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President-elect Trump and Israel; National Geographic's Gender Revolution; Interviews on Sexual Purity and Pro-Life

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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December 19, 2016 4:20 pm

President-elect Trump and Israel; National Geographic's Gender Revolution; Interviews on Sexual Purity and Pro-Life

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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December 19, 2016 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 12/19/16.

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From Merry Christmas to Jerusalem to National Geographic's gender revolution got covered today stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire. Now, like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and South Carolina to Thailand so anything a letter to the initiation like handling all kind of seeing the data in her that was students that you ask your students to sign the petition banning Christmas celebrations from the campus yet that's a little oppressive to some of the students and you don't want any triggers anything that would trigger anything negative or make someone feel unsafe on our campuses and at the same time Donald Trump starts off his last. Thank you rally which was in Orlando Florida thanking the people of Florida for getting out and voting on his behalf and what did Mr. Crum, President-elect Trump say he starts off with. Let me just say Merry Christmas Merry Christmas.

It is this big battle right now in Americus is something really important and significant that we we need to all be saying Merry Christmas because of the. The war on religion in the war on Christian faith in America the whole PC don't want to offend anyone, culture, and thereby offend millions of others… Kind of a immaterial side issue in light of the bigger issues we face will talk about that. This is Michael Brown. Welcome to the line of fire.

Calling 866-34-TRUTH 8663 4-H 788 for a couple of things I want to talk to about today.

Donald Trump's camp. His chief strategist store campaign manager Kelly and Conway said yes. Moving the American embassy to Jerusalem and Israel is a big priority his nominee for ambassador to Israel's appointment from Bessette Israel David Friedman is openly set. I look forward to our embassy being in Jerusalem, our eternal capital.

There's a firestorm of controversy over that of some fascinating fascinating information. I just wrote an article this morning a post later today or tomorrow, but I want to get into some of that with you. I think it's a real importance and then National Geographic. There new issue coming out December 27 features a nine-year-old boy on the front cover, who identifies as a girl and dresses like a girl wears his hair like a girl he's on the front cover of the magazine devoted to the subject of the gender revolution will talk about that as well. It is that being complicit in some form of of child abuse to now make this confused nine-year-old child.

We care about and want to see totally hold with his insides, agreeing with his outsides is is is that of some type of child abuse, 866-348-7884 yet so just one more bit of insight on the cliff that we played for you. This was campus reform, and these were these are conservatives who are putting this for their there having fun with this. They're trying to see the responses from the students and say… It's been Christmas celebrations and they're getting students to see it, we we want to sign so this was this was a test that they were doing as opposed to something initiated first by radical liberals on the campus just to make that clear. All right bunch of things to talk with you about today but my question for you to care doesn't matter if we say Merry Christmas not say happy holidays and Hanukkah) comes Christmas was a difficult time this year doesn't matter to the make a big deal about it. Trump said yes and then Christmas again lamented is doing it that a big thing. Or is that a distraction 866-34-TRUTH of the file.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown fire is Michael Brown I'm delighted to be with you about trumps everything. Merry Christmas again my friends at the alliance defending freedom Christian attorneys working for righteousness and justice, and religious freedoms in America that made this a big issue for years now.

Merry Christmas quote get Christ back in Christmas don't be afraid to say Merry Christmas, so on and so forth as a Jewish believer in Jesus.

Perhaps it's been less important to me than to others because I'm also conscious of the fact that for those Jews. Happy Hanukkah also and then Merry Christmas is, like a little bit proverbial for me if I said I know you have a blessed Christmas to someone at this more meaningful to me but for many, the it's clearance like the stories say Merry Christmas is been for some years and in a Starbucks is there's no religious tradition like I just have read coxswain and many Americans bothered by the end Donald trumps in his campaign witnessing Merry Christmas again and he did and more people will be saying it is a positive is likely what what Jesus got was Christmas anyway. This distant unworldly holiday is commercialism and all that's why the McNish rabbit were knocking to discuss with celebrate Christmas or not with its pagan weathered scholarly want discussion at the just. Is it a big deal isn't something we should care about, 866-348-7884.

