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Trump's Reaction to Islamic Terror; Dr. Hugh Ross on the star announcing Jesus' birth; and Redeeming Christmas

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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December 20, 2016 4:20 pm

Trump's Reaction to Islamic Terror; Dr. Hugh Ross on the star announcing Jesus' birth; and Redeeming Christmas

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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From Donald Trump's comments about the Berlin Islamist terrorist attack to HB to a North Carolina to the Christmas store all coming your way right here stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown from his southern Florida retreat at Mara Lago, the President-elect describe the fight against terrorism in starkly religious terms.

Isis and other Islamist terrorists continually slaughter Christians in their communities, he said in a statement. Mr. Trump also said an audacious goal for his administration. These terrorists must be eradicated from the face of the earth during our radio broadcast yesterday. Got news about the tragic terror attacks in Berlin yet again. Hand devices from what we understand the reactions of our current administration. Reactions of incoming president Donald Trump vastly different. I want to talk about that today, a very important subject.

This is Michael Brown. Welcome to the line of fire.

But first, some big news from North Carolina. Most all of you around the country know about HB to this was the bill passed by the Republican leadership and signed into law by Gov. McCrory that was meant to counteract the radical bill passed by the Charlotte city Council, it would effectively render all public bathrooms and locker rooms gender-neutral in the state of course tremendous controversy about this tremendous pushback against it. Atty. Gen. Roy Cooper had outside funding from gay activist organizations and other leftist groups that help get him elected. I think he outspent Gov. Cory about to the one and still only one by just a few thousand votes. Now, HB two is back in the news and this is a very important issue right in front of us right now so I'm joined by Tammy Fitzgerald who is the executor Executive Director of the North Carolina values coalition, and she's been a frequent guest on the broadcast before a Tammy thanks so much for joining us on short notice. Could you let our listeners over North Carolina and around the nation know what's happening now with HB two background regarding the sale again and in the air if it meant Brett will being in North Carolina politics and treatment day the governor is the collection by the 10th of 1% difficult electric like you're back in the fast that you for the express purpose of preparing Bill to the city Council and Scarlett on Monday. Repeal Charlotte Morton and legislative leaders are saying that there preparing to repeal after bill. They made a promise that Charlotte repealed at Dorton that they would do a wreath that and he'll help. But that's where we are today. All anticipating about my working like crazy to get an Republican member, the Democrats the bed against any repeal effort on health bill. I listen a minute before the first break I know your time is short today but didn't. Gov. McCrory pitch this some months back and said if you take back the city Council, Charlotte repealed its radical global repeal of HB two and they declined. Why the change now on the part of the city Council around our again. I no longer need it went electric arm lack health bill pay and the way you drive away and try to win the and now that they have the governor arm. They no longer needed and better what their plan and then felt the organization on capital to repeal across the day passing this city after city is the part that would help you. I will be want everyone to know what's going on so you can call your representatives in North Carolina like that the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown but it should also be noted that the whole issue of gender identity is a national issue that will be resolved by the courts in the United States Justice Department like all of us.

I look forward to that resolution and to working with our state legislators in the coming days.

Thank you and may God continue to bless the great state of North Carolina. That's our outgoing Gov. Pat McCrory.

I just wanted to hear one more clip is he's explaining why he is calling for the repeal of HB two and my guest, Tammy Fitzgerald, Executive Director North Carolina values coalition, explaining why in her view, this is a terrible betrayal of the people.

Listen again to Gov. McCrory.

Now that the Charlotte ordinance has finally been repealed.

The expectation of privacy in our showers, bathrooms and locker rooms is restored and protected under previous state law. I've always publicly advocated repeal of the overreaching Charlotte ordinance, but those efforts were blocked by Jennifer Roberts, Roy Cooper and other Democratic activists. You know the sudden reversal with little notice. After the gubernatorial election has ended sadly proves this entire issue originated by the political left was all about politics at the expense of Charlotte in the entire state of North Carolina. But as I promise months ago.

If the Charlotte ordinance was repealed. I would call our general assembly into special session to reconsider existing state legislation passed earlier this year and I'm doing just that for this Wednesday and again that was outgoing Gov. Pat McCrory suit Tammy to questions for you.

First isn't Gov. McCrory just doing what he promised to do anyway and now let's look at it the most positive way very naïvely. Hey everybody just wants to put this behind them and get this cloud of North Carolina and why shouldn't we go along with this positive scenario. What am I missing in and thinking that way. Dr. Brown, Gov. Peter Moore and president Barker Lee there really fat and not get back to the Whiting were both for Charlotte board.

The important turn that there's now going back. In fact, on human ranking issue arrival North Carolina ground still there still there. Tammy yes I'm here okay and I child and not Carolina to be ground zero for the train her and what the repeal account.

Getting down to all the cities across the fact that Kathy ordinance.

That will allow men and boys didn't get a girl back and I don't believe that anything like that.

I believe that the governor on the length but made that on that Charlotte yielded Dorton they would repeal house built to it with the people rejected God longer valid countable event McCrory but with Gov. not governor, is invalid and down that aisle. I actually North Carolina that it got legislators are the ones who are being betrayed and the promise that they make with them about protecting private safety is what is being arm is what is being betrayed and fell on you now. It doesn't do you much good permit. The people who are trying to violate her children and break the prominent people develop fully that note, Tammy. I know that getting McCrory has said just texted to a friend, a colleague of mine that the legislature.

Other cities, as they have told me. In other words, that if other cities try to do this than the legislature which still has the rule in the state would basically do what they did with HB to save you if you try this again you know what's coming out. Why does that give you no comfort. Now Democratic governor crying out and try to stop it, pass it wouldn't defend it to try to repeal it because Hand on override get any kind of filtering the legislature it would stop a city and in the first fight back, but health bill that I get back to work and get back to where we were and every comment that he Is important. They're going to be on the defense path something did stop it and it just doesn't make any repeal, but with a good deal.

What happened in the first fight. Stop asking ordinance that and I believe that there will be 45 city happy between now and January 11, 2011 fight against it. Legislative session tell if that about the cities, are not so it would it would be the most extraordinary act of hypocrisy and an political word to use chicanery political correct.

Think of this. Think if the Charlotte city Council passes this bill despite an overwhelming uproar against it in the first place. Then they refused to pull it when the governor said he would repeal house bill to if they did, then once he's defeated by the narrowest of margins in the in the election. They say now will repeal it. 90. Could you imagine if after this happened. And let's say the legislature then repeals HB two that they turn around and put it forward again.

