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Thoughts on Debating about Jesus the Messiah and a New Way to Learn Biblical Languages

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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March 16, 2017 4:20 pm

Thoughts on Debating about Jesus the Messiah and a New Way to Learn Biblical Languages

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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March 16, 2017 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 03/16/17.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

What's early Jewish Thursday today Isaiah 62 about Jerusalem. It has special significance for me today stalking for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience have the president of fire school of ministry getting to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH's 866-34-TRUTH Bureau, Jim is Dr. Michael Brown. I have against me. What is it about that chapter that is especially important today was my 62nd birthday.

That's right. Never knew 62 could feel this young by the grace of God my absolute joy to be with you today is to call on through the Jewish Thursday any Jewish related question you have of any kind. 866-34-TRUTH it's 866-348-7884 that is the number to call with age-related questions you have. But I want to reach you from Isaiah 62. I want to talk to about some interesting responses that I've gotten to a Jewish debate that I'm doing next week and then in the second hour. We are going to have a fascinating discussion, an absolutely fascinating discussion with Dr. Randall Brut will be calling from Israel.

He he is a linguist and he trained people in Bible translation and in learning the biblical languages in a unique way. So we are going to talk about that as well. 86634.

Truth is the number to call if I sent a little different today. We are at a different location and because of that the sound is a little different but it is yours truly coming your way. 866-348-7884 Isaiah 62 because of Zion. I will not keep silent. I will not keep still. Because of Jerusalem until her righteousness shines like a bright light in her salvation like a flaming torch. Nations will see your righteousness, and all kings your glory will be called by a new name of the Lord's mouth will announce you will be a glorious crown in the Lord's hand in a royal diadem in the palm of your God will no longer be called deserted the Lamb will not be called desolate.

Instead, you will be called. My delight is in her and your land married, the Lord delights in you and your land will be married this young man marries a young woman so your sons will marry you groom rejoices over his bride sugar gobble rejoice over you not to listen to this Jerusalem Jerusalem.

I have a point that this is God speaking watchmen on your wall, they will never be silent. They wore nice and then it says this, you who put the Lord in remembrance I gave yourselves no rest, so it's literally in Hebrew. Those who remind the Lord, you remind the Lord give yourselves no rest right and give him give God no rest until he establishes and makes Jerusalem the praise of your friends that has still not happen. That is still something we pray for how will Jerusalem be the praise of all the earth will be the praise of all the earth within embraces Yeshua the Messiah. It'll be the praise of all the earth when the Messiah comes in glory and establishes his kingdom in Jerusalem and the earth is filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea as all nations come streaming into Jerusalem to learn the ways of God. At that point it will be the praise of all the earth. What is God saying for now. In the meantime, upon your wall so Jerusalem, I have set watchmen shall never be silent by day or by night all use the Lord's remembrance or take no rest and give no rest for him until he established Jerusalem now on my birthday. Noisy is rare in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown transfer before we go to share some very interesting with you about the debate I'm scheduled to have next week. Castle State University in Atlanta.

This should be a live streams you can watch it from wherever you are all around the world that undergarment is this a serious counter missionary. He is a lawyer and obviously a clear thinking man, I categorically differ with his book 26 reasons why Jews don't believe in Jesus for this bit of 100 reasons why people are quite a few still believe in God. Assuming that one of them is right you have a million reasons. Like you simply reduce this mean that any of them like dogs that are strong and clear perspective. But what I found really interesting is what will be posted on on Facebook. We posted this by prayer for this debate is not that I would shine as a great debater, but that Jesus, Yeshua would shine as a great Messiah and I found interesting that that some folks are weighing in with these different comments. I respectfully ask why would you debate Jesus said share the truth that they receive you, that your peace beyond them. If they don't shake the dust off your feet as a testimony against them of the idea of debate goes against what the Messiah taught watch what we talking. I mean, in point of fact we have numerous instances in the gospel. It is in acts. The book of acts where Paul goes into synagogue acts nine.

For example, is debating there. That's his way of sharing the truth of the gospel and it says at the end of the 18th chapter of the book back that a policy greatly encourage the believers. There incarnate because that he refuted himself a Jewish when he refuted the Jews in public debate demonstrated from the Scriptures that Jesus was the Messiah.

So this is this is what laid out and and Jesus debates those who differ so it very very interesting to hear evidence somebody some Bishop Bonomo who is whatsoever. I'm sure little old for childish debate, utterly childish. The, comment, what will this accomplish.

Not all impressed very much disappointed with what a ridiculous comment. So I have no idea who you are ligament your name on the air but are you not familiar with the Scriptures and the debates in Scripture and God even challenging Israel to come now, let us reason together not familiar with how many people have come to faith through debates. Are you not familiar with how many believers have recovered their faith through debates, they have been strengthened in their debates. Are you utterly unfamiliar with that that what causes you to post something this bizarre archer little old for childish. But what's childish about debating with an Orthodox Jewish lawyer is Jesus, the Jewish Messiah, and doing it before Jewish believers in Jesus and nonbelievers in Christian one will this child is very, very, 866-348-7884. But let's go to the falls will start in Lanham, Maryland Fuller, welcome to the line of fire.

Greetings Dr. Brown how are you doing very well thank you a question about the Jewish perspective inserted different one. If I can would be within Christian circles, but the Jewish perspective on King David in particular his friend with Bathsheba and the reason I ask is because I I read something or thought something that implied that the that this particular Jewish perspective again. I don't think it's every but did not consider his then with Bathsheba, adultery, and I. He said if you've heard that and what in general would be me obligated to be held high and the great King of Israel, but is curious that one thing to help someone hides another thing to come and change what the guy was Jerry did your perspective and you heard that anywhere in and, what would you take the OLAP model about July. I have enjoyed you ever Fuller II have no idea whatsoever will come from, but she was a married woman.

David was a married man to do one thing if he took a single woman took a single woman and added her to his wives to his wives of the one thing he be violating Deuteronomy 17 by multiplying many wives did that actually but not not as badly as some solids at that office into the next generation or worse than the sins of the first generation but it in employment. In point of fact of yet, this is out out adultery. I will cheer around it. I haven't heard a Jewish perspective that it was anything else but you know where you heard that shirt give any any out. I'll look it up again and if I can find it out and send it to you I you I honestly have no idea where you got that from. But if you find it yet. Just go to ask Dr. ask your Brown the Lord and click on contact and send it out. I'll check sources. But again, I'm utterly unfamiliar with the and adulterous adultery married man having sex with a married woman. That's adultery. King are not the Scriptures are clear that cost David dearly how to repent deeply because of hate. Thank you for the call and the question 866-34-TRUTH of this, go to market in the Landover, Maryland. Welcome to the line of fire. Hello Dr. Brown after eight I doing our own? About Jewish terrible family headed by Rabbi you that a legitimate organization on the Internet. I had thought.

They made about organization. Yes you're talking about. You feel Eckstein International foundation for Christian use of the initiative. Any anyone that you deal with any organization that you deal with. You are going to their big enough you can find tractors right here is my issue with Rabbi Eckstein.

Does Rabbi Eckstein do what he says he's going to do. In other words, is he helping needy Jewish refugees coming from different parts of the world to get settled in Israel. Yes, he is doing that. So what's my problem. My problem is that most people watching on Christian TV think that he's a messianic Jew. They think that he's a believer in Yeshua, which is not an increase in deeply when a Jew becomes a follower of Jesus, and he would strongly oppose people like me who would be making efforts to lead other Jews to believe in Jesus so the problem I have is from what I understand most people that give to his organization. Think their giving to an organization that actually is working with Jewish people who believe in Jesus or is helping Jewish people come to faith in Jesus all along with the very real tangible important work of helping impoverished Jews helping Holocaust survivors helping other Jews make it in the land of Israel. That's my issue and things are presented in such a way of because the evangelical audience is his big, big target audience or they give the great bulk of the giving was hundred million dollars more euros I think it's somewhere around there that from what I understand, the majority of them. Mark give thinking that they are giving to help Jewish people also come to faith in Jesus or that is the least Rabbi Eckstein himself is a believer in Jesus, so what I give to his organization. I would encourage you instead to donate towards together for Israel, go to together for right together for It's run by dear friend Yvonne Scott bowl and I was just with him in Israel and here on the one hand, there are now helping to build a rebuild children's centers for impoverished children of Israel. This is anybody. Users really kids, no tie directly to faith issue. Another was there a need to get up big I get help. There may be Arab kids litigators of the help that the receive mercy and help to this ministry by is also going to prioritize.

It is also going to prioritize helping Jewish believers in the land.

