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A Special Edition of You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 30, 2016 4:20 pm

A Special Edition of You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 30, 2016 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/30/16.

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I know it's Wednesday what we can do a special edition of you've got questions, we've got answers.

Let's get going for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire. Now, like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown. What I decided to do something a little bit different, since it is my own live radio show and it is Wednesday. I don't want to throw off your equilibrium for the entire week but will give you special edition if you got questions.

We got answers.

We normally do it on Friday but Friday and have my dear friend Dr. Frank Couric as our guest host and I will be in route to India so sorry.

I do a lot of multitasking, but I can't do a broadcast wall 35,000 feet in the air in route to India so because I can't do a live Yuka questions we got answers show on Friday and I wanted to give you a great live radio broadcast with my friend Frank Turkington call in and talk with him about a host of subjects that he specializes in decided to open the phones today.

Any question under the song you want to ask me that is in any area of expertise. I have or anything that touches on subject matter relative to the line of fire ready. That's appropriate for Christian radio 866-348-7884 that is the number to call and we have a great time on the broadcast. I'll talk about some other issues that are of interest to me lose related things like that but the first a couple things in the news and only get your calls again. Anything you want to ask a Bible question a theological question moral controversial question political question that we can help you with slammed with the middle east some church controversy are dealing with 86634. Truth is the number to call. Okay, a couple of things many years ago someone said to me, try describing an accordion to someone who's never seen the instrument but you can't use your hands. That is one of those difficult things to do regular play that old TV game password on the when it's been on or off the air, but why Wasit is a canon we have a board version of it and you have a word and you have to get the person across me within a certain period of time to guess the word but you can't use the word or any form of it in in giving you your your your clue and you can you can't use your hands and things like that at it. It's difficult to do well. I'm watching Josh Earnest, the president's secretary press secretary talking about the active Islamic terror at Ohio State University were 11 people were injured in the. The terrorist himself was killed. Here is a young man who talked about being upset with the way Islam was viewed in America. He's Somali born DiPrete five times a day at Ohio State University River LC was and then in a rant that's been associated with him of just three minutes before the attack on Facebook and he said no he's had it with the way the world is treating the Muslim community in the way America stream the Muslim community and he references the radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who was killed by drone strike about five years ago in Yemen by by America because of his is radical terrorism so so this was an active Islamic terror press secretary Ernest in keeping with the Obama administration's point of view does not mention Islam and does not mention radical Islam or radical Muslim, and it's well it's a lot of evidence that he was guilty of an active extreme is what kind of extremism it's it's doing the reverse of what I was just saying to those you have all the ammunition you have the words that you're not using it.

Why not mention radical someone not rent should mention the jihadist mentality. What how unifying ideology if you won't identify an ideology please. It's one thing to say.

We recognize the vast majority of American Muslims are not terrorists and do not support acts of terror but we recognize that radical Islam views these acts. Isis is celebrating and taking credit for the survey creditor not come on let's call a spade a spade deal with it effectively.

We can write back to your phone calls you got questions. We got answers the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown right it's Wednesday but it's a special edition of got questions God answers and I'm about to go to the phones anything that's appropriate for Christian radio will take your call again this is for questions that you have for me if you have a different you want to air with me 866-34-TRUTH 7841 think very quickly before we go to the phones we have an amazing open door that's been set before us to expand our outreach on TV around the world, both Jewish outreach and then outreach to the church and to the nations. It's it's an amazing open door, and much of it.

God has provided the funding for it. I can't even begin to express everything that's about to happen in the coming months.

We do have some needs and in order to do everything were doing with utmost excellence. You be thrilled if you could hear more about this and we have been given a first gift of $10,000 matching funds. That means if you give 100,000 becomes 200,000 becomes 2000. If you get 50 it becomes 100 and and this gift is immediate and right now, so if you want to help get behind expanding our message massively into the nation of Israel into homes across the Middle East and all around the world to potentially multiplied hundreds of millions of listeners. No hype is not a syllable of hype and anything I'm saying if you want to help hold our hands up in that right now. Go to the website go to the line of and click on donate and help us with your one time gift all right if you want to designate it's a video supply that TV that's fine, but this will go towards that matching gift.

The first 10,000 that comes it also you can text to give.

Here's how you do it on your phone type in 929 change one you're helping us change the world together 929 change one that's 99, 242-6431 929-242-6431 and you just type in the subject part of the text message for an amount right type in $100. Whatever the amount is and then will be a little dialog box comes up for the first time you fill in the info and it's done. Whatever you do bloom instantly. It's double and I can't tell you literally how many millions of people you help us reach no hype, no exaggeration. Not a syllable of exaggeration. I just can't give you all the details now, but it's beginning in the new year so were excited. We are thrilled all right 866-34-TRUTH.

