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An Interview with Pastor Bill Johnson and Getting God's Mind in the Midst of Election Madness

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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October 12, 2016 4:40 pm

An Interview with Pastor Bill Johnson and Getting God's Mind in the Midst of Election Madness

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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October 12, 2016 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 10/12/16.

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About to get to meet the real Bill Johnson pastor Bethel church in Reading stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of Ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I'm holding my hands a brand-new book by Pastor Bill Johnson titled God is good. He's better than you think has a four by Pastor Robert Morris and the opening pages. It's kind of a Who's Who of charismatic leaders from around the world commending this book and commending Bill Johnson. He is one of the most respected and loved leaders in the charismatic movement of just listening to clips before the show today where people said he's a heretic and a false prophet + let's let's get Bill Johnson on the line of fire so we can find out who this man really is what he really believes find out why he so adamant about saying that God is good, Bill. Thanks so much for joining us on the line of fire. Bill could you just take a minute and let my listeners know what makes your heart beat what one of the things that that are most important human life and ministry representing God, will you know it's about loving and will it affect my heart burn trim continuously and then to let people know through my words and actions. What he is like in a row is so perfectly so good is right is Holy Spirit gracious father and Jesus set out the father sent me. I sent you.

So he was sent by her father to represent the father.

And then Jesus sent out to do the same.

So that's really not interested. For me it has to include the miraculous enhanced to include acts of compassion and kindness that has to include the boldness you know declaring God's heart God's word, and not all the above, but it comes down to loving God will and representing you seal that the church over the years has sometimes misrepresented or misrepresented. You know what you think about him really determines how you represent and there are so many of that attribute every evil thing in the world to to God and and when you have a father that is that you know splitting personalities you you don't do not represent him well and so often times were of the church is very angry or hostile towards people. People that have been issues that really need help. The deliverance sometimes the church is really hostile and angry and feels and almost vindicated for that anger that Husted hostility when Jesus know the time he was angry is against religious leaders. The sinners he just poured out compassion on that. I just feel like we have some adjustments to make your book Johnny schedule obviously making a positive statement you say he's better than you think. But you, you do say that God is holy and you agree that sin is destructive. Is it possible to to paint an exaggerated picture of God's goodness, we forget about his his holiness and his hatred of sin. I would differently.

I don't think it is possible to possibly misrepresented or to distort okay.

Note to distort. It would be to say that God doesn't care about people sand and I'm an athlete you can't find out what what I try to do is I try to look to the life of Jesus to find the example to follow, and how did Jesus recently sent you treated them in such a way that they all wanted to be with him, but he didn't.

He didn't overlook.

He didn't ignore the issues he would know go and sin no more. It was his was his response to people and in deep bondage to got breakthrough in and and so that's an example. I just try follow is that PT cares about people enough to hate sin pay a price for race tolerate She really helps you free right and in fact he said that sinners wanted with him. They want to be with us. I will be right that a lot more tests for plan and by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown JESUS space C what is supposed what you hope, Jesus culture. It's a worship band out of Redding, California, Bill Johnson, part of the new apostolic Reformation.

They are huge 15 minute worship songs, monotonous groaning and it's all about all common fellas, and fellas let the river flow and fellas were hungry for you and kids are buying it by the hundreds of thousands they sell out arenas. They are right. That is a clip from 2013 Todd Friel talking with Phil Johnson of the work of Joe McCarthy's ministry for Johnson very closely and are not happy with Jesus culture.

It goes even further than that, JG. Let's play click number 14 what does the evangelical church need to be doing.

If anything, to be addressing this issue, which is not, thanks, it's a bigger far more important issue then even abortion because abortion slaughters infants and we all deplore that in all that these are false prophets who are ushering people into hell right that was Phil Johnson. Speaking of my guest and the ministries part of sin there false prophets ushering people tell that was wretched TV and testable Johnson author the book God is good was going to come on the air and answer some questions and respond to things and incentivize ministry, my goal and having them honest, I really want you to know who the man is what makes his heart beat what he believes the let's let's set separate fact from from fiction Bill, I know that you are not a controversial list. I'm always in the midst of controversy. Dan Knighton responded to things and take on things and in the culture.

You're not one that's going to attack back or or respond in kind. But honestly, as a brother in the Lord you hear these other men who like I believe love the Lord and are trying to do what's right. How you feel about things like that that is said about your ministry and Jesus culture the worship that's that's flowed out of Bethel well and I pray I printed and not have to repeat the sound enough, a lot of times I believe room or simply speculation or their own to me. Perverted doctrine distorts you know what they see about how to live life so it's sad to me and I'm tired.

I was hell-bent on air, stuff like that but it doesn't it doesn't change your assignment doesn't change in our love for God and our love for God's people, you know, I would. I would do what I could to serve and help any of those guys. If an crisis or need to, but I can't and I can't react to it and neither can I join with them in a spirit of accusation right and obviously you not done that over the years. You not known for that and I and I have invited folks because I a wide range of listeners.

I spoke set non-charismatic closer charismatic people and follow me. For cultural issues of Jewish outreach others for revival things in the spirit so as much as I'm in circles and travel in circles where it will be administered together and indented events with mutual friends together and set over meals together. And I've had the privilege of preaching your church or way preaching your church and speaking to school there other settings.

Amen. Where where you would do would be viewed with disdain and it's amazing. I'm even in the setting, so I don't want to focus on answering century, but that I told folks.

If you have a question.

Here's your opportunity call and I'll test Johnson's happy to answer that with the movement to speak is yours. When I was part of the Browns revival. Obviously, people being touched all around the world. People doing a lot of things in the name of of Brownsville.

Do you think there are abuses, things that happen with people that that may be associated with Bethel loosely or just with people who graduated from the school had thousands come through you think there are abuses or things that are being taught. There you course. We work with people and the know we all try to do our best and sometimes we misrepresent. Sometimes we exaggerate something, something that may be began real wholesome playing in, and then it ends up being distorted me know the discipleship movement in a discipleship. The real thing but it started healthy and ended up getting strange ministries filled with outside I don't know there were any different, but we sure that we have people that misrepresent us but them. What I'm more thankful for is that we have thousands of people that are at accurately representing what we believe the Lord is saying and requiring evidence of that, of course, is what we celebrate your own journey in terms of revival in the presence of God. What happened in your life to get you where you are today united in 1987 I attended a conference with John Wimmer in Anaheim and I heard things I had talked for the previous couple years, but he had fruit for what he believed and I just had theology and I went home that disturbed actually because there wasn't fruit in my life that there was and is and I realized I needed to put a demand on what I believe did not wait for to happen around me potentially pursuing take risk and so we did and within a week or so we started saying things they never seen before that started it I went to Toronto in 1995 and I didn't have any dramatic experience, but I I I saw the same anointing presents that the that we had been experiencing in recent years I went to Pensacola 96 very different expression.

