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Focus on Higher Education

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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March 14, 2017 4:20 pm

Focus on Higher Education

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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March 14, 2017 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 03/14/17.

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Which are about to hear concerning higher education today will open your eyes big time. Trust me stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of the fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown all right you keep hearing stories about what's happening on college campuses and stuff. It seems so outrageous. It seems so far-fetched. It's how could this be happening with these things really are happening to talk about them today. We got to special guests, both with strong academic backgrounds both PhD's and went when you went when you understand what's going on when you understand the extreme nature of what's going on when you understand the ideologies behind what's going on your say okay we got to do something you'll also say am I sure that I want to send my kid to a secular campus 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is number to call. Be sure to check for my latest articles will be out in a couple of hours that talks about college campus madness in Canada you one school remove the scales from the fitness room because that that caused anxiety and and did not give people a body positive attitude so they remove the scales.

Trust me I have a lot to say about that as well 866-34-TRUTH I want to dive right into things with my special guest Robert Oscar Lopez. He was an associate professor of English at Cal State University Northridge in Los Angeles, but he is no longer your find out why in the moment is raised by lesbian mother with the help of her lifelong female partner and lived an active homosexual lifestyle for some years is now happily married and a father as well and of come to be a committed believer in Jesus along the way and that has revolutionized his life. So why is he no longer in associate professor at Cal State University and what does he have to say about the state of our universities today to find out Robert welcome back to the line of fire. I think you Michael McDermott will sure think before we we get into the subject of where things are at another universities and what you've written about it.

Just give us the brief history of what happened at Cal State. I had my career in the secular world. I didn't really have any contact with the conservative establishment or really good Christian intellectual and I finished my PhD and part of a tenure-track and I kept secret for my religious belief and a lot of my past life developed by conservative leaning but when I published the colorful conservative in 2011 and I came forward much more boldly about my belief that things got very very dicey and when I published growing up with two moms in 2012 on the public department with bright came forward with my experience growing up with a lesbian mother and talked about the difficulty that came along with it. Eventually the clock was ticking the how far how long it would take for them to drive me out felt they came up with a lot of violent threats at the office I got older phone calls and up via email that the vandalism on my door company drag the blade through my RV sticker than my flagon and when that didn't work then there were all these investigations that were opened over truly ridiculous or frivolous complaint that the finally I left because that led whether God towards the last month of my time there.

The Provost called me into his office and basically told me that he had a disciplinary case open on me on my desk and if I wanted to continue at the job that would activate that case the baby thing quit or else you're going is so so so much for the diversities tolerance.

So much for the fair exchange of academic ideas so much more intellectual and moral.

Stretching oh no you don't dare cross the PC police for cleansing and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, my guest Robert Oscar Lopez as a book, you'll you will want to know more when you hear this title goes thugs and perverts Clintonian decadence in academia or Robert before we get to the subtitle. Let's start with the title, wackos, thugs and perverts all play the devils advocate and say, surely you must be overstating the case.

Surely this cannot describe the scene, our campuses or universities in America today will not over understating order to applet profanity, but I didn't want your profanity.

However, I did want to cover all the tiptoeing and I want to make it clear that this book is something that the average person in America can meet even if they're not part of the Academy.

I want to put it in plain simple dark term though, but if that bad. I think that both the three options you have written on account of you have people either who have a completely dysfunctional and quite inverted worldview. The wackos that you have are corrupt people sort of moving around money in ways that are harmful to the public good bug and you have perverts you have a lot of people who are using factual ideology of the way to try to radically alter the way that people in America think how would you contrast this with American education College University education the way many in my generation would've experienced.

I went to school in the 70s undergrad and 70s and finish my doctorate in the mid-80s what what's happened. Housing shifted shift first third of the economic part of it went when you were in college. There were a host of public school that were within the reach of your average working-class family without having to take on tremendous amount that you could get a student job and work your way through floor. That was not an impossible dream, and private school. Though they were more expensive were still within the realm of possibility. If you took out a small loan but what happened was there with the explosion in the financial part of universities they expanded the administrative staff. Universities started to be more and more invested in prestige. They started to wait. Faculty evaluation more and more by how high-profile their publications were so they had a lot more money that was going into supporting productive and in their endeavors to try to get grant and to try to place publication really high place venue, and though because of all the tuition.

I was so high and the amount of money were talking about it but a huge part of our economy in a much larger percentage of the population actually attended college.

When you were in college about 17% of the population that were adult. They had a college degree. Now that 40% of the huge part of the economy and the tuition have gone up by about 500% of the early 80s pull now you're talking about the private school are almost entirely dependent on there being a system of loan and the people are walking around huge loans on them that they can't walk away from and that did art represent a huge transfer of wealth because of the huge chunk of their productivity for the 20 or 30 years that their productive is going to pay for the elusive experience they have for four years and their younger and in the public both are now. You can't what work your way through both degrees. You have to take a loan to pay for the public degree so that is where it all starts because the combat opened the door to huge corruption when you need that much money. That's essentially being propped up by taxpayers through either the public universities worked with the tax-exempt data and the nonprofit status of the private colleges. Now you have the alliance between one political party, the Democrats and the people running universities and so this is where I think it becomes kind of racketeering because the Democrats basically funnel all of the money through these programs to the University and expect something in return. Universities are implicitly supposed to disseminate their point of view. Crush the opposition to their point of view and advance people who are going to be spokespeople for their point… Look at this on the broader level, even without trying it to connect the dots. We know that many of our universities started as seminaries or were simply to have a a a biblically literate public. Those that went on going to into the ministry of the Harvard's in the Gaels and things like that. Maybe 225 of the first 250 colleges universities found in America going to the 1800s were founded by Christian denominations and in some of them even into the the 20th century had ministers as presidents even at Yale that was that was still the pattern until no hundred something years ago, but there has been a greater shift. Obviously, things became more and more secular that that's fine as long as they didn't become hostile at what point did things shift to the to the point where where there is outright hostility on it. A systemic level towards conservative ideas conservative values that there is outright hostility say to conservatives speaking as come as is commitment mention speakers at graduations where where professors that want to get tenure have to keep their views to themselves if they want to get tenure. It is it is it so we can look at clearly is it a more gradual and discernible shift what your take. While there were people who were complaining about the secular event and even a few of them that they thought Of early of the 40s and 50s nobly but Buckley made a career with that. But God invented Gail right in the early 50s. So we see people complaining about but I think substantially what you think huge different after the 1960s because of what happened was during the 1960s the Vietnam War was dog incredibly unpopular.

There was a draft and one of the ways the people avoided being sent to the Vietnam War with a stated school.

Though there were a large number of people who were taking the student deferment and they stayed in all the way to the PhD and then back on side with the point where there was a huge expansion in the number of colleges that were opening and though you have a generation of people who shared one thing which is that they hated the Vietnam War and they gradually moved up to the rank and almost all of his discipline and then as older people retired this generation. They started hiring people in credentialing and publishing those were just like them and then it just part of moved up the rank by the time you get to the 1990s, conservatives are very rare.

