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Cutting Edge Spiritual Commentary for the Church and an Interview on “Unshaken”

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 2, 2016 4:20 pm

Cutting Edge Spiritual Commentary for the Church and an Interview on “Unshaken”

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 2, 2016 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/02/16.

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Are you ready for some moral sanity some spiritual clarity and some encouragement will here we go stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. What a joy to be with you today on the line of fire. This is Michael Brown got up early this morning flew back in from Dallas Texas and thrilled to be again live with you. I hope you enjoyed the special interview with Nancy and me. Yesterday the first time she has ever been on the radio up and asking her for years.

Many people always wanted to speak and she prefers to say, which he says behind the scenes and in private because the importance of the subject matter, the life and death issue food and died. She agreed to come on the I hope you enjoy the interview.

If you missed it. Just go to art radio website. The line of and just click on listen and you can listen to the entire interview. All right, what will talk politics, but again from a kingdom perspective will talk about what our mentality should be as followers of Jesus a lot to cover.

Here's the protocol to interact with me 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634 should let me also let you know that I had a great conversation with Pastor Collins Hill song pastor New York City. I written an article asking him to clarify his comments after being on Oprah folks had jumped on his comments pulled out a few snippets that seem to be really damning, as if he was saying there other ways to God outside of Jesus else run interview he made some very, very strong gospel statements. Clear gospel statements, so I wanted to interact with him directly since he found out I wanted to because we been able to reach them somehow he didn't always try to reach him immediately said hey glad to talk I'm easy to reach and we had all probably a 45 minute talk yesterday. It was excellent.

It was terrific and I written an article about it and will be posted on a number of sites soon. If you want to read it immediately, just good asked Dr. You will be able to do that once okay oh where do I want to start. Could it be God's will for Donald Trump to be present you so whoever ends a president is God's will.

You II would accept that in terms of God's ultimate ruler would also accept that he allows us to make choices that can hurt us or help us consistently presidential election as well, but are there indications for better or worse that God has his hand on these elections in a unique way and is raising up Dartmouth Trump in the unique way for better or worse. Now why would I say that is one who strongly opposed him during the primaries, and who will vote for him, but with a number of reservations, but why would I will especially attribute divine activity to this well for him to win the Republican primary for him to defeat all the candidates that he did and then ultimately as decisively as he did not disconnect it to him and to cruise and he still won decisively in the last state were takers participated in Indiana and then with all the junk that's come against him. Ted even more junk come against Hillary and at this point and who knows what could happen in the in the next six days, but at this point he could well take the election that him that we could be here week from now will be a landslide. One way or the other or the closest election ever and are still debate about who wins it. But he's poised have the real potential of winning and last week before the.

The latest FBI email developments happen. I just had the back of my head. Is there another big surprise. An even bigger surprise coming to the Hilton campaign that's going to completely cripple them and that's going to catapult Donald Trump and I just wondered is, is there some divine purpose and it not, what might that purpose be is it just it to judge us with a narcissistic playboy businessman would be a disaster for America or the divine purpose is for good in it destroy a lot of the corruption in in the media to be the People's champion will talk about it. 866-34-TRUTH her and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown Geiser got about a week to wrap their heads around the fact that Hillary Clinton is going to be President of the United States, and this can be good for us guys since the guys if you're watching this is really good. Let women run the show is to be a lot less stress on us. That was Michael Moore, the famous liberal Phil producer saying hey Hillary Clinton gets in our 10,000 year reign of your 10,000 year reign is over, listen, I have not heard from a single person who's against Hillary Clinton.

Not a single person that the reason they're not going to vote for her is because she's one perhaps there some people feel that way but I have simply not heard it from the many people I know who militantly oppose her presidency and I'm one of those people never dawned on me that Monica vote for. She's one I guarantee I can flat-out guarantee if you turn the tables and you had a Democratic candidate who is a man who is radically pro-abortion and radically pro-gay activist and with a history of corruption and lies and you had say Carly Farina when is the Republican candidate that the ones reposing Hillary because of her.

Her policies would vote for Carly Farina in a split second. In a split second it so little more for Michael Moore click number four he's on with Chris Hayes on MSNBC yesterday and then I got a quote from the listen Pres. Obama The cook for an amazing moment. The president started saying a man out there. Ask yourself if you are having some reaction Hillary Clinton. What that's about.

Yes, what is that about well it's about. It's a it's a it's the muscle memory of 10,000 years. It's in our DNA, or we run the show forever. And now, in the most powerful country on earth next Tuesday, possibly, hopefully, a woman is going to lead the most powerful country earth. In other words, the 10,000 year reign is over non-nonsense nonsense nonsense. Therefore, I have to respectfully different with what Pres. Obama said he was campaigning in Columbus, Ohio yesterday click number three and remember eight years ago four years ago we were told if we had an issue with Pres. Obama, it's because we were racist after the some races out there. I'm sure some some races out there that are out that hate whites and would vote for white men.

So I mean there's races. I'm going to send it there was a single person I talked to her new ahead issue with Barack Obama because it was like to this day. To this day we differed because of policies we differed because of who he was and what he stood for and I would've joyfully that I wanted to be able to vote for the first African-American president. But I couldn't. I couldn't do it in good conscience can do it, but I wanted to.

I will gladly vote for the first female president and that they make history with that. I believe that governmental leadership is primarily male and in in Scripture. Inter-world leaders are primarily male and pastoral leadership are really male, but I certainly recognize God raises up Deborah some people like that. I saw Deborah start supporting a heartbeat with joy, with joy salicylate president Obama had to say. I got a look inside yourself and ask yourself if you're having problems with the stuff how much of it is so what one of my guys ambitious about the public arena worked hard. That's okay.

But when one woman some summer washing. I want you to think about.

I thought about it, Sir, Mr. Pres., you did wrong. You are 100% dead wrong. My position Hillary Clinton is not because she's ambitious by opposition. Hillary Clinton is not because she's out there and public opposition to Clinton is because of her vile policies my position. Hillary Clinton is because of the corruption in her life and background. That's why I am against her is nothing to do with her being a woman in Estes playing games once again playing games so as to make people feel bad, and to question why they would vote against her look. I had over the years a few people tell me I was racist proposing Barack Obama. But if I asked you calling now if you differ with that, especially for African-American. The phone lines would light up for two hours with glycolysis. Of course, not races.

We listen to for years. We know you? But people took any opposition to Barack Obama to be based on color of skin, and to me it was the opposite.

I was rooting for him based on skin color think it would be a great breakthrough in American history and something very positive.

Great message to send to the world so important for black Americans over America like, but I couldn't vote for. Was I never would, given the time of day to someone with those radical policies that he held and with his minimal experience on top of it to be the president never would've thought about it the only reason I even looked at him in a will in a way of trying to root for him while different profound was because of skin color.

So accuse me, that of reverse racism fine fine. They really Clinton thing enough. Enough said.

But don't don't let anybody throw that on you.

Well here have probably Thursdays are problems women did have a problem with women. It's a separate issue. If you have a problem with life. It's a separate issue of the apartment. Hispanics are over with whites or with whoever that's was a separate issues. My issue is who is the person where they stand. That's my issue of Detroit take your calls, 866-34-TRUTH. I get lots of notes of encouragement and lots of hate mail I sometimes refund share some of the hate mail, but probably 1/1000 or 10,000 that come my way, but Jim and Roger sent essential positive brochure with Dr. Brennan greatly appreciative that you are engaging in the political arena seems that a fair amount of Christian leader shy away from the political spectrum due to a fear of losing their audience. If you want to see change in this country and we as Christians need to engage the political system encourage Christian leaders to run for office. That light can shine in the darkness of the corrupt leadership that this country has given over to itself.