Let us start in Linda in Falls Church, Virginia.

Welcome to the line of fire hi how are you doing very well thank you I hope not too much off topic but I'm a Christian and I'm having severe mental stress, and I'm under treatment with professional treatment and I'm still not getting any help and I asked my Christian friends to pray with me and I just don't know I just make life yet.

Surely listen I'm not a professional psychologist or counselor and the people sitting with you and and meeting with you on on a regular basis. 100% there there going to be able to help you more personally directly but but let me let me throw this out to okay because this is what comes to mind immediately when you share this. Whatever the larger issues are hopefully those counseling. You will be able to get to the root of that certain those praying for you. God is listening to those prayers, but I will encourage you to go to Philippians 46 through eight, Philippians 46 through eight. First, it says don't be anxious about anything, but in everything with prayer and supplication with thanksgiving. Make your requests known to God. So here's where you start, you start with talking to God about everything. You may been doing this but just telling them every that's been going on. What I'm concerned about this am worried about this and bothered about this am fearful I can't sleep without whatever it is and then also give him thanks for who he is. Are you be amazed what happens is just like you literally take the burden and lay it at his feet. You be amazed to see what what happens even when we don't have any answers to our questions are that's that's one thing in the Thanksgiving part is really important through the day. If you put on worship music, if that helps you with three today. Thank God for who he is. Through the day. Thank God for what he does. Through the day. Thank God for things he's done for you in the past and then verse eight says, whatever things are pure and noble and praiseworthy. It goes all that list. Thank on these things.

Do your best to have the word of God in your heart and mind before you go to sleep be reading the Scriptures be reading Psalms or words of Jesus that bring comfort to you or help to you or have an atmosphere with its worship music.

Whatever it is that the last things on your mind before turning in our godly things. If you're watching news or or following things online and that agitates you step back from that. You don't need to know everything that's happening.

The will step back from that. Meditate on the word meditate on who God is and these things will greatly help you in the journey to finding deep peace in your relationship with God and living in this messed up world will be pray for Linda that you would work these things into her heart as a way of life that Philippians 46 through eight would become a way of life to her father give her grace to walk this out if you have peace you have given us your peace. Lord, that in the midst of the storm we experience your supernatural peace give it to Linda and show her that which tears away Jesus name, amen.

Thank you for calling Linda. May God's grace be yours let us go to add on Long Island.

Welcome to modify thanks so much for calling going on a quick question. No real how a Christian drought was preferable about yesterday you're talking about our physical appearance, their political currently live an older turn. You know growth, normal, but my my question is are going.

We don't look like. But Jesus just drove back to Morocco. There are like beer okay first week we don't know that Jesus had long hair there's some depictions of him with long hair limit know that he had long hair as is for bearded Jewish men were beards and much the ancient world were beers, but the Jewish men did. But that were never called to follow his physical appearance were recalled to be like him in our conduct in our character, not his physical appearance. For example, one we speak English instead of Aramaic or Hebrew why we sit down at the table where is Jesus reclined at the table.

What was the custom of the ancient world section, not the healthiest with deep it was. It was customary, waited to eat in certain parts of of the ancient world, so that that is purely cultural and that is absolutely not universal which Universal is the call to godly character in the call to godly conduct and when it comes to our appearance. There are aspects of appearance that we would be Christlike. For example, modesty of wheat we should not wear suggestive close that draw sexual attention to ourselves of a woman who's an attractive woman should not dress in such a way that men are lusting after her body if she dresses modestly in a lust after her body, that's their problem, but but if she dresses modestly and they lust after body.

Now it's her problem as well. Christian man should not dress in such a way so as to to draw sexual attention to himself from from the opposite sex. So modesty is important how that works itself out in each culture is going to be different, but we know we're trying to draw attention to ourselves.

I've never been much on my physical appearance. I'd I never thought about it that much but if I was a Viking Street incredibly bath looking God is handsome God probably be more aware of it. My wife is said that that women are are normally very much aware of how they dress and what draws attention to them or not and and even other aspects of modesty. We don't want to prorate ourselves around and all kinds of extravagant riches.

You know, so that if here we are followers of Jesus and were were wearing.

You know enough gold to sink a ship that would also seem to be contrary to the call to modesty, but modesty doesn't mean playing this modesty doesn't mean you can't be creative modesty doesn't mean that that godly beauty can't be enhanced and and and coffee. Strength can't be enhanced again.

