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Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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December 12, 2016 4:50 pm

Focus on USA and World Politics and the Media

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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Politics in the US and around the world to the CIA Russia fake news we got it all today it's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. It is great to be back home got in last night 0C 10 o'clock after 22 hours of travel I leave my hotel in Turin Italy to Reno about 1130 or so US time in the in the evening and then flight from there to Rome few hours layover in Rome on Friday from Rome to Atlanta few hours layover in Atlanta and Atlanta home and so much to talk to about so much going on in America and around the world, but I want a question for you right one for them question to you 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884, maybe some thoughts on where Donald Trump is that with this transition in his tweeting and what were to make of this is cabinet picks thus far, a very very important case from the Netherlands with someone who potentially could be the next Prime Minister of the Netherlands even was just convicted by the courts of hate speech.

In fact, that may have increased his popularity will cover that the whole question of so-called fake news and the question of Russia packing the elections, so she is my question for that and and and more will be covering on the air today is my question 866-34-TRUTH that somebody call 866-348-7884 okay very simply direct charges now no specific sources being identified. There is some question in terms of the clarity of the charges was actually being said that allegedly Russia hacked the Democratic national party hack the Democratic Party's emails and computers and was also complicit in getting information to WikiLeaks and this helped influence the outcome of the elections. In other words, it hurt the Democrats.

It hurt Hillary Clinton to help get Donald Trump elected so Russian hacking played a role in the elections, the CIA unofficially is saying that there is evidence of this Donald Trump to say hogwash. What nonsense is that if I was the one making this charge that if I had lost. I was living on Russia room called some kind of conspiracy theory who you believe the CIA as being reported again and some at secondhand way.

Do you believe that Russia, in fact, was involved in hacking the elections and help Trump get elected. You believe the alleged reporting of the CIS illegible because we don't have all the details or Jubilee Donald Trump sings hogwash. What you personally believe you trust our national security, Central intelligence agency you've ever seen some movie in the CIA is involved and how they know everything, everywhere, in every surveillance camera in the world push a button and get this data and that data log into this computer and that computer to believe them or what's been reported the same or Jubilee. Donald Trump is is is is hogwash. John Bolton possible Secretary of State has question with this is what was called a false flag by false like me that that our government is actually doing this to make it look like someone else is doing it or another group is doing it. Make it look like someone else is doing it is not possible John McCain. Sen. John McCain calls Russian interference warfare. He actually believes their guilty Donald Trump denies it. Who you believe CIA or Donald Trump under the poll on this on twitter the results so far. Fascinating. 866-34-TRUTH 784 we come back I will mention a couple of fun things for my trip to Italy and India. Those that were praying for me. Thank you so much of your prayers are answered. It was a great trip and I'm back home refreshed and strong please Trump CIA error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

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Do you believe that Russia hacked the US elections or do you believe that that when Donald trumps is is hogwash that poor investigated by the CIA that that Donald Trump is right not to think of this from it. Think of this. This is the incoming president of the United States, and this is his intelligence service to follow another with this is not the intelligence service of Iran or Iraq or Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan or Russia or Israel or Canada. This is the US government's Central intelligence agency that should be working for the president and the president United States will have access to all of their briefings.

All of their information in ways that no one else on the planet will and yet he's he's criticizing in here now. Is this because this is part of the larger government part of the larger swamp that has to be drained and that's why Donald Trump has the attitude that he has is it because the FBI is seen to be is is has appeared to be unreliable or working complicit with the government against the government or covering up for not covering up as part of the larger mistrust does Donald Trump know something that we don't know as as far as what's going on with the CAS CIA what's going on with Russia now thus far, thus far, as Donald Trump has been moving forward in these weeks since being elected president United States as he is been appointing his cabinet picks many on the left or flipping out open arms are can believe it. And even with him having several generals on his cabinet. Since this could.

It's like a dictatorship look at what he's doing other sins is amazing. The heritage foundation with Citigroup on the planet.

