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Answers to Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 27, 2017 4:40 pm

Answers to Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 27, 2017 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/27/17.

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You've got questions, we've got answers, I'm ready, let's do it stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always.

866-34-TRUTH let's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown looking looking to the broadcast.

It is our Friday show which is extra fun every day on radio's wonderful sacred privilege but a great joy. But Friday is extra fun because you got questions, we've got answers which ever questions in the world you want to ask on any subject whatsoever as long as they're appropriate for Christian radio and errors. Or I can help you give me a call 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884 note II have a little dream.

I don't know that will ever come to pass.

I'm not expecting it. I'm a man of faith and optimism, but I have a lot of confidence in this one, but I just have a little dream that one day all the people believers and nonbelievers. All the people who post really nasty comments on our social media sites are Facebook page, Twitter feed our YouTube channel.

In response to my articles in different sites that rather than just post the comments which they're free to do that actually calling the show and talk to me about their issues. It's the rarest of rare whenever happens, you say well look Mike not everybody is free at this time of the data call.

All will there always people free to call because we get tons of calls through the week. That's one thing and out of the multiplied thousands that have time to post nasty comments course they're dwarfed by people making constructive comments more the comments, but certainly there people that have time to call so don't just post your confrontational comment and call me out give me a call.

Perhaps I can enlighten you. Perhaps I can change your perspective. Perhaps you could help me with a blind spot. Oh we met the amazing 866-34-TRUTH 784 any question of any kind that's appropriate for Christian radio phone lines are now open.

I do want to talk to first though about today's March for life. The 44th annual March for life and I wrote an article last night the March for life in the antitrust women's March, a study in contrasts telling you in advance was can be different about the March for life.

And last weekend women's March now. I wrote it in advance because you needed some special prophetic revelation in order to do it, but because this is self-evident. We've watched this enough over the years we have seen this enough over the years to know what to expect and I said they're going to be three areas of contrast one will be the media coverage of the events.

The media was all over the women's March.

I mean this was a happening thing quote after quote footage more footage and more articles and I understand it was a major event understand it was a major negative response to the inauguration of Pres. Trump at the same time we watch for decades how the March for life is virtually ignored.

I remember when I I live near DC and and we have friends and colleagues per car geisha very active in the pro-life movement and to be a massive March and then you'd wait. We we watch the news, that is before cable or a set.

This would watch the local news coverage. This is big news.

This was the big news of the day in terms of what actually happened in our area and right towards the end of the save the 11 o'clock news at night right towards the end there be a short story and rather than show the massive crowds and rather than have clips of the speakers you know that we do. They would interview two of the pro-life marchers and two protesters. Maybe there 1/4 of a million marchers and 20 protest that many in the interview decided that that was because that's the first area of contrast, the second is the spirit of the event.

The ideology of the events different from our nation right back on file.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown genital minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown early in the campaign and then became more convinced that this was something important to him as well. It's it's really remarkable vice president pencil speaking at the March for life today in DC first vice president ever do that. Kelly and Conway.

The campaign manager during the campaign and out the key spokesperson for the Trump administration. She spoke at the event and while Donald Trump had an interview was an ABC reporter.

I don't know if this part… Air but he brought up the March for life and said that he understands the press doesn't cover it and he did know if how the numbers would compare to the of the women's March but he said yet he hears the press doesn't cover which is standard. Thanks my friend Erica Texas addressing the crowd today actually called on people.

Katie Couric, it is did you get this student did you catch this one of the things of the symptoms of the spirit of the event being different is is that one is going to be redemptive in its tone, you had the angry rhetoric of people like Madonna, who understand Eric pray for at the rally today you you have that rhetoric in interest has thoughts of blowing up the White House.

I'm sure she didn't get booted. The women's March for sin and she walked back I met a little bit subsequently but obviously those are serious ugly comments to make for for a pop icon of that kind.

But in Ashley Jen actress Ashley Judd, the even while this extremely vulgar, unrepeatable comments about Donald Trump that being some of the tone.

Not all of it, but some of the tone of the women's March and and I assure you I can assure you, in advance, and that of the speakers at the pro-life event today were or are calling for blowing up of abortion clinics or talk about how they dream about doing that and and one will have a tone of redemption in life 866-34-TRUTH you can read my latest article on the website. The line of is called the March for life in the antitrust women's March, a stunning contrast.

Also, if you miss my article reposted yesterday morning it's gone viral.

Since on my meeting with Pastor Joseph Prince, then by all means check that out also the website. The line of we're getting a tremendous amount of positive comments from people appreciating the fact that we sat down to talk in the midst of our differences and and emphasize your areas of commonality and we want to continue to have dialogue in our areas of commonality far outweigh our areas of difference. We do have differences, but with respect to each other in the Lord. But as expected, I knew it I told him. And of course he expected that I would get blasted for even meeting with him for even talking with him. Acknowledging him as a brother in the Lord and I'm sure he'll get blasted by some for meeting with me but that's fine. That's that is an absolutely small price to pay if we can exalt Jesus call people to holiness.

Call people to true grace expose counterfeit grace and continue the dialogue about our differences.

That's a small price to pay, but if you have a question about it. Please give me a call. I welcome it. I'm not offended by it whatsoever. 866-34-TRUTH. Let's start with Alan in Springfield, Virginia. Welcome Sir to the line of fire Blouin are you there Alan has gone silent on how you look for a little while soup is still there we go to and in Washington DC. Welcome to the line of fire how you doing Dr. Brown. I'm blessed thank you.

I really enjoyed your program on we need to make all along the will of God. You know Donald Trump is outranking and in the Bible tells us to pray for those in authority. We have to accept the power that the ordained of God and that you know when to step up without any need to pray and we need to come together and I thought like this day when you're at your absolutely right, and bless you for that attitude. I know that during the presidency of Barack Obama that many of my conservative friends spent far more time criticizing and attacking and in far less time praying and I think that's what we all tend to do whatever side of the equation. Ron we tend to do that we could be the same from the problem in our church that will be critical of the leadership more than will pray and if instead will see you hears we have an honest difference here is we have a concern hears. We have an issue to raise and we do that, but we give ourselves more to prayer, the world would look like a whole different place as a set II deeply differed with policies of Barack Obama with you is my president. Nonetheless, and I respected that office and I know that there was some good that he did but I feel as much bad that he did either. What he was my president. Now Donald Trump is your president. That's the way it works so and amen to your perspective. Thank you, 86634 let's go to Marilyn in Maryland. Welcome to the line of fire. Hi, my eye firmly believed that God will never truly brought and tell him anything, especially in Kelly Rail and Ellie at killing baby and at one time before I knew the Lord and I was pregnant at the young person I used to wait like Roe versus Wade. Be quiet like that. Now I know it is abomination you you you are absolutely right and I let my daughter be adopted and I have been able to meet her one time and it was a real black while so so good you didn't see you can bring her into this world, but rather than stop you from coming into this world you gave her production yeah and and let me say this when you say it's your opinion that God will fully bless us to stop aborting babies. It's it's not just your opinion, your your hundred percent right. God hates the shedding of innocent blood. God cares about the little ones.