Thank you. Now I do get people telling me this need stay out of these things this and you don't want to get involved in politics because it that gets in the way of your message or leader should stay out of it. I don't want to get political. I do not want to get political.

But I want to bring a kingdom perspective on politics and how How can we be people of God in this world in the midst of the volatility of society right down the divisiveness of society and the great issues that stand before us and not have something to say about politics, so let me come back to this point I was making the first segment about about is their purpose in God raising of Donald Trump to be president if he if he becomes president. If he becomes president. I would have to say God willed it. Now you can say will in judgment or or he will do for other reasons but it it then to hear the words president Donald Trump country years ago if I told you his American Express at the reality TV star business mogul billionaire playboy narcissist him friend you kidding me, and from what we understand when he lost his campaign.

He did not expect to be doing the way he was last year and semi-we never expected to be where we were in our earlier this year. He said that when I met Rafael Cruz for the first time this was all may be last August or something like this when I when I met him and he was talking to me about what we take for his son Ted to get the Republican nomination. We went to the different scenarios and he broke down the explain how his son Ted had broken down the Republic constituency into four categories that are the evangelicals in the tea party forget with the other categories work and that if he could know he was a strong tea party candidates.

The strongest evangelical candidates would be him and Mike Huckabee.

If you get the majority of the evangelical vote than that would be enough for him with a couple other things to be able to win the Republican nomination, and I said to Rocco Cruz Weber, Donald Trump concedes the front runner right now and he said that we all expect to know his his bubble to burst.

You know it and that was kind of the assumption by Herman Cain was way out there and then went down your course Donald Trump's document status.

The fact that he is sustain things as long as he has the fact that he that that these bombshells now hitting Hillary Clinton and deservedly self mines think it should have been indicted by James combing the FBI months ago. So the elements of claimant and this is is her unfortunate but but if he gets in it so unlikely with all the trash and all the junk that's come out about him.

It's not like he's Teflon Ron okay is only he's Teflon Rhonda Ronald Reagan or nothing stuck him stuff does stick to Donald Trump but he keeps on going keeps on going.

I would have to see the divine hand in it in a unique way that the question would be for what purposes will continue to share that will take your calls that we come back file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown. Looking back to the line of fire what your phones, phone calls, momentarily, but just want to say this first my driver yesterday picked me up from the airport.

We were we were talking about could be on the or talk about mug with James Robison, his wife Betty assured little air early next year on on the new book freaking stronghold of food he wanted to talk to me about overweight diabetes different things and the pain is in the challenges of life right now and said hey we had this conversation a year ago. That was it.

We did when picking up less times, to some come on you can do it time to bring about change and he wants to. And then one of the women on staff there took me aside want to talk to me about a family situation about someone that she was close to that was very overweight and this person's brother had recently died in his 40s died of a heart attack with the table with his wife and kids in this room was saying for this this person to talk about. She was hoping it would be a wake-up call for him because his brother died of a heart attack at an inner these are life-and-death issues friends such as matter of all, I can't fit into my favorite outfit, come alive. Short return about enjoying vibrant health.

Instead of being sick talking about having years added to our lives for family for ministry in the years that we have spinning them with greater health and vitality.

So go to the website. The line of check on the special resource offer nets and I will sign the book to be specially numbered from the first printing and will get into before Christmas. Alright, so that's the line of such an important subject, but one that the book is full of joy and hope and no condemnation and in the light a fire and you agree practical steps to turn your life around.

That's what we wrote together and you can order it anywhere will be out January 3's ignore that online on Amazon or get your Christian bookstore but to get it in time for Christmas a special collector's edition you have to work through website and we encourage you to do so to be a great holiday present, 866-34-TRUTH to the phones we go to leave somewhere welcome to light a fire call her when I want to make sure your pet a Christian program or is it political correct coming in on animal planet you come in on no signs of Christian program that we talk about all issues from a Christian perspective. Okay well I'm a Christian and an African-American anti-list continue on into my heart wasted there. It sounds very very high. My spirit, thank you hey you know when NL lick you made a comment about comedy came back and said thank you for that long and I like it long because there are a lot of people you may not have met them FH that they want about her accurately because she's a woman. They you have net empathetic people who say that netted me know that you know that have to be true for some people and a lot of people in and they would vote for Obama. You may not getting anything you at Clifton Heights. I never call in. I listen all the time Up like I scaled the heartbreaker still hard at the comments that I made and you know it and I love.but I don't feel Pete feel I don't feel to feel honesty, I will feel that when I lift. What if I told you that as I listen to you on the field shoes and I will feel honesty will implicate letters and then anything you want to pray you want to get an African-American. We let it tell you what we feel that lead to justice. I've heard from African-Americans for years now in person day and night via email day and night on this phone but when we open the phone calls day and over and over account. I can't count how many constantly thanking me for what I'm doing and thanking me for being empathetic and thanking me for being a balance voice or I have met. I think in America is there just finished up when I said Pres. Obama is 100% wrong.

I was speaking for me and every person that I know and I talked about this.

Okay he's making a blanket statement right just like we were to what I had people call me the first time on the air. I differ with Barack Obama.

Actually the second time African-American woman called me and said what you have to bring up race all the time. This is a over eight years ago I said bring up race. I did bring up Ray. She said all you do is vested. Barack Obama said I spoken twice that I differed with them.

The first one I differ with Mr. McCain. Now I differ with him.

I said I listed other black politicians. I like I said by issues, not color my issues issues his wife bring up race so I bring up race you brought up race and see ratesetting think race here and expect the president.

I know I never heard stuck out and if it's not ready a lot in a wakeful louse and a come back and he all the aunt -type dance and on. It cannot be counted on African-American economic educator. Well, you know, but you wanted things that happened email people make the statement like that because of that, but you know how much we hear you know how much we feel you don't know how. Of course I do course or do I drag I interact with quote you every day my life. Of course I did hear well you know that we feel as I do you now and you know that I kid you know that whereas a kid held onto one more but I don't know because that's honestly how many times how many hours have you listened to this protest. You know where you're calling from. So I've no idea. I live in the last year. Applicant be picketed every day on and I'll get Alex more. But my heart pounds Being felt an indigent and Levelland predicate the 20 here on any stretch to expect African-Americans when I am interacting with other people on an event in a lot in America want to hang on a gut got stolen standalone try to get tickets. Other colors and be fair, but what what what how are you feeling when people was saying George Bush is Hitler and there was a whole lynch Bush movement and bumper stickers and he was being savage day and night. The most ugly horrific terms even liberally missing yet. We want him dead was kissing the white sky so you might think that here's what you have to hear plenty. Please, please, Abraham, and I got a break coming up so please please just listen right please just listen one or so which one of the talk about their other calls ahead of you, but I want to first because I wanted to want to recheck the site.

Please listen you cannot interpret with someone else's saying through the grid of your experience.

What I mean is I wanted to root for the first African-American press I want to vote for the first American African-American president. If if there is any racism in the it would be to lean over backwards to help an African-American person because of our history in America, and God is my witness to that I could not because of policies of his that I feel are evil and destructive, and he and and his radical pro-abortion, pro-homosexual policies are ugly and I stand against them but has nothing to do with him being black. That is a fact in God is my witness to please hear me. Please keep listening. Peace, love God from the same side it's the light a fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Looking back, friends, the line of fire.

