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A Special Live from Florida Broadcast

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 5, 2017 4:20 pm

A Special Live from Florida Broadcast

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 5, 2017 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/05/17.


We are live in Florida today for a special edition of the line. If you don't want to miss a single minute stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Okay, we've got a bunch of first ever see are all taking place at the same time. This is my first ever broadcasting the charisma media headquarters in Florida. This is our first ever live book launch that we've done together in this way with a radio broadcast answer first time using Facebook live and not my normal radio studio were out on the road here, but want to welcome all of you that are watching around the world.

One of welcome all of you listening around the world around states that we want to welcome Mark. I will hate you need to sell your 20,000 people. Your saliva okay I know it's Thursday and only on the broadcast.

That means thoroughly Jewish Thursday, but we did thoroughly Jewish Thursday yesterday on Wednesday, throwing off everyone's equilibrium for the entire week and today we are back to we don't cover other days of the week but were gonna talk about the book that I wrote breaking the stronghold crudeness and I wrote it together but I want to take you behind the scenes we got some of the editors and folks like you worked on the book with us there some interesting stories to tell. And we got a live audience to ask questions about when you struggle with what are issues that that you have to deal with. Look, I've spoken to people and said do you realize that if you got rid of the bad foods and started eating healthy foods. Do you realize that this sickness would go away that this condition would be reverse that this would have with that would happen, and they say yeah I know it and I switch my not talking to believers over commerce right over comers work more than conquerors in Jesus him take up the cross follow. Lord, I surrender all right. Men and women of God.

So I I amass them.

Okay you know all this could happen if you just change your diet, why don't you and they say like like my food. It's hearts you've got these mighty men and women of God's servants of the Lord, and they're basically saying yeah my my stomach is my God and we sing. I surrender all that we really only surrender some silt. One encourager we want to lift you up not beat you up and if there are things you've done that have helped you in your life.

Give me a call 866-34-TRUTH 866-3487 84 you give away a few books as well.

Over the course of the broadcast today, so stay tuned. That'll be the number to call if you're struggling like I want to change.

I know I should change I don't know how to change your practical advice would you our best to help you out today and remember you're still a special offer through the publisher, but only a few days left to take advantage this fact only two days left.

Go to stronghold of stronghold of or the paperback you get a reduced price on Amazon. Other places, and when you order it will also get a free copy of the e-book. See getting to books were not even the price of one, but there only two days left to do that that stronghold of go there. It'll tell you what you need to do if you want to read the first chapter free you can do that as well there's there's a funny story and I'm looking right at the.

The editor involved with the story. So God help me. My life is changed. I'm taking weight off and I feel it early on. I feel God's done something it's gonna last and I should tell the story to others. I should encourage others, so I II propose to the publisher.

I want to write a book on this and maybe Nancy can write it with me and I said here's a before and after picture. Well, I sent the wrong picture some years earlier, been in in in Central Park in New York City with family and Nancy took a picture of me and she then photoshopped it a little bit and said look, here's what you look like if you took some weight off and it was pretty minor maybe from like 240 pounds 210 pounds or something and I said that was the picture of the dramatic amazing lightless same same place same close this one squeezed a little and Debbie the editor sent a nice know all that's that's great that's all wrong picture. I will be right back. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown week we all get excited radical change about radical change in our diet, lifestyle, got an article online community charisma, news and other places posted today and took some material from the book breaking stronghold food, which asked the question, is it sinful for Christians to be obese and you got a answer that really carefully first for yourself not to judge others. Second, you never really know what's going on in someone else's life.

It could be that they have a rare medical condition a thyroid disorder that causes the weight gain could be. They suffered terrible trauma, no depression, abusive things in their they're eating. Just out of pain. It it could be that I'm not I'm not a woman either been pregnant maybe had four kids in six years and lack of sleep and running around caring for family. It's not exactly the easiest thing to lose weight, so the last thing ever want to do is is look at anyone in a condemning way. So I ask you for myself and asked the question if if my obesity was due to lack of self-control due to gluttony due to making food choices that were just fleshly and indulging rather than constructive to be a good steward of my body for supposed be good stewards of our finances. How much more of her own body and health.

Then I have to deal with it on that level and for some of us it's a matter of obedience wrote is I want to try deftly want to try.

Don't know how others say I'm down. I've tried to break free. Many many times. That's why Nancy and I wrote breaking stronghold food 866-34-TRUTH I go to the phones in a moment but I'm joined we met face-to-face for the first time we interacted hundreds of times we email Adrian Gaines Adrian's editor here at charisma you edited hyper grace you edited it can began Christian. You edited grace controversy you edited breaking stronghold of food and real culture. Jesus that was before it went okay right so you edited these recent books, how did you feel now that you're gonna be editing a book on diet and lifestyle change written by the sky. You know to these other books out of that strike you initially I was really, really intrigued because I know that you approach everything very carefully very separately and I was interested to see how that that way of thinking kind of apply to how you approached this issue dealing with addiction and dealing with weight loss because semi people deal with those issues. I just really interested in your take on that what when you started reading it. Did anything surprise you or did you know the stories I told her anything anything different you expect your pretty much what you expect.

I think I learned a little bit more about you through the process of editing your back on.

I was intrigued. I think maybe slightly surprised at your ability to discern just saying I'm not doing this anymore and just to stop into certain silos rate when grace kicks, and it happens otherwise at numbers we can anybody else the idea and that and that was that was a little bit surprising for someone who really struggles with different kinds of predictions. Sugar is a big deal for a lot of people, assaults a big deal for a lot of people on it.

That's the thing that's hard to stop and so on. Just kind of thing where you're coming from, and in your ability that is a bit surprising I'm and then wanting to really see how you price that you have a whole chapter about no and all in and hear you're being graced it to be all and yeah and look I say in the book. It was easier for me to stop shooting heroin and to stop having chocolate but why recognize that same grace. Something clicked in treatment. Early on I thought. I think God did something don't mess with don't play with it now. I was talking to it to Debbie, also an editor here and there in the first one that I that I pitch this to an went went out when I most domain scripts ascend and they get edited grammatically but this one you came back to me and said, okay, you got a flesh this out some more and you and Debbie said we need need two things we need a couple more chapters from you that are practical and we need to hear from your wife. Why is it so important for a woman to hear from other women in this area to just hear your point of view.

Your experience, it would be easy Parliament to think well.

He doesn't really understand our struggle as as women to lose weight. I know like I spoke on a diet and lose 30 pounds in like two weeks and it's so frustrating because a woman doesn't have that experience. So just different dynamics that women are dealing with and if they only hurt your experience, they might think well at work for him. He's a guy and that won't quite work for me back to hear your wife went through a similar transition personnel. I think that deep resonance for readers yeah and I so appreciate you and Debbie pushing me to tear those extra chapters and then pushing me to push Nancy together to contribute to. She wanted to, we just couldn't find the rhythm how to do it.

Should she write you.

How should we do it so we so appreciated that push to get it done. The other thing is, most men are not having to cook for the whole family that as a dynamic doesn't testing the intensity and even you acknowledge how critical Nancy was in your own journey because she's the one who basically is what you eat. This is what she did say she did a lot of the heavy lifting in terms of understanding what to eat, and how to cook things that you would find more enjoyable and you might have thought.

And so she was huge in your journey back to understand her own journey because that's where a lot of women are coming from their they're the ones have anything to figure this out in and learn how to adjust their own eating habits in their own thing it is, it biology that women lose weight differently than manners. It lifestyle and requirements what he think there's an analogy there. I won't I won't say it's all Justino the way that we are thinking or distressed listening, it's that there's a lot of factors the way that we hold on 1010 our hormones are working against us and some ice and and as an editor. You've got the worm's eye view of every of every line and I just resent that I used to, but now it's a great I learned constructing the grammar sharpen expression so on and and enters always polite would it be better to say this at all. Yup.

