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What to Expect from President Trump, and Three Special Interviews

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 24, 2017 5:00 pm

What to Expect from President Trump, and Three Special Interviews

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 24, 2017 5:00 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/24/17.


Now that Donald Trump is our president.

How do we pray for him start the line of fire, your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience have resident of fire school of ministry get into the wider fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

I am back with you after my week in Singapore had a wonderful time of ministry, grapefruit many lives touched and thank you for your prayer support thanks to a great guest hosted building for me and I hope you appreciate special some of the special programming that we prepared for you including my broadcast yesterday that was prepared while traveling back with my colleague Gary for 30 hours from malignant hotel in the morning to back to my home our homes later in the day and hit the ground running today. No problems no issues so that's Grace and I'm thrilled to be back with you 866-34-TRUTH's number to call 866-34-TRUTH 7884. We've got a lot to talk about the women's march to protest against the presidency of Donald Trump how to pray for our president how you feel about him as president and what he has already done signed into law executive orders as president of Livingston was can happen over the next couple of hours if you miss any part of the broadcast. You can catch it all on our website.

The line of We got an exciting act that's going to be coming away very soon that will make it very easy for you to listen to the broadcast and check in with our website just up with the convenience of one tap on your cell phone so I will be tell you more about that very, very shortly but if you miss any part of the broadcast. You can catch you later by going to the line of you can also read my latest articles there and check out our latest videos.

All right, so question for you. Question for you want to ask this in these initial minutes and then a little bit later in the broadcast on to be speaking with the pastor some powerful testimonies. A new movie of those testimonies of those who have come out of homosexuality.

Very powerful movie new DVD talk about that in the second hour you be talking to a man known as Australia's greatest impersonator. He's a comedian and is an unashamed witness of the gospel and then the last half-hour of you be speaking with James Robison for the privilege of giving a charge to Donald Trump of David's inauguration and praying for him for his family for the pen's family for the entire cabinet.

They were all there for a morning prayer service before the inauguration sulks a lot to be going on the next couple of hours but I got a question for you. 866-34-TRUTH 784 I asked this question over the weekend on Twitter how do you feel now that Donald Trump is our president says not my president Bush and American's are present. I didn't know Trimble, every election tens of millions of people don't vote for the persons president tens of millions of people vote for the other candidate often tens of millions of people viscerally reject the other candidate have deep deep issues with the other candidate. Nonetheless, that candidate becomes our president silly when the popular vote.

That's because he didn't campaign for the popular vote. He campaigned for the electoral college because that's our Constitution set up and for good reason.

Lester just have the major populous areas. You know the sake of New York and California and they just run the elections because the popular vote in the small states have almost no say in an no influence of their reasons for these things. But if he campaigned for the popular vote of the three witnesses targets on would've would've one that sold so that's that's not the issue here is your present. I despised some of the presidency of Barack Obama, but none was he was my present differently.

Clint was elected she would have been my president so Donald Trump is your president feel about that. Are you thrilled you terrify you ambivalent, 866-348-7884 got a lot to share with you and the phone lines are open file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the reminder fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown on the line of fire Michael Brown your forcible 7030 now back with you from Singapore. Again, thanks for praying for the trip, which was wonderfully fruitful.

866-348-7884. You may be ecstatic that Donald Trump is our president.

You may be in a state of shock that Donald Trump is our president. Nonetheless, he is our president. That's the way it works in America. How do you feel about that. 866-348-7884 women's protests in DC and other parts of the world. I understand whether women who are upset with Donald Trump as president.

Silly soup is misogynist for the release of the past week about objectifying women treated women in the past.

Understanding of issues I I hope you have even stronger issues with Bill Clinton because his reputation preceded him before coming into the White House and the accusations against him or even stronger about actual rape. Things like that. And of course we know what happened in the White House. If you're indignant then you're indignant now. At least that's consistent just encourage you to have equal weights and measures as I did on the broadcast yesterday. You may be thrilled and say look at the way he honors his wife. Look at the way he honors his daughters. Look at the way he's raised up women is campaigning on his administration phenomenon.

Okay you can have that viewpoint that you know what here's what galls me about the women's protests method to have them fight have protests have demonstrations sows the peaceful have them. Of course there was complete over the top rhetoric from from Madonna and ocean she's walked back a little bit about one of the blow up the White House, but she's a celebrity should consider which one is right wrong wrong Secret Service understands actually looking into those, just don't make those comments or suggest those kinds of things are say those kinds of things but but what galls me is is this that many of these women protested didn't lift a finger didn't say a word when it was Bill Clinton that's galling to me, that's one thing is, some were old enough to have been involved in the had no problem with Bill Clinton within his master problems Donald Trump that's wanted. I called Melissa galls me is this that you have this protest movement tied closely together with in an anti-life mentality with a pro-abortion mentality. Let's understand the spirit behind some of the approach is not all but some and let's also understand that you've got some leaders one loan prominently a Muslim with with ties apparently in the pastor come off you had a protest against that was protest against Donald Trump in Berlin that I read about were some of the women were chanting a hawk for God is great or greater it in in the and in Arabic, so a Muslim chance okay okay okay within Islam worldwide. You have all types of abuses of women subjugation of women and an honor killings and Woman Can Dr. in Saudi Arabia under the Taliban woman could be educated in Afghanistan but they're upset about Donald Trump that that's what gets me hypocrisy if there women think that's wrong for your president were grieved over. I understand that I'm hoping and praying for the best, Mike understand that but it's the hypocrisy that's what galls me. That's what concerns me. 866-348-7884. Now, look for eight years your conservative is in Barack Obama's on my present is not my present I've overhears not my president will don't get upset with people present Donald Trump saw their president there there no better than you and you know better than them because like it or not.

If you're an American citizen, trumpeter, president with in the last eight years. Like it or not, Barack Obama's are present in eight years. Before that, like not George Bush was our president, years before that like about the Clint was our president. He may not represent you, he may not stand for you.

You met like him minute respect them, but you must respect the office and recognize he is our president. I will give you some guidelines for prayer in terms of how to pray for child travel and talk about some of the things that he did in his very first day in office and in putting an end to TP TPP. The transpacific trade agreement, which was a signature trade agreement constructed by Barack Obama that immediately nullified.

He reinstated the Mexico City policy, which bans funding of plan for Planned Parenthood for international abortions previous pro-life presence of sinuses and Barack Obama immediately goes in the opposite direction will Donald Trump's gone back with that of a freeze on federal employee hiring outside of outside of military and executive orders.

Things can ease the burden of of the affordable care act Obama care.

These three are all very positive moves, good moves by citizens and allocate how you for how you thought your state of mind right now. Terrify thrilled ambivalent hopeful concerned.

866-34-TRUTH of that start in Brooklyn. Bethany, welcome to the line of fire how I still got very shot God put people some people got put King's and proper sweat trap for practicing our president yet.