I would say hate great group have counseling. The other presidents on cabinet fixate. Certainly, behind the list of groups that I that I would pick heritage foundation. There get the with the influence they been able have thus far and quite remarkably, I was reading an article saying that trumps cabinet picks are more conservative than Ronald Reagan's yeah and in a Betsy divorce would be over education openly saying that you do away with common course of that many conservative Christians have a real real issues with yeah and and others in a military picks and others just top-of-the-line.

Many conservatives really excited about that. At the same time Donald Trump is who he is, those that doesn't change for better or worse usually is still tweeting Willie between his president.

When I asked folks on twitter about that would be prudent as present is a good thing or bad thing. They were divided over this good thing or bad thing, but overwhelmingly close to 90% said yeah he's he's going to be tweeting as president and we can imagine that it can just imagine if you if you listen to the broadcast.

When they listen to light a fire one day and he, like what was said and then in a very it lets out a strategy limitation of Trump which I want to invitations.

Generally speaking, from the retry thought of it anyway. Anyway, let's let's just try doing meditation Donald Trump at his list is a very poor imitation.

Who is this Clouse discussed the thesis. This is the President of the United States of so you still tweeting, still doing what he's doing and now is doing something that's I guess unprecedented disposition CIA will trust them.

We don't trust them.

In this regard and an tweeting that out so what you think. You think the CIA is trustworthy or you think that Russia has indeed hacked the elections there and another theory that said note on no they knew Trump was gonna make it in.

They just want to hurt Hillary Clinton we can her. They were sure Trump was significant. And that's another theory is a set of the really hacking then why would they leave evidence that it's them hacking. If you leave evidence may be. Maybe it's someone else in their leaving evidence to to give false impressions like Seneca setting up a senior crime scene is limited to frame someone else is that what is going on here 866-34-TRUTH that notice we don't have access to millions of what the CIA has access to you and I sitting right Donald Trump has access. I would imagine to any of the information he wants is incoming president is he trashing is based on evidence. Is he trashing it based on is just hurting the narratives as if you really win the election as he trashing it based on general mistrust for the government that he's about to take over you, and I just giving an opinion from a distance so we can do from from our vantage points with this is all really quite fascinating. One thing for sure is that political life in America is different than it's ever been.

Again, for better or worse. It is different than it has ever been before we get to your calls in your opinion about this. Let's listen to John Bolton of potential Secretary of State and a hard right liner in terms of radical Islam and things like that.

Joe will start with clip number 11 and he's on with Fox news is Eric Sean. This was yesterday, December 11, we have to know the facts here, and it's not at all clear to me just viewing this from the outside that this hacking into the DNC and the RNC computers was not a false flag operation. Let's remember what FBI director James Conley said dealing with Hillary's homebrew server.

He said we found no direct evidence of foreign intelligence service penetration, but given the nature of this we didn't expect to meaning a really sophisticated foreign intelligence service would not leave any cyber fingerprints interested since there are cyber fingerprints were they left by someone else to implicate Russia remember Julian a sans of WikiLeaks is adamantly said that that Russia is not the source of their hacking of the Democratic national committee emails that your first opinion will start in Westchester County, New York. Phil is your take on this. I got around limit your question by by answering it. What the department above board.

When dealing with Hillary with regard to your email and I think that may answer the question on whether or not BIA under the Obama administration can be low is a wide above board while dealing with art are two of my bed domain BIA is correct and with all Russia hacking and came up with the phenomenal information it made on true Hillary law based on I've been a little bit investigation but it was nonetheless an investigation based on true and the other end of the point. But don't Donald Trump is correct all hogwash or that he fell one based on throat so I don't get why they make a big deal about God. I will why are they making such a big deal about it obviously would be if another countries have harsh sentences election major points satisfies the Justice Department bias Clinton to the questions raised their question again always learning plan gets the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is tell me what the specific source that you have other than a New York Times article that that claims that through unnamed sources who they say was also inconclusive. What source are you using to be so adamant to get a response from me on something that doesn't have a source to what your source that was Wright's previous news now from the head of the RNC now top leader in the Trump transition team and he's challenging. MSNBC's Chuck Todd who actually saw a Meet the Press on Sunday, challenging him about it what what your source you are you telling us, telling us about this hacking incident, and tell me how you know it you're upset with us for denying you tell me how you know it so you trust. You believe that the CIA, the Central intelligence agency of the United States that that you know may know half of the conversations were having in private. Who knows how much information they have or how much access to her emails.