It's amazing mercy that we have not received more severe judgment than we have and when we please for mercy all the time because we deserve judgment for this one sin alone.

We deserve judgment. May God have mercy. May God turn hearts. May God do something miraculous and seemingly impossible during the administration of Donald Trump again. What a surprise that would be to see God use a man with the past like his in a background like his use him in way that would bring life and blessing to the nation may be so hey thank you for the call 86634 we go to Laura in Brooklyn, New York. Welcome to the line of fire. I'm doing really well question regarding Matthew chapter 25 when I was on hold. I want to look into it on anything that 2424. Could you elaborate on site. Certainly one thing, and in Matthew's gospel, Matthew chapter 24 has parallels in Mark 13 and in Luke 21. It's called the Olivet discourse because he gave this discourse while sitting on the Mount of olives and you have to understand that there are two dimensions to it is the dimension of events that happen in the year 70 with the destruction of the temple and then there the are the events that happen at the end of the age when Jesus returns, and there are parallels with both of them.

We have this with Old Testament prophecy as well, but will be destruction that came on Judah in the past but then it's a prophecy of a future judgment or trying an attack as well.

So, false massage and false prophets will arise and perform great signs and wonders to lead astray, if possible, even the Alexa. Let's say that were looking this is an end time prophecy something I could have relevance in advance of its a debate Laura as to whether this is saying that it's possible to deceive the elect or it's not possible to deceive the elect other words the perform great signs and wonders to lead astray, even the elect if that were possible. So the question is, is Jesus saying it is possible or it's not possible. Why give the warning if it's not possible right and why does Paul write. For example, second Corinthians 11 that he's concerned that just as Eve was deceived by the serpent that the Corinthian believers who were elect that they would be deceived or what is Paul write to the Galatians, who were elect and ask who has deceived you, so I take the words, if possible, to mean if we will open up the door to deception if we will not be people, based in the word of God and a holy life in a submitted life then we could be deceived by these false messiahs and false prophets so that's how I understand it, but there's no reason for us ever to be deceived because were forewarned by the Lord and we have everything we need in him by his word by his Spirit to help the body never seems to think he's a warning that they are free to call God's blessings to you will be right back with more your calls.

You got questions got answered her plan by Expo light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is this is a turning point for the right to life at the March for life. The 44th annual March for life. It's sad that we've had so many and still Roe V Wade on the return but by God's grace. Things will continue to change, and most portly change in the hearts and lives of Americans. A Mike pence. According to Annika Smith who is from the stream and is live tweeting from the event VP Mike pence praises gentleness, compassion and love to the pro-life crowd with this moment be known for love not anger. Pence escrow to meet moms with compassion, not condemnation. Compassion is overcoming convenience and hope is beating despair must be disposed with respect and compassion for every American. So says our dignified pro-life vice president, 866-34-TRUTH okay before I go back to the phones which I'm gonna do momentarily. I got a very important announcement for everyone listening by radio listening by intranet podcast. This is not what it's it's a great announcement, but some is critical if you're listening by radio, God willing, in the years ahead we will greatly expand our radio footprint to get to many of the places where we are not currently in America. In the process.

There may be a point we have to step back from certain states is wrong. Before we expand.

We are very soon going to be releasing an app it's going to be a phenomenal app, a semi-topical tough. It's gonna be a fabulous app. It's going to be a great app, though I will. It's just about finished and ready to go and with this app you'll just be up you want to listen to the show without on your radio station anywhere anywhere you are in America's knowledge of cell phone service.

Boehm just click on click on that app okay and you listen to the radio right there want to call Boehm press a button and you can just call you one check out our latest articles video boom will be able to do it. So stay tune if it any point we are not on your local radio station or if you're driving out of range or if you only get the first half hour hour you want to listen to all two hours will have the app available very soon. His lungs have a cell phone. You won't miss a minute so for any point. What will give you notice if there's a programming change but if that happens and you have the app will never miss a minute of the line of fire 866-34-TRUTH. Let's see will go to John and Waldorf, Maryland. Welcome to light a fire during very well thank you I have all like like the were big time, brother Glenn elect everything now, but I hear her a lot more negative about Barack Obama. Then I have about Donald and Mike Barnett that not become nocturnal good and right.

But why is everybody now walk before Donald and not what Barack Obama look like I can help you… How many hundreds of thousands of people marched in the streets and protested right after Barack Obama was inaugurated didn't happen did it but have not anger. It happened with Donald Trump how you is to see it and how much was CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, lasting Barack Obama when he was elected calling a liar. They didn't. They were praising to the hilt what it is done is that you're listening more to conservative media. If you listen to liberal media they were praising Pres. Obama for eight years and mocking those who opposed him. If you listen to conservative media they were attacking Barack Obama for eight years, so it's all a matter of who you listening to Donald Trump is subject to the worst, ugliest criticism of any president so far in memory to the point that he is not embarrassing itself a Republican speaker out that I will do everything possible to make sure that anything he passed through will not will not go through what you want. Number one he didn't do… Hang on hang on I will help you, called you because of the show.

I want to have gone gone gone done.

Here's the problem yet.

Listening how can you tell me what you hear you for not listening's are, let's try this again. I want to help you. Okay I am trying to help you.

That's what John Weiner said if you're calling them accurately. I can't verify that the good so you are bidding.

Do Chuck Schumer and other Democrats have said they will fight tooth and nail against things Donald Trump once your you're only listening selectively. It has zero to do with race. In fact, there is more attack on Donald Trump for being white then there was attack on Brock about being black. If you want a grace mission. I'm here all this antiwhite stuff, day and night and day and night and day and night as I was not hearing it was Barack Obama.

In fact, I did a show even though I I was.

Not happy that Pres. Obama was elected. I did a show to celebrate the fact that we had our first black president asking black callers to call in to share how they felt and what a great day it was for them to see this breakthrough in the White House, even though even though I did. I knew I was good to disagree with his policies just want to honor the man in honor the moment but in point of fact, done the attacks on Donald Trump. Chris Matthews referred to his inaugural speech as Hitler. Aryan that that the actors the actresses ranting about him. Madonna's having thoughts of blowing up the White House, Ashley Judd. Speaking of things I can't repeat on the radio about the money to say more than that other speakers with some of the most vile imaginable comments. So yes there is been steady attack on the conservative side against Barack Obama while he was president and some resistance from the Republicans a little not much really. They wimped out and there is liberal attack against Donald Trump. Watch watch CNN watch MSNBC for night check the comments of of congressional leaders like Chuck Schumer and others about what they're going to do it.

In fact, even threatening that if his Supreme Court appointees is not so-called mainstream pony liberal Schumer is going to fight it tooth and nail was one major reason Donald Trump was elected was was so that he would appoint pro-life justices of my many voted for Edison.distorted wisdom.

I'm happy to talk with you in the future to listen.

Gotta listen otherwise it can help you are right and that will sort this out together, but I sure you like Obama was not criticizing place I get a free pass visual service roles. Obama acts the way it is a make sure to check out our latest videos and articles of life that you not want to miss them.

