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Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 17, 2017 4:40 pm

Stu Epperson, Jr. Guest Hosts

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 17, 2017 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/17/17.

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Stalking for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown, good afternoon.

I am Stu Epperson Junior filling in for my good friend Dr. Michael Brown on the line of fire toll-free 866-34-TRUTH Dr. Brown I will commend him for his amazing heart for God. I commend him for his heart for missions. He's a world traveler all over the world reach people for Christ. I commend him for being a talkshow host and author in a father and a grandfather and a mighty man of God, but I will write now publicly on his show commend him for his courage to have me billing it for him. I'm so honored to be just toasting today on the line of fire and I'm the president of Truth Network.

I'm also most of the so-called truth talk live which used to be live daily, but now it's a weekend program.

Mostly interviews were unable to catch up to the likes of Dr. Michael Brown or Ray comfort her other friends I interview them interviewed Dr. Ben Carson about a month ago or XC about a month and half ago just for the election at a great time with him was two and half months ago. Where has time gone, but it's a new year and I want to talk to you about New Year's resolutions, but in a different kind of vein or talk to you about what you don't know how you're doing on your New Year's resolutions. Of course, but my resolutions will simple. Luke 217. I just wrote a book that just came out Christmas called first words of Jesus.

I was honored to be a guest on this program blunt if I would Dr. Michael Brown in that book 1st words of Jesus from the cradle to cross. Basically I talk about the real meaning of Christmas why Jesus came why we celebrated in the last chapter is entitled, was the day after Christmas and a time how shepherds never got the memo to drag the tree.

The curve did protect that unit taken all the Christmas decorations to get rid of all the fruitcake and the move all your life.

They it says in Luke 217, Matthew Mark Luke John it says and when they saw him who is him the Savior. The shepherds encountered the living God in the manger baby Jesus. We don't know exactly what was going on. He was crying.

If he was going. He was sleeping, but they saw God, they were some of the first humanized to latent to delay those eyes on the Messiah, Jesus Christ, God in the flesh, the Word became flesh so that's pretty powerful. Encountering him Luke 217 when they had seen him. It says the very next thing they did the very next thing they did is this is they made known abroad.

They went to spread the word about Jesus and so effectively that my New Year's resolution in 2017 is Luke 217 encountering Jesus Christ a freshener new every day. There's a word for you enjoying Jesus while my getting in trouble for using that word enjoying Jesus, enjoying God this guy John Piper wrote some books not too long ago in the thrust of his ministry even since then it's been this idea of delighting in God, enjoying God's mistress called desiring God ministries. I just love that this idea that enjoying God maybe not Christians be known for what they're against all the time but what were for there such up of vibrant peace in my life. There's a difference in his life.

He's enjoying Christ. How can that be how can a Christian enjoy got it had some double takes when I've asked people this question him or talk about this little bit later in the hour.

This New Year's resolution Don Whitney put this out top 10 for his first one was what's one thing you could do this year to increase your enjoyment of God and I read that the enjoyment I read that to couple people allowed like enjoyment. We would always associate enjoying but in the psalmist a delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart so with me to talk about how to enjoy God in the second part of that. Today I want to fire is the legendary Ray covered how to make him know how to spread the message of Jesus boldly courageously worth about that. Stay tuned. 866-34-TRUTH recovered coming up next on the line of fire. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown Stu Epperson for Dr. Brown or something in the holy water because I just coming into this break the message or read. Lori said knowing God and making him know which is exactly how we open the show. Luke 217 and 2017. The shepherds encountered Jesus in person God in the flesh, and what is it do they pivoted instantly assess and they made him known abroad. So the question is how are you enjoying knowing Christ today more this year and how are you making him known. While times we focus of session. The first part, to the exclusion that second part and there's a man on the phone with me right now is been a huge mentor to me in this area. He is, I was gonna call you America's evangelist Ray comfort with happy without be off-base to do that Wednesday) on the vendor when the L televangelist. I'd rather be called think we'll have a here to be a televangelist. I just don't think that the unit don't don't think that we gotta get some work done there. You know hey Ray comfort I'm telling you man you you gave me all these million dollar bills. I was in your office it's on.

This is on Stu to now it might go viral, but your your amazing man how you have a heart to reach people for Christ. We we but you know you in you, you do it in such a way your guy put on a Santa Claus suit. I mean all these people are making excuses why they can share Christ that you can you talk about how that breaks your heart and what what God's kinda done your heart to did to wake us all up to get out there with the good news. The shepherds never went to seminary school but look at what they did, I do. I'm a normal biblical Christian is nothing abnormal about me I'm I'm a person is found everlasting life who believes in the existence of hell and I am I'm horrified that any human being could end up in hell and it seems the church has forgotten how like that we we were rebuked by a well-known atheist with a little video P and Jolanta pointed out that little chemist at night, someone to believe in hell. Not not to tell people he said that time would come of the truck was heading for you and you didn't know when I would tackle you and we should tackle people so the moment I became a Christian I had already in my that my mom and dad, my brother Mike this to my friends, my coworkers cutting up and Helen and I began thinking of strangers and people out there that are just like me love life and for a day. I heating to hell and that my motivation unlike the apostle Paul, is it way for knowing the peril of the Lord we persuade men man and he said also that will warning every man, we may present every man perfect is a judgment day. Dennis had to stand before perfect. The morally perfect God be judged by moderately perfect law. God provided the Savior where we can be made moderately perfect by his grace in an instant now never repent unless they they realize that the McGinn thought that I considered normal biblical Christian read the book of acts. I, I fall way short of what we see in the book of acts that the blueprint completely seem to be doing everything but what we should be doing okay case method. I will get we got account for a break know what you just can't get here. Yelena just missed that all my friends, when loaded down with countless church activities while the real work of the church, that of evangelizing and winning the lost almost inclining the highly neglected okay were to really drill down there.

I would invite two people to call in a day.

We may have more than two callers Ray but I would invite to types of people: one.

If you don't know Christ struggling you just stumbled upon this radio show and you want to want to find out how to know Christ or maybe an atheist you're completely against anything or talk about. We want to hear from you. This guy right here Ray comfort ally with us and he's these dumb street evangelism. He's led many people to Christ and the toll-free numbers 866-34-TRUTH we want to listen.

We want to hear your tough questions and have a dialogue. 866-34-TRUTH now want to hear from some believers out there is still is there.

Try to crack this nut that what that meant well enough. I'm not dropping names to try to try to figure out where we share in the pool for Pete sake. Why is it that long lesson. No higher average statistics that scare me less than 10% of Christians tithe.

Give 10% less than lesson maybe 4% of Christians of ever let anyone a Christ in their lifetime. I mean met me know.

Ray maybe have it isn't so great.

Maybe hell isn't so hot. Maybe you know maybe this Christian life thing isn't so swell. You know, maybe it's just a big put on because we all have we all keep our big mouth shut when around unbelievers and we don't talk about it 866-34-TRUTH tell me why we don't make him known.

