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Together We Are Making a Difference

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 28, 2016 4:20 pm

Together We Are Making a Difference

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 28, 2016 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/28/16.

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I got some words of encouragement and faith for you today hey the church of Jesus is going forward not backwards stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of the fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown will hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving season. The end of last week and we are thrilled to be live with you again today. We are live on Friday after Thanksgiving had a great time taking your questions. We start the week together.

This is Michael Brown and the number to call 866-348-7884 if you want to ask me about anything on them to take some random calls today and you want to interact with me and I'd love to hear from some of you who differ with me on certain points and you could tell me why I am wrong, but to hear from you as well. That number to call 866-348-7884 I began to say in 2015 that you would see a lot of pushback, you would see a lot of pushback against certain social and cultural elements that you would see a pushback against some radical agendas in our society. I've often said that for gays and lesbians what for them as a matter of freedom and equality for us as a matter of social activism and I said you can expect to see a pushback I wrote about it in my book, outlasting the gay revolution. Obviously that pushback is continued in many ways.

In 2016 and the church is why am in the places right travel and speak in America and around the world. I see two things rising at the same time.

This is encouraging. I see a greater love for those who identify as LGBT. I see a greater love for those that would be considered on the fringes of society in certain ways or or those that would be left out or misunderstood. I see a greater love and a greater desire to reach out and I see a greater pushback against the social agenda and the question is how can we reach out and resist at the same time. How can we reach out to people or resisting agendas the same time because those very people will feel as if we are pushing them out not just different with redundant that's where building relationships comes in that's were getting to know people on a personal level comes in and I got a striking illustration for your sharing this about to write on it with the permission of the Rabbi himself. I didn't tell you this last week. I want the Rabbi's permission before I talked about this publicly, but I have his permission.

He is a regular listener to the life are broadcast and might even be listening now that's the case Rabbi Bill a shout out from your friend here. He knows my positions on moral and social issues.

He knows my opposition to same-sex quote marriage knows that I put the word marriage and scare quotes when it comes to same-sex couples. He also knows of my love for all people and when we were making the arrangements for my mother's funeral last week we at work with the local cemetery Jewish cemetery. My devils also very they provided the Rabbi my sister. One of the reform Rabbi there so that's that's the liberal the most liberal main branch of Judaism and interact with the Rabbi reform Rabbi intranet he knew who I was.

Listen to the radio show which I was blessed to hear swelling online to find out about this Rabbi and lo and behold he came out as openly gay over a decade ago and is devoted much of his service to reaching out to gay and lesbian Jews into colleges to be more firm and that's the Rabbi that presided at the intimate gravesite ceremony for my mother.

We embrace the talk we hug plan to stay in touch. Why because were both human beings. Yes, there are there file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Looking back, friends want to find number college. 48788 or so, yes, the Rabbi who performed the funeral ceremony at the behest of my sister.

One of the Rabbi there.

Of course, understandably upset. I was happy to perform everything at the funeral she said no she still practicing Judaism.

She wanted the Rabbi there terms of the Rabbi's is openly gay."

Married to his to his partner, the man he referred to as his husband so I wanted him to know that I knew he was just as he made clear to me that he knew who I was and we both want to make a clear one to another, that this was not an issue and so what's the point of this. You see, say, Mike, you oppose gay rabbis. Of course, and Mike you believe that, according to the Torah homosexual practices detestable in God's sight and correct and and and Mike dear Yuri, consider this. You know, this vicious homophobes see that's that's where we talk about humanity. That's we talk about humanity.

I understand from this Rabbi's perspective is reform Rabbi liberal, Rabbi receives an Orthodox ultra-Orthodox Rabbi have a different perspective, but I understand from his perspective. These secret was right in God's sight and and he is pursuing righteousness and justice and equity and fairness in adopting, adapting ancient religious texts to contemporary times. In the spirit of Judaism is what he believes and that he would believe I'm zealous but misguided and opposing these things I would say that he is zealous but misguided doing what he's doing. But here's the deal we are Americans living in this society we will both answer to God for our lives. The good thing I want to see more than anything, is this Rabbi to know who Jesus issue really is that's that's what I want to see more than anything. Of course, to see if you would expect me to have that perspective, that's what I want to see that. That's my number one issue. That's my number one prayers that he will come to know Jesus, the Messiah of Israel. That's my great desire for him and everything else falls into place from there on, but you see, Paul writes in first Corinthians 5 that when it comes to the church, the body of Messiah. If someone claims to be a follower of Jesus, they they say they're a member of your local assembly Nizam born again. I love the Lord and that person that man leaves his wife and runs off with another lady. Alright, so he's living in adultery and now the two of them start showing up at church services and the leaders reach out to that person and they say this in your insane you need to repent. You need to go back your wife now God showed me this is the right path, and so if they do that and they refuse to repent.

Ultimately you excommunicate them for their own good, so that the come to repentance right the same way of some guys living with his girlfriend or some guys living with his boyfriend whatever in their in their and sexually active relationship and they claim to be following Jesus. If they refuse to repent, you can give them time with their new but if they refuse to repent you. You excommunicate them are. That's the new test very clear on that. That is for their repentance.

That is for them to turn to the Lord. That is for their forgiveness of the that that they will recognize the error of their ways. But as far as the world is for society in general. Paul didn't say don't eat with these people should know you have to leave the world.

So my issue is in the midst of my opposition to gay activism. How can I be a friend. How can I be a neighbor. How can I build relationships how how can I honor someone humanity is a fellow human being created by God, will I seek to lead that person to repentance.

Whether whether Muslim and Hindu and atheists whether whether they're doing drugs, whether there are drinking, whether they're in a relationship that God's word says is a sinful relationship, even if they feel it's right. How can I leave that person to know the Lord and leading to repentance and if and when you see it has nothing to do with homophobia. If I was a homophobe. You think that I would say yes it's fine that we gay Rabbi officiated my mother's funeral ceremony using a homophobe in his or her right mind would think of that in a million years. No course not. No way no how. Not a chance that the fact this is not a homophobic bone in my body. I simply agree with what God says about sexual relations and family and marriage because of which I oppose certain things in society.

So now let me get to this issue of pushback that we get to this issue of of pushback here is a story that I know I don't know if you if you heard this, but report on daily wire and other sites. This woman is dominating her cycle racing except she's not a woman so this was from a few days back Amanda press. How do you pronounce his last name. I was reader articles, press did G Jack Yarmo, Alec. I'll get it right last weekend, 36-year-old man raised in a massive annual Tucson's likely competition against thousands of women and shotgun for he won big time. According to the Arizona Star daily. The biological male race. The 106 mile route and four hours and 36 minutes winning time for the women's division. The whopping 25 minutes longer than the men's first place finisher not know that your thinking house is fair those female athletes sacrifice and train countless hours just other competition stolen from them by a man. The patriarchy is alive and well will relax you bigot that male cyclist who goes by Jillian Bearden says he's a woman so it's cool and subsequent huge Bearden told them start in the wake of his massive victory with a moment of time, especially now were not only do we have to come out that we have to be positive. We have to come together in solidarity, move this country in a direction that is accepting of all timeout timeout is one saying to treat everyone with kindness is one thing to say. If you haven't a neighbor who identifies as transgender that you love your neighbor as yourself is, it is one thing to say. If you have a gay couple next door that you treat them with love and you reach out to them and seek to lead them to the Lord. Yes. And if you're gonna be away for a while. You don't get their mail for them or whatever, why, because there people that need the Lord like everybody else that's outside of the Messiah. That's one thing it's another thing when you start to restructure society and friends.