It's the light a fire with your host activist, author, international and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown back to the line of fire each 648-7884 yeah the March for life is knocking to be marked by anger, hatred, it's not going to be marked by identity politics you had come right now it's just it's just too gross posted. I wrote it, but just it could be kids being picked up by parents.

This is just too gross. One of the signs of the women's market, but there there was just a lot of let's call it feminine vulgarity, I will. I don't know how else to say it and and all kinds of inappropriate images and comments in a stream of hatred at the women's March understand that women have concerns about Donald Trump being misogynist or anti-immigrant threat to Muslim things is that I understand why people have concerns in point of fact, though the the tone some of the speakers. Radical feminists like Ida Hurtado and Gloria Steinem extreme media leftists like Phil make a Michael Moore CNN commentator Van Jones transgender activist like Janet Margaret Cho Willis or of LaDonna Hilton spent 27 years in prison for role the brutal kidnapping, torture and murder of romantic list of the speakers. The women's March and Donna Hilton was talking about standing up in solidarity for the for the women's Christian women of color who are imprisoned in who are abused and mistreated and all the things it will let the whole world know about, but when when you are in prison for your role in a horrific court kidnapped torture and murder of a Long Island businessman when you're in prison for that you get out a few years ago and when you're speaking publicly and you don't address what you did in the past.

You don't say I was justly incarcerated for horrific crimes which I committed it and I'm a new person. I've changed every I regret my actions, but I did learn about the plight of the women and and I want to draw your attention to it when you don't even do that. You're just hailed as it is a is a hero to get up and speak that that to me is well. What kind of spirit is that the question I'll ask 866-34-TRUTH. Let us go to a Tina loan. Let's try a Patricia in Queens, New York.

Welcome to the line of fire.

Will Patricia are you there how folks are disappearing. Will try Brandon will look at this.

A maintenance means lines are opening 40 866-34-TRUTH of its go to our friend Rev. Tom in Boston. Welcome to the line of fire Brown how are you doing well.

Thank you want things on your Nancy this knowing there.

I pray that your book that you cooperated on highly successful.

I know it will help a lot of people will thank you anyways. That said, I wanted to say disappointed to hear that you know you get a number of and not some kind emails and so forth fibrillation. For some time and I want to say that I think that you're one of the most fair open minded client, loving people that I have ever heard on any kind of talk radio program with Tom that's that's very kind of you and I appreciate it.

You know, there is there is not a temptation for me.

This is no temptation law, but there is a tendency with things like live talk radio or things like writing cultural commentary articles.

We were supposed to be a certain type of character and the more obnoxious you are more Hall you are the one, so send the list to work. Contrary to this place off some llama appreciatively skywards the tape of some of the response Joseph Prince on the other side the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks so much for being part of the broadcast questions we got answers. Here's number to call to get in with your question.

866-348-7884. That's 866-34-TRUTH. The number to call out Rev. Tom in Boston just talk about my interaction with Joseph Prince of my book hyper grace. I quote him often as her brother is someone who loves the Lord.

But is someone who I believe had some erroneous teachings in the midst of of his message and because of that, many are held by the truths he delivers, but others are hurt by what I believe are the errors suite we talk candidly about this and what grieved him most was that he felt he was lumped in with people that he didn't agree with people had extreme views people he doesn't know it all but that they would quote him as if he's there manner.

Their leader, and I so I did make distinctions and I did send us some hold to this and others hold to this still understand that I put them all in the in the class of of hyper grace and he wants me to join with him in warning against counterfeit graces as we discussed the differences and then I suggested we highlight our areas of of common belief, so you know he was as gracious and friendly as could be.

In that respect. I lay those things out in the article. He also felt that I didn't fairly represent how many people the flood of testimonies that hear people delivered from sexual sin and drunkenness, and other problems in marriage is getting back together through listening to his message and I said I do acknowledge those but I've also heard the negative stories of people becoming complacent, fleshly, and he's available if you become complacent fleshly. He sure they're not understanding grace because grace is going to teach you not to live in ungodly life and things like that so anyway was it was great constructive interaction between two brothers and we've gotten flooded with positive comments but then you have folks like this. A pity. Dr. Brown sees no problem cozying up to a doctrinal heretic and prosperity gospel wolf sad indeed you have those kind of comments and in the seminal thing is there good. Is there any charismatic wolf that I won't call out and interestingly I can see the actual right of because I had some of these folks block to my twitter feed because of their friends getting abusive. So one gentleman apparently attacked me for what I wrote about Joseph Prince and the irony is that I've tried to meet with a leader in his camp. That leader will even meet with me so again it's it's sad. It's kind of ironic, but this much I know there are people with a certain attitude presupposition critical bent that up on them or be able please and I don't worry about it. I feel bad for them. I wish them the best and in their walk with the Lord that you know there's some people, the matter what you say or do it in less you come to their share there there very very now extreme opinion, your you're not orthodoxy.

Pray for them and bless them and and wish the best and go on and it's about yeah I had a guy didn't know I was still on. I wanted to ask you something. I just make a comment. How come to my mind when you had mentioned about Joseph? We really appreciate what you just said because I look for that if you do cooperate on any articles with them back because I really appreciate your theology. I have to say I remember saying – being male are banks, but I got to be totally honest and sometimes I don't always agree with everything that you say, but I gotta tell you, your brother and I love you and I think people should for you and then not be so quick to try to read between the lines are are are are you know go off on a tangent away from the point that you're really trying to make and just really think about what Dr. Brownstein pray about it read the things that he has this evaluation, so I'm annual know his heart that said, the other thing you made me think when you dimensioned out Joseph Krantz was a new writing by Joel Alstyne about you are God's masterpiece to say this I don't think that any of us are God's masterpiece, I disagree with Joel on that and the exaltation of man. The masterpiece that I say is the masterpiece that hung on the cross and gave his blood in my place on the terrible things that I've done in my life and all it requires that I place my faith in his work and what he's done and in his shed blood and all tell you that's really good deal of the century. If you ask my cross and Jesus. That's God's masterpiece yeah I I present appreciate your kind words as well.

And by the way, I wouldn't expect anyone to be with everything I say might my dear wife Nancy, of over 40 years disagree with everything I say but say this unlike you say anything thoughtlessly so they have the right anything thoughtlessly.

I'm not going to put out anything that hasn't been prayerfully considered do my best to examine and consider it scripturally and we still have differences.

That's that's what happens world, but when I when I wrote an open letter to Joel O'Steen years ago, have never been able to to meet with him. Talk to keep right-hand man of his at some length within a meet with Joel. I understand the point he's making. Ephesians 2 we are God's workmanship, created the Messiah Jesus to do good works.

So in that sense God said something beautiful and amazing in our lives. PS the masterpiece is, is the cross in the center got hanging on the cross and the work of redemption there and my concern with Joel O'Steen's message which I've openly said and I consider him a brother, but my concern with the messages to me it's primarily just an empty peptalk it's it's almost no call to turn from sin. It's almost no exposing of synth.

