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Live from Israel, Reporting on Trump's Speech to Congress, and More

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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March 1, 2017 4:30 pm

Live from Israel, Reporting on Trump's Speech to Congress, and More

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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March 1, 2017 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 03/01/17.

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From the speech of Donald Trump to grandmother who started writing children's stories yeah all come your way. Live from Israel for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Well friends we are come your way again. Live from Israel still in the Galilee. In fact, we had an amazing time of doing water baptisms in the river Jordan, yet it's just something special about. It's just an awesome experience together with many on our tour group being immersed in water today and tomorrow gobbling will be doing surly Jewish Thursday from Jerusalem, but today we want to focus on the speech to Congress of Pres. Donald Trump and according to one conservative pundit John Potter and she said in the first 38 days of his presidency, Donald Trump seem to struggle to find his footing was 39th.

He found it unexpectedly in a strong, direct, and surprise of surprises, beautifully modulated and spectacularly delivered address before Congress Fox commentator Chris Wallace said this is that the day he became president in some fascinating comments even from critics, which are take.

I didn't watch the speech live.

I was here in Israel. So were seven hours ahead, but I read the entire transcript, I wrote an article about please don't tell me that the Donald Trump speech was racist. You can read was your take. If you watch the speech maybe been critical of Donald Trump in the past when you've written them off if you think is a buffoon. Did the speech change your thinking last night.

Maybe you have been praying for Donald Trump and you voted for them, but you want him to be more presidential. Did he hit that note last night.

I still skeptical are you excited 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number to call. That is, as always 866-34-TRUTH I want to play one clip for you though from Van Jones Dataquick number 15 a Van Jones is very much left-leaning and commentator. He said many exception to over the years, a close obscene interaction that with alumina barely listen to what he had to say in terms of in terms of Donald Trump speech last night, he became president of the United States looks like in that moment. There are a lot of people who have a lot a reason to be frustrated with him to be fearful of him to be mad at him. That was one of the most extraordinary moment you have ever seen in American politics. Van Jones is speaking specifically about the moment when Pres. Trump honored the widow of a slain Navy seal officer and the applause was exceptional sustained for a couple of minutes just watching the video on YouTube of the different segments of that it was was very very intense. That's the moment Van Jones is speaking of an engine spatially said it KEEPS doing this that he's going to be president for the next eight years and what's also evident is the lack of democratic leadership. In fact, some of the more extreme Democrats not even standing to honor the widow of the Navy seal which is all the more extraordinary are not standing when he said that we will work to destroy radical Islamic terrorism which which he specifically said radical Islamic terrorism which he specifically said kills Muslims as well. As Christian, so will interact and that will get your take 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and we come back. I want to encourage your heart, whoever you are, wherever you are the God might have something exciting new and unexpected in the journey ahead for you will be right back. Come live from Israel for the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown I we are here live in Israel and a shofar blast right now right here in our makeshift studio at the Galilee experience. If you're ever in Tiberias. Make sure you visit the Galilee experience working to talk you about the presidents speech to Congress last night to weigh in 866-34-TRUTH 7884 how you felt about the speech, if you been critical and positive of you to take a before we do that though.

I've got a special guest with me. A friend for many years. Her children, adult children went to our ministry school years ago. We've known the family for many years from now living in Barbados, Roberta Simpson and Roberta's married to a very successful businessman Stan different kinds of ministry over the years, but more in internal and friendship level, things like that in an somehow something interesting happened a few years back about eight years back of Roberta walking to the line of fire. Thank you, Mike. It's wonderful to be here right so you you basically said in life.

Having a blessed life in and getting to to minister to many people in Allstate you know and and enjoy your family time to slow down during the early 70s and ended grandmother and what happened well, I've always been a storyteller, even when my five kits for L left telling stories and wind damage challenge because I was babysitting someone's child now so I was babysitting one of my grandchildren and Kevin secretary said to me the next day your husband secretary yes yes my Yes I want crazy story did you tell your grandchildren last night and I said well actually a Bible story and it was Jesus and that little lost and she said you write the stories down.

Why didn't you fight it but I said you had done that Nava doing it again. I was so rude to her because I went to a writer seminar years before that and he told me I couldn't write scrambled up on my pages and read Hank and I was still hurting from now on. I was so rude to this poor woman and I got in my car and I laughed and soon I turned onto the highway. If God ever spoke to me.

He said you can now right will and 72 with a yes and no writing experience you already expressed interest on yes and I used to write letters to the paper times about Israel and you know trying to combat what other people have written. Anyway, went home and I got him a computer and I wrote my first story and my grandson Rafe is very upset because he and I use my grandchildren's names, and all the stories so he was the little lost lamb all and it was his favorite story when he was then underneath that. Now please tell me the story of Jesus and the utility Yost Jan because he couldn't pronounce his valves and sell all the other grandchildren are people and he's a sheep. So that's a joke, but Steve Hal, of course you know him.

He was my credit, he can and he encouraged me and read my stories before they were published and now all of a sudden I had a book out there called Janice Michael Starkey what happened with well it did extremely well. I had a whole unite find my Honda CPM went on radio and the starter in your 770 oh yeah and down. It's been a really wild exciting adventures time. It is amazing. I think like tanning grandmothers all of the world And do something because God has a plan for you.

80 yeah you know why we so afraid of age 80 and I Israel, God, yeah working thousands is actually the first day, I did 11,000 so I tell one of my grandson. He's now on you coming home skinny but I wish you good food on the tour.

Yes, this balances that out so we we gave was one or two or the second book he wrote the second buck was once upon a Christmas and then that there are tales from the ark.

God let the first book sold about 55,000 copies. There is not too bad for someone who can't write amazing, amazing, and that means that his kids don't know the bias of parents how to find out about it and the kids had a like it in the word-of-mouth to be on TV and do whatever. If it's not good, doesn't spread now in India we sampled without our youngest granddaughters tennis. I think she was eight when Seth was about two years ago.

I think it may been the first and the third and we sent you a picture of her with all of her stuffed toys in bed reading the book. It was really fun it was to me so so what is it I find it much easier to to reach is ready to debate a rabbi and be challenged by some agnostic professor than to answer questions from little kids consider questions are often so Pearsall what have you learned about communicating with little kids something that gets them instantly connect spiritually.

Well there was this been a couple of things, which is really neat and one tech answer to remark on your first statement can still ask the craziest things on my first launch and not a how to launch when the first one in Barbados. They wanted me to read and I'm in the donkey story, so then the and it was all televised front elevation and one of the people in charge said okay, now it's time that you can ask Nana is everyone causing Anna Christiansen 980 died.

I thought my gosh so the questions were easy, but this one little girl got up and said do you think he was the same donkey that Jesus rode into Jerusalem and I nanny because I can't put this child down you know I can't make her feel bad.

So I'm telling the Lord is so good because he cared for that child and right away family came to my mind, and it was well no I don't think it could have been, but it may have been written.

