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Tony Beam Guest Hosts for Dr. Brown

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 20, 2017 4:30 pm

Tony Beam Guest Hosts for Dr. Brown

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 20, 2017 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/20/17.

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Stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown are a good afternoon everybody.

This is obviously not Dr. Michael Brown if you listen to his program regularly will say women I don't recognize that voice. This is Tony Boehm sitting in for Dr. Brown today. It's an honor for me to be here. I was so excited when he asked me. I actually cohosted with Alex McFarland back before Christmas and then received an invitation to come in and sit in for Dr. Brown today so it's great to be with you this afternoon. I am the vice president for student life and Christian worldview at North Greenville University North Grable is a four-year Christian liberal arts University and the northern part of Greenville County in South Carolina and we have a full graduate school, law, graduate degrees, Dr. programs, we have a PA program, but our primary focus is that were training young men and women to go out into the world after college. After they come through the University with a decidedly Christian worldview and we look for out. I love students as vice president for student life, I have the opportunity to deal with a lot of students every day and untie what when you're an old guy like me. It makes you feel young and it gives you a great reason to get out of bed every day, so my thanks again to Dr. Michael Brown. He is away today and working to do our best to uphold the high standard that he always has this radio program line of fire right well listing what's going on today. What can we possibly to wait a minute they're having the duration. I almost forgot, you know what a day have an opportunity to have this microphone and to sit in this chair because it is truly a day of history in the sense that we just inaugurated a man for president of the United States, the most powerful person in the world, the most powerful office in the world and he's never held a public office in his life.

Now stop and think about that for a second you want to talk about making history. Donald J. Tromp, billionaire businessman decides to run for president. Everybody thinks it's a joke.

The media makes fun of them.

Dependents make fun of him. The establishment makes fun of them. Republicans, Democrats, right, left progressive secular progressives, everybody makes fun of this kind. Says he's going to be in it for a little while. Then he'll fade away. Well, were they ever wrong and I'm a tell you upfront. I've put myself in that category.

I did not think this day would come when Donald Trump came down that escalator and stood up to that microphone in July. What was a July 2 year oil over a year ago now in July 2015 when he announced that he was going to run for president of the United States.

I really thought that his candidacy would be short-lived.

He proved everybody wrong. He got in the race people said well he won't be on long. He said things that were outrageous and every time he said something outrageous. People said that's it.

They wrote them off watch the poll numbers are going to start to crash every single time the Pope numbers began to climb Donald Trump was able to do something that I haven't seen a politician do in my lifetime other than Ronald Reagan. He was able to tap into something that was out there in the American with in within the American people that can capture their imagination to capture their hearts. He captured their dreams. He was able to to cause people to want to have hope again after eight years of the Obama administration and he defeated 16 different candidates, 16 or 17 Republican contenders all of whom would've been honestly excellent choices for president, but they were all they all had one thing in common that the American people were no longer interested in the report of Washington that were part of the establishment. They were part of something that people had come to distrust about a city government that was overblown in overburdening their lives every day. Donald Trump is able to ever overcome every bit of talk about it, we can place some excerpts from the inauguration speech, you have some special guest today as well in the line of flight line of fire.

Thanks for listening.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown line of fire. This is Tony Boehm sitting in your Dr. Michael Brown today, vice president for student life and Christian worldview of North Greenwood University. If you want to know more about North Grable University would be glad to send you some information let you know what's up with the University. You can email me at and that's probably the best way to get in touch to get information about North Grable. We have apologetics teams that go out young people who going to churches in different groups that defend the faith and do really what Dr. Michael Brown does on this radio program. Every day, and what I do every morning from 7 to 9 Monday through Friday on my radio program here in the upstate North Carolina, South Carolina, excuse me, I just which states on but in any event, if you want to get in touch with a tea We were talking about the inauguration and throughout the program.

Today were going to continue to sort of dissect the rise of Donald Trump working have a special guest today, Tony Robbins is going to join us in the 3 o'clock hour.

Tony is the he's actually a retired federal officer and I want to talk to him about what the Obama administration has done for law enforcement in America and why the relationship between law enforcement and the Obama ministration was so strained and rustled in a talk about going forward. What Tony sees as far as a trump administration and working with Atty. Gen. Jeff sessions as opposed to working with Loretta Lynch or Eric Holder, so will have that conversation with Tony Robbins to be talking to Chad Conley in the next segment.

He is actually at the inauguration will be speaking with him. He's out on the street watching the parade and so will get a first-hand account of what's happening at the inauguration, which had Conley not Chad served at the RNC level. During the campaign he was actually in charge of Christian outreach for the Republican national committee. Chad traveled all over the country and is partially responsible for the tremendous outpouring of evangelical support that Donald Trump enjoyed and those of you I'm sure have heard Dr. Brown talk about this in and others who do radio and in public commentary evangelicals made up about 81% of evangelicals voted for Donald Trump. That's that's voting in historic numbers for Donald Trump and that is for a lot of people quite surprising. Donald Trump is not the guy that you would think that would engender so much support from evangelicals, but a combination of factors, I believe, has led to this and I want talk about that for just a few minutes what was it that caused evangelicals to flock to Donald Trump.

I think part of it. A big part of it was the fear of what a Hillary Clinton presidency would look like you know it was I guess four years ago at the Democratic national convention in Charlotte North Carolina where progressives actually booed the mention of God in the mention of Israel and there was tremendous pushback at that convention and I think a lot of evangelicals realized that that winds were being drawn between progressive secular progressives and those of us who believe in God, who hold to traditional understanding of the room.

The role of religion in America who are concerned about religious freedom.

We were concerned that our freedom to worship God and to speak about God in the public arena were going to those freedoms were going to be taken away by a Hillary Clinton administration release not respected, you know, one of the things the Obama administration did and did very effectively. By the way our detriment. Is he changed the topic of religious freedom from freedom of religion to freedom of worship and that's it. That was a very important moment because when Pres. Obama began to talk about freedom of worship.

What he was really talking about was what we do inside the church and that it's okay for us to we can worship inside the walls of the church. Anyway, we please. But the question is what kind of freedom do we have as believers in Jesus Christ to step forward into the public arena and to be part of a national discussion to be able to talk about our relationship with God to be able to live out our Christian lives in a way that expresses our faith in in public that we don't have to hide a lot of people are concerned about that and I think I think that that fear of where Hillary Clinton would go in a Clinton Administration with our religious freedom drove a lot of evangelicals to support Donald Trump.

Another issue, of course, that was big among evangelicals was a Supreme Court nomination. Obviously present Trump now is going to have an opportunity to appoint one Supreme Court justice that we know of, but considering the age of the Supreme Court justices. There are several other positions that could be vacated either by one of the justices passing away or through retirement that that could happen under a trump administration and so the court the Supreme Court has become the supreme arbiter in our country for right and wrong.

Now I don't think the framers of the Constitution actually meant for it to be that way. I don't think they envision the government to be set up as the legislative branch, the executive branch in the judiciary branch with the judiciary branch having absolute power but that's what's evolved. That's what's happened and that essentially happened in the 20th century as the court and court rulings became more prominent and the legislative branch demonstrated a reluctance to push back against a Supreme Court that rule supremely in our culture and within government. So, the Supreme Court nomination became critical and of course we had we we were concerned anybody that Hillary Clinton would nominate would tip the court when Antonin Scalia was a great conservative scholar a constitutional scholar of someone who is an originalist. He believed that the Constitution means what it says that we should follow it when he passed away last an incredible void and opened up the possibility that the court would swing to the left politically for years to come if a President Clinton had the opportunity to make that all-important appointment. We've had 54 decisions.