And you may just want to call and talk to the amenable this in the right Ray comfort.

He's all this right now Ray what's your take to get the task of why we don't do it and we got the lines light up number one work load up for caller tell us why what we share our faith. Well maybe maybe Richard felt confident he is mentally foolish virgins among the white bad fishing on the good go to Bentley sheep and these people of Nana truly repented and I don't have the things that accompany salvation tell Spurgeon that having no wish for others to be saved and you not save yourself that what you think of a man he let a child drown in a swimming pool because he is too busy polishing is no one can ever do that. In fact, if you do you you are violating the civil law is guilty of something called depraved indifference. How can we set on cues both under think of the health level would never let a child drown in swimming pool and love can only think of the L and so we need to examine a thousand different faith do we have the love of God and okay let's see what Mario says about that colonists from Washington DC will borrow your line of fire with Stu Epperson Solyndra Dr. Michael Brown and Ray comfort Mario just wanted hear things are going great work that I word try to meet every day. It would have bought people closer to God. Actually, they have important people company name how I left the battle at aunt and that he could act the book, Ray. You know I that is true Ray Morris try to bring people to Christ for the city.

This Bible managed all these different authors is probably been meddled with tamper with Ray. What's what's a good way to get back on the Gospels because most of those people by, we haven't even read the Bible, but Ralph Jim Morris of the practical tube to convert the sooner Christ through that question is really just trying to sidetrack, go ahead, yet very important that you don't address the human intellect. The Bible says the carnal mind is enmity against God. You want an argument with people if you want to agree address the counter mind stay in the realm of apologetic way to get the attention they think they will do what Jesus did and what folded address the concepts as that happen while a young man came running to Jesus knelt down for good mass to watch my didn't have eternal life in Jesus. That why you call me good none good but God gave him five of the commandment is that you know the commandment. And the name of five of the 10 Commandments but was he doing he was addressing the content Bible says by the law is the model or the 10 Commandments is the knowledge of sent folder. The same thing in Romans chapter 2 you say you shall not steal you steel you say you shall not commit adultery. You commit adultery what's happening if you addressing the work of the law written upon the heart, that in the knowledge that God impartial judge on the courtroom of the mine that agrees with the commandment that brings the knowledge of 10 that show sinners.

They need God's forgiveness and that prepares the way for the gospel. The means of Gothic of Christ on the cross is being destroyed through the power of the resurrection you want to see this done. Just get a fully free with little movies on one website fully free with fortunate enough to 42 million views on a YouTube channel and people can learn how to do it by being a fly on the wall and watching authority lonely for me to speak about a book you see it done.

They can really help you fully free film yeah Marley got folks other folks want to get online. I'm so glad you got a look to watch us guys videos Mario trust me, unless you will give you a read of a fresh way of presenting the gospel using the law. The law of orders permit converting the soul as a way to break loose the soil to see where the really coming from see a lot of these these things are distractions and to take us away from the main issue that is, it is Jesus the Christ and our guilt before holy God.

And then of course we got out into the bad news you can have the good news of the bad news right Ray, why don't I don't appreciate it here in the very important to diagnose the disease and then before you give the cure of the gospel. Yet God bless you Mario working to jump over to a New York caller listen to us on a and 570 the mission Mary you're the line of fire. Stu Epperson Solyndra Dr. Michael Brown and Ray covers our guest Mary welcomed the program.

Thank you.

I just would like to say that I saw any atheist I delivered illusionists YouTube video that you put together, and yet yes it was the most fantastic display of testimony and it just reminds me on a daily basis. Myself, my responsibility as a Christian, but I'm going to the library whether my shopping wherever I am at the love of Jesus is in the end it's my mission to spread the word and spread his love and thank you, thank you for always there that we come back very God bless you hey you watch the video phrase like they're totally against any thought of God in the end there. There we become in Christ for the right cover in the line of fire your calls, 86634 true Stu Epperson to see Dr. Brown today coming back rent is quick break. It's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael guys.

This shows really a wake up call your doctor. Brown hosting wonderful host. I'm honored to fill in for him. Stu Epperson the present Truth Network hosted to talk live author of first words of Jesus most recent Christmas book in my Easter book last words of Jesus. One of my fabulous endorses that book is really one of my heroes. The faith is on the line with me Ray comfort.

I first read his book, hell's best kept secret as a freshman in college. In a philosophy class.

It blew me away.

He goes out and he shares Jesus with all kinds of people all over the place he's bold about sharing the faith or time of the day on the line of fire how can we be more bold like these uneducated ill literate cast-off unclean shepherds in Luke 217, Luke 217 2017. My personal resolution how we were bold about sharing our faith. Ray is with us and Ray. The lies are loaded we jump on another call yeah okay let's go to Cindy in Springfield, Virginia. I believe coming to us on by way of W AVA great Christian affiliate of the line of fire Christian radio station there. Cindy, welcome to the line of fire on wood Stu Epperson falling for Dr. Brown and Ray cover. Go ahead Cindy, thanks for letting me at comment on why people don't think that yes please do you know one thing and one thing you hard and now only because of the crying.I myself can't stop talking about me you know full time to cry and he commented that you get rid Ray can you give Cindy some therapy to talk about Christ all the time immediately. Christian is to get her some help, Ray, is there a toll-free hotline or something to get her some unanimous help when you think you're the enemy and one don't know I don't get around all of the soul. You know bull elephant Christians that have been at this a long time. Or we might tone you don't erase any me she sounds like what you said a normal Christian share faith. What what's you know what, but people are live like you're loud your your obnoxious your out-of-control Ray what what you say. While the Bible that we cannot but speak that which was good. When like doctors with acute can we have a moral obligation to speak up and we have to do it in lava and gentlemen, we cannot be obnoxious like anything we have to be motivated by love you. Most of us are held back by feel with fearful of rejection. What will people think but like what I like to say is don't pray for last year. Pray for more love. Love is the reason we share the gospel.

We love and neighbors itself. We consent to the salvation of your nonconsenting neighbor salvation.

I'm consent to your and so we should all be yeah sensible down to that common sense and speak the truth in love and gentleness and so God bless you Cindy for you if you consent to the long yes and you are you watch Ray comfort's videos, you will really put some meat on the bones for you because he talks to atheist, social activist pro-abortion advocates and easements of these kind Ray will have to beat over the head with RRR 66 you know original Lucky James red letter version do we know how often people say don't remember don't ram it down my throat going down someone wrote the problem is that got them now open it for the year, until you look around for people to listen with, like these when affixing Connecticut I got a flat out loud to flout looking connector when looking for the nectar of the humble hot, the humble will hear and be glad and proud people obnoxious. I just I just want to argue you find some of his humble if you look. I'm afraid of dying.

This something in me that is.

I want to live in open but if you got and then you can share the gospel of Jesus Christ is abolished death and brought life and immortality to light through the gospel. What grade and use good this will, in the hope to hear because very important you put people off the river Niagara without a panel. By that I mean you show them that they gonna die at the face, a holy God.

