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Jewish Issues in the News, Insights into the Tallit (Prayer Shawl), and Your Calls

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 17, 2016 8:04 pm

Jewish Issues in the News, Insights into the Tallit (Prayer Shawl), and Your Calls

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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Friends yet Israel is in the news.

Anti-Semitism was in the news will cover it right here on Thursday through Thursday stalking for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I often run real quick find your thinking caps put them on promptly because I've got a little riddle for you to give you momentarily on this thoroughly Jewish. There is a broadcast Michael Brown delighted to be with you. You get any Jewish related questions Hebrew related questions Israel related questions Judaism related questions. This is a number to call 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH 7884 okay before we get into any of the show. Today the many things I want to talk to you of doubt.

I want to talk to about the weekly Torah portion. What is read in synagogues around the world on the Shabbat this Saturday. What will be read and then the portion the half term, which will be from the prophetic books which in the Hebrew Bible. They include Joshua, Judges, first and second Samuel, first and second Kings, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel 12 minor prophets so selection from one of those books. Why is it here's my little riddle for you are. Are you ready to get this right to give your free copy of my book 60 questions Christians ask about. Usually, some practices are you ready for the question. This week's Torah portion is called Vallejo which is the opening word of Genesis 18 one.

That the Lord appeared to Abram. Now, Genesis 18 Lycos all the way to the end of chapter 22 and that is the binding of Isaac chapter so it starts with the Lord appearing to Abraham. As I understand it, Yahweh, and two angels and then the two angels in chapter 19 go to war a lot about Sodom and Gomorrah, and of course the destruction of those cities and then other narratives taking place. Chapter 20 chapter 21 with the life of Abraham, of interesting account in chapter 20 the first time at the Hebrew word for heel occurs in the Hebrew Bible and in chapter 22. The binding of Isaac, and then God's providing a ram to rescue Isaac from being sacrificed. Now the passage that goes along with that, the passage that goes along with that is second Kings 4124 37 so all of chapter 4, basically second Kings 414 37 why is that passage being read. After the Torah portion from Genesis 18 1 to 22, 24 right so you never break in a moment, take out your Bibles if you're driving, don't do anything dangerous to get your Bibles look at second Kings four and ask yourself why is that portion of Scripture wise the Torah portion joined together with Genesis 18 1 to 22, 24, which begins with the Lord appeared to Moses and ends with the account of the binding of Isaac wise second Kings four is a very obvious reason to take a stab if you read it you think right.

Not really sure to take guests feel free. There is no penalty. There is no penalty for having the wrong answer. But if you get it right. To give you free copy of 60 questions Christians ask, but usually some practices it will be should be real clear to you, but based on what I said. The moment you look at second Kings four. It should be real clear so that is a little riddle for today 866-34-TRUTH 7884 gets it next 25 minutes. I will give you the answer. Also, we've got a cup skews me a couple new videos up. I just go to the line of fire.

Go to my radio website.

The line of to see the newest video that's a Pandora's box of gender confusion, they won't watch that tender this dating half dating apps that I have 37 gender identity. She can choose from when dating, muscular, video black Christian caller because of black hypocrisy in church hypocrisy is in our digital library on the line of for cleansing by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown happens when you elect a facet president Lance and I am about that is elected over Hillary. It was ironic that was a scene from Portland, Oregon.

What's ironic is the majority of those who were rested didn't even vote in the election. It's one thing to vote and to be upset with the outcome.

I voted, I would've been upset if Hillary Clinton was was the next president of but would be writing in the streets, but I'd be upset, and yet I feel even more upset if my candidate won the popular vote and it did when the electoral college or understand.

That's the way the system works and it's a way that can his campaign but II bring this up on thoroughly Jewish Thursday because the new target the new target is Steve Bannon who was a mistake in the said editor at Breitbart. Obviously one of the.

The taking that over from Andrew Breitbart who died suddenly is a fairly young man. It is a strongly conservative website. It is, is it any more conservative than the Huffington Post is liberal, things I think you put them on on equal size of the strongly liberal strongly conservative but nasty Bannon is being called an anti-Semite and racist. He is the chief strategist of Donald Trump's transition team. So who is he really is he really an anti-Semite is really a Jew. Thoroughly Jewish Thursday will talk about this 866-34-TRUTH 784 I know nothing about him myself.

