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Putting Our Faith Before Our Politics; A New Book on the Distinctiveness of Jesus; and More

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 31, 2017 4:20 pm

Putting Our Faith Before Our Politics; A New Book on the Distinctiveness of Jesus; and More

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 31, 2017 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/31/17.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Really go for the word of God to the White House and back to the word today. Right here on the line of fire stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown how about I start the broadcast with a big prediction all yeah it's a pretty simple prediction. In fact, it's a prediction. Just about anybody could make a prediction as this things like a quiet down anytime soon regarding our president's decisions and those who differ with his decisions. Things are not going to be calming down anytime soon. Expect ongoing protests expect ongoing Senate boycotts from the Democratic side, expect more onslaught from the media more swirling controversy in social media expect that expect more polarization.

Nothing gives me any indication than any that will change in the immediate future fact, it seems each side is only going to dig in more deeply in the days ahead with cabinet pics still beat to be confirmed with Supreme Court justice to be announced tonight with more flak over the Executive Order and lawsuits to come against the regarding immigration.

Expect things to only intensify which means we as God's people need to step out of the fray and get our heads in a better position one that's not just driven by the right or the left one. That's not just driven by allegiance to the president or opposition to the president one that's driven by allegiance to the Lord in wisdom from above. This is Michael Brown you're listening to the line of fire. I do think our president is doing you feel about the Executive Order we had some lively discussion yesterday. It still in the news to discuss today feel that Donald Trump is sending a message to the enemies of America, saying hey we will be strong.

We will not be like the last administration. We will be strong. There's a new sheriff in town. Is he sending a negative message to the Muslim world is this going to increase radicalization of Muslims within America in April may not have been radical in the past, but they be radicalized through these actions.

Is this further alienating people away from him the statements he made during his campaign and some of the mistakes he made during his campaign present a certain caricature of images is playing into it resist what he was elected to do 866-34-TRUTH 7884. Let's step back, though. Maybe read the word of God to you. Psalm 123 a song of ascents, most likely as these songs were sung going up to Jerusalem for pilgrimage. This was considered ascending. It was both the physical and the spiritual ascent.

I lift my eyes to you, to you who sits enthroned in heaven as the eyes of slaves to the hand of their master is the eyes of a female slave look to the hand of her mistress, sore eyes look to the Lord our God, to the shows us his mercy, have mercy on us.

The Lord have mercy on us, for we have endured no end of contempt.

We have endured no end of ridicule from the arrogant of contempt from the proud and what I want to focus on is is this concept of our eyes look to you. Donald Trump is not the savior of America on his very best day ever.

He will not be the Savior of America. I pray that he will be a good president to God-fearing president will act with wisdom. I pray that there will be people surrounding him who will speak into his life with wisdom. I pray that he will be more careful and steps that he takes so as not to unroll things in a hasty way and hence lead to all kinds of confusion as we've had with the immigration order, but either way, my eyes are not looking to him and if your critical Donald Trump your eyes asserted applicant MRIs are looking to the Lord. We must have another perspective that transcends politics and transcends media can we do it. I believe we can 866-34-TRUTH get away into the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, welcome back friends to the line of fire are a few things I want to say first and then will take your calls as well regarding our president.

We posted on her Facebook page yesterday and asked her to Brown ASCII Dearborn on Facebook.

We posted a video from a grad and his wife from our our school ministry. Fire school of ministry, grabbed his wife were there with your kids in Iraq and the videos from Iraq and the way and with a response to the president's Executive Order, and that the long and short of the responses. This that the president's going to do with he's going to do, but Christians in America have a responsibility to reach out with love and compassion to their Muslim neighbors and right now if you're Muslim living in America.

You may have fled from violence from fellow Muslims in your country Civil War or fled from radical Muslims in your country and you taken refuge in America in your here is a peaceloving American.

Either way, you might feel a rising tide of hostility toward you simply because you must, and it's a great video. It's it's not a political statement. It's a spiritual call for believers to reach out with love to their Muslim friends and neighbors and let them know that as followers of Jesus. They care about them.

They care about their welfare and to be there is true friends for them. I want to echo that and say again that our greatest calling here is not a public statement of allegiance with the present.

You can say hey I think the Executive Order is fine. I think it makes sense.

I know the be some hardship for some. For period of time, but I think it makes sense and in the long-term it was just rolled out poorly and there was a lot of confusion with it. You may have that position by large, I think the Executive Order is is not that extreme, and does make sense. In many ways, but while the government should major on security. The church should major on compassion. In other words, let the government do what it needs to do to keep our borders safe and then to do its best to help those suffering around the world. However we can. We've we've sought to do that for many years but the church though major nonpolitical solidarity yet. Pray for the president and supported as much can, but with the church major on compassionate outreach. Okay, that's one thing.

Second thing is regarding the president's appointment for Supreme Court Justice. His promise was that it would be someone in the mold of Antonin Scalia ask Olivia in a certain way broke the mold.

He was so unique.

His is his brilliance was towering, his expression, his his opinions were so sharp that it's tough to have one fully in his mold, but we understood what would president Trump was saying were kind of a company promise this and he did say he would pick someone from a list of 21 justices that he had worked up together with the help of of heritage foundation, which is a strong conservative think tank in America. So he staying with that it is someone from that listed as a male from that list because the press secretary made reference to.

He is a male from that Liston and their three choices. One seems to be the most likely summer saying that well could be someone not quite as conservatives of as Scalia Democrats say whoever it is.

We got there there to filibuster their get out there in a object to it.

Whoever the nominee is assuming it's from this list and then you have the so-called nuclear option which was made in behalf of the Democrats productive work against them. That would shut the whole filibustering down and say sorry you're going through were pushing this through minutes it's going to be intense either way and the decision apparently has already been made will be able to respond to it. Better to get James Robinson's take on this. In the second hour for those I can catch the show in the second hour, but will be able to respond more. Once the announcement is made, but there are concerns that it could be someone, perhaps closer to Justice Roberts, then Justice Scalia the late Justice Scalia and Justice Roberts. Of course, surprised everyone.

Chief Justice Roberts when he voted in favor of the presence affordable care act Obama care and hence turn things in a way that no one was expecting to go otherwise is been strongly conservative, many other issues so is it going to live up is the appointment going to live up to all expectations that remains to be seen. One of the points of interest.

There have been concerns in the LGBT community growing concerns based on releases of information role releases people on the president staff were releasing information on their own, whether unknown to the president or against the president's wishes or totally part of his plan to get the information that we Donald just called rolled right to the not official represent representations of the president position, but there are concerns in the LGBT community that he was going to be reversing some of things president Obama had done some of his LGBT activists stances and that further things would be pushed forward that would allow for quote discrimination against LGBT's in my mind.

Some of things are being talked about were just going to be fair fair so that there would not be special privileges for those who identify as LGBT to the expense and cost and inconvenience, loss of liberty of other Americans. Well the latest we've heard is a president Trump is say no. He is, or his spokespeople say no. He will actually and and and is about to issue statements and Executive Order saying that all of the rights for LGBT federal employees of the remainder will be discrimination based on sexual rotation or gender identity, and that opens up a whole can of worms.