Matrix inmate might have been you know some family connections and she was as happy as a lark, but that works and it just shows me that we can't panic God is able to put something in our heart and mind and then because of the books I get invited to the school's a lot really to speak to share and it was just one school that was one little boy I hope I don't cry, but somehow the Lord put them on my heart and for the last two company years. That was my favorite school and I would go there on down as a result, I have got in touch with his family seen Larry Lance where and when I saw where he left. I couldn't sleep that night. No one should live in a place like that but now I'm doing a fright when I can, I sent to the Lord very religiously. You know, can I get's family to church you go and beat the church sell whenever I can. I go down there. I love on them. I bring groceries I bring you know some chicken and pizza, and staff. We have a party and they bring out my Bible story books and I telling the story, but I engaged Pam as well. You know I get them to make remarks and also tell me a story social Roberta if you could speak to folks who are older retired, or others who just think I'm I'm too average. Like I can use me. Why do you believe that God could use anybody that yields to them well I believe that he has a plan. It doesn't matter what age I just pray I can serve God in whatever capacity until it's time for me to leave this earth but everybody has something they like to do. I love telling stories. I never thought I could write them and I'm sure people listening they can cook they know how to pray.

They know how to be kind to people going the supermarket and see someone that looks miserable to school and smile at them and say she lost this something we can all do, and very often it's right there in front of us. We don't see it because we think it's too simple that's something to consider. What's been your greatest reward.

Obviously, it's great to the numbers of books open that's that's very secondary. Never did this for money what's what's been your greatest reward office.

I just think come going into the schools telling them a Bible story asking for method like to asked Jesus into their hearts, praying with and I mean I member want. Remember when Steve Hill died.

He was such an encouragement to me. Yeah he would call me up and say hi sis what are you doing I'm a hairdresser you could write by you under the dryer. I think Steve Wendy don't sit on the dryer's anymore. You know and and down. I think Steve had died and I was thinking that Scripture where encompassed by a crowd of witnesses standing there going I go flying 200. Sorry friends, here's an 80-year-old daughter of God from Israel say to each of you. God's voice go for it while light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown minor fire now by going 866-34-TRUTH is Dr. Michael Brown back friends to line of fire. We are live in Israel and also time before I get into you just want to take a minute with Roberta. She just went back to work to the hotel about 1015 minutes from broadcasting. But yes, it's an amazing story. 80 years old full of life and brought you to believe she's 80.

If you saw and talked her what we had around 100 share her story with you and I hope you brought encouragement and faith to you and maybe God spoke to me directly. In terms of what you can do how your life can be used to make a difference wherever you are, wherever you are.

Before we get back to the speech of Donald Trump. I want to speak to out some of the folks that are in studio with me that were baptized today. No, we normally associate baptism in the New Testament sense with a once for all public active dying to send rising a new life in the Messiah of public active repentance and faith and it's of great significance in life a believer in something commanded that should be one of the very first things that happens in the life of a new believer, but we also recognize that that immersion had different purposes in biblical times.

There, there was the concept of repentance and dedication of life or religious Jew would be immersed on a daily basis or a weekly basis for for cleansing purposes and things like that so we welcome folks to be immersed that wanted to make a fresh dedication of the law is not the once for all baptism, but a fresh dedication. Some who would never been immersed before we did it in the river Jordan, and when it when people want to do it in our first tour.

A few years back 2014 I was a note it's a little hokey and a tie once we got to do it. The presence of the Lord and the reality of God and what he was doing was was very precious and very powerful.

And I said absolutely will do it again so we had a good number immersed today in an elective in the eyes and establish their confession of faith and asked if they were willing to follow the Lord overzealous of cost or consequence. What about life or death, and in wonderful responses.

Many was tears. So I just want to hear from a few that if you are immersed in water. Today I we got a couple guys that have been on the air regularly here and so for the sweep. Anybody else that was a baptized today that I my back is to use. You need to come over where I am right. I just want to find out the significance what happened. I do it do it.

Yes, whoever's ear, clock.

I just just tell me you were immersed in your your son is will hold your son. He's 11 all right did he say what significance that you just talk about it afterwards at all. We haven't really had a chance to know that you could you see anything in terms of his seriousness doing it is as you were there as he was being baptized are our families already paid a dear cost for the sake of the gospel and and so I know that following Jesus means a lot to them, so will the tears in your eyes say more than the words of others.

There's a story there and and for you. Oh, what I asked you looked in your eyes you will and follow him with Rose Acosta consequence.

What about life or that the many were to say the words back to me about life or death, that is reality and we weave immersed people that have given their lives for the for the gospel really hasn't sent them out different parts of the world. But what of the need for you today to do that in the river Jordan you know it it's was a renewing of the confession and the commitment that I have to Jesus and I just want to tell you this is not really related to the baptism of my heart has just been breaking for the people of Israel, as I've been here and gone to know them at night and I see them in their just such a wonderful big these are people with you. Note faces like golden and hands of leather and backbones of steel there. Some of the nicest people that you've ever met. They're not all rich, they're not all typical like what we think of Jewish people were Israelis of their wonderful people and my heart is breaking form this and this baptism helps renew the commitment that I have to Jesus and to seek and the save lost see many people standing in that place where I was being baptized and confessing their love for Jesus. Yeah. Also, there is a sense of identification and your for me. I was just thinking that every congregation on the planet on a regular basis should be immersing new converts.

This is it is though it is life. It is what God intended.

And when you have long lines of people that are all brand-new and family members, it's just that's what it's all about different from a couple others. If you're if you're baptized today. Just the significance your husband and wife that were baptized and how you can tell us was for for your wife. Is there anything you guys get to talk about significance of this whole trip is been significant when we were back in Alaska and we are preparing for the strippers really expecting God to do amazing things reset the season or life, or just craving more so when we came on this trip we just told each other and committed to each other that we just do everything that we could possibly do we want to stay heavily in silk every ounce of this trip, including getting baptized again.

We both have been baptized, but we knew that there is just again, there's just some special about being here in Israel. And I guess you know if anything just driving through the towns being there the Jordan River just all the sudden your faith comes so real with the Bible stories. It's like everything is clicking even just being there and you're picturing John the Baptist her.

Are you picturing Jesus and in your all the sudden you're like this is me I'm here but I can't believe this, so if anything, it was like my brother services that renewal but here we just want all that God has for us and so I know for both Karis and I like it was definitely an epic moment awesome epic best way to describe it right what one more. Some of these voices. If you been listening listening each week, your listening every day this week you you for the second anybody else that was baptizes here okay great. What will listen again all.

If you've never gone to Israel.

Pray about it, the impact is dramatic and it is the lasting impact. A lot happens in a week.