However, I'm a born again Christian woman I found a lot and I pray constantly. One thing I have to say it too early to judge what you were turned out to be dynamic till I am insecure and uncertain just don't have anything very clear to agree with every word that you sent understand why you're saying these things it can appreciate it yet and praying all the time. That's the big thing, 866-34-TRUTH in Richmond, Virginia Bill, welcome to the line of fire. How you feeling now that Donald Trump is our president at that. You take my Carmichael you right now I'm a lot more hopeful than what it been kind of metamorphosis and committee thought at the beginning plan E1 primary. I was a Ted Cruz guy so so I was kind of do's and read their big mild arrogant. One thing I did kinda like about the whole politically correct that you X that just say what's on his mind then went I saw some of the pics screen: what he said about probably not be a pro-life candidate.

My thinking started to change a little background, Mr. Jeffries. He endorsed on the coupler people I really respect endorsed that changed so it slowly and slowly I started thinking maybe years got candidate here and then right now as present what he's doing right now I'm very encouraged. I love to say I love the fact that he did you funding at least internationally right now with you initially, as this is a sign that policy back into law. Yes, it's a bill I did just jump into it get to some of the callers. A lot of my sentiments are similar to yours in that regard, and yet he has a certain style. I'm praying that will become more the states Masumi Donald Trump instead, but praying for for a greater stature as statesmen that will help him reach more people his approval rating is way upward strength are already 57%, and again the philosophical people can be one way or the other but needs our prayers can give you some thoughts about how to pray for McDill. Thank you for weighing in. I appreciate the scribble more call this go to Linda in Woodbridge Virginia.

Thanks for calling the line of fire. Hello, thank you for taking my call.

I just wanted to say that up in a follow-up from the very beginning and I felt very adamant about him being our president related that he won the presidential election with him strong. I'm continuously praying for him and his family and I hope that other people can come and join him. I love the way he presented himself. He comes off very small and I love that about awning the way the world today. We can't go on the camp of the strap that Mr. Don will prevent and I believe that's why a lot of people do not stand with him in Spanish. All but you beat up a lot. Even a lot of Christians delete that with him.

We felt was not worth it right that those that you have authority over and you thank you and you you are ahead of me. You were ahead of me in terms of of V for Donald Trump and it was gradual for me to be ready for him and then to have some optimism so you what you are well ahead of me and and many others. Obviously no fee. Is this kind of wrecking ball to everything politically correct that's that's powerful. It's amazing and that's great. The problem is you don't want these wrecking ball when you're renovating your house or fixing a room or things like that so that's whether we need to pray for divine restatement, yes believers especially should be praying we were called to pray for Barack Obama so called pray for help from these men are presidents, and the pressure the cylinders is unimagined 866-34-TRUTH how are you feeling about our president yet Donald was in Singapore during the inauguration. It was surreal number plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown pray for Donald Trump will respond to pray for his true salvation. He knows the Lord all that you will truly know him and really walk with the Lord. This is what were supposed to pray for and be a good king or emperor elected official.

According to first Timothy chapter 2. This is the highest and best thing we could pray for a little walk in the fear of God that will be a reverential respect and hope for the Moors in the White House and feels the weight of his position in office. I think that'll become more more real to him. I had friends meet with them and say we don't think is a Christian but he really fears God. He seems to have the sense of of of reference about godly thing so may it be so made it deep it and look.

This can be a battle.

There are godly Christians that are around him and their other people very worldly that are around.

This can be a heavy push expression of these president security issues and credit shelter from certain wants to get him away from the godly voices that have gotten where he is so far pray that that will not happen. Pray the will be statesmen pray that the way he's a father to his children. That'll have a fatherly heart for the nation and could unify Annette help who walk as a statesman is to be who he is, let him do it as a statesman lips mash which politically corrected, take on the establishment, let him do it as a statesman, how do you feel now that Donald Trump is our president. Let's go back to the phones and let's see in the Boston, Massachusetts.

Justin walking to the line of fire. Dr. Brown really appreciate our technical yes go ahead.

Thanks yeah yeah yeah very concerned about how I got drunk while I do know about because I object didn't think you were going to be any good country. However, I began to rethink in on the creation of a born-again Christian I believe that God appointed leaders for the purpose, and Donald Trump is one of those later. He looked like he was coming from God. Actually, you know all the rhetoric and that it is who he's been right yeah but Jeff Howdy, I felt like I needed ill in all the defined Planned Parenthood nationally that along to getting a lot of hope.

Maybe it is guy actually could country and Becky open about 88 if not pretending I meet Becky open it on. I like you and Justin appreciated… It's very early to stay since the presidency we have to pray for us to cabinet pics that's been going on for some weeks but yet you're you're gonna exist shoot straight and sometimes maybe shoot before thinking it through that. Hopefully those things that help help grow land is present. No one's looking for him to fully change his personality and suddenly be hi my name is Donald Trump. LSI can happen. But again, as he takes on the mantle of the statesman, that would be very very positive and necessary. Hey, thank you for calling and weighing and Alyssa. Let's go to a Stafford, Virginia Sheila, welcome to the line of fire ahead yeah go ahead. I'm excited my family excited my husband and I and we will have them morning after all my word how we were a little stunned. It looked like it was going to happen that they have in the inaugural speech was pretty much what you can expect and he went right after he really just yeah well now I'm I was part of military why do this area from California, seven years ago and now the law enforcement why and before you was elected before Donald Trump looked like our pet he met with focal law enforcement agency and told us how much he supported in our family and it meant the world. It really meant the world and is still bad and I'm excited and I'm grateful for him to say that and to reach out to and they you know that not everybody think that our law enforcement officers are so evil and like the news that is often depicting them. Yeah, yeah. And out in the bad apples get to the major playing president and certainly a fortune off the film we got from from our president Department of Justice is almost as if law enforcement is bad so yeah that's important to our law enforcement militaries the bad apples of the explosive been the system would be dealt with.

Hey appreciate you weighing in at 663 fortress George Sommer, New Jersey.

Welcome to the line of fire by the ground by your fight had accumulated about the bumper or look, I'm glad that my money is not going over spewed abortion. I hope book that is the Supreme Court nominee I will tip the scale here in our country will overturn role weight. I know a good quality of war that happened but that's okay of our God and confided about relationship with Israel.

It is incredible. I think that we have a reprieve. A little while so, how long Lord, but these are exciting things like you doing on the excited about hey George, I appreciate that.

