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Who Is a True Believer? Jihad in America? And Answers to Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 19, 2017 4:30 pm

Who Is a True Believer? Jihad in America? And Answers to Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 19, 2017 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/19/17.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

You know the price of sin is heavy. God's plan of salvation wavier still got a lot to talk about. Plus recalls today stock for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is a true Bill O'Reilly out at Fox over allegations of sexual harassment. Drudge Report headline news all red big printer Fox News rocked O'Reilly out after decades on top of true a lot we can learn from it.

This is Michael Brown great to be with you today on the air 866-34-TRUTH 788 for me to do today.

I have a bunch of things on the heart to talk about regarding sin, salvation. Also, insights is not. This can be some preacher throwing the Bible at you getting a lot of insights I believe and regardless of your perspective. I think some sobering insights and some great encouragement as well. Then I want to put a question out before you, which is what makes him a true believer when is a line crossed from being a true believer to being a heretic to be apostate to being outside of the faith of my colleague Hank had a graph one point years back we did spend a good amount of hours together, and became good friends. Haven't seen each other in years, but a mutual respect for one another and remain colleagues and friends in that sense, Hank is now eastern Orthodox and his broadcast has been removed from a number of stations because of that when people say that he apostate size. The left the Christian faith. I don't except that I don't believe that. Nonetheless, I believe that there are plenty of people in the Eastern Orthodox Church that are not believers that are plenty people Roman Catholic Church about the levers and plenty people for that matter.

In Baptist churches and others that are not believers, where do we draw the line. Should we draw the line. Is it up to us but to judge an individual per se, but to set forth standards based on Scripture to talk about that as well. 8663 freight 784 also also if you have any question of any kind is we do on Friday off and we can't get to all the calls on Friday and that if you are unable to call in on that day, but for anyone that's able to call today.

If you have a question, even if it's random. Even if it's unrelated to a normal subject matter will open up the phones and take some questions as well and I'll probably get some emails to get at the dead today and what worms I try to say today. Today's a pretty easy word that one night.

What was I don't know what I was going to say, but it came out wrong to replay that and rethink that. But I'll probably get some emails today as well. During the show, 86634878843 suicides have gotten my attention as well and again tying in with the price of sin want to talk about that terror attack in Fresno how that's being reported in a political race in Georgia. I've got comments on all of that and more. I wrote an article it'll probably go live in the next 24 hours about the trans, the God really cares about every day. We can use transgender rearing.

Now what about transracial trans able trans-species trans-human. What's the trans that God really cares about.

What about that last night and this morning tweeted about it as well that should be live within the next 24 hours and interestingly video short video on is there a pretrip rapture in love and attention haven't watched it go to the line of and click on the digital library watch there two minutes to change the way and with comments just get started on a lot of fun error. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, welcome to the broadcasting the way tonight. First time through listening live on this Wednesday the 19th tonight for the very first time will be airing the line of fire TV broadcasts. That's right on NRB TV you can watch it. If you have DirecTV tens of millions of Americans have DirecTV. If you have DirecTV you can watch it at 630 to hang on the league at the right time with desiderata E blast about the make sure have the right time on this, but it's tonight and I'll tell you exactly what NRB TV is it is our radio broadcast of Friday broadcast Q&A show with Hebrew word for the day and other special features. That's right, it is our radio show made for TV with your calls with introversive and traverse to combat what's with my tongue today with interesting controversies and questions and then a special two minute teaching Hebrew word for the day.

In the midst of it it it's it's gonna be a real blessing. I believe too many and let's just see 7 o'clock all right, 7 o'clock tonight.

Channel 378 on DirecTV turn in with your family right in our radio studio as I think you will thoroughly enjoy the broadcast.

You can also watch it on the NRB TV website and and also very exciting. Our world on fire broadcast is now airing on God to be the first show was Sunday right shared my testimony from LSD to PhD and this week I will be preaching the gospel loud and clear.

Trust me, your heart will be stirred your heart will be stirred by these messages specially recorded for you on God TV that Sunday night at 630 Sunday night at 630 all right and on DirecTV that's channel 365.

If you have direct TV just go to and you can watch the live stream. There again if you have DirecTV that Sunday nights at 630 watch with your family. Trust me, your hearts will be stirred.

