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A Special ‘Best Of' Thoroughly JewishThursday Broadcast!

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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March 23, 2017 4:40 pm

A Special ‘Best Of' Thoroughly JewishThursday Broadcast!

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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March 23, 2017 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 03/23/17.

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Hey friends, I am getting ready to debate Orthodox Jewish rabbi tonight about is Jesus, the Jewish Messiah right now. Special prerecorded broadcast updates tomorrow.

Rabbi Jesus anciently: reverie like like Rev. Christ actually found in Christianity, right stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry getting to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us friends on lot of our broadcast Michael Brown. So glad to be with you on this Thursday thoroughly Jewish Thursday will refocus on things related to is related to the Jewish people related to reaching out to the Jewish people with the good news of Messiah. I'm not going be taking calls today I want to get in a lot of content so this this can be a day we go through the Scriptures give you some insights as to why in the New Testament, Jesus is called rabbi, but please write this number down. You can call throughout the broadcasting coat right after the shows. Well, 1-800-278-9970 please write that down 1-800-278-9978 throughout the broadcast on asking you to so into our Jewish ministry outreach to hold my hands up as we are on the front lines of reaching Jewish people with the gospel. I'm also asking to please pray with me, especially these next 10 days. Pray with me for grace and anointing is as I have a major writing deadline to get out what I believe it will be the best outreach tool we've ever produced that the number one chance of a Jewish person that wants to find out more about who this Jesus Yeshua really is and and it's tell you more about it. Very shortly am eager to give out the details, but please pray if you believe in what we do and I will remind you, especially if you haven't been listening a while that as we have major radio obligations to meet and upon meeting those the opportunity to continue to expand the potential to expand into warmer cities all over America.

We have a generous gift that will come away from an anonymous donor up to $40,000 that could be sewn into this work work by every dollar that comes in becomes a dollar 50 every hundred dollars becomes $150 so so as a supplement which you given credited to more money and in a major focus of what we do here on the line of fire is Jewish ministry Jewish outreach that we equip people to reach other Jews with the gospel. We help Jewish believers, be strong in the faith, and we reach Jewish people who've never heard you don't know the Lord with a major release of a lot of arterial coming very soon in Hebrew by God's grace to circulate all over Israel. So so into what were doing and can I appeal to every pastor listening how much of your budget. Do you put into Jewish ministry Jewish outreach. Paul did say the gospel is God's power, power, salvation to the Jew first and also to the Greek. Also to the Gentile. I don't believe that he meant simply historically that that's how it happened that first the gospel into Jewish people after the Gentiles, but because Paul continued that pattern where the city went into even if you get rejected the last go to the next city and bring the message to Jewish people first and then after that he would if there were Jewish people in the city that's were he would start it even if you don't read the Scripture that way. The fact is this is very very important to God's heart reaching Jewish people with the good news of their own Messiah would you not agree and it's a certain spiritual debt that every believer has because this is Israel's Messiah, Israel's God is Israel's holy book, the Bible, Israel's apostles, Israel's prophets that that were talking about. And yet the nation of Israel, the people of Israel by large remaining lost sheep need to hear the good news so so so from your mission's budget into our work put us on your mission's budget on a regular basis. You'll never make a better investment in terms of making a difference for the kingdom.

So the number again 1-800-278-9978 1-800-278-9978. It is true from from all the historical documents of which I am aware in early Jewish sources that the first one recorded is ever called rabbi pieces and the other one was John the Baptist Rabbi John the Baptist or Paul and Johnny Mercer is selected, you'll have nonhome on the back hey friends, I am getting ready to debate Orthodox Jewish rabbi tonight about is Jesus, the Jewish Messiah right now.

Special prerecorded broadcast updates tomorrow file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown today on the line of fire out.

Rabbi Jesus Rabbi Yeshua is it right to say that he was a rabbi, it is it wrong to say he founded Christianity to the two things go hand-in-hand or are they in contradiction to what extent can be placed historically as a first century rabbi. It's Thursday thoroughly Jewish Thursday here on the line of fire Wednesday refocus on the world Tuesday teaching Monday my musings Friday. You've got questions, we've got answers Thursday thoroughly Jewish Thursday. So what I want to do on a monthly taking calls today, but again please write down this number and throughout the broadcast. I encourage urge you to call and stand with us. Look at this is kind of a radio phone instead of a telethon is risking everyone.

It's blessed by this broadcast to so Emily give large or small, that will then be multiplied to the gift of an anonymous donor friend of a friend, 1-800-278-9978 1-800-278-9978 online ask Dr. you can stand with us right on the homepage. Ask Dr. quite a number of times in the Gospels, Jesus is called rabbi and John the a Mercer, his older cousin was called rabbi silk chronologically Johnny Mercer. John the Baptist would've laughed because it sounds funny.

Rabbi John the Baptist right it would be like saying the mullah Mohammed and in Islam is that of Mohammed the prophet Mohammed that the Christian priest or something like that. It sounds like were mixing religions. But again, it reminds us of how far we have departed from the Jewish roots of faith, but chronologically John the a Mercer was was called rabbi before Jesus was, but is recorded in Scripture, it is mentioned that Jesus is called rabbi first evident in John one out what it mean it was not a formal position that the formal position I should say the ordained recognized position of Rabbi someone who receive it's called Smith, which is ordination, but which literally means that the laying on of hands that formal recognition did not happen until after the second Temple was destroyed. So after the year 70, and therefore 40 years minimal after the time of Jesus versus a 40 after the time of Jesus. But rabbi was was a term of honor, a term of of recognition, a term of esteem so someone would be called rabbi many times in the New Testament we see Jesus called teacher that would be equivalent to rabbis. Literally, my master, my teacher not mastering terms of slave, but master in terms of the good of a gifted teacher that was look to the people would follow.

So without question Jesus did you was a rabbi and a rabbi in terms of a contemporary Congregational leader but a rabbi in terms of in that generation. So that would be looked at as a popular teacher that we gather disciples around him now. There is a quote that it's it's actually fairly well-known in Jewish circles. Perhaps an older Jewish scholarship earlier this century see it more, but it comes from Julius Val house.

He knew he was a German Bible curriculum from 1844 in 1918 and he is most famous in Old Testament circles for developing a particular theory of the authorship of the Pentateuch is that the five books of Moses that were really not from Moses. According to Val house at their other German scholars who had some of these used before him and then he fully developed it so it's it's a very famous critical Bible theory and an Val house and was was no friend of ancient Judaism. He was, not one that was enthralled with ancient Judaism to to him that the law of the Pentateuch that that represented a lower level of spirituality. All the laws and things like that so he did not have which we say was a high view of ancient Judaism. You could say Judaism in general. By the way, for those it are familiar with looking up it's spelled with a W, but of course German W normally pronounced as as of the who.

It's interesting than that. He's often quoted by by Jewish scholars, especially of the last generation in before this is what he said. Jesus was not a Christian. He was a Jew.

He did not preach a new faith, but taught men to do the will of God, in his opinion, is also not of the Jews, the will of God was to be found in the law of Moses, and in other books of Scripture. Jesus was not a Christian. He was the will of course it's true there was no such thing as Christian at that time. A Christian is a term is only used three times in the New Testament, and any it comes some years after the Lord's resurrection and it's your first use in Antioch were Gentiles and Jews are together believing in Jesus as Messiah and it did predominantly identify the Gentiles, but it seems it's the way that all those first followers Jew and Gentile alike were being identified and they were being identified as. As such, probably in a derogatory way.

In fact, in the ancient Greek world that the the work Chris toss about the equipment of Messiah in the ancient Greek world leisure Jew that were did not have a lot of of meaning to you. It was taken as a title is a name. Many thought it was Christoph. They got the name wrong so these were the people identify with this Questar's character so Christian was just a way to be like mocking someone who quote followed me and calling them up around night or or mocking someone that's supported Ron Paul and calling him up all light or something like that. That's what it was.

The word Christianity doesn't even become developed until the second century and even the term Christian, which occurs in acts 11 acts 26 and first Peter four was not widely used as a self designation by the believers to say Jesus was not a Christian.