Once again, when it comes to religious liberties when it comes to other issues when it comes to whether these should be actual category, sexual orientation and gender identity in the same way that, for example, race or ethnicity or or skin color or characteristics or traits or categories, but just read statement from gay activist leader saying don't be deceived by this. This is just a tiny little carrot, forget about it. Donald Trump is not to be a friend of the LGBT committee, but we shall see it.

Either way, it reminds us, reminds us that our hope in national transformation is not the president it's in God and in the people of God. That being said, the acting Atty. Gen. refused to carry out the president's immigration order. He rightly fired her immediately as the only right response should no business doing that in her position. So of course he had to do that. Of course it's you say all she's wrong for doing not not in my book, not based on the substance of the order itself. All right, 866-34-TRUTH obviously have got a lot more to say but I want to hear from you as well. Let's go to Fort Washington, New York Patricia, welcome to the line of fire. Well, good afternoon, Dr. Brown.

Doing very well thank you I II wanted for and the boys end up not giving you tonight thank you that you are rightly dividing the word of truth.

I just want to share Scripture to bring believers ought to pray to Allah, and I was reading the Scripture administered to me on a pretty good last and encourage the heart of believers because this is the hour… Oh is going to heal those that it will land need to go 40s at night that first one, but Diane speak, but I did not or might lose my mistake. I will not grant until the righteousness of right and starvation, dear. At that not burn it and as children of God we had the light ought to show compassion. We put a bid from that nation but we ought to let God do what she's doing. I just keep praying for the wisdom of God the knowledge of God. Things are going to happen that we don't really understand what shot be under Nike's got a great… I want to stay you reset a lot. Thank you for the kind words and amen to what you had to say friends. Jesus is never going to make a mistake.

Thank you Patricia God is never going to fail every human being will make mistakes.

Every human being will fail.

Somewhere along the line people. We look to will will disappoint us. Somehow, somewhere over the course of life elected officials certainly will.

So I want to encourage you do not overreact to good things the president does bad things the president does. Do not overreact. There is a fierce overreaction on all sides. Right now, and we somehow need to step back.

I say somehow because it can be challenging because things are swirling all around us because the issues taking place may affect friends and family. Somehow we need to step back and get our heads clear.

It may be just by times of worship. It may be by reading the Scripture and meditating on the word may be by casting our anxiety and concern on the Lord in prayer.

But if we do that will be able to play our role, our positive role in society right more of your calls and special announcement come back for the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown to special announcements. Actually, what I made yesterday will make again today in case you missed it, but what I didn't make yesterday wherever we travel we are so blessed to meet folks listen to the line of fire. Those who listen on radio in the states, and podcast online states notions by podcast online around the world and we are always thrilled to be torchbearers monthly supporters of folks who stand with us on a monthly basis with a dollar a day or more per month than really are the very backbone of what we do and if you're listening to me on radio right now, podcast or Internet. It's it's through the help of our torchbearers that were coming to right now will this month. If you join our support to be never done this before working to send you two free books and the 10 commitments of a Jesus revolutionary card that you put in your Bible every day can look at it and pray over it and consider these 10 things you can do will send you my book revolution, which is is the Jesus call to change the world. My book revolution in the church challenging religious system of the call for radical change and this laminated card 10 commitments of a Jesus revolutionary. This is just when you join our support team is a torchbearer as a torchbearer.

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Click on that on your phone so get the asked Dr. Brown app today, 86634 Sen. Ted Cruz interview with the daily caller said this, I think we have to understand what the Democrats are right now. I think they been radicalized by the selection that the lesson they took from the lecture was Hillary was to moderate the Needmore Bernier Elizabeth Warren. I think were going to see Trump derangement syndrome on the left where they are in denial.

Yet the reaction is extreme.

No doubt about it. 866-34-TRUTH let's go to a Luciana in Boston.

Thanks for calling the line of fire Brown. I think hello and taking my call 909 break the plan. Can you. You can go ahead yet I'm caught in while I caught your program and I said that I wasn't voting for Obama.

I am back on the black woman I'm An immigrant now I have like minded here in Boston, Massachusetts Gov. here in Boston that that you and I don't know if you're watching TV I donate him beyond the and alienating him, no any man. I am praying for him and not be what God is doing and you may call me at your praying and hearing by writing. I am not a Republican, I am not a Democrat, I am independent independent the Jesus cry and I don't care what can't be what I have been doing that I am a grandmother read great-grandmother my white nightgown yeah yeah but my grant number are you voting for every crane. I why the Mama body.

Donald blogging G and on show and why, why, what my grant. I think either one of just appreciate I appreciate your passion, and ultimately that's what is going to come down to do. We honor the Lord and in the decisions that we make do we base our decisions to the extent that we have guidance to we base them on Scripture and obviously when we vote. We don't have a perfect candidate for anything anything in this world, even a mother and father is a child and I can be a perfect parent or perfect spouse, but are we going by party politics are we going by the latest trends are we being moved by the media on the left or the right wrong. We God-fearing people that step back and say Lord I want to honor you and I want to be known, above all for my witness to Jesus, thank you for calling and thank you for your passion. I appreciated hate limit. Let me put out a couple more questions for you. Do you feel that the way the Executive Order was rolled out in the nature of the Executive Order could well lead to the radicalizing of Muslims in America that this could create a picture in image of of these. How do I say it. Okay, let's just say that the groups that want to radicalize Muslims in America and get people resenting the government and feeling that they are not wanted to feel that this will give more fuel to their fire. So while the Executive Order is meant to prevent terrorism could actually provoke terrorism. Also, you feel that the witness the followers of Jesus is being hurt is being compromised by the president's action since 81% of white evangelicals voted for Pres. Trump. This questions to ask questions to discuss the amount you have answers for them. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 866343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown veterans were joining us on the line of fire 866-34-TRUTH 87884 the number two call.

How could God use the controversy surrounding the presence Executive Order and refugees. How could God use this for the good. How could this be something positive. Well, one thing SSI for the question of whether to good order and not which can help America not in terms of larger issues or other issues about the fact that this could stir up more awareness of the plight of refugees worldwide and hopefully opened up more American hearts to those truly in need is one thing, and secondly get the discussion of the needs of Christian refugees on the table asked the questions as to why so few have made it into America safe from a country like Syria ask what are we doing as Americans to help persecuted Christians worldwide, especially in the Middle East because they are the ultimate victims in the midst of this, and the once caught in the crossfire and the ones with whom we should identify the most. What are we doing as believers the this. This can be used in a positive redemptive way, 866-34-TRUTH of its go to Sarah in Montgomery County, Maryland. Walking to the line of fire. I'm glad you are and you come up with question we didn't find what refugees and we know you just mentioned the Christian would have been these people that we provide alternative come to your diet, 30-year-old man, were not exactly what a refugee.