I believe God really gave me grace to bring his word clearly on these broadcast its channel 365 tonight 7 o'clock NRB TV DirecTV channel 378 we been working hard on these, and I believe your really be blessed by the broadcast. Let us know how you enjoy the show. When you watch, 8663 freight 784 and if you don't get our regular newsletters as a man I would love to have an email about this what we set out an email today couldn't get it means you're not on our E list. So to do that. Good line of and sign up for a newsletter and we will send you absolutely free. A great eye-opening e-book, seven secrets of the human side of simply re-signing up to receive our E newsletter all right, let's let's talk for a moment about Bill O'Reilly. The reports are being shared loudly enough, New York magazine has a report by Gabriel Sherman sources, Fox News has decided Bill O'Reilly has to go and there is been a lot of discussion behind the scenes about the gist of what I haven't heard anything.

Isn't he the most highly rated guy on Fox yes consistently. Doesn't he beat the competition. CNN and MSNBC. Yes has a been one of the most steady broadcasters for decades. Yes. Like him or not. He has been steady. He has been clear and he has been an important voice again with you like him or not. He's a major media figure I read that he just recently signed a contract for $20 million a year for his broadcast gets kind of unimaginable money to to the rest of us, but that's what you get paid doing what he does on vacation now supposed to come back on April 24, but according to the sources.

He's out the Civil War. Why, what, what happen. I'm dishonest with her allegations of sexual harassment allegations of sexual harassment such as a woman working at Fox and with the potential of of going up the chain there and allegedly Bill O'Reilly saying something like well if you want to get ahead you come to my room tonight or something or inviting them to come to his his hotel room etc. to be with him and then again allegedly when they wouldn't do it. Then he he came against them in the broadcaster something or he made inappropriate comments or BCL anyone could make up stories like that. I understand that I am send. I I would not be surprised if there all kinds of stories against all kinds of public figures because of people hate them.

I read all kinds of stories about Barack Obama gridlock on stories about Donald Trump shrubbery of a rich source on me coming on the same level as of these other individuals.

Obviously bogus is about me not not like this, but just other junk is clearly untrue that I believe this reteach this or whatever so sure they're going to be people that that are latter climbers there people who are going to just try to bring attention to themselves in and say will someone did this to me just so they can have their moment in the sun and get news and things that I understand all that the problem is that from what I've read it's not denied that Fox is paid out some like $14 million to different women who brought these charges against Bill O'Reilly $14 million over the years and the only comment he released was that when you're in the position he's in that lots of charges going to come against you. I'm sure that's true but if you're innocent, why pay I know it can be easier. I know sometimes I can relate to it. You like to pay out 40 million copies off obviously not right but let's just say that was like $14 to somebody and you got somebody harassing your lying about you and for your $14. They walk away. We might do that you don't want the hassle of it right, you don't want this person bothering if a $14 million to them is like $14 or hundred $40 to us. Or maybe nobody get but the problem is when you do it this an admission of guilt with why you paying someone off and once you do that now it's on record that you paid them to make something go away there's some admission of guilt. In that now maybe look again.

Maybe there are circumstances that we don't know.

Maybe this will come out six months later that them as completely innocent.

I'm not here to make a moral judgment, Bill O'Reilly right have no contact with them.

Don't know him personally never been on a show supposed to be years back in the news, change, and I wasn't.

But that's it. That's the closest contact. I had to Bill O'Reilly right. I have friends and colleagues are closer to him, but no no contact with them on on the throwing under the bus.

I'm not defending I'm not saying that these women are making these things up unless and that is guilty. I am saying know that once you pay money. Once you settle the case someone comes against you with false accusations and you settle it you look guilty and they can always say what you settle it if it wasn't true. Is it yeah but but then that just opens the door for people endlessly you could come against you could be a lawsuit reverie on the flipside, once you pay off then it just opens the door for you to endlessly be paying people off you have to say hey, guilty, and you have the the legal resources to smash most of those that come against you because they don't have that much the way of legal resources. So if your bigshot usually resources when people falsely choose you expose it across the people but expose that the case the faucet other than people stop doing it again. I will that we don't know anything more than what's being reported the news you would assume it serious enough advertisers have been backing out, leaving O'Reilly and that's up to the biggest thing money for for Fox news from Fox network. But here is his issue here. If in fact he is guilty. I don't believe there is accusation that he raped anyone work for someone to have sex with him or anything like that. But if in fact it was legitimate sexual harassment if in fact he abused his power and there was legitimate sexual harassment. What a soul bring lesson for all of us. We talked last week about the governor of Alabama and here's a man married 50 years a public servant for decades and decades of medical doctor governor of the state. Bold Christian destroys everything from adulterous affair. Bring shame to himself, destroys his marriage bring shame to his station bring shame through his family methods unredeemable. But it's an ugly ugly mess.

