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Confronting the Culture with the Gospel of Jesus

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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March 27, 2017 6:58 pm

Confronting the Culture with the Gospel of Jesus

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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March 27, 2017 6:58 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 03/27/17.

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Confronting the culture with the gospel tackling the controversies that's what you do today on the line of fire stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH index 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown got a question for you are a light red lamp or candle your flashlight. You're on your lit up. If you are a light and you are put in a dark place. What will you do by your very nature. You will shine. You will illuminate you will make a difference. It is your nature to do so you can do no other.

It is the nature of light. I would encourage you today that we God's people are called to shine as lights in dark places and it is our nature to do so.

It's the nature of a bird to fly and it's the nature of fish to swim. It is the nature of light to shine and we are called to Sean this is Michael Brown. Welcome to the line of fire. 866-34-TRUTH 784 number to call 8664 truth, the whole idea of should we confront culture.

The whole question of should we address controversial issues. To me it's not a question to me. The question is answered by the nature of who we are.

It would be like saying should the light shine in darkness should the light illuminate darkness.

Should the light make a difference in darkness, that that to me would would be the big issue and the big question, and there is no big issue. There is no big question because that's what light does the same way when salt was put on something as a preservative in the ancient world.

Results put on something for taste.

That's what it did.

The only salsa didn't do it was salt that was not salty anymore. And if that was possible in the salt had no use and just be. You step on it. You don't keep it, preserve it, just like if you had medicine that you found you got sick with the same sickness he had 10 years earlier and you pull out the medicine. I got some of these prescription drugs. Of yeah but they expired nine years ago. Their worthless they're useless, but if you put that medicine in your system and it's up to date. It will do what it does. It is its nature to do so. So I just got a new book sent to me. It's my nature is light to address it. It's my late, my nature is like to say how would you feel if your first grader came home from public school with this brand-new book, a beautifully illustrated children's book that I think is appropriate for first graders, I read about a first grade class that just decided not to use this book's been out for a few years, but just came to my attention to join my freely large collection of such books but it's called Jacobs new dress that's right Jacobs new dress. Some kids say boys can't wear girl."

Why not think of loves playing dress up when he can be anything he wants to be a pirate, a bird or fireman. He also wants to just be himself and where his favorite thing address. Now Jacob is a new dress that he made himself and what he wants most of all is to wear to school mom and dad let him this heartwarming story speaks to the unique challenges faced by boys who don't identify with traditional gender roles, and of course it's getting praise social Library Journal and booklist in publishers weekly and Kirkus Reviews Kirkus Reviews as warmly illustrated picture book meant to conform. Both boys who are gender to comfort Seesmic. Both boys were gender nonconforming and their parents. Publishers weekly ideal companion for families and educators upbeat yet realistic book list this important book, one hopes will provide reassurance to children like Jacob inspire thoughtful discussion yeah among first-graders among first-graders, parents, how would you feel he came home with this book his or her book bag and mommy was reading is really interesting.

Can I wear dress to the little boy asked right back in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown on the line of fire reports Christopher Rosa March 20 the new Power Rangers film features the first queer Ranger. Yes, the yellow Ranger trainee played by Becky G and the film reportedly identifies as LGBT Q plus that's that's right, probably 2017 is the year of your 90s.

Favorites receive woke as well skip over that makeovers first we had the live action meditation to beauty and the beast which featured Disney's first great character and interracial kiss.

Now we have Power Rangers new interview with the Hollywood reporter, the director of the upcoming reboot.

Dean Israelite revealed one of the rangers is queer.

Israelite said to THR that was doing this interview for Trinity really she's questioning a lot about who she is. She hasn't fully figured out yet. I think that's what's great about that scene with that same propels for the rest of the movie is that's okay. The movie is saying that's okay and all of the kids have to own who they are and find their tribe.

This is being celebrated by glad used to be called the gay and lesbian Alliance against defamation. I renamed the gay lesbian Alliance against disagreement of the just go by. Glad they don't even use the acronym just over the meaning of the acronym they're celebrating this LGBT Q used to serve a happily ever after. Just like everyone else. So friends, these are not things I go looking for.

I didn't go looking for Time magazine basically arguing that all bathroom should be gender neutral and on and I didn't go looking for Jacobs new dress.

Someone sent me a link and I read an article it was it was going to be used in a first grade program in the city near me and then they they decided not to use it, so who knows how many programs it's being used in not just talking about a couple who has kid the boy thinks she's a girl and deeply has these feelings and the parents read the book in circular three the book to her child and let's find some comforter were talking and that's that's a whole separate issue unless it is a better way to do that is a better way to help the child in affirming the deep confusion, but were talking about something that would then be in the public school system were talking about something that will be used to indoctrinate other impressionable kids and these things have affect that these things have consequences. Look like. Think of this I came to faith in 1971, 16 years old so I was shaped and molded by the counterculture revolution of the 60s, and suddenly, in those days it was very common for kids in high school.

Even younger high school is to be sleeping around and doing drugs.

If you went back just 10 years.

It was much much much less common. There was some drinking not as much certainty there was almost no drug use in the suburbs. In particular, be more in the inner city but but much much less and certainly there was much, much less promiscuity among these things are known.

These things are documented these things and on anecdotal and then suddenly there's a shift in the culture, something happen sociologically, something happens spiritually something happens morally something happens on a number of different levels at the same time, and you have the seismic shift and suddenly kids that a generation that would not of thought of having sex outside of wedlock is just doing it freely.

It's doing it but that's the thing to do and that's the norm.

Things shift things shift the more you expose them to younger and younger people so there's no question that the more kids are exposed to certain ideas at earlier ages. The more they are exposed to promiscuity at earlier ages, the more they are exposed to broken families and homes in earlier ages, the more they are exposed to alcohol use or drug use at earlier ages that you will see as they grow up they are more prone to engage in related behaviors. Hear what you think is going to happen.

Tell me what do you think is going to happen in states that have now legalized marijuana use, so you don't have that taboo can't do it should do it wrong to do it. You don't have the taboo of buying it in public places. You don't have the taboo of carrying certain amounts with you don't have the taboo of sitting down at your home in an doing it in front of your kids perhaps dissemble you're too young for this, but when you're older with legal just like parents used to smoke cigarettes in front of their kids and save don't you spoke to your older obviously by doing it. It open the door for kids to smoke when they were younger and they follow the example of the parents and halfwits if it's okay for them to do. It's okay for me to do what's gonna happen.

How many kids are to start using pot in earlier ages that what how many will use it in greater doses than they would have. These are inevitable things that happen in a culture in a society when there are certain shifts so I am concerned when I see yet another book designed to target impressionable children you say no, no, it's just a message to be loving to everyone knows of the message of the book is not the message of the book the message is not that this little boy comes to school wearing a dress and and and a boy beats up that that that the boy address and the lesson of the book is don't beat up another child, even if they do something unusual like that and maybe as a Christian message. We should pray for him because obviously he's confused because he's a boy. He thinks is a girl no less than what the messages messages hey, maybe you should do this. This is who you really are the messages if your kid feels like this then you need to affirming rather look for some type of cure.

