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Election Day and a Warning from Canada

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 8, 2016 4:50 pm

Election Day and a Warning from Canada

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 8, 2016 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/08/16.

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Election day. It's finally here and you're in the right place on the line of fire stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown well here we are boring, something unusual within all maybe 810 hours we will know who the next president of the United States is. It's interesting that we really don't know that we really are not sure which way this will go that it could go a landslide in either direction or super close race in either direction or a contested race that is battled for days. We really don't know the polls don't say anything definitive, but either way God is God. Neither way I work is cut out for us as believers. This is Michael Brown welcome welcome to the line of fire broadcast 8663 fortune number to call Nancy and I went and voted three hours ago and there were literally no lines at at the polling station at the precinct there no lines of the local elementary school. When we walked in, I planned out. Maybe a two hour wait and we walked in and there is maybe one person filling things. I mean, there's plenty of empty booths for us to go to and quite remarkable.

They said they had a big rush early in the morning. Maybe hundred 2550 people lined up, but as of 11 in the morning when my paperwork was turned, and I think I was number 775 voting if you would like to make a last-minute passionate plea appeal on behalf of one candidate why people need to get out and vote. If they were planning on voting get out and vote if you want to make a passionate appeal for or against a candidate would give us maritime 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 I may. Amen. What you're saying I may question what you're saying I may interact with what you're saying but I want to give you the opportunity maybe you want to talk to folks that you know are undecided that Mel means give us a call.

But before we get into any of this. I want to read Psalm 46 is such a chaotic time such an emotional time.

Want to read Psalm 46 God is our refuge and strength a very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth gives way the mouse moved into the heart of the sea, though its waters roar and foam. The mountains tremble at its swelling selloff. There's a river whose streams make glad the city of God, the holy habitation of the most high God is in the midst of her she shall not be moved. God will help her with morning dawns the nations rage kingdoms totter hears his voice, the earth melts Lord of hosts is with us. The God of Jacob is our fortress selloff, behold the works of the Lord, how he is brought distillations on the earth makes wars deceased to the end of the earth. He breaks the bone shatters the spirit he burns the chariots with fire. Be still and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth, Lord of hosts is with us. The God of Jacob is our fortress selloff, so let me remind everyone listening. If you are in right relationship with the Lord.

If you know the Lord. If God is your father you're in right relationship with God that needs to be your ultimate place of refuge that you know him that you can take refuge in him regardless of what storms are taking place if you're in the midst of of of a hellhole in the Middle East where Muslim factions are raging with each other and Christians are getting slaughtered in the middle. If you're living in the midst of prosperous America with the chaos of our current election season. If you're in the midst of turmoil in your life with sickness and disease attacking your family still your child of God in right relation ship with him. Be still and know that he is God step back and worship the King, he remains the king regardless of tomorrow's lycée President-elect, Hillary Clinton, President-elect Donald Trump, God remains king and our assignment remains the same for cleansing by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and Lady Gaga at a Hillary Clinton rally last night drumming up support for Mrs. Clinton. It's kind of interesting that you have a lot of prominent rock stars.

Those type of people liberal entertainers who are standing strongly with Hillary, then you've got a lot of well-known Christian leaders who are standing with Trump interesting tells you something doesn't it. 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Lady Gaga has been a long time Hillary supporter a listen to what else she had to say at the rally yesterday and I could never have fathomed that I would experience in my lifetime that a woman would become president. Yeah, listen III would love to vote for a Margaret Thatcher in America or if Carly for your arena had been running as our Republican candidate… She was running against Tim Kane or Bernie Sanders. I would've gladly voted for Carly Farina or if it was a golden a year running today are similar to Deborah from the Bible element so much. As far as a warrior, but as far as a strong woman leader and heartbeat sure and listen. I wished that I could have had the privilege of voting for our first black president. I couldn't because I knew what his policies would be in the detrimental effect you have on our nation and barring a miraculous turnaround in Hillary Clinton's life.

She would have a far worse effect on our nation for years to come.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 the number to call. I'm going to open up the phones and give you an opportunity to call in and make a last-minute appeal to undecided voters are those that are thinking of staying back give you an opportunity that you have to be brief and to the point of because of the time frames on the radio but to make an appeal to vote for a candidate or against a candidate or simply to get out and vote on to give you airtime to do that in the medical 866-34-TRUTH 7884 before I go to the phones and hear from so if you let me throw out a perspective for again, I understand the concerns about Donald Trump assented many warnings against him during the Republican primaries and to be candid, I do best when I'm not listening to him a lot with her was when I look at his policies by look at the people he surrounded himself with. When I look at those he said he would appoint to the Supreme Court when I look at potential appointees like perhaps a Rudy Giuliani as Atty. Gen. Newt Gingrich Secretary of State that I feel much better about things. When I hear him speak himself and realize well that would be the president then that I'm not as enthusiastic to put it mildly, but ultimately ultimately what overcame my reservations, my many reservations and I can't say what Nancy ultimately decided to to the last minute she was resting with, could she vote for Donald Trump or not she knew she couldn't vote for Hillary Clinton.

So this is something we discussed for months, but ultimately limit. Let me put things like this.

Okay voting has to do with the future of America right, it doesn't have to do with the future of the kingdom of God, meaning God's kingdom is going to advance whether America rises or falls. Jesus said he's going to build his church is missing creation of the gates of hell will prevail against it. So ultimately God's purposes will come to pass, but we can see blessing, God's people. We can see freedom, we can see America being a bastion of light and strength, helping the rest of the world in many ways as we have in the past. Of course of hurt in certain ways as well, but sending the gospel out around the world and having our freedoms and and freedoms for our children, our children's children, so I know is this is about America, but it intersects with the kingdom of God right it is we are not voting for church leaders were not voting for the direction of the church, but we recognize, for example, that God's blessing will continually be lifted from America as we continue to slaughter the unborn and someone posted to one of my articles on the stream and they said Hillary Clinton is a strong Christian and and and she lives by what she believes.

I said no strong Christian supports partial-birth abortion and all my Facebook page and Twitter page. I have a graphic it's it's drawn out over partial-birth birth abortion looks like an actual picture of a baby from the back that had its brain sucked out to me this is a baby that could perfectly survive outside the womb right so utterly, utterly horrific as as we look at this no strong Christian supports partial-birth abortion. Sorry you say I'm a strong Christian. I supported that I question I question the depth of your understanding of God's heart.

This offend you.

I don't apologize. I don't apologize if it did offend you. Perhaps you need to be offended and and to look at this and to look at what partial-birth abortion is to look at the horror of it, and then to say Hillary Clinton supports it up to the last minute of the ninth month in the last day of the of the last month.

If supposedly justified, but having settlement having settlement look at it like this, religious freedoms, they're very important. If we continue to go the way of Barack Obama and now Hillary Clinton. There will be continual restrictions on religious freedom on that once we paranoid you understand I've been talking about the need for gospel baseball culture revolution for over 15 years. It is been in my blood. I mean, 17, 18 years, day and night and day and night and day and night, so everything we talked about for years were not living out for people who wondered years back ill like why you talk about this all the time. Now you better understand I was on a an online TV show Haiti hotline today and their talk about John Haig using the new T-shirts righteous revolution I'm I'm wearing a sweatshirt revolution that we got probably almost 20 years ago okay from from an inner-city ministry and it was based on the ministry of William Brewster, the hurting into the pork blood and fire and of the blood of Jesus and the fire of the Holy Spirit and you know John Haig. He talking about. We need a political and a moral or spiritual revolution exactly how many got it for me with you exactly exactly sought. I been living with this of Hillary Clinton's president all the more things of and talk about preaching and saying for years and years people will understand, but always thinking generationally or not we talk about religious liberties we talk about pay a radio show like this.