Of course he was. Not to say he founded Christianity true and false true in terms of the faith in Jesus as the Christ as the Messiah.

As the son of God comes from him. He is the founder the pioneer the author and the finisher of our faith in terms of Christianity as it developed through the centuries known about your comp claim. A lot of those developments on Jesus, a Shia cone is a Jewish professor. He's taught at Jewish theological seminary, Harvard University, Brown University, as far as I know and and he reminds us of how Jesus have of how Jewish Jesus was. Was Jesus a Jew.

Of course Jesus was a Jew. Jesus was born of a Jewish mother in Galilee Jewish part of the world all of his friends, associates, colleagues, disciples, all the Jews. He readily worshiped in Jewish communal worship what we call synagogue he preached from Jewish text from the Bible.

He celebrated the Jewish festivals was born, lived, died, taught as a Jew and then Prof. Joseph Klausner, who began teaching at Hebrew University about 90 years ago, one of the early professors at Hebrew University. He wrote a book Jesus of Nazareth wrote it in Hebrew. This is to be read by by fellow Jews and the book was controversial from a Christian viewpoint. In fact, the, the Christian pastor and scholar who translated it into English came under a lot of flack for doing so is obviously not a book that Christians would be at home with them anyways but but a book that was important for scholarship was important because you wrote it was important for many of the things he did say about Jesus but this widget what Joseph Klausner wrote his book Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus keeps the Serio model ceremonial laws like an observant Jew. He was fringes come back.

That little while that the ritual for angels, the fringes, the tassels required a numbers Deuteronomy. He goes up to Jerusalem to keep the faith, feast of unleavened bread. He celebrates that the Seder which is the traditional Passover meal.

He blesses the bread and the unleavened cakes and breaks them and says the blessing over the wine. He dips that the various herbs into the process, which is a mixture of chopped nuts and apples wine spices that see that the Passover Seder traditionally regarded as symbolic of the mortar used by Israelite slaves in Egypt. He drinks the 4 cups of wine for against the Passover meal and Eddie concludes with the Halal a prayer based on the Psalms were all of these things, and in detail erosive example that particular part of the meal, and place there perhaps some debate that, but would Klausner say was, Jesus was a Jew of his time there is no question about his issues were with some of the Jewish traditions, not with the law itself because that was from his father. Yes, he was a Jew, a Jew of his time he he was born King of the Jews. Any die, King of the Jews, but there is more there is more to this story. He was also a rabbi. What does that mean were going to take that off in the next part of the broadcast.

What would that mean in the first century of this error and in what ways was he more than a rabbi. I want to ask everyone of you who believes in what were doing who believes in our outreach to the Jewish people who believes in the importance of equipping the body. In this way in dealing with with false teaching about Israel as well and false views about the modern state of Israel appearance everyone of you to stand with us at this critical and wonderful time. Call us at 1-800-278-9978 your financial gift is your way of saying partner together to reach Jewish people with the gospel and to make a difference in our world on 800-278-9978 or online.

Ask around.

Thank he friends I am getting ready to debate an Orthodox Jewish rabbi tonight about is Jesus, the Jewish Messiah right now. Special prerecorded broadcast updates tomorrow.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown. So much for joining us day on this day as focus on as a first century rabbi and more will be taking your calls but I want appeal to everyone listening who believes in this broadcast and in particular who believes about redoing a Jewish ministry recognize the importance of it. Once the soul into it wants to do exactly what Paul said in Romans 15 as he was ministering to Gentile believers and said if you have been enriched spiritually by this Jewish heritage.

In other words, the Jewish Messiah in these Jewish apostles in the streets working. If you have been enriched spiritually, then certainly you can help financially.

So that's our appeal to help us on this radio broadcast 1-800-278-9978 the number to call call throughout the program.

Right after the program, 1-800-278-9978 not to get on other broadcasts, but the soul into the broadcast.

You have questions that come up from today show will we take your calls is always tomorrow gobbling so please so 1-800-278-9978 or online. Ask Dr. in case you just tuned in young to listen this week. Every gift that comes in is being multiplied by generous anonymous donor. So this is a wonderful way to multiply your funds for Jewish ministry to quickly review Jesus was not a rabbi in the sense of a contemporary Congregational rabbi number one, number two, Jesus was now a rabbi in an officially ordained sense that the not exist in his day, but Jesus tissue. It was called rabbi by his disciples, but my master my teacher and it was a title for a popular leader, a popular teacher in that day who would have certain characteristics regather disciples around sulfite a look at those characteristics in a moment.

Now you shoe it was much more than just a rabbi, otherwise we wouldn't be talking about him today and we would: the Savior of the world that there is absolutely something very important foundational he that we must realize when we look at him as a rabbi now it is true to say that he is the most famous rabbi that ever lived. Think of that, the most influential Jew in the most famous rabbi who ever lived. We must reclaim them and recognize them for who he is and who he was when he returns. His return is the line of the tribe of Judah. Yes EEs is still as a man maintains a certain identity Jew on that one right now. He often opposed traditions of his day, many others, he lived by going to the synagogue that was a pharisaical innovation having synagogues instead of just the temple worship. He participated in those things he did many things that other Jews were doing and as of the Pharisees were due from what we can see in Scripture and yet he had issue with some of the tradition sum is reflected in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Some is reflected in the later rabbinic writings and it was those traditions that he said made the word of God, Ford talks about that. For example, in Mark the seventh chapter, but his issue is not with the law of God, with the Cheraw of Moses given by his father to Israel is really through his mediation. The fact is, he said he came to fulfill what was written in the Torah and the law and the prophets to bring to fulfillment. That which God had spoken of everything up to that point. So he lived as a Torah observant Jew which he rejected was often traditional application of it or wrong approaches to it or want wrong ways of relating to it.

So he also would've looked the part we saw Joseph Klausner from Hebrew University almost 100 years ago talked about Jesus wearing ritual fringes. These required by the law of Moses, the tassels, the fringes this deep blue, purple, bluish color that that would mark the people of Israel at that was actually us what what royalty would wear than it because it came from a particular snail call with HeLa zone, and it was a very expensive die ultimately with the Jewish people unable to obtain the die anymore.

Sometime after in centuries after the time of Jesus. They decided that they would just have fringes that were white because in their view and their tradition it had to be this particular dyer. They couldn't have the color at all. That's why you'll see traditional Jews with these fringes that they have the undergarment like an undershirt.

That's that that has this the fringes on the present where the old Middle Eastern clothing anymore. So those hang out from the side of their pants from their shirt why it's to look at them and remember the commandments of God.

That's why God gave it Numbers 15 Deuteronomy chapter 22 Jesus bore those his close have is how do we know what we know. Because the Greek word when the tour was being translated into Greek was for the Septuagint couple hundred years before the time of Jesus.

The Greek word that was used for fringe tassels was the word crossed the Don and Greek.

And that's the word that's used in the New Testament word where Jesus rebukes some of the hypocritical religious leaders for making the tassels really long they wanted to put on an outward show and demonstrate how spiritual they were. That's the word that's used. It's also the word that's used when it when people touch quote the hem of his garment and were healed. It better not to translate with him as many modern translations recognize, but with fringe and you realize that's that's hanging out leave a little further, you just touch that I can be healed.

That is how Jesus issue looked what might be called rabbi will look at some of the supernatural associations with him being called rabbi, but look at this, Nicodemus knocked them on and in Hebrew ruler of the Jews. John chapter 3. Others is a man of the Pharisees. They knocked him on Nicodemus, ruler of the Jews. This man came to Jesus by night and said to him rabbi know that you are a teacher come from God, for no one can do these signs that you do unless God is with him. No one can do the signs you do unless God is with him so that he is different. He is a miracle worker of unusual caliber. Therefore, God must be weather but so how does Nicodemus address matters knocked on address rabbi, because that would be the term of respect for a Jewish teacher Jewish leader that gathered disciples around himself. So what are some of the things of first century Jewish rabbi would do well. He gathered together a group of disciples students and in that he roots Ptolemy deemed these these devoted learners that that would follow him for such a rabbi with the district's disciples in God's word offers interpretations of first century rabbi would encourage his disciples to acts of piety and devotion first century rabbi would make legal pronouncements or settle legal disputes. These are some of the things that Jesus issue. What did I want to open them up a little bit more in the next half hour, but for those that that are to be leaving me in a few minutes or getting out of your car I wanted to at least go through this list, but in many many many different ways.