In the course of a day and love happens that you have to take it all the stuff you receive and never experienced in and it's just reality and some political things that Israel response that you know it's it's a spiritual thing. It's a biblical thing, but things will be written on your heart dramatically and supernaturally so we encourage you to pray about going up and encourage students to take tours regularly will will see, this is only the second that we've done income to Israel since 1986 is on the second time we've done a tort or so in what 30 years, but it's worth it to see the incredible impact on laws and people touched and join me in praying for the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

God does not have another way for Jews to be saved outside of the shoe does not have a separate covenant with Israel outside of the blood of the slain Lamb shall pray for the lost sheep of the house of Israel and God willing. Tomorrow we get over to Jerusalem and then we were headed to Jerusalem and then we have time right through the weekend.

There and there were surrounded by many more religious Jews and reminded so many so near and yet so far, so will be praying really talking about the Trump speech. Next, but if you join us this week. If you stand with us this week is a monthly support or sportswear. We have a special Jewish ministry package we put together little really ministered great resources.

My getting your hands and sort. Thank you.

Equipping gift one is there a line of's the light a fire with your host activist, author internationals and Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the light of ironbound by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown have been hoping that he would become unified. Hoping that you might find some way to become presidential. They should be happy with that moment for people who have been hoping that maybe he would remain a divisive cartoon which he often finds a way to do they should begin to become a little bit worried tonight because that thing you just saw him do if he finds a way to do that over and over again. He's gotta be there for eight years now. There is a lot that he said in that speech that was counterfactual that was not right, but I oppose and will oppose you did something tonight but you cannot take away from confronting Isaac again. That is Van Jones's extremely left-leaning CNN commentator actually former communist. As I understand it, and yet had to praise Donald Trump and said look if if you're if you're against him and you may have to look again because if he keeps doing this will be here for eight years of that significant that significant and I I tweeted out this question, I guess, was the middle of the night stateside time and whenever out in a simple asked this because Donald Trump said this in towards the end of his speech to Congress the time for trivial fights is behind us and I said you expect to see change in his own behavior.

In the days ahead because look there trivial fights that the media is picking and there trivial fights that Pres. Trump is been picking/3 expect to see a change in his own behavior. In the days ahead.

In the first votes in almost 700 so far, 31% suggest 40% said no. 21% said unsure so obviously not a lot of clarity in terms what people are expecting. I expect Donald Trump to be Donald Trump. I do expect that but but in point of fact, I expect him and at least in praying that he would become more and more presidential in the process major in the majors can be a wrecking ball to be a wrecking ball on the things that matter. 866-34-TRUTH will go to Tony and Logan County, West Virginia. Thanks for calling a lot of fire. Thank you Dr. Brown. Glad biblical sure. Thanks. Or go ahead and up and down so I'll probably never good written before a proper grid with that what what was your take on unpleasant 24 did you vote for him your supporter. I was not a supporter of a good boat warning. Eventually after great consternation and debate within my own heart.

It was a struggle but in the end it will more boat against Hillary is about four crop. I've been very pleased with what he done so far speak closed the was very presidential and very starting out with some rice school recognition and trying to look no bridge that gap and even mention some banter and not rearing its ugly.

I think all that's been very positive for all. What came out to speak yet until I mirror your sentiments really struggled with voting for Donald Trump's insult should also want to vote against Hillary Clinton and yelled that the comments that the breaching of the race Seeking to do that and anti-Semitism is to put those right at the front that was noticeable. He was sending a message that you want to pick up their when we come back. So if you did listen to last night speech you critical you call and you can say while you're still skeptical that is perfectly fine, but the means, let's talk and should be praying for Pres. Trump. If he does well be glad good what our president does well, it's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown we are we are in the land. This is the native language come your way, live from Israel. Here you are right you hear the faint show for blasting the back but I want you to know that's a whole lot better than I can actually blow the shofar 866337884. Let's just listen to a little bit of the speech from Donald Trump last I clip number nine.

As promised, I directed the Department of Defense to develop a plan to demolish and destroy ISIS, a network of lawless savages that have slaughtered Muslims and Christians in men and women and children of all face and all beliefs.

We will work with our allies including our friends and allies in the Muslim world to extinguish this bilaterally from our planet right that was something I was very glad to hear again.

Just as in the inaugural speech, Pres. Trump making reference to radical Islamic terrorists.

Why is it important to mention if you don't mention it.

You cannot deal with.

You cannot effectively deal with an ideology. I just got to stay with the military enemy you're dealing with an ideology dealing with the fact that many folks have gotten involved in terrorism say that the train bombings that the British equivalent of 9/11 several years back that the train bombings they were perpetrated largely by second generation Muslims that they had lived in England they been raised in England they were privileged to live in England and yet they were engaged in his terrorist acts, others have become radicalized over a period of years they arrived in another country and they weren't radicalized, but they became radical, I see you've got to deal with the ideology then you have to understand how it works and how it mobilizes people and how it gets people to give their blood if you're going to effectively deal with but but look this is as clear as you can make it when you number one use qualifying terms. Note to say Muslims yet is a Muslim terrorist is a radical Islamic terrorism you are separating that from Islam as a whole. The sums it will all all Muslims are terrorists and others say will know true Muslims terrace.

The truth is in between there are Muslims devoted Muslims who are terrorists and the majority the Muslim world is not terrorist but you make that distinction and then you clearly say that these radical Islamic terrorists. ISIS these radicals on is on the terrace have what they have killed Muslims and Christians and people of all faiths and and Donald Trump will work with the rest of the Muslim world, friends and allies we have in the Muslim world to blot out ISIS and to blot out other radical Islamic terrorists, Al Qaeda and Taliban others like that so it is true that the number one victim in terms of the people who have the least defense the people who are be caught between a rock and a hard place.

The people who are in the greatest difficulty in Muslim countries with their civil wars and uprisings.

The Christians the Christians without a doubt, suffer persecution in the most ferocious and direct way and are often not welcome on either side as you go to war between Sunni and and she and in all these things going all your always the odd man out and you've got the least defense in some of the world. But even standing for you.

Not even safe in refugee camps is one reason that many Christians don't make it out of the country that after just flee. They don't get formally resettled because not even safe in refugee camps. It's one reason for but that being said, the largest number the largest number of people who were killed by Islamic terrorists or other Muslims. Muslims killing Muslims this happening all the time and Sunnis bombing. She she had funerals and Shiites by bombing Sunni mosque services. It happening all the time so Pres. Trump is right to sing Alyssa and yet to make clear that this war on Islam. Someone Muslims. This is a war on radical Islamic terrorism which kills Muslims as well as Christians and he's calling on the Muslim world, friends and allies in the Muslim world like Egypt for example is a let's work together to eradicate this because this is a common enemy in many Muslim countries so what when Donald Trump was campaigning and now was president. He is constantly charged with being a racist, xenophobic, hyper nationalistic the whole all, right movement, which is equated with white supremacist look at the KKK and these are the white supremacist cheering him on. That's true. They also also endorsed and voted for Ronald Reagan that does mean that Reagan was white supremacist. But there is a strong nationalism. America first that can be healthy and wonderful and good because as a country you have to care for your own needs and then that you care for your own needs you can help the rest of the world is like when you're flying you ever heard the instructions that if the oxygen mask come down for some reason if you're fine with the child what he supposed to do care for the child first. No no no no, put the mask on yourself first and then care for the child. This way when you're breathing properly you can care properly for your child. Otherwise, you may never get the mask on your kid at all and you and I could be there to help them.

