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Myths about the Hebrew Language, and Questions about Apparent Contradictions in the Gospels

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 12, 2017 4:30 pm

Myths about the Hebrew Language, and Questions about Apparent Contradictions in the Gospels

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 12, 2017 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/12/17.

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Were about to dispel some myths about the Hebrew language today through the Jewish Thursday stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. When this happens, it happens all the time it happened last night just happened literally seconds ago. There's something about to talk about something I'm about to write about something that I'm about to address on the radio, and no sooner is the thought in my mind to address that particular subject that low and behold I get an email addressing that very subject or with a link to that very subject was writing something last night and I thought I need a link for this particular subject. I was about to go online and search for it. Lo and behold an email comes in with an article Bloom addressing that very question now. Literally 30 seconds ago right before the show.

I was in my mind thinking of the opening words and one of the subjects I was going to address and I see an email came in right before the show.

I looked out and it is the very thing I was about to talk about. So when I get time on the broadcast.

Welcome to 30 years Thursday. This is Michael Brown delighted to be with you.

Here's an article 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 that is number to call with any Jewish related question you have of any kind whatsoever, all right if you and Steve are related related to the people of Israel related to Judaism or Jewish tradition, Jewish background New Testament causes Jewish related phones are open 86634878841 thing we will talk about today though, and this is the very email I just got seconds ago is there are misconceptions about the Hebrew language.

There are myths about the Hebrew language.

Someone sent me a link the other day. You gotta watch this YouTube video.

It's this amazing message based on the genealogies in Luke's gospel going all the way back from Adam up to Jesus if you go back to the original Hebrew meetings. Is this incredible message that's preaching, I've heard all that you've the message of the gospel is preached in in Genesis 5 of the genealogy, there Hebrew names and an older Vincent that he is a Hebrew term and it actually stands for Jesus. Since beginning in the end it and so much of this is just bunk. It's nonsense. It may be a good overall message but the method of getting there is wrong, so recover that today that note, please hear me God's word is wonderful enough that we don't need these cheap props God's truth is a wonderful enough that when I dispel a myth. You should feel like oh, all we have is the Bible say what it seems to say it does not like a secret code or the Hebrew letters don't have certain special meanings of snow. Instead, it's the word is wonderful.

There are treasures if will dig and what is clear and on the surface is enough to give our lives to an eternity to living for God and discovering his will and doing his will so we may burst some bubbles, but they are deceptive bubbles. They are misleading bubbles. They are incorrect bubbles in the process were going to establish more deeply in the truth of God's word so again Jewish related question 866-34-TRUTH and yes of course we must address this further controversy about the embassy about the American Embassy in Jerusalem. The plans by the trump administration is still clearly say they are going to do that and there is more outcry if you do, it's going to be war if you do, it's going to be an explosion and one thing that America needs to know is don't let terrorists influence the policy 866-34-TRUTH file. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and so much as a so is my son is so I chanting, singing Psalm 127 a cappella absolutely beautiful rendition and beautiful music (230 Jewish Thursday, this is Michael Brown 8663 freight 7884 is the number to call just a few things before I get into the spelling Hebrew myth or to and taking your calls. Our administration, Secretary of State Kerry are going ministration. They continue to warn about the consequences of America moving its embassy to Jerusalem. There is even speculation that an announcement could be made as early as May, which would coincide with historic retaking of Jerusalem, coming back into Jewish hands. 50 years ago, and things like that. We don't know exactly exactly what's coming in that regard, but were consistently told that it would it would be a disaster and Muslim leaders and Palestinian leaders are saying it would mean war and on the one hand, yes, it would be inflammatory. There's no question about it. It would be inflammatory. It would be America St. there is not going to be a divided Jerusalem half of it, the capital of a Jewish state.

Half of it, the capital of a Palestinian state is second to happen and if it's correct some information that was sent out to still if it's accurate or not.

That those working with the trump transition team until Palestinian leaders will give you a capital in Ramallah, not Jerusalem.

The Jerusalem is the Jewish, if accurate, that's even more amazing.

I just don't know if that's so, but yes, it would be inflammatory, but the bottom line is the radical Muslim world and much of the Muslim world will never be happy with a Jewish streusel of any kind and and the radical Muslim world will never be happy with a Jewish presence in the land. Or with a Jewish state. And what you basically have to say is this is the way it's going to be. This is the eternal Jewish capital, and I believe God will bless us for that the Civil War provoke more bloodshed will obviously Israel will be all the more the alert with security but but let's understand this since America through Israel under the bus with the UN resolution a few weeks back. There has been an increase in terror attacks on Jews, so here is a ruling that is favorable to the Palestinians and unfavorable to Israel and this ruling by default will explicitly says that that East Jerusalem is occupied territory.

The Western Wall is occupied territory where where Israel would or America would put its embassy occupied territory misses with UN resolution said that apparently America help craft with the Palestinians and then got out of the way. Super going to abstain, abstain, so that this can go forward with the 14 to 0 vote one abstention.

So since that resolution went forward, there has been a spike in Palestinian terror attacks against Israel, and and note this there was bus driver who rammed into a crowd of Israeli soldiers and young people killing for just a few days back, wounding at least 15 some seriously. Three of the soldiers were three of those killed were women age 2020 and 22 all in the IDF. All these were the Army and the young man 20 so these are is one skill and in the truck driver drove back and forth over the victims while he was being shot, until he was killed right so what is now the responsible and that in Palestinian territories a lot of celebration in and out of candies and sweets, not universal, but much of it but but not just that the Palestinian Authority has now put the widow on a pension, the widow of the mass murderer she's going to be provided for by the government because what he did was heroic. You don't cater that you do not cater to that friends.

You do not bow down to that you do not accommodate that the let America move the embassy led Pres. trump do the presidents didn't do Bill Clinton didn't do it. George Bush didn't do it.

Barack Obama didn't do it. Let Donald Trump do it and I believe God will bless us for that 866-34-TRUTH. All right, looking at our fully loaded phone lines and I love the questions I'm going to going to go there momentarily. But first, here's an email that came in immediately before the show and it was sent to our Jewish ministry assistant. We have one man on staff who is fluent in Russian, Hebrew and English and has a PhD and he answers Jewish related emails for us. That's his job.

And here's the email that was sent to him.

Do you know how to get the official pictographs of the old and new testament.

I've come across a very interesting my blowing facts about the Hebrew language that is awesome. For example, the very first word, the Bible and begin ingratiate it if looked at with pictograph means the son of God will be destroyed by his own hand willingly on the cross for a very first word sums up the entire Bible is just one word. For your information the two second and third words also pointed Jesus. Can you help point me in the right direction for this please. Okay, I hate to disappoint the writer but that is 100% nonsense every syllable of that is 100% nonsense.

The Bible was not written in pictographs.

It was written in an alphabet pictograph would be you draw a picture of an object. Okay, that's a car that's a dog that's a house right and then ultimately other meanings can come from that. The Hebrew alphabet, which is reaching the Phoenician alphabet and other ancient alphabets do derive from pictographic meanings.