Had we had in mind. As a refugee. We clarify the meaning of the word immigrant went to the legal immigration process, like I just did with someone very close to me on what product the gospel a little while ago and had good cause. It also says in the Gospel of John, that he who comes not to the gate but over-the-top is a thief and a liar is God's country. Israel's God current country we have rules and laws based on a Christian Judeo-Christian sounding that are to a true refugee, refugee, and to bring an immigrant in here legally. I tried elected by telling people he can keep the people that want to kill us here. Many trying to do it so clumsily that is his real fault in the people around him and are not preparing him to do things to say things in the right way he was going to do this in the real result of this, there are a few people detained that were after all that in the left was Randy, the left was ready with their protesters at the site to make a big big production of it and be ready for anything. Very well organized. I think I talked enough yeah but will of course the points you make are important points and who is refugee in immigration status and things like that. Obviously our whole history is been been made up of people fleeing other countries in the three founders of our country in the colonies fleeing from religious persecution in England and we have a history of that might my grandparents came over from a from Russia. My father side were immigrants hear this from the name got shortened to Brown from whatever it was. So in that sense we we been a nation of of resettled refugees and recovery part of the very fiber of our country, but we do face different situations. We didn't have the threat of terrorism. There was refugees coming in 100 years ago the way that we do today. There different things that have to be evaluated but if the presidents can act in and be a strong presence of his term.

The clumsily that's that's a word that sums things up cannot clumsily there would've been a lot less fuel for the critics of the president if there had been wisdom in how the Executive Order was rolled out counseling how to respond. Green cards like this file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown credit yourself feel that you have to defend everything the president does. And however he does you discredit yourself from being taken seriously better to say hey I think the Executive Order is excellent and important but was not rolled out wisely or is our last caller said it was done clumsily better to say that then to defend everything because then someone will just see was a hyper loyalist it be the same if it was Barack Obama that you were defend their hilly client you are defending her. I was defending let let's show our ability to be rational.

Let's show our ability to be dispassionate and not always caught up in our motions. Let's be able to say yeah I agree with this. I disagree with that. Again, if you voted for Donald Trump with enthusiasm or with reservation. Either way, it's not your obligation to defend everything he says or does, even if he's getting attacked by liberal media 866-34-TRUTH 87884. This is Michael Brown and my goal is not to be a defender or critic of the president no more. That was my goal to be a defender or Chris. It critic of our past president. If you listen to conservative talk radio you here Barack Obama blasted five days a week, or seven days a week, virtually throughout every show. If you listen to liberal radio, you would've found George Bush being blasted seven days a week are now. Donald Trump, seven days a week. This is not a matter of partisan politics.

This is a matter during our best as believers to look at things through biblical grid to look at things through biblical wisdom to look at things in terms of what's best for our nation and then to stand accordingly and to speak accordingly and sometimes it's gonna put us in total harmony with the administration and sometimes not in harmony with the lustration that's just going to happen. My wife Nancy is is committed to the truth as best as she sees it and understands.

And if that means telling me something I don't like or saying something that that her kids or grandkids would like or someone else would like. It doesn't dawn on her to do anything else because truth is truth went when the girls were growing up. Maybe they were young teenagers and and they put out an outfit.

They say hey mom does this make me look fat should go yeah I got my batches with the don't ask if you don't ask. I will volunteer it I will tell you they asked to give an honest answer. Most the time were not expecting an honest answer, expecting an answer that this makes us feel good. So when we are billed is your voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity. We do our best to do that and to be able to step back and get away from the fray of the raging headlines and everything else and to say okay let's take everything in its analyze it. Let's look at it prayerfully let's see where their good points and bad and let's act accordingly before I go back to the phones. The latest on Betsy divorce, the president's nominee to become education Sec. There were some hold up by Democrats in the committee to vote together for a full vote.

She has now and voted for twice a two after going through procedural obstacle to go for a full vote before the Senate. The latest charge. The. The latest charge against her is that she copied and pasted from previous statements from the Obama administration when she was being asked questions and and that so she's guilty of plagiarize and the response from Republicans is you kidding me and Trump education advisor Rob goat declares a. Describe the plagiarism allegations as character assassination quote to level an accusation against her about these words include responses to the 1400 questions, 130 along for the ranking member is simply a desperate attempt to discredit Betsy divorce will serve the department of education our nations children with distinction.

If confirmed now that issue is of course that she supports school charters and that she opposes common core and I think those are great.

Both of those are great. In other words, if you want to send your child to a private school that's in your child's best educational interest in the center kid to private school what you're ready paying taxes for the public school. That's how it supported right in your in your real estate taxes that you are paying for the local school district, but you also send your kid to private schools, and that you're paying for both the private school most likely be a lot lot lot lot more than you're paying taxes for the local school district. Of course it can be much, much more so school school vouchers and charter schools. Those kinds of things. These are alternatives and these are ways of empowering parents to have more liberty interest where they send their kids what's that going to do to the national education system Odyssey. We have to care about the national system with the national system is very broken in many ways needs great repair needs a lot of overhaul in common core, which would have the federal government say okay here. Here are the basic things that must be taught in classes in schools and values that are put forth.

That's many ways dangerous and way beyond the scope of the federal government so I don't know in detail all of Betsy divorce strengths and weaknesses with the things for which is coming under most attack of the things that I most wholeheartedly support. We shall see where that goes.

866-34-TRUTH back to the phones in Boston. Daniel welcome to light a fire about you Daniel for speaking right into the phone so hard to hear you not not really give it one more shot. Yet there we got there we… Talk to you and Jan Probert feel like a living bottle right now you are very non-but a lot of you will walk you will have a great family there. All of it as well… As I had about Mr. Trump as I neglect myself. Mr. Trump told he's abuses make the negotiator I think is trying to push his agenda far right to show that people died that they reaction for the all the side is very strong so I think he's trying to make NATO trying to find the middle understand for people to understand what the immigration problem is about not on immigration but I think Trump is trying to show for some people devote point just like me that you cannot push file right you cannot ban and every body because there was a lot of pride… If I and I think despite show people Debbie's whatever is a position Debbie's unmodified that think differently. Anyway, I think, is trying to find a middle of medical visions for initial that yes and set about living as to this Daniel and and thank you for the kind words about Brazil that's that's a blessing to hear of let's just say that the president is doing this, let's say that he is using his art of the deal tactic which is you. You go for the extreme because you want something more in the middle isn't that potentially though going to create a lot of international chaos and concern along the way. Another it's it's one thing to do if you and I are negotiating a business deal to buy some piece of real estate and and you're going to extreme because you're trying to get me to accept something more than I want but was being played out internationally is that I can create some problems that that's right, but I think I think he wants to shake up all the but especially Europe election so that people have voiced default brand ideological for you and it was a you have low point is just like here.

You cannot disagree with the graph your Bickley affected the quality of it. Let it go. Your names because you get likely leave the file after August trying to shakeup knowledge. Like they expect to eat lunch take up all the work in many many different ways.