So back to the University of Virginia campus reform in the season's most anticipated holiday spin off campus reform visits the University of Virginia dressed as the hipsters who stole Christmas so it's a fun thing that they did and campus reform decide to think about the check things out in schools across the country outright banning even some innocuous such innocuous Christmas decorations as evergreen trees and images of Seth because they could be interpreted as "noninclusive campus reform want to find out what students think of the eye. Dia: I know a lot of students who are religious, so were just trying to make campuses safe space for them to the campus reform. Reporters Amber Athey and Cabot Phillips visit UVA created a Fouts student group called students for inconclusive holiday season and students to sign a petition to create a getting rid of school references to Christmas because of the holidays oppressive and triggering nature. In less than two hours, nearly 20 students opted to sign the fake Christmas banning petition. Right now it's it's a handful of students it's it's a it's not like everybody stopped and said we have to do this, but it's very illustrative very illustrative and I want I want you to hear this. This is some of the responses of JJ grep quit number two you yet you have to smile and shake your head with pity as you listen to this Christmas spirit ever comes along without people like assuming that we want to accept gifts and assuming that we want through voice sites everywhere and I sent back. I don't know if after your staff present a lot more people yeah this is hard like this, like 3M, thank you so my seat at night lights is filled, press of the like I was over Chris life is either thing the nose like arthritis provided is I'm sorry to laugh. I'm sorry the left. But there are certain things that even though they are serious because there is something missing here there's there's some issues here. You have to just laugh at some of this. The lights are oppressive because I'm not religious.

Hey look like you're in a culture country that is vast majority one color. Vast majority one ethnicity or vast majority of one religion okay and that's been its history and that remains is present reality. Get used to the fact that there's going to be things that aren't for you. If you're not part of that dominant culture or religion or color or ethnicity.

One of my white friends was in Nigeria in Africa was getting on the bus with other Africans of the Nigerians, and let's just say it was one dollar bus fare and of the currency was with the amount was one dollar bus fare and he got on and when he got on he went to hand him a dollar and he said no.

Two dollars voice of your wife is actually said to your wife and mother missionaries ministers all around the world, but he just was not greeted warmly as a white person. Okay that's that's one of culture now is is outright hostile, as is American culture was to to Africans in our culture through much of our history and inspection different parts of the country. That's one thing that we could say is wrong. It's another thing if the dominant culture is black or the dominant cultures Brown or the dominant culture is Asian or the dominant culture is Hindu were the dominant cultures Muslim the dominant cultures Christian with the dominant culture is Hispanic or the dominant culture starlet whatever it is, ethnicity, race, color, religion, you can expect the dominant culture to have its practices and this is part of the life of the culture and it may not be for you. If you are Christian in Israel and an Sabbath is the seventh day as God gave it to Israel. Let not may not be your practice and you may want to go shopping at certain stores, but their close I find that at present. Well that is the reality, and in a state that identifies as a Jewish state.


You may be wanted to get some sausage in the in Egypt and having a hard time getting it because it's Muslim dominated cultural that that's oppressive.

No, that's Islam doesn't eat pork so that what I'm saying is what I'm saying is Calvary. If you don't like to Christmas lights but it's it's either secular culture in America to celebrate Christmas or Christian cultures celebrate Christmas is a bit of a mix of both, not the lights over and maybe maybe even enjoy the lights. Maybe there be something about it. That's trigger something positive.

Hey, this is timer families get together sometime or people exchange gifts. This is a time when spiritual money people celebrate God's love for the world and God sending his son into the world to die for us is that such an oppressive thing to think about is that if that's in the control rig are all kinds of difficulties so get over it. College students that struggle with these things. Get over it and accept the fact that the culture in about 75% of the population identifies as Christian. What part is genuinely Christian, though certainly nowhere near 75%. Is it assertive that God knows and point of fact though that is the identification it's down from about 85% may be a decade or two ago. 75%. That's still quite dominant. That's how people identify and the majority of Americans celebrate Christmas with the large majority so either enjoy or ignore it but don't get offended by 866-34-TRUTH before we switch over to Jerusalem and some very important news.

There regarding the trump administration. That's talk a little bit more about Merry Christmas will start with won't will start in New York will we won't. They're dropping like flies. He all your moment ago, a Christian in New Jersey yet, but the brown yesterday. It you know I tell you, my bad.