It looks almost nothing like a proper story out of 9050 by the time you get to the 2010 where where we are now were to essentially there are no conservative it in the universities. I mean I was one of maybe 150 people that were doing instruction in the Department of English at Cal State Northridge and just my one present attracted the ire and the attention and in the energy of all the people trying to drive me out so I think that's historically what we see in terms of how the University became so wholly enclosed within the Democrats and how they became so ideological uniform so that leads us into the subtitle of your book where you state the Clintonian decadence in academia so obviously were used all the conspiratorial theories with Bill and Hillary Clinton, and so on you not averse to conspiratorial theory if it's true but but this is not just you trying to randomly connect some things that are unconnected and in your mind or something very clear in terms of the connection with with Clinton presidency orc or Clinton politics and was happening at the academia so happy to have you explain this study justify the subtitle will come partly from my vantage point charge me with that of the Clinton Global initiative on the campus, I realized that there was a huge machine to the Clinton foundation and the root of a lot of money that was coming in the University and essentially they were using people in positions of power at the University to police the research to police the teaching and the police. The personnel decisions and then I realized that I looked further into it that it wasn't just the Clinton foundation it with the entire academic funding strip structure that was tied largely to the Democrats and that had largely bloomed in the 1990 Pres. that's how I came up with that and I think that the election of 2016 brought out into stark contrast because you had a Republican candidate who lived not just not a Democrat but he also was quite outside of the academic elite that he just wasn't someone who was well-liked even by the conservative academic, so we thought contrast very strongly there in Holt was able to get their point of view across and I could not done all right, Robert, have you completely given up on the idea of reforming our secular campuses and just looking for alternative streams of education would you think that the we can since we take the campuses. I think we have to put on them. I know I found really revolutionary, but the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther 9550 and I have written article. Thank that were at a similar moment that I think what we need to do with revision of life for our young people that they graduate from high school and a get two years of trade the education they learn a trade.

Kind of the way that we did things that we went to the military you know when I served in the Army you get an occupation and then went they have that if they want to go back for two additional years to get a bachelors that fine but I think the idea of kids graduating from high school moving away from home spending four years in a liberal arts program studying all for the random collection of subject matter. Focus is parts of the world and its environment onto right back with Robert Oscar Lopez file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. If there is any broadcast broadcast in America where a guest does not have to apologize for putting forth a revolutionary proposal. It is this broadcast functions is your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

No Robert, I was thinking of in Israel, a man get out of high school and then served three years in the Army women two years before they would then go on to college.

So by the time they they go to college there is a there is a there there more mature there more solid and because of living in Israel. It's not like one place for you to be commuting across the country and away from family and that and that disjointed awaits you hear over and over and over we see the same thing we send our best kids over to the secular schools and so many within the first year Heather faith challenge. Many fall away. They'd never been in this place where they can do whatever they want with everybody's getting higher, getting drunk on the weekends and sleeping around.

You have some of the professors who are overtly hostile to their faith and and even make a game out of challenging the faith of Christian kids and things like that. And yet we send them without even thinking that not even considering a Christian school, because after all, they've got to go to this university because it's the best in to me that's that's just a form of idolatry. Personally what you think why I wrote an article in June 2015, which got me a lot of slack, but I felt it at the tenure government is inherently anti-Christian. Because you should never put that much faith in something man-made and it's important to remember that the concept of the University came from the medieval church of the cloister where men of God. They took out of poverty obedient and chastity. And that's why the professoriate have given so many indulgent that they get to regulate themselves. They have self-governance they make decisions over who gets to enter their profession and who doesn't at all of those things without many questions being asked and the reason for that is because the defendant from a system where people have faith that those people who were involved in that profession were men of God, and they believed in the Bible and they had to prove that before they became professor now they have all of the privilege of the priesthood, but they don't believe in God, what you have is a mafia you have a group of people who are for self-dealing and their corrupt and and they're not taking vows of poverty or obedient for Chuck to get all far from it. Using the special privilege of the given to them to be able to indulge in all kind of destructive pleasure, but you throw your child in the midst of that anger.

You're putting them under the power of people who are living an inherent contradiction, because there are living in an institution that was founded on belief in God and they have rejected God in open rebellion was so interesting though the Roberts are our ministry school that we have is just a lot of training for folks going on the mission field and going to pastoral ministry and things like that and we have a lot of folks fresh out of of high school, but in the many that are older but of course the atmosphere here is intensely committed, intensely biblical and Christian and and a very positive peer pressure. The people living for God together and and living to touch this hurting world together, but there are folks that won't come because nonaccredited is it's not that will never be. We have enough PhD's and folks are our staff that we could be, but we never felt it was important to because it wasn't part of our mission and yet some immediately would write a soft vote. You are not accredited, that you think will what is actually matter in the overall course of life and the overall overall path of intellectual and emotional, and moral and cultural and social development. And yet it's that's just the starting point and and then again you get a degree from this place. You get to this place this place and I'm sure our whole economic system looks at that as well but but it is an idolatry in that sense, to be smashed and I wrote about it in my book revolution 17 years ago. We have to smash the idol of secular academics and ask okay what's best for students and just on a minor point, even the academic pursuits, learning of the classics and things like that that doesn't happen the way it used to. Many of our campuses gonna talk about it back to humanity.

In particular, deserve whatever horrible fate away from anything completely squandered the world of art, literature, and philosophy all of those things in order to prostitute the great pack to advance a very secular political agenda which is really founded on the untenable claims anywhere. It is getting about identity politics and public record.

All of this is so phony and it to be all gone. Within 20 or 30 years but the humanities, and particularly they had so many of the collections under control.

They had so many of the ancient text, and I thought Calvin Gorbachev aquatics program was completely gutted while they expanded the gender and women's studies and queer studies in all these ethnic studies department yet and basically how can you study all these white male authors. I mean that's that's white privilege and its hetero sexism in its patriarchy and all of that, so you can of resident study. A classic text or learning the ancient languages, you end up critiquing you know your study geographer you give your perspective on geography. It's it's extraordinary right I went to Western Baptist theological seminary, which I'm really encouraged parents to look into because we have a gradebook program that is a big big do all of that great curriculum going from ancient Greece all up to the present. We read a lot of non-Christian pack, but we also grounded very strongly in the Christian theology, and we do we do prepare them to go out of the world and The great commission, but people should also have a certain amount of wariness about a lot of Christian infusions because many of them call themselves Christian but they are in fact just as bad as the secular one and one of the chapters I haven't went back of Herbert is about the Catholic schools which are actually at this point. In many cases worse than some of the secular school because it's almost as though the faculty are overcompensating they don't want you it was getting a religion will though they actually become even more outrageous in many of the things they teach in one of the most fundamental things for followers of Jesus is you don't bow down to the steaming praise of the world.

Jesus said what what is highly exalted among men is an abomination to God's sight. And yet we as Christians are in this constant pursuit of proving to the world that were just as smart and just as educated as opposed I say hey you dear best review our best because we believe that God's ways are ways of life in wisdom and and that's the ultimate wisdom we serve here. I've been reading a lot of biography of Martin Luther and he's really inspired me because the professor as well as the clergymen and sort of quit asked question of the church people at the church for granted and he thought that it was always going to be the way the head and had been for the beginning and he just asked questions that were visible to anybody but he did have the courage to affect them and he started a huge move but I don't think you want to care about the care of the church, but he did unleash a whole set of of new ways of thinking and of new ways of of people cultivating their fate and I think that we need a moment like that. Not in the church context of much of just in the education contact. Yes, if we have been taken for granted that this is the way things are. Why can't the people with the brightest children center kids for two years to learn a trade note to learn how to fit pipe or to fix car or to cook a ghetto cuisine and then once they have a trade and you know that they have always going to be there for they can always fall back on it, they can choose to go and spend some extra money to get two more years and get a bachelor that they want to, but they're not compelled to. I think that we are imprisoned in the financial slavery in different that because of the fact we let people know Robert this time you book what does the purpose of the Robert Oscar Lopez mother you will keep this conversation going. Thank you so much. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us today on the line of fire promise you revolutionary radio and that's what you're getting. Today we just heard from Robert Oscar Lopez is our professor at Southwestern theological seminary after having to leave Cal State University as an unwanted biblically-based conservative there. We had some revolutionary proposals about where we need to go with higher education really continue the conversation with an equally revolutionary guest Johnson direct you know John is a senior editor on the stream where I write weekly as well and I love reading John's articles love having him on the air. So looking back, sir, to the line of fire. Thank you Michael. Good to be out. Hey John, just for our listeners rehearse for us your academic background in your academic interests.