This is Michael Brown I am delighted to be with you one thing that I've been really helped in by listening to many African-American callers is that your life experiences make very different than mine. I've never been racially profiled. Never had to deal with some of the prejudices that you've had to deal with my wife Nancy often sits your in voice.

It's rough for many black Americans and a lot of things that have to overcome here in America so I've I've written about this is have addressed these things when there's out when when there is a another shooting unit with a police officer something like this.

We don't know who's guilty, what have I talk about these things or bring them up on the air because I'm sensitive to this and understand that there's a whole lot that we don't see if if you come from from white suburban upbringing like I did and listening to callers and interact with friends is help sensitize me so people can accuse me of anything that doesn't bother. I get it if you will me to read the latest hate mail is coming in the last six hours on YouTube. Posted other places you know that I'm a false prophet nominalism of they get on a liar and interest me in this eminence day and night for every County Court. Some of my getting causes but I will say this I speak the truth regardless of how things fall under speak the truth as best as I can in the sight of God with love, with respect to speak the truth, and even when I differ with Pres. Obama didn't call them names. I said with all respect, that's 100% wrong for us my life and everyone I know is why we are not voting for Hillary Clinton. Eight. Feel free differ with me. You have your pain, that's fine. I'm just ill. One thing I don't like is with people telling what I really mean. You know I'm I'm I can tell you what you really mean okay so you say so and take it at face value. Do the same with me for enough 866-34-TRUTH out. Let's go to Jacqueline in Nanuet, New York. A thank you for calling the line of fire. Hello Dr. Brown talking to you today. Thank you Donna.

I was a pretty black lady according. I am a lack in one and I feel every day and I believe I know that you're handing for righteousness, hate, and I wonder dear no that you're expanding for righteousness sake. I could never vote for Pres. Obama, not what he spent 440. Thanks for and I could never vote for Hillary because of what you stand for anything and everything that takes time for thinking the word of God. I thought I could never end. And so I don't understand what made you think what you may not about this tonight. I appreciate that.

And as anyone who listens to me regularly.

I'm sure if you listen regularly you feel the same way if you listen with an open heart. Let me ask you this. Have you ever gotten resistance in your own community because people say, well, like I live ones like pastor friend of mine and he voted Republican and his friends told me wasn't black enough. I thought is and is not on here zero Peter Teal, Peter Thiel, who's a gay man supporting a supporting a Donald Trump. And people say he's not really gay. So now now like things become enema comparing by to get it. Of course, were apples and oranges, but have you ever heard that another was that you're supposed to have a certain position because your skin color my and I expect of them that you know what you need to read your Bible and fall under some real-time. I think they're all much caught up with the black and white. You know you have to look for him because your you know your back no nothing that I can, for she says absolutely hates God bless you for standing for truth. And let's pray one for another, that the feeling of blind spots. We have help us live in the champions of righteousness. Hey, thank you for taking the time to call and I appreciate that number by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Thanks much for being with us on the line of fire important article that was posted yesterday on New York Daily News by Errol Lewis himself African-American. You see why I'm telling you that the article is entitled the black push back to Hillary Clinton, a coalition of African-American clergy could spell trouble and there is a great letter that was written by ministers and theologians associated with or with the Church of God in Christ evangelical Christian denomination with more than 6 million members to this group of ministers, theologians marched to Clinton's Brooklyn headquarters to drop off a strongly worded open letter to Hillary Clinton regarding religious freedom for black America and these leaders of including Jack Rivers of Boston Bishop Charles break Blake of Los Angeles said they have concerns about her policies on religious liberty and they have concerns about her policies on on abortion they said right now in New York more black babies are being aborted. That being born and here's what they say. How do you justify your unconscionable silence in the face of such destruction of innocent like life.

Don't black lives matter the group is deeply skeptical about same-sex marriage, claiming a well-financed wars now being waged by the gay and lesbian community. The US and abroad on the faith of our ancestors. Furthermore, there are some in your party seek to criminalize our biblical texts as hate speech is a terrific article and they said we wanted a meeting with you without 100 days, if you're elected and and we want to raise these issues and obviously sent don't just count on our support now is a racist, are they against women obviously not. That is absolutely not the issue.

These are African-Americans with female leaders among them, the issues are the issues don't let anybody sidetrack yes there are racists there are people who will not vote for Donald Trump because he's a man there people who will not vote for Donald Trump because he's white and the people for Donald Trump because of who he is and what he stands for fine. I would say the vast majority of those will vote for him won't vote for him because of who he is and what he stands for but there are some who won't vote for him just because he's a man, or just because he's white in the same way that people will vote for Hillary Clinton because she's a woman and are some people that vote for Barack Obama because his black I'm sure that exists, but that the vast majority of those who didn't vote for Barack Obama didn't vote for him because the skin color but because of policies and if without without the white vote, he would be president, and the vast majority of people and I can vote for Hillary Clinton is because of her policies, not because of her gender, 866342.

Let's go to Richmond, Virginia Sheila, welcome to light a fire, hello, I'm I'm calling calling about the Clinton correction that when Matthew in Elkhart area and holding that funding from the United States and people didn't like claimant because when scaling down and write out anything about that.

Yeah II think he came up Sheila in the last debate when Hillary Clinton evaded a very straightforward question about corruption in the Clinton foundation and an funds that that were given and how were they used in things like that and was paid to Plato so that they would get donations from certain world leaders in NC Secretary of State would work to to get their causes through and she started talk about all the great things that they did II think that Donald Trump tried it, it had not yet yet that I believe Donald Trump then came back I could be. I could be mistaken but came back and said that the Haitians in Florida.

Hate to Clinton's because they stole money and they didn't help Haiti so I think it came up referring to the same thing that you're with. With this, that the terrible devastation their natural disasters and all that that allegedly the Clinton foundation help them and Donald Trump say no.

The Haitians feel the opposite. They feel that the Oakland foundation made money off of them.

Rather than help them. So, please go ahead. Black American hand.

I think people right that we are all in of the grantor. Chester if you can get off to hang up on Kyler I get into you are Christian.

I think many black people are scaled back on a race to come down now cannot face that this thing will have excellent anterograde because I lady the second lady can't talk about this subject. I have family that are blank better light date Christian, agnostic and, then they could take him back and hit me in my hand they think have gone crazy. I said will take the logic in neighbor you think emotional behavior, and I have to shut up and I don't quite understand that Karen knew how angry and violent speaking. My family and quite logical thoughts you get home from man scared to say anything yeah Sheila III hate that's the Saxon. You mentioned you got seminaries that are white that are black and that things just so volatile it's it's a rough time right now. Some people would say what Donald Trump he stirred up a lot of racial division in America.

Others would say was the black lives matter movement rather than just addressing issues there stirring up hatred of this would say while Pres. Obama. He stirred up racial division towards the Al Sharpton's and Jesse Jackson's there, stirring things up. Others would say not just this white supremacy is finally being dealt with rather than I'm I could get into that right now because it's potatoes too far afield.

But we as followers of Jesus must set a better example and if we can bring certain things up is to volatile find, but somehow we have to be able to dialogue and a good thing to do is to tell someone.