It's almost no dealing on a deeper level with with the issues where we need to turn it's pretty much just a positive message of of hope which goes only so far. When you read through the New Testament.

Bellbottoms hold you read through the new test redefine a whole lot more than that a whole lot more than that, whether it's reaching the unbeliever or reaching the believer. So Jesus was a friend of sinners recall those sinners to repent and turn from their ways of death, and discover new life in him. The peptalk gospel of the exultation of I am an hey let's face it, the great I am when you when you read the power dynamic title of one of Joel O'Steen's books, the IM that's what you think of you think of the Lord, but it's confessions that we remake a menacing amount Oprah with hundreds and hundreds of ladies in the audience yet to know a good number of them preps the bulk of them were not believers making always positive confessions voice of the one true soul. I really do pray and hope that that Joel with the amazing audience.

He has perhaps the largest of any preacher in the world that he would go deeper and bring a deeper message to many that he could help. Hey, thank you for the call 86634 all right we reconnect with Tina in Teaneck, New Jersey looking to go on a fire. How glad about Egypt the Bible that are affected by the press three garlic and I want to have anything yeah you are right when you read it. For example, the other turning the water into blood and it doesn't say that it didn't affect the Israelites and then the frogs coming out of the water. It doesn't say that it didn't affect the Israelites when you get further and then some. So striking is just complete darkness over all of Egypt but not with the Israelites or of course at the end the smiting of the firstborn that God makes an absolute distinction. So there are two possibilities, Tina.

The first is that God always made that distinction, but it's not recorded.

Then again you have to presuppose that because the text doesn't tell us the other would be that often in this world we are affected by judgment that happens all around us. For example, Boros described who was Jeremiah's right-hand man. He he did not live like a king in exile would God just said is your persona preserve your life, you recommend I if if God was to shake America with judgment that the believers would have some aspect of of grace in the midst of it in some aspect of protection, but if the world was starving around them. I can assure you that they will that that the believers would not be feasting on a filet mignon every day and knows our needs would be super actually met that we be affected by the judgment as well.

So when God judges the nation the wicked are punished, but the righteous will still suffer some of the consequences of the righteous people who went into exile in Babylon.

In fact, God said it was the righteous that he was sent into exile and preserve their life so it could be Tina that his judgment began. Everybody's affected fight initially and then God says all right now watch now walk makes the separation loud, clear, and all of Egypt recognizes all my daughters make a distinction between the people of if the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown and voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown that today March for life anniversary of Roe V Wade that today is also the day 72 years ago that Auschwitz was liberated January 27, 1945 that something 866-348-7884 we go to BJ in round rock, Texas. Welcome to the line of fire, I grab hello. I had a question about a Bible where I second.

27. I believe it is all right Lord I always wondered about that Bible verse I been a contact Israel and Judah and Edom are fighting again. Moab and the Moabite king, and that it takes an old dining backer pipe is them yet and great rat came upon Israel and they departed and went on some hard wondered it down me like it thing after Edom backer 59 Cal Becker back for some reason rat came upon the nation of Israel that that very odd crazy… Maybe there something in the Hebrew I was missing or out of understanding. It is this nothing missing in the Hebrew whatsoever and it's it, you're not the only ones wondered about it. I've I've long got it and I have I have read commentaries on it and then not been not been satisfied with the OER I'm looking at are a rabbinic commentary, a Rashi who is the foremost Jewish commentator on Scripture, and he explains that the the Ritz is great wrath came against Israel that it he explains for their iniquities were remembered that they to worship pagan deities and are not worthy of miracles. God's miracles of intervention that the chief course read about earlier in this chapter, but it is it is a bit of a mystery. There is nothing that that in my view, the Hebrew tells us at any differently than the English it's it's not a translation issue. It's it's there's nothing peculiar about it. It's not that the words or on I mean I I've wondered. Was there something wrong with the Israelites were doing in prosecuting this war, which then provoke the king to sacrifice his firstborn son. And because of that there was wrath. To me that's stretching it a bit but I know it because it seems like there rightly prosecuting the war here against and yet the king of Moab and is is it what Rashi the Jewish commentator says that great wrath was on the Israelites, because when he does this he remembers their their sins and their worship of idols and perhaps their sacrificing of their own children to idols and because of that judgment comes. I mean if it if if it was great apartments that the Israelites were just absolutely shocked you know and and that's what it meant is that that was the point that they they were just furious and they were they were indignant and they just set Oscar forget it and they left it around if I look at this is the horror he committed and they just left there that that to me would work contextually except it doesn't seem to say that it's it's, you know, looking at different translations the fury against Israel was great. There was an outburst of divine anger against Israel. There was great anger against Israel such great anger came upon is really great wrath came upon Israel, don't I don't don't have any other any other answer for you it's it's a curiosity to me and I haven't been satisfied with things are written commentaries so we will continue to wonder about it and if if something relax me as is explaining it. I'll let you know I do know that there are some Bible verse that are odd and that it I mean, obviously, wish and there are handed up apart all know know this. I understand I there's a reason yes to understand it's not just that somebody wrote okay and I just ended up in the Bible you have editors who've gone through the text afterwards or people with copied manuscripts and then others that agree okay this is sacred text and as part of Scripture. And if there was something that was considered that peculiar. The question is, would it even would even make its way in, as I'm looking in the cultural commentary that the portrait by John Walton. He secured the mechanism of sacrifice is not explicitly described or only told of the child was the king's firstborn son the sacrifices of the exceedingly precious and exceedingly critical situation just as Val was similar to this, though sacrificing story comes after the fact. In Judges 11, but he doesn't explain the great wrath part either.

So to me this is something very profound that I'm missing. This is something very profound that the Bible is telling us that I'm somehow missing first for lack of more information, but again this is why we keep studying and learning.

Sometimes it's a translation issue a but not the case here. Right.

I appreciate the call but yet you hate when I'm asked a question about something that I've stated over the years and never been satisfied with and I can't give a more definitive answer, so it drives me to want to study and look at other explanations more soffit. There are exclusions offered just been satisfied, but what I've seen thus far, maybe have seen a writer explanation just not grafted myself hate God bless man appreciate the question right friends stay right there. If you're on hold. Stay right there and as soon as we get into the new hour under the right to the phone so that means stronghold you're coming next.

But this is a great time to call now because of be able to take your call. The beginning of the new hour 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 okay just another reminder if it any point on the local radio station where you listen to this broadcast. We do a programming change. I don't believe it's affecting anyone.

Well, it may be affecting some listing right now is a think of it. We are looking to expand our reach across America to get into more and more stations and then to do more and more Internet-based things as well.

As we continue to expand by God's grace in 2017. In the process. We may have to temporarily go off certain stations and then relying on some new stations but you never have to miss a moment in the next few days will be making some announcements about a brand-new app it's going to be a terrific app free to use on your cell phone and you don't. You don't need a radio. You don't need anything. All you need is that sulfa will press on it and it'll take you right through life shall call in from their as well. All right. My bottom line today March for life takes place. This be the year turning America. You've got questions, we've got answers, I'm ready, let's do it is time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown this year. This news with all the talk about immigration policy, building a wall that Donald Trump's prison trumps executive order would prioritize Christian refugees is something I've urge for some time.

