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Should Christians Drink Alcohol or Smoke Pot

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 9, 2017 4:30 pm

Should Christians Drink Alcohol or Smoke Pot

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 9, 2017 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/09/17.

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Is it a sin for Christians to drink alcohol of the state whereby one is legal to smoke pot. The decision stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. It is a great joy to be with you today on the line of fire. This is Michael Brown coming your way from all rainy but not cold, Oxnard, California.

Welcome to the line of fire had a great time preaching three services yesterday morning to great hungry open serious crowd of believers. And then we've got one more meeting tonight before heading home tomorrow all to give tomorrow. I think you're really going to be helped by tomorrow's broadcast. I think you going to be really encouraged and edify and strengthen in your faith, so be sure to tune in 8663 for truth 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number to call. I do want to talk about the horrific terror attack in Israel yesterday of Palestinian Muslim getting on a truck driving it into a crowd of young Israelis killing three women aged 2020 and 22, and a man aged 20 the three women were all Israeli soldiers just gut wrenching with more gut wrenching is to see some of the hateful reaction from around the world and it's pathetic to see the way some of this was initially reported. For example, on BBC.

We will talk about that a little bit later in the broadcast I talk about some other news of interest and and I want to focus on some controversial issues having to do with holiness and purity.

After I preach three messages on holiness and purity and compromise kills being the theme in the morning messages and that's the reason the pastor asked me to speak at we got to conversation about alcohol about drinking alcohol.

Here's something interesting the most viral post on charisma news, all of last year more viral than anything I posted was posted by women in ministry and I believe it was the first article that she had written and it was 50 reasons not to drink alcohol. Some thought that it was it was shared over a million times it just got this tremendous response is that legal is are we being legalistic we say that a believer should completely abstain from alcohol is then an un-biblical position is at a position. Perhaps that is actually harmful or set a wise position because of the decadence of the society and the amount of people who struggle with alcohol one about these new things like beer and Bible I, aren't we just reaching people where they are inviting them to come as they are in and through the word that they grow in hate is not a sin, and having a beer resent absolute foolishness because you got people who struggle with alcohol for years and they finally get set free and another in the church and they go to beer and Bible study sick like guess I guess it's okay and exiting the fallen back and what about if you live in a state where marijuana is legal. We are in your 18 years old. You can purchase marijuana. You can smoke marijuana and its legal to do so, does that mean it's no longer sinful for a Christian to do it and can we put these in the same categories.

What you think. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 she Christian leaders totally abstained utilities than in public is that just giving way that legalism would be a biblical course to take. Didn't Jesus drink wine after almost 1 comment was in the use of the Passover ceremony with different wine. The wind today.

This is just a fringe issue is as part of larger compromise in the church pastor was talking about a conference he had been at where one of the speakers that use that the S word profanity a couple times and in there is pastors meeting and they they laughed at it here were not religious. That is another sign of compromise pleasing, 866-348-7884. We will be right back in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown were arrived on scene. There were a number of victims trapped under the front of the truck as well as next to the truck and we got to treat them the situation. Michael terror attacks no matter how much you prepare one's mayhem. That is what it's like out a terror attack that was David Meyer of volunteer rescuer with United hunts a law speaking from Israel yesterday, this is Michael Brown 866-34-TRUTH 7884 and that we are talking about holiness issues purity issues compromise with the world what is legalism what is right what is going to for what will will talk about that I want to get your viewpoints. Should Christians totally abstained from alcohol to help weaker believers or is that a position attends to legalism. If you live in a state with a legal to smoke pot.

Is it okay for believer to smoke pot in moderation. What about use of profanity amended, should we not be so hung up about these kinds of things.

Is this the typical religious hypocrite the judges by externals or are these areas of compromise that would not be found in some with a pure heart before the Lord 866-34-TRUTH your calls are welcome. Before we interact with you, I'd I do want to go back to this attack in Israel. It's it was captured on video and that's sickening to watch, especially when you look at the pictures of the people were killed and at least 15 injured, some seriously and that the driver goes back and forth her to run over the bodies back and forth until he shot to death. He has been hailed as a hero. His actions have been called heroic by Hamas of the all includes newspaper which is are all codes news in Jerusalem said live from where the heroic incident took place in occupied Jerusalem and tragically according to the UN resolution that from what we understand America help craft and then got out of the way so we could pass this in fact was occupied territory where they were in East Jerusalem.

The response from Palestinian leadership and many other Palestinians is a sickening as the attack itself Michael because any on the daily wire noted these weren't spontaneous celebrations by a few bad actors praise for the terrorist came from the top of the Palestinian leadership chain placing a rubberstamp on the Jew hating culture of death. His sister said the family thought what he did was wonderful. They were praising his actions. If if you can believe that our family was thankful for the attack called his that the terrorist death the most beautiful martyrdom and we shouldn't be surprised by these kinds of reactions we shouldn't be surprised by this level of Israel hating and Jew hating look the Palestinian leadership under Mahmoud Abbas, the current Palestinian leadership Palestinian authority. They named children's schools after Palestinian terrorists who kill Israelis and were killed in the process. They are considered martyrs and schools are named after the last October Palestinian Authority dedicated a new school to the mastermind of the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre. That's right, the same leadership pays salaries up to four times what a palace in return to the families of terrorists who are imprisoned in Israel that it here. Check this out press TV which is a rainy and run press TV has a Facebook page and when this attack was announced.

Here's some of what was posted so the wind reap the storm. Occupiers have no rights, only the obligation to go back to where they came from the Israeli regime is responsible for the deaths of its citizens. In this instance, there will never be peace on stolen land. Palestinians have every right to self-defense if they find is really occupying forces on the roads.

They must repeat this and should be encouraged. I wish and pray that there will be repetition of this incident is much bigger, much, much bigger scale, which will wipe out brutal Israel from world map in Shallotte, God willing.

Good job because it's Israel's problem killing innocent Palestinians every day. No one criticizes why another tonight. I'm very happy after watching video, and I especially order for mutton periodic so is going to celebrate and have something special eat. I mean this was post after post after post after post after post. People weighing in with their Jew hatred with their Israeli hatred is sickening. I got a brand-new article on this.

Just go to the line of to read my latest article on the sickening nature of anti-Israel hatred and while so many in the world rejoice as young Israelis were killed of the nation of Israel is morning and hurting. Pray for comfort. Pray for turning of hearts to the one true God and the Messiah that he sent and pray for deliverance and salvation of the Palestinians and for God's best for those living in the Middle East, 866-348-7884.

You live in a state where it's legal to smoke pot as it okay for believer to run a timeout question of medical marijuana, put in a totally separate category just like if you're in pain you get in a more female kidney stone open and that separate category. Of course the whole medical marijuana thing could be totally abused with alcohol as an equivalent thing that's legal. Is it okay for Christians to drink drink in moderation that the biblical model.

You can drink but in moderation truck and this is the issue or we need to think about the weaker brother or sister in not drink or these issues bigger than they might sound. Are they part of a larger issue of compromise in the church. Let's start with Daniel from Richmond out welcome Sir to the line of fire. JJ we need you to put Daniel on from Richmond. If Dan is not there to reduce Daniel. I lets let's go to Mark from Rockland, Massachusetts. Welcome to the line of fire. Okay, stay right there on the phones I have absolutely no idea what's going on. We have some new software that's been installed in our system, and somehow, as we are putting you our dear callers on the line were not getting you on the line so not sure what's happening.