We want to do it in a way that is not carnal, and SB worked out differently in each culture and then I would say that if we are slovenly. If we look like unkempt gluttons who don't care for ourselves and our slovenly that that's lacking in Christlike discipline and that also would seem to be out of the character of Christ. Again, we can't change her appearance in every way, but there are things that we can do that with Sarah in accordance character of Jesus will be right back over the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Looking back Wednesday edition if you've got questions.answers 866-348-7884. Any question you want to ask of any kind whatsoever. If it's appropriate for Christian radio. Give it a shot. 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Alan in Connecticut. Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you for looking at this question about your call screener drawn from 24 think of in the public sector procurement fee. Here, not according to appearance but a righteous judgment. Not all do respect your serving our battle for national security with radical Islam on concerning all people here and overseas. The computer the broad criticism should you use violent term violent just want to get the blameless and innocent, well first first thing Alan I appreciate what you say. In other words, the goal is that we are more precise in that we don't provoke Muslims around the world to hating America more to carry out acts of terror. Remember the only ones Of terror the terrorists the only ones that are provoked to do this are the ones that are ready radical and extreme, and it is if you say have to qualify something with a statement like that violence is not against the blameless and innocent, it's hard violent jihad right but it's all right the first thing is, in their eyes. It's not against blameless and innocent or guilty, America's guilty that Francis guilty Israel is guilty. So in their mind there attacking the guilty and again. The other thing is, it is absolutely fueled by the Koran is fueled by the example of Mohammed.

It is fueled by Islamic leaders worldwide. So to me.

I am being as gracious as I can and say no this is not Islam in general because there there. I often fall to Alan by many who said to me don't say radical Islam. It's just Islam.

When you say radical Islamic it was long too much credit know I recognize that there are many peaceloving Muslims. I recognize that there there are large Islamic communities that the poor, the violence in that that want to be fellow citizens in different countries, but I also recognize that that a legitimate of interpretation of Islam is radical is violent is murderous a will advance by the sword and will even justify acts of terror like this again. Remember that moderate Muslims are not riding in the streets and and burning American flags and attacking foreigners around the world. When we use the term radical Islam. The ones that are reacting are the radicals and when I can to pacify them. So if we make a distinction we say. We know that there are many peaceloving Muslims, etc. but there is a radical expression of Islam, Islamic terrorism, that is deadly and destructive. Join us in renouncing that categorically then peaceloving Muslims would do that very thing. Alan, I appreciate the spirit of what you're saying. I just have a difference in approach with thank you's are for your your question and for weighing in.

Let's go to our friend Hurley and Boston. Welcome to the line of fire. Yesterday there I can hear you if you are there.

How are you can check on that for us all. That's good. Angela in Virginia.

Welcome to the line of fire. Hello hello yes I can work on a quest about Mary. We met were we believing what God is about Holy Spirit in order to figure out about why and I learned more learned and I am into reality, though not both about that time the family felt like I could gather along the lines down the line, then I am probably about nine years and I am glad it did make a different time always got admonished my and when I would get married at my leader, but we had fun and not abnormal if it might have had a brain and I know when the enemy is working is no way to fill it frantic that the doctor didn't really want a copy of everything though and enter your husband part of the local church.

We have done one thing that I've done to me because my hatband have political and the random person and I went out right that way yeah so it's something I have to get over an inch and currently a candidate unsettling. On top of that, I'm not sure what to expect from him and positive action will only collect right all right soon. Thank you Lord me and I know with the public got you down yeah yeah because very merciful and kind and long-suffering.

I am just jumping in because I want to respond while you still have time and and and before the break, but Angela I am sorry the church going through a rough time and obviously for a couple gets married because you're making a lifetime commitment to each other before the Lord, you really want to know each other well you you you really want to be confident that you want to spend the rest your lives together and that you believe God's in the relationship so other things you're going through now. Ideally would've come up earlier or through some type of premarital counseling, but you you are married you are married before the Lord's covenant with which you need to say is listen shown in Hebrews chapter 13 verse 17, okay. Hebrews 1317 it says obey your leaders and say listen we need a pastor spiritual leader that we can that we can sit under and learn from, and that we can come to with our problems at because right now what you need to do is sit down with the with another pastor with with a leader that that no shoe or door that would get to know you and then they will give you input speak into your life and and see if you're going there regularly. Let's say your husband has some errors we need to change.

And yes, measuring change, they can lovingly say both okay. Do you see this dissemination change Rick's come back next week. Let's talk about the smolts pray about this and more, but when you're in a nonaccountable situation. Like you said is going from place to place to place, then it's hard to get counseling. The other thing is if if he's not willing to just plug in one place because you can't force him to of the. The other option than is is to say right. We need to go to professional counseling need to make the commitment and and and come up with the money to do exactly that much credit and then you find some good Christian counselors and solicit what was going to have to submit ourselves to counsel and and that means were going to be corrected.

That means people gotta speak into our lives will have to humble ourselves, but let's make this work, God brought us together were married. Now let's make this work and I just want prayer Lord, you know, Angela.