And yeah, if we have had a reprieve of real attack potential religious liberties and for the push for pro abortion per gauge and activism under Pres. Hillary Clinton. Let's let's not just the Donald Trump to do things president list were supposed to use believers. Let's stand up. Let's be strong. That's when hearts. Let's change lives. Let's take advantage of the season that we do have a another thing from what I read is that the present property spoke to the president of Egypt, from the general cc about working together to fight against radical Islam. So rather than feeling the whole Muslim world is try to reach out to the most engrossing let's work together against radical Islam I'll drive time for one more call yeah sure do. Let's go to Washington DC Metro have your name here but walking, fire how active their yes hi my name is Karen and I'm calling in Washington DC Dr. Brown and K.In my life that I believe in my high welcome without laces down the division and auditing of anybody I can hang gliding and stewing and people want to be heard.

I think that this was here before president Chuck became president number two. I just don't like the fact that I think he's being picked on walk this way. Brandon blows that rank given the chance to do the job. I am glad that he had to knock it out To grandchildren Killian for the house they would stay like this is your thought aside for a case everyone is listening at the line I the Lord check out our resources office is waiting for you. It's the light a fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you much for joining us on the 15. I bring onto the year of her special guest. Talk about powerful new DVD project. I just want to finish on the phone with Carolyn from Washington DC calendar, talk about the sadness you feel the state of the nation the all the junk that's out the divisions. The article I can't blame it on that chart and I don't think that anybody else can.

I just think that it was low undercurrent because for a long time for eight years with politically incorrect, politically incorrect, when I saw for eight years that Darren and and moving at an abiding yeah and trying to change everything that the Bible cannot. Once you start breaking down the fabric of family and home and redefining.

This is what you get. Cannot any street screaming about got my that's how I stated we neatly need to live blandly need that swamp during all of all of that came before we got cut off grandchildren and I don't want man quickly find it could be a one-man to going to the bathroom with my granddaughter cooled for and still be five expect on my my grandparent who is now three and a Plank, being to take them into the back to me and asked him thank you. Limited back down and I don't want a arm slip over in the family to protect you.

Now we've got things to get together.

You sold the fundamental way though the listed use administration that a lot of it had at its base at its root ceiling that was antifamily, anti-God of the woods things established everything established by standing up how the Bible and then after labor audit time and a lot of Take them back out and you was in the event you do not let because they don't have to. God had stacked the pamphlet down got this supposed to get up again and you connect on the bloom of Langan and say the kind of you know you're done you just jump in and say this obviously there is no obligation for president say I'm in a follow within the Bible and govern America by what's in the Bible and this little Americas rescue. Do we simply say that there are foundations of our nation there based on biblical principles and that these principles are tried, tried, tested and proven and are best for the nation to deviate from them is to the harm of the nation right them to grab one more call than I want to bring a special guest on to join us.

I would go to George in Washington DC your feelings out.

It's all Trump is our president Chris and Gaza Strip build and thought it when we got no choice that the dog we respect unaccountably like Obama or Bobby like God put different makeup and a visit chart can be like Obama, you know Chuck I be hell I will bollix happy hail right inner thigh in a positional care mail position to interleave the position that all of the be changes some outcome in new this also be change. You can't dictate hello to the school codicil for my that they got, you know, so we got no aspect follow all the people God is correct is not against the Bible give God principle and positive respect. Respect the people.

First was the space.

The office of the president. Secondly, respect that person for who they are but I try to put them in someone else's mold is their behavior actions are contrary to constantly extend the place is different than their hate. Which I appreciate gratitude call so much effect on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86.

Here again is Dr. Michael Grau I remember it was over 25 years ago was in some of the earlier days of Internet interaction. I was having. I was talking to a friend of mine that had come out of homosexuality and others in this group interacting said this true persons deceiving themselves is not true.

They were never gay or or they're lying to themselves or things like that.

I thought why one to think anyone could change. I didn't realize it was a massive issue. It remains an issue. To this day. Can people actually change some of our cause for medulla comfort, moral and cultural issues.

I want to focus on one, but in a very redemptive way was introduced to Pastor Ron Woolsey is the cofounder of coming out ministries addressing the issue of sexual purity in this age of moral decay from a biblical experiential perspective. He's a husband and father and grandfather also pastor off the recording artist concert musician and international speaker and he has his own powerful testimony of Ron.

It's great to have you with us.

Welcome to the line of fire real, thank you Sir, we were informed of the new DVD of it that you can introduce to our our listeners in a moment that I went began to watch and thought wow this is this is powerful.

These are incredible testimonies. We need to share it with our with our listeners with first her own story. Sir, how is it that that you have an interest in this concept of coming out of homosexuality and sexual brokenness. I tell about.

I agree anger. Word I would never can Dan that I got out my life and that is why I turn my back on her going into the due date, all under the code to be gay and Christianity did not, all a lot harder… And I've written a couple books on the health or the very shortly some honey underdrain reinvigoration that I understood I determined to study and find out what I understood and I identically went into the murder God with prayer and honestly. What matters I not justify my hand.

I forgot to answer because if we believe that God may gay that there were warning you not made out okay. What laid out on a daily homosexuality doesn't have a pretty negative picture of who he is. Planet of the person honoring Rachel……… Loving God to create a long okay and him him homosexuality. So you know and I eating I got a come now to reason together front of my life.

Now I live here reason I like them a lot and I live in conjunction with the word of God and how I ground and is slide it in today and I found everything I needed simply from the word turn away the game. I mean, I made out okay but anytime on my way equipment to deal and what I see in the world like I am. Psychology today and photo and conventional thinking where the common engineering one day only way what is not being battered her in that way. Miracle working power of God from a data point that I totally caught up in our own anti-we cannot overcome the issues we cannot overcome nothing. Jesus can save from our sin. We need you going on that is you apply remedy for 10 and apply. I graded a problem as it is efficient to help us overcome, not in and we can be victorious and I turned and walked away and I live 29 years ago and within one year I was married and living I became a father lauded to ministry and I would never go back to the lie detailing had mapped out for me. How long ago was that the dog was a change in your life. 20 years ago and how long were you living in sin before the rail. I totally member in the daylight. I got up to 15 years and I rolled out of marriage. Two little children. When I entered a game I and when I alighted out of my life. There is no turning back. Even… I think it is so important that that and managers understand it because so many don't understand God authoritarian, but ministers are accountable to my right. Like the time the divorce you get on my because I never change that I care image of God made it, or an angry God. And I really did well. He could change anybody anything odd about Allah and any change made easy and inattentive, rather than on so I only turn our back on him. When a liberal, bitter and angry. Her John everything related… Not even the granite heaters are duty and I praise him for pursuing me and never giving up, basically, gracious to say something to her listeners. Right now the insects of we are just having a sly, her phone connection so as I'm speaking to Laura radio listeners for a moment. Howard is just to reconnect with you. Pastor Ron just that we can improve on this phone connection because what you're saying is so important, so how are you going do that right now as I speak, but maybe this is your story. Maybe this is your story.