God provided one Savior, they have no other throughout thought of Jesus Christ of post-cold of being shot up under the law. The law condemns Christ to give all I brings wrath the gospel brings messy and so Mike is dead. Talk about the disease so people understand it and then they'll embrace and appreciate the Q payment – is it yes ma'am to you Joy see and talk to Rhonda colonists from the mission.

I am 570 your online a fire Stu Epperson in for Michael Brown Rhonda in our other are wonderful yesterday Ray comfort jump on it hereunder, by you are encouraging your old man fact that my diet had more courage and more involvement in really enjoying the conversation because I had him in conversation at winning any group at church and my question. Let me know what what makes them ashamed about talking about sharing the gospel and there were very there is a lot of women were thinking that you don't want to shove the gospel down someone wrote you get down you know it. I am having it down someone wrote you and when you know I get the opportunity. But you know how it comes to faith in Christ unless they the gospel and one great great key for me is to use this one question when speaking to people about the gospel. I meet a stranger will just say hey hey do much and I'm afraid that they printed a question for you as well that you think is an afterlife that Quinton paves the way for me because Evan told about God, Jesus, the Bible, Evan Ella, blood of Christ of the things that make people feel a little bit uncomfortable. Just off the money thing happens when someone dies print this I do know is that you think him and think that the Ogoni are you a good person uses. I hope so as I hope so was just alleviated by fear.

Normally he's afraid of dying, thinking about the issues I will like to see if you got enough to go to heaven. Go through some of the tank and vomits okay and delight of your stolen if you look at last.

The last thing and so if you if you just practice what you preach practice on the adult practice in the mirror, listen to people equidistant you think there's an afterlife and a fan right you're asking for their opinion and it will really help you bring your fears into propulsion, that's great Ronnie thanks your call – faith uses. This is what were called to do this is part and parcel of being. This is everything to being a Christian it's it's who we are, let's go to George, calling from Washington DC George were coming up on a break, but I want to get your question here Ray comfort on the line of fire.

Go ahead sir wrote Ezra, so did because that the product data that's why the lack of problem church today ran a golf nuclear unit is good to use in the thigh without a feel it was grand gospel and he saw the lossy runaround about self-admitted touch.

We got pray to God for help as second lawsuit this season go this minute. She said go for charity subway seat when the goat in the third said this, people who profess with the perfect book then equipment that half as far away from being a Christian does want to make one about that Ray.

We see George is a great, great question a lot in there we come back just just really address the problem. False commerce in the church in the solution and how you share the gospel quick Ray comfort on the line of fire Stu Epperson voting for Dr. Michael Brown right back. For those of you who are you still are here able to cure the program leave the website.

Dr. back of this.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speed and Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown making Christ known abroad in 2017. Knowing him and making him known. Luke 217 says the shepherds encounter Jesus and then it says this in the same verse, like right quick. It says and they spread abroad the word that something so that's my New Year's resolution on Stu Epperson Philip or Dr. Michael Brown, my friend Dr. Brown is very courageous to have me on and he's even more courageous when he finds out that I had great comfort on Ray. It's looks like it's going to be with Dr. Brown here asking for forgiveness not permission because he somewhere on the other side of the world and you're on the radio on his national talkshow with Stu Epperson.

Ray will our unit what what's gonna be are you how you get around this, will you do man. Romans 828 take the gospel to villains to call the Lord the 28th eight Ray comfort were talking and you you gotta go to it I love it.

You know he's not. She's a little white ball is not the slopes he's going to share Christ is a preaching opportunity. After this after the show. He's only got a couple minutes with us you want to call in it and it may be challenged real Southerner or maybe inquire or share with us why don't more believers share their faith and call 866-34-TRUTH we we may have time for one more quick overrate, 866-348-7884 Ray comfort her last a car, you know, as we carried over the rate give light a fire, certain all kinds of stations in all kind of times with all kind of places, but there's been a lot of talk about a lot of false converts in the church. One of the channels we a lot of folks that say they have faith, but they have no fruit, no works whatsoever like James 21 says but we would Ray how to how to how you get what you do that what you do with the time magazine for some percent of Americans say they are quote Christian" what's your take on that and what's the solution. As believers, to wake up and get out of our quiet funk and start sharing the gospel gently and lovingly tell root reading, nation stopping motivational speaker and based on the Honda. There were the Lord and open up a commandment telling people how they can improve their life like polishing the brass in the lifeboats of the Titanic people drowning all around us, we need to do is put the fear of God in and allow people because through the fear of the Lord may mold apart from sin, fear the Lord is the beginning of wisdom in the beginning of knowledge, and that's what ranking within the church and if you don't fear God deltoid was spent.

Have you dolling send Jesus one of Matthew 721 manual say to me on that day, Lord, Lord, if they department you work or off all that is no regards to the divine law. They tell fibs and white light that life no lies upon the lake of fire. They take little things that belong to the people. They have a lustful hot.

The opposite of the same stick they committing adultery in the hot and storing up God's wrath so falls condo.

It is a work of iniquity when someone is genuinely saved. Name the name of Christ and not from iniquity or lawlessness of pastors preach the fear of the Lord open up the character and nature of God talk about then reached the salmon on the Mount expand the spiritual nature of the law and let it do it, let it do its job and let the conscience begin to be awaken and consult the cross of Christ and tell the people they must go out and witness if they love the Lord develop keep his commandments because Cal's Spurgeon code sharing the gospel, evangelism, and it took some time and it really is. I don't like it that they want to get a preach at Huntington Beach. I'm going somewhere to say something I don't want to say to people who don't want to hear it.

I go because I love them and we don't have to do that. And Jonah didn't like it but the whole town got saved know he fell down on the map tell you so that something faith yeah will problem. There were to go to Bell here in Boston will click on the proper last car for Ray 866-34-TRUTH.

We still hear from you talk about why don't we share our faith.

We got the greatest message is in any in history, an attorney inside of us. But why not.

Let's go to Bill real quick billing on Ray comfort you got about 20 seconds. Go ahead, you know, is a break it sooner. I thought Bill hang on will attack your question aside, give you Ray's website we come back, pulled on God bless you, she recovered really get your website for coming up in the line of fire for this file is light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown presented Stu Epperson for Dr. Michael Brown earlier real joy talk about why don't we talk about in terms of enjoying God and all our long-term up near my personal New Year's resolution when hear yours and how it relates to this idea of evangelism. Knowing God. Part one, part two, making him known Ray comfort's doing that all over the world.

He is with us right now he's an author. He's at the TV guy radio guy. He's a great friend of mine. He stands what what he Ray about 6 foot nine, 610 yeah little taller. I want to put a picture of me rail to put that little video we didn't know if I posted that yet at night. Later on the day that I met your leg, I would put that on Instagram and also I just want your coach.