You know her heart you know where she was your husband work this out. You have joined them together now through marriage is not Samantha separate should Lord give them wisdom give them humility of hearts open to work out their differences in the way that horrifies you blessed. It's the light a fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown I because I lied India on Friday and turkeys in the guest host for me I'm doing a special edition today of you got questions, we've got answers but I'm taking a break to speak to two of my dear friends David and Jason Benham about a situation on reality TV on HDTV with a couple very very popular couple with the best-selling book and just just great with their fixer-upper TV show. Now people are raising questions because they are devout Christians, they go to a conservative church. This conservative church believes the Bible when it comes to issues of marriage and sexuality and that they hold to the same beliefs and now it seems the witchhunt could be on and David and Jason know about this all too well hey guys, welcome back to light a fire room, sure thing.

Man hey did do you do you have you any further flack over what happened with HDTV. Did you do run into people that know your story nationally because of what happened you guys. Yeah, this is David speaking, yes we do, we run into people in restaurant airport. But remember us from the situation that happened with HDTV and by and large even many in the gay community which is really encouraging actually support my brother they look we live in a free country. You have the right to believe that you have the right to express the belief and and it's been very interesting to watch.

Not only is there political shift in the country. I really believe that the people of America are sick and tired of these witchhunt and bought Mafia that are going up they went after us. They went after the Robertson think they go after anyone would dare all biblical belief and now it looks like there to be going after the game. Yes, so that before we talk about this. It should be dry gains in a moment. For folks that don't know what happened with you.

You guys were former professional baseball players your new real estate entrepreneurs highly decorated in that regard. You've got great wives and kids family a very, very TV friendly HDTV reached out to you about doing a reality show with your families as real estate agents flickered for your time, flipping homes, etc. they knew who you were and then suddenly once the filming had actually begun your offices were renovated for making TV friendly. All of that, once it had begun, you got drop. Why did you get drop like hot potatoes by HDTV well speaking, what happened was when HDTV started to air commercial art show a group call collect Glatt lesbian against whatever whatever they put pressure on HDTV that I don't you know the Geiger anti-gate, anti-women just because were we are stand for marriage between man and woman were strongly pro-life and of course Hg defended us that know that's not true to God but electric so much pressure on them for a solid week when Hg told them that they wanted to stick with us but glad Their friend right wing watch which Dr. Brown I believe that you been on.

I just sat us to them on a regular basis.

You say Right wing watch and the right wing watch grow the brand article be a David they could not look like little devil and and and Hg wasn't prepared for that type of fight so went up a bunch of people on Facebook started to chime in and the Geiger haters of big at all.

It got stuck Hg up date they save the night. The guys got let you know we want to expect both the Only dates you got bullied and that's exactly what we still happening today and then guys, I just wanted to talk about this in another moment, so if you stay on a passive break, which take a couple more minutes on the inside of the brakes but I said for years the bullying will backfire. The bullying will backfire. It is the exact opposite of diversity is the exact opposite of inclusion.

It is the exact opposite of tolerance and Americans really have had it, even though the elections did focus on this. This is our of the pushback is taking place in the right that you file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown when I wrote the book out last September 2015.

I said the gay activists would overplay their hand that the bullying would backfire that those who have become so glaringly intolerant and bigoted in the name of intolerance, in the name of tolerance that that this will backfire that there would be a pushback. I believe were seeing that in different ways inside the New York Times until the Democratic Party. Think of this New York Times.

The Democrats know get back your message of of economic fairness of the because this all the push on transgender bathrooms is just not the big issue to the American public. Right now welt a chip and dry gains there. There show on HDTV fixer-upper is one of the most popular on the network there recently on the front cover of People magazine. They've been multiweek New York Times bestseller they been credited with helping to revitalize the economy of Waco, Texas.

It was discovered that they go to conservative evangelical church that had horror of horrors, believes the Bible. And now that they're being interrogated more what you actually believe in whatever sense a couple on your show and non-ionic.

It goes off speaking with David Jason Benham who who watched HDTV be bully was ironic. Gentlemen, there is a fashion designer who said that that their company will not work with Milani or Tromp and and you know they made this big statement about it which my guess is going to hurt them more than it helps them, but people so you know that you're right your Fatah designer if you want to work with them find what and why is that the right of a Christian baker says you know I observe you as a gay couple time, but I can't put a message on your cake that I differ with. Sorry I can't do that.

Why don't they have the right to do.

It looks like Americans are seeing the double standard. Yes, this is David speaking and even what you're talking about with she would not stop living or Tromp fashionista, which is a conglomerate website for fashion design at 2.5 million followers there calling fashion designers not to end a youth discordant note them alive or cumin the Trump family and administration none. That is ridiculous in here.

Here we have work or thing a baker in Washington and in Oregon and of Laura Washington date could not but it's not that they didn't want to serve gay people debate that Rebecca had relationship with plenty of gay people that they serve guilt when it came to normalizing a gay marriage all of a sudden all hell breaks loose.