They have the look on I'm traveling some from overseas. I got my cell phone on and it's telling okay here's how much time it is to the deterring airport or on sitting down having a meal with with some friends in the states and it's giving me ratings on the restaurant where I have because it's got access to your fuel out you noted were you are traveling and things like that is why when you do GPS knows where you are tell you how to get where you're going, so who knows how much the CIA knows and yet Donald Trump says nonsense hogwash.

Is this more of the phenomenon of fake news, the left has coined the phrase fake news claiming it was quote fake news that helped get Donald Trump elected units is one of these things. Also, where do we do we lose is often much more important. And if you don't learn the lessons and losing and instead pointed fingers at everyone else.

You tend not to grow in producing and life in general cease was having with Democrats right now with the left right now generally speaking, but but this whole fake news phenomenon. Well, that story was fake when that story was for quote how much fake stuff. How much fake stuff is coming from the other side. How much fake stuff is coming from the left versus the right Washington Times has a top 10 quote real news stories real." Real news stories that turned out to be fake one if you like your health care plan. You can keep it. That was not just a statement for the president got it buddy got reported as if true number two. I am not, let me just see click to read more here. We are a number two hands up don't shoot hands up don't shoot the narrator about Ferguson Missouri is not to say that police are always false thought citizen has been police violence against Blacks or others is not to say that is to say that that narrative that my namesake Michael Brownson pans up don't shoot before being shot dead by cop, that's a myth that's a myth. That's why even Obama's Justice Department going into Ferguson looking for something looking for evidence to indict the police can find anything to verify.

This has above treatment that was widely reported number three. The Iran deal was negotiated with moderate Iranians, not the radical mullahs number for the Bobo doll exchange prisoner exchange was hard-fought, negotiated number five.

The Benghazi pack was inspired by an online viral video me this this is all nonsense, all not the suzerain will fall off the receipts climate change will produce more stones like Hurricane Katrina. Number seven. Cuba has great healthcare, murderous dictator Fidel Castro was good for eight myth of the killer cop at epidemic okay claim their black man was killed every 28 hours by a police officer number nine Donald Trump's advisor Steve Bannon is white supremacist in the stuff.

This false number 10 Donald Trump can win the White House. Interesting top 10 real news stories so deeply, Donald Trump, usually the CIA and if you believe Trump over the CIA. Why 866-348-7884 I put this question on twitter and getting some very interesting results when it comes to a less Russian influence of elections do you believe the CIA are Trump's three choices, CIA Trump or unsure again the results have been fascinating thus far, 866-348-7884. Let's go to use Bill Maryland Sharon.

Your next up on the line of fire near your on the air. Sharon okay well first of all I think that you're a bit leading in glorifying the CIA and for all the points it gave that I get hurt. The whole list where the government displayed the American people, and American Indian and I can tell you right now that I would choose just about anybody over the CIA and the government to lead me in the way that I should go.

Maybe just not everybody had that experience but I think a lot of people have had the parent of getting tangled up in American government anything from the MVA to bend but I also think that the larger point doesn't matter. I mean, I think it does matter that we were Whether it was Donald Trump or whether it was the Russians who knew about it they didn't write emails. Email Karen the content with what high Hillary Clinton, Duluth, Atlanta, emails were out ticket with the content and they just let me mention one thing Sharon is that they receive in claim by Democratic leaders that the emails had been of forgers that that that they were not truthful that there is about to be a WikiLeaks release and is not truth and people actually claim that. Of course you're right, all it was was factual about (the reason I set things up so it is not to lead one way or the other.

I just want people to realize that when you say, press the CIA.

Just understand what you're saying.

I was leading even when in fact I haven't landed myself from site. My own views and thus far.