The old Oglethorpe decision was a five for decision in favor of same-sex marriage and there was a lot of concern among evangelicals about who was going to fill that Supreme Court seat and I think when you put those things together. The concern over religious freedom. The concern over what a Clinton presidency would be that that that caused evangelicals to turn to Donald Trump because they believed that he could win.

I think most event evangelicals were willing to admit that Trump was not the typical candidate that evangelicals would rally behind is not a particularly religious man that he surrounded himself with people who have a very deep and abiding faith. I believe Mike pants as his vice president is him as a person who loves God and that God is very important in his life, and I believe that pence's influence in a trump administration is going to be very important when you look at the people that present Trump is nominated and hopefully eventually the Democrats will get out of the way and allow these people to get a confirmation vote which you look at Jeff sessions Jeff sessions is one of the most devout Christians in the United States Senate. You have a course Dr. Ben Carson, who ran for president and was a person who was very willing to express his faith actually was able to be with Dr. Carson a year ago at the Taylor's free medical clinic banquet here in Greenville, South Carolina.

They were raising money and Dr. Carson was the guest speaker and he was an amazing his testimony when you hear his entire testimony of his life. It's incredibly powerful and I believe he's gonna make a difference at HUD. I believe that his experience coming up in the neighborhoods that he grew up in is going be Trent and his strong Christian worldview is going to combine to cause him to be a force for making Housing and Urban Development better, particularly in the inner cities so Donald Trump not particularly religious, not particularly one person known for having a strong faith in God, or to talk be able to talk about his faith but evangelicals have rallied around him because he has demonstrated that he's pro-life he's demonstrated that he's willing to appoint someone to the Supreme Court is going to cause the court to be much more constitutionally focused in their decisions. He someone who has pledged to protect religious liberty he's pledged to reverse the laws that put a muzzle on Christian pastors when they try to talk about things that are political in them from the pulpit.

So for all of these reasons I believe Trump garnered the amount of evangelical support network and have to see trump himself when it comes to another issue that is very important I think to evangelicals at West least, it's very important to me is this issue of marriage and the fact that same-sex marriage is now the law of the land were now facing at North Greeley University, for example, where Christian private university and were facing government the possibility that the government would cut our financial aid are federal financial aid if we don't embrace trans gender ideas and art University. We actually have one of the universities of been given a grant or a pardon or we been set free from title IX requirements right now because we been historically Christian, but the protection of that we don't know how long that's going to last.

If the government becomes aggressive pushing a transgender agenda and trump out on 60 minutes, but you know after he was elected president basically said that same-sex marriage is now the law of Lance been decided by the Supreme Court and we got all move all that could be a real challenge for Christians and their support of Donald Trump going forward will just have to see what happens now that he's president trump and take a quick break and will be back or the line of fire.

Dr. Michael Brown and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. This is Dr. Michael Brown line of fire to great pleasure to be with you this afternoon. I will speak with Chad Conley who was just recently for the RNC, the national director of faith engagement. But before we do that, let's talk to Lisa who was in Baltimore. She says that our focus needs to be on God Lisa, thanks for listening. I like to know why both very different but easy. A lot of people are not aligned with people and you know but one and you know what a lot of people don't like like the what someone you know I would be more bold poker. You know I bought this is what we have to work with it. Not right that whatever is not on an you know the reason I want to thank you for your call. I really appreciate that. That's very wise and godly counsel that you're actually giving yes I had my reservations about Donald Trump. I still have some reservations. I'm not one who thinks that the way that he communicates it. Often it's it's very inappropriate in my mind.

I agree with you I think vice president pants is is a very godly man and I'm praying along with you Lisa that his influence that that Mike pence's influence is going to be strong and present Trump's life and that those he surrounded himself with, and he surrounded himself as I pointed out with many evangelical Christians that they're going to have that bad of influence in he's gonna listen for God's voice, but we need to join together and pray.

God bless you Lisa, thanks for the call from Baltimore let's go to Chad Conley Chad not been good friends for about 25 years, man Tandberg and hold anyway one of us and it ain't me. Panel understanding the right chads in Washington. He's up there for the inaugurations on the street so Chad served as the national director of faith engagement for the RNC and by the way, congratulations my friend, 81% of evangelical support.

That's a record and that has to be partly due to the efforts that you put well thank you, Tony, and yet would benefit all comment appreciate you forming the truth and the truth about Jesus and really about American God low our country and managers play a part not got and all the kids here, we figured they would pay a heavy price out on the keyboard like you Bring in great Dane, and CJ Atlee have been number of years that we should out on the Capitol grounds and you know just really emotional development and how many times did Mr. Trump invoke God and the prayers were Christ centered and just a patriotic return to America first ideal. It was really special and yeah you know I told very few people you want to bet my secret goals for a record.

I knew it would be because of me or not, because of the RC alone, but I knew if the party would ever acknowledge the biggest part of their vote was from the fight the Christian vote that it would create a lot of synergy.

Nothing will happen as I think a lot of ministries a lot of groups really saw that the parties figured out the Christian vote. The most important.

Probably the most underappreciated vote on the conservative side and so I was really just an honor to be a part to ask you were getting media response. Of course, already coming in and by the bucket full here from the inaugural address and a lot of them are, you know, it's amazing that everybody knows exactly what Donald Trump has to say and all the brides were saying even last night what he has to do is sound a message of unity. So now the pundits are saying and you probably haven't seen a lot of this yet being up there with the pundits are saying that his speech was actually nationalistic, and some have hearkened back to Hitler and the fate yeah, in the sense that it was pushing you know a nationalism that isn't healthy and what was your response to his. I mean, I'm sure that you didn't have that kind of response in all man I'm reminded every book to read about Reagan and there was a place that a solid wall and is it reminds me of how Trump doing because Rollins was in the limo lot.

Reagan Street DC before his reelection 84 and he was showing all the editorial boards. The president, none of them are endorsed Laban out the window, oblivious to what it all day and they said it don't care about the people they like me put something. I'm telling the crowd love is called Schumer don't know people like you and everything Trump talk about love in America that put America first not leave anybody out not forget the forgotten man a forgotten woman is over. I thought it was a great.

I knew the pundits would panic the so-called expert is the same people who said he could land the same people who said the debris of publicans and conservatism is over, the day of the Christian influences over how many times I combated that in the 40 states, I went to the last three and half years and speaking 80,000 will have the same influence anymore were dwindling number the left and the media at work really hard to discourage you in your list but that's what the enemy does anyway as if they can discourage us to make it down. They cannot win without having to go to the battle so I don't listen as people are people out here with streets are loving this. And they're excited about.

Well it's obvious that the people in America that heard the message of Donald Trump.

I made the comment in the beginning of the program today.