Sorry, but the conversational style will be talking the Nancy will we inhabit that flow for you as you were going to chapters getting Nancy's point of view was huge and it was now helpful for the buck site. I greatly appreciated that and some of my read is that is that when you read the book. It's quite funny because she's kind of commenting on something you just that and it's like now you know we weren't folded all he thought we were everywhere, and says very funny and to kind of see that dialogue between you and away because it kind of will feel a bit like a dialogue on that you're hearing from both voices and so it went. It was everything it creates an interesting dynamic in the book as we were editing it was sort of like you are trying to figure how to make this Americans that we were able to do some things with that. The design of the page that kind of makes it easy for the reader to experience both voices and both experiences and we are in word hearing great things from readers just for the weather. Dynamic work unit.

Here's here's here's what happened.

Nancy is really meticulous in our communication and I've had times literally were. I'm going out spoken preach my heart for an hour, but they got Nancy to say something right before I spoke with Christian normally never would do it. I mean, would have to say I have nothing to say and it had to the Mike's have nothing to say that she's done it, but a couple times she'll get up and say something maybe one sentence and that's what everybody remembers from the night not migrate when our message is so the the. The reality is, which she with the joke as I can write a book in the time she writes an email because all you no-show children want to communicate something to somebody and all all coming and she's working on something. It may be our bedroom. She's working on something I'll go do some else I will come back Larry. Three hours later a written three articles for publication of just Marie edited a chapter for a book and she still polishing that same paragraph the same paragraph literally. So how does a good reason. So we had all the deadlines we had to get the book in a certain time and II said I have written everything she went through what I wrote sharpen it with me. I said now we need your input this day after day after day as I getting it. I wrote just you and you go through back. You have to it's you got it. You gotta get her stuff out so anyway we finally figure out the rhythm, which was that she would sit there with me.

We spent hours and hours and hours night after night to get it done for the deadline. In many, many hours, we sit together starting maybe six in the evening and she'd read every line and into hell want to say something and then she just say it and I would type furiously and then we go to the next one and then I would grammatically edit everything then send it to her. Here's where you set it and then she'd work on a talk to three for the morning to get it just the way she wanted, and that's how it that's how it blended but yet some of it is like I'll be telling my story itself that I can't believe I really miss your beautiful anybody at other times children in circuit. This is Mike's experience, but he wasn't a glutton I was a glutton, and shall tell her so so hopefully that that's helping. And then you know just being honest.

It's so important because there's no superstars out there clay vessels that God works through and if we if we humble ourselves till work through any of us sending so has this book, change your life yet I was already someone who believe in the power of real things and love you and that's a huge part of what you and Nancy changed. I'm so in that way.

I was already kind of a millionaire and I'm a mess in Nevada. It was, it has been truly and has been impactful. I would say even for me personally, midnight you send that ideas and seeing how you guys apply them has been helpful with thank thank you though for helping us get the birth weight is in focus of listening, watching, if the book is helping you, unless you look right over.

Drink and you blow her a big thank you and will hear from Debbie a little later but thank you so much. Everyday basis for the process for it's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael joining us on a lot of far I know you used to thoroughly Jewish Thursday.

On Thursdays did thoroughly Jewish Thursday. On Wednesday, just like Monday Night Football on Sunday we got a special broadcast here.

Where exactly are we in Florida's we are this. This is like Mary technically but Orlando people would know better.

So the 45 minutes from the Orlando airport at the charisma media headquarters. If you don't yet have the January edition of Christian magazine such as because on the front cover of the magazine. You should get it, but it's a great issue. It's got great encouraging stories, practical guidelines for starting the new year together and honestly felt was just talking to Steve Strang about this. After decades of ministry.

The fact end up on the front cover of charisma for being healthy and fit. I felt the Lord was telling everyone here it's really important if you could call in my shoes for a day but the energy level to health and vitality is a good fuel if you could been with me yesterday for my brutal one hour workout with a trainer of about 35-year-old friend working out with us and most be pushed to the limit. It's not because I'm mega man that I can do in my 60s is wonderful fuel I'm putting in. And it's radically changed my life, 86634. Let's start in Chelsea, Massachusetts. Jeff welcome to the line of fire like your book but I way during 40 Brown and I are all fine the way the Olympic by market go on the outside market.

The buyer got the whole I buy right outside door whole food stuff like that but that your diet did you get if you get stuff that's that's living on the right side show Nancy in the morning, him having a healthy protein bar Christmas chocolate chocolate protein bar and I children it's it's always protein systems it's it's all dead, it's doesn't help you.

It's not good yet so get the healthy produce and look it looks pretty doesn't all omelettes when you walk in the produce. It looks pretty got even made it to look pretty but getting in sugar helps dramatically for me once once I completely cut out all the bad stuff and only if the good stuff so you don't crave the bad stuff anymore you're not constantly battling with the best of anymore and in my case I lost 95 pounds less than eight months and I didn't not dieting and I just live the same way in stasis and he Jeff God bless you. That's a great story and I'm glad that you made a break with the unhealthy foods and by the way, can I just say dishonestly. You can still enjoy life wonderfully and dramatically you can enjoy life without needing bad foods. Yeah I'm a there there is life after unhealthy desserts.

There is life after pizza and pasta and burgers. In fact, how long does it take you to eat a meal thing that you go to go to restaurant really nice meal you're out you 45 minutes and you're not even that whole time in our major eating half hour that you gotta live with the results. The rest of the day when you eat healthily takes you longer.

You get to enjoy the food more and then you have the benefits of it.

Thereafter, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Roger in Westchester, New York. Welcome to the line of fire. Hi, my client.

My experience is yours. I went I went I went to Waterbury and I find a good anterograde yet. How did you feel before Roger will that's one of the reasons I started on it. I felt so uncomfortable in my body. And now, like right now there you got it yet.

Listen here is what some of these do you Roger thanks thanks for weighing in and I appreciated. May the Lord continue to help you on your on your journey.

Let's say you look at what your ideal weight should be on a chart. Okay. And I was thought that those were way too low. Now that's that's what I way that those are accurate. So let's let's just say that you you need to lose 50 pounds right. Should we hundred 50 and you weigh 200 pounds.

Jim take 25 pounds dumbbells in each hand and walk around for a while walk up and down the steps try to run or jog will that's what you're carrying all the time I'm there when I got to 60 pounds. I'd lost one of her grandsons. Weight 60 pounds at that point so I have them cling on my back and I went up and down the stairs with them that I got on my face to do push-ups within Lena my bike. It's not easy. And yet we carry that extra baggage all the time just that is is incredibly freeing.

So again, if you haven't ordered the book. It could stronghold the when you order their take advantage of the special offer to get the e-book free when you order the paperback got time for another call.

Let's get a bill in Noakes Bill Virginia.

Welcome to the line of fire like you on my effort.

I'm halfway through your book and looks really good. My questionnaire are you going to your menu items like what you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner are you to recommend something God line yet. As you read through the book we incorporate more of her journey and it and then of the last chapter, we give 10 points of of guidance recommendation and then we refer you to the plan that we followed and then in the back of the book we have websites that or you can just go to for free with recipes again. That was one of the things that that Adrian or editor asked for. Can you give a list of of so we have recipe books and then we have websites we can go and get the recipes free all in the back of the book in the last chapter is is the most practical in terms of guidelines I would. I would not be the perfect one to follow bill in that on the type of person that's perfectly happy to eat the same thing day after day after day after day, most people want a lot more variety, but the key thing is is heavily plant-based terms of what we all have meat if I remember to once a week or maybe 646 ounces week once it of me once a week, I hardly think about this is not some big deal to me like it like it used to be all that we do have information that we could talk about some of the specifics and that we we do refer you to websites for more information, but you know normally for me just to say it now of I would have if I'm home make a big smoothie. I have 6 ounces of grains, 2 ounces of lettuce 2 ounces of kale 2 ounces spinach and that I have some I think it's flaxseed and hemp seed that that's is mixed together. I could big spoon of that and then I put in spot a handful of pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, and because my workouts. A healthy protein powder and takes about a half-hour drink it and then I want to even think about eating for another six hours and then dinner time. I have a salad of several how salad with a healthy dressing in itself.