I mean that you took political football being thrown around and you believe that that is fully their intent that red writer Charlotte Observer today reprinted press relate human rights quality North Carolina yesterday where they died that one out the heel they are going to put Earnhardt for LDP keep protections across the state. Just like Charlotte Pat and then Andy and Dave resolution Charlotte council past yesterday morning. There are a bunch of whereas father that the beginning on the last five. It is the statement that one, the general assembly repeal legislation that repealed there or not and they will be free to enact new ordinance. I remember hi, Lyle, Charlotte council had already said that she thinks Charlotte Another one, and there are three confirmation there already out there in the public or the legislators see indicating that like what they are going think that cities are going to pass the thing right in, probably the are going to be helping them do it at the Charlotte use a military analogy comparing this to military battle to the military analogy. I have a gun pointed at you. You have a gun pointed back at me and I said okay tell you it. Let's put on our weapons and throw our weapons out and then will have a truce. While I have shipments of weapons coming in behind it again just use that military analogy. So if it was simply a matter of it is the way it seems to be forcing Haber to back away from this issue and have a real reset and just let things be the way they were before.

That was okay that that would be one thing, but that's the last thing on anybody's wanted. If you have these folks that were radical enough to push this poster in the first on the fact that they now unanimously voted to repeal it. You've got to know there's more going on right Tammy what to follow North Carolina do their work going on in at least one driving without an end. This is what led the Trump revelation now is a Republican leader elected by people who expect them to back up and do what they said and in doing something completely different and I added that now how United these leaders… Currently what he dared and think that there all right just go jump in 30 seconds before the break. What do voters do okay you can garden and & defendant email thinker, legislator and legislative leaders asking them not to repeal house built Dave and I would encourage you to our website.

It deepens effect out or you look at the phone number fighter and call them and then I would encourage people to come to the legislative building pilot ready by not right. Tammy, thanks for sharing this caution signs with our listening audience. I'll repeat this in the second overall of or, listen to the truth, triumph all the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice aboard cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown made me my dreaming about my sides of the barrios and then having on process that is an eyewitness from Berlin talking about the terrorist attack, the Islamic terrorist attack yesterday. Initially Pakistani migrant, was arrested and then turns out that he was not the one driving the truck to get the Roman according to the reports was in Isis gunman who is now still on the loose.

If anything's happened in the last few minutes and submit on the radio of this is the latest that I have heard and the administration not present about himself, but a spokesman said quote United States condemns in the strongest terms would appears to been a terrorist attack on Christmas market in Berlin, Germany which is killed and wounded dozens which is a Christmas market does mention Christians but a Christmas market and what appears to have been a terrorist attack noticed no reference of Islam or Islamist radical Islamic jihadists.

None. As always, as always remember friends, remember that when Nidal Malik Hassan, the 2009 Fort Hood mass murder who identified as a soldier of Allah, who was mentored by the Muslim terrorists are more alike and we killed in a drone strike in Yemen a few years back who slaughter our soldiers in cold blood while shouting a lot of lock bar that that after his horrific massacre at Fort Hood that the Pentagon, the Obama administration branded workplace violence. I kid you not. And then in 2015 six years after the 2009 massacre prison Obama reference the attack is terrorist but still did not refer to Islamic terror. This is intentional. This is intentional about the look.

Presently, Trump no doubt has been reckless in some of his tweets no doubt has been in presidential and some of his tweets no doubt has engaged in saber rattling which at times is unhelpful, especially with other national entities and leaders, but to his absolute credit he tweets this out himself. Not a spokesperson. He tweets this out yesterday. Our hearts and prayers are with the loved ones of the victims of today's horrifying terror attack and bullet remember there 12 that over 50 injured massive truck plows into a Christmas market all right innocent civilians were murdered in the streets as they prepared to celebrate the Christmas holiday, Isis and other Islamist terrorists continually slaughter Christians in their communities and places of worship as part of their global jihadist. These terrors in the regional worldwide networks must be eradicated from the face of the earth.

The mission we will carry out with all freedom loving partners obviously open set off to the so-called moderate Muslim world. Yes, there are moderate Muslims us were radical Muslims but I say so-called because definitionally there can be some ambiguity there but the notice and once we use it more than prison. Obama said eight years and it's not that Americans have suddenly become Islamic phobic Americans were not having problems with with Muslims in their community that were living like other Americans and practicing their faith like the Jehovah's Witnesses you got Mormons born again Christians.

You can choose you've got other group, some larger, some smaller good atheists, Muslims practicing their faith. Americans were not up in arms about this. Okay after 9/11 there was some larger hostility towards the Muslim community in general which was misguided here in America but but for the most part, there have not been problems. It is Islamic terror that is run on the problems, and then our government's failure to address it by name and remember when not just fighting people were fighting ideology and is an ideology that radicalize as many people who were born and raised here in America, some from Islamic countries and some were not from Islamic countries so you were talking about or radicalizing of of people with an ideology that our government won't even let Shelley look are are are are more books and and and manuals used by the FBI and other things like that to prosecute a war against terrorism words about Islam were scrubbed because it is considered offensive. You want to mention one thing moderate Muslims. It's not that, suddenly, American Europe had become Islamic phobic. It's that there have been too many acts of Islamic terror too much of an attack.

An overt attack on on the Western lifestyle which is different than radical Islam and the governments of these different countries, Americans of European countries, doing too little about it and seem to be more concerned about offending moderate Muslims in protecting their own children and women and men their own citizens.

So when one tweet. Donald Trump has done more in my mind to address this issue, then our president. Pres. Obama and his administration are done in eight years and that's one reason that many Americans that we don't want eight more years of this, knowing that Hillary Clinton would only continue the same policies because you hold to the same ideologies and all over Europe.

Now there's an outcry in Germany was in Crimea. Very harsh words being spoken telling Angela Merkel, the leader of Germany telling her other. This is this. These are your dead. There's blood on your hands like it was 25 days ago that Isis announced they were going to be launching terror attacks around the Christmas holidays in Europe and America and in different governments a bit on high alert and still they couldn't stop this up to the alert was high enough for their too many potential terrorist in the country. I'm not criticizing law enforcement. God knows that people law enforcement want to protect their their people but I'm simply saying that the policies up to now have been such that even with a warning were going to do this to you, they still done a and instill people so well. It's apparently a terror attack which is terrorist but there won't mention Islamic terror that's reproachful.

That's that's terrific that that is a blemish on these governments and entities an insult to the dead and wounded in the bereaved, so I am really pleased with this word from President-elect Trump and yes yes I have written an article about it and in the article is really taking off the insured.

Thousands and thousands of times really on different websites just a few hours after it went up. I got up way earlier than I planned this morning and so they were stirred to right I wrote a post it immediately him stream and other websites, so read it's on our website go to want to fire the Lord you be able to read it and in the article, SES, our incoming president has been reckless and some of his tweets in presidential and that all of his saber rattling is helpful, but this is good.

This is important and and and this is why there is a change of heart of the key thing is to to to address these things in an ongoing sober way not to appeal to a radicalized white okay with Xena phobic right in reaction to an extreme leftist response, but rather now to prosecute this war soberly at the same time as believers we reach out to everyone with the gospel and pray for the salvation of everyone, our government, which is not been given the sword in vain seeks to punish evildoers, so I'm pleased to see this is a step in the right direction. May this war be prosecuted with wisdom to protect the many innocent in the Muslim world to focus terrorism, Islamic radical terrorism must be focused on the notice is not complex is Islamist to make the criticism even more specific and narrow and we go to the website.