That is not going to succeed.

There will be pushback at a certain point.

This will this will reach its it's critical mass. When you have more and more men who identifies women winning female competitions and the ladies who sacrifice and who train and and who who are athletes in her competitive are being defeated easily by bondage, biological males, who by the way if there were competing as the men would be losing badly. There's gonna be a pushback. There is going to be a pushback. Here's a quote from one of the competitors Emma Daniels, I'm glad that this person is comfortable with who they are and they're able to be happy and who they are but I don't think it's competitively completely 100% fair. That would be a very polite understatement. Biological males have physical advantages over biological females, on average, and therefore when you're going to put them in competition, direct competition, one against the other. You are going to have this kind of on fairness coming up because of which there will be pushback and was reading an article in the New York Times that was urging the Democrats to get back to putting a message on economy and things like that and and and you move away from some of the social issues as as the major fight beat because they're there saying you listen this is this is not the way were going to win there is going to be pushback that is the reality friends.

I've been saying it for years and I'm sure that gay activists and their allies will overplay their hands be it with trans activism, be it with attacking the rights and the freedoms of others.

Disable how can everybody have the rights and freedom side-by-side.

That is going to be the great challenge that is going through the great challenge because if if people on my side have their way in the society there be no such thing as quote same-sex marriage and if those on the other side had their way there would be no sanctioned opposition to it under both work hand-in-hand well.

I will see a culture turn away.

That's more moral, more biblical, which I believe is then for the best interest of the country. I can tell you this if LGBT activists continue to overplay their hand and come against the fundamental freedoms of other Americans freedoms of religion, speech and conscience going to see a turning of the type how much of that relates to what happened in the elections is any relate to what happened in the election on a certain level on a certain level with many American saying enough is enough with the way the country is going. This is certainly a sub plot to a larger story all right and give you some specific news come back, pray for God's very best Rabbi Bill, I'm sure would welcome a prayer like that.

Pray for me to pray for yourself.

Her plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on the one afar 866348788. If you have a question for me: on Friday you got questions. We got answers. I'll take some calls today. If you want my take on anything that's happening in the society. Let me know. Biblical questions will take those as well. Hate, one quick note for you if we have been a blessing to you through this radio broadcast. If we been a help to through the articles and videos. We put out to the year we we give ourselves as a team we pour ourselves out to do these, with all the excellence we can if we been a blessing to which you stand with me this Friday I leave for my 24th trip to India than on the way back go to Italy.

We have to finance these things we go there to pour out not to receive but there are lots of costs involved with this and at the end of the year.

Finances can get very tight.

If we've been a blessing to which you help us with a one time year and give remember this radio broadcast is listener sponsored if you go to my website as starter ASKDR If you go there you can just click on donate or here's our text to give number so we can change the world together 929 change one that's 19 nine 242-6430 1929 change one which you do is you type the text of Rendon in that the message part displayed in the amount you want to give an obedient little screen follow self getting information for you stand with us like really appreciate. I can't thank you enough and just want you to know that we are here to serve you for blessing to you than you can help us continue to do this you can also hold my hands up as I go to India again. The text to give number 99 change one shot down.

If you can't give today 19 92426431 all right. The New York Times. This was November 14 but I cited it in an article I wrote last night.

Jonathan Martin wrote this article, the headline pulling Democrats back to it's the economy stupid.

The sources this Democrats stunning defeat in the presidential race and continued struggles in lower-level contexts have jolted party leaders into concluding that their emphasis on cultural issues has all but crippled them by diverting voters attention from the core different democratic message of economic fairness. But even as Democrats agree about the need to promote their agenda more aggressively for the middle class voters of modest means, especially parts the country where the party has suffered grievous losses. They are divided over how aggressively to position themselves in the economic left with battle lines ready forming over the lightning rod issue of foreign trade. I don't want to get into the whole discussion of the economy. That's not what I want to major on what other major one is that first paragraph that opening sentence that that the Democrats defeat. It wasn't just the presidency. It was other races across the country, Republicans have more control in America then than in any time wouldn't 80 years and to Cruz is said that if if Republicans don't deliver on their promised agenda then Americans are ever other Republican should take to the streets and hold them accountable know with pitchfork 70s using metaphorical expression there.

But what is his reaction. It's a reaction to a lot of things.

It's a reaction to a lot of the political correctness in the us that the Washington establishment and those things that Donald Trump took on it's a reaction against the feeling that all the special interest groups. However, they are that there put first in your average hard-working American is left out that's that's part of the phenomenon of what's happened, but please understand, to the extent the Democratic Party is identifying with cultural issues to say no unless the Republicans are doing the Republicans are the one who is strongly pro-life. The Republicans are the ones who oppose same-sex marriage and Republicans are the ones who make a big issue of religious freedoms. That's true but they're doing it is a pushback against where the Democrats are pushing things that the Democrats keep going further and further left yet, even though in many ways America is not as conservative as it used to be you push too hard in one direction and there's going to be a pushback we been saying that for years we've been saying that those who came out of the closet. Speaking of radical activists want to put us in the closet. Speaking of conservative people of faith in America. But the reality is when I get to go in the closet. This conflict is garage which makes it all the more important to be building personal relationships in the midst of the theological and ideological and cultural and social differences, to be caring for other human beings as human beings will be able look them in the face of God.

I flatly disagree with you there.

I believe that's true.

I believe it's wrong and God said, I believe it's wrong for the society and were going to have to learn to do that because right now right now things are point where the Obama administration overplayed their hand in many ways with executive orders with if you want to look at the transgender example by pushing that aggressively in the schools and what happens is now that other Americans who want to be tolerant who one of the accepting I think your average human being in America wants to be accepting of others. I believe that that we as a country, hate, bigotry that is a country we we we recognize the sins of our past. We recognize that our our sins against Native Americans we recognize are sins against African-Americans. We don't want any of that in our culture today that's that's why that the left keeps trying to associate Donald Trump with the Ku Klux Klan radical right. That's what Trump instantly denounces this, and then disavows that the end to the extent the gay activists and transgender activists have been able to see the gays in black and transgender's new black. Many Americans are sympathetic.

Plus you have a gay friend or gay family member gay colleagues and nice person is able. Why shouldn't they be able to do what they want with their lives like I can do with it but I will. That's that the general sympathy of Americans. The problem is, it's never ultimately come to just a matter of equality it's come to Mordecai must bow even though everyone bowed to Haman in the book of Esther except for the Jew, Mordecai.

He wasn't happy until Mordecai badly became so enraged with Mordecai want to wipe out all his own people. I'm not comparing that to gay activists and a gay actress.