I've absolutely planted here from his self stay patient will get his many causes. We can 866-34-TRUTH 7884. Listen holiness is being like Jesus and thought, word and deed holiness is being separated from sin and separated to God holiness is the purest expression of love. The purest expression of truth, the purest expression of justice, holiness is something absolutely beautiful is what we are made for. It is what we will enjoy forever and ever. The reason that God's eternal kingdom of heaven on earth will be absolutely wonderful is is because God will be there and will be a perfectly holy place. No one will be getting raped there. There will be getting murdered their noble beginning kidnap their knoll will be getting tortured there. There won't be stealing there won't be lying there won't be judgmental us, and there won't be lust, there will be pride. None of that will be that there there here, here, there, there will not be mental hospitals. There will not be hospitals, even for the physically sick because there will be no remnant of the fall. No remnants of sin and the collapse of the human race and because of that it will be a beautiful and wonderful place. It will be the garden of Eden restored, but so so much more holiness is beautiful but holiness is not primarily defined on what we do not do.

There is the old story about two farmers and they were they were talking to each other on their properties. One day, and one farmer said to the other. One farmer said to the other soliciting three Christian and other forms thought about a flawless and well set up on the Christian ministry, Christian said I don't drink I don't smoke on a run around the ladies the other forms thought about it for little while.

I said I guess my mule is Christian is a mom you listen drink or smoke or run around with the ladies. Obviously that is not how we define being a believer and that is not how we define holiness.

But if we are pursuing the light do we play games with darkness if we are pursuing the light do we do things that are destructive and of this world and the liberty we have is not liberty to do whatever in the world want to do the liberty we have in Jesus is to be free from sin, he sets us free from sin, not to sin rightly illustrate your calls, we come back right here in 15. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice important cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us today shout out new life Church in Oxnard, California, broadcasting from their church offices today become a minister yesterday one more meeting tonight is the seek God in this new year for revival and breakthrough 866-34-TRUTH here, if you live in a state Colorado are some of the state. Now where pot is legal. Is it okay for Christians to smoke pot and what about alcohol is that that a similar situation because that's been legal reader of the line what's right what's wrong. I practiced a total abstention from alcohol since I was say for 45 years. I believe it's a great way to live and I believe it's a great way for leader live.

Can I make a case that God requires it. Of of all believers no do recommend that yes but there's room to discuss this 866-34-TRUTH I got your phones in one moment I'm looking at this review just posted on Amazon oh couple minutes ago about her new book breaking the stronghold of food.

This book is amazing. Three! I'm forever changed. Anyone dealing with food problems. Please get this it's real and will be the best godly advice you've ever gotten. What a great review. Thank God for it. You can get the book free this week plus an exclusive teaching DVD not available anywhere.

It's on YouTube has not been released to the public right of some key biblical principles to breaking the stronghold of food in your life into godly living. When it comes to foods and experience of the great liberty that I'm walking in these very days, and for 2 1/2 years now. The book is yours free when you become a torch where one of our monthly support or so to find out how to do it in front of all the other benefits you get. As one of our team members go to the line of and click on donate all right let us go back to the phones and will start with Mark from Rockland, Massachusetts. Thanks for holding welcome to the line of fire. Hello, yes, go answer okay this matter a lot of thought and I think you're well aware of the fact that first miracle that the wedding of Cana where he turned water into wine and it wasn't just a couple of glasses of water that he turned into wine. Scholars estimate that was between anywhere from 80 to 160 gallons. Not only that, but as you know, the guests were amazed because it was the best wine it if I had an they were also amazed that this wine would be served after the lower quality of wine was served. I guess the practice back in those days was to serve the good one first and that once people became tipsy. Then the host would serve them lesser quality wine because the taste buds wouldn't be as discriminating, so it perfectly reasonable to suppose that some of these debts were already tipsy by the time Jesus turned water into wine. I also happen to come from a state where the legalization of marijuana was a valid question that passed in November's presidential election. They are still tweaking it because the law is kind of ambiguous in some spots, but I view the two is being practically equivalent.

I know a lot of people criticize that they say that marijuana is a gateway drug. In my experience I think that the gateway drug is really tobacco but again that's just my opinion.

So if you have like two cents. For what it's worth, I still practically speaking, the rest of the right to point to Jesus turned water into wine and those who say it wasn't really wine that that's that's really trying to push the text because it would be that everybody played along with the game.

It is true that the one was less fermented than the now, but obviously people could drink wine difficulties and get drunk of, but on a practical level than what's what's your viewpoint that it's okay for believer to drink wine or smoke pot. As long as it's in moderation, which are which are take that would be my take, and with the thought, moderation, and also adhering to the scriptural admonition that we shouldn't do anything. No publicly in front of another brother who could potentially weaken his resolve.

Got it all right.

Hey, I appreciate your call and your weighing it more my views as as we go on where I agree or disagree on one hear from as many as you as possibly 663487884.

Let's go to only JJ got okay hello all right Tony for Marilyn. Welcome to the line of fire. How you doing tomorrow.

Thanks all right, all right, my trailer one you open up a big question here and underequipped of myself on the bus little bit. I am Christian and I do note Frederick here and there and what I wanted to do was construct myself, but I didn't know but maybe almost a year ago where I wanted to ask myself why do I do. Why do why do I take the drink and Belizeans that are take the great are the things that, like convinced me that I should not is like usually has to do with lonely loneliness. I'm not trying to fit in with anybody and beyond that and usually I'm going when I'm here at the house and about myself and I kind of did some research and I just wanted to see you know what what what did they decide alcohol and and someone to find somebody else might find it difficult but somebody defined it is poorly and when you put it in your body and then delivering the kidneys and all that stuff is trying to fight it than you know is not doing anything beneficial to the body is not nourishing the body is anything there some type of reality that I'm trying to medicate all altar so that I can.

You know: that kind of thing so that one aspect I have of it. I'm not enough from either go to Brandon and jerks and somatic tricks monitored at a cocktail you know and their believer because I think it's something that we do have to be very last immature in how we deal with other people that might not be where we are short on automotive market and requested off of that all Illinois. I want to thank you for making the comments. In doing so, so candid and and having the ability to analyze why you did what you did and the reasons that it's not helpful or not helpful. I think there's there's wisdom and answer and and let me also say this, that we always have to think of others as well. So for me Loretta know it's a no-brainer on the public leader.

People look at me a certain way. It's in the eye. I have no interest in alcohol anyway.

But even if I did it's a no-brainer that I would not drink it in public or or politically part of my life for someone else that stomach is there. So so many people that stumbled in their free and then they their free because they stay away and then they see someone else, like all document I respect him and had a drink.

I guess it's okay for me and they fall back to work on your own life to see what it does and that medicating even the poisonous nature of it.

This morning's there. Thank you for weighing in your high laboratory self under the bus ain't gonna run.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you much for joining us on the 148663487884 this is Michael Brown were talking about controversial issues Christians drinking alcohol Christians in the state where pot is legal whether it's okay to smoke pot or not.