The line of of this week and will miss it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker, and Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown where large numbers of people gather all you certainly have the potential for one of the five factor that's what I'm concerned, the ease with with something like this can be done.

That was former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly talking to ABC. Now here's what's interesting here's what's interesting we have been touched by radical Islamic terror here in America it's not just that were watching it happen overseas and recognize that the first and foremost victims of Islamic terror or other Muslims around the world. What's interesting though is I posted on Twitter question as we come to the end of 2016 which best describes your state of mind which best describes your state of mind. I give four choices, hopeful, fearful, confused, sober, be ready for this 3% said confused 4% said fearful 27% said sober 66% said hopeful isn't that interesting. Maybe we'll talk more about that later in the broadcast and and on top of all this you have the shooting captured on video of a Russian ambassador in Turkey man standing behind him off duty security man shooting him in the name of of a law Isis and say this is what you get for what you've done in Syria is a very precarious time right now in the Middle East and with Russia and right in the middle of all of it of course radical Islam.

Let's go to the phones will go to Mike in Howell, New Jersey. Thanks for calling the line of fire and burn Mr. Richard Crump, the overt compromise with with Russia. In terms of money is also terror people submitted orders kill critics kill you so supportive of Oakley on apartment complexes to protect the war and and or and the connection between Russia now and and in the incoming president are absolutely frightening.

Islamic terror of horrible and perhaps the president not mentioning it was what was was maybe hoping to not ignite vigilante little manages him okay where are safe of Michael that limited just to hang on hang on hang on to strengthen right, that was not the reason the reason was he did not want to offend what he considered to be the vast majority of Muslims around the world is made that very clear them.

Even secular reasons for this are the primary okay that you like. I guess you want is your talk in the hallway. I talked to didn't hear me right thing with but I did try to give you shot here and I need cold, it was abuse in the past to listen. I am not one of those in the pro-Putin bandwagon look of an amazing job he's doing there certain positive things is that of Russian others that could be grave concern for sure and I certainly do not look at Russia's involvement in the Middle East as something positive when comes to Israel and America the same time I recognize that Islamic terror is now touching Russian very direct ways.

And yes there been ongoing bows with Chechnya and yes atrocities committed by both sides.

There's no question about that, but all of that.

I want to reiterate, I am very pleased that prison would trump directly called out Islamic terrorist slaughtering Christians, even in places of worship. It's easy to say it's truthful and it must be addressed in every moderate Muslim in the world should say absolutely it's ugly and they're attacking us in our places of worship to we renounce this letter to be done this work together against this radical Islam will pray for conversion of those caught up deception to change gears radically and have an absolutely fascinating with Dr. Ross for reasons to believe the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown read Matthew the second chapter.

It is the Christmas season. Now, although Matthew one and two were not written this Christmas chapters, there is no such thing as Christmas they do describe the birth of Jesus. And this is a time when Christians around the world celebrate the birth of the son of God in this world and read Matthew to and we seen his star in the east of the matter who the Magi were they astrologers with a wise men from Persian. Is this thing work. Wealth of I can think of someone better talked about this, then, an astronomer and a Christian astronomer that you Ross who is the founder and director of reasons to believe when most important ministries on the planet dealing with the issues of the Bible and science.

Dr. Ross, a welcome back to the line of fire. Thanks much for joining us: quarter acre now.

You obviously have a long-term interest in this. As a Bible believer and as an astronomer, what would you say are some of the most common misconceptions about this account in Matthew chapter 2 Roig article 40 foot carbide library available all of them talk about dark conjunction of planet, for example like Peter Jupiter, "good guy or a planet coming:*regular or planet coming close to Murray and I don't think the review Matthew to magnitude single star that appeared appeared clear that the same location that would rule out conjunction. The other thing we notice from the text evidently only the wise men were aware of the event because when they came to Jerusalem be pretty thinking error really didn't know what they're talking about the pilot for bright, for bright flipping over break, and about what was then people would've recognized with a wide member talking about but think of something more subtle than that. And also the wise men are Magi and go to greater for the wise men. When Daniel and Daniel, the only book in the Bible that predict the timing of the coming five and that may have been the only book of the Bible that the white were aware circular aware of it because, like Daniel, they were white, so they would've paid attention to the written work of the greatest of the wise men and chapter 9 that tells you the time you are coming five so they would've been cognizant looking for from by father started. Got it. But Jerusalem. Somebody there knows the location that letting us this we know that God in his wisdom has dispersed truths about himself through creation and then through various traditions that have been passed on through the generations in different cultures; redemptive analogies, some of them may be remnants of things that were passed on from the founders of the human race. Knowing his family after the flood of this may have just been supernaturally deposited by God but is it possible that these men were simply pagan astrologers and they had some familiarity with the Hebrew Bible. After all, there's the micro reference found in Matthew the second chapter and there seems to be the concept of a of a Messiah Jewish Messiah, which was, not something known in the in the pagan world. But is it possible that these were pagan astrologers in the God could use the sun, the moon and the stars, the planets, it's to to speak to nations as is that some of that your theology allows oligarch color. Yogurt. Yogurt three Prairie were educated all the fire and coding would've been exposed to astrology, develop part of a crime you I would expect white men that are mentioned in Matthew world click photograph that doesn't mean that they are astrologers any more than we would imply that Daniel astrologers he was exposed. The meeting at the 30 believed it, but we do know from the characters that baby father find in the sky and medic father find of the coming of the fire and really the only place where they could've gotten any indication that the book of Daniel. What else would've motivated them to Facebook go to Jerusalem started no one else was aware of the record thing to feel astrology astrology is indeed very focused on the position of the planet guy belief fee in the book of Matthew. I don't think that's allowed an airport and speak to think like them are motivated by astrology. They were there would've been a conjunction of planet thinking error of knowing exactly what they were talking about, and moreover protective it appeared single star that appeared in the same location so I am also affected disappear and reappear in the same location conjunction with the plan.

Don't do that now there is this a book that the caller highly recommended to me as a lily caller within the last year I bought it started reading it and then rejoined about a thousand other books that I want to get back to licensee multiple thousands. What about someone get back to what is called the great Christ, revealing the true star of Bethlehem by calling our nickel. Are you familiar with that book yeah I don't think her, could have a possible explanation for the comment.

Everybody would appear where a picnic noted food outside of the book of Matthew only possible recording fee dear Caribbean astronomical reference to a guest star that the repertoire, the pilot, I know, and I think that's a really good good candidate. Peardon IDP through the Korean astronomer book about the right time for the coming of the fire end up being a no vote explains why don't five-member cognitive, but none of the people in Jerusalem are where writers notebook that appear are part bright star Polaris and felt that might not catch the attention of the people living in Egypt or living in Babylon or Jerusalem, and also the interesting thing about ANOVA subclass actually recur. We call them recurring over there*peer disappear from view and reappear anywhere from a year to several hundred years later and actually the past year astronomer being too recurring over. Better luck year and 1/2 and it picked up the feedback you to notice your gut. Very carefully questioning the Magi. When did you feel it starting to eat and faith that information after the Magi preventative Eric come. They killed all the firstborn son two years of age or younger in the village of Bethlehem Catholic Dorothy timing between the two star appearance of the body year to year and 1/2 and I would fit very well with description of recurring over the only other possible candidate that I would recognize the astronomer would be a cataclysmic variable star conduct another star that can appear to the naked eye disappear.