I try to wipe us out, but I'm telling you, as long as we can oppose the direction of activism as long as we can say that we will not perform weddings as long as we have tax exemption for these kinds of things is as religious groups, there is going to be opposition and that opposition will not hesitate on some other the radical left.

It will not hesitate to take away our rights in the name of its own rights and and one Prof. Mark Christensen hey that's the conservatives did make a deal with us wrecking to make a deal with them.

To paraphrase Ed, here is what a Harvard professor, I believe, and he's basically saying hey don't don't play games with the religious right basic time to put them in the closet again.

To paraphrase Greg all their friends Mordecai is knocking about in the pushback is going to continue.

You can mark my words today that you mark them tomorrow. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Can I mention something to you that is very powerful, very beautiful, something that you rarely find outside the gospel, but you commonly find within the gospel is something that I find also was some.

It's really deep and in black Christian tradition as well. But there's an article on the stream rhyme of regular contributor.

It's by Kevin Daly and it was published yesterday. Families of South Carolina church shooting victims urge forgiveness for Dylan roof. This is the young man. The young white man who went into the mother manual African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, and shot dead was it nine black worshipers. There so the question is, should this young man face the death penalty faces 33 federal charges, including nine counts of violating hate crime act resulting in death. So he he went to church building. He was befriended by the people as he went in and then he pulled the gun and murder them in cold blood, and from what we understand he murdered them because they were black. I mean you're talking about one of the most horrific crimes in recent American history and interests of how it took place in terms of the setting absolute ugliness in horror of that reverent Sharon Risher, whose mother was killed in the master told a New York Times she believes executing roof would be an act of vengeance.

She explained that her Christian faith instead calls her to forgiveness.

Her mother was killed in cold blood by a demented murderer and what is she say my humanness is being broken my humanness of wanting this man to be broken beyond punishment, you can't do that if you really say that you believe in the Bible and you believe in Jesus Christ and can't just waver to other surviving family members make court statements extending mercy to roof. Obviously they don't want to just walk believe that's right, or just or even wise, but they don't want to get the death penalty Nadine Collier said you took something very precious away from me.

I will never talk to her ever again. I'll never be able to hold her again. But I forgive you and have mercy on your soul who should talk about her mother who was killed at Taiwan's ascenders.

This excuse me Phylicia Sanderson this about her son. Every fiber in my body hurts and I will never be the same.

Taiwan's ascenders is my son.

But once a was my hero to once it was my hero, but as we say in Bible study.

We enjoyed you, but may God have mercy on you. I'm in the world looks at this and the world has no way to understand this half. How do you say God have mercy on you. How do you say I forgive you for it from murdering my father or my mother or my son or my daughter. I was a humanly possible. It's not. That's the power of the gospel is what happens when people receive mercy from God. They receive mercy from God. And they have mercy on others.

It's not that they don't want justice, but they want to extend mercy to this man and allow him to live behind bars to receive mercy. Maybe you've got some petty difference for someone in your not forgiving them. Remember, Jesus commands you to relational level, you can break fellowship with him over. Give some internal forgive you, people who had family members killed by a demented murderer of life that your exam is Dr. Michael Brown hi limit. Let me give you another example of pushback in society. This was on WND.calm as reported by Bob en route fight over gay wedding cake given new life judge. You need to make a decision whether you wish to pursue it. Bob notes the infamous northern Ireland case penalizing a fairly big company for refusing to promote quote gay marriage with a wedding cake may have a new life. WND reported early when the Appeals Ct. in Belfast refused to offer relief and the penalties for Asher's bakery nor the island for violet nations nondiscrimination laws was reported that the owners were considering taking their fight to the European Court of human rights. So here is the bakery Osher's bakery in Northern Ireland family bakery company of fairly sizable one from what I understand, and they serve anyone serve any customer gladly without hesitation, but when they were asked to put a message on the cake was a game message of they said they couldn't do it now. It can I ask you question. Do you really think with the rise of Islam in the UK generally think with a Muslim Mayor of London, in case you didn't know that the the Mayor of London is Muslim. Do you really think that if a Muslim bakery was asked to bake a cake for a gay couples quote wedding do you really think that the, the bakers would be expected to comply that there would be national pressure on them to comply.

That they would be fined and perhaps potentially lose their business is the Muslim community would accept that. I don't mean that it's completely monolithic, but you think the Muslim community would accept, except that you think you're in America which has a far lower percentage of Muslims than does the UK, and far less cultural influence from Islam than the UK has you be shocked if you read in UK to see how much cultural influence. Muslims actually have their out well do you actually think in America that there would be pressure on the Muslim bakery to cook a gay quote wedding cake. I seriously doubt it. Hate think back to Cleveland when Muslim taxidriver said sorry we can't drive these these taxis that have ads for the gay Olympics were not going to do it. Where was the national uproar over that.

Where were they called out for being homophobic bigots. Where were the suspensions and the fines being widely reported in the media where the court cases didn't hear about it all.

No surprise, so going back now to Ireland. According to the Belfast telegraph door has opened senior judges in Belfast say that a section of the Northern Ireland act 1998 may give the MacArthur failure, which owns Osher's bakery a path to the Supreme Court and judged Declan Morgan told Morris for the fellas week you need to make a decision whether you wish to pursue it and David Schofield QC for the MacArthur's what's QC.

Obviously, a UK abbreviation for some legal role until the court. We are happy to look at that and confirm our suspicion arsenic the submissions in writing and the Court of Appeal last month. The firm defined for the bakery. The city discriminated against Gareth Lee, refusing to make a cake for a quote gay wedding.

Baker said they didn't care about or even know about the sexual choices but the message was what their Christian faith would not allow them to promote so they were ruled guilty of discrimination are ordered to pay a fine of all. Maybe $750 and in the family said, look, this this is nothing to do with this is nothing to do with the person this has to do with the message and it violates our religion at a certain point there will be pushback to these things. Mark my words friends say what Mike maybe this is just the end of the age. Maybe everything is going to get worse before Jesus comes. And this is just another sign of it.

And Christians are to lose their rights around the world after all Christians are being persecuted physically persecuted other parts the world right now, what makes us think it's like a happen in America you came on the same socket happened on that sentiment won't be physically persecuted by whoever be it whatever group the radical Muslims in America or any other group of yeah, nothing is not can happen is no guarantee in Scripture will happen. All I'm saying is I see no scriptural evidence that we are in the last days right now okay but what I what I mean. Susan, by which I mean the last of the last days course been in the last day, since Jesus died and rose from the dented New Testament terminology but I see no evidence that this is the final generation that that our grandkids won't grow up and fulfill the calling of God on their lives.

I'm living as if I've got a run, my race the best I can and pass the torch on to the generations that follow. My goal is to see the Lord return every fiber of my being wants to see the Lord return in my lifetime. Certainly that's that's all of our great goals and desires and into suffering an end to pain. The glory of God filling that the earth and knowledge of the glory of filling the earth as the waters cover the seas yet.

We want to see that I want to see that Martz burning for it. Yes yes yes I labor with that goal in mind. Absolutely.

However, I can't see from Scripture that we are that generation.