Yeah, immigration you make, you make some important points. There obviously the far left is going to to brand Trump or those with him or just conservative Christians and in the most ugly terms, but a colleague of mine that I may have an article on this of today. I have to check to see if it subject Daniel a colleague of mine suggested that almost everything Donald Trump is done so far has been to send a message to the enemies of America saying there's a new sheriff in town and to be different than the old sheriff and on and be strong where he was weak and that this is all meant to send the message out to the rest of the world, saying America is going to be strong again in America is not going to be messed with.

So if we draw a line in the sand if we draw a redline it's going it's going to be real again. Is it being done in the wall if that's the case house being carried out but you have to look at all these different things and in let's put aside the clumsy way the Executive Order, Jehovah, I'm sure that these things were done strategically and again he did campaign more radically than what is implementing out back with more you call state plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown back my friend Peter LaBarbera is just posted an article Trump triangulate on homosexuality versus abortion after which is Americans for truth about homosexuality condemns the decision to keep Obama's pro-LGBT executive order and according to Peter, this is the first time we have that person Trump will be triangulating on homosexuality versus abortion is exhilarated as we were to watch the Trump administration confidently and boldly stand for the protection of the unborn at the March for life were now deeply disappointed that Mr. Trump is chosen to defend false OB LGBT Q quote rights based unchangeable homosexual and gender confused behaviors of these were concerns I had as well.

As far as where Pres. Trump would stand on these issues in his mind, he simply being fair to all Americans.

I would say he's buying into gay activists talking points here.

So again, the concern I have a letter delivered through a colleague to someone high ranking within the present administration. I believe it was properly delivered and I just urged him to remind the president that when it comes to religious freedoms versus quote sexual freedoms the religious freedoms must triumph, and that no matter what he does to appease LGBT activists, though always wanted to go further. So in keeping with that I'm reading articles online today by gay journalists say okay so the president did this but it's nothing. All he did was keep things where they work. We still expected to be a fallen enemy and hopefully they'll realize that there is no appeasement until conservatives in particular conservative believers are put in the closet in terms of our views. Hopefully your president will recognize that and see that 866-34-TRUTH we go to Richmond, Virginia Stanley, welcome to the line of fire.

I got grout hello dear ahead.

Yeah, your other keyword anything to this… A little all little report to A prompt that would be a problem only first thing is Stanley. The problem is, a lot of people hate of the matter what he does. So that's let's start there and that all if he acts on his campaign promises again hate of all the more, and certainly with the Executive Order he did nothing illegal. I know it's been challenged nothing illegal. The seven countries that he listed were those previously identified, the Obama administration. There was a stay on refugees, that from one particular country.

The present Obama implemented during his administration, and there were not protests all across the country because of it. So yet you have I think three things family number one as he has campaigned. He campaigned in and often very divisive and personally insulting way so that created a lot of enemies. That's 12. There are people that absolutely hate and despise his policies so as he implements them there to react and three. The way that the order was rolled out was very confusing so you had suddenly these cases were some of the green card couldn't get back into the country or families were temporally separated or a newborn baby and an 18 month old baby were detained allegedly detained at O'Hare Airport in Chicago, even though their American citizen. So you have enough of these things done wrong that it it gave further fueled to the critics so if he rolled it out carefully and everyone was properly informed. Yes Stanley people would still be flipping out and attacking him because they hate him, and they hate this Executive Order, but it would have spared him some of the criticism. As for doing what's right and and and doing what's legal. He certainly done what's legal here. He certainly done something at in keeping with his campaign promises. In fact, that's why many people voted for him. In fact, this is less extreme than what he promised in his campaigner spoke of his campaign. It's certainly not a Muslim band, and I feel that the media is doing a disservice to the public reporting it in such a way to inflame further tensions and even to further alienate Muslims in our country. Where is this is not a Muslim band. As for firing the Atty. Gen., absolutely.

That was the right thing to do. What was it what it set out about implementation of well people were not rightly informed as to what they were supposed to do. For example, there was ambiguity about people with green cards and homeland security sent out one particular note, and from what I understand basis in the noted green cards and then abandon.

Overall, the known of course green card people commensal. The way it was done from everything.

Understand and look I don't I don't know how you roll out an executive order on immigration and what you're not in a government insider from everything I understand even from from friends of of the president. It was not done in a way that people on the ground knew how to handle certain situations. I think it be pretty easy to say this is about to go into effect and you notify particular parties privately and said okay this is going to affect nothing is to be announced until the such time and then there prepared and they know what to do and how to handle it. So Stanley and candor, the criticism against the Executive Order is shrill and hysterical and over-the-top. The Executive Order itself is not that extreme.

In many ways and is is primarily a delay hundred 20 day delay so that there can be further from refugees or from seven country so they can be more extreme vetting process put in place which I think are necessary based on what I understand about real security lapses here in America and are consistent. That being said, the way campaigned in this blustery divisive style and personal attack style and the clumsy way was rolled out those things have added fuel to the fire of the hysterical reaction so it's got two sides to it. But as the Executive Order itself is it that extreme that we should be having these riots and protests or protests across the country, certain I hate at a time.

Thank you sir for weighing in. I appreciate again, let me just give you wisdom. If you support the president believe what is doing add to your credibility by being willing to differ with him at certain points when you feel to otherwise you will be perceived as a mindless loyalist who can't see fault because of your loyalty and it should be that with anyone when it when I meet people say I agree with most everything you say, but I differ. I think that's great you're my wife differs with me. Of course, is right, but she differs with certain things I said obviously and you may agree with everything I met a gentleman yes this event, I was for years agree with everything you say great, but just so happens he finds himself in agreement as opposed to all of dark brown says about bronzes longer agree.

So let's not discredit ourselves. Let's be thinking people.

Let's identify primarily his Republican Democrat pro-Trump antitrust list primarily identifies followers of Jesus. Hey, remember when you become a torchbearer when you become one of our monthly supporters enjoy.

19 you get to read books about rock your world.

Plus I cards to commitments of Jesus revolutionary 10 practical steps you can take the fuel tank go to the line of fire. The Lord click on donate my bottom line today your primary identification is the son of God really go for the word of God to the White House and back to the word today. Right here on the line of fire stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown hi.

Let's step back and take it deep breath and focus not on the news out of the president not on the media not on protests not on the raging society. Let's focus on the Lord this is Michael Brown delighted to be with you today on the line of fire.

I am coming your way, live from Carrie North Carolina just a few minutes outside of Raleigh, North Carolina may be listening to me on 10:30 AM or 105.7 FM one invite you to join me tonight after three more nights of the Carrie Church of God starting at 7 o'clock have a time of worship that will be bringing a message tonight speaking on friendship with the Lord Jesus calling us his friends a call to divine intimacy. I believe this message will stir your heart and deeply minister to you so I want to glorify the Lord for a moment, because ultimately ultimately this world is going to swirl around us. Ultimately societies can shake around us.

Ultimately, there is going to be controversy and confusion come on let's let's just think for a moment you go to different websites online, go to conservative website go to a liberal website.