The same anointing in them.

I came home.

Similarly, I just give you my my life to demonstrate what you doing here and I commit myself to live for this purpose to display your wonders. I am here and the that that was really my journey. I had an unusual encounter with the Lord. 3 o'clock in the morning. In October 1975 that there really change my life forever, and it was just any counter where he pages out that he really dealt with the issue of the fear of man and wanted to know what it enough I would surrender my right to dignity and in other words, looking good for people and and that I came to that place in the middle of the night sleeping in my bed and them I did. I surrender Dennis according to whatever you want with management got have more of you have got to see the reality of the life of Jesus flying in my own life.

The people around me and that whatever that looks like is fine. So that's that international that's my journey and it continues until the guy still hungry and still in need you. You been able to see something sustained Bethel you may have had certain especially intense times there of the moving of the spirit in the early days. But there's been something sustained people regularly coming to faith people regulate being touched by the spirit of people encountering the goodness and love of God manifestations of the spirit.

What you say is a key to sustaining this over the years. 28. You know the Scripture says that the God that the fire on the altars but the prescriptive burning and when the Lord touched me in 1987. That move of God would come and go over the next seven years and I didn't realize the priest's responsibility to keep the fire burning and so after he touched me 95 I purposed in my heart I would try to cover what that looks like and the mixing metaphors now fire always falls on sacrifice so my whole point to our our congregation, our people is, it would be the offering sacrifice be the person that the fire got falls on that touch of God falls on so that we that we continue to burn with passion II can't type it and I'm not a person -like type. I do like enthusiasm and passion and zeal and that's why I won't try to hype it, but I really appreciate the fact that we have a lot of people around us that are so thankful for what God is done, but have remained hungry and I think that I think that tension is to become a real key for us to be grateful knowing that everything we been able to experience all from grace. We didn't earn any of it that even on her best to note that the great risk and exercise faith is still looking for panel came because very slowly remained painful but we also remain hungry, realizing there's so much more with leave. Not even close to arrive to what he wants to do in the earth, and so just keeping ourselves exposed to God's heart promises what is declared happen in his word keeps you hungry. As you stay hungry, you remain the offering that attracts the fire, the touch of God so that that's really what we we try to keep it real simple. But that's what we pursue sacs promises in Scripture study them consistently to the hungry, thirsty, Jesus blesses those who hunger and thirst for righteousness. They filled test Bill Johnson's new book, God is good. Got a bunch more questions for past the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 868.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Looking back, to modify with my special guest pastor Bill Johnson.

His new book, God is good, Bill.

I want ask you one other question that's come up a lot and people asked me to ask you about it.

One read something that your associate colleague for many years. Chris Valentin wrote he said I've been asked what I think about grave sucking several times lately. May 19, 2015 about this. Percy had never heard the phrase before a couple of months ago. I guess they're asking if I believe you can receive some dead persons anointing by laying on the grace He thinks it came from second Kings 13 where bones of the dead man dead and was thrown on the bones of Elisha and the person revived and stood up to his feet, and now he says this. It's been an inside joke among our Bethel team for years. I really thought it was funny until some folks took it seriously made of God want us to receive some kind of importation from people ever ready past and certainly would have some New Testament examples or instruction on it. Furthermore, if you could receive some gear from people after they die then why did Joseph want Jacob to lay hands on his sons before he passed that they could just as easily received in importation's funeral.

I think the Elisha story was never meant to be repeated as there are no other accounts of the Bible scriptures need to be the foundation in which we base all of our experiences. Chris writes we are radical group of revivalists will be on the cutting edge of everything God has for us. It's really important in our zeal for God. We don't become spiritually weird. I love it when Jesus people boldly go where few have dared to tread.

It's also important that we learn from our mistakes I've done since a pretty stupid things in the name of God over the years. I regret every one of them purse. I think we can take flowers to the grace relevance pay her respects and leave it at that that your colleague Chris so so Bill, I apologize from the asked some of the questions but they come up so much that I want to remove any misunderstanding, so people can find out what you really have to say so you do endorse, preach, teach and encourage the practice of going to that the graves of deceased men and women of God to try to suck the anointing out of the earth.

We don't talk of the dead will look for implication from the dead little worship the dead, but I I will go to 500 for an integrated site and I'll pray God do in our in our country which did through him about. I guess it is a point of faith to I feel like we are supposed to honor another need to go to her gravesite, but but II have gone.

I've gone Evan Roberts and I prayed to God.

Do what you did in Wales. Do it again. Release all of your body. I use it in a appointive reminder of how God used somebody in the past, but not to receive from them. But just as a light like a postcard or something to remind you of some other place on site.

II do I plan to initiate God please release it again. What were actually building a library museum with various artifacts from past revivals not to go backwards but just try to give honor right. I really felt like the Lord put on my heart several years ago that if we had honor the most of God from the pan. Release those same anointing that again that's just my personal conviction so that we don't we don't worship we don't innovate on doing event that none but I really do want to give honor. I want to give honor to Evan Roberts for now. That young man who didn't have a lot of training, but he did have bold faith. I want to honor finny for his bold preaching, John Chile first incredible understanding of the kingdom and hope that you know that all these people I I have great admiration, even the ones that failed to be honest, even the ones you know that the God treat Solomon kindly in Scripture, but he also chased very honestly about how things ended in and II God isn't ashamed to report the good and the bad, and I want to make that honor. Solomon and David and Alonzo in recent days, you know, that lived well and those who ended poorly when I got stuck on the lines yet and you can learn a lot from them for the mistakes they made and some things that that they did rightly. I remember it being in Connecticut in 1989 I was finishing my first book on revival and they they brought me to a stone which represent where the church building was where Jonathan Edwards preached sinners in the hands of an angry God. I think 1741 and there is just an inscription on the stone and you better believe it moves me every first that all there is life was a stone enough I New England was was pretty dry, spiritually, but I did stirred me and steer me to be there and steer me to pray church.

Remember, so I'm 100% for doing that if if I get to go down to the gravesite of David Wilkerson it at our Atlanta grave and hell man I was close with. It stirs you the memory of their lives, but of course you don't get on the grave and try to suck it anointing us a good suite we put that we put that to rest officially. Thank you. In fact, let let me let me just get a couple quick was out of the way that we can just focus on the positive message. There is a clip.

I only heard that this is a short part of Mary Johnson and I believe it at Bethel basically saying that human beings are born good is if there is no fall as if we don't have us a sinful nature that were fundamentally good. Now it's just a limited clip I can hear the whole message but wait, what you believe about human nature outside of God's redemption.