But then they just become alphabets, they are no longer pictographs are our letter a. The first letter of our alphabet that ultimately comes from the ancient Phoenician alphabet by way of the Greeks right I've mentioned this many times, but the original future. If you take the letter a but instead of having it like an upside down V make it like it upside down.

You write so it looks like a horseshoe rounded at the top. Then you take that the bar that goes across for the a and you stretch out a little bit past it and and curl it up on either side right so what you have. It looks like an ox said, because that's originally what the letter was all up in Hebrew was originally an ox head.

Olive came into Greek as alpha and comes then through Latin into English as our letter a but it is just a letter. It has no pictographic meaning is 100% boldness nonsense 100% boldness nonsense that if you look at the Hebrew the opening word of the Bible brace sheet in Hebrew that it actually means in pictographic meaning, the son of God will be destroyed by his own handling across nonsense nonsense 100% bogus 100% bogus.

Not an ounce of truth in any of it. It is an intranet myth and the problem is the skies the limit.

You cannot read anything under the sun. You want into it. Throw out the myths throw out the myths and let's get back to reading the Bible as it was meant to be read 866-34-TRUTH.

Let us go to the phones restarted in Washington DC. Charlie, welcome to the line of fire. I background law. This island analyzing your video on hundred 10 and you said it couldn't be written about Abraham escape out. I have a few hypothetical push back so I first start with, you know that the cop just just how clear it certainly could have been written about David. It was either written by David or for David.

It's absolutely not written for Abraham right right so I want to first start with the subject pool could be about looking at what you just brought out than what the question on the very of the first at a question you said Abraham had no connection to find that video but what I have been located at the same fate where Melchizedek will examine existing signs.

Much later name but maybe the language was changed to line of what people could be familiar like yet that the whole thing is noted to mention. While there mostly was Jerusalem that season visited to say Jerusalem. Everyone's familiar with that to say something Zion design only is the stronghold of David. That's when it's it it in to get to David Zion has no connection to Israel or the Jewish people and that's why even Ibn Ezra no leading rabbinic authority dismiss that that myth that he can come back to Eliezer writing it for for Abraham's unamortized it's an extraordinary stretch got regarding the priest highlighted the creation. The article I know these prejudices are very efficient because they would stay there a lot of questions pick up on the other side of the lake. I push back and stay there. Daniel Michael Domingo drifted from steroid learning plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is my I I back to Charlie in Washington DC just wanted to push back my presentation of some 110 Glaser sure these questions about Abraham and where official but I'm going to get the David so but also for the earth about a priest in order not in the back for it disqualifying Abraham, one of my.the objection of Abraham brain burnt offering to God a nappy like Priestley will well there's no argument that this whole thing is this rabbinic myth about Abraham writing this note. No scholar in the world outside of the believes that there is this a stitch of evidence for you might as well said it was Mary Poppins. It enunciates us a complete draft that only comes up because of Abraham being connected with with milk ascetic in Genesis 14, so there's no reason even when you have rabbinic authorities rejecting it. If course Abraham did Priestley think that's this not the issue.

He what was in the king.

He didn't rule rabbinic tradition says he sits at the left-hand of God at the right hand of God again. He has no connection to Zion, which wasn't even anything existed them so there's no reason to even have a serious reputation of something that's just a myth that's that's the whole point.

Of course you'll find this and that that works but it's totally meaningless it's it's not worth the time and if someone disbelieves the myths cassettes with a raised and then you know logic is like a help right right right now with respect to David, I think your argument David not resurrecting solid because we "know that he had directed a valid argument. You can act by Peter but somehow that's not referenced access with reference to Psalm 16 PARAGRAPH yeah exotic but for some pushback on the possibility of it having happening during life like that fit my right hand simply means electing a little of my representative and not a literal invention and learn all of David's enemies under his injection. By the time he died, yet the huge is the problem of the problem is, the Lord said to my Lord and it's described as a Psalm of David. Okay so in the vast majority of cases in the book of Psalms 1 says the David in Hebrew means written by David. Okay so if it's if it's written by David then who is he calling his Lord. If it's his son.

Why is he calling him a donee which would be my Lord and my superior.

So that's the argument that the it's written about the Messiah was great to him, but I have no problem with the idea that it was written by a court poet for David and that the court poet said Yahweh said to my Lord in the King David suited my my right hand and that it was metaphorical, etc. it's highly exalted the idea of sitting God's right hand is his highly exalted but yet exalted metaphorical language and that David, who is the prototype of the Messiah and who did Priestley things is the prototype in the Messiah himself will be a priest forever if your milk ascetic.

As David was all the more, the Messiah, but I'm fine with that.

It's just that it seems David wrote it and if you wrote it, then who if he was referring to his son and the Messiah. And he calls them my Lord, which is superior than how the world could he just be a sunny sky be more than that. That's the sliding capacity a little attention. I didn't say the words I dimensional recension wall unit in the video hundred and talking about intervention or resurrection unit right right. Is that okay the plaintiff of asked to Psalm 16. That's the resurrection saw that Peter quotes and asked to write my argument here in Psalm 110.

I'm fine. I'm not written about it.

I'm fine either way I'm fine with saying that it's David speaking about the Messiah. I'm fine with it being written about. David was a prototype of the Messiah. The key thing we get from it is that the Messiah that, as David would be a priest forever after the remark ascetic so he will combine priestly ministry and royal ministry. That's the whole push that's that's the emphasis now.

You could argue some juicy resurrection. Reference later in the Psalm that's possible and Psalm 110 is highly exalted language that is extreme and not found elsewhere. So it's more logical to take it as a literal sit at my right hand because it's it's language.

It's not used elsewhere but find it even if you want to really metaphoric and have a problem with is a set I'm I'm at home with either of those two interpretations they get to the same overall point that I that to me is the main thrust from that Psalm that I will make, which is why I you can fake the first one to be understood as fighting battles that are right that is the best way to read it. The most obvious way to read it. The most natural way to read it if you want to argue metaphorically.

You could, but the New Testament writers clearly saw it as an ascension and and I and and again David that the if you look at a Psalm two. For example, in August and hefted to to to wrap appeared to get some calls but I do appreciate the question strode. We could continue this dialogue at another week of just just to be clear on this Psalm to speak to the kings of the earth wanted to rebel against the Lord's anointed and their rabbinic commentators that say Psalm two refers to David and to the Messiah. And that's a fair way of reading. It's David being thrown this king with his limited kingdom is limited Empire. Nothing like the Assyrian and Babylonian Egyptian empires of the day, but just some limited sovereignty having surrounding nations. That's a far cry from the kings of the earth, and the rulers of the world wanted to rebel against the Lord's anointed David, there's a fraction of that David no sir fraction of that yet. Psalm two does speak of the worldwide dominion of the Davidic king. Hence, it is messianic, it's ultimate application the same with Psalm 110, even if that application to David it finds its fulfillment in the Messiah, who is the one who does rule and reign from the right hand of God and again finally simmer elsewhere human being is called to sit at God's right hand told his enemies or footstool of the street. It's it's highly exalted language that finds its fulfillment in the Messiah, even if it had partial application to David, but I like the questions keep going this direction is make sure that if go back look at references I have and make sure you're citing those accurately little along the way but thank you sir for the call. Much appreciated by friends. I'm to be on the phones for another 90 minutes of stay right there and get some more calls momentarily. 866-34-TRUTH and remember to all of you, my dear listeners if you're not a monthly support are part of our support team of torchbearer report rent you every month with all kinds of special benefits access to online classes and special teachings a new audio message every month, 50% discount. Our online bookstore and insider newsletter you get for me with what's going on, special reports, but this month to become a torchbearer monthly support helping us with the least a dollar a day per month with the laws of the month to be free when agreed with Nancy breaking stronghold plus an exclusive DVD teaching for 2530 minutes focused on the very subject so join our team today go to the last flyer double-click on donating. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown is called at 326337884 outgoing Pres. Barack Obama has sounded a warning that if Donald Trump is too strongly in solidarity with a Prime Minister Netanyahu then that may worsen the situation in the Middle East again that very quote worsen the situation. So this was something that Pres. Obama said on Monday.