Jesus was more than a rabbi and I want to focus on that as well. Remember, Paul wrote to the Romans that the gospel is the power of God's salvation is for everyone, yes, but it's first for the Jew, then for the Gentile first and foremost a message to the Jewish people about their Messiah because he is the Messiah of Israel.

Therefore, the Savior of the world and and and Paul said he was a debtor to bring the gospel to all people.

Yes, first to do then to the Gentile. Can I ask every one of you who listens to this broadcast is derive benefit from stand with us and help us build the first one, 800-278-9978 or online. Asked Dr. Brown got a little more time at 1-800-278-9978.

Call today stand with us. He friends I am getting ready to debate an Orthodox Jewish rabbi tonight about is Jesus, the Jewish Messiah right now. Special prerecorded broadcast updates tomorrow. If the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86642 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you so much for joining us and a lot of fire. Michael Brown delighted to be with you on this Thursday, early Jewish Thursday. Our focus is on rabbi Jesus Jesus issue with the first person in recorded history to be called rabbi according to historical documents, of which I am aware the first want to be called rabbi chronologically his older cousin John John the Baptist but knows John the a Mercer; Johann on the a Mercer to underscore his Jewishness. Some you'll come on, Bill turn the whole thing into Hebrew, but he was called rabbi chronologically before Jesus, but in terms of the documents Jesus called rabbi first sees the limits first mentioned as such was not formal ordination of rabbis at that time that they came a generation plus after that. But there was recognition of gifted teachers that we gathered disciples around them.

Jesus was called rabbi. I'm not taking your phone calls today, but write down this number and I'm asking you to stand with us by calling this number through the broadcast and sowing into our ministry work holding our hands up each of you making a financial gift to help us meet our radio obligations and even give us potential to expand into more stations as we meet our obligations and get a generous donor. If you haven't heard, this is is multiplying all the funds that come in $100 becomes 150 so it's a very unique season for us. The most critical in our radio history. So far, so thanks for joining us.

one 800-278-9978 1-800-278-9978. If you listen to the whole broadcast right through. I make the announcement several times this because most people don't have the luxury of listening to the whole hour you're in the car for a few minutes you get a chance to tune in, so want to make sure going to apply for homepage and donate, ask Dr. ask Dr. in it. Jesus was that a rabbi like a modern Congregational rabbi Civil War first century rabbi duty, he gather Ptolemy deemed disciples devoted students he gather them around himself. Remember, the great commission is for the disciples the Tommy game to go into all the world and make people into Ptolemy deemed make them into disciples that will follow Jesus rabbi teacher Lord. Now of course when Jesus died and rose from the dead their recognition of who he was. The disciples recognition of who he was expanded massively.

Of course, but they followed him in a reverential way as teacher as rabbi and even recognized him as son of God. Jesus taught Matthew 1024.

A disciple is not above his teacher, nor a servant above his master. It's an effort disciple would be like his teacher, and the servant like his master.

So what would first century rabbi do what he did instruct his disciples in God's word. First he gathered disciples around himself.

One of the most famous sayings in the in the mission early rabbinic tradition put in writing about 200 years after the time of Jesus is to make many disciples and his messianic Jewish scholar David Stern noted teachers both itinerant like issue and settled one's attracted followers who wholeheartedly gave themselves over to their teachers, though not in a mindless way, as happens today in some cultures, the essence of the relationship is one of trust in every area of living and its goal was to make the tall needs like his rabbi in knowledge, wisdom, and ethical behavior.

So we gathered disciples around himself and then what else would he do a first century rabbi would instruct his disciples in God's word and offer his interpretations and and we know in fact that that Jesus was constantly teaching that that when Matthew records his his activities. Matthew for Matthew 90, sums it up is saying teaching in the synagogues, preaching the good news of the kingdom, and healing every sickness and disease and throughout the New Testament of well over 40 times. Jesus is quoting Scripture.

Jesus is interpreting Scripture issue is telling us what the word really means in opening up just like a first century rabbi the arena keep developing this and then show you the ways that that he distinguished himself. Many of the rabbi live. Today's the day to sell and doing help us in Jewish ministry one 800-2789 97 he friends I am getting ready to debate an Orthodox Jewish rabbi tonight about is Jesus, the Jewish Messiah right now.

Special prerecorded broadcast updates tomorrow by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us friends on a lot of our broadcast like around so glad with you on this Thursday. Please write this number down. I'm not taking phone calls, but this is number to call to stand with us at a critical time in our ministry at a real crossroads as we meet radio obligations and have the opportunity is as we do to continue to expand into more cities across America we have a generous donor of an anonymous friend of a friend who wants to sell into what were doing and will multiply every gift that comes in, so please call 1-800-278-9978.

Yeah, I'm talking you exactly yes if you believe in this broadcast believable redoing all the importance of it get behind this, would you do that and pastors put us on your mission's budget will how much you sowing into Jewish ministry how much you sowing into Jewish outreach how much you so into the kind of things that we do. Just just in terms of Jewish ministry outreach put us in your mission budget sure 1-800-278-9978 one time give monthly torchbearers join us. 1-800-278-9978 or donate online.

Ask Dr. Jesus Yeshua the rabbi. He's often called rabbi in the New Testament, yet he was more than just a first century rabbi of Prof. Geiser vermis one of the world authorities on the Dead Sea Scrolls professor for many years at Oxford University, and the author of what five books, at least on Jesus.

He pointed out that the Bible played a fundamental part in the religious and literary creativity of the Jews in the intra-test a mental error which means the period from roughly 200 BC to 200 A.D. with the career of Jesus falling almost exactly in the middle. Vermis notes that in their teaching and interpretive activity Jewish masters. Jewish teachers made use of the Bible their holy Scripture. In simple and complex ways and he lays out five main types of Scripture interpretation that were found in the entire gamut of Jewish literature of that day so the different Jewish literature be Dead Sea Scrolls beautiful bike was called jubilees be at the earliest development of the rabbinic literature did numerous different ways of interpretation.

He has five main categories and finds that 4/5 categories are found in the synoptic Gospels. Four out of the five categories are found by Jesus or the authors of of Matthew Mark Luke Fassett will insert a rabbi teacher of the day would do this.

This is a midrash or a rabbinic saying our rabbi say, let not the parable be lightly esteemed in your eyes since by means of the parable. A man can master the words of the Torah. Jesus taught in parables all the time.

Did he not, that was typical for rabbi teachers of the day of first century rabbi would encourage his disciples to the acts of piety and devotion, and Jesus constantly did that constantly urging them to to minister to the poor to the hurting to need as well as to live godly lives in the first century rabbi would make legal pronouncements or settle legal disputes as I've been asking you to be praying for me covenant them together with me in prayer of for this Jewish outreach project I'm working on the most important Jewish outreach book that I have written and one that I believe is going to be wonderful used by the Lord to get into the hands of many, many Jewish people. I will be sharing more about that with you very very soon. Trust me. As soon as I can sure more will is a mess to pray for me because I just got old less than 10 days to complete the manuscript so we can get it out in an extraordinarily timely way the whole stories is somewhat miraculous which will share with you, but I've got that one of the chapters in in this book is going to talk about rabbi Jesus and yet how he was far more than a rabbi, so, so everything I get into here in far greater depth in a very enjoyable way you'll find in the book for century rabbi would make legal pronouncements or settle legal disputes. That's why the different Jewish teachers of the day came to Jesus and where you stand on this restatement divorced up some were trying to trap him. We understand that an end when some Pharisees came and asked him his views. Some look at that as if he was on the outside and hostile to the Pharisees. Others look at it that that he was a Pharisee and there are different Pharisee groups and where did he stand, but in either case, it was expected that he would say where he stood, and in certain ways he did go ahead and make legal pronouncements. Okay, here's right. Stand on divorce hears her a stand on this issue. This is now how you have to live with that being said, Jesus stands out from every rabbi who ever lived. It's a mistake to just multiply parallels and sale you see Jesus as his first century Jews believe this. Jesus taught this rabbis did this, Jesus did this fight and do it. IIII have massive commentaries in my library that deal with these issues and give the Jewish background to the New Testament, and it's important it's essential is foundational, but that background just underscores how unique Jesus was how he stood out.