Actually, that they are child, no born of nature and we need forgiveness for any deliverance you believe that we all believe that a emphasizing an approach to people where we honor the fact that people are made in God's image doesn't mean they don't have sin to repent of it as it changes our approach to people and how we value them, how we we have found that by by celebrating you know that touching on people's life. Sometimes even before they're saved it, it warms them up to the gospel so powerfully and I see Paul in a most excellent Felix in on statements like this, whether it be this moment of honor and and that's what were trying to do and where you know where it is one big experiment. Some things we do really good somethings we don't. But that's all really trying to do is just represent the kindness of God but not ignore the city shall never ignore the finishing is critical to people know they must repent and and you know it we have a reputation of never preaching that does not care than anyone is been here and electric time. You know, we may not have the same message every Sunday, but we wait we work pretty hard getting people to turn from their lifestyle sent follow Jesus wholeheartedly yet you decide you recognize people born with a sinful nature. That's a big thing.

And again it's a little clip and and if there's anyone in the planet sensitive things that can be taken out of context misrepresented, it's me because of the plasma revival and we watch the daily for years. In fact, that I often said you can have controversy without revival, but you can have revival that controversy and then sometimes the things are misstated or done wrong in any fixed and correct them but one of my colleagues was just edit at a TV recording worker you were talking about about your new book and he came back saying while Bill Johnson really preaches holiness is like when these all-time guys preaches holiness, repentance, and again, your whole emphasis on the love of God, the goodness of God and and how the church can often beat people over the head with the Bible. She obviously working against that immigrant state. The other side of things.

I actually of what one last question I'm gonna ask, but that delight.

I really appreciate you coming on and saying go ahead and ask these and I want to talk us to the rescue time after my last question.

Talk about your book. God is good she can find out about his new book it's available everywhere. God is good is better than you think. By Pastor Bill Johnson. I we will be right back. All right we are back. This is Michael Brown I'm speaking with Pastor Bill Johnson's new book, God is good and I asked Bill if he come on here talk about the book that allow me to ask questions that have come my way. Things that that have been sent to me people attacking Pastor John Sinnott send eclipse what about this.

What about that so I said hey let's about your booklets. Let people get to know who your and and then will will will ask these questions. He said great. Let's do it so so Bill, this is my last Melissa McCall's in this is this is my last question that say I mean like I can go on with a few more but these are the ones that come up, repeatedly, so that a family member, a Jen Johnson she's she's talking and she sees describing the Holy Spirit and likens the Holy Spirit to a sneaky blue genie not obsoleted to people who don't know you.

That's gonna further confirm that you guys are weird and tall this you know spiritual awards and communicate with angels and the Holy Spirit like a sneaky blue blue genie now.

Again, you don't have to. This early defender explain what she said but if you think you Nephites she meant.

Maybe you could explain it well. I'm not going to. I'm not going to different language that wouldn't you the holy spirit being sneaky and that and it is. And I think that's accurate. I would use that terminology to use it anymore just for years, because while it was honest on her part. Try to explain what she was experiencing with goblets very very real and genuine. The language that was used. She would never use again because it caused such controversy in wrong since me and my controversy but to in a way that might misrepresent the Lord and the sheet I wanted that I don't want to do that so but she she's use descriptions like that picture I've seen them and in the and have had good conversation with her about it and when I actually talked with her a couple years ago that I use it I quit using that analogy for five years earlier, and so something like that so yeah that's that's true. We've we have sometimes in our somewhat humorous culture have crossed the line.

Although I think mostly it's well intended effect. In her case, a notice sometimes we just completely didn't do as good as we thought we and I would be one of the occasions. Hey listen I I appreciate your honesty and that and I appreciate this message and realizes it was it was counterproductive to speak in those ways and could easily be misunderstood is set against language like II would use as a field with Mr. F represent the spirit. But again, when we also think how many tens of thousands of hours of teaching and preaching and sharing and talking. There are that have come out of Bethel and and that are on YouTube that are on video of the fact that people have a thousand clips to play also says something like this in this short segment that will be right back and I want to give ye I want you to give me at an overview of God is good come back to the question what you mean sees always in a good mood. I know that's in place. I feel thank you.

Humility, candor, been so forthright with my listeners. It means a lot to us in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice important cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown by the way, if you're wondering what folks believe Bethel church just go to the website and check out what we believe there is laid out plainly and clearly for all to see.

My guess Pastor Bill Johnson, author of the new book. God is good, Bill. You work hard on getting this out.

You've written a number of books there bestsellers that going around the world work really hard on this. What worrisome burden to get this message out about every eye after my dad died I had a continuing encounter with the Lord about his good and learn more in my appointment in law about goodness in any season of great breakthrough and I was in a panic, permeating some years ago and I felt like the Lord spoke to me actually very very clearly internal audible voice and worried that I want to write about my goodness and I had never had him give me a direction like that before is always enough. I have a bird in my heart to write about something that he can about a will confirm it. Give me a direction.

In the process. But this time he actually brought it up. I never had that happen before. So I began to ponder what I can write about it as it is probably all books are incomplete and I live in the awareness that this is just barely scratching the surface on every possible area, but at least an introduction from my perspective of what the goodness of the sky run it because I really felt strong. He required that a now it in the book he you taught that the purpose of the Old Testament, the old has new purpose.

Talk about what goes to the cross on change what changes is a Jewish believer in Jesus.

Maybe I paid more attention to the Old Testament, and some have written commentaries in some parts of the Old Testament, and yet I recognize that it's often misunderstood or or seem to be in some kind of conflict with the New Testament of the God of the Old Testament was the father of the Lord Jesus is somehow seen in conflict with the God of the New Testament. Somehow you sort that out in your book.

I know I love the whole of Scripture.

I love the old and I love being the context in which the new covenant was made. I don't abolish any of that. I value all of it that the example I follow you know to be real practical for me is to follow the example that Jesus gave no, he was you've heard it said but I say unto you, and I don't think that given license to ignore the impulse of the things were written before him for our instructions line. I believe that great great merit for the roots of mine and of the way I look at for the New Testament, but I looked at she's in the example what he taught and what he lived what he practiced. I reviewed issues and problems in on the Old Testament you were contaminated by touching a leper but she is a leper and the leprous client that things are dramatically different. Not because the Old Testament was wrong, but because it was needed to set the context for who the father is what he is like. Jesus came to reveal so I studied both and the night. I really pursuant hard to follow the example that Jesus gave the best I know how it if we follow the example of Jesus, what attitude should we have toward sickness and disease, aided and noted I can. I consider that healing is in the atonement is my personal belief and that if that's okay and suffering that he did the beating. All that was to pay for the affliction that we get in our body and that had to be one of the most current moments in human history with Jesus the son of man, the son of God endure such pain and such torment, but he did that so that we could be free and we we do no honor to him by embracing a lifestyle of affliction when he actually paid to rid us of that I think were supposed to hate what he hates lovely love. And he hates affliction to set me if I'm sick that there's something wrong with me know. No acceptance or 6] it doesn't mean you know I tragic conclusion that many come to the sickness of an inch in the center.