What if Bill O'Reilly ends up being remembered not for his run of of TV excellence again like a monotonous argument as a TV man highly highly rated. What if he's not just mailing out for that, not merely known for his use has best-selling books knows a guy with step down because of sexual harassment scan. Yikes. Yikes again, is it ever worth it for cleansing the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown go to your favorite restaurant restaurant that very expensive very classy and you you only go there once every several years because it's so special and it's it's so expensive, and this is just a very very special family occasion go to that restaurant and you order your favorite meal. Whatever is your absolute favorite meal and as you're about to dig into it. You see crawling out from under your food giant cockroach can ask a question you can enjoy the rest. That meal are you gonna always feel funny about that meal at that restaurant and are you going to be in a hurry to go back to that restaurant all you been there several times over the years is a real problem. There's never been a problem with anybody else going either heard about that. Well, it doesn't matter that that is a pretty gross picture I nonsense trying to illustrate something that's what's in community.

That's the reproach you can bring.

That is the defiling of a good character, it can bring in. That's what we have to do our best to live above reproach, especially if were representing the Lord representing cost of integument's and Bill O'Reilly was reps in London, speaking to those of us who see were followers of Jesus first and foremost, this is Michael Brown you're listening to the line of fire 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

Now the headline on strong right wing website conservative website it says this. This is their take report, O'Reilly Dennis Fox news and it's his activists activist left gets monstrous golf is is this is this the the work of the activist left in other words, or these false accusations brought by enemies of the conservative Fox network and Fox is not conservative. Many ways understand but Fox news primarily conservative enemies, O'Reilly bringing down the number one conservative TV radio talk host again in terms of ratings, who's been in the spot for over 20 years with Fox. This is activist left, bring them down. That's a scary proposition or is it the activist left and others that hate O'Reilly basing their attack on true charges and if in fact they are true charges. What lesson is there for us. This is this is sobering stuff this is stuff I thought about for decades because of watched other people destroy their lives. People in ministry people anointed by God. People called by God. Why am I so sure can happen to me why you so sure it can happen to you.

Why are you so sure that that that little flirting with someone is not going to lead to something worse, why you so sure that that flirting itself, is not going to get you in big trouble. We we need to be sober about these things and this is not about being legalistic.

That's music is a copout all your soul legalistic you don't like strychnine in your food. Not it now is a legalistic this loving life that's loving like your soul legalistic when you when you drive down that mountain road with that 300 foot drop off the side your soul legalistic you stay within the speed limit. So that's called wisdom is not legalism. That's wisdom you're so legalistic you doing just this.

Have have meals along with some of the opposite sex and you know that the someone your age appear friend of the opposite sex.

Don't hang out your soul legalistic Millicent legalistic that's called a skull honoring God of your married honoring God are your spouse honoring that other person by not putting either of you in a position of getting to friendlier position of temptation look first quickens 1012 let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall with him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall, he or she same thing you the next verse tells us that God is faithful and will allow us to be tempted above our strength that will with the temptation will temptation make a way of escape.

That's true.

So it if if you are seeking to follow the war you are seeking to honor him. He's not going to allow you to fall into a situation beyond your strength look, I believe that the devil yes there is a real devil. I believe that the devil given the freedom to destroy any of us at any time.

In other words, there is something he could present before us. There is something that that would hit us at a weak moment. There is something that he could come at with the full force of his being and and and and when we are not ready for it and he could potentially take us down. But God's grace protects us and shields us book I have.

I have heard of of colleagues or I shouldn't say colleagues of read about it with other Christian leaders where they would have someone when they got to their hotel this so someone else would go in the room. First, they would have somebody from the hotel going the room first to make sure there is nobody in the arguments was that attacked them. No be some lady in there waiting for them.

Yeah, not now. I've never been presented with that okay and God willing.