In the second hour today I got an interest in a shock you.

In fact, I'd encourage you to get online right now and to check out my my latest article it's it's a shocker it's a shocker.

It's about David Kyle Foster and pure passion ministries and and why 850 videos that his ministry had on video people that were engaged in sex trafficking that have been set free. Delivered from that people free from pornography, addictions and other sex addictions. People who are ex-gay sharing their testimony.

They'll know if you say that homosexuality in any way reflects brokenness, reflects something wrong, that it deems to be healed or to be over, you can be changed. Your videos are not welcome on the media yet there's only one side of the message that that can be proclaimed today and it is not our message and and when I see more and more things like this in the schools when I see more and more things coming over your way in the movies. I see things more more overtly coming away in TV when I see the slant of social media to increasingly abandon blacklist content that it differs with this is an area of grave concern and therefore is one was called to be like we are all called to be light.

Therefore, I'm going to do my best to shine. Eliminate things we come back. I want to open up the Scriptures and take a look in Ephesians chapter 5. If you miss any part of the broadcast dismember go to the line of the line of and when you're there on Just click on listen. You can listen to the current show live from 2 to 4 PM Eastern standard Time to full hours on the year you can catch it on the Internet. If you don't have it in your local city broadcast or later the day if you go there to the line of and when you there. Click on latest articles you will see video declares war on gospel transformation. Click on latest videos for the latest teaching videos and commentary videos that are there and if you unsubscribe a podcast. You can do that as well but before we take a quick break tomorrow don't want to miss tomorrow's broadcast.

I can say without any hype that it will be one of the most fascinating broadcast of the history of the line of fire. I mean that I'm to be speaking with Dr. Michael Heiser biblical and somatic scholar training, academic training, similar to mine and he has written a new book may be read as previously unseen realm. He's written a new book which is called reversing her mom mount her mom H ER MO NBC what does that mean what is he mean by the book of Enoch in the forgotten mystery of Jesus.

Trust me, it's going to be a fascinating eye opening interview and scummy way tomorrow on the line of fire. You can also order his book it's about to be released. You can order his book from us reversing her moan with a copy of the exclusive CD of our interview.

You can do that on the website. The line of silk take advantage of that order it today. As soon as the interview is done that will be ready to ship the interview with the book, you will not be disappointed. Trust have been reading the bucket even though it untrained and similar fields to Michaels is putting these things together. Dr. Heiser, it's the it's a fascinating read and it's can be controversial as well will be right back Scriptures by the social side. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown explains one of two sport or difficult to explain this okay when you see a bird flying to the year to say is rather go over the burden of you might say that's amazing this incredible look look at how God's design. Those birds before the hats just extraordinary but but you don't you don't cigarettes or article for the bird to fly know if it throughout the boat somewhere and and you see the fish swimming in the water euros. No room to grow food is finished.

As you might think man with the amazing to be able to just go on the water like fish to and and and swing the way they do with that would not be amazing when that be incredible. You might think that, but you don't think it's radical because Fisher meets women birds are made to fly right will life is meant to shine, and God says to us, be right be like so if you find yourself in a situation filled with injustice. Your light shines. If you find yourself in a situation filled with inequity.

Your light shines. If you find yourself in a situation filled with cruelty. Your light shines. If you find yourself in a situation filled with sin and abuse. Your light shines. This is just what we do should in the presence of millions of believers in a culture make a difference should in the presence of millions of believers shining like lights in dark places make a difference.

The question is are we all. We really shining, are we really being light or are we putting our light under a basket is too controversial to shine the light we hiding our life because it's too difficult to let the light shine or is it that our own light has been extinguished by the culture that we become like the world rather than changing the world.

The world has changed us so so let's take a look in Ephesians chapter 5.


Let me reread some of this to me Bayview in the worried Encouraging Word challenge you in the word Ephesians 5. Therefore this is because the forgiveness and mercy that has been extended to us. Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children whom thing we work on that for the rest of our lives and for eternity, being imitators of God's character is nature's purity's law of his truth be imitators of God, as beloved children, not his children striving to be accepted by God that his children rejected by an angry father, but as beloved children and walk in love as Messiah loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God. Now let let's let's consider this from we are to walk in love, the same way Jesus loved us and he set his love on us when we are in disobedience. He set his love on us when we are in sin. I I am blessed to work with people who have very redemptive hearts and will often point out in the midst of a confrontation that our goal is is not to win the argument but to win the person. Our goal is not to be proven right, but to turn that person's heart and to ultimately reach them. You know the old saying we can disagree without being disagreeable.

So walk in love. This is are: but sexual morality and all impurity or covetousness must not even be named among you, as is proper among saints. We are friends supposed to be different than the world. Let there be no filthiness nor foolish talk nor crude joking which are out of place, but instead let there be Thanksgiving. This does tell us how we should talk.

How we should present ourselves from this, you may be sure that everyone who is sexually immoral or impure meaning. This is who they are. This is their lifestyle who is covetous that is an idolater, has no inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and God.

Let no one deceive you with empty words and friends let me interject whether those empty words come from radio host TV preacher, a pulpit Bible school leader doesn't matter led no one deceive you with empty words, if they come from the lips of a best-selling Christian author or through a Christian movie. Let no one deceive you with empty words. Because of these things the wrath of God comes upon the sons of disobedience.

Therefore do not become partners with them for it. One time you were darkness at one time you were darkness, we just walk in darkness, we just live in darkness, we were by our nature darkness, but now you are light in the Lord walk as children of light for the fruit of light is found in all that is good and right and true and try to discern what is pleasing in the Lord's will recall to do walk as children of light.

Now you are light in the Lord again. This is who we are by nature I walked into my radio office today. It was dark in here.

I was the one coming into my studio, flip the lights on what happened. It got light.

That's what light does that there had been something laying on the floor at my feet. I wouldn't seen it with the lights on the would've tripped over, but when I put the lights on. If it was there I would have seen it. That's what light does for the fruit of the light is found in all that is good and right and true and try to discern what is pleasing to the Lord, take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness but instead expose them for it is shameful even to speak of the things that they do in secret. But when anything is exposed by the light becomes visible friends. This is why we address things in the culture. This is why we talk about what's happening in the world in which we live. It is to expose things to bring them to the light, so that we can address them righteously take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness. I say that's pretty point, but instead expose them for shameful even to speak of the things that they do in secret. But when anything is exposed by the light becomes visible for anything that becomes visible is light. Therefore, it says away cosleeper and arise from the dead Messiah will shine on you look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil.

Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is we take those words to heart me. We digest them, may we pray over them may they be our standard of life by the spirit with God's grace. May we live by those words and live and shine, as children of light, may we be the light and dark places wherever that is.

May the light shining in dark marital relationships. May the light shine in families where kids are being abused may the light shine businesses with unethical practices practice for the light shine behind help us with this hypocrisy and corruption.

The light shine on us may shine him. Remember, friends, be sure to check out my latest articles and videos of the line of fire.