Nor can I see from Scripture that that generation will not be marked by revival and outpouring of the Spirit as well that they'll be parallel line parallel darkness so I'm I'm not looking for cultural collapse. I'm looking for a gospel based cultural renaissance I'm looking for a gospel based cultural reformation I'm looking for gospel based cultural revolution not fought with human leopards of hatred and anger and strife and violence and guns and knives but fight fought with the power of the spirit with love overcoming hate with truth overcoming lives with with lights overcoming darkness is a man, your dreamer, Dr. Brown, you are just a dreamer but let me ask you this money is to this totally separate subject's a totally separate subject, okay, I'm not. I'm not putting this in the category of a gospel based moral cultural revolution. If there's any relationship or not is not the subject but but here six months ago three months ago. All the talk was the collapse of the Republican Party. The Republican Party falling apart and basically Hillary Clinton crowned the first female president and now it is the Democratic Party that is in massive disarray without leadership is Republican Party with unprecedented and unexpected and unpredicted gains across the country who saw this coming on a few here and there, but certainly only a few percentagewise saw the shift so this coming that not note please. I'm not saying this proves anything about God or about the gospel, I'm not. I'm not saying that what I'm saying is, it was unexpected. It was it was unpredicted. It was unlikely, and yet it happened, and part of what happened was not just a vote, but a cultural shift eight a cultural push back, be it pushing back against the biased media. Pushing back against political cronyism in Washington, be it pushing back against special interest groups in America.

Pushing back in the things that many perceive were wrong direction in our country. What ever the case may be. It was an unexpected push back and and rather than Hillary Clinton appointing radical liberal justices to the Supreme Court that could have changed the face of America. In many drastic ways for the next generation that is not going to happen for everything I understand with Donald Trump and he could well appoint strong conservative pro-life justices have a very positive effect on the direction of America and and rightly enshrine or protect many of our fundamental rights. So the point is this often unexpected things happen. I wrote about an outlet to the gay revolution. I gave examples in the book there some shocking political situations that took place a couple years back that nobody saw coming, that the defeat of of of highly touted young Republican Eric Cantor, for example by complete unknown guy that was massively outspent in any was one of the greatest political offsets in in in American history that happen lots of unexpected things can happen. Hey, if I told you 20 years ago all the gains that LGBT activists would make in America. You wouldn't believe me that happen, who's to say there's not could be another attorney in another direction, may it be for the good of the country may be, for the glory of God with you for the healing of the nation right that the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks much for joining us on the lawn afar 866-348-7884 is the number to call on a related note, my latest article was how the left continues to self-destruct and you can read it on the website Esther to but but I give a few examples where left-wing media Democrats that they don't seem to be learning the lesson of the election.

The please Erie if a political party has certain values and those values are important to the party. It doesn't change those values. It doesn't throw out those values when society was in a different direction. It seeks to to win people over to those values or Teresa political leaders who can advance that message right but certainly it needs to recognize if what it's presenting is not resonating or how it's presenting this message is not reaching people and and somehow it needs to. It needs to not reinvent itself in terms of values but reinvent itself in terms of how it gets its message across and and finds a more relevant place in the society when it comes to the media that the media has lost so much credibility. It is also much credibility by being so biased, so overtly biased.

You know when CNN was nicknamed years ago the Clinton news network and it seemed to be that in the in the election seem to be so biased against Trump and towards Hillary and its losing viewers because that many believe it's views losing views because of it is it is a catching on.

Of the Washington Examiner claims. According to inside sources that CNN is taking increasingly negative approach towards his coverage of President-elect Trump causing at least some tension within the network. Rather than say okay we we should be holding Trump accountable.

That's what we should be doing is is people in the news. Okay fine another inside source says.

However, since the election. CNN is out MSNBC, the MSNBC meaning is becoming more liberal than that very liberal network.

The source and in the long term. That's a dangerous place to be.

Doesn't CNN get that that people feel they're not getting honest reporting. They not. They're not getting unbiased reporting, and therefore they're not going to tune in to watch that it may lose credibility. It's one thing to say we are we are left-leaning and Fox's right-leaning really do our best report objectively or or fairly.

But you know what our core values are another thing to disqualify yourself fight by misreporting or by misleading headlines or emphasizing things and wrong ways that give misleading impressions. Washington Post. Another part of the left-leaning mainstream media. One of the most influential 45 newspapers in America. Washington Post ran a report which was aggressively pushed by the editors executive editor Marty Baron joined in, claiming that a Russian propaganda effort help spread fake news during the election yes so that according to this report which which was widely read that the number one most widely read post report or wall of one of its most widely read when it came out. They claim those Russian propaganda behind the alleged fake news that influence the election and so they claim that is Russian propaganda behind WikiLeaks and the Drudge Report is as well as Black agenda report choose dignity, capitalism and the Ron Paul Institute so you think were gonna believe this well the radical left will believe it. Another to shake their heads and kidding me so it's it's Russia that's viewing the fires of of of right wing sites like Drudge Report and libertarian sites and groups like the Ron Paul Institute is serious and and and then and then the Democrats are look looking to potentially have is their party chairman. A representative Keith Ellison from Minnesota in the past, according to an article by Fred Lucas on the stream but he said he wants the Democratic Party to come out against the Second Amendment compared the 9/11 attacks to the Nazi Nazi Reichstag fire and was affiliated with the controversial Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam once said that that Hillary Clinton would have to prove she's not a Republican to get his support so so they think they're gonna consolidate the cost by going further to the left is only further self-destruction and then have on ESPN ESPN sports network but infamous for its strong liberal views baseball legend Curt Schilling after he was fired accused ESPN of being bigoted and intolerant toward conservatives like himself. In October, October, lonely, lost 621,000 subscribers. According to reports of Everett, 621,000 that's that's a mind boggling number 621,000.

We can't say for sure what caused it, but there are some who believe that the, the network went political, and not just political but political left and people aren't tuning in to watch sports for that nutrient watch sports for sports in January 2016 and ESPN memo advised that quote we should refrain from political editorializing, personal attacks or drive-by comments regarding the candidates and their campaigns, including but not limited to on platforms such as Twitter and other social media would stay out of politics. Boys girls stay out of politics. So what is ESPN do with the death of Fidel Castro is a lengthy article entitled Fidel Castro 90 few sports into Cuba's national identity and it speaks candidly of his conflicts with America mentioned the negative effects of some of his economic policies but doesn't talk about his atrocities and thus talk about all the people he had killed by firing squads and all the people he put in jail. The families he destroyed. Not a syllable about that. Instead it's all about what he did for sports so ESPN once again does not seem to be learning its lesson and this is what I see happening more and more friends. Those who are pushing a radical left social agenda and are doing it. Not a way that says here are views with respect to differing views, but no, here are views and reason, I can acknowledge other views within the silence of the views friends watching them lose ground by the day is time to gloat. By the way, the stocks get on these repents of our own sins and while we have room to breathe standard for the gospel reach out friends again is your urine gift would be of great help to suspiciously get ready to go to India going to ask Dr. and click on donate my bottom line today. Gates of hell will never prevail against the church of teeth. I got some words of encouragement and faith for you today hey the church of Jesus is going forward not backwards stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown looking friends to the broadcast today never call to join in the conversation, 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