That's why were talking about that rabbi and not another rabbi. That's why most all the world the vast, vast majority of human beings in the world in the world know the name of this rabbi Jesus rabbi shoe but they don't know the name of Rabbi Keever.

They don't know the name of Hillel who is an older contemporary of Jesus. What makes him so unique. How does he stand out from every rabbi who ever lived. Let me let me give you at least five different aspects five different ways where Jesus Yeshua rabbi Jesus Yeshua stood out from every rabbi who ever lived. Again the number to call not to get on the air. You can call with your questions tomorrow if you want to follow-up in today's broadcast. By all means the number to call to stand with us to sell into this ministry at and look we each bring in many tens of thousands of dollars.

It's not a lot of money to the Lord and is not a lot of money if each one.

Listening says okay I'll I'll stand with you. If everyone does what they can large or small, will meet her obligations and be able to move ahead into further expansion, one 800-278-9978 1-800-278-9978 online ask Dr. come on, just think if I was not here speaking these things to you know where to go, how empty your life would be.

Think of the difference are making but but in all seriousness by God's grace we are making a difference and it it thrills my heart when we hear from Jewish people who have come to faith through her materials through her website and when I know that Jewish people do not believe in Jesus. Listen to this broadcast okay. One thing that was unique about rabbi Jesus rabbi Yeshua beyond what a normal rabbi would do if he really reached out to the marginalized and the disenfranchised.

He he was constantly criticized for hanging out with this sinners not sinning with them not partying with them but hang out with them eating and drinking with them having meals together that the notorious tax collectors who were really corrupt that the the prostitutes but but what happened when he was with them. Many in the gay and lesbian community points to Jesus and say he was inclusive and you should be inclusive. Jesus hung out with these people, yes, but he did not practice what I call affirmation all inclusion he didn't affirm people where they were. He met them where they were and transform them. I call the transformational inclusion. That's the kind of inclusion we need to practice so CKS notorious corrupt tax collector. Jesus calls him by name obviously revealed to him by the Lord must somehow he knew only assume calls him by name by revelation EE Olivia eat at your house you need is as it is sitting on your holy man you don't know is different, only that he brought his holiness into that sinful environment. CKS instantly repented and was a changed man.

What a rabbi not your every day first century rabbi.

In fact, he reached out so much to the marginalized, to the disenfranchised that he depicted himself as the great Shepherd of the sheep.

The shepherd would lay down his life for the sheep and then give them eternal life, and they never perish, and no one could pluck I was and not your average first century Jewish rabbi number two. Rabbi Jesus was a miracle worker like no other rabbi, Jesus was a miracle worker like no other similar miracles. He worked were parallel to the miracles of the Old Testament prophets work like Elisha feeding a crowd but Jesus stated in ways that mean massively exceeded what went before and then there were some rabbis and that the following generations that were known as miracle workers in the Jewish community but but none can light a candle to rabbi Jesus, the miracle worker that you still want to bring that up in terms of being a rabbi because he is often called rabbi in contexts where miracles or worked for. For example, blind Bart Emmaus. Jesus calls about what you want me to do for you and the blindness is rabbi. I want to see not rabbi. I want to learn course rabbis were teachers but rabbi I want to see before he goes to raise Lazarus from the dead.

One of his disciples addresses him as rabbi after he curses the fig tree, his disciples call him rabbi at and after he walks on the water in John six meets his disciples in a boat limits the stronger is the on the other side when people meet up with them the next day what they say.

Rabbi, how did you get her only different rap, this is one that stands out from first century rabbi's friends just got a moment.

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So we've shown how Jesus was a first century Jewish rabbi, but more he he reached out to the marginalized and in the disenfranchised.

He was a miracle worker like no other, and often called rabbi in the context of working his miracles.

He pointed to a new and better approach to the Torah on a number of occasions in the Gospels, Jesus healed the sick person on the Sabbath that caused a lot of controversy walk in the on another day. It is not a life-threatening situation is the doing work on the Sabbath and he actually said that some of the Jewish teachers were making the word of God, void through their traditions and what we see is Judaism, takes the Sabbath so seriously.

It's often been said that the Jewish people didn't keep the Sabbath is much as the Sabbath kept the Jewish people is how important it's been in Judaism so I respect the fact that the rabbis have recognized the importance of it, but with a typical rabbinic thought process. The simple commandment not to do any work had to be broken down into 39 subdivisions in the nose into further categories that ends up in an unbelievably complex series of laws and what is work and what isn't work and in the rabbinic.

She would tell you it's wonderful. Holiness is found in the details of his would say it's binding, constricting, and it's certainly not what God intended to give the command to do the work on the Sabbath.

It's interesting that that Jesus basically reduces it to a few simple principles as my messianic Jewish friend who wrote the book who ate lunch with Abraham usher in traitorous all of us a few weeks ago.

He said it.

You shall also spoke of the Sabbath in Judaism. We've developed mountains of how authentic rules it's that's legal rulings about what to do and not do on the Sabbath. You shall believe that such a compendium of added ritual laws diminish the ability to observe the Sabbath and the way it had originally been intended. He summarizes approach to dealing with Sabbath laws and three simple statements. The Sabbath was made for man, not mankind for the Sabbath. The Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath is lawful to do good on the Sabbath, so he was not suggesting he was setting, law, and he then says those there was a Russian trader and then Jesus says come to me all you are weary and burdened, I'll give you rest. There's a Sabbath rest a deeper rest that's found in him, so, so Jesus went beyond. Jesus went beyond the first century rabbis and pointed to a new and better approach Torah and Annie also spoke with authority. He spoke with authority and that caused them to stand out from everyone else.

It was unusual to hear a teacher teach the way he did. Where to get this authority from another thing that sets rabbi Jesus apart from other first century rabbis that he was okay.

Ms. King. He was born King of the Jews, and he died King of the Jews and and there could've been anything written about him any kind of malefactor inscription written about him when he hung on the cross who he was crucified, as if he was in rebellion against Rome. Those were the accusations that came against him. He easily came with the kingdom they they could have just made them into some malefactor, but instead in a way that to mock the show. This is what happens to the king of the Jews and to show your your King that was written all over over him and and him when he was crucified in three languages and in Hebrew, Latin and Greek Jesus the King of the Jews. He was, not just a rabbi. He was also King of the Jews and and and number five in all this material in a really edifying eye opening in-depth way is is being completed now in this book that I'm asking to pray for.

As I write. Rabbi Jesus rabbi Yeshua was was also a prophet of Jewish gospel scholar Claude G.

Montefiore wrote this many years ago. He said we do.

I think know enough about the great rabbis of the first century A.D. to say that however fine and noble their teaching may have been or was it cannot properly be called prophetic.

They were not called prophets and they could not properly have been called so what exactly did he mean Montefiore said, however much they recognize that at bottom the Pentateuch laws of morality were greater than its laws about sacrifice are clean and unclean.

They could not. They did not deal with the subject in the same way in spirit is Jesus Hillel older Jewish contemporary Jesus, a Pharisee Hillel was ever the servant of the law.

Montefiore says and never judge in a sense, he was more consistent than Jesus. But for that very reason. He was less prophetic Sabbath conflicts, such as happened to Jesus could not of happened to him. That is why there is one why the production of parallels from the teaching of Hillel to teach them. Jesus is mostly futile. The spirit is different. The prophetic touch is present in the one case and absent in the other and it is the prophetic touch which makes the difference in and rabbi Prof. Dan Cohen Sherlock recognize that it's the prophetic element in the life of Jesus that helps to explain the very real conflicts.

He did have with other religious leaders sure about groats culture.