Yeah, I did my bachelor's degree at Yale.

All of the first member of my family ever go to college and I was blessed to get into Yale where was the editor of the conservative newspaper and won the senior debate prize. Then I went on to do my PhD in English literature will begin a state University.

My studies undergraduate were in the ink Renaissance, religion, philosophy, and graduate school. The English Renaissance and southern literature, but then I work went on to work mostly in journalism, business, journalism, and then in Catholic journalism. I've written, co-authored or edited 11 books and working on my 12 most recent was the politically incorrect guide to Catholicism, and now a regular columnist into your editor James Robison's wonderful yes sir yeah it's it's as a city, joy to read your articles, and a joy to be a fellow contributed there to the stream friends.

If you haven't been there I don't think you'll find any other website anywhere like it with the collection of of writers.

The collection of gas. The range of articles. The focus of the articles I think you find a unique I we just got two minutes to throw this out recently.

You gave a new suggestion regarding higher education you put out a new proposal. What's the essence of this we need to remove the accrediting optical that is preventing online education from becoming a spirit competitor to the corrupt left-wing conquered anti-Christian University established their GRAT gradually Christian founded colleges are being negligibly secularized. We start of new ones that are faithful and and intentionally Christian and some of them are still really good, but increasingly, their accreditation is threatened your academic freedom is threatened. California threatened to cut off routine title IX funding to Christian colleges that they wouldn't violate biblical morality. We can't keep working in this bias fixed game of traditional education.

We need to get with the technological revolution that offers people the chance to study attain credential learn remotely, independently of this left-wing secular dominated crony capitalist yeah and and lest anyone think that John is overstating things. My guess that we just hit on Robert Oscar Lopez has a book called wackos Suggs and perverts between decadence and academia, so would John is saying goes hand-in-hand with that right. I got a bunch of questions for you when we come back one in your view, how did our universities become so radically left-wing.

I got Robert's perspective even if yours, how did they get so radically left-wing. Secondly why this idolatry of accreditation. We come from, why is it such as an idol that we bow down to. I mean, it's a no-brainer. When someone overseas is told denied Jesus we kill you, and they shed their blood for the gospel.

We are told change your your view on this subject, you lose accreditation and we bow down to it, how the world did that happen more with John Sirach again. You can read his writings on the and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown well dressed in writing 17 years ago so I'd say it's hardly a new theme, but more and more voices are speaking up people with strong intellectual backgrounds. People who do not despise higher education but despise the direction that it is gone. Which is more about indoctrination then education speaking with John Sirach.

If you have got Catholic background. I specially encourage you to check out when he was Catholic related books as well. You can read his bio by click season.

Clicking on his name and he was articles on John Robert Lopez suggested that a great shift took place in our campuses.

As a result of the 60s, the antiwar movement, and in many of the students coming to school that were somewhat radical and while in school could avoid the draft ended up staying in school and become part of the larger faculty and Highridge education scene you can see tracings back before then any mention ships coming in the 40s and 50s and and Buckley's famous booking at Yale of there's a book by Christian Smith on the secular revolution and it even traces things back to the second half of the 19th century as things became more secular and and Christians became more and more focused on ministry that your calling is a posted calling to be a professor or a judge or some secular profession, but as you look at the shift because it's it's quite a radical shift from what it was and even a radical shift from the 40s and 50s. How do you explain where we are today on our secular campuses, automotive Problem that I think the most interesting thread to follow the importance of the social gospel social gospel served as a bridge for Christian first product and but then later Catholic to move from concern about doctrine, morality, dog led church history into what supposedly was a well-meaning approach toward transforming the world in a Christian direction, but it was pointed out in the Screwtape letters and many other places when when you start qualifying Christianity by Kyle. I want progressive Christianity or I want socialist Christianity. All I want German Christianity. Pretty soon the adjective replaces the noun in your focus more and more on the thing that modifies the gospel rather than the gospel itself. And so I think the social gospel became the theme of Christian educators in the 20 1890s through the 1938. What good was it provided a kind of seamless transition away from the doctrinal and catechetical and evangelical missions of the school into then being simply promoters of supposedly social progress, which always somehow seem to cayenne with bigger and bigger government and more and more control of society by the anointed experts you ended up having people who started off promoting the social gospel and ended up being crusaders for eugenics and birth control because they became convinced that that would be what would solve the problems of the poor wasn't Jesus's whole message that we should solve the problems of the poor region near the devil, and he set a trail of breadcrumbs to take you from the New Testament to Margaret Sanger almost imperceptibly got us again and again these things don't happen overnight, and there are multifaceted reasons that's another fascinating one to trace as well John, what about Catholic universities. We know, I'm a more in touch with what's happening in the Protestant evangelical world in schools being put under pressure with loss potential loss of accreditation and list the total. I was certain LGBT activist views and things like that. And then there's always this notion somehow that we have to prove that were just as smart as the secular world so we can approve that by having the highest level of accreditation and therefore Christian parents will feel good about sending their kids to our school because after all we are accredited as well on the Catholic side, you had may be more of an intellectual history and and more into the accreditation may not be as big an issue but but what's what's happening on the Catholic campuses. I would say that out of the 300 something Catholic name officially Catholic colleges in America only attended 15 deserve really to be called Catholic community that the Vatican put out a set of guidelines under Pope John Paul II.

That said, this is the bare minimum, you need to do you really want to be a Catholic university or college and only 12 to 15 of them actually live up to that as far as I'm concerned the rest are just overpriced private colleges that you shouldn't waste your money on.

Though I shall Catholic parent unless you're going to go to one of the 12 school modules in your kids, your local State University get in-state tuition and get them to go to the Catholic student center there. Increasingly I think the greatest hope for Catholics in America is places like Texas A&M which has a terrific Catholic student Center to produce more vocations to the priesthood and religious life than Notre Dame or Catholic University or Georgetown so II think the whole experiment of distinctively Catholic education in America is going to shrink and eventually only the colleges will survive that actually follow church teaching and people. The rest will be secularized. You know that Duke University used to be a Methodist school.

Does anybody know that now. I think a 20 or 30 years, Georgetown, nobody will even remember that it had any affiliation with the Catholic Church any more than we remember Yale of the Congregational yeah it's extraordinary and in John when you were at Yale. You stood out as a conservative. There was obviously hostility expressed towards your views. This is the same now or is it more intense were more intent because the last is abandoning even the pretense that they support freedom of speech and pluralism and debate the new intersectional social justice warriors are saying that actually wrong to let the viewpoints of conservatives Christian really anyone from European European background. It's wrong to let you even be expressed because we have such a background in historical privilege that it's unfair and not a fair fight.