Chad that not since Ronald Reagan is there been a leader is connected with the man or the woman on the street like Donald Trump has an you know greatly that what's what's interesting Chad. It is the technology changes but the methodology often doesn't because Reagan went around the national media straight to the American people through the medium of television and Donald Trump is now present Trump's has gone around the media through the medium of Twitter and social media so that, but the result is the same connecting with the man and the woman on the street that's exactly right figured out that the universe is bigger than ABC, NBC, CBS, and so while it may seem to some people. He recognizes the only way to get it again. I without the media filter. He's right there dishonest or sold out and I can tell you stories of the bring them on the token conservative all some of the network election night and one in particular. I'll keep his name, probably not one of the major Chad Chad I need you to hold that thought. Chad and I will hold you right here and would come back only hear the rest of that story and I will answer your question about the protest so hold on just a minute. You're listening to the line of fire. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker, and Dr. Michael Brown voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66342 here again is Dr. Michael Brown this is Tony Bain sitting in for Dr. Michael Brown today on the line of fire. It's an honor to be here in and in his place. He is out traveling today, so I'm very grateful to have this opportunity were talking to Chad Conley is the former national director of faith engagement for the RNC and Chad was in the in the middle of telling me a story about some of the conservatives. Actually, it kind of went after him while he was out on talking to people about getting engaged in the selection process as people of faith. Chad you still there my friend, not deadline, but my body is only a network election night going all in one of the executive comes down the power into the studio. He said you pundits you got here you experts need to stop looking like your puppy dog got one over Mr. them about the token conservative take; even the executives in This TV world recognize that the talking heads are connecting to the people out there, so I'm going on. People are sick of it or stick it out whole spending their secular government intrusion or sycophant told what the years and how the insurance works are sick and not having choices. There are folks are sticking out of here about abortion. You know they're sick and tired of this redefinition of things by the judge's account of Israel being abandoned and betrayed by our nation first time in American history probably just ready for something new. What's up with absolutely I can agree with you more. He connected with people you know what's interesting about this Chad what you seen is a transfer of support that the Democrat party traditionally has been the party of the blue-collar worker and that's why they called what was in Wisconsin and Michigan, and Pennsylvania. These other states. The blue wall of Ohio and in the blue wall crumbled because blue-collar workers have seen eight years of policies that have left them behind. And that's why when Donald Trump and his inauguration to address today said that he was going to turn the country back to the people. I think all over this country. People really resonated with that question about it in the murmur in the crowd. People get it.

You could tell that a lot of people that were there around us today might not of been traditional conservative Republicans, but they realize that I think people start recognizing the bigger only that liberal policies take care you government knows best things are gonna work. People looking for resultant platitudes and you know I wouldn't take care you sit in the corner and in play dumped on your taxes but you really know what's best for you and for so many commands that you better do it, your mother, you know, the better you know what's best for you dear Dr. you know what's best is that a government that really connect with people in a way that like you said it's probably been a long time maybe sit right real connection to people out here on street block foundation now to go to reception and just went by the RNC and I'm still talking about Chad going to do the testing you see any of these protesters were getting pictures of protesters all over the city. Nowhere except union station was a big chunk of them there right at union station with their vulgar signs and nastiness, but we really think I mentioned a bit ago we read reception with some friends actually are master incoming governor after Gov. Haley gets confirmed and will talk about their true.

We have seen protesters anywhere except right at union station, and they were nasty and vulgar with their tolerance on not about you missing a lot of images on Fox news today all that reality TV that's happening around the city but there, cordoned off.

Well Chad listen I want to thank you for taking some time with us today. I wanted to get back with Dana and the kids in the family and just enjoy your time there in DC and appreciate you so much for the work you did during this past election bringing people of faith into the election process.

God bless you my brother look forward to seeing you only love you brother.let on to man. Great guy you know one thing we need to remember as people of faith, we have one job now.

That's to pray every day for president Donald Trump in this country need to go to God in prayer and being supportive in that way is the line of fire line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown this is Dr. Tony Bain sitting in her Dr. Michael Brown is going to be with you today line of fire great honor to be sitting in his chair talking to you if you like to get on the program I love to talk to 866-348-7884 give that number again if you want to talk to me tell me your thoughts today on this Inauguration Day of Donald J.

Trump's present United States 45th president, 866-348-7884 will be glad to get you on the program. We have a special guest coming up the next hour. His name is Tony Robbins he's a retired federal agent observed for over 20 years in federal law enforcement and one of the things that certainly has happened during the Obama administration is a breakdown in respect between the administration and rank-and-file police officers and I want talk to Tony about that because he's got some thoughts and also some thoughts about what a trumpet. I mean, I guess a Trump administration what that might mean for law enforcement and can we improve that relationship.

Donald Trump gave during the inaugural address today Ashley gave a shout out to law enforcement cut number seven was put Them talking and you don't have nevermind I thought I giving you the CD is what happens ladies Naumann live radio want to wait way to the end of the segment will get some of those Mexican apply some of the clips from the inauguration today. Some the things that Trump said because I want you to hear the flavor of this address. It was an amazing inaugural address in a lot of respects and in part of the reason it was so different. First of all, it was different from Donald Trump in the sense that when he was out on the campaign trail. A lot of times, and even since he's been President-elect he's talked about topics and subjects from the standpoint of what it means to him.

Words eat it in the middle of a conversation. Donald Trump is having on Twitter or one that he speaking to the American people is giving an interview he would talk frequently about himself in the inaugural address today. There was none of that. In fact, the star of the inaugural address. Today was the people. It was the people of the United States and I'm gonna play like I said we get a opportunity here in a few minutes will play a couple of those cuts that point to the fact that Donald Trump believes not only did the one political party prevail, but that a new movement of the people prevailed. That is going to give the power and influence back to the people and away from Washington. I think that's the core of of Trump's message that he gave during the campaign and that is that is what I think people who are supporting him expected to hear from him today. Now as I was talking to Chad in a with all the pundit said I was listening to some of that this morning I was listening to it last night that what Trump has to do, what does the President-elect have to do today with the speech they all said the same thing he has to sound a conciliatory note he has to point to the fact that were going to be a unified country well. He talked about being a unified country. We talked about it on the terms of America. First it was a very patriotic speech. It was it was.

There was nothing in it that to me smacked of nationalism in a negative way. He simply said that the decisions that are made now in Washington, whether it be with immigration, whether it be with our foreign policy, whether it be with tax plans.

What ever with healthcare. What ever decisions come out of Washington DC to be focused on America first what's best for the people what's best for America and invoke sanitary under many administrations in recent history there has not been this kind of focus. The focus has been on Washington politics and an electrical machine. It's been on trying to maintain power or to maintain personal position in Washington and I think that's one of the reasons that people think Washington is corrupt and white.

When Donald Trump would say drain the swamp.

They resonated with what he was saying because it people have felt left behind. And that's something that Trump also talked about in the inaugural address today. The fact that people in this country, the average American has felt betrayed by the powerbrokers in Washington and that day is now gone. The day of America becoming the second great power in the world right now, the United States of America is the most powerful and prosperous nation on the face of the earth and in when when a present Obama would say that it was almost like he was apologizing like that that was something we shouldn't be proud of her. Try to speak up, but it was something that we should be ashamed. Well, you know, I think, that day is over. I think president Donald Trump is going to put as he said, America first again and restore America's leadership position in the world. Now we have to be careful about that because as believers in Jesus Christ, we put God first is good to be patriotic lakes and you won't find anybody more patriotic than me when I go to Washington.

I have the opportunity to stand it. The feet of the Abraham Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial or I go and I see the statue of Thomas Jefferson.