So it's fine to say America first in the sense of yet to protect your country borders and trade interested for the good of the country. But if America strong.

It can strengthen to be a blessing to the rest of the world. There's another America first mentality, which is xenophobic, which is hyper nationalistic which is dangerously to the right and which could look to some type of dictated to just take over and lead the way and crush all resistance, but I believe that she Donald Trump is and I believe that that extreme right represents the minority of those following him, and even my most critical days of candidate Trump during the Republican primary.

You can read articles I wrote raising concerns about the radio broadcast. You watch video, so I've been candid about all that once he won the nomination. I said hey I'm rooting for him. I want you not rooting for my I hope that the warnings and the concerns I had are wrong.

That was that was my hope that was my desire so my desire is not to say that it always right. My desire was to is to have our country blasting to have a good president to say hey, looks like my warnings, my concerns were were overdone that that God was doing something beyond what I saw.

Maybe the warnings were valid, but they're being addressed is Donald Trump's is growing into this role as our president. But even in my most critical days I I didn't see him as a racist. I saw him making insensitive comments on wise comments, but I think was a racist, initially felt confident he was an anti-Semite and I dress that in my latest article, which you can read on the line of so starting started like Americans after just know ladies and gentlemen kind of opening which is very first sentence first sentence in speech tonight as we mark the conclusion of our celebration of Black history month. We are reminded of our nation's path toward civil rights in the work, it still remains. That's always starts opening words and I just want to focus on black Americans for moment here right because obviously the vast majority of African-Americans voted democratically as they have even more so for Barack Obama.

But as I previously for for Bill Clinton as I had previously. For those that were running against George Bush. Just like the vast majority of Jews vote Democrat. The vast majority even higher percentage of black Americans vote Democrat and a large percentage of Hispanic Americans vote Democrat, so no surprise here and then Donald Trump is been painted as a racist, but friends of mine that that have spent time with him told me that he really is concerned about the inner city really is concerned about the plight of black Americans in the inner-city and that is reaching out is genuine, genuine, so he says this we financed and built one global project after another, but ignored the fates of our children in the inner cities of Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, and so many other places redolent now it is this only a black American issue, inner-city Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit no. But I say he said look we we we help people around the world that we haven't helped our own and certainly that means African-Americans are are right in his rigorous and we need to do some of the help right here. This is a national problem this hour problem on aces our neglected inner cities will see a rebirth of hope safety and opportunity what he said 94 million Americans run the labor force in over 43 million people now living in poverty, over 43 million Americans on food steps disproportionately, disproportionately, that does apply to African-Americans that because our system of other issues in history. Whatever it is that's gone on that.

There's a disproportionately high number out of the workforce and and living in poverty. So even though he did mention black Americans there.

I take that is him reaching out again and that way as well. Then he singles out a black American woman Tanisha Meriwether is an example of the merit of private schools: her quote a remarkable woman noted that she was the first in her family to graduate from college soon to get her Masters degree and then stating we want all children to be able to break the cycle of poverty just like Tanisha. So it's one thing to talk stats and generalizations.

It's nothing to talk specifically is another thing to talk about individuals to single them out. You can only single out so many in the course of a speech like this and then his first example of an American killed by an illegal immigrant immigrant who was it 17-year-old black man feel sure Junior incredible young man with unlimited potential is getting ready to go to college when he would've excelled as a great quarterback.

He also honored Susan Oliver black woman, then the white man policeman killed by an illegal immigrant. I say Donald Trump sending a message that said I'm here for you.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown today on the line of fire 866-34-TRUTH we are coming away live from the Galilee will have to do like each applause for each day because it's a long full day in and we still have numbers of folks that are here with us, but at the end of each day were still get good numbers coming out and we are were blessed but by the time in the distal, energetic, still clapping, still energetic hate. I've got I've got a special bonus, your urine here a mind-boggling story in a moment here but before before we get to that before we get to that. Sebastian Gorka who is the strategist White House foreign policy advisor working with the Steve Bannon and always blasted by the left. But with Donald Trump same is not radical Islamic terrorism. His words, this is what he tweeted out yesterday after eight years of obfuscation and disastrous counterterrorism policies. Those three words are key to victory against global jihadist again you you cannot combat enemy unless you name and understand the enemy.

You cannot combat and ideology unless you explicitly identify that ideology and that is part of the issue here, so I mentioned in the speech Donald Trump.

In particular, reaching out to the African-American community loudly and clearly so it's just workable for first if he said nothing. If he said things that were insensitive you blasting for that certificate up if you can blast him for bad words and commend them for good works, all right. And then, like anything else, let's see what he actually delivers fine.

Call that this is a call to say were in this together and this is him but by making those.

The opening words of the speech in a conspicuous examples through his speech he was sending a message there also to mention right at the outset right at the beginning as well to to mention the vandalizing of Jewish cemeteries to advance vandalizing cemeteries into cities and in the United States in a period of one week so right up front. He references recent threats targeting Jewish community centers and evangelism of Jewish cemeteries and Matt just grab the clip with JJ know the clip where he mentions the new sanctions that he's imposing on those who support Iran's ballistic missile program want to play that as well. For those that think Donald Trump is an anti-Semite. Again, remember that his daughter, Wagner converted to Judaism is married to a Jewish man, that means their kids are Jewish, so he's got Jewish grandkids. I heard that that all of his adult kids through the marriage to Jews or dating views and I know nothing in his history that would indicate is an anti-Semite, living in New York working with Jews for years and having a strong heart for Israel. Talk about moving the embassy and things like that is is anything but anti-Semitic and edgy.

So I this is not going to speak in these ways, and any also referenced just in terms of civil rights just in terms of of combating combating any type of of notion that he doesn't care about all Americans babies insensitive in certain comments. He mentioned right up front last week shooting in Kansas City. So here you have this in Kansas City was was a bar restaurant there is a guy in there white American guy in there and he he's getting on these two Indians who were here so presumably not Muslim and Islamic Barb Indians that were here in and he was getting on them, and another younger like I went up to talk to Wally he comes back later with a gun allegedly yells get out of my country of before shooting.

He kills one of the men was the other than the other white guys is listening counting bullets. He thinks he sees out of ammunition goes after him and he gets shot himself in thankfully survives so Donald Trump mentions this upfront, and he mentions this in the context of's of civil rights, and then as as far as immigration series is making clear he he's he's making clear listen, I'm not declare war on immigrants all right. I'm declaring war on of those that shouldn't be here that are destructive so as for the immigrants he's deporting. He says this we are removing gang members and drug dealers and criminals that threaten our communities and pray on our citizens. Bad ones are going out as I speak tonight and as I have promised a prison Obama believing 2015 deported 43,000 illegal immigrants for various reasons was was he being anti-immigrant or anti-Hispanic. In doing so is Donald Trump. The anti-Hispanic or anti-immigrant if he's removing gang members, drug dealers and criminals that trigger community's prayer our citizens that are here illegally does.