If I was presented with that there are some lady waiting. I opened the room. I'd run out down the hallway make it as loud as I could develop make clear hate Matt here on out here right but God knows God knows in a weak moment they used to struggle with alcohol and and you don't have any in your home. But now, you discourage a little depressed and and and what if right there at that moment there is your favorite alcohol just appeared, sitting there in a glass. Would you be able to would you be able to say no to it. Maybe yes, maybe no.

But see, you've done what you know how to do by getting it out of your house all right getting out of your house so that's that's the that's the wisdom there and and God's like you let something happen to you with a perfect temptation comes at the perfect moment when you're seeking honor heaven and in your totally vulnerable, but you're seeking to honor the Lord your vulnerable to weaken raw moment, God's grace is there God's protection is there. I believe that but if you think I am nothing. Touch may nothing to touch me, I'll never fall Oliver mess up the way those slobs messed up on the redo some stupid toy that one did something stupid friend take heed lest you fall. I remember years ago when one famous TV preacher was exposed for sexual sin. Another famous TV preacher went after him mercilessly and I liked the other guy like that that the guy that was preaching hard and rethinking all don't do that man don't don't go after the sky like that you set yourself off for fault you set yourself up as so righteous and so perfect. Set yourself up for fall, man. Shortly after that he was exposed led us with the fear of the Lord publish those for him and say God recognize others of messed up grace to be wisdom. We sin will be right back. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown, principal and its play with fire you get burned.

Maybe not the first time they met. The second time, but eventually you get burned.

It just works out like that. 866337884. Let's go to the phones, Des Moines, Iowa. Chris will come to light a fire… Doing well thank you sir development. I deeply, deeply about all I would. The band delivered by me and I would lady people to cry.

Daily and I packed a perfect little ministry bought on the idea that there at the point that I like that man never got happen to me. I love the Lord so much that I would never ever allow that ever happened to be in a good and not die and a hard and the broken free and the shame and guilt that is attached to it. Unbearable limited only by the great God, I'm here today because I mean it was it was horrible, no, I could finally after about five years I been able to forgive Mike go and really start billing start doing you know you are quite blubbering knowing that you love myself and the pain I caused other. So thank you dear brother sleep for your candor and for sounding a word of warning for our listeners when you say this in a when you see it what what specifically are you retired medical doctor… The Bible. I am an adult or I know I know some people get bail.

I didn't know her know what really I didn't know I know you know you all anybody.

But what I did I activate anything I could probably start topic with that the very top and there were more than proper God war throughout the Bible and in you and you and I love the Lord all my heart Michael my mine. I love the Lord that I fell in social Chris.

How did the door open vertebrae again expect your describing exactly like your talk about my life know what he meant learning. No befriending somebody better than I made the report required render them I minister to women I met me a minute I minister to women in general. Jill ministry and never ever anything inappropriate. Nothing ever anything unworthy of God was ever discussed or in the women I dealt with in and fill up were very appropriate. Very appropriate women. Many a minute did life to Christ, as though no II difficult copy to me. I guess I don't know you wrote your company is really struggling going through a crisis in SOI.

No, I minister to my iPod and an administrative out startup vertebrae in start up very very much on the up and up. But like you said. I left the door open. I opened up the door should never evoke in the Eucharist, we believe we can break and you can you stay with us for the moment after thank you yeah and friends hear what Chris is saying things will normally start if you follow Jesus. They start innocently as opposed to asking for trouble. That's common this is what happens within a certain point you realize wait a second I'm crossing a line is a pleasure and it is only this follicle further, there is forgiveness, but if you're in the midst of this right now.

Friend warning from God may be you can stop forth too late to file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown limit how far you fall in done turning to God.

If you ask him to forgive you wash you clean through what Jesus is done on the cross for you. Acknowledge your guilt and ask for forgiveness so that you can lead a new life double forgive you and if, as a believer you have fallen short. You send, you disobeyed. Yes, you can be cleansed, you can be washed clean in God's Redeemer. He can bring good out of evil that which was meant to be a stumbling block by God's grace can become a steppingstone, but without full acknowledgment, without full recognition. We will get nowhere. He who covers his sins will not prosper problems. 28 with the one who confesses and forsakes them will find mercy were speaking to Chris in Des Moines Iowa whose had the courage to call and ensure his own story. Chris you say the relationship with some of you want married to another woman started innocently enough you used to administering to women in prison and never crossed any lines there.

Your interaction at the point you realized that something was inappropriate.

Did you deny it. Did you think it's fine. It's nothing.