I can't do it fully on the radio or someone may want to talk for 20 minutes and, tell me their story, but to the extent I can when I'm talking with some aside, give your perspective. I was flying in and talk. Drove black gentleman next to me when I forget where we were gone a little plane, I brought up everything happen with the campaigns of the different perceptions in the race issues a seductress so I see it which your perspective and he was in agreement with me blessed. Tell me your perspective as a black American swaddle, fit. I'm not the normal category and he said I've never express racism in my whole life is my family. Since I'm crazy for saying it, but never experienced it. But I always want someone to tell me what the world looks like through your eyes so I can better understand and then when someone feels there understood these hate to assure this and it is this possible. Is that possible because things are volatile show and limit us it is whoever gets elected. I think it's going to get more volatile.

Barring God's people rising up in divine interventions. These real shaky times and we need to really do our best to be patient to pray a lot and and and to hear one another out and to seek to be peacemakers in the midst of speaking the truth because we know the truth is going to divide a thank you for the call we go over to Charlotte, North Carolina Chris, welcome to the line of fire. Hey Dr. Brown thank you for taking my call. Here Coakley all kind of asked my question about think just go a little bit deeper when you said that Barack Obama was 100% wrong. I don't understand how we could come to that conclusion.

Even when you've admitted yourself and today there are people out here that that typically might vote against Hillary because she's a woman are block Barack Obama because he is black or Donald Trump because the light there are actually people out there so I was saying you are such a slave yet but I've met outside counsel that I had several that's life. I apologize for not being more clear and not doing a better job so my apologies I I thought I had explained all that yeah there are people out there, but as for me and everybody I know your hundred percent wrong that's that's that's out. I said that point would be that would make it Barack Obama was talking to you specifically and say hey Dr. Brown your duty to search your heart but I'm speaking in general and and thanks to you know all of America. You know, if you're out there and your heart is your executive. The thinking of going to cricket as I was responsive so your hundred percent wrong he was. He was talking to America as an American I was things are your hundred percent wrong. So again, my apologies for not of course I was, not III clarify things. I'm always want to give caveats in the eye clarifies hiding of course there are people out there that will vote for Hillary Clinton. She's a woman of Corot III understand that and I and I don't think that your oasis, an African-American man. I don't believe that you're right but but I think I think you're wrong for saying that you hundred percent wrong because people do need to examine this course is just just just to clarify, so as far as speaking to me and the people in the hundred percent wrong. But, of course, the people fall into the category so obviously you have become real quick that you felt so my question is is so your thought on the conservative movement and the liberal movement is strong. Divide evenly within the Christian community do you do you believe that there are Democrat or liberal people who are true Christian and and love God and are going to go to heaven or do you believe that if you vote for Democratic Party are you vote for liberal thing that your that those people are Christians yet so I got a break coming up.

Here's my quick answer and keep listening an incident. Of course, of course.

Of course there Democrats were Christians.

Of course, of course. Of course the liberals were Christians, and many liberal values are godly values. Many liberal values are godly values and compassionate values and their conservatives are going straight to hell right so is my short answer the other answer the other side like thank you sir because I really appreciate it. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown why I love it all that that love me and that that recognize me is this someone that's given my life to the Lord and want to do with right and will respectfully differ with methods. I love that I so appreciate race question so again just clarify for anyone listening when I said Pres. Obama was 100% wrong. My response to him about why I'm not falling for Hillary and everyone I know why they're not fun for Hillary. He's 100% wrong in saying that that could be because she's a woman okay letting said of course not hundred percent wrong in saying that there some that will vote for her because she's one of course so that I thought I'd said that that will make that more clear and then I urge every follower of Jesus not to vote for Hillary Clinton because of her radical pro-abortion policies if that was all that would be it because of what she could potentially due to her freedom of religion because of what could be coming our way with gay activism and transgender activism beyond anything we've seen an annual call me in a year or two. She's the president say all week. We did things go be this bad, or four years in okay so be forewarned, but I'm not saying you're not a Christian. If you vote right. I urge you not to look.

Some folks say how to be a Christian without the Donald Trump I understand it, but there are there are aspects of liberalism which which are which are wonderful and caring and compassionate I would say the application is often misguided, but it's is unlike Republicans are right. Democrats are wrong considers right but was wrong. That being said, if you look at the policies the Republican Party platform and the Democrat I would say that the Republican platform is much more biblically based on the Democrat although there will be aspects which the reverse. All right, back to the phones 866-34-TRUTH, Gail, in Boston, Massachusetts. A thank you for holding and welcome to the line of fire. Thank you Dr. Brown for taking my call. I'm going to be brief, concise and to the point so please handing out 2015. In the beginning of June I heard Hillary Clinton say I am going to quote her and I will put a cap on Social Security.

She is going to harm every single senior citizen in the United States, and she is not a godly woman got it loud and clear. Gail, thank you for weighing in. I'm I appreciate 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go to Washington DC DC and Goldie, welcome to the line of fire Dr. Brown are only limiting to you and how to allow to go quite fit about Zechariah and Bert first anyway when I got I yeah you responded to me and I went Clinton Clinton seemed like former First Lady, but you like bleach bit everybody around her pleaded it and VAT leaned a lot toward social and with people again for hundreds of years.

11 Bernie Sandy Pena Democratic photo in a minute. Democratic not like you can't be in a competition becoming an American and and be led Obama turning into what Clinton went on about Obama in 08 by Creighton Naji is gonna hurt and hurt America's nonattainment to be gay activism going to be going to increase and that she really gonna hurt. I will admit standard in America was built on what America to be the yeah how adeptly voter turnout.

Other bankcard of a nondeadly port or trot now and he'll be dead. That's one of America yeah I appreciate that in the corruption things. I started to get into this the other day and I didn't get to finish but that II basically paint this picture and say okay of the government comes after some shady, some some shady Internet company and as soon as they hear the governments coming after they start deleting their emails feverishly and then others start smashing their computers and cell phones and tablets using their fists and and and and hammers and their feet and and then when they're called on to testify that they either plead the fifth of the city. Don't remember and it online. That's exactly what's happened with all the scandals with with Hillary Clinton. It's it's unimaginable if it was anyone other than Hillary Clinton. Some of that high low position with that history the government that that she would not of been indicted by the FBI or that that the whole nation would be outraged. Italy was the media doing their making.

James, the bad guy. He's not the bad guy here he/she should've indicted the first time represent the bad guy here the person with the judgment errors the corruption in the line on the cover of this Hillary Clinton. Her Sad to say 866-34-TRUTH out. Let's go back to Charlotte Cedric, welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown I'm doing well how about you Matt Gerber where researchers show up pretty quick. I want to say black man and I didn't vote for Barack Obama. Vote for you and secondly you know you are very clear what you bet Barack will all when it came to you and people wouldn't you know wrong with 40. You expand that you percent wrong when it came to you and your friend letter that very clear.

The first time you spent. Thank you and currently quick. Anybody ever called you right or not voting for jittery Clinton as you basically fit Bonaparte for the brain, or even better, not only for Barack Obama but I get better now that they'll be called sexist because of course that look is it exactly. Obviously it's it's the exact same reasons and look I I I search my heart about lots of issues you know I try to understand where I'm coming from it and I actually realized what I thought the race issue.

Let's say in our in our organization we were bringing somebody on an and the person was a black American and they were doing that well on the job. I would give them extra slack more than white American. I analyzed it, my mind just is. In my mind. They've had more obstacles in society. Over the years that a white person knows I actually thought boy I my fault would be gone the other way because you want to show solidarity recognizing that sometimes people are born with a strike against them ready know that's why I get offended. Personally, I get grieved because it's telling you when someone perceives me. Certainly there perceiving me wrongly and falsely and I can help them. Now I can't do what I'm supposed to do on the radio and as a voice and as as a servant of the Lord because they paid me a certain way and know we can all do that that Cedric II appreciate the call Dakota Gallagher.