I want to just go back to one comment that was made by a previous caller about pot being a gateway drug. What's your expense of your previous drug user, like I was from the ages of 14 to 16.

Do you believe that pot not only has to be dealt with for what it is, for better or for worse, for what it is but the question is what does it lead to what doors are open through it again. You believe that marijuana is a gateway drug meaning you do that and then it opens the door to the two other drugs you do that and it makes you curious you do that and it gets you into that whole drug world and culture.

You do that and it creates an interest in a hunger, a desire for more what you think. Gateway drug or not. 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Frank in Staten Island. Welcome Sir to the line of fire. Bless you Michael happy new year happy new the human thanks for thanks for that February.

The drinking of wine or the drinking of alcohol. Many scriptures in the Bible states what one main Scripture Deuteronomy worth that you may spend the money for whatever your heart desires box people why strong drink, or whatever God you shall your God rejoice in you and your household. God did not prohibit this warty prohibited drunkenness about pot is off the table and Russia's medical marijuana people have to stay with. There's actually a verse in the Catholic Bible and the book of Sirach that extols a drink newborn cold sober drink can actually be good for you. Colossians 216 says let moment being a judge in regard to food or drink or two of Laura Sabbath day to combat the legal in the old days of Michael before the invention of modern cardiac drugs. Doctors would actually prescribe Apple alcohol for their coronary patients because it's a vasodilator. It opens up the blood vessels.

Alcohol could actually be good for you if it's taking take it in moderation. There is, but your body itself makes accounts of alcohol.

Everything will day a lot of people to are not aware that so alcohol can be good for you. It's not always poison and if you look at the southern European countries based drink large amount of warning per capita, but alcoholism is very very low in the United States. Out of all the people that drink regularly, moderately, approximately only 14% are alcoholics. 86% people regrettably never become a global so alcohol I would not try people all you know these fundamentalist they say you can't even take a drink.

That's ridiculous that legal is that old joke Michael that the three truth of life that we can't escape number one is the Arabs direct other chose Protestants to recognize the authority of the Pope. Number three if Baptist don't recognize self deceit is not one thing again.

I'm giving everyone's much possible possible time to just Leanne and and and not comment back and forth on on each one, but the one thing that I would just say is in addition to everything you said the other question is okay. What responsibility do I have as a believer when it comes to other believers.

So yeah I'm in Europe a lot and believers. There have wine with dinner and the machine and truck anywhere near the lives of different cultural thing there than in America. Actually way that you go to India or Africa think Chris is having a great birthday the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Looking back, friends, the line of fire. This is Michael Brown commuter live from Oxnard, California right I want to hear from you about pot marijuana profanity different things and maybe three separate categories that may be all related. I just gave you my views quickly.

You can agree or differ. I do not believe you can make a biblical case for total abstention being the required calling for believers. Where's we are required.

For example, to not commit adultery or not commit fornication and not steal or not lie were called to do that and if we do those things need to repent and receive cleansing from the Lord but I do not believe you can say that the Bible says it is a sin for Christian to have a drink.

It is sin to get drunk.

My position is that it's great to totally abstain, especially in America because of the many people who struggle in these areas and, therefore, so as not to be a stumbling block and open the door for others to follow.

If you have a weakness to yourself. Best to totally abstain, but I respect those who drink in moderation and are respectful of others and may abstain from doing that in public. For that reason when it comes to smoking pot. I believe it is absently foolish for Christian to smoke pot rack, medical marijuana, even if it's legal where you are. I believe it's foolish to do it. I believe it's just there's no way to do that and to be sober and vigilant at the same time I believe it opens the door to other things and that over period of time will be seen to be negative and destructive, or comes to Christian using profanity that's either ignorance, maturity or carnality. There is nothing free and holy about it what so ever at selling a work where not bound by religion. Know your you're bound by foolishness or ignorance or carnality. That's clear.

No course speech no profane speech. Scripture is clear and into single way be free by his throne. These things I are free or foolish 866-34-TRUTH feel free to differ with me or to agree with me. Let us go to Tom in Nanuet, New York.

Welcome Sir to the line of fire got the ground on it. It miracle at Cana Jesus changed the water into wine.

It was the real great. It was not blind. It was line if you want denaturant spell because it is a lamb without much also all the Levitical sacrifices turned to G. He is the burnt offering the meal offering is an offering Thanksgiving (and he is not the God of peace offering all these turned to Christ as far as drinking of alcohol. Staying because he couldn't bleed it with type of bondage which somebody could. My father was a perfect example. He never drank in his life. Dr. told him that he's an artist, take a drink and again became an alcoholic because Sgt. and he died of liver cirrhosis and deliverance that allopathy and people should start to realize that everything in that Bible which Jesus you don't need is not to start not Jesus is because the lab so you know everything he does. Denaturant spell 50 of 50 miracle at Cana was anything but great, so that the nasty discernment and again it's the tragic story here about your father, and it's an important story to tell, so that others can be worn. One question I have about the American Cana or you saying that all the guests went along with the joke when instead of wine I got grape juice and they all titled Ayn Rand miracle at Cana. They were probably to carry alcoholic. But Jesus if he would if he were to serve any type of alcohol.

It was denaturant spell the land without spot so another words he said to sacrifice her hectic can't be good-natured. It has to be perfect and pure so if Jesus were to perform the type of miracle. And if there's any type of alcohol involved. That would be a problem. Got it all right hey I appreciate you winging clearly and sounding that warning as well. 866-348-7884. Let's go to Deborah in Newark, New Jersey.

Welcome to the line of fire.

Thank you very much. I want to address the matter versus compromise in 2009 I had the privilege of attending the annual meeting. One of the oldest holy church tradition been denied a call for the leadership and the general overseer who called me and included her patient or general elders or elders or after inventor Deacon sprouted about a and this is what she had to say because there is a rising handle moral behavior at the top of leadership that was causing among the membership. As they became as they gain knowledge that among the membership of the trail the weaker member of even beating a lot of pain and this lady at 89-year-old lady. She said for those of you a you cannot live holy in this life, you better get over that because in heaven.

It's not an option at the first thing I want to put on the table. The second is Scripture Linda priest Ailey allow leading Israel bearing the hereditary leadership bearing the hereditary priesthood and at the time leader that but he allowed his time to be profligate to be drunk or empty and moral got took the leadership from the priesthood, listening to the client for the people I get givest became what make us like An ancient member seeking to be like the other nation. They had been betrayed by their own leadership at the time rested with the priesthood become the priesthood with rain and their own moral behavior. The people cry out for a king because they had Peter got and third and the rest is history. I hey I appreciate you weighing in clearly and with conviction.

If you differ, the phone lines are open. If you say yeah that's that's absolutely right. I share that hate way in light again. A question I would raise and bear in mind my practice my policy the way have lived my whole life and love the way Nancy's lived a life.

The Lord is to leave standing no drinking, no alcoholic beverages not to be honest I have no interest went when I got saved. I did immediately quit getting drunk because I only drank to get drunk.