By the way on twitter don't pray for more fear for less fear. Pray for more love and sharing the gospel. What a brilliant thing God's used you with all these clips and other people I know say things in it but just to sharing Christ being aggressive being ambitious even being creative. Now you're to tell me the most when some fun creative way a couple those things but well our last color. I grabbed her during the break in bill you have a heart for reaching bisexual people. People that are struggling in the areas of sexuality transgender bisexual bill you want to share Christ to speak with me was at right okay Ray how to give her some just friends you try to reach with the good news of Christ. What you say to her. Give her a couple tools that we want to unit as you you say goodbye was in second here to give us all your websites to Ray to go ahead. Now, the best thing I can suggest would be to get a fully free and click on audacity that a scripted movie that we produce using Hollywood actors and addresses the subject of homosexuality and it doesn't in the biblical and very loving and effective way so it's cold audacity on fully free so Bell on that you'll watch Reagan's team sharing Christ in leading people to Christ who are in perverse lifestyles are struggling to Ray. We delete we sometimes week we might take on the sin of homosexuality, but we have people living in adultery and promiscuity right so it's everyone he's the gospel correct excellently that mobile okay good you get that website bill only free film okay okay you should bill thank you Stacy to get ready as as you go as you as you get out here tell us a couple people out there to hear you.

They want to share their faith like Bell love Cindy called earlier on fire for God, what, what, six what are some fun easy creative ways to share Christ guy give away money… 30 years. I get up the great voice and money and I have all one dollar bills in my hand and asked questions like that question for money what the capital front rhymes with harassment begins with eight some of) you are unable to upload get the money and ask another question.

What Looks Japan Tokyo is your money that get the crap giving away money in public outside a little kid standing there watching Amy Tommy. That's right give my hand I get that age to allow the L'Enfant and it creates good feeling to have agreed to giving my money and I said okay let go for 20 bucks. Anyone lit up at 20 bucks if you proved to be good for 20.

If you and I'll give you five ultimate and I'll jump up on the box and all taken through the 10 Commandments. I usually get five because a nugget that they give me opportunity to share the gospel and then I get the five dollars. That's a Great Way, Jesus used money and relating to give me a coin and that will that we do the same thing. So one time I ordered from your ministry.

All of your tracks and I got this giant bundle in the mail and they are the most the coolest tracks ever seen.

Talk a gospel tract is dedicated to the height of the great mission of the state through a gospel tract God you track so should we use this track to save people that give me a time through out when some of my give him a gospel tract and outranks the unique people asked for more. The people can order the sample pack from living that's what you're talking about young living memorize our website. It is Reyer is such a treat to have Jan living your closing challenge to our listeners about didn't bolster their faith. For those of you know Christ, getting pulled your faith in 2017. Naji sharing Christ Ray this is an option.

This is the great omission of the great the great possibility.

This is the great commission what your challenge approved.

Learn how to do what only free and then learn how to do it I'm I'm may think the headache but because of Donna a lot to guy when American even when it because you clever, you might want to because of hard work enough of the phone line from Bruce Bonilla and… Often and run again and that's what we'll have to do. You too can become it if you study it and learn how to do it. You gotta go, because you guys opened the door for you to share the gospel here shortly which I say a prayer for you with our listeners that he grasped the rate of college and what you preaching there in about okay sick. I listened Ray goes out and does all this he comes on shows like this and he brings so much to the table and bring so much encouragement on TV, on radio, everything is working to bring some love and some prayer in his life right now so everyone bow your heads and keep your eyes open.

If you're driving. Let's pray Lord we thank you for Ray comfort. What a great man of God.

He loves you what a heart of a servant of someone who just wants to share Jesus Lord I thank you that your abusing him. I pray right now. Specifically for this open door you created here at this college he's about to go to intimidate us to share the gospel to preach Lord given your words take over Holy Spirit his mind his heart speak through him and prepare hearts to be to hear your word to be moved to be touched to be convicted to be converted so we ask this in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen amen yes or rent gobblers yes support disguised ministry living set of donations you send out some essential donation Nielsen about the million dollar bills) with that's a good return on about this event. I a C we just 20 bucks we got back what happened here. Well, it's got the gospel in a right right so anyway. Gobblers demand appreciates you 90 day okay thank you recover living I love this guy. Manny is a heart for sure Christ else is just natural for him.

It's is a believer. Jesus comes out and uses Spurgeon quote folks is he going to far by the way is Spurgeon going too far to say if you don't share your faith if you're not actively sharing the gospel is a real good likelihood that you've never been converted yourself who have those morals 866-34-TRUTH only here creative ways your to share Christ was the most creative way you have sure Christ your idea could spark others to get active share in their faith. Why we share our faith enough as part of our New Year's resolutions.

Anyone got any of those in their 866-34-TRUTH. This is the light a fire in Stu Epperson present Truth Network filling in for my good pal Dr. Michael Brown in honor to be in the hot seat.

The fire see the line of fire see today in my give first guest was Ray comfort. Now I'm on Twitter at Stu Epperson.

I just tweeted out a cool Ray comfort quote I acted I guess is what you called on Twitter II put at Ray comfort because he gave us the quote a little bit ago on the show and I included at Dr. Michael Brown and I put by the way give the wrong site it's it's asked Dr. that's the website for this program. Ask Dr. Brown.O RG and I like the fact that Dr. Brown's on Facebook any tweets and I think he's even on Instagram and that's my account. By the way Stu Epperson among Instagram would love to have you follow me on the Graham. How can we be more creative, more winsome about sharing our faith is a good one for you Nelly, can you asked earlier.

How can we enjoy God more in 2017. But how can we enjoy telling people about God. In 2017 the that I love to hear your calls, your thoughts, your challenges if you don't know Christ. We want to hear from you.

At 866-34-TRUTH that's toll-free 866-34-TRUTH 878848663487884 Hudson Taylor got saved from a gospel tract. Imagine that person saying you know about that last is not my style comfortable just passing outta a brochure to a stranger in the line the streets of Vegas and pass out little cards would not such good things on them or the line the streets of other places in New York City passing out Boston.

Even Patty ready come to town passing out flyers about a program come in a big show coming up big opportunity seminar make some money were the believers don't take some else raise guided race was one of the officers in his ministry was on California with him. He told me this. He put on a big Santa Claus suit his last month coming up to Christmas time was and what he did. This is so cool. Dressed up as Santa Claus and of the big jelly full of bellyful jellyroll and he goes out of the Santa Monica pier and what does he do. He takes these million dollar cracks and passes out. Kids were flocking to him. Mom and dad you all these kids are going to see Santa Claus and their get the full gospel right there. There get a gospel track meet. How quick folks it this isn't rocket science shoppers that smart and they would spread the news abroad about the same.