Haven't talked about it. Pres. Barack Obama on Monday denied betraying Israel by not using the US veto against an anti-settlement resolution of the United States Security Council S month so reports Deborah done on yesterday on is his duty as president was to do what he thought was right and the skin obligation to January 20 to do what he feels is right for you in any way that he betrayed Israel of but he said plainly that if Donald Trump's choose to support Israel paraphrase no matter what its policies are quote unfettered support for Israel and support for the Netanyahu government's policies are what they are and what or how inimical they may be to the prospect of peace if that's what qualifies as a good friend. I believe will see a worsening situation over time, that's an exaggerated statement and Pres. Obama can be quite nuanced in his speaking, you must know that's an exaggerated statement because it's not a matter of saying everything Israel does is right, but standing with him on these major issues that we also believe are right 86634. Let's go back to Washington DC, Michael, welcome to the line of fire. Brow are grappling.

Good afternoon. I requested your file. Are you ready I'm ready all right right my first layer.

Why did God choose the Jewish people as people originally and when exactly did that take place when it took like my second question is explicating the land of Israel and not a good break upon the constant conflict that's going on there now. Actually, there were what did the Arabs look at the Jewish people and you know and if and if the Arabs were bear, you know, at some point. Now, in terms of them getting right differently I guess a certain part of the land and likely refuting a bulldozer to think like that, you know it. Israel Lambert already been cut out for them to have and Artie just taking more difficult to have an in-depth part of the conflict in my third question is that the Christian I know that all of the Bible are inspired by God. So why is it, or how does the work according to look beyond the Jewish bike okay so all all answer in the inverse order first, the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Bible of the Old Testament are identical in books, just in different order rights of the Hebrew Scriptures. That's the equivalent of the Christian Old Testament the book. Some of the books are in different order, but Judaism does not recognize the New Testament as inspired. So for a traditional Jew. The Bible is what we call the Old Testament and not the New Testament. They look at the New Testament is either just a collection of of human writings, or deceptive, misleading writings, etc. but off-limits nothing to be studied or looked at. If you're traditional Jew, so they would look at the New Testament, the way we as followers of Jesus would say look at the book of Mormon is an external book is not part of the Bible. That's not inspired what it does mean on the positive side is that we have in common Hebrew Scriptures that we consider traditional Jew hate you also believe Russell is also sensitive to those together and let's see come up with God's Messiah right to other answers on the inside of the break the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown back to Michael in Washington. Question number two was about controversy over the land of Israel. So this is something that I get into a much more depth on my video lecture is Israel an evil occupier so Mike, when you have time, go to the line of and click on the digital library and description of the Lord occupier. Okay, you see a whole lecture an hour plus regular to the history but but here's the short version. The people of Israel were given the, the, the land of Canaan by God, and it became the Jewish homeland going back to the promise to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Once the Jewish people came out of the Exodus in Egypt so about 3400 years ago than that was their homeland, and then a few hundred years later, Jerusalem became the capital that has been the one and only homeland of the Jewish people for 3000+ years, Jews around the world.

Pray every year next year in Jerusalem and wanted to be back home. When Jews pray around the world. They pray facing towards Jerusalem. That is been the eternal capital of the Jewish people and once the Jewish people were exiled there been other groups that have lived there in over a period of centuries, especially after the rises of Islam built there were Arabs who lived there, but they never considered it a homeland that was never a nation with a distinct language or currency or capital or anything like that was there is no such thing as a nation of Palestine.

What happened was in 135, after the Roman Emperor Hadrian put down the Jewish revolt and exiled Jews from Jerusalem and from there, their ancient homeland.

He then renamed it philistine or Palestine to mock the Jewish people, and he named it after the Philistines there ready long gone with their old enemies of Israel. He named it after them. After the Philistines to mock the Jewish people and to sit is not your Lamisil entities. These uncircumcised Philistines, so it became known as Palestine.

But through the centuries. The only ones that had the vision of going back there and rebuilding a life there were Jews, so as the centuries wrong. Let's fast-forward now to the 1800s. You had more Arabs living there then Jews, but there was not a Palestinian state present a vision for Palestinian state.

There was not a Palestinian capital. There were consciousness where Palestinian people are just Arabs who were living there Jews who were living there and then in 1917.

After world war one with the league of Nations decided okay was divvying up the different parts the world is okay. This is under the British mandate. This is the offer for Britain to drool over this. So it was now Palestine under the British mandate and who the Palestinian orchestra who was that Jews of the Palestinian poster. The Palestine post was that Jewish they were the ones that took on that identity because this was their ancient homeland and then in 1947 of the United Nations. So here we have two states and this is the territory for the. The Arabs and you can have it your own state. And here's a territory for the Jews. It wasn't favorable to Jews but they said fine yard said no in 1948. They try to attack and destroy Israel and lost that battle and then again in 1967 in the Six-Day War. There was another attempt to wipe out Israel. This time Israel was able to take more land for security and that's where it stands today so in short, there's actually been even before 1947 there was a previous offer of of the Great Britain and the nations. Okay, here is your land for the Arabs.

Here's your land for the Jews to suggest I've said no and that's what's happening now for decades. So the Jewish people sit is plenty room for everybody here. We can all live together side-by-side in peace. Just have to recognize us as a Jewish state.

Put your weapons down when the state of Israel is declared in 1948 there were roughly 800,000 Jews living in the surrounding Muslim nations and they were forced out of those nations.

When the Jewish state was declared, so they had a flea. Those nations and for the most part they fled to the fledgling nation of Israel. And that's where they took up residence there were about 600,000 Arabs living in Palestine. Then and when the war broke for a number of reasons. They ended up fleeing the land are being displaced in the midst of war, did the surrounding Arab nations. The surrounding Muslim nations take them and know they made them live like refugees and said we are not taking you in so Israel absorbed all the Jewish refugees surrounding Muslim nations did not absorb any of the Arab refugees. That's what we have. The refugee crisis. But here's the long and short of it is this is a truism. If the Palestinians would put down their weapons. There would be no more war and that you could live side-by-side peacefully in this plenty of room in the land either one state or two state solution if the Israelis put down their weapons will be no more Israel that remains the problem might my video is Israel evil occupier will help their lastly the choosing choosing of the Jewish people.