I didn't enjoy the taste of alcohol. It was like an alcoholic, sore, so for me it was drunkenness, and of course it was wrong and sinful and I was in the church that practice total staining that it really appreciate all the time.

Since this is the way we lived it so that I neatly did exhibit. If you were in a religious Jewish home and Sabbath.

Third adult male.

He'd been drinking some wine if if you're the Passover meal there be drinking some wine and yeah I understand that at no issue with those do it your part of midcentury interrogations part of the lifestyle you yourself custom with alcohol governmental issue that I've been in church services where they served with communion real wine and a sitters grape juice for this one. Here's here's one for those that want that it's that's what they did but for me it was it was easy for Nancy which he got saved she drank before she was saved and she love the taste of alcohol. So for her was a no-brainer. I don't touch it like a touch it open that door.

If you struggle at all. If it's an area of weakness that that the strong saying is to stay away from this now.

I live with food now we lay this out about breaking the stronghold for this is how we live with food that I live as if I'm a recovering food addict and even on free. I'm not tempted to order any restaurant view order what you want eat all you want on the tempted on free. I'll enjoy my salad or if it's in detail and drama little bit of no grilled chicken or something. Once in a week, I'm fine, I'm good on thriving brown play games with out the games, as this will happen if I had know why, why, what if it open up the door lawyer for me.

Chocolate was such a stronghold repeat solicits struggle what what if I know had subpoenaed M&Ms instead of set tasting like all chemicals, and so sweet is not likely to set my stomach was like oh this Texcoco the I like this while what I'm missing. Why open the door so if if you struggle with alcohol. If you feel your we I don't know. I might even just that one sent didn't, don't touch it. The strong saying is not touch it. The strong scent and is not to condemn someone else who can drink and it's fine and they have no issue with it made it had wine with their meal since since they were growing up and they've never been drunk a day in their lives even tipsy. They don't delete suit like a fine is between them and God of but for me, I've practiced this positive totally staining and I would just encourage you sincerely struggle. If it's an area where you've had any any history of weakness. Don't play games with it and and if you need it to relax. You need it because your nerves are on edge needed joint because your nerves are on edge, tell you it is a better way and God tell you this way there is wealthy on a rest in the Lord. Feel free to differ with me grief you got your own story lessons you've learned. Phone lines are open 866-3487 84 for cleansing and Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown as we talk about Christians drinking alcohol Christian smoking pot. Christmas is a profanity which could be three separate answers to three separate questions putting them all in together but legitimately they could be three separate questions with three separate answers, but was interesting as I was preaching on holiness, purity yesterday and obviously was not majoring on these things was talk about real issues of the of the heart and and things that would destroy us and Satan's ways, but what's what's interesting is I found myself using a lot of food illustrations because of the breakthrough that I had with food and diet stronghold. This can be an a in our lives. It were hearing from folks constantly. Her reading her book breaking the strongholds of food, read the book that it it's hitting them just where they're hurting, it's meeting a need. It is, it is talking about very real struggles and showing very real ways to be free.

You can get the book free this week when you become a torch for one of our multi-supporters. Plus we pour into all kinds of other blessings and benefits so you will receive even more than you give and will start with any of the book free and exclusive DVD not available anywhere outright give some practical teaching 25, 30 minutes of practical biblical teaching on food issues. So join our support team to be part of our family to throw yourself in with us in this moral, cultural, spiritual revolution, go to the line of I can guarantee you. Not only will we be a blessing to the days to come. But, but you will absolutely share in the rewards with us of all these lies be changed to go to the line of and click on donate to join our team. All right, let us go to I would see here. Let's go to Marie in Charlotte North Carolina. Thanks for calling the line of fire right let's try.

I JJ we got there we go.

Just we have a software issue and work to do some stuff in a little different way today to get our call is on. Thanks for your patience. Let us go to Aron in Richmond, Virginia. Welcome to the line of fire. Hey think like Christian we can find other things go to her and answer them comfort. Very interesting thing is, isn't that the truth, the current Christian center down but I gave way to outfitted alcohol in my bank have been a gateway which is no all-time altered perceptions of most people you know are introduced to the lather already drunk is 9011 that no date a tentative failure along with that outdated you know prescription medication now.

They definitely stage and ended limited to just jump in. I I've never had to deal with this. I do remember those sir when I was medicated after having surgery on Sergio my some and I was given codeine for the pain I member the first day I took it's like this reminds me of how I felt just a little distant time of when I go when I got higher thought that wow and then deny I sit down with you and Anita for the pain. After that but yet prescription drugs that's rough for many people because they initially they need him in a bad accident or terrible back pain there on these prescription drugs, and the next thing they can't live without them. So of that, there's a whole lot it in in our society. Yet, go head back to marijuana would have to say that looking at it minutes for anyone? Anything detrimental to the body is detrimental to the temple and painting guy goes again.

But then again, we have to look into all of the beneficial things that they have been finding with ingesting nylon using it amended the oil there is CURES for cancer that they're working on that and I'm not here to protect marijuana but I will say that know you and my experiences with people in my age group and younger than me and an empty apartment around that people that are involving and smoking marijuana act handled themselves.

You know and bring forth different expensive compared to people that are on alcohol and I would to me. I think there is really no comparison between the two of those five, which is the lesser evil God and you get limited just to see this week we've had alcohol legal long enough and we know the amount of fatalities with drunk driving. Things like that and easy to make a case for prohibition. But we've seen the that this work.

Ultimately, Taft. I was changing changes in the hearts and minds of people more than anything to me though, you now open the door further with with marijuana to other abuses and and so was telling that in in one state where it's been legalized that had maybe a couple years to look at it that they're having all these these problems relating to unemployment's going up people less willing to work and in the various things that you might not have even thought about. So in any case appreciate you way and I appreciate your comments as well. 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Rick and Belmont, North Carolina.

Welcome to the line of fire hi Don doing well, well, great.

I just wanted to call and about the marijuana issue in the alcohol, marijuana, or probably 36 years now and really been in the good may accept or tailor charges illegally of paraphernalia, stuff like that but never saltwater anything. I just smiled and is relieving a lot of stress and allow just to give you a link to get 20 people to gallons of liquor and mentoring them and get drunk by getting 2 ounces of pot belittlement Matt Wren being five is much of anything know that so quickly. Let me ask you this, when the Bible says be sober and vigilant can you put those people in the room and they they smoke up a lot of pot. They can be sober and vigilant when they do that. I that's a problem and that Rick the you claim to be a follower of Jesus absolutely you're saying that even though smoking pot is going to take away from your clarity of mind and being sober and vigilant and even though it's been illegal all these years you think it's a good thing I would've been in prison for murder in prison was not for pot I took today what that would indicate to me with all respect that you need to know the Lord more deeply because if taught was what kept you from murder rather than Jesus keeping you from murder. You really need to know the Lord more deeply appreciate you calling and being honest. That's what we asked for, but I'll tell you someone that was a heavy drug user for a couple years this is what you can have with God where the last thing in your mind smoking a joint that is my bottom line art. Appraising is a decision for Christie to drink alcohol.