I might be restricted mean the savvy media people who are not paranoid who been around for decades since we keep doing what you're doing as long as you're able to there could well be restrictions in the second hour today.

I realize many of you don't get the second hour in your local radio stations, but you can get it later by going to the line of I'm going to have on a professor in Canada and there are now nationwide. Laws that are being enforced and and and put on college campuses and things like that that if some guy says to I want to be addressed.

As she or I will be called. They want you to dress me as as as as a C that you have to do it and here's a professor saying no, I'm not going to and is an Opera's national news. All these things could easily be coming away in New York City right now. It's the law. If Joe comes in to work today and says I am now Jane still dressed as Joe still looks like Job it's as I want to be identified as Jane.

If you don't refer to him as Jane or sheet you could be fined up to $250,000 is really important to hate. I'd like at least to see documentation at your meeting with the psychologist or the trunk hormone therapy or that you been diagnosed with gender disorder you have a lot to ask for that for years now. There's been a leading preschool Charlotte maybe several of them but but I know one in particular for years were teachers were not allowed to address the students as boys and girls because that would make me a gender distinction they had to call my friends and now Pres. Obama and the Justice Department, or are pushing in their what 24 states pushing back against this to make it mandatory in all the school systems that you must accept transgender active as a guess. I care about kids that are confused about these things just want to see them help that whole so their insides agree with her outside. Yes.

And the key to that is to help them from the inside out by God's grace and with compassion and wisdom but but but listen, there's pressure from the federal government right now that if you do not comply with the goals of transgender activism. That means that a 15-year-old boy who identifies as a girl plays on the girls soccer team and shares the girls locker room and shower stalls that you can lose federal funding. These things are complete outrages. This is what Hillary Clinton supports these very things under under her mantra gay-rights human right. So that means whatever the agenda is there, therefore it must be accepted and if you stand against your stand against fundamental human rights. That's her viewpoint. I understand where she's coming from. I profoundly differ with those goals is much as I agree that every human being should be treated with with respect under the protection of the law, but we're talking about what will bring blessing to a nation or judgment were talk about what will bring freedom to our kids in their own education on schools and what will break restrictions were talk about the shedding of innocent blood, which about things that are very important so I'm not equating America with the church but I am saying that the way America goes is of great importance and really the way America goes the world goes.

So think about that as you casting your vote.

This Jesus will continue to build his church, but you may be paving the way for real hardship for your kids and grandkids will you vote today right back with your phone call hey friends, this is Michael Brown I would encourage you to join our support team today, torchbearer one of our regular monthly support that enables us to broadcast the line of fire in America and around the world and all. Every month we sold back into any many different ways join our team become a torch and start to run a SK, click on donate. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown yeah America which way is our country going to pray. If you have not voted and you're not sure about voting given thought the election could be very close in your vote could make a difference illicitly will make a difference in certain states in certain locations certainly will 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

Let's go to Anthony in Richmond, Virginia. What's on your heart Dr. Brown referred from here. I picked out a Christian there briefly. But here they will program one is that they know Hillary Clinton is awful by don't come to dinner represent undervalued and also the second one is that a picture going up to God and not a minute about the grip of the point quickly earthborn, and if you if you really feel that way that Dr. you know Hillary is so bad, but you're not drunk at a given record in your Christian value. I think God will understand that you're voting for Trump to keep someone who is far, far worse than destructive out of office.

Don't allow that to happen because of imperfect get to the betterment thereto, can it be better to encompass all be better and you know I agreed not perfect like you wanted talking about because you're just no accurate is a vague appeal to God to take care of it or God will put the right person office William unloaded figure out and wait until evil people in Plainview because that is exactly what will happen. You better get out there and prevent you corrupt people taking the country over you can fit around and wait and God will always be an evil people do evil things yeah and and hear your ass in the Democratic Republic is not a total democracy adjusted total number of votes, but in our system are those make a difference. Hey listen, don't complain about who gets elected. If you don't vote right. Thank you Anthony for way and I appreciate it would go to Frank in Staten Island. Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you Michael God bless you. I just want to make a play for those that are considering voting for Hillary Clinton.

This is from Proverbs 24, 11 to 12 quote deliver those who are being taken away for that and those who are staggering to slaughter all hold them back if yousee, we did not notice, does God not consider it. Always the heart does God not know it keeps your soul and will not God render to each man according to his work. You could see similar such sentiments along these lines. In Proverbs 31. Open your mouth with the dominant for the rights of all of the sons while passing away. Open your mouth. Judge Rice righteously now once you go into that booth and pull that lever you can't take that boat back.

I believe if you vote for somebody like Quentin on the day of judgment you can have to give an account without fault because God is going to say to you, why didn't you do something to try to stop this. Instead of fostering and this is the way I feel Michael, it's biblical abortion. Make no mistake, is the ultimate form of contraception. This is one reason why contraception is such such an evil practice. When God created Adam and Eve inside of them. They think it's in such a way to do it.

This is a totally fair subject to discuss another day. Contraception, in general, and why Catholic stand against it totally fair 100% fair, relevant, but let's not lose the force of what you spoke first about abortion and the Scriptures you raised delegates, other callers as well. Right will discuss contraception another day. But those verses from Proverbs 24 Proverbs 31.

Yes look at just just look at the most graphic thing go to my Facebook page as Dr. Brown and look at the picture there a partial-birth abortion if you vote for Hillary Clinton. You're voting for that.

Okay, you're voting for that if you vote for Donald Trump voting against that, and thus the only thing in the world and everything else was murky. I'm voting in that direction.

Just based on that we go to Alexandria. Also Richmond, Virginia.

Welcome to line of fire calling and I did vote and probably one of the hardest things… In my life. I think they like the book of Daniel why the Israelites demanded a leader in Faneuil. What did not want to point leader God told Pharaoh.

He said don't worry, they have rejected you, they rejected me, and I've never seen a great vision and a Christian community.

At this time, like do I cut off my hand or do I cut off my flight and it is very difficult because here's the one candidate who is completely verbally shown that he had animosity toward rate your brother, your sister and hearing the other candidate Pro killing baby and I kept my question is, did during the Republican every hundred been a republic pregnant, whether in four years or eight years and I'm not a politician but I don't know much about that happen.

Abortion been legally anyway country come to you see are we are trying to find help for what the Christian community need to be doing is just jumping Christians are active around the country and the pull of pregnancy centers. The Christians in front of abortion clinics. We seek to work against these evil laws in Roe V Wade, which of course was was based on a on a complete lie anyway.

The whole case was based on a lie and Norma Kolbe who is the the Roanoke UA subsequently got born again and deeply regretted her role in that and ultimately if one 10th of the Boykin church in America was regularly involved in pro-life ministry of abortion on the merit-based EDP shut down all over America and in massive numbers in mass numbers and to be much more hope in life women but Alexandria, here's here's here's the issue, and by the way of double trust been accused of racism you can accuse Hillary Clinton of racism there and there plenty of Hispanics and Blacks. No minorities. Voting for Donald Trump so it's it's for the racist charge asado.

I understand the objections to his candidacy.

But if we were consistent in electing a conservative presidents if we can go back and forth, back and forth, back and forth then what would happen would be we have enough pro-life justices that we could overturn Roe V Wade. That's the whole thing got a remember.