If year to year and 1/2 and reappear, but typically it doesn't reappear with a faint right or the recurring and reappear with the faint right right so let's just take the last two minutes and try to sum things up as you know, I have areas of strong scholarship in areas of zero scholarship so astrology be one of those areas of your scholarship. If you give a lecture on astronomy within the first 10 minutes you have covered everything I know, plus more so I'm asking the most simple of layman's terms here with the whole concept of leaf seen his star in the East that's been confusing to some, so what actually happened where did they see this phenomenon and how did it guide them to Bethlehem while dry cream of the Persian Empire.

Gardner your work either encourager or one of the ancient property of the Persian Empire, which was Binky for curriculum, but verdict on the bar doesn't mean the star of the eastern part of the sky. They were in the but my father star in the sky and then when they got to Jerusalem and are on their way to Bethlehem star reappear to the though it reappeared in the same location can be electronic confirmed to them that they were on the right track star did not give them the location simply indicated the time sensitive right we come back. I want to ask you Dr. Ross about the new book that you've written the improbable planet how earth became humanity's home. Friends of one of the neatest websites out there is the reasons to believe websites are good reasons.award if you're a skeptic of the Bible. If you're a believer, but you've got questions about science. If your kids have questions.

They're all different levels were folks can dive in and new articles and videos posted virtually a daily basis, so check out reasons.award rich rich resources there for those of you that have always believed in a young earth creation. Check out the arguments when older creation. This is a debate can fairly have as followers of Jesus Dr. Ross for plan and it's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown on speaking PhD in astronomy may be read one of his books. Maybe you see them on TV's newest book improbable planet Earth became humanity's home. Dr. Ross of heard this phrase before about earth being in improbable planet or this the fact that we can observe the universe from where we are being unique to earth. But what's the thesis of this book and and what makes this all so indicative of the hand of God, the Bible. Five years ago, I noted all the major creation correct currently ranked doctrine of creation with the doctrine of redemption and you got from Bible traffic to declare that God works. The retention before he created anything all that would imply that every one of God works for creation or for the purpose of making possible the retention of being and that monster three year study of the scientific literature that you can be that actually play the is it really true that every event universe, earth and earth life at every component of the universe and earthlike plays a critical role in making possible retention of billions of human being within a short period of time and the end.

Yet the book tell that story thought begin with the origin of the universe take the write up of the present moment and show you that indeed other hundred thousand of miraculous intervention could God perform to make possible the retention of billions of human being, or to put it another way, fine-tuning the universe to make life possible greater fine-tuning that make possible megafauna.

Your plan for an animal much more fine-tuning to make possible the human being even more fine-tuning to make possible the billions of human being. For one time and in the greater fine-tuning of rebellion in both of your and develop the technology or the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ can be taken to all the people of the world and the book and by showing based on the affiant how close we are being met with the foundation for Jesus Christ. Indeed being taken to all people groups of the world. We can be moved from the creation of brand creation were evil and suffering of every wanting of appreciating your writings is that you always looking at this is the problem of evil is called theodicy and constant justice in the midst of suffering and pain in his goodness and questions that arise about it and that, as you know I've had young earth creationists on the year as well, in my view, just look at the biblical text and and me not having the capability of making a scientific decision about who's right I said that the biblical text could be read in terms of young earth creation or an older creation that that either is possible, just on a purely exegetical level. One of the things that I appreciate your position is that you believe one of the reasons for the old earth creation and for an old universe is that God was preparing sayings and purging a lot of things out to get to a point where the maximum number of people could be saved in the shortest possible time with the most minimal suffering. Could you and I this is a massive subject, but could you explain it expand on that for a moment. Choreographer writing my book improbable point to reinterpret client from a redemptive perspective organ to be able to more efficiently and rapidly advance scientific research and I've actually spoken in front of audience of the five perfecter at the altar Caltech two weeks ago making that point the way we can more rapidly and efficiently advance scientific research, but also been speaking to commemorate perfecter thing for a more effective way to advance theological research to interpreting the Bible from a redemptive perspective I think give birth to a more secure way of understanding what the Bible traffic is all about poker example under the huge debate in Christendom is a younger older you think evolution creation. I think it will to get together as Christian and begin to interpret the book of the Bible from a redemptive perspective regular Bill revolving and so that's really the purpose for my writing the book. What fee we can more efficiently advance affiant, but few become more efficiently advance theology at what fee we can revolve from the divisive issue within the church. I appreciate the expert you have in all this to discuss the hard questions with the goal to unity in the body and resulting Jesus, but we Dr. Ross. I was sent that copy the manuscript from the publisher to write an endorsement for it, but as often happens, unless I'm reminded multiple times of deadlines. I miss them and that's what happened before I knew it. The book was coming out so I apologize for not getting to to add my words to it. I really wanted to be. At least we can have you on the air to talk about the new book the improbable planet by Dr. Hugh Ross and it was a joy to get to visit your team a few years back and and what a great spirit. What a great attitude and what a great heart for the Lord. So thanks for all you do. You've helped many many people come back to the faith, strengthen others in the faith.

So keep up the great work regular encouragement. I very much appreciate from the heart. All right that you Ross the new book the improbable planet. The website reasons.ward white friends. I've got speaking of books, it's what two weeks two weeks and breaking the stronghold of food will be officially released.

Nancy and I wrote it together. Every time I flip through the pages and see her comments interspersed throughout the book represent about 20% of the book.

I just smile.

I think what she says is so real and bubbly people that know me for years gotten advance copies of the book and they were scattered as we could be having you talk about weaknesses and struggles with them in their their loving it.

There being encouraged were hearing from people advance readers that sends the best thing they've read on the subject.

I'm just so excited about it, and trust me I'm getting because I would've been the last person out of a million, that you would've expected to write a book on healthy eating, but it is been life transforming and we believe you will be greatly help you can still preorder on Amazon and at a great advance price I just go to the book breaking the stronghold through the official release date January 3 again as many copies as you want and obviously don't need me to tell you that the trust me once you get it.

I think you want to give it's other people and if if I had stacks of these were from God to preach the last couple years is my life is been transformed I could be given these out like hiking 97 and my cocky sons about an leaders meetings and was called the Green room year before the meeting entered all these different leaders talking before speaking at a conference and that it's often the main subject that comes up in all we need that book husband-and-wife alike saying it so order your copies and remember a website on a all this week to get the new year. 40% off all digital downloads no conditions on that.

So take advantage of

My bottom line today.