I think that part of her treatment probably all of you yeah you and and that light that's that's the thing where I want to help people pay off got a break. I got a go but that's where I want to help people in other words, can you see how you are perceiving me wrongly because of the way you are judging things are the picture that your painting and and that that's how we help each other but Cedric thank you for the call.

It means a lot to me and thank you for being a listener listen friends for monster jam.

I got an interview coming up and stay there for someone to take more calls everybody else. It's leaving me now my bottom line.

Come on this one race is one race for fall and we need a Redeemer and in Jesus way to gather to talk about how you can stand unshaken in the midst of the storm stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. We had a very lively hour got to touch on a lot of interesting and controversial issues. As always my goal is to is to be your voice and to bring clarity and to bring sanity and to bring help so that we will have lights and not just Keith if you'd like to get on the conversation about believers in the elections and where we stand and how we are to live the because 866-34-TRUTH 784. In a moment I'm going to speak with Jean Nigro. Her new book unshaken standing strong in on certain times and want to talk about how to stand firm in the midst of the insanity of the current cycle in the elections and were everything is going so will bring Jean on shortly, but first one to draw your attention to our digital library. Go to the line of fire. The line of and click on the digital library we got three new videos teenage girls don't have male private parts.

Yeah got address that is unbelief ascend and Dr. Brown continues to answer Rabbi Blumenthal. You will also find their my latest article, Pastor Carl Lenz says that Jesus is the only way to God. I want to grab a couple calls note before we go to our guest. Let's start and Boston Massachusetts. I could you kindly tell me how to pronounce your name she so okay thank you yes thanks for joining us today on back one last thought, boy, break the director got like goat during the Obama that Obama will win. But I should bite me, but I didn't vote for him.

I could not vote for him if and I wanted to vote that he will he will win, but I want to write back to doing what God wants, but once been an outline and allowing the election.

It is important to know what God is leading a black light little green or red female or what got my understanding of what got it. We can't wait. Clinton what happened that America should be blinded or when you pick up again completely five-member boy got open prayer life of all the men of the bear we have already marked out Christian where I had somebody talk about the perspective clouded about jollity at a rate. If it's from the godly don't like drop (I bet that'll like Bart God would open and allow the grand America the court of inquiry before the yeah I am jumping. I apologize for interrupting you in the middle of the sentence. I got a break, but may I reaffirm on our sister just said again, I apologize for interrupting, but we got a break if we would choir ourselves and just look at the issues the examinations but why ask ourselves pray and say father leave me guide you a whole lot better than get caught up with our emotions will talk about standing unshaken. We come back in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks much for joining us on the line of fire.

I was looking at an email that young pastors sent to me and said hey Dr. Brown I'll be preaching this good two weeks ago will be preach on the topic of the politics election. Such Sunday and also coaching the ministers oversee within my denominational section on how to approach the topic. I just want to say thank you for your influence on my life. Your fingerprints are all over the things I'll say us to listen to your cube your podcast consistently and feel your preparedness a church leader for such a time as this really appreciate how you stay up-to-date with the news politics. It also listen for the voice of the Holy Spirit. Obviously that's something precious to us. Of course, a cinema note of appreciation and if you listen now.

I shout out to you but that's that's the big question how do we engage in the society that increasingly seems be going crazy all around us. If if a week for now reducing Pres. Donald Trump or Pres. Hillary Clinton, you can have half of America pulling his hair out and there's so much upheaval and that's just part of being in this world. My guess Tina Nigro has a book unshaken standing strong and uncertain times and it is totally relevant for us now as believers Ginny, welcome to the line of fire. Thanks for joining us so Jeannie obviously didn't write this book about the elections, but but how is the subject of this book help us at at a time like this exactly will. God knew I wrote the book. It was out of my own fear of the end times and I know not of the elections there when it would be released and out of respect that the image actually a few weeks ago right before the elections until I know that God's message for us at this particular time, and that the elections and you later, pulling her hair out. Are you having all these reactions and anything with the Lord is telling me in and to the message at this time with elections is that not to see the spiritual battleground behind the election and when we are reacting. You know were justified in revealing the overacting out of fear and or anger and frustration are just getting out of line hiring to cover all of those reactions are not from God and a really give the enemy more ground in the whole battlefield of the election and I think probably we have to recognize that pay you none of these are from God, and I dispatch about either giving the enemy more ground at like he didn't need anymore granite election and so what what I needed to debilitate and highlight day and intimacy with God and focus on what I do now about him at a highly evening and and connect with what on his heart anywhere his thoughts that were the elections later Toward the candidate.

How can I pray alignment with where he's at and instead emptying that we cannot explain how I might be justified that it be that only reacting that way fear or anger, frustration, or whining about that none of the different God and God take responsibility and family.

I don't want to give him the rain. I want to give gaga Marine in this situation I chose to let let's focus on on that the seer issue that your book is rates are practically laid out a clearly written and then with Scripture references of courses as you go and everything you're doing is pointing us towards a more solid deep relationship with God.

I tell my students in a first year spiritual foundations class that reason, a giant oak tree survives a hurricane is because of the strength of the root system and that's what's underground. That's what's hidden so what you start. Start the book off the chapter 1 paralyzed by fear. Why is fear so paralyzing and and why is it not from above runtime of the healthy for the Lord will talk about that unhealthy fear. Why is it so paralyzing and and why is it not from God. Fear and from here is that based on my I believe that when we fear our stress and align it with believing about God or about ourselves, about and still every time.

I'm finally coming here stress I learned when I read about you in an enemy the father of life that/like it's rooted here in chapter rooted in lies which are from the enemy. They've got a recognize that went.

When we believe. Believing that were all alone that he checked out a senior United picture anymore. It just watching, or that we got a hold everything together where I can make a date on the fan. If you really and every time we stress I think Another politically correct word for fear it when we really believing about God is really believing with that and that now you will pardon Abraham right now and we wouldn't fear we went to try it regardless of the situation and we got a fee that even if even the enemy get test with that will justify we should be carefully said well it is and I we don't want to give him more ground in this world and filling.

I really did a stand and think it best that he finished then confesses Ben and asked him to show us what well I were believing because that he desired his heart. He desired intimately with that and I believe that you have got to get that place, not of being believers because it is a good thing.

And really, really want to have an and we why Eric can't begin to get environment you would think I cut it any time you got to have that intimate relationship with guidance and have our thoughts and our heart align with what his heart is on so it's it's you taking someone through some basic principles when it when you're speaking to an audience when you're in your book here. You want to encourage intimacy with God you want to encourage us to to put deep roots down in God's that we know him and that we love him. That's the foundation relies and then will be unshaken by everything around us. So you've got a very full chapter called intimacy blockers in your book unshaken. Obviously, we can only touch on a few here but what would you say are some of the number one. Two factors that hinder our intimacy with God and hence make us more subject to emotions in fear and things that paralyze us, fear, and fear and stress down unforgiveness and shame of being aligning with the accuser have gained ourselves without criticizing other feeling like it's our Christian right to bash other people are back candidate enough.