At that little bit in some raw nuts and seeds and it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker, and Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown thing about diet biggest meal for me is selling from on the road in the morning I'll have some fruit and some raw nuts, not yet understand in one day. Now I eat more fruit that I used to eat in a month or six months really year because I was not a fruit eater and would Nancy would send me the story to get fruit for her so she have to describe because I didn't know what it was to get this. What is that certain vegetables on the lower they are. She have to describe describe intimate so I have some fruit and some raw nuts in the morning and by the way, with knots there healthy but you gotta be very careful in Damascus are super fattening, so the course of the day you may have a couple handfuls of knots and that's it and then semisolid. I take literally a 4 quart forecourt bowl biggest bowl we have in the house for dinner salad and I take the whole thing lettuce like five synopsis of lettuce and just dump it in and then I put another stuffed green peppers and cup after beings for protein and then you know tomatoes and onions and all kinds of other things like that and and then have a healthy dressing and it literally takes me half hour 45 minutes to eat because it's it's so big and your body likes bulk your my response to bulk so literally that massive salad is less calories than a king-size candy bar or a big handful of M&Ms. So if you eat the same thing in high calorie your body wants more. If you have the bulk it's totally satisfied.

It's amazing and then later in the evening because I step we relate so maybe later in the evening then I'll have a super healthy veggie burger or one of these mega healthy soups that Nancy's me or we have a came up with like a pseudo-pizza Reichert Ezekiel bread. This healthy bread and organic red sauce and it's it's it's not a real cheese take a thriving dairy taste like mozzarella cheese but it's not. I put that on and onions different is like a delicacy for me and and again it it if in and point of fact, if the food was sickening. To me it still been life-changing and wonderful and helpful.

I have high blood pressure and always other issues that are totally gone 100% gone, but the food thoroughly enjoyable your pallet will crave your pallet will desire whatever you feed it. Amazingly enough of so will have something like that.

Later on, and then little bit more knots and is in hot chocolate or anything like that anymore. Nancy would make brownies made from cocoa beans and dates just different things like that. There healthy, enjoyable and have it similar kind of taste for the truly healthy their non-addicting, you don't have the food cravings and the headaches and ice to get three for headaches a week and and if I didn't have certain foods when have suites after meal I get a headache.

I met a headache into 1/2 years really really does work 8663 for 87884. Let's go to Tom Tom Scott. Let's try early in Hurley's gone there was a drop in five let's try Benjamin and rock Hill South Carolina.

Thanks for calling the line of fire. You want to congratulate you on your government.

Thank you for sharing your writing. I look forward to my letter remembered when I was in my class had not will you in the class on answering Jewish objections to Jesus were paid. See, I just heard your voice and somehow rung a bell that that was you, tell you what, you stay right there. I want to send your free copy of the book Benjamin.

Alright, so how would you get your info and send your free copy of breaking the stronghold of food anyone I could sit through intensive seminary class 6 to 1035 straight nights all day Saturday and the subject completely new deserves to get a free copy of the book so Benjamin title once you get a chance to read this a whole lot easier than reading my volumes on answering Jewish objections to Jesus.

The textbooks for that other class of you you are you should also note or give me a call after you read this to share with your wife to God bless man thanks for thanks for your weighing in file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Let's hear from our live audience. Here I actually was not media publishers of my new book with Nancy together breaking the stronghold of food and I sure you aside from her writing the book with me without her help input prayer this McNabb would been written because I would not of had this story to tell 866-34-TRUTH eight 784 866-34-TRUTH the number to call so I'm sitting with Marine you are an acquisitions editor Christmas before you we get to the food related question. Let's talk to all of the would-be authors of their people always want to ask me how to get a book published, and so on is the bit of the vicious cycle and if you haven't published and you're not known how the heavy breakthrough on average what how many potential authors or manuscripts that have any any people contact your your company in the course of a year to think I would really be guessing to answer that question, but typically what happens is that he actually reach out to the people that we would like to have.) Of course, so we read rarely receive unsolicited manuscripts. People try the times down and that's not usually the best way to go about it.

The best way is usually to contact us first and then maybe have a conversation via email at about the topic that they're interested in writing about and can we give them an opportunity to fill out an author is a form which gives us information about pending about their platform and on.

If we feel it, something that would be worthwhile for us to bring track positions team and we can have you ever or I should say how often are you surprised that someone has an idea someone it's not known or that was off your radar that some think that the proposal so that it catches your team. You think this this might be something look at it is that once the year is how it's very rare actually but it does happen and sometimes it happens through the research that we deal he may come across someone here has a relatively large platform on Facebook, but hasn't been acknowledged yet and we begin to listen to what they're saying in and what their followers are responding to you and that gives us an kind of awaits you to reach out and and to work with their their concepts gone and an otherwise or are you are you looking at things happening in society and the church is a boy, would really like someone to write how you go about reaching out well. We do have.

As you know, an imprint called frontline so we do like to get people to write about topics that are relevant in that are current in our day ends and we all cease frontline for things like have topics about the end times. But as far as reaching out, we typically chest and find a way to email the personnel we do have agents to send us proposals or send us information about an author potential author and Dan will respond to their queries on bats as far as reaching out. We we usually do your research ahead of time and and have an idea what we would like the person to write about and we communicate with that person and find out if they're interested in hit. Have there been books that you thought this book is going to be incredible bestseller and it doesn't go anywhere. In another book you thought it's a good book and then shocks everybody yes first year.

I won't say which one that's definitely Tappan Zee and look one of the things that got my attention with Jonathan Kohn's book, the harbinger was, it had no way like I've written a bunch of books up and I am in the field is no way I am not author the subject is going to be first week new kinds besides just like it happened exactly meant to stay there for whole year at Stern yet. So it's one of these things, like when people said what you think about the book. I said at the least. I think I'll try to get our attention to look at the subject at the very least start there while one of the applets that was a real surprise to me was at 23 minutes in hell because that person didn't have any kind of real ministry platform anything before he read the book for us but it became a New York Times bestseller. Also, because the topic itself was of interest to people not only believers but just people who want to know what happens email after we die all right your your specific question that okay actually have five and a try to see which one is the let's see if we can do rapidfire when I think be really helpful to listening on. I've done what you've done in the past gone cold turkey to change my diet and in different ways for different reasons. That was a long time ago on that one of the things that I think people would like to know is when you first made the change in you.

Sounds as if you did go cold turkey on how long did you struggle with hunger and that desire for things that you said later goes away as you change your pallet.

John and I know that's true but how long were you still really hungry or really wanting things that you need to write out what what you've got is merged several completely different questions together is just like in Matthew 24 and the disciples asked Jesus you're with us on the destruction of the Temple site are coming the end of the Exhibit 3 questions together, thinking they're all the same. So I would make a real real distinction between hunger and wanting certain foods and I will know Nancy would see me snack it like as I'm writing all night most nights and she see me snack in a couple hours later I'm snacking again the old days and she said the regional Thomas Mann hungry through not hungry. The sun, hunger, and one of the things we talk about the book that we learned from Dr. Joel Fuhrman is the difference between toxic hunger and just the body desiring certain things in genuine hunger near the body needing food and nutrition so of three levels of answer first thing is, it was three days of withdrawal from that and but I realized this means that stuff is in my body. The fact I feel so miserable means poisonous leaving my body and and that's bad it was.

It was hard for me. As I said before 22 give up chocolate and to stop shooting heroin in God's grace help them both. But I want to real withdrawal foodstuff so in the midst I felt miserable. I still had to do radio and other ministry responsibilities. I felt miserable at the cold on top of it, but I thought okay you got to start somewhere of the stuff gone a day to day's white wife to start at zero again right and the other thing was, I thought, okay, this is bad stuff, leaving my body. That means Evan putting bad stuff in my body. The third night of the third day was better the third night I really prayed through an owner was good after that.

Some people can be a week something can be two days it could be you know coffee, addictions and caffeine of the things but but it's not that that worst part is I can go on weeks and weeks and weeks, absolutely not. That's the first thing the second thing was getting in touch with with actual hunger and starvation hunger but okay this is a good time to eat now, and generally speaking, what I tried to do was follow the guidelines again it Nancy suggested was all right have my meal and donate anything for five dollars charge for the next meal. Eat that and you never eat to your stuffed in effect, it's hard to get stuff eating Brussels sprouts and broccoli.