Maybe with this pastor saying is where you find yourself right now baby you're the spouse and your spouses left you for a homosexual relationship. Maybe it's you used to know the Lord you've never known the Lord and but you're struggling because you just know something is not right here if you got love once praying for you. May be that in this the relationship you and you just know this is not what God intended for you if you've read the Bible and know that that the Scriptures forbid homosexual practice and you say, but there's no hope no one ever changes. No one can change utility that God can't change you hear someone who left a wife and two little children so convinced that he was gay. This is who he was.

Turns his back on God because he was convinced God was against him. The real Christianity was against homosexual practice so destroys the marriage relationship with kids having that's that's how grip tedious by this and for 16 years lives totally immersed in an homosexuality homosexual relations and now for the last 25 years. Cities completely left that lifestyle behind this is this is the power of the gospel. You have to understand he's not the only one out that he's not one of 10 out there.

He's not one of 100 out that he sent one of the thousand around the world, changes people's lives, including those who were caught up in homosexuality, including those who were immersed in gay culture, gay lifestyle, give, mindset, meaning that they affirm that these relationships were right and were refined so Pastor Ron when you realized according to the Scriptures that God had something different for you. We just got a minute before the break. What's the very first step that you took the word yet on the go head. I learned that God really me that help me develop LL word and I started claiming the biblical promises of God, and I was under great conviction for all year year and 1/2 before I develop the courage to actually step out of my gay life and break up with my partner.

I was in like a marriage. We plan to be together forever so is very very difficult but as I studied I learned to love Jesus more than I loved my gay partner.

I think that's a real key that if you develop a relationship with the Lord a meaningful relationship and truly learn to love him for who he is and what he has done what he wants to do with your life you love him more than your scan issues that is easy to make that choice to make that choice internal collection is all user. All in all the same with half of these drugs can any of your life. Still light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown back friends want to fire 866-34-TRUTH is the number to call. I'm speaking with pastor Ron Woolsey. He is the cofounder of coming-out ministries. He was completely amassed in what call gay lifestyle, meaning affirming that homosexuality was going fine and being a committed relationship with another man before reading the word and coming to love Jesus more than his sin more than his partner is been completely liberated, happily married father grandfather was 25 years ago.

So Ron, there is a new DVD out that folks need to know about. We want to encourage them to watch the so tell us the name of the Steve DVD what it's about and and who it's for. Okay our our documentary is called journey interrupted and it is.

It tracks the experience of five individuals whose journey away from the Lord was interrupted through divine intervention through intercessory prayer out of the library or turned around and started their way back, and how the Lord is now using those alive and in harmony with his will and in ministry. One of the five is still in the gay culture she is a very dear friend she has become a very dear friend of our ministry. She's just not develop the courage yet to make the break, but we see the Lord really working on her. She promotes the film she she defends the word of God.

She says I'm just not there yet but when I am there.

I'm not into any open interpretation of the Bible. I believe what it has and I will live in harmony with it as soon as I I just have to make that choice that you not quite there. So we have in the film we have for three men who have come out of the gay life and one lady who's come out of the bisexuality and witchcraft and drugs and all kinds of things and then this other young lady who is still on her journey were all on a journey, but her journey is not quite where we are but is in the same direction and we can all relate to where she is because we were all there at that great point of conviction, but not yet with the courage to act upon it that we're praying her over the line but anyway this documentary is made for television in laying his one hour documentary. It's not yet on DVD because we are going to be doing a global premier on a global network here in just a few weeks and immediately following that showing there's going to be a question-and-answer program lives which will be filmed and then were going to duplicate the question answer DVD to go along with the film so that it's a companion set so that the DVD will be available probably in the spring. Alright, so if folks want to follow this find out about this was the best way to do it. We have a website for the film called journey and that people will just access that every once in a while we will give updates to the progress of the project. In the meantime were doing screenings in various places around the world and on television and so people are able to see the film, but there seems to be a very high demand for the DVD. Everyone wants to DVD gravity say sorry is coming soon, but it's just not quite ready yet. Alright, so what would you say to someone who says to look unconvinced. The Bible says homosexual practice is wrong, but I just I can't change.

I don't know what else to do dominated by the desires and try to break free and I just can't want to tell a person by the way, I have watched you on some forums discussing the subject and you are very articulate and I am really impressed with with your presentations on this, but here's the thing Dr. Brown I think you and I are in perfect harmony on this that it it requires the divine miracle working power of God and to access that power we have to submit to it. The Bible says we are to submit ourselves therefore to God. Then, resist the devil and he will flee from us, but first we have to realize this is a standard issue, and in God's eyes, and if it is a sin issue and Jesus came to save his people from their sins. Matthew 121 we need to trust that he can do what he promises that he can do it doesn't mean that it's an easy journey but success is guaranteed. The battle is already than one. We just need to daily submit that miracle working power of God and also the Bible says we are to present our bodies a living sacrifice. We are to bring our thoughts into captivity. We are to be transformed by the renewing of the mind where to let this mind be in us, which is in Christ Jesus. The Bible is filled with wonderful promises that we can access and the creative and re-creative power of God is and that written word. Amen. And we have no business putting this issue in a separate category.

We have no business saying well other things can change in the behaviorist and change of the desires can change other things that are deep-seated in the Caribbean. They can change but not this there's there's not a stitch of scriptural evidence in you and others are driving by proof to this restaurant. We just have about a minute and 1/2, but in your years of ministry to those struggling has that encouraged you with further hope as you see what's happening on the lives. Oh yes, that we we meet people from around the world who are being blessed by our ministry and people that have already had the same experience and I just praise the Lord that I wear nothing new. God's grace is insufficient. You know from the beginning. There many people in every generation that experience the grace of God. Satan thinks he is so clever that he is found one issue where he thinks he is God over a barrel that were not letting them get away with that because this is just one way of counterfeiting marriage and violating the seventh commandment, and Satan thinks if he can just convince the world. It that God cannot deal with this one issued any got them over barrel that God is mighty to save, that whosoever is from whatsoever, even to the uttermost.


And people from every walk of life by the tens of millions tested that we diet journey that's really good follow what's happening with this to find out how in the spring arrived at your DVD have had the privilege of watching this in advance and appreciate the work you're doing and God's grace work in you and your team journey Pastor Ron, thanks so much for joining us and we appreciate you and the work you're doing. Thank you sir, thank you for the kind how it's much appreciated out all right friends.gospel truth. Whosoever whatsoever Jesus is the Savior appreciate that testimony journey the place to go. I friends no place to go is the always place to go the line of fire. The line of dude you get my emails to not know how to make sure you go there satisfy emails particularly as videos and audios in a special resource of great resource office has right this liberty and freedom. The bottom line. Today this matter who you are, this matter what you are. So… I can set you free will from Australia's greatest impersonator to a man who prayed over Donald Trump the day of his inauguration. We got it covered right here in the line of fire stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown see the Ray comfort movie audacity powerful movie in it. There is an Australian comedian and impersonator and in anyways entertaining the folks did you see the movie well. A few weeks ago dear colleague in Australia connected me with a brother there happens to be the man that was that comedian and he sent me a YouTube video with some powerful quotes from Leonard Ravenhill sermons and I know brittle. I was close in the last five years of his life knows voice well in this message as well. This got a crackly sound and some of them they were there a bit older, the tribunal be made at the best recording from message of his in the 50s or something 60s and is a listening.

