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Dr. Brown Answers Your Questions Live on Good Friday

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 14, 2017 4:50 pm

Dr. Brown Answers Your Questions Live on Good Friday

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 14, 2017 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/14/17.

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We live, let's do it.

You got questions, we've got answers stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown phone lines are open. I've got a great stack email questions here. You've got questions, we've got answers my delight to be with you live today, 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 487884 is the number to call our team is standing by and we are ready to go.

I want to clarify something that may raise questions for you every day on the radio I'm introduced as your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution revolution has been a deep theme in my heart for many years now. I wrote a book called revolution that came out in the year 2000. That was followed by a book called revolution in the church, which is devoted to challenging the religious system of the call for radical change is what you mean what you mean by revolution or are you calling for an armed uprising against the government. Are you fomenting rebellion, not on no, we are talking about something very very different and very scriptural. I see Jesus Yeshua.

Not only is the Savior of the world.

Not only is the Messiah of Israel. Not only is the word made flesh. Not only is God incarnate. All of those things. Yes and amen. But I see him as launching a world changing movement in the great commission when he says all authority in heaven and earth is given to me.

Matthew 2818 then says go therefore and make disciples of the nations other words, let's go change the world together. That to me is a revolutionary calling and a revolutionary commitment when when Jesus teaches us to pray Lord, your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. It is replacing a fallen, broken, sinful king, the kingdom of man. The kingdoms of this age. The kingdom of this world with the kingdom of God that is revolutionary when Jesus returns and sets up his kingdom on the earth. We will see the full manifestation of that is teaching to overcome evil with good is teaching to live against the grain and tide of the world is his teaching to bless those that curse us.

These are revolutionary radical teachings and revolution in its essence is out with the old, in with the new revolution in its essence is a radical, dramatic, sweeping change and that's what I believe and that Jesus launches God's revolution in the earth not fought with human weapons with hatred, with anger with violence with bombs and knives and guns. No, but overcome evil with good.

Overcoming hatred with love overcoming lies with truth, overcoming the kingdoms of this age by the power of the spirit. And no, I don't expect us to take over and rule and reign here and establish some kind of theocracy before Jesus comes. But I expect us to be advancing his kingdom, and the earth by setting captives threes free through the gospel by bringing people from darkness to light through the gospel, and as the gospel spreads it has a revolutionary effect on individual lives on families on communities on regions on nations.

That's what the gospel does and I firmly believe in my heart of hearts that there will be even in America which is become so much more secular. So much more godless in recent generations, recent years.

I fully expect that there will be a holy pushback against the cultural revolutions we've seen.

Beginning in the 60s with a counterculture revolution that there will be a holy pushback using the principles and power of the gospel, a gospel based moral, cultural, and spiritual revolution. That's what I live for. That's what I believe and I see this part and parcel of the great commission and it's a large reason we have this Lineup are broadcast to help spread the fire of Jesus revolution will be right back for the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown back past you got questions, got answers, 866-3487 84 let's go to the phones in Hollywood, Florida Isaac, welcome to the line of fire doing well. Thanks so and it is most recent video I they attacked the assertion that Jesus is our Passover lamb thing that one lamb without blemish and they asserted that since Jesus was being and where he had many blemishes and to according to the Jewish Bible quote all sacrifices have to be roasted have to be burned. How you respond to that and to ask your opinion on the G 12 church and their belief sure, let's let's start with G 12 church first and then go to the Jews for Judaism video question G $0.12 for government of 12 it's not specifically a denomination.

It is a movement with a church government and disciple making philosophy and it is not based on a certain creed. It's found in evangelical circles, especially in charismatic evangelical circles is not based on a particular creed like you might have with certain confessions of faith. These things are kind of assumed within the circles. What it has to do with it is an idea that from the leadership down. Everyone is making disciples and everyone is part of a group basically above 12 disciples as you get bigger than you, you multiply your groups so the pastor has his 12 people, but he's pouring into. So that would be the senior leadership within the church.

Then each of them. They have a group of 12 there pouring into each of them have a group of 12 there pouring into and the goal is that everyone is seeking to win the lost and everyone seeking to make disciples. And rather than just going to church service and listening to sermons or just going to a church service and and maybe go to Bible study here and there and that's little extra know this is engaging everyone in the serious business of great commission making disciples. There are pros and cons. The pros are that it recognizes that our calling is not just to get people to believe in Jesus Yeshua their calling is not just to get people signing up with our church or congregation or denomination.

Rather, our calling is to make disciples to see people truly devoted to the Lord that are serving him and it serious and earnest way of walking with him and serious and his wife, that's our commission so it emphasizes that that's healthy. It also recognizes that the best way to do that is not in a large group setting, but in smaller settings with his more intimacy and the ability to grow together.

In that sense it can be positive and some of the larger churches in the world have adopted the G 12 model and it's been very successful for them.

I know other churches that have done it and it's destroyed them. It put people under too much pressure there was a tremendous emphasis that everybody has to be doing this certain way and it structured things so rigidly that it took away from some of the organic life that had been there and rather than the church growing people got burnt out and left in the church diminished, so I've seen the good side of it. I've seen the bad side of it like everything else, there is no one method that fits everyone and sometimes a particular style will be developed in a particular culture. And it works really well in that culture and then you take that same style and model and move it over to another culture and doesn't work well because people relate differently so I would say amen to the philosophy of everyone being involved in the great commission and seeking to make disciples and a man to an emphasis on doing it in smaller groups but want to get structured in a very strict way and is enforced in a very strict way it can often burn people out and do more harm than good. So I've seen both sides of that with regard to the Jews for Judaism video. In all candor, I'm surprised to hear these arguments at this stage in time.

Quite honestly, everyone understands that if we speak of Messiah is the Passover lamb was speaking of that, metaphorically, that no one is saying that he was actually a physical lamb.

Obviously, or that he was supposed to be roasted. Obviously it is metaphorical. Just like in Isaiah chapter 53 verse 10 which is the servant of the Lord there will be an all Sean a guilt offering understands.

It is a human being, not not a RAM or something like that. So once more it it's it's shocking that at this stage in time that they would put out a video like that there some other videos they put out that bring more serious arguments and some that I've engaged with. I think that's fruitful discussion, but to be candid. This is a bit of a joke and look the idea that Yeshua was physically blemished because he was whipped and beaten. Well, wasn't the Lamb blemished when you slit its throat. I mean come on, what a silly argument and not only that, what would be the equivalent what when Paul speaks of it in first Corinthians the fifth chapter and says Messiah are passable in a sacrifice for us there for get rid of the leaven is talking to these Gentile believers in Corinth were familiar with Passover get rid of the leaven in your lives, meaning the impurity the sexual immorality that the lion, the deceit, the pride, whatever it is, so he's giving a metaphorical application in that sense, yes, it was important for the Messiah to be without blemish, spiritually and morally so that he the righteous 1 Could Take Our Pl. again. Isaiah 53 that God's is my righteous servant will make many righteous why because of his blameless conduct no deceit in his mouth not practicing violence.

That's why he could take our place and even the later Jewish teaching that the death of the righteous atones for the sins of the generation which makes that application. The application of of the sacrificial system now in the real world that that an innocent victim suffers for the guilt of others and if there will be repentance and the generation will be forgiveness. This a full understanding that you don't have to have that human being sacrificed on the physical altar in the Temple in Jerusalem. So if if they're putting that out. Now obviously it's it's relevant because of Passover season, when the video was was posted but that would be one that I would find embarrassing for the folks there because it's it's such a ridiculous argument and anyone understanding it understands that were talking metaphorically, literally and physically any more than reclaiming that Jesus was a physical lamb so that's what can I say that's that's a bit of an embarrassment at a parallel because it said that just bone of the land were broken. They said that the crystals are picking and choosing.