So we have to be shut up and let them run everything to make up for our historical privilege so to me that is every bit as nakedly partisan and ideological as what the Bolsheviks did in Russian University after 1918 and it reminds you what the Nokia did in the German University after 1933 they explicitly said that pop open debate, diversity of views and pluralism were all sneaky tricks of the dominant groups to preserve their privilege, though the Russians said that about the bourgeoisie, the Germans, the Nazis said it about the Jews. Now the social justice warriors are saying it about people of European descent, Christian conservatives, middle-class people, so that's why these people were so outraged at the election of Donald something really don't think that prompt voters should really be able to file that we really shouldn't have avoided everything should be decided by the Supreme Court ultimately for the unit United Nations making that that is where the left is really God. Such an extreme that just talking about it can make you sound like a conspiracy not just recounting the actual fact, you know it's it's it's interesting that you mentioned the there is a reaction that we shouldn't even be able to vote if we voted for Trump when there was a major bill discussion of of marriage marriage would be redefined and the people of North Carolina voted against redefining at 61% to 39%. I had a college student: from one of the liberal campuses in one of the few liberal counties in North Carolina and and basically the hurt her unspoken thesis was it's not right that the backward bigots get to vote because they don't really understand the issues like we do here and that's why Prof. Jordan Peterson in Canada has reacted so strongly when he's been told that you must use certain terms if if Johnny comes to school and says I want to be known as as Z and I want you to refer to me as Janie fees my name and he said I'm sorry not doing that to him that that's what communism would do. That's that's actually taking over the thoughts and in the words of of people and when you mentioned that there's not even a pretense of free speech.

Now, it reminds me of years back over a decade ago when I began to say that those who came out of the closet want to put us in the closet.

People said nobody wants to put you in the closet when you talk about a few years ago, it shifted. People began to say, bigots like you belong in the closet. I really come back and get John's Miramax counsel.

What we do, what should we push for what kind of revolutionary changes do we need and if we have time when he really has to say about immigration and representative Steve as well. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown article last year.

Last January by my shook Johnson on everyday don't believe in Christian privilege.

These 15 examples will leave no doubt and and here you have just American I were both male, both Caucasian, both identifies Christian as followers of Jesus, so we are the ultimate example of white header except hetero sexist Christian privilege and part of the problem must be combated against their university classes and and in courses and mindsets that that have as their goal to dismantle this this privilege, power round that we have Jonathan this is that I'm not exaggerating when I say that I know you're not we need to challenge that route we need privilege. What's wrong with one group that created a culture exerting a certain amount of power within are you going to go challenge Muslim privilege in Saudi Arabia like it was really Nigeria right or privilege in Gujarat with their persecuting written now, you're not, you don't actually believe what you're saying this is you don't believe in an abstract principle of justice with a principal objective conference.

You think were all Darwinian copying errors world mutation of no more more significant than a chimpanzee and you believe that it's okay to kill human children at the rate of a million a year. That's what you think human nature it by your standard human nature.

Why would it matter that one group is privilege, rather than another, why would it matter that just a fact of biology and we accept your your Darwinian premises that human life is a meaningless struggle for power open okay will this try to keep all the power we have. Thank you very much you don't believe in its abstract principle of justice. So shut up nothing, and unless you're willing to start the philosophical argument about where justice comes from and then talk about one of the sources for morality, none of that. They don't have a foundation for any of that's what they do is take the kind of big post-Christian notion that it's wrong for one group to be privilege. That's not fair is not based on anything it just left over scrap that were torn out of Christianity and then they grab those and they make. They treat them as if there are absolute principle when in fact their own principal they saw off the limb. There sitting on exactly what will said so John in two minutes. What you because you Christian parents that are listening get young people are thinking about college. What are you proposing it in an ideal world, what you propose.

What let me just first given by people whose kids might be about picking colleges now okay on look at serious intentionally Christian colleges like Patrick Henry the King's College in New York, Grove city, Hillsdale nurse of a few Catholic school like Thomas Aquinas and Chris live in Virginia look at but they're not for absolutely everyone there for kind of a self-selecting elite for everybody else. I would say the wisest thing to limit home goes your local State University on in-state tuition's that you don't rack up $37,000 in debt, which is the average debt at 20 2017 graduate will be struggling under you want to be able to afford to get married and have children and on a home student that will make all of those difficult if not impossible, go to college as cheaply as possible. They involved with your church. Keep your head down, don't talk politics.

Don't talk religion.

Yet that green card that they call college Obama and go start your life and in the staying home. This is a big part of his post is being shipped off to another part of the world, will you be a hostile environment will have freedom to do things you never knew existed before with a lot of people doing things you've never been around before, and then professes that her outright hostile to your faith. For what purpose. Why is that, just not right of passage makes no sense right. Why not just send your send your daughters to bordellos in Asia or send your son to die for territory in Iraq.

You spent all this time try to prepare your kids or have tried try to groom your kids so that they can be real Christians in the world and then you send them something that makes Sodom and Gomorrah look like salt lake city, Utah minutes.

If you think of the, the percentage of students that are sexually active driver and secular cogs got me over 90% and then a good percentage of them doing drugs and getting high as well. And then you've got again largely hostile faculty not not just impartial but often hostile, often rejoicing when they when they pull kids away from the faith and and places where to stand up for the faith your battleground. It's it's it it doesn't make sense. There are some that may be called to it and strong in the fort, but the fact we just assume it do it makes no sense at all. Hey John, we are almost at a time, but just so folks know when to go to the stream your latest article, God say Steve King. Culture matters give us the one minute overview out that we can't restart civil nation with other people debating what he meant was delighted what you're doing and you're having one child per couple, or 1.5 children per couple and are counting on bringing in Muslim immigrants to pay for their pension and he think that that's not a model that's not viable or moral social model, we should be raising her own kids and thank you notes recommended taper attention and keeping our own culture alive, rather than outsourcing the reproduction of human beings as if it were sweatshop industry that we want to be done in the Third World. Got it yet and you got some amazing tweets. The attacks on him Ben Shapiro defending his view would also be written on recently. I got a whole series of higher education is a peak house-free-market contained education. It's all about the need to dismantle the system of accreditation that we have and replace it with something better. That does not incriminate against Christians, but effectively that's what happening you friends. This is nothing short of a revolution but we must have it in my hope John is that the sick universities if they don't turn back to sanity go so far that they disqualify themselves from being taken seriously by more more people and then a revolution happens in that respect, take, keep up the awesome work.

Look forward to connecting again all right. Those Johnson Eric again read his writings on the stream and if you missed any part of this last hour I really encourage you to parents those of the plan college. Listen to the interviews with Robert Oscar Lopez and Johnson erect together. Listen to them prayerfully and by the way, if you want to send young people somewhere in there serious that they want to give their lives to serving God and make a difference.

They feel called to leadership Sentara school or school is a leadership Institute fire school of ministry is a leadership Institute and our whole goal was to raise up train and equip the next generation of leaders send them out to the world changers and friends if you appreciate this radio broadcast. If you are blessed by what we are doing and find it helpful to join our support team.

We have a wonderful Jewish resource package exclusively available through the line of fire with the hardcover edition of the real kosher Jesus, together with the DVD episode of think it through. Call Jesus can't be the Messiah and audio highlights from our week in Israel last so advantage of all those resources would become a torchbearer sign up. Join us at the line of fire. The Lord bottom line. Today you better believe it. We need a revolution higher that some special interviews coming your way today. Prepare to be edified, encouraged and challenged stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, I just spent a fascinating hour talking to two Christian intellectuals to academics to PhD's about the revolution that is needed in higher education. The revolution that's needed with our accreditation system.