What about you what your creative idea of sharing Jesus only hear what you've done or maybe an idea you have it at the next in the next segment 866-34-TRUTH 866-3487 84 more line of fire around after the gets the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael. Hey, I'm not. Dr. Brown amounted to be in from today I'm Stu Epperson here we go Seery right if it is ready and honor to be just toasting for my friend at Dr. Michael Brown today on the line of fire. So I just am tweeting that the act didn't go over too well that's on my twitter account. Follow me at Stu Epperson. What an honor to be with with you today man I tell you what I'm still kind of try. I was writing down rapidfire writing down what Ray comfort was sharing earlier and old man. Thank you. Twitter an honor to be just toasting guest toasting for my friend Siri come on buddy. I got to go back and I want to go back to work on that. I'm not a stick serious stick serious or as coordinators. Dr. Brown is able to tweet it rapidfire on the line of fire every day on his show. I'm so honor to be with you in reply keep him in your prayers as he's abroad sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. He Ray comfort our former guest on just on a little bit ago your prayers as he is probably right now about open mic up and preach on a college campus in California is what he does to me about last time you share the gospel how to go about your plans. Specific plans to share Christ in 2017. Just want to hear from you.

There is no wrong or right answer. Love to hear from you and 866-34-TRUTH who taught her that all our long, how are you making Christ known I'd love to hear someone's creative idea. Here's a fun, clever, cute little thing I did to tell people about Jesus. Here's a cool little idea about sharing the gospel. Why does it have to be so complicated to me that obviously the shepherds in Luke 217.

They were the brightest knives in the drawer. These guys work super smart. They were super cerebral they never been to seminary school shepherds the profile of shepherds was the loop probably about the lowest rung on the societal ladder of anyone in the culture bouquet beside someone. It was incarcerated and they were kind of deadbeat on a dead-end street there outta biting their field, keeping watch their flock by night with 28 tells us below the angels working upon them and the glory of the Lord shone round about the Megan came in contact with the glory of Almighty God and everything changed on that moment on that little hillside in Galilee. Analyze the shepherds. The question is, is Christ changed your life to such a degree at such a point where you're telling other people about we sing that song we really mean it. Go tell it on the mountain. Guess what yeah Christmas is over, but the message of Christ. The good news of the gospel. The gift of God, which is eternal life. It did me and on December 25 at 1159 59. It keeps going on.

How are you sharing Christ in 2017. That's a question you love what race are you polishing the are you like someone's polishing the brass. That's all of the lifeboats that are on the Titanic.

Ships going down your polishing the brass folks.

How is hot. Heaven is real. Christ is Lord, are we telling people about Jesus. How are you doing that practically what are some ways practically are doing that. Ray gave us a ways. No recent military a cool story Ray sent me or gave me lessons out there about a month ago he gave me a stack of million dollar bills and I took those and asked the priest to the chapel to Christian school, and preach the gospel, and did you know one of the kids prayed to receive Christ teacher gave the kids opportunity. They are interacting, but the message and prayed to receive Christ at morn the dad came up. Give me a big hug in the in the school gym. Couple days later and just blast me, but just that challenge the Ray gave me about share Christ given me $1 million bill whose casino.

By the way to million dollars little bit shy about your carry around $1 million bill and watch what happens. Everyone wants one of those on the back of the million dollar bill is actually you can get the school wallet from Ray to that's shaped like $100 bill so funny when I pulled out her one last love is wallet shaped like $100 bill, the plot and million dollar bill you give to a kid and they just get excited in the back is as was the million dollar question. If you were to stand for God today. The great God of the universe.

Would you be guilty or innocent heaven or hell are you prepared to face the judgment. Have you received the Savior have you received the only source of life.

Jesus Christ, that's that that's on the back this dollar bill at million dollar question. Pretty cool, and whole, the whole thrust of it is what you said what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but finished as soon as class loses his own soul.

What will a man give in exchange for his soul. The record I want to share with you as a rep of the surety. My New Year's resolution. I'm Stu Epperson the president of Truth Network posterior to talk live and author of last words of Jesus in my second book, which is extra Christmas book. I was on this program with Dr. Brown as our beer with him talking about it first words of Jesus from the cradle to the cross.

You can find all about or last words of and I tweet regularly, big follower Dr. Brown's on twitter at Stu Epperson STU EPP your SON and this resolution comes out of the text I talk about in my Christmas book which is Luke 217, which I will read to you right now.

Luke 217 says and when they saw him they made known abroad the saying which was told them concerning this child.

So two things happened in Luke 2/71.

These shepherds these herdsmen. These rough, uneducated and illiterate rednecks like a better word they encounter Jesus Christ.

That's Kukes Luke 216 says, and they came with haste so they were in a hurry to do what define Jesus in a hurry to see Jesus are in a hurry to know Jesus. We get a hurry, but a lot of things is Jesus the center of that because when you make Jesus the center of anything and everything in your hurry to find him and know him and everything will change in your life but it says they made haste to find them and then verse 17 says and when they had seen him they encounter Jesus Christ. They saw what no one was there voice has seen in the flesh with her eyeballs. They saw the living God. That little baby wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger that was assigned. The angel gave them beautiful.

They saw Jesus in assessing that same verse, verse 17 Luke chapter 2 they made known abroad.

They went and spread this message everywhere. How something happened. When they saw him something happened when the glory of God hit them earlier on Luke chapter 2 verse 9 to 11 right near something happened they encountered Almighty God says they went spread abroad so Luke 217 and 27 SR news resolution just got that down to 17 to 2017. First of all encountering Jesus a fresh knowing him knowing Jesus or anything greater then knowing and delighting in here we go, enjoying the Savior afresh every day what you plan on enjoying him more in 2017, number one, number two, making him known enjoying him knowing him, and then make another spread abroad what you plan on telling people about Jesus. In 2017 Jesus said, go share the good news is you is what is done for you. That's my challenge Stu Epperson in for Dr. Michael Brown asked Dr. as my site – it's time for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome line of fire. Stu Epperson, Junior filling of my friend Dr. Michael Brown nationwide. I am the president of Truth Network, the author of last words of Jesus first steps a richer life, a book, it takes you and of Christ followers.

The cross and also my new book 1st words of Jesus connecting the cradle across just came out a Christmas and I'm honored to be in the hot seat I guess is the line of fire. So this is the seed of fire filling in for Dr. Michael Brown is very courageous to have me as a guest host today toll-free numbers 866-34-TRUTH I want to talk to you today about something that is been heavy on my heart lately. I want to get your interaction. I want to get your thoughts.

Your your feedback by way house 2017 going for you any of you have some New Year's resolutions that you want to share. Here's what I want to ask you very simply, I came across something that has been quite disruptive in my life and the life of others because I I I got this email from someone with these 10 or 20 questions on it to challenge us spiritually in the new your love by way New Year's five things that actually challenges you in your faith to grow closer to God is fundamentally, you may not have a list, you may not have a duty to do a punch list which I think, by the way is I have some issues with Dr. want a little bit but very generally what Troy was saying he want to grow closer to God. This year nothing wrong with that little but the first question on this list really has messed some people up, including me.

This is from John Whitney was an author who wrote this he said the beginning of the New Year's. An ideal time to stop, look up and get our bearings. To that end, here are some questions to ask prayerfully in the presence of God number one.

What's one thing you could do this year to increase your enjoyment's of God enjoyment did he say enjoyment. So I got to thinking.