You know Oreo is getting stuff and having it and an apple or blueberries, but your eat your satisfied you feel good, you never have that loaded feeling. So I had to get used to that pattern because snacking was just, you know, some I did all the time, especially at night, and then the biggest thing though was renewing my mind with food was my reward and and I realized it because I started in years past I would quit things. I will have suites for a while rock cut back on this or nothing. Fried ever and I did really well for year. A few years back and then I went to the doctor, get my blood test and your my cholesterol gone off. I thought I'll come on, forget this. I did have cheese and fried stuff. I cut back on this. My cholesterol tires. I just got discouraged at the forget this but the biggest thing was hotel Nancy I love ministry 1100 been under constant pressure. My life is constant pressure. I cannot add to that the feeling of being deprived all the time. That's the straw that breaks the camel's back and that's what happened any other time I tried to change my diet by cutting the list.

Can you let still having the same basic lifestyle is all it does is it leaves the door open for all the cravings all the bad habits. All of that so I began to think about life and nothing had meaning without food. As I began to think about them at the airport why my dear perfect can eat what I want. I'm on this overseas flight and I fly overseas long long flights and upgrade to business class and all kinds of snacks and nice pretzel roles alike in this foods like why can have that why my flying.

Why would I take the grandkids to a family movie. If I can have popcorn and nonpareil's not the slightest second untaken the grandkids to a fun movie to have fun with them and to enjoy something with them not to eat.

I could eat that food anytime and I'm not going to the airport to eat or getting on the plaintiff again in the airport and and on the plan to go somewhere.

So I realize food was my built-in reward preach all day Sunday afternoon evening minister. The room what you do you eat put on some cello but take a break from writing chill and in each, I get to the hotel traveling and what they have no fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies as a gift from God knows the Lord smile like there there. Your cookies waiting for even thankful for them eat when they are take two for my room you know and even know when they're going to come out so I get them fresh enough on there at the right time and arrest food is my reward. Foods that our Lord is my once I reprogram on my disease at one breaking point which I talk about in the book, I can't. I can't write it completely broke. One night otherwise, it has not been hard at all like that number. Light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, warning us that this live and let live events very go our live audience together on different books for years in my articles always appearing charisma knew so we had a great partnership with Steve Strang and the team here, and blessed to partner together on a new book, breaking the stronghold foods are just a reminder if you have the book. If you've read it is made. If you preordered of before Christmas and got advance copies once you read it if it's been a blessing to go to and place your order.

Excuse me poster review their that would really encourage others and it's just it's a great way to get the word out on Amazon. I'm sitting with Marines acquisitions editor here at Christian media, but I want to want to get to some calls first and will go to Richmond, Virginia Brian, thanks for holding welcome to the line of fire. Go we all know believers that God works in various ways. I struggle with who I'm struggling with food in the killing and help and I'm going to listen to the radio that much.

Something may be turning on something maybe soon if your station and is killing me everywhere I go. Every meeting I go to work with food. You know Michael birthday party is killing me. I'm overweight W I'm addicted. You know every commercial TV analyst food I'm stuck in the stronghold.

Please go to Brian this this is your date for health and I hate to hear what you're going through, but Brian would you just said speaks for millions of other Americans are just honest enough to say it to recognize the addiction to recognize the stronghold and and one of do my part to help and get you my book today. Let me ask first when you say it's killing you what what effect is being overweight having on your life. I got up out of you. Always tired of always sleep close greatly while I was up to no hold on the go. You know, like to pump out you will, but don't want you, but I'm not all girl group goals around this three way away. 64 and weighed 300 and all all… Type II diabetes diagnosed with blood. You know her. Brian listen you are steps ahead of most because you know the issue become over 62 and I weigh 275 pounds.

A lot of people told me what we just thought your big guy big bone know I was obese I was fat. I have worked out I was fat and my weights now member here between one 8185, my friends and all the stuff you talk about you know the type II diabetes can be reversed.

The tiredness can be reversed so you normally listen to this radio station. The show when you do listen to you just happen to stumble over here today yes great God radio Brian this is this is absolutely the Lord. In fact, normally, on this day.

On Thursday I have a different subject, focus, but we changed today because we doing this this book on so here's were you stay right there. How it's going to get your your mailing address on it to send you a free copy of the book, breaking the stronghold of food I sure you as you read it you can get hope and and you give you will see practical steps if you start taking the steps and will recommend here if you're something else to read her website to go to the next step.

We got a Facebook page breaking the stronghold of food on Facebook you can come in there and say here's what's going on.

Anybody have any advice so you get the book, breaking the stronghold of food. You'll see that the Facebook page Facebook page of the same name as the book you can join in that community there as well but were to pray for you right now we've got a live audience and we got listeners course across the country and around the world. So father we pray for Brian right now.

We pray that this day is the beginning of a life transformation. He knows that food is killing them and we know that when the sun sets free is free indeed. Are there people who don't even know you could just buy their willpower may change how much more your children your help. We acknowledge this is a stronghold. We acknowledge your weakness and we pray God, I ask you for the same help that you gave me. Help me lose 95 pounds listen eight months and keep that weight off and change my whole life.

That same grace that same help to come to Brian touch and help him, bless him in Jesus name it we hear from him in the months ahead about how his own life has been radically dramatically changed. Amen Jesus name and Brian, are you sure you this is not the end. Yes, this is a divine appointment. Yes, God led you to listen for this very reason and you are going to receive great help. Remember, my story is your story restores a story of many, many others, and there is help that can come you're not a slave to food when you learn how to break the bad habits and replace it with good habits.

You'll be amazed at how you feel and what happens to stay right there. Brian Howard is going to get your contact info in send your free copy of the book hike. Can I just say something to all of our friends at charisma that helped in the process of editing process or marketing process or anything else having to do with the book to all of you on Facebook that if sure articles and things along these lines as we talked about it to everyone listening that's that's prayed and taken an interest. This is why we wrote the book that is not just some try Chuck, I never write about anything that's trite, but that that the interesting thing when this book was coming out I take seriously.

Every book of rhythm is 30 books. Now I take everyone tremendously seriously, but I felt I said to Nancy. I really feel this can be the difference between life and death for thousands or perhaps millions of people and that's that's the goal. That's why we did it and and yet we want to sell lots of books because we want to help lots of people. That's the whole goal were given books away because we want to help people.

So again, if you haven't ordered yet.

Go to stronghold of and use it is a special offer there your free book, especially if you go to Amazon. That's the easiest and best way to do it. Stronghold of, and maybe there's someone listening to someone watching on Facebook and you've got a burden to pray for Brian you want to make Brian your your your prayer target asked the Lord to give you burden for them because I had Nancy helping me each step of the way until I can, get on my own and and learn how to live in and live this out, but of the more help we can get the better. So maybe the little lay on your heart just to pray for Brian on a daily basis or just the Lord whenever he struggling let me know and I'll pray and God will do that member friends visit the website. The line of check your latest articles and videos. There my bottom line today is killing many many Americans don't let it kill.

We are live in Florida today for a special edition of Alana for you don't want to miss a single minute stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown hi Harry, are live audience prison redirects of Orlando, Florida watching on Facebook all joining us on the radio.

So glad to be speaking with you today. 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884 them to call. I know it's Thursday.

We normally do thoroughly Jewish Thursday. On Thursdays, but if you're listening yesterday we did thoroughly Jewish Thursday. On Wednesday of last week because of the special live events that were doing.

Here's want to welcome everyone watching on Facebook live as we talk about breaking the stronghold of food. This is where the book is been produced where the book is been edited and and now getting it out together to touch the maximum possible audience would take some live questions from our listening audience here were going to take some calls. As always in a question on Facebook live sugar addictions do we talk about that in the book only because I tell my story and and I was absolutely sugar addict. Look, I know it existed to be dependent on stuff because I use drugs heavily for two years before I was saved.