Twitter only 17% of respondents who posted a trust. The CIA 45% say they trust Trump on this daily Trump 30% cilantro so many many many feel the same way you do Sharon. They don't trust the government agencies. I just wanted people to feel the weight of that they would back to Sharon well I worked for the government, and I can tell you that I know a lot of things that I wouldn't want to cut that. But I can tell you that the narrative that the American people get what's really going on is very often not the same, or at least get planted are that you wouldn't recognize that there, that's okay, but it but the government and the CIA extension of the patent office. The LCA what you want at public that God and on the other races this generation. This is the CIA under the Obama administration.

The larger question of custody law is a Sharon penciling in sorry for the difficult experience you had over the years without saying all this is the line of's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker, and Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown have Russians in the hack our political system hacked Democratic emails hacked of important intelligence information that help bring down Hillary Clinton and bring in Donald Trump 866-34-TRUTH 7884 asking the question, who do you trust Donald Trump or the CIA. There is a fascinating article on the stream by my friend and colleague Joss Merrick.

It's called Trump Pruden is a great Christian piñata Trump Pruden and the great Christian piñata and he writes the latest claim of left-wing vendors who simply cannot accept that America rejected their candidate is that Russia happed the presidential election. The first imply that Russian computer geniuses and regular voting machines was because recalcitrant of zero evidence for the claim.

The story morphed almost seamlessly into the room that Russia was behind the WikiLeaks revelations about the Clinton campaign that Putin wanted Trump to win the election. So he orchestrated the release of thousands of authenticating documents out remembrance for Stu caller said even if there was hacking, which they once and it was better if there was it hacked actual information. There was a few hacked all my emails. Okay you are not going to be able to present something about me that contradicts who I am on the radio and in my preaching and teaching and writing their jacket and find some secret documents were actually believe in the illuminati or I were on a secret member of the Ross child through the 33rd whatever degree Mason or or or that II you and I want to see a death penalty against gays and Muslims are big and bizarre stuff like that.

We are finding that because it's not fair is not who I am seller right so again if stuff was revealed as bad stuff that was revealed some of the divine judgment that happened but but he's got a very interesting idea here okay and and he he calls others who are taking apart a lot of this narrative, the alleged Russian hacking and again as his Merrick says the only particle approved for such a story of Russian documents to illegal leaks from unnamed say officer slow to a friendly liberal reporter and disputed by the FBI right but what he finds interesting is that Russia can be so readily attacked and any says Russia is the great Christian piñata. Its regime is against abortion aggressively pro-Christian after fashion Russian Orthodox historically opposed to the LGBT revolution. Now, some Arab despotisms are also socially conservative, but because they're Muslim and the leader in criticizing them seems racist at least a self-righteous Ivy educated colonels and majors that Islam somehow race Russians are historically Christian was the whites of their fair game and nation of the portables in Colorado. Saber defend human rights attack social conservatism review Christian faiths of Russia is your target regime of choice is left. Vladimir Putin is no Abe Lincoln Osama that obviously but a good another fascinating, interesting article by Joss Merrick. You can read that over as the stream. Also, I've got two articles that I wrote over the weekend before traveling back from overseas woman must not let the race papers provide us.

We must not let the race baiters provide us and where is my other one Washington Post your attacks on evangelicals are getting dangerous.

Washington Post your attacks having the locals are getting dangerous to read my latest articles by going to the line of fire.right back with you because you trust Trump CIA file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown make that kind of allegation. If it were true, and I believe the Russians have both the capability and the intention of doing it are not by any means trying to exonerate them. But if you say they've done that. Let me be very clear either in the cyber world or elsewhere. We should retaliate. The fruits took the stand around was a jumble. Don't just stand around and see. They did this, if they did then that's active cyber war is not.

If they did to John McCain.