The next thing it's that Leonard Ravenhill speaking it's this dear brother. Speaking I thought this remarkable my guest then prices known as Australia's best impersonator actually made it to the grand final of Australia's got talent and mullahs voices are being heard in many different for her. She may think it's about Elspeth actually himself is in the states heading back to Australia. We had this one day when I'm back from Singapore before he returns a cement. We gotta get you on the air simple start with the real Ben Price first, but we've got a whole bunch of others coming your way event welcome to the Lana Fireman Michael order to be on your shot thank you guys sure I yeah how so how's the trip into the states product recall, but you probably not by Merck, where home from school look a little chilly but it being good on interesting because the amount have a great topic to speak really really testy exit exit that is speaking of that, what, what would Donald Trump say if he was joining us today on the line of fire, and speaking to our radio on his recent Donald Trump or Pres. would say what I think I would love to take a lot of the conservatives out there. They were to say thank you to those people, even Democrats got into the whole spirit of Christ, we are getting square get it. It was. I expect that it's great and I think you're doing it big to visit the biggest really great job that you like you and I were both delighted by it. So I see that they get sprayed by.

So what do they think I want to fire I just misfiring hopefully nothing that God will know what people thought he might be somewhat prophetic and the triple reach out to the Lord with cycle.

I read the Bible. I read the Bible. I love the book of Nehemiah's he built a giant wall heights.

They would get a minute before the break when you're from Australia just got a name of not Ray comfort.

Yeah right. Comfort New Zealand Jewish Christian of the Canadian know but I could do American to be in a film to do other voices but that Reichert that I am reluctant to do all those voices gets when I'm early in the people you good person is the right fit right out of all of that because you suck comedy my my passion is the sinking site the loss evangelized welding.

But what better time now this until we come back. I want to introduce into the phone so you know Paul washer powerful preacher seeing Dr. Phil on TV forcing me to be able join us but one talk to Ben Price about the role of comedy both impersonations.

How does that tie in with the work of the gospel to skim laughing when I left Haas and Penn say this is a how it works a little fun out from our guest pricing as Australia's best person I care on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and back friends are 866 truth number call when I can have you calling to suggest voices for been priced. Do because you don't know those that he doesn't doesn't do that then just the whole thing of impersonating. When did you find out that you had the ability to do this and then how do you go about learning a new voice like an old book, but around Philadelphia by running up the rocky building part.

This is what it is like to quite interesting that but that so it really is moving to the gospel you're asking about how you that your intensive work that I do yeah yeah yeah now profession now on job everywhere in the well like a Job on the infinitive ministry at some interesting because I owned a comedy club the other day very very credence to the class language that was going on there But it griping nobody claimed comedy can also get you that life is with you are bringing some schedule some bond about the Bible where it will have like disciples Mark, like Owen Wilson now knowing that maybe you have, but I don't like John from one of the top of the example that wasn't somewhat out of touch with the character because it will rip eventually. The best part about Jesus who I'll get back.but that's purely fun and different dog but the real thing is that you and I share my testimony and how Gamble got done them a lot and encourage people the gospel as well because that my real audit site lost right now but on the really starting on the glut that would put some of posting this time it was like a comedian strike a comedy with five if the message but not the platform and get out of people would not necessarily get the opportunity to develop. I'm very glad of the and is there is this something psychologically, emotionally, that happens is people laughing as there may be a little disarmed that you find that that they become more vulnerable. I think most relate very good medicine like that. But if the point that some people think it's great your laughing and crying like a good thing but yeah it really does prepare people and expect the same when evangelizing all your granite. Have fun with before I start sharing the gospel with them.

So it really breaks the arts as well. I list let's sum this is to hear from some Christian leaders with inspirational messages may be someone like Leonard Ravenhill saintly man and God wrote why revival tarries and other books lived from what 1907 to 1994 Leonard Ravenhill yet, but watching television.

I like the great poet. I would always plant more sweat all such is not positive that presents today's judges meta-prosperity.

I love his passion Leonard. I wonder if he was around like that of coming out of the closet. We need to go to the closet about Donald Trump at the trumpet sound that's a big test yeah I love every everybody family and you you mentioned a wash of the other guy glut by writing them as well.I did a thing where I was washer reading a bedtime story for children meant no disrespect of buttock will you be an interesting one like I want you to turn me the book 36 those little pigs houseboat Darrell like chaff that the wind would blow. It's just hello are you building your whole firm foundation. You do you see that so few leaders that are out there, but like I could possibly get your voice of got that right. Comfort is acutely voice and the dealer. The lower the load of perfect, converting the soul so there's a lot of people at their litter for guidebooks might want to do a lot of what I was coming back from the airport.

My assistant Dylan was driving back from the airport and he's listen to a lot of Paul washer.I know is what some I know Linda greenhouse was much better. So the Ravenhill lives like all yeah and it has certain exhibit is broken passion as as as as he was speaking as well, but I started playing the Paul washer once for from assistant delicacy with sentiment.

He was just laughing out loud because he was so used to the voice said. And then, and hearing hearing that message of the SOI. Obviously you work on my voice on the future if you've done that her once more time on that but if you look at the kind of like Jewish kindness, but a good work at one February the takes and what what what about just going from Australian accent to American accent to British accent to accent at heavy heavy grab those into nations and things yeah I try to come spread on the exit much just the voice sound like I get caught up in thinking that not going to Belle Isle yet.

Now this to that voice. It's always good to contrast the voice is not likely to be similar, so I was doing like like double trip before omelettes with the contrast you want to contrast it with someone like that the phone call. If I'm going on a trip like that. I can only blame myself is about 360 yet to remember the distinctives of each month.

I'm just not a view of The Simpsons, but perhaps maybe some of our listeners before they were saved and invested out was The Simpsons, but do you actually do Homer good. What's it about 20 years ago. At that point though. I love to weigh it on board the is Judas Iscariot will be so serious and and you work Dr. Phil into any of your gospel from guessing that in the comedy aspect that the doctor feels great manually going excellent sign like no one else will like no you select what you can put in about the love Dr. Phil while so-so on your trip to the states.