I've been a professional connection to him more personal connection to him, nor do I know anyone personally who is work closely with him, Ben Shapiro, who left because he felt that it had become a total mouthpiece for a pro Trump rhetoric and reporting was no longer functioning as an independent news agency.

Shapiro suffered Orthodox Jew does not believe that Bannon is a racist or an anti-Semite. Although he strongly differs with aspects of up to Steve Bannon style and and character and work, but Ben Shapiro does not believe that he is racist or an anti-Semite and a number of others are coming forward saying that he's not an anti-Semite and quite a wide range of people that I bring this up because it has to do with the larger strategy right has to do with a larger strategy. Let's start click number five. This is CNN's AC so Anderson Cooper 360 on Monday night and it is CNN commentator Jonathan Cini and Donald Trump supporter Kaylee Kennedy. Forgive me for mispronouncing any of the names, let's listen to some of the dialogue here start with click number five. It's fine to bring somebody in to rid the government of the insiders to have a clean slate. Donald Trump says he wants to buy coverage for talk but Bannon he's a racist.

He advances anti-Semitic views. All right, that's a strong accusation. He's a racist. He advances anti-Semitic views of let's continue click number six as their laying out their views about Steve Bannon. This man is at the at the tip of anti-Semitic, racist, xenophobic movement that is not something that we should have in the wedding is very irresponsible to label someone a racist without faxing a copy to think that everybody really could Breitbart make me look at what he has done and what he's promoted.

He was out of it trying to whitewash something that he was a router right so here the Trump supporter is saying it's is very wrong of you to make these accusations and Jonathan Cini said none of this is who he is is who is self-evident that this is who the man is and and and he's a leader of the all. Right movement mentioned that, but it's all right is anti-Semitic and that's just who he is. A couple more clips again from the same broadcast and then after that I want to hear what Newt Gingrich had to say and then lose it again.

I don't know if you must, you Bannon.

Personally, I've not followed him in terms of his own career. I have not research what he said or not set on a host of of of issues. I'm just waiting now is everything is flying around these anti-Semitism charges anti-Semite charge again.

I'll tell you why I'm getting into all this in a moment, let's just continue from Anderson Cooper 360 Monday night show clip seven can ask questions, but there is a line between asking a question and labeling someone a racist answer is a racist and an anti-Semite and he's at his apices at the head of the right movement that is completely anti-American friendly terms. In American value should be ashamed yourself that your justifying what he's about right now.

Let's hear what Newt Gingrich has to say. Let's see what Newt Gingrich has to say in terms of the identity, Steve Bannon and is there something larger going on here in terms of a strategic attack, a targeted attack and intentional attack is remember because of an anti-Semite. That's a Jew hater right there is bias there is bigotry there is supporting of of lies about Jewish people. Whatever way it manifests itself that remains thankfully an ugly charge in America, Newt Gingrich, and he's split what will and speak for himself.

The Washington Post had this work with the disconsolate day who pointed out that we are on the anniversary of Kristallnacht, which is the night when the Nazis attacked Jewish businesses and think a moment when asked if this is crazy. Donald Trump is a mainstream conservative who wants to profoundly take on the left. The left is infuriated that anybody would challenge the legitimacy of their moral superiority as of the left goes hysterical, but the fact is you get this will all the smears are Steve and Steve Bannon as a naval officer. He was a managing partner Goldman Sachs he is. He was a Hollywood movie producer now. The idea that somehow he represents.

I've never heard of the old right until the nutcase started writing about right. So here's what's interesting. I have an article from Aaron Klein Steve Bannon is a fighter of anti-Semitism and a defender of Israel. This report from Breitbart Jerusalem, Aaron Klein, who is very strongly pro-Israel energy. He says Steve Bannon is a staunch supporter of the Jewish state was committed to fighting anti-Semitism. Now another article from from Aaron Klein says it says this he said that Steve Bannon pushed him Steve Bannon pushed him to expose anti-Semitism on college campuses asked him specifically to do that. Anti-Semite, you don't do that you don't have a strongly pro-Israel writer like Erin Klein writing on your website that hang on the plot thickens. Might my friend Rabbi Shirley motels knows America's rabbi has also come out strongly and said Steve Bannon is not an anti-Semite. This is Rabbi Shirley David Horowitz, who is a famed Harvard law professor and a liberal Jew and absolutely not part of the right little on the so-called all right, Alan Dershowitz is also defending Steve Bannon saying he is not an anti-Semite. I'm not getting into a discussion of where the charges come from. It seems to be allegation of something once said, thing, or was the nature of the all related.