If they live in a state where marijuana is legal hit to smoke pot. The decision is time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH events 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is this really happening or am I dreaming all this up, this is Michael Brown. Welcome to life are coming your way from new life Church in Oxnard, California, February nearby were may be all 45 minutes outside of LA an hour at satellite join us got one more meeting tonight 7 o'clock California time 866-34-TRUTH I want to talk with you in a moment about the issue of Christian smoking pot Christians freaking alcohol in moderation or getting drunk. What about the Lee was using profanity to show that there free and that Holcomb hung up his legalist ring come back to let the minute.

But just as always, during breaks will be scouring news will be making sure there's nothing happening breaking that we need to talk to about on the air. So I just took a moment at the end of our first hour the beginning of this our second hour to get online and select is anything with the confirmation hearings with the cabinet members Jeff sessions and stuff like that and the latest on the dispute with with Meryl Streep, considered by many to be the greatest living actors today. Her but extended 10 minute attack on Donald Trump last night at the Golden globes. He struck back via Twitter and said she's highly overrated and when she was getting on him for mocking a disabled report. He said for the hundredth time I was mocking him. I'd never do that.

I was just going and groveling and even though I went after him for that very thing.

Last year, or yet was.

I guess it was last year. Earlier this year when it happened.

Other video suggested that's just imitation uses when showing somebody groveling and that could well be the case. In any case so you got the battle now between Meryl Streep, record her as the face of liberal Hollywood, which hates Donald Trump when you got Donald Trump who is about to be inaugurated as president getting into a street fight it out with attacking her and and one of her lines had to do with you know if if you're not happy with with Holly within you going to be in a watching all you only have two watches football and mixed martial arts which are not the arts. So, who weighs in now that the UFC's Dana White huffed mis-championship which is the premier the premier organization for mixed martial arts which is tremendous skill tremendous courage and tremendous violence. She weighed backfires back" uppity 80-year-old Meryl Streep and says that she is uneducated, he called her and uppity 80-year-old lady. He said he's not surprised to find out Streep's and in the UFC's top demographic of the edit we have fighters from all over the world.

She's not educated about the sport and that was a completely uneducated comment, and then let's see Dr. MMA presidents is another like the second-biggest mixed martial arts organization Scott Coker. He said I'm allowed to grow to Meryl Streep.

I'm a lifelong fan of your work, but also lifelong martial artist who happens to promote mixed martial arts around the world invited the actors to be discussed is an upcoming January 21 event when he promises she will see that mixed martial arts is truly artistic with the global sport of mixed martial arts celebrates male and female athletes from around the world who work years tirelessly honing their craft and yes art they come from every country and every walk of life sucked. Who in the world would've thought this would be unfolding the UFC and other mixed martial artists waited going after Meryl Streep and then there are many that like what she had to say I did a Twitter call on this I asked. Pinions and 1/2 a the results of come back and then TUR callers is a sin for Christians to drink alcohol. Just get drunk.

If you live in a state where marijuana is legal sin to smoke pot.

Does God care file.

If the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown why is about marijuana, alcohol, vanity on my mind.

They may be three separate questions with three separate answers the medial part of a larger question but I was asked by the pastor here and electric in Oxnard, California to preach on holiness, no compromise in the three Sunday morning services yesterday got to preach good 40 minutes in each service in an great crowd of people listening and responding really preach passionately about the price of compromise and letting her guard down and playing with sin and then afterwards Pastor and I were talking and he asked the question about drinking alcohol and and yet we agreed you can't scription say it's a sin to drink alcohol but should we because others could stumble.

What about Christian leaders really talk about their wine, or liquor or things like that. Haven't second, encourage others to drink your weekend and then got to talk about that and then the issue is driving from the airport. The ship legalize pot that came off when the pastor driving us from the airport we came in Friday night because it's not legal in California medical marijuana was apparently legalized back in the 90s here in California but now 2016 marijuana in general of to think an ounce you carry was with legalize with effects of that will be the effects in Colorado this fourth in the pastor and I were talking after the meetings about a pastors meeting. He was at the speakers got up and is profanity a couple times and instead of people being offended, the pastors mean they all laughed at were not religious, you could say that and I said let's assist immature and immature car now carnal foolish. That's all it is and it doesn't do the religious and nonreligious investor with the holy and and I sure is an enemy PROFANITY in heaven among other things, atomic behaviors well looking at pot for a moment at 2017. Looking report on business insider hears we can legally smoke pot Alaska 21 and older California Colorado in Colorado where there are more marijuana dispensaries than Starbucks and McDonald's locations combined residents and tourists alike and by up to 1 ounce of weed main Massachusetts Nevada Oregon Washington Washington DC good thing or bad thing, in my view, in my view, bad thing. My view it's can open up the door to further drug use.

It is going to further desensitize a society and and still be health risks because of it. A lot of these things are now being learned now that should've been learned earlier and I'm looking at a report here from yesterday just spotted this online on This correlation between legal medical marijuana states and traffic fatalities is shocking and difficult to study offer some surprising evidence on the safety of marijuana and according to this, obviously, it's a positive report, according to new study published online in the American Journal of Public health never bites of non-researchers surprising tent trend emergency medical marijuana legal's medical or want to legal states that may be a different issue.

Swope will come back to that of the more traffic fatalities, more issues will come back to that 866-348-7884. Good or bad, you can answer any of the questions, you can put them all together let's go to the phones will start in Ames, Iowa. Scott, welcome to the line of fire.

No thank you, Dr. Michael Brown my pay letter. Overall I would say bad marijuana. But you got a call one of qualify my position with the user.

From age 12 or 13 to age 20 and 50 years old now so haven't touched it for 30 years but the gist of the song try to look at it objectively and but it's hard to know the listen when you experience something you can be very objective is to ask if you're a mountain climber and you climb Mount Everest. And now you're going to give me objective counsel as to whether I should take them out. Take a mountain climbing at the age of 61. You can be very objective because you've done it. In fact, more objective than someone who hasn't done it and maybe that's true that's right my you think the gateway drug I've denied here know it's me, and I don't know all the districts but you know I can look at 10 2030 4050 people. Back in those days them. Every one of them started with marijuana before they got into something else.

It's kind of hard to say it doesn't lead to other things that sure seems like it does and wouldn't wouldn't logically just whatever you're doing. It's just like if this is a dying girl going together and they're not marriage but they got together and now they start tests isn't logical if you start tests that you cannot want to do other things and get more passionate and and now one thing doesn't satisfy as much or it stimulates that is a desire for something else. So I would think if you don't touch the drug a little unlike. I went from some smoking pot to shooting heroin and are meant to be in seventh or eighth grade. The police came in and were giving a presentation to the student body in our auditorium and one know they had all the drug paraphernalia and all the examples of things and one of them said you see it starts here with the marijuana and it ends up with the heroin I'm rethinking these guys down there with the tugboat on the expert right of the of the right 13-year-old expert guide out at every stage doesn't do that kind of people smoke pot don't do this as well. It's true 20 people set a majority people smoke pot not end up shooting heroin but II wonder what the status would be if the majority people smoke pot also then try another drug that they wouldn't have touched had they not been in that world right right I can imagine yeah I didn't mind elected LSB and then cocaine. That was a very addictive drug court and then met my I stopped and the treatment, but I had hard for me to say it's not a gateway drug them, and in the whole alcohol thing universes that like both okay. Just do a little I get personally once again from right come from. I don't drink anymore either. And I would say way have been isolated and have alcohol. He causes all kinds of problems, but the question I asked the caller earlier Scott. Then again I don't I don't believe that we can make a biblical case that it is a sin to drink alcohol.