Buck writes his attack on the scribes and Pharisees can be seen not as a rejection of the Torah, but is a prophetic pronunciation of a corrupt religious establishment. Yes, rabbi, Jesus, miracle worker, King of the Jews reaching out to the marginalized, disenfranchised speaking with authority given a new and better approach to the Torah and the greatest profit in Israel's history. Those are just some of the reasons why we still talk about this rabbi today are an amount of time will you be a heartfelt appeal from some of that many of you now consider friend to this radio broadcast stand with me hold my hands up say we believe in what you're doing and we want to make a difference. Here is the number to call one 800-278-9978 1-800-278-9978 or go online asked Dr. Brown double-click on support one last time, 1-800-278-9978 all your gifts are multiplied as they come in through an anonymous donor. My bottom line. Jesus, yes for sure was a first century Jewish rabbi, but all the more he is greater than a rabbi who ever lived, set apart for he friends I am getting ready to debate an Orthodox Jewish rabbi tonight about is Jesus, the Jewish Messiah right now. Special prerecorded broadcast updates tomorrow.

David Brickner, president of Jews for Jesus and Pastor John Piper haven't quite a conversation. Christianity today about Israel's right to the land. David's with me here today to continue the conversation time for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of Ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Yes, I am holy aware of the Supreme Court's decision today. I'm fully aware of Christian groups calling for prayer and fasting and repentance because of the Supreme Court decision. I am fully aware of all the political well, many of the political things going on and the implications in terms of the presidential campaigns.

However that is not what we will be talking about today for two reasons. One, it's Thursday and it's early Jewish Thursday hearing on a fire and we have had scheduled for some days now with us.

David Brickner, president of Jews for Jesus and secondly secondly I am not an expert on the healthcare program of the president, I have grave concerns in terms of some of the implications of the healthcare program but I am not an expert on that. So I will have some folks on the air with me gobbling next week to discuss these things, but our focus today is Israel. The Jewish people, my joy to have David Brickner with me know if you have a question for David me, I'll probably take some calls and I may do a book giveaway or two over the course of the show.

But here's the recall 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 online asked Dr. Brown double-click on the line of fire.

There has been a marvelous discussion in Christianity today that is gotten a tremendous amount of attention. Many people emailing me asking me for my thoughts on it, which means a lot of people reading it a wonderful dialogue between David Brickner leads Jews for Jesus and John Piper, world-renowned pastor and author and the tone between these two gentlemen alone is worth the price of the articles and in other words, just the way they dialogue about this something that could be so contentious they have approached it in such a God honoring Jesus exalting Jewish people loving spirit that it is exemplary. And when I finished I was more struck by the areas of commonality and the importance of those areas of commonality than I was struck by the differences now. We invited Pastor Piper to join us but we heard from his office that he doesn't do interviews perhaps in some exceptional cases he does.

But I understand that just as a policy because of his schedule not to do them and it was not to be confrontational.

Anyway, it would've been rather to flesh out the dialogue somewhere here but it is my joy to be joined by David Brickner, a David start there in San Francisco and Michael, how are I'm doing great.

How about you, great.

Thanks for having me on all it's it's always a joy, hate, a David we we just got a minute before, take a quick break and then dive in in depth your but I have to have the style come about how to Christianity today come up with the idea or did someone suggested to them. Actually I suggested to them.

I've been alarmed and dismayed by what you are talking about the problem of the dialogue being so contentious on this issue and within the body. You know the various poles of opinion just sniping at each other and shooting at each other and I felt like there was a large area of middle ground that believers have that we should beat you know, demonstrating, and so I've known John Piper for many years we've been friends and I know his views are different from mine, but I also know that he has a great capacity for irenic discussion with those he disagrees with them so I invited him.

I asked him if you'd be willing to do this. He said he would. I contacted CT Christianity today and they said sounds like a great idea after all year, but we got it done and so I'm really glad that you you saw that we accomplished what I had hoped to all yet loud loud and clear and exact. I finally had a minute to read the last word that John-consent. I was thrilled to see his last word, emphasizing areas of commonality, so take this dialogue further Israel in the land. Today God's purposes. People will be right back. He friends I am getting ready to debate an Orthodox Jewish rabbi tonight about is Jesus, the Jewish Messiah right now. Special prerecorded broadcast updates tomorrow for the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

I guess today on one of our our David Brickner presented Jews for Jesus number to call 866-34-TRUTH in a little while be giving away a copy of my newest book, the real culture. Jesus, we got a great resource offer with real culture. Jesus, for everyone to share a bit more about that David is in your dialogue with John Piper.

Let's first talk about the areas of commonality and what you and I would say are the most important things even more important than Israel being in the land by God's will. Today, would you sit with the key areas of commonality you had with John Piper and why are these the most important of all, well I think that first of all, the commitment that when God chose Abraham and his descendents that that that was not part of you know his you know a re-redefining of the Jewish people into the church. In other words, John rejects of supersession is otherwise called replacement theology. He sees a continuing role for ethnic Israel, both past and future and secondly, that the most important issue of all with respect to the Jewish people and all peoples of the Middle East is their need for Yeshua, for Jesus and for the gospel. Being the only hope for peace in the Middle East. Beginning in the hearts of the people who lived there and what about his view of Romans 1126 does he see that there is a future promise of salvation to an ethnic Israel. Not every Jew has ever lived, but an end time turning of the Jewish people to see a friend that is well he does. He absolutely does and so II really appreciated that. You know, obviously eschatology as to how that's going to actually happen. We have differences of opinion on and you know I think that you know he has some other ideas. CT is pre-millennial.

So he believes in, and a future for the Jewish people on the earth but and that the salvation of Israel comes in general as the nation in a day. You know, as a favor in Zechariah chapter 12, but you know that future is not is as certain and that we have some differences and exactly how that will unfold right so that the biggest biggest things though that that he believes that God has continuing purposes for the Jewish people that he has made promises that remain that ultimately there will be a turning of the Jewish people to Jesus as Messiah and that the most important message is the message of salvation that the message for Jew and Gentile to come in though Jesus Yeshua that's major and he really wants to celebrate that in his in his last article that will talk about some of the differences but I think it's so important that we reaffirm these foundations because there is so much divisiveness over this issue and David have, how long have you been on the frontlines of Jewish ministry now. Well, I've been serving. I would choose for Jesus since 1981, and before that I was a student at Moody Bible Institute and so I got involved as a student with Jews for Jesus. I've been at the executive director of Jews for Jesus since 1996 I know that there's a reason I asked that is a larger question but when we talked on the air last year sometime you told me the fascinating story of how the Jews for Jesus name even came about because we we took that as part of the genius of Moishe Rosen to get this phrase out for decades now and I share the gospel with someone and telling a Jewish believer that they sell your Jews for Jesus so so this concept which was like what vegetarians for me. How could that be has really taken off.

But how did actually come about. That became the name of the organization. It was really just a slogan along with Jesus made me kosher in a number of other phraseology that we, came up with at the very beginning we silkscreened a bunch of posters and put them up at University of San Francisco and University California Berkeley and the media was the one that really gravitated to that particular slogan Jews for Jesus and they started calling us Jews for Jesus. In fact, they were absolutely convinced because of all the posters that we were the nude newest and an largest underground religious movement at Cal Berkeley and at San Francisco State and of course there weren't that many of us back then. But there it became a phrase that really captured them a movement of the Holy Spirit back in the late 60s early 70s and so while it's been the name of our organization that was incorporated back then. It really has. As you say become kind of like the brand name of all Jews who believe in Jesus and what about even getting the name Yeshua house that's that's been something that God used these for Jesus to do as well so that more and more people realize that that he is Jewish, that he has a Jewish name and just another bridge of connection was that an intentional strategy as well know that actually came as a result of opposition that we faced we came in to work one day this is back, I think, in 1981, and of course we'd use Yeshua but not as intentionally and we found that some wanted, and vandalized our headquarters here in San Francisco and that particularly it was vile to us because it was you know besmirching and and degrading the name of Jesus. That really upset us and so we felt that the best way to respond to that kind of degrading of the name. We love was to exalt his name and so we spent the whole day coming up with ideas for ways to glorify Jesus and we focused on his Hebrew name because we wanted to identify you know who he really is and not just you know so often Jesus you know this is his name is his misuse just by overuse, you know, so we we use the Hebrew name and we wrote songs we came up with a strategy to to take out full-page gospel ads in major newspapers saying the Messiah has come and his name is Yeshua and Moishe Rosen, the founder of Jews for Jesus wrote a book on messianic prophecy called Yeshua the Jewish way to say Jesus and that first media campaign in 1981 just got thousands and thousands of people responding Jewish people. Non-Jews finding out about Yeshua and of course are still struggling to get people to understand, especially in Israel.

