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Is Unhealthy Eating Sinful?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 3, 2017 4:20 pm

Is Unhealthy Eating Sinful?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 3, 2017 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/03/17.

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All right were not going to judge others, but for yourself as a follower of Jesus, you believe it's a sin to be obese stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry getting to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome again to 2017 a blessed new year to each of you join me for the first time this year. 866-34-TRUTH 878 a for the recall, this is Michael Brown. Hey, we're not here to discourage you were here to encourage you not here to beat you up.

We're here to lift you up. We're not here to condemn you were here to show you a better way.

So this is a condemnation free broadcast. Today we want to help. We want to encourage. We want to strengthen and everything we say and do is going to be constructive holding in my hands are brand-new book breaking the stronghold of food how we contradictions and discovered a new way of living. The we being Nancy and I and there is on the front cover. There's a picture like this massive burger with cheese and bacon and fries behind it. People joke with me. This is that's like so important to someone there struggling with sexual control and things like that. Well, it's obviously not meant to tempt, but it is there to say yes.

Foods powerful food can control our lives. Food can destroy our lives and I want to ask a question, a practical question for discussion, not for attack, not for judging others for personal reflection is unhealthy eating a sin is a sin for Christian to be obese is a hypocritical if let's say I'm 5 foot 10 and weighed 300 pounds and I'm preaching against adultery and I'm preaching against drunkenness if if I myself am a glutton or is it wrong to even think that thought because perhaps that's what I way because I'm got a metabolic problem of some kind of got up a physical disorder, or perhaps when I quit smoking cigarettes and using myself as an example of smoke cigarettes closer to 63 that I am 510 by God's grace that way about hundred pounds is close to 300 up so it sentences myself as a hypothetical example.

I quit smoking cigarettes and didn't realize that I was now adding an unhealthy eating habits.

I gained 100 pounds or maybe you're a woman and you are in great shape until he had three straight pregnancies and the weight came with the pregnancies and just not been able take the weight off. And God forbid anyone thinks you're sending by being obese how we look at this as as believers, we have constructive discussion about the stronghold of food and can we recognize how powerful the stronghold is and can we find constructive ways to overcome it without condemning or judge God is my witness when I see people who are grossly overweight, which is becoming so much more common these days.

I I I feel bad for him.

I don't judge them and also with the Maoist slob what's with this guy out in Nono. I feel bad for them. I think wow it's so hard to overcome that while it can be a long road back you might be 50 pounds overweight, or hundred pounds overweight, or more, you think it's good to be forever to get back to you know the normal weight or a healthy weight and it's still months or years and sometimes the bondage is her deep and sometimes people eat out of emotional need and things like that are depressed or discouraging foods away out of the think though I was healthy was not healthy.

I don't know if this seems everything I I balloon with it let's me constructive review that will help you today a lot of fire but to call eight 663-3784 visit sin a Christian to be obese is unhealthy eating sin will be right back on file in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown action which would 348-7884.

What are the primary causes of obesity.

What you think. I asked this question on Twitter a few minutes ago. Your opinion, what's the primary cause of obesity. Genetics, emotional disorders like self-control, lack of knowledge. I also asked a few days ago for follower of Jesus is unhealthy eating sinful asked that question gave two choices for that one was obviously the other.

No food is to be enjoyed again.

My goal is not to embarrass anyone make anyone feel bad. Make anyone feel condemned for many of you being overweight is somewhat paralyzing.

Your subconscious about the way you look and feel bad all the time physically you don't like to go outside to be around other people or other aspects of your life are hurt by the last thing I'll do is make you feel worse know God forbid, is were to stand together. It's okay.

How can we address this problem in the body today without being judgmental towards others or attacking others.

By the way if we need to be sensitive in dealing with this. How about other issues that we deal with sexual issues romantic issues moral cultural issues abortion, I'd say.