New York Times quotes him Russian interference is called warfare right present mythology. Trump takes to Twitter to deny Russian involvement is election victory said in John McCain's is is no doubt Russian hacking. She calls warfare out of arena potential director of national intelligence. That's part of the New York Times story as well with us if we will be getting a 28663487884 mL what is clear is this what is clear is this. There is a massive feeling of skepticism towards the government in general there. There is the question of how reliable information is how unbiased information is being hit because of the success of Donald Trump's campaign in question. It a lot of things that are around us, or more reasonably the fact that Donald Trump has tapped into a massive question that Americans have about the reliability of what our government says and does the words he did create the skepticism he tapped into whether it's something happening in other countries as well just part of the larger pushback against what's considered to be the establishment either way. The fact that so many people readily question the CIA or the FBI and you let again I can underscore how major that is the just by default the Seattle gases okay CAS is low that's that's quite extraordinary As as someone distributed to me. Obviously, sarcastically, the CIA would never lie to us why the skepticism why the strong suspicions 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Lee locally in Stafford, Virginia. I was about to go there but won't look.

There is a rightful distrust in the mainstream media for many reasons, not the mainstream still has massive massive influence, but not enough influence to keep Donald Trump out of the White House right and has massive influence, but the so-called new media rapidly growing how long ago was it. I would say 10 years ago or more. I was sitting in a meeting with Christian leaders in Pasadena, California, and there was a younger man. There, let's say you were fiftyish. He was 30-ish or something and he was talking about in apartments was renting out and that the young people renting it only wanted to make sure that there is high speed Internet available these okay what about cable set up to be the Sabino used to so here is a generation of people Sabino used to be.

We use intranet to watch a TV show watch of your Internet and obviously to get a lot of their news through Internet that this color a lot not of course you have the right wing media. The Rush Limbaugh's and the Sean Hannity's the talk radio hosts Michael Savage's and others. You have the.

The right wing Fox, which is not quite as far right to counter say that the leftists are left-leaning CNN or MSNBC but then you got again. The major networks ABC, NBC, CBS, with that same left-leaning slant but is there influence waning, and our people are questioning more and more of what they're reading. I wrote an article a few days ago that that that sick news is more pervasive than you might realize so-called fake news and in my opinion, leave the left is gonna regret coming up with the term fake news because again my opinion they practice it more than they are the victims of it. So here's what I plan on my article for news is far more pervasive than we realize number one headlines are often for learning, but it headlines are often a reflection of someone's interpretation of an article I used as it may be maybe naïvely the headline gave the short version even sensationalize former catchy, clever form. The headline gave the short version with the new story was actually about right. And the reality is that in many cases now the headlines themselves are misleading and are used as a case in point, the Drudge Report, which is a massive news aggregator if if you have the Drudge Report on a given day and listen to Rush Limbaugh. You'll find a lot of what he covers is what's being listed there on Drudge so it's main story few days ago since last Thursday. Bill or exceed better beer. Hilary blames fake news is almost Bill or Henry so bitter Hilary blames fake news figures." So what would you understand that to be saying that Hillary Clinton bitter after losing the election was blaming fake news for her loss. Actually, if you click on the link Drudge just puts headlines on site. That's it. And you click on the link and it takes you over to the new site itself. That was an article on the hill titled Clinton blast evident fake news there in the article, nor did the article states that she was bitter exhibit with us. Is that okay with some of the news is about the young. What's the headline must news nowhere in the article that she directly blamed figures for defeat. He seemed to be pointing to the other issues that she clearly was an example that the whole issue so-called pizza gate. The story was in the New York Post or other place I saw that allegedly there is a piece. In Washington and it was involved in the pedophile ring that somehow part of the Clinton foundation so the Clintons were involved in human trafficking of children so this guy claims of his faith in Scripture. In recent years and be a Bible believer but he goes into this pizza place with Don Farkas often sure that anybody ever courses residences) to do some bright went wrong and soft since it is not clear that the so-called figures can have real-world consequences of cynicism about politics or partisanship wiser risk lives of ordinary people just try to go. Other days to do their jobs contribute to their communities and the article noted that some Democrats have argued the spirit of man. Clinton news fake news can online contributed to her electoral laws. Donald Trump no incident. She said that Billy bitter Hilary blame this for defeat, which is clearly implied by the present month.