Ages of 14 to 16 I get saved in the 1971 and everything from from pot to hashed LSD to mescaline to cocaine to heroin at the speed and did real major quantities of drugs and settle your essay to get was harder for me to give up chocolate than to give up heroin and a study was done is not just a story I read read the details of the study one university did an experiment on rats and they got the rats addicted to cocaine and to cocaine into Oreos. Okay this on the tall toes really happen and when they took them away.

The rats crave both equally that the both addictions cocaine and Oreos equally strong and I was I was flying overseas and one of these flights long flights. They had a little snack bar was just unlimited free snacks.

There and they had Oreos there. I looked at them. I thought you you're my enemy. You got stuck.

You got stuff in you by design that addicts people by design that's was certainly never have chips and things. That's all that's makes you want to have another one.

So the foods that we eat or or addicting us and and dragging us down so that the problem is so that sugar is also in lots of stuff into sugars, incising a meeting super healthy salad dressings you have salad dressings that are laced with sugar and I had peace all the time pizzas a lot of salt and I never associated salt was pizza all anyone anyway. The thing with addictions, though you can try to wean yourself little by little by little and that may work for you. If it works for you great but the best thing with an addiction is is to to put the thing away and you hear hear. You will not die without sugar. Now if if you have a certain condition.

You know you have certain diabetic condition you have certain issues going on with your body up then you go to your doctor and find out what you can and can't do with diet, but if you know something is destructive and wrong here. I want to say this plainly, I am at charisma media famous for the things of the spirit to make a bold declaration, the power of the spirit stronger than the power of doughnuts.

Yes, I actually believe that. And if we don't walk in the flesh but in the spirit means we can say no to fleshly things, but if you're addicted you probably go through some level of withdrawal we talk about it in the book and then what you do for the this sugar that your body wants it wants good sugar fruit.

God gave us fruit and I walked to grocery stores that I'm telling the truth like those apples look really good at this from someone that couldn't even eat apples before kazoo severed from allergic reaction because of pollen apples. I even Apple have allergic reaction. So you start to replace it. Good sugar is healthy should be for you know it. Addictions gone and you're free. It's amazing. It works the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Thanks so much for joining us at our live event here in Orlando, Florida.

Michael Brown delighted to be with sanity clarity. We are here, charisma media, they published my new book, the book Nancy and I wrote breaking the stronghold of food. If you have a question you have started telling your own life or your frustrated all the way out your struggling give us a call if you give testimony for the book. It's been a blessing to another books just out give us a call 866-348-7884 during the break I was asked a question by Jackie and audience member about struggles with food and yo-yo dieting. So you diet lose weight than Uganda back in back. In fact, it's a sum is guaranteed that you do the vast, vast, vast majority of red the static 98% of people yo-yo diet end up gaining the weight back even more, that was Nancy story for years and I recently saw a study about the TV show the biggest loser I've ever seen it, but I think we know what it's about, that the majority of people who lose all the way through gain it back.

A good portion, or even even more so the question is, what's the answer. So this is not diet, not dieting because remember if you're cutting back on certain things, but you still have the bad stuff there it in your diet or lifestyle.

It's just it's almost inevitable that you will be pulled back into it. You're constantly having to exercise some kind of self-control having so much with no more so the solution is not dieting exchange lifestyle change your relationship to food and make a wholesale change of of get rid of all the stuff that's bad and eat the stuff that's good. Now if you say how often to cheat all get picked up at the airport and pastor be chatting with me or the guy picked me up at the airport chatting with me and they see the change in the say how often you cheat us and how often you cheat on your wife and you if it's if it's cheating by my good noninterest video. I'm not saying that having a bowl of ice cream or having a big steak or having candy bars like committing adultery after somebody it might be of interest to what it might be that serious.

It's like up a recovering alcoholic and and and they go and do not have a sip of alcohol bore that's that's fatal to them. So I live as if I'm recovering food out Midas and free from drugs. I was free.

Couldn't even relate to the idea being recovering drug addict. I was free and the subject, preferring to deal with all the time so I live as if I'm recovering food at an attempted on struggle and thriving, but I look at it like don't play with fire so if theoretically once in a couple months you could splurge you do this or that and you have no problem to fight. Nancy did that initially she totally change ourselves, started eating Toby healthily following the guidelines of Dr. Joel Fuhrman eat to live, and of dieting exit. This makes sense nutritionally to Mr. nutrition for decades.

This finally made sense it was working and she stuck on a planet out. Whatever was once a recovery on sheet she tells her story in the book and I'll just have this amount control portions. One day it worked initially and then after a few more months.

It when they became 22 became three and next thing she found it harder to change back the second time the first. That's why I tried to mess with God's given me grace.

I live no exceptions and and I thrive in the midst of it, but we do need certain things. How do we make up for the eight meet all the time approaching and it if you if you read enough about the meats that we have been eating lots of meat and and potential cancer risk with that. That'll probably cause you to cut back on meat right away, but here's what I've done first. All the greens. The massive amount of greens. I have every day they themselves have protein in them that healthy, nuts and seeds of certain protein and healthy fats for pasta, for example, we we by being pasta. It's made of beings cook up a taste just great news, organic red sauce with it and specially once you get used to that it's it's wonderful.

You enjoy that surly that has actually a lot of of fall in the taste like regular pasta and I I have company have been semi-semi-Jackie said she can eat beans out. I don't know if you can eat them the way I couldn't see things before meeting. I didn't like them, like the taste of them are gagged on them arriving Brussels sprouts one time and I literally gag a try. Once that was it.

I literally gag on it. So sometimes we just have to change your pallet. Nancy tells a story in the book that she made this massive soup and it was it was a shed a lot of mushrooms in a cruise. Dr. Fuhrman's guidelines or G bombs, greens, beans, onions, mushrooms Barry C. G. Bombs, greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries, seeds, and she knew mushrooms report but she hated mushrooms so cheap.

She made a soup she had a lot try to sneak mushrooms anyway, she went to eat it and gat. This is a soup. She made she went to eat the soup and she literally gag okay so she's willing to do. I made this mastermind soup so sheet she put it in and Tupperware portions put it in the freezer. Two months later took up heat on up and it was delicious delicious so your pallet will change you have to understand you talk to everybody that knew me for decades around the world and if if you gave him a list of every person I knew who was the last person that's going to write this book.

It would've been me because I was the unhealthiest year. You can imagine with really limited tastes again. Growing up, you step Oreos for breakfast. There were years were every day. My meal was was was burger and fries at least once a day.

There were years were every dad have at least two slices New York pizza. I live right near and tell the Bible school right near fabulous pizza Long Island. We estimated my four years living that there eight 3000 slices of pizza at that place so if my pallet could change anyone's can change. I do have a little meat once a week but the other thing I'd suggest Jackie is just typing eat to live online right, Dr. Joel Fuhrman's website and then just put in protein and he'll give you a list of things that are healthy that are good that would get you adequate protein.

I'm having a discussion with my trainer now because he's a beast of a guy massive superstrong I can bench press 450 Viking press with the shoulder 450 pounds is massive and his wife read our book and she absolutely wants to change your way of living which is that your to do it with me and he's concerned disease.

Mr. big get all you need. All because Amita said you actually don't need that much animal protein is you think that you do so. Jackie if you go to eat to live, then look at other protein substance. If here's the other thing.

Sometimes we can we things and little by little. So Nancy would sneak certain things into stuffy cook for me or into my salads and then it got to the point where I am now and just pour all kinds of these things in and sometimes we like the texture we don't like the look of it. You get used to it and it becomes a health giving life-giving thing I will take a phone call and Maureen got five questions recovered what to write three to go. Let's let's go to John in Radford, Virginia. Thanks for holding welcome to the line of fire. Hello Dr. Brown hey Mike all you bet I'm I've been learning about your book a little but on the radio.

I feel like that, you know, for me to not approach them out of the traditional diet that everybody the mind on the flesh. And while I'm at it about solo having a lifestyle change to really incorporate walking and. Yes yes absolutely sure why. Why should we say okay, I've got an issue with lost of God grow closer to the Lord and overcome that spirit, I got an issue with anger. The closest Lord overcome that fine at the roots of that spiritually or pray more of God. Got an issue with my tongue out of control, but whatever it is we understand all these different issues we have fleshly issues struggles with our human body different things like that service her mind that we that we combat this, not just in the natural but spiritually. Why don't think the same women comes to food, of course, these are spiritual issues.