All of these issues, we must deal with truth and love together 866-348-7884. I will look at some Scripture as well, but that Dr. Joel Fuhrman famous for his books eat to live in the end of dieting and others. Nancy, I have followed his his plan in terms of of what to eat, what not to even and guidelines for healthy eating a healthy living by peeking is a list of some of the health risks of obesity. They include increased overall premature mortality does not die younger adult onset diabetes now even with childhood obesity their diabetes. If his hypertension's high blood pressure, degenerative arthritis, coronary arterial artery disease, cancer, lipid disorders, obstructive sleep apnea, gallstones that infiltration of liver restrictive lung disease, and gastrointestinal diseases.

These are all things that that are often related to obesity. Dr. Fuhrman states were digging our own graves with knives and forks not now again some people the, the obesity is a symptom of something else. In rare cases, there are medical disorders, metabolic disorders and it's it's a difficult thing a person eats almost nothing and and this gets very big but the vast, vast majority of cases, that's not the issue. It is what we each and how much of what we eat and when we eat it.

That will ultimately affect whether overweight and then exercise into but exercising is secondary to the diet okay if you had to choose one of the other than exercise like crazy again eat healthily, you go with eating healthily right and then jumped up and watch for it. Exercise.

When you do that as well. But it could be that that someone is overeating reading unhealthy things because they're fighting with depression just went through brutal divorce, and then only will realize up with her taking refuge in food is that sinful or is that weakness someone quit smoking cigarettes and extend their weight to lose because they exchange one bad habit for another while they were trying to do the right thing. Others, like me, life's lifetime of unhealthy eating eating Oreos for breakfast.

As a boy, literally. That was my breakfast I have for Oreos and I want to school more. The first when I just eat straight second. When I open often and look out the filling first that I remember the second one third one. Eat straight forth one. The other will you not want to school. That was my breakfast.

If you can imagine that I bought back home from school have a pinafore sandwich. No jelly just peanut butter without the crust that like the crust mommy because the crust off. That was lunch that I walked back to school and and then come home in the afternoon and normally for snack have pretzels and grape juice and for dinner often have a burger something else that was particularly healthy. Maybe a little bit of vegetable here and there, some cucumber, green pepper, maybe a little of that and then always rally used frozen for whatever reason, and the coffee candidates, ritual, and that's OIH and I wasn't fat growing up. That is, unhealthy eating habits and it was. I discovered pizza in my teens.

As a boy in a couple times that like it when I was 15 and started eating it like it became a staple food. I have that every day for years for lunch when I was in junior high school every every single day, every single day for lunch I walk with some of the other students over across the field and there was a little place there and I got a burger and fries for lunch every day, and often at home. I have a burger and fries for dinner.

Yeah. So those five days a week, sometimes twice a day and maybe another time on the weekend was get older. That stuff starts to catch up to you as you get older you start to see it with your cholesterol levels with blood pressure with weight gain because eat the same way in your metabolism changes and Ende the bad seeds you been sore for your start to catch up to you but I was serving the Lord. I would faster would pray I was discipline, love and orbit, eating bad stuff and then when I saw myself getting heavier was lacking in self-control and and I was willfully ignorant in terms of making changes. Nancy read extensively on nutrition and told me case this is not the way you want to be eating but I did okay and as as a result, was getting heavier and getting more worn down headaches and back aches and sleep apnea went from mild to severe, and other issues of just being run down and that is all radically dramatically changed by God's grace through healthy eating and it's a joy and it's wonderful in its life-giving and trust me I'm at restaurants with people all the time in their eat whatever they're eating and I'm joking with him about it and I'm not telling them not to work unless they say they want to change the nights I had recommend this rather than this, but bottom-line witnesses fit for us as believers relate to think about it because were spiritual people. I mean after all reliving for it for a heavenly kingdom, not for an earthly kingdom and and will be put in our body just goes in and out white and think about why make an issue out of it as I can distract as I can. Legalistic or if we know we should be good stewards of our finances. How much more should we be good stewards of our bodies, 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go to Jackie in East Orange, New Jersey. Your first today.