So even even when you read the article you're reading the article to the lands of the misleading headline that I started to notice this in the last year. I'm sure it's been going on a lot longer, but I started to notice it in the last year.

Much, much more because they are II was looking a lot of stuff going on with with the with the elections and I was struck when I when I clicked on the actual link to get to the story that it was actually very different than with the headline was saying so headlines can be misleading and then news articles often put their own slant on speeches and events you're not reading the news. Donald Trump was in DC and said this your reading someone's interpretation of that news. Example I gave was during the Republican primary establishes giving a talk to a small group of supporters in midpoint and then with a hash positive that will be a good time applauded. People laughed and applauded different preachers.

I had not be good time for a man like a Mr. moment there. It's it's it's ingested sponsor hate that. Whether that's a good part of their Kaman so the story they'll talk about Jeb Bush's embarrassing moment getting in the crowd was gone and within, and so on, and I will assess unprofessional happened. It was a cute little moment there nothing embarrassing/Nancy to watch and she suggests she felt the same way. But the story about it takes a certain picture. So either you don't actually watch the video to see what it's about, or you watch it and you watch it through biased eyes ready so simple fake news. This is a lot more pervasive number plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown to the line of fire that is the number to call you. Remember, remember what happened in the most recent presidential elections for prime minister elections in Israel.

You remember the claim that the White House directly tried to interfere with elections and work against the reelection of premises on Yahoo because it will revenge against him, looking at report John Sexton March 24, 2015 at and by the way for life) from other sources reported.

This socialism is really government claimed the White House try to influence the recent election is wanted revenge against Nintendo quote warehouse is driven by three main motives versus revenge. The second is frustration is the secret. They were involved in an attempt to bring them intend on government so that we have clear knowledge of and fail the third is administrations attempt to divert attention from negotiations with Iran to the Palestinian issue and the source is likely referring to the group. V 15 which ran to get out the vote campaign designed to push Netanyahu out of office. The 50 was connected to the one voice moving. She's a two state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. State Department reportedly gave several hundred thousands dollars to one voice view. 15 also hired a former Obama campaign strategist to run his campaign. How much truth is there in this.

I don't know. It almost seemed open when it was happening was hearing the accusations of through that through the electoral cycle, but I examine outside noticing I don't have access to inside documents for you to open the we have people, but often on the inside and giving us information about but let's be honest there.

There's a lot you just have to rely on reports that you get the literature inside in the in the government or have some secret source to try to sort everything out for yourself what is that mean that if America could do it rush if you do it yet. Perhaps this will benefit differently. Let's just say this would be the first time that America got involved with other countries.

Have we been involved with the assassination of certain leaders that we felt were dangerous had we been involved in empowering one group to try to topple another than that group ends up being worse than the ones we topple Jan we wouldn't be the only government involved in those things at least allegedly but I don't look I don't know anymore about Russia hacking our emails and then you do what I do know and of the cause emphasized is if stuff was hacked. If stuff was brought to light what was brought to light was true and that's what was damning. Okay, look, if someone broke into your house and when they broke into your house. They discovered that you had stolen goods in your house because your family was part of a racket stealing from people in the neighborhood were way off summer vacations. Okay so I broke into your house. That was wrong, but you're still going to be arrested by the police went when good things this person just puts news that I won't believe what I found it innovate out of there in a hurry. Once they realize what they found it on the call global stolen goods and and they secretly reported to get that person in trouble or maybe your neighbor and you watched your neighbor going out at night and doing strange things you fallen one time so to come back the stolen goods so you secretly break in their course you you broken the law what you've done is wrong. If you get caught for doing your trouble rightly so, that the fact that the stolen goods from their neighbor's assets. This problem that's their guilt, so let's not forget that in all of the discussion here in my issue today. Offhand, was not so much a mother Russia did enough. That was not my big issue and I don't know my big issue is it striking how may this trust, CIA, FBI, Department of Justice, for all different organizations but how I distrust them right now and share Donald Trump's extreme skepticism so here's a gallop poll June 1-5, 2016.