I am full of hope is the God who sent his son into the world. Rules and reigns as King from Donald Trump's comments about the Berlin Islamist terrorist attack to HB to a North Carolina to the Christmas star all coming your way right here it's time for the line of fire with their host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you so much for joining us on the broadcasts. This is Michael Brown your joyful voice, moral, cultural, and spiritual revolution got a lot of things to talk about with you today and the phone lines are open only took one phone call in the first hour and had to guess on his well but open the phone lines now 866-34-TRUTH 784 866-34-TRUTH and I got a question to ask you in one moment. All right, so stay tuned, ready to call in to respond to my question but first friends. As I have been talking now for the last 17 years starting in 1999 about a holy uprising about a gospel based moral and cultural revolution there many people who wondered what are you talking about, we've always been clear when I talk about revolution of violence or hatred or intimidation.

Talk about a Jesus-based Spirit empowered revolution, meaning radical, dramatic, sweeping changes to the gospel through God's people living out the precepts of Jesus and the Bible were talking about overcoming hatred with love overcoming lies with truth, overcoming anger with the life of the Holy Spirit.

That's what were talking about overcoming evil with good.

Wherever we find it, and in this way bring about positive change through the gospel and their people wonder what you talking about what he means when needed revolution of what we what you mean. Everything's okay. Aaron these little change in as the years gone that words been just about on everybody's lips and in the talk of a political revolution with President-elect Tromp talk about cultural and moral revolution. The upheaval be changed. I think a lot of people understand exactly what I'm talking about now. In other words, you get to that point where more of the same is not going to do it. You look at it's okay what I'm doing more doings churches were doing as individual believers is not doing so, you might might be blessed personally. Maybe your family is blessed maybe your local variation. But if you look at a national level is been going in the wrong direction. In many ways, morally, culturally, even spiritually, despite positive pockets of God moving and it brings you to the point we Sarah Got to do something radical and different this many of you know my my own story August 23, 2014 I sat down with Nancy and I said my plan is not working it comes to food and eating. I've got to do something. Something has to change. She'd been praying fervently for me to come to the conclusion forgot to give grace I've been crying out to God. August 24, 2014 I started to something radically different because I realize home 60 at that time. My plan is not working on getting heavier. My blood pressure is getting higher and getting more tired, more worn out my schedule is only getting more intense and this is this is not glorifying God. And this is not wise and I made a radical dramatic change with the help and grace of God and with the help of Nancy made a radical dramatic change in of live by that to the book. Basically, either by the plan that we we followed a live by that now for almost 2 1/2 years and seven radical happiness. We talk about that in our new book, breaking the stronghold of food. But that's not my focus right now my focus is to say, I understood without making a radical change that I wouldn't see radical results I understood without making a radical about-face and and taking on a whole new lifestyle that I'd never known before. Never come near it anywhere in my first 59 years of life never anywhere near.

I repeat that again that without that radical change was always incomplete and impossible for me being such a food wimp and only like a certain number of foods in most all of them unhealthy that that it was by God's grace to change him. But here's the point you have to come to that point as a believer, personally, spiritually, churches and pastors in either nationally sick and my plan is not working something has to change radically. That's what we talk about.

That's what we mean by revolution like that question asked each of you with file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. My question for you that I wanted to say something loudly and clearly everyone stayed in North Carolina right, we've got great stations all over North Carolina. One speak directly to as many of you as possible so please stay to be. Here's my question for you for everyone listening anywhere in the nation, or by Internet anywhere in the world is my question for you. What is your frame of mind. Entering 2017. What is your frame of mind. Entering 2017 I posted this on Twitter and with the pole I'm allowed for choices. So I said as we come to the end of 2016, which best describes your state of mind hopeful fearful confused or sober.

What about you, in particular, if you're a follower of Jesus. What your frame of mind you discouraged, but we see happening in the world around you for your encouragement.

We believe are positive changes is just such an intense time that you're sober. Are you fearful of what is to come. What's your state of mind. 866-34-TRUTH 7884 again I gave for choices, because I can only give for hopeful fearful confused sober. Obviously, each of those are different.

There can be some overlap between them. I I must say I'm a little surprised by the responses not be overall response, but the degree by which the responses went in the directions they have.

So if I had to guess which one was going to come out on top. I had to guess I did good suspicion but the degree to which one is come out on top has been quite the surprise of what your frame of mind mom's dad's young people, pastors, business people, which frame of mind, hopeful, fearful, confused, sober, or something else, 866-348-7884 okay HB two is back in the news, you say okay can you refresh my mind and HB two yes ma'am yes sir yes ma'am yes sir, that's offensive to some, because it only lists two gender categories. Let me say again yes ma'am yes sir. So here's what happened throughout city Council. Despite massive protest tens of thousands of emails and petition signatures and so on. They passed a radical bill.

They had folks elected to the city Council with the help of the human rights campaign, the world's largest activist organization with lobbying with funding also got a radical mayor in terms of these issues that's in that Mayor Roberts does not have other good qualities or is a decent person otherwise. But when it comes to LGBT activists and has had radical goals there for years, the show city Council passed a bill which effectively made all public locker rooms and bathrooms gender-neutral Remeron that the one making this news today. This is news that we are responding to.

This is something that affects the residents of North Carolina and the nation in the nation because North Carolina has been ground zero of the battleground of Jackie was trying to push through their agenda politically in a very concerted way so it passed in the city of Charlotte so the state legislature had an emergency devotion before they could go into effect and they shut it down. They said no not going to happen. You do not have the right, as the city to pass this ordinance and were shutting it down, and that it added some other provisions in as well some and with minimum wage. Not quite sure why that fit in there. Others having to do with people being unable to sue the state over alleged discrimination over LGBT issues that part was subsequently changed but the state of North Carolina came under hellish attack. As a result of that, and the NBA pulled its All-Star game.

Next year's All-Star game from Charlotte because of that PayPal backed out of bringing new business which would've created hundreds of new jobs and run millions of dollars of income of the NCAA college sports pulled out some of their events from North Carolina, Bruce Springsteen and Ringo Starr another said that there can cancel concerts that really do in North Carolina. Interestingly what I understand that alone did not cost government McCrory election to Atty. Gen. Roy Cooper. There were other issues, including a tollroad issue which was extremely inflammatory of that hurt him, and he was outspent roughly to the one by Atty. Gen. Roy Cooper said when he come up with so much money will human rights campaign other radical left groups funding hand to push them through still one of only few thousand votes and others who had been heart hardliners for HB two and in the lives of legislators they they won reelection and Republicans solidified their their lead in the houses in in North Carolina so devotion to bring in Atty. Gen. Roy Cooper is the new governor and South Gov. Pat McCrory was not a mandate on on HB two. There's no way you could look at it like that. However, the backlash to HB two and the funding behind Atty. Gen. Cooper certainly helped push government McCrory out and I'm sure there are many in North Carolina who don't like the results of this in the way that North Carolina has been stigmatized on the flipside on the flipside, there many who were pleased with the bill and believe it's the best and wisest thing to have in place in the center of hatred and somatic expectation of privacy, bathrooms and locker rooms and say the new school think it's right for the city with the state to impose that a 15-year-old boy who identifies his grip as a girl gets to plan the girls softball team or basketball team ensure the locker room and shower stalls with them. We think it's unrighteous. We think it's ugly. We think that's wrong about how confused and sincere. The boy might be. And remember, often told that because his transgender doesn't mean that he is gay so if he is transgender but identifies as a girl so is not necessary. Identifies a lesbian so wouldn't that mean he still attracted to females. Why would he be in the locker room or bathroom or showers for your talk about teenage boys and end in one of the confusion on say that the little girl's six-year-old girls who remember that Charlie came to school as Johnny.