Because in the gospel to talk about how the Romans that break it like it's also it's a twofold application. In other words, the first thing is, it is striking that his bones weren't broken and it does draw attention but is also an in Psalm 34 that not one of the righteous bones will be broken so it's not just the Exodus that the bones will not be broken but it's also the righteous. So there there's a twofold emphasis. But again that's one of the striking things and when you type out a metaphor you can look at it on different levels. So yeah I they're trying to make a a say hey the New Testament skimming a little argument here with new test missing is not striking that this Masai was our Passover lamb also designed his bones broken just like the Passover lamb wasn't broken but is anyone thinking but he wasn't roasted Debbie roasted not crucified. Now, obviously, people are able to think and this is one of these hyper little arguments.

Which of the commissioners turned on their own literature turned on rabbinic literature, or even turned on scriptural interpretation within the Bible itself in the Hebrew Scriptures that we all agree on a God's word that they would have to disqualify themselves so yeah you're very welcome sir, I got blessed 866-348-7884 hey friends, I want to encourage you to dive into our Jewish outreach resources. I'm in constant dialogue with the Jewish community about the Messiah ship of Jesus, God's grace as a Jewish follower of Jesus.

Since 1971, I've engaged in dialogue with rabbis, missionaries, fellow Jews, for decades and decades in America in other nations and by God's grace were seeing a lot of excellent fruit when I was challenged with the objections. When I met with rabbis and they challenge me when I met with Connor missionaries and they challenge me.

I took the challenges seriously. I said if what God has done in my life is real.

I know it is. But if it's real then it's going to withstand the test of questions and criticism. I learned Hebrew. I learned the related languages. I did my best to learn as much rabbinic literature as I could.

I did my best to understand the objections of traditional Judaism and the more study the more I was mentally convinced of what I knew was ready true in my heart that Jesus Yeshua is the Messiah of Israel.

If you go to my Jewish website. Real You'll find lots and lots of resources there debates I've had with rabbis, answers to objections in written form in video form linked to many of the resources that we have testimonies of Jewish people come to faith in Jesus.

Yeshua let us resource file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown. You signed like that. If not, want to and sign up. I've got a special free e-book and I opening e-book I want to send you when you sign up for our weekly newsletter. You can do

You've got questions, we've got answers.

Hey if you differ with me on something. Give me a call. I won't bite it want to challenge a position of probate or you think I've said something wrong or written something wrong or you just differ philosophically for some of the reason give me a call eight 663-4784 by the way, I give that invitation.

A lot of giving a lot over the years. Don't don't get folks to take me up on it that much but the door is open for discussion right we go back to the phones in Charlotte North Carolina. David walking to the line of fire. Thank you so much Dr. Brown I have a brief question for you heard that Hank paragraph two switched over to Eastern Orthodox.

I'm wondering if explain the difference between the external Eastern Orthodox and Protestant unity sure thing a young, of course, knowledge is strong here yeah sure thing so yeah absolutely, Hank has joined the Eastern Orthodox church league with his wife and a couple of his kids. We had some dialogue about it just an email back and forth. That was about it. Hank has put out a statement holding rear reaffirming all of the fundamentals that he's always held to.

On the one hand, others a question about that which will come to II shot him a note and I do said to him jokingly. Well, your your to be coming back closer to the original messianic Jewish roots of faith because the Eastern Orthodox church claims to be the original church and says that it you know it. It has the original Jewish roots of the faith and things like that. So I said hey you maybe are coming back to the original messianic Jewish roots the faith of so I'll be waiting for you when you arrive. So just having the phone with him about it but I obviously differ with Hank, otherwise I would be Eastern Orthodox myself and I do have some concerns about it, but number one in terms of with Hank affirm the Bible is the word of God. Yes, that does that also include the apocryphal books that Eastern Orthodox church would embrace that Hank formally did not embrace. I would say yes. I would assume so.

But you from the authority of Scripture.

He affirms that salvation is through Jesus alone, he affirms God's tri-unity affirms things that we would say as the fundamentals of the faith.

The F difference with Eastern orthodoxy. Just like with Roman Catholicism is the authority of tradition.

My friend Dr. James White has done a full broadcast on his dividing line show about the sink.

Can you truly be the Bible answer man if you believe in the Bible. Plus tradition so fundamentally, the Eastern Orthodox church like the Roman Catholic Church would say that they are the mother church and that they have preserved the original church traditions which have been passed on through the centuries. So yes, they would say the Bible is the authoritative word of God without error. But they would also look to the tradition and say that we have the wisdom of God in the spirit of God speaking to us through these traditions as well. What I would say is well. If I see the traditions differing with Scripture. Then I throw out the traditions. In other words I hold will be called soulless group Torah that the Bible alone is authority for faith and doctrine of traditional Christian Eastern Orthodox Roman Catholic traditional Christian would say well we have the truth found in the Bible and our traditions and that the church is the pillar and ground of the truth so the traditions are preserved there and and there would not be be the sense of tension potentially between Scripture and tradition within Eastern orthodoxy, you would have the different branches from Greek orthodoxy and Russian orthodoxy and things like that and then some would claim that the Western version of the Eastern Orthodox church is somewhat different. I see two extremes in this Robert Bowman who was with Hank paragraph many years ago, a Christian research Institute has written on this, but the two extremes are the one that says Hank has left the Christian faith.

Hank has apostatized because once you get away from soulless group Torah, then you have left the faith also Hank would say that were justified by what Jesus did on the cross and that it is it is by faith alone within the question would be is it faith alone that works by love and therefore you see the expression of your faith and works in those works tie in with your justification or is it faith and grace alone should be areas of potential debate and I don't know exactly how Hank would answers may be has ready, but if so, I'm on the familiar with his answer. So there are some José's left the faith he's apostatized. He's no longer believe, no I I absolutely reject that.

I don't see this as apostasy from the faith, and no longer being a believer, the flipside of those thing you see this is what Robert Bowman points out, the two extreme responses Anisa. He has finally embrace the truth and given up the falsehood of Protestantism and so Scripture and always throw Matt out it is now come to the truthful course. I categorically reject that I do have concerns how much will church tradition now way in on Hank's reading of Scripture.

How much will he hold to.

So Scripture I thank God for all the good Hank's done over the years.

Interestingly, we became friends in the days of the Brownsville revival when I was a leader in this historic revival, which some church historians have called the longest local church revival in American history from 95 to 2000, several million people coming through the doors and several hundred thousand different individuals responded to the altar call.

I was a leader in that and Hank was probably the leading critic against it. And during that time we interacted and became friends so we been friends the midst were differences.

I strongly differ with his prejudiced views of prophecy and his rejection of modern Israel today is fulfillment of prophecy strongly differ with him and now differ with his conversion to Eastern Orthodox at the same time I deep appreciation for the work he's done for standing for the truth for laying out why we believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus. Why would believe in the authority of Scripture why we don't embrace Darwinian evolutionism and etc. etc. why the culture wrong so he's done so much good.

I applaud that and stand with them and that and then race public concerns. Let us see the direction that things go in the future with the ministry and how much impact Eastern orthodoxy will have for me. Stan Rupp stood for these 45+ years by God's grace, the authority of Scripture in Scripture alone is a charismatic myself as a Pentecostal myself I do not see tongues of prophecy or think that is adding to the Scripture.