But that's the end of the voice of the accuser of the enemy and self commutes recognizing the line is behind it at recognizing that it does give any ground and notetaking is likely to have a choice here to confess that this can and to cut the rope and they have my TKA vigil that part of the radio that the ticket that rope that we've given you immediately cut that handled that we given him and we confess that we say and I and Amy gave that binder. Farrington, Connecticut, Dell, and I can't literally add as given him by believing his lies that that God is not with me or they just watching her that he asked me to carry the burden doing whatever it is I really am at home and the blocker chapter is practical. How do we just pray to be aware that all throughout the day of the things that block entity with him today describing.

We need to have defensive static difficult football field. Artemio defense and an offense and we need for defense and that we need to recognize what blocking ethically realized at that moment by moment throughout the day that were either growing in God or give the enemy handle it either 100 no neutral ground.

Recognize that spiritual battle is going on every minute and and you realize that we were not victim here were not victims of the election or anything else we've got a choice here. What were going to go with you as I yell I we going to growing it. God confesses that did take responsibility for it, or are we gonna give the enemy handle here but we gotta recognize that we have more power than we think and to make that choice and at the moment I'm only thing into Misty ethic Road legally on retreat there when were in the service of course but it is really in that moment by moment finale wake up anyway thinking about and down play dwelling on and down went what are your thoughts a excised alignment with yourself toward how God you are your thoughts toward other people in alignment with how God yeah important stuff and stuff that is in the midst of chaotic lives in these days we could. We can miss it with God, just about a minute so just give me have the heart and soul of this but you talk about the millennium time at the end times what why should we think about the millennium.

The rule of God on the earth. That little, Jesus returns. Why should we think about that future event today. Question number one because we growing intricate God will realign with what I his heart, knowing what's on his heart had planned for the future and and I have a whole chapter that called action plan on what we can do today to align our support with where God going online and in acute that free thought. Give that hope for the future. Could we recognize that what this but we live in is not perfect and will never be perfect, but millennium it will be against us that hope for the future been so against essay action plan for today. Anything people feel like that is just nothing nothing we can do your thing did the crazy thing that the far-off I can wait. 20.

The contact definitely contacted you know that a lot. We can tell you if are going to be willing and rainy with Jesus in the millennium. What can we do now to Lorraine of our own thoughts and emotions and desires and what can we do to increase righteousness now. Maybe we don't see the effects now, but it will can what we've done will continue. I look at the attack in the park if his heart is to heal and restore the millennium. What can we do now to forgive and bring restoration in our own relationship is a lot against us and action plan. Yeah, we can do and not feel again like victims are likely to decide this is just terrific.

Then Jenny obviously perspective.

You don't hear a lot.

Thanks I appreciate the book unshaken. The author, Jeannie Nigro, standing strong in uncertain times. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Thanks so much for being part of the line of fire broadcast will hang on, let me just find this clip yet. Let's let's get clip number one. This was from the Campaign Trl., Fort Lauderdale, FL as a protester was shouting. Bill Clinton is a rapist. This was last night and Hillary Clinton, obviously not happy with that clip number one, there's definitely negative.divisive dangerous vision and behavior of people supports all from no question. There is also negative.divisive dangerous vision and behavior of people support Hillary Clinton for one finger. The other 0.4.

Figures that yourself. That's pretty much undeniable based on what's out there. I see divisive SIC negative dark stuff on both sides of the campaign and from those at the top of the campaign and those supporting the campaign and then I see the well-intentioned people try to do the right thing both sides as well, but it and in the gods of forgiving God and Americans are forgiving people.

But when we cover for past and look God only knows God only knows if Bill Clinton is guilty of all the things that he's been accused of, and we nobody's confess to with his intern, the White House and I'm looking for more details.

Are you picking up kids from school and and so on. But to the extent that there has been cover up you know that the question has been asked what's the difference between Bill Cosby and Bill Clinton was was there an American entertainer more loved than Bill Cosby.

Over the years and now friends and that was what employees old shows because of his guilt with all of these women that he sexually assaulted so is is there any difference. Is there any difference what is the difference between Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby and in many journalists raise this issue. Why is one still so popular in the other. Now despised 8663 freight 7884 by the way, you can get Jeannie Nigro's book of from her website which her book unshaken and that is Jeannie JE and N.

If you want to find out more about the book unshaken white let us go to the phones in the first hour and African-American caller was upset with me taking strong exception to things prison Obama said just bothered inner spirit by your question. As the race is behind it.

We had a number of African-American caller somebody talk about my differences with Pres. Obama were based on issues that based on race that came up because there are, the president said look, maybe another one for Hillary Clinton because your your your you don't want to vote for woman and I see son percent raw meaning as far as I'm concerned, and the people I know know none of us are not voting for because she's a woman. We gladly vote for woman if we saw this woman is as someone that would represent ideals and values course referral for woman left question and if it was a man she was against and that man stood for what Hillary Clinton stood for. We would we would we would absolutely vote for that woman to guess that man everyone that I know to resign percent wrong for me and from what I know.

I'm sure there are others that apply stupid this is gonna be dishing out beautiful trailer client.

Your sexist four years ago for their vote for Barack Obama. Your your racist what's gonna be next. If we have a Hispanic candidate.

You defer that candidates can be no friends let's the five net there enough issue. There are enough reasons we have that have arguments about why were voting and nonvoting. Let's not manufacture things that don't exist for the vast majority of us.

Fair enough. I let's go to Alice and Manassas, Virginia thank you for calling the line of fire. Alice that would go to my gosh, thank you. Yeah I just wanted to keep all that for Christian and and just dictated our identity in Christ first and no matter how the world precede any other. That's not who we are and not an end. Galatians 310. If there is neither Jew nor Greek, platelet free, male nor female, if you will, are all one in Christ Jesus, so they Hillary thing that that you know female thing in the rock band that I vote for them either, and Annie is hard because some of us, grandpa and families that are bombarding us with emails all about, you know that this election whatever it all based on rate day on my gosh.

When are they going to start thinking Christ way not the world play any part in his car because there is still ongoing, rated them in the in the world and there are men that are specially manned by women to that are bombarded by that, but we've got a bill above that and the only way were going to do it is by the spirit of Christ Jesus teaching anti-light and might be having time alone with God every day and letting him tell you what is really the truth because otherwise you get mixed up updated hotspots, math, and you know I am like you Dr. Batt. I would've loved to seen black American Hispanic American Asian-American whoever you know. Don't forget the Native American, the ultimate dream that would be the most mind-boggling dream.

Select the Native Americans. The president was with their history lesson done to them. Yeah, been done worse than them now. One fellow II would have to see that, but I had to go with the principle of demand first or woman that you landed in with you stay in the word of God and let his spirit guide you. You put that far far above what every group. You and look as believers we should have an advantage over the world because number one in Jesus. Racial barriers ethnic barriers should disappear. I've often mentioned this, but I was in a meeting old, maybe 15 years ago preaching about the 60s in the volatile times would God save this out of an and I was asking people you into anything in the wild and weird back then a dowsing to Buddhism and president of meditation different things. While there were two couples to minister to the strangers deception to be in the meeting sit next to each other. Black couple white couple ever. The white guy raises and because I was in the Ku Klux Klan look like I raises is as is I was in the Black Panthers and they smiled and hugged each other.