Thanks for Colorado fire Dr. Brown bag, but I wanted to fight with that old boat activity and also a psychological issue that we cannot look at people and audit. Winning by eating too much because it just pointed out excellently all the different variable that goes with the phone and sometimes people just out of ignorant don't know how much to gain or what different food combinations to put on their plate and then we have all been genetically modified organisms then, the next bit designed to make you like look at leaf potato chips. You just can't eat wanted some time to stop at the company can't stop eating so you finish the whole back the complex issue, but it is not something that people should ever look at and for a person who very heavy and assume the worst about this but have a very fat metabolism who could eat all kinds of stuff and they may run up and down and they eliminate quickly and though it just doesn't show all that they exactly yes of the judging by outward appearance is something we cannot do. There are people who are gluttons and yet they look thin as truth, and there are others who think they hate being overweight and they just they they don't know how to change or or or there there week there others there so many potential reasons and and again I'm a man I never had to go through pregnancy.

I never had to go through the weight gain. A body changing and out. Now I got it baby I can't sleep at night on top of it and try to grab a snack with your accountant cook their food further by the Elson right so we have to start with great compassion and having received grace to overcome the sin and Nancy and I discussed this endlessly because this is a tremendous stronghold in her life for years and years and as she tells her story in the book totally paralyzing for her of being. Being overweight but absolutely that the more afflicted this, the more compassion I have, the more committed I am to helping people break the stronghold food.

So thank you for the!

Jackie on what I've said so far week. This is not about judging others. This is not about casting stones at others. This is a matter saying hey how can we stand together and help because this much we know it's better to be our proper weight than to be overweight or obese in every way, shape, size and form a friend of mine said that his son had to draw a picture of Jesus, and he had a big big potbelly and the father said to him, that's unscriptural that's unscriptural. Would you agree with that picture to skillfully soften eating habits. Hey thank you for the call Jackie, productive, constructive, helpful, which are take 866-34-TRUTH her plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown according to the centers would control more than one third the 6.5% of US adults are obese yeah and and the health costs related to obesity with sicknesses and other things like that are completely off the charts.

Non-Hispanic Blacks have the highest age-adjusted rates of obesity, 40.1%, followed by Hispanics, 42.5% non-Hispanic whites, 34.5%. Novice and non-Hispanic Asians 11.7%. So interestingly, Asians the lowest in terms of obesity Blacks. The highest is due to the type of foods people eat. Is it due to poverty and lack of healthy food choices as it due to lack of discipline can we make these generalizations. Obesity is higher among middle-aged adults age 40 to 59 in older adults age 60 and over than among younger adults that would be expected. A low, younger adults 20 to 39 years old. 32.3% obese and by the way.

Some doctors say that the government stands for obesity are way too low and that it's more like 40 or 50% of the population is obese. Thanks for joining us on the line of fire Michael Brown here talking about unhealthy eating is it sinful is it sinful for Christian to be obese were talking a personal level were not attacking others or criticizing others or judging others because of the various factors that could contribute to obesity.

866-34-TRUTH okay before we go back to your calls. Number one, there's still time to get the e-book free when you order breaking the stronghold food today. There's still time to do it all right, here's where you go, if you haven't on the ship go to stronghold stronghold of and click to order their order on Amazon if you can write you get the paper back. It's out now she will have that just a few days and then when you order you get the e-book free. Just follow all the directions there.

You get the e-book free and you get the current book like 40% off so great, great value take advantage of that. That's it. Stronghold If you really got the book. If you're one of her early readers then go to Amazon and post a review as soon as you finished it, that would be a blessing to others who want to help as many people as we can and if you want to get absolutely free copy of the book, and an exclusive DVD teaching or video teaching I did on undisciplined and healthy eating. It's not posted anywhere. It's not available anywhere is our gift to you with the book. If you become a new torchbearer, a new monthly supporter of the ministry. You can do that by going to the line of the line of Click on donate will be able to join us today of the rejoicing to the book and the DVD completely free to become a torchbearer. Also under their lawyer on the website. Check our digital library. We got some new videos, one on Chicago violence and gun control, another on the 10 Commandments a day for today based on the teaching of Jesus in John. And what about everything that happens this everything that happened correspond to the will of God 866-34-TRUTH all right, after close of you way with this information, but according to Dr. Joel Fuhrman ready for men. How do you calculate your weight right use 105 pounds is medium frame regular frame person right under 5 pounds for your first 5 feet K. Let's say you're 6 feet tall. That's another 12 inches. Add 5 pounds for each inch over 5 feet, meaning your ideal weight would be hundred 65 pounds. If you're 6 feet tall.