And if you remember in the book of acts when there was a famine that was prophesied next 11 if you look at what should be due. They immediately set out what we're going to do is we are going to receive funds to help the Saints in Jerusalem because they seem to get hit the hardest. When Paul was going to different churches.

He was collecting and offering to bring that offering to Jerusalem to help the saints in Jerusalem in Galatians 2 when when Paul and Peter agree to remember the poor so his decision was tangibly health Israel has also led Dublin line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown 41 years of marriage, for your wonderful marriage. We celebrated that on Tuesday and today is my birthday on Thursday so last night was that we had a family dinner hung out at some time together and thank God for help in life and vibrant.

Let me tell you something I would not be where I am today as healthy as vibrant, strong school of energy, but not the radical lifestyle transformation. Both to chronologically years back from you.

Now it began August 24, 2014 and I have been radically dramatically wonderfully changed since then went from 275 pounds down to 180 blood pressure 121490103 down to about 100, 105/65 cholesterol, high 30s down to 123 four times we have had a headache and 1/2 years on and on it goes.

So you don't have a raking stronghold. I strongly encourage you get a copy of the book, it will impact you. It will change your life. We're hearing from readers. Veteran cheers that are encourage that have hope that I mean I can tell you the report people within a month off diabetes medicine that type II diabetes people in two months and lost 3 pounds and are not looking back and not turning back. So how do you have a gradient stronghold of I feel so full of life, issued September wrong for me not sure that we 34 truth. Let's go to Marilyn and Leonard how Maryland line of fire every day. Wonderful birthday.

I appreciate your people and at one .20 years ago I joined a messianic Jewish Christian group called or alarm and learned a lot about messianic Jewish Eagle unit real and I'm looking at and you do and make your righteousness and unlocking your glory and you will because my new name which the mouth of the Lord will designate you will often be a crown of beauty in the hand of the Lord and have Royal Bank down in the hand of your guy, like new Jerusalem and being there with our dorky. I add all the other people who are children of God. Yet we we absolutely have something wonderful and glorious and special to to look forward to a man absent absolutely hate Marilyn thanks for calling.

I do appreciate it very much.

866-348-7884 and in a few minutes I want to play some very disturbing clips for you from David Duke, former grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, outspoken anti-semi as anti-Israel is as is you're going to find get a very disturbing video on YouTube and in Google is said thoughts not not hate speech when I can remove it. I had a I got her a matrimony I got a right on that. When you think that videos on Praeger. You videos on Praeger, University that were just talking about Islam and in fair terms, you know, Dennis Prager, the foaming at the mouth in fair terms when when they are doing that and those get hand on YouTube, and David Dukes is not hate speech to come back to that in a minute but first a little bit more on debates I posted what I posted for a reason and again I posted this by prayer for this debate is not that I would shine as a great debater, but that Jesus, Yeshua would shine as a great Messiah. The question is not grew smarter. Osher Norman or me, or a counter missionary Rabbi for me. The question is not cruise a better speaker.

The question is not cruise a more persuasive speaker. The question is who is most accurately presenting the truth about the Jewish Messiah. This is our way to strengthen the faith of believers.

This is our way to encourage believers. This is our way to reach out to nonbelievers. Let me ask you something if you are a seeker your are trying to find God. Is there one God is he the same God in every religion are there many different gods.

How do we sort these things out but it is is the God of the Hindu religion of the gods of Hinduism, or account of the non-God of Buddhism with the law or or is are we all gone and you have question and someone and you come to someone a follower of Jesus with your questions. Does that person just said you stupid questions disbelief quote Scripture to get you said you talk with the person in your reason with the person and interact with the person and and you you you yes pointed to Scripture you quote Scripture you share the word with them by not you want them to understand what when you get saved you shut your mind off when he had saved did you stop thinking, what, when, when you come to faith in Jesus. Does that mean that you now is this barrier had the sand know how can you even read the New Testament without thinking, I can read the Bible without thinking I can read the Scriptures without being challenged to think about this and wonder about this and try to figure this out. What is this mean and how does this apply and we go to God and we say Lord, my understanding is inadequate.

Open my heart open my mind give me understanding the wisdom that's what we seek to do in the context of a debate but I want you to know that although I am absolutely focused on Jewish outreach and and by God's grace I want as many Jewish people to hear this debate, as many Jewish people to watch this debate as many Jewish people to learn from this debate and come to faith in Jesus being the Jewish Messiah Osher Norman want to do the opposite.

He wants to dissuade us from believing in Jesus the Messiah as as committed as I am to reach a loss.

I also want to strengthen the believer because I know that it would your batter when you told your beliefs are wrong when people would seem to know more than you a better educated new and smarter than you and they can read the original line which is new And so Forth That When When You Are at Now Helped by Someone Who Can Answer Those Questions Where Your Faith Comes by Bacillus of the Bible, the Truth about What God's Word You Can Believe in Nonsense like This.

You Gotta Be Crazy. You Believe in Some of the Silly and These People Seem to Know A Lot More Than You Know. And Now You Meet Someone Whose It Knows Just As Much As They Know, except except They Cut Solid Answers except Consider Tearing on Your Faith There Building up Your Faith That Will Strengthen You and Enable You to Be a Much More Powerful Evangelist and Solar.

So We Want to Strengthen the Faith of Believers and Want to Reach out Nonbelievers. Praise Jesus Issue Mightily Glorified.

Pray That He Will Be Naturally Glorified by the Way, Make Sure You Go to the Line of Today and Check out My Newest Article Menstruating Man in the Latest Trance Vanity. My Latest Video, Disney's Gay Fairytale. It's the Line of Fire with Your Host Activist and Author, International and Theologian Dr. Michael Brown Voice of More Cultural and Spiritual Revolution Get into the Line of Fire Now by Calling 66343 Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown and That Is a Specific Parameter Jewish Related Question Give Me a Call 866-348-7884 That Is the Number to Call for Your Jewish Related Questions Okay What You're about to Hear Is Disturbing. Just Want to Tell You Upfront. This Is a YouTube Video Narrated by the Former Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, David Duke All Right. I Want You to Hear Some of What Is on This Video. It's Called Jews Admit Organizing White Genocide, According to Google, Which Oversees Which Owns YouTube, This Does Not Constitute Hate Speech.

While It Is Quote Deeply Offensive and Shocking.

It Does Not Violate You to Bruise against Hate Speech and Will Remain on the Site. According to Google VP for Communications and Public Affairs Peter Baron and This Is in England That This Discussion Is Taking Place, so Let's Listen. So These Clips Will Start with Clip Number Two Again This Is a Great Stuff. This Is David Duke. Why Won't Expose Israel As a Condemn South African Segregation Actually Comparing As Part-Time Is like Comparing the Atomic Bomb to a BB Gun like Israel South African Never Drop out All Her Children While Israel Was Founded by Tara in the past, Imagine If Your Children Were Murdered or Blinded Her Jewish Weapons of Mass Destruction.

All My Hate Speech and Hate Speech Your Videos from YouTube That Are 100. This Offense and 100 Is Inaccurate, Let's Go to Clip Number Three More from David Duke, Member Google, Which Owns YouTube Saying Not Hate Speech. We Won't Remove the Video Go Ahead Is Not the Muslims Change the Immigration Policies of Europe and America. Muslims around the Media That Tell Swedes and Germans and Britons and Americans. They Must Let Themselves Be Ethnically Cleansed in Our Own Homelands. Arabs Don't Run Kosher Hollywood Media That Teaches Europeans to Hate Themselves so Much That Some Even Celebrate Our Own Extinction. I Let's Let's Keep Listening. Clip Number Four. You're Not Allowed to Know Your Best Because You Might Then Realize That You Have a Competitor in Your Midst Was a Different Agenda Then You Have My Learner, Jews Are Indoctrinated from Birth to Act Instinctively As a Team to Take over Any Company in Organization Any Political Party in the Country in Pursuit of Jewish Interest Average Are Missing the Evils of the Holocaust a Thousand Times in the Media. Every Jew Learns How They Must Stick Together against the Gentiles Were Portrayed As Evil, Whom I Fire up the Ovens and Any Time A Few Jews Have Been Able to Overcome This Brainwashing by the Jewish Religion by the Jewish Extremist Media I Want One More Quick Does Not Hate Speech Going to Google YouTube. This Is Not Hate Speech but the Prayer Videos Talking Dispassionate Realistically, but As Long Those Get Banned and Blocked Okay Last Clip You're Not on My Family or My Dearly Also Speak for the Asian Indians in African Every People on Earth Should Have the Right to Live to Preserve Its Heritage and Character Free Jewish Stories Allies Freedom of Your If You Don't Stand up for Yourself. You Heard Her Saying It's the Line of Fire with Your Host Dr. Michael Brown to the Line of Fire Now by Calling 866-34-TRUTH Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown on the President of the United States. This Is What He Said You Said See You in Court. The Security of Our Nation Is at Stake Will Flow to Reporting on Donald Trump's Response to the Latest Court Overreach Seeking to Stop His Temporary Travel Ban on Refugees Coming in from Six Countries and in Donald Trump's Own Words. Johnny Gripped Clip Number Seven This Is What Pres. Trump Had to Say.