Steve Bannon is a leader in this and it's this new alternative right movement, and its and it's so pro American nationalistic that it's it's against other countries and its anti-Israel promotes anti-Israel conspiracies you may have people in the all right to have loony ideas just like you have people in the radical left of loony ideas. That's reality that's that's a fact.

But I have listens to this broadcast of crazy ideas I would never sanction in a million years. Does that mean that I hold to those ideas are quite the contrary. So again I I have not gotten into this great depth, but but my colleague at the stream. Johnson Eric has a terrific article actually to now Steve Bannon. I encourage you to go to and check out John's MiraLAX articles on Steve Bannon and one of them both worth reading one of them. He explains just a tactic.

It is the divide and destroy tactic. It is the tactic of launching all kinds of accusations against Mark Bowen. I'm not defending Steve Bannon. I don't know him at all.

I have not followed his work.

Aside from using the website is one of many websites that I consult, I consulted as a strong right wing pro-Trump website. I understand what I'm getting when I go there but I never read anything there, all my time going that it ever gave me the slightest feeling that it was anti-Semitic, racist, none ever.

You might find a headline or something could be all right.

But here's the point.

It's an interesting thing is an interesting thing suddenly went from Donald Trump being a racist and semi-whatever his failings are a stunning semi officially stood up for him on that to. Now Steve Bannon was the racist anti-Semite, deep pattern here again is Dr. Michael Trump is a profoundly and proactively self-destructive individual is now our sacred duty to help him finish his self-destructive if it is going to be him destroyed at his own hands or democracy destroyed his own hands. It is going to be him and the first step is to complete the delegitimizing of his presidency and his election. Yeah, that's Keith Olbermann on MSNBC. The best way to delegitimize Donald Trump as if he's done wrong or does wrong to call in to account for the way that the reaction against Trump is going my view it's only going to destroy itself and hurt itself 866-34-TRUTH but I will stay focused on the Jewish issues. It is thoroughly Jewish theirs and by the way, there are days that will go by there will be weeks that will go by where will hardly be mentioning anything political or Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton or anything else right now. These are major news issues that continue to be consuming Americans.

We want to comment in them and redemptive way and a kingdom way before we come back to this subject. I asked at the beginning of the show was the connection between the Torah portion Genesis 18 one, which begins with of the Lord appearing to Abraham in it in the. The body of the oaks of Marmara and then ends in Genesis 2224 after the account of the bias binding of Isaac, and the portion that's right red with the supplemental portion second Kings 41 through 437 why that passage, and whoever gets that like it's a free copy of my book 60 questions Christians estimate usually some practices I would go to Ian in Houston. What's your answer to the question like God promised a child.

Abraham and there are year after the promise and thinking it was remarkable woman would also, child year after it was God. Yes sir, and I think is one of the connection so it's a good job Ian. I will be sending you stay on the right if this will be sending you a copy of my book 60 questions Christians estimate usually some practices so the promise of a baby to a woman who could conceive in the promise coming a year later to Sarah and since you might woman and also also, what which you can which you can take out of this is the. The account of the binding of Isaac, which is looked at as almost like a resurrection or God giving him back to Abraham as though he were dead course this woman's own son is raised from the dead, so good job thank you arch.

Let's get his go ahead and get his shipping address them. Will send it out to you yet. My mistake.

Of course Keith Tobin is on ESPN.

He used to be on MSNBC. This is his online video commentary on GQ magazine. Here's what the antidefamation league, says Rusty Bannon. So this is a Jewish antidefamation league.

Bannon has embraced the all right of his network of white nationalist and anti-Semites. Again, that's, that's quite a broad brush to paint with under Bannon Breitbart news published inflammatory pieces about women, Muslims and other groups by inflammatory say about Muslims is exposing radical Islam. Bannon is a critic of the Republican establishment and the left okay. Good for him. Bannon's cell number physicians this Christmas back in about we are not only will this is the antidefamation league not happy with the Bannon we are not aware of any anti-Semitic statements from Bannon, 866342. Let's go to Mike and Eatontown, New Jersey. Thanks for calling the line of fire. Dark brown when I broke up going to court about the grant are similar to the all right artist racist shortly vertically ready all right in the haulage investment apply self-respect.