This is the most hypocritical thing and what's coming for the game, family, and we know chip and we truly believe Chip and Joanne are natural yet and you just noticing that's that's very indicative. You are the leaders in the pro-life movement and culturally blessed you in your efforts not only in in North Carolina but nationally as well. The cities for life and you know that when the dirt Doritos had less Super Bowl came out that there were pro-abortion groups that were horrified because they said that you memorized the fetus. How dare you humanize the piece of there is the dehumanizing of the baby in the womb, but with this fashionista websites, conglomerate is doing. They they now wanted dehumanize their political opponents and and that's part of what happens those who claim that we are doing it by not celebrating same-sex quote marriage and things like that they're actually the ones who would dehumanizing.

Those that they oppose and again that double standards glaring. Take one last question. I don't know if you're aware of this but when my mom passed away two weeks ago, the rabbi that the cemetery sent to to officiate at the center ceremony was only a regular listen to my radio show, but is openly gay and I welcome him and braced him and knew it coming and we had great dialogue there. We've been having great telegraphed her with his encouragement. I wrote an article about it that surprise you.

Knowing the stances that I've taken over the years about homosexuality that I would welcome an openly gay rabbi to do the funeral ceremony for my sister for for my mom's passing will speaking and I can buy the product in the lead. You're the one that taught David and I that what we need to do is reach out and were there. We reach out to all people with compassion and love of Christ while we were there agendas and ideas band again God's best for those same people and so that's exactly what disagree with that man, but fell apart after you got conversations with her about that because you want with Beth Burnham but but to reach out to him as an individual with compassion you… But only about blockers. We live in this world, this world would you be in contact with people with different ideologies and different beliefs and different values in different lifestyles and one share the gospel with women and lead them to know the Lord and live a life that's pleasing to him, but we don't live together as neighbors, even in settings like that where where my sister one of the rabbi funeral great. Let's do it and that's the rabbi that the cemetery provided an and I wanted him to know my reception him as a fellow human being and he wanted me to know the same. So in the midst of these intense differences. Theologically, morally, culturally, we come together as fellow human beings. And you know what was so wonderful when you guys were getting blasted and when HDTV dropped you and that your audio Kelly files and all these different shows, you know, across the nation. You would not say a negative word about HDTV just like today you said they got bullied. So when when you when we cut you you guys bleed love and that's was going to overcome a lot of the bigotry that's out there against us. That's exactly right.

And not that I'll be early church captured and captivated the Roman world and and how the Christian faith has brought supernatural peace and during this year. During this time of year. We know that the favor of God the peace of God rest upon the people of God.

And then when we are ridiculed, persecuted, reviled, we can respond in love and that will act the lewdly capture this culture that the narrative that these radical do not want being but the more they go after people like to gain the more they go after the bakers in the fourth your conviction and yet were loving in the midst of it all the more we believe this nation can return back to the God that made us great amen and and that's the ultimate solution is if America is to be quote great it's going to be through God's grace. By the way, woke up this morning to learn that that someone had hacked our Facebook site and changed our address to homophobia drive. As we reported to Facebook immediately did not know that they work with a stick to correct the problem but but listen when people get to know David Jason Benham and their family with people get to know me. We sit down face-to-face his coworkers, and neighbors. All of the lies that are being told in the exaggerations that are being put forth.

They disappear and it only hurts those who are putting forth the false narrative so keep setting the great example that you are and I know that God's going to continue to expand your profile and your voice.

Let's pray for Chip enjoy against the stand strong program. Thank you Dr. Brown.

Thanks for coming on initiated all right friends David and Jason Benham yes or are location was was a homophobia drive. This, anyway. We we got that fixed up and let me to say this, although Facebook has been charged with being unfair and I know websites or she's a Facebook pages of colleagues of mine that got shut down for just posting with the Bible said about homosexual practice to get shut down when enough people protest them and complain of, we see that happen. We've seen bias we've documented. We've written about it, but I have to say that any time I have reached out to Facebook on my behalf. They have they have behaved that responded in an honorable way to their credit they have addressed the problem when the Facebook page that we used to have for my book a queer thing happened to America got shut down because complaints they looked at. It's the reason for this to be shut out and they put a protective measures to stop that from happening again, and when we had posts that that got complaints from Muslims and others it and we were temporarily shut down. We documented what we did we show them the rightness of what we did we compare to other pages. They apologized and set things back preference of the she's out of happen so I do appreciate that we got almost 1/2 million of people or things right around 470,000 close to that of followers on Facebook and that means several million actively engage in a week and that means 30 million+ can be reached in a week reach as many as 50 million in the week so it's an important part of our immediate outreach.