How do you enjoy God and how are you in 2017. Planning on enjoying God more and why does that sound almost like a bad word because instantly someone out there is to say he say enjoy. Does that kind of intimate happiness in the Christian life.income to make you happy. He can make you holy so I want to talk about this happiness versus holiness dichotomy, we created and I would like to posture this question right now to be in the show is happiness and holiness are they a an either or equation.

As a believer. He came to make me holy.

Not happy.

It's either/or, it's either happy these naming claimant false prophets of the prosperity gospel it's happy happy happy or it's holy, the true doctrinally sound preachers of holiness of repentance of true saving faith is it either/or's opposing now I want to read a couple verses that that might mess you up as well, but only to the toll-free number out of the gate and ask you, how are you planning on enjoying him more of the Sherman users wish my way with you on this program publicly with the awesome audience of the line of fire. I think you'll enjoy is pretty cool I thought was pretty close, catchy, but it ties in with what were talk about today.

How are you planning on enjoying God in 2017 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 784 Dale I face as a believer to use the word enjoy pleasure, delight with the word of God is the same set give you a scripture verse to back it up. 866-34-TRUTH were coming up with a line of fire Stu Epperson for Dr. Michael Brown paying on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown if anything gives you a double take as a Christian is when someone starts talking about enjoying God. Isn't that that concept antithetical to the Christian life, enjoy God taking pleasure in God. We were Christians where we were doers more performers you do this you gotta you know you got it the Tiger act up. I don't smoke.

Rodrigo got loose to do right so right out of the gate. I read this New Year's resolution this guy sit outside.

I pretty much copies share with my went my Wednesdays in the word men's group Bible study we have it.

Wednesday mornings Dario 8 o'clock and in the morning we get we, I suggest reading the first one just the first one was like a shot over the bow. What is that there's a question when you and and who is talking is not Dr. Brown but I'm honored to sit in for my friend Dr. Michael Brown and Stu Epperson present a Truth Network poster to talk life and so glad to be with you was the one thing you could do this year to increase your enjoyment of God because I think I'll take a picture of this whole sheet here, by the way, and I think I will put it on Twitter at Stu Epperson and output at Dr. Brown course because he's got a lot more Twitter followers. And I do but I love you all the fault I just put verses and encouragement. Sometimes a listen. The showing of tweet out something to Dr. Brown said as he says a lot of really cool things but I got to thinking. Why don't we talk about in showing God, what's so bad about saying I want to enjoy the God more in 2017. Let me ask you, how are you planning on enjoying God more in 2017 and I think may we put up this false dichotomy is to give me all kinds of hot water here of holiness verse happiness you got your happy campers over here happy campus as well. Easier to make you happy your best life now go be happy happy happy if things are going well because God was to be happy.

Yeah, you know, I could hear Mary to get a divorce go marry someone it makes you happy.

We have that extreme, but you got the other extreme bonus extreme a base shut up entrance down was a guy like that. Were you thinking it was all you talking to me talk to me was a book looking around that smile off your face were church. So these are people that don't put the fun and funeral limited to that. Okay really did put the phone if you'd like to make more sense. So which one is it doesn't have to be an either or equation, or isn't there a sense now in our universe.

It's going to rock your world. A second, I would hold my power though online fire use analogies or hyperbole like that of an old my fire, my powder on this verse. I was gonna wait wait on him to sit on this verse of an eminent ominous squat on this verse. Later in the program out of the mouth of Christ. He said it himself, but I would give you a chance to weigh in on this. How are you enjoying God more 2017 866-34-TRUTH somewhere here might interject on my own in our Truth Network New Year's resolution you want to join the line of fire. Please call in 866-34-TRUTH 784 let's go to Sheila listening to us in Virginia. Sheila your online fire Stu Epperson and for Dr. Brown jump on in your holy and there are older currently coming back to God and always get 60 content and accidents and I am going through that Bible chapter distraction that my grandkids and I draw pictures that go along with the chapters and they are hilarious. But we can pictures to some relatives in Cranston and they are laugh at me, but also they are serious and that is how their little knives that take the stories you know God not sure, sure, and I thought that was now a goodly family created that lately people collapsed when we too lazy to pick up the paper early to late evening to open the Bible and my oldest granddaughter exchange your shield your chivalry and how neurotic and crazy pictures that went to Manman about God about the chapters.

Yet you say the darndest things are some really fun stuff.

But but but you know sometimes we get so serious and we take ourselves too seriously and we get so bound up that we forget that our isn't there something isn't there. This idea of enjoying God Sheila, why don't we enjoy God when I pray God's will and for my grandbabies and so how late you have Christ in you have the Holy Spirit living you your life is changed. You are different. But how could Paul write in Philippians these bounties and jellies in prison is a low point and he writes about. Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice. 13 times uses the word joy or rejoice.

You know in the book of Philippians.

He's in prison for Pete sake what you thought I joy him and Silas were bound in fetters they been beaten to a pulp in their singing songs of praise to God, I can now I'm doing that between the sexual step coming through with think I'm not gonna crash me, but with God's help I can have your way to know that his will will be done. Even now I say like I want to cry about the power of Satan being trampled archaic scale going to have a generally now what I'm doing well with the pain of the things to make me happy okay interesting. I like it will but but with everything you said is focused on him. See everything you said is not some human humanistic definition or derivative of ourselves.

It's of him and then you do need to find joy in the profits of the joy of the Lord is my strength. You gotta define these words were probably go deeper that way. As we get into a bit Sheila key parameters grandkids. God bless and thank you yes ma'am Stu Epperson and for Dr. Michael Brown today on the line of fire. No, I'm not condemning holiness to be replaced with happiness not given much of health and wealth and prosperity, but yes, I'm trying ask question, can't we be happy in God, can't we enjoy God can't happiness and holiness kinda go hand in a one hear from you in 866-34-TRUTH 87884. What sparked this conversation was from Don Whitney who set out some resolution questions at the beginning your one of which was once one thing you could do this year to increase your enjoyment of God while believers talk more in terms of enjoying God anyways you will you get a bumper sticker says frown if you love Jesus because I would ask to be reflective. I look around were singing songs of highest praise Almighty God.

I look around church and I guess you will lose and will what's going on here. Sure, we should weep and mourn of our sin to be broken but can't we enjoy being in his presence like a song can only imagine what see what Raleigh says Congress listen to us on K TIA a great line of fire affiliate in Iowa Raleigh you're on the line of fire Stu Epperson for Dr. Michael Brown, go ahead. I happened to hear the garment and when I heard that revolution.

I mean I will.

I was overjoyed actually wanted to be a more enjoyable relationship in the word joy is a great word to you because joy will break down the vertical or work joy of Jesus birth, others beckon yourself laugh joy is in the word rejoice that there enjoyable and in the joy you and the Lord will do what I heard that I don't want to think I'm I'm with that guy with them and that II want to be. I want to have more door the Lord because I do put the first step that you, reiterated that, but I think the answer little bit what your question, you could come after work putting me on with that. I don't think a lot of people truly know the Lord and if they don't truly know the Lord because truth and and get an and if you will get God's word.