It goes back to God choosing Abraham Michael Genesis 12 God chooses Abram and says through his seed the whole world would be blessed and then out of Abram's two sons Isaac and Ishmael, Isaac is chosen, and then Jacob is chosen, rather than Esau and then Jacob becomes Israel and those of the tribes of Israel. His sons become the tribes of Israel.

So the choosing of Israel. Deuteronomy tout seven says it has nothing to do with Israel being better than anybody else bigger than anybody else. Israel since like everybody else. The reason God chose Israel was he wanted to bless the whole world and he found one man, Abraham obeyed his voice so he made a promise is just like if God is looking to the whole world to find one man because he wants to raise up a nation through the nation placeholder and he finds Michael in Washington DC there is a man who loves me honestly on the make a promise to him and it's going to go through his descendent, so it has nothing to do with whether your descendents are better than others are worse than others has to do with faith. He made a promise to and that's what he did with Abraham. So why did he raise of the Jewish people because he wants to bless the whole world and he wanted to send the Messiah into the world so pretty long answers free, but hopefully that covers things and and against or go to the line of the line of and when you're there just click on the digital library and search for occupier. You can watch my full video lecture with PowerPoint as well. I think you'll find it really eye-opening is Israel and evil occupier.

Thank you for the questions 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Benjamin in Richmond Virginia. Thanks so much for holding welcome to the line of fire Dr. Brown to be with you. Thanks so my question is currently actually you pretty but the first one might be rather complex. I was reading a book called mystery of the Egypt that my father had recommended to me and in that book the writer who had spent a great portion of his life outlining huge amount of data that you compiled on Christianity and its belief system seems to have some very, very firm understanding of the war that occurred before enemy won't have now.

I wanted to know. Are there any deeper tech at all that pertain to that war in heaven where this man get this information that have to do with the revolt of the angel and the number Down and establishing a throne on earth or arty things my first question. My second one.

It is going to be very simple, which is you.

I got asked me that again you and I like God today. It might get my second question that I like God, meaning that I check off liking on Facebook or did I enjoy him and appreciate him. Did you enjoy and appreciate his presence in your life today all all yes.

But I I'm quite sure based on how wonderful and glorious he is that over the course of the day. I will enjoy and appreciate his presence all the more. There's a constant companionship with the Lord. And yes, so it's not just serving him working for him. It's being a son, and delighting in him, but he is so much more delightful that I must spend more time with him and enjoy him and delighted him more. Thank you all my years of the thing calls the first, then asked the question right so Inc. in short answer. There are no ancient Hebrew texts you going back to biblical days or things like that.

Outside of Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28 that seem to point to a satanic fall from heaven to earth one under the guise of the king of Babylon. The other causes are no other text. Your text is closer testament time all different types of speculation does not talk as much about safe much better throne on earth or anything like that.

So some of this was just the myth that was developed by the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown were just as far as Mr. the ages Herbert W. Armstrong, you can safely ignore that terms of his book and that data, but if you want to find out a little bit more about the concept of the fall of Satan again in Jewish teachings and I can find it in a major way. In rabbinic literature to find references to some of these things and apocryphal books sold out really good little article if you just type in Jewish were Jewish search for Satan. You'll get a very solid article about Satan Jewish tradition, Satan in the Apocrypha and things like that. That's Jewish its authoritative reference work from the liver hundred years ago available free online and just type in Satan a thank you for the questions 866-34-TRUTH we go to Domingo in New York.

Welcome to the line of fire micro afternoon.

I micro I cry you want yes no Domingo.

Certainly not. That is a false teaching associated with Jehovah's Witnesses. No, absolutely not. Michael the Archangel Michael is a created being, Jesus the son of God is eternal. It was through the son of God that Michael was created and we have text. For example, in first Thessalonians chapter 4 that explicitly separate them that Jesus will be coming back for his people and and he will be coming with along with Michael so first Thessalonians the fourth chapter is quite explicit on that's again.

Michael is a highly exalted created being. Jesus, the eternal son is uncreated at first the saloons for 16 for the Lord himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the Archangel's voice and with the trumpet of God and the debtor Messiah will rise first. So he will come will be the voice of Michael the Archangel will be the trumpet of God, but they will be accompanying and announcing Jesus the Messiah. So that is a false teaching associated with Jehovah's Witnesses. The Archangel Michael is absolutely not the same as Jesus, 866-34-TRUTH of let let me dispel one other Hebrew myth and then I'm gonna go right back to the phones. There is a a myth that you have this with Greek as well that because Hebrew was the language God used for the Old Testament with a few Aramaic verses in words and Greek was the language of the New Testament that these are so-called Holy Ghost languages supernaturally inspired languages languages with all types of different meanings and that it's almost like the sky is the limit when reading old if you looking to behavior finally releases this this this this Vista look translating from one language to any of the language is challenging and there's not always a direct correspondence in each language has its own beauty and its own riches and its own uniqueness, but Hebrew is a Canaanite dialect. In fact, in Isaiah 19.

It's referred to an hubris of thought cannot on the Canaanite language it. It is a Canaanite dialect. It was not the language originally spoken by Abraham. It would have been something that he learned when he migrated to Canaan by the calling of the Lord, and Phoenician. For example, is a Canaanite dialect and Moabite and Ammonite. These are all Canaanite dialects.

Aramaic is a sister Semitic language, but it's not a Canaanite dialect so Hebrew in that sense was not some supernatural language that has now all types of supernatural meanings. It's a language like any other language should be studied like any other language and that spiritual insights we get are not into mystical meanings of words, the spiritual meaning we get is understanding what the words are actually saying because they convey wonderful spiritual truths. Hope that makes sense to you, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Christian in New Jersey.

Welcome to the line of fire contractor, Dr. Michael R El Greco Christian for your grandma. Start with your BRCA1 Bible truck flickered by buyer, Jewish, Box 2, Chris John the Christianity Jewish Bible combined in order New Testament to correct an article about how there. Right now you so you Old Testament is five Jewish dollars don't believe there is it's it's the battle I marked what question, yet our booklet limit on the inside nearest delineates the first yeah that's a great translation by Jewish scholars but they don't believe in Jesus and we we don't like to refer to ourselves as Jewish converts because we haven't converted from a juice.

We are Jewish followers of Jesus. Trish believes in Jesus. But yes, there are translations of the most recent one I was involved with this as well as called the tree of life version. The tree of life version. It's a new translation of the whole Bible by a team of messianic Jewish scholars who also work with Christian scholars, and it maintains Jewish sensitivities throughout.