I ride around Washington and I see all the symbols of our history. I get very emotional and I'm very proud to be an American, but more important than being an American. I'm a follower. I'm a believer. A disciple follower of Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior, and that that for us as evangelicals, we have got to maintain some distance between us and those who hold the levers of power. Now I'm not suggesting that we not have relationships with people in the government that's not what I'm saying but I'm saying that we can't ever let the lure of political power replace the real power in the universe, which is the power of God through Jesus Christ. We have to humble ourselves. We have to end and we need to make sure that were not pulled into this idea that politics and the government can fix all the problems in the world because it can't. Donald Trump's going to need our prayers. I appreciate Lisa's call from Baltimore. By the way. Once again if you want to be on the program today if you'd like to comment 8663 foray 7884 that number again is 866-348-7884.

I appreciate Lisa's comment that whether we supported Donald Trump are not is now the 45th present United States and we have got to surround him with prayer we have to humble ourselves that I'm struck by the fact when when I think about the Scripture. I think about King Solomon when the temple was finished and the power of God actually fell on in the new temple. The presence of God was so strong that those worshipers those on the inside actually were driven out by the power of God on that magnificent day God looked at Solomon and told him you're gonna walk away from me. Let me give you the formula that is going to take for you to return to me when you abandoned me if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and heal their land. In fact, that was the very first that vice president pants put his hand on today when he was sworn in to be the vice president right, Cassandra. We've got to. She's from Massachusetts. We got about two minutes.

Cassandra welcome in great I think not a lot I would like to all the going rate. We need rate rate rate lot will. I'm not recommending God bless you Cassandra thanks for being on line and she mentioned 68. It was actually Congressman is actually house representatives. I think she said senators, but that's okay it's it's easy to get those confused but it was 68 Democrat House members that refuse to take part in what has historically been known as a nonpartisan peaceful transfer of power. It's a unique thing in the world. I mean think about it. Most countries when there's a transfer of power it's over the dead bodies of the losers that that's how true and how power gets transferred in most countries around the world. United States has been an historic example of what can happen when it's a government by and for the people rather than a government that's run by a dictator or by an ideology that oppresses common people so it was very disappointing to me. I don't have any problem with people who disagree with Pres. Trump expressing their disagreement and by protest because that is a historical right in America for the people to stand up and protest, but to do it by disrespecting the process disrespecting the peaceful transfer of power by refusing to participate. To me that's a serious problem. I think it's something that should never happen but that's over. We need to put that behind us and all the other stuff behind this is Lisa said as Cassandra said to pray for president Donald Trump is now the president will be back in just a minute mile line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Looking back is Dr. Tony Beam sitting in for Michael Brown today. It's an honor to be in this position, particularly on a day that is filled with so much history. It is definitely an amazing day when a businessman who can has never held office before any elected office at all from city Council to County Counsel to state office to anything is now president of the United States and Donald Trump today at noon when he took the oath of office became the 45th president of the United States. I want to play some of the doing this and at this particular time is look at some of the things that Pres. Trump had to say in his first opportunity as he addressed American people. Now this first clip on the play for you is a little bit long and it's it's Steve Graham Emmett number four instead of three. It's a little bit long but it's an amazing statement because with all of the political leadership of Washington sitting there behind him and on that platform with him.

He basically said that they're responsible for not delivering to the American people. The promises that they had made and he said it was going to be it's going to be a different day. Listen to this small group in our nation's capital has reaped the rewards of government while the people have borne the cost. Washington flourished, but the people did not share in its well politicians prospered, but the jobs left and the factories close the establishment protected itself, but not the citizens of our country. Their victories have not been your victories. Their trials have not been your trials and while they celebrated in our nation's capital. There was little to celebrate for struggling families all across our land, that all changes starting right here and right now because this moment is your moment. It belongs to you like that and that was kind of long, but I wanted to you to hear all of it because that is an amazing statement from is an inaugural address, and here's why. In my mind is somewhat unprecedented. Usually a president is going to get up there in the first thing you're going to communicate is something about the victory of their party, their ideals, conservative ideology, there was none of that.

In fact, Pres. Trump brought the whole Washington establishment into question. Even people in his own party that had held that office before saying that they had failed in their promises to the American people to make sure that it was the American people that were prospering and instead so instead of a transfer of power, essentially from one political party to another. Donald Trump talked about a transfer of power from Washington back to the people of this country and that is definitely not something that the political establishment class wanted to hear and now I think you got it. If you've wondered during the course of the campaign. What was it about Donald Trump. What is it about Donald Trump that made these political establishment types crazy that they came out against them, and they push back so hard against him. What what caused it. This is it. You just heard it because he understood that the promises of Washington DC had been broken that Washington didn't work anymore because Washington was supposed to work for the people. It was not supposed to be an entity unto itself that was separated from the people and giving that power back to the people scares a lot of people to death, particularly the politicos in Washington and in almost any something. It's refreshing to me.

It's a refreshing way to look at governing it's it's the type of government that I think our forefathers had envisioned this idea of power being held lightly and being with the focus of that power.

Being on the American people now I want play another segment hear the clip because this here we have Donald Trump, Pres. Trump now, and number six he's talking about friendship and goodwill with nations around the world.

Let's hear what he had said about that. We will seek friendship and goodwill with the nations of the world, but we do so with the understanding that it is the right of all nations to put their own interests first.

We do not seek to impose our way of life on anyone but rather to let it shine as an example, we will shine for everyone to follow. You know how how contrast how much in contrast, is that vision of America's role in the world to the vision that was put in place by Pres. Barack Obama after Pres. Obama was inaugurated, he immediately or within the first year went on a tour of countries around the world that many people said was an apology to he was basically telling countries around the world.

We been aggressive.

We've stepped over the bounds we we we apologize for being who we are as Americans in the world. Now you got a much different vision you got present Trump's vision is that we are going to shine. We are going to be leaders in the world and were going to do it in an estate of friendship to do it with goodwill were not given to try to impose our will on other countries of the world will work with you will work in concert with you where we can find elements that we agree on. But make no mistake, at the end of the day were going to be a people who protect our interest. I think that's what the American people been wanting to hear out of our foreign policy when you look at eight years of foreign policy under Pres. Obama.

You see a very bad Iran nuclear deal, you see a very rogue state in North Korea, getting aggressive with their nuclear weapons.

You see an agreement made with Cuba that basically ignores the fact that Cuba is still a communist dictatorship you see Israel are best friend on the planet are certainly our best friend and the only free democracy in the Middle East being abandoned at the last minute by Pres. Obama is is on the way out the door you see chaos in Libya. Yes, we had a moment where we were able to capture some of the nicest leaders in Libya, but Libya collapsed under Pres. Obama's watch became a disaster that led to Benghazi as we look at him and as we look at the refugee crisis. This Taking Pl. in Europe. What is the what is the source of the refugee crisis is the failed state of Syria which Pres. Obama tried to get in and then got out, causing confusion, allowing the Russians to get in the cause refugee crisis that led to ISIS you look at Crimea you look at the Ukraine. Look at the aggressive posture of Russia. All of these things happen under Pres. Obama's watch.