I'm sure one of many voices urging that saying that the Christian refugees in Muslim countries are the ultimate refugees because they're getting hit from every side of the they can't be part of either Islamic faction or multiple factions there specially targeted because of their Christian faith and many of them don't even make it into refugee camps which are not safer than either and they are not going to be prone to terror. Quite the opposite. So for that reason alone, it is a majority Christian country would make sense to do it. You may not have heard that reported but I've been reading about that. That to me is something right and good. All right, it is January 27 which is the 44th annual March for life and Gov. Mike pence spoke. This is the first time of a vice president has spoken at the event and Kelly and Conway, the White House campaign spokesperson for the exact current title. She spoke through his White House staff that was part of the March for life and again, may this be the year when hearts really turn on a deeper level I believe will be a great contrast in spirit attitude. The speech is the attitude of the protesters, the pro-life protesters the more axes with the pro-life marchers as opposed to those many others participate in the women's March. Last weekend I even wonder I believe, in fact, that they'll do much better job cleaning up the GC was littered with empty trumps signs after the women's March saw lots of pictures of them and I just think the pro-life folks. No hate clean up your mess when you leave very different spirit in both of these events. From what I can tell, and I wrote about it in advance and you can expect that read the article to light a right you got questions, we've got answers any question you have of any kind whatsoever, is also is appropriate for Christian radio. I can help you give me a call if you have questions on my meeting with Pastor Joseph Prince. The article that I wrote mentioning our differences but highlighting our areas of commonality. If you have questions about that. Give me a call 866342. We will start in Houston, Texas Torrey, welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown confounded me a lot a lot). One person told me one that she was just a prophet like they found any evidence why any one like the Pope in outback does a few different extreme no knowing little bit about your culture back ancient culture and how women were revered or what their goals were shaped like an anomaly like what, why, why, I don't understand like lightning yeah will you're exactly right in terms of her being an anomaly and she absolutely was the primary leader of the nation. She was the judge the show faith. The one that that led the nation that the people went to for guidance that prosecuted war and things like that. However, it was the exception to the rule. She was the only such person in the book of Judges who is not male, so will you have other female prophetesses.

Miriam was called a prophetess, the sister of Moses holds a paralyzed day prophetesses, others notice prophetesses Philip having daughter. She worked prophetesses.

That's not uncommon leadership roles on, and explain how to live back here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you so much for being one of our Friday got questions, we've got answers, 8663 freight 7884 reading some Jerusalem news report from Barry and botches Siegel's ministry present on Trump's work, and Executive Order/all funding to UN agencies that give full membership to the Palestinian Authority or the Palestinian the Palestine Liberation Organization to the PA PLO Executive Order would also confront UN agencies who or other international bodies that support programs funding abortion back activity by pressing sanctions against Iran and North Korea is controlled or substantially influenced by any state that sponsors terrorism is blamed for systemic human rights violations. This was reported on Wednesday, but I'm just sharing with you today something again very significant in my view 866-34-TRUTH so back to Taurean Euston Deborah to me is that a picture of women in senior leadership positions. God can raise them up in that regard, they can be powerfully used but it is the exception to the rule of the general rule of governmental headship is male that women can be gifted to serve in all kinds of different ways including preaching and teaching, including being used in the gifts of the spirit including administrative gifts and things like that.

Proverbs 31 a speaking of the, the godly woman there.

She certainly administrator. She certainly takes the bull by the horns sheet certainly makes independent decisions. She certainly strong but again that the husband will have the normal role as the head of the house and senior leadership in the body as I see it scripturally is is to be male. However, God does use women powerfully as pastors as church planters and other ministries when I was in Singapore.

One of the events we had. I was speaking at a dinner for business leaders and some can pastors and there was a woman there. One of the top leaders in all Singapore American woman who served there for many many years Pastor church.

We are so there are Deborah's today.

It's just not the norm was rule so you don't want to read too much out of it. You don't want to minimize role, but even in ancient Israelite culture when when she is going to war, and there this Barack in an and others involved in or she wants to make sure that the man leads the way other was to be shameful.

If a woman led the way, rather mad, of course, she was the stronger one in the midst of it so there that that's no she is exactly who she was. She was edge of her day. A strong leader, godly prophetess. And yet, the exception to the rule. A quick follow-up. Sure when I agree that now there you know that had headship when he and from where my there's a woman in a strong, strong leadership, but you know, at the hierarchy. How would you discern if you would waive the start of a man someone ready to follow if it was a one-man yeah McGinnis is not the norm but I would use similar tests I would use similar tests about about personal godliness about being proficient in Scripture about being relational about being a person submitted to authority and things like that I would examine the the same way and very very gifted anointed women that I know that there are powerful leaders, but in all those cases if they're married this to recognize their husbands is is the head of the home.

In that respect it.

Look, there are some husbands that are complete wimps. There is some pastors that are not courageous at all, and their wives are much more courageous you know so CNN just because there are certain positions given, it doesn't mean that the person lives up to their stature and it doesn't just because you may not be the senior leader doesn't mean that you can't be a powerful leader in an anointed leader in a world changer, but even more, cannot score world leaders so all around the world. You had a Golda Meir in Israel right but you had all men. Aside from that and and Israel's very liberated society in that regard. In terms of women in leadership. It just seems to be the larger pattern. The way God constituted us and differences he made. I know when I look at what a woman does and what her gifting's are her strengths are. I don't know how many mothers and many women, single women.

Married women are able to do what they do. II have tremendous admiration for courage for strengths for for all these all these other things. That being said at the same time.

We cover gifts in our strengths and and I know in our house… Many times my wife Nancy is the strongest person that I know the the most immovable person if she has a conviction the most immovable person that I know people think I'm immovable with my convictions. She's even more immovable. Yet she 100%. Looks to me to be the head of the house. 100% and 100% take expects me, but see if there was a storm that on the want to make sure that the family is protected and safe and again is just each of us functioning in our roles and unfortunately Tori. In our day. Even in the church we had a breakdown in gender distinctions in recognition of the various gifts the gods given to man the gods given to women in the beauty of that in the mutuality mutuality of that the complementarity of that, because of which we've blurred some of this in the church and it's very easy for the world to go even further with it a thank you for the call and the questions 86634 just looking at this note from Donald Trump to hundreds of thousands of pro-life Americans in Washington DC. This is his tweets.

The March life is so important to all of you March and you have my full support. Terrific to see that. Glad to see that again.

First time a sitting VP has spoken at such an event, 866-34-TRUTH we go to Bremen and Brooklyn. Welcome to the line of fire.

