stone all holes, flight. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown. I just want to emphasize how yes Kate that at the end and yes there will be hardship on Jerusalem and Israel. Hard people around the world but not the what if I be anywhere I've been. The interest cassettes. That's the one place where guarantees guns and fight and bring deliverance. That's what it says in Zechariah 12.

On that day I'll make Jerusalem a heavy stone for the pupils all who lift it will surely hurt themselves and all the nations of the earth will gather against it and that they declares that I will strike every horse with panic and its rider with madness for the sake of the house. I will keep my eyes open my strike every horse of the people with blindness and the kinds of judicial say themselves.

The inhabitants of Jerusalem have strength to the Lord of hosts, their God. Yes, Zechariah 14, to say the trouble and hardship evinces half the city will go into exile. Then the Lord will go out and fight against those nations, and 25 as when he fights on a day of battle sister just just a word of caution here out when we when we say, you know. Hey, everybody gets is wrong is only to start a conversation because it saying all all these other people studying the word loving the word looking Scripture got wrong and I got it right you got it right.

She my parents died at the age of 93 after a stroke and of course, like all these in Israel was greatly loved by his people than is controversy and was he too much left-wing to give whatever but he was he was a prominent respected leader in much of the nation's history and there's an article on the forward by Jane Eisner Chemung parrots in the case for unstoppable Israeli optimism. She said the first time at Chemung parrots is 20 years ago a heartbreaking stage in his long career he was in Philadelphia to receive the liberty metal awarded annually. The world leaders who promote the blessings of liberty prize was to be share with Jordan's King Hussein just weeks before July 4, 1996, or my parrots was narrowly defeated as prime minister. Hussein could not afford politically to appear with him either cut high-ranking officials from the White House to the US State Department. So what should been a rousing celebration of the power and diplomacy of diplomacy and visionary leadership was instead a lonely ritual trout with melancholy pessimism.

The defeat I know what the people need parrots quietly told me in an interview on the eve of the ceremony. I don't know what they want and you two decades later she writes systemic turnabout of the human spirit. Parrots died at an eternal optimist and unstoppable buoyant champion of peace and reconciliation.

He became the beloved grandfather of the Jewish people, at least in the Diaspora's confidence in the future served as an aspirational gift to generations much younger than he.

This is what I will miss most so that's that's an interesting testimony and the spread of his optimism to others and and then another article on on the forward old.

Let's see no not that one didn't want that one. Here is this is what I was looking for. This is another article from his Filipino caretaker Chemung parrots gets heartfelt.

Facebook could buy from Filipino caregiver for its capacity.

A Chemung parrots is Filipino caregiver said goodbye to his VIP boss in a tender note on Facebook after Israel's ninth president passed away on the morning of Wednesday, September 28 capacity wrote that he would miss parrots a smile as big voice, the way he wished him good night in Heber before he went to sleep saying Lila told Freddie capacity thank the elder statesman for trusting a Filipino like me and amazingly Filipinos have this gift of service that they work all around the world as servants, that it's just kind of in their blood.

They excel at this they do a great job at it and it's often an open door for many Christian Filipinos to servant bring the gospel to different nations. Interestingly, on this article. According to the Philippine Embassy in Israel. There are 31,000 Filipinos working legally in Israel. Most of them as caregivers for the elderly, workers rights groups estimated that thousands of other Filipinos working Israel without legal documentation. About 80% of Filipino workers in Israel are women. Freddie capacity said I can proudly say on behalf of the Filipino. Filipino community here in Israel. We love you.

Also, how sweet. Here's a Filipino man caring for elderly Chemung parrots before he passed away and here's the Facebook post. Farewell Mr. Mike, Mr. Pres., Mr. Prime Minister of state of Israel. Chemung parrots until now.

I can't believe that I'm working for you day and night. We are together I will miss your big voice, your smile, the way the way you said pilots of Freddie before you sleep at night. Thanks for everything. Thanks for making part of your history.

Thanks for trusting a Filipino like me and I can probably say on behalf of Filipino community here in Israel.

We love you.

I will never forget you for the rest of my life. Goodbye my boss might VIP boss very sweet, very sweet indeed hate want to remind you of a great interview that I did with Dr. Michael Heiser and how you can get a copy of it yourself geographic number 17 were talking about John chapter 10, in which Jesus was saying there when he quoted Psalm 82 this is Dr. Michael Heiser, author of the unseen realm in the Bible which we know about Satan. We know that a certain point there was a fall does Isaiah 14 alluded to it does is equal 28 alluded to it. What about the picture of Satan in Revelation 12 with seven heads and then the reference of the Psalms to Leviathan on multi-headed the twisting serpent in Isaiah 27 and an ancient near East and iconography were you have the seven headed deities in Maine what actually happened behind the scenes. This is language again like that would've been not because they believe that there are no guidelines. That sort of land and pick material form, and God had to go into combat with right hand and jumped in because Dr. Heiser's answer is a very full answer, but I have time to play it.

Now all I can do that to tempted and frustrate you, but here when you order his blood from our website and asked her to run a stage or when you order his book from our website. The unseen realm which will take you into the Scriptures about the unseen world that the Bible talks about you get free the full one hour interview I did plus at almost given away to my 12 hour lecture series practical inspiration from Scripture on angels, demons and deliverance seriously. So it's all packaged together at a great price repaying the postage as well go to asked Dr. Brown that or take advantage of that and don't forget everybody listening to me in greater DFW right now Dallas-Fort Worth area. Join me just a few hours from now, three hours from now will be gathering together for an intimate night. I'm going to be giving a short talk and inspirational talk taking your questions I will take pictures together sign books for you. That's a gateways North Richland Hills campus 7501 Davis Blvd. N., Richland Hills, you will need to sign up call. Just show up and look forward to meeting you so against an intimate setting and it's it's a fun time.

It's can be really special together.

My bottom line to become into the high holy days on the calendar. Let us pray.

Special focus the salvation of the lost sheep of the house of his

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