The revolution that is needed college campuses or universities. Even many of our Christian schools will continue that discussion but were going to expand it with my guest journalist Billy how hello you may have seen him on Fox news or other TV outlets you may have read his writings on faith excuse me or the blaze or other publications and news outlets.

He's got a brand-new book fault line how a seismic shift in culture is destroying America and shaping the next generation were going to plunge into that book and the subject of the book, which includes universities, but beyond that also looks at what's happening in the media looks at what's happening in Hollywood, as well as his universities. What can we do about it. Ability welcome to quantify great to have you on having me salsa Billy you're on the front lines of journalism conservative journalism you see things happening in front of your eyes that that seem so extreme it's it's almost like it was out of a George Orwell novel yet reliving these things out.

What is it that prompted you to put this together in the book fault line and a lot of time like you do and I know many others do try to figure out what is it that it reshaping the culture. I think the last decade, and especially the left knee three, four years we have been here seismic shift in the way that people think on a variety of issues and though Devon try to figure out what is causing that, and I've been quite a bit of time obviously being critical of the media.

Obviously, a trained journalist was working journalism for a while now, but not just the media insight started poking around and thinking deeper and I think some of the other areas that we've all looked at Hollywood. Obviously media we talked about universities and when I really got to thinking about okay, where did I learn it as a young person I was growing up to them. 33. Now some on the upper end of that millennial scale where where did I learn and where I learned in those areas and in church and so when you really start to dig into this and you think okay will if you're not taking your kids to church and you're not bringing them up with baby Christian values, then your children are literally being raised by the media, Hollywood, and public schools, and/or university think that that became the focus of fault line because each of those areas is an anti-Christian bias and anti-conservative bias in the something regardless of where people stand on Christianity or realpolitik that should be pretty apparent. And so I started to put that together and that became the basis of this book fault line.

John suits parents may not realize the degree to which their kids ideas are being shaped but pretty much if you just look at it as as a tide that's going in the wrong direction and you put your kid in the boat and just let that boat go. It's going to go the way of the tide. And it's going to take a concerted effort to get your kid going in the right direction because you must go against the tide of the culture I we come back when I have a lot of time to break these things down in terms of these three main areas. Again, the media, Hollywood and the universities or are we living in a countercultural way. Did the children of Israel give their children over to the Canaanites to educate them and guide them. Have we capitulated at have we simply said well this is the way it's going in will just try to, you know, put a little Band-Aid on it.

Do we recognize the degree that our kids are being brainwashed by ideologies. Contrary to all book Billy hello fault line how a seismic shift in culture is destroying America, shaping the next generation. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you for joining us on modify my guest Billy well outline how a seismic shift in culture is destroying America, shaping the next generation. He writes the collective situation is created a fault line the beginnings of a cultural earthquake are most certainly a foot from a transformation in traditional moral understandings to shifting theological line society is in many ways at a bizarre and troubling turning point ability scare us scare us into reality. Give us some stats give us some anecdotes from your book fault line that that will perhaps wake up those that still might be slumbering in the midst of this cultural seismic shift earthquake. The book is that Christianity and also that none those who don't embrace any faith at all. When you look at those numbers then and got a lot of attention last couple years because you think study in 2015 and 2014 when they broke down the numbers between 2007 and 2014.

The share of those were atheist or agnostic or don't have a faith that all rose from 15% in 2007 to 23% in 2014.

Now that might not sound like a big jump but it is a pretty huge jump now. At the same time, the percentage of American calling themselves Christian went from 78% down to about 70, 71% that we are actually seeing changes in whether or not that's just people nominally leaving the faith there is.

There's a reason for people don't see the cultural effect anymore of having that label. So that's just one area that I think the bigger bigger areas when you get and deserve the relativism that we know is growing in American culture not just with millennial not to young people, but with adult there was another statistic picked out of hand almost picked out of 10 American said that knowing what is right or wrong is a matter of personal experience anywhere that even me. It basically people thing that they themselves can decide internally what is right or wrong, and we see numbers like that of bread a variety of cold is not just one study coming out the Barna group, and many others have found there's a lot of moral uncertainty divorced is another issue, yelp, Gallup after people every year about a variety of issues you think that divorce is morally acceptable, gay marriage and you go down the line. Over 70% of the country now that that divorce is morally acceptable.

That is up from the 50s just about maybe 10, 15 years before, so there are big big changes and a lot of it is driven by this relativistic's all right. Is it too late to bring about change. You will book I was one of the social interviews contributor about the end times about the rapture second coming tribulation.

Is it too late. Is it our all these signs that were at the end of the age.

And Jesus is coming any minute so we just throw in the towel and capitulate and give up because it's his obviously son Celeste times. This was all prophesied everything's going down is nothing we can do to change it.

Is it too late request to a critique of Christianity that a lot of have come to the end time that Christians just want that on the sidelines and wait for it to happen in the vast majority of Christians do not look at it that way and I think what it whatever is going to happen is going to happen and that is what product is. But we should care about people and I think even if were talking about the three secular length right you have media, Hollywood and University presenting one viewpoint, one thought of the spectrum that is depriving people of free speech at depriving people of education of understanding why people believe what they believe that on a practical level on a spiritual level, though, if we care about people we want them to understand the gospel. Regardless of what coming down the pike probably live. We need to reach that we need to engage that we need to be involved. I think what we have done as Christians and conservatives is to sort of pull back so many of us don't want anything to do with Hollywood or the meteor University because of the way we been treated maybe or the perception we have, and many times those perceptions are accurate of what goes on in those arenas, but as I shown the book. There are people in Hollywood in media and in universities who are doing really good work.

Christians and conservatives who have a president and who are reaching people and what we can keep retreating but we are knocking to be able to reach those people who need to hear the message and from a theological Christian level we should care about that right though, it might be tough. It might be difficult, but this book fault line does challenge Christian the conservative to be part of the solution and not just complain about the problem yet and looked number one. Scripturally I don't see this idea that this is the final generation we know it for sure everything's going downhill, we throw in the towel. Think of. If previous generations held to that mentality.

Think of previous generations, it's all over, why stand against injustice.

Why stand against slavery was stand against this corruption or that injustice of this since we we completely collapses as a society is as a world and in the other thing is you said we care about people. If if you tell me. Well, this person is going to die of two years from the disease while they are in pain right now. Right now they need some comfort. While this person to die of starvation.

Five years. Right now they're hungry and feed them and that's what we have to do we gotta roll up our sleeves and got it give ourselves to to being agents of change. So Billy let's let's start with the nuns 15 of so 20% of those who identify as nuns and a YDS of religious nuns who were raised in a religion city came to dislike or distrust religious institutions are organized religion in general.

How do we reach out to those that now classify themselves as having no religious affiliation that is silly, atheists or agnostics. They have no religious affiliation. What are some practical steps we can take a lot of this is your generation. Billy have to be relational with people acting.

A lot of times we not everybody and a lot a lot of Christians are related directly dependent sort of pull back or not have the more difficult relationships with people sometimes were we don't have agreement.

We look I live in New York City if you can imagine the friends that I have in the people here most of them don't agree with most of them in fact aren't Christians, a lot of them but I have a present in any people live then we have conversations that we talk about you think on a practical level that the first thing that we can do, but I really do think if we have a talent or a passion and I think all Christians need to think about that instead of telling our kids.