No Scripture law and I see that is the position taught with an the Bible itself. So yes, learn from the traditions find interesting teachings of the traditions appreciate what God is done through different aspects of the church through the years but our spinal authority.

The Lord Jesus. The Scriptures and that's where we must stand hey, I appreciate the call very much my friends make sure you check out all of the videos, articles on the website.

The line of fire dawdle. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks much for joining us on the line of fire. You've got questions leave.answers on our Friday broadcast whenever you listen to every unit in our Friday broadcast the phones for anything under the sun want to talk about and just answer your questions and respond to your emails, 866-348-7884 before go to the phones. There is a fascinating email from Fazio hey Brown, I don't think any disrespect was neither my name is Fazio and I'm a Muslim.

I hold a huge respect for your debates and lectures on the Jewish Messiah, a fossil first let me say thank you for watching those, and thank you for the kind words. My question is for God himself to pay for sins. Why did he choose the cross is cross the most painful torture in the history of man could not anyone make a more torturing death procedure than the cross, hoping to hear from you.

Fazio I love the question and of course, is a Muslim, you know that the Quran does not teach that Jesus died on the cross so obviously we want to go back to what really happened because he did in fact die on the cross that his death on the cross we, the human race are in big trouble. So why the cross explain what first, here's the concept we are all guilty were all falling short in our best day we fall short of God's glory and perfection. And every day of our lives.

We are racking up more and more at guilt and punishment that is due to us because were sinning against a holy and perfect God. God has every right to say I will destroy you and cast you off forever, but he loves us, as Jesus taught us that the New Testament teaches for God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him would not perish but have eternal life. His son said this father the whole world is guilty. I'm putting these words to out to make it clear the whole world is guilty and they deserve punishment. I will take their place. It's like saying charge it to my account because he was the perfectly righteous Messiah and son of God, not born in a physical conception work God had relations with Mary proceeding forth from his father God coming into this world. He the perfect one takes our sins on his own shoulders so that by dying for us dislike the animal sacrifices in the Old Testament, the Hebrew Bible by dying for our sins. He can now make us righteous. A father I've paid. They're not guilty so if I turn to him and say God forgive me and wash me clean and give me love, I turn away from us since I turned you forgive us and give us a new heart now. Here's the question why the cross. The cross was the most horrific way of death known in the ancient world. The Persians invented it. The Greeks borrowed it and the Romans took it from there. It was so barbaric Fazio that the Romans ultimately outlawed it because it was too barbaric a way to put people to death. Not only so because it was such a horrific way to die. It was reserved only for the worst of sinners, a Roman citizen.

Alyssa committed treason could not be put to death by crucifixion slaves could foreigners could others could so it was the lowest form of death. It was the most painful form of death. It was the most shameful form of death. There you are exposed hanging to die before the world.

It was God making a public statement. This is how ugly sin is. This is how terrible sin is. This is the price of it. This is the judgment it deserves. My son has taken it for you.

It was the loudest message in that respect they could be shouted to the world and for the son of God, to die the lowest death known to man. At that time was to shout a message. This is the ugliness of sin is the punishment of sin. This is how much God loves us Fazio if you cry out to God to forgive you through what Jesus did give you a brand-new heart for plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown for joining us your friendly voice of moral cultural and spiritual illusion. 866-34-TRUTH 784 is the number to call you got questions, we've got answers will start in blue Springs, Missouri Jared, welcome to the line of fire. Are you I'm blessed.

I'm doing very well how about you very good.

Thank you very much. So my question is for Moses is leaving Midian in the violent way to Egypt, and in 24 on the trip at an overnight flight that happened that the Lord brought them but but that on so I'm just curious little brought up later than I did understand it either.

So, by what happened between 23 and 24 there were so so let's let's back up right and God is sending Moses back to Egypt right and verse 22.

This associative found this is the Lord Israel is my firstborn son. And I said you let my son go, that he may serve me. If you refuse to let go, behold, I will kill your firstborn son right so God is is is sending Moses with a message and saying Israel is my son, my firstborn Benito Korea's railing is Rose my son my firstborn and as I'm sending you back. This is your message let my firstborn son go Israel to kill your firstborn son Farrell is a problem Moses has not circumcised. His own firstborn son, and therefore is disobedience to the covenant God made with Abraham back in Genesis 17 and he said whoever does not get circumcise is cut off from the people of Israel. So Moses is about to go on the sacred mission to liberate the firstborn son of Israel okay and as he's going his own firstborn son is not circumcised so he is in open disobedience to the command of God, and now he's going to go confront farrow and he himself in that sense is unclothed. He himself in that sense is as he's pointing a finger to farrow.

He sees pointing fingers back at himself. Hence, as we read the account at a lodging place on the way the Lord met him and sought to put him to death. Obviously, God's goal was not to put him to death, but to make it clear I'm ready to kill you because of your rank disobedience then Sapporo.

This is Moses wife took a flint and cut off her first son's foreskin and touch Moses feet within said Shirley you are a bridegroom of blood. To me, so it would appear that she didn't want him to be circumcised so that you could surmise from that and that he failed to be obedient to God, so too much is given much is required and you're about to go on a mission like this. A life-and-death mission for the nation and you yourself are walking disobedience. That's I can fly government Moses to see the severity of it. You don't go on that mission. Unless you yourself are right with me that it says so he, God, let him alone was then that she said a bridegroom of blood because of the circumcision by the way, if you're ever interested in seeing traditional Jewish interpretation of the passage that messianic Jewish someone who believes Jesus is the Messiah, but traditional Jewish interpretation of the passage where you can go is the kebab website. This is a traditional Jewish website. Again, they do not believe that Jesus is the Messiah is spelled CH a B a D cup bond which stands for half mobbing and.which is wisdom, understanding and knowledge with a whole mystical Jewish explanation for that CH a B a remember the do not believe that Jesus is the Messiah suitable for material, contrary to that there, and then what you want to look up is just the Bible with commentary and you'll you'll have your Bible there in Hebrew next with English and and Dan if you click to read Rashi's commentary rushes the foremost Jewish biblical commentary lived from 1042 1105 almost commentator on the Talmud which is of major repository of Jewish tradition and the Hebrew Scriptures.

So when a traditional Jew reads the Bible of the Tomo they read it with Russia's commentary right there among others, but he's the first one that they learn you can get it with his commentary just say show it or hide it when you look so I'll just read to you from Rashi's commentary on the women in he sought to put them to death. That is, he sought Moses because he had neglected to circumcise his son Eliezer because he neglected it. He was to be punished with death.

It was taught in a brighter, this would be a teaching for the first two centuries of this error but not found in what's called the Mishnah rabbi.

By the way, J OSC is not José that would beat Yosi Rabbi Yosi said God for bid.

Moses did not neglected but the reason Shelley circumcise and go forth on the road will be dangerous for the child for three days so circumcise me wait three days. The holy one, blessed be he commanded me go. Return to Egypt.