It's like two different worlds and and who can remember this much controversy this quickly in the midst of a presidential administration, for whatever reason you chalk it up and nation stirring and I don't mean it's the end and Jesus is coming in men.

I just minutes at time of while shaking, quaking, we as believers have to be able to step back and get our heads in a different place. We as believers need to not be so moved by what happens around us and last night a woman testified with tears of joy 13 years ago when her son was born. She had postpartum depression and that postpartum depression went to just fall out depression, and she suffered with depression for 13 years. II can imagine what that's like, you can imagine how dark and difficult. Discouraging. That is, she just talked about the darkness that was in her home was a result of it. But during the meetings on Sunday. The Holy Spirit touched her. Jesus touched through the depression left. She's been filled with glorious joy and she was so overflowing she said been in the church for years but hardly knows any of the people and just wants to meet everyone and spend time with have consisted of tears of joy. That's with the Lord does. That's what happens in the presence of the Lord seasons of refreshing seasons of renewal in the presence of the Lord. So when things swirled all around us when things get intense all around the spirit financial pressure, be it personal, family pressure, be it just the turmoil of society around us in your upset and grieved and concerned. It's so important that we step back. It's so important that we get eternal perspective. Years ago I heard an old man who was a missionary in medical doctor who died, and said that he went to heaven. And so the glories of heaven and then revived Tiki came back from the dead after I do know how many hours or date.

Whatever it was II don't know if the story is true or not.

I do not know. I have no idea can verify because these things happen. Of course, but I personally can't verify what I know is that as he spoke about heaven and spoke about eternal issues and spoke about the glories of the world, I was deeply stirred and never put it on the news there is some conflict.

Russian-American and small dog rules. God reigns that needs to be a prospective special guest we come back the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown on Jesus. These next minutes and live in the broadcast will come back to issues having to do with the White House and the president and for the controversies in your best to bring clarity in the midst of it. Mike Gaskin samples is been on the broadcast with us before he's a senior research research scholar with reasons to believe a philosopher theologian and he is also an adjunct instructor of apologetics at Loyola University.

His latest book just released today.

God among sages why Jesus is not just another religious leader can welcome back to life are great to have you with us like you are doing well, yeah, never a dull moment. If I remember the last time you wrong. It was with a colleague of yours and astronomer colleague, of which about the blood moons. Is that correct right yeah you got a good memory all right, and you since written this book God among sages of what country going on this one. You know, it probably was before I came to read believe I was teaching philosophy, world religion logic at a public college. I Can do what Islam Christian students in class. They'd inevitably discover I was a Christian and a nap. What makes Jesus different. What what is the difference between the world religion but I thought Boyd I wish I had a book I could just hand to them to show them how Jesus stands out among the religious leaders spoke upright 25 years ago and that that writing that book never left my mind and so I'm really pleased today to figure it out. So what makes your book different than the book just on comparative religions. Well, okay, what I I look very carefully first evolved, divided into three part. The first section look very carefully up at what Jesus thought of himself and everybody has an opinion about you. I wanted to know what was Jesus's own opinion of it felt the second part looked at Krishna. It looked that of the Buddha, Confucius, and Mohammed. The last part of the book look at the question of pluralism and religious conclusion of the thoughts I think one of the things that makes it different. Michael is II look very carefully with an eight point comparative between Jesus and the other four major world religious leader and who you targeting in the book. Who is your prospective reader.

Well it's written primarily for the Christian. I told book service kind of a cool shaft where Christians could familiarize yourself with the religion with the religious leader be impacted by the distinctive method outcry and down and be able to have a chat with the people running years ago if you wanted to talk to a Muslim or Hindu or Buddhist getting on a mission trip over to you today, they may be in your classroom with you. They may be at your children's soccer practice. The world religions have come to Loughton, so this book is largely written for the Christian, but I think you could give it to a non-Christian who is interested in Jesus of the world religion but let's let's put some questions on the table that you work with reasons to believe, which is led by Dr. Yu Ross and its premier faith and science research group and and ministry and will hear the argument on evolutionary" you know we share massive amount of DNA with chimpanzees or something and yelled because there's a lot of commonality. Therefore, we must of evolved from from monkeys and things like that and similarly in the world of religion. People be quick to point out what know the concept of love your neighbor as yourself for that which is hateful to your neighbor and you have in Judaism heaven Christianity heaven Buddhism at an end. People will find a lot of common ground. What are we to make of the fact that different religions have certain teachings in common or certain concepts in common.

What we deduce from the important very important question. Michael Scripture is true that God created the world created everybody an advantage we have what we call general revelation people see the glory of God in nature. They feel the pull of conscience from one we shouldn't be surprised that the Jewish Christian Laflamme, Hindu, Buddhist, Capuchin or have something similar to the 10 Commandments. They certainly got the second five, generally speaking, that's what we should expect. I think they could think that because these other religions are are not the true religion in every way that they get everything wrong. Paul says that everybody knows of their heart of hearts that there's a God have a conscience. Before them. So I would argue, rather than being a compromise.

The idea that there is a common morality is actually consistent with what Scripture teaches. All right, so common morality. It is there a common spirituality to all the different religions have a common idea of who God is and how we approach him or is is that just a myth that that also integrate point, I would not only argue that the world religions are going to get certain things right because they're made in the image of God because of what God has revealed.

But it's also critically important to realize that because of the fallen because of counterfeit spirituality those ethical beliefs are getting mixed with all kinds of false teachings about the nature of God, that the nature of truth and fact that will be fine getting world religion. Some are monotheistic, polytheistic, and be gifted. They differ about what human dilemma is banded desire is that karma so what we should expect from a Christian point of view is that yeah they will have a common kind of moral and spiritual impulse but because of the defendant in the world and because of counterfeit teaching it could be mixed with things that are contrary to what we find in historic Christianity.and in that with that would certainly make sense is as well. So before we talk about the distinctiveness of Jesus.

This just how far listeners understand a little bit more about the different leaders that you look at so you contrast Jesus with Buddha, Krishna, Confucius and Mohammed. You have eight relevant categories of evaluation.

Let's break it down in in real real simple sound bites. What would you say are the the distinctives of of each of these Buddha, Krishna, Confucius, Mohammed, and then will will separate Jesus from the rest of them are very good. I think that what interesting Michael and bites the price of your listener, but it's actually true when it comes to Krishna. Krishna is the most important religious figure in the in the religion of Hinduism, but most Hindus are not happy at their part of Fox Creek, Hinduism, and believed in Malik Trio that which is roughly a type of model.

The Christians and Muslims have a lot to talk about when we compare Jesus and Krishna part of the part of the challenge that would Krishna is that we don't know whether he actually ever existed. Whether you purely mythological or whether there some story that mixed history and mythology when it comes to the Buddha. The Buddha is a much more well anchored historical person has a deep insight. I think at least in beginning with the idea that life has significant buffering but I think the cure that the goodhearted gal capital is called the Buddha offer a deeply missed the mark in a court all of the teaching we know about the Buddha comes 400 years after his death very different than entries. Confucius, a very a very influential person in any you don't have to be a member of the Confucian religion to be influenced by Confucian ethics. Most Asian people are influenced by F that the ethics of Confucius. Again, a historical person who said little about God. Though there are people who think that it's possible that he would be. Then finally the most influential of the religious leaders other than G, and of course the most controversial of Mohammed Mohammed clearly was a rhetorical person but again there is method legend mixed with history when it comes to Mohammed and Michael all of the individual.