So what, that's crazy. Well, when Nancy told him ideal weight would be hundred 80 assistant no way I weight 275 pounds that I thought 200 pounds. I look start on right around 180 stayed right around here for a couple years now is wonderful. All absolutely is fits me right for women for women 95 pounds for the first 5 feet 4 pounds for each inch over 5 feet so based on this if you were 5 foot six okay be 95+24 so 119 pounds rail. You'd be amazed how much excess weight we carrying get used and even with generous health guidelines if your 5 foot two and you way because this man or women or just a it's got it for both your let's say your your 5 foot 260 pounds. Your obese.

If you're 6 foot three of between 60 and 60.

That's a six to be obese at 230 and and these are fairly generous guidelines 866-34-TRUTH for truth a let's go to relay in Queens. Welcome to light a fire. I am trying to calculate-30, I don't share going to lower great.

I feel I've been watching the program ill it yeah is not so say I why and they just get caught up.

But now it comes on a note I believe your temple heart situation where emotionally it gone but I look at what blackberry I haven't really seen anyone. I don't think they know really vegetable sometimes relay. Oh, we don't want to know because we like the other foods better. Sometimes we think having a small salad in the midst of everything else will do it.

But here's the one thing for sure and look I I've been in plenty of churches and sometimes I just look off and think.

While most of the people here are heavy and some of them are really obese. I feel terrible for Phil bad for them, but think of what we do relay almost everything we do in our church related services is food that you know we we are far shorter meals and and are gathering here. We eat and we eat there within a mention story.

A friend of a friend of mine came from from Africa from Ghana over to the states to hang out with my friend who was doing ministry in Mississippi at that time, and after a week or two. Weatherby said now I see why the church in America so weak he said you spent all your time feasting.

We spent all our time fasting, but one thing that's really really important and and I want everyone to hear this. Don't try to cut back on unhealthy eating cut it out and substitute it with healthy eating natural what that means in our book. We've got guidelines. We got websites with recipes and things that will give you details but just like it if you're having an affair with someone you don't cut it back. You cut it off as long as we just cut back we allow these unhealthy eating habits and bondage is to dominate our lives were constantly constantly try to cut back the weeds that are growing whereas if you define freedom and then what grows in health by the analogy the lies member having ordered the book yet it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 8664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks much for joining us today on the line of fire, 866487884 so Sir, ma'am if you knew that you are cutting your life short by 10 years. By the way to eat. If you knew that you were guaranteeing that your final years would be much more painful and difficult if you knew that you would be less effective in everything that you do because of the way that she if you knew all those things wouldn't be enough incentive to change another summer say I've got a really care is food something I do every day and it's too important to me to change in stalker. One pastor said what I tell my father he's getting sick and he and and he's gonna die and is all related to the way he eats and and II asked him you know that dad don't you understand if you a differently you live longer to be healthier. They sent my care unlike like the food to early Thomasville Eskimos can be that selfish to the grandkids there. Try try to convict him in some way again friend of ours, pastor mentioned this before he developed the had type II diabetes and he was talking Nancy years back and that's it. You know if you if you went totally vegan. You could reverse that because I know but I hate veggies is is that the way it is that you think I don't really care 10 years extra life when every day.

I don't like what I eat every day. I can enjoy the foods I want every day I feel deprived. You have that all all live tenure shorter enjoy it.

Of course you'll enjoy it less, but then there's the question of what about stewardship. What about our accountability to God.

What if he's given me an assignment that's gonna take me say that 16 was going to take me 80 years to complete a completed 96 but because I willingly make unhealthy food choices. I end up getting cut down 76 I could have 20 more years of service to God.

Is there a stewardship issue that comes up is that something to be considered. Other say I know all the problems. I know what's wrong I fully understand an argument I somehow change troubling times. His new book by a new diatribe new video I watch it new teaching. I listen to it and nothing helps. That's another thing entirely. I want to encourage you wherever you find yourself, and I understand that I'm speaking to a large percentage of you dear listeners, for whom food is an issue. Food is a problem. Being overweight, being obese, having health related issues because of food, gluttony, lack of self-control. Whatever it is speaking to a large number of you for whom this is relevant. It's good to be honest about where you are. It's good to say okay here's my problem I I I love my food. Here's my problem. Food is my emotional outlet. Here's my problem.