Something about that. That's a horrible way to do life every time there's a problem to just assume that I did some wrong III can't live that kind of a burden that we won't put that on anyone and if I find any of our team is ever done that they they are immediately corrected because that's we standing great opposition to that approach.

In fact I find any of our teams something where you are healed because you don't have faith.

They are corrected immediately. Late that that approach is not tolerated. We we really live to love and honor people but also bring them into place of faith encouraged for the miracle but we don't blame the person ever and we don't know sometimes Lord will point out right now. I had them do that and I'm praying for some additional breakthrough and then something will drop in my heart. Saltzstein requested I don't ever and I don't ever say nothing of the Lord. The Lord showed me the chips and ice asking questions and often times that's going out how that happened.

So how about we, but we print that list must repent for the investment of the Lord in the brain with and then they get healed but I that's not my default. I don't look for probably went right for person benefits their course and gracefully them into place. Repent. So when we see in the New Testament that Jesus gave his disciples authority over it. Demons and disease and we often see driving out demons brings healing to people in the next 1038, where Peter explains how God anointed Jesus that's with the Holy Spirit cowering in any healed all that was six and that were under the power oppressed by the devil.

So it it it would put demons and disease in that same category of something negative that is attacking that is afflicting that is diminishing and demeaning. Yet we know godly people that is sickly. Some of the God's people we know or are sick and have been healed and swirls were not saying that the people on holy or godly love the Lord, or that we can't learn from being sick, but that the thing itself is is is in the bad, the evil that the destructive category and that Jesus came to liberate us from that right and I don't mean anybody is a demon or something right. We don't we don't wait, don't approach that way. We just approach approach it as an opportunity, love and serve people and to and to get people free and no excuses as to the privilege to try to do what Jesus would do and that was in every case, we see that every person that came to him and every person.

The father directed them to be brought healing, deliverance to the line and the mess that's really what we will try to do were learning don't we don't have it down by any means, and we we still have people within our own team that are different than that and we just love them well and serve them well in and continue to pray for breaks or and then again she said if you see me seen the father. So in that sense he is the will of God in action and I came to the same conclusions just through intensive study of the word. The original languages and same goblet. If I never see anyone healed. I have to believe this because it's what you say it in fact it's consistent through the whole Bible and comes into its fullness in the New Testament kit. Can you give an example or two of something that you seeing that was just astounding healing that Jesus brought to the glory of the father throughout the region. Here, ASC was right, I said yeah wait is just a book written about one of them effective movie young family from Norway brought their son who was in a wheelchair.

His muscles work deteriorating. He was dying he could not eat. They fed him intravenously at night.

Something like 300 kg or something of medical supplies that had to come with them. They decided to fly out here to Redding and in that the doctor know they weren't certain that he could survive the trip.

They wanted to do one more thing as a family and has a family before he died, but they're hoping you'd be healed. They came out here. He was just miraculously healed. He asked if is such a dramatic story. They were sitting down at Olive Garden and he's in his wheelchair and they would give him a piece of food like a bread stick or something because he enjoyed the smell and so they're sitting there talking with her friends and in the young boy*I have another breath, sickness, and what you do with the last set I ate it and they were absolutely shocked because that meant hospital and in human absolutely totally dramatically healed.

He is is now riding his bike and skiing and doing other things are impossible he was. He was absolutely dying and disappearing in the Lord healed and the list is just extraordinary great story. They made a movie in Norway about they just released a book during an American about the story, but is really amazing and in fact attain what I like so much about the stories. Not only was he healed. Not only does this parent shall brace her away face handles his testimony among those who are not healed credit that is amazing.

I got a few more minutes with Bill Johnson in his brand-new book, God is good. He's better than you think. It's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and Mina hi just want to say one critics of the charismatic movement were critical of me for being charismatic or critical specifically bicuspid Johnson in Bethel you might say we grill him enough hate. I asked specific questions. Folks asked me to ask. That's number one and number two I posted on Facebook and got 437,000 people on Facebook posted on Twitter and said if you have a question for Pastor Bill Johnson hears was given beyond come on so I I actually want to ask honest questions and dispel rumors and clarify things because I want you to hear what what my friend and colleague has to say that the purpose of bringing on the air was, not to attack him for an hour so someone had a question you want to raise it raised don't play me the phone lines were available. We got other calls wouldn't take them because they were just completely irrelevant to the subject. So just this month that clear. Hey, any of Bill. Thanks again. I know your busy day to take a whole hour that you join us on the air once about one last concept. I know it's an important value of your church to say that God is always in a good mood and once explained that because I it. We we may totally agree or not, that's not even that's not material that I I've heard it taught by some not.

Not from not from you from other camps that the kingdom of God. It's always a party and it's always party time in heaven, so I've asked what was God the good mood when he wiped out the earth in those day was was God the good mood is Jesus sweeping over Jerusalem and so honorably sprout wrath on on the earth in the book of Revelation and I said if you mean that he's he's always the same. He's always kind he's always full of love. He's always consistent.

He's not like an alcoholic father who beats you one day and hugs you the next is not schizophrenic. Of course our firm it if you mean there's nothing we could do that grief him that he sees never angry that I differ with itself. This is an important fundamental value for Bethel so let me get a horse's mouth. What exactly did you mean when you say God is always in a good mood. I mean, which grieved over things he'd be paying over and I when we can one be violated nature. When we know unbelief when we misrepresented all those things cause grief, but he had not been enough for Nikki. You really genuinely loves us constantly, and what I you know it.

If it's a lighthearted comment and sometimes this I take risk when I do that because I can be misunderstood so easily that I make a statement like you know God is in a good mood as it doesn't mean he's happy about everything but is happy with me and end, and I'll just make that kind of a comment that is not is not mad at me and them you know you just you spend time with the Lord and you go before him and I you know I I pray like like you got up those things in my life that are out of order. Please point them out to me, give me the slap of her friend pointed out in your work, do something because I don't want to displease you in anyway. But until he does that. I'm going to assume that all is well, because I live is an open book before him before the people that I'm accountable to, and that approaches help me, help me to not start off negative and have to somehow work my way into a positive approach to God to really believe that I am acceptable to him the way I am not that nothing should change, but that the heat genuinely as affection for me right now. And somehow that gives me the courage to really deal with things that you will point out is the fact that he really does enjoy me and and that's that's new.