Certainly the Buddha, Confucius, the Mohammed all admitted that they were merely human. They all three admitted that they were in perfect human being and in fact writing this book, I became somewhat sympathetic to both Confucius and for Arthur because they work categorically clear that they couldn't keep.

Even their own ethical principle, let alone a transcendent principle. So the more you look at these other figures, even their own claims or what's claimed about them. The more Jesus stands out from them. My guest Ken samples his new book just out today.

God among sages why Jesus is not just another religious leader we come back we'll look at some of the a criteria that he uses and will see how Jesus is distinguished from all these others. He is the light that shines out above all. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. So much for joining us on the line of fire. This is Michael Brown I'm speaking with Dr. Ken samples. He is the author of God among sages why Jesus is not just another religious leader can I remember many years ago reading the testimony of Keith Green, musician, singer who went to be with the Lord of the age of 28 1982 and he talked about how when he was on a spiritual search, you just notice that the Jesus was popular in many different religions and made him wonder it was us about Jesus and it it true him to Jesus and that way and of course Jesus is revered not as a son of God, but he is revered as a prophet in Islam.

Certain other religions have of high estimation of Jesus release will look to his teachings as another enlightened leader, but your whole point is is Keith Green discovered he's anything but just another enlightened leader.

So let's start to paint a picture. How does he stand out when compared to Krishna, Buddha, Confucius, Mohammed first point we we can touch on your Michael that the director D that is what we actually know about you is a lot stronger than the other or trumpet Krishna. Krishna scholars are uncertain whether he actually terms of the Buddha. I don't know what century you born there may be a fluctuation of 2 1/2 century as to when you live an evening with Confucius that Mohammed, the writings of these individuals come to a quite a bit later than that with the person of Christ in terms of oral tradition in terms of the early writing of the epistles, particularly Paul and then the gospel.

All of this information come to a pretty quickly in the first century.

So Jesus is anchored in history in a way that is much much looser when it comes to these other individual second critical issue. Michael is the question of their nature. Jesus claimed to be God. In John eight you been a a very vigorous butte with some of the religious leaders of the time they finally become exasperated and acting cool argue he reaches into the Old Testament. Isaiah 45 through 48 Yahweh preferred student Delta IMR IMP Jesus said, before Abraham came into being.

I am verse 59. The pickup don't doubt that I am the father are one doubt whether Confucius whether Krishna lived. We don't know you viewed as an avatar, but in terms of the Buddha, Confucius, the Mohammed there categorically clear they were mere human being they made no claim to deity. It is true that it evolved Buddhism exalted the Buddha to the divine data that Mahayana Buddhism which is very different there than the original Theravada boot.

Another feature their character. I mean Jesus claim not only to his family not only to the religious leaders of the time, but even Pontius Pilate. Jesus claim to be an individual who has no original band and no standard all and certainly will be look at creation of the story is about Krishna. He is engaged in sexual relations with a cow made the pack. Kind of like a college student in that respect.

Buddha is much more circumspect, though it Confucius, but there categorically clear that they can't keep all of the commandment that they urgent.

Certainly, even Mohammed admit that he was a person who was imperfect but do you for the kind of things that we go into their role. None of them claim to be feed your other than cry into the kind of issue that I try to draw out showing that there is nobody in 2nd Pl., Christ rises above all the rest. Jesus is not only different. Michael been between you would be pick the stages of the earth, and none of them compare very well with Jesus of Nazareth Christian view of God son of God, and God in human flesh, so, so let's let's let's look then at a few more specifics in this is this is very helpful in it, but it clears a lot of the fog because people just have these mystical views of this all is different ways to God to the enlightened teachers are all the same, and so on to look let's let's think that even a little deeper. Let's take a look at Buddhism, for example. So the faith that ultimately rises based on the teacher let's teaching an example of of the Buddha so when it comes to the concept of God and sin and atonement reconciliation are those of those concerts even found in Buddhism and original Buddha. There really is no concept of God. What part the gal, believed wiki and eight Euclidean agnostic.

He certainly doesn't feed out of the a central focus of of his endeavor and the idea that we would be morally flawed that that that there would be a character flaw at the core of human being is also not something that Buddhism would would affirm the idea of redemption know that the Buddha, the Buddha plays a role in terms of being an enlightened teacher. His last words on earth. According to the Bible work, work out your salvation with deep, diligent, but that word salvation is still not a redemptive ID you could be an atheist. You could be you could believe in many gods. In Buddhism, but the many gods idea certainly morbid evolved idea for Siddhartha there may not have been a God there's no concept of, and certainly no idea of redemption in a Judeo-Christian way of thinking what a sweet look just as only a couple minutes to Hinduism and Islam and, in either of those religions which between them have over 2 billion adherents. Is there any concept of of redemption of substitutionary atonement of of through faith and in a merciful intermediary that your sins can be blotted out and you get a new heart, a new life something that's at the heart of the gospel is anything like that in these other religions that got a really important point.

Michael the truth of the matter is that that Krishna doesn't do anything for him to follow her.

Erin, in order to change their data in the eternal cycle of thing Mohammed can't take you to paradise Krishna can't take you break the chain of karma Buddha cannot take you to Nirvana. Quite frankly, one of the definitive ways in which Jesus is different is that he died for four people. The blood of Christ. When there's thin these other religious figures cannot change your status in the eternal state and thus there is no there is no Lord and Savior in the way that the New Testament speaks about Jesus as remarkable as these leaders are and as influential as they have been in the world, they pale in comparison to again, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world. This is the more we look at the others again. The more Jesus senseless friends.

You can hear how clearly the samples indicates this is just a little taste of what you get in his new book thought among sages why Jesus is not just the city's website. Reasons believe reasons.or K thanks for joining us today. Much appreciated.

Thank you, Michael.I asked the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown a few years ago I was in Iowa and were doing a special listeners rally was. It was a small gathering that was not a big auditorium with thousands of people, but a smaller gathering more intimate setting where folks come together and share a meal together and then get to ask me questions before we got to their questions. I asked them what is it that they like best about the line of fire, and one thing that came up from several is in a we hear stuff happening in the news. We read about it. We see reports then we know you're gonna write about or talk about it within a day and and by God's grace were able to give a perspective that they find helpful. We want to do that again today. Welcome to the line of fire 866-34-TRUTH. I am really eager to speak with my dear friend James Robison today.

We've got a lot of catching up to do. What about the president's executive order and the flack he's taken out.

What about the way it was rolled out. What about who he's going to announce tonight as his pick for Supreme Court Justice. There's a great article on the screen.