I do have words of encouragement for you. But first, if you haven't been following the news today. There were reports of an active shooter on the Ohio State campus reports that students were told to run or hide or if needs be fight out, which would be a standard policy announcement for an active shooter for us understand, but it turns out that what happened was an 18-year-old Ohio State University student plowed into a plowed his car into a campus crowd and jumped out and started stabbing people with a butcher knife before being shot dead by police Monday morning, nine people were taken to hospitals after the ambush. One was in critical condition. So even though the incident was initially reported as an active shooter situation suspected not shoot anyone and of he is an 18-year-old Somali refugee from from the reports that I'm reading here, let's just see if there's any other information. People said it clearly looked deliberate and then officer yells to the suspect drop it and get down or I'll shoot and find on the suspect. The man was going insane. So obviously the fact that he is a Somali refugee. He had lived in Pakistan people are talking about yellow phthisis call for random knife attacks and was this related to terrorism. This is obviously going to stir a whole a whole lot of emotion right now. Thankfully, none of the people were killed. Aside from the attacker and we pray for grace on those that were injured, especially the one in critical condition. But what we need to do is this. Let's not be stupid this stick our head in the sands.

If in fact this is another Muslim refugee who has been infected with radical Islamic thinking on the other hand, let's not jump to conclusions before we know all the facts and let's not assume that your neighbor who is a Muslim is also a terrorist right so let's not put our heads in the sands. If there are issues that we need to address and let's not jump to conclusions without knowing the facts. Thankfully, you had an officer there very quickly and was able to kill the, the attacker, who obviously had murder on his mind was this part of the plan of Isis they'd promised to deter attacks and during the holiday season will limit to say this, whatever they want to do.

It seems they're not doing yet the divine restraint, be it too much intelligence we have be at lack of network they have. Obviously if they could do with they wanted to look at what they're doing in other parts the world they be carrying out acts of terror, day and night effect they haven't either means is a say they don't have the wherewithal to do it here. We have too much counterintelligence or it is simply a matter of divine intervention. This much we know we don't react in fear react in faith. We don't react in fear and trembling and running high reactive faith in the wisdom pray for wisdom for our political like back to some words of encouragement error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks so much for joining us on the broadcast. This is Michael Brown welcome welcome to the line of fire.

Let me ask you question me ask a question 866-34-TRUTH 784. Can you show me where in the Bible it tells us that we should be discouraged and fearful and pessimistic as God's people everywhere that is in the Bible. Can you tell me where in the Bible it says that the closer we get to the end of the age. The more hopeless we should be as followers of Jesus, the more fearful we should be. The more timid we should become, the more escapist or attitude should be. Can you show me one syllable in the Bible the points in the direction all yes there versus the talk about our redemption draws near, but those are verses that say when the world is fainting around us for fear of what's coming tomorrow. That's when we lift up our heads that sweet list lift up our heads and rejoice because our redemption draws near and by the way, we haven't gotten near that situation yet that that end, people.

The Bible speaks about trust me. That was the case we wouldn't be thinking about upgrading our our cell phones.

We we would be thinking about you what to cook for Thanksgiving would be thinking about which football game to watch on Sunday we would be thinking about you know the kids in soccer leagues and know that the upheaval that were talk about is such that, as Scripture says people are fainting for fear of what's coming. That's how dreadful it is at that time Jesus says lift up your heads look up because redemption draws near split there again the context is that escapist in the context of his faith, and encouragement and hope, so can you tell me anywhere in the Bible I'm I'm open. I'm a student of the world on claim to know anything. Can you tell me anywhere in Scripture that says that closer we get to the end of the age more fearful, hopeless, pessimistic gloom and doom. Negative escapist we should be is all over and were to hear. That's just battened down the hatches and Holland hold the fort until Jesus comes back is can't be long now listen friends I want to be like a broken record about this because of said it many times over the years, but come on, I was still Jesus was coming any minute.

When I came to faith in November December 1971 I was 16 years old. Oldest granddaughter is about to turn 16 S.

That's how old I was when I got saved. Nasser granddaughter who's who's approaching that age. So look I live in expectation and eager desire of the Lord's return, but I do not have the mentality just got a hold on until Jesus causes got real bad out there, can I ask you which is greater the power of God with power of Satan can ask you which is greater power of life. The power of darkness canasta which is greater power of truth is the power of lies canasta which is greater the power of the spirit versus the power of the flesh, doesn't John write that that we are of God and that he who is within us is greater than he who is in the world did Jesus say in this world will have trouble would be a picture of overcome the world didn't call right and all these things speak of all types of calamities and hardships.

The majority of which we've never even gone through experience and all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. Why then should we have a defeatist attitude. Why should we have a mentality of gloom and doom when our God is light. Didn't Jesus say that he would build his church is his messianic congregation, and the gates of hell would not prevail against it. And yes it is true that the Greek word there for prevail is is an active word, not a passive word. In other words, as God's people move forward that even the gates of hell won't won't prevail against the people of God, and you could read gates of hell symbolizing the forces of hell, and in their attack on God's people gates symbolizing that the force in the power the city or is that the people of God march forward that that the gates of hell will not stop them, whether it's going into a broken down area of the city with his hopelessness and despair and broken families, drugs and gangs in the gospel goes in there.

Whether it's it's breaking down the iron curtain over the bamboo curtain, whether it's penetrating the veil of Islam. Whatever the situation is, as the gospel goes forward. There is no power on earth that can stop it. There is no power on earth that that can stand against it. There is no power on earth that can prevail against it. So what, what's that telling us what kind of attitude.

Should you have no we were watching a football game the other day. This was yesterday with the family just chilling in the Thanksgiving vacation with family in town watching the game and that that the team were rooting for was down and they were losing.

It looks like they're losing badly in you just seem to have an attitude seem to just have a discouraged look since have got a chip on the shoulder. Negative mentality almost expect things to go wrong almost expect to see the calls go against you, and then something happened. The complexion of the game turned dramatically, and next thing they will play like champions. A lot of it has to do with mental and emotional attitude friends. If your attitude never works. Everything goes bad will always lose friends you're going to experience that in life. Yes, there will be trouble. Yes, there will be opposition that you know some of the most amazing testimonies have ever heard some of the most faith filled joy filled confidence filled optimistic filled interviews I've ever done or people I've interacted with stories I've read that are the most filled with hope and vibrancy and victory there. The stories of the persecuted church there. The stories of people who endured hardship beyond what what we can imagine. They went through that they experience those hellish things and yet and yet in the midst of all of it they experience God's grace and they found that God's grace was more than enough.

I want to encourage your friends that is spiritual reality in Jesus. You are in overcome her feel like bodies worn out and tired mostly worn finances in disarray. No friend yet life can be rough in life is not fair that we overcome by faith I just just look at it like this.

It's it's like jumping on someone's back and they hold onto your jump, back they'll piggyback out I'll carry you out. You don't have the strength to do. Maybe you need some just pick up like a baby and carry you out but but God carries us and not only that, he puts the spirit of a victor inside of us.