The Best Way to Keep Terrorists, or As Some People Would Say Certain Uses Radical Islamic Terrorists from Attacking How Jesus Stopped Them from Entering Our Country in the First Place. All Right, so, so How in the World.

Is It That a Federal Judge in Hawaii. This Happened Yesterday and Because Were Dealing with Islam Because Really Refugees Will Will Talk about This Is Important News from Thoroughly Jewish Thursday. How Was It a Federal Judge in Hawaii Could Issue Nationwide a Temporary Restraining Order That Bars the Implementation of the Presidents Resolved Revised Executive Order on Immigration and Refugees. How Can He Do This out. We Are Joined on the Air by Jordan Lawrence, Who Is Senior Counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom. Jordan Great to Have You on the Air. Thanks for Joining Us Today. Glad to Be Here. Michael Also First Tell Us How This Happened Is This Overreach Is This the Courts Working Properly. How Does This Happen. Well, I Think That It Is Definitely Judicial Overreach and I I Want to Spread That I Am Not a Foreign Policy Expert, but I Am a Religious Liberty Expert, Which Is Highly Relevant to This Decision Because the Judge Essentially Found That It Violated the Tablets McQuaw the Separation of Church and State Your People Sometimes Want to Use That and That's Him I'm Familiar with. So People Know Our Pro-Immigrant Work Anti-Immigrant or Whatever That You Should Not Be Influencing. It Is a an Amazingly Bad Just Misapplying the Establishment Clause Precedent Basically Enjoined the State of Why Brought This and the This Will Definitely Discharge Wanted to Issue a Temporary Restraining Order and It's Just Shoddy Trampoline of Legal Principles on Getting a Temporary Restraining Order and This Establishment Clause Grounds. I Just Kind of Slap My Head in Amazement at What They Did and I'll Give It Back to You As They Say Well Because We Don't Really Have To Read the Executive Order Because during the Campaign, Pres. Trump Made All the Anti-Muslim Statements and He Wanted to Ban Almost 1 We Have To Interpret the Much, Much, Much More Restrained Executive Order in Light of His Prior Statement in His Prior Statement Just like Everything and Therefore Striking It down. I Dislike Slapping My Head in Disbelief of This Kind of Reasoning Are Social to Help Me Here.

My Dad Was a Senior Lawyer in the New York Supreme Court, but I'm Not a Lawyer Myself, I'm Just Looking at This in a Commonsense Way.

This Is a Federal Judge It.

It Sounds like Something Being Made up It It It Sounds like Someone Is a Suspect in a Murder a Because They Said Really Nasty Things about Somebody Else but It Turns out the Day of the Murder. They Were in Another Country Complete It. They Have a Perfect Alibi Yeah but You Said Nasty Things. So Were Going to Find You Go. I'm in It. It Sounds That Bizarre Is There Is Any Precedent Is Any Possible Legal Justification for Work. What He Saying of His Is There yet. This Is Commonly Done in the Courts and I'm Just Too Ignorant to Know It Wildly Well. It Is Not Commonly Done but There Has Been from Time to Time in Case If I Can Think in the Mid 80s with the Other Moment of Violence Case from Alabama Where the Supreme Court Has Invalidated a Law Based on the Intention Expressed by Some of the Lawmaker in Case It Was like We Were to Recur Back to School so a Moment of Silent, Other Than the Invalidated Even Though You Think like a Moment of Silence Being It's a Roomful of Filing. Not You Know and after Praying You Know That the Contours of the Goals Form a Significant Wall of Separation between Beta. No Matter from Time to Time. There Are Decisions like This. The Hawaii Federal Judge Took This to Level so He Didn't Basically Even Though I Know This Is My Care. Even Though the Executive Order Is a Legitimate Exercise of the President of Authority under Article to the Constitution for the Old Foreign Affairs and Immigration and Executing Laws and Immigration, and If You like Obama Had Done That That Would Be Okay but Because Candidates from Made All the Gravity and Statements about Banning Muslim Were Going to Read This Ban on Just Several Muslim Country.

90% of the Muslims in the World Are Not Included in This Ban and at One Thing Though It Is a Poor Fit If If the Pres. Really Wants to Ban Almost 1 Gift over like Indonesia, the Largest Muslim Nation in the World Don't Think like That Don't Need Money Just As the Negative Statement Will Think and He Then Disregards the Fact That These Are All the Nations That Are Being Talked about Yemen, Etc. Are All VV Where the Terrorist Group Isis and Al Qaeda Are Located. So There's Some Logic There Is a Nexus between the Point of the Executive Order and What What What Does the Goal and It's Not a Ban on All Muslim Would Be It Would Be Kind of like You Put This in a Different Context. If a State Legislature, Congress Voted to Increase Welfare Spending and Somebody Stood up and Said I'm Voting Yes on This Because Jesus Said How Poor People Would That Invalidated Because This Guy Had a Religious Motive for Voting for and and and so This Is Very Poorly Thought through Their There's Really No Coherence to It Because I Didn't Doubt That the Kind of Reasoning Are Using Here They Would They Would Apply and He Did. Did Somebody Say You Know the Nuns and and a Hobby Lobby Obama Was Making Negative Statements about Christian so Therefore by Working to Strike down Those Parts of Obama Care Due To the Establishment.

The Logic Is It Just Things like That Sort of This One Case Only Logic That the Really, I Cannot Imagine Being Applied Anywhere Else.

Now I Really Can't and You Got to Get This Going for the President Would Be like Donald Trump or Not He Is the President and and You've Got a Carefully Worded Order and the Six Nations That Are Being Singled out Were Ready Being Singled out under the Obama Administration.

This Is Not Some New Creation Here. That's Right Again As You Said That Most of for the Vast Majority Rest of the World You Can Come in Just Dislike Always so Obviously This You Can Imagine, Unless There Is Complete It Corporately. No Insanity. This Will Get Quickly Shot down but Jordan… Let's Just Look at This on a Larger Level and Focus Back to the Religious Liberty Issue. Help Us with This Is It within Religious Liberties of Any Group. Let's Say It's a White Supremacist Group. The Claims to Be Christian or Radical Islamic Group and They Are Preaching from Their Pulpit's Death to America and They Are Explaining How to to Make Suicide Bombs and Blow Yourself up and Then Take out These Evil Unbelievers That within Their Religious Rights Does the Government Have a Right to to Survey What They're Doing. First, Surveilled What They're Doing Is That an Infringement of Rights. This Is How the Supreme Court Differentiate between Back in.

I Think with the Late 1960, the Supreme Court Had a Case Called Brandenburg Versus Ohio Which Involved a Ku Klux Klan by Grand Dragon. W Called Basically Making Statements like What You're Saying Is Sort of like, but They Will GENERALIZE Death to America. Diane and I Did Some Racist Things I Can't Remember Exactly What They Were.

But the Supreme Court Said in Order to Criminalize. They Have To Be Basically Talking about Imminent Lawless Action Play at the State Let's Meet up That Black Guy Right Now. Let's Go Blow up at Jewish Synagogue Right Now, but a Generalized Statement about Black People Being Bad or Jewish People Being Bad or Something like That. The Supreme Court Said Is Not Punishable so That There Is Actual Criminal Conspiracy for Terroristic. No Killing People Blowing up Buildings That Can All Be Prosecuted. That Sort of Thing and so That I Feel Domestically How That Would Be Handled with It with the Freedom of Speech.

The One Thing to the Discharge, Which I Think At Least Know Again I'm No Expert in Foreign Policy or Foreign Affairs but Generally I Do Know from Law School and for My Study. Think That the Courts to Give All Sorts of Different the President on Foreign Affairs Young Military Affairs. Things like This Writer Just Said It Is Shocking and As a Lawyer in Carefully Not Stating It Is Shocking Hatred. Thanks for Joining Us at Short Notice. Much Appreciated. I Will File the Line of Fire with Your Host Dr. Michael Brown Get into the Line of Fire Now by Calling 866-34-TRUTH Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown Thanks for Joining Us on the Ground Here, the Voice of My Good Friend Paul Wilburn Leading Us and Here's a Little Bit of What Pres. Trump Had to Say at a Rally Last Night in Nashville Is Rightly Outraged over This. He Called Us an Unprecedented Judicial Overreach. Even Some of's Involvement Unprecedented.