You know the way were acting towards each other is fine. It's nothing we did. You know something was wrong but thought while I will cross any lines beyond this perimeter. No, I mean that I know God word. I know I knew I knew right across the back of the head going too far and I remember exactly. I'm invited back.I went about like a bit like Joseph like a knife led Mike are you doing artwork wiper after my do. I would like and I do that. Why did I write the wisdom to do that.

Why did I allow myself to be sucked in your Proverbs, or talk about like you, dear led to slaughter me a new knew it would bother me is most horrible, horrible, dark at time of my life. You know, kind of the stigma good with people of God forgive nobody what most people to other children at church and notebook. People literally worked for him and I understand understand me as the representative God is big, godly man, a man of wisdom and understanding, and Anaheim trail failed miserably drunk like that. If you got the test of independence because you get the crown of life. And I remember crying Maracaibo my cried every day.

I cried for cocoa, but filled got filled with mud mean and I feel like I know the minister to people involved in your egg especially when you claim Christ as your Savior like manga fighters like people are people that don't love the Lord and I mean that they like literally relish the fact that you call yourself a Christian look in different the know and the enemy of our souls. Chris is there, gang, gang up on us as well in our own consciences, condemning us how how long was it before you were able to break free from the relationship itself about my my my wife divorced me very right and I'm a married lady now and the arts of Sue Chris so what what is happening now between you and God.

In the when you're married to what's happened between her and God. Love the Lord to the Lord their know I mean. I know it. I can hear your voice like while no what you yeah I know I know I can tell you I know you entered a lot. If you want talk I FIFO the lower human garbage up like somebody else but me out up to the curb. I'm that guy that clear that one thing treatment I are not one of God to bar that even God's grace to cover while in the midst of all this I have an old guy home now and unexpectedly. My older son by Ms. McDavid McDavid I'm not good for, might might might now wipe like to go back to church. As I got I got a goodbye concert but on a huge turkey. I got no bill. No counseling cannot or won't nobody know me support shame and guilt that I thought you were neglectful like like I got tattooed with something this church one night is a huge church like a light was on. I members better look at all the people in America.

I would like be integrated.

I wish I could be anybody but me exited the minister walked up and in that night message was about David and Bathsheba, God, my God, are you kidding me, I meant and you know what the redemption. There is so my son died at the table like that. Okay I met the thought my son told me what they called it the dog appointment, but what I do day, you probably don't love him anymore, utterly kidney, recklessly much fun. I love it all my heart my full nothing is welcome, my love. Nothing can separate you from my love. I love you no matter what.

I'm proud of you look for my fun by dumping the table, cried over my bike but I'm not crying and I felt got the correct there might I know what you did but the look that is change how I love you still pay for the echo out of the guy with that something start from a life, but on what is that there is no quick recovery.

There is no like okay I'm better. I will buckle better about myself. Let me yes this and I'm on I'm terribly sorry to hear about about your son, your sons death in the that the overall pain that you've experienced and begin your you're taken on the chin and saying it's the result of sin. You said the words earlier on adulterer and again I didn't know your current situation the way you were discussing things and I was going to address the fact that if if you were if you did commit adultery in you been forgiven by God and repented of it, then even a might feel that thing that's that stain is still part of your resume in a certain sense that the right thing to say was I was in adulterer I committed adulterer, commit adultery, the site who I am.

I never done it before. I've not that since I committed adultery is wrong.

I sent because forgiven me and I'm on the path of restoration but you said at present tense what you say present tense your program.

I don't go your go every day, and you said something with your you're discussing the about before the public to remember what I mean assassins of his, many a time that is gorgeous but Right goodbye I am I am a divorced man, I committed adultery I'm remarried to the woman I commit adultery to, and I thought really not not known. I'm not condemning your word bio….The state really really made me again. I stop and really look at myself and know… I correct, my wife divorced me and everything I came home I have a really really good paint job. Living a really nice like being homeless, and he will and feeling that in everybody's son, you might break her to give family everybody nobody. When the I was out all along our nonurban go alone enemy and Satan was having a field day yeah Mike got the next Billy. Imagine all by myself alone of all this is you know Scripture you're thinking that I'm just living out the consequences of sin and in adultery.

You will that living. Let me just say say this to Chris from from a heart you stand and fall before God, not me right used in full before God.

He's he's our ultimate judge. He's the one to whom we give account when I would just say is this.