Now that his real name is Yeshua and not as they call them there so often yes you but that that's a whole another story.

But yeah, goes all the way back to our response to a an attack really a violation, a degradation of the name of Jesus that we responded by bringing glory to his name and we wanted Yeshua to be out there up front in central wonderful and in that of course is the very thing that God smiles on God blesses is the name of Jesus issue is exalted without shame and over the years as I've worked with Jews for Jesus in different cities and senior workers on the streets wearing there. There T-shirts proclaiming Jesus. Yeshua handing out literature. I am always thrilled to see people who are unashamed with people. So how effective is it just the fact it's being done in a proclamation is being made means to me. It's effective right then and there I David we've we've got a couple of minutes. Let's focus on the issue of Israel today. God's promises to Israel today, not just the general promises to all who believe but specific promises to Israel.

The reason I asked how long you been on the front lines here was was to get a perspective because I have seen been saved little over 40 years now, but I've seen in the last 20 years and increasing in the last 10 even more so in the last five a louder and louder voice from the evangelical left, and from some other portions of the body, really critical of modern Israel to the point that there they're questioning whether God has promises to ethnic Israel anymore, it is that just my perception or do you see the same thing in terms of a rising tide from the church.

Even voices within Christianity today that are speaking out loudly against modern Israel. Well, I think that what is happening is that there is a resurgence of what's called a new reformed movement within evangelicalism here in the United States.

If you go over to Europe. I mean replacement theology supersession is him a discounting of the modern state of Israel is very prevalent as prevalent and in Europe in England and you know that hasn't been so much so here in the United States, especially with dispensationalism the influence of things like left behind in the late great planet Earth and over the past number of years there's been a real love for and promotion of know God's continuing purposes for the Jewish people and seeing the modern state of Israel as an example of God's sovereign work in our day.

But that has been eroding.

I think you're absolutely right.

It's been eroding because of the influence of this new reform movement because of political correctness in our churches because of the influence of the media, I think, for in any number of reasons.

Christians have started to lose the promise of Genesis 12 three. I'll bless them that bless thee, and unfortunately I think our whole country is going in a direct line to end up leading us down a bad road I will come back and raise the question as Genesis 12 applies today and will give a book way we can best he friends I am getting ready to debate an Orthodox Jewish rabbi tonight about is Jesus, the Jewish Messiah right now. Special prerecorded broadcast updates tomorrow. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

I got a wonderful resource offer the newest with the real culture.

Jesus of tell you about that little while with the hardcover version and a CD MP3 series with it, but right now paperback copy of the real culture. Jesus my latest book. Just reading a new review that just appeared as reader on Amazon. He said I found that the dry Tomei first expected.

Never. It's a good book there historical details.

Even I never expected to find information about Jewish history and culture was excited to find when handed over portions my seven-year-old son that he might take a look. He kept the book for far more than just the two paragraphs I pointed out to him anyway. The guys pretty enthused it was sweet to read that and giving away for free caller number seven.

A free copy of the real kosher Jesus, 866-34-TRUTH caller number 78663487884 David before the break you made reference to Genesis 12, three were goddesses to Abram.

I'll bless those who bless you and those who curse you all curse. How can you say that still applies to ethnic Israel today can I say something just before I answer that question and that is I want to add my amen to the real kosher Jesus, I have my own signed copy and where promoting it through archers for Jesus website and you know Michael you continue to amaze me how prolific you are and so I mean we been friends for a long time but it's not it's not any skin off my nose to tell our listeners.

You've got to get this book if you really want to stand up for Jesus and have the information at your fingertips to convince others that you meet that he's the Messiah. This the backbench book out there right now it's come obviously in a context with that truly go to Iraq but you know I'm so grateful that you decided to write this bit book so thanks a lot all hate David sent thanks for the good work. By the way, we had a winner quite some type of self sorry sorry about that folks are distant are Anthony congratulations. Thanks. Her and David thank you for that good worth a do appreciate it.

Genesis 12 three then how can we rightly apply that I know you're involved with Jews for Jesus. Once he Jewish people save your heart Senate.

My heart's in it were both Jews, but come on our all right this is one verse back in Genesis 12. I mean how can you apply to Israel today. A lot of waters gone under the bridge since then. Well, you can go all the way from Genesis 12 to the book of Revelation and you see this thread of God's promise to bless Israel.

I doubt he never rescinded that promise. That's the one thing that we have to understand that we look at the whole history of God's dealings with the Jewish people that he made precious promises, beginning with Genesis 12 verse three and God's promises are yes and amen. And as we see how he keeps his promises to Israel to ethnic Israel.

Throughout history we can have confidence that God keeps his promises to us as well. If God were to so easily reject and neglect his people whom he may promises to thousands of years ago what to make any Christian that they think that he might keep all of his promises that he's made to them. God is the same yesterday today and forever. And those kinds of things are repeated over and over and over again through the prophets through the very lips of Jesus, who wept over Jerusalem and said you know, even though you are experiencing the penalty of your own unbelief.

Your house is left to you desolate. You're going to see me again when you say blessed you comes in the name of the Lord. That's the hope of the future of Israel.

But turning to the Jewish Messiah Jesus and the Scriptures are consistent. Romans 11 mean anybody who has sat down to read Romans 910 11 cannot help but connect that all the way back to Genesis 12 one through three. Of course I greasy step for step. John Piper made a fascinating statement about the importance of Israel in his Christianity today responses to you, really an amazing statement he made reference to an un-novelist who wrote vampire books that they came to face. She may be struggling with some of her particular Christian views now, but she came to faith that your dream and what he said about that.

What was it that opened her eyes.

Yes, the fact that the Jewish people are in existence today to him was fascinating. You know what was was for her rather a fascinating kind of a great reaffirmation that God is real and that he's been working in history and that he keeps his promises.

And so for her, but not just for her for countless others. This is been one of the main evidences of God's work in history is the existence of the Jews, despite the Heymans and that have written that Hitler's that Hussein was the Hamas and Hezbollah's of history, Satan trying to wipe out the Jewish people so that he can prove that God won't or doesn't keep his promises God has remained faithful to preserve his people and she and so many others throughout history have said wow God is faithful God does keep his promises yet.

It's an amazing saying to see even even the question of divine right to the land and you point out, David. It's his divine mercy that the Jewish people are back in the land but there's a very simple principle to me and it's so simple. I haven't gotten any once refuted yet, which is what when God curses you can plus what is cursed when closes a door. No one can open it when he says a minute scatter you, then you can't be regathered if he says I'm to regather you then no one can ultimately scatter you and what we see is that he did scatter our people were still in many parts of the world, scattered all around the world and he said I will bring you back in mercy.

So if we are in fact still here and we have in fact been brought back to the land by the millions that God had to have done it because we can't un-scatter ourselves on curse ourselves on exile ourselves has begun right Dave will take a quick break. Then I want to focus in on some of the specific issues.

The pastor Piper raising concerns about justice. What about the Palestinians. What about Israel's sin or part tied it what's going on there will will tackle it on the other side of the breaker right okay all right great thank you okay friends, you heard the endorsement by none other than David Brickner who is one of the key leaders in Jewish evangelism in the world today and am so pleased that he too is thrilled with the real kosher Jesus our ministry alone has the hardcover version you can't get anywhere else except through us.

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Hey friends, I am getting ready to debate an Orthodox Jewish rabbi tonight about is Jesus, the Jewish Messiah right now.