Because Judges Going Crazy Things. But Absolute Judicial Overreach with Esther and Lawrence Explained It to Us. From This in the ADF. It Seems the Nature. This Is Because from the President. It Seems to Me Not Going to Be Expert in This Either an Unprecedented Judicial Overreach of Speaking Supporters of the Rally Nashville Time Reports of the President Said the Latest Iteration Was Quote a Watered-Down Version of the Original Executive Order That He Would Challenge the Ruling of the Supreme Court If Necessary to Fight This Terrible Ruling to Take Our Case As Far As It Needs to Go on the Supreme Court. Trump Said Were Going to Win. We Only Keep Our Citizens Safe. Regardless Really Keep Our Citizens Safe. Believe Me, You Don't Think This Was Done by a Judge for Political Reasons. Now This Really Makes Us Look Weak. Which by the Way, We No Longer Are Our Believe Me, Trump Said He Wanted to Return to the First Man Was Targeted Even More Immigrants Was Also Blocked by Federal Court. I Think We Ought to Go Back to the First Bengal Boy, That's What I Wanted to Do in the First Place. Now, in the Meantime, an Interesting Development As We Just Focus on Radical Islam for a Moment As We Focus on the Rise of of Populism. All Right, Where Different Nations or Thinking in More Nationalistic Terms for Good or for Bad. It Can Be Very Good to Say America First. We Have To Take Care Own People First and in This Way We Can Be a Strong America and Help the Rest of the World. Great, That's Fine. Good, Because If You Let's Say You Give Away All Your Resources to Help Others and You End up with No Resources of Your Own. How Are You Helping Anyone Long-Term or Not. On the Other Hand, Populism, Nationalism Can Be. Roy Can Be Xenophobic You Can Be Were America First Means America First with the Rest of the World Brought America First You Cares about the Rest of the World and It's Certainly Wrong and Absolutely Contrary to God's Ideal and It's Really Contrite Even Tipped to the Founding of Our Nation Where We Are Going to Be Were Intended to Be a Light to the World so There Is a Rising Tide of Nationalism and Other Countries, Especially in Europe As Well Be Because of This Feeling of Our Our Cover Losing Our Country so Many Immigrants Bring in Another Culture That Was Your Cousin Were Not. We Can't Be Free to Be Who We Are As We Look Ahead to the Future and the Next Generations.

We Don't See a Future for Our Country so There's a Rise of Nationalism, Some of It Can Be Healthy. Some of It Can Be Very Unhealthy.

Obviously It Was Nationalism, Hyper Nationalism That Writ That Led to the Rise of the Nazis, Which in German Nazi Short for National Okay so There Can Be a Hyper Nationalism That's Destructive, and There Is a Push Strong Nationalistic Push with with Marie Le Pen in France, Will She Become the Next Prime Minister. In That Case It Would Be a Strong Shift Internationalist Away in Some Ways That Would Be Helpful in Recognizing That This Is a Dangerous Islamic Invasion in Terms of the Future France on the Other Hand, It Would Tell a Jew and Israeli Jew That You See a Dual Citizen You Have To Be French or Israeli Which Can't Be Both. That's an Unhealthy Nationalism in That Respect in Germany. What's Gonna Happen with Angela Merkel and Will Be a Backlash against Her Policies Well. The Latest Test Was in Holland Get Builders Was Was Very Close and There Was the Possibility of His Party Actually Winning the Election Will There Was a Massively Large Turnout, but We Did What We Have around 60% of Americans Voted of Eligible Voters Voted in the Last Election. Something like That Which Barbara Lower Turnouts but but Were Never up like 80% Will Nevins Was over 80% of People Voting and What Happened Is There Were Strong Gains for Builders Party but Not Strong Enough for Him to Lead Other Party That One Is Good Have To Make a Coalition and the the Very Liberal Party Took a Real Blow and Went Way down but but One Arena so I Bring It up Because Builders Want to Shut down the Mosque and in in in the Netherlands Builders Wanted to Make Clear the Muslims. The Moroccans Are Coming Inherent in a Raping Our People and and Hurting Our People Are the Bad Ones.

There Are Not Welcome and so on and Were Dutch Culture and the Dutch Country.

Not Sure Going to Be an on the One Hand, He Rose Strongly As Party Rose on the Other Hand, He Didn't Win the Victory with Some Thought That He Might, He Became Well-Known Not Just for His Shock of of Blonde Hair, Which Causes Them to Stand out, but He Became Well-Known for Video He Put out Some Years Ago We Had Verses from the Koran, Followed by Horrific Violent Acts Carried out by Professing Muslims around the World Tremendously Controversially Spent under Constant Death Rates since Then I Have Stood As the Live under Security at All Times and He's He's Been Banned from Speaking in England and Things like That so on the One Hand, I Believe A Lot Of What He Saying Is True and Accurate. I Believe A Lot Of His Concerns Are Valid. On the Other Hand, Things Are so Extreme That That May Have Turned off Some of the Other Voters Either. They Think It's Fear Mongering and They Don't Believe That They Could Potentially Lose Lose Their Heritage in Their Nation and Their Distinctness to Complete Other Culture and Other Religion or They like Builders, Nationalism, but It Went Too Far for Them.

We Shall See, Everything Is Still in Motion. In Terms of This Battle Is Going to Be Going on for Years but Representative Steve King Came under A Lot Of Controversy by Saying You Can't Grow Your Country with Other People's Babies and He Gets into the Fray since Betty Immediately Clarified on the News the Next Day, but What He Was Saying Was This That Europe Recognizes They Have a Declining Birthrate Precipitously Declining Birthrate and and It Is Well under the 2.1 Babies per Woman during Childbearing Age Which Is Roughly 18 to 44 Years Old That for Civilization to Sustain Itself. It Needs Roughly 2.1 Babies Born to Every Woman during Her Years of Childbearing. Otherwise, You Do Not Have a Sufficient of Support System Is the One Generation Was Old Grows Older and You Just Have One Chart Topper Couple or No Children to Show Support Base. There's No Income Coming in for Social Security Stability for the Younger Generation to Care for the Older and It Means the Extinction of the Country and You Got from Russia to Japan to Countries All over Europe You Got Birthrate 1.61.5 Lower so the Muslims Have a High Birth Rates. So How You Preserve the Civilization Easy Bring in This Bring in Immigrants and Let Them Have Lots of Babies. The Problem Is That a Different Culture. The Problem Is Goals. The Problem Is If Your Vision and and If They Grow and Proliferate and and and You Have Muslims from Other Countries Having Lots of Children.

Nothing Is Evil Things and Have Lots of Children.

I'm Simply Say That If You Do That and That's How Your Population Stays Strong, You'll End up with a Different Country Going to Put a Different Culture. That's What Europe Is Looking at Right Now.

By the Way, You Know That in America Right Now the Only Way You're Able to Stay Our Profit Birthrate Is by Reality Right) A Lot Of Check out Our Latest Resource. My Bottom Line 62.

Make As If to Your Prayer.

Chapter You're about to Have Your Eyes and Ears Open to a Whole New Way to Learn the Biblical Languages Used for the Line of Fire with Your Host Activist and Author, International Speaker and Theologian Dr. Michael Brown Your Voice of Moral Cultural and Spiritual Revolution Michael Brown Is the Director of the Coalition of Conscience and President of Fire School of Ministry Get into the Line of Fire Now by Calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown Thank You Much for Joining Us on This Early Jewish 37 Asking Folks to Read Isaiah 62 Verses One through Seven and Make It Their Prayer for Jerusalem Because Today by Joyce Day of Turning 62 Never Knew 62 Could Feel This Young and I'm Blessed to Be with You on My Birthday.

86634878847 Recall 866-34-TRUTH If You Have a Jewish -related Question.

All Right. In A Few Minutes We Are Going to Connect with Israel with Dr. Randall Booth, a Linguist Bible Translator, a Language Teacher Talk about Learning Hebrew Biblical Hebrew Learning Biblical Greek and a Brand New Way It's Going to Be a Fascinating Discussion. I Have Been Really Looking Forward to Having Dr. Booth with Me for a Long Time Now, but Let's Let's Just Talk about This for a Minute. Learning the Biblical Languages. Should We Bother with It Should When God Called Me, Especially to Focus on on Old Testament Related Languages so Hebrew, Aramaic, and in the Ancient Semitic Languages and As Part of My Calling As a Jewish Believer and for Biblical Scholarship.

It's Been Invaluable. I Know Some Greek but Much Stronger in Hebrew Than Greek, but in of These Things Can Take a Lifetime of Study. Should We Bother It.