You don't going to media don't going to Hollywood don't delete that kid that the right way raised them the right way and then people who have ability out into these arenas and that might mean making Christian films for Christian to help you build up faith among you know our our cohort, but we also need to send people out to tell good stories were not being good story or not being your Christian professors have a present method that they can go and indoctrinate people on college campuses but that they can be there that's really easy to dismiss people when they don't have a present right you create that caricature and I think we've seen this with Christians in Hollywood. The way that Christians are depicted in showed consistently is not the reality to which Christians are and so we have a present. It's a little harder to do that right you got a Christian in unit one of the pitch meetings and they're talking about the characters and their thing away. Maybe we need to do it this way, it is not there not enough of that out there doing the things that is a lot that we can do everything from encouraging people you know who have a really good valid Christian worldview to get involved in these arenas to getting involved ourselves for just being relational with other people.

I think young people in particular 18 to 35 and below 18 they really don't have a faith that so many of them. We talk about the none that numbers about 33, 34% for people between 18 and 3523 I not to be horrifying that we've gotta figure out how to relate to people and let's let's look at some of the strong points of that agency 18 to 35-year-old, we may see the most extreme negatives than me me me generation the narcissism the indulgence the trigger warnings and micro aggressions, and nothing can hurt my feelings and everything is evaluated based on how it affects me in the self-centeredness. There a lot of good qualities as well.

A lot of positive qualities would you list this as some of the most important qualities of your generation and you're on the older side of the. The millennial curve there. But what would you say are some of the strong points. Perhaps if we recognize them better. We can relate better and then help pointing to the gospel more. I think that millennial credit for that and we don't get credit for are very passionate. There's a lot of passion and there is an urge to help people and I think we become battle and politics right and young people tend to be more liberal in general overseeing or thing that sort of at a deeper level right now because of the dynamic that were talking about and enter the buy it but there's a passion to help others. There is a devotion I think to being out there.

I was just reading pastors talking about how they have no problem getting millennial to go on missions trip because they're so interested in and being out there and doing things to help others when he gets the deeper theological issue that they run into a wall because they don't know they haven't heard it if they're not again. Going to church every week there not you experience doing that because were not being in the general culture we start have the post-Christian culture, but I think there that there's a goodness there and there's a quest to be good.

I also think millennial the face a lot of challenges, unemployment, and a lot of other issues that I think have maybe exacerbated some of the problem marriages are happening later in all of that and not all of those things are millennial fault that we got a look at those positive attributes, but I think that the kindness and compassion that millennial Avenue is a great place to start because we all know Jesus is with kind and compassionate and in favor that's right bend and then love that, though we can convey that gospel message. I think easier to people who have an openness to understanding the value is not as I my guess silly how Sigma questions his new book, faultlines how a seismic shift in culture is destroying America and shaping next-generation line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. My guess Billy Hallowell is calling decades revolution spiritual, moral, cultural must have at his new book, faultlines how a seismic shift in cultures destroying America and shaping the next generation of let's just see here. Interesting millennial's more than twice as many as those in other age bracket say they're willing to quote encounter danger in pursuit of excitement things need to be more extreme. There there is so much bombarding them with media that that is Hollywood's all all the images everything so that the graphics that videogames everything that that they can they can be more greatly challenged and often need to be more greatly challenged when my friends does love youth ministry says that this generation goes even younger people are millennial's that there under challenged and and that we need to present a talent show them a radical Jesus says leave everything and follow me and many of them will actually do it Billy, one of the. The issues that you raise in fault line is the issue of of what kids are being bombarded with with the younger generations being bombarded with me know. James I chapter the recall to keep ourselves unspotted from the world as a young father, yourself, what counsel would you give to other parents about being aware of what their kids are exposed to the big challenge. Now right because even if you do a good job of doing it at home. What can I have that we try to watch okay. What we have restrictions on the iPad and we have kidnapped on the iPad. Your education act.

We really picked a bit of a Netflix or pure flicks and we have a kid watching programs we can connect to what their but there watching, but when you send them to school, they may be loaded with other kids whose parents are doing so it's a challenge, but I think we have to be on top of it. I look you can even turn the TV on.

At 8 PM and watch with your kids. There are very few shows now that you can do that you have the middle and a few other programs out there work like okay you know what we could watch this with our family and not have to worry about it.

And now you've got the hole in debate scandal over beauty and the beast in becoming harder for parents.

We've gotta be extra diligent and on top of it which is a difficult thing with both parents working a lot of homes and with just so much going on but but everything that our kids consume the other guy have questioned whether you want to know where anything gotta be aware of it and we have to make sure that things are appropriate for that one thing that I cover in the book in Pauline is a study that I think Annenberg conducted where they basically found that parents who are watching content that might have effects are violent than it themselves without their kids are actually more likely to allow their kids to watch. Sure, violent content, not because of any other reason is that the fact that you get the extent the type even as an adult and were not talking about that issue. Either that it would lead. We can talk to the kids. What about what were taking and what about our hearts, our minds what about protecting ourselves as well.

Not doing so does have an impact on kittens. That is a lot of stuff that I will not watch. I'm not perfect but II really try to avoid because I worry about the perspective that leaves me with right so that's another angle to think about. Yeah, absolutely just start with us since we produce who we are.

That's that's ultimately where kids can learn things are picked up that aren't even expressed as well and it looked really for good part of our kids up for you. We did have a TV in the house and this was when TV was a lot more tame than it is today. We didn't have to deal with cell phones we have to deal with with .0 just just come right to your doorstep and in that respect. So obviously we need to be more vigilant with so used to just being part of the world. It strikes us as radical and extreme to have any type of separation yet that's always what scriptures call for what God calls workers were in the midst of a world going in the wrong direction.

Billy is as folks are reading the book is the reading fault why now what what are some of the responses here and how is this book helping readers about fault line is that a complaint about Hollywood media and/or university.

I felt like the three had a triangular dominant that it went better.

Talking with them separately.

We had talk about all three because there really is the progressive privilege that dominant that they create a but I also felt like I wanted people to leave with a little bit of hope and so the problem solution book you present a lot of the problem think that maybe we thought about the we don't have the evidence for right so a lot of people know the media have a bias. They know that universities are by the maybe date they don't have the numbers to arm themselves with data. People look, this is why this is the percentage of 50% of professors are liberal versus 12% paying their conservative definition right though the book provides all that evidence and information but then leave people with sort of a challenge, but also to look at all these people who have gone into Hollywood who have gone into media were Christian then look at what they're able to do and and really my hope is that people walk away inspired.

I've had some people they they they found it refreshing that sort of not have the complaining to have okay what is the solution that that was what I really wanted for this book. I'm hoping people take that away and think a little deeper and feel free to disagree with me on what my solution is that I think we gotta be talking about this more than a lot of us are not. I'm absolutely with you on it and wish you all success in the world. The new book fault line. The delete hello how a seismic shift in cultures destroying America and shaping next-generation hate.

May we see the next generation raised up as the most radical God loving Jesus loving neighbor, loving people of this earth has ever seen. Thank you so much and I would encourage people want more info they can go to Hollowell fault line alright sounds good. Thanks so much. Thank you all right, friends. Speaking of marriage, family, today's big day 41 years 41 years ago Nancy and I were married yet.

We celebrate our 41st were celebrating at all. They are 41st anniversary today we we drove over to do something to it, to house the building in the morning and then had to pick something up with the store that we were out of. So I said to Nancy, so just run into the straw.