The moment I post an article, we notify folks there the more we post a video we notify folks there are. Sometimes I do live feeds from there so it's it's a great way for us to reach Boston. Lots of people, but in point of fact we have been shut down a few times here. We got hacked but to Facebook's credit, they have jumped on the problem and they fix the problem and what was their error. They apologized for. So as I've been critical of them for what I felt he spent bias in an bending way, way to the left to the to the harm of of those that would be conservative when I reached out to them.

We had a contact there. That is been conscientious. That is reach back to to us, even when they're traveling to different parts the world and today immediately got a colleague working on it so I want to express my appreciation to Facebook for dealing with us fairly and profitably come back I'm going straight to your calls by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

We are doing a special edition if you've got questions, God answers today on the line if I want to go straight back to the phones will go to Hurley in Boston looking to quantify. Thanks for calling. Drink your Michael when one becomes a great public. Collect. Go way I know that, and had electric dial looking out will be ranked and warned that knowledge in your cricket on the thing you know we okay we got but lewdly cultivate and our land only government after Laramie we are ever going right so if if we agree Hurley that someone can forfeit their salvation. Nothing that we lose like we missed place in all what will happen.

I lost my salvation. Not honestly that for second God's given us great promises he's promised to keep us to the end, he who begins a good work in us will bring it to completion is the author and finisher of our faith, knowing complexes of the fathers cannot even death or life can separate us the love of God expressed in Jesus. At the same time the Scriptures worn clearly against this departing from the faith.

In other words, willfully walking away willfully denying the Lord willfully say I will not have you as the Lord of my life. I am choosing to live a life of sin or disobedience or deny the Lord and follow another religion. He will not stop us from doing that he does not require us to stay in his house and family unity does not force us to stay in as believers we do have that freedom of choice.

Again, I'm not saved by my works by my efforts. By my best deeds. I'm saved by God's grace on my best, holiest, most righteous day. I am saved by God's grace by the blood of Jesus, but I can't deny that I can deny his Lordship. Jesus says in Matthew 721 that everyone who says to me Lord Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only those who do the will of my father Paul writes in second Timothy 219, that the foundation of God stand sure having this inscription one the Lord knows those that are his two that everyone who calls on the name of the Lord depart from iniquity second Peter two has a strong warning against false teachers, but also says if someone has come to know the Lord has escaped from the corruption of the world, to the knowledge of the Lord Jesus and then goes back to their former ways it's worse for them than if they had ever known the Lord.

That means that that they can actually forfeit their salvation and Hebrews tells us repeatedly. It is those who persevere to the end who will share in eternal life. So it is possible for someone to walk away from the Lord and to forfeit their salvation. In doing so the Holy Spirit would no longer be with. I know God is amazingly long-suffering. Ephesians 4 urges us not to grieve the Holy Spirit and certainly our behavior one towards another or bitterness are gossip or unforgiveness are our sexual impurity or immorality or our anger are greedier or our self-righteousness or hypocrisy.

Whatever is in our lives that's displeasing to the Lord. This grieves the Holy Spirit, and yet God patiently bears with us bears with us bears with us bears with us but just as we see his striving with Israel was a time when Israel crossed the line and we going to exile and in that sense the presence of the Lord would depart. That's what the psalmist prays in repentance and Psalm 51 after adultery and murder. Don't take your Holy Spirit from me.

So I do not believe that on a momentary basis.

The Holy Spirit is with me and leaves me, I don't believe that I don't believe that that what I'm doing wrong that the Holy Spirit now departs for me and my body is no longer the temple of the Spirit. Rather, I am grieving the Holy Spirit through those actions. When I speak unkindly of someone else. When I grieve the Lord through disobedience. The Holy Spirit is grieved within me is that is taking place in the Holy Spirit is lovingly convicting me showing me what's wrong showing me the error of my ways to lead me back the Holy Spirit doesn't drive us away from God, but drives us to God. Condemnation says your guilty away from me. Conviction says you send come near to me, but if we walk away from the Lord. If we cast off his joke.

If we tell Jesus we will no longer have him as Lord. If we pursue a life of sin, willful disobedience and deny him. Yes, we can forfeit our salvation. And yes, the Holy Spirit will leave us in that regard, meaning he will no longer indwell us and empower us, will he still work with us to convict our hearts and to pull us back.

Surely he will especially his people pray for us, but our relationship to God will be severed a relationship.

Our fellowship with the spirit second with his 1314 speaks of our fellowship with the spirit that's fellowship will certainly be broken is a serious thing to consider. Hey, thank you for the call. Much appreciated. Right friends. We've we've just got a couple minutes before the show was out, but if you miss this announcement earlier. Let me share it again, God has opened some extraordinary doors for us, without exaggeration, way bigger than any doors that have ever been open for us before to take the gospel around the world on TV to take the gospel right into the homes of Israelis in the Middle East at an end. Muslims in the Middle East several different doors have been set open before us. Okay, not just one but several and much of the funding to carry this out is already in place. Amazingly, but we do need your help to to bring this to full fruition in right now to get us started.