Does anyone believe they should be here if they are seeking to destroy people's lives kill people engage in drug trafficking and human trafficking. Other things like that there illegal.

If the court of course they should be deported and again Donald Trump to say hey we want to stand with peaceful Muslims around the world. We want to work together against radical Islamic terror, even as a little bit about an olive branch to women and an ox in the business world. He say everyone, those employed women in the high level in the company, etc. but he's obviously had his is his ugly statements about women in the past and known as an insensitive Playboy and so on. So here's a statement in the right direction with the help of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reformed the counselor with our neighbors in Canada to help ensure that women entrepreneurs have access to the networks markets and capital they need to start a business and live out there financial dreams. So listen if you want to call Donald Trump or racist.

I would just say I would just say you better get your evidence in order and you better have your proof and don't tell about something Tanner 20 or 30 years ago.

Let's look at the man today. What message is he sending Outlook. I was a strong critic of Pres. Obama, but I kept hoping he would do things that I agreed with if he said something or did something I felt was praiseworthy. I would draw attention to it. An important line as I am in Israel right now. Let's listen to clip number 11 from Pres. Trump speech last night to Congress. I have also imposed new sanctions on entities and individuals who support Iran's ballistic missile program and reconfirmed our unbreakable alliance with the state of Israel. Let me say this, let me say this, that's for the good of America.

I'm sitting in Israel. Yes, in many ways is release Americans help and America's aid is critical for Israel, but I believe that America stand with Israel is more important for America than it is for Israel. I believe that America helping Israel is me destroying Palestinians working against Palestinians, or any such thing. What it means is recognizing our historic friendship alliance with Israel and recognizing the historic importance of Israel and strategic importance of Israel. Hopefully the spiritual importance as well. It is for the good of America that we stand with Israel. Pres. Trump does that God will bless him for doing that. Hey friends, the second hour we've got a great surprise. I was thinking as I was hearing this right before the Charlotte man I gotta get this brother on the air to share the story and you get to hear it by surprise at the strolled into art studio here in the Galilee experience in Galilee to keep listen by going to the line of fire the Lord. When you join us. This is a monthly supporter. Let me courage wonderful package that the line of fire. The Lord my bottom line. Pres. Trump is acting president still live in the Galilee, were focusing tonight on the speech of Pres. Trump to Congress stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown good till little I she will keep me good till little high school in delay Keegan do a little alone and little share may cool share though we live in the BSU Keegan a doable little all right I told you we've got a surprise. Maybe you seen the viral YouTube video what what a gorgeous, blessed video of how great is our God song in Hebrew Israel, and the man singing it is sitting right next me that was not a tape player that was live sitting here Josh wrote what is on fire, to love and honor great great to have you here at high-speed last name AAR ON all right like Aron in the Bible and the what's happened. You have an amazing search. I only heard tonight minutes before the meeting you came and did worship with the.

The concert violinist Marie Sklar did some worship for a team I had to leave right before you folks redone to come over to get ready for radio but you told a story which is amazing when you tell it on the air altogether. But what happened with that video did you have a sense of of God's hand on it you recording it will.

I heard the song. I love the song, how great is our God, my friends in Nashville, J town Jewish the Jewish Chris Tomlin. Second, I can live it down ever since we did it but I heard that song. It was my favorite worship song years ago and then he did the world version number sitting there listening to a Spanish Russian a couple languages and I was waiting for Hebrew and sing a song. I pray for the first time when it ended I just felt this like mantle like I need to sing the song Hebrew. I feel like it's it at that point was the most popular worship song to me. It was very special to us about the greatness of God, and I thought were living in the age where the nations have heard the gospel.

Almost all of them is coming back here Israel. I thought it was. It was important that I sang in Hebrew. Now you have other videos on YouTube yes and and how many would they be viewed on average up before this came out over for that one. Only it was that was the song that started it all.

Now I think that we like 15 million views together. My songs got it so before that it was just low thousands. Yes, yes, something happened. Something really did happen yet and what was your wish or feeling there. There's kind of a joyous community celebration feel as you watch how did you feel putting it together.

The song yeah is is recorded at the time and I was excited I was really excited. We are against people about anything in Israel for years so when I heard the world version. I just I just I was so excited to share it with the nations and II knew everybody's in love.

I can I do know how many people that I know people who heard it were going to be drawn to the Hebrew at the idea that there sing the language of the Bible are in your YouTube channel again is just Joshua Erin Dr. Aronson like the biblical names all right you have on the more interesting stories of heard of her Lotta stories and and really probably historic stories in terms your mom's adoption and things like that so we come back on the type of the Trump speech and will do that. We did that a lot of the first hour if you want to call in land with your thoughts 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 but you can hear a remarkable story a remarkable redemptive story remarkable story of God's plan of when you hear the story of the lineage and history adjuster, Aron, and the amazing story of the reunion of, and Lisa who are they, how they tie in with my guest here and yes you heard him sing it so I know you're scooting over to YouTube right now.

Dr. R this check out how great is our God wonderful Risa. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I know it's not. That's tomorrow. Dublin will be like intrusive, but right now we are live in Galilee I and before we get to some further reflections on Donald Trump speech before we get to that one us sit with Joshua Erin worship leader song writer get his YouTube channel. Joshua Erin and he told a remarkable story today so let's go back to your mom and her brother and their parents. What at what happened.

Holocaust, Israel will head. Yeah, go back to my grandmother, looked at Ruth Epstein. She fled Nazi Germany exit Poland now Breslow Breslow of Poland was Germany before the war and she fled here with her brothers and sisters very young. In like 1940 somewhere around there. The war wasn't over yet.

She gave birth to my uncle Misha in Jerusalem and 45 and my mother in January 1948-so the year that Israel's birth, your mother was born in Haifa yes and and what happened to your grandmother's family so her family. Her brother died in the war. See Epstein he die is 18 years old young soldier and her husband. I'm not even sure if they're married, but my grandfather we haven't seen him since the war he left her alone with two small kids and were other firm members killed in the Holocaust.

Yes, great, great, great grandparents, great-grandparents okay so your uncle is born 1945. Yet your mother 19 January 1948 okay, what happens to this soul because my grandma was left alone did not.

You didn't have a husband to raise the kids. She was a single mom. She didn't think she can raise, buy or sell the war. The father left no we still don't know. It's a great mystery, while it was something he was a British soldier left over we don't we don't know okay alright so then then what is your grandmother do. She puts them up for adoption.

She thinks the best thing Israel was. It was rough than it was in a state yet so is is is or became a state in May. My mom was born January 20 orphanage.