Most authority to contend circumcise Eliezer upon his return. Why them was to be punished with death because first he busied himself with the details of his lodging and then there's a traumatic reference for this. The angel turned into a sort of serpent and swallowed him Moses from his head to his thighs and spit him out swallowed him from his speech was private parts support then understood that it was because of the failure to perform the circumcision again this is just rabbinic tradition whether to be taken literally or not. Some would say that they believe it literally happened. That's the illustration exhibit. Moses had plenty of time to circumcise his son yet. You would assume that the explanation here is not of course Moses would've done it, but God's ago now, so it is as if you just had a son, so obviously I don't accept that interpretation, but it just gives you a window into into that interpretation as to for you are bridegroom of blood to me. Rashi says you are a cause that my bridegroom would almost be murdered. You are to me the slayer of my bridegroom so bridegroom of blood, not because of the circumcision which is the obvious meeting, but because God was killed you. Zero Mr. bridegroom of blood to meet Dwight and Ruth interpretation no just give you an illustration of traditional Jewish interpretation hate Gary thank you for the call. I appreciated 866342 we go that round rock Texas BJ how you doing today hey I'm very good. Dr. Brown yes go ahead yeah I called you weeks ago asked about payment for petitionary, okay, and I asked a name several verses.

But then there is one verse that stuck out to me. You kinda talk about but I again asked to get them up again on item 2nd Peter, I'm sorry.

First Peter 224 I know in the midst of that second and third. He quotes a lot of them. Isaiah. He alludes to record a lot from Isaiah chapter 53, right what I was wondering was in 224 he says them he bore our stand in his body on the tree. I think in the Old Testament when reading about the scapegoat.

The preprinted hand and he says the bigger woman bear the sins of the people into the wilderness at I don't remember if that the same on the day of atonement for that further after they they killed a been a member for the goat and I was wondering, might that be a reference light needed for the filling of the whole sacrificial system and that might be a reference to the scapegoat that I think it's written specifically to Isaiah 53 which uses the identical language that he himself for our sins so so that would be the more direct reference but yes it it Isaiah is going back to priestly language within the sacrificial system. So on the day of atonement, Leviticus the 16th chapter at the center of it were two goats, one for the Lord and one in Hebrew for us to sell that mean to to be abandoned over did that mean something through some demon in the wilderness called Ozzie so that I finalist less likely.

But we get we get scapegoat from the. The word escape the goat that escaped us when we get scapegoat from, but there were two goats that were central. One was killed and its blood was used, to purify the tabernacle from the impurities of Israel and the blood was used to cleanse the sins of the nation and then the other go the high priest would confess over all the sins and rebellion of Israel and we carry that away into the wilderness and then by the time of Jesus Jewish tradition that goat would actually be thrown off a cliff and kill, but in biblical times.

That's that's not what would happen or Old Testament times, it was sent away into the wilderness so yes, Jesus, Yeshua, with the sacrificial death fulfills both of those images for sure. He fulfills the image of dying for our sins, he fulfills the image of carrying our sins away. But the language of he himself bore our sins comes directly from the book of Isaiah and that's why the.

The 53rd chapter of Isaiah and his response for the sin of manic light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 8663 here again is Dr. Michael Brown back Brown lighted to be with you. 866-3487 84 you've got questions, we've got answers and remember run the air on radio two hours day we take our Friday broadcast and air them on TV as well, but were on the air five days a week two hours a day stations across America.

Most every day. The phone lines open and you can listen every day just by going to the line of and you'll see between 2 and 4 PM Eastern standard Time, you'll see where you can just click and it says listen, life can also get our ass.

Dr. Brown app for android phones ask ADR Brown, this will have over latest articles over latest videos right at your fingertips right and then of course you can listen live right there before we go back to the phones.

This a question from JJ thank you for the good works that you're doing. Please could you recommend charities alleviating hunger in the family crisis areas 2017, such as South Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, and Nigeria. There are always major Christian organizations involved in caring for the poor for the dying for the starving. There always Christian organizations involved in the nations that are hurting very very deeply like the ones that you mention in the tragic suffering there for most of us is is beyond understanding. Most of us have never lived through anything.

Nearly resembling what these precious people live through a daily basis, so the major organizations are actively working spaces. For example, Samaritan's purse, Franklin Graham they been active in these parts of the world for many many years, world vision largest organization of all they've been very active in these areas. So any of the major Christian relief organizations. You can donate to them and they get directly involved there many many other fine ministries that put a lot of time and effort and energy into helping the poor and the needy around the world and they're very easy to find but find reputable organizations. Samaritan's purse world vision world relief compassion international so many doing these good works, 866-348-7884 draft type another email questionnaire let me do this quickly. From Paul go Dr. Brown I'm struggling with can the continuing observance of Easter. I'm at a point my life that I really want to live for the Lord and some of my studies have come across how Easter restarted even though we observe as a Christian holiday.

A lot of the elements represent things are not of God have a number of questions one is a Christian I live to serve Easter when Jeremiah said not to worship as the heathen to I would Jesus address, so we observe Easterday three funds observe Easter. How do I separate out the other elements, like the rabbit egg etc. okay so completely forget about Easter icons and bunny rabbits and offer forget about that is nothing to do with death and resurrection of Jesus where the stuff comes from whatever sergeants forget about the future hate you say will my church. Every year the these it is an outreach and they have gospel messages and Easter to I'm a tell you can't do that. I'm just saying in and answering Paul's question Paul. This has nothing to do with the death and resurrection of Jesus. So we start there right someone number two no focus is on his death and resurrection, and I would say most gospel preaching churches. If you go there on what is called Good Friday. On that Friday where the crucifixion is remembered. If you go there on what's only cold resurrection Sunday that that will be the focus.

If it's a gospel preaching church. The focus will not be on Easter bunnies and Easter egg that will not be the focus. The focus will be on the death and resurrection of Jesus as long as you could be in the midst of people focused on that you're in good company. Now what would Jesus say to us about the observance he remind us that this is part of the Passover that we ought not to have two separate holidays and I calendars Passover Easter rather the death and resurrection of the Messiah should be celebrated as part of the Passover season, we call it Easter not as material or that's not the issue, since even the word Easter is like Ishtar in it and and false gods. My concern about the stuff he is refuting is refocusing on with the substances so I would say celebrate the Messiah's death, resurrection in the context of the Passover. If you have a local messianic Jewish congregation. You might want to visit one year and an partake of their Passover services and see how Messiah's death, resurrection is incorporated in there and by all means be with other Christians of the followers of Jesus as they celebrate the Messiah's death, resurrection, on Good Friday, on resurrection Sunday.

Great, just don't get caught up in the other trappings 866-34-TRUTH we go to the phones and Boston skip welcome to the line of fire. I Dr. Brown keep up the good work. Thanks buddy good to hear your voice again.

So I'd like to talk about the fact that all children are children of God and if we got away from judging one on that and try to empathize that you are a child of God, we would have a greater of eight but would we be deceiving ourselves in the process. Because Jesus is slight is the gate and narrow is the way the lead that leads to life and only few find it broad is the gate wide is the road that leads to destruction. Many are on it.

Didn't Jesus say beware of false prophets.

Didn't Jesus say make sure that nobody deceives you sober. All children of God by creation. In other words, he is our Creator. As Paul says in in in acts 17 and that since we all have one God and father, but first John 519 says we are of God, little children in the whole world lies into the power of the evil one so that we see that there God's people that know him through the Messiah and there are those who are people of the world and that are living in darkness and deception so on the one hand we recognize everyone is created in the image of God and yet fallen, so we treat every human life. With respect beginning in the womb at the same time we call people to turn from their sin and turn to God because we recognize there lost without him. So in that sense, Jesus tells us in John 724 to make righteous judgments, but not the judge might just outward appearance alone.