I know the story of David that she would David not to commit adultery but a murder and then after their first child died the next child they had Solomon and his was given the name ED job, beloved of the Lord along the Solomon and and and this is in part of the genealogy of Jesus, so I know God's Redeemer.

I know God's Redeemer but think is really important is for you and the woman are currently married to.

You haven't done it to sit with a godly pastor and lay everything out and both of you say we only want what God wants if there's redemption here. Reconciliation. Life is impossible. If God can redeem this relationship be at if we have to be separate so be it is essential that you do that in this way you can move forward cleanly and clearly her plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown about these very very waiting issues and Chris thanks for continuing to listen prayerfully number one please hear the warning from her brother. Please hear the warning that sin is not worth that adultery is not worth that slaying is not worth that that romantic excitement and thrilled with that sexual connection that whatever it is, is not worth it's not worth never worth ever ever ever the one guaranteed outcome of sin in the end maybe after an hour, maybe after day may be. After a year, maybe after lifetime, the one guaranteed outcome of sin in the end it is not worth and and Chris is shouting that out for the world to hear. And again, Chris.

Bless you for your courage and candor to call to share these things openly.

And yes, it's a shame. Sometimes the church doesn't know how to treat us to respond.

Sometimes we're ornery and it's hard to deal with us in our sin. Sometimes people just run from us in our in our moment of greatest need. We need to do better to truly restore when there is repentance and help people come to repentance. It's essential Chris that you have an absolutely clean conscience between you and God and that the one you're married to has an absolutely clean conscience between you and God. If you are unsure if you relationship is blessed by God. If you see will how can it be it's the fruit of adultery or its ongoing adultery and in God's sight, then the only path is to separate and and the case lives before the Lord and have a clean conscience now some would say will look their examples in the Bible where God God can do the unthinkable.

That sin is committed.

David commits adultery with Bathsheba. Then David kills Bathsheba's husband, Uriah, has been killed in cold blood, that he takes her then the child they have dies within the next child I have the Solomon and he becomes David successor. Not yet. Solomon is infected with David's adultery and and does even worse but still, Solomon had choices he made his own choices and he sin but but God blessed the relationship of David Bathsheba afterwards and and in that sense she's part of the genealogy of Jesus, God's Redeemer. Can he redeem a situation like this would see your wife divorced… She remarried should no interest in reconciliation and and now you moved on your you're both single and you repented before God, can God bring you together.

Some would say that's a ghastly thought could be others and say will have with David Bathsheba, whether their principles and Scripture were God's Redeemer.

What I'm saying is you need to be at a point sir when you know that you know that you know not just that you're forgiven for the past. Of course the blood of Jesus forgives. Yes, just like when your son said he was gay. He said of course I love you. You're my son.

Certainly God's heart towards us all the more we blow it when we send this we need is grace the most. We blow and fallen short.

That's what we need the father's love the most.

That's where we need to come running in his arms just like that the, the prodigal son.

He was ready to greet the father with the father came running towards them to embrace and celebrate. That's God's heart towards us when were truly repentant, which you need to know is for sure between you and God's relationship blessed is it right in God's sight is according to Scripture. If so, then your conscience should be completely clean and the devil should have no room for accusation. If it's not right, then you need to deal with it accordingly. And God will give you the grace and there's nothing more valuable than a clean conscience before God. So Sue Chris May God guide you.

May God guide you and your current wife.

In terms of what is right and the site may God give you godly counsel and godly friends and and may you live in a way. When I next year for maybe a few months down the line. May you be completely free Trinity shackles. These demons of the past for many of this before God may be completely free. Whatever that means.

He's your father to let you know in his ways are best so I am not sitting here is your judge, I'm not sitting here is your jury. I am not telling you, in absolute terms may be some say will Mike you should.

I'm leaving this Chris between you and God. But I'd encourage you to have godly counsel someone that you know a leader that fears God loves God and references his word sit down three of you together and say Lord.

We only want what's best in your site and he will guide you and he will bless you as a result of the quickest pray Lord I pray for your very best for the situation for everyone involved. For your very best plan and I pray God for those listening right now that are right on the edge of adultery right on the edge of immorality run on the edge of crossing a line that could bring terrible terrible pain. Lord grant them repentance over them up, shake them up right now and for those who are in sin and see no way out me.

Your conviction gets so intense.