See that's an advantage we have of the will of course is lot of racial reconciliation among nonbelievers and yet resisting civil with each other but we should have an advantage and if we spent time with the warden and and get peace in our hearts that you give us an advantage over the world in terms of being peacemakers in terms of work your way through these differences hey Alice, thank you for the call it off. I thought through. I thought through the race perspective issue so much with the George Zimmerman trave on Martin trial and acquittal of George Zimmerman and in the killing of trave on Martin and a couple of other cases, the chemicals we talked about on the radio all the time and I meditated I thought about. I prayed just like him up with that white Americans often don't see racism when it is there in black Americans often see racism when this is for thinking that will be right back.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown is an amazing Hillary Clinton supporters will hear that and sheer and therefore her and they believe in her and they'll work hard for her, and they believe that she represents forward progress for women forward progress for minorities. Forward progress for America and those who oppose it will hear those words and will say she's taken us in the path of destruction. Couldn't it in.

In other words, some here and they're excited some here in their angry Dave and it says it sounds like a weight should attack the certain ways then go to Trump Rally. The semi make America great again and he said his devoted followers and people say is going to help us turn the tide. Things are so messed up things are so wrong.

Things are so terrible and were heading for destruction. He's going to turn the tide and other spirit there petrified and scared to them is can destroy America hate. That's the way it's gonna be. There's going to be division there always is where human beings in this world, but we must step back and do our best to calm our hearts before God and say father was your will. How I live in a way that pleases you. How should I vote.

How should I behave, how should I live Michael Brown here. Welcome welcome to the line of fire to get involved in today's discussion. 866-34-TRUTH 784 asked a question or an hour and 1/2 ago and I want to return to it now with this last segment of our broadcast is rejoined by so many new listeners. Is there a specific divine purpose in raising up Donald Trump to be president if we say will.

God sets up kings and removes king so that everyone elected is by his will or the say will he allows us to make the choice and and we get what we deserve for better or for worse, when something especially unusual happens two years ago we talked about a Donald Trump candidacy and him being a prisoner or even a year and 1/2 ago especially look at the Republican candidates were running, it would seem impossible if you be the candidate that will all the junkets come out about them in all the accusations think in the media against in the way it is no way be the make it in yet. It looks right now, he could well be the next president. If that happened that would really get my attention as okay. Why is that what the Hillary Clinton presidency would get my attention in a totally different way. In terms of all right is this judgment and what is this mean for the church how to react but I could injure some messages. Given this present us with people were saying for years but trump the ex-president.

People think what how no never edited will happen. So I want to unpack that a little bit with you what I could see is the divine purposes and either the possibilities or the dangers the Trump presidency. I do plan to vote for him. I supplant is still about half next few days, it could change everything. I will vote for Hillary Clinton.

That we know and less she got radically born again and have it out, you know, Jesus appeared to her and she got on national TV and repented of wrong policies and came clean on corruption in Senate and whatever else is going on. It was entirely different person which case all the other people in both her but put that aside of but I tweeted this out there today. It was a lot of talk about evangelicals have lost the credibility evangelicals have have surrendered any moral stance they had bike by getting behind Donald Trump and and I know some have in a certain way that some have lost credibility by the way they've supported Donald Trump blotch we got was this I'm not lowering my moral standards at all. I'm going expectation for the president of United States and in other words, it if if you went to a restaurant and it was late at night and they were shutting down and they all had a few items left and you couldn't get any of your 10 favorites and their only two left that really like that much be really hungry and needed to get some for you and the kids like I give me this so in that sense, your loan expectations for that meal but you're still hoping to get the good meals of days so I'm lower my expectations of what I'm looking to the president to do and who I'm looking for him to be by voting for dollhouse, but my hope is the goblet work in his heart and help them to be what he needs to be help our nation. My hope that my expectations of your calls may come back for the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you so much for joining us on the line of fire, 866-34-TRUTH. The number to call.

Did you hear the interview yesterday that Nancy and I did it was historic for me for you is solicitors's first time ever. She's agreed to come on the air with me. I have tried for eight years to get her on note she doesn't like she does like to be in that setting and prefer to say which he says privately in an issue with the book together with me breaking the stronghold of food agreed that it was so important that that that we talk about these issues. These food related issues. These life-and-death issues not just talk about what were talking about premature heart disease were talking about all kinds of illnesses and problems that can be avoided with were talking about things that sap your energy and drain you dry with things and embarrass you in and on and on and if I sent you to get back to the elections in a moment, but if I sent you.

Hey, you could live longer, live healthier have many more years of vibrant life to be with your family and to serve God and to serve others. If you would change your eating habits and get with the bad stuff and eat only good stuff if you knew that could be that you say I won't wife Martha Celica food too much.

Okay now we have identify there's a problem. Now, we have identified. There is a stronghold it's and if someone says I want to. I know I should. I've had endless conversations with people I know I should live differently. But it's hard.

We know it's hard, I was the poster boy for unhealthy eating habits something a glutton is much as unhealthy eating habits for 59 years of my life. And if there's anyone you talk to all my friends are going asif there is anyone who's eating habits would not change it was me.

Yours truly, if God can help me God help you. And for some of the love food is much as Nancy did for God to help her God help you to get our book, breaking the stronghold of food you be able orderly order now on Amazon Christian's January 3 new year, new you. But if you'd like to get time for Christmas. I get a collectors edition will be numbered and size that means the first printing we number however many orders we get the hundred 200 500.

Whatever of the preorder of the special edition we number it for the Scripture reference in both Nancy and I'll sign us first how Missouri done this together and will get you in time for Christmas. You can do that only through our website. So that's at the line of and while you're there on the website. Check out my newest videos on the digital library is unbelief. Sin and teenage girls don't have mail private parts and my next response to Rabbi Israel Blumenthal as well as my latest article I spoke to Pastor Collins of Hill song and asked him point blank to see believe people lost without Jesus and he answered me clearly and I posted this article with his permission. So that's all on the website. The line of

I want to go back to the phone so you been holding from the last hour Robert in Charlotte North Carolina. Thank you so much for holding welcome to the broadcast shalom Israelite, and I thought about when you talk about Barack Obama's revelation where it brings up. Need a hot dog called else boot them out.

This is a perfect prescription Barack Obama is neither hot nor cold. It does not take a definite side of thing is the people. Please let let me ask you this, or obvious. I have profound differences with Pres. Obama. And yes, from everything know he did lie in 2008 to say that marriage is the union of a man and woman was he wanted to see co-gay marriage, but otherwise him and he's been strongly pro-abortion. Once he got in the White House. He was working more with gay activists and he's been pushing his affordable care act does Obama care.

In other words, I I look at him is very wrong and and holding to some policies that are there evil in God's sight, but he certainly done another witchy citizen to change things and did he did a lot of what he promised. I just believe it's for the worst. It's so great when the first week he was all the way around the world trick. I waited it out like Israel, he avoided a couple weeks or months before he recognized edge that not right. It's not some other words, Robert.

Yeah, I preaches and the was jump.

I can't see he's consistently been weak on Israel he's consistently been strong, not wanting to say radical Islam. He's so I look at it. Maybe he knows better.

He's doing things to please people.

God only knows how many supply promises a project for many of us that I would just say that II look at him is what you love, hot or cold.

He's one of the other. He's deftly been a tremendously divisive figure in our national history. As Donald Trump is a device of figure 2 very different people but I I don't see it that similar hey but I appreciate you calling Robert and laying in with your perspective.

Much appreciated. 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Armand gull in Miami welcomes the line of fire. Hiker regard for people like you and Parker would learn about the Bible and learn more about McCormick, number election yes please. I'm Hispanic American in my own my own. But great when it for my broker Donald Trump like no barely look at the Barbary Park, but he might want to look at any pickup you select.

Let me ask you this how how do you and your family feel about illegal immigrants juju put them all in one category.