Here, stay right where you are.

If you don't mind Sir I apologize for doing this. I was going out a list of calls were peopled away and on. Merry Christmas you want to talk about something were coming to shortly so stay right there and right after the break I am going to introduce the subject about National Geographic and the cover of the magazine talk about gender revolution featuring a nine-year-old boy who identifies as a girl will come back you will start right there. My apologies for miss reading my screen.

But let me say this about the May Christmas issue I I did a poll on Twitter and let's see where it stands now you personally feel that saying Merry Christmas is a big deal today in the USA is truly a part of the larger culture wars and it's just about evenly divided among the first couple hundred votes.

And so for the spread of little while ago but it's pretty much equally divided 53% say big deal. 47% say not a big deal.

Let me say this to if it's a big deal to you, it's a big deal. The it it if it's important to you if you feel that it's very important to say Merry Christmas and not happy holidays. It's important for you to hear that that is a big deal, but let's not magnify the way that over does the fact that Christmas is not necessarily the most celebrated of all the materialism preps (and other places that her plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown Québec friends to the line of fire. It let me say this one other thing about Merry Christmas looking on Twitter and a woman, then Christine said, as I say it to others the replies. If wow, I can say it now. It feels nice. It's interesting that she saying there is a sense of greater liberty and you can say this more clearly. Merry Christmas. However, if that's the case, make sure that Jesus is in the center of Christmas. In other words saying Merry Christmas and peopled citizens more freely and not just a generic happy holidays or whatever, or removal of any reference to Christmas it if you say that in all it is for you is just a big material gathering giving gifts to one another. Having lavish feasts. It's nothing spiritual but that's what Christmas is to just a secular holiday find whatever then this will begin to say Merry Christmas to everyone like a big development through Jesus is in the middle of it.

All right, so before I I talk with you about Donald Trump's push to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem and the the massive flack he's experiencing over that and his nominee David Friedman as ambassador of Israel who absolutely is expecting to make that move, move the embassy there and people saying it's like a world war. If you do that before I get into that. The whole issue of moral and cultural revolutions. II mean start this. I didn't start I didn't start looking for a fight. I didn't start magnify gay lesbian issues. I'm not the one that lit up the White House and gay colors last year.

I'm not the one that influence the judges students think they could redefine marriage. I'm not the one bringing this to a school near you or or through sitcom after sitcom, or even cartoons for kids and honor him, the one doing this all were doing is responding to what's coming away so get National Geographic what you think of when when you subscribe to National Geographic pictures the amazing pictures you know some some insects since some jungle somewhere, some hidden tribes. It's just been discovered or volcano erupting more incredible look at lien pouncing on some other animal and the hunting patterns of these fierce beasts and letter to think of National Geographic. Yeah, I mean there that have an evolutionary viewpoint in the global warming viewpoint and those types of things are not going there for Christian message but probably not reading National Geographic to read about a nine-year-old boy who identifies as a girl with the front cover picturing this white and saying yeah I have some boy parts but you know that's okay because now I don't have to pretend to be a boy anymore with girl audience heart goes out to this little kid nine years old National Geographic proclaiming a gender revolution. This is something that has come to us. I have a very important article I wrote over this really burden to address this. You can read it by going to our website. The line of just go there. The line of and you will see the lead article is National Geographic guilty of child abuse and encourage you to read that carefully on, by the way, so I will forget by the way, when you are on our website. The line of you'll see it right there when you open up the page that the last two weeks of this year.

The last two weeks of this year, 40% off all digital downloads that's on the website right to the phones Christian in New Jersey. Thanks for holding and walking to want to fire your thoughts about the cover of National Geographic found a blown up. Thank you so much for bringing disputed limelight got from below.

If you are not the one bringing good but I don't know how we will not object my point.

I called on your show some time ago. I'm back to you… Eric in shipping children tool extra-large by almost like a demo five below to the next generation.

I think.