That's new territory for me so that's kind of how we express it in and that it's in the context of our life together as a church family that that's illustrated yeah and you know some people there just fall mentality is not happy with me hanging over my head all the time.

I'm not good enough. And I'll pray enough.

I try hard enough I don't love God and that I don't love my neighbor enough and they live with. Kind of. This constant gloom is like the sky is always dark and you're just waiting for is something that you have done wrong and blew it again and it's it's it's Mrs. a miserable way to live. It's it's not consistent with this with the Scriptures were for support of a person who really wants to please the Lord and live for God, not for rebel. It's it's it's not who God is and it's absolutely the wrong way to get free and to live a holy life because it just you never have the encouragement to move forward. But when you start with look. He sent his son to die for us. We responded to the core of my being.

I want to please, look for God is anything not right. Show me yet that just like with our kids and grandkids. The default is there love by their dad, their love by the granddad he wants to be with them wants to spend time with them. If there's a problem. I'll tell them, as opposed to now, what I do wrong today). I am really familiar with that approach. I was never taught that.

But my heart. I picked it up. I was hungry for God. I want to see revival and I just I became introspective became so self-critical and condemning and figured that certain things were happening is because that was wrong and I said I'd be set free from that and finally discover that is a good father and II just will never go back to that way of thinking or living is just killing me and the and the good thing to that seen happen in recent years have come out of that approach to God is a perfect father even when I dealt with extremes of what I call the hyper grace camp, I realized how many people live the way you live.

I just never lived like that is one short time in my bleeding life, a habit over 45 years. It's probably never be who I wasn't. David Wilkerson years back had to remind me. A lot of people struggle with condemnation.

A lot of believers are very sensitive, introspective, and in week so even in our school that the the first semester we really try to bathe them and that the love of God, the goodness of the father that that foundation is really call them lay down their lives for the gospel give you lies regarding world, but we want we want them to do it, not out of a sense of I'm trying to get God's favor, but because I have his favor.

I just wanted for him that's exactly right in an inbuilt last thing were almost at a time, but you are seeing multigenerational blessing from parents, grandparents, now the kids, grandkids, can you give us in a minute like he to passing this on to the next generation. You know, and raising our kids. We just wait Them exposed to miracles to the supernatural move of God. We Them exposed to world need we take them to the dumps and feed people Them exposed to community to believers is artificially loving one another and and then we to make sure that you know my kids had to pay a price for who I was as a pastor and other all grown now, but they had to pay a price, so I couldn't control the price they paid. But I could control the reward they received. I made sure that the reward they received for being my child was greater than the price never had to pay and now all three are involved in ministry here and they'd have genuine love for God or innovate, they stand on their own right and in ministry.

Music is headed up by my son Brian in the writing very very powerful redemptive songs on the cross and the resurrection in the blood and Eric is senior pastor of the local church. My daughter and her husband leader will ministry up to about 700 students were just really proud of and thankful. But we found that if we put our family first to get the sale. The first church I pastor a successful therapist is granted time. Thanks for having us so happening here. I Bless you now, Graydon. I got Leslie's message. God is good, you know, looking at the presidential politics all around us looks like the world is going crazy with a step back and get God's perspective. Today it's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you for joining us today on the modifier number to call 8663 freight 7884. A little later in the broadcast. I'm going to dive in with more thoughts about presidential politics but I I don't remember ever seeing anything as messy and crazy is what we see now and and with discussions about lewd sexual things having to do with one of the candidates with the husband for president husband of the other candidate and now even accusations about our current president. I mean it's like tabloid gossip. Not somewhat in the world but I think it's just a picture of the times a picture of the larger culture. These elections seem to be a reflection of the decadence and craziness and divisive nests of our contemporary American culture so I want to do my best to give you some perspectives on that as well as to take your calls as well. 8663 freight 7884 number to call and I'm got a couple questions that I will be asking you as well.

In an intimate really focus again on Jerusalem want to talk to you about the covenant and controversy video that is is brand-new and powerful about the city of the great King drew some good have a guest on from Iraq in a moment from Kurdistan, northern Iraq will talk about that but I I went I went to a conservative website the other day and at any was like I said, just, tabloid trash sensationalism. One thing after another not. It was all false. One scandal after another in this problem with the Clintons in this problem with Obama and, downplaying some of the stuff is trump and then I went to a really liberal website and it was the exact same thing except all out on trump. I mean, it was just as tabloid justice trashy. Just as just as carnal and I thought this is absolutely wild and and then then I see this other crazy right wing website.

When you call conservative just crazy right wing website and and there what what I find there is this article article sent to be so to the website to read it. Who's responsible for leaking the videotape with Donald trumps vulgar comments that have gotten them in such trouble comes from 2005 whose responsible presented.

You ready to choose the Jews leaked the tape all I kid you not. I kid you not.

This is the accusation thinking you are just about everything.

This is kind of like an absolute start gas so we as the people of God must not, cannot get caught up with this it is essential that we do not get caught up with this and that we instead have a kingdom mentality that we instead have a mentality where we bring God's values on the scene. God's values to elections to our society rather than getting caught up in the most bizarre, carnal little campaign.

I can remember right back with you to go straight to Iran for the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown been featuring this week a brand-new movie city of the great King part of the covenant controversy series, I appear on this movie is as well. This documentary we got a great resource offer will be packaged together with two other important resources to find out more go to the line of I am joined now by Stephanie quick season.

Phil made a filmmaker, writer, producer and photographer working with FI FAI Studios and Pilgrim media while living in a Kurdistan which is in northern Iraq.

She's the developer of the covenant and controversy film series and manages its online resource library Stephanie walking to the line of fire from Iraq very much. Happy all sure thing will be smokeless with Dalton Thomas from it. From Iraq earlier in the week factor was it amazingly good connection, so he was right next door of the German states that limit yes yes first, what is it that brought you over to Iraq well, the mission organization.

We want you know Rome in 1528 declare the name of Jesus.

Not been known for conviction for that art are in not get off that I'm enrollment or the hope of Israel, that we were praying in the Lord where we could debate and effectively you know what that friend open it directly gave great live in a conflict on declare the worth of UDP. The and he opened the door in northern Iraq, though we we walked. I get when you see we who is we FAI fell in the film you not our core writing is myself, Michael Reynolds, all that there featured in the film and were part of a larger team of people in our applicant northern Iraq and we have a couple of other locations throughout the Middle East that we have been members of FAI height, but did you go over there is a single woman is married with a family single woman got it so talk to us about that from one of the toughest to the great King. But the talk to us first about going to a place like this in your you're in the midst of of war and conflict. It's not that far from the Isys hasn't been that far away. The Syrian refugees pouring in has been that far away, you feel like doing that as it is a single woman I've never been in the morning every day that I wake up there, you know, Craig Donovan, and blind like alchemy against mere armies may rise their war the river the board name very different thing. Now by live with Dalton and his wife and their kid have couple other family in the area still I am, I would not go over there, apart from being in another household having covering for that kind of culture though I've been very blessed in that regard, I have a really strong team.