I highly recommend that the tree of life version of the Bible and you will find it a delightful read and you'll find it has Jewish sensitivities throughout and written in particular for the messianic Jewish community and for the interested church world of the tree of life and that's that's more than sufficient for that right. Your second question micro character you know where Eric from Obama on target current traffic instructor Dr. Eric Airgas found them to do not get wondering… You're not sure. Derek impacted most collective Dr. Gunnell result to law. So how are we supposed to know that if should an orchard and you will breakout how I would support the Lord… Download one document and record yeah it's a very slick question sir I mentioned earlier in the broadcast. That certainly it will seem provocative Tory, but it's primarily going to be provocative Tory for those who do not want peace with Israel, and who will never recognize Jewish Jerusalem. I believe the best way to do this is to do the right thing to say hey. Every nation has that the right to choose its capital city Jerusalem is been the eternal capital of the Jewish people, and therefore, we affirm them and stand with them and spaces sent to the Palestinians and others. If you want peace you have to negotiate in a way where Jerusalem is not your capital city because it's never been your capital city if you want to state give your capital city L3's that will it bring a uprising look there is there's uprising constantly is not for Titus Rose security, there'd be thousands of terrorist attacks every summer month and there's constant provocation on the Palestinian side against Israel, positive leadership, demonizing Israel and inciting violence against Israel in the media and other wastes of La Veta terrorist establish right thousand less. As before, bless America for his wisdom. Thank you sir for the questions.

My bottom line today. Let America make the move thing. The embassy factors time about to speak with a professor who has studied the Gospels intensely and wants to talk about apparent contradictions in the gospel is time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown show yes yes it is joy in a few minutes I'm going to bring to the line of fire. New Testament scholar Michael: talk about his brand-new book. Why are there differences in the Gospels can be a fascinating discussion. Also, later in the broadcast. Gonna talk about some things happening in Israel today and dispel another Hebrew math yeah myth about the Hebrew Bible and some misconceptions folks have before we do that I want to grab one call there in the broadcast of six more because of you.

Every Jewish related question for me 866-34-TRUTH is number to call 866-348-7884. Let's go to John and Fort melt South Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire known on this summer's day like yet. The question I had it.

If he is Yeshua.

Why do we coalesce Christian Lederle quote Jesus for the same reason we call you John, and yet not that rather than yell come on in the same reason we call me Michael rather than Nick, IL it's because we speaking English and that's how we pronounce his name in English but but here's here's the logic behind it.

John, the New Testament was written in Greek and when the New Testament writers wrote the name of Jesus. They didn't say Yeshua, they said, Jesus, because that's the way it would come out in Greek. In fact, I think Greek has no Shas sound so you don't say Yeshua it's Jesus just like we say Saul of Tarsus right that's through the Greek and Hebrew. His name and he been shout rule so we recognize the biggest thing is that his name is understood by the people being communicated with and that it's it's syllables and sounds that are familiar to them. But that being said, it's important that everyone understands that Jesus is Yeshua.

In other words, that he is a Jew that he was called Rabbi not Rev. that he is the Savior of the world because he's the Messiah of Israel, so I will often refer to him as Yeshua to remind people of that. But let's say I'm talking to a Jewish person on the street right and I see that you believe you. She was the Messiah. They have no idea her and talk about his Yeshua said you believe Jesus is a must all know we don't believe so there was that's always note I wrote a five volume series called answering Jewish objections to Jesus and some of said why did you call it answering Jewish objections to issue us because they don't have objections to issue they don't know who that is. We need to explain that Jesus is Yeshua, but we speak English and again, just like we talk about Moses rather than Moshe dislike we talk about Isaiah rather than your say all who dislike we talk about Ezekiel rather than you has scale just like we we talk about you on and on it goes. We don't use the original Hebrew names for any of these others so the same way with Jesus.

It's just really good though to to make everyone understand that this Jesus is Yeshua.

He is the Messiah and he is Jewish, through and through, he is the lion of the tribe of Judah, the root and offspring of Jesse hey thanks for the question. John much appreciated you little more data by going to the line of

Click on the digital library and typing Yeshua find some articles about the Salina I just put on the library search published by fax with Michael, I the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown about to have a fascinating suggestion with Michael Cohen associate Prof. of theology at Houston Baptist University, author of the new book.

Why are there differences in the Gospels, what can we learn from ancient biography. I know it's thoroughly Jewish Thursday, but is there anything more Jewish than the Gospels.

Significantly, this book is published by Oxford University press, one of the leading scholarly publishers in the world, indicating that this is not simply a fundamentalist close minded and narrow thinking defense of the Gospels.

This is something that academics who may not even be Christian look at and say a fascinating argument here in the flesh this out open up for you today on the broadcast.

Michael welcome back Salina fire great to have you on record. Dr. Brown appreciated yes sir.

So what's the difference between this and your major doctoral work. Maybe you could introduce that first what you did the meaning of of historiography and then how this book comes out of that. Well, my doctoral research and book it resulted. I focused on approaching the question of whether Jesus rose from the dead from our historical viewpoint or I took the data looked at the greater look at those bitter that virtually all historians agree upon our certain facts Jesus death by crucifixion, but shortly after the cycle at experiences that they believed were appearances of the risen Jesus but these occurred an individual in a group setting and that it will eat one skeptic named Paul who was a persecutor of the church at a similar experience. Jesus had been raised on the debtor appeared to Eric and it radically transformed life to become one of the most aggressive I guess you take a believer in the gospel around at that time so you take those in your subject the art you formulate hypotheses and to explain those factor menus to object to strictly controlled historical method tried best as you can to bracket your personal bias. Your desired outcome on your investigation proceeds another work you're taking the typography and your subjecting them to strictly controlled historical method.

See does the resurrection hypothesis stand up to critical scrutiny. Which hypothesis comes out that and when you do that using the tools that are standard of rational historians you find out that the resurrection hypothesis is far better than any other competing hypotheses.

So that was my case for the resurrection of the research on that.

The pages was that when you're finished rule over 700 got it so you you you were three carefully and again even though you write is a believer and ultimately it's your your faith in the resurrected son of God, his reality in your life that that is your bedrock even more than the scholarship you did your best to to really try to sift through. It's okay. Are there other answers you know for our people of faith we have to be willing to ask hard questions and look at the challenges and I was there a lot of people that reject this but in your view when you went through all the different hypotheses.

There is only one that really really answered this and lived up to the evidence that's correct that the correct assessment Brown, I was one because now we all have our idiosyncrasies on my regards to question everything starts with my statement.

Everything everything by my wife it going shopping with me for that purpose (hard for me to make the 13th out open is important as my worldview and Christianity and M1 were talking about eternity something I have second-guessed triple guest quadrupled out the kicking awake at night and so I was willing to give up my great and those who know me best, or in a time there's a handful of people I was open with, and I was totally willing to give up my Christian faith. If the evidence pointed away from the resurrection of Jesus. And that's that's significant.

I went through the situation.

This is a believer for few years were I was so challenged by Jewish objections and and wanted to be faithful to God and the loyal Jew that I wrestled through the on my face before God is following you and being faithful means denying Jesus as the Messiah.

On the do it because I must I must have you and I must be faithful to his into anger, and of course it was in that and through that that God will more deeply conferences his truth. When we look at now, the issue of the resurrection. But of contradictions in the Gospels. I've been told. For example if you went to a class taught by perfect Prof. Bart Herman, who we we both debated on different subjects and you went to his class.

Maybe it was a New Testament class that large undergraduate class that he's teaching that within a few days, he'd undermine the faith of a lot of the Christian students, thereby just pointing out the apparent contradictions in the Gospels and the pronounced differences in basis and you can't reconcile these there full of contradictions that something that you plunged into now with with your new book.