The Lord it's the light a fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown light shining light on culture shine light and dark places, exposing what is wrong, pointing to what is right and I'm joined by my dear friend many years. Larry Tomczak is put out the bull's-eye challenge in book form and online 30 days you will get 30 topics on video and in writing and all the cutting edge questions, issues of the day or tackle there with grace and with truth hey Larry, welcome back to the line of fire why Mike is great to be with you and I mean that you know how much I love and respect you so yeah we got a good topic you're broke again. We we do before we dive into the question of where comity has gone it in the culture and if it's an eye-opener. Larry has a new article on that before we get into that lie. How long have you been teaching on marriage and family and those kinds of values. Well, my wife and I q. week celebrate were right behind you.

41 years of marriage yellow even before I mean this year will be my 44th year in full-time ministry and even when I was single because I had the insight and desperate people all around me. I tried to impart teaching on that so we learned a lot of lessons but were not wavering from covenant marriage. One man one woman and Larry used to actually be part of the church planting movement where you would come in and do a marriage seminar as a way to draw people to together and then we help plant a church on those foundations of these values have been deep to for many years.

Why is it so important that we not lose sight of those foundations were talk about other issues and culture.

Why is it so important that we not lose sight of the foundational value of one man one woman joined together for life and raising a family together. Well Mike I mean I'm sure you say it regularly broadcasts when we go back to the ministry of Jesus be the epistles to the churches family marriage was spent on it's a picture you know of Christ the church. And if that is shattered or demolished by the enemy and is working overtime to do that then we we got our work cut out for so we just got to uphold these values. We can't waiver and we've got to remember, you know, for this cause a man leaves a father and a mother to join his wife and that becomes a picture of Christ and his church to a watching world. And I you you also many of your articles and some of your books detailed statistics in an unexpected just rattles off the top your head, but is is the use of gone have our beliefs about marriage and family been proven in other words, has divorce have a negative affect your kids being raised in fatherless homes of these things had negative effects are the real impacts negative impacts that that occur when the him the mother, father, husband, wife, bond is broken. Well, you're right. I don't have the steps right off the bat.

I'm sure you you could pull a while but yeah I we had been out whatsoever man so socially reeked and we just came deviating from biblical you know Judeo-Christian standards. Look at the steps on divorce. Look at what happened in terms of couples living together you lifestyle fornication.

Look at abortion 58 million baby I mean it's it's it's devastating in our culture, but the good news is you and I and others were doing what we can to preach the gospel and call people back to our biblical standards to biblical truth and to our heritage as a nation so it gets. It's a very serious situation and so that's what you and I we worked so hard got to reach everyone. We can work while it stayed that night, no man ditto so I'll opt out there right so we come back we dive into Larry's latest column, which talks about what has happened to comity and you can find it eye-opening and disturbing. But listen everything we do everything we talk about his redemptive purpose.

We expose darkness to draw attention to it to draw us away from it that we can live and walk in light, the light so so much better for it's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I and Larry Tom collapse of comity in America is no joking matter. Larry would treat you to this topic.

Like I like everybody needs a laugh. I need to take some down time and I enjoy humor and laughter. You know, TV shows what beyond it. Let me know price for lauding the area of people listening here today. Having Andy Barney and Opie event while you to be even Lucy and Ricky and Rob and Laura Petry. You know all these were clean wonderful comedy shows and enjoys the serious business of heaven is a God ordained company and we grew up with good comedy, but something and it's a sad reality today as we are drifting as a nation. What were seeing is comedy is really going off the rails and I would say the decadence. Mike is rapidly replacing any decency and I would if it's offensive. If it's embarrassing, raunchy what you hit the mark and I know we want to pray for these comedians that are out there and I thank God for Christian comedians that are out there doing their very best, but Mike looking around. I am just I I am stunned at how far we gone off track and you know just surveying the scene. I went out for a prayer walk everyday I walk by theater and I looked and there's and maybe you grew up with that. You know the California Highway Patrol and it was also family-friendly show will now it's a blotchy profanity laced comedy to topic that one of the guys Eric Estrada that you know I saw the trailer the other day which your trash Mike. I carried the burden like you. You look at a poster.

The poster has the title chips in the ship happens underneath, and when I looked on plug-in and one of the movie reviews, I saw that drug abuse, violence, crude sexual content hundred plus expletives, taking the name of our God in vain.

Three to an innocent family oriented here on the show I was shocking and then recently I just noticed a downturn show that you know maybe 42 years ago when it started Saturday Night Live. I mean you're talking over 10.

11 million people watch every week, especially young people. It started out as a little edgy, but they had church lady in Coney had been goofy monologue, but today it's like nonstop attack political mockery of anything conservative in all their sketches the impersonations the news update crude jokes about abortion and rape and end the interview subjects today and recently I saw a YouTube video of a Christian woman that is the special counselor to present Crump Kelly and Conway, godly, brilliant woman, a wife and a mother and a YouTube skitter her from Saturday Night Live.

She was portrayed in as a sex crazed seductress maniacal killer. She killed herself in the end. So I feed Robert De Niro's new film is called the comedian. It's just follow insulting you know comedy. Snoop Dogg is a video out dope smoking depicts assassination of Donald Trump and then you've got all the NLN Netflix streaming comedians that are out there in their comedy club and I pray for the Sarah Silverman and Lena Dunham to Chelsea Amberson Amy Schumer's and Oldham, but they are so far removed from a Lucille Ball or Andy Griffin, Carol Burnett, and so today and maybe you saw this last week with Eddie Griffin, 15,000 people were in Dallas and he's doing it comedy show and he's talking of go and assassinate Pres. Trump just like JFK was killed so I'm I'm seeing that that's the dark side with the good ideas we know God wants to intervene and bring an awakening in this nation and on the personal level. It starts with every one of us listing today. Scripture says don't have fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness expose them to visions that go with sexual immorality, any impurity among you and this is got to be no filthiness, foolish, talking course joking, which aren't getting and so it starts with, but then on a national level. We've got to do what I believe the man of God that the pace brought wasn't just the John Wesley's and Charles Finney but a man named William Wilberforce, 18th-century Great Britain, a short 5 foot three young man that worked for 26 years because he saw the moral decline and the breakdown in his generation and Mike I'm sure you're familiar even worked night and day to uphold the sanctity of life and today that's what were doing in terms of addressing abortion and sex trafficking, and he saw the abolition of the slave trade and slavery, but then Mike he gave his life for what he called the Reformation of manners but not etiquette what he was saying was, there's a breakdown of society and in his day was animal cruelty of public hanging in in child labor, drunkenness, prostitution, today we got our marijuana legalization, euthanasia, LGBT Q agenda and what I'm saying use the collapse of Comedy.

So what he did was he preached the gospel unashamedly unwaveringly and he said were going to make goodness fashionable it was that Sue's words were to make goodness fashionable working to show as we align with God's word and we follow his way. Working to provoke people to jealousy and personalized family marriages so that they're going to turn their hearts to the Lord Jesus and so he lived. He was a revivalist in his day, and I believe everyone was with me today as we see the collapse of comedy. God wants intervention and awakening a spiritual revolution and Mike, I just close with these words Wesley told him he is bad. He wrote to Wilberforce got me what he was almost 90, 80, 70. Eddie said, unless God is raised you for this very thing you will be worn out by the opposition of men and devils.