You know I'm before May so somewhere March, April, so it was rough for Nigel's fighting for its independence. She thought the best thing for the kids was to put them in a real home and orphanage back then was like a kibbutz is a wall of little walled community with a guard tower like they were protected as well and was was your grandmother Orthodox. She wasn't okay.

She wasn't part choosing typical septic secular Jew that fled Nazi or so there there now, little children, three and a baby three and a baby you are, what happens to me I was adopted.

The older brother three years old is adapted to kibbutz secular Jewish family, which is typical family in Israel today still didn't didn't know, as he was growing up that he had a sister yet he was three, so he remembered this baby sister had memories interested whole life he'd say, where's my little sister was my sister was my sister okay life know what it what about your mother what happened to someone. I was adopted as a baby into an Orthodox couple's home who couldn't have kids also similar story fled Nazi Europe family died in in knots, and in the in the Holocaust, but they fled as a young couple some amount is adapted to an Orthodox couple's home in Haifa and as far as she knew she was there one on the dog. They didn't tell her she was adopted and should initiate a brother know so she was the one and only daughter one and only okay and where they live. So they lived in the in the coyotes in Haifa. The bottom heel of her father owned a his last. Ms. Miller. He owned a marble factory.

He had some business in in Germany and he brought his business express expertise to Israel and he cut and sold marble I and then what happened to them. Okay, so the father died when my mom was six and did the adopted mother put her in the orphanage because she didn't think she could raise my mom so I mom was left in the orphans from six years old to 11 so she's Arthur twice now she thought she thinks is the first time right but it's happened twice. Yeah, yeah, could well be in the story is that she was the first baby adopted in Israel. Yes, yes, we don't know for sure all we know is that later. All the search the records somebody at the it it at the the office and in Israel said, hey, you're the first record we can find no one on our book of adoption while alright so in her mind. It's the first time being adopted is actually her second so 6 to 11 is in another organ orphanage in Haifa, probably the same orphanage. As a matter fact alright so the. The first that the biological father disappears yet the adoptive father dies wall okay now message was so attached to him. He she loves him so much.

You such a tender guy pellets. Miller was named Miller. Alright, so now what happens so she's left in the office to 11 one day one of the workers in the orphanage.

This economy of good news you're going to America. My mom cried. She didn't want to leave you and speak in English and these put on a plane by yourself in.

She was greeted by her adoptive mother. She still was her mother, but after the orphanage created by her in in New York City.

Alright, so now she grows up and she's got what kind of upbringing that religiously orthodox might by Mike Dr. grandmother met and married her new husband. Brody was his last name.

On the way on the boat to America. She left okay and lived in Orthodox neighborhood in in in Israel and sorry in New York City. The other holy city.

Alright then what happens. How does she find out now that she honestly adopted so my mom yell really had a hard time. She loved God she said I always pray to God she knew existed. She's had a hard time seeing him in Orthodox duties and she's to tell me because it was just more rote, more religion, and she didn't see a tenderness in it so she was hired to be a chaperone for wealthy couples kids in the in the Pocono's side of New York City and she falls in love with the groundskeeper of this Jewish summer camp.

His uncle will ran the camp but he was hired to be one of the summer working as a teenager 17 years old.

My mom fell out with him. Of course, that he beat he's my dad okay his name is Andy. They fell in love and my dad is the oldest of nine kids so instantly. She became from an only child left in orphanage for for years there to being having is this giant family and they were Christian, Catholic okay so is a stark contrast of where she in a group Orthodox.

That is really what is your grandmother think of Christianity.

So my grandmother was was was no sheen of the soldiers in the, the, the Nazi army in other belt buckle said got to meet almost God with us.

Step two in her mind. It was all Christian. So when my mom married a Christian. It was the biggest offense. I grew up with her. Her spitting on the ground when she said when we say this name of Jesus. He spit on the ground because she associated all historically with the Crusades the problems up into the Holocaust so that the Nazi-ism Christianity Holocaust Crusades acquisitions all straight-line right back to Jesus right back to the New Testament, this evil religion. Yet, in her mind yet exactly that's is excellence but yet sorry so so now her daughter yeah right is is is married to Christian Catholic your ancestors died rather than be baptized. This is no apostasy to join with the enemy here.

So what happens so she can try to disown my mom and this is when my mom finds out.

Actually, that she was adopted and I mean how she find out she will.

She was just anger that she is marrying my dad and she said will you not mine so so the adoptive mother said you're not mine. Yes, and that's when she found out that somehow English. At this point my mom yeah about 20 years old 20 or so that you have a trauma.

Yeah, I have triple trauma here. You know I try to get my my doctor grandmother credit. She had a terrible life yell yes so she just feel betrayed and every everyone understood so later it was really reconciled.

It became so so sweet to give her credit she and her husband died, she moved it. She said yes. Five course she wasn't in the camper family dies, she makes it Israel husband dies. A decade later left her with this child all alone most Americans dinner daughter only child.

Mary's that the get the divorce relates the worst religion can Mary's after we did and she ended up getting over it as I was her one and only you are only really only real close relative in the world like silk. She finds out she's adopted Revelation number one Revelation number two. She finds out she has a brother McKay, my mom doesn't know. She even has any family member.

So my mom didn't know she had anything with numbers from decades after that, okay, three decades after that are so secret until my my uncle was looking for family over Israel. He never forgot his little sister since he was three because they they can hide it from because he was three, so he really never forget a lot of things at three but I guess it's not even as a single night during the war he remembered during the war being left alone for an hour or so at a time with his baby sister. While my my grandmother would go to get bread from stored cutbacks. All your mother knows and she was adopted but she lets as she has nothing as a matter fact my grandmother was so afraid to lose her at this point she she she can have much information but she was afraid to tell my mom anything. But until my mom started snooping a little bit grandmother that older found a paper because I wait to hear what happens. But in themselves a break right here on the line of fire and hey, you want to weigh in and listen to the presidential/night pro or con call 866-348-7884 error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I we are still here still live in Israel whether revenue never occurred to start every morning early and long day and minimum coverage radio we finish 11 o'clock at night here that the walk back to the hotel but just turning in Joshua hour and maybe you've seen him on YouTube singing Kuykendall hello hi for great is our God.

If you haven't seen it go to his YouTube channel. Joshua Aron both name spelled like in the Bible and a still extraordinary story family background is uncle Mika born in Israel, 1945. His mother, born in 1948 January 48 then the, the father abandons this young family. The mother's lost family in the Holocaust and fled here and kids are given up for adoption and separated and then Josh was mom's adopted and then her adoptive father dies.

She's given up for adoption again.

She has no clue that she has any siblings at the age of 11. After the ages of 6 to 11 living on a kibbutz in Israel. That was the second time she was adopted. She's adopted by family in America and she's got a come over here doesn't know English doesn't know anybody and here in America at the age of 20 or thereabouts meets a Catholic Christian man and marry Sam and that causes her adoptive mother to be angry and because all she knows of Christianity is what you saw in the Holocaust and the horrific persecution of Jewish people. That's what she knows.