And this is Al Hillary Clinton's own mouth speech last year, deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed and that she, specifically abortion their no change my deep-seated religious beliefs there. Mrs. Clinton even if you're the president you never go to jail for it to change our beliefs but I'm not going vote to empower you to be the president by friends go to a lot of leave God 90 minutes more broadcasting for those of you signing out catch the rest of the show right there at the line of make sure you check out our resources are free resources and a resource offered this week.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to the line of fire, 866-348-7884. I want you to hear this. This is a 1980s ad in a public service announcement against marijuana right and now legalize marijuana is being voted on quite a few states in America it's already been legalized in some states but let's listen to this anti-marijuana public service announcements announcement from the 1980s are like a mother while living for 15 years and nothing ever happened. People do anything I said was I was in the first joint.

No mom I can make nothing happen to you to Hillary Clinton. This is a campaign event Ohio, August 27, 2015. Now extreme views about women.

We expect that from some of the terrorist groups we expect that from people who don't want to live in the modern world. It's a little hard to take from Republicans who want to be the present United States. Those extreme views about women include the desired overturn Roe V Wade.

Those of us were pro-life are likened to terrorist groups or terrorists by Hillary Clinton. The others are there a lot of things I wish Donald Trump didn't say and if he didn't that he could be way ahead in the polls right now. In fact, Nancy and I were were talking about things and she was and if he could just have the self-control to keep his mouth shut. In certain circumstances, he would be way ahead of us. You know it's like it's like you got a bunch of kids in the room maybe got there for little kids is okay.

Whoever can be acquired for one minute.

It's a lollipop. But he said it, that's almost sorted like just one minute you get a lollipop but we pray. I am not on my face. Praying for Donald Trump to be president for Hillary Clinton to be president.

I pray for God's will to be done, but God's will may be chastisement for America. God's will may be chastisement on the church to wake us up from our slumber and our compromise once again. Where was elected even though I voted for Donald Trump wherever selected, pray just the same way. In other words, if your nightmare scenarios Hillary Clinton elected pray just the same way if Donald Trump dissent and vice versa. In other words, our hope is in God we need revival in the church. We need to give ourselves to being the church in the society we need to give ourselves to going for souls and making a difference being disciples and making disciples 86634. Our friend Raj in Vienna, Virginia what you want to say to undecided voters] attribute. In which you in the previous quality for addressing those who have not yet made up their mind are apathetic towards it. I was reminded of this report home community are pointedly attended for United States Senate Kathy Shimada.

But in the debate to broadcast their different guy. Chris spent on and they brought out the contrast she is standing for all of the Princeton view Justice boat is a believer expressed that clearly and he said he tinkered right does things spoke in praise of Planned Parenthood, unmarried, and all of those are the things you spoke volumes about the Clintons choice as a running mate that done for joinder was so good choice of leadership who has assisted vice city, first vice president rises is record so we should not be at the picnic as well said Brenda time.

Well said Sir. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown very, Clinton's only allegiance is to herself or donors under special interest. My only special interest is to you.

Believe what I am doing Donald Trump is my own take his candidacy may have been a lot about him at the start and certainly his ego is clearly seen and certainly the idea of him being president must appeal to his ego as well, but either from beginning along the way I do believe that he became more concerned about American felt the things wrong and that he could change the and I would help anyone running for president feel certainly I believe Hillary Clinton. It is more of a power thing than ego thing. She has things she believes are best for America. I say many of them are on lead instructor for America, 8663 freight 784 so we had to cut off our friend Raj right before the break, but what he was saying, which is was an excellent point is located who Donald Trump has selected VP Mike pence.

This list of Supreme Court justices with the help of the heritage foundation of possible appointees.

Atty. Gen. Rudy Giuliani, secretary of state. Newt Gingrich was whatever clear flaws he has and lack of expertise and lack of knowledge that he may say things that are stupid, but I would think from what we could see thus far. When we come to decision-making he be surrounded with wise people or appoint good people to do certain jobs that to me is a positive, despite his own shortcomings, 866-348-7884. Opening the phone wants to give you an opportunity to make a plea to undecided voters to make a plea to vote for or against the candidate you have to be concise and to the point is we have a lot of folks that want to weigh in a we go to Josephine in Boston.

Welcome to the line of fire hi I'm your daughter. Chris I think you were now at paragon date.

I feel torn and lowered other voters during the collection that I can tell you I would like people that are on the fence right now but what about for I'd like you to think back to when you first found out that Jeremy was going to line all his money back to your what your immediate reaction was I love and I wasn't excited about that. I would like rolling my eyes thinking now enemies running again and change coming. Usually your first instinct.

Your writing thing did the children think not L-arginine, you look terrible yet flexible number. No couple that with even worse somebody. Any just the fact that they showed all the crowd yesterday at the rally, but her and all the rally they haven't even showed the crowd. I know that the median by I know it's an uphill battle. Okay, I know I'll know and feel in my heart.

Hillary Steeplechase kid not now Josephine just just finished. Others have been of cutting everyone off about about the same amount of time, but your point again. I want to emphasize as well so I'm attracting the sum of not someone said to me today what would ultimately determine how they were going to vote they they were they were undecided about how they're going to vote and and someone said this to me today they said I thought of how I feel waking up tomorrow morning with Hillary Clinton's present at it like that absolutely did not like that didn't feel right about that, therefore, to vote against it.

I voted for Donald Trump and Josephine never Hillary Clinton said the unborn person doesn't have constitutional rights. Of course she got criticized by pro-abortion groups because they said is not a person's not a person but these are her views and yeah I think her real values were even worse more extreme than what's been expressed that all we need to know is what's been expressed and therefore I urge everyone not to vote for her, or to vote against her 866-34-TRUTH 7884. Let's go to Cassondra in Massachusetts. Welcome to the line of fire around people, yet what you are not and also have your moral no. You need to be the belt people died not you know at the White House incompetent fell that I remember on land went running for president and work back will have LTD you will whatever it ended. Thank that end of the game and not outline Outlook not allowing" what Indianapolis we have nearly at you know the event… Back you know not what yet again, I'm just just jump in here is is that as I have with others, friends, let's let's just understand Donald Trump does want LGBT individuals protected usually visible in a Muslim terrorist and was going to try to kill them was to protect and similar.

I want them protected but I don't agree with gay activism and in any way. He actually said he actually said that he would appoint justices who would overturn the same-sex marriage ruling that would it's feasible not to say that's what what he said and Hillary Clinton supports of forcing the Little sisters of the poor take care of the elderly. Since an elderly person's age 39 to pay for contraceptives case obvious enough for that for the elderly. But just as part of what they do that they be forced to under was called Obama care right and she supports this Supreme Court thankfully ruled against it but she's in favor of this forcing religious groups and organizations to do things contrary to their core beliefs. He's on record as saying and Donald Trump. So this is a hostility to religious liberty. You'll never see a Trump administration will defend religious liberties and the right to fully and freely practice religion is individuals business owners in academic institutions. He has said that that I do believe it because of the people around. No, I don't think he understands a lot of the issues and to him saying really good Christ back in. Christmas is a big thing that's about the least of my concerns okay but yes enough evangelicals and and people of conservative faith close to him that it is important to him for stats to stand for the sins with Hillary Clinton according to her liberal faith is to stand against these things that are core values to us, 8663 freight 7884 we have an anonymous caller welcome to the line of fire by Dr. Brown thank you so much for your program is critical for all your work and commitment to my Enesco had galactic I'm about when you're done you about what were going out permission. Number and how they were indicted and are going to be serving prison time. But there is a double standard applied Hillary massive standard massive calling.