What kind of engagements have you involved with. It's been interesting. If you television show driver in Connecticut freestyle Connor my statement that, but yes the big starling morning Washington morning Charlotte diagram and a few radio interviews that I was going to be quick blowing trip and Mike so that you much joy doing expert among the a lot of really heavy about the way you think about the miming friends are not distinguishing that there ought share with the loft as well so on. Interesting admission: price article. Thanks for… Will you on radio I'm sitting there smiling as you doing it doing so for its use of the laughter of the citizens while the ability go from one to another and end – can then forget who they were or what would sit well and message save it Venice if folks will find out what you doing or who your YouTube. What's the best way for them to connect you find a website of the best way and cross you can on yes I cross then slice and check out YouTube is appearances of the town… I thought he been.

I appreciate you and your many friends joining us today on the modify may God use you to reach men for it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown segment from sports filled to Homer Simpson 200 Ravenhill to recover Depaul washer Donald Trump, all from the lips of Ben Price listen. It's a unique setting unique group of people that then can get to through comedy and people will hear his impersonations and weave them into stories and preach the gospel from there. So Bo means pray for him. Hate friends. Speaking of Donald Trump so not folk or slips risk. The slower he was on small micro focus on any of the above but how you feel you feel first hour I open up the phone lines 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 that is Donald Trump is our president. How do you feel about that. You excited, thrilled, are you apprehensive you concerned are you angry are you ambivalent he is. Our presidency is our 45th president and that the money to say this for a moment you know that I really opposed Donald Trump is a candidate during the Republican primaries and also said I have friends that really believe God is raising him up in any many Christians feel that the positive things he could use president so I put that out there and said, I pray that's got other things that I'm missing or other things that I'm I'm not I'm not seeing that others are, but I have my concerns and money won the Republican nomination.

I said okay I am praying for him and I'm hoping my concerns are wrong. I have no I've no desire to succeed sociability so I wish I wish I wish after four years of president of our eight years of Pres. Obama that I could have. I could have said before, I was wrong. I was concerned about this and that boy was I wrong.

My goal is not to be right might. My goal is not to prove my friends write my things right. Note Michael's to see the Lord glorified and see the church builds up and see American nation save rights of my heart and goals are the same as yours and that respects this is not a personal thing is never personal thing. So is Donald Trump.

I began to say. I hope I'm wrong.

I hope I get to eat my words was he was elected president. I said like I've no question he's been raised up supernaturally by God, for good or for bad. I've no question that this is not just another election, there was clear divine intervention activity and how will it play out, and here's how it could be for good hear the concerns what could be for bad and let us be in prayer, but I was glad that he won an utterly Clinton.

I did vote for him.

Although I had reservations and concerns are strictly voted for him and in the next half-hour will hear from James Robison who was with Trump the day of the inauguration. Let a special prayer service for him that morning for for his family for the Pentz family for the entire cabinet office-I'm not sure if that's happened before and there was much prayer at the inauguration for different born-again believers praying for inauguration. I'd I don't take that lightly. Look about being right okay little reasons you then try to guess is your hearing this when you think about this when you think I love these words more than 4 million couples now live together out of wedlock and courts have recognized homosexual quote marriages, but the church has little boast about the divorce rate among believers is as high as the divorce rate in the world and pastors in every denomination have been caught in adulterous affairs and homosexual activities. When you think I wrote those words so really just one more time, more than 4 million couples that live together out of wedlock and courts have recognized homosexual quote marriages, but the church is little boast about the divorce rate among believers is assize the divorce rate in the world and pastors in every denomination have been caught in adulterous affairs and homosexual activities. When did I write those words 1989, 1989 introduction to my book the end of the American gospel enterprise.

What's my point. Even though some of the things spoken of their homosexual quote marriage and things like that were not a focus of my ministry or anything that we made up in any Major Way in Ephesus until 19 oh until 2004.

Excuse me when the Lord laid on my heart reach out, resist, reach out to the people with compassion versus the gender with courage.

You can see as far back as 1989 in writing. I've sounded the alarm about these things. My hope would have been years later that there would've been more waking up to reality and more, turning of hearts not see I told you so. I told you so told this was, told her this was here told you so, so that is never my goal, Michael's "I told you so. If I wonder if I want about Hillary Clinton's presidency become our present. I would hope every day that my ones would be wrong and that she would go on the right direction so that's what my sentiments have been with Donald Trump. Once he won the Republican nomination. I knew I did not want Hillary Clinton for many many reasons and insanity alarm strongly as I could about her unequivocally for many reasons. While praying and hoping that Donald Trump would turn in the right direction. The college is Donald Trump believing that somehow he'd been raised up by God and from what we can see his pro-life convictions are deep. Now he has had a turning of the heart some conservative ways and he's been surrounded by godly believers is also surrounded by others who have different mentality. Some of his advisers wanted to dance with Bruce Jenner at the inaugural ball was in the good message LGBT people and obscenities advise us of why the road you want to dance with it with another man at that your inaugural ball so there are competing voices around, but he has great respect for the evangelical voices around him and and and is long as they continue to have access to him and his long as whatever God is done in him to put certain positive values in his heart. Those continue to grow despite his volatility despite the baggage associated with him.

He could end up being a fine president for a nation certainly know he's going to be a go-getter and a doer of Barack Obama was many ways to but probably with less days often just just pushing hard.

That's probably the ways data for many many years and let's pray that that if there's a cabinet picked. It shouldn't get in that somehow they won't for the loss of the right pics that they get it they can get to work and that above all, the church gets to work.

Donald Trump is not called to save America. Jesus is through the church. Donald Trump is not called to transform the moral climate of America. Jesus does that to his people that still were called to do and pray for him to do what he is called to do is I hear you taught a prayer for Barack Obama in your listing because if I ever mention his name in any critical way. I Sam.

Pray for him to be the best president we've ever had her say Pres. Obama, for whom we pray.

So if you think I'm say one thing differently now that I'd said. Then, not so hey quick announcement if you're listening to me in Raleigh, North Carolina. In particular, please join me next. Well this coming weekend starting Sunday morning replacements of us in the morning but then Sunday night Monday night Tuesday night Wednesday night Thursday night all right I'll be speaking at five meetings, consecutive meetings six right at the carry church of God tells them… I asked Dr. Brown KSK are crowns are gorgeous. Look at the itinerary. Join me Sunday morning Sunday night Monday night Tuesday night Wednesday real strong revival themes to start the year, carry far from wrong. It's the light a fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I'm looking right now on the website James Robison is the publisher you can read my articles there a few weeks, sometimes three, sometimes four, sometimes five articles posted there every week great inspirational insights great cultural commentary and up-to-date news as well and as I as I turned to that page. Right now I'm looking at a picture of James Robison. He is in a church building in DC DC area. It is Friday morning before the inauguration and the family. Donald Trump is there, Donald Trump and his family.