So for Bidding and Foreboding and Challenging. How Do We Go about It.

Different Scripts in Different Pronunciations and Different Sounds and Different Grammar. While I Think You Are to Be Encouraged Today and Were Gonna Refer You to an Online Website Where You Can Actually Learn the Biblical Languages Online with These Great Courses so You Find out about That Shortly and If You've Got Questions regarding Hebrew or Greek, or How the Languages Work or You've Heard This, You've Heard That You Have a Fascinating Discussion. You Can: 866342 Hey My Dear Friend Scott Bullock, a Buddy Asked, Recalling Man I Was in My Car Listening to You When I Heard Your Challenge at the End of the Hour for Everybody to Read Isaiah 62 for Your Birthday. I'd like to Wish You a Happy Birthday and Encourage Your Listeners to Do Something That I Think Your 62nd Birthday. Everybody That Love You and Listen to. You Should Think $62 Dr. Brown to Help Keep You on the Air When You Think about That Less Awesome and If I Said That That Would've Been the Flakiness Thing in History and I Want to Say Heard It. I Will Return 40 Asked Everyone to Send in $40. I Thought Outcome on Someone Else to Call It Unsolicited and Suggested I Love It. I Think I'm That Awesome Thing.

I Think It Can Often Thing out. As I Hang up and I Just Wanted Tell You Man 52 Never Looked so Good on Anybody and What You're Doing on the Radio and around the World Is Super Inspiring to Me. Happy Birthday and I Want to Encourage All Your Listeners What I'm Doing 62 Would Be a Great Amount of Money Spent to Help Keep You on the Air AA You Should Posted on Facebook and Send It out to Everyone You Know That's Not What You Got What You Don't Know Is That I Just I Just Referred Someone to Give to Your Ministry in the Last Hour so You Didn't Know That Already Called up. He Wanted to Know about You yet Had a Rabbi You Feel Eckstein Work and I Said Oh It's Genuine, It Does Go It Says, but Is Not a Believer in Your Shoe and If You Give Give through Believer in Jesus There so I Just Just the Suggested by the Way Scott Yeah It's Actually I'm Lying about My Age, Hundred 62 Unless You Give a Woman a Response Is Thanks and It's the Line of Fire with Your Host Dr. Michael Brown Your Voice and More Cultural and Spiritual Revolution. Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown Heard Line and Translation Have You Heard about Your about to Hear about Your about to Get Introduced to a Whole New Way of Learning. I'm Thrilled to Finally Get on Here with Me. Dr. Randall Booth Calling from Israel.

Dr. Booth Thanks so Much for Joining Us on the Broadcast Today. Are You Hearing Me I Am Hearing You Can You Hear Me yet Final and I'm Calling You Blanked out. I'm Calling from Jerusalem and I'm Hearing You Loud and Clear.

So That's Good.

Excellent, Excellent. Before We Talk about the Institute Biblical Languages and Translation Tell Us a Little Bit about Your Background, Not Just As a Linguistic Scholar but Serving As a Bible Translator. Where Did You Serve. How Did You Get a Passion to Do This Movie We Could Be Here Long Time but in in Standing on One Leg. The Lord Save Me Out Of the End of the 60s and I Spent Time Witnessing on the Street Wondered What to Do. Ended up Going Back to School Learning Greek and Hebrew, Prayed about What to Do. Ended up in Bible Translation. The Lord Lived through a Number of Different Ways and Ended up in Jerusalem.

Learning Hebrew in the Early 70s and Then into Africa Where We Served in Sudan, Kenya, and Chad. All Right, so When When You Were in These Countries Were, or Time in a Whole Different Aspect of Bible Translating in That There Are Different Cultures That Don't Have Things in Common. You Get Words like Snow When They've Never Seen Snow You Can Talk about the Lamb of God, but the Solano the Same Sacrificial Aspects Qualities.

There You May Be Talking about a Much Lower Level of Literacy in General. So Your You Got a Whole Bunch of Obstacles. What Were Some of the Greatest Challenges You Faced in an Environment like That Only Good the First of All, You Should Know That Most Translations Are Done As a Team. It Isn't Just One Person Goes in, Probably Even William Carey.

I Don't. I Haven't Read His Biography about 200 Years Ago. I'm Sure He Had Language Helpers That Were Helping Him in His Translation and You Have a Team so As an Outsider Year You Do Not Control the Language As a Mother Tongue so You're Working with Mother Tongue Translators and You Want Them to Train of the Specifics of of How to Translate a Foreign Item You Know in a Language There's A Lot Of Ways to Handle That.

Those Are Probably Not the Big Thing but of What One of Them Is Just Being in the Country and Staying Alive in Sudan There Was More Than Got Started.

That Was Probably More Crucial Than Whether to Have Snow and Yes in Southern Sudan. They Didn't Have Snow but It Did Mail a Couple Times While We Were There, so I Saw the Amazing Challenges She Said Just Distinct Staying Alive, Was There with Their Great Hunger for the Word of God That You Encountered among the People There.

I Wish I Could Say Yes, but Most of the People Didn't Know What We Were Doing There at the Beginning. I Mean They like It's Really Nice. But How Many How Many Western Paleface Families Come and Live in the Middle of Nowhere and and so They Were Just I Think They Were Happy to Have Us There but They Didn't Really Have a They Didn't Really Have a Hunger for the Word of God It Was an Unchurched Area Will Know Which One. Sorry I Misspoke Totally. It There Was Not A Lot Of Evangelism Going on. We Were in a Catholic Area, so We Were Working with the Catholic Church in the Translation Project, and There Already Was a Catholic Church so so They're Very Liturgical and and They're Not. They Were Happy As As Pieces of Translation Came out You Could Hear Wonderful Testimonies.

I Remember Hearing an Old Man As the Book of James Was Red. He Says While We Hear That We Know That the Word of God so so That's Nice, but They Weren't Expecting It Ahead of Time. They Didn't Know What to Expect.

I Showed You Labored There for Many Years and Then You You End up Doing Advanced Studies.

Where Did You Get Your PhD. I Went I Went to UCLA Because I Was from California and That for Semitic Languages and Hebrew Is a Nice School and Go to School but the Thing That Made It Really Work for Me Is That I Had Already Been in Israel about a Decade Earlier and and Internalized and Learned Hebrew. While I Was in Israel and so That Made of the Training of the Technical Training You Get When You Do a Doctorate Is to Learn How to How to Apply Methodologies to Critically Analyze Problems, Etc. but the Foundation Needs to Be a Good Grasp of the Language and I Already Had That before I Do the Doctoral Training and I Would Always I Always Have Been Telling People over 40 Years That That's Crucial Are so so What's the Difference between Going on and Getting Advanced Academic Degrees and Really Having a Grasp of the Primary Language Are Dealing with Itself.

The I Think You're Asking Me to Clarify What I Was Talking about and When When a Person Does an Advanced Degree. A Graduate Degree You Are Learning How to Engage in the World of Scholarship. So You Are You Are Learning What What Has Been Studied What Has Been Said before Is Your Learning How to Critically Evaluate Ideas for Strengths and Weaknesses, but the Raw Material Are the Ancient Text and Nothing Can Replace a Good Grasp of the Ancient Text. Imagine Somebody This Doing a Writing a Dissertation on the Family Life in the Age of Shakespeare and He Goes to Some of Shakespeare's Plays and Tries to Extract What We Learn about Family Life from a Play of Shakespeare, but He Can't Speak English of, and It's Painful for Him to Parse the Birds in Shakespeare or Whatever That That's What I Was Talking about in Terms of the Difference between Learning Methodologies Which Is What You Do in a Graduate School and Learning a Language Which Is of in Most Literatures You Do That in an Earlier Level High School of University but with Biblical Languages.

For Some Reason We Say That or Wrong Are Seminaries and Graduate School Yeah and and Then and in a Way That Everyone Can Understand. It's Been to a an Academic School Bible School Seminary Instead of Really Learning the Word Better and Be More Familiar with the Scriptures and More Immersed in the Scriptures. You Become More Immersed in Theology, and Various Scholars Opinions about Various Subjects Soliciting Parallel That with with Language Study, We Can Do the Same Thing Instead of Really Immerse Yourself in the Languages We Immerse Ourselves in the Critical Scholarly Discussion Which Again You As You Say Should Come Second so There Is No Substitute for Knowing the Language As Well and and over the Years Because You Cannot Just Translate You've Taught You Seen What What Works Better so We Have Time to Explore This Will Refer People to the Website for the Online School but We Discovered Two Minutes Now. In Short, How Have You Been Able to Take an Ancient Text, and Help People to Learn It in a Living Weigh-In Ancient Language and Help Them to Learn It in a Living Way of Will. God Has One Very Simple Rule for Language Learning.