So if we just say hey come by are all children of God. Aren't we deceiving ourselves and deceiving others what are our current I've come to realize there's a great deal of judgment and a great deal of a lack of affirmation of people are in it. The result of that lack of understanding who you really are. The problem when we got picking apart thing we we do unto the message of love that Jesus brought you, but just jumping to strata time. Jesus brought a message of love that one people and suddenly she repents you will all perish.

So I want to love members of Isis, but I want to recognize that there doing evil in their terrorists home. Understand that I will call them, repent, and if you try to take us out in his or recognize where dealing with so judge mentalism is bad instructed judging righteously can save people's lives were live. Let's do it.

You got questions, we've got answers. It's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown RAR phone lines are open. I am ready for your calls always interested to hear what you want to talk about on our Friday broadcasts of you listen to this view, this other days of the week is the one day a week on a radio broadcast that phone lines are open for any imaginable: any subject, so call in with your question: with your need for clarification with your comment with your agreement with your disagreement still get a friendly answer here 866-348-7884 is the number to call and is always check for my latest articles and videos that have been posted on the line of fire.orc all right. Let's go to our emails.

Charles dear Dr. Brown I have all five of your answering Jewish objections books love them that only the important for apologetics but they have greatly improved my appreciation of God and proved my worship is nice to hear. Thank you.

I'm currently meeting with Jehovah's Witnesses. They say Jesus is Michael the Archangel created less than goblets. I reject but have recently come across the idea that Michael is Jesus God in the flesh, the leader of his angels this stands watchtower theology on its head, ready to sister the Old Testament to get your opinion, who is Michael I don't listen to the radio but would love to hear your answer. If you could simulate your reply with written text. Be most appreciative of got your book on homosexuality to appreciate all you do. Many thanks in advance to Charles California. Thank you for the question. First, I'm thrilled to hear that reading a five volume series on answering Jewish objections to Jesus serious in-depth apologetics has helped your worship of God and and that's awesome as we get insights as as the truth of the Scripture comes alive as we place it back in its cultural background and things become even more clear. Yes it does enhance our worship of God. If we receive it rightly.

As for Michael. Michael is not Jesus therefore is not deity. Michael is called the Archangel and when Jesus returns.

For example, first Thessalonians 4, he returns with a shout of the Archangel.

He is not the Archangel himself in Revelation the 12th chapter.

Michael is clearly not associated directly with Jesus or with God.

Rather, he does war with Satan and Satan is cast out of heaven and in Daniel 10 Michael is just another angel that helps Gabriel mean these are two senior angelic ambassadors from the throne of God. But they are both warring with other heavenly powers and in that respect. Michael is one of the created angels and that's why Hebrews 1 goes out of its way to say no, no, Jesus issue is not just like an angel is not created he is deity himself.

He is God himself. Now excuse you have examples say we are in the Old Testament you have what we call theophanies and through familiar with those sold in those cases it will reference the angel of the Lord in Hebrew Angel Moloch the same with Greek on the loss, especially Hebrew, Moloch. It's it's a messenger and it does not necessarily mean an angel to be human being that sent as a messenger but normally it's referring to an angelic being, but it need not be an angel which speaks of the angel of the Lord.

There are places where that could be issue that could be the son of God, that could be what would be called a theophany God appearing there in the form of this angelic messenger, but that would not be Michael that would be the son of God, so the son of God Jesus created. Michael is not my Scriptures are clear on this. Just another evidence is witness error in the seven hey thanks you now to the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, dear friends, to serve sanity and spiritual clarity in the midst of a society in chaos in the church all too often in compromise do my best to equip and strengthen you as Jesus changes you. You can go with his grace and impact the world around you as he changes us. We by his grace can go and change our world, 866-348-7884. You've got questions, we've got answers. Let us go to Winston Salem Glenn, welcome to the line of fire Dr. how are you today I'm doing very well thank you very good. Well, not sure you have an answer to this but will give it a shot. Prior to Noah, prior to the flood, you know people lived a lot longer and it's obvious that it was through possibly the environment but also epic with the Lord sustenance because it changed after the flood and a lot of it attributed to the UV ray radiation think like that. The but here's my question when only live 39 69 like with at what age do you think that they reached maturation was it like they reached 13 and they hit puberty and they could start having children or was it slower and they reached 800 make start having children is probably the obviously were speculating, but right is look at the genealogical records and say Genesis 5, or tenant.

But since five of will give you record so it's not saying that they're having kids at 18, but it's 30 some like that hundred actually a lot of right right but but some are younger in in in other words that's the whole thing. So if you take a look at Genesis the fifth chapter right if if we go over there and that I think would would raise certain questions about you know the aspect of the hundred right so Adam lived 130 years before the sum of the zoning likeness of resentments and assessable. This is obviously long after Cain and Abel right Seth lives a high of five years in our lives. 90 years of Canada lives 70 years of a hollow 65 years before having children right so it could be that the maturation took longer. There's a judgment spoken of in Isaiah 65, which seems to be pointing forward to a future millennial kingdom that a man dying in 100 will be considered a child, does that mean childlike in development, or just that you know in these days, dying in 100 is die like a child and in the past, but we really we simply don't know it does seem that the environment was different, and because of that people live longer.

Genesis 6 which says that man's days will be hundred 20 years some cigarettes from God telling Noah and from there into the flood was under 20 years of say no. Thereafter human life was short and very few people live beyond the hundred 20 years after that that can be debated. No. And certainly the changes in the environment were divine judgment. So it's a very interesting question in your right eye client figure out the thing about cartilage.

Garlic keeps growing for Carter's order to be so grotesque that you look at a you know what that that's that's based on how things happen.

Normally, now it influence what we write where right really looking at this world that I don't think that there is any absent is any evidence whatsoever that this was grotesque it in a quite the contrary that people living all that was that was only considered honorable, but things were different. That much is clear now. A critic with a come on you got from the ancient Eastern world.

These kings list from different places and have people living mega mega long years of this is that the Bible's way of saying the same things the same myth be critical way of looking at it or you could say that people really did live longer that there was a cataclysmic change brought about by the flood, after which human life is greatly shortened. It could also be the got originally designed us to live long right of is the eating of the tree of life you live forever be designed us to live long and because the fall because the curse it's been shortened and the. The aberration is what we we have that looked even effectively to sleep all right what why sleep. I mean it on a certain level it's mysterious scientifically but we need to sleep to function him in an unfallen world with that be the case is a fair question, but did they mature more slowly than or did they. They mature Maratha here. Here's what we do know and just about environment for a moment, a young woman today to living in America is coming into puberty much earlier than a girl say hundred years ago, and that's a lot of the foods that we eat things genetically modified, and so on and so forth as a different impact on the body and hence people are coming into puberty at earlier ages.

So we do see these things can happen how it was back then. Yet thanks for give me the way out to be getting the Bible doesn't tell us specifically enough to be able to answer what age people matured when they were living to be 900 years old. Thank you. It's a great question, 866-34-TRUTH that let's go to Mechanicsville Charles, welcome to the line of fire. There are. Your aunt Rita sure thing.

What I would recommend if you want to get an in-depth discussion on this go to my website.

The line of and then just click on the digital library and typing predestination. You see a video debate that I did with my friend and colleague Dr. James White's over two hours long on predestination election and the will of God. So in short what I understand is this before the world began when God created everything that he lives in eternity. He foresees everything. Isaiah 5715. He inhabits eternity so he sees the end from the beginning because he does not live in a way that is it is constrained by time he sees all things as if they have ready happen and he determined he would create human race.