Really, when I heard about. I can't tell you know actually I'm taking a break or complement the extra time. Usually when a good time to call an addict, but I'm probably more like map of the staff there looking at the you know when I heard that I mentally thought of someone are served with but no longer here.

They did their like to serve, and to be honest… I thought of other people, not just one, not of God is the only work employed was about 15 feet from my boat but I can tell you that the betrayal… Current decision. The betrayal to our veterans, betrayal, betrayal your water pavilion ring I would make the scalloped out. I took my commitment to serve in Cleveland, I handled the part of my job massive amounts of classified information and I signed a document that agreed to that was very stern and and gave very clear warnings about what happened. I would not report an expert. Hillary Clinton is where the document was well the double standard is not only totally unacceptable but likely would be people not appropriately. Hillary Clinton likely would be even stronger society. It's inappropriate for her to actually be on the ballot today for me to see her name on the ballot you inappropriate for her to have her freedom when such a position. Double standard is applied and basically it's a national statement. People like myself and you know I coworker no longer here in his life.

It's a statement that our lives don't matter. It's a statement that if you're privileged and wealthy and you have an opportunity line or plane and you share the comforts of your family and that matters. And don't worry the document that you agree to don't matter what it comes down to get you out will give you free path. Everyone else would hold you accountable and there to do jail time and place. Thank you sir. Well said that call a little extra time. I trust you understand why the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown walking back friends to light a fire 866-34-TRUTH 7884.

Know what what seems to be increasingly clear as well from Wikileaks is the collusion apparent collusion between CNN and the Clinton campaign were not just talking about similar goals similar values that that we knew that's not a surprise dislike we would know that some of the key people Fox would be close to the Donald Trump's views or goals or any any other Republican candidate, but collusion working together before debate sore or with news releases or things like that that that's collusion and end some of the things if in fact from the all the evidence seems clear that questions were fed to the Clinton campaign before debates or town hall meetings and things like that directly from someone within CNN's ready cost on the Brazil her job that then that now breaks a law from what I understand this is this is what were dealing with a lot of people voting for Donald Trump or voting against corruption that's that's their vote, their voting against with a believers corruption and extreme media bias and this is their way of of raising their voices, 866-348-7884.

Let's go to Donna in Kingston, Massachusetts. Welcome to the modifier Brown thank you for taking my call.

I was going to be voting for downtown and down by just in the rat Apache week about this guy named epic McMullen and I get hectic right and a pleated independent and had to get off that nothing about our you get not a popularity of our doctrinal the idea that he had a chance because I guess you need at least 270 electoral vote.

Is this not a chance.

There's no possible way served with with all respect and appreciate you asking. The theory is you have to win one state and if you win one state and and between the other candidates, neither one gets to 270 votes, then the House of Representatives then picks the candidate to not deny the pick and McMullen. That's at the trillion to one psi can happen. So in that sense of vote forever. McMullen is the same as nonvoting with all respect to who he is as an individual, so you know the thought if he can win Utah something like that, then he is is is able to out to to be 1.2 dislike a point that's represents would appoint Donald Trump and I can point Hillary Clinton the Seneca point of McMullen and they would probably get a national revolution over that so it's it's a great question to ask, but hundred percent wasted vote in that respect. If you want to vote against Hillary you have to vote for for Trump.

I you are very welcome. I appreciated 866-34-TRUTH 87884 we go to Des Moines, Iowa Don, welcome to modifier in order to get the first time and I just want to say that I'm a little computer people know how to vote on the day of voting that it comes down to candidate that you're voting for your voting for the platform and the Republican Party platform as a platform that most resemble God's kingdom. And so I just encourage people on the fact that man EEE candidate Bill and follow-up measures which we don't have time to talk about is your gonna be forgot kingdom that the Republican Party and the Democratic Party give me for being blind, but I do think it represent evil… Certain policies Don where you'd say Democrats seem to have more compassion or more sensitivity to certain social needs and things like that and I can understand that.

But to me when you say okay listen because definition of family, and what's important is no family-based family goes the nation goes, we understand healthy families within the number one welfare system of the nation, meaning to keep the nation healthy and strong and kids educated out of jail and and with wholesome families themselves so as families go, so goes the nation Republican platform stands for families. As we've always known them as God intended them. The Democratic platform stands for radical redefinition. God hates the shedding of innocent blood in life is very important to him Republican platform, the strongest pro-life platform since the return since Roe V Wade, the Democratic platform radical pro-abortion platform and again Hillary Clinton says in the in the platform would support this it up until the last minute before babies delivered that baby that they could they could survive outside law, even without special intervention, special medical intervention just regular with with food and and you know with what it needs to to live as a baby.

That baby has note has no constitutional rights. According to Hillary Clinton. No constitutional rights, and that supported by the platform of the platform comes to to Israel, the Republican platform much stronger and a number of other issues. So yeah ultimately that's what I am voting for and I appreciate so yeah but whoever the person is whoever the president is that person. He himself. She herself love great influence. I recognize I recognize that, but again, I'm laying things out as an American citizen.

That's what it comes down to. I had certain expectations for president if if let's say we could've had a Josias type figure, a reformer know America is not a theocracy Americas. Not like Israel, a nation chosen out by God in all and give the law by God is the one chosen nation on the earth. No one nodded II would fight against anyone they tried to assert or establish a theocracy were all Americans would be required to hold certain beliefs and would be penalized if they they didn't go to church on Sunday or sit and observe the seventh day Sabbath or if they know whatever they didn't believe in Jesus know know know America is founded on certain principles of freedom because of our spiritual and religious beliefs but but that being said, I think said please let's let's understand this when we are looking at fundamental platforms and and what is right what is wrong yet if if we could've elected someone that would have been more of a moral reform, another ridge using the. The presidency is a bully pulpit to talk about family values and the sanctity of life and things like that and then helping appoint Supreme Court justices that would vote in favor of our Constitution as it was written and intended things like that. I've your forte.. In the absence of the person himself or herself being a moral paragon or standing as an example for the nation's character matters, but where we have perhaps equally weak characters weekly court. Let's just say that's what it came down to be thought that they were equally corrupt characters are equally flawed character silicon down from you without your view the US. The next question will what do we know about who they would appoint to which we know about what decisions they would make a what do we know about the directions they would want to sit for a nation's that's ultimately how I'm voting them with the hope again that is all. Trump continues to leave his door open to godly Christian witnesses that there would be potential positive change, but I'm not voting based on what I'm hoping for tomorrow. I'm voting based on what I see today the quick fire resources on the line of fire dollars are videos, articles there all.

Therefore, it'll help you build and check out our special resource offer. My bottom line today, although today you can't complain about elections tomorrow while it's election day and we've got an urgent warning from Canada that you do not want to miss stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and I think that that is University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson why is he speaking about liberty on the campuses it's election day here in America and yet I believe that my guest from Canada can give us a strong warning on this election day. I'm not associating him with any candidate or party in America want to talk issues.

This is the want to fire your listening to Michael Brown. These are issues we have talked about for years.

These are issues we have warned about for years, and with all respect for the personhood of everyone who identifies as LGBT as a follower of Jesus as one who would affirm Jesus died for strait gate exactly the same way. I've said for years. Those came out of the closet want to put us in the closet.

We have warned about these very things and you need to hear from Canada today and then will make application in the United States of Prof. Peterson. Thanks so much for joining us on the line of fire. Good good good good to talk but could you please give us the background to what happened in Canada and what has put you now in the middle of this very intense firestorm well.