If you don't get into God's word God won't get into you and you told her that report and God's word to you. We have a joy like none other on the third. Okay now look, I got I got my cost is near.

How does a guy like Raleigh get through the joy of Jesus. Raleigh get some was going to confront you man uses we got we got some really sincere time not enjoy God in the joy of the Lord Jesus others you what the world when I got up, we might have have some church just one right of the show we were to put him in the line of fire firing squad. Unbelievable.

Why can't Bible dropping name birth. Like a lot of people are not what I mean. I showed a lot. I get into the word. That way, and the only thing that gets me up and going out like a McCright well were so glad you called your truly care.

McCright found it really what happened, how did you come to Christ. Also, click well with like Mark did brought me to my knees and benefit the help that you know are you word you say my prayers. I was paying on Raleigh for coming up with a line of 586-6343.

The joy of Jesus, the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of poor cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown happiness holiness are they contradictory are they completely incompatible. God didn't make you God's goal for use not to be happy is to be holy.

How we set up a false dichotomy here 866-34-TRUTH Stu Epperson and for my buddy Dr. Michael Brown who was a very brave soul to have the Yours truly on as his guest host today and I was so encouraged by Raleigh caller. He says he listens to the Truth Network every day. It is such a blessing in his life and he went on a rampage of you guys can learn how to scream that stuff out here you not believe that stuff out. He's just on the joy of Jesus our bruises rather just let it go.

Just let it go over the airwaves, Howard JJ, I mean I got a clean house or the Truth Network note line of fire.

All these producers unbelievable.

Don't talk about that happy stuff to guess well of your face, your church, how we lost our joy folks.

How have we almost in our in our effort to push holiness have we eliminated. Have we wiped out the notion of happiness. Does God want you to be happy, 866-348-7884 were not going extreme today on the line of fire, but we are to challenge something to challenge a few things like is it wrong to enjoy God power you enjoy got have you enjoy God today baby she shut off your radio.

Close your eyes of your driving. Don't enjoy God to God also houses also be in your presence not to get stuck in voicemail.

John talk directly to you because the blood of Jesus Christ. My blood bought I'm saved I did for 10 for my sins.

He died in my place while what is bring what they wanted brought to Peter law. First Peter one inexpressible joy and coursework and I need to some point. "One of our sharper callers will clarify the difference tween joy and happiness. We can go there. But what's wrong with saying I would enjoy God is my New Year's resolution was throwing me asking today on the show, filling of Dr. Brown Stu Epperson asking you how are you planning on enjoying God more in 2017 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

We gotta go to Leroux and Grimes Iowa another listener to K TIA 99.3 FM Leroux here on the line of fire. Go ahead and do it in and out of that. I tried that a lot. When I'm out and about and I quite think you failed one thing doing it. I would say I'm standing in a line. And yet that long and out and around the person behind me enough not happen anyway. Jesus, and to purchase an item I like to find to talk about about that at Christmas time I was out at a local store here in an activity that the lady with wrapping it up for me. Gary carefully picked that baby Jesus, and wrapped him up and took care of my daily night backing up change for I expected her transplant and I said too many people keep getting this wrapped up after Christmas.

Now I long line like it when say a whole lot more that I got my kickoff that Jesus is the reason for this season and just recently I went that another door and the client back to talking about Peter and little story I said to the gentleman I picked up that I'm going to put him on my window failed for lack reminded that I don't deny it all right. I can't. I will never look at a group that's great. Well I tell you what your sugars really review what what's in some great stories of how we can God's given us a since of humor. Okay, you don't think God has a sense of humor. Look at the look in the mirror right that's really true me. I got a face really like like like nobody else but why can't we be more winsome. What you know, one of the one of the great theologians said yellow guys this to your smile, and Howard JJ there having fun at my expense. There you know they're like yeah he's got a face radio thing ministers on a camera rolling, but Leroux 81 of the greatest really spurs her son was in white.

We need to be more winsome to win some cry so so there's nothing wrong with a love I love your spirit – things are called line of fire that is suing. So this idea of how we can enjoy you.

We enjoy life because of God, you take him out equation. There is no joy there is no doubt that there's no happiness whatsoever. Does God want to make you holy of course but does God want you to be happy about that one day we gotta define happiness all concede that, but I do want to hear from Leanne calling from Raleigh 105.7 FM AM 1030, Leanne, your line of fire Stu Epperson Dr. Michael Brown, go ahead me walk north by the law of the Lord that I am going on 9/11 to bring the downright know someone right on one of the first that the first you can't do like you can't delight in God's only income on the downright how can you not. I am glad you not find your way what happened. We all memorize those verses like Psalm 37, 437 four delight yourself in the Lord.

That's a command absolutely not going to bed.

I can write a turnout of my Bible. I tend I can't. You know what, that's the distance downright Leanne I am on my Bible open. 723 where the good man are ordered by the Lord he delight in his way down delight in the land the Lord, and no way of the Lord is the root of the plant that kind of knowing the word of God it did come out of you doing in you, regardless of my and they may not make a person caught" happy, but you can still find that word here. We need to be internally folk at the camp.

Okay last year and now it for the everlasting that we need to focus on was a statement true. Your delights, your passions, your desires will ultimately dictate your lifestyle how you live what you love will dictate how you live. True false is every nurse recorded talk about God as the object of that to my list that we come back to Bletchley and things are coded from Raleigh. This is a line of firearm Stu Epperson filling in for my friend Dr. Michael Brown more coming up after this 866-34-TRUTH is it okay to enjoy God it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speed and Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution line of fire now by calling 86634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown want to go too far on this, but I'm telling you, you gotta wonder if some people who call themselves Christians. What do it's just like your dad. There's no excitement there's no it's just kind like well I gotta go to church yet we do that well yeah we go do this, we gotta make sure watching the clock, you know better than to be depressed or cilantro preacher and go over again. Your singing songs of worship. Great how great is our God. The thing with me and the Navajos.

I was Artie was singing and don't you dare put your hands in the air and you know I don't get excited bounce around as if you do that, you know, but hate a by teams playing it about 45 minutes. Their first touchdown. I would go to the roof. I would hug a complete stranger because he's got my jersey God.

So what in the world how we come. Have we gotten so far on the holiest bandwagon that we completely eviscerated and wiped out the happiness bandwagon or does it have to be either or.

And I'm not saying God isn't actually concerned with making you holy but I'm also knocking through the happy thing out.

Is it possible to be happy in Jesus, like the song says trust in obey, for there's no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey 866-34-TRUTH of Stu Epperson. If my friend Dr. Michael Brown.