This is the website published by James Robison.

I'm right there on a regular basis a good article by Rachel Alexander trumped around Supreme Court nominee pick tonight down to three with one favorite and she mentions that the three of Judge Neil Gore such may be mispronounce his name to Thomas Hardeman and William Pryor Junior and then suggested could maybe be a woman.

Judge Diane Sykes.

Although based on what press attorney's press secretary said with reference to he supposition is it's one of these three men, there are some concerns with each. There are very strong pros with each will see where that goes. But want to get James's perspective as someone who's been a spiritual counselor to the president and I want to encourage you to not be a pawn of the media do not simply be one that you go to right-wing websites left-wing websites you go to this this place for information that place for information and whatever the talking head says whatever the article says you cussed kind of repeat because it agrees with your ideology if that's a cheap way out. That's the easy way out. Think step back and analyze things critically.

I love the fact that I'm surrounded by people very close to me who have very different views of a number of key things and and will be challenging each other all the time we we hold to the core fundamentals of the faith unshakably but then as things work themselves out. Society will often have different perspectives and it's great because we challenged each other in fact, I kinda miss the old Hannity and Colmes were had and he would make his case using great case and calls to come along and challenge you think that's fair. Challenging the goal back and forth IN sharpening iron so if you voted for the president doesn't mean you have to defend everything that he does. You may differ with things if you didn't vote for the president you you can still feel free to commend him when he does good. Let's not be either or. Let's be loyal to the Lord and his standards and do everything based on that. Okay before I bring James on the air with me.

Couple things about my cell phone in my hand right now and I clicked I just clicked out on the asked Dr. Brown applets out for all android phones right now so the Google play store and replaced her get the app it's a SK Brown ask Dr. Brown and I'm looking at right now I see light a fire's.

If I click on that I could just click on listen listen live right now myself a program of the country and podcast boom.

All the previous broadcasts and if I just want to call and I just click on: and then, then click on articles and I'm looking at all the last 20 or 30 articles so that I've written their own link right here and then if you want to just check the archives part of the page click to to view more same with videos of same with books that we have similar Jewish outreach so the Apple version should be out any day now. Take a minute.

Got a little break hear them exactly James Robison and download asked Dr. Brown, Absalom worth a SK are Brown. Tell your friends about great veteran the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

All right, as announced time that is my friend and colleague James Robison, a man uniquely qualified to comment on the events of the last few days with her president because he's been spiritual advisor candidate Donald Trump and our president Donald Trump advisor even some on the cabinet as well or about to be appointed to the cabinet.

James welcome back to the line of fire.

The siding mounted at the time the church survives and sounds a little out of it so important yeah amen it is it possible that we can get so caught up in partisan politics as Christians that we feel the need just a gut level reaction to either support the president or criticize the president is supposed to bring God's perspective on things. I think that we really do have to keep praying because you know a lot of people are going to be Mr. Donald Trump personality change and just target Jay Richards and I think that's one area we dedicate people some slack. It's like me, God did call me and choose me and I am barely up firm.

Passionate about what I believe tend to be very convincing.

I've said it did just that I'm often wrong but never in doubt. Something about a leadership role that you can see maybe a coach or military leader is a national or church leader that can be a very dynamic personality and then someone said what it needs to be tempered, but I did go from being sometimes so poor/chemicals angry… Was that I was shouting about but I'm was moved with compassion, but I didn't lose mostly all of my passion with the compassion, foolishness of Donald Trump is not likely to certainly have an personality of the fact is, God can use a peculiarities of it in a supernatural way, we will pray that that impact is the case, and that he hears when Stabile allegiances are smart efficiently in areas of leadership right now.

Perhaps the smartest between but they must make acetic a type of wisdom because of wisdom is ultimately what all these braided people are these gifted successful people. They will not make wise decisions. So I'm praying for pleasure, Wisdom, and that that's what needs to happen right now with the Supreme Court can't hear no choice and I think probably it's already definitely settled and I think that you are strange staffing people I'm comfortable been investigating both candidates and it looks like they were going to be win-win. It doesn't mean that everybody is really happy but we really do pray that they will in fact be greater that even we hope in their wisdom with which they rule out from the court's know what about when we look at the Executive Order, let's let's look at three things the Executive Order itself on immigration. The campaign rhetoric and some of the bluster of Donald Trump's personality during the campaign in particular and and then the way it was rolled out some of the mistakes the way it was rolled out, causing further confusion. Can we separate these things because the fact it president from Campaign to certain way, perhaps alienated even more people than the Executive Order comes which in many cases this is sober and saying, but could further alienate people and then it was rolled out the clumsy way so you got all these things intertwine, companies can we separate them and get past the emotional response without having first of all we need to notice the move of political progress right now is certainly by our Constitution was suddenly by our quoting the Bible. Suddenly they are compassionate suddenly they are just like, so there must've been something really right about the intent of the action. The timing and the explanation ahead of time. Might not as clear as a sinner.

Sometimes in the government to the salon. You will actually give people some sound advice that this doesn't trickle down at Tall party and looked to be like you would be okay as my counsel. I think some of these minds of the better when you have your whole team and the leadership team together right you get some of these people appointed and it comes out as late as I United United front, I think. Hurry hurry rush is not a process in business.

That's usually a sign of danger. Beware and I think you can get in a hurry to do the right things and even those who intend right and the purposes right, the timing can be lasting – and the explanations and clarification, but then that's how we pray Lord that are trying To clarify better and that we recognized the outcry is being said by the most to see if you hate feel anti-life anti-biblical antiwar forces is unbelievable going all these entertainers and progressives are now oh Bible quoting no constitutional or state all of a sudden the concerns of the Constitution is in and the women's movement that is supporting groups that have no respect zero respect that went in and they don't seem to care about the women in the so we can't let insanity continue to we got a pray for wisdom to provide.

We got pray that the difficult to teach will be taught because of the love and conviction. Consistency with which we deliver the message and that's what I'm going the last I continue to speak to everyone the truth in love, but I'm not going to compromise the church and not you know I just only truthful when I think it's like a lion currently defends itself and with a lift at the standard draws people to immigrate establishment. Jesus also have magnetically supernaturally attract people to himself. I don't think most orders and because I don't seem in the church you no harm praying and working with leadership to see if the payment God can start looking like a father yeah and and that's why again the voice you brought to the president and the voice you bring to the nation. This is so critically important, because our witness cannot be primarily attached to a party to political leader. Our legions has to be seen so clearly to Jesus and that's what shine some of our missionaries serving in Iraq right now graduates for ministry school, put out a video yesterday in response to the presidency, Executive Order, and it basically said this. The president's going to do with the present skin to do the Christians in America need to reach out to their Muslim neighbors with the gospel and with compassion, and that, in other words, the that's art, that's our commission here and we stand with the president wanted to secure our borders and stand against harassment pray little act with wisdom, but we have a mandate.