I've known him for several years now. By the decade, and the like. II don't have my own husband and have meant it that you have family on over there with the delete we like they not everywhere you go. But the with. I found that to be true.

God is so obviously there is a certain sense of security being with family being with the team on the other hand, it's a volatile part of the word world and it takes courage and it takes a calling of God to do it. So let's let's move over now. Your you're in in in Iraq you're in the midst of the Civil War and the people you're surrounded by Muslim refugees and and other refugees in your heart is beating in the midst of all this for Israel and for Jerusalem. Why is this so important for you where you are and for the church worldwide. I read the Roman begin by saying I am under obligation to preach the gospel unique calling in a climate of the Gentile world, but for the Jew first and clothe that letter thing you from 20 I make it my ambition never been name blessed by build on another man's foundation for the handed off to somebody like me who would then put up walls and put a roof over it, but in the middle of that you had this mountain top climax of Romans 910 11 anchored in God. Covenant commitment you Abraham's children at capability and the nations of the earth will now be blessed.

Abraham and so I asked the Roman chain for the hope of Israel, and I think that the great that I could update you a hearing in our current or Iraqi is the son of David will rule and reign from the holy hell of Diane and if that's not true, then we cannot eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die. But it is true, it has incredible comp. All of our life and we are about the need get on I I think that the mission movement to mission stream and fulfilling the great commission.

I think it have to be. And the revelation of the son of God, the son of David in the holy city or frankly I don't think the biblical theology John Wright since it's that basics that that's fundamental Stephanie, what about this new movie city of the great King.

What were you hoping to accomplish what you hope and what will happen to you or your viewers of this movie. I ended. The dominant five-part.

And were very grateful and left clear opening to provide clarity know I am 30 years old. I grew up in America I grew up in church and I have many here, it would say we know, Israel really understand why and the fear, a contemporary of Britain said there can be no truthful preaching of the gospel without complaining. Israel imposed or treated bed not only by thing that the book comes into your mind. Think about God is the most important about you and I think a bargain and know God rightly without entertaining idolatry unwittingly in biblical ignorance. We have to understand the mystery of Israel that we are hoping that this period will be a clear presentation of that.

Israel and and also with a beautiful alternative. What is a contention debate and argument. Even within the body over what got our four Israel and within Israel, Jerusalem, the city of great controversy. The city of the great King as the movie refers to it. Is there something in your mind unique about Jerusalem of all cities on the earth at the Lord elected that for none rumination, though, my colleague Mike and make the comment with a doctorate. Either decided that it has got it. They are that of the action that it is returned and that. Like the bedding for the diamond that is it is not the best way for the Lord to reveal his magnificent dynamic glory and wisdom and and I think there's much about got to be covered for Jerusalem in a way that is not true of any other study on your yeah and there's something when you travel to a been around the world not everywhere around the world that many many different nations and many many major cities and have a great love for the nations great appreciation for what got like I was doing in the nations, and yet there something unique. When I got intrusive something unique happens that stirs my heart that impacts me that calls me even want to leave everything and just live there and pray and share the gospel and obviously you want to capture that on see the great King is, is there on the movie is there much footage from from Israel from Jerusalem itself. We I would say 90 Barbie role from the trip is really bring the book of being injured and wrong, but we only found on right in front that we only have soft lighting we want to be.

Unlike other film project is that we would try to find angle that most people often, we had 35 pilot covered by a drunk medical area is really Fatah Austin hey Stephanie, I shaky inside information everybody so the line of Order your copy of the city of the great King.

You can download start watching it today. I file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I back fire 866-34-TRUTH that I do really want to encourage you to check out city of the great King go to my website.

The line of and while you're there, you see my latest articles. My latest videos go there and and then check out we got a video about this. It's a powerful DVD and we've got a package together with an important talk. I did about Israel today is Israel and evil occupier and then also the sum of these interviews we've done with folks that are part of city of the great King. So we've packaged it altogether. It's a great resource for your benefit by your friends will benefit by end, you'll really enjoy watching these as well. So that's all of the line of okay were back to presidential politics do I want to play a clip here and Greg could number 12. This will echo on it. It's Pres. Obama speaking about Donald Trump. Let's listen to could number 12 then I got a question for everybody. After all, will will is so what is hate as much as I'm not a fan of a lot of what Pres. Obama says and does not understand what he saying in his reservations appear.

I know this can get volatile and almost nothing we talk about these days it's more volatile.

But if you are a follower of Jesus, you consider yourself to be a follower of Jesus committed believer you are voting for Donald Trump when you tell me how you can vote for Donald Trump.

Given the very clear moral failings and moral flaws. Wouldn't he embarrass the nation couldn't he say something, do something that alienates our allies that makes America look bad.

Maybe as volatility. He'll go back everything promised your evangelical and you plan to vote for Donald Trump. Tell me why television is 186-634-8784. Conversely, if you are follower of Jesus, and I said evangelical. I understand you can befall Jesus not be evangelical, but if you're follow Jesus and you cannot vote for Donald Trump. Tell me why because the vote for Donald Trump's is the only way that we can have the possibility of getting solid Supreme Court justices in that could affect that the nation for the next generation or two and enter vote for Donald Trump means of vote against the radical pro-homosexual policies of Hillary Clinton radical pro-abortion policies of Philly Clinton and we know Donald Trump's failures flaws or pretty much shot enough of the world to see. On the flipside, the massive corruption associated with the Clintons and things seem to be downright illegal associated with the Clintons if you don't vote for Donald Trump then in effect. Your make it easier for Hillary Clinton to get in so I want you to call and if you're follow Jesus. You don't have to explain that part would be taken for granted. Okay, but explain why you can justify your vote. How you can justify your vote. Either way, voting for him or not voting for him. I think the question is clear enough, and I know again how volatile this is so this is my specific question.

I'm not asking for larger thoughts and comments about the elections I'm asking for larger reflections in spiritual insights with the elections I'm asking specifically specifically if you are follower of Jesus, how can you justify voting for Donald Trump.