Special prerecorded broadcast updates tomorrow is the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown. My guess David Richter, president of Jews for Jesus.

I'll be giving away another copy little bit later in this broadcast 866-34-TRUTH number call by the way, I got an update on the Facebook saga. Some things we talked about on radio in the last couple of weeks so you can go to and read Facebook are you telling me this is not offensive for those just tuning and I know I know the big talk today is about the Supreme Court's ruling on Obama care the president's health care policy. I'm not expert in that. Also, we have designated as you know Thursdays is thoroughly Jewish Thursday but will will get some reflections on that some Christian perspectives on that next week with some folks who do have expertise there David thanks again for taking time of your busy schedule.

I know you're always running hard for the gospel and for souls. Where would you say that your principal areas of disagreement with John Piper were when it comes to Israel today and will and what are the implications of these differences well.

It may be. First of all a matter of terminology as as he began to flesh out a little bit more about what he was saying but he basically made a statement that the Jewish people being back in the land now. Yet in unbelief are covenant breakers and therefore have no divine right to the land in which their living. Therefore, there can be no claim with regard to God's favor on the Jewish people in the land of Israel and that the only basis on which Christians should relate to what's going on in the Middle East are the principles of international law and justice and you know I took him to task on that because I believe that it was never a matter of divine right, but always of divine mercy that Jewish people are in the land and that we wouldn't be in the land today if it wasn't also for God's continuing favor and mercy and we cannot throw out the Bible when it talks about Jewish people and only applies to the past into the future and not look at the present. Look at how God brought Israel into existence in the out of the ashes of the Holocaust and and not see the divine hand of God's sovereignty and what's happening today and I have to say that you know when you get through to the end. It seems as though he he comes around and basically says yes, even Israel and unbelief is of divine mercy and so but he never quite goes and says therefore they are in the land. And God has had a hand in it. So that's where the disc one area of disagreement lies the other one has to do more with the future and how God fulfills his ultimate land promise to Abraham's descendents. All right, so the implications of that would be that someone might be swayed politically because they don't see God's hand and perhaps they would be more inclined to to listen to court the Palestinian narrative that demonizes the Jews to think that that that's a fair statement were not accusing John Piper that to think that's a fair assessment that if folks don't recognize God's promises that work in the land that that they might be more inclined to go along with the centuries-old demonizing of the Jewish people yes or some modern political version of that same outcome. In other words, I've noticed as you have that there has been a slippery slope that many evangelical Christians have gotten onto oblate slope that begins with what we want to be for you know the underdog for justice and for mercy for those who are suffering in.

And of course the Palestinians are suffering and yet there are those who are trying to create a whole narrative that basically discounts God's work in bringing Jewish people back into the land and sees Israel as an illegitimate and a part tide state and you know that I believe is ultimately leading to not just anti-Israel is but I anti-Semitism in the world today. Got it. Well says I will flesh this out someone I want to read a few specific comments testifies against celebrating the nature of the dialogue in the common ground that we have hey friends, I am getting ready to debate an Orthodox Jewish rabbi tonight about is Jesus, the Jewish Messiah right now. Special prerecorded broadcast updates tomorrow. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us today on the line of fire Michael Brown delighted to be with you.

8664 truth where you give away another copy of my book, the real kosher Jesus of standby will announce shortly, 866-34-TRUTH David for those just tuning in that are not aware of the dialogue you had with Pastor John Piper. I want to emphasize again that the best thing of the dialogue was the incredible grace you showed one towards another. The emphasis of your common ground, love for the Jewish people. Belief in the importance of sharing the gospel with the Jewish people believing that God has promises that remain to ethnic Israel and believing that one day there will be a turning of the Jewish people to the Lord. So we celebrate that with deep appreciation to Pastor Piper for what he modeled in what he shared. He says this in his last article as he got in the last word which is great because he emphasize common ground. He said I did say and I do believe that Israel is a people will finally have the land as a special dwelling place by the word special I need to preserve Israel's particular role in God's plan.

When I say that Israel gets the world thrown in along with the promised land. I don't see why you say you were taking away with one hand.

What you give with the other. How is adding the world in any serious way. A subtracting so I have had the response that we say. As believers we inherit the whole world. Israel gets that as well. Does this that obfuscate make unclear the issues of Israel being in the land today while I I think it does in some respect because first of all the passages that he quotes from first Corinthians, and from Romans you know uses the word for world cosmos and parallel with Aon that really have more to do with the universe not specifically the land so he uses world as regarding the land itself like geography and I think that on ultimately it there are very specific problem promises with regard to land and that is part of God's covenant keeping promise keeping nature that he make that specific and when you start to generalize, then you lose the value of God saying here. I went to give you this land everywhere that you the sole of your foot touches is yours from the river Euphrates to the river Egypt that's gonna be yours minute hasn't yet become all of Israel's, and then if you say well, now it's it's all part of the whole world the cosmos the Aon.

I think that you're kind of overgeneralizing and losing. Ultimately, that wonderful specificity with which God makes and keeps his promise. All right, so we see that God gave promises to Abraham somewhat arguable in the book of Joshua Harrington first Kings and says all the promises God gave her for Phil. Yep, that was supposed to get Israel in the land he promised that Israel would be there for thousand generations. Psalm 105, but then he also said that if you disobey will be scattered that happened is that if you repent and turn back. Deuteronomy 30 another passages will be regathered. Will Israel has not repented and turned back. David, in point of fact, many leading rabbis around the world oppose the the birthing of the modern state of Israel because they saw what was going to be birth bite by secularist's atheist communists anything but Torah observant Jews, they saw that the state would be a hotbed for nonobservance and would send a bad example out sheet you can, you certainly can't say that the Jewish people back in the land by repentance, since that's a condition that God gave. How then can the Jewish people say that that God's put us in the land or that the land is ours on what scriptural basis since we haven't repented on a national level. While I think it is fairly evident and in the in the Scriptures that God would gather his people back even in unbelief and I pointed out three passages of Scripture where that's the case, I can give you, for Ezekiel 37 Zechariah 12 Romans 11 Isaiah 59. All four of those kind of portray God's gathering of Israel while they are in unbelief and so I I think that that conditionality goes to the issue of God. God, being merciful, you know that he's still willing to you. Note we don't have a right in the sense of saying hey we deserve to be in the land, but God has every right to show mercy and he's done that so obviously by Israel being gathered into the land and yes where in unbelief and so because of that, technically speaking, we could be uprooted again. I don't think that's going to happen though in one of the evidences that I given my dialogue with Piper is that the growing remnant of Israel. Believers in Jesus is rarely believers is going to be another cause for God, demonstrating his mercy and this turning of Israel back to their Messiah were seeing. Perhaps the plotting of that, the firstfruits of what will be that final harvest that we read about in Scripture. Now John Piper quoted JC Ryle famous reform leader great insights into so much of the Scripture and he apologized if it was presented in any offensive way. Let me read the quote JC Ryle about the Jewish people. They are kept separate, that they may be finally saved converted restored to their own land there reserved and preserved in order that God may show in them as on a platform to angels and men how great the hate sin. Yet how greatly can forgive and how greatly he can convert never will that be realize this will be in the day when all Israel shall be six again we applaud the fact that JC Ryle recognize the future promises to Israel and in God's ongoing covenantal promises to Israel in Genesis 15 when God made the land promised to Abram. Only God passed between the covenantal pieces making clear that this was a one way promise that God was making an Paul explains in Galatians 4 that the law, which came after Romans four cannot unknow. We came earlier but what was it about the statement of JC Ryle that struck you is is perhaps something that could be taken wrongly well that idea of where reserved and preserved made it sound like we are a bunch of pickles in a pickle jar sitting up on the shelf somewhere. I have the point when I was trying to make it obvious that I want to discount Ryle's love for the Jewish people, but I'm I'm sensing, there is an absence of clear theological thinking. With respect to Israel. Today we have a great scholars have written about Israel in the past and the prophets, and you know Genesis 12 and all of that and about Israel in the future. The future fulfillment, which Piper believes and ends does Ryle and so many others, but what about what God is doing today among the Jewish people.