We have a mandate that transcends the mandate of even the president of the United States, and that's to bear witness to Jesus and the fact is, Jesus was a friend of sinners, the religious system hated him and I was the others hated him, but Jesus drew the outcast of the centers of the rebels they came flocking to hear them. Somehow we have to radiate that Jesus but he would not invite him to our home and home someone that had promised and pledged to destroy your children and your family and your future.

So to say that there are no walls of the customer spends a lot of time talk about the importance of all that you have secure gates but you have a secure gate to keep out the people who I would damage her belongings barely beat the all messages in the Bible are relevant I would like to have a few minutes and we come back to you about our conversation of one of the last of accurate discourse. Just me and the president and Betty riding in the suburban what to do something that I sent during the support number you would mind about me sharing because I'm very careful not to share anything that is not acceptable and there's something that you understand this adjuster, relationship we have and work whatever descriptions are sure to have a little back-and-forth went yeah absolutely. In fact we we got a couple minutes before this next break so I did a question Supreme Court related to.

Let's go for right now. Well, one of the gustatory men registered with Mardi Gras anxiety?

It will look at me regarding my will. I want nothing after think I said isn't that good to know that this should not stay with mansard. You know what I really want God's best for you and your family believer said yes I said I want God's best for everyone all the families God's best for only gave some to retain effort. Every believer said yes about the Milgram benefit can attend some I think in your heart is really what you want.

I think you know we need more than our best when he got best enemies listen to Christian and a look at his countenance and Betty is watching Rossiter later remarkable and and I think you do.

I think he might have felt complemented assets are you acknowledging that you believe I want God's best for you and your family and others in your I said to you I think your heart is what you really want and he didn't say no I don't think he was think he was reflecting a lot that's exactly what I think that is a question for James Robison to stay with us a couple minutes this place is don't just throw stones pray pray pray the stakes are very high. These for cleansing and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown again with my dear friend, esteemed colleague, James Robison, if you've not been to the stream.

Recently their great articles relevant articles giving you a great kingdom perspective what's happening in the world around us adjustment carefully reviewing an article by Rachel Alexandra Trump to announce Supreme Court nominee pick tonight down to three with one favorite. A new article by Tom Gilson Boy Scouts transgender is him and the tyranny of every small God among many great articles totally relevant to what's happening so check it out James of course have commented on the hypocritical demonstrations where you have people who didn't lift a finger raise a voice with the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Christian slaughter displacement enslavement of hundreds of thousands of Christians in the Middle East and now they're all upset about a temporary ban on say Muslim refugee from Libya seems hypocritical and also hypocritical to close the Old Testament while they reject the Old Testament because we know that the same text that said that to be compassionate to the foreigner also said to kill the hostile foreigner in the Old Testament so that the hypocrisy it is high but as we look to the Supreme Court appointee it's going to be announced tonight. It at 8 o'clock. Donald Trump has assured us that it would be someone from the list of 21 justices that he was given with the help of Heritage foundation of the top three candidates a seem to have a lot of strong the one to be reported as the top three. A lot of strong characteristics. Some are concerned that it's not can it be a stronger adjuster Cisco Leah that that companies just take a hard-line position August even if you knew who it was. You wouldn't tell us.

But what's your take on where Donald Trump is heading on the issue of pro-life and Supreme Court appointee personal believe your waiver on assorted come out stronger statements from our and the same time, love and compassion provoked to a press release verdict should not make the right one altered integration helping future athlete.

I think he really wants to get the best of possible justices and none of the stream is investigating indefinitely. You see, to department my homebound are you, but I think that you know the fact is, we just got home from the God that we generate great great gestures and scores on owners, to the all input back to me as they will be very strong with her questions and concerns. I paid a degree discussed. There's been some Association reports that are part of a church that might not have a strong convictions are right you need to divert certain adjusters doesn't share the lack of convictions with that particular body of religious people. So those are all very legitimate concerns on the stream will be examining all of those are think John Erickson headline article right now the progressives are now certainly biblical way are great Christians lay on telling you they're not going Christians is poverty deleted so see something that doesn't sit well with all of our concerned about it.

I think we can turn the handle. It works like to send you to the oratory) small by you know and nothing good ever happened to people except one somebody I think.

A lot more than most people realize, and I think we're sending their answers to prayer right now in the progress is being might and we don't let up in our burning. I not going to suddenly become arch enemy of someone has something less… I'm not quite to be developed to be strengthened and that person the weaknesses to be exposed. I'm going to be an advocate of righteousness, but godliness and and for the love of God tells should flow freely through think about love never fails.

God is love.

So his work that and we let them flow no compromise to automatically delete it hurts people.

That's not love in different such anything but. But local people even we know all the don't get but love your enemy yet and when we think of said Donald Trump is a pro-life precedent that you think of five years back, Sega Donald Trump will be champion of the pro-life movement left at a quart during his campaign when I was a real critic during the Republican primaries I said is again a waffle on this is to get a change how deeper is convictions. That is when I thought he'd already seems something's happened in his heart. This become part of who he is. So we've seen evidence of positive change were not just praying in a slipshod blind way. We've we've seen things happen.

It gives us encouragement to keep praying James, thank you so much for your your integral role here and we pray for you that God will continue use US as a voice of reason in the voice of spiritual wisdom to our president. Thanks for your time and your tireless efforts, but I promise all your listeners.

Michael Beckman wisdom walks in the room with his. He recognizes it makes an impact on in the real issue is what wisdom always be in the room and the other issue is with you to his ear to hear the voice of reason, wisdom in the spiritual realm from the still small voice truth… Course at the end of every street. It shouts in the public square. You can hear Kurt God speaks to your heart. I'm praying that the president and all those around men amen continue to shine for. Thank you so much. Thank you all right Francis you heard what you pray for clearly and articulately made the voice of wisdom be heard.

Hate to things can't foreigner Mason in Plano Texas but to answer your question, how can you reach out to two Muslim neighbors friends to initiate a peaceful dialogue reach out reach out and ask someone take. We have a meal together.

We sit and chat. Sam I'm a follower of Jesus, I love the scriptures. I love Jesus I under your Muslim and and and your devoted to carotid love to talk to as a Christian I care about you and just want to get to know you can determine what you believe in just just want interact just one understand and just want let you know I care about you as a person express care for them as a human being created in the image of God, for whom Jesus died in the lower the feel it, and many Muslims have come over from Middle East are very much relational family oriented and they will recognize your active friendship and then through that begin to direct if you have questions there different websites that can answer questions and in books that will help you understand these things better. If you feel hey now it's getting from actual arguments they want to hear argument but let's watch a debate between a Muslim or Christian leader, but initially just be a friend just be a friend. Hey, thank you for asking.

It's an important question friends. We've never done this before, but when you become a torchbearer. One of our monthly supporters and your help is critical, especially the moment like this.

If you value what were doing on the front lines. Join us as a monthly support or join us as a torchbearer you can find out all the benefits by going to the line of fire.or just clicking on donate to see right on the homepage to free books and a laminated card to consider Jesus revolutionary when you join our support team today go to the website stand with us. My bottom line.

Pray like never before, that the President of the United States here voice

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