The family of VP Mike Krantz is theirs, with VP the entire cabinet is there and James Robison speaking and he had asked Donald Trump to stand up before he spoke so here he is giving him a word speaking to him, encouraging, exhorting, reminding him of things a previously talked about and then praying for him and you can read the article. My message in prayer for the president in a moment in a moment.

James Robison will be joining us.

And when he when he joins us. I will find out what was like what was the atmosphere. What was the response from the Trump family.

Also, if you haven't read my article with Troy is let's try to read Pres. Trump's inaugural speech impartially. It's it's a lengthier article and I normally write I got into much more depth discussing speech trying to read it impartially because there's so much emotion on either side pro and con take a look at it. I talked on yesterday's broadcast about the same subject. Again, it's even more depth in writing here and I quote right at the beginning of the article the words of Ben Shapiro conservative columnist Orthodox Jew himself. He said this is not hard when Trump when Trump does good things, praise him when Trump does bad things condemn him basic decency is not tough, so when we look at things with our president.

I want to encourage you to step back from the emotion on either side to pray for him and say okay let's assess what he's doing.based on our own desires, prejudices, hopes, but let's look at what he's doing and let's see how is he doing what he's doing and how is he living up to promises. That is something very important because look, as I say in my article as a say in my article.

Let's try to read Pres. Trump's inaugural speech impartially have have have we ever seen. Possibilities for good or for bad. More starkly, and in more strikingly than we see them right out one of the same time, would you look at Pres. Donald Trump and you see hate that not only the seaside but you can see what is tremendous potential for good is fearless.

He's going to take on the Washington establishment is going take on the biased media he's going to take on radical Islam is a take on debt take on the pro-abortion movement. He did a lot of good.

He could do a lot of good music on the other side.

He so on. Typically presidential and so much doing his own thing and can just tweet out that I thought but a constant is that good divide the nation as a got a spark some type of international conflict or is it can be a general degrading of the culture mean that the potential is great on either side. Of course I'm believing for the best. I believe you have reason to hope for the best. Nonetheless, I understand the concerns my guest. We come back, and James Robison, boy I want to hear what she has to say.

I was in Singapore during the inauguration. We texted back and forth but we haven't spoken since self. This is our opportunity to catch up after he was there very key time in our nations history. Getting keyword to the President of the United States file light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown know over the last presidency with Donald Trump. I've been step for step with my friend and colleague James Robison on this and was thrilled when God opened the door for him to spend an hour and 1/2 with Donald Trump Bowman and with this American preaching the gospel to them and having regular access to them speaking to him, praying for him, neither of course James Robison's not endorse any candidates, but had his reservations about Donald Trump as I did I listen to James over these months as he saw God doing things and now the day of the inauguration of private prayer service with Donald Trump's family.

Mike pence's family with the cabinet just extraordinary. So man that's that's been closer to two Donald Trump than than any human being. I personally know James Robison, James. We haven't spoken since the inauguration as I was in Singapore but but congratulations on an amazing job with amazing open-door.

Thank you for being who you are doing what you've done, sir. My friend Bart Singapore hope things went well. There I think… Horses were pleading out. Anyway, Michael and Brent, I want to encourage you at your site are replete with even Susan probably looked at the screen and screamed out what you are.

You really are leading outlier because the people are so appreciative of what you're sharing all of the world, but go to now right at the top of my last message in prayer for the president and you will hear with me standing about 10 or 15 feet rug in front of them. I asked him to stand out from his family with the last cabinet to the right cancel your spam in their couple hundred of her close family friends and staff in social are likely to lie clearly closer to the person and then I like your to report, and I like going back for because I told the president to not become very close to 10 months continuous communication of talking twice since they settled in the White House. My boss like Michael, one of his conversations goes down is one of the highest conversations of my life and I want you to know this.

The oldest prayer statement stages Of the next spiritual awakening and there is nothing short of that will suffice.

We have to have an expert white and I honestly believe that God is the assumption from actually moving up talk I'm leaving in the book of acts marvel at the diet. I have a book coming out at biblical rights. I finished your sometime ago, which becoming the bookstore smart weeks. I know you're probably talk about but I think probably the most amazing chapter in my life is just mapping written already believe that ensemble say everybody will look at Mr. Trump like the greatest teacher looked at his disciples after three years of pouring into them one-on-one groups together watching all the miracles they were still pretty rough for years with the master teacher and Simon Peter all seem to be most prone to stop and I'm saying God mask search to look at Mr. Trump boy Jesus looks at every one of us went unfinished.

You were from field but not yet burst through. We have the potential to fire because of the great see God's word. You granted us thispatient with him as the Lord is and as importantly, it was summer theater and remember even displaying apostle Paul rebuked into his price. So we had still tended to separate Eugene Merrill even notable Merrill so I'm sitting right because, listen to this stage is set for the greatest move of God and the forces of evil are coming out like like the locus in general to consume all productivity and they won't break right and the only thing that can stop the evil alien kingdom.

The viciousness they wish to pour out of anything to interfere with their spirit, J only God's power is well in the transforming power of the gospel can defuse what the enemy intends to do with those specialty mapping programs so who love those that are to see will agree. You know you are that you love those of all and you forget that you don't getting back with me is one thing to you.

Don't turn the other cheek or lock your enemy just don't getting back with which you always correct and well predicted. So good, Michael.

Please encourage your out your list, go to the stream just as the history of what happened for me, but this is just the message.gave me the top of the screen). In fact it right before you came on. That's, that's right gone and that's that's the right picture. I was looking at when I started this half-hour right before you came on, gave that very encouragement to go there. I'm so glad you brought it up again. So this this this meeting and this was before the inauguration sets a full day are ready and yet morning morning we started about 15 minutes upright and concluded 930 was powerful.

I'd so Donald Trump and his family were there.

Mike pence in the Senate. What about the cabinet all the cabinet was there.

I think also sitting in the middle of it all.

Message I give a strike slip should use people he would like to be sitting out there and just parked all of the clouds and novel the Boston start document marked by your site.

Thank you by God and thought comes walking down Mount grabs the suit on from computer use is best for you should never not life, liberty cumulated, lounging at the same time just can't explain to normal.

Think about this, but the magnitude of 70 down. We finally got home hospital about five hours of salt like the week number seven $43, I'm sitting in my reply… I started and I did it? Aces apprenticing on your gear? Ehrenreich out was a rental, but you what you say is what talk about how to impact and in writing with my dad. Lunch is amazing in a ninja scampering whereabouts. The fact that this is crazy talk see how can some preacher who just wants Jesus and you know were the last conversations we had babies with certain injuries suburban together and also look at me a minute.

This is just to present what is more, and an asset limited should not, after he said nothing.