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I misunderstood what they were saying. But whatever the day of the week was, I knew it couldn't be that day because it wasn't my radio that that's how I knew one day from the neck.

So you might be thinking you got questions. We got answers is not Friday. That may be throwing your equilibrium.

Don't let it bother you. It is Wednesday thought for a couple of reasons were doing a special edition of you've got questions. We got answers so if you've never been part of one of the shows we do every Friday any question under the sun. You want to ask me it's appropriate for Christian radio. Anything I can help you in any area of expertise. I have your Bible theology apologetics cultural moral issues is related issues. Middle East any anything if you want to challenge me on something upset or believe phone lines are open 866-34-TRUTH 87884 that is the number to call. Now the reason I'm doing it today. Aside from the fact I love doing shows like this. I love doing Q&A shows the reason I'm doing it is because I'm scheduled to leave for my 24th trip to India this year and on the way back.

I'm stopping in Italy. Incidentally, it is my 24th trip to Italy suggest between these two countries, 48 overseas trips. Yeah, I calculated that I spent roughly 3 years of my life jetlagged people that you deal with it while you deal with it and by God's grace eating healthily and try to sleep properly.

You get some sleep on the plane. Sleep properly when I arrive and you know different things are helpful and that I know folks pray for me that that makes a big difference that helps a lot but bottom line is I leave for I leave for India on Friday and my dear friend and colleague Dr. Frank Turek will be live.

If you've never heard Frank hosting you will love his show and he is great to call in with questions about atheism in the Bible in creation and evolution of a top apologist he's gonna be guest hosting on Friday so I decided it didn't want to miss the opportunity to open the phone lines for you so you got questions, we've got answers anything under the sun that you want to raise that is appropriate for Christian radio begin them to call 866-34-TRUTH 87884. I just got a minute before the break, so I don't want to be short with the next course will go to the calls right on the other side of the break, but I wrote an article a few days ago I did some interviews on secular radio today and yesterday about this article how the left really isn't learning from from the elections and the response of the American people to many issues. It seems the left is not learning, so a today Congressman Chuck Schumer went into a bit of a tirade today or last night about the appointee for Health and Human Services Sec. of Health and Human Services Tom Price, Donald Trump's appointee. Here's a staunch critic of the affordable care act also known as Obama care himself as a medical doctor has been working for years for something better than was called Obama care and he'd be that the perfect pack.

Charles Krauthammer said hey a pig like him. That indicates the Trump wants to get things done.

And yet Chuck Schumer saying this is an attack on singers. This is an attack on senior citizens are coming after Medicare and Chuck Schumer.

That voice is becoming increasingly shrill and less and less people are listening to it, believing it and these exaggerations and even lies been exposed right back with her half the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 8663 paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on the special Wednesday edition if you've got questions.

We got answers 866-34-TRUTH any question you have in any area of expertise. I have 866-34-TRUTH 78840 we go to Jared in blue Springs, Missouri. Welcome to the line of fire. Very well, thanks real quick question for me. My brother here now they're gonna go back to work on a calendar stand that I don't believe that that is a biblical error that that that they scripturally sound philosophy of the one thing I'm having trouble with with him though is John 644 and in executing that into a in the Sultanate of this more than surface value yes or three minus understanding it, or is know this is a very important Texan might my Calvinist colleague Dr. James White has written extensively on John 637 to 44 saying it's impossible to exegete that in the fairway that is non-Calvinistic and we actually devoted some radio time on his show years back to debating that very passage, so let me give you my understanding of it that I will want to start in verse 37 okay and read up to verse 44, so I have full respect for how Dr. White understands the passage. I don't think he is grossly mishandling it in reading things interest that aren't there. I would simply say there is a another way to read it, that's even more consistent with John's theology and biblical theology. So let me lay that out so starting verse 37 Jesus is everyone whom the father gives me will come to me and one who comes to me I will never send away. Now you might say, well, that sounds thoroughly Calvinistic in that it's only those with the father gives that come to Jesus. The question is who are those whom the father gives to the sun. It could be those who humble themselves could be those who respond to the message it could be those who receive his grace and what we see if we we we start reading in John chapter 1, we see that as many as received him, to them he gave power to become the sons of God. Yes they were born of supernatural birth not of natural birth and by the will of God. But it's those who received the Lord that he then gave the power to become sons of God, and as you read through John 12345 and into the six chapter you see that Jesus is often rebuking the Jewish leaders and others for not believing for not receiving make it clear it's their responsibility say how can you believe when when you desire the praise of men when the praise of God. And then, even in this very chapter verse 36 but I told you that you have seen me and still do not believe so. He's faulting them for not believing so who is it that the father gives to the sun you consider those who humble themselves. Those who receive the message. Gladly, those who respond positively to God's grace. Those who respond with faith to God's prompting that it says everyone in the have come down from heaven not to do my own will but the will of the one who sent me know. This is the will of the one you sent me that I should not lose one person of everyone he is given me, but raise them all off at the last day.