That's when it was conducted and this is a very good list of institutions in American society based on how much confidence you yourself have any fun.

A great deal quite a lot. Some or very little at the top of the list was what we think was at the top of the list for military military was at the bottom of the list. You ready Congress. Congress yeah so those who trust a great deal quite a lot.

The military was total of 73%, 73% 41% said they trust the military great deal.

32% said quite a lot.

Congress. Nobody said any infinitesimal said a great deal 6% said quite a lot that's unbelievable how about this newspapers.

This is striking 8% said they trust a great deal. 12% said quite a lot television news this slightly higher 8% said they present a great deal. 13% support liability lower than that site. Behind the times. Big business, criminal justice system massive mistrust organize labor medicine stress banks massive mistrust public schools massive mistrust US Supreme Court on Holland mistrust presidency a whole Lotta mistrust church organized religion that was number four on the list of most trusted facility, 21, 20% said they trust a great deal .1% require lots of 41% combined their pay. The police are our number three most trusted 25% interest.

A great deal. 31% quite a lot and small business interesting 30 presents a great deal. 38% said quite a lot is obviously sentiments like this that help get Donald from elected and by the way, I don't said in a negative way of sin. These are sentiments and people out of the question is how how much how much is justified of the skepticism.

I think a whole lot especially comes to Congress, newspapers, television news to the mistress for big business perhaps is justified. Have to think a little bit more about but fascinating fascinating that it wouldn't you agree, I friends once he can always trust 100% of times the word of God. We've got some wonderful DVDs teaching on varied subjects from Scripture be at the modesty of Israel today be at the feast and calendar of Israel filmed in Israel.

The DVDs from for homosexuals and biblical scholars talk about these issues this week, 25% on all of our DVDs 25% off all her DVDs take advantage of that to the line of fire. Guatemala today is a whole lot of shaking going on a lot of the statuses not looking good from politics in the US and around the world to the CIA Russia fake news we got it all today it's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown why is it that Jesus quotes Psalm 22 ABA Lammas of Tony. He's drawing our attention. My God, my God love you for sticking to that song to Psalm 22 and say I am not being delivered from death.

Right now I'm hanging here on this cross the quotes it's only going to read it and when we go and read there in our Hebrew Scriptures is an amazing account of a righteous sufferer whose descriptions there's a way to describe and stretched out and publicly mocked and garments divided according to some readings his hands pierced this description of his righteous sufferer we go there because Yeshua quotes those words on the cross and we go to Psalm 22 and we read those words and we see they speak of a righteous sufferer who is delivered from the jaws of death so that all the ends of the earth the Gentiles. Praise God, who, pray tell, is that referring to.

If not, as Asbury theological seminary, and the author of many many important New Testament books.

This most recent two-volume study which I'm literally holding in my hands. Here, hard to hold one hand big two-volume sum of 1200 pages. Miracles the credibility of the New Testament accounts. I will be taking some calls but limited so if you have a question for Prof. Keener today. The medical 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 784.

You can post it on my Facebook page asked Dr. Brown SDRAM on Facebook and perhaps will get to some of those as well. I without further ado. Craig, thanks so much for taking time of your busy schedule to join us today is my privilege to be with you and special time of the year we meet.

We did a debate about Christmas yesterday but what is today mean to you, happy Hanukkah has so a joint happy Hanukkah to all of our older listeners of Craig before we get into the details of this book were you always a believer in Jesus were you always a believer in the authority of Scripture know I was converted from a different at what age I was 15 and in what was it that made you an atheist, and what was it that brought you out of atheism is kind of a common theme is it II had never had very much first-hand exposure to Christianity may night. I thought most people were Christians but I didn't exactly know what they believed, but since at least the age of nine I have been thinking it was much more smart to be an atheist because I thought was very smart but I thought that you could explain the universe without recourse to the hypothesis of a God will put it like I got into a debate about that somebody fit well. There had to be at first because I could not appear infant time going all the way back, which of course now we know is not correct but anyway I when I was about 13 no and I was reading Plato. I started thinking about questions of eternity thing for Plato's answer didn't seem to be that good. His arguments took him to be a good buddy he was asking a lot of important questions, and I got mentored to rethink and start asking what if I'm wrong and then a couple years later I had an encounter with Christ so so there was a desire to hold logic to the will of course Craig is not your average 13-year-old reading Plato's will find out about Craig's drink today was led into the writing of this book miracles. I've never seen about how the phrase the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown (one of fire, this is Michael Brown delighted to be with you. We had a glitch in our system. In the first hour today and had to reboot at the top of the hour because which we had to play in the older program.