He knew that we would fall. He did not predestined us to fall, but he knew that we would fall. He predestined that his son would come into the world and die for our sins, and he predestined that his son would have a people who forever would be with him and love him and serve him and glorify him who that people is is up to us in terms of our response will we receive God's grace are not whoever is willing, let him come. That's how the book of Revelation ends whoever wills whoever wants to whosoever, in the words of the King James, let him come how we come by God's grace. So I see Ephesians 1 God has predestined the people in Jesus. So all of us to put our trust in him to become part of that predestined people look at it like this, we are put on this ship and we are put on the ship only by God's grace only by God's mercy only by his help we couldn't swim across the ocean. We couldn't get across the ocean. The ship is going across the ocean and by God's grace we get to be on that ship. When we say yes to his invitation, we receive it that we are put on that ship and the destination of that ship is going to go across the ocean so to say the destination of that ship is to be with God forever and ever and ever and we are being predestined. We are being conformed to the image of his son. So I don't personally believe Charles that God says okay I'm I'm choosing this person before the foundation of the world, not because of anything in them but just arbitrarily is God sent my love on this when I'm choosing this month and I'm passing over this week as member can save ourselves, we can't redeem ourselves so Calvinist would say that God rightly damns the whole world were all guilty in his sight, but in his love and mercy for nothing in us chooses some to eternal salvation forever would say why me. I didn't deserve it.

I don't accept that interpretation don't believe that some before the foundation world are predestined to eternal life and others before the foundation of the world are predestined to eternal destruction. I don't see the Scriptures teaching that with all respect my Calvinist friends rather I say I see God saying I have predestined have a people in. My son those for whom he died. Those he is purchased with his blood.

As we turn to him say, have mercy on me, save me. We become part of that predestined people and then will be conformed to be like his son, but I believe Jesus died on the cross to make salvation possible for every human being on the planet and to infallibly secure the salvation of all those who put their trust in him to be safe and therefore I can look in the face of any center and say you're guilty in God's sight. You need mercy.

But Jesus died for you and if you've turned to him and asking for mercy due to can be saved.

Increases will maybe I'm predestined to hell you say Nono right now the question is will you believe or not and and by the way, Charles, a Calvinist would say the same way a Calvinist would not say Jesus died for the person that would say if you will turn if you repent, believe you can be saved and if this and what if I'm predestinate say that's not your business, your business is to repent and believe. But I can look at that person knowing that whoever they are they are not predestined to damnation and truly that person could be born again.

So that's what I believe about predestination.

I differ with my Calvinist friends obviously over that and for more information go to the line of and typing predestination on a previous shows are click on the digital library predestination this week and watch that the likeness of his views salon. You can see them side-by-side error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to the line of fire micrograms mighty to be with you. 866487884 the number to call. By the way you connect with me on Facebook, twitter, YouTube much. I know you're there.

Yeah, absolutely.

So on Facebook test Dr. Brown a SK your Brown twitter Dr. so DR DR Michael L Brown for two ells there. Michael L. DR Michael L.

Brown, twitter, YouTube, asked Dr. Brown.

But if you want to connect to all of them skim the website. The line of just click on the YouTube icon Twitter icon or the Facebook icon you can connect their white back to the phones we go to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Paul welcome to light a fire in Dr. Brown my question they would about phonetic are not dramatic, but that tour pictographic interpretation of the Hebrew language in I don't believe that works both interpret even though it comes from that Phoenician language that we book it Hebrew under the pictograph but is there a good way. The founder explained that a nonacademic way yeah forgot about. It's not said if it's crazy so Sony first explained to everyone what we mean by this by pictographs right so when we look at our English alphabet A3 C will suggest letters right we understand it when you look at the Greek alphabet. From Alpha to Omega though suggest letters look at the Hebrew alphabet from all of the Toff. Those are just letters we own sent whatever the alphabet is the true reading. They are letters now.

If you are reading Chinese there were these figures in all cable.

Those have pictographic meanings and and that's how you then get the consonants in the sentences and things like that but in their earliest form still preserved their pictographs well that's we have thousands and thousands of characters will the earliest form of writing things were written in pictographic full. If you look at Egyptian hieroglyphics you see all those are pictures of things right so for example, as I was just reading someone try to explain this. Simply let's say you you used the word of a picture of a feather right and whenever you see that that originally meant a feather but now it's used when you see that it means the letter F right and am maybe something else was was unknot a majority so that it meant unknot of some kind. But now, when you see it just means the letter and so if you see feather not.

That could mean fun that could mean and that could be fan refill the consonants. So originally, the Semitic languages they were written in pictographic form of the language called Akkadian the inch-long to the Syrians and Babylonians is written what's called cuneiform with over 600 different signs. That's what looks like a chicken feet and in Clay, the yeah that's that's the way it looks at these lines with these bars and things like that called cuneiform, which means wedge shaped and that was taken from the seminarians. The seminarians originally used pictures pictographs. So, for example, maybe you had a pictograph of a star so that could mean a star or maybe it meant having or or the skies or maybe it meant a deity, so you have to feel what it means based on context that pictograph then made its way into Akkadian is one of the signs and then you had 600 different signs in each one stood for a syllable and things like that will by the time you get to what we now have is our Hebrew Scripture only have 22 letters this 22 letters and read about the same in English when you take away our vowels write only 22 consonants and that was the Phoenician script in the Phoenician script taken over by the Hebrews Canaanites and that's ultimately what is then passed on through the centuries than an Aramaic script form. Okay, all that to say this originally.

The olive was in oxidants of the first letter all of was an oxidant. The second word the second letter date was originally diet it was a picture of a house and and then on and on from there. So delegates was originally dollars that the letter was delicate door, but by the time this was just used consonantal. He, of course, these are pictures negative conveys things in 22 pictures obviously not try try to convey any language in 22 pictures of course you can do it. Rather, these were just letters and some of them came to be used for vowel signs as well. But here is, here's the simple explanation as to how ridiculous it is originally our English letter a taken A okay that comes from the Roman Latin alphabet that goes back to the Greek alphabet in the Greek alphabet was also borrowed the Hebrew alphabet from the Phoenician alphabet. Okay, so take it take the letter a that we have now.

Everyone just drawn and ate with with your finger right drawer there is in a now drawn as if it was rounded instead since it make it like an upside down.

You rounded like that okay now take the the line going across and stretch out and go up on either sides. You got the U-shaped and then you've got what was likely click once and that's what the original word was that's with the original picture was.

It was a knock said so again, the upside down U and then, like the horns going on either side. So now we have it straighter and the horns don't go out that's the letter H may be. So here's my simple explanation right at all the technical be like will you talk about is China background right so Paul, here's a simple thing you know that in English a is just a a desire not mean oxidant Paul that's P.

One of the plug people back to the AA.

We know this and with ox ox had the you don't know that we complete, utter nonsense.

It is just as nonsensical to do with the Hebrew. It was centuries after these letters had any pictographic meaning, and then even the way they were written by the time that this olive was written in Hebrew, from ancient scriptures we have.

It was now written on its side right as you write it in script today. It looks like a C and and then at L. Following it in lowercase if if you ready today in Hebrew. That's how it's written notes it's written on its side and disconnected so no, no, no, we do not look if you see this, over there's a pictographic dictionary or numbers are giving us meaning and and every tongue is our ration has to do with head Roshan and NYC.

The be the buyer debate will suggest to do with how forget is nonsense. You might as well do the same with the English alphabet. It is absolute and complete nonsense.