I could've gotten stuff anytime, but I was going in there because I was gonna bring out a happy anniversary helium balloon from the store all yeah so all grits on a big celebration. 41 years, but will Willa and that turned 62 on Wednesday, so no on Thursday so tomorrow will will do a family event for both the celebration 44, 41 years of marriage and 62 years of life, but this way God wanted. So we got intended. I know some of the tragedy along the way and the spouses dies and I know those fallen on hard, difficult times, but that the goal the goal was to people coming together for life. And if you're single and in and really long to be married. Pray all God change me work on the make me into the into the right person for the when you have for me and then order our steps. God can do it he's able to do it. He ordered our steps here it we are a little Italian Pentecostal church while it was even there the first place say that for 2 1/2 years at that point in 74 when we met 19 years old and here comes Nancy Jewish also been an atheist hard-core atheist why she walked to a church building while she was there was even talk to me that in the habit she could say that God bring us together, both 19 we knew were in love and spend the rest of our lives together. So God God can do it God can bring to Jews want to have a drug user. One hard-core atheist bring into the time Pentecostal church save them both to bring together for life.

So do not do not be discouraged, hopeless as a crate so I prayed everyday God. When you have for me when you have patience to you and every day I pray it's the light a fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I'm looking at a study parented linked to longer life. It's amazing that that when we honor the Lord when we honor him in marriage.

When we honor him and family. There are benefits and blessings that come in so many different ways. I know some wanted to be parents in a been unable to under some married couples of strugglers baroness and things like that. I don't mean to demean little the problems you can have a full and blessed and wonderful life as a single person as a married person without children. But it's just amazing to see that when we follow God's ways.

When we join together in lifelong union we raise kids with a mom and a dad that the effects of life the benefits for society are great God's ways, ways of life, and I personally rejoice today, this is Michael Brown is Nancy and I celebrate 41 years of marriage and it's it's wild to think back a movie. We talk a lot today and 41 years. It just seems like yesterday getting married and and how how quickly the years of God and like every other couple you live life you go through challenges you go through sickness go through financial loss. You go through loss of friends you have various upheavals you go through tests and trials, but we both say marriage is wonderful and we can imagine life without each other. It hasn't been hard and difficult. And here I know you my perspective you my perspective. All right, as a husband is a father's grandfather. Will you be my perspective whenever happy, blessed marriage. You know the saying that the wedding is the bride's day right wedding is the bride's day because she want me to have the certain colors for your the bridesmaids gowns are wanted you to have this type of data food at the wheel whatever to say it's the bride's day you let her have her preferences. While I say it's the bride's day on the wedding day than their efforts. The bride's life where I mean well on call to love my wife is Jesus of the church and and he gave himself for us, so if if she wants the temperature cool and and I want warmer then out a put a sweater on because that's fine and if she wants the room code this way. I even care. It's a hey that's fine the way you want it and I look their life-and-death issues to me that a major that obviously stands for, and obviously she looks to me to be the head of the home and to lead the way and and she's the strongest person I know that that the most immovable person I know in terms of her personal convictions and right and wrong, just more movable than any person that I know when she's convinced something is right and host close to it would say oh that's that's true.

But having said that, she looks to me to lead the way she looks to me to it to be the head of the home. She looks to me if there's a time of crisis or pressure to be the one protecting and covering her and and I gladly joyfully say on these other things that are nonessentials in the smaller things it how your preference, whatever you want is fine with me and she knows that I love her unconditionally.

She knows that a good day a bad a good hair day of their hair day. She's beautiful to me and I love her and she does not perform or live up to certain kind of standard than the liver unconditionally. That's what she said is the number one thing that that makes her feel secure and it is important for a happy, blessed marriage and never had anyone I could ever imagine being as loyal to me at any cost is my bride so much appreciation from my heart. As we celebrate 41 years of marriage and then on Thursday hit 62 out a 62 has never sounded so young. I can't imagine 62, feeling as young as it does but it does by the grace of God right we come back like I am so clueless about the whole healthcare thing and I've asked my friend James Robison give me some guidance. Give me some help give me some perspective does not is just not my area of expertise. So help me sort this out will do it right here we come back online and it's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown next. Much with joining us today on the line of fire. My guest.

As always, at this time on Tuesdays is James Robison and I've asked James to help me in an area because James the fact of the matter is I I am just weak. On the whole Obama care. Replace repeal of never been strong in this area. I try to speak to areas right have some level of expertise and and I know you are concerned about helping people you're concerned about the needy.

Your concern about the poor worldwide.

So how how the world we sort this out sir from from a Christian perspective and what what you Congress do help us work the immigration situation out about that.

The Angolan reason was the type that was of the terms foregrounded one of us have to do it It were all going to have to be teachable to help your situation.

It is a crisis is something that really has occurred.

Even the last few days. We have a healthcare crisis but we also have a cell. We are creating meaning is difficult here whereby our habits of her actions justified to back my girl Christian trade euro weight loss goals would you say you're possibly facing hourly staff by the practices that were indulging in garbage, no croissant, so that we focus their fathers – and the other five years that not anyone of us have enough understanding of how to fix it, the year the monster about anyone offering help. Maybe they offered effectively of their competitive and they get your business and they make a profit. Your seeing them as a momentous problem. The whole idea of offering great service and effective service grading a great harvest for the farmer who forms wisely produces what people desperately need to be litigating himself and finding that as a problem is insanity. That's one of the big arguments like appetite is not a benefit doesn't matter to help care providers, and those that ensure might actually growing sales because they all write service after the benefit of the people. This is how nonsensical discussions get so Michael we've got to do this without a listen to those who understand the battle and I think Ben Carson did get a lot of people's attention when he talked about how your healthcare savings accounts and so forth.

In all these different things that affect come to the table. What about the ospreys talk about if you were to just talk or even catastrophic healthcare is an absolute guarantee that if you sum total of all.

Write out the as even a federal grant, but I haven't pushed all those numbers. I have a look. But these people at the table are quite capable of coming up with answers to those challenges and I think there might be progress right now. What's really disturbing me is father trying to as the government so playfully there trying to protect and preserve right audio practice that is ineffective and unsustainable. It's absolutely absurd. So let's let's do recognize we got to repeal what doesn't work we do it in many areas of national bureaucracy and not over reaching government and should just stop the nonsense. Let's get that done that a president is committed and tireless.

We need to be praying for that he will remain tireless and determine that we need to pray that he will continue to bring the reality of a totally healthy free-market that is actually offered meaningful service to the people is absolutely essential to the future of freedom and the survival of our nation. So let's let's play in that regard.

I couldn't begin to answer all the nitty-gritty questions of someone as intelligent and as well educated sure could bring to the table, but to gather you and I'm not even being spilled all these areas would come and sit down at a table. Bring the rock type and we need you not to get up and begin to find answers so this is ground encouraging people to play for a delete and quit beating the monster that's grown totally out of control. That is in the process of destroying talk about the got to get and not providing healthcare are inspiring people care about their own health questions. Try to get things right about that tomorrow is support the revolution. He thought about always being a part of their revolution. It transforms lives and actions to the benefit and the blessing of our night. I sent from from the viewpoint of an outsider looking on, you have the impression the way it's being reported is that Pres. Trump is really not doing the radical thing he said he was going to do with Paul Ryan or just look at some other kind of compromise. It's really not repeal and replace it's it's it it is that what's going on and he talks but having big fat negotiations and things like that cat can a radical change being made with the current system everyone, just negotiating something together. Well, it would be totally nonsensical trip just to get rid of one aspect that was working any benefit just to get rid of it because it's attached to on that people might disagree with. So if there's anything worth preserving benevolence like hers on but if it's not, get rid of it and let's replace it with what works and I don't think there near perfect as a matter of fact when I hear from aunt is still working in progress.