Your presence be so strong that they have to run from that sin back into your arms. We asked for it. Father in the name of Jesus. Lord I thank you that Jesus died for every sin ever committed the most ugly, despicable, embarrassing things for things that we be mortified if the world knew about Jesus died for them so that we could live for you may be so. In Jesus name.

Eight thank you Chris for listening to God's grace and truth be yours friends. Obviously you can orchestrate this don't know who Chris is and there is spoken to my knowledge before.

In any case, this was the right day for this call. This is the right date for us to hear from someone firsthand into to hear the pain in his voice and for us to recognize fake it happened. Chris, it could happen to you. It could happen to me.

Those not just empty words. I am fully oh I am fully aware of the reality of which I speak. Which is why lean hard on God's grace, which is why by his grace I don't play with fire whoever their lessons to learn from mistakes others have made for things I've watched and observed in my own life. Let us all learn and take heed with him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall for those who have fallen. There is grace, grace, grace and redemption in the Lord there is forgiveness there is new life friends, let us minister to you. Let us be a blessing to you sign up for my newsletter. Go to the line of fire Deloitte Center for the newsletter. We got a great e-book will send you an advantage of latest articles and videos bolster your heart. The bless you, will equip you to stand strong in the service of God euro the price of sin is heavy. God's plan of salvation weightier still got a lot to talk about plus calls today it's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you friends for joining us on the line of fire. Even rhe things in the news you hear things in the news and on about you but I'm often processing those things spiritually did today when I heard about the suicide in prison of former New England Patriots tight end Aron Hernandez and then I got a note about another suicide mass shooter the mall in Washington state suicide, his cell and then the Facebook killer. The man who posted a video of him murdering a man in cold blood in Cleveland and then when caught by police, being chased, he killed himself, shot himself before he could be apprehended, something struck me about these three suicides all with in a few days and I will make some spiritual observation some life-giving spiritual observations listening to the line of fire Michael Brown thank you so much for joining us of first hour was a pretty seasonally pretty intense hour. If you missed any part of the broadcast. Catch you later by going to the line of and you can catch the entire two hours broadcasts were now in our second hour. But if you have a question of any kind. If there's anything you want to ask me about looking earlywood on a Friday we give a little space to those that like to call in with your comments and questions of any kind. If it's appropriate for Christian radio is good for us, 866-348-7884 is the number to call okay quickly quickly before we get into any of that. If you are the things I want to talk about so there was a shooting in Fresno yesterday, a black man killing white men this case, the color matters because it was race related. This man had previously murdered and posted on Facebook hatred for white men and then indiscriminately shot three white men and was shouting Allah Akbar as he did now reports of this said he was shouting quote God is great, what will that's true allow Akbar means God is great technically means God is greater than when the Muslims is a law a lot who they're saying God. That's how they speak of God.

And yes, that's his name and that since Allah but Allah is God, from Muslim and in many nations where Arabic is spoken. For example, if you. Egyptian Coptic Christian speaking when this be my God they speak about all log. That's the way they say God that whether it's right or not this whole debate about this on the subject. On the one hand that's you saying again exactly God is greater Akbar meaning greater greater than the questions greater than whom obviously was greater than the other gods that was what was meant in the early days of polytheism, but it does mean translate it. God is great, but when your average American hears that he was saying God is great before shop. You all know they need to know that he single I walk for. They need to know that this was not just a racist act that this was a racist act that was also tied with radical Islam or guy could be completely demented but he was making a Islamic related comment.

So on the one hand, it's true, means God is great, but on the other hand grabbed American. They say it was shouting. God is great, was a Christian or general what no-no he was shouting Allah Akbar showing God is great as a Muslim to not report that clearly that is misleading. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends 7884. When leaving the broadcast I want to raise the question of who the true believer who is a true believer. My apologetics colleague and radio host colleague Hank had a graph has been removed from a number of evangelical stations since he has announced his conversion to Eastern orthodoxy and you might ask the question well let's say you had a Roman Catholic radio station with they have evangelicals on wood would they do that they have it with Evan evangelical on as is a major voice on that station would if an Eastern Orthodox radio station with a heaven evangelical voice on the survey questions to ask. II came against those who said that Hank had a graph has a pasta size that he has left the faith of said differ with his some of his new beliefs as some of his Eastern Orthodox but but when we draw the line you want in terms of whose true believer not and then how do