He puts the spirit of a conqueror inside of us. He puts that that the spirit of faith inside of us, so that we really do overcome and and and Paul. Paul writes this he is talking about being led forth the apostles being led forth is as prisoners and basically it would.

The imagery would be say in the days of the Roman Empire.

The Army would come marching back from from some great triumph and they have the prisoners in cages or on ropes or hooks or chains. Whatever it would be an end they be on their way to death and the smells and the sounds for some would be the sound of life and victory in celebration and to others of death and listen to what he says. Second Corinthians 214 but thanks be to God who always puts us on display in Christ and through us spreads the aroma of the knowledge of him in every place for the God where the fragrance of Christ among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing to somewhere on the role of death, leading to death but to others in the realm of life leading to life and was confident for this.

We are not like the many who market God's message for profit. On the contrary, we speak with sincerity in Christ is from God and before God, but that notice this week we are always sustained by God's grace in the midst of impossible situations. He says who among us is confident none none and their other translations.

The dose he puts us on display. Christ the King James which always causes us to triumph in Christ, a new King James, thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ, ESV, who in Christ always leads us in triumphal procession.

NIV always leads us as captives. In Christ's triumphal procession. See, that's the perspective he's the one leading the procession like that. Never. It's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown list request.

Why do you think I am always so spiritually optimistic and full of faith, this is Michael Brown your voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity, my joy to be with you to start the week together on this Monday 866-34-TRUTH 8663 for 87884. Why do you think I'm always full of faith and encourage and optimistic.

Is it because I am that an unrealistic person and I just have my head in the clouds and I ignore what happens around the real-life.

So I just kinda live in denial of this, ongoing cognitive dissidents of some kind.

That's why am optimistic and full faith. Is it because God wired me like that so it's disseminates thing in the is it because as a believer in relationship with God.

The optimism of God is in my heart the optimism of God is in my spirit in my mind what I mean by the optimism of God won't let me ask you this. To think God is depressed and a silly question but I'm going ask is that you think is depressed think is, morbid think if you if you could just have a conversation with God. The way you talk to a friend.

You think he get you down and discouraged. Oh, he tells the truth and the truth might absolutely shock us. He tells the truth and that truth might have us in our knees, repenting or pleading for mercy for a nation do you think you could leave the presence of God without hope to use think you could leave the presence of God without confidence. You think you could leave the presence of God without a sense of holy optimism come on what happens at creation. There is morning and evening. There is darkness and there's like there's morning then there is even excuse me if there's evening and there's morning right there is darkness and light this evening and morning it is. It is the pattern it is that the paradigm weeping endures for a night. The psalmist tells us, but joy comes in a abiding way in the morning, God told the prophet Isaiah that in a moment of wrath, he abandoned his people, but with everlasting kindness you have mercy on them. Yes, there is evening. Yes, there is darkness. Yes, there is hopelessness. Yes, there is despair among people, but in God's perspective, the light will always shine out of the darkness and will overcome the darkness, and the evening will give way to morning and that morning will ultimately stay forever that there will be no darkness in in God's heavenly kingdom in the new Jerusalem there will be no morning and weeping. There will be no hospitals for the sick physically or mentally or emotionally, because no one will be ill there will be no need for it for weapons of war. You may have your pet dog. If your pet dog is good to be there in the world to come. It's because this is how that works out. But you won't need a pet dog is guard dog. You won't need to conceal carry in the new Jerusalem okay and thank God sees that that's reality.

10 and God also sees the reality that Jesus has risen from the dead and all authority in heaven and earth belongs to him and that's reality to me. So how can I be discouraged, so don't you ever have bad days. Yummy human being. Don't ever feel under it.

Sure thing, don't. Don't you ever feel heavy pressure. Yeah, but doesn't stay because God is God. This is stay because as a child of God. The worst case scenario still eternal life with him as a child of God in right relationship with him, so maybe you're looking too much about prophecies of gloom doom and destruction. Maybe next time you read to the book of Revelation. Look at the overcoming grace and God's people look at the promises to the over colors and revelations Revelation chapters 2 and three and and notice that those are the only ones to whom the promises come.

Look, I've been involved in reaching Jewish people with the good news of Jesus. As I came to faith 45 years ago during this very season 45 years ago and sharing the gospel. Jewish people sense share the gospel with with Orthodox rabbis and other rabbis and yes I've I've seen some very religious Jewish people come to faith in Jesus and yes I've met some of the Orthodox or ultra-Orthodox rabbis were secret believers in Jesus. Yes that's that's true, but the people I've dealt with for years and years to counter missionaries. They still believe what they believe they're not believing in Jesus yet and this is not discouraging coming decades of ministry to certain people in reaching out, why would I be discouraged when I know God's given promises that I can't guarantee the salvation of every Jewish person with whom I interact, but I can say that he's given promises, and that there will be a national turning of Jewish people to the Messiah and and that he will return and he will set up his kingdom in Jerusalem.

The earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the seas and there will be perfect righteousness and perfect justice.

Therefore no need to fear. Therefore, we are confident in the goodness and kindness and love and mercy of God, and we are confident in his triumph in the earth, but these are not empty words. These are words that sustain people through losing love ones in the most horrific circumstances. These are words which sustained people in the midst of imprisonment and torture because they are words of truth.

So I want to encourage you today. The last half hour. The broadcast out. I want to talk about some things that are happening in society that indicate that there is a turning taking place. Eight a pushing back the election was a pushback of one kind. There is also spiritual pushback I see happening as well. I see signs of it I see signs of of those whose goals are very different than ours, overplaying their own hand and I see believers another starting to wake up. Accordingly, his friends, remember to visit the website. The line of It's a radio website. You can read my latest articles. There watch my latest videos.

In fact looking for a video that we have listed here.

Andy Griffith has the answer for the entitlement mentality right of the homepage of the line of fire and also all this week or so.

We can realize 30% off 30% off all of our top 10 best selling book so take advantage of that. Go to the line of You can read my latest article there as well. The left continues to self destruct article I wrote couple days back.

I've had it with the phrase you white evangelicals, you find that helpful video on the Pandora's box of gender confusion, risen, found all on the line of take advantage of it. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks much for joining us on the broadcast today.

Hope you had a list Thanksgiving weekend with friends and with family. We did our show live on Friday. Many of you caught it but some of you missed it.

And of course we are alive today. Hey, can I ask for your prayers every year for 24 straight years I have gone to India to minister there. It's a lot of travel to get there. It's normally a pretty full schedule once were there sometimes very intense. This year I'm flying back by way of Italy is spinning two more days ministering in Italy before heading home. We got some special guests.

Also be joining us. I'll be doing some broadcasts over from India and trying to will be have a guest host, even calling from India. It's the middle of the night there. All the shows on here live but want to do my best to to stay in touch with you from India but would you pray for one year, when there were terrorist attacks in Mumbai, right about the time were supposed to fly in the trip was canceled. The leaders there said don't go in comments to volatile situation now and I went twice another year. So it's 24 trips in 24 years.