Why are there differences in the gospel so first play the devils advocate, give us a summary of the problems in the Gospels if we just want to say these are all inspired by God. Their infallible and errant no contradictions.

What obstacles do we encounter well after I debated earning 100 book of the times that we did on the resurrection.

Publicly he brought up five major objection to the gospel and start a response. I looked at both and put together a lecture titled the ABC do you errant either defending the gospel and address all part of the bell area. The authorship Herman Mulberry. We have no idea the Gospels are not be bias. The authors are buyer back there.

They have agendas behind the writing. So shortening our trust them on our feet contradictions in the gospel contradict one another more than they are greedy and rolling over looking for multiple independent sources that agree with other record at district R&D for the dating of the Gospels. The written 35 to 65 years after the event or writing far too long and either not based on eyewitness testimony that cannot begin a telephone that you have someone who knew the story past amount, now after going through the endless kind of chain of oral tradition. People pass along to another 35 years later, your first-person market. We have no idea what he put the stories down and that Matthew did a few years later, and then Lieut. John. You can see how the stories of all of those are the basic objection that Herman and many others bring up the gospel and your scholar. You looked at the evidence meticulously of your obviously new problems that present themselves to scholars that others might not be confronted with just your average person reading the Bible and maybe they have the mentality of God. Set it I believe it, that settles it.

And suddenly there confronted with what looked like contradictions maybe just never notice them life of the resurrection accounts, what happened first or how he ties in Jesus cleansed the temple I thought was here or what is marked safe here. Matthew said there they can be very troubling to someone's face can sure, Karen, and many have not. Aaron Peck barked and barked class I like Bart Herman and I were not), but I considered to be a friend. We get along pretty well and but most of the people who are attending classes at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill are like a New Testament introduction class were shaking.

Refreshment may have developed any kind of method for critical thinking at that point the most part, and note the going and back handful Christian per dozen or so in his class of 400 or more people coordinate your natural father outnumbered significantly and then get up there famous partner in talking about the things they don't know anything else because there's never been encountered with these objections the gospel to totally get them off balance, for you know at some of the merchants given up their faith. So in short we just get a minute before the break, and then will dig into your new book, why there differences in the Gospels. In short, what would you say to the students. If you only had a couple minutes with them, but they know that your scholar, what would you say to them. I watch my video. They even be spending the gospel, because it addresses those fees are easily answered and also Wagner. Let's discuss the thing about contradictions in the gospel but if I could get one answer I would say book of Jesus rose from the dead Christianity through, even if it were to be the case that some things in the Bible aren't so we need to focus on the resurrection. And guess what we can show that you wrote that aside from assuming the inspiration or narrative. The Bible and you would do that is a momentary relief valve because ultimately it's to the Scripture that we know about Jesus and of the undermine reliability Scripture into my everything, but you would try to use it. The sum of the relief valve to say hey were certain Jesus rose from the dead.

We can work out these other questions.

Fear not right will be right back with Mike, a serious academic work. A serious student of Scripture study and seminary Bible college after this out either differences in the gospel to learn from ancient biography learning plan and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and friends specific Jewish focus to look at every jury subject as well.

Gospels and my guest Michael Kona respected New Testament scholar. His new book, published by Oxford University press. Were there differences in the Gospels, what can we learn from ancient biography so Mike your new book is basically saying there is a reason for the way the Gospels were written towards the parallels to other ancient literary forms.

What's that the primary new argument of advanced here. There are well. In a nutshell character that anchored authors who wrote this treatment biography import.

Compositional devices that were standard for the day and that these often resulted in differences in the manner the story are reported. The majority of New Testament scholars now hold and even evangelical. Now all but the Gospels are either ancient biography or that they share much in common with the genre of ancient biography so we should not be surprised that the got locker employed the same compositional devices that other biographers of their other day effect.

We should be surprised if they don't, and when you go to the gospel and you read them in light of the biographical genre and the compositional devices that were part and parcel out… Randy the differences just melt away and in almost all of the case.

Really it's really interesting that the print like I remember when I was very low. For Christmas one year I got the books they were coloring books to open them up and out all the time in them and it just didn't look like anything but scribbling and it came with these two pair of cardboard glasses and one pair of glasses at redline, the other had belittlement and you put the blinders on and it's like just all scribbling.

You put the red lingers on and all the picture is crystal clear and it jumps out at you exactly what it is. While reading the gospel in view of the biographical genre does the same thing all the sudden differences just melt away and think that you would see before like the deity of Christ and the gospel of Mark. They just become crystal clear. I so so let's let's unpack that. Let's just take a nugget out of your book and and show what happens when you put on the glasses of ancient biography and follow.

I remember Prof. Craig Keener that are top New Testament scholar.

He was on the radio show on talking about when he was talking to Prof. Duke and the professor was downing the idea that the. The Gospels were biographical anything like that in Craig to be doing a lot of reading the classics and began to ask him what he knew about ancient biographies and this was nothing the professor theft and never study that Susan put in the right literary genre is like when you're reading the sports page. It's different than when reading the stock market pages and it's different than reading an op-ed which is then different than reading a frontline new front page news, etc. so getting the genre is very important. So give us give us a nugget of comparison here, so many of them are okay. How about your Jesus healing viruses daughter raising her from the dead. So when we read the story and Mark Boyd, Mark, you've got Street driver comes to Jesus and says please heal my daughter.

She is about to die like an so they had Jesus does okay they start heading toward house and a woman, but hemorrhaging problems comes in. She touches a stroke you'll start and then they start to go toward house again and certainly come out and they don't trouble Jesus anymore. Your daughter just died and Jesus says don't worry about it just States and the ghost to help me write that when we read the same story in Matthew gyrus comes to Jesus and says, Lord, my daughter has just died.

Please come and heal her and Jesus was all right. Let's go and then the woman touches them with the hemorrhaging problems out that service don't come out because she was already dead in Matthew's account when it came to her and what Matthew is doing there. You just simplifying the story as he does elsewhere many times elsewhere gospel simplifies the story, it compresses the account and eliminates that the detail but just questionable fine… That's one account of the phenomenon and the happened many times throughout not only the gospel but also throughout other ancient literature and what I show in my book is that Plutarch commented biographer who wrote around the same gospel. Much of what we know from the work of art. When you compare how he tells the same story and that in two or more of biography figures who participated the same events and doing another venue we find the same sort of difference and you Plutarch making the same kind about ancient compression, displacement, transfer log, always coming soon so that in in the mind of the 21st-century reader with certain canons of trees and accuracy.

They see these as contradictions, inaccuracies, lack of inspiration, proof that one author or both got it wrong, but they clearly can't both be right in your saying they were writing in the first century. These were standard literary techniques and do they ultimately tell the same story answers yes they do I correct that we have to judge them according to their standard network architect during bearberry rather than imparting our ideas of modern precision upon because we are not bank to be implausible to think that Matthew Mark Luke and John Margaret leading a future historian. They were trained writers and they are just doing the kind of think that they were taught to do when writing ancient when writing history or writing a biography about. And then if you step back and say are they giving us the overall same story answers. Yeah, account after account after account here that we might wonder about chronology or things like that but obviously when you see what was done.