It's Is You Learn a Language by Using the Language That Ingrained in Every Child As They Grow up and I'm Sure That with Many People, Especially Monolingual and I Will I Will Meet Americans in the Raise Their Hands and Those They Wait a Minute, That Sounds Nice You. You Learn a Language by Using the Language, but How Can You Use the Language If You Don't Already Know It.

And That's the Ironic Kind of Twist to the Whole Problem and so with an Ancient Language Is No Different Than Any Other Language. Every Language Is Equally Dead in the Classroom. If You're in a Classroom Learning French and inside Those Walls. Nobody Knows French, Maybe except the Teacher Then That's As If It Were a Dead Language and Finding a Way to Get That Language inside the Person Is the Trick. And in That Sense. Dead Languages Are No Different from Living Languages. Although We Do Have the Option of Living Languages. There Are Communities That Use It. People Can Go Visit Years for the Summer and We Cannot Go Visit Isaiah We Can Read Words.I Come Back Access How to Do It and I Got Some Questions. Dr. Booth II Want to Notice Perspective about the Language of Jesus Shula and Backgrounds to the New Testament the Line of Fire with Your Host Dr. Michael Brown Get the Line of Fire Now by Calling 860 Jim Is Dr. Michael Brown Joining Us on This Early Jewish Thursday.

This Is Michael Brown I'm Speak with Dr. Randall Booth Who Is Calling out from Jerusalem so It's 10 2920. What Time Is It Now. It's Only 920 You Have a Dream Did Daylight Saving and I Was I Was I Was in Israel Two Weeks Ago and Was Seven Hours Difference Now Expected to Six Okay Good. I Was Feeling Very Good Backdrop for a Couple Weeks. All Right, All Right, Got It. Got It. Okay so As We Think about Learning Languages so the Languages That We Know Best of the Languages We Learned Growing up.

And When You Were Six Months Old the-year-old Two Years Old. No One Was Telling Okay, Here's the Grammatical Function. And This Is the Subject This Is the Object in This Is a Perfect Form of the Verb That Is Learned It by Being in That Environment and to This Day. If Someone Really Wants to Learn a Language They Go on Immerse Themselves They They Live in Another Country They They They They Live with People Who Only Speak Another Language. There Immerse Their around All the Time. That's the Best Way to Do It. So the Challenges Because We Don't Have Speakers to Biblical Hebrew. Today We Don't Have Speakers of of Coin a Greek or Classical Greek Pursuit. Usually That We Don't Have Any of That Today. How Then Can We Help People and What Have You Developed in Your Institute to Help Them to Learn These Languages.

These Ancient Languages in a More Living Way Excellent Questions.

First of All in Their Early Stages in Our Classrooms. We Discovered That It Helps to Have Two Teachers so We Have Two People That Control the Language in the Classroom and It's True, We Don't Have Mother Tongue Speakers of These Ancient Languages Today, but That Doesn't Mean We Can't Speak and Use Them in the Classroom of in the Same Way That in Many Places of the World, Someone Might Study.

Let's Say French or Russian in the United States and the Teacher May Not Be Mother Tongue French or Russian.

So Imagine in Your Learning Russian and You Have To Americans Speaking Russian in the Classroom so That Trick Number One Is We Have Multiple Teachers and There Are Actually Many Techniques That Second Language Acquisition. Researchers Have Come up with over the Years.

Last Hundred and 50 Years As Being Some Pretty Major Shifts in How People Learn Languages Developments in Technique That Are Gone Far beyond the Old Grammar Translation Method That Was Used a 200 Years Ago and All You Can Simply Ask the Question What Helps a Human Being Learn a Language. What Prevents the Language What Prevents a Person or Slows down the Language Learning Process and so You Choose and Amass a Number of Techniques That Enhance Language Learning and You Stay Away from the Different Obstacles That Prevent People from Learning a Language Rapidly and Internalizing It and of That to Me That's on Again Is Just a Fast Answer of People Write Whole Books on This so I Don't Know Go into This. This Is This Is Great This Is. This Is Helpful and to Make Sure I Do This and Don't Forget, If People Want to Go to the Website to Find out How They Can Actually Download Online Classes for Biblical Hebrew and Biblical Greek.

What's the Website to Go to for Online Classes.

If You Want to Download That They Want to Download Classes I Was. I Downloaded a Free Introductory Module Module to Coin a Greek.

I Thought That Was Just the Same Site I Was Downloading It from an and You Download Everything You Not Learning in a Live Online Way, but Your You're Watching the Slide. Your Hearing the Word Spoken.

Your Your Learning through Pictures and Things like That. This Is Their Way or Is It Your Program That They Need to Go There in Jerusalem. The Program We Have at the Institute for Biblical Languages and Translation Is an Immersion Live-In Program That's an 8 1/2 Month Program.

In Some Senses. You Might Say It's Modeled after the Monterey Institute of His like the If If You Got an Emergency and Juergen Pull out All the Stops and Do Whatever It Takes to Make Sure the Language Learning Is As Efficient As Possible.

What You Do. So That's How We Built That It May Have Month Program of That in Israel. If You Wanted to Download a First Picture Series I Would Go to the Biblical Language Center and There Is a Program Both for G&A, Greek, and Also for Biblical Hebrew and It Is Based on Pictures and and Listening of That Would Be Biblical Language and Those Will Take You in and the Languages Is Accurate and Authentic As As Far As We Are Able to Know the Ancient Language so That That's What I Would Recommend Excellent and What What Kind of Results You See When Someone Is with You Freight 1/2 Months and Irritated Average Learner. What When They Leave.

What Whatever Fluency They Have Say with with Biblical Hebrew Reading Reading the Bible in the Original Hebrew of the. The the First Time before 8 1/2 Month Program Is Going to Run Is Going to Be This Year We Have Done Different Modules in Place before This so All of the Things Were Doing Are Things That We've Known.

But We Have Not Put It Together in an 8 1/2 Month Package before the 8 1/2 Months Has Been Designed so That When They Leave. We Expect Them to Be Reading the Hebrew Bible and Have Reached a Level of Hebrew so That They Could Read a Commentary Say Something like Godly Car and They Would Be Able to Read That Which Is Written in Hebrew and That Sort of the Test of Kin Not Just to Read the Biblical Hebrew Text, but Can They Start Thinking in Hebrew Have a Reach That First Plateau to Be Thinking in Hebrew and and so That's What Were Aiming at What What I like to See the Expected Outcome Is. Let's Say Two Thirds of the Class Will Will Reach That Level Successfully.

The Other Third Is Not like There Going to Be Unsuccessful, but You Always Have the You Know You Always Have a Slope in My Different Kinds of Curves. Will Cover a Whole Group of People. So If You Have 20 People Then Some of Them Are Still Going to Be Struggling at the End of 8 1/2 Months and but They Still Will Have a Massive Amount of Hebrew Learning in Place. Excellent Excellent and You Folks Want to Find out about That Program Today Go to the Same Place.

If They Want to Find out about That Program They Would Go to IBM T.AC Should Get You There.

But the Simpler Another Simple Way Is Called 4 to 20 Foundation 4220 Are an Excellent Side. That's the Foundation That Is Supporting This Rams Is Made up of People As a Different People That Is in Seeing Bible Translators so Right. This Could Be a Very Major Breakthrough for A Lot Of Folks Question Productively. Figure It's the Line of Fire with Your Host Activist, Author, International Speed and Theologian Dr. Michael Brown Voice of More Cultural and Spiritual Revolution Get into the Line of Fire Now by Calling 66343 Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown Ran One of My Michael Brown Speaking with Dr. Randall Booth Uses Scholar. He Is a Bible Translator Is Setting up Program to Help Immerse People in Biblical Languages in Israel That They Could Better Equipped to Teach Scripture and to Translate Scripture. Dr. Booth Bought My PhD in near Eastern Languages and Literatures Was from New York University and and Although I Learned Modern Hebrew in College I Was Interested in Biblical Hebrew. So I Taught Myself Biblical Hebrew Out Of the Textbook I Used Thomas Landon's Book and and and Kind of Struggled to Stay up with My Modern Hebrew Class.