Under Pres. Trump. I think there will be strength, but I think there will also be a willingness to work with other countries around the world, always with the interests of United States and its allies being protect. I think that's what the American people been longing for, and I believe that's what take a quick break were coming back Tony Robbins will join us. He's a retired federal officer on line 5 times for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown to show this is Dr. Tony Beam sitting in for Dr. Michael Brown today. It's an honor to be here and if you were looking to hear him today.

He'll be coming back soon, but today they allowed me to have the honor being in this chair if you want to be on the program 866-34-TRUTH 87884 that number again is 8667 skews me 866-34-TRUTH 87884 would be glad to talk to you what we have a special guest today in the studio is a good friend of mine where she grew up in the same small town in North Carolina. Our paths went different directions to his when in the law enforcement at the federal level and of course mine went into radio broadcasting and then ultimately into the gospel ministry. So welcome Tony Robbins. He's a retired federal agent spent over 20 years in federal law enforcement and it's good to have you in the studio today Tony, thanks for taking some time.

Thanks Tony Bradley 28 years to be exact. 2830 and still working for the government is a contractor doing something right right doing background in their investigation things on right now.

Well Tony I know you've kind of I'm sure you're watching some of the inauguration today and you're seeing one of the things that we been seeing a lot of here just a few minutes ago with the protests that are taken place. It looks like we've gotten reports of 98 people so far that it been arrested were seeing trash cans turned over fire started cars being smashed in a couple of those videos that I saw and also obviously disrespect for law enforcement is there some of those people are actually throwing things at police officer today when you see things like that. What what is that how does that make you feel well.

It makes me feel bad for those officers out there on the front lines because it's it's a dangerous dangerous thing that they're doing I was I was on the streets in Philadelphia for the bow 2005 conference when the police officer died about 10 yards away from me and it was an emotional thing for all of us.

He died because the actions of some protesters and right and things got really really dicey there. You could cut the tension with a knife in the air, but the Philadelphia police handled it beautifully and in the beyond. It was it was the same people that are up there today protesting the right the so-called anarchy is the alfalfa. Those groups that are there today protesting that was the same ones. These are a lot of these people don't realize they see the scenes on television and most people don't know that these are professional protesters and ascents that is there. They're going there. Their purpose is.

You said you called him anarchist, which is accurate. Their purpose it ends.

Not everybody don't get me wrong.

Not everybody in DC today as an anarchist, but that the ones that are being most violent, likely are and they go around to different venues. It doesn't really matter what the topic is there. Their purpose is to cause chaos you like and said they been organized for years and in 2000 I worked the inauguration of President Bush and we we had made great precautions because we didn't.

The Intel was that the same thing was going to happen. That was the year that President Bush barely beat Al Gore and so there was there was a lot of the same feelings I guess with some of these protesters then so that they came in the DC and you know we got lucky.

The weather was bad and their lazy they didn't want anyone to come out of their hotel rooms and or micro buses in their tents and so it was all it was a strange winter storm that night they came through and we didn't have the problem that we felt were going to try but they were there they were prepared and and and like a sailor. I ran into a G8 summit in in Georgia, South Georgia sump. We ran into him down there and once again, whether got him but it's the same group in an now there in DC doing what they do well and we need to remember to pray for these officer certainly throughout. This is the affair facing off these protesters not just today are the large protest of the women's group coming to DC document Tony Robbins on line of fire will be back to continue the conversation and estimate the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 8663 here again is Dr. Michael Brown is Dr. Tony Beam sitting in for Dr. Michael Brown and it's an honor to be here today.

The number to get on line of fire is 866-34-TRUTH 87884. That's 866-348-7884 if you want to be on the program talk to us today is like to check out Dr. Michael Brown's website. It's the line of the line of you can click click on the digital library to get to Dr. Brown's latest articles and videos you know when when I filled in for him before along with Alex McFarlane. We went to Charlotte to the studio there and he's got a beautiful studio in Charlotte and I was fascinated because I walked in there and here's wall-to-wall books and I'm talking Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic and and I think I actually my IQ went up about three points just for being there it was.

It was incredible. Dr. Brown course is one of the great intellectual leaders when it comes to Christianity is his leadership and the way he defends the faith is absolutely amazing he's gotten to know him over these last few years and is been a real blessing for me, so I would encourage you go to the line of that's the line of and not check out some of the resources that are there from Dr. Michael Brown right we had were talking to Tony Robbins.

He's a retired federal officer 28 years in service to the country. By the way, thanks for that created that very much. I want to talk a little bit about the transfer now because, well, let's go back before we talk about what a trump administration is likely to be like with law enforcement. Let's go back and review a little bit about how the Obama administration and law enforcement seems to have been going in opposite directions. I think it's a fair statement to say that law enforcement did not feel respected during the Obama years. Is that fair it is Tony and it it's it's unfortunate that it really unfortunate, but it it started back if you remember in Cambridge Massachusetts with my police officer in Cambridge were the when the officer was doing his job in the harbor at Harvard professor felt slighted because I guess you got locked out of his home and the president of the United States made a comment on it right. The president said the officer acted stupidly with his exact words, if I remember without knowing the facts of what happened and it was the same day. He said it the same day that it happened the best of my memory and everybody law enforcement that's first time we really took notice and it got her attention and then you had other things you know the trave on Martin thing really what the police action, but it kinda did involve law enforcement and then you fast-forward to what happened in Ferguson and what happened in Baltimore. We also Ferguson was just doing his job. It it had nothing to do with race.

It will it that officer would be dead today if he had not done his job right and so you you expect the leadership of the country to to to first back law enforcement until law enforcement proven wrong and we can go back through all the situations last several years. The one in North Charleston was was was wrong what what we saw there, but we so there was wrong.

Certain but you know the other police shootings have happened in the country are mostly police officers fighting for their lives well and even charges of police brutality.

I think about what happened in Baltimore when perpetrator there in that particular case died in in that while being transported in all these police officers were brought up on charges and every single charge was this and you know that there is not guilty. Never. I think one was a hung jury that there not to go back and try to retry because the evidence was never there. Those law enforcement officers acted in a way that was not right.

Yet on the judge judge, wobblies and African-American judge. It was a bench trial dismissed think they've all been dismissed. At this point in course that in that judge. Actually, in the case was known for being hard on law enforcement and in even even he could see that there was anything here but it in the other thing that I thought was fascinating about the Obama years. Tony is at present Obama was very willing, it seems to me to insert himself and all these local law enforcement issues and always seemingly against the position of law enforcement. Well you know it's like with with Ferguson in Baltimore.

He would start out with. We got have order in the streets right but there was always a but and it it's it's in a bad message to certain individuals that no hazardous disdain for law enforcement in it and it just I think intensified their their mistrust in intensity and enabled them to. I think act sometimes when when when they wouldn't had II think the Dallas police shooter is a direct read.

That is one of the reasons that individual took the actions he did them in the way we might could put. That is, there wasn't. Obviously, approval given.