How was done, put it in its day, and you say okay these are the things where there were variances and and variations and other things. This was accurate or not accurate, reliable or unreliable. And then you come to that same conclusion when judge through the proper lens they come out as solid historical writers giving us a wonderful theological life of Jesus that correct and redirect today.

We do it. Our everyday conversation. We do it today when we are Prof. do it very when we pay lecture pastors do it when they preach from the pulpit movie writers do it running in the recent will be what was recovered about the current World War II. The medic who was the hero of Paxil Ridge exile Ridge while the actual story about you know he he. He was able to be discharged from the ground and avoided because it was a conscientious objector, but now I want to come and let me come in on the outcome and that the medic and so they Latin American now. The movie portrays a little bit differently but just he he wasn't trying to avoid the draft or anything like that but just as the saying the same thing I like to close the target commoditization of the cash is paid.

Mike gradually on Oxford University press publish greatly increased the whole generation. God bless you for your laces?

I it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown Brown delighted to be with you. 8663 for eight 784.

That's 866-34-TRUTH you got a Jewish -related question give me a call Hebrew question Judaism question specific question about the Messiah ship of Jesus, a Jewish background to the New Testament modern Israel question, by all means give us a call 8663 freight 7884.

I am going to dispel a Hebrew math. It is a complete myth. It has no relationship to truth. This came out in an email question I was asked a few days ago and I thought you not on that address this again on thoroughly Jewish Thursday I will take your calls as well. First though, I think it's significant to mention I haven't mentioned it yet this week that after the deadly terror attack in east Jerusalem a few days back when a Palestinian terrorist plowed into a group is of Israeli soldiers and others, killing three women age 2020 and 22, and a young man, age 20 to 3 when being soldiers of the terrorist driving back and forth with the truck to do his best to crush those under the trucks 15 others injured before he was shot and killed the UN Security Council did condemn the truck ramming attack it's it's rare that will relatively rare that they're going to be on that side of condemning terrorism but they said the members of the Security Council reaffirm the terrorism in all its forms and manifestations constitutes one of the most serious threats to international peace and security, so I think it's important just to mention that again, 8663 freight 7884 and yes there are ongoing reports that President-elect Trump coat will forge ahead with the Jerusalem Embassy move to Secretary of State John Kerry said last week is the Jerusalem post reminds us that we located in the embassy because quote an explosion and absolute explosion, not just in Israel but throughout the region. Israel's way of the security issues.

I'm sure Donald Trump and his team are aware of the security issues I said again you cannot you cannot act based on what terrorists say they will do, or terror loving nations say they will do, then you are a slave to terrorism. You are then bowing down to those who will not have peace with a Jewish state, and who will not recognize a sovereign Jewish Jerusalem and listen friends as long as Jerusalem is divided as long as there are Palestinian stake in the claim. We want Jerusalem as our capital.

Even though it's never been the capital of anything Arab or Palestinian other than the capital of Israel and eternal capital of the Jewish people. You have those still advocating for that divided Jerusalem that is a guaranteed way that you will not see lasting peace. All it means is conflict next to conflict. That's all it means that mean shoulder to shoulder conflict joined with conflict rather than saying this is the way it's going to be Jewish Jerusalem the capital of the Jewish state and either there's going to be one state, and it will remain Jewish discloses a Jewish majority and and the Palestinian Arabs they vote have equal rights with everyone see how the state develops or you have a Jewish state in a Palestinian state and the Jewish state has its capital in Jerusalem and the Palestinian state has its capital somewhere else we come back and go to your calls, 866-348-7884 and dispel the Hebrew math right here online file. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown when you become a torchbearer this month.

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Right before I debunk a Hebrew math that is circulating these days. Let's go to the phones Jason in Miami. Welcome to the line of fire.

I dark brown like all new year to you and your will thank us or I got a question on Leviticus chapter 12 is about the verification after childbirth and and it kind of relates to Joseph and Mary and the sin offering after Jesus was born, so it I get to go to park one is, why is there a sin offering, or child. It is that that does not mean having a child all I'm sure that's not the case. Request from wider and not bring it back and dictation. If you have a female child is double batted that of a male, I heard a response from a Christian father saying that this purification card process is not considered somehow discriminatory, but rather it's the opposite it because of the holiness that a life profit be in pain. And so it considered that you are staying from holy because you've just experienced God's holiness through the whole of life giving birth and I was wondering if that explanation is it that is what the Jewish people believed back that yeah okay great questions. I appreciate the let's let's unpack them one after the other than the first question a woman becomes pregnant his birth to a son she ceremony and clean for seven days.

Just she is unclean during her monthly. On the eighth day the boy is to be circumcised than the will must wait 30 3/8 be purified from her bleeding. She was, not touch anything sacred to the sanctuary and then so so why is there this purification. Why is there a sin offering has she send by having Chalabi suggest and send having a child. Children are from the Lord, a heritage from the Lord. But any type of genital discharge could be something that could cause uncleanness or certain types of genital discharge. So just as a woman was unclean during her monthly. Because of the genital discharge of blood I here with everything involved with having a baby with blood and other related genital discharges. It would make her unclean ritually unclean. If if if a man had a genital discharge in the middle of the night. Something like that and and and release semen in the middle of night, or even had relations with his wife he would have to bathe and be ritually purified so was not send this was intuitive meant to be with his wife was not sin. And yet there would be ritual purification involved so it does, though, in that sense it makes things sacred in that this is not just a mundane everyday thing in that respect and therefore to be treated with more care and concern. The sin offering though does not have to do with guilt, the sin offering has to do with purification atonement can also mean cleansing the emphasis can be on on expiation of sin or the emphasis can be on cleansing, removal of uncleanness and that's the case here. It's a purification offering. It is for the cleansing of uncleanness as opposed to the removing of sin is that she has somehow send and that's part of the aspect of sin offerings.

If you look that is part of their meaning, sometimes to be purification offerings as opposed to, for example, if you went out and committed the crime. You wouldn't then offer sin offering. There would be repentance and then perhaps a guilt offering a certain set of situations, but not a sin offering as to the. The difference in in the time frames. There there is debate as to exactly why there other parallels in the ancient world where purification was was longer for a female than for a male, but exactly why the text doesn't really tell us, and we have no idea of knowing what ancient Israelites believed about it because there's no ancient record that's been preserved so that you have later traditions will speculate on those things. But that's all they're doing there. Looking back, and is speculating you don't know in detail why the differences were there but again, if you look at things in a protective way as the apologist was doing rather than a discriminatory way. In other words, that the woman according to first Peter three is the weaker vessel. The man does not have to deal with all the traumas of carrying a baby and giving birth to a baby in the nursing a baby man doesn't have to deal with the monthly cycle of the man is normally special in the ancient world not the one that's getting up in the middle of the night in caring for the baby and so on. So the man that has the role of being a protector and a provider and in that way. A Jewish woman in traditional Judaism does not feel discriminated against. She feels protected and provided for by her husband, and I think that would have been the concept here in ancient Israel as well. Okay run for effect out the detail for the audit, but it ended. Oh no, not on the one they gave the long answer, so it's were just asking what Scripture says and it's it's a fair question.