You say we got the bad ones and the good ones and we need to make a path to citizenship for the good ones get really bad once hot how you, your family, look at that character like they believe that we should be more careful electrical.

By brother.

Don't talk about picnicking a lot more security. In other words, okay Donald Trump has the the nuance of of a bulldozer known him saying he's he's not gonna parse every word and that's for good and bad he gets a lot of done a lot of good done like that and then increase on a controversy like that but yet when he talked about a lot of the people coming into the board of the rapist and this and that that got taken as if it was a general comment about all Mexicans are Hispanic Americans. So on the one hand, he should've been more careful. The way he said things on the other hand, yet it is true there are bad illegals that come across the border and our borders are porous, we need to have better border control. Look I go to Canada regulated minister and sometimes III flying to Buffalo if it's if it's been close to the border and drive through my I've been stopped numerous times I've been questioned. This is as American going to Canada to speak for two or three days. You know so we know what it is that so yes we need to have stronger borders. What I would say is that I differ with the idea of Donald Trump, Ted Cruz was real strong, no amnesty and I differed with him on that Donald Trump said if you're here illegally have to leave and then come back when I would rather do is do our best to round up those who are breaking the law and so on were sapping our resources and deport them and then those that have been here that are working that have kids here give them a serious part of a challenging path, but a serious pass to become citizens of yes so so it is that that you know the unfortunate thing.

My brother is that everything is so supercharged now you you as a Hispanic American, you can have a position without your guilty this or that is a white American ambient bread of life. Everything is being branded as opposed to, say, can we just cover the issues and get past this and somehow we have to do that. All I can report the permission American religious freedom by popular writing about our corpulent Freddie Mac about how to be out of the question but what if there were reproductive equipment moment by a computer. How you answer that, but there that I met a collectible art that I might look for another compliment. You might want to preview what you want to spend people to believe yeah just you know, I would say this, I want Hispanics to come to the states legally as soon as Donald Trump and there's a lot of rhetoric strengthens the look we are enriched by immigrants.

We are most all of us recognize your very few of us were in the Native American right so we're a nation of immigrants and we are enriched by via immigrants, but those that are here legally, not illegally, and those that are not here to break the law and destroy or just get a free pass so hate you vote your conscience or an keep the dialogue open with your parents.

I will be right back 8663 for 87884 is the number to call my joystick calls file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you for joining us on the line of fire. Michael Brown just minutes left on the broadcast today. Okay, a few thoughts about your calls a few thoughts about if Donald Trump is our next president. I would see the hand of God in it because it's so unlikely that it would've happened and for many Americans. It'll it'll be a shock and a nightmare.

However long he's president so what might God be doing it while I do agree with the idea that he will be in the words of Dr. Lance will now root cause chaos candidate about Donald Trump that he will be a divine wrecking ball that he will be a divine wrecking ball that will really smash and expose a lot of the corruption that's in DC with Ted Cruz called the Washington cartel. I believe Sen. Cruz would've taken it on as well and that he will continue expose a lot of the corruption and bias. It's in the media, which is so glaring. I sent an article from the website daily commercial. I'm not familiar with that of the public website.

It is, but they were apologize and said when under some trouble. We apologize that we have not done enough to undo the extreme media bias against him.

This is very interesting to read so even now you see is the media attention should be on corruption and Hillary Clinton campaign is first the emails that part of it. The attack is on James call me it's in the attack the messenger delivering the bad news rather than focusing on the bad news. So I believe he could be used by God in that way and I believe he could be used by God to keep the door open a little longer for religious liberties, in which case skews me either. We as believers stand strong. Do what's right come out of our closets and and start to speak the truth courageously it we do that or would you have a whole lot of those close to her face and will be our own responsibility and personal come afterwards before worse than Hillary Clinton would've been the first restrictions in a religiously respectable have.

I also see that if we don't really turn to God and Donald Trump does not listen to godly leaders around him that we could become far more divided and far more narcissistic and former carnal it in. In other words, when you're lit let's just say you had Kim Kardashian is the is the First Lady right now I don't watch the Keeping Up with the Kardashians of errors in the Racine program actually one time I saw snippet was looking for sports on TV and and I saw a snippet of them get out of a car somewhere some of their family. Whoever was in there. These crowds when you thought there crowds waiting for the I'm and I'm still reality TV stress like what it was part of my left apartments good ignorance to Heather but so simple as her husband, Kanye West right so let's say he was the president she was inversely the whole rap culture and all of his songs and all the stuff that comes with it. A lot of it is this trashy okay that would now just be much more part of our culture and the Senate and hear your mother posing nude that would just be much more part of our culture and it would degrade the us as a nation that could easily happen with Donald Trump. It could easily happen because of who he's been an even First Lady okay so in the past.

She did these new charts and all that against the past. Unfortunately, there is things out in Internet and in which usage is not ashamed of her past in Europe.

Understand your bodies and so on. It's different.

In America it's like okay that that does have an effect on culture. So that's why if he does get him. We really need to pray that the gob get hold his heart that he listen to godly leaders around him and they did that to be a president of the whole nation that he wouldn't alienate are our allies, and that he wouldn't degrade the nation, and I think there's a lot of good.

He could do. And then of course he's going to be in his 70s, how houses health. He's been pushing hard wood with Mike pence end up becoming Pres. Fleming. These are interesting questions fairly clean get sent to me that's a wake-up call beyond the wake-up call we been shouting and shouting and shouting for years, wake-up stand up to his right of the pro-abortion, pro-homosexual attack on a religious liberties would be stronger than anything Sen. Barack Obama keeps growing, but it would be in a landslide level and that what we deserve. Sadly, what we deserve because of a compromise as leaders in the body and replacing man more than pleasing God in many key ways, but with the ultimate wake-up call. Alright, so what days to pray and talk. This go to Mike in Kernersville, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you that you're already a part.

Thank you. I want they agree with your term divine wrecking ball. What it would be if he worked away in the White House but I guess that is going to make a couple on the I think people a lot of people are looking for a quote on quote perfect and and there is no such person as you say this when it comes to trumpets.

Response looking for perfect candidate. You say it's like you have a job application and you have 10 qualifications that would be your ideal candidate for the job that you're going to get one that makes seven or eight of the qualifications but after we give interviews yet you don't have anybody makes any incident comes and makes ones like I'll take that one so but that III understand your point. Go ahead.

Sure but I think people will instead of looking at the car they will issues and the position that each person stands for position from study of the Bible is definitely rely and definitely and path. Think back and we we have clear position on both of the Where they stand on the and we also have the issue of the Supreme Court of horny how long they will be serving as well long path when the president serves. I thank God God for older countable or our action and we voting in a later that ended that matter who it get the night went about in a later that is pro-bank.

The marriage, and pro-murder, abortion, and an antimarket religious liberty. Yeah got a jump Inc. is about to break begin my position is firm.

We vote for Hillary Clinton get the blood of the unborn, our hands we vote for Hillary Clinton. We are giving her that the tape to get our mouths and the rope to tie her hands as far as a religious liberties absolutely, and I I will vote with concern but I will vote for Donald Trump for the hope of the good that he could do, but not expecting it simply said okay I believe you do better on a few these issues than Hillary Clinton will the baggage is a still think you'd be better for a country and I'm in a vote for the Republican Party platform with the hope that a number of Republicans will hold it if you live in North Carolina let me urge you Gov. Cory has stood up for HB two I believe that's the right thing to do and therefore he has my vote. I my bottom line today, so drop out okay. Frazzled fit with God. Consider here.

I am a guy make a difference today

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