If It Wasn't so Interested in. That Is a Complete Dichotomy. Here's the Living Languages. The Ancient Language and Then over the Years As Learning Other Languages Whether It Was Acadiana Ugaritic Use of the Languages There Ancient No One Thought of Teaching Anything in Living Languages in the Living Way. But More and More Teachers Now Unit Seminary Level Are Embracing This Friend of Rosalinda Larry Denver Theological Seminary Is Had Great Success Teaching People Biblical Hebrew in a More Living Way and and Obviously Your You're Doing This You're Living This out at the Same Time Though, Were Connecting with an Ancient Text in That the Culture Was Different and the Ways of Thinking Were Were Different. So, Do You Find That When People Learn Hebrew As a Living Language That It Also Helps Them Somehow Connect to the Biblical Mentality Better or Is That Just the Whole of the Leap Entirely of I Think I Think Something Happens at a Certain Stage There Is a Kind of Critical Mass That Happens with the Language Where It Comes Together and You Start Working with in That Language Where the Definitions of Words Are Themselves and Their against All the Other Choices That Are in That Language You Don't Go outside of the Language to Define or Verify Something the Language Takes over for Itself and Then We Have All of These Ancient Texts and They Become Our Our Best Documentation for the Culture. How Does the How Does the Family Work. How Do They Plan How to Be Lived during the Year. How Were They Worshiping. We Have Our Biblical Text. We Slowly Are Getting More Textbook Givers More of the Background to Understand Antiquity and to Understand the Way They Thought and There Are Amusing Things That Are in the Bible, Some by Accident, Some by Bison by the Fact That the Culture Has Has Not Developed Some of the Things That We Might Hold Dear. Some of Them by Our Accident. The Bible Has Dogs. It Doesn't Have.

There Is No Word for the Elephant in the Canonical Scriptures of Ironically Maccabees Was Not Put in the Hebrew Bible, the Greeks Kept It so They Got Their Word for Elephant in Their Canonical Text, the Hebrew Bible Doesn't Have the Word Beauty Because It Wasn't Canonical Veteran Accident, but There Are There Are Many Things That Slowly Grows. They Slowly Change of Wealth We Could Spend A Lot Of Time on That but of That Will Take Us off Track. I Think yet yet Very Interesting and Finally One Thing I Should Clarify Because I Studied with Mainly Jewish Scholars Also Studying Arabic and so Yes, Even That I Often Had Jewish Scholars Teaching Because They Were Used To a Certain Way of Learning and, in Any Yeshiva. Some of Them Had Background There and Rabbinic Studies That They Were Always Quoting That the Hebrew That When I Was a Seminary Setting and I Would Quote Hebrew to Other Professors That We Want You Straight.

So Even Though It Wasn't Conversational Hebrew. It Was It Was Living in That Sense and and That Did Help Me to Immerse Myself in It We Come Back like Asked Dr. Booth His Take on Some Questions about the Language Jesus Shula and Hebrew Lame Goals Is That Help Us As We Test Right That Is the Line of Fire with Your Host Dr. Michael Brown Voice of More Cultural and Spiritual Revolution. Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown Is a Guest, Dr. Randall Booth Dr. Booth I Read Some of Your Work. Many Years Ago When I Was Interacting with the Jerusalem School and Having a Little Bit Different Take on Him Some Questions of People Background to the New Testament or Aramaic Background Etc. and I've Always Respected Your Scholarship and You Continue to Work in These Things over the Years. So, in Your View, When the Greeks Says That This Was Spoken in the Hebrew Language for Paul Spoke in the in the Hebrew Language and Ask 22 As an Example. Or This Should Be in the Hebrew Language Can That Term Sometimes Mean in the Language of the Hebrews, Which Would Have Been Aramaic. In Some Cases or or in Your View Doesn't Always Mean Hebrew Well of the Greek Word, Eradicate or Embrace the Is a Is a Word That Refers to Hebrew End of I Recently Got an Article with Someone Else Were We Surveyed All of the Ancient References to That and I Came to the Conclusion. The Only the Only Thing That We Know for Sure Is That It Refers to Hebrew and There Was We Found No Example Where It It Had to Refer to Aramaic, We Found Many Examples of Mistakes That Are in the Scholarly Literature but in Acts 22 When It Says That Paul Turned to the Crowd and Spoken Hebrew in the Crowd Became Quiet. That Was a Classic Trilingual Situation.

They Had a Riot. The Riot Was Almost Certainly an Aramaic in the Temple of You Have People Coming from the so from the Diaspora and the Romans Come in They Stop It When They Drag Paul Away There. Assuming He's an Aramaic Speaker Because When He Turns to Them and Says in Greek. Can I Speak to Them. The, the Roman Officer Turns and Says What You Speak Greek, Because Hey I'm a Roman Citizen Boy I'm Sorry I Got That Out Of the Sink, but the He Says May I Speak to the People and He Says Yes and Then He Turns to the People Who Are Now Silent and Quiet Because He Speaks in Hebrew so We Had an Aramaic Riot a Conversation with the Officer in Greek. In a Speech in Hebrew, Aramaic Would Not Have Surprised Anybody Because Somebody Coming from Syria from from Today Lebanon for Them to Speak Aramaic Was Nothing. It Was Languages All over the Middle East, but He Spoke in Hebrew Because That Was the Language That You Discussed How Then Should You Live and He Did a Flip Fluently Course. He Studied Underground. Leo Quote What More Would You Expect from from Someone like That and and so That's Just a Classic Case of of Hebrew Meaning Hebrew Got It All Right so It Is As Far As As Far As You Understand That If It Jesus Was with His Disciples in Galilee. There's This Sitting around Having a Meal Together. Would He Have Most Likely Been Speaking to Them in Aramaic, in Your View, Would He Have Used Hebrew If He Was Having a Debate with the Pharisees in Jerusalem. How Do You See It Well. Our Our Records for First Century Teachers Is Pretty Much All Hebrew, so All of Our Rabbinic Parables a Role in Hebrew so I Would Assume That Is Teaching, Not Just a Debate with a Pharisee from Jerusalem, but When What Is Noted for He's Known for Teaching and Parables. What Was the Language of the Parable in Antiquity. In Jewish Culture. Parables Were Always Taught in Hebrew Know All of Our Records Are in Hebrew into Developed Form at the Colloquial Hebrew, but Nevertheless I'm I'm Assuming His Teaching Was in Hebrew When It Comes to Meals When It Comes to Languages.

I'm Not Even Sure It Was Always Done in One Language. Some of It Would Depend on Who You're Talking to. Maybe What Their First Language Was I Suspected for Many of the Disciples of They Would Switch in and Out Of Hebrew and Aramaic and Would Hardly Even Realize They Were Doing It. It Would A Lot Would Depend on the Situation. Greek. They Were Probably More Limited in but Still They Would Be Fluent in Greek Any of Them That Are Done in the Business Would Have Developed Some Greek to Do Business You Want to Be a Contractor and People Only You Know Renovate a House Builder McVeigh Whatever You're Going to Contract That out. Will McVeigh May Be You Would Do It in the Hebrew, Aramaic, but the the the Other Buildings in Greek so You Have Three Languages in Use and People Have To Know What It's like to Live in a in a Prior Multilingual Situation to Appreciate That in Southern Sudan, for Instance, We Have a Tribal Language, There Was a I Work with Little There Was a Greater Language around the Book Several Local Languages but Also the National Language Was Arabic and Then the International School Language Was English's and People You Sit down You Be Having Coffee with People and You Would Go in and Out Of All Three Languages of I Suspect That Happened with Jesus As Well, Yeah, Absolutely. And You Have Say Countries like Belgium Where Where H Is Normal for the People Tat to Have Three Languages and Conduct Business in Multiple Languages Is Very Different Than Most Americans Relate to.

Maybe If They Grew up in a Bilingual Home and the Parents Ago from Speaking Spanish to English to Back-And-Forth to Mixing Things in the Mail Grown up with That You Say Would Have Been a More Flexible Setting. There and When It in Your View, When Peter Gets up to Preach and Ask the Second Chapter, What Languages You Speak, You Could Use around the World. Barring the Supernatural Element in Different Languages That Were Spoken at That Moment by the Disciples under the Inspiration of the Spirit Would Be Preaching Greek As the Most Commonly Known Language Aramaic or Hebrew Word Which Your You're Feeling Fear before I Would Want to Answer That for the Record, I Would Want to Reread the Whole Passage Again Because Any One of the Three Were Possible. Although I Would Suspect Greek and Aramaic Are Your Main Candidate There Because of of Speaking out to a Neighborly, a Pilgrim Feast Where You Got People Coming from All over the World Right Right and Again with You.

I Appreciate You Speaking with More Authority When You Research Something Carefully but but You Are Also You Have a Great Advantage over Me in That You You Are Are Fluent in New Testament Greek and I Am at a Much Lower Level of New Testament Greek.