I'm addicted to these foods. I've tried to get free and I can't take the withdrawal. Here's my problem. I don't know any other way.

Each here's my problem on not willing to change where you find yourself start there. Be honest right be honest, start there.

Here's where I find myself. Here's what I realize is wrong. Here's Riley Grace and them coming. God there if we start their friends will be blessed if we start their friends will be on the right track.

I've got some other news.

Some things I will discuss with you as well but must be as helpful as I can. This is such an important issue. So many since we started talking about the book since I was whom I like transformation day and night desperate change. Change is possible last half the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to the line of fire friends.

What if you could live your life with more energy. What if you could be free from certain pains and and aches and tiredness that Craig you down. What if you can look in the mirror and not feel embarrassed what what if you had so much more freedom and feeling of life and we had to do was change what you ate it in. Here's a question for here's a question. If someone said to you.

Okay I'm going to give you one million dollars tax-free cash if you can get down to your ideal weight, according to strict charts with the ideal weight should be. If you get out your ideal weight on it to give you $1 million. However, if you go back to where you were before you lose the 1 million but if you stay there every year.

Use day there you get 1/2 million dollars back so you can million. I have to million 2 1/2 but he said I could do it I could do that if someone gave me that incentive I could do that well isn't health a greater incentive than money isn't long life a greater incentive than money isn't having more energy and vitality worth more than money. After what good is the money. If you're running down if if you're beat down if you got all kinds of unnecessary sicknesses here want you to want you to picture the scenario right you were here to help not to judge not to attack if you have a new book yet breaking the stronghold of food.

If you become a torchbearer monthly support of this month would give me the book free, along with an exclusive DVD teacher have on health and healthy eating and friends. I look at what Scripture says in incentive, God can help me Geico payment. If God can help me God can help anybody because of my bad habits and and and not liking most of the foods that I need to eat, and so on. And every day in my salads. I have a cup and 1/2 of beans in in one day.

My first day of healthy eating. I had more beans. I think that in my entire life combined. The have to in in an average day. I have more fruit. Now that I would've had in a month or six months and and on and on it goes.

Your palette will change so here's here's the thing.

If if here's a guy 50 years old he supposed to be walking his daughter down the aisle giving away his daughter, Mrs. is his youngest girl's time for her wedding.

The whole families all excited. He's been obese for years.

For many the likes is his burgers and fries and he likes his chips and he likes his ice cream in the room, jokes about how much he likes all these things and and he's a life of the party.

Willis got a pigging out, and so on and and 50 years old, get ready for the wedding and he drops dead of a heart attack that note, please hear me.

There are there are deaths that are caused by genetic issues and other issues, and healthy eating is not going to solve that problem. Understand that their people with handicaps and other physical conditions for whom healthy eating is is this going dress other things as I can address those issues nor are we standing in judgment. However, if you have a case where you can virtually guarantee that person eight differently, they would not have died prematurely when the doctor looks you in the eye and says Sir, you have high blood pressure, you need to change your diet, lifestyle, high blood pressure is the silent killer we save ads, and I believe God I'm a man of faith. I worry about these kind of things and we drop dead six months later that Sana's that was our fault. We were warned. We were told the consequences of unhealthy eating. Look it says in Proverbs 23.

When you sit before ruler, consider carefully, either whom you're sitting before or what is before you. And if you're someone who's given to have a big appetite for the knife to your throat another.

In other words, talked the lust after those things, and pig out when you're in the presence of a leader, a ruler, I think for several obvious reasons. So hear me again.

My goal is not to condemn. My goal is to help why do we excuse this area of life so much.

Is it ignorance is it that it's just part of life imitate going out to restaurant going fast forever will have Thomas's got a fast food just the crazy busy soccer mom lifestyle. We have, is it because we just think his food taste good. It's allowed I we we know that sex is only allowed with our spouse. We know that getting drunk is not allowed in getting high is not allowed right guys against those things and in their their bondage is and they take away from her sobriety and solace.