Through history and she tells her while you're not my own in anger. Of course the reconcile.

Subsequently, that's when she finds out she's adopted. She's around 20 years old, but she still has no idea that is a sibling and she doesn't find out for sure until several decades later and it's because her uncle Mika living in Israel, searching because he knows he had a little sister. He remembers distinctly. The three-year-old comforting his little sister.

They just left alone during the war of independence and an gunfire in all of this in and he be there with his crying little sister.

He remembered that and and now he's looking for his little sister but Howdy I'm how the world connectivity finder. So Joshua taken from their well he got invited to a television show in Tel Aviv because many of the area and he is, like the Oprah of Israel back that back in 1998, and many will buy is really celebrities and then touching stories so they invited me saw somebody somebody links and information so you need to have on the show so they invited on the show told the story. He survived the six days war 1967 in a parachute landing with his book, but platoon at the Celtic hotel dwelling. While many of his you know a platoon of dioceses share little bit about that and then they cut a hole and and about on his family and he said I remember this little girl, I've been looking for her and the host of the show, put a number on the screen and was aired all throughout Israel and if anybody is the information. Please call this number would love to help Mika connect with his family and is not affected just aired a couple months ago. Here again is a rerun while he sent me a picture of other TV here in Israel so that lately but the phone number on the screen and though the host looks back at me. Science says a few more things as we hunt for you go each one. Do one more thing for you with a special guest for you tonight and her name is Connor. You little sister, now my mother comes out and meet him for him to have that. How did they find this out how to make this connection they they Artie made the connection to TV show heart Artie raised with us fly and we weren't hiding in the back had you find each other and how did they ultimately find your mother. They it was through Mika had hired private detectives and actually they put in the in the system. My mom just said I was looking for something they put in the system because he was Artie looking at was like an instance was my mom but something in the system we found him while so the surprise was, he didn't know, and then hear my mom sitting in the audience and they come out for the first time embraced literally after 50 years in Israel's Jubilee year 1998. Craft a separate 1948 and reunited in 1998 just extraordinary how do you describe the moment but it's become watch it right yet just you can Google the YouTube Joshua Joshua, Mika Asus of the CA HCH reunion Israel that should be enough economy for vegan yet so I found that I could go with the CH. Yes, it's a CHA and NAH and then MIC eight a yeah that that'll that'll do it. So you're the product of of all this, were you born I was born in 1978.

Alright so 20 years old and this happened yeah I still with me to you for me was special because he go back to us a little more 1977 here before Osborne a moment that Messiah through a messianic rabbi named Martin Chernoff came into pioneer and MSM yes movement yeah so I always am a grandchild of the turnoffs be asking of he usually brought my mom to face, mom didn't want have anything to do with Christianity, but when she heard about this Jewish Messiah from a Jewish perspective, it made all the sense in the world. My dad and the lordly filled the Holy Spirit grew up in really diverse home as well with an Orthodox Jewish grandmother and a Catholic grandmother who was also my Catholic grandmother still goes to the charismatic meetings series like that's a fascinating social Joshua really live right now I live in Emporia Israel near Tiberias have always been here, moved almost 2 years ago back here God and you sit back here.

I live here eight years ago for year 2009, 2010 tear gone. What you see God doing in Israel, his face in Israel Manders just unbelievable. You know you read in in in this partial blindness hall refers to its very less partial it's it's it's amazing how 20 become a here for 20 years and how 20 years ago. Never. My uncle is like telling us this friend and he really did she think he's a believer like like it was a weird thing yeah now is like I should. He's a believer you know the guard's been really that people are so much more open to who are who we are is 20 30,000 believers in Israel today there much more open to that, aside from the ultra-Orthodox and those are in the government that are religious.

Yeah Israelis are very open, accepting of us as believers and what you see as the power of music and reaching Israelis. Music is it's unbelievable. I mean it's just it's a different language.

It just opens doors and I would've expected. Amazing isn't it to the secular, and I believe to the religious as well had assumed sister sitting here and since this is the spontaneous radio that just happened regular and with where we started with grammatical, termagant and will restart it and what you just leave us again and so great is our God and in Hebrew. The dual then a little high.

Sheila key Godzilla hello hi coolness file key good do it all in and will have a shared family coalition and Raul leader day and the key Godzilla hello there little day friends. How awesome was that will will posted on Facebook and YouTube channel and exalt God he would think this is where it's all going to come to a glorious and I met ice on the lake. That said, the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

Welcome back there hidden Messiah in Saybrook above is shown alive less. It is he who comes in the name of the Lord alright transition from that guy will trump speech stay with us. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker, and Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the light of ironbound by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown what time we are live in Israel Galloway and then tomorrow night gobbling Friday night coming.

We live from Jerusalem to some here, let me just mention something to you that will give a talk about Donald Trump's speech last night and JJ Gripp click number 14 were gonna start there in the moment but I just got some very exciting news for you. Generally exciting.

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So back into you as our gift will be send you some special Jewish ministry resources as well. 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Did you watch Donald Trump speech last night.

If so, what you think. Have you been critical of Donald Trump and they were positively impressed. Last night I have you been one that all along has believe the president trump in your shaking heads and you see this is what I've been telling you, maybe one like me that you voted for him, but you had concerns you were you were reluctant about voting, but you voted for them and you're hoping he would step up the presidential in a great way and he was last night. What are your thoughts 866-34-TRUTH for truth and will listen to save.

In fact will do it. On the other side of the break of Latino American explaining why she voted for Trump and what her feelings are about what he's doing and what he promised in his speech Van Jones replayed in the first hour left strongly left-leaning CNN commentator is a difference a lot of Trump's policies but thought he really hit a homerun. My words but really praised and commended what he did and how he ditto said for the first time he's he's been presidential or this was the beginning of his presidency until this is really simple. All he has to do is keep acting presidential and doing the right thing and that there's not much opposition will talk about that we come back as well. So you get to weigh in your thoughts of the present speechless that 866-34-TRUTH and for all of our new torchbearers. We have an exclusive hardcover edition of my book, the real kosher Jesus the number one tool that we wrote to give to a Jewish person. Children who Jesus isn't a gift to a Christian to show them who Jesus is an episode from think it through our special show set shot on location in different cities in America for Jewish outreach. A special episode Jesus can't be the Messiah because were we counter those and audio excerpts of the special live from Israel week. So all that resorting back into you as you become a torchbearer this week as we come your way life from Israel again, go to the line of the line of Click on donate to a multi-store there do that today we come back with you to hear from this Latino voter Donald Trump's supporter Donald Trump that if you become a member gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, the Bible teaches us. There is no greater act of love then to lay down one's life for one's friends Ryan lay down his life for his friends for his country and for our freedom and we will never forget Ryan. There were two standing ovations last night for the slain Navy seal officer and it's very moving to watches is without stands and she's overwhelmed just acceptances.