But if God be for you, who can be against you are all of them together stronger than God all be not weary in well doing, William Gallant in the name of God and in the power of his might to even American slavery, the violence that ever saw the sun shall vanish away before your servant John Wesley does work inspired this man and he stayed at it yeah and that's what you and I and others today we want to be catalytic. We want to be informed influencers and do our part defeat the gospel transform our culture so I hope I fed it briefly, but that's my passion with you wrote Sosa Laramie is laid out things very clearly very graphically of the details again your article on Barb The collapse of comedy Americans no joking matter and look on our great golden calling is not to redeem comedy or not to raise the level of comedy, but which are saying is this is symptomatic of a culture that's for years now become increasingly crude and profane, and it just keeps getting more and more so all I'll be there some downtime may be looking at a sports website for something I'm reading an article Alexis got profanity at the as the sports website and then mixing some incredibly sensual pictures. Some edits I got I wanted for sports I go here for this letting go here for free. Crude comments are profanity or or those pictures but they just pop up everywhere.

Everywhere you know and and and stuff is now the I guess certain standards change and what you can have on TV which you have a print just keeps getting lower and lower and worse and worse yet, in which are saying first is to us what we need to do separate ourselves from it rather say I just get used to it you know this is not really to my taste, but used to it. Isn't that like the frog in this the slowly boiling water that that it it starts to roast us before we even know it yet like you know what the article that I wrote and I trust will be accrued. I started it with a poem by a man from France and lifted it.

He said it." The devil pulls the strings, which makes the stamp he finds the light in the most low something some furtherance of the hill each new day brings.

And yet we feel no horror in that rank advance and it's happening and many young people, and you could be listening today and say well you know I want to get in the legal limit in acute at least three ditto, times change. We need to get with the times.

Know God's standards don't change and we are to uphold happy holiness… Electrical Jesus was the happiest person that ever lived.

He had joy anointed one above anybody above his fellows, so we forget where you meshing herself and picking the stopper allowing it in our personal lives, our family couples get together and go to a comedy club and watch the dainty comedian, you better check out like plugged in is a great resource for us today in terms of movies and there's other site that in advance so you don't go to a movie and you think, get the kids we grow up with that honey a lot about the Highway Patrol a cowboy and injures you there shot jolted by what's happening, so it's time that we get out we really recognize the hour in which were living but not despair and recognize work evil just about so much more disgraced about and when the enemy comes in the Bible is like a flood the spirit old unary standard. We want to be part of that holy spiritual revolution, so we are provoking people to jealousy by the life we live and when we engage them in these kind of issues we do it with charitably great Larry that's that's how you live that out. You've been a great example of that friends collected like toxic his article on Barb and then got his links to find out how you can get connected like toxic. Thanks so much for joining us man file.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown that that's really the first fish keep ourselves unspotted from the world. That's really the first issue to separate ourselves from that which is unclean and polluted. How can I help someone else if if I'm being dragged down myself. How can I help you find health if if I might and am too sick to get out of bed, using physical analogy how how can I help rescue you.

If I'm drowning in the same water with you. So let's first look at our own lives. I expect the world to be the world.

I expect expect sinners to sin. I expect ungodly people to do ungodly things. None of that surprises me in the least.

What does surprise me about should by now is seeing the church live like the world but God's grace can be different. We should be different. We are called to be different. The world needs us to be different. Jesus died for us to be different. So let's first look at our own lives, 8663 foray 87884 a and look look. There are many obstacles were going to face in a culture that becomes increasingly hostile to the gospel. That doesn't mean we retreat more because it's never been about our safety and comfort with your mission. We are his witnesses.

We have a mission not a vacation.

Let's live accordingly Johnny grip clip number three want to see what's happening on our college campuses and here you have conservatives. This is a college student describing her experience regarding the pro-liberal double standard on college campuses and this is part of what were up against in the society as a whole. Let's listen when my professors he will write anything conservative like they only can't write anything for the kids right liberal agreement the liberal argument in the last argument he likes their papers.

The pathways without the Matthew Wright conservator argument. He will papers writing about political anything with others. One kid got in trouble for giving a talk on gun rights and another natural feminism with the professor with the same time let someone give me know to know how I feel.

I and again there is a class that is now yet so a lot of what happens. We discussed a few weeks back is that the radicals of the 60s the revolutionaries of the 60s became the establishment of of the 80s and 90s and into thousands that that in 2010s that those that were counter establishment became the establishment is one of my guests pointed out that that they had the mentality rig and oppose the man know that's the establishment. Then they became established within the man is five pro-life students orient oppose them.

I was becomes totally ideological and in those who held two ideas that were considered very radical now becomes that the main stream of thought and in a way that is very oppressive in a way that does not allow freedom and in a way that closes the door and and your you're going to hear that momentarily again. If you're unable to listen to both hours on radio, by all means go to the line of and you can catch up on the show later today or keep listening online on your cell phone on your tablet on your computer, but in short, in short, the atmosphere is such be at on V-mail is about to hear moment on YouTube on Facebook, Google, with all the power that these social media giants have be it on Twitter. There is a clear double standard. There is a right for all kinds of speech, hateful, ugly militias, even inciting violence if it is against conservative values. If it is against Christians if it is against the right and not putting all those necessarily the same class, but often they are, whereas we would say something that was deemed offensive to a particular group simply to say God has a better way. And now we are bigots and hateful and we are banned and this is what happened to David Foster was pure passion TV pure passion ministries, 850 videos removed by video they shut down his account and his is not the first that I don't say this with panic in my voice. I don't say this with the mentality of throwing in the towel and quitting.

I don't I don't say this because this too too late. I'm saying this to wake us up.

I'm saying this to stir boldness I'm saying this to encourage holy outrage that a fleshly outrage that gets angry with people and reacts in the flesh, but with a holy outrage that says surely we can do better with a holy outrage that says surely if God is our God. We can stand taller with a holy outrage that says we will not bow down to the politically correct culture of the day.

We will not bow down to the demands of the hour, we will not bow down to what is expedient, we will bow down to the Lord alone and we will do what is right and again it starts with doing what is right in our own hearts in our own souls not being polluted by the world. You know when I radically transformed my lifestyle by God's grace little over 2 1/2 years ago and got rid of bad unhealthy foods and just eat only healthy foods again dramatically. Amazingly wonderfully incredibly indescribably life transforming.

That's all I can say, but it took me getting rid of the bad stuff not having the foods I'd eaten all my life. If you want to read about it read her book breaking the stronghold food and get it from our website from the store, and a website run or you can get it on any major book your Amazon and others recent reviews on Amazon you be blessed to hear that the tremendous effect the books had on readers breaking the stronghold of food, but in fact when we Nancy first that that the knee when when we got rid of the bad food.