In fact, one chapter in the book is is holiness principles for wholesome living. II took some of that material from a previous McKay wrinkle go and sin no more. And just took the same principles of how we deal with sin in our lives then made application to how we deal with bad food habits. Paul talks about false teachers and said their god is their stomach.

So here is idolatry, and with it the God of the stomach and when Jesus talks about if your right hand causes you to sin, or your right foot because you center right I caused you said the passage that we have an in Matthew five and Matthew 18 and Mark nine you apply that same principle you don't cut it back. You cut it off so if a guy is very close to having an affair with the gal that he works with. He doesn't just okay. I'm going up cut back on the amount of time we email each other. The amount of time we talk on the phone or you know you you cut it off and and that's the way to freedom you you go away from the wrong in the direction of the right and then I know for fact John that it's God's grace that empower me. It was not just Mike Brown's will covers Mike Brown's willpower would change decades ago as a hasty and overweight. Absolutely life Mr. John stay there send your free copy breaking stronghold. Got a question 866-3487 84 right that the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice aboard cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I I'm here very well.

I'm still here at charisma media headquarters, hosted by Steve Strang and the team. Good to see you, dear brother, thanks for your solidarity all these years together in the Lord on the front lines and you know it's just so interesting that some things Steve that you were involved with reporting on pioneering decades ago that it is mainstream now that it is taken for granted that were awfully controversial in the early days. It's just a good reminder for you know you're doing what's right and honoring the Lord stick around. I've told people with some of the cultural issues we've we've taken stands on you. You can mark my words today, but you mark my words tomorrow so glad to be here.

If you have not yet ordered breaking stronghold of food only two days left to get the e-book free when your order, but you gotta do it. Stronghold of stronghold you see the instructions there. If you're not sure read the first chapter free get a feel for how Nancy and I sure things there and then when you order to there'll take you to link on Amazon or elsewhere, or the paperback and you get the e-books and free through the generosity of our publisher 866-34-TRUTH.

If you have a question I am sitting with Marie was an acquisitions editor at charisma, but we had some interaction little earlier in the broadcast back to you for a question okay you mentioned earlier I just can refer to the exercising that you do and that you are working with a trainer. When you first need to change in your eating habits that lifestyle change where you already exercising did you feel as if the ER you just and you just continued it to help you lose weight or was it just something you are already really found it to be important in your life how they working to you. I was already exercising and I have a personal assistant who started going to CrossFit years ago and in the office building we share.

There was a tiny little weight room, but had enough had some rowing machines and some weights and some other bars and things was enough to do heavy workouts so we would do CrossFit workouts. There and I could be I can keep up. While I had endurance I was strong natural site.

Your crazy doing this. You're eating healthily and you're pushing your body, your overweight. It's not good for your heart. And my answer was the fact that I can do it proves I am heart healthy and of course I was always in be right, Osos, and an answer of then we had a brother in our congregation who is a professional trainer certified fitness trainer. Work with professional athletes. A certified massage therapist and just if you gotta stretch or something. He knew how to torture you. And he said hey I've got these two slots open during the week I'd like to come in and train the pastors and leaders here for free so we started to work out a mean an hour of absolute torture and then he moved away so we kept working out but not as heavily but he used to say look abs are made in the kitchen so I worked out heavily and it helped some but only a little.

Let's just say a scale of 1 to 10 if if if 10 was where I was supposed to go healthwise working out got me to a two because I had changed my diet so I had been working already. Then I radically change my lifestyle. I was still trying to work out some he moved back, and now we do these these heavy heavy workouts and it'll just yesterday, for example, the warm up was put boxing goes on and he was at the foot of the steps down the steps come down 20 punches. One of them steps come in 20.20 10 times the ramp down the steps. 20 punches each just warm up and then we went from there into minute of intense boxing and then getting a hold your core position for minute jump back up a minute that your back-and-forth will do this for an hour and we had several people join us in their 20s, 30s and 40s and every one of them was in the bathroom throwing up within minutes, so it's not just that I'm really strong and I've set a mentally tough fine, but the fact that I'm 61 and can do this the great great reason is healthy fuel. I put good fuel in my body and that's why so the exercise is great because the energy increases my mental sharpness at this great vitality. As painful as it is.

I love being pushed to the limit. But it is. I tell everyone in the book when I talk a lot about exercise in the book of Nancy chimes in with paving exercise we came we came up with her manager, you know, no pain, no gain.

We came up with her mantra when I feel the pain I refrained. So she just does not like me exactly what she's she's a hardware initial work all day out in the yard doing different things like out of a sheet she pushes himself in those ways which is hates exercising anyway that the deal is I tell people deal with the diet, exercise, yes, but deal with the doctors in my mind.

I just can exercise harder yeah I know I shouldn't have that king-size Babe Ruth after Innova candy bar after my pizza approach and have pizza August exercise harder know that's it's it's counterproductive.

So exercise is great.

It's important, but change your relationship with food is much report right last question okay on the last question has to do with how many times a day that you because a lot of added nutritional professionals suggest that people eat three smaller mirror sex. I'm sorry smaller meals a day in a kind of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and then snacks mid morning and afternoon and before he could have that and you previously said that after you get that big protein shake in the morning, you typically can collect six hours without eating, so I'm just wondering what your thoughts are about more frequent eating and other plan. I'm not a nutritionist so would be foolish related to argue with those who said it. I've talked to people are very healthy and thin and fit discipline than they do that no five or six smaller meals in the course of the day it there may be a logic to it you not get a month want to comment on it metabolically or anything like that. Even the word metabolically is a showing off a but the point is this in engine short.

In short, the, the whole issue for most of us as we eat too much and snacking is kind of a way of life. So if you can just eat when your body really desires food and needs food it it tends to be just a more disciplined way to live, so that may be great.

It may work for certain people and I know some Christian conditions need to eat more frequently but normally the goal is to remain times a day that because I'm a late night person are not normally up really early in the morning.

This morning I leave the house before eight for flight normally don't have to do that so I have my my smoothie, I'd like a handful of of wrong thoughts and then that smoothie or some fruit in the morning and then I try to wait no five hours or something that I have my massive salad and and and then there may be an Apple after that and then wait like maybe three or four hours and then have the last meal. The more I can do that the better I found that that if I don't do that I end up just having a handful of this law handful of that.

It also all healthy stuff, but then I'll actually see my weights going up to 3 pounds just for that. So even though I only eat healthy stuff always only, without exception, 24, seven to half years right or more. Plus the fact is even eating the wrong stuff there and I exercise can still start the butcher so again let everyone work that out. But once you give yourself good healthy meal and you will is okay to stay away from it when you step back.

Actually, I don't need fruit I just was craving more stuff run like this and want to have extra so nutritionally I can't comment on what's best.

I know the Dr. Fuhrman recommendation is, is the three main meals and income to get in touch with with true bodily needs of literal work that out there many different plans and programs you think you have lambasted very important health right your calls next 866-34-TRUTH talk to the editor that I first pitch the idea to about breaking the stronghold of the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speed and Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks much for joining us mirror live in Orlando Florida also live on some different platforms. We been on for an hour and 1/2 and if you on Facebook.

Give me a thumbs up. If you been watching the entire hour and 1/2.

The broadcast we may do some Facebook live video excerpts of a radio shows here and there but if you been with us the entire hour and 1/2. Give me a thumbs off and some of our live audience. Your cruiser media.

They been here the entire time as well. All right I see those thumbs up being relayed to me.

Someone just asked on Facebook and they get breaking the stronghold of fruit on Amazon yet. You absolutely can. It's a reduced price. There get the e-book or the paperback and make sure when you get it you post a review of the book is helped you, but two days left to do this is two days. There is a link right on Facebook about stronghold of stronghold of If you go there, they can order through Amazon and you get the paperback and then the e-book you'll get is a free bonus only two more days to do that.