The beginning of the show so confused. It is December 12, 2016 on the East Coast. It's 3:07 PM and I am back from India and Italy.

A blessed week of ministry got in about 10 last night, after 22 hours of traveling a great night sleep and ready to go today, 8663 freight 784 86634 the number to call America. We saw a populist uprising that Donald Trump elected a candidate they see me with a bit unelectable for many reasons and it had been passed to the White House gets elected by a wide electoral margin and and it's not just in America, though, that there is a populist uprising, the populist uprising is as much more widespread. And it's not because suddenly people are becoming hateful and xenophobic, and Islam. A full bacon other phobic.

That's not it. I believe that's the key. What I see is the key is that special-interest groups seem to have more power than the general populace. The radical agenda of a few is put on the Mattie and the many are saying enough is enough. This is is happening in some European countries and in these European countries that it's not that they been anti-Muslim that has Muslims in their midst. For decades, visiting America we had most of them it's for decades and it's not that we become anti-Islamic. But what's happening just to focus on his law from moment was happen is that radical Islam with his aggressive terrorist attacks has raised its head around the world and in countries which Muslims live like the United States, like European countries and and then the increasing immigration of Muslims who have not shown an interest in assimilating into the larger society becoming part of the Netherlands part of Sweden are part of German your part of Italy, but more having their own community within these nations where they now outwardly resist the customs of those nations even push against them. Need to make the host country feel uncomfortable.

People reacted against that this is one example and so on, the Netherlands, you have an interesting phenomenon you have have geared builders who is a a well-known political leader in the Netherlands and interestingly like Donald Trump has a very prominent hairstyle that is kind of interesting passenger attention for sure is great shock of blond hair and he has openly criticized the Carranza violent bookies associated directly with Islamic terrorism. So on so forth and was speaking to supporters with his party some months back and asked the question, do we want more Moroccans in our midst, or less, because they're having a problem some Moroccan Muslim immigrants in their midst and want more or less started chatting less so on goes on later qualify certain things the same of the assemblies not saying there was a result of that as result of that heat heat gats heat gats charged with hate speech is found guilty of hate speech by the courts that he is potential next prime minister of the Netherlands. He has the potential to become the prime minister and from what I've seen the conviction by the court now has only raised his profile made him more popular. See this is happening around the world.

But I say again, I don't see it so much as a hyper nationalism like this are extreme right wing nationalism that would lead to say a Nazi party type with a member the Nazis stand that's the national Park the Nazionale read national party that's were Nazi comes from German and it was that that hyper nationalism that led the way and then pave the way for the destruction of those others that were not part of that hyper nationalism juice at the top of that list mean that they were now identified as parasites of the state. That should be destroyed, but yet there are those that are on the extreme right that have those few short, there is an extreme left that would close America's demise will talk about that when the time is that were worth talking about the fact that a lot of people said when mother were countries going physically to the groups have more influence for the we knew to be so hyper careful about affinities for family will like it.

Push back his pushback 866-34-TRUTH so the first hour raises question and I will give you an opportunity now featuring a now a second hour broadcasting today want to give you an opportunity to weigh in unnamed sources from the CIA leaked to liberal reporters are liberal for alleged that the Russians hacked our election and influence the outcome by releasing dampening damning material against Hillary Clinton and helped Trump get in this theory says Russia didn't but it wasn't to help Trump get in a saw. He had no way of getting

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