We got rid of the unhealthy food. It broke the addictions to it it it also broke the negative effect that those foods had in our body and and that's why by God's grace I had a headache into 1/2 years. Was I used to have one several times a week, sometimes three or four times in a week. Always at least two, three times in a week lower back pain sometimes is really bad. I'm happy to accept once when I strained my back while traveling otherwise that's gonna wait so many other things, high blood pressure went from 149 of 103 down to about 105/65 or thereabouts.

When I get rid of the bad and put in the good, everything changed is the same with your spiritual system. Get rid of the baguette with the polluting stuff get rid of the junk filled and instead fill your system instead with healthy stuff with the word with prayer with worship Thanksgiving with that which is edified by Fellowship worship and you'll see a dramatic change and you just naturally will start to shine like friends.

I'm out of time. But take advantage of this special offer this week get Dr. Michael Heiser's book about to be hot off the press that the book of Enoch and the forgotten mission of Jesus, you talk about an eye-opening book together with an exclusive interview going tomorrow right during this hour here on the line of fire. My bottom line. Today, we are not automation confronting the culture with the gospel tackling the controversies that's what you do today on the line of fire stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown hi friends, we've been warning you, for you with those who came out of the closet when put us in the closet been warning you for years that there is a double standard when it comes to the concepts of tolerance and diversity and inclusion been telling you that tolerance means utter intolerance against all other views. That being inclusive means exclusive of every view, but our own, that diversity means my way or the highway in the latest shocking example I've written about it in my article the meal declares war on gospel transformation.

There is now been an all out stated public unapologetic war against the gospel transformation on video clear as day stated in the latest victim David Kyle Foster and Bob pure passion, TV, pure passion ministries. Dr. Foster spent all of this before. We have featured his DVD. Such were some of you effect of the joy of participating in that from biblical cultural perspectives. David, welcome back to the bona fides great to have you here with us. Thank you Dr. Brown David before we talk about video.

Tell us a little bit about what your ministry who you are what you do well.)

Trying to help actually broken people or 30 years now, seminars and years of television programming and are most recently three documentary on homosexuality in an upcoming one on transgender know uncle Ben to show people how Jesus Christ can set them free from whatever sexual brokenness I have, whether heterosexual or homosexual, you had just like John busier talking about freedom from pornography or chaos, their freedom from sexual addictions.

This is some of what you you have featured on the on the TV in the videos as well, correct, correct, right, and in your own testimony what what gives you the right to speak to these issues. While I was barely actually broken 29 years of my life. I grew up with sexual confusion. I got angry at God because he didn't kill me, pick me and I went into rebellion, and I went out to Hollywood came in after I let it life as a male prostitute the same time I was having quite quite a good success as an actor, and can affect Frederick L been broken actually and almost all the ways you can be and then in 1980. I decided to try just one more time, I didn't think you would expect me because of my simple lifestyle my father than a preacher and so I had been willfully and knowingly not and I and that he spoke me right in the garden company. I asked him how I could possibly know that it was the one I had been following at the root reminder Ashley and the girl had done supernatural things that I naïvely bet if you did supernatural things your forgot and the girl turned out to be a fraud and so I was left wondering what how much know God and the Lord looked me right in the garden of Gethsemane Jesus, who proved that he loved you and I thought well, my good roommate deal left but never actually demonstrated neither scapegoat Krishna or Mohammed or Bothe or any of the CSSA number seven is a lot I and that pivotal moment is that if you change life health lost video says without interest will believe in it will only hear the message will be like that her plan and by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and very effective ministry for many many years bring a message of healing, hope transformation through the gospel for all kinds of sexual brokenness and addiction today but you were telling us right before the break that you got that revelation, the garden of Gethsemane that Jesus demonstrated his love for you by dying on the cross not just talking about love, but demonstrating it.

What impact did it have on your life. Well, one other thing that happened. I want I got whoever you are, I give up one I want to trade your you're the one I'm talking I spent I will follow y'all. I'll give up all of my sexual immorality.

Today you will agree you will give me a coward now because out out of control and I'm completely addicted and demonized him could not stop in my own power and I river of living water started searching pouring into my heart and I did not talk about this river of living water wells up and those who follow him and he filled me with all the spirit based on my commitment. Larger testing, my Savior and I my willingness to follow him rather than continuing the power of the government was broken still broken.

I still had all the loans. But, and I went to decade the healing process to talk to get those wounds healed. But not have the power to affect people frequently powerfully and quickly in terms of thinning are not continuing.

So you saw dramatic radical change in your lifestyle, the things that you are bound by addicted to you enough free from, and then a process of many years of God healing the wounds and doing different things in your heart and in in those ways were all works in progress the matter how holy, our God always deal with us to grow into the image and likeness of Jesus, so through your ministry now you have received testimonies from many many people. Some of them are featured.

For example, on the such were some of you DVD. What types of stories testimonies have you heard have you featured through your ministry that we have video we have video on now, which like the tenure of television programming Potter documentary and I would technology the unhappy with sex trafficking, child abuse, fiction, pornography, transgender the work we've been helping a lot of people in every area. Sexual brokenness are gone after testimony are just heartbreaking people who have lived even worse line than I I have and who have been trafficked and brutalized. They find is pride. It is the same thing for them that he did for me a becomes their Lord, empower them to walk at a level of humanly impossible but alive, anything will come on our show make it what you are done and that, for example, I still thought about father wounds, mostly with the mail on the fictional father will never emotionally bonded with her father or it could actually with lesbian 585% have been sexually abused.

Well, they come in our show they get testimony to the fact that God starts to heal them of the one that let them into the gay lifestyle. He doesn't heal them of homosexuality per se, but wound let the mayor and then you want people to hear that they don't want people to know Jesus Christ. People free from sexual brokenness of any kind.

They took down all of our getting along well to close the account 860 okay so let's let's go through what happen he sent me all the documentation represented all the salient points in in the article again. You can read it. Go to the line of you to see this latest article, DiMeo declares war on gospel transformation. It's on other websites as well. So you get a notice from video saying that some of your videos into which ones were in violation of their their policies, and specifically they they do not allow certain certain things. They don't allow no hate speech or things like that so they inform you video does not allow videos that harass incite hatred or depict excessive violence.

They told to remove any and all videos of this sort from your account. This was back in December and they said your account be reviewed in 48 hours and if your ministry didn't remove the allegedly offensive videos and coat your videos and or your account skews me may be removed by a video moderator so you wrote back what you say to them your charting and arresting and fighting hatred and violent.

We've never done any clearing Scriptures that love of God to compel the grace that God is not hypotonic out so any approach of harassing her and fighting hatred that a call to the gospel and we would never do that and they came back time while you're acting in a demeaning way toward some specials, but testing their broken and so I I replied. I will wire to objecting to the fact were suggesting that heterosexuals are broke broken as well. We help we help all people are broke, heterosexual or homosexual were not targeting any group and were not acting in any hatred or demeaning way and they just couldn't answer that. They told us to take out all the videos for what they were claiming we did inventing actions on our part that were untrue not going out what all the video for their objecting to the gate three or four examples that they wouldn't tell us all of them that they demanded take them all down so they are demanding a take down videos but you know which one they were talking yet will I like it was clear from the start date wasn't about hatred or harassing work violent.