Look at what he failed to say is that you write you to make a statement.

The all right movement is not racist prior.

What will the thing that really is going on is because we had a president whose biracial ultimate authority. This put these characters out okay. They don't don't truck with a black they will work with Bartlett when a black person has charge has have authority like Eric Holder or Barack Obama. They go nuts. These are the same like people that voted for them. Barack Obama met many, many whites voted for Barack Obama, but weren't happy with the direction he took the country and and yet but I got Beverly but hang on. This is Jewish focus right to just be fair this if you want about the Jewish and ficus not about race issues now so if that's the sort argument.

If you want to discuss the Jewish issues.

So you're saying that Barack Obama is president of Russia flushed out right a handwritten note with Sartre and conversation right and we chatted before.

That's why just jumped in a little more quickly. Listen, I am one of many white Americans who did not vote for Barack Obama but would have been thrilled if I thought he was a good president. If he stood for things that I felt were important for the nation. The last last last last last last last last last last last that now is nonetheless a nonexistent thought was that he now has authority to block Monday's authority of Ms. Whiteman is my president is proud so proud that we like to buy president is not happy with his policies, but that's going to say about race that the issue is this. The issue is this the anti-Semitism charges that are flying about Steve Bannon seem to be completely unfounded and yet that is the way that you want to work against someone.

If you have a certain strategy the divide and conquer strategy. The badmouth stain the reputation of strategy is able Donald Trump to the north wrong stuff. We are left. Okay fine and focus on what he actually said and did fine, fair enough. Got plenty of stuff to shoot that. I'm sure there are enough controversial things with Steve Bannon that you could talk about them, but this is just the typically of the fact facility to say on CNN is a racist and anti-Semite. That was to get Alan Dershowitz left wing outspoken Alan Dershowitz who has so many differences with Christian conservatives in our understanding of the Constitution in an American.

Things like that. Did Dershowitz to defend them and say is not an anti-Semite. That's saying something so look this is take away the little a little lesson. Be careful not to use inflammatory rhetoric, especially when it's not accurate. I tweeted the other day. I would rather the accurate and understate and get less attention than the inaccurate overstate and get more attention by the way, when concave dietary laws to Israel. Did he do it primarily for health reasons. I don't that we cannot say primary for health reasons clearly for separation reasons, but are there many good health reasons and the foods people can eat and can eat sure there many foods that Jews can eat cannot eat them.

Not healthy.

That being said, it reminds me that God cares about our bodies in a holistic way that we are stewards of our bodies and that rather than living eat. We should eat to live that's and I talk about it in our new book, breaking the stronghold with everybody I talked to some and I need that book preorder it in time for Christmas website. The line of fire. The Lord it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you for joining us on this thoroughly Jewish Thursday. If you have a question of any kind that you want to ask that is Jewish related they can relate to the Hebrew Bible of the Hebrew language you can relate to the modern state of Israel. Jewish history can relate to Jewish people world why they can relate to Jewish back in the New Testament as long as it is Jewish related is the kind of call that we take on thoroughly Jewish Thursday, 866-348-7884 so here's an interesting article is by Samuel G. Friedman on this is a liberal Jewish website.

"One of great history going back to a newspaper in English and and get if maybe 1/3 language as well. I believe the oldest regular printer Jewish newspaper in America a letter to my evangelical friend who betrayed me and all Jews by voting for Trump and it's a it's a couple a couple of pages here but he saw that there was a lot of progress being made between Jews and Catholics and Jews and evangelical Christians and aces now in the wake of the presidential election after wonder what remains of all the progress I thought were making his it is not just a matter of 71% of my try voted for the Democrats and 81% of yours. Many white evangelicals voted for the Republican reason to disagree on partisan politics will try to find specific issues in which we could cooperate know it's different this time is that you and your sort of adult Trump Academy who built this campaign appealing to hatred including the hatred of the Jews are not the look again you understand. I voted for Donald Trump but with reservation.