Now Johnny is Jamie using their their restaurant success can happen was central kids. What about the confusion. And what about the very real doors that are open to heterosexual perverts and predators were to use these laws to to access the bathrooms and locker rooms, as has happened, and as has been documented as much as it's denied. It's it's having quite a few times and perverse human nature to tell you to open a door like that. Of course it's gonna happen is you have no way of chairperson so you can go and that that's why identifies a woman you can go in the change room, which is the target you identify your mail identifies a woman to keep the guy out in a sequence of how crime that's that's utterly outrageous. Okay all that being said government McCrory few months back and he the elections said to the city of Charlotte you repeal your bill you cancel your radical bill and will repeal HB two will go back to the way things were. Remember remember friends the NBA PayPal NCAA always of the groups entities. They had no problem, Bruce Springsteen, Ringo Starr, North Carolina when things were the way they used to be before the radical Charlotte bill. Everything was fine and there was lots of national outrage over then this bill comes in a provocatively way all right throw city Council passes.

This bill provides proof we try to get Council members with the mayor. Some of from the office on on short notice today, unsuccessfully. I don't know if they got a messages declined or were available don't know.

Okay, simply said we did reach out and if you listening your representative for anyone city Council or the mayor of the city Council. By all means I want to get your perspective you call in and be glad to talk to 866-34-TRUTH 7884. If you, misrepresenting anything misunderstanding anything or you belong to a gay activist organization or ally thereof, and by all means give me a call. We can have a friendly discussion in the midst of our differences so here's what happened. Government McCrory said to the city Council you repeal your bill will repeal HB two they said no. Now that Atty. Gen. Cooper was campaign again against HB two is coming into office city Council has said okay we really vote on this again and they agreed 920 prepares you your time at all of the radicals you got some very radical people some very radical views. All of them, who said we are not going to budge on this. They analogous it okay overview repeal this repeal. HB two I had time to Fitzgerald Executive Director for the North Carolina values coalition on the air with me and she said this a complete betrayal of the people North Carolina. There legislators who voted for HB two because the moment you remove it then and cities across North Carolina radical, gay, lesbian, transgender activist bills will be pushed forward.

The very thing stopping them from taking effect will not be there is a woman after the spring backing okay then want then why go back to reset that what why even think of that and even rights campaign others. From what I understand are clearly saying even believable after this throughout the state sets a base to say that off of mind on the topic on backup and you don't have put it in military terms will be right back.

Her plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown strange for so check this out pull results to my question pull results to my question of what your frame of mind as we come to the and of 2016 at the beginning of 2017.

Are you ready for this on Twitter and still have 17 hours left for people to respond before choices, hopeful, fearful, confused, sober, be ready 3% said confused only 3% 4% said fearful 27% said sober 66% said hopeful is it part of a larger change with the pushback against an elitist agenda. Is it part of a larger change of a sense of God intervening is there something in the air. I was talking to a college student at after service on Sunday morning after he preached this young man is it a university that has a Christian foundation but was toying with adopting some radical LGBT activists guidelines in its school and he said to me, you know, they basically stepped back from that right now with the truck victory and things like that.

In other words, even the Donald Trump didn't campaign on these issues. There is this pushback against this radical political correctness may people are seeing it their encouraged by this Sunday with hating people.

This has to do with saying enough of imposing the radical agenda of a tiny minority of the populace as a whole so let's just think of the scenario here. Let's think of the scenario here North Carolina everyone living in North Carolina go to this website. Please keep NC

Keep NC and you want to sign the petition. Tell the NC Gen. assembly.

No repeal of HB two on Wednesday. Send a message with our petition so you can do that. Keep and yes he's me not to keep my NC server that keep my NC safe.calm look, if there were actually safeguards in place.

That said, in point of fact, it is impossible for local cities to push new agendas because the state would say no to it.

That's one thing but it's the opposite of understands our imaginative throw to the Council passes this radical bill state legislator puts legislature pushes back against it. This helps government could raise millions of dollars in his fight against conservative Gov. Pat McCrory signed the bill into law in an chemical tremendous fire for and then Gov. Cooper incoming governor so he's elected and city councils okay will back off Alyssa will we meet offices mollify this North Carolina estate pulls back in HB two.

Could you imagine the utter hypocrisy that you and the city Council. I hope you listening Vera got a friend on the city Council please some tune into this broadcast on one of fire not work. Whatever station listening on right now you imagine hypocrisy. Could you imagine that that this sheer political machinations. Keep not finding the right word there that the duplicity the making clear, this is just a political football be thrown around.

Could you imagine if after repealing this and then let's say the legislature says okay will you not repeal HB two that they then turn around and try to push the spell again teach about utterly discrediting themselves as hypocritical liars was to get your agenda said put it out there.

Mind-boggling. So go to keep my NC stay sign the petition and then you will be directed to your state representative and if you want to. If you can give a call.

This way if you feel it is not wise to repeal HB two then go on record for right 866-34-TRUTH that will go to Jerry in Gastonia.

Welcome to light a fire, you do it.

So what your skater Monica Michael, you bet. Well, I'm not worried about going into 17th.

Especially after $60. There you know the people upstream to gone crazy. I mean, you know the gender thing in the bathroom, demolished unexpected politicians of calm, nuts thought it slowly fully understood so that concerns you. What you make of these latest developments with the show city Council say okay Laguna pull back on the building. Repeal it. If you repeal HB two is is that something being done in good faith to move the state for the reset just to set up to base to see puts on your weapons will we import new ones well at my outgoing unit. Politicians are probably just cover got it so you know they their decision-making is drunk on Alecto.

I think will, however, this thing plays out. It is, it is going to be something to keep an eye on for many, many different reasons. Hey Jerry, thank you for waiting and I appreciate it. Let's go to John we just got them there is North Carolina and my time at HB to us to get to the call, okay will miss its amount. We lost we got John and we lost John to what money gets warmer call a Howard will will do it quick and as otherwise wouldn't be right up against break the listen. Whatever happens, whichever direction the state goes legislature goes, is not the end of the world. Either way that these are important issues for them and and I've been just trying to understand what's happening so I myself can speak with insight and and have something to contribute to the discussion. Art reconnected with John in Kernersville, North Carolina.

Go ahead sir.

Your thoughts on HB two. Yet, my thoughts would be greatly less likely to stand with this thing. I think if they weren't repeal it routes the ground I take very long for. I guess what I thought more liberal type city like Asheville or UNC Wilmington someplace like that just arrived back in and opposed the type of ordinate Charlotte.

In the back where we started from.

I don't think the ductwork trusted at any time, but I think more so the folks that have important HB to put it on the book and the ground with you and listen John here is the same.