Don't want people to know Jesus Christ actually broken people, three yes. So any notion that homosexuality has anything to do sexual brokenness or is wrong or defective or not ideal or not to be celebrated is not to be tolerated on video and any message Jesus can change you sets retired so you cannot have a biblical definition of sin. You cannot have a biblical worldview of sexuality. You cannot have a biblical message of liberation when they told her this is your work.

We don't think you're being hateful or not. One of these really bad groups in but nonetheless your message is not welcoming you had dialogue back and forth initially so to keep them up in the came after you get a few months later, and then the dialogue read it all back and forth and I quoted accorded back and forth at length they made. It is clearest as can be clear that this message of transformation through the gospel in this message of of a biblical worldview on sexuality is not welcome on video and we found out you aware of this and informed me that this is also been done to restore hope network conference for the head Janet Mefford and Joe Dallas speaking that conference was told and they pulled all the videos restore hope network and North. The national Association for research and therapy of homosexuality, they shut down their account so this is this is an aggressive absolute frontal assault by video right right now I've encourage folks to write to video to protest this a talk with an attorney friend and said it was governments is involved in some way. Discrimination charges become more difficult to raise because it private company can do if they want to do you keep working from different angles, but her folks want to connect with you and want to find out about the resources they themselves are struggling to have a family with a struggle where they go is the best place to go right now our primary website is your passion .us and are okay TV to Best Buy to find out what's going on. I give us those once more, please. Our ministry website. Your passion .us and are TV right so friends, I am praying this to you to pray that this negative work by video will actually turn around for the good and that your passion TV will get more exposure that that more people will be drawing to a Dr. Foster's doing that more people will find hope and wholeness, and transformation. So pray for pure passion TV. The website connect with them on Facebook you will study to link as well. In my article right to video we got all the info.

Leon David say strong. I know you are too many battles, you get to this as well.

The frame gobble turn things for good greater exposure for the support message.

Thank you sir for joining us here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

I have carefully followed what is happened in North Carolina with my home state for some years now is HB two, past the so-called bathroom safety bill. That bill passed and the nation has come against her estate threats from the sports industry and business industry, for we can tell, the economy continues to thrive and do well right now Texas is in a similar situation. Will they pass a bathroom safety bill threats from the NFL and others will will pull our sports events from your city and are big events and things like that other pastors in Houston Texas who stood up against the aggressive activists lesbian Mayor and her city attorney. These pastors are standing up again calling on Texas legislators to do the right thing. One of the key leaders. A dear friend and colleague highly respected leader in Houston and America pastor Steve Riggle Steve, welcome back to the line of fire. Thanks so much for joining us today. I'm very glad to be there.

Michael, thank you forever by all means let our listeners know where things stand in Texas today and what is happening strategically with you and this group of five pastors. Okay, Lieut. Gov. Dan Patrick very courageously has championed a bill known as SB six the Senate. Senate Bill six Lieut. Gov. in Texas is the president of the Senate and so he's the guy really responsible for any legislation that actually get for another Sen. actually offered the bill but the Lieut. Gov. is really push this and in the bill. It basically would prohibit any any government entity… School school board community park locker room or change room. You cool things like that or any of the government buildings. Further, city, County, or state that a male biological male could not use whatever restroom he chose faith that you would have to use the restroom of the gender you were assigned at birth.

It would leave the business community alone to make your own decision which Ann Arbor opinion is fine because the business community that are subject to its customers as an target. No pun.

Or maybe there is a pun here so if you want become the target -like target has been and have your revenues drop millions and millions of dollars, and your stock drop over 1/3.

Then every five and so that bill went to the Senate. We have 31 senators.

It was a 21 to 10 vote to pass along party lines, with the exception of one Democratic Sen. crossed the line and voted with Republicans. Now it goes to the text without their hundred and 50 house members. The speaker of the house who is a Republican has come out and said he will not support the bill so we are we have stepped in to help as many of the other hundred and 49 get a little backbone as we can to stand up and demand that this make it to the house or for "so they don't play the political games they normally do, and it will end up where they were. The session runs out of time and they can't get through play on the college's play those games so so today we had a number pastors many dozens, maybe 100 or more. Come to the church on honor pretty last-minute call and we recorded a video. This is the very very ethnically diverse group so it's not one specific group that anybody can point a finger at and we today we we called out the 10 senators. We commended the 21 who voted for. We called, we chastised the 10 who decided not to giving them an award which will hit the news media here and just couple of hours and we chat.

We also gave the award to the speaker of the house. Since he already said he was not for and we challenge the other hundred and 49 representatives to to stand up to protect the privacy of of women and girls in the restroom and changing rooms and locker rooms and so forth. And if they wouldn't, then we would give them the same award and hopefully these will be used in their next reelection, dedicate and the award. We gave them was their faith on a poster board and breaking around her head was a toilet seat and so we gave them we gave them the Texas toilet seat award and I guess people would say what the world pastors doing that and I would say to them I get you on that one because I never thought my lifetime, I'd be having stand up to try to keep man out of an thruster so we actually we went to that point because work better fed up with the stuff and and do use feel that Texas is afraid of recriminations that you did. You look like some backwoods bigots and women lose business since it's just a bit of cowardice here rather than principal.

Well that is the argument in the house.the argument that not all the members of how we ever where we have a lot of very strong who will be for this bill but the argument is that it will hurt the economy so we address that today in the video. In fact, people could go to the website.

US pastors counsel.or and they can see a video of the Senate committee hearing where the Texas Association of business in the Chamber of Commerce King by representatives to argue the economic argument and Sen. Kelly Hancock he challenge them to do to do the math using their own numbers. It was the most embarrassing thing out everything I would encourage all of your listeners to go see that I was again it US pastors counsel.or and their vacancy.

A number of resources where that economic argument is totally debunked as a matter fact I didn't news conference with the other tenant Gov. and the Lieut. Gov. of North Carolina just a week or so ago on this and the Lieut. Gov. of North Carolina gave the actual business data from North Carolina that actually business there is booming same thing is true, and in Texas in Houston. As a matter fact we just hosted the Super Bowl. That was after we told the mayor of Houston. We don't want men and women's restroom gave us at our faces as the Super Bowl was an economic scale right here just right through the break we pick up argument pulling listeners from all over Dallas-Fort Worth. I wonder if you could just say a word to the pastor's it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown to thank you so much for joining us on the air day I received the book in the mail. I ordered it when someone asked if I'd seen that I received the book in the mail today was flipping through the early it's called Jacob's dress. It's a story that's being introduced in schools schools in America, especially for first graders, encouraging them to consider transgender expression to be open to these things in their own lives, little children, these things are knocking at our door. This written account of a woman in Disneyland were large man was in the ladies bathroom not even pretending to be a woman but was in the ladies bathroom actually walk around looking in the stalls they were all terrified to say anything and are afraid also if they did say something they be accused of being bigoted because after all, he could be there if he identifies his woman. This is some of the world, and cultural insanity we are facing in their pastors are saying enough is enough. We love everyone we care for everyone, but enough is enough.