Does the Bible have anything to say about that or we took pretend that were in some sort of a great parenthesis where the Scriptures have no direct application height. I think that that's a wrongheaded approach and that the church needs to think deeply and biblically about Israel today and that's what my call was in this dialogue all right. Why should it matter to people. Eternity is the ultimate issue being in right relationship with God is the ultimate if Eugene Gentile wanted to just leave this land thing alone. What was taking me that let's not take any side, let the nations work out United Nations and however people work with the Palestinians and Israelis. Why get involved in such a divisive issue which potentially takes our eyes off the gospel because this is exactly where the gospel needs to be applied in full. I believe that when Arabs and Jews can say to one another.

I love you in Jesus name.

The world will see the reconciling power of the gospel. The church needs to develop a full orbed theology of reconciliation in Israel Palestine should be the laboratory.

The church should not take its cues from the United Nations or from CNN. We need to recognize that there is a wonderful opportunity for the love of your shoe are to be applied and demonstrated between Arab and Jew, Palestinian and Israeli and if we get on one side or the other of this contentious debate without emphasizing the gospel and the love that Jesus commands us to show to our neighbor, even if we disagree then were going to miss so much of the power of the gospel in our world today. And with that course you can on the number one point with that as well is the fact that if we miss what God is doing and recognize that there is always a satanic desire to wipe out and destroy Israel. We will understand the spiritual dimensions of what happening in the land and therefore can even get on the wrong side of the justice issues I we come back.

I want to tie together a couple of loose ends and then just talk about what matters most to us that is bringing the gospel to Jewish people elect. Let's do this will make this really quick caller number for free copy of the real culture. Jesus 86634 caller number four and will take about special resource offer that we have a David what's the website for Jews for Jesus. Jews for all right you got that Jews for great place to learn as a Christian great place to send your Jewish friends. Okay, we will be back with her last segment with David Brickner.

Also, if you got a call Jewish related call if you can hang onto the next hour on the to be taking Jewish related questions of all kinds. Second hour of broadcast all right. We will he friends I am getting ready to debate an Orthodox Jewish rabbi tonight about is Jesus, the Jewish Messiah right now. Special prerecorded broadcast updates tomorrow. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown nice friends for joining us so sorry that I I gave the offer for the free book right before the break. Of course we are winter instantly, but I'm so sorry all you that have been calling in light of the phones we've had a winner so sorry. So Alex we get a second still answer phones.

Let me know who the winner was to congratulate him 866-34-TRUTH if you have a Jewish related question and can hold for little while I'll be answering those in the next hour. It talked about some of the Jewish background to the New Testament issues. My guest for this entire hour has been David Brickner present a Jews for Jesus and he and Pastor John Piper in Christianity today have done a wonderful job of modeling Christian dialogue about Israel and the Palestinians and modeling alike heart for the Jewish people and he closes by saying so, yes, David yes I'm with you and coach you. Let us believe in the ongoing promises of God to the Jewish people and redouble our efforts to proclaim this good news to Israelis, Palestinians and all humanity, your brother, indeed, John Piper okay David. Aside from the fact that Jewish people are people and Jesus died for all people and we should bring the gospel to all people. Why should your average Joe Christian living in Mid-America subs like that, why should he or she Joe Christian Sally Christian really care about Jewish evangelism and do you actually believe that all Christians with addition to whatever other ministries and birds they have that all Christians should be involved in Jewish outreach some kind some way, absolutely. And I think first of all we should care because God cares and the heartbeat of Jesus and the apostle Paul so clearly evident in the New Testament is for the salvation of the Jewish people. Jesus said to his disciples.

You are my witnesses, and beginning in Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria and to the uttermost parts of the earth. Paul took that that mission strategy and articulated in Romans 116 when he said I'm not ashamed of the gospel is the power of God unto salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Gentile on that word had not just to do with history but with an ongoing priority and that priority was seen as Paul the apostle to the Gentiles lived out his ministry.

In other been a great Christian leaders throughout history recognize this ongoing priority. The churches seem to forget forgotten about it but I believe it's part of God strategy to remember the people that he first called to himself to continue to proclaim the gospel and in the midst of the controversy that often flows from that the message of truth is amplified and not only did Jews come to Jesus, but usually 5 to 10 times as many non-Jews when you preach the gospel loud enough for Jews to hear a whole lot of other folk listen in. Which would you mind repeating that that when I sent the gospel loud enough for Jews to hear a whole lot of other folk listen in. All right, David, are things we always encourage because the Lord is good and and be on the front lines of evangelistic work. You are encouraged bye-bye one good response in one person wants literature and so on.

But honestly, truthfully, are you seeing more Jewish people come to faith. Are you hearing from a religious Jews more secular Israelis having to be honest with us is something really happening or is that just the the positive state of mind that we live in. Well it's not like a Billy Graham Crusade.

Nowhere in the world, Jews for Jesus is working out. We sing Jewish people coming en masse.

It's all handpicked fruit. One by one, but I think in at one since that's a good thing. That's the way it should be ultimately it's God in his sovereignty that works revival and in people, but lack what I can tell you is Jews for Jesus is currently working in 14 countries around the world and the place that were seeing the greatest openness to the gospel is in the land of Israel. We just had a evangelistic campaign in Haifa and over a four week period of time. We had over 1000 Israelis give us their names and addresses asking for Hebrew new Testaments, which are not in you know very often seen in any kind of bookstore in Israel. Most Israelis have never cracked the New Testament, they don't know very much about Jesus, but there's a great hunger.

A growing hunger and so for me, that interest and that hunger even more than the numbers of people. Perhaps that might be getting saved in one week or one month or one year there's a new hunger. There is an openness and there's a great opportunity and Christian should be encouraged by that. They should be praying for the peace of Jerusalem are the product of the promise that they shall prosper that love the is a spiritual promise that is as much in evidence today.

I see Jewish people coming to Jesus. Yes, I see Christians have a heart for the salvation of Israel and that is blessed by God for sure. Wonderful and Dave and I know you guys going to spiritual attack and your workers work hard to to raise funds and in the always get criticized because you are so over in the gospel message, so I commend you for staying on the front lines for for never apologizing the message you bring to the way you bring it and and were all indebted to thank you David and thanks for your time joining us today. Thank you brother right that was David Brickner Jews for Jesus. The website Jews for just looking over on the website where a bunch of reviews appear for the real culture Jesus and when one that's so blessed me was by one reviewer very serious reviewer reviews different books for his website and he says that that the book is a phenomenal revelation of the identity of Jesus and he writes the real culture. Jesus stands out as an exceptionally relevant and readable work of apologetics and theology is a preprinted prophetic cry both to the Jewish people and the Christian church to discover reality of Jesus as he is and as he revealed himself to the world is not of the finest book on the identity of Jesus I've ever read is one of the finest books in the gospel I've ever read is transfer my view of the revelation of God's love and redemption in Jesus issue that was from Jonathan Aleman, Ramon. I was so blessed to read that into see how highly exalted Jesus sure was in his eyes, through the book. It is the number one best to ever written. We heard from David Brickner earlier. He wanted to volunteer the fellows the number one best tool to give to a Jewish person to to point them to Jesus and to overcome objections.

It's also number one best to have to give to a Christian someone who loves Jesus ready to open their eyes to who he really is and to discover the secrets of the Jewish background to the Messiah, so we'll have the hardcover copy have to order through us and I know the many thousands of you listening still haven't ordered it because we have sent them all out to you already got a great resource package today. The book, which sells for $25. We send you that plus pay the postage plus give you free with it at $20 audio series called stand with Israel messages are preached. Israel shall be saved. A baptism of tears for Israel.

Israel in the last days debate I had with a leading counter missionaries refused to debate me over 20 years since that debate. It's all there on one CD to listen to on your computer or MP3 player. It's worth $20 by itself. You get it free. We order the real culture Jesus today. I will pay the postage but call right now.

1-800-278-9978. That's one 800-2789 97. It will more time 1-800-278-9978.

My bottom line today. Romans 116 remains true not only that the gospel is the power of God to salvation for but that it remains first for the Jew and also for the Gentile. That's a word the Holter today

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