Gay activist and their allies are deeply committed to their cause. They feel it's righteous. They feel it's just they feel it's fair if it is compassionate they are deeply invested. The idea that they'll just say okay just abandon this is is highly unlikely.

Gov. McCrory if I understand rightly has said no, no, that the state whatever is repealed HB to the state would make sure that it says that no city can pass such legislation and and therefore would be a point. If they try to but I have no way of seeing that her understanding how that would be the case. So why would people are deeply committed to cause when the barrier to their cause is, why would they say okay will try to advance our cause to get involved go to keep my NC sign the petition as you feel is right and will be forwarded to your local Expo line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown expects to base.

Not many Christmas music and Christmas lights and people enjoying themselves and then all of a just to stand Emma Rushton, an eyewitness to the horrific attack Islamic terror attack in Berlin yesterday. Last I saw, leaving 12 dead over 50 wounded condos. How severely some of those wounded.

This is in the Christmas market.

This is with Christmas music playing. This is something that radical Muslims said they were going to do they announce this lesson a month ago there were going to carry out these kinds of attacks and here they have present electron has address them in a more forthright way present Obama did in eight years. Talk about that but first let's focus on what actually happened in Berlin this is Michael Brown. Welcome to the line of fire will grab Cliff number three JJ again Emma Rushton describing as an eyewitness.

What happened in Germany. We plan to stop having in Texas multiplying on wavering. One of the little base and then we had every evening out buying and next time on the Christmas lights that arrive hunting amount can't just stuff to be its own domicile to talk to stay connected long-range on army crushed and saved the price of a book that the multiplying from completely decimated today and carried on coming today. Everyone friend the stone was pulled down and that he was just crushing three papal questions frame the huts. It pulled and I started Alexa more clip number nine again I witness Emma Rushton this is talk about what just happened yesterday in Berlin. Absolutely shocking horrific the ugliest face of Islamic terrorism seen by the whole world which have to say the cell people housing that had samples of blood on the field 17th in the recovery position. It's just is not what you want. I think it was foxy, my medicine at Nice. It was just foxy reminiscent of nice.

Nice entrance were an even more deadly Islamic terrorist attack using a large truck ramming into children, women and men in a festive holiday in here even more deliberately associating this with the attack on Christians because of this being a Christmas market so not just the place were our summer people were gathered by the place specifically associated with Christmas. This is the ugliness of radical Islam. This is what needs to be addressed and exposed. But every Muslim of good conscience renounce this but every Muslim leader around the world of good conscience renounce this but everyone who follows Islam and renounces the violent interpretation of the violent Texas being for today. Let them raise their voices in analysis and renounce this and let them join together with the governments but them work together as one to fight against Islamic terror. This must be identified by name. This must be addressed by name. This must be uprooted by name this anatomy. It is an ideology. It is satanic, it is destructive of course it destroys many millions of Muslim lives in the midst of it, and destroys all the laws of those who get involved with it. If they don't actively take otherwise their believing in deep dark deception is the gospel of Jesus that can set them free. We come back. I want to talk to my friend James Robison working as a spiritual advisor to, and knowledge of things happening behind the scenes that often I don't have a talk about is electrons approach to this and the larger populist uprising that is saying please someone stand up and do something. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown from his southern Florida retreat at Mara Lago, the President-elect describe the fight against terrorism in starkly religious terms. Isis and other Islamist terrorists continually slaughter Christians in their communities, he said in a statement. Mr. Trump also said an audacious goal for his administration. These terrorist must be eradicated from the face of the earth, so I got this morning way earlier than planned, and next thing I was stirred to right, I wrote an article that's really taken off on the stream Islamist terrorists continually slaughter Christians. This is a quote from Donald Trump. Notice it's precise.

He doesn't say Islamic terrorist but Islamist to say this is the specific form of Islam, Islamist terrorists continually slaughter Christians. Trump says Obama refused to say I feel this is highly significant and this must be said, this is not an attack almost as far from it. This is an opportunity for peaceloving Muslims and moderate Muslims to say we also renounce this and will work with you to eradicate this from our midst. This is something sadly that the Obama administration studiously refused to do for eight years and Hillary Clinton was obviously of the same mindset would have continued in this mindset. I feel this is how significant part of the reason that many voters said we want to change and that's why they voted for Mr. Trump is always a great joy and privilege that my friend James Robison joining us on the air. Thanks so much for spending your time with us today… You so ready reference the article on Thomas about going for my share and I will tell you it's a privilege to be able to share with others and I think that this really is porous to the importance of our first of many people in the process of being answered and mediums are surprised we might cited by the instrument of the individual is yielding himself the will of God to speak out brothers and I think that's the trunk of something to stop the horrific acts and it seems to US is one that has former access to two to Mr. Trump then then the vast majority of people on the planet would right now that he genuinely cares about Christians being slaughtered as Christians and he genuinely cares about Christian freedoms and religious liberty so if this was not just helpful campaign slogan, but from what you can tell this is generally something that concerns him only a question about a blanket care about what everyone graders have a genuine interest in the well-being of others what they thank. What they care about. I don't care whether it's jobs or opportunity our overreach.

Excessive government regulations a limit on the purchase. I believe you can only see people mistreat legitimate and I think when he said eradicate digital equivalent loss. Mr. atrocities by just continue on just I do not like what happened last year appalled by.

I'm shocked by. I understand how people think the way they think that they could tolerate and put up with something to think of like seems to promote his nonsensical attitude and I am same actions or lack of it just breaks my heart to be harshly mock authentic God is moving in arm in behalf of people to love others, love for you to believe that there are absolute principles.

When you violate them. The cost is strike skis or techs coming through on my poem noncognitive special scenario.

I understand. I'm grateful to someone who seems to care another current courage speak a talking Sundance 20, blazing 1 pound out of the last days people are ungrateful. We live in an age of ingratitude. He is going back to the areas working again expecting to get support a shame thank you sincerely thank you for heaven sake, I appreciate what you get and you have to ask yourself, okay, why, why didn't you have any votes now and I try to gain popularity. Obviously it's something that he feels it is a good practice to to thank those who work hard and obviously he's appointed people who been loyal to him. The great uproar over his appointee to the investor visual David Friedman who is a long-term coworker of Donald Trump a bankruptcy lawyer, among other things, and great relations with the Jewish state, and is a strong proponent of relocating the embassy to Jerusalem Thomas Friedman liberal New York Times reporter has said when it comes to relocating the embassy to Jerusalem. All that presidential candidates talk about at this. This was enacted under Pres. George W. Bush and Pres. Obama reaffirm your ligament relocate the embassy to Jerusalem, and this is what the law says that he keeps getting postponed. Thomas Friedman survey talks about the no unsexy doing anything about it would be a catastrophe if you do something about it and now Donald Trump, the Savior, were we actually plan to do that and there's been an uproar about it.

So again with with all of his evidence failings and sometimes reckless texting and things that would seem on presidential he really seems to be saying only do what I set out to do, which is a major reason people voted for him.