Interestingly lost my 24th trip to Italy but please keep me in prayer.

It's a rigorous schedule and all the travel of time changes temperature changes different things like that and get a little bit worn out, and I've seen God's grace sustain me through these trips and had great times, ministering there and can pray for the Lord to really move pray for these meetings to be meaningful you don't travel that far to travel that for for no reason.

So pray that the Lord would really work, and we've got dear, dear friends in India that we work with its it's a privilege to parcels out there and everything is word of encouragement and then I wanted to talk about some recent news items that indicate that the pushback that we speak of the pushing back against wrong directions in our society that that pushback by God's grace is rising in different ways, but maybe you have a friend or loved one that's really in bad condition they've never known the Lord, or they have been a real serious rebel and you think see any hope for them or the following for the Lord or in jail.

My friend, this apartment I work with in India would be the most unlikely candidates that you would pick to be one of the most influential Christian leaders in his nation. He was raised in untouchable. He so hated the caste system that he joined the naxalites the radical Maoist Communist at the age of 11 he signed with his own blood to join them. He became an alcoholic and atheist. He was engaged basically in terrorist acts against the rich. When he got married in his early 20s. People just thought the guys is worthless. His father had been a Christian and named him his front to become a Christian and then Tim Jesu Potter, which means the foot of Jesus that he would always be the foot of Jesus and he hated that name. His wife was a Christian, but here he was worthless, alcoholic, atheist, when he had a faint vision of Jesus during the church service saw him with us, looking up in the sky saw him with this with his hands open wide and he said to him, son, and no one ever called him son, except for his father because he was despised untouchable son. This is how much I love you and basically the call we can do for me. You got born again on the spot when on the street started clapping us as people thought he lost his mind started clapping, assessing, have you heard have you heard his eight seats seen in this vision in seeing Jesus the nail percent. Have you heard started preaching the gospel through his ministry.

Now they planted about 8000 churches in tribal areas, places that she three decades ago, virtually unreached are now blanketed with the gospel. They built hospitals. The build schools. They've done an amazing work when he turned 60. A few years ago, government leaders came from different parts of India to honor him, friends, God save God can transform view similar to Chicago someone like me use that love one that friend of yours. Pray with hope for their transformation will direct that you file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown, let me just say this one thing about the nations when you take the gospel to other parts of the world and see the Holy Spirit move in other parts the world, be it in a hot and in a village in India, be it in gathering in an auditorium in Germany, be it in a house meeting in Israel, be it in a stadium in Korea when you see the Holy Spirit move people being touched. The presence of God in worship people repenting, people running to the altar with tears, the Lord sweet presence there dictates worth more than anything in this world 866-34-TRUTH Michael Brown welcome to the line of fire mentioned that again because I get ready to go to India Friday is when I leave so you know, I've had many trips in the past I was worn out by God's grace now with my Toby healthy eating's lifestyle and exercise a much more vigorous as I travel out of always had endurance and strength when I travel.

But now I'm much stronger and there were trips on his worn out and other trip contests want to be home and this is long and I can't sleep on the plane, jetlagged and and then you get where you're going in your sky left the room and you're hungry because dinner time for you, but it's the middle night there and get nothing to eat, and you can't sleep and none of an Internet connection. You can contact her family and feel alone and I'm a once I was in Finland and that's always feeling and I got my computer and I just sit her eye on the maternal home feeling, and it was it was down it was you know, I thought, just let me get my thoughts on how I feel and then I preached and we had a great outpouring of repentance and their people on the stage weeping and and and and the Holy Spirit is moving through the building.

I just wrote down in my journal. The presence of God plus nothing is worth more than anything in this world and you travel to the ends of the earth and calm in your hands and knees it off up up the side of a mountain. If you had to to experience God's presence at that.

That's a calf it's a gift of his grace.

It's a gift of his love. All right I got a few examples for you about things that are turning things that are turning in society. The so Canadian site reports this from November 16 tables turned.

The left is stunned by culture war backlash and this is Jonathan Van Narron reporting over the past decade or so. Social conservatives have heard the same mantra.

Your issues aren't winnable.

The left owns the territory. In spite of a growing pro-life consensus and hundreds of pro-life laws of the state level, resulting in the lowest abortion rates and Roe V Wade many smug political analysts look at the blitzkrieg that took place from the end of the battle of her marriage to the thick of the bathroom. Morris include conclude that the left has conquered the culture there just mopping up now in certain states, at least, that conclusion seemed unavoidable and then the election last Tuesday change the narrative so quickly that he gave me hope for détente between those who disagree over these fundamental issues sort of common ground that exist between me and many of my liberal friends they know. I don't agree with gay marriage, but they also think it's pretty disgusting for a gay couple to attempt to force their way onto a Christian's farm using the frost of law, the force of law to host a gay wedding. The reason the first time. Suddenly the left is beginning to realize that perhaps their campaign of retribution against those who oppose their social agenda has the potential to backfire that even many who may agree with the essence of the social agenda find their lust for crushing dissension, rather distasteful yes exactly, but friends we told you this was coming, so Mike what you make that point what you emphasize. We told you this is coming. It's it's not to lift me up in your eyes it's rather to encourage use a friends we told you we told here I to give you an analogy I can in and out right. You're playing a sports team and you know it's going to be a serious serious matchup or formidable foe right you think we can win this game will then your star player gets injured right before the game starts at end and then you make some uncharacteristic errors at the beginning and you find yourself in a big hole and and on the coach and I said hey hey boys, here member I told you last week to expect some adversity if I told you that we are going to get hit hard as you look dark for little while but that these guys don't play well when they're challenged. So the moment we begin to push back to see the tide turned. Don't worry, you win this game. Well, as soon as you begin to see some positive signs in the cow coach told us coach told us that so I'm I'm here not as your coach. Maybe for some.

I have kind of a life coach, but I'm here to say look, we've told you that the radical left will overplay its hand and in their mind. It may be a matter of justice and fairness and equality intolerance, but it becomes a real expression of inequality and intolerance and we told you this was coming, so the elections even though these weren't primarily about cultural issues. They did include cultural issues, and certainly of backlash against the way our society was going in many ways so Jonathan would get the name right again here Jonathan than Warren notes this he says you may have missed this bit of good news out of Oregon last week from the independent Journal review for the first time in 14 years. Oregon voters elected a Republican to a state office but there's a bit more to the story than simply surprising when a deep blue state lawmaker Dennis Richardson respected the losing candidate for Oregon governor 2014 came back to defeat well-known Democrat Brett Avakian in the race for secretary of state for the state of Oregon. What happened, why is this such a culture ritual. Avakian is the state bureaucrat who went after the business of the Christian Baker sweet cakes by Melissa. The owners Melissa and Aaron Klein refused to create a wedding cake for lesbian couple of the bakery survey customers. The couple believe that by participating in the wedding ceremony they were condoning a marriage which conflicted with their Christian Gleason and Brett Avakian.

I followed this case and is and met the clients on more than one occasion, but Brett Avakian aggressively push this case and really push the punishment against them all ultimately to the point of putting them out of business and the client.