We know all that. But hey, you know, food is allowed and as long as you don't totally pick out if it tastes good. Even I mean is that our mentality do you think you know years back. Americans was heavy as they are today, years, years back living in the same world here we we warn us as we are today. Here I'm looking at an article from the Harvard School of Public Health and it's entitled an epidemic of obesity, US obesity trends and let me just mention us. The portions at restaurants of gotten bigger.

The unhealthy ingredients in foods have grown over the years, you know that saying in Oreos. There is something in a part of the ingredients that is addictive that a study was done I read about it and recited in our book, breaking the stronghold of food. A study was done where rats were addicted to cocaine and to Oreos so the researchers got the rats addicted to cocaine and to Oreos and then took both away and which saw which they would choose more and was basically a battle between the two.

They were equally powerful in their addiction. We think you cocaine. That's addictive heroin. That's addictive.

Hey, I sent it before I sent yesterday. It was easier for me to get off heroin in 1971 to get off chocolate in 2014 I had a pray through more to get off chocolate that to get off heroin. I'm telling you the truth if if you like chips and things like that. The salt content in them is just design see one another you one another and you want another you go to restaurant it or we have folks coming from overseas, and they come to one of her American restaurants like while the portions are massive and then the desserts, no desserts I could be for three people. We eat ourselves, solicited us in 1990. Obese adults made up less than 15% of the population.

Most US states bow if you go back to 1950 Sega five figures much much lower. By 2010, 36 states had obesity rates of 25% or higher in 12 of those had obesity rates of 30% or higher today nationwide roughly 2/3 US adults are overweight or obese.

69% in one out of three is obese.

36%, and again there other nutritionists and doctors to say no that figures to low obesity should be calculated more strictly, which would be 40% or more of the population is obese, while US obesity rates have overall stayed steady since 2003. The rates are still rising in some groups even more alarming, the prevalence of overweight and obesity in children and adolescents is on the rise in youth are becoming overweight and obese at earlier ages. 1/6 children and adolescents ages 2 to 19 are obese, and one out of three are overweight or obese.

Early obesity not only increases the likelihood of adult obesity.

It also increases the risk of heart disease in adulthood as well as the prevalence of weight related risk factors for cardiovascular disease such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high blood sugar certainly does not, for good. Certainly there's a better way and the honest question I ask you to ask yourself if you're overweight, if you're obese is it caused primarily by lack of self control. Is it caused primarily by lack of self-control.

I don't say this to condemn. I say this to help because self-control is a fruit of the spirit and certainly the power of the spirit is greater than the power of doughnuts.

Anybody going to differ with that statement, I think not right to change topics. The last segment in the broadcast. What about the Cub Scouts and the girl who says she's a boy gets banned from pressure that do like that.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice aboard cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown Boy Scouts of America faces new questions after banning a child over his gender identity euro Joe Maldonado was born a girl. And now identifies as a boy was removed from his New Jersey club cub scout troop was family says parents of other children.

I complained I understand why.

Why is the news referring to this girl as a boy, eight-year-old identifies in a certain way that does not mean that he is she or she is. He and it's perfectly understandable when the other boys little children, little boys and Cub Scouts kids, little kids when they understand that Joe is actually Jane or whatever her name was in their uncomfortable and they did they tell the parents there's a girl in our Cub Scouts. The press complaint. They have every right to expect that there will be boys there in the Cub Scouts. That's why they have Cub Scouts for boys and they have something else for girls of both course. Of course there's tremendous debate stirred up over this of this is on CBS this morning. Recently, the subject came up for discussion, click number two let's listen to more of the controversy was born Jody, but is been identifying as a boy for over a year.

Why did you want I Boy Scouts Joe was a member of Cub Scout pack 87 in New Jersey, but was recently removed over his legal agenda which is female. What I think of that reasoning, I know.