There wasn't permission given but the actions of those in leadership made it seem they they kind of let left the door open that violent reaction to police officers was in some way acceptable because of her perceived prejudice against people and I think that was a terrible idea to let out of the box and it put all law enforcement lives in danger OR gray and you know the present came on said look I feel I feel the African-American communities pain. I do, and then the but. But if you are going to go out and loot and burn. We are going to bring you to justice, letting limit. I promise you that which a lot of police chiefs, you know that in and even the police and Ferguson came out strong with a statement just like that. Look, we understand the tensions we understand what's happening here were going to enforce and keep law and order in this community and I think that's I think that's the way it has to be approached well it is as we think about the Obama administration that regard going forward. Obviously the Justice Department you have you had Eric Holder and then in and now of course Loretta Lynch how do you think that the Justice Department and the trump administration is going to treat law enforcement. Well first of all let me say or Eric Holder as an individual have you not discussed is that I have a lot of respect for him is he's very nice man work directly with conservative Republican Atty. Gen.'s that I didn't personally like as much of the like. Colder, but Eric Holder's very liberal person in the current urban as of yesterday Atty. Gen. the same same way and in the Justice Department, numbing wheat, we saw a big drop in and a lot of prosecutions that we counted on as being federal agents to help keep the country safe right and I think going forward you'll see Sen. sessions.

It is a great great supporter of law enforcement is a great supporter of the military.

I think I think in the squad rooms in the police cruisers.

There's joy today. I mean really. Not only that, but in the hangers don't show Air Force Base with the crews of F-16s.

I think there's joy today that that in or start a new chapter and and that they're going to feel like they are being supported from the top down. Which I can tell you the last couple years, law enforcement didn't feel that way law enforcement felt like we were in the line of fire had a target on her back and nobody was support in this from the top and shut up. Let trigger NOAA and and law enforcement should never have to think that right.

I was going to say even in the limited amount of law enforcement experience I've had with campus security at North Greenwood University how important it is that every officer believes that the administration has their back there were going to be that unless they do something that is indefensible. There always going to have the note that the people that have the administrative responsibility to be defending and supporting think that's critical it is and and and after all of the shootings and statistics are that that you know what what suspects are sought at least twice the rate of black but it's just the facts it right it. It is an you know after the police shootings you would hear a call for civil rights investigations and its forceful civil rights violations is very hard to prove. You gotta prove that there was some malice racially or sexual orientation by the officer right and that is just it's just almost always impossible even in the North Charleston case I don't I don't think they could prove that he come well, it wasn't necessarily a hate crime, it was just very poor judgment. Yes you on the part of the police officer in you and you can have that in life you know it's a life-and-death decision obviously were and were not saying that police officers never make a mistake, but for the large part for the most part police officers are doing their jobs and they deserve our support in 28 years I never heard Saul. We at we never discussed about targeting somebody because of the race or sexual orientation or gender is just never have never came out and it never came up. Rob is a retired federal officer spent 20 years serving our country as a federal officer's right to have him here today were to talk to more minutes we come back, stay with us online at five in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice important cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown this is Dr. Tony Boehm sitting in for Dr. Michael Brown today.

You can go to the website for the line of fire. Just go to the line of that's the line of and click on the digital library to get to Dr. Brown's latest articles and videos. Also, if you like to be on the program today if you'd like to ask a question if you like to make a comment. We welcome your calls, 866-348-7884 that number again is 866-348-7884 were talking with Tony Robbins. He's retired federal officer spent 28 years in service of the country at the federal level and law enforcement, and I wanted to ask you Tony. We we seen a whole host of pardons here at the close of the Obama administration and is a law enforcement officer when you see even what's described as nonviolent drug offenders being let out but you but and and actually some of those drug offenders that are described as nonviolent were guilty of violent crimes.

At some point in their life. Maybe not for the crime that they were locked up for at the moment that they had a history of violent behavior, and we saw Pres. Obama pardon or commute the sentences of about 366 and one day he has commuted as present United States more criminal sentences than any other president in US history. What talk to mail a bit about what that means to a law enforcement officer you know why I teach. Our criminal justice classes at the college level and had class last night have several dozen chairs armed police departments. We were discussing this and I can tell you it's just discussed with with everybody in law enforcement and its it's not only the it's not only important, but it really started with the will is for me personally with the reduction in the correct sentencing guidelines right and that was kind of a bipartisan thing but it was really accelerated under this administration then and I I had a couple of individuals, one that we he went to trial. He got a life sentence he was supposed to dine federal prison. He had he had.

There was firearms charges involved along with the drug charges in and he threatened me personally during during the process. I testified in federal court.

That fact he's getting out this year. Another individual that that had put in same case he got 48, four years. He got out last year and he he's dying. Tell you he's a psychopath. He and he was making threats or witnesses from federal prison right and those individuals that once out the other one to get lesson it's getting out this year. We know what what amazes me about that is when people hear about violent criminals getting pardoned or their sentences getting commuted or them being released or whatever the case may be, they they they forget Novell here. Well, this person is and is not violent anymore. What they forget about all the people that were involved in putting that person in jail in the first place and what kind kind of a risk might be involved to the people who were involved in that process when they let those people out just like you were talking about you. You were threatened by these people.

So I'm sure that law enforcement is very uncomfortable when the prison doors began to swing open.

II think under the Trump administration. There were going to see a reversal of that were Garcia I think Donald Trump will be more of a law and order president you and I've talked a lot about George H.

W. Bush, and he's intercourse in the hospital right now is in ICU.

I think he may still be in ICU but the report today was that he was recovering were thankful for that. We want to thank God that present George W. Bush seems to be doing better and also Barbara but as it is a federal law enforcement officer you had great respect for him, because the way he communicated his support to law enforcement. Yeah like I can't say enough about Bush family and Bush one President Bush just what a gentleman will really both and I had an opportunity to be around them to work around them. Some in my career and they are just a great family tell you one thing that the bushes would do.

They would do it for the guys was Secret Service and and the people that worked at the White House during holidays.

A lot of times they would stay in the White House so that meant the family of the agents and the staff could spend part of their time on the holiday with their families after they did the shift bushes were like that because they knew public service. I mean, President Bush won a menu.

I don't know that there's ever anybody that had more experience that that when in the White House. I heard them talking about Hillary Clinton have been well shall be the most experienced president. No word she can't compare George Bush right HTH.

JJ said that that's right as he was ambassador to China. He was the head of the CIA, a congressman served in World War II fighter bomber pilot is pretty amazing.

Not World War II, but that's yeah so yeah all of that experience. Of course, that he brought to bear is present United States Buddha. But a real supporter of of law enforcement, but you we were talking earlier little bit about Jeff sessions and I know that you you've done a little bit of reading about Jeff sessions history you you say that he is a law and order person someone is always supported law enforcement as what kind of Atty. Gen. you expect him to be Tony well I first of all, he was a he was an assistant US attorney was, which is a line prosecutor in the Rice attorney's office. As you know where ever there's 94 federal judicial districts and he was an AUSA in the Southern District of Alabama started 75 and then and 81 he was appointed by Pres. Reagan to become US attorney and he served there until 1993.

I think that's when he got elected to to the date Atty. Gen.'s office right and I know the agents that that that I worked with that worked on in Alabama. They they liked him as a prosecutor. He's got a lot of experience, you know, like I said there's there's been a dramatic dramatic decline of some critical prosecutions in the federal government under this past administration and one of them being is is federal firearms violations mean federal following farms relish and is a great great tool for federal agents to use to to put away violent offenders. You may not be able to get them on one the notes it it's like the Al Capone thing you got them on taxes will farms charges or are in the sentencing guidelines for the US government are tough on farms charges so I think you'll see a change with Atty. Gen. sessions going back to the grassroots with federal law enforcement and and you know that I say federal law enforcement.