Seldomly they they is still appealing their case to the Oregon Supreme Court and they believe that that the case will ultimately make its way to the US Supreme Court of New York Times went so far as to say that the relentless focus of the left on issues like transgender bathrooms may have cost them the election though more, yet politically incorrect. Belmar is been going through spasmodic reality checks is the trump train bore down on him, but the issue up on his HBO show HBO show real time with Omar after demanding that the left pipe down about transgender bathroom humble prior to the election, Morris postelection synopsis was grim and blunt maybe liberals and conservatives. The couples therapy a safe space where liberals consider consider is your obsession with guns makes me uncomfortable and conservatives consider liberals we feel bullied when you demand we make gay wedding cakes later more ticket even further lasting political correctness is one of the main reasons the left had become so fundamentally out of touch.

Scoffing at the idea of white privilege and noting that the liberal refusal to admit that Islam contains a component of violence made many dubious of the left's ability to confronted this conclusion was to the point, Democrats have become for a lot of Americans, a boutique party of fake outrage in social engineering and they're not entirely wrong about that.

This Belmar looked there was the Jimmy Kimmel show. When the late-night TV shows so by nature, you would assume it's the left-leaning show among the major networks. I will follow all the ideology but that's my assumption. They had a politically correct Thanksgiving celebration with little children perform having you got one point we got these two little kids doing fine and there holding a baby in her arms, and I can identify its gender until he gets older it on self identifies there there making fun of how things have gotten the society you can only go so far with this micro-aggression and trigger awareness and and and pronoun of choice and and on and on before people fussy enough with this when not going along with this we care about. You will love our neighbors are self but were not going to go along with cultural madness and then this article the bridgehead's is this that David Axelrod so David Axelrod brought Obama's chief campaign officer said to Belmar. No, I don't disagree with you, and then he went on to defend Pres. Obama said no. I don't disagree with you. So friends friends the pushback that we told you was coming has been rising and is here now to give you an example of that, we come back for plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, let me give an example of the left overplaying his hand right. Here's a report on life site news and this is from November 21 from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Alberta's new Democratic Party government has launched an inquiry into two private Christian schools whose board refuses to comply with government edicts regarding homosexuality and risks losing taxpayer assistance education minister David Eggen told reporters that independent Baptist Christian education society which operates two schools with 200 students improved in Spruce Grove west of Edmonton and supervises 1200 homeschooled students had failed to provide a plan, a written assurance we comply with the new law forcing homosexual clubs at all schools. Eggen told reporters that did not change their position.

They did not give us an indication that they would provide written assurance that they would allow students to form a Gay straight loss. What kind of nonsense is this what kind of absolute nonsense is this that a Christian school independent Baptist Christian education society that a Christian school would have to have a Gay straight alliance I made that this is an absolute overt attack on religious freedom. Not only so it is saying you will be penalized in less you actively go against your beliefs. It's one thing to see you have to remain silent. You can speak to this is another thing to say you have to do something completely contrary to your faith being silence bad enough, but now having to do some of the put in action' conquered your faith that outrage civil why should they get taxpayer assistance in getting taxpayer assistance because they are a school is teaching and training children, and in a way that is it is meeting the standards of the society. So there is no it's not just sitting around chewing gum and playing ball dance actual school and and apparently with Canadian law exhibits. It gets certain taxpayer assistance.

Now you're saying you're not getting a taxpayer assistance unless you violate your beliefs, your 2000 year old beliefs and actively start a Gay the gate club a Gay straight alliance, which is called safe space for gay kids in school. I mean, what if within a Muslim school in the Muslim schools told in less you have a a special group for Christian outreach. You never Christian outreach club with a consider the Bible and reach out to the Muslims in school like a taxpayer assistance or, conversely, here's a Christian school and you have to have a Muslim club and here's where the Muslim students come for number Christian school silver Christian school.

We don't accept gay relations, a sanction, blessed by God, and we offer homosexuality to know when I can have an alliance kids walk in our school and will succumb to our school and assigns up to our code of conduct their welcome. Also, use, it will house pushback because this is overreach. This is going too far in going to for it will awaken Christians to take a stand here and here's another example. And where is this a in the UK in Carmel, a Christian teaching assistant in Cornwall. This is from Sunday is challenging the decision to discipline her. After sharing her views with the pupil so Vicki Allen 51 told the 14-year-old autistic student. She was unhappy with the way the biblical rainbow symbols used to represent Gay pride Joseph told the students she did not approve of same-sex relationships is civil. Why is she putting that honor students because the 14-year-old asked her what she believed quote he asked me what I believe. So I told him I biblical beliefs. The student was questioned by the school and said he had not been offended by the comments. Now she's potentially being punished for this and and they are there, take a stand there there saying hey look, she was injured in this view referred for sharing her her views with the student who asked okay why is she disciplined because of that she's a Christian woman. She works with kids with various disabilities and and learning problems and things like that. She was disciplined after the boys mother contacted the school about her comments. The school issue, the war, a warning to her for acting in opposition to the school's expectations with regards to equal opportunities to lawyers that she failed to set a balanced view which would allow the student to make up his mind independently.

She said the kid asked the kid asked what I believe I told them quote I felt like a criminal. It was unbelievable. It's taken away any trust I had it made me more cautious student asked his teacher for her views on the matter in the lesson and Alan defended the abuse she expressed she said yes to what I believe. So I told him I biblical police. He asked me out of the blue and Andrew Williams, chief executive the Christian legal centricity freedoms in our country being catastrophically eroded by political correctness and fear responded to a child to describe marriages union of one man and woman was a belief held by Christians and many others around the world affect the great majority of human beings around the world.

The great majority of religions around the world. But for Vicki Allen answering a student when he asked her. She is disciplined by the school and now seeking compensation friends radical left will over play dates, hand it is doing so, it did so somewhat in the election and the election. On some level represents a pushback against that but here's what we must understand this followers of Jesus. Our goal, our mission is to reach people with the gospel not to intimidate, not to bully, but to reach them with the gospel to say no were not going to bow down to a radical left agenda know when I can sacrifice our biblical beliefs on the altar of political correctness. No, no, we're were not going to to be silenced in preaching the truth and seeking to live by the truth, but we want to reach out to all with the love of God.

We want to be ambassadors of reconciliation.

We want all men and women to know the love that drew us to the cross and changed our lives and we want to proclaim and make the case that God's ways are ways of life in God's ways are best if we do that we will see a cultural change, but the life and power of the gospel hate very quickly friends we could really use your help. At the end of the year. In particular, as I get ready to go to India we have to fund this trip.

We don't bring in funds through it. Your year-end one-time gift would help us immensely, especially for blessing to his radio broadcast, and as we served you and deliver this broadcast you faithfully two hours a day five days a week for years now. Help us because we are listener sponsored go to the line of just click on donate to stand with us. The line of help us with one-time gift or to text your gift go to nine just texted to 19. Nine. Change 19292426431929 change one will change the world together type that in your gift amount and the screen will tell you what to do. My bottom line. Don't be discouraged so be downcast.

Jesus is Lord

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