I received some correspondence from a couple of my clients are a clinical psychologist pointing out they had been at had a number of people in my clinical practice would be and I say harassed by politically correct types into a state of mental distress and couple of them sent me some material about a month ago one sent me the decision of the University of Toronto, human resources and equity vice president to make antiracism and antibias training mandatory for the human resources staff and the other was a notification of a federal bill in Canada called Bill C16, which purports to add gender identity and gender expression to the list of clip ticket categories under the Canadian human rights act and the criminal code making discrimination on the basis of those two things into hate speech and I went on to the Ontario human rights commission website to look out the policy documentation surrounding similar legislation that had already been passed data provincial state equivalent level in Canada and the more I read the more the hair stood on the up on the back of my neck. I would say so. The first problem is that the legislation is the first law I would say that I know of in Canadian history that mandates that a certain type of language must be used towards government mandated language and so I first sought out is a tremendous imposition on freedom of speech and the second is is that the preferred pronoun issue, which is the right of anyone who has a let's say nonstandard identity to require of anyone who interacts with them that they use a certain form of address could be made as the singular represent patient were some of the made-up words for non-bindery non-binary gender types like the oars are hopeful of them. I'm not really. Also irritated me and distressed me because I regard those artificially constructed words as language constructed by the left wing authoritarian authoritarians. Roughly speaking, and I know a lot about left-wing authoritarianism. Having studied is three or four decades hi Taylor I need to jump in. Got a break. I want to unpack this friends call a friend tell him to tune in what's happening in Canada is happening in America as well for the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown my real objections was how consumer education is as it has replaced intellectual humility ways with Doug. No longer do these people graduate realizing that they know that they know even less than excellent.

I started college under their whole life.

Everything happens them in XMT is routable their lives can be persistent letting stuff and it just yet. Try to go through life consuming as much as possible. They instead graduate now thinking they know how Google works and that's incredibly dangerous thing to do since you educate what is now up to almost 3 generations of kids that they know how the world looks like they got it down always produces his generation all angry and bigoted victims that believe in grievance and victim and oppression, ideology, and that's what it is ideology that is the voice of Milo the Anapolis himself a conservative gay activist if you can imagine that he was an interview with Canadian staff on the monitor and freedom domain radio just yesterday.

I'm on the line now with Prof. Jordan Peterson of the University of Toronto. Sir, you said that your background is in clinical psychology that's right you are. So what do you make of the diagnosis of gender dysphoria and then where we've gone is a culture that if I want to be identified even on a biological male, as she towards a oars Sir or her Majesty. Not only is it etiquette to do it but you are required to do. First, that the diagnosis of it and then what's being required of you is University Prof. Weldon, gender dysphoria diagnosis is usually applied to someone who feels uncomfortable with that designation that would be applied to that person on as a consequence of their biological sex. So the typical gender dysphoric may be the classic case of the child who for some reason or other insists that there are there in the air there that there are very dear Fairborn if she were there. She if they're going to eat now the clinical literature basically suggest that with children who are manifesting that sort of behavior if if there left alone, roughly speaking, about 80% of them determine at some point before they reach adulthood that their gay but 90% of them settle into their biological gender identity, and so there was a psychiatrist up here named Calkins aqueduct yes Tucker Erastus Hori clinic in quite a famous case that shut down Honda yeah they shot him down and I mean all candy. It can be pretty apolitical guy. I would say you just decide under the clinician.

No not not not politically active in any way basic Chryslers look, if you have a child that's manifesting gender dysphoria. The best thing to do is just wait and see. Don't bring out the knives and hormones to sue but can't be how to shut him down fired him.

He's suing that can meet which is a big mental hospital appear in the Toronto Star, I believe, and also the varsity newspaper at the University of Toronto looking for defamation of character, so going after the psychiatrist pretty ardent to go after the evolutionary biologists in the evolutionary psychologist next to be pretty funny. You know the people that you're talking to know that generally speaking, evangelical Christians and evolutionary biologists aren't necessarily the best of friends, but you looks like pretty soon you guys are to be in the same boat so that's pretty interesting twist of fate, yes. Also, I want to come to this left-wing authoritarianism in a moment, but insert your your professor and clinical psychologist suit so you meet a biological male visibly obviously a biological male, 20 years old and now he says that he wants to be identified as she or they as a clinical psychologist.

What would you say to that person just in terms of counsel to them and then hardly respond professionally when required to identify them. Certainly the context if if if it was a casual meeting my response to that. I thought after quite a bit of detail is that as far as I'm concerned you have no right to determine what nomenclature I have. I am forced to use to address you if you want to interact with me then I'm going to do that in the manner of my choosing, and and I don't see that you have any right to control my language to mark yourself out a special in any particular manner, especially especially not if it's compelled the thing about the legislation to limit very incoherent so the legislation basically states explicitly that gender identity which is your felt sense of being a male or female is nothing but subjective feeling and also your gender expression is basically her fashion choices and it's also a choice. It's a choice that's onboard from the underlying biology and so I'm being asked to call someone by I'm I'm being asked to allow someone to forcefully regulate speech patterns that are used to address them on the basis of nothing but their subjective choice and I don't I don't regard that is acceptable and I don't think it's a matter of courtesy to do it. I think it's a matter of deep discourtesy bordering on tyranny to demand, especially if it's backed up with legislative force. Now lawyers up here have been claiming that I'm exaggerating the dangers of this bill, but I can tell you the University of Toronto doesn't seem to agree because they sent me two letters warning telling me to stop saying that I won't use preferred pronouns and I know perfectly well that they get out, after consulting their legal teams. Looking at my video deciding that my interpretation of the nature of this legislation is in fact correct and also noting that as my employer under this legislation, there is liable for my speech act that I am so and from a clinical perspective not more complicated. You know I mean I deal with people who have identity issues very very frequently and basically what I do with people like that and let them talk it out because if you're deeply confused about your identity and is very few. What would you call indications of deeper confusion and confusion about gender, you need to articulate yourself.

You could think about it as as as a necessity to rely on your inner logos. If you'd like, you have to articulate yourself over many many hours, maybe hundreds of hours in order to talk through what you mean by identity. What function it serves no how you're going to take your place in the world. What problems that's going to cause you and so forth.

So the clinical context would be an entirely different battle of fish got it. Got it all II wrote that I've written a bunch of articles on the sit in increasing happen to America which came out in 2011 I have a chapter called big brother is watching and he really is gay and I said examples from America but from Canada with with other professors who got in hot water over similar issues or taking exception to as the religious beliefs of conservative values redefining of marriage and things like that so examples from Canada, England, and, and Australia, as well as the states in certain ways. Canada is been a bit more aggressive in certain of these things, and there may be less pushback because of the nature of the church there. I would an article called fee fivefold from smaller marks of trans activism and I go through kind of the scorecard of all the different identities that you have to use theoretically and I point to earlier this year a teacher in Oregon elementary school who identifies trans masculine was awarded $60,000 per school district because other professors wouldn't refer to her as as they sold what wintertime is it that the authoritarianism the confusion and the identity issues, but let's just go one step deeper on identity and and Emil will return to your specific case.

We got about two minutes before the break here. People have identity issues and many many other ways, not just with sexuality that are that are no more tied to reality of the complicating factors are meet one complicating factor courses is outright, delusions usually fall under the despair of the realm of psychotic episodes.