There pastors of leading churches prestigious mega churches like Grace Church in Houston, Texas, led by Pastor Steve Riggle where leaders are saying hey we have built a reputation serving the community for decades, and we can continue to serve the community.

Even when it is controversial.

Pastor Steve Riggle was with me right now on the line. Steve all the years you serve the community. You've gotten recognition from the state from the city. You have been involved with senior leadership throughout throughout the state and city for many many years and yet you have not bow down to controversy and said this is politically correct to do certain way. I've got it back down. Instead, you said really do what's right will take a stand led the way fighting the city ordinance in Houston. Now your urging legislators to do the right thing and vote for bathroom safety in the state of Texas. Sir, why is it time for pastors Christians to take a stand well in Kiersten everyone will remember it took us two years a month in court serving subpoenas by the mayor $650,000 in legal fees and and two Supreme Court of Texas decision to allow the people to vote and when we did. They voted overwhelmingly and said we don't want men and women's restroom. SB six will fix that problem all across the state, so it doesn't have to be far. Again, school by school school board by school board community by community and so I'm encouraging every pastor to stand up to call your state representative in the district you live in, and to call the state representative and in your church represent our many that would be within the scope of the membership of your church and just say to them, I'm urging you to vote yes on SB six and then were asking pastors to ask their congregations to do the exact same thing to call their representatives because if the representative don't hear from they only hear from from the other side and so and were asking every Texan to call their state representative and because this will settle for all of the state.

Let's fix this once and for all. People are waiting right now.

Congregation members are waiting for pastors to stand up and take her courageously and we will, they will follow ups absolutely and friends. If enough states do this it will turn back some of the cultural madness and allow us to help minister to those in real need and there is a video with different pastors. We just got about 20 seconds is their website to go to the find out more US pastors counsel God or in the video we did this morning will be up there within the next two hours right you got that US pastors counsel at Seo you NCI L go there friends watch the video share it with others. Pastor Steve there more for you than against you. Thanks for taking a stand right here for plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, my friend. Higher mission. There are lots and lots of things that we engage in as believers.

Lots and lots of things that we say and do and get involved in primarily we want to live lives that are pleasing to God, and lead others to know if know him. If you want to summarize our calling it simple. We are called to be disciples and to make disciples to know God to make him known.

My question is how disciples live.

I started to show over an hour and 1/2 ago by saying what is like do light shines light shines light dark place.

What is it, do it shine so by nature. That's what we do. So when it comes to certain issues.

There is a vote we vote the right way. Here Chris big question for right how much time does it take to vote if there's a major issue in your state. If there's a major issue coming down for the society.

If it's the President of the United States. If it's a bill that's can affect your state how much time does it take to vote. Are you tell me that in the course of a week with the course of a month. We don't waste more time on frivolous things pursuits that are almost meaningless. We don't waste more time than it takes us to vote. How often do we vote on things once every two years. Once every four years so when you encouraged about how how does it take to make a phone call to it to Congressman how Mo said take over or to send an email hello said, take, let the legislators do the heavy lifting the all write the articles all get on the radio and talk about things and educate and inform. I'll do what I can do because I'm I'm called to deal with some of these issues and and then let others with pastors and teachers just equip is they need to so we can be culturally literate then everyone else just does what Susie hate people know in my office.

What I'm good at and what I'm not good at so you want me to address a controversial article, a controversial topic on the radio debate.

A hot topic right about it. Do a debate on the college campus in a hostile environment have someone come on the radio and challenge me great this my meat and drink, please, my joy, my privilege you got a lot of paperwork for me just come in with there's little stickers that show me where I sign you read it you read it in the me decide to sound like stuff wears me out. Just show me where to sign.

Okay let me get educated on the issues must understand just where I go to show up and vote what time and I can do that. So do what you can do in the website US pastors counsel looks like singular US pastor counsel. See OU and see my L and you'll find more information there and in speaking of SB six in Texas HB to North Carolina and we got listeners over great stations here in North Carolina you know that we have been told that HB two has cost North Carolina's economy hundreds of millions of dollars, according to Lieut. Gov. Dan Forest. This was back in March 6 through three weeks ago.

He said HB two has hurt North Carolina's economy by 1/10 of 1% of our annual GDP the boycotts of North Carolina by businesses, musicians, sports leagues and others have led to national headlines and outrage from opponents of the war that spurred the backlash house bill to HB to essence more calmly known, has been creating economic backlash against North Carolina for nearly a year now. This is an article on political fact, North Carolina, in partnership with the news and Observer. So this is hardly a conservative website and they they go through everything and they said you know actually foresters is correct and and they they say the same thing. They argue the same thing.

They say that when when the commerce Sec. John's Guevara had said HB two hadn't had one iota of a negative effect on their thighs economy. They rule the claim was mostly false but then they say ultimately when when you look at what the. The GDP is around 510 billion so a loss of 500 million only represent one 10th of a percent of that. That's what Dan Forest said so bottom line is, all of those sky is falling, and it's good that do what's right and, ultimately, blessed. If you do what's right. Do what's right and in use common sense and use wisdom and ultimately that will bring the smile of God and that that will bring blessing with it. So let let's not be cowards. Let's hear it appears that with the hearsay lid on social media site without your home you saying that your school. You do what's right because it's right even if the negative consequences everybody on my job is dishonest and that's how they get ahead.

It's a sales job and you have the light of the customers to get ahead what you can't do that your believer forbidden from doing well on me.

I'm just using I'm reading the script honestly know you're you're lying on behalf of the company of light.

If I tell the truth, I'll lose my customers.

You might you might get fired. But God will bless you for an honor you for and ultimately years later as you look back as you look back years later, you will see that you were blessed to do things God's way. This is how we doing social media. We have a position that we hold Trinitron be obnoxious or nasty or that we have a position that we hold to that we believe is right and others mock us for workbook still share because were not going to be silent.

Specious Jarrett because what matters most is truth still share because that's what light does.