That is stronghold of I know it's Thursday but if you turning in for our thoroughly Jewish Thursday broadcast.

We did that yesterday because of the live event today, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to the phones will start in Salt Lake City hope welcome to the line of fire. You bet you agreement here. I used Eric drug or file. I also like a sugar addict definitely parted ways to get office machines and shall is not something I think I would start my people, that it my question that I am now completely off sugar and Mary. Great guy who understand the danger he reads book.

I thank you in Kent cleansing right now.

I am sugar eating chocolate chips. I just like to cancel after snack at the morning and lunch. What would you suggest the line I think myself. My name and let her family have thrown them away, but I wanted nothing like what will obviously first.

The biggest thing is keeping good relationship with your husband right so you understand that and and sometimes you can get so upset with you, think what you doing you hurt yourself or kill yourself and write either look. He may not see it.

He may be struggling. He may know it's true, but the struggling plenty times I thought I was unhealthy but I want I like it. I wanted I needed. That's been in the Nakata disc in the palace is not such a big deal is not important in whatever so it in point of fact, the best thing you could do aside from just being a loving, wonderful wife, so that ultimately your feelings are very important to him is pray pray pray without question. That's what turn the tide for me. Nancy privately and unknown to me was crying out when we talked about this enough but she was crying out to God for me. She knew the way I push myself in ministry. She knew the way I push myself and lifestyle sheet sheet may not travel around the world and come come back you don't get get home at midnight from world travel and then to work out the next morning, go straight to radio and she just knew the wet the way I push the way I live that I was push myself in an unhealthy way and with my high blood pressure.

She knew that some Kelly can play with that. I was praying out on my own, she did notice, I just felt embarrassed being over what I thoughts on how to live. I live a disciplined life and yet my unhealthy eating up I'm overweight. So we are both praying, but without question.

Her prayers made the difference. I got to that point, Roy said to her, I have to change my plans not working.

I have to change and she prayed she asked God for creative ideas. Think she could make take place and what I want to do. Hope stay right there want to send you a free copy of my book, our breaking the stronghold.

Maybe he'll read it. The spirit will convict Mrs. put it out to Agatha's book the radio stay right there. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown. I live here in Orlando.

The publishers of our new book, breaking the stronghold of food. So I'm sitting here with Debbie Mari who is one of the senior editors at charisma Debbie.

The first project we work on together was the real culture. Jesus correct, that's correct, and that dusty strength was idea to get this book out had a burden to do it. So for the – started writing it to the day it was published on this. It was that was 10 weeks.

That's called crashing. I explained what a publishers dealing with and we did one even faster for this to run into.

There was published was seven weeks.

Also, with you folks but okay so explain how a publisher has thing schedule and and why it takes this process of time and a lot of times the amount of time and you need to publish a book has more to do with the marketing and sales side of things, and even the editing in the writing side that we deal with no the people in the bookstores have a certain amount of time when they've decided this is Walmart making our decisions about working to sell in our store and they designate when that time is it's usually been good nine months out from when that selling season is actually a take place and so our sales and marketing team have to be ready and equipped with all of the information about your book and the cover in the title and all those things really nailed down. At that point that far out in the future so that they can really give your book the promotion that he needs in the running start that it needs. We really only need about six months. Usually, on average, to work with you on the editing part when you say only six months that the surprise P because they don't know it goes into things. Now I do my best to send in a clean manuscript as best I can still be cleaned up greatly by the editor, but things come in all different stages, really sharp sloppy. What's the process you you you like the manuscript or teams is okay. We want to go with this. Now you get someone sends you 250 pages.

Here's my book and it needs work.

What happens now we have different editors who focus on different things and so usually the editor who did the acquiring of the manuscript. We contracted the book with the author will be the first person to look at it there looking at it really from a 30,000 foot view to make sure were getting the book that we paid for that we have all the things in that book that follow the outline that we agreed to at the time we were contracting it and that the author in we understand something you can morph as they come to life as you write them in the Holy Spirit's gonna leave in certain ways, but by and large we wanted to be the book we are expecting it to be and so there looking at it for that making sure it's good if there's some major problem at that stage, it's going right back to the author to say we can even accept this really from you yet until we deal with some of these big issues, but hopefully it's coming in the shape that we want is what we are expecting and if there are other things and it passes on to add another editor to rent and sometimes authors like me forget how many words this must be in the contracting syndrome much like hyper grace and Christian only about 100 pages' but it is important subjects okay so then begin to been so you have the basic happy with another nitty-gritty editing. Now what happens. I and editor. This doesn't what we will a lot of publishers, substantive and there checking to make sure the flow of the writer's language is glad that they have good transitions from one thought to the next that they haven't left something out there watching our legal issues, making sure there's nothing libelous that could expose the author or the publisher to any type of legal action that there is no copyright infringement on things that you know are included in the book song lyrics. Things are such measurable rank Esalen just quote one book that don't don't do it right permission, but then you have to pay for those things and so it's just all a part of what we look at just to make sure everything all those big picture things are really taking care of in the manuscript. Once that's all been worked through with the author then it goes on to a copy editor who's looking at it for their really drilling down on the spelling the punctuation the grammar, making sure not to rules on yes we have a style guide which you are familiar with. He so wonderful compared to some others that knowing these things, we hardly have to correct anything at all with with his manuscript. It's great. I you have an appreciation for those things. A lot of people it just goes right over there had the nuances in the little details that have to all be consistent throughout the book but it's great seller copy editor really focuses on those things in their job is really to kinda prepare your manager finalize it so they can be laid out and typeset in the book are in and then proofreading how how many eyes because I'm always amazed I look at it over and over and over and editors of looked at it and proofreaders look at it.

Still it's it's a real science. Yes we do.

We question goes to the typesetting process and then you know usually that point we may still be finalizing the last few changes with the author and so we have a person is still looking at it at that point as it's being typeset and then like you said, there's a final proofreading happens and we have kind of a rule and house.

It is not the same person ever looking at it for any of these various steps of editing and sell that last person is watching it to make sure that when all these last few issues were worked out with the now different questions the editors had and he got answered by the author. Did we create any new mistakes or typos in the manuscript when they were laying in outdated this image all of a sudden black half the words in this page by accident.

Nobody contacted the page number. Get dropped from 10 pages in row just random things that can happen in a file there, looking at all of those things and also reading through word for word just to make certain that somehow I knew spelling error wasn't introduced or missed by another sets of eyes were focused. Another thing I remember one editor I had, some places that he didn't like and I said no.

Look, I'm I'm trying to say. It certainly convince Nona but the rule is so he finally wrote me an email because you know the editors like this. The rule can't Break the rule, so I member the email he wrote to me. I, to you and peace. I've worked out a way to make this acceptable. You know, but over the years I've learned from editors.

All this works. This doesn't work the stylistically is appropriate and okay here you have liberty and if you're like if you're certain class level off. You do whatever in the world want you right once one word sentences as I whatever I had a Jonathan Kohn who many of your viewers may now eyes, author of the harbinger. He has we created our own style guide for him because he has his own several that interest. I braced him well enough, he does well in an orderly and who are we to argue exactly right.

So when I initially sent you the idea of writing this book I the weight loss was very fresh at that point had some pretty dramatic before-and-after pictures are from two 7580 pounds and and I was excited about that. But you didn't know me for the Army. No one knew me for that and that's that.

You don't think Romulus and Mike Brown consider Dr. Brock is about being healthy and healthy eating the pizza store your chocolate story or something of the armor one night going out with some friends. We as a gospel group. I play drums with smoke for the 80s when out went to it to a diner in New York. Great diners in every kind of food you can imagine and I had dinner earlier so I was just dessert.

So I got a chocolate milkshake with two brownies and he was a former heroin addict.

This one just mainline. Just shoot it now because that was what was so high-pitched at the office. It was a different subject, but I sent you the wrong picture I I was mortified when I realized years earlier mention is the first judge is repeated. Nancy taken a picture of me in Central Park, New York City.