How can you justify not voting for Donald Trump and I'll go straight to the phones to get this started will start in Princeton, Illinois, Sandra Sandra, may I first say that I didn't know there was a Princeton in Illinois. How big is that okay will forgive my ignorance of that. Thanks, thanks for calling into the line of fire. So I either voting for or not voting for Donald Trump out what your reasoning where he got a nightmare are everything a bit granular than 20 years later, every money where your mouth. Then I got it yet set Sandra up just a problem hearing on the slides. I think we heard clearly enough dissimilar from the connection but yeah I I may weigh in and give my comment with each call. I may not. But let me say that I fully respect that you could vote for Donald Trump because you feel that he will be a better friend of the unborn. I fully respect that and I could easily be a one issue voter. And that would be an issue that would be the issue for me. One issue that would be the issue for me so I I respect that and do we know for sure the Donald Trump will appoint the Supreme Court justices that he said he would point no but I feel he's been very consistent on that and really dug in his heels on that and promised it so I think there's anything I can expect them to do. It's it's that the guarantee no you virtually guarantee that Hurley Clinton will not appoint pro-life justices. In fact, this was one of her major points in the debate Donald Trump wants to appoint justices who would overthrow Roe V Wade overturned the same-sex quote marriage decision and he didn't deny that he didn't deny that. So I respect that. The one thing I'd say about comments from 2005. My issue with those is do they reflect who he is today and does he show genuine contrition for those comments and genuine repudiation of the scholars say the most horrific thing five years ago generally repetitive. It announces the show that's not who you are. That's what really looks at all right will be back with more because he is it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66342 here again is Dr. Michael Brown seriously to account by God. If you don't vote you going to be guilty of murder. You're going to be guilty of an abomination of God you going to be guilty for every baby that's aborted from this election forward.

That's Kenneth Copeland saying be held accountable if you don't vote.

That was October 9, Eagle Mountain church TV show of and it was a faith for our nation's special Kenneth Copeland save you don't vote you, to be held accountable and I would assume the context is if you don't vote for Kenneth Culp for kinescope.

If you don't vote for Donald Trump will be held accountable because his talk about for babies aborted and things like that, others would say I can't vote my conscience doesn't allow me to vote for either candidate. I simply can't, and others well let's find out from your listeners 866-34-TRUTH welcome to the line of fire 866-34-TRUTH 87884 the number to call to join in the conversation today, here's my simple question. There are many say if you're follow Jesus you can possibly vote for Donald Trump. The man's corrupt these vile he's a ruthless businessman. His narcissist character matters, pride matters, the tongue matters.

How can you put someone like him empower others say if you're follow Jesus is the only choice you have to vote for him because look at the platform and he's gonna pull that platform and and look at how evil. Hillary Clinton is what she's going to do so. I just want to know from you if you're follower of Jesus. That's important to you why or why not. Are you voting for Donald Trump. Why are you voting for Donald Trump or why are you not voting for Donald Trump, a JJ Grant click number at 19 I just want to give you a bit more the context of Kenneth Copeland and then I want to take as many calls as possible. I'm not asking for your larger thoughts about the elections. I have several of those I want to give them any trace of this prophetic "what does it say of the political scene. Today when I can't even talk about some of the subjects with elections on the because it is not appropriate for Christian radio like I can't even quote some quotes I I can't even quote some lines that I'm seeing is that you volunteer and by the way, this is all around us goes in all directions that Wilde absent Wilde, but let's listen to the full context or larger context of the Kenneth Culp quote number 19 you should still use it right for your don't you turn it off. They were lying on vote anyway you going to be hellish seriously seriously to account by God. If you don't vote, and you will find that out before this broadcast is over you going to be guilty of murder. You're going to be guilty of an abomination of God you going to be guilty for every baby that's aborted from this election forward at and so yet you don't cut out on me right now in the name of Jesus.

That's right, a man I forgive you sweetheart but you just a rad. There were yard heroes out and then you make your own decision to do whatever you want to do but the Scripture says a man's a fool that answers a thing before we hear so you sit there and listen, and if you decide not vote and praise God that judge your prerogative. That's just between you and God.

But you need to be here right so that that is little bit more of a lysate balanced point there but like there say it's it's a responsibility vote. The second can't be forgot. So we come back from lunch. Jan I keep trying to get through sousaphone line opens up you be able to get in. Either way, very simple. I am a follower of Jesus, and I'm voting for Donald Trump for the following reasons I'm a follow Jesus and I can't vote for Donald Trump for the following reasons. Let's hear you for listening audience what you have to say looking right back. Illustrate your calls her plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown man will write and bring energy drink in one that that's my Trump and that is the voice of cross look con mother's the US Army Capt. whom I am con Joyce. She joined other Muslim American women endorsing Hillary coming for president Tuesday in an announcement by the American Muslim political action committees give rise stand under no circumstances, no way, shape, size and font type, possibly vote for Hillary Clinton.

That's nonnegotiable to me that's a black-and-white that's right and wrong.

That's an ethics, that's a conscience that's a Christian issue to me before God and assure that with you publicly. Donald Trump still has to win my vote and earn my vote. So that remains open on my end 866-34-TRUTH. How might you and I want to air this out because it seems that there's so much intense conviction on both sides of this issue about voting for Donald Trump are not voting for Donald Trump that we are. We're not really hearing each other in the body. So why give me opportunity and I'm by the way, I just can't take the calls as they come in some not try to balance it well may not, however, the call-in if everyone calls and says I'm voting for Donald Trump and here's why Rev. calls and says I'm not voting for Donald Trump and here's why I'm just taking calls as they come in 866-348-7884. Let's start in flower mound, Texas, David, you're on the line of fire.

Dr. Graham good afternoon while turtle back but quick word about the pork spare and and I know you got the calls I want to block Sam, thank you so much and I just want to talk just briefly about the spiritual condition at the root of the problem familiar with the Revelation chapter 12 gives a picture of the Dragon open its mouth and lug comes out its mouth and is designed to take away the woman and I just see this full accusation and accusation better judgment, and was ratcheting up better rage and anger affect everybody, including the ecosphere, mankind, leaders in the church and we gotta get out of that woman was given two wings of an eagle toad to lift her up and carried her way to be prepared in a place that gotta prepare for.

We got it. We gotta get otherwise working to get carried away when I get destroyed but by this terrible design of the enemy to confuse the ecosphere confuse the church and return it to consume each other yeah absolutely yeah and limit they just jump in on the heels of that and thank thank you for your comment as one of our multi-supporters and team members. It we we must not allow the spirit of the world to get any further in the church that is S all over. It is all over the level of vitriol and the political spirit and the anger towards one another in the judgment towards one another. I 100% understand why some believers say here's my vote for Donald Trump. Despite his deep obvious flaws and I 100% understand other beliefs and here's why can't vote for him. I understand both sides and to have the little of vitriol and attack and ugliness for someone that doesn't share our views as opposed to saying okay I understand. I respect that the here's right. Different test of fire David, thank you, thank you for that important word and the graphic imagery from Revelation 8663 for 878840 we go to Bill and Asheboro, North Carolina.

Welcome to the line of fire your doing well thank you you're about voting getting Robert. I went from, dolled up like a knot where all ran everybody light a fire now happening. And what came about realizing there rationally.