Otherwise, all were doing is just giving up the culture. All were doing is just giving ground up and the next thing he comes knocking at your door mixing you get banned from being on Facebook mixing you get you fine things being taught your children school and and when you when you protest when you raise issues with it that instead you're you're shut down and so nothing you can do about it. The way to things reach that critical mass do I think today and if we get rejected hey therefore rejoice. That's the gospel that's what comes with the territory of I spoke with David Kyle Foster, pure passion ministries profession TV last half hour, but I want to just share a little bit more detail. She gets a notice he himself is an ex gay leader. He himself came from severe sexual brokenness, addiction, sin, and he, he found that this ministry, they help people with all types of sexual brokenness. Heterosexual defense topography, be it homosexual issues for transgender issues and they been very effective. Always full of love and grace and a powerful ministry. I did an interview with them years back, and then received a note from a gal in another country say watch that video. That's the first time shows her grace and truth come together, gave her hope that she can get out of lesbianism. She's been following Jesus ever since so he gets a notice last December from video that 850 videos on the video website where you can go there and watch them so he gets a notice from video and video says quote we can all videos that harass incite hatred or depict excessive violence. They totally remove such offending videos that given 48 hours in the regular review his account and if he did remove the videos that they would then potentially remove themselves or remove his account entirely as it happened to others with startup network which helps people deal with unwanted same-sex attraction and also with North national Association for research and therapy of homosexuality, they were their videos revealed that all David wrote back and said this December 12 last year, you must have the wrong account when award-winning Christian ministry that only post content that helps people it hurts them never defame anyone whenever incite hatred or depict violence of any kind I messages is one of love from start to finish our videos help sexual abuse victims people been sex trafficked those who are addicted or in any other condition that causes them stress. We are constantly receiving professional awards and commendations from people who been helped by the world-class experts who populate our videos. Please cite any video that this otherwise will have a second look to be ashamed. Remove the hundreds of videos that help people and very desperate circumstances. Some of love even claim to been prevented from suicide by the messages of hope reproduce so look back the next day and said said this seems that a number of your videos go against video guidelines of Joseph because of the displaced meaning out of specific groups including videos that promote sexual orientation change efforts, the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown talk about people right sexual orientation change efforts, as its technical SOC if you're promoting that that is then demanding other groups. So presumably if you're telling someone that they can change they don't have to be same-sex attracted that you are not demeaning those who are self same-sex attracted so I having to me that would ban Alcoholics Anonymous because don't their videos, demean alcoholics and will be an alcoholic anymore have to be anonymous or weight-loss videos would be welcomed. Is this in the overweight right I will lose weight or testimonies of effective debt restart reduction strategies would be welcome because they send those in debt or Christian converts from Islam testimonies from those would be what was it James Muslims write a severe muscle.

Not anymore. That's wrong.

Religion course almost videos that they have on on video why because they don't deal with this issue of homosexuality or bisexuality. Transgender is that on deal with the issue of saying God has a better way. So Foster wrote back and said this David Kyle Foster, pure passion, TV Rebecca video again you have the wrong account. We help people rent out a promoter of reparative therapy. We support or recommend forced or coerced to make either video simply our people are struggling sexual brokenness of any kind, a place to tell their story. These are often people been sexually abused or otherwise traumatized. Given the voice can sometimes rescue them from South Park. There is nothing in the videos you cite that encourages reparative therapy that demeans anyone we do not all people are videos to speak to meeting the are disparagingly of anyone. In fact, we provide life transforming hope for people who are at risk of harming themselves because of people have mistreated them cast doubts on the personal journey.

The testimonies of people been significantly help our videos is practically endless with anyone want to censor such a voice for the broken, helpless, and then you wrote back this last December and said thank you for the further explanation, you will need not need to remove your videos at this time please to keep our guidelines in life and future uploads the dodge the bullet right now just for a moment, so March 16 cycle started again videos that you got when we trim and remove the offending videos they wrote back saying none of the matters been resolved received a letter from a fellow named Sean who explained your statement equating homosexuality to sexual brokenness betrays the underlying status of your organization to put it plainly, we don't believe that homosexuality requires secure and we don't allow videos are platform that espouse this point of view friends.

This is very real. Now I give you action points things you can do so to surreal boycott that I can be. Action points at the end of article surreal is up at the line of fire. The video declares war on gospel transformation right Sean from video goes on. Please remove any and all videos that discuss homosexuality as a condition requiring healing.

We also consider space if you point to display demeaning attitude towards a specific group, which is something that we do not allow.

That's what David Foster called this pure religious bigotry and censorship. So video is forbidding you from agreeing with the Bible when it comes to human sin, brokenness, video is forbidding you from preaching the gospel transformation comes to homosexuality venial is engaging in blatant, apologetic, aggressive anti-Christian censorship and David Foster with me privately. He pointed out that Jimmy allows good videos of terrorists and pornographers yet for jihad in their search for you get 2233 selections, but lost plus Primula Google search. One option is a porn filmmaker cited on 288 other sites contract containing 2872 videos Google rate plus video you get 2817 videos Google team rate plus video you get at least one rape video and on and on and on it goes. So David Foster protested once more the venue quote I don't understand this. We've always been highly respectful of every group that is mention of videos by no means to be demean anyone homosexuals is personal testimony we are featured have all testified to multiple levels of sexual brokenness, as do many that you find featured articles on Huffington Post the advocate Dr. Phil show Oprah and many other gay affirmative venues, including childhood sexual abuse, porn addiction, etc. I'm not sure what you feel it. Homosexuals talk about what is happened to them is in any way threatening or demeaning of others yellow venial respondent. I further explain the quote referring to homosexuality as a dysfunction of sexual brokenness or sexual distortion is not okay nor is reference to the fact that God can transform the life of anyone caught in homosexual confusion.

This is forbidden on video their own mouth and video said look, I understand that desire to not be lumped in with the more vocally hateful anti-gay activist and I could see nothing based on the videos I review that suggested overtly vitriolic approach. However, even respectful advocacy of sexual orientation change efforts is something that we do not allow on our platform. So bottom line for me is that this never suggest that you are less than kind of an individual level to specific homosexuals that said video disagrees wholeheartedly with the notion that homosexuality is a form of brokenness or something that requires healing something that people need to seek freedom from other words, to repeat again throw out what the Bible says about homosexuality throughout with the Bible says about human sin and brokenness. Throw out what the Bible says about freedom and Jesus throw it all out video does not welcome that point of view.

March 24. All 850 videos count 850. They were all removed from video the pure passion account shut down please friends help me get this message out on behalf of my colleague David Kyle Foster again. Here's what you do share the article 1st want to read it and then you want to share it with others.

We give you a link where you can write to venial.

In essence, restore the account. We encourage you to subscribe to pure passion's YouTube channel. Just search for pure passion TV online should connect with them there. Consider getting a copy of their search were some of you DVD is a set share this article with a friend and then pray that the message of freedom and liberty in Jesus from all brokenness and sin.

We do not discriminate against homosexual men and women or those who identify as bisexual, transgendered singer we leave you out. We discriminate against you, discriminate against you by leaving you out. We focus only on heterosexuals know everyone gets included all of us outside of Jesus are broken and in need of salvation, healing, forgiveness, transformation. Pray that the message of freedom and liberty in Jesus would be proclaimed even more powerfully and loudly in the days ahead. In the videos efforts to silence a powerful ministry, along with other excellent ministries and organizations amplify this ministries message that is my prayer. I ask you to join with me again what you do is real simple line of with the latest article, video declares one gospel transformation act on the action points at the end of the release rate to venial and share the article with a friend.

It won't take long to go to France will make a difference and in the process. We awaken our own souls as well and that we awaken our own souls to the fact that there many hurting people all around us. We need to gospel. The gospel of liberty, transformation, forgiveness, many wounded people heterosexual, homosexual, like, for whom Jesus died. Let us stand tall. Let us not let us not turn away from sharing the truth loudly and clearly white friends out of time here, but again the website. The line of fire. Moses heard this thesis is more my bottom line today is not now time to stand at, if not now

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