It's not like we finally get sent of the target.

It still appears to be a process and for the club around the shop and ironing of the table that's wicked map of the first. I don't think I ever sleep anything as long as we accomplish is what is called Obama care.

I I was up all have something and did not pass it so we find that what this is, do so in signing to think that any part of the American population could support such nonsense. It is beyond my ability to comprehend back I can imagine people being that skews me stupid idiotically stupid, yet we can make people repair something that is absolute, and absolute so I'm saying let's get it right and for Christians.

Let's probably quit making an individual are are I hope we could do no wrong. When they did so much. The great process of improvement is that we miss the mark never going to sharpen our ability and were going to get bids to realize that many things have to be the type of degrees we got to come together and if anybody are inspiring all church leaders questions to get people to come together and body like an absolutely that's another message you keep giving to some people is much as you can to come together in a unified way into learn from each other respect each other. I remember when when Bill Clinton was running for president. I was out speaking somewhere I flip the TV on and there was an ad and basically there's an elderly person's house that burned down to the ground because the fire department couldn't get there in time because of cuts that the Republican candidate was going to bring to pass and I thought what a scare tactic for that for the elderly to vote Democratic but were missing some of the same scare tactics now are we that if if this happens if if Trump cares is being called is pass the Excimer people die on the first day I mean it's the same thing that pressures you away from really coming to the table and doing the very thing you're talking about exactly going to doctors with all my heart and quit allowing it to happen on my watch company we go to break. We got two minutes – this is a good concert of you and I become. But we spent time is not talk great it just to loving people together quite 20 years it has inspired you are late you to have some interesting listening to me inherently. I'm curious to know, that just a short swing type body respect will number one you genuinely love me and most people and I've never seen you do anything for the benefit of James Robison but rather to glorify Jesus and and to promote others and to help others and you you have an ability to step back from the fray where everybody screaming and yelling each other and enter find a way where were we can come together with love and respect and step higher youth you've pointed to redemption when someone would look at something and just condemn it. You said you know there's some hope here so you love and a big word and in a fatherly way and in a way that look. You're the one that convinced me to consider. Was there something good that you come out of Donald Trump because I ice all the negative and the problems which you saw, as well, but but you had a heart of love and it entered greater perspective since a tell you it let this come back in the other side of the break and you can you can share why you asked that question, but James from the heart. I don't know many people like you in the world today from the heart.

Very, very few, especially in my own life and I'm eternally grateful. Their friendship relationship have will be right back file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown Crimson in the last hour had great conversation with Johnson, Eric and Robert Oscar Lopez about higher education.

They both right for the stream.

Johnson Americans are regular contributor and if you want wisdom and Christian wisdom, insight, economic healthcare, government issued social, cultural, moral issues, go to the stream my privilege to write several articles a week there. This is founded by and published by my guess James Robison, James open and embarrass you by what I said but she asked an honest question you got an honest answer well and I really appreciated the reason I Dr. Brown is Eagle the book without outliving my which I wish everyone would get because we're all about desire to live my presence tonight about his power. Supernatural gifting and there's not a single one important person on the planet. But most people don't understand the importance the reason I ask you.

That is because I believe watched for year person… Preach to millions of millions of people had a very large worldwide ministry of beautiful television audit and and you will you know you do you think people look at that old monolithic that I can't do that. But what you just say is the greatest you're my life and my firm have needed to people.

My professions of faith can criticize big speak watch program that we share wonderful testimony so they just what the most exciting thing in my life the most exciting thing is being a servant to putting the loving arms of God around a person feels like they know an article Michael Ellison was on the phone last night. Both of us argue with this adaptable but you could see you even reference or to swing that it's very ago we had up along the planning.

It's just a fabulous week close to the prayer meeting.

Unlike many happy just about but we don't get a hamburger because Michael/arch did you get here to do the radio. You have time to eat. The Oakland Park and they were little slow those inside. And all of a sudden it comes out of the Putin there's a black kid walking with they didn't want totally balance you could tell he was challenged pacer James you need to make westerly all marking to be junior so it started anything even Michael said I thought Lester when he said something about God and that restaurant he's been light in my room and that's what direct reports to be brought you should could could you see I don't make juicy dry don't mean to suggest that the man on the car. What you want to get that ball was so active, so my money you just he was delirious present list Lester person you reported your value but I don't think I ever see a young man so everything I want everybody to hear.

See the thing you saw in me that you reference was not reached to so many people bodies but you know what influenced many leaders, all that but the thing you talk about is Jesus already rubs me cares about me cares about people and everyone listening to us kicking back, like they can be back kind of salt affect preserving the love and the pressures of the just want everybody to know that what really matters is so often overlooked – just putting the loving arms around.around people but just noticed you caring about their not. I live in this all ministered to a family of her baby came to pick her septic tank for someone that works begin the right when I suddenly woke up to talk good but just a visit like a really.I get in the truck before I sit down with oral drug. I pray for baby member having trouble in our escrow and quantities body paralyzed. He's out there trying to clean up septic problems in working with this weak market and glory gave very and are telling you.

Michael Brown was not a personalistic debate. It can't take back glory of God downloaded him some family but nobody noticed some person nobody cares about you are right… One personal desert that you cannot be a vessel of honor which he closed his everlasting love and compassion divine and I think torchlight just said everyone listed you are not here.

You are hereby divine design. You, start and you you are right in the kingdom. So says Jesus the son of the living God. So, believe it, and the combat you are qualified friends. That's why love to instruct us in right there you heard and that that heart is a genuine heart in it and it beats God. Sorry to hear those words friends and and be encouraged by his book living amazed that that's God's purpose for every single one of us because of his grace and goodness. James thanks for being who you are. Thanks for your faithfulness. Look for to talking to again compass.

Thanks all right friends take that to heart that that's an unexpected bonus say from the Lord for you unexpected words didn't know that the James had time to stay on a little extra and didn't know that he was going to share those words of life with you so so take heart, whoever you are, whatever your background, however hard life is been with yourself you been through whatever hardships whatever people told you about you yet. We've all sinned before falling short role hopelessly lost without God were damnable without him. But with him. We are redeemable with him. Your life can have extraordinary purpose and hope and who does God delight in using but the ones that the world throws out in the world disqualifies who who does God delight in using but but the ones that they cannot take the glory to themselves because they don't have all these great things going for them.

And when God works through them. People realize that's gone. And if God could use them. God can use me say, well James Robison he's got a big TV ministry and you got it. PhD it's Lulu it.

James mother was raped and it's only by God's grace that this was on the board right they grew up without a father, and I was shooting heroin at the age of 15 and having diesel gas to get high. Look at the place from whence God took us and say all things are possible with God.

And that means for you to hey friends, visit my website. The line of

We got some brand-new articles that will stir your heart that will bless you that will minister to you all. I mean things that will will be of great help in your life new videos that will edify you and equip you, so they're all there on the website at all yeah what this campus is done is beyond stupid. Brand-new article posted there video how far the submission to our spiritual leaders go these articles videos will bless you. The role of the line of fire website. We've also got special offer, we reduce the price on some of our materials that you can download. You can find all about and if you're blessed and held by the broadcast stand with us your support, your one time gift. Your ongoing support is a multi-supported goes a long long way they do this to be on these great stations and send you this broadcast online and my podcast support list today because together make a difference in my bottom line.

Love fails love conquers all. Love is said God has set his love on you on the

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