I'm wearing short sleeve. Dark shirt and just looking for a plump looking fat and she took a picture of it and then just as the most sense she can do amazing Photoshop stuff and unbelievable just to do the simplest thing is just slightly a little. That's all just slimming a little bit and have them side-by-side to say this is what you look like if you got some of that flat. It wasn't much of a maybe 2030 pound change in course this exact same outfit the exact same backdrop. So that's what I said you like Deborah, your lack of got these amazing before the pictures. You just gotta see this anyway so you wrote me back a very polite email to tell me honestly what you were thinking at first, I guess. What a difference in the night. I little closer and said wait, he's got the same because I'm using the exact same position in the same location hand in the same spot something's not adding up my kneeling clarifications I sent back an email to say this looks like maybe the same photograph just change the ISO anyway. I realize that when I saw because I just look back at the email I so the attachment I said no I can do something worse than that, but any anyhow I'm looking to see if I can find it on my computer and I can't but what once once we got into the book and and then I then I submitted we talk to Adrian who is the hands-on editor through you and Adrian push back you told me okay your store is great, but we need more practical wisdom and we must have your wife's viewpoint and that that was always part of the plan again from your viewpoint as a woman.

Why is it so important for another woman to hear from Nancy White.

Why could many women not relate to my story. You know I think it's no secret especially to women that there is a big difference in how easy it seems to be at least from our viewpoint from man's lose weight versus women for women. It just seems to be so much more of a struggle. I mean a lot of women joke now my husband can just decide won't work and working to lose weight and he'll drop 5 pounds and I just look at a piece of cheesecake and I gained 10 pounds so it's just a real there's a real disparity and and Nancy was also instrumental in helping you, so we just felt like it was she was too much a part of the story telling her out.

I know it stretch her little out of her comfort zone to be included but were so glad that she wise because there was just an added element of having her voice come into it and to tell parts of the story that just added a lot of depth and a lot of interest to the block and also some practical things and even at lunch you are sharing with me. She said to you like you can eat just think of it this way. There's a little trick to tell yourself just eat anything you want. Just don't knows what when I really want something, you said you use this trip to save yourself. You can eat whatever you want. Just not today. Tomorrow I'm interviewing it. I would like that for month that it is and it never and never ended up eating at inside her. It's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael I look back and a lot of fire. Hey, let's hand Facebook live I of our faithful radio listeners.

If you missed any part of the broadcast. Just go to website the line of one Click on listen couple hours after the show. The whole shows archive.

You can also subscribe by podcast, there were listen online anytime to search for previous broadcasts of the line of while you're there, be sure to look for my latest articles and latest videos and interestingly enough, yet we timed it for today. My article that's up on websites all over Christmas news and other sites is on the subject is a sin for Christian to be obese. We start by making clear were answering this for ourselves, not others. Without judging others. There are many reasons why someone may be overweight and blessed you want to do is judge them. Let's look at our own lives and if were overweight because of lack of self-control or gluttony or choosing fleshly indulgences that heard her health then yeah it's Senegal will give us grace to turn from that that sin is also forgiven through the blood of Jesus as well. During the break I was asked about what salad dressings we use because here if you make a master's out of the way I do right and you put a decent amount of dressing on it, you can have hundreds of calories of dressing and then you have high sugar content or sodium content for things like that.

So Nancy makes super healthy dressings and some I just had to get you Stephen but most from this from the start to really enjoy and then if I'm traveling or she hasn't had time to cook them you know to to make some of the dressings, then what I'll do is is just get the healthiest dressings I can certain low fat dressing and I look for the low sodium content lowest sugar content lowest calorie content and again the salads, the biggest part of it. The dressing enhances the flavor little but you get used to the taste and if you could enjoy something healthy just as much. Something unhealthy. Why not.

So remember if you haven't ordered the book yet two days left to go to stronghold of so only literally only two days of generally $0.70 stronghold of when you order your book. They are ordered through Amazon or your other preferred vendor. You get the e-book free from the publisher. Okay so stronghold of order there, you get the e-book free as well. Only two more days to do that. Otherwise, it will be available in your bookstores everywhere else. Thereafter, if you've read the book and it's been of help to you post a review on The more people hear about your experience, the more encouraged they'll be we have a Facebook page with the same name as the book breaking the stronghold of food.

That's the place to go where you share your stories you ask questions, just like what salad dressing views are what I do for protein or things like that and you can encourage one another.

There is well on the Facebook page breaking stronghold food all right sitting with Debbie. Mari is one of the senior editors at Chrisman media Debbie how how long have you been working as an editor been working at Chrisman House for L actually Chrisman media I started Allie's to have curriculum actually started my first five years there and then moved to charisma house after that that total here at the company for 16 years, all right. You seem very excited. We were talking at lunch and I said what what books for 2016 were the best, most exciting repressed impacting and you had to go back and you're so excited about what's coming next.

Why is it that you're still so excited and and visionary about the surface 16 years because even about just publishing in general.

Yeah, publishing and editing what you do you know in your first Arduino collar from someone named Brian and that's exactly why am excited about doing what we do. It's for people like Brian that you can. You could hear it in his voice that this was in a make a difference in his life that God was in it change his life. From this day forward, and he was going to use in a book that we were able to have even a small part in bringing forward and that's really what it's all about that's that that's what motivates me and gets me out of bed every morning yet Brian who doesn't only listen to the show just happened to turn on the radio and go to, or station, and six with four which 310 pounds Scott type II diabetes. He is struggling just with his weight. It tired all the time and he knows it's because of his his lifestyle. His addictions to food and he said food is coming how to compose himself to talk on the air so it's not just a matter it's that the publishing business. This is about changing lifestyle elements can work anywhere and you know for our jobs are in a weakened authors can find easier ways to make money. It's it's really no not that is a lot easier raising money than I have, like you now and so it's really not about that. It's about knowing that these that these authors we work with have a message that God is given to them and through publishing were able to get into the hands of people that that that may never get a chance to hear that Arthur speak those words will then live on even longer than that author is here on the earth and can be touching people or generations to come in understanding the power that that medium has to bring a message that God can use to change somebody's life. That's really what it's all about. And of course we've got e-books now we've got blog to gut social media.

That doesn't mean that books are less important. This means that more people can now get messages out right right it's really about content management. You know it's it's the fact that we have content here that you come up with and where were managing that for you are thinking all the different ways that we can get out there to reach as many people within as we can and from from beginning to and from acquisitions editor to the to the final getting books into bookstores within your organization, how many different people would touch one book McGinnis well we have such a we have quite a team.

I mean between. We have the editor who first looks at it when it comes in house.

We have usually another person who will clean up that file. Get it ready for an editor to work on and we have the editor who does deceptive and copyedit. We have then typesetter to work on in our production Production department that we have you know a proofreader department frame the graphic get all that the design team to create the cover you got the people in marketing working with them that take that content may you're out all the different places and use it to promote the book that the sales team who is asking us for copies of the book ahead of time for different clients of theirs who want to vet it first, or to see you know how what it's what it's all about so they can engage with it and put it on the shelves in their store so you have it work with the printer have a manufacturing department that that works out logistics with the printer and S. China American gets the ships to us and then the ought their hours to be hundreds or thousands of authors is printed. That's why you have to buy books because it takes a whole lot of money to get the book produced and the reason you're right, it is not to make money to redirect the book is to touch people's lives and change them so Debbie it's it's been a great journey thus far. Working together look forward to grapefruit in the future, and so is just so thrilled. Here's here's the just get this picture here. All right, we started with the right Debbie. The nature you can wave at us again are a gifted editor took us through breaking the stronghold food score stronghold there's the link right there on Facebook only two more days to order get the e-book free and then once you read the book, poster story or review of the book on and join our community at breaking stronghold food on Facebook because this kind of thing can encourage each other. You can strengthen each other. You can tell your stories, you can ask your questions. It's really helpful. Nancy spent so much time doing that with the community of people that it change the lifestyle that she come back to me with counsel and wisdom I had that advantage. Many of you don't have that advantage. And sorry, there's only one Nancy I can ship around. This is a way to get the message to you.

My bottom line today.

Hey God's given us a way of life after death. Ask yourself in your diet is the way of life for the way

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