Dr. Morrow found that while good looking thing not being reacting and I bigger got started. No other time in God and we might pray and pray and I realized that they may be inclined to give them but she because I just lease it is obviously chance Mitch and I can vote for them to be president with the hope that they get saved along the way. So why are you willing to vote for Donald Trump today when he went out, received nonviolent, not attacking. I just want to understand why he got better way to go make God everything right but she did believe that he's ready done that.

I know people that were there got I okay let me just say this now I know other folks real close with them who have spent hours with him who would not say they know he safe and I see no fruit of thy seed zero evidence of of the saved manner just just away in their decision. Vote for him, but I see zero evidence of the saved person. From my perspective the witches bring forth fruits when he repents of his only proof of the new birth is new life's Annunciation vote from, but I would very very deeply. Question for discussion and prayed a prayer means death is being 00 scriptural zero does not mean someone truly asked the Lord to save the forgiven but anyway, thank you for when I'm just asking folks for their viewpoints, 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go to Rudy in and Rico Virginia. Thank you for calling the light a fire.

I don't. Well thanks I'm great really quite old email to tell you what I say, there really sums wrong with our connection. I cannot make out a word you say stay there. How is gonna come back on in the minute and try to see what the problem is with Sentry having some problem with her phone lines don't know what but II could not make out a word of what you think simply stay there and I'll get right back to you. Okay, let's go to Sandra in Greensboro looking to the line of fire. Dr. Brown want to say we all stand and thought all stand and all comfort from the short falling short. Yes, you have the apps that we have God dolled model line Hillary Trump State at the point I would not vote for Donald and shown me a lot of psychological issue. Not to say that you, but I know for fact that Donald Trump, God, but more so that Hillary now laws here in the United States that give me the liberty to do a lot of pain but because my belief and because I am a born believer, I don't take the liberty of those liberty could have that I do have state.

There is a lot to say that you can have an abortion. Don't think that's right even though I have the liberty to take to do it as a born believer. I don't think it's right.

I don't you liberty.

I think we can fit it that it probably correctly, that there are a lot of things that we have state that personally does not agree with but all in all all you got all Hillary believed that I wanted to have the right to have an abortion and yeah yeah I just break here. Thank you for waiting in the flesh I could not hope for Hillary to be blood on my hands. If I did one of the could not vote for that. I respect what you say without Trump understand.

Thank you light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to the line of fire.

What a joy privilege it is to be on the air with you. Be sure to check out my latest articles you posted tomorrow today one on Pastor Joseph Prince to Jenna David Thome with some great trees but then some serious misstatements that could lead to error and then just little while ago my article on inter-varsity major Christian ministry, which is now ceiling scene. You can't straddle the fence when it comes to homosexuality or read all those find out more by going to bite website the line of and you see latest articles and videos and if you click on digital library will see all the latest ones from all different places where we post them right. Are you voting for Donald Trump your follow Jesus. If so, why, if not why not. Let's go to Taylor in Fort Worth, Texas. Thanks for joining us on the line of fire ground Yvette also wanted to believer in step going to be Donald Trump. I know that there is so much stuff going on in the media, but I think I just had a few points for you so you nationalist you know what everything was going so easy for this country. I say pro-Constitution and he was talking about that on his last debate is definitely discussed protecting Christians the Second Amendment, which is so important Fair for security course we all know that that's so would you protect yourself from the government more so than from each other anything in and he's also talked about repealing the act that I probably would notice off the top your head there About repealing the act was silencing the pastors.

And there's been speculation whether that this is is good as it sounds, but I know that he was talking about doing that reached out to the Christian community and I think she's maybe dental hearts on the Muslim topic in the beginning I think you softened on that a little bit.

But what is basically sorted something just want to try get to as many calls as I can't basically do things that are important to you anything that you see him is obviously flawed man you feel he will stand for those things that are important to strengthening America upholding the Constitution and you see things going in the wrong direction you feel that that he stands for these important value. So that's what you're voting for. Not for man is not flawed, but for men you think would do the right things or the things that are most important to the believers on the right side of the Jos Taylor type I respect that. I understand that the key thing is whatever we do, let's do it with her eyes wide open. That's a key thing but thank you, thank you for weighing in 866-34-TRUTH. I let's try again. Rudy and Rico Virginia. Hopefully were in better shape now. Welcome back, Ella can hear me now yeah loud and clear. Okay all you panic American good you handle immigration if you don't know, but either way conquered all just down from 30 again and pointed out the line of political correct that everybody will be, but I feel like you concerning that and are likely in all and you know easy for her not sharp claws, politically correct, it is not the Eli of all vanity and run United country and how much you know better. Our community, and you know we cannot make crack and you know claiming all them sheeplike, and of you know damn addenda that Obama is getting A's or being bad flaws in my diet when I think of for now.

I know I'm not breaking in the Bible you have men show him more of the power and their all and when it comes to liking over needing fell on so sick that I got right Salinas's leadership national leadership would be better in the hands of the males is make you chauvinists and if I like that there are some chauvinists said before say that that you understand that it is. Find the major pattern for Kings for world leaders with would be mailed to you. See Hillary's failure is the pattern of her failures over the years.

You believe she key point. The country in the wrong direction is present Obama. This he thinks Donald Trump is a successful man that could run the country successfully art.

I'd appreciate that understanding 866-34-TRUTH member I like and respect people on either side of this. As long as the spirits right in and in our approaching things all right. Let's go to Mary and done North Carolina. Welcome to light a fire in my car. I'm an American thing that Donald Trump bad.

He deftly had lot that I think that LME even more thought and felt that they think that Tom, line, and he read on be against abortion and give me back the most important issue of the collection and not only how my traditional marriage and think that LME explore totally God, and I don't even understand how any Christian could possibly look like LME and knowing that he totally my bike. Not only are black and white make abortion and and having non-Christian, semi-IPO step military and have don't bullying LME defendant country and off a bit and our family and I went in and out, and I'm very that North Carolina taken a stand against gigantic the Night about law.hey, I got it just didn't thank you again II understand the reasoning behind this if I grab one more call.

Let's go to Carlo in Harrisburg looking to the line of fire Sprint.

Thank you sir I am yes I am a Christian Reichstag. I downloaded Donald and it's very simple way people that don't blow or him because he has faults and we need to at least vote against it or don't cast their vote against Hillary and see where then we will be responsible for what shootouts got it. I I have to jump right in that I think you said what needed to be said on your end there, but rather time so sorry we can't get to the rest your calls but can I make this appeal have this discussion with your friends with your coworkers have his grace and Anna could certainly learn from each other and then we can differ with respect to go to the line of check out our very special by bottom-line, always the old saying this three don't have to be disagreeable

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