I was a strong critic of Donald Trump earlier on right but I never thought he was an anti-Semite and never thought he was an anti-Semite and of all the things that that I felt to address in the campaign and to urge evangelical Christians to be wary of was still wondering is God raising them up as some kind of wrecking ball of the PC establishment never at any point felt that he was an anti-Semite and in fact again when his own daughter. Evocative converts to Judaism meeting his grandkids or Jewish when what is it all of his adult children are either married to or dating Jews. According to was it Esther LaBonte Canada who brought that out when he is very strongly pro-Israel and Republican Party platform is perhaps the strongest pro-Israel platform in its history, in contrast with a much weaker Democratic platform of no.

I'm sure that similar Friedman is not just shooting in the air here is responsible writer but why does he say that Donald Trump built this campaign offense to hatred understand that Apartments is considered including the hatred of Jews that he ends his letter of disappointment.

The senior religion. Christianity is about feeling mind you this is about doing corsets overstated superior words I give you the benefit of the deaf and not indefinitely waiting to see what you do that we can both decide whether a friendship can survive stronger for being tested whether we have to return to being strangers and adversaries again of silly again.

I am only reading the beginning and the end here. Obviously he's not impressed with evangelical support for Israel and the nature of it and he has his share of questions, but I find it interesting that his feeling and I can't argue with his feeling. His feeling is that by his evangelical friend voting for Donald Trump. He betrayed him as a Jew and betrayed all very interesting perceptions of the right back with your calls. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome to third 866-34-TRUTH and usually questions you may have against the website of Steve Bannon is throwing a what he's about who we is good or obvious attention of the Trump campaign, but I'm looking at the Breitbart Jerusalem report with severe I think this like 40 something million distinct visitors every every month there is big government be generals a big Hollywood national security, etc. that is Breitbart London Breitbart Jerusalem Breitbart Texas break for California so each of these subsites are focused on a specific specific subject. So or or locations or Breitbart Jerusalem I click on that Anti-Defamation League backs down. We are not aware of any anti-Semitic statements from Bannon and then listen listen to this.

Dennis Prager, Dennis Prager, the most thoughtful Jewish thinkers in America, thoughtful thinker will set Dennis Prager says that the claims of anti-Semitism against a banner or quote libel. Actually, libelous, and yet this is just being bandied about 866-34-TRUTH, let's go to Anna in Brooklyn.

Welcome to the line of fire out great that I wanted to comment one Anti-accused of being right well okay not anti-but however he failed. For women, so, so misogynist and racy, but there's no there is no evidence that he is here and is there what other people under the impression that the article we call someone a general right. There are no anti-Semitic statements that Steve Bannon has made whether he's a racist or misogynist was just not a topic for thoroughly Jewish Thursday. Of course it's important that it's 100% important. So thank you for asking.

No no no, I'm not saying to be a racist and a misogynist distortion on an anti-Semite know all all three of those are reprehensible and wrong and I'm not here to defend them.

All I'm saying is on the anti-Semitism charge.

It seems that when you have a coalition of people speaking up as loudly and in diverse from the Jewish side as Alan Dershowitz, Dennis Prager should really go to see you got from liberal to Orthodox student from conservative to liberal politically and then are inclined very strong Zionist when you got all these guys in the ADL, he would say we are not aware of any anti-Semitic statements or you can be sure they don't exist because they would have been brought up by now.

The same with charges of racism, a Kathy preset on another for 15 years never heard of a racist read of his mouth. I think what people get upset with is a a strong is a strong pro-America sentiment and that but here's the deal. I just want to focus on the anti-Semitic charge because that's a big one and it's inflammatory and it's ugly look from months I took issue with things. Donald Trump said and did, but I said he is not an anti-Semite. I see no evidence of that same way. I don't know much about Steve Bannon except from everything I can tell the charge that he's an anti-Semite is just false is typical baiting from the left to stir up dissension and trouble. That's what I understand it to be and whatever controversy surrounding then let's deal with those actual issues. This deal with those actual issues with thank you for asking me that. To clarify, that's very important.

So, no, no, no, I condemn racism. I condemn misogyny. I condemn anti-Semitism, and in all serious charges. Thank you for asking appreciate.