I believe that that the biblical issue had to do with moderation had to do with the prohibition of alcoholism and drunkenness. Yes, the wind, say and alcohol was not as fermented in biblical days as it is today nonetheless need to get drunk from it. Nonetheless, there are warnings about say wine in Proverbs 21 is a marker and strong drink is raging rivers deceived by this not wise. So we see those admonitions in Scripture. On the one hand, on the other hand we we know that wine with a been commonly people have certain meals that Paul told Timothy drink of the wine because of stomach problems that the qualifications for an elder would be not given to much wine. But for me is as someone that is get drunk before I was a believer, I do interest in it. Once I got saved and then immediately I began to think once people looked at me as any kind of an example is hose going in the Lord. I don't want anyone to stumble and years ago to just tell the story that I want to hear from other cause. Feel free to agree or disagree right.

This is more having open discussion 866-34-TRUTH 784 years ago a ministry that I worked was a part of it was a friend of mine, let it they they had a decrease in income and they they could not figure out what was going on until they found out that the accountant was stealing money and what happened was a trusted man he used to be an alcoholic. He was totally free. They had known I was totally free for years. He was around some of the believers that they were having a drink with the meal and they thought he thought to himself it's okay for them.

I guess it's okay for me.

He had a drink that one drink I can tell how many times over the same story that one drink open the door.

He fell back into alcoholism and in his sinful state, then it affected other areas of his life and ended up stealing money from the ministry so I'm not going to be the one by God's grace to make someone else stumble and and it's me again. It's not my legalism, yes, I could have a glass of wine with the meal and and in and of itself is not sinful and is not destructive, but for me it would be sinful in faith because of bite my conviction before the Lord and because of my sense of responsibility I feel to others as a leader in the body hey Scott, thanks for weighing in any of you want to tell me that marijuana is not a gateway drug that you're convinced that marijuana smoking, moderation is not a gateway drug is not negative is not destructive in your glad is a Christian is a legal certain states because you feel this is a positive 866337884 for cleansing and by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael here I am broadcasting from Oxnard, California, about an hour out of Los Angeles and looking at an email that was sent to me with some news items. California is returning to its role as an outlier, a country within the country as governor. Moonbeam squares offer battle against trump administration. The state is a model for fiscal instability, nearly 70% of the state budget comes from income tax, half of which is paid by the 1% wealthiest residents. The top 10% of earners accounted for nearly 80%. This makes the state a model of fiscal instability is loss of Silicon Valley oligarchs in the real estate speculators throughout California can tap their wealth to pay its massive pension that need and expand the welfare state inexorably for its increasingly redundant working class population well here I am in California. Thankfully, God is doing great things in the midst of this state, 8663 for 87884 marijuana gateway drug.

Is it bad that it's legalized in different states. How should Christians relate to this. What about alcohol and what about you will be legalistic coming up to this month to this. This was make request get to this capitalist incident is is that we are, we say hate is a wonderful new way of life in the Lord dislike with with Nancy at an in with me with with diet it we don't need this this this this long list of things we don't eat but when you look at it like that like it.

What we eat is wonderful, healthy and life giving.

So if you look at it like this that you have 10 springs of water that are absolutely drinkable and all you can do hit they are life-giving drinkable water springs of water and you have 100 mud holes in us and adultery trails my holes that's filthy and you get sick, but drink from his 10 springs. What am I restricting you are my pointing you in the way of life, 866-348-7884. Let's go to Kathy and Aylett Virginia you're on the line of fire. I wanted to reiterate what I said earlier regarding his father dying from result of alcoholics when we were quite young, early in the marriage. I have been contracted knowingly and with Mary. Mary Ellen last night away.

The doctor tending to his advised him to start drinking beer and wine from alcoholics and other and what what was the doctors justification for telling him to drink beer now. I've heard it in another medical reversal where a woman in the hospital dying and old doctor came through and advised the same thing for her and it didn't reimburse condition. However, again, just like you mentioned dependent on the person. Theology can handle it.

Something about when a one cent store again with this this first caller his father that the doctor recommended that he can some wine and then he never drank his whole life. He ended up being an alcoholic dying of cirrhosis of the liver. I'm on truly sorry to hear that. And obviously the document well but was unwise and in his and his advice and yet again we we it does not mean it does not mean that if you grew up in a culture say in England and punch Christians go out for meals together and they have a beer with their meal and they've never been drunk in their lives and never thought of being drunk on associate.


This doesn't mean they're sending doesn't mean they're sending but it means that if it's an area where you struggled or been weak that the biblical way to deal with it is separate yourself from. I'm just not strong, you know I I want to be strong I want to be so strong that I can go into the bar and sit with people when they're getting drunk and have a drink and out of the truck if if used to struggle with that. That something strong it's been foolish or maybe you're a guy in an struggle with with lustful thoughts of some of the guys doing this a lot I can't free from that I'm I'm gonna take that on head on and go to the beach and stay there, sterile the lady since I don't think lustful thoughts, foolish or stupid was say second Timothy 222 flee youthful lusts.

Separate yourself.

That's the strong decision is to stay away if you stay around enough growth can happen. Not only will you be filled with more lustful thoughts, but that the bikini-clad ladies won't satisfy you anymore, you need something more hard-core. Yeah that's what's gonna happen.

We stay away. This is an area we we rest with your eyes you thought you stay away.

That's the strong decision 866-34-TRUTH and and I appreciate those who call these are painful things to share. Thank you for sharing them with our listening audience 86634 let's go to Aron in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire. Hi Dr. Brown wanted to share with all my heart about the mayor marijuana. Mr. I became a believer in early age and smoke marijuana at our 30 years old now and with my painful outburst introduced the marijuana and became a believer like that but always struggled with whether it is right around and Donna rather justified all and then enter early a dinner date are lilac out and grown up 30 years and continue to do it, although I haven't though our almost started a great place.victory error that Betty then and now and starting at an early age. You build up a tolerance smoking marijuana on weight daily and grown up virtually as well. At that time really the hour that you will the Lord in all my heart I get rid of it.

There might not start work heard you made out a prayer for me on not in, and my mother straight that…. Her about Fremont and got damn.

And not an don't believe the library and then going back might be smoke a joint and what it did me was I Barry I admit like the Lord at me.

What what tolerant was it started early a and if you are the demonic overtaking the best layout, but it Brahma you thought that he do anything that I'm normally 30 years but that got by the dog and brought better than I. When I was just wanted to get let the best midnight at his job now is balance the my stroller went down Fremont and then tried again and really focus downgrading the file that's a nice break that your message is loud and clear. Perhaps after the standing for three months. Try again thank you sir I appreciate it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 866343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I asked my twitter followers how they felt about Meryl Streep's attack on President-elect Tromp, the Golden globes last night I gave four choices. Someone needed to say it an absolute disgrace that's Hollywood.