I said well you're right that's attentive to your stripper from the first time I met you. Did you understand that with all my heart I wanted God's best for you and your family. You said you is you understand about God's best for everyone on this earth. Yes, and we know there's only one father but knows how to deliver what's best for everyone and that's God and I said that's what were talking and he nodded and your great and you know it just just think about that.

My precious wife sitting there watching him that the time I made this statement you so rough and tough. That's why illustration of meekness to take the thoroughbred power thousand pound portion submitted to the gentle wise guidance of a less than hundred pound jock answered that to encompass Friday morning was Robert. I watched you do that Michael. I think if you been amazed at the way he's treated the people that he's coming to talk to, and had you heard reports coming back about what it's like to be in the room working but he seems to be attentive and he seems to want your wisdom and your close reports past all yeah yeah that he's totally present that that he's focused when people are raising issues here just just against something that for people process when I was in Singapore I was talking to a pastor and he has a friend who is a megarich billionaire major CEO. That's a personal friend of Donald Trump and he said how was just with MNU's private plane. So on and so he said I was talking to some of the guys that work on Donald Trump's plane and they were specific, saying every wonderful thing this it early in the morning was cold. He comes in early morning brings us coffee and stuff like to suck your people think that II can't figure it out yet the public persona he sees me certain way and then all these other things for your you're saying that there's something very endearing about him even humility and a focus on others which obviously is going to make a major difference gentle with other world leaders.

I would think well when he gets up and stands up a lot of time. She put on, for some state. It's almost like I'm shifting gear to this stage person and and there's a lot of programming what I call the spirit of the world, not exactly what we get program of the spirit award a lot of times in relation spirit and we get program into trying to perform trying to live up to what we think the other thing that is receiving the weight of thumbs.if I just if you hold him one more minute by gets the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I guess James Robinson you can read his article my message in prayer for the president's great picture so go there check it out it's it's a great read. It's inspirational and what amazes me is that James is been talk about these things for months now, and now were seeing them come to pass, such as if we go back in time I had endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz, you were given counsel to all the Republican candidates that would come true which was which was most of them and sharing some of that input with me when Ben Carson endorsed Donald Trump. I wasn't happy with an F. I recall you weren't enthusiastic about it either, but then you he saw he saw God doing so at what point did you begin to sense that God had a divine purpose for Donald Trump is our president can to keep up to the club struggling doctor about to start right you talk on the phone I think you are correct about and anyway he walked up to the endorsement framework require the absolute arming cobbles commitment that Donald Trump basically private extensive beginning with wheat flour Mansur James that you listen to. Donald Trump told everybody that leaders of the people despite counsel so we actually saw are using is not site so you sand is double minded. And when we dealt with that you should know it really is.

I can explain it to James and Mike Huckabee about his first force sensor. When he was about and is our early 20s and he went to work for me for your product were right you got you set a meeting up right start puking endorsement on our sheet and in my Tele-seminar spent eight hours. Mike is home and should change your initials when he was cruising and entropy. She understands my English is it is amazing. Bring these teachable but one can grant Michael will be with Ben and I were typing for life today program at Franklin Graham. Also, Steven Curtis Chapman tonight IP $11 for baritone. Likely studios are 7 o'clock and get there because we are partly the frequency, James… You say these teachable and and every body that I knew that was with him alone kept telling me this, and Rick Perry ends up going and recurs grown-up mystery preach government taxes, not energy Sec. P cultures value specialist got James you don't believe that what he must've found some the main stage of these agencies amazingly teachable and in and you want to more or less conversation us at the way you respond to us. If you know what we all need to understand his God says he offers that wisdom freely. Truth actually lifts its course in the public square. If we tune our ears to the frequency Jesus and father in heaven, we can begin to hear the sounds of heaven would be no the word of God. It opens our ears to hear the God of the work entropy, we have fellowship with an eye on.

I'm really seeking to help all of our late breakfast sources should change my life. Minute, Mr. coming see I told you got some fairly direct and so beautiful and I am Rex believes God designed him for this day. Not for Exxon Mobil to serve his country told me that just might.

I can serve my country but Allah sleep Michael. This is this is your spirit serve the church but you also will serve the cause of freedom and I just believe that this is such a great power to arise and shine with the Lord on one fight the race but he set the course and that was my instructions to eight or 10 of the presidential candidates are asked to meet with me. I figure running for president but on the right courtship and you can't link sockets land that the piano over and over, and Huckabee in the. The ramp all the Purina and and Walker all answer all rental on that right and didn't like that race related to him to sit down and listen to Mr. Trump and then to try to get Mr. Trump to listen to wisdom. I remember is you you help turn my heart on this know when you told the story of what happened with you and George W. Bush you met with him and said want to pray with him and he's going to be Reagan's vice presidential candidate seem far-fetched and went after Reagan's economic voodoo economics and the whole bit. You saw that I thought okay James is saying something here that I'm not seeing something on the listen and watch carefully and remember you said the same thing to me said look Ben Carson. He's a man about my cookies meant they see something I thought okay it's not just that they're all being political pragmatist thinking this guy is going to get insolence so join his party. Yeah so it's it, and now to see this play out. I kid I was in Singapore and I just I had gotten the text from you telling me what it happened because my phone was on the whole time I sent you a text first to say Manus saw the inaugural prayer. Your office consented to be gotten the year that that morning of the charge and I thought many here you are the pulpit asking that the Mets about the present.

Would you please stand and you I think that's all, or months of talking on the air in the all of you talking to behind the scenes us and Michael pray for its critical pray. And here we are. So yes let us pray for him like never before, and let us, let us seize the moment as the church. If God could do this with Donald Trump. What could he do with the church so I appreciate your leadership on the front lines, including our listening audience in his journey through these months is really amazing to see what happens in the days to come surrounding the crowd talk in the morning after you select and are never heard such gratitude to God and to everybody that supported them to enter evangelicals into right field people Catholics people of Jesus and of the common sense Americans work clinical political correctness and out-of-control government but I was a coalition came together, but as I'm talking to the members of this around 10 o'clock morning at the Storch Pres. and he said glasses you not to try to surround you Mr. McReynolds or James surround me. Don't you ever let me forget surround me with now that his request.

The morning after he's the election that I think we as Christians need to take our presence request to be surrounded wisdom with love, prayer, surround asked us to do it. The Bible commands us to speak, pray for those that are a part in and understand that we are all called by God to pray for these leaders and but let's do it.

Let's do it right. Despite the Congress to come to you Mr. Trump the top of the spring.

I wish everybody that has a Facebook everybody that have green take what I spoke to the president but I was speaking that consistently doing 14 months only applying in the cars with the securities service in my spine were I'm speaking that why don't you take what I shared with the president to The vice president their parameters by and 1/2 mile in every praying Christian. Why don't we take that message that God gave me for our nation's leader and for the church. I see her friends to share my message in prayer for the president of James Robison share wisely. Thank you your brother

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