I love you to him and then this just overwhelms the is the applause a second time. This continues continues continues with like two minutes of sustained applause, and according to various reports using of camera angles on everyone. There are certain Democrats of Keith Ellison, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who did not stand did not stand and when you have a moment like that when you have a speech which is a unifying speech meant to be. Obviously there were clear attacks of the previous administration. Things like Obama care and where things went the affordable care act things that were negative for sure for sure. You can have division and whoever the new leader is there going to be fixing what the old leader didn't course you're gonna have a Democrat standing for Pres. Obama much more than Republicans and vice versa, but their moment specially when everybody stands future American. Most everyone stands because your drawing your country because drawing the sacrifice of of of one of the heroes of someone that they gave their lives fight against terrorism. So there are moments when you do it there times when you do that for Democrats not to stand there further disqualifying themselves. The man that was chosen to give the response to president trump was what a 17-year-old former governor and even his response was pad Rachel Maddow was anything but a fan of Donald Trump.

Rachel Maddow's basically panned the Democratic response in Anderson Cooper get anything but a fan of Donald Trump spoke of times.

What were inspiring and that in the speech so all that to say that president trump did extremely well again. The words of Chris Wallace on Fox and he sees fairly sober with his speech. He said I feel like tonight, Donald Trump became the president of the United States opposite agree with everything but he said this is 36 years ago Ronald Reagan reinvented the speech to the joint session of Congress address. He was the one who introduced the idea of having people in the gallery, creating not just appropriate programmatic message but a deeply emotional message. We have the widow over to widows of slain police officers have the father of a slain boy.

You have a young woman that wasn't doing well in school and to private school and now has has made you, you have that the widow of the slain officer so it it adds poignancy and reality are not just augment statistics to talk about people and losses. I think Donald Trump reinvented again tonight 36 years later, I thought it was by far the best speech of ever heard Donald Trump give was one of the best beaches in that setting that I've heard any president give you certain Face with his base. There were two extraordinary moments.

One was when he said were given repeal and replace Obama care. You just felt a guttural roar for the Republican side of the aisle, the doing seven years and for the first time that a president said the two session of Congress and the other hand he reached out he talked about radical Islamic terrorism. It's the first time any president has ever said that in the well of the house he would reach out to Democrats. I thought it was a Gracenote to begin a speech talk about that. This is Black history month condemning the attacks and use committee centers and cemeteries in the hay coming Kansas usufruct of immigration reform. He was reach out to Democrats you point out the extraordinary moment with the widow but also the student data has been terribly disabled, or the young girl who is failed school twice. The students usually that has been terribly disabled young girl who failed school twice want to say this right.

But if you like tonight, Donald Trump became the president that states that is yes of course he got a 35, 38, 40 days ago when he was sworn in summary, Democrats not recognize or they didn't disagree or agree with him.

He became the present United States, and everybody's good have to accept that fact now you have celebrities responding in the most vile, ugly ways not even going to bother to even paraphrase some of the vulgarity of some of of the speech as some of the responses of the things that were tweeted out, and in all it does is further further in any people from them make people further resentful and so you just some elite wealthy person who doesn't speak for me and then you have that the DNC chair the DNC chair say Trump speech was quote Dan and Steve Bannon on steroids with a smile that's that's not winning strategy that is not winning strategy. So Rosie O'Donnell she addresses a crowd outside the White House Tuesday during which the quote resistance address and so their rainsoaked out there. Apparently there about 100 people. According to the report that I have in front of me and here she's she's going after them. She criticizes him on foreign policy on the stance towards race women's rights while urging 100 or so gathered to resist Trump and the weather through the night this, the picture right now. Look Donald Trump is not approved for sure he has a lot of enemies to win over. He's made a lot of mistakes that have unnecessarily alienated people, but right now, according to reports of red. A large majority of Americans think that that he's winning the war with media Maggie Gallagher writes a national pulse February 28. Yesterday, Americans agree Trump is beating the media and Democrats. The Rasmussen poll suggested Frank Cannon is right.

Donald Trump is winning his war with the media and the Democrats the attempt to quote Dean normalize the Trump administration is failing just 29% of likely US voters think it's better for the country if Democrats oppose president trump at every possible 63% say Democrats should work with president trump instead. Strikingly, even a plurality of Democrats so people responded to the poll, 46% to 44% believe it's better for the country if the Democrats work with president trump instead of opposing him across the board immediately after the November elections by Congress, Democrats wanted to stand up and fight rather work with president trump by two to one margin, 64% to 32% so APP's president, Frank Cannon said this after so many years of Republican leaders getting bullied by the media. It's enough to give hope Stephen a bitter conservative political veteran like me.

So basically that the critics doesn't mean that they should have their criticism doesn't mean that they should disagree does mean that they should throw away their values, but they should wake up to the reality that you wake up to the reality that this is the President of the United States that is not going anywhere that has tremendous momentum on his side that he actually has a good portion of Americans on his side and and this is a losing battle so Rosie O'Donnell says this is not Russia. This is this is less that your Donald Trump said to the to the whole world basically through TV and Internet and to all of Congress and so many Americans watching and some of the critics praising him give Rosie O'Donnell out in the rain I maybe this is this quite a picture is not a saying this is not Russia to Donald Trump's pathetic band of white privilege criminal businessmen.

I would like to see them yet.

I'd say to him yet. No, sir. She had it governments our insults are instituted among men, deriving their just power for the consent of the governed. Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it to institute new government.

That's why were ships. That's maybe 100 people out in the rain. It is a bit of a picture right now.

Look people at different with his policies. Let them differ with his policies. People that say will he's he's yet to earn my respect but let them say that that's that's fine. I respect that people say will so far it's chocolate she was going to happen or released on a few things. Let's see if he really doesn't hate not a problem what so ever to have questions. But this is absolute nonsense. This is sore losers getting whiny or in one year and it's one of those times when if they have any sense. Celebrities, Democratic leaders, the media leaders there any sense though, do what Van Jones did and say hey I still differ with Donald Trump on a post about various things but this was presidential that if you're against them you you you better better wake up as if he keeps doing this easier to stake and I'm paraphrasing Rachel Maddow to and others to be largely silent.

Okay if they can't praise him. At least I'll just try to find some the best and makes you look bad.

It makes you look worse. And that's what's happening right now and a great article on by my colleague John's and what he says is this summed up in the title. Trump defends Americans real interests against quote reckless elites and he says present Trump's first speech to a joint session of Congress was many things was presidential measured and scripted as such addresses should be the reaction of many conservatives who opposed it was tinged with surprise as if they thought he didn't have them.

He offered to work with Democrats booked two goals at all citizens share denounced at the bigotry honored veterans, cops and Sheriff's there was much that will appeal to millions of Americans who didn't even vote for trump, but there is one discordant element which last in the midst of the speech like a red emergency sign in order to have deeply alarmed a significant swath of Americans are clueless, self-congratulatory and profoundly reckless elites. That's a critical world which Trump used advisedly, reckless, reckless, it is true will be right back on file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown last time are very last time on the life

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