Hello Michael Brown, of the coalescing of Moscow on you bring up you have been learning a lot a lot about Beaumont. I wanted black because you know the Lord. We frequent. When I left anything left vacant lot by one of the lady had been brotherly no I not be responsible we would my work community will waking up a in a funk up if you like you so heavy and I don't know I just like I want to do the will of God. Every and build a nihilist praying and I took Apple I was talking dialect at night I applicant my cell and that benefit being like about an effect on the foam under no given out by dressing Bremen. Thank God for cities he's delivered you from these these other vices and bondage is which which many struggle with and and don't find freedom and be assured that whenever you direct your heart towards the Lord. Be assured when ever you pray whenever you talk to him. Whatever you think thoughts when you're dialoguing with him in your mind he's listening here as he sees. I remember Braley when I was a fairly new believer and I was so use to always experience the presence of God in a rich way.

Whenever I would pray in particular, whenever a be one of our church services.

I mean, the Lord was there and I and I would experience his presence and and I was in a one of our night services and it'd been like a Dan 1/2 right. Just did not experience that the conscious presence of God the way I was used to. And I I just said Lord can I feel your presence comes a new believer and and he was so gracious to just be so near to me in those days and I said Lord can I just feel your presence again and so they that that joy, that sense of life that nearness of God is flooded me and I remember feeling a little bad as the church servicing and what about some kind of baby that I can't go a day and 1/2 without feeling this and just literally at that moment, the pastor of this church was little Pentecostal church. He spoke in tongues and then he delivered the interpretation that I am talk about the split second. This was happening in the interpretation was the end of Matthew 28 low. I am with you always, even to the end of the world. Whether you feel me or not this test bow and hit me right between the eyes and in a wonderful way. That's the truth we walk by faith not by sight. We walk by faith, not by feeling so be assured you when you feel nothing that he's near what I would do the night or today whenever breaks are I just get alone and just have a long talk with them. I could talk to me just how everything I'm struggling with this have a problem here. Don't how to deal with this and fill in a responsible, but I just need your help put it all in his hands.

First Peter chapter 5 says anxious about what it says that Jesus is quoting along verse that he cares you not just for you is working cares for you cast your hands on him, though carried watch and see her plan and Expo light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, welcome back to our 866-34-TRUTH 784 I was put the other Philippians for first Peter five and Psalm 55 in my mom's oath as answering the question.

Psalm 55 tells us to cast or burdensome Lord who sustains Philippians 4 tells us not to be anxious about anything, but everything with prayer and supplication with thanksgiving. Make a request known to God and the peace of God which passes all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Messiah Jesus and first Peter five telling us to castor anxiety and him, for he cares for us. Member decades ago, brother teaching on that pointed out that doesn't say he cares for your work, but he cares for you. Just think he cares. But what you can produce for him what you can do for me cares for you. This is Michael Brown you're listening to the line of fire your voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Any question you have of any Conroy can be of help to you if it's appropriate for Christian radio.

Give me a call 86 634-8784 everybody listening to me all over Raleigh Cary, North Carolina to be with you for five days goblin beginning Sunday morning and Sunday night. Monday I choose and it was a nice Thursday night.

That's right, five nights and Sunday morning at Carey Church of God meetings are free, open to the public, any night each night will be a separate message in itself. The overall theme of course will be revival.

I say of course that's what I've been asked to to to be preaching on.

That's the theme, but these are not just jump and shout and get emotional meetings.

These meetings will want to dig into the word and give you an opportunity to really encounter God afresh in your life if you listen to the broadcast. And you're able to greet me before.

After the service. Please let me know that you are a regular list that we been on the stations now for over eight years, eight 663-487-8450 directions to carry Church of God or anything like that.

Just go to Esther to you see it right there on the itinerary. All right, let's go to the phones with Carl in Greensboro, North Carolina. Thank you for calling the line of fire or are you I'm doing very well.

Thanks. Request all about is not very good about your weight loss and what might do it. Yes sir, and it's very spiritual. In fact, all right. So Nancy and I tell the story in our book, breaking the stronghold of food and I want to tell you why the change came and how the change came but first let me just glorify the Lord.

A written now close to 30 books and this book, by far, breaking the stronghold food is off to the best start of any book that I've written. I think one big reason is because Nancy's in it to and she's just amazingly wise and practical.

Also, because it's it's our story of life transformation have a deal with food.

Everyone has to deal with his been up for days on and off since it came out and again now the number one new release in Christian personal growth on all of the website, which is massive. There's new book at it and I heard every five minutes.

But here's what happened.

I for years. All my life had unhealthy eating habits. I was a glutton every day.

I would say no to certain things would never eat whatever I wanted all day long, but I had unhealthy habits, my entire life as a as a boy used to have Oreos for breakfast. I've been addicted to chocolate almost my entire life.

My favorite single food, just eat every day was pizza and you know all the cheese and and and the bread and things like that and it was just my lifestyle. So as the years go on. You get older stress get heavier so you know what are the way I could eat my 20s I could eat my 50s, my blood pressure was getting high. It was as high as 149/103 and it's called the silent killer and and Nancy kept telling Yuki to mess with this you can play with this and I said look I keep this intense schedule on fine. She said yeah that's that's the problem you know you it's it's it's abusive to do it. My cholesterol for years was was always hi little over 200 normally and that the bad the problem was the bad was high and that the guard was low. I had severe sleep apnea. How to use a breathing machine even when I travel I had headaches several days a week and 34 headaches a week. I lower back pain all the time I was getting tired more and more nonetheless.

I was thriving in terms of busy running hard preaching ministry. But I was wearing out, and I began to think I want to speed up not slow down as I get older I I've so much I want to do for the Lord of the harvest is so ripe how you do that, I started to think of the future.

Instead, be excited I can't wait for what's coming. I was like Hannah Micah to be able to do this and I was embarrassed even I was a big guy worked out. People just on big boned or yellow big guy. The fact is I I went from 275 pounds to 180 Ellis 95 pound while 95 pounds overweight people said maybe have to lose 20, 30 pounds, maybe 50, not 95 but that's that's what I need to loose to get my ideal weight and I was embarrassed.

Being overweight is it's it's not it's not in harmony with who I am and how I live which is discipline and Nancy was praying for me about the health issues were both crying out simultaneously without knowing the other had, she could change her old whole lifestyle fund Dr. Joel Fuhrman's guidelines to eat to live heavily, plant-based diet and the problem was all the foods I like to eat.

I couldn't eat anymore except for salad I can keep eating and and I have to eat all these new foods of every my whole life and I knew there was no way to do it while traveling. Well, August 23, 2014 I said to her, my plans not working I need to make a change. She had been praying for center-right just eat what I give you to eat so I went cold turkey off all the bad stuff and those three days of miserable withdrawal symptoms literally right. It was worse getting off cookies, chocolate cookies and and stuff like that was hard to give up chocolate and to give up heroin. God is my witness, but I realize this is all the bad stuff is leaving my body. This is all the poisons, leaving my body that's a good thing. And then I had to renew my mind.

Food was not my reward after preaching ministry and traveling eat this a nominal food is the fuel for life that had a large renew my palette.

Your palate will will want what you feed it and within eight months or I was 95 pounds, not by dieting but I knew lifestyle and I stayed there around 5 pounds of that range pretty much put a little more muscle in a book, but right in that range by eating the same way.