I Use All the Scholarly Resources and to Gannon and Understand Things. But Here You Are You Are Immersed in. He Reduced Many Years, You Know Aramaic Well but You Been Immersed and He Reduced Many Years and Now Your You're Immersed in Greek As Well. When You're Reading This, We Understand, Say, for Example, the Language of the Book of Revelation Is Is Is Is an Odd Kind of Greek It's Clearly a Semi-Timeless Greek It's a Good to Greek with with Certain Biblical Hebrew Grammar and Background so Is Your Reading Text. Can You See All Okay Greek Is Inspired God Gave Us This Text We We Appreciated Wheat We Reverence It Is God's Word but I Can I Can Hear Hebrew behind. I Can Hear Aramaic behind It.

Does That Happen.

It Happens All the Time and It Happens in Ways People Don't Always Understand Give You a Couple Examples That Surprised Students Because They've All Heard All Gone. The Easy Gospel Will John Is Very Smooth, Greek, the Vocabulary Is Limited, but It's Actually Quite Nice Greek and Luke. Everybody Says All Luke Is the Best Greek Writer Will That's True. The First Paragraph of Luke the First Paragraph of Acts Are Are Very Nice.

Typical Greek the Same Pedigree for Josephus Writes but When You Get into the Gospel It Schizophrenic.

It Is up and down You You Get You Get the Strangest Kinds of Phenomena and Sometimes Were Here Your Seeing Good Greek Vocabulary Orioles You You Will Be in One Paragraph, and It's Very Nice Greek and the All Of A Sudden It's like You're Reading the Septuagint.

And This Is Luke and He's Going the You You See How to Put It in World. Let's Say You Get a Quote from Something You Can See He's Quoting or Referring to Something Very Biblical with Hebrew Idiom and Then the Word Order Will Be Flipped into Greek, and You Find Things like That Happening in Luke You Go to You Go to Matthew.

I Happen to Think Matthew Saw Mark As and I Think Our Canonical Gospel Was Written in Greek, but Poppy Tells Us That There the Jerusalem Church Have a Hebrew Gospel and Exactly How That Gets into Our Canonical Matthew Gospel of Is Maybe a Little Bit Longer Story, but It Ended. The Point I Wanted to Get to Is That Matthew Was Writing in Greek, and He Will Use a Phenomena's Aramaic Retelling Any Writing like Fish Carrot Steroids. If This Is Fascinating Stuff. Follow Right Back Dr. Randall, the Line of Fire with Your Host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your Voice Is More Cultural and Spiritual Revolution There Again Is Dr. Michael Brown. I Wish I Had Hours Languages of the Bible and the Thought Process behind Them. You Were Saying You Can Be Reading Matthew in Greek and the New Testament Gospels We Have, We Believe, I Agree with You That It Was Originally Written in Greek and yet We Have an Ancient Tradition That Says That He Preserved the Hebrew Sayings Collection Drafts of the Sayings of Jesus in in Hebrews of That That Matthew Had That As Well and It Seems That Some of the Early Jewish Believers in the Opening Centuries Had Hebrew Documents As Well. You Seem to Be Reading Matthew in Greek. And Then There's a Change in the Way the Greek Is Structured. The Feel of It and Edit to You. It Goes Back to Aramaic Storytelling Are There Other Things Sure Where You Can Look at a Particular Word in Greek and in Yes It It It Is It Is What It Is Greek It's Accurate, but Perhaps If We Put It in a More Submitted Context or or Hebraic Way of Thinking That We Get More Insight into a Could You Give Us. Perhaps an Example of That Will I Can I Just Give Her a Simple One First of All, or Clarify What I Was Talking about the Styles Shifting I Was Referring to Luke and the but When I Was Referring to the Storytelling Feature from Aramaic That Was Matthew's Greek Style. This Was so Strange Is That Is That If This Is Coming Not from a Source. This Is Actually Matthew's Way of Writing Greek Hero He Stuck in That Diner behind the Design Which Is Aramaic. The Greek Word Is Talk to and He Uses It like Glue, like a Conjunction in His Gospel. Very Typical Aramaic Style of but You Asked for an Example. I'm Give You One That Will There's Lots of Them. You Could Go to Binding and Loosing and People Chase All over Wondering What It Meant. Jesus Didn't Have To Interpret It Because within the Culture.

Everybody Knew What This Means Is so Happy You a Fool. What Is Forbidden. What Is Permitted and so There Is an Idiom That in the Text and You Can See from the Surrounding of the Textbook Context That They Knew What It Meant so There Is the Culture You You Have To Read That Greek Text According to the First Century Jewish Culture. You Get the Meaning and That's Now in Your Greek Lexicon, but It Hasn't Been That May Be Enunciated Clearly Enough Because Are Still A Lot Of of People Speculating Facing All over but Does This Mean Defined and to Lose Another One Related, Similar, Is Also a Locket Legal Discussion. Jesus Says That I've Not Come to Abolish but to Fulfill What Is Perfuming and Again Is You Need to Know the Cultural Background Because One Rabbi We Have." We Have Conferences with You Some of the Early Tom Naim One. Rabbi Turns the Other and Says Economic Argument That Republican Yemen Cockatoo. How Do You Establish or Fulfill Scripture Know What You Do. How Do You Live This out or What Do You Teach about This One Is the Deep Meaning and Right after Jesus Talked about This Fulfillment.

Yet, You Heard It Said Not to Tell You What It Means You've Heard It Said Not to Tell You What It Means.

So That Is Jesus Fulfilling Scripture That Says First Century Young Jewish Idiom Yeah and and Just for Our Listeners Really Quickly. How Would You Explain the Contextual Jewish Meeting of to Bind and to Lose Well Is Means to Make a Decision As to What Is What Is Forbidden and What Is Permitted and Is Something You See in the Book of Hebrews. It Says That Christians Have To Grow in Maturity They Have To Learn What It Is to Decide What Is Right and Wrong. Life on This Planet Isn't Easy in Deciding What Is Right and Wrong Is a Spiritual Challenge That God in His Wisdom Has Turned over to His People. It's Really Always Been This Way and Jesus Turned It over to His Disciples and Said What You Bind Is Going to Be Bound in Heaven, Which You Lose Is Going to Be Loosed in Heaven. And God Is Going to Entrust This with You and so It's a Spiritual Challenge That That the Church Has Had to Live with Ford's Whole Life Is How God Deals with People We Have To Prove Practice Learn What Is Good and Right and It's a Lifelong Struggle and It's Something That Again When You Read the Context Save Matthew 16 Makes Perfect Sense. Dr. Bertha, Unsure It Is so Much More We Can Get into but It Would Be Wonderful If Someone Hears This Decision. I Want to Devote My Life to Bible Translation Want to Devote My Life to Learning and Teaching the Scriptures in the Original Languages and They Could Start at Your New Immersion Program Be Great If One of Our Listeners Is One of the First There so Tell Us Again Where to Go to Find out about This. 8 1/2 Months, Biblical Language Immersion Program Right There in Israel.

Okay Good to Websites That You Can Go to Our Number 4220 and That Is a That Will How This Other Website That Should Take You inside That Directly and the Other One Is I BLT.AC and That Night and I'm Looking at It. Yeah, I'm Looking at Right Now. I Typed in 4220 the Whole Word for the Whole World. What I Love Is That You Got the Brilliant Scholarship but It's with a Heart for the Lord and Hard to Reach the Loss Thank You so Much for Your Efforts.

May God's Grace Be Yours Been Great Talking to You. Thanks for Calling Us and You're Welcome and Thank You for Hosting This Is Been a Pleasure. Dr. Brown All Right, My Joy, I Friends Again for 220 This Is Documented Both Check out His Writings Rendered with BU TH on Line. All Right You Know What I Want to Grab One Quick Call George in Dallas, Texas Real Quick Which Requested the Old Testament Word Says That the Scribes, the Rain, the Scripture to the People Most Translation of the Bible Say That There Way the Scripture Would Not Be Better Translated That They Interpreted or Translated the Truth from Aramaic to Hebrew Operetta from Aramaic Yell Show. So What Happened Is after the Babylonian Exile That There Were There Were Some Jews That Had Had Spoken Aramaic Now This Became Their Language Because They They Were Still a Whole Generation or Two in Exile and They They Grew up There. So When They Heard Hebrew Being Spoken, They They Didn't They Didn't Understand Everything so It's It's Nehemiah 88 Different Translations They Read from the Scroll of the Teaching of God Translating It and Giving the Sense so They Understood the Reading. Another Translation That They Explained It Imparting inside This the People Gain Understanding What Was Red, so It Either Means That They They Had to Explain It Because the People Didn't Know the Language or They Had Landed His Understand.

Okay Explain Things More Just like a Teacher or Preacher Was Today.

The Hebrew Could Go in Either Direction Is toward. I Appreciated My Friend. We Are Out Of Time. The Website the Line of Stand with Us. My Bottom Line. Let Us Keep Digging

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