I don't know if it affects federal, state and local law enforcement refer a lot of cases to the federal government has kind of ironic that you had present Obama so much in favor of gun content right and yet you have a Justice Department that wasn't interested in prosecuting federal law violations of God for when it came to government sorties rising 40% nothing of 40%. Around 40% less gun prosecutions right and I got my theory we know why, but that didn't really matter but just a fact that that happens, the fact that I think that I think you're right think that will certainly turn around under Trump administration. Tony, thanks for taking some time is today my friend is always good to see you and your family and I appreciate your friendship over the years.

God bless you preserve elicited a lot of to light a fire and I am Tony came sitting in Dr. Michael Brown will be back in just a minute. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speed and Dr. Michael Brown voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66342 here again is Dr. Michael Brown is Dr. Tony bream sitting in for Dr. Michael Brown today.

Thanks for listening to the program. We appreciate Tony Robbins being with us. Thanks to Chad Conley for joining us earlier in the program today talking about the inauguration. If you'd like to weigh in with your thoughts.

I really like to talk to some of you about your thoughts about the inauguration today.

If you are able to see it on television or if you been following the news reports the number is 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH and that translates into 866-348-7884 if you want to be part of the program love to hear from you, so you may be wondering who in the world to my master, the vice president for student life and Christian worldview at North Greenville University. You've heard the name Alex McFarland. I'm sure before Alex's filled in for Dr. Michael Brown on several occasions. Alex is the director for the Center of apologetics in Christian worldview at North Greenville University. He and I worked together at the University and that it is been a great opportunity there to defend the Christian worldview and to talk about apologetics. Yes, something that Dr. Michael Brown does a wonderful job. In fact, if you'd like to see some of the resources the articles that he's written on the defense of the Christian faith.

The videos they're all available you can go to the website.

The line of and all you have to do is click on the digital library to get to Dr. Brown's articles and videos I want to take just a little bit about North Greenville University were four-year liberal arts university Christian University where where Christ makes the difference and were located in northern Greenville County and South Carolina beat was known as the upstate South Carolina, divided into three sections.

You have the upstate, the Midlands and the low country and where we are in the upstate of South Carolina. We have about 24 2500 students, most of those are resident students. The majority we have around 1500 living on campus, and we offer about 40 undergraduate degrees, bachelor of arts in bachelor of science degrees.

We have a graduate program that's online. Our caps program is what we call is completely online. We have 7 that you can get online from North Graham University criminal justice is one of those degrees were just talking with Tony Robbins and and you you have that opportunity we have two doctorates that we offer and five Masters program so North Grable. If you're looking for a Christian education and you know what one of the things that happens to young people is they go to high school there under the influence of their parents and then they graduate from high school and if they go to the University if they go to a lot of secular universities their Christian worldview is rocked.

Their challenge there surrounded by people who don't believe in their challenge by liberal and progressive professors that don't have the faith that that you've raised your children to have an a lot of times they they end up being confused and wondering sort of in the wilderness for a while North Grable University. What I like to tell parents when they visit the school and think about putting their children in school at North Graham University. The students is that you've built a good foundation for them and it North Grable were going to take that foundation add to it, strengthen it, give them a Christian worldview, a way of looking at the world that is through the lens of Scripture God's word and witness an amount in the world to be world changers to be difference makers to make a difference in the name of Jesus Christ in a in a world that is lost and in need of the gospel and I'm so thankful for the students that I've of coming contact with over the years I've been at North Grable now going on 13 years and I see I seen a lot of our students graduate and go make it go. Make that difference. So if you're interested in North Graham University would like to know more about it. You can contact me via email that's licensing information I that's my infomercial for today we come back with talk more about the inauguration day to the line of fire. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and Dr. Tony bream sitting in Dr. Michael Brown today who is traveling and it's an honor to be on the program today I was looking for an article that Dr. Brown had written that I saw just yesterday that was posted Christian post and I think it still up there, but is, got moved over. It was out here it is. If you'd like to read his latest article in Christian post to go to Christian question get all of his and that's the line of that you you'll see that Dr. Brown's articles are posted a lot of different places around the web and Christian post is one of those places.

He has an a call of an article called what does it mean to be a mediocre Negro. If you if you don't know what that's all about CNN there was a CNN debate where Lamont Hill, who is I think at Cornell University was talking about all of the people of color, there were going to Trump Tower you you had yet actors you had theologians you had.

For example, Martin Luther King the third went to Trump Tower met with Donald Trump and the comment was focused on the fact that these were not the kind of leaders of color.

Donald Trump should be meeting with at least according to Lamont Hill so it Dr. Michael Brown dealt with that in a very good way writing this column you can and you can get you can see it. Also at Christian post. I would take a few minutes this hour to talk about little bit more about the inaugural speech we got some more clips that I want to play and comment on and talk about their meaning, but already now it in and think about this. Folks, this is this is an amazing thing already present Trump has changed the website the government website associated with the White House and put replaced.

Present Obama's priorities with his priorities. Now you would think. At least I would think just, well, that's not one of the big things that you're going to do that, you're not gonna on day one. Go start changing the website but that's exactly what Trump did to a present Trump did and I think the reason is to send the signal to his critics to send a signal to people that may have doubted him that he is serious about the agenda that he campaigned on because when you look at these priorities that are on the White House website. They are right out. It is almost like it's almost like going back to Gettysburg. Remember when candidate Trump at the at the time, probably about a month before the election went to Gettysburg Pennsylvania and kind of laid out in detail in a deep, very detail speech. The most detail speech that he gave in the campaign.

What exactly he would do if he was elected president and a lot of those priorities are now reflected at the White House website. I think present.

I think present.

Trump is serious about the reforms that he said he was going to bring these already moving forward in that direction. But let's listen to a little bit more of the inaugural address today didn't get a chance to hear it. I'm sure a lot of people working today you didn't have a chance to be around a TV. Tony was just tell me RPR gas Tony Robinson lot I'll take the whole thing on your home. Watch every bit of it. So some of you may be doing that the listen. This is this is present. Trump in his inaugural address today talking about the course of America and how that course is now going to be much different.

We will determine the course of American and the world for many many years, we will face challenges we will confront hardships, but we will get the job done.

Yeah that's that's a promise that he echoed many times on the campaign trail and I'm glad that he kind of led with that in the inaugural address as we talked about in the first hour today. There've been a lot of critics who said that Trump's speech was not conciliatory enough and I can't. I can't believe these folks don't they haven't gotten Donald Trump yet. He's not the kind of guy is going to crack a microphone and start talking about how were going to do an olive branch over here and an olive branch over there. He was conciliatory to me in the fact that he said we needed to be a united America, but he's not willing to compromise the principles that he campaigned on the promises that he made to the people of United States for the sake of some kind of false unity.

You know, real unity is when people get together around principles that they can agree on real unity is a strengthening of America, whereas the kind of unity that I think present Obama call for over and over was a unity that meant the compromise of core principles into some kind of mishmash of agreed-upon principles that didn't have the strength of a strong foundation.

Donald Trump is calling the country back to the principles that he campaigned on and he wants to unite not around an ideological indent agenda, but he wants unite the country around principles that are good for every American. In fact, he talked about the fact he's gonna make sure that every decision has America first listen to this. This is another portion of the inaugural address. Today we talked about every decision being an American decision on on taxes on immigration on foreign affairs will be made to benefit American workers and American families.