My blood pressure went from 140 out of 13.100 over 65. My cholesterol went from a high of 230 down to 123. The good being high. The bad being low I I even though Dr. said there was nothing I could be done about my sleep apnea. I lost so much weight that I lost weight in the back of my throat back of my tongue so that only the breathing machine anymore that had a headache in 2 1/2 weeks of two and half weeks three and half years, excuse me then and taken to have years old back pain disappeared. My immune system is off the charts so my energy level. Everything transformed in the key thing is, no exceptions.

Ever that there's a new lifestyle.

Just like if I was a former alcoholic will have a drink don't play games with it because you open the door fall back that's been a major key until destroying the book of Carl one yourself three copier breaking the stronghold from Howard, get calls address and will send him a copy. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown higher today is important day in our nation. It is the 44th annual March for life in the grieving memory of Roe V Wade, in the hope of turning the nation around towards life towards the unborn towards these precious innocent ones and I believe that progress is being made.

If you haven't heard the news. We've we've been talking about it if you haven't heard the news this March for life is the first time the city VP has addressed the crowd. There were White House staff members marching in the March for life and president Trump said, you have my full support. Just amazing. Donald Trump ends up being this champion of life. Did you see the broadcast yesterday on James Robison's TV show James and Betty Robinson life today is on hundreds of stations across America, where I talked about our new book, breaking the stronghold of food we continue to be thrilled with the reviews were. He was really neat is people telling us by the time they finish losing the book they've already lost 10 pounds and they're starting to feel differently ready implementing the things that we suggest to implement. So check it out if you don't have it yet read the reviews over at Amazon breaking the stronghold of food how we conquered food addictions discover a new way of living. If the books been a blessing to please post your review there because this helps other readers to get feedback. I'm always looking for that. I just want to buy something yesterday that that someone recommended to be the first I read the reviews to see here the positive use of negative views like it are overwhelmingly positive and then a little bit more. There, a silky good good that looks good I go ahead and do that again. This is the number one new release in Christian personal growth on Amazon it's doing better than any book we've ever written of any book I've written the first one that's it.

I have written together and you know the fact that I got put on the front cover of charisma magazine.

The January edition for this story was absent about me. It was, it was immaterial to me that this is my face on the front of a magazine of joke that only from the front of someone getting blasted a fair tact of, but it meant that this was an important issue. Believers change in their lifestyles and eating healthily and the benefits that come your way or such listen more people will be miraculously healed reading this book miraculously because of just eating healthily and it seems like a miracle more people will be healed reading this book and implementing what said that I believe in 100 healing meetings.

Why because a lot of our sicknesses are things that we can reverse destroy diet. So many are in an healing is a miracle. But it's the exception to the normal experience worth healthily that will be the normal expense art 866-34-TRUTH it's Friday you know that means you've got questions, we've got answers any question of any kind whatsoever. You can ask on Christian radio. If you want to differ with me on something or probe something. Give me a call 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Durham, North Carolina, Bryant, welcome to the line of fire. They all look at all while great 30 got it yet another verse so look familiar start really on go tell that speaking that Harry also folks of the context. The Pharisees warning him that Herod wants to kill him and Jesus ago. Until that socks right behold I cast out demons and perform cures today and tomorrow the third day I shall be perfect or all complete my work will finish my course yes or take all oh separated Oakland hello… That's a stringent spelling that's all that's that's stringent spelling. That's all it is this. There's nothing to be honest it has nothing to do with the Greek it is nothing romantic is not found in any other translation. This is King James spelling file. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown sobriety just about to day as two separate words and to morrow is to separate words, just with a click of the mouth on my Bible software in front of me. I found 76 times where to day in the King James occurs as two words and if I do the same for to morrow. Let's see I get how many over 5060 had something like that all overdose assist. It's just the spelling in the King James okay it has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the Hebrew or the Greek 100% ignore it. I assure you of that just means today dismissed tomorrow so I assure you that's her right thanks for spotting it, though I appreciate 86634 let's go to David in Utah.

Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you for taking my call. I appreciate it. Sure thing might drive a comment first you had a gentleman on your program about a month ago was doing some marvelous work on the abortion and and I must applaud him doing a great job.

My question to you is why do these organizations make it so hard for good Christian family or anybody for that matter, to adopt a child so expensive and so hard just good home like present by the sun and his wife good Christian, but is so expensive and is there any organization that makes it easier or cheaper to to adopt the child.

I must confess my ignorance of how exactly excuse me, why exactly the costs over there. I know there's a ton of red tape. We've had friends that have adopted kids from overseas and it's it's taken so long. Part of it I know is because of the fear that kids could be sold into sex trafficking or something like that that they could be adopted by some of this is going to abuse them and because of that, because of that there is there's a lot that has to be done now. I appreciate that and I think that's a good thing, but otherwise I don't know why all the red tape. Is there an off the top of my head I don't organizations that are able to to make it easier not. I do know of some that have worked with the prospective mother and she splayed his sheet she can keep her baby, just want to keep her baby so early on, things are done so that the moment the baby is born that that the new parents are able to to adopt the child is thrown in a right right from birth of and again I know Christian organizations that try to bypass River red tape that can. I just don't know off the top of my head which are the best I I would. I would encourage you though to just check. Get online and look up down for life.

It's a pro-life organization, and where it's it's of course opposing abortion bound for life and I believe it's the number four list to see bound number for life.calm yacht believe that's it and for sure they they are in touch with the different adoption organizations because the pro-life organizations. I know all have a wing and arm that is a a a pro adoption arm as well and perhaps they can they can recommend some some organization that is able to bypass some of the red tape and make it less cost in the tens of thousands of dollars, normally involve and then becomes especially complicated when it's a child from overseas. It's an hardship and you can't have compassion on the skin and bring them over becomes even more difficult. We have other friends who are involved with different adoption initiatives. I just don't know the details in terms of how what age is and how it works up a reach out to the folks down for life and I'm sure the be able to refer you in the right direction. 86634 right got disconnected from Bryant interim. Yeah, follow-up questions are sorry we got disconnected back to you might not know the Bible is not mopping reading the Bible book 20 year growth of why why why. Under King Jerry talk a lot but it's in English translation.

That's excellent and is one of errors in and around excuse me, it no longer. Why can Jane talk a lot.

Bob will get you give me the verse that what what's what's the point that the King James, the original King James 1611, which was just a translation, a very good translation but just a translation. It's not the original Hebrew and Greek. It's just a translation and has errors in it. Okay, that you've never read that you've never seen that you wouldn't even understand a lot of the spelling okay it's been modified over the years, but the King James, I read when I was first saved okay and in 1971 that I read a number read through cover to cover for five times and memorize thousands of verses from that's identical to the two today you if you get a King James Bible to its exact same one year. Remember why Bible my Bible no longer wine bottle, but I you were. I had 100 minutes spelling 500 grammar error reading yeah I I'm trying to be helpful, but what you actually reading the link know it's just hasn't been JI here wineskins is still word the word that's used okay if you okay okay with which verse you speaking about. I don't know about my I got my right so you you're talking about. Okay right so what what you're dealing with is your right. So your talk about. See Matthew 917. The, the bill put new wine into old wineskins. Write a letter sent right for sure that the so there's been another revision.