Let's go to Frederick, Maryland Larry, welcome to the line of fire. Hi Dr. Brown to enjoy your show as usual. Thanks… I thought you're doing a really good job today on explaining the truth of the matter about Bannon and Scott know why are we surprised that anything that the left says has any truth behind it because it doesn't seem like they ever do plenty of things to plenty things that that had been raised in the political campaign that are that are worthy concerns. There are plenty of things that Donald Trump is said and done that are that are regrettable and that is been challenged on and and and attached for and there you know I I used to like Hannity and Colmes because the one would make their case. I thought a good case and the other would cause it. I thought good job sort so and that was left and right, and I think that's important you know so you know Larry, the people that like you the best you can hardly do any wrong in their eyes, and the people that hate you can hardly do any right in their eyes, and the truth is probably somewhere in between as to who we really are, but your head trying to jump on board believe this… Dammit seems to be evidently not true. They'll have any complain about. You are a baby killer.

I mean she's a favor, celebrating parts she wants to give money to those people. I think that's something that we said very loudly and clearly in the that during the election lariat in the terms of Hillary Clinton that that she is complicit in and that the murder of the unborn and and and and would be the strongest pro-Planned Parenthood candidate in history. I had a short dollar to someone else and we have blocked them on Twitter because of some just junk that that Osaka engaging but what he was oh so look there is wrong with both candidates is problems on both sides and blessed. Let's each acknowledge it and he said will Trump built his campaign on hate that Hailey can isolate. She's the basket of deplorable comments about trump supporters right and I said there is hatred and stirred up on on all sides and then he said will are you comparing you comparing the KKK to Planned Parenthood. I said which is worse. KKK endorses Trump and he immediately his campaign immediately repudiates it and said that the KKK newspaper that endorsed him was quote repulsive for the content was repulsive or the Planned Parenthood, Planned Parenthood endorses you spends $30 million to to get you elected. From what I understand, and you celebrate that. So which is worse, being being endorsed by the KKK and repudiating no we repudiate the KKK repudiate the publication. It's repulsive, or getting endorsed by Planned Parenthood and celebrating it and saying were so proud of it.

Which is worse.

I say the latter is far worse thank you Larry appreciate that, again, we will will be done with the Bannon subject that I appreciate all of your calls and thank you for listening interacting 866342. Let's go to Chris and Iowa walking to the line of fire privilege, Dr. Brown. About the latter. What were you, my question is very Thursday. Her mother and father, but I've never altered due to octave thyroid about the product of binder final her daughter Grace to learn about it and I got your work product. I get about your opinion about the effect on your practice Judaism and never been involved in it.

All the work that put yes yes of course it makes sense. I was raised in a Jewish home was bar mitzvahed at 13, but we were nominally Jewish. We didn't deserve the dietary laws didn't go to synagogue every Sabbath.

My father didn't get up every morning and pray to prescribed prayers. So I was nominally Jewish. I have other friends that were raised by Jewish mom and dad with the Jewish mom and dad were ready. Followers of Jesus, so they were really raised in a totally Christian environment. So what is this mean is you want to connect with your heritage as you will understand God's purposes for your life is you want to think okay as a man with Jewish blood in my veins was my responsibility to the next generation of I've a few thoughts for you but first first Corinthians the seventh chapter Paul writing to Gentile believers there says if if you called me a call to salvation. If you called as a serve as an uncircumcised person.

Don't become circumcised of Gentiles. You don't become Jews reviewed safe and then if your call and your circumcised seared. You don't become uncircumcised. Don't think you have to be a Gentile.

Now they said that this matter is for salvation. Circumcision doesn't matter at all. What matters is keeping God's commandments. Now you can also apply that though in terms of your spiritual lifestyle in a bring in other words, knowledge, or save. The goal is not for you to become an Orthodox Jew or go around showing the world how Jewish your book, but what is it actually in terms of heritage clinically give you a few thoughts of view that we come back on the other side of the break error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you for joining us on early Thursday.

So back to Chris and Iowa.

I would say that there are two essential things to hold onto one as someone born Jewish Jewish mother and father but never practice Judaism and a follower of Jesus today. The biggest thing to remember is that your identity is found in Jesus identity is not found in Jewishness identity is found in Jesus and he must always be central. It is through him that we've come to know the father is through him that our sins are forgiven. And it is through him that we have meaning and purpose in this world and the world to come. So that's first and foremost, your identity is found in him now. Secondarily, it's not by coincidence that you have a Jewish mother and father that in that sense the same blood flows in you that his phone and generations of juice two centuries and you do have a connection to the Jewish people that is different than someone who is a non-Jew. It's not just or sentimental or emotional or spiritual connection to physical connection as well. That doesn't mean again that you have to measure how Jewish you are.