Very serious forms of mental disorder but then there are other issues that are more closely aligned with with with the issue of say gender identity or gender dysmorphia like like anorexia and anorexics of course believe that there.and that that there and entering very hard at that often state of enunciation. That's not commensurate with life and there are lots of chat rooms online that are pro-anorexia, where the anorexics basically claimed that any attempt to treat them psychiatrically or medically is a violation of their of their fundamental identity and I think their claim is as valid as the claimant's people who doubted anyone else is exactly what what about the boundary.

What about the idea right by the identity integrity disorder same same thing with you. Also, I don't know if you know about your readers a problem for your listeners will probably be thrilled to hear about other cans. Yes, of course, other documents as well. Yes part Adam animal identity right the Al-Anon humanlike nonhuman yeah well I'm nothing if you decide that identity is nothing but subjective choice which is actually what's written right into this legislation, yes. And as far as I can tell there are no boundaries whatsoever on what a demanded identity might be and you see that in the explosion of the number of gender identity categories exactly. And we know that New York City already protects 31 different gender identity and $250,000 fine if you don't go along with this assignment and exit survey today and had gender male female and then fill in the blank file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown not only endangers a student dangerous and is a guy and why you just been shoved out because he has her own opinions on things and this is if you if you have the wrong opinions as a professor of these places your risk all right. I'm speaking with Prof. Jordan Peterson, that is my will you not with Milo is in out and proud gay man who is militantly anti-gay activist. It's an odd mix. Yes II understand that, but he sees the ideology sees where it's going in and understands. Prof. Peterson is is a decades long professional clinic clinical solid psychology and as a professor at the respective University and yet he is endangering his professional career in certain ways his reputation and beyond by taking a stand. So I want to get Prof. Peterson's take on what Molly Anapolis said yesterday on free domain radio and then then then's so we can know exactly what Prof. Peterson's is facing himself. I wanted to explain that to each of your listeners, but let's listen to what Mao had to say I want to get Prof. Peterson's take on it. Go ahead. What else really want to do is justify physical violence as response to ideas that that's what you see happening IS the process is what you see happening when they ship these violent sucks trump rallies. This is people responding physically to ideas to opinions they don't like. And this is why the left controls language like it just saying that some of the students the safe spaces and in an energy project. Student safety. Since people should be on campus or whatever is nothing threatening student safety.

But the reason I do is when ordering what safety I awoke from a reasonably nominal document that you know we got to be safe, right Julie safety is part of the project design since it's a breakdown the barriers between speech and actions is a really fundamental distinction near the idea that you can say you and think whatever you want to see you soon as you lay a hand on somebody else. Then things change is a pretty fundamental basis of how we will come to terms that was acceptable behavior. What is strikes the left wants to be able to hit you for having the wrong opinions which is why is trying to muddy those distinctions saying that my opinions about whatever it is you know, gays, lesbians, transgendered, whatever justify physical violence that photograph the vessel he wanted and that those are the ways that you can tell this is a result of a Prof. Peterson your take on what Milo city speaking, a Canadian radio yeah well my will to pre-articulate guy need a strange person right is one of the people who really doesn't fit in any category neatly on the pretty music and something to watch her flamboyantly gay English intellectual become the darling of Republican Christians across the country. This sign of the times, but Milo is an extraordinary articulate person very very.

I certainly agree with what he just the left is muddying the law about the distinction between idea and act in every on every level simultaneously. They're basically you see this in the new policies on sexual harassment that are being drafted and on campuses across the country are coming to your workplace people make no mistake about it, that make make sexual impropriety and speech essentially equivalent to rape.

So the thing is that works.

It works both ways and that's what Milo is basically what what Milo is basically pointing out once you once you admit that a speech act is equivalent to violence and it's reasonable to use violence in response to a speech act so yeah it's it's part and parcel of the ideology and what what are you facing potentially the most simple, clearly realistic and the worst cosigner. I don't know. I don't know green University has told me that if I continue to repeat my insistence that I won't use gender neutral pronouns that my my right. Let's say the teaching in in January which is when I start teaching again is is definitely and in danger what I'm doing. According to the Ontario human rights act is against the law so I have no idea what the possible outcome is one possible outcome certainly is that my my teaching career at University of Toronto is certainly in jeopardy and how long as you made it very Kierkegaard Christman to corner a week ago and I said look Jonathan Nate wrote an article to prevent her University to execute between truth and social justice quite influential. A week ago in Canada. I've been juxtaposing freedom of expression against social justice and University in is required by its own policies to court, freedom of speech ahead of other all other concern. So I told them that what they should do is bite on my side if I get nailed and take it all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada and they told me in no uncertain terms that University would not do that so I made a video two days ago basically and release that I think about 80,000 people watched about reading our interchange and stating that the University of Toronto is decided that when push comes to shove there for equity and social justice, rather than for freedom of speech and equity. By the way, for all of you who aren't familiar with the term equity doesn't mean equality of opportunity, of course, means equality of outcome means equality of outcome yeah and and to fact those calling for tolerance tend to be the most intolerant and diversity basically means my way or the highway and being inclusive means exclusive of all of their ideas. Sir we just have about about a minute before out of time. Why are you taking the stand that you're taking and I'm sure you receive raises, I am not. I am not using the words of left-wing authoritarians. I know what they're like.

I studied the Soviet Union for very long time and I know how the millions of people who died there.I know how it started. I know how it progressed, it progressed with. It started with radical equity-based Marxist philosophy was transformed into linguistic policy and legislation and that was immediately transformed into the murderous policies that characterized Soviet Union. I know Alexander Associates is work very very well and there is not a chance that I'm going to speak the language that left-wing authoritarians insist on there's nothing I would rather do less and I mean that in the most serious possible way so that means my job, that's fine. If it means that they bring in front of the Ontario human rights Tribunal is like. Let them do what they want. I am not saying those words would you do this, we have anything said a word about your face and the Nazis would you do this simply as it as someone who was secular, not a religious person based on the effects in a society. I think the best answer to that is kind of a weekly answer, but I'm to give it anyways. I just released another video it's on my website. Jordan Peterson videos.

Your listeners might be interested in it because I'm a psychologist, but I know a lot about Christianity and an think the D.

The video I put up had a lot to do and say about Christianity, and I can't answer the question that your answer out to get a simple manner. I studied religions for a very long time, and Christianity in great depth in comparative mythology and and I have 40 hours of lectures on one of my courses online on that topic so the distillate into a few sentences is a's too complicated and I wish I could give you a better answer.

Know the accurate.I think Christians are making a big event in biblical equivalent optically define I think it's a mistake to equate. I think what is the value I listen we are on our Facebook page and article on the left. Linda and I support your Peterson, Sir, we will pray for you.

I appreciate your courage. May your message get out to the world stand strong. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown is only allegiance is to herself or donors under special my only special interest is to you believe I am going. I do believe that Hillary Clinton has certain goals and values that she stands for. I do believe that those are important to her and world power is one of them. I do believe that she has been very corrupt and dishonest in what she has done. I do believe that Donald Trump has done a lot of what he's done for his name and himself, but that he also does care about the people of America and I happen to share much of his vision for where we need to go which more than Hillary Clinton's and although I would not sign off on every one of his policies and certain things he said and done. Certainly concern me. I voted for him today with real seriousness, we get larger issues. Looking at how his decisions would affect liberties in America would affect children and children's children.

Shortly after that I met a gentleman that's working on a house that were building and he was Hispanic and he mentioned how he will be there later with the rest of his family doing work himself is three brothers, his three brothers-in-law and his two uncle so he leaves the company with eight other guys doing roofing and I wondered okay is it illegal or what II would if he was I would love for him to have a path to citizenship.