Okay, now I can sort this out now and sent got it got okay yeah for sure the King James when I read it years ago did say wineskins is obviously a new updating of it and knew that because every few there could be every hundred years or something. They updated so when art is updated whenever this new updating is does say bottles, which is on. I agree with you that's so the new updating of the King James whenever that was done which I haven't followed.

To be candid has made some changes and it's a little bit odd because here the King James need to do men put new wine into old bottles.

Else, the bottles break and the wind runneth out in the bottles perish, but they put new wine into new bottles of both preserves or uses the old English runneth right but then it substitutes a deficit. Wineskins are hundred percent right in the new King James dose is wineskins and a number of of the most contemporary versions right every version I'm looking at.

Since wineskins so whoever did this revision of the King James. It's that strange.

I agree with you I Bible.

After that one. Bottles the one you are not tense is bottles. Got Bob by the island while I must've read. There must've been a change in additions say well you got me wondering because when I when I write when I got saved in 1971 for sure it's in wineskins and so whatever, so there must've been a revision a few years after that. That made some of these changes, you look like if you like that dictate 11 on Lombard on 611 says model so that got changed, so they went back to the eye. How do you change paper out.

Okay I know I found on the RLI. I know I didn't change somehow were remembering differently this don't know what I gotta do. I've got it when I get home because I can't do it now I can take out.

I still have the King James Bible that I got when I was safe to take it out and read what it says Cassatt.

I'm remembering wineskins as well. Your remembering wineskins for sure serve for sure this is really interesting and thanks for being patient so I can finally figure out the issue here. I don't know. I sit in change of the paper. It obviously didn't change the paper. So, how we remembering wineskins when using the original King James and wineskins in the King James, I have a line here. Susie said bottles and what I have allies is bottles. You gotta wonder your buddy hey I got a check at home obligate to this when I find out I'll let you know. Thank you sir by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, George W. Bush, who said he misremembered that that one of his words of our Bryant and I miss remembering with the King James said so intuitive.

If you get a King James Bible around the physical will not online. One physical one. Take a look at it isn't Sigler.

Matthew 917 you have have this parable of the wineskins messing on more 25. I and and go to go to Matthew 917 and see if it says bottles are wineskins now from work and tell they all say bottles that I rewrote the way Bryant remembers that it's in wineskins. The only thing I can think is that once a started reading other translations that that just got stuck in my head. We always talk about the parable of the wineskins and that somehow were misremembering and by the way why the King James translate bottle well.

Just checking on one website is bottles accurate were the King James Bible mentions the 1828. There was Webster's dictionary, that bottle could refer the hollow vessel of glass word leather or other material with a narrow mouth for holding and carrying liquors and then back to the Smith's Bible dictionary bottle, one Greek and four Hebrew words translated bottle when it lists them bottles of skins or of earth or glass so that the translation would have made better sense than we now think of it as pertaining to glass. I know it still could mean leather and some forms but we think of it as is glass and obviously that with the been the case. It's not what Jesus was referring to, so would've been bottle with an older meaning of the I'm looking in interesting other verses that see it mentions bottles in Joshua Nyman's excluding the class bottles twice.

There first Samuel 52 bottles of wine.

Protamine wineskins their Job 32. Here, a burst like new bottles. No like new wineskins. So yeah just look at these different references here so it just seems that that was a way that they translate instead of once considered bottles site. I have to say that rather than this being change at some point that were misremembering I was in Israel. Few years back, a filming for a day of discovery with my friends messenger scholars.

Michael delicate of Grabowski and we were if this amazing synagogue in Israel, and it had an inscription which seem to be the inscription but you sure and if so, could well been a messianic Jewish synagogue, and in any case, we were talking about different things and got to quoting verses in Hebrew and I referenced a particular word in Hebrew that occurred at the end of Micah 7 and he said no that this out there. Here's how it ends. And I've never had it in mind because it was part of her prayer. Traditional prayer that he'd said regularly in a Sedona light studied. I know it's there. What I did was listen you putting us in his eyes. I said okay, hang on, so I quoted the last verses of Micah 7 by heart Hebrew. The last three verses that I thought oh is not there and what happened was I was just putting something together from earlier in Micah that I had studied and put it together. They are conflated the verses I was so sure until I quoted my own mind and I quoted the verse six as I memorize them in Hebrew is a rule I misremembered truck up to jet lag right so you know that that does happen that does happen and not my guess is that hearing wineskins wineskins for years.

This will remember seeing the self-assured to cut change on the page of identity politics and just take a minute say where that come from well I'm thinking March life in contrast with the women's March 1 of the speakers list of speakers at the women's March was Ida Hurtado, feminist leader here some of her quotes white men need white women in a way that they do not need women of color because women of color cannot fulfill Whiteman's needs for racially pure offspring.

Social white men perceive women of color, primarily as workers and as objects of sexual power and aggression their sexual objectification of women of color allows Whiteman to express power and aggression sexually without the emotional entanglements of the rituals that are required in relations with relationships with women of their own group. This is the type of destructive identity politics that has been dividing our nation for years now, which often comes from the left, the alleged progressive left which others have called the regress live radio you to come into the room and loves for is the regressive left and II can assure you that there was not a word of identity politics spoken at the March for life today and in contrast with Madonna's unfortunate words were. She said she's thoughts of blowing up the White House course with Donald Trump being in it now.

That's at the March for life. Erica taxes lead people in praying for Madonna and as soon one of her staff member shares right before the show. That is, it is of thoughts about blowing up her house because his Christian so may the nation see a difference in tone and spirit this mean everything said at the women's March was wrong. Dismayed of the concern raised at the women's March was wrong. It means that there are very very different attitudes are a real contrast in spirit and I would say that if you focus on the word redemption and the concepts of of life that you find a great difference. Think of redemption life.

Hope and dignity. These are the major themes of the March for life. Contrast that with the anger and they even degrading feminism that took place.

The embarrassing feminism that took place in some of the vitriol to place the women's March see two very different spirits and it's just of that happens when life is denigrated number if if you are pro-life group who want to participate women's March is your concerns represent Trump you want welcome such as the reality of the day may like triumph over darkness hate. If you live anywhere in the Raleigh North Carolina area. I'll be speaking getting this Sunday five days of the Kerry Church of God.

I can't know the last time I did this and in the congregation five days Sunday morning, Sunday night Monday night Tuesday night Wednesday night Thursday night carry church of God so very close to Raleigh and look forward to seeing if you want of a regular… Come up and greet me before after service we have opportunity, and remember to check out our special offer on the line of It is a liberating, life-giving, life transforming offer and a great way to start the new year. And when you're there check out our latest articles and our latest videos. Remember poster review. If you read and help by breaking the stronghold from post your review on My bottom line today, God's ways life redemption hold and they will trial ways

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