We must protect our borders from the ravages of other countries making our products stealing our companies and destroying our jobs you know what's amazing is I think people expect expected him to say the ravages of other countries and then make a reference to immigrants what he said was the ravages of other countries. How are they ravaging America by taking jobs by allowing by companies moving overseas manufacturing their products and for less money and then bringing those products back into America and at the expense of American workers and under Trump administration as we've already seen yet present electron was out there making deals with companies now a lot of those companies to be fair some of those companies were thinking about making the changes that they agreed to make with President-elect present electron then they been thinking about those changes ahead of time which you can't convince me that those companies would have made the decisions they made to reinvest in America. If Hillary Clinton had been elected president because they don't believe in the progressive agenda when it comes to to to being able to operate a profitable business. All the regulations that present that the Obama administration put on business Obama care was just it was another type of regulation that made business costs go up and made it harder for businesses to expand and create more jobs and were going were going to see Obama care repealed and replaced were going to see regulations, rollback one of the things that present electron tall Trump talked about was that the first week that he's in office. He's going to spend time reviewing and undoing a lot of overreaching executive orders. He's going to spend a lot of time rolling back regulations that have made it difficult for businesses to prosper and because he's made these kind of promises.

A lot of businesses are taking a look at staying in America they see a pro business climate and that's really all it takes. Businesses don't want to go overseas and operate its expensive yet I might be able to manufacture the product for less money and less investment but over all manufacturing overseas. There is a lot of question marks. But they've had to do it because of the corporate income tax and because of the terrible regulations. This been put on American businesses. I believe present electron our president from now is is going to change that environment and that's the way you get that that's the way your pro-business you're not pro-business by making individual deals with companies your pro-business by changing the environment that that becomes business friendly and makes people want to put America first.

I think the Lord wants to put America first. I don't think Ford is particularly interested in hiring moving to Mexico in hiring people in Mexico to build cars. I think Ford and GM and steel companies and all companies would like to stay here in the United States. If there was a business friendly environment that they can operate in and still make a profit, and higher in support American workers. If you want to comment on any of this today. Please give us a call. 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH or 866-348-7884. Now, if the beginning of this this this segment. I talked about the fact that the website for the White House has changed already in the priorities of present Trump are in full view.

You might wonder what those priorities are renting a break here in just a few just a minute. But when we do after we come back to talk about what the website now is listed as priorities and I think the American people are going to be excited about this.

I know their protest in DC today.

I know there were divided country.

But I really believe as president, Trump goes forward. If the principles that he's says that he's gonna bring to bear for America are put into action through legislation he signs things in the law is going to transform the country.

That's when we'll see unit will see unity in the principles that he puts in place makes America great again, just like he said this is the line of fire back in just a myth. It's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown Dr. jellybean and for Dr. Michael Brown line of fire if you'd like the program was still some time to take your calls today would love to hear from you 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-348-7884 if you want to get in on the conversation would like to talk to you all right. We talked about in the last segment we we mention the fact I mentioned the fact that the Trump administration. Pres. Trump has already changed the website which is controlled by the White House and he's put up his priorities and I think it's pretty amazing because it for that to happen. This fast is I think a statement to the fact that the president is serious about his agenda. The agenda that he campaigned on is now available for everybody to see less.

Let's talk about this is from a story from Fox news is actually published here just a little while ago and someone has been to the to the website and is looking at some of these priorities on defense. For example, the White House website now says that the present Trump has vowed to rebuild the military to give America a firmer footing in pursuing peace through strength. Now course peace through strength is a is actually at a term that Ronald Reagan used quite effectively when he was present United States and is he be a is he rebuilt military if you remember, Ronald Reagan came into office following Jimmy Carter and we had a disastrous military operation trying to rescue the Iranian hostages. We saw five helicopters fail in the desert trying to go after those hostages and Ronald Reagan rebuilt American military might to the point that actually drove the old Soviet Union out of this and Donald Trump is talking about doing the same thing for the American military.

I read a story just the other day was unbelievable.

One of our nuclear bombers was on a routine flight and one of the engines fell off while it was in flight. Now you know it's not a great testimony to the readiness of the Air Force and the equipment that our soldiers have to to deal with to have an engine actually fall off of a military airplane in flight.

Donald Trump is promised is present United States. He's going rebuild the military and that's already up on the White House website.

I was talk to Dale in Texas was talking about bringing back jobs and that's something that Pres. Trump talked a lot about in the inaugural address.

Go ahead Dale Dale you there right Dale hello Dale, can you hear me yes or you want to talk about bringing back jobs well and I want to talk about getting feedback that jobs back is really the best thing for the overall economy is not is not accurate. 150 in Mexico and can bring it back here and sell it for $2000 last one that might have been made on the people by night and $3000 more to bring jobs back in the same thing applies to textile workers. Carolina loses his job.

T-shirts are being made in Bangladesh for families are struggling to put T-shirts on the school for five dollars at Walmart because the South Carolina dollars so there's another consideration is that's a great point you're making me suggest something to you only get your reaction to it. I think part of the reason that Ford can make cars in Mexico for $2000 less is because of the stranglehold that a lot of the unions have over the auto industry. I think one of the reasons that Ford wants to move their plants to Mexico to manufacture their automobiles so they can sell them for last is because of the regulations that have been placed on American businesses by the Obama administration. I think what present Trump's point is is that once you remove those regulations. Once you yet you cut the corporate income tax. Once you make it possible for American goods and services to be manufactured at a reasonable price in America again that has the twofold effect of keeping those products in the country at a reasonable price and it provides jobs for American workers. Well, that's fine.

But so long as the labor component of a building & what it is right lately. I'm all for removing efficiency in this country right. I don't think that is all. The overall problem.

I think you're right, Dale. You make a great point, but I think one of the things that present Trump is going to do is not only deal with the regulatory environment but also with four because the main cost. You're right, of manufacturing is what workers have to be paid in an America I think part of that cost is tied to the power of the unions to have an unreasonable to put unreasonable expectations out there about worker benefits. Look, I'm all I'm all for worker benefits. I mean I'm working environment. I'm very blessed to work at North River University where they take good care of me with insurance and retirement and all those things.

But it's not an unreasonable expectation that the University places are or gives me set it in and I think that particularly in the auto industry, and in other industries.

The unions have driven up so much cost that if that is reduced. We can still put workers to work in America and manufactured goods and services. Here, for a reasonable price. At least that's my hope that he will give you the last word Dale well I don't disagree with you. There are some other right what will benefit the economy and on the whole, yes, absolutely. Thanks, I appreciate your list unit taxes the line of fire Dale's right. It's a complicated thing is not just a matter of saying to a company, you're not going to move your goods and services to Mexico or working to charge you a tariff if you forget to get better in America.

If you make things again. You put Americans back to work it's going to require a whole philosophy of a better business environment is going to mean less government regulation is going to mean lower taxes and it's going to mean that the unions can't be an absolute control over workers benefits to the point that it drives the cost of doing business and makes labor look for other places to go makes businesses look for cheaper labor right over you. Enjoy the program today. Again, it's been a great pleasure to be able to sit here on this historic day for Dr. Michael Brown once again very quickly go to the website. The line of find all of Dr. Michael Brown's videos and articles you like to email being me about North River University

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