Yes, the letters in the original forms went back to pictographs within those pictographs just took on consonantal meaning the olive. This was a a glottal's all sound the debate diet was just above the sound right gimbal camel related was just a good sound so for get about it Paul, you're absolutely right, for I don't care how much work. People put into it for get about it. The Bible does not speak to us through hidden pictographic meanings.

It speaks to us plain sense of the words. If you haven't signed up for my newsletter yet send you a free e-book when you do go to the line of fire. The Lord sign up today want to get that in your hands. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown so I drove up to our offices today and I felt when the world's difficulties here was everybody is Good Friday on the Christian calendar. The midst of the Passover season on the Jewish calendar or offices are closed so we just have our core radio team here and and or Friday broadcast as well. We do video recording to air on NR BTV and some other networks that we just have our core crew in here and there were live were live.

Yeah why not just be another opportunity to answer your questions and we love doing live radio so if normally you don't have a chance to call future busy at work you don't have this this time free here you go. This is your opportunity to call maybe for years.

Listen your blood boil and I like what I have to say to get upset but you couldn't call because you had worker you have a listen after that the broadcast podcast and things like that cause alive today.

I love to talk to 8663 freight 7884. All right, let's sum with take some questions here. This is from Ben I Dr. Brown I just finished listening to your broadcast with Dr. Michael Heiser March 28. I have a question. I was really bothering me.

I just be to the first caller after the interview asked about the new feeling you'd said that they were before the flood. Also after. Since the success purchasing adamantly against the idea that there would be any today.

Why is that so any evidence from Scripture. They're all gone after David killed Goliath and his brothers.

If you believe that there are still demonic forces angelic forces that are very much real in our day. Why couldn't Sue continue throughout history and even toward a meaning. Why couldn't angelic beings fallen angelic beings take on human form have relations with women and give birth to these new feeling these giants, etc. why couldn't that happen. I personally don't really worry about this because I know the greater is he that is in us that God is given us the victory, both now and forever more. Through Jesus, but I'm curious why you don't think it's possible. Thank you so much for your consideration a great respecter opinions in your heart for God and revival. Hey thank you sir for a really great question so II look at it. Listen three different possible ways. One, there were these angelic unions with human beings. It's mysterious as to how it could happen right but that these things took place before the flood, and that these beings who ever they were there called and the feeling they were wiped out. At that time because only Noah and his sons and their wives known. His wife is the their sons and their wives survived. That's one way of looking at it. The problem is that the Bible subsequently speaks manipulation and associates them with on acumen refund team and these giants so it would seem that you can't say that there were all wiped out with the flood sublease is the possibility to so here we go first four of Genesis 6 the nifty lemur on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came into the daughters of man and they bore children to them. These were the mighty men who were of old, the man of renown. So possibly to this is the one I hold to that this happened before the flood, and also afterward. So even after the flood.

When the son of God sons of God came into the daughters of men. They were children of them. These were the mighty men were of old, but the minute without this summer happened in the past.

At some point, God put a stop to it and said no more. This happened in the past it's being looked at as before the flood, and after the flood, but it ended there. So whatever descendents there were were the ones that were now born of these unions after the flood. All right, but this all took place in the past.

These are the mighty man of old. No more. What happened was they were ultimately wiped out. There were wiped out with the conquest of Canaan and those that remaining was subsequently wiped out and is no more mention of them in the Bible. After the possibly three as well that they could be.

These unions again. There could be these unions again of angelic beings and I believe that it seems from this text that it all happened in the past and could any of them survived well. If you show that these lines of giants have survived and perhaps otherwise I see it's not great question of fact for it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown to live Passover and urge you to keep these essential urge you to remember what he did on the cross. His death his resurrection without which, without whom would be lost forever. Right before I go back to the phones, 866-34-TRUTH to grab a couple of quick emails.

Let's see file it asks if I don't feel like meeting a person whom he knows of the sin. If I avoid meeting the person depends on the reason depends on the reason. It could be because that person is sinful and destructive in trying to drag you down. For example, some new Sever relationship with this person's in the world you got saved you broken away and they they want to pull you back down and get you involved again. Well you avoid that person for your own good and is only good for Craig right out if your voice a microchip sinful attitude towards them. If you're avoiding someone because of your bitter towards them. Workers just don't like them, but there brother sister the Lord especially are on call to love everyone.

So if you love this personally. Jesus loved you, but there is a good reason to avoid them and you always get into fights and arguments and you to say have I can't be rapture right now. Maybe it's me but I can't be around you because rose in the fights. That's one thing but his own like the person of an attitude towards the person that this wrong reason. So if your attitude is loving, then your decisions will be good decisions. 866-34-TRUTH and one more quick email year old. Where was it just looking for it must stack José hi Dr. Brown thanks for your work. What is your position on the shroud of Turin my position on the shroud of Turin is they could be legitimate. It's possible it's legitimate.

II do not dismiss it as impossible. And people say there's no possible way I know I haven't made a serious study of it. I've read with other scholars and others have said, but of either way I I do not reject it. I think it's possible it could be a relic. It could be something God supernaturally preserved and and and and evidence of the resurrection, and it could just be explained. Other ways so I don't know but I have not dismissed 866-34-TRUTH we go to Ron in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

Thanks for calling the line of fire. I want to cooperate with the book white was talking about life out. Well here's the question.

It's not a prophecy right in other words, it doesn't say anywhere that this is a prophecy of the future. The psalmist is is talking in ways that are are clearly talking about his own experience. And yet we have no evidence that David ever suffered in that way that David was publicly stripped in that way that that releases I can count. You know my bones are out of joint. In this and that description sounds like crucifixion which didn't even exist and David stated that that torturous form of death didn't exist until centuries later. Of it is.

Here's how I understand it all right. I believe ultimately it points to Jesus even though it is not a direct prophecy member. Jesus says that even come to abolish the law, the prophets, not to abolish but to fulfill right and he fulfills passages like this, so this is originally the Psalm of a righteous sufferer who is delivered from the jaws of death and the deliverance is so great it brings praise to the ends of the earth. Now poetry is often just that it's symbolic, it can be hyperbolic. In other words, use language which sounds exaggerated right but it is it is no poetics expression so I believe that the David or the psalmist writing.

This is writing by the inspiration of the spirit, but expressing his heart in poetic language above and beyond anything literally experience in your we could all do that almost exaggerated crisis and again that's that's part of what happens in in poetry, however. However, David never suffered that particular type of suffering and he was never delivered from the jaws of death in the same way that the Messiah was to bring praise to the ends of the earth so many have been able to read these words through the centuries many have been able to read these words through the centuries and see that the their own lives. They identified with it.

Some of the rabbinic commentators. It's a picture of Israel through the ages and Israel being delivered from death and destruction.

You can read on that level. But who fulfills it, who fulfills it.

The one who fulfills it is Jesus.

He is the perfectly righteous sufferer. He literally goes through the things described in Psalm 22 here and there is a dispute on the Hebrew translation, but the overall sense is clear and notice what it says at the end of of this the end of Psalm 22.

Notice it says this of verse 26. The afflicted shall eat and be satisfied.

Those who seek him shall praise the Lord Mayor Hartzler forever all the ends of the earth shall remember and turn to the Lord and all the families of the nations shall worship before you for kingship belongs to the Lord, and he rules over the nations, all the prosperous of the earth eat and worship before him shall bow down all who go down to the dust. Even the one who could not keep himself alive.