It doesn't mean that you now have to keep the Sinai covenant because render new and better covenant, but I would ask the Lord right on my heart anything that's important to you for me to know and understand as a Jewish person today. As far as identity is for solidarity with Israel. As far as lifestyle again. Your primary that is found in Yeshua and you. I keep that as your emphasis, but the Lord may begin to open your heart up to to greater identity with the people of Israel you know and at the least, recognizing the importance of the biblical calendar say okay I see the importance of that in terms of of maybe not lifestyle, but what God is doing prophetically or why that still matters are okay. You know, I think if I if I have a Saturday is a day of rest before the Lord that that's meaningful to connect with the Jewish people. The Lord may lay that on your heart that's that's for something to you for you to grow and understand and my friend Dan Juster wrote a book that's a classic in the messianic movement. Jewish roots and that the Dan Juster J USTR will will give a strong case for Jewish identity as being something important in an ongoing way. Even if you weren't raised in a in a traditional Jewish home or religious Jewish home at all what I do is I greeted prayerfully and think okay is there something to this and how should this work out of my life, but remember always course stamina from this wholeheartedly. Where your primary identity is and if it pulls you away from that is is is not healthy.

So for example, my wife, Nancy, we are in a messianic allegation always related to Jesus.

As Jesus is not Yeshua. So if we were singing a song. Maybe he is Lord he is Lord and we would change of the Jesus Christ is Lord, that you know the Yeshua, she is is Lord. Or we might say that Hebrew who adore him. She would always translate it back into the Jesus Christ is Lord only because that's how she came to know him and and just like she knows me is as is Mike or Michael minutes that we are victims which other as opposed to Miguel right or might he rename me Kyle. That's was related to the Lord. So when our daughters were little weird. We moved over to Maryland and I was part of messianic allegation I was praying over them one night and she was name and they said that he see Jesus. That's what they were used to. It was more corn for me at that moment to sue for Jesus to be special for them at that moment than to say but you know she remembers you sure you don't say. So you just you never want to feel any kind of pressure never want to feel any kind of pressure that you have to live a certain way with the Lord may lay things on your heart and it certainly all believers should understand the biblical calendar and importance but a Jewish person can relate a little more deeply so I hope that's that's helpful to you to process very very helpful mother like there would be a good upper burglar article territory. It will go yeah so don't forgot about Jewish people right out there like I like the present.

Cerebellar vector is a little back elevator with somewhat different and you said something Roy home in such a connection with them. I can't tell you a current articulated probably the subject connection on the amount of equipment with me, but they also they know what apology it was quite like that. I would tell him you know the way you look by an bill they would listen to me. I asked them not sure Ghostscript is up and I was like what looked but you can do USG and it's not I was did know you are Jewish you Jewish follower of Jesus, and obviously some find a contradiction that we no longer Jewish ufology Scott on the case. My book, the real culture. Jesus could also be of help.

She was well. The real culture. Jesus regular further insights into the Jewishness of Jesus further insights into the revelation. Paul got a Jew and Gentile being one in Jesus, something that could be helpful to swell the real culture.

Jesus say thank you Chris for the caller created you're very welcome. Now some of you are upset that I didn't tell me after this after this after this I status the way understand Scripture in this regard is upset that I told you read a book on Jewish roots. Hey that's something to try to do is right and help someone in their walk with the Lord so so check this up.

Check this out this Praeger had the David Horowitz on his on his radio show and here's what he said, calling Steve Bannon an anti-Semite is a witchhunt it's just unreliable. It's fabricated the whole thing is fabricated. Craig reminded his listeners that voters had been warned in 1980 that of Ronald regular elected president, the KKK would be in the White House and according to David Horowitz who was a strong liberal is young man that became a strong conservative.

He said it's the worst witchhunt in American history was going on and it's going to continue to take a pro Jewish defender Mr. like Steve Bannon and with no evidence, anti-Semite is hard even to comprehend extraordinary and and Nigel Faraj British leader Nigel Faraj has has denounced this is as well so it's one of these things.

He said if you challenge the establishment they lash out against you. They use mock release abuse, but ultimately with the use above all else is the tactic of demonization demonization.

So let's let's do better than that.