And then I knew full well he was not born a boy and they all now Joe as when he was Jody in a statement. The Boy Scouts of America defended its actions, saying in part. No youth may be removed from any of our programs on the basis of his or her sexual orientation, but added gender identity isn't related to sexual orientation. In recent years the Boy Scouts of reverse bans on gay Scouts and Scout leaders, but this incident could spark a new debate.

Of course, how it how we can stop here is not just LG, Gay, lesbian, lesbian, gay, it's LGBT. I stop here in the Obama administration is redefining the meaning of sex to include gender identification in laws across the country. What when activists obey clearly announce they're not stopping with gay rights they want transgender rights. Transgender is the new black if if this is the way you're born in and that's the reality than the others being transformed back course, can't stop here and end the Boy Scouts should realize that before they started down this wrong and dangerous path. Obviously, in a here this little girl named Jody why does she want to be in the Cub Scouts. Because all her best friends there that doesn't mean she's a boy listen. Nancy and I have talked. She was a tomboy she like hanging out with the boys more than the girls when she was little she want to be a boy when she was a little girl and therefore the boys want to be girls and like hanging out with the girls and plenty girls like boys out of the boy to sit with us is deeper.

It doesn't matter. You want to try to get to the root of the kids problem rather than accommodative and end. There are people who work with kids identifies transgender for years to say the worst you can do, especially the younger they are as play into it and say okay you're no longer Jody or Joe and what interviewing you can for national program. What you think. I was just eight years old, on what we exposing kids like this nine-year-old on the front cover of National Geographic, quite a few, so that's child abuse can't do that. Let's listen to a little more of this story for three of the Boy Scouts of America says its programs for those who identified as boys on that birth certificates the organization tells us it off at the family alternative coed programs full Joe but his mother told me she is not interested and instead, once an apology for job excluding a child, and at that age is always tough for Katie just wants to belong utility public opinion.

I know in your piece that it's already coming that will seemingly care the daycare.

The mother says she just wants to do what makes a child, happiness is not anything here.

Here, there, I appreciate it. It will make you happy but that's what parents are there to do is not just to make the kid happy, but to do what's right.

Listen, I I wish I was given different ways to eat. When I was a child instead of having to learn them just a couple years ago II wish that from day one I was I was given healthy food for breakfast until breakfast is important, instead of being allowed to eat for Oreos for breakfast and I'm glad that my parents said no to other things in my life.

Our older daughter Jasmine's she went through her teen years was really rebellious and we really had a struggle and it would laugh about things that looking back, which is 39 week we have lots of laughs about things with which she she told Nancy some years ago. I'm so thankful for the way I was raised as I really would've gotten in trouble otherwise. What am I the teenager went on an eight-year-old. What what kind of society as this will make the kid happy while Vic the kid needs to do what's right and end when they do what's right if if you told know you're actually a girl student of the Girl Scouts and you get to know the girls and have some great friends, and over time Jody would have some great friends with girls and when the local chapters. Nice enough to secure coed activities.

No not accept.

As for public opinion changing.

Actually there's quite a backlash against trans activists and and whereas same-sex issues have been much more popular in America. Trans activism spoken largely negative responses, especially the idea that the government should be required to pay for certain things with it that children should be allowed a boy should be allowed to plan a girl sports team and share locker rooms and shower struggles with her. There's a lot of backlash against and even the public opinion continues to surf wants to shift back because this will go to for Boy Scouts of America wake up you made some big mistakes in capitulation already.

Now you're facing even bigger ones. Hey Girl Scouts, they've already made the decision long ago. If you're a boy, and you identifies girl you're quite welcome.

They ready going down that path unless just great. Here's a sleepover or event you got 15-year-old boy identifies as a girl with 15-year-old girls there and they're talking about, you know, their monthly cycle or other things girls talk about why the boy can't quite for their and Hayward told memories, not gay.

That means he is still attracted to women, even though he identifies as a girl he still attracted to women that the lack of wisdom in this. The lack of real love in this even of stem the name of love is frankly mind boggling in our heart goes out to Jodi and her family and hopefully some sanity.

Some wisdom will prevail and cobble work in their lives so that Jody can be whole in the body that God gave her. I friends remember if you've not yet ordered your copy of breaking the stronghold of food you can still get the evil free when

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