So first he is talking about his responsibility and he is the perfect shepherd and doesn't lose us know it's interesting, as in John 17 of the 12 that were given to me said I haven't lost any except this one. So it's interesting that Jesus does speak there of the possibility of someone departing he on his and will keep us, but he's not saying that it is impossible for someone to run away was impossible for some to say I will not have you anymore as my Lord and shepherd and but here's wickets. Interesting that to me confirms this. For this is the will of my father.

For everyone who looks on the son and believes in and have eternal life. Word looks on and believes in our ongoing another which is not just a one-time event but ongoing.

Those are the ones those who persevere from God will raise up the last day. So my friend Dr. White other Calvinist would say those are the only true believers only true believers are the ones were given to the father. They persevere to the end there. Raise up at the last day. It's an unbroken chain.

I would say that the ones who have the promise of being raised up at the last day are the ones who persevere so we agree on that but some do not persevere and fall away in this text is nothing contrary to that the Jews were hostile to Jesus began complaining about him because he said I am the bread that came down from heaven and they citizens.

This Jesus, the son of Joseph Sue father and mother we know how can we now say have come down from heaven. Jesus replied do not complain about me to one another. No one can come to mail us the father who sent me draws him I will raise him up at the last day civil that confirms communism say, hey, you guys are complaining, but you have no basis for your complaint. Because God is sovereign and he chooses whom he chooses and some he brings to me and some he doesn't and unless he brings you to me.

You can come. But what, what's the constructive point that Jesus is making the point is making is you need to humble yourselves and ask God for grace.

He's not saying you are therefore excluded.

You are not my sheep. Rather, his point is don't complain.

Humble yourselves ask God for grace and mercy because unless God draws you can't come and I fully support and believe that a human being is incapable of saving himself or herself human being cannot come to God without God's drawing and without God's help. Without God's grace so that's plain and definite and clear so his point in saying this is not to say that your out your excluded and on the same Dr. White would say that either, but rather to say you need to humble you socially test God for mercy because you can't come without his help, not legal step further. John 1232. What is it say exact same word. The Greek Jesus and if I am lifted up, meaning crucified, I will do what draw all men unto me exact same word exact same gospel, the words of Jesus. John 644 no one can calculus the father sent me draws him which means humble yourself and ask God for his mercy and help. But John 1232 that through the cross. God is now drawing all people to himself and therefore there is a universal call around the world for people to repent and believe. Acts 1730. Was it say Paul says God commands all man everywhere to repent and he doesn't command us to do something he won't help us to do so.

The call is out. The drawing is universal and then Jesus says it is written in the prophets, and they will all talk to God.

Everyone who hears and learns from the father comes to me that they want to see in the father except the one who is from God. He seen the father. I tell you the solemn truth. The one who believes has eternal life, I'm the bread of life goes on and then the ultimate rebuke, though, is the rebuke for hearing and not believing and that's why Jesus challenges them to repent and to believe so you can read this passage in a way that is consistent with the text.

That's consistent with the theology of the gospel of John, but that in fact is not Calvinistic. I fully understand where my Calvinist friends are coming from and executing it like that but I see it is contrary to the overall message of John euro message of the Bible and certainly not necessitated in any way by a fair reading of these passages that out the viewport looking for while you're you're very welcome and listen my desires there is to be true. The Scriptures and it is the same for my Calvinist friends. We bow down before God.

We have our differences and we see God your sovereign your king or Lord you revealed your truth in your word.

We want to follow your word, whatever the cost or consequence will we have blind spots show us where were following your truth. Make that old more clear to us through your word and by your spirit and I think if we pray like that.

Humble ourselves before God that his blessing and smile will be on us and Franzen and Jarrett as well. I said a lot.

You might say boy I'm driving my car. I was try to take notes or couldn't do it rapidly enough.

Remember, all shows are archived with her that great help of our team. JJ and Joey and and and our engineering team. All shows are archived within a couple of hours of the broadcast being completed. That means you can go straight to the line of a little bit later today and this is the beginning of the second hour.

We took this question, you can go there and you can listen again to this you can download it for free or you can subscribe by podcast, get the sent automatically.

This was we cover some things in depth. You can go back and get that mature so Jared thank you so much for the call 8663 freight 7884 phone lines are open.

I am delighted to take your calls on a wide range of issues we come back I'm going to go to some of your fascinating email question

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