Nothing departs again. I don't agree with every one of Mr. Trump's views but this much is clear. I had to make a vote of what was seriousness, not for the church but for the nation, and what I believe is best for the nation and simply the issue of partial-birth abortion alone is sufficient. I posted on Twitter and Facebook pictures and drawings and then a literal picture of what partial-birth partial-birth abortion is likely. Clinton strongly supports it. Donald Trump strong stance against that alone would be enough for me 866-34-TRUTH welcome to the line of fire on this election day.

I'm on my face praying God, your will be done for the nation but with some degree of fear and trembling as to what that actually means. We invited folks to call in yesterday. Many were unable to get through and want to give another opportunity for some of you to call and give your last-minute plea if if you want to speak to undecided voters who haven't voted yet or people are still debating whether they vote.

It can be on either side. I may interact. I may not. But I want to give you opportunity.

Let's go to Minneapolis, Minnesota Paul, welcome to the line of fire hi good afternoon Dr. Brown right here. Go ahead. I will be very important for Donald Trump because, based on not only were you just mentioned about partial-birth abortion abortion in general shed blood of the innocent, but also based on the party values of the Republican Party. I just want to remind everyone that there are some of the Republican Party platform this year is one of the most there's ever been in line with biblical values and so we need to take that into account when were voting and really the most important thing I think out of all of this that we can take away from this is the church is that this is a wake-up call to us. We need to start loving people loving God preaching the gospel making disciples turning our hearts away from worldly concerns and really focusing on the kingdom of God in the light that my my thoughts and my plea to the church. Yes sir, and to echo what you said. Ultimately, when I did vote, although I am unaffiliated.

I'm independent. I did end up voting for Republican candidates because of certain fundamental values that they hold to Gov. McCrory in North Carolina and Donald Trump as president and others in various positions because a certain fundamental values they hold to is reflected in the Republican platform and again whoever is elected.

Whoever becomes our next president is a wake-up call for the church.

It is we gotta keep our foot on the gas. In fact got a put our foot there because some have been there all praying for revival repenting of sin in our own lives standing for righteousness helping the poor and needy, spreading the gospel on the light better walk in it for plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Amazingly enough election day I posted Psalm 46 on Facebook told folks to read it on Twitter which reminds us to be still and know that God is God, he remains God tomorrow as well. Jesus remains Lord. The words of Jesus that will build his church to the gates of hell will prevail against it was words remain true remains true that regardless of who is selected, we have our assignment as the people of God to be disciples and make disciples to love God, to love our neighbor. I would simply say that if Hillary Clinton selected our job will have many many more challenges and could watch God's blessing increasingly depart from our nations become more and more under judgment. One of our callers reference yesterday the comfort it gives them to know that people like James Robison have been speaking into the life of Donald Trump, a highly respected Christian leader said to me over the weekend.

Where are the men of God speaking to Donald Trump's life. When I told him about my friend James Robison. He said that is so encouraging to hear. So I'm so glad on the selections a James one last time to talk before the elections, how you doing man in the midst of all this. I know I'm a little a little worried can't put in words adequate exposure so much. I love this man an experiment on, or about that. I would be able to save it from being up close and personal or extended time seven months been just to know that the no I didn't know what you describe it.

I my heart pretty tender right now I don't be honest with you, peered up about dimensional pretty heavy because the language only were the pictures it came from our son involved was murdered for 22 years and she went to heaven this coming Christmas about four years ago when we are going to Thanksgiving and to hear about back first house they lived in Fremont. He just finished pictures. Jorge hired a lady to come in and decorate the way he thought Robin with all her Cardinals so important. It was beautiful and I just looked at it horribly. Miss Robin this Thanksgiving and Christmas in there. I thought she would come back she so happy and then I thought, I believe should be saved. There are all the people that are wrapped up in all the print ohmmeter. Please note what God has prepared for us, but the beautiful thing about our daughter is 40 years microalgae dinner so she took life and allow her but her children a reflection of the quantity described marriage to be there but the thing about abuse is currently out as an overseer of the domain. The carding that he gave them an argon attorney advancement. Christians don't seem to understand that there are the hurt is the Lord to look for sparrow and we turned it over to the creditors of the beasts of the field and we watch it become dire, nonproductive crown. We watched grown up in your margin with briars and thorns. I could pick it further than a vineyard user just breaks my articles weekly down the image that God gave us and we we turn the oversight of this great earth which is the Lords in which he gave us to overseer. We turned it over to the children of the world the children of the liar and the father of lies lies prevail in Orlando despite God did Christians understand that if all they do is go extended church saying them but don't pierce the darkness and they don't make a difference and I don't care what happens in their neighborhood or other city or other state ordered nation we just go saying as they God forgive us, please. I'm sorry Michael but I just I think I see the value of things in a way that a lot of people just don't and argued breaks my heart is our father gave us such a beautiful girl to oversee and we turned it over to the plunderers, but we just sing our courses, but we don't pierce the darkness so monarchs overthrow or maybe it's just because I'm I'm tired but I don't think so.

I think I just see things a little more clearly. Perhaps that some people do. Maybe that's what 73 years on this earth does.

I don't think getting a glimpse of the Lord, does it for you to see all of his glory. Yeah, absolutely. James obviously Americans changed a lot in your lifetime you're in your early 70s now and there've been some very positive developments that the end of segregation of radical positive terms. In that regard and more equal opportunities for women and very sensitivities that are important are society been so many ways. We have degenerated, as is nations as you sit and reflect. Now I'm 61 your little over a decade older than me and you look at our country. Obviously, we've always had flaws and serious blemishes, but there has been a lot of greatness about American things God used in America for sure your heart how you feel about our nation on this election day on I think dog is showing a greater interest in turning around people, and there please understand more about what needs to be corrected been a lot of people go to church all the time were too busy analyzing you know a person that might not walk exactly like proper church people think it's important to know Jesus did not call the cycle, visible religious setting our circle.

He called hard-working man minimum will bury rock when the been the kind you were called you to call those men and trying them.

It was a slow process even for the greatest teacher but ultimately they change the world and you are Christians now because of what they did. We believe because of them and I just think that that's what I'm looking at right now is God trying liberally to give us an extension on freedom and it looks like you will not be the church, I met the Christian gave the ones who really love God and so you know what were going to say no to these things that are absolute you're taking human life that so innocent so helpless and so precious to them might month of pregnancy and then when you're redefining marriage. The first institution and then you are allowing a few people to control the destiny of several hundred million people now it actually boils down to one justice can actually control the destiny of a nation for the next flight 2030 or 40 years. Church folks don't even seem to realize that you got two platforms that the principal can limit the planks are so diametrically opposed like dark in my day and and midnight and just good illegal. It's just I don't understand. I feel like God and people, trying to do more to turn the nation back then people go to church all the time and birchbark, analyzing one another rather than standing up like the pilot.I'm big concern, but I think the opportunity is now at it we don't see a car away from those things we mentioned only rotten platform with very deceptive leadership.

We don't pick on combat. You know what would be better just be proclaiming the gospel until we when we speak in an unlocked ever stop the just corndogs level Donald Trump is never on the site is never going to not care about things he saw the American people by the Arab you will never not care. I hope I can say that about church folk that they will never not care that they want to begin to care more so that lead to skin about two minutes left, sir, but if let's say Donald Trump started his presidential campaign was concerns for America but still in his life is revolves around him and his name is everywhere. Let's just say there was a lot of self narcissism in it. You really feel that is he's going around the country, as he's met many Americans as he's spent time with with conservative believers and things like that. You really feel it, that his heart beats deeply for the fate of the country that that is doing a lot it was doing for the good of America. There is no question about family is one of the business with Eric over the week.