It's a valid question, so I appreciate it yeah and and one of these days I just need to to refresh my memory or study for the first time some of the aspects on why in Jewish tradition, there was a difference in the purification. Why would it was longer for women than for men just necessarily what ancient Jews believed in Moses there ancient Israelites, but rather what Jewish tradition has to say about hate. Thank you for the call. I appreciate it 866-34-TRUTH all right, here's an email that was sent to our website to ask Dr. question was sent and it said this at this website. All of time of Scriptures.

So all of is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and Tov is the last so would be like a to Z or in Greek Alpha Omega all of top scriptures at this website.

They talk about the olive in the Tov. Now I know that when they are placed together, they are never translated. But in the Septuagint so the ancient Greek translation, they are translated as the Alpha and the Omega that is Jesus Christ.

Of course they say the following list. A total of 7339. All of Tov symbols and additional 2251 above all of Tov symbols used in the Old Testament, which total 9590 do they always speak about Jesus Christ, or is this a stretch. The first is have no idea what they're talking about. I'll explain it but seconds now stretch its nonsense that this looking at the website now and I don't mean to insult anyone but the idea that there is a secret meaning here and that there are every time you have these letters together olive cough which are direct object markers, meaning you have this word at in Hebrew. What is it mean it has no meaning. It is a direct object. Mark you have similar things in other Semitic languages, meaning if the word coming after the verb is with the direct object the then you put this before so in the beginning God created at the heavens and at the earth. You say, what is it mean nothing in Aramaic you say yacht. What is the yacht mean nothing. It is simply a marker telling you that the next word as a direct object and it is a way that has been developed grammatically say why every language developed certain waves okay and this is simply development of the say no, no, no, all of top that's like Alpha and Omega.

This is about Jesus.

And in this study by was going to show you Jesus alone versus forget about is not true. It is not true. It's a mess it's in math based on unfamiliarity language. It is a math learning plan and by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown this direct object marker at all of Tov in Hebrew, Aramaic equipment is good. Tough right in again yacht at when they mean they are simply markers of its direct object. You have the we have a proper name you generally speaking, will have this marker there in front of it, but people who didn't understand Hebrew properly or trying to read things into the Hebrew Bible that are not there come up with all these theories on there are many examples of the olive tough symbol being placement pertains to the importance of subject matter regarding covenant relationship with the head, etc., refer to the Godhead going people, persons, places, or things and even rendering judgments concerning curses or blessings. For example, in the life of Jacob and Esau. In Genesis 25, 28.

Both Jacob and Esau have all of top symbols in front of their names. The beginning of their life together for the last time you see the olive tough symbol used in front of Esau's name is Genesis 27, one that day Isaac caused Esau to ask him to hunt him some savory meat that he Isaac may bless Esau you know I Esau's name is used in the 70 times in the tour. The olive tough symbol continues to be only front of Jacob's name and not Esau's. Because the covenant blessing of the birth regular by Masai was removed from him. Listen, I I appreciate in all seriousness, I appreciate someone digging into the Bible and looking for things, and in trying to understand every single word every single reference II appreciate that. I think that's significant.

I'm glad that people dig in and and do all of this, but the idea that this is some secret code that now you read something into it. It's it's not the way the language works.

It would be just like you took a transcription of the radio show transcribed everything I said and try to count every third word and the second letter in the third word and try to spell something that if it ended up spelling it would be pure and utter coincidence, and certainly it would work in any kind of verifiable pattern so you know I'm I'm looking for example at the name Esau as we keep going through the rest of Scripture. And remember, you would have at this olive Tov the first letter in the lesser of the Hebrew alphabet at this direct object marker you would have this in cases where where the there's a verb and then after that verb, you are now introducing the direct object the heavens, the earth, Jacob and Esau somebody's name so when I'm looking at these other references to Esau never were told that that the direct object marker never occurs in front of his name will. The question is should and it henceforth is there is there a grammatical example where the grammar would require it. The answer is Naaman. I'm just looking at the Hebrew Scriptures now lists and and there are no cases where it would require success in mystical meaning it is likely say hey hey this I noticed on the broadcast that Dr. Brown referred to himself as Mike, three times in the one time he referred to himself as Dr. Brown so let's look for this snow significance.

I'm just referencing people talking to me and some people know me as Mike and some people know Ms. Dr. Brown. There's nothing to it. It is frustrating for me as someone who studied these things for decades to see people being misled by this type of false information you really want to call it pseudo-scholarship because it's not scholarship. I I don't mean to demean those involved with it or to say that that they're not serious.

I simply will say it is something to be avoided. Something to be avoided anything friends. That takes you away from the Bible means what it says and says what it means is something you do not want to follow. Exhibit aren't there deeper meanings. Yeah, deeper meanings to fully understand what is being clearly communicated not deeper meanings hidden in ways that are contrary to the written text. There is a reason here. Watch this you're ready watch this. I am going to look at Genesis chapter 1 verse one okay do this together. Genesis 11 and if we understand it in accordance with the traditional Christian reading in the beginning is the literal created God have the verb first, then the subject. So in the beginning God created at his or direct object marker the heavens and at the earth.

I how is it translated in the Greek in the beginning God made the heavens and the earth. Is there a special translation of the word at no why not be cause you don't use it in Greek. Now we look at the Aramaic looking at the Aramaic the Codling for the night yacht shame I have for yacht in the beginning Yahweh created yacht heavens and got the earth what's yacht. It's the equivalent of that you don't translated it is the direct object marker.

That's why when I look at all of the other translations and Aramaic taken in the beginning times just technical but I look at every other English translation on my software in front of me Jewish and Christian and not of them translate into English or find any significance.

Why, because it has none. So stay away from these, websites or from websites is this mechanical Bible one that's that's gonna show you that every Hebrew letter is actually a pictograph and is a pictographic meaning or that if you go through the names and the genealogies they preach the gospel, forget it. Forget it is not true. It's not true.

I'm telling you I don't need to pull rank takes a while earned a PhD in Semitic languages right and and and just like I know almost nothing about being a medical doctor and when a medical doctor tells you about a particular condition that he sees he's a specialist and is written three volumes on. He's known as the authority in this and I'll even out even know 1/1000000 of what he knows on the subject I can lecture him on his website says the website so here to Kettering's Bibles read them feel confident that what you're reading. Is this a good solid rendition of the Hebrew to Greek and when their controversial verses or verses that can be translated number different ways read them in a bunch of different translations and that really help you and then if if you if you don't own bogus Bible software, which is that the the the largest biblical software that are the most wide range of software available go to website the line of fire that argue see a where you can order the introductory packages at a 15% discount is ready have Lagos use our code.

There are just the same because they give us 15% is gift or ministry of everything that's ordered using that code and then when you're reading the words just scroll over the that the English and find here's the Hebrew. Here's the Greek you can look at the top dictionaries and you see all this Internet stuff is just nonsense.

Thank God for good sites. But if you can't tell one from the other is not written in 10 different translations, forget about it. My bottom line today is word of God is one ultimate author of Scripture reveals truth

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