Posterity shall serve him, it shall be told of the Lord, to the coming generation they shall come and proclaim his righteousness to a people, yet unborn that he has done it that he has done it. So what's the point, the deliverance from the jaws of death is so great that all the ends of the earth come to worship the God of Israel, whose deliverance from the jaws of death fulfills us and who literally suffered the things that are spoken of here.

Only Jesus the Messiah. So although it is not a direct although it is not a direct prophecy is fulfilled in the death and resurrection of Jesus the Messiah.

Ron, thank you Sir for the question. Let's go to Germany Nikita.

Welcome to the line of fire around are you doing doing well.

Hey, where in Germany are you calling from India right in the center of Germany. Okay, I'm scheduled to be in Germany I think twice in the month of June. If you look at*Uganda Lori. Well I will look it up. Yeah it it it should be there at work blocking a few details on one of the trips I know the second one in the middle of June. Just for 1 Night Somewhere Near Tübingen St. going to forget exactly where and the other one out. Well did the other one I'm I'm not sure exactly is Hildesheim and I'm not sure, but it'll be on the itinerary very but anyway your questions are important murder and an option. "It's really not bother me. I'll tell Caroline or will probably experience mental illness, claim yeah but you know coming from Germany. This question has tremendous relevance because before the Jews were exterminated in Germany. Others were exterminated that were also not worthy of living that experiments were done.

For example, on the mentally ill there mentally ill children and teenagers that were euthanized in Germany that they were hospitalized because of mental illness.

Then there were euthanized and their brains were now used to study the human brain, so this was a good cause and then of course you have the very elderly and the infirm, and what can they add to life so this would be the simple question Nikita. Let's look at it first from this angle if it would be wrong to kill that mentally ill baby once it's born, you realize. Within a few days or weeks the baby has serious mental handicaps. Why not put to death. Then maybe the board baby is born with severe physical handicaps.

Maybe the baby is born deaf and dumb as can have a terribly difficult life. Why not kill the baby that because we recognize it is morally sinful to do that. That just because the quality of life is diminished does not mean that that person is not created in the image of God because we created an image of God.

You do not stuff that life out. That would be sin that would be murder to do so. So, we respect that life whether the person is handicapped or not mentally impaired, emotionally impaired or not.

We respect that human life and we respected beginning in the womb. If it's wrong to kill that child outside the womb. For those reasons that it's wrong to kill the child inside one last question. What if the baby's life affects the life of the mother will come back and address that you decided to file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown got answer so just to finish up with Keith this question. Germany won about abortion to save the life of the mother is then right take the life of that baby to save the life of the mother doubt the first thing is you hear this question all the time. However however, from everything I've read and from authorities like Dr. Ben Carson. This is almost never ever ever the case, and some would say it's never the case due to medical advances and things like that so number one. It has nothing to do with 99.999999999% of all abortions. So let's even put that question aside and say to someone, and of course the kitty agree with this. So then you agree it's wrong and all the other cases because I know I want to say that this is this just a smokescreen argument. So it's a person. You agree it's wrong and all the other cases right okay so that's that's restored.

But secondly, let's say this was a legitimate question and I can give you quote from Dr. Carson and another pro-life doctor now who himself used to perform abortions, so pro-life doctor number one. If I'm looking at this as a actual possibility. To me it would be no different than if you had a situation say which had twins in the womb right and and one of them was somehow just theoretically was was caused indefinitely. Since site give birth to Siamese twins and and if you there can kill each other if they stay connected. If you separate them. They both might die one like that we have these agonizing decisions can imagine what parents are doing in the medical profession to try to work these decisions through these are agonizingly difficult decisions.

But you, you would ultimately say okay which which is the best chance of preserving life here and now there there there drugs.

For example, are where a woman being treated for cancer and maybe she's gonna die, which was to live long enough to give birth to a baby cancer type of chemotherapy that wouldn't affect that the baby solicit, listen to what Dr. Carson says because this came up this came up in 2016 debate with no I'm sorry.

Prior to that. This came up in.

In a statement from Hillary Clinton and Dr. Carson says this when it comes to the case of the life of the mother. You have to look at the individual situation. Recognize that this is largely a spurious argument because we have advanced so much in medicine these days that that situation rarely occurs and let's just see here looking at this statement to it. Let me go back to this other statement.

This is from a former abortion doctor. This was published on live October 21, 2016 and this was this was the one with reference to the debate. The doctor is. Let's see Dr. Anthony Lovett Tino he committed over 1200 abortions before his pro-life conversion. He testified before Congress May 17, 2012 and said this in cases where pregnancy places woman in danger of death or great physical injury. A doctor more often than not, doesn't have 36 hours, much less 72 hours to resolve the problem. The meal straight with a real-life case that I manage with the Albany Medical Center patient arrived one night at 28 weeks gestation with severe preemptive claim Seiyu or toxemia. Her blood pressure on admission was 220 of 160 no blood pressure is approximately 120/80.

This patient's pregnancy was a threat to life in the light from the child.

She could very well be minutes or hours away from major stroke.

This case was managed successfully by rapidly stabilize the patient's blood pressure and terminating her pregnancy by cesarean section.

She and her baby did well. This is a typical case in the world of high-risk obstetrics and most such cases, any attempt to perform an abortion. To quote save the mother's life would entail undue and dangerous delay in approach in providing appropriate lifesaving care during my time at Albany Medical Center manage hundreds of such cases by co-terminating pregnancies to save others lives in all those pregnant cases, the number of unborn children. I had to deliberately kill was zero.

So he saying that you can deliver the baby soldier by cesarean section or other things that can be done in most cases, and here he's he saying virtually all cases Dr. Carson saying virtually all cases it doesn't exist. This is not actually a reality if in fact it did ever exist and and again we we are we are dealing we are dealing with. We are dealing with the question here of legitimately if it did exist that that the pregnancy is killing the mother and you have to choose now your choosing one life versus another life. Two people are drowning. There are other side that they have their separated now by 30 feet. You can only get to one of them. Which one do you save even doing that you are deciding between life and life. That's the same in this case, if that was the situation and the mother is dying and the only way to save her life is to take the life of the baby than the mother and father would make a decision and agonizingly painful decision because one life is going to be taken or the other or you which which is can survive the mother's good dynamite of days with the baby can be saved but either way you're looking at the baby as a real-life. That's the whole issue.

So if you can get someone to agree this is a real child in the womb and the question is whose life should be saved now you're facing the real moral issue head on and now the whole abortion objection goes out the window because the abortion argument is that is not a life of the same value as a life outside the womb. It's just a clump of cells is just a fetus is the mass of cells.

That's all it is.

If you get that person to agree that's a life that's a child in the womb, and you decide between which life save. Now you are ready demolished the argument of the abortion hate Nikita. Thank you so much for the question hopefully see you in Germany doubling in June. By the way, if you want to stay in touch with me in and for for for ministering similar speaking sewer. Join me there if you go to my asked Dr. Brown's website ask Dr. if you go there you'll find my speaking itinerary.

There got a big conference coming up in Phoenix and Israel conference in May I speak Wrigley in North Carolina which is a home base for me. We got meetings coming up in Raleigh in May in Phoenix in May and brighten up Charlie Concorde area late in April and then gobbling trips to see Italy Germany beginning of June and Israel, Germany, the middle of June so different in those three countries. Maybe we can see there begin all the itineraries asked Dr. that's we can also get my latest articles, latest videos, this get the latest podcast from the broadcaster. That's we can partner with us to get a friends you're making a real difference right. Have a blessed resurrection Sunday see it again on

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