The whole family sold out trying to see American society destiny that were headed toward the heart and all the trouble you've met the American people and and he's met some Christians who were willing to risk so to speak their reputation to try to speak into his life and he knows what he's with me is with somebody just empty doesn't waiver and I don't endorse men or women I've endorsed the principle to management and he knew that, and yet he would never so to speak, take me away from being able speak of his life and and after speaking our liquor to a human being a grown person and didn't immediately after the long conversation in prayer. He puts his arms around like Jerry Falwell McGurk followed Christ grizzly bear. Donald Trump is ugly; why would he say that the just pulled truth all over the every Christian would ever pray to God that we should hear back.

I wish you here with coarse and lovely bit in his response was by Q&A just configured the days and weeks after soak] that you don't Jesus by how long the put up with you got acted pulled years ago, and I don't know Jesus never gave up.

Only you still working only slightly step still our work in order so listen I appreciate your input and obviously Phyllis and gave you an open door.

You'd be speaking to her. Just the same. We are not.

Do not go a block of 35 years. You really friends or you yet you need to hear this. Friends, this is equal opportunity preach the gospel to all. I do hope you get some rest and we leave everything in God's hands. It's been a joy to be on this part of the journey with you. Looking forward to postelection journey with you. God bless you my dear friend and we will be walking together. Michael I love you very much. Love you too. Thank you. I got a few more minutes for my final election day sauce listen) 11 five the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

I have been preaching repentance to the church to the nation and first and foremost to myself since I started preaching in 1973. I am not one of those who has the starry eyed views of America and we've always been perfect in a Christian nation, not a chance.

In fact, I got blasted by somebody today for my article warning about Hillary Clinton and the attack that she would bring on religious liberties if elected I got blasted by someone who thought I was just a a a shameless Trump supporter and its listen to this right. How much is Lord she though that's how she is from them. Sarah refer to how much is Laura Cheadle paying you to write such a silly article. What about Lord Don Cheadle war on Muslims on Hispanics on black some women on veterans on the Pope and on your stupid self.

You are black you think you are exempt from or trumps discrimination go sit down to get your dumb blank in the basket of deplorable walls as if I was doing this for money. On top of it so hear someone now soliciting a radio who didn't know if I was white or black or something else but someone read my column where I got my picture right by the column and so I was like that that actually blesses me and flatters me when anyone is ever thought I was black because it and see me on TV or they hadn't seen me face-to-face or on the Internet that blesses me because it means we talk about sensitive racial issues that are not coming across justice, some small minded white American pie that's always blessed me. Plus, I've always felt a special solidarity with my black brothers and sisters in the Lord is Jewish believers is kind of an interesting thing, but I I am aware of the deep problems in American history. Someone identified Ms. Black that obviously there think I be aware of these things. I'm not starry. I like all American and yet and yet I absolutely believe that Hillary Clinton could do much damage to America could hurt us and hinder us could further divine judgment on it could further the removal of divine blessing I could make life much more difficult for kids or grandkids. Please hear me, please hear me and this is one who is very critical of Donald Trump through the primaries and who was raised issues about his candidacy as a candidate and yet who voted for him without hesitation today in a sober way but without hesitation.

Feeling I was doing the right thing by the way if you live in North Carolina just interrupt one moment please get out and vote. Please get out and vote. North Carolina could affect Willow to be a landslide. One way or the other but North Carolina could actually affect which way that the election goes and by all means stand up against the bullying extent was Gov. Cory against the bullying of the business world, the bullying of sports associations, the NBA and NCAA and others. The bullying of activists that the bullying of the Obama administration stand against bullying stem with Gov. McCrory and together will work to be sure that every human being in this state is treated with fairness and not taking any calls. By the way, so this summer giving out the phone number. I did a survey my final election predictions of what what's it gonna be of your final election prediction, 20% said Trump I landslide 37% Trump I close margin 50% Hillary by last like 20% Hilley by close margin to 43% think Hillary will win 57%. Trump is significant because only a small percentage of the people follow me on Twitter would vote for Hillary. I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow. I don't know but I do know this, that there are things that we do not want to see happen in our country. We do not want a president even more aggressive on abortion. We do not want to present even more aggressive on gay activists, and transgender activism to the point that it would directly attack all religious reasons we do not want a president who said that a child in the womb right up to the moment of delivery has no constitutional rights do not want someone who is been protected by the government against indictment two should actually be under indictment now.

From everything I understand from the evidence in his foundation is is should be under criminal investigation. From everything I understand as well. Yes Donald Trump is extremely flawed and yes Donald Trump is shot himself in the foot over and over and over again to the campaigns.

Otherwise, he would be way way ahead. Yes, I understand all that yes understand the negative influences he could have as a president despite his person. I understand that but also ask yourself this question. Who did he appoint as a running mate fine choice in conservative Christian Gov. Mike pence man who seems to be a man of real godly values.

A friend of mine called distance ahead just wanted I prayed with Gov. Pentz. I did notice number still work to sell it but says personal self storage. We prayed together. Yes, EE did cave in the religious freedoms act in Indiana last year but I believe he wants to do the right thing and he does love the Lord and he does care about life and justice and look at that appointment you look at the justices that Donald Trump and said that he will appoint in the in the image of Scalia and how we need more of them on a Supreme Court who will be constitutionalists and not be rewriting it. You want the religious liberties you want your Christian schools to be able to teach with a teacher believe what they believe you want. Shows like this to be able to speak candidly and freely. You want university professors to be able to deal with radical left ideology without penalty.

You better vote for someone that will point the right Supreme Court justices. We know for sure who Hillary will appoint which direction they could set things for the next generation. That means for kids and for grand kids friends look at even the suggested appointees Rudy Giuliani for Atty. Gen. Boy what I rather have Beth and Loretta in the red Lynch or or or Atty. Gen. Holder. Before that, Eric Holder, Newt Gingrich as Secretary of State had much rather have him as Secretary of State and then Hillary Clinton and enter John Kerry and other way. I'm not attacking these other individuals is explicitly evil in these others is explicitly good. I'm simply saying when it comes to the governance of our country. I would rather go in one direction and then continue to pray for their repentance and salvation of Donald Trump. It even assuming that he never repents that he never get saved I believe God could use them more effectively and it would be a vote.

Also against the corruption and the media collusion. Yes, the divine wrecking ball but but please hear me, please hear me whoever's selected the hours version whoever's selected must pray and fast with passion not because the church is going to go under and and the ways of Jesus will fail know that will never happen. But things could be much more difficult much more challenging. There could be real hardship and divine judgment as we go forward, we need to pray urgently, regardless of who selected few voted for Donald Trump as I did.

Don't take your foot off the gas in terms of prayer. Pray more, pray more. After the elections before the than before. Let's get our own house in order. Let's repents of our own sin as followers of Jesus.

23. Everybody else is 23 work along starting with each of us were there sin compromise in our lives, our families or congregations or ministries this to us right before the Lord as we humble ourselves in the site reach out to the lost, to love our neighbor as ourselves.

America can still be transformed to cover many resources waiting for you with the line of fire. The Lord my bottom line. Today I heard you once more, pray more. After the elections that you even pray before the will of God be done

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