I have mixed feelings.

The responses as follows 7% said someone needed to say it 9% said I have mixed feelings. 31% said an absolute disgrace, 53% said that's Hollywood that is not our focus today. I have written an article on the sickening nature of anti-Israel hatred in light of the terror attack in Jerusalem yesterday. I encourage you to read the quotes in the article are mind-boggling.

Eye-opening. I mean here went when a Palestinian Muslim drives a truck into a crowd of young Israelis killing three Israeli soldiers.

All women age 2020 and 22 and then a young man, aged 20 and injuring 15 others, and as is being shot at. He's rolling the truck back and forth to crush and kill his victims on the Facebook page, run by Iranian press TV. There were maybe when I look 5060 comments to the report on the Facebook page and a lot of them were really ugly.

For example, it's so good to hear this news.

Good work ever done by a true Muslim kill them all deserved design has been ramming tense and makeshift shelters missing Houston into the past seven years. No problem noted some sinus old is Rabbi Palestinian is good thing to happen once your remedy get out of Palestine back to your ghettos. This is the unique nature of the hatred towards Israel that someone who kills Israelis, kills Jews in cold blood, is now a hero to be celebrated so read that article on the website.

The line of fire.ward and when I want to talk to about now and get your input on the lines are open 866-34-TRUTH 784 I'm broadcasting here from California Oscar California if anywhere in the area listening online or elsewhere. The last meeting and I'll be speaking at us tonight 7 PM at new life Church a great community of about 3000 believers here in Oxnard it's on my itinerary. You can find that on my website so we were discussing the effects of legalizing marijuana. When I was being driven from the airport and assist Dylan and I coming over from Los Angeles and Colorado. Other states have had it for a few years now California has legalized it and just saw a report that there are more marijuana dispensaries in Colorado than see just put your money in an talk there comes out more marijuana dispensaries than McDonald's and Starbucks combined. The effects of marijuana there and what are they learning that's negative there. So the question is, what if you live in a state where marijuana is legal is easy in the past that we will not touch because it's illegal announce legal is now okay for believer is there parallel alcohol is accusing moderation since having drinks and to get drunk or should be abstained from alcohol entirely and that one about this whole thing is really legalistic them in legalistic cell because we don't want to be legalistic you know there some churches you go to somebody's profanity dancers from the pulpit. Everybody laughs it a here where that legalistic stupid carnal immature pregnant was you wouldn't do that would mix the profane with the holy but where we stand on these issues. I want to go to your calls become back 866-348-7884 and other lessons that I learned the hard way from from tobacco different than marijuana and alcohol and that there are not conscious altering but certainly unhealthy with the parallel there. 866-34-TRUTH will be right back with you calls the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown my own.

I do not believe you can make a scriptural case that all believers should abstain totally from alcohol, but I believe it's a great practice. If you ever struggled with it great to stain totally if anyone ever looks to is an example in public or private great abstain totally. It's how I've lived for 45 years, but if someone says hate. It's been a lifestyle will have a glass of wine, sometimes with a meal ever been drunk never been tipsy never been high that's better than drinking Coca-Cola or something like that hits between you and God going out for dinner with believers in American of course in Europe and now that's what they do in the fine doesn't look at them any differently doesn't phase me whatsoever, but I won't do it as a public example and as a leader when it comes to pot and legalization of of of marijuana. I think it's a bad thing. I think it's instructive. I don't think you can smoke a joint and practice being sober and vigilant at the same time.

When it comes to Christian showing that there free by by the use of profanity there either ignorant or mature rather willfully, acting stupidly, no course communication obscene words profanity to the Scriptures clearly read Ephesians 5 median Ephesians 4 in terms of the life-giving nature of words that should come out from our lips. Jesus does not set us free to sin, he sets us free from sin. From my viewpoint, you get to weigh in 866-34-TRUTH earlier in the broadcast.

We heard from two callers, one a man. When a woman the man's father after having a medical issue was advised many years ago by the doctor to start having a little wine he did that and ended up becoming an alcoholic and dying of cirrhosis of the liver woman called her husband had a medical issue.

As a result of which the doctor told him he should have some beer. He ended up becoming an alcoholic and dying of alcohol related diseases. Is it what's that prove those are their stories you draw your conclusions is marijuana, a gateway drug to be avoided to the phones when a timeout medical marijuana use by prescription for certain purposes any more than were talking meta-painkiller use for specific purposes by prescription and not abused. 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Mary in Richmond Virginia. Thanks for holding welcome to the line of fire Michael Brown how are you doing very well thank you but I want to talk about it. Send it marijuana. The gateway, but not the marijuana it's what's in man's heart.

They released him to want to smoke marijuana. What you put in your mouth and descriptive, they have nothing to do with what's in your heart if that's what you put your putting them out is the result of what's in your heart and death what God is looking for but in a man's heart.

If you read the event in chapter 6.

That whole chapter. It tell you that a lot of people what school call FF Christian, but you have to be born again in Jesus Christ, that you must be born again if you want to give the Holy Spirit is not going that you leave anything that is going to correct your temple divided the tip of the living God. A lot of people say they are Christian encrypted files and disciples of Jesus Christ of you that the spirit Holy Spirit you cannot be without the French deck on the mind and the fascist going to read combustion option so it is you have the Holy Spirit in you and your born-again spirit wanted to know what's wrong I don't understand how a lot of people think they struggled God has given up a spirit of power, love and found my spirit on not you when you doing some against the word of God. Yeah, I appreciate that you know once when Jesus say nothing that you put your mouth is going to file you some out that that eating food with unwashed hands would would would not defile you. So let's just say for example that your Jewish person and you ate some meat in you did know was bacon.

It uses flavor to be turkey and you didn't didn't realize that if something is pork and you realize that she is in the file you spiritually because it is food because in in there in your mouth and and processes that your system now if you if you drop LSD though if you take a tab of LSD. This can affect your thinking and and and other things make you vulnerable to other stuff.

So that's separate but yet look if Mary for walking in fellowship with the Lord in harmony with the Lord. Yes, the Holy Spirit will target us for doing some of the problem is so many walk a distance from him that the Holy Spirit is practically shouting and and and and when any been hearing which is really dangerous to appreciate way. Again, thank you very much 866-34-TRUTHs a clay in Durham, North Carolina. You are on the line of fire Michael Mayo. You and happy new year and God bless your brother (you're not going to be her favorite California which I came up with nuts. Anyway I looked at turtle Bay: you're talking about what Ms. Mary just cared about, you know, important step into our body and it beer the temple you know I been doing the study and prescriptive about how if you don't take care what God gave you all going to destroy well.

I'm sure that's what I have so many storage records share with your I used to smoke in July 1 of this year will be 29 years ago that I stopped smoking and 7 1/2 years later I chose not because I knew what I was doing would affect my health it would affect me as a person with a finger Camaro for what marijuana it can eventually destroy a person they can say that they be no smoking marijuana in certain cases.