As followers of Jesus and and before before you repeat a charge. Find out if it's accurate that I've it's contextual that I've it's fair justice. If the charges being made about you if it's false. You don't want it repeated if it's true, and needs to be dealt with. Let's deal with these things in redemptive ways.

Fair enough right so just another reminder with only a couple days left for you can preorder the book Nancy and I rode together, breaking the stronghold of food how we conquered food addictions and discovered a new way of living and what a wonderful, rewarding, new way of living.

It is for slave to food, don't.

Don't let your stomach be your dog only food addictions very prematurely. The website and modify the Lord.

Find out more about how you get this plus the difference between life and death. Many my bottom line today. The charge of anti-Semite is a heavy and serious one, don't throw it around so it is there a special, mystical, spiritual meaning to the tall elite Jewish prayer shawl stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown I what day of the week is it most thoroughly Jewish Thursday yeah this is how you keep your spiritual equilibrium. This is how you stay on top of your calendar. You just listen to the line of fire and you know Thursday is thoroughly Jewish Thursday Michael Brown delighted to be with you.

If you have a Jewish related question is really the question he related question.

Judy is a related question give me a call 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number to call in a moment I'm going to bring on the air for the first time messianic rabbi Dr. Charlie including former optometrist. By the way, that's the doctor part is been a leader in the messianic Jewish movement for years now and he's written a book, the tall elite experience.

The mysteries of the prayer shawl and other hidden treasures. So were were going to talk about that in a moment. I think you find it really, really interesting of God is his book in my hands here and yet what Watts what I said of about the book was this specific grandma Charles clearly offers rich Scripture meditation on the beauty and power of the tall elite traditional Jewish prayer shawl. Your heart will be stirred for deeper intimacy with God as you read these inspiring words and that's obviously what really matters, so we'll talk about that a some other Jewish news of interest and, in fact, let me just mention this quickly is reported on the tower.ward yesterday, a professor at Oberlin College. This is a school of which Charles Finney provide presided 1800s professor at Oberlin College who blamed 9/11 and Shirley have no attacks on Israel has been fired three curricula consistent professor at Oberlin College's Facebook post featured anti-Semitic instruments. Piercy theories about Jewish global power and accusations that Israel was behind the 9/11 terror attacks the creation of vices was officially dismissed by the school's Board of Trustees on Tuesday. The Board of Trustees found the greatest post or may be expressed and they which were first reported by the tower in February when violation of the American Association of University professors status of professional ethics which requires were present. Professors go to accept the obligation to exercise critical self-discipline and judgment using extending and transmitting knowledge into practice intellectual honesty. They said that she was given numerous procedural protections during the review process, including being represented by counsel labor fruit able to present witnesses and cross-examining people testify against her during the proceedings, the state alleged Curry got attacked her colleagues when they challenge inconsistencies in her description of the connection between the poses in the scholarship. She disclaims all responsibility for misconduct and she continues to blame Oberlin and its faculties committees for undertaking a shared governance review process hey there so much wild stuff being set universities such outlandish way out there stuff that I'm glad she was held accountable. I'm all for free speech. But if the free speech is now endangering other groups or attributing evil to other groups. If, for example, the Ku Klux Klan burned down of the building and killed five people and a professor said this is all being done by Barack Obama, and black Americans. And in their behind all of this world and that's the kind of thing where the universe needs to say that salon you knock the cross of your professor here. So glad to see this Oberlin is very much left-leaning Oberlin is hardly a conservative Bible toting pro-Israel campus.

Obviously this is mines you cannot cross will be right back with Charlie Clearview to talk about colleagues special member gets the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. If you are additional Jewish man. You will use the prayer shawl the colleagues in your prayers to use in the synagogue using your home you will wrap around your shoulders over your head and pray that many Christians in recent years have become fascinated with this and wonders there. Is there something special to this is the spiritual power and air does represent things spiritually and obviously you don't want to make anything into a mystical item or put a spiritual power in a physical item but there's something of history. There's something of significance to the Tolley that's what many Christians have been drawn to it. My guest messianic rabbi Charlie Clearview leader in the messianic movement years has written a new book I'm holding my hand the Tolley that spelled TAL LIT experience the mysteries of the prayer shawl and other hidden treasures.

Charlie it is great to have you on the broadcast great dryness on the line of fire.

Thanks so much for your welcome.

Thank you. Now you you have a wonderful salvation story

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