Time for Christian conduct… Should be on our floor below order got. In the counseling law on the overall agenda when director should go with drool and I have a better fed all of them talking in the body are… Damaging in the blood count and now everybody, preliterate dock and give them count the ADULT closet on Mount Crichton about being pushed into the closet… You know, didn't work with Paul to the election. I don't think Christian curator for bucking the ground up his and I think we need to look at, they know what this straw on my father is just you really write about pushback on thick and not my call. Thank you so much. You're very welcome Christian and it's it's my joy to see to be watchmen on the wall, let me respond to a couple things you said it's fascinating that you say with this election now the Christian should be emboldened to stand. Obviously Donald Trump did not make a big issue about gay, lesbian issues fact he said Bruce Jenner could use the bathroom of his choice Trump tower and he said more recently same-sex marriage. That's the law of the land, so he's not major on these issues, but he has so pushback against the oppressive political correctness of the culture and the, the dominance of the views of a few over the sensibilities of the many. They are absolutely right. It is part of a larger pushback in a larger sense of many American saying we've had it with these radical agendas and I believe that when we see National Geographic doing this you have to say that they did not take responsibility.

The number one reason for it. In my judgment, my opinion the number one reason that they put the child on the front cover is to sell magazines that's in my humble opinion. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to to think in that way. They felt that would be the best way to draw attention to the issue.

Nine-year-old boy identifying as a girl, you suggest that you pretend to be a boy anymore. Putting on the front cover and then the heading gender revolution. It is to sell more copies and you are now turning this child did was putting out his own YouTube videos.

Obviously with the help of others.

At the age were eight or nine, now you have turned this child into an international celebrity. Overnight, and the fact of the matter is the research I've seen plenty of examples of this research consistently indicates that the majority the large majority of kids who identify as opposite to what they are when they are small children once they go through puberty no longer identifies such, the more you play into it the harder it will be to come out of. Isn't that abusing this child in some way.

Dr. Paul McHugh celebrated psychologist Johns Hopkins University Haiti fund president said to me a few years ago. Yes his work. He brought it up. It is a form of child to take seriously and then do we have an answer. Kids, it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown is speaking of fire, you know saying where there is no word fire goes out right so I am not bringing up the newest LGBT story or issue. I'm looking for the latest thing to address to keep the fire burning know I'm very happy to focus on other issues. I'm very happy to devote time to the riches and of course I'm doing that day and night of the things I'm writing about other things, a ministering about thrilled if if a month goes by is not a single thing to addressing major LGBT activists news that catches our attention and we can just focus on reaching everyone with the gospel. That's the reality. Reality is this stuff comes knocking on our doors day and night like not one of my conservative activist Francis, it's one of you this quick deal with these things is that I'll stop when they stuff the horse is not a battle that we created 8663 freight 7884 Frankie and Yonkers. Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you Dr. Bronner were you are allowed our mind about where check out all of July Halloween I would have discussion 15 and upon once again respect to the equation. Something very concerned because my daughter in question was in high school.

Another girl try to kiss her and my daughter. We are Christian family. My thought of that program and is not gay and not so well your not yet sold will be the nearest thing like homosexuality coming to all of us, but I am.

I like something that's growing rapidly.

No turning America elusiveness. If my daughters came home from high school and said that the experience that you better believe would be concerned.

See, it's one thing if if a guy about not right right you say I'm not okay right right.


Right of use.

If you say hey I'm not gay, now you're the guilty party somehow. Thanks not yet see it looks like you'd be one thing if a guy tried to kiss your daughter to say what you trying to do. Okay, that's wrong pushing himself on it that's wrong or it for another girl to do if she's a lesbian. That's that's wrong too but then to tell her what you do not yet gay, is his new trend like the fact of the matter is there's a tremendous amount of event of experimentation, especially of girls kissing girls in high school and middle school.

It's been a trend in movies. It's been a trend in and TV posted articles about it.

As I began to read about the phenomenon, more and more evil being that the in thing and then kids are going to experiment and for whatever reason, girls are more prone to this experimentation than boys and then you have enough kids say when their 13 1415 and their hormones are clicking in and there's surrounded by such a decadent society filled with sexual anarchy that it's very easy it's very it's very easy for kids to to to question their sexuality and now you're told you can be bisexual.

And that's cool and and so on. Look, I've for years Frankie when I would talk about these things. I remembered over 10 years ago no-no 15 years ago talking about some of the stuff that was going on in schools and things like this and when I was done. Students in our ministry school that had just come out of high school in our college-age visits with Dr. Brown. You have no idea what's going on those I painted a picture that would make your hair stand on 15 years ago little longer, actually take your hair stand on end about a bunch of things going on the schools and students to much math was the document you have no idea it's for worse, so best thing. Point your kids godly values as you're obviously doing health, to love the Lord and then reaches other kids at a loss they need more. Thank you for the wake-up call set the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown once it is plainly there will be no gender revolution there will be no gender revolution use as a corrective I'm just saying his uncle work. God established male-female.

That's what makes the world go round.

There were some people born with difficult biological chromosomal abnormalities intersex or hermaphrodite or other issues, and just like we have compassion.

Anyone with some type of abnormality or handicap.

And we we work for their wholeness without normalizing that and and. In other words, if if if some is confined to a wheelchair. We try to have a ramp or they can come up into her building or something like that that we don't take away steps right as everyone else can use the steps so that the whole gender revolution concept or their sister be 1/3 gender just recognition that the gender binary is locking people and forget it.

Gender binaries can remain because God made us male and female. That's the way are we are wired the fast fast fast fast vast majority of human beings are going to be attracted to the opposite sex and and to romance and sexuality in these ways, and reproduction, family life and that's that's the reality. That's reality and it's a good wonderful reality and for those that don't fit in those categories simply either because of a physical problem.

Be it biological or genetic, or be it because of some emotional problem or some other issue we want to help them. We want to reach out to them but we don't turn the whole foundational system established by God upside down 2012. The daily mail in England ran this headline about Rhea Cooper quote I was born a boy became a girl now want to be a boy again. Britain's youngest six SWAT patient to reverse her sex change treatment. So real was accepted for gender reassignment is it's called the age of 16 began to transition at 17, but then had a change of heart.

In 18 quote sandwiches found the changes overwhelming is that they've made her deeply unhappy. Whatever happened will. Three years later, the mirror reported that Britain's youngest transgender patient says she can't get a job quit because were passed friends.

The story goes from sad to sadder.

I know this is just one person person but is this not a cautionary tale transit that Rhea ended up transitioning as much is possible to be quote woman is a quotable because we would not ever fully be a woman because God made Rhea a man and Rhea then to make a living God into being a sex escort/prostitute and other people found out is having a hard time getting a job. Doesn't that tell you that this young person needs help.

Doesn't this tell you that there's more going on and they deserve compassionate help.

So you talk about a nine-year-old on the cover of National Geographic. If the kid is not on hormone blockers now.

Soon enough, he will be all right. That's a stuffy onset of puberty and then when he gets old enough.

Maybe what 1617 start to plan out sex change surgery and have pretty much irreversible sex change surgery than be on hormones for the rest of his life wouldn't be far better try to find out why he thinks he's a girl when he's not. Isn't that the for more compassionate situation so before I was on I was on with that with Tyra Banks in early 2010 to discuss the issue.

Transgender children a few months early November 2009 I emailed Dr. Paul McCue. He's heralded Johns Hopkins psychologist is imaginable ago staunch opponent of 16 surgery and despised by the transgender community.

They feel that that he is out of date, out of touch and just hostile because of his religious views. I asked him if his views about any of these issues had changed. The respondent, I hold that interfering medically or surgically with the natural development of young people claiming to be quote transgender is a form of child abuse Carpathian Paul McCue. I hold that interfering medically or surgically with the natural development of young people claiming to be transgendered is a form of child abuse. So I'm wondering what is National Geographic now complicit in this child abuse by making a confused young child into an international celebrity. 866-34-TRUTH we go to Dan on Long Island. Welcome to the line of fire law. Thank you Michael like there's so many aspects to it that the spiritual obviously but also where it comes from the family and me out when I went, I would like six or seven years old I wanted to be a and others at different but the truth of the matter is that the scientifical you know biological reason why I can't be at how deeply did you feel this I mean not not crazy but the point is that even if when I expressed my parent, it would like you, you're a kid you have an imagination you want your your exploring your imagination and your developing and your comfortable point where someone needs to give you guidance and it wasn't something like you know I was determined to become. But if I had any I've seen on TV will actually ended up getting dealt with. Now I know I know I've documented a lot of this to an end, then that's the real issue that you may be your maybe your cat desires and fantasies were not as intense as this kid on the front cover of National Geographic but what stopped you and what your parents wisely recognized was that you are actually a human being, not a cat, and yet you have people now there's a guy who's tried to transition into looking like a parent and a man who's transitioned into trying to be a female Dragon and another man is now transition into being a six-year-old child who lives with new adoptive parents and the woman in in Hubley. She's a cat and a man who lives as a dog and autonomic goes. If perception is reality.