But you're putting something in your body that is against God's will. I think a Goodwood drinking. It allowed you to do that but I don't do that anymore because it makes you different person when you put something that is not for your body and makes you look different person that what you are before you started making or drinking admixture completely different person and you have to take in consideration do you need to do that you're losing when you're going when you start doing things like that you get an attitude and people say what do I want to be a lecturer to be associated with him or her a major threat that makes you think and you know I hear you saying that, you know. Yes, I agree because when you think that you are a brother or for Burkart you go out you do start doing that person because they will be serving the Christian broccoli and doing math major reflection and I wholeheartedly agree with what you're saying because you you're trying a frightful follower of Jesus Christ lead by example and not go out and coming that that that's not just report yet.

Hey listen I appreciated that the point you make is is interesting not just about the altering of consciousness.

In other words, when you drink to a certain amount at your your consciousness is altered which is why few have alcohol beyond a certain blood level than you and allowed to drive. It's it's illegal driving while intoxicated driver was the influence of alcohol, of the same thing with pot.

There you are elevated to certain level and it's going to affect your your sharpness, your your clarity of thought. Your ability to respond. All of these things are necessary, while driving but are there other ways that that we are affected. Other other ways. Where are our nature, our attitudes become changer values become changed to look at this, look at this larger thing. Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll was the reason that these were connected was the reason that when the rock culture was connected with the culture of rebellion and was connected with drugs that there was a lot more sex going on, that there was a reducing of the morals and that way that you might see elephants hard-core drugs that's gonna happen but but but the casual or social marijuana smoking is not the case.

Hate. One other thing that may be very important, is that when I smoke pot from 69 to 71.

Before I was a believer and then of course to talk and some other things that is for humans for shooting heroin and cocaine and other drugs, but when I been told by numerous people is it's much more potent now than then smoking a joint.

Now is much more potent smoke a joint. Then as I consideration I say it is 866-34-TRUTH here's a report from November 14 last year, researchers from St. Luke's University hospital network comparable 33,000 patients with stress, cardiomyopathy, a sudden temporary weakening of the heart muscle. The symptoms can include chest pain, dizziness, and shortness of breath, and they found a what appears to be a correlation between met marijuana use and weakening of the heart the elect. We know it's half with tobacco and all the warnings about tobacco and the taxes on non-smoking and and it's not the norm in movies and TV.

This everybody smoking and things like that.

It's discouraged were were studies done adequately to look at the use of marijuana even in measure, the report says in a law recap the several states to legalize the recreational use of marijuana study reveals marijuana may weaken the heart muscles, most notably young man. I will be right back. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice important cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown right. We are going right back to the phones we start Grand Prairie, Texas with Lynn welcome to line of fire, and I think we live in a country legalizing on the Geico when I study when they went out about the pre-of America and you know they was talking to the inmate. Now my if involving Dan Dan different and I talked about you know I would not endure okay.

How did you get under what was there at the beginning how an item like a started Alawite acknowledgment that was the gateway out of the gateway and to cottage and it did write it from there. Why do people do drug.

The simple fact maybe take childhood maybe thing they did not receive.

You know all I know many different meaning to reason unto you, go people do anything to drown out the girl and get on your thought drinking baseball I had in multiple partners, but very expedient because they learned growing up as a chow mom and dad when they hear it all but the point is getting to the root of the problem. People do drug reason why quiet out the echo of their call. You all can't get when you know you talk about folks in prison again. It doesn't mean everyone smokes pot.

The majority people smoke pot will end up doing other drugs will end up in prison but when here if if there is a cliff 50 feet away from me.


And I'm sitting here in my car looking out at the cliff necklace 50 feet away from me. I'm not gonna fall off the cliff.

But if I get out of the car and walk over to the cliff and look out over the cliff and then something after that I could potentially fall so there are things that open up doors to other things. That's the point, and you end up going to world she never would've gone in and compete, getting interest in things you would not have touched before and again I don't know that massive studies have been done about marijuana being gateway drug.

It certainly anecdotally the case it's certainly the case that there be reaffirmed by many law enforcement officers but in these other states where now marijuana is legal. What percentage of the people are now doing it in larger quantities than is legal. What percentage of the people are going on to other drugs that are still legal. Those are questions that should be answered obviously answers many as possible before taking that step is to music.

Let's go to Paul in Minneapolis, Minnesota. You are on the line of fire. Dr. Brown I got I dollars whether a believer body marijuana. Rather, they should be bit of stewardship that you quickly. Salvation is like they didn't walk though I walk the red light district morning. Now that's not good for your spiritual condition and other people were that going to the question, but the majority of us can and the majority of us can't handle you mind altering drugs out making that are defined and rapid finding it.

Yeah, you… Yes, I got but anecdotal start on my own life.

I talk a lot are we coming back labor don't talk and we needed and how the Lord help me get over that back from a mission trip driving 24 hours of the brother Donnelly the whole trip. 24 hour firewood but died about body with the Christian.

The boat waited out just really not on the think about the joy and I got all my might know your you know, and when I got home and I that night, and immediately the eviction, the conviction of that I would take them somewhere else in God but that directly told me don't think of how I was actually that the left or blasting I would.

I was taking less than my show me thing that's good, but the PowerBook baptized.

Really not that I'm so big just jumping in, because time is short.

But amen to the point you're making. When you are filled with the beauty of the Lord and filled with the life of his spirit.

You don't need a joint to relax your nerves or find comfort or to ease your fears. You don't need a drink to settle you down. I'm not condemning those that found an outlet I'm saying there is a better way, especially in places where it's been illegal to do certain things dependably.

There's a better way and Paul, thank you.

What it what a great story. What a great testimony. I'd love to hear more. At another time, but that many say this, many of us find comfort in food.

Many of us find psychological emotional release and food. Many of us get our high by eating sweets and getting that dopamine rush I was a for the better part of my life, a lifelong chocoholic. I had periods of freedom and maybe having sweets. One day a month for year at a time, but that never came. The reality of my life and before God help me to radically change my relationship with food. Beginning August 24, 2014, so to 1/2 years ago.

Now I needed to have sweet site a day would not go by without it without me having chocolate and and other sweets, and I wanted to and I needed to my body craved it was dependent on and there. The idea of not having certain foods I love was.

That was worse than not beyond drugs and I've said it many tile say to get it was easier for me to give up heroin and the needle in 1971 the to give up chocolate 2014 MS like 50 something your habit but the same grace that worked in me to change my relationship to drugs I change my relationship to food and food is now the fuel of my life and friends.

I am thriving, and it gives you grace to be free in other areas and it it's just a wonderful way to live in every way and be a great steward of your body. Here's how you can get our brand-new book, breaking the stronghold of food absolutely free and with it an exclusive DVD 2530 minutes of teaching not available anywhere else on YouTube right get into scriptural principles to encourage youth change relationship to food when automatic dieting retirement a whole new way of life in our book is getting rave reviews in and opened up his number one book on Amazon in Christian personal growth you become a torchbearer, a monthly support of this month to our support team with a dollar a day or more per month approved so $30 or more per month go to the line of fire. Dollar click on donate and then read all the benefits all the things that we send your way and think you have access to only as a torchbearer every single month and it's just for a dollar a day or more of the line of fire directly donate when you do not feel anything special to fill it out torchbearer book and the DVD. My bottom line today.

Everything. Everything is found

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