It's 31 minutes past the hour and we are talking about New Year's resolutions. This question really shook me up here a lot of other people that I share it with. I sure with my men later Wednesday morning, met Wednesday in the word but you guys as messed up as we we get together, going to the book of Philippians which is the epistle of joy joy in jail. Paul's writing from prison. There's a first question is New Year's resolution deals are done when you put out that I share with them that messed me up. What's one thing you can do this year to increase your enjoyment of God love for someone to try to answer that question as we work through this issue.

Delight afire. Happiness versus holiness or are the two a lot more compatible than we think.

Let's talk to Virginia who's calling from North Carolina. Kinda cool Virginia you're on the line of fire was Stu Epperson and for my friend Dr. Michael Brown, go ahead and on storm going on.

Psalm 104 and front of me and I was reading through Psalm 104 every time that under lightning and somehow it seemed much to apply that Psalm and then lots of times in a thunderstorm and out on and stay in the house but but I'll just watch the lightning and pray the Lord and I love our house right now our thing apart the price down there anything that you think the Bible out while watching that lightning and lightning through the clouds and everything and I the wonderful thunderstorm thought the draw me closer to God. Joy joy. God's creation right and when their big puffy white clouds in God God our how he can get say decline in shape and all thing and enjoyment and 1111 P: just imagine you not how he shaped and informed each person in their own way and is as you love Virginia because they're made in God's image Virginia story the heavens declare the glory of God enjoying his power. You enjoy God more 2017, 866-34-TRUTH work on this real quick line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and in and in and is okay do you know that you know the math on this. It takes twice as many muscles to two of so the math is basically takes worse more muscles to frown that it does by a duplicate by a multiple of many, many more muscles to frown.

Does this smile and I simply asked this question day Stu Epperson and for my good friend Dr. Michael Brown filling in for him on the line of firearm in the house today asking the question, it probably is. Get me in all kinds of trouble. Where's the joy of Jesus.

Where's the happiness of believers. Why so much gloom is your joy contagious.

Are you sure the people want what you got.

Have we so painted God's will you be happy into a corner that happiness is now taboo and it's all about holiness and I just simply asking does it have to be either/or. Does it have to be God does not want to be happy. God does want to be holy to the smile off your face and I'm it's all kind of been disrupted by this question from Don Whitney that I've read several times on here today. What's the one thing you could do this year's like a New Year's resolution to take a picture of this sheet to put it on my twitter post for the shows over at Stu Epperson and I will at Dr. Michael Brown rolled his wonderful twitter followers. He's got a bunch what's the one thing you could do this year to increase your enjoyment of God. Why don't we see this walk of faith as a walk of enjoyment my car like Leanne probably set a second ago like our last caller Virginia from North Carolina said for Lexington. She said hey I listen to the thunder and I worship God icing. How great thou art, 866-34-TRUTH 784 working to go to Alabama and talk to Carl next Carly on the line of fire jump on in your call and ministry for 30 years and mom close to four months and triple bypass surgery. I was in recovery for 12 days and during the time I was in the recovery. I have the original claim is something that I was in, and that there was no way for me of the state.

Every conversation I heard from merchants and will will my world was no way for me to be delivered that Christ's blood could not client name that I was too dirty and was just denying Christ.

Every situation that I encountered and I is I will wheeled down the hall door opened and I so a glimpse so adversary but didn't see his face but I was more focused on all the souls that went on it was in but bodies the currently time and that traumatized me and has come to myself.

The only thing that gave me, was Psalm 3037 and also Romans eight that really cleared me up and stopped all of my dreams and everything about me being inhale. I was so traumatized that when everyone came to visit me and I told him I was in a different dimension and that I want them to get me out of that work real intensive care unit and they will also limit. I was in the likely book through all of that. What I've come to the conclusion was that Romans eight that thinking separating Chrysler new living translation says does the main no longer love trouble, you should know on the destitute danger or threaten with Dale. I took that that that really gave Crawford that happiness as I do find it not heard from others that happiness and joy is you always find joy in the Lord because you know that ultimately, no luck. When I was an article no one could you clock that's right not to exceed what you want.

Please knock you find joy or happiness is hell is not a lake of fire known a man may be the joy of Jesus should be even more in my life while I'm living to share. You are a medical missionary Carl you are you supposed be alive today and then be there. That hospital tell you about Jesus and literally sharing with them the only hope. The only joy the only way to know true peace with God, right where you live, that's exactly right know that's powerful. Wow, what is it Lori I think you sure that May God bless you. You welcome hello what about Carl story that is sobering to see what Gail says Gilly or the line of fire.

Okay, we lost Gil. Let's try to go to Kernersville, North Carolina talk to John listen to us on AMA 30 50,000 W right there in the try. John run a line of fire Stu Epperson for Dr. Michael Brown talking about happiness versus holiness, or are they more compatible than what we think, John, go ahead and I play all right. Clay managed to hear your voice. My friend to talk to me. One thing about happy new year to your brother one reporter on this wonderful day.

I know your brother in Christ. Brother Michael is the about how wonderful to have you let the public to share with people is a good Bible study fellowship last night. That's one of the things that came up. You know that you could talk about God, but people don't want to talk about Jesus more personal. But you know what Jesus sacrificed himself on the cross for each and every one of all other wit wit which I truly am thankful for mail. The other thing that you're talking about what's wrong with being happy. What are you going to get up and complained about it being cold because of the winter weather that will hear week and 1/2 ago are you going to get up and complained about it being hot each day that brought about us is better given to us is created for us to be allowed to live in. I can I can. I'm company and what protocols I am because I want to thank August of this year all night. Think of that you will be seven years ago that I had major surgery, and your index finger in your phone.

Less than 1/4 inch.

The man told me I would have that much of a chance by getting colon cancer while I truly believe in my heart that got it and intervened each day that we are allowed to live. We need to be thankful. I'm happy for that.

I believe that. Holiness out there, but how can you bear or stand there in person say well you know what you what you think about the salt. I'll get into the fold. I love this thing. I would love to do. Thankful that God allows me Jesus allows me to get up each day and live the day that they created for us to look around you, look what everything is created for even being able talk to you today was created is a great point and it's it's all about perspective, it's all about having really appreciate screen hear from you Carl to having again the object being not myself, yourself too long to get others to long you're going to get bummed out, but being as every time you see joy. You see the light you see happiness. You see, fulfillment, see there's a great word.

Christians don't use enough satisfaction someone for he satisfies my soul with good things will use that word.

The world has hijacked that world word satisfaction. How are you satisfied with Christ today. How are you to be satisfied more with him with more him this year. By then we got John back. John you there John Bonaire and gray go quicker, but just to break. It's a line of fire. I'm Stu Epperson for Dr. Michael Brown 866-34-TRUTH is a toll-free number nationwide. John, go ahead. Welcome great thank you were talking about New Year's resolution and happiness holiness and yeah Christians are forgiven by the Lord Christ and also we try our best not stand because God gave us rules for reason because we will be happier if we then let and I want to remind your listeners that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God raised from the dead, you will be saved and if you confess Jesus Christ is God and God dwells in you and you dwell in God. Jesus Christ came in the flesh, and saw something so much for causing us to trust us that that's the essence

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