Why not well the fact is you are not a cat anymore than you are a woman anymore than you are an alien from Mars get their political who identifies all of the above and believe they are increasing our society saying well if you believe you are you are, which is is this insanity to think that it understand the difference between you know what animal now in our fire really a lot of it is pushed up on parenting or like society where you know it's okay to be okay to be that, and yet chase your dreams become an animal like it valid.

The house I grew up and then yelled. Who knows where I got it I brought a Christian all and I was just in our childhood, no imagination thing but you know it was. It shows how much influence will dark parent that also if society has on child. The upper yeah you know what's which will send the dams that as parents think they're helping their kids by saying all right. You know Johnny you really believe you Jane and and when we let you play with dolls you're happy in which you let you wear girls closure happy in your depressed and embarrassed when you have to be Johnny and parents love the kids and I got online and research this and I think okay the best thing to do then is to agree with the child, and so on and so forth. All in point of fact, they make it much, much harder for that kid to accept reality, according to all the studies that I've that I've seen that when you play into it early. When the. The kid is older, it's harder for that kid to come out of that deception at regular not talk about someone with with biological or chromosomal disorders or with with the ambiguous genitalia or anything that when I talk about that time of people who are clearly biologically crumbs only male or female, and believe they are the other that the more you reinforce their wrong thinking. The harder it is for them to break free. Later hey Dan Grace to you and I can tell from your heart that you care.

That's that.

The biggest thing is we encounter people struggling that they meet with the love of God through us. At the same time we stand up against the salamander slick there's something called other can Therrien where it where people believe that their part animal report alien and document the data my book outlets to get a revolution in the various articles they really believe it, and their story sounds exactly the same as transgender and then those with body identity integrity disorder PI ID that are not happy until a limb is amputated or are they gone blind or something and I have now. Now there if you hold in their body. They felt on hold when they were whole. These people need our help.

They don't need amputation of healthy limbs 866-34-TRUTH we come back we are focusing on Jerusalem. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice aboard cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you for joining us on one of fire today Michael Brown here delighted to be with you about an article that should go up later today or tomorrow. Why Donald Trump is catching hell for planning to move our embassy to Jerusalem. Since a look fact of the matter is there is no controversy like the controversy that surrounds truth.

It is the world's most controversial city, the world's most divided city world's most coveted city the whole world cares about Jerusalem.

Zechariah 12 to still a future event Jerusalem will be a cup that brings dizziness to all the surrounding nations in the world will ultimately be an uproar over Jerusalem so in in 1950. Israel officially said that its capital was Jerusalem, but all the embassies, virtually all embassies have remained in Tel Aviv question is why.

Well, aside from the idea that Jews don't belong in Israel and all the Jews have no place that Hamas wants them completely eradicated other radical Muslim groups wanting completely eradicated from their ancient homeland.

Aside from that, the moderates would agree a Tel Aviv that's part of his Jerusalem is disputed.

Houston is one that is their O's never been the capital of a Palestinian state. That's been the one capital of the people of Israel for 3000 years now so 1995, the Jerusalem Embassy act passed, according to Rabbi Drago Simmons by overwhelming bipartisan might majority in both the House and Senate, and it states that Jerusalem should be recognized as the capital of the state of Israel United States Embassy in Israel to be established in Jerusalem no later than May 31, 1999. Same well… 17 years ago. What happened while Courtney Rabbi Simmons since the congressional act allow the president to implement a waiver at six-month intervals. That's exactly what is happening every six months since 1995. So that means President Bush repeatedly said will postpone this Pres. Obama has done the same saying we will postpone us Donald Trump's is known on a regular rush can do this according to liberal New York Times correspondent Thomas Friedman, every candidate talks about it but nobody does.

They'll toss around but nobody actually does

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