It's like everyone on the opponent of what this nonsensical attitude supports writing are not our watchman perpetrated on the American people in and out years I am writing eight grateful and I think the more angry certain people get including major media of the greater confirmation areas that this allows course of action and I'm on my pump along scratch and I talked of Sunday afternoon and the first thing that always comes out his gratitude. The American people supported Michael is grateful for Christians is grateful for people not only say they love God, but they seem to indicate whether actions and that one of the strongest confirmations about love is the living room going on and to say that this man caters what these believers like seems to be an understatement. He is anything you'd like he's doing his best and I'm thrilled at the newsroom.

People like yourself are rejoicing over the progress direction and in the key is our rightfully elected president. I referred to Pres. Obama always is our president.

My president because he was our elected president. That's the way it works but I like the policies are not what I was grieved over him lighting up the White House and gay colors he remain my president, Hillary Clinton within my president if she was elected such as will encourage those who still struggle and still look at Donald Trump's pastoral questions about his present or the things like that you could vote for him. He is our president. Pray for him and hope for the best. When you mention his appointees being the opposite of the politically correct spirits.

You got a guy that would be over that this an opponent of of of the. The whole climate change narrative you got some items against common core and it just it seems so much of the politically correct agendas being challenged by his appointees, but that's why people voted for him and it's not a hateful thing. It's not as xenophobic as llama phobic homophobic trance phobic hatred. It's saying we don't like the direction our country is going to be like have a voice and getting it would feel we feel is a better traction was a positive populace vote if you can be channeled properly on the spot they got likable side of wisdom opposed to the political correctness of his absolute nonsense and so I think we have a lot to be grateful for ourselves. Encouraged by an argument party continues to operate it, but it will actually change might need to be.

My longtime plaintiff can honestly imagine the birth and I regularly website and I believe the stage is set on awakening, I think the greatest spiritual awakening in history 10, pictures, awakening work on the relationship of God leads people of God only chance of desire to an off-site get on with the surprising as it may, saying look like Donald Trump trying to work and is trying to express and overlook and have been trampled underfoot as well as in terms of entrapment is… Here's an answer for us to construct the cost and I appreciate you helping to get me to see that when I had massive questions, it's because I you've been around for many years and then I said okay my brothers onto something. Let me let me open my eyes and pray inconsiderate and I appreciate that and send you emails from listeners who said because of you coming on the air and talk about these things and open them up to vote for Donald Trump are not looking to him to be the Savior. Jesus is our Savior, but we believe God can use them that I appreciate you raising up the stream friends that the go to place for godly commentary what's happening in the world today. My brother please have a great Christmas and new year and can't wait to talk to you again your article, please let set up putting thank you thank you. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice aboard cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown. I want for us as followers of Jesus. How we relate to radical Islam the one hand you have missionaries some grants more ministry school. Included in that number serving in some of the most dangerous areas in the world why because they love Muslim people, and they want to reach them with the gospel that includes radical most and that is something very dear to God's heart and that the man who committed the atrocities yesterday, as I understand still on the run. The Isis gunmen who allegedly plow the truck in Berlin into the crowd of women, children, men that someone that Jesus died for. Yes, according to my theology, Jesus died for that man and God calls that man to repentance and offer some salvation through the gospel, even if he goes to prison for the rest of his life is death penalty. God offers him forgiveness and eternal life through the gospel. That's God's heart for the worst of sinners get on the flip side there is such a thing as law and order. So let's just ask this question.

I will read some Scripture consume you conflicted in your heart you want to be loving you also lose a cry for justice which is right, let's think of this for for a moment, has God established law and order, or is God the author of chaos and confusion and anarchy. That's an easy one right so Romans 13 that every person be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except from God, and those that exist to been instituted by God's ultimately authority goes back to God.

God was authority.

No human being has any authority as it ultimately authority belongs to him and it's up to him to disperse. Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God is appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment. Now it's the authorities were seeking to do good of the authorities were seeking to do evil to being spoken of here. That's the proper role of governing authorities.

For rulers are not a terror to good conduct, but the bad which you have no fear of the one who is an authority than you with this good new receives approval against speaking of governing authorities who were seeking to do good not say it a fit. There is trying to exterminate the whole people and decimate others. No, you know, say what can I do to help help you wipe out the Jews work and I hope you did do that without the Gypsies.

What can I help you due to the war against England and France. No, that that's sums talk about here right for rulers, not a terror to good conduct, but that they are a terror to bad conduct as ordained by God, for he is God's servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain.

For he is the servant of God and avenger carries out God's wrath on the wrongdoer. Therefore, must be in subjection, not only God's wrath but also for the sake of conscience.

Okay, so let's just think of this in the simplest of terms. Okay, do you believe it's a good thing if there was a policeman driving through your neighborhood and someone was about to break into your house and steal your most valuable priceless possessions and the police officer saw this person and was able to stop them and apprehend them before they did it with a be a good thing or bad okay we'll figure it was a little further, let's say there is a serial child molester who has just kidnapped a little girl and there's an Amber alert out for him and policeman happens to see someone that fits the description of the man and the child and the man pulls a gun to try to shoot the child and the policeman shoots him first that a good thing or a bad thing. Yes, it's a shame that this man is sent to such perversion and violence.

But yes, that is a good thing. He saved the girl's life and the man, the policeman would rightly be called a hero correct okay take a little further, you are a security officer of some kind with the Army with the government was with the local police you're in Berlin yesterday. You are alerted that a large truck has been stolen by a suspected Islamic terrorist.

You see this truck about to plow into the crowd of people and you are able, with expert marksmanship to kill the. The driver of the truck before moments before he crashes into the crowd and no one is killed because of that is that heroic act as a good act is that a godly act.

Yes, yes, yes, those in authority. Do not bear the sword in vain. They are Avengers who carry out God's wrath on the wrongdoer's we have two issues here we have the issue of seeking to eradicate radical Islam or deal severe blow to radical Islam cripple radical Islam just as the Nazis were crippled and decimated.

That was a good thing. And then we are constantly reaching out to all human beings with the gospel.

So we are reaching out to people in prison and were sharing the gospel with that neighborhood. We didn't even know was was a serial criminal because we share God's heart.

One all meant to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth so we pray for them at the same time we know that law and order a good and positive and and that when the policeman pulls over this reckless drunk driver going 90 miles an hour in your neighborhood.

He's probably saved some people's lives. Some innocent children or family driving in the car so bite stopping this man.

He has done good and at the same time we would try to reach out to this person in prison if it was a neighbor reach out so you've obviously cut deep issues with salmon and and and and weakness in your own life, and there is redemption a new life through Jesus. So we pray for the salvation of all people including Muslim terrorists and we pray for God's will to be done, which includes wrath against the wrong doer. It is both bad and you can be absolutely Christian, your attitude and want to see divine judgment on Isis and radical Islam and the repentance and salvation of the maximum number of radical Muslims you can hold those attitudes at the same time and they are both attitudes that love life and that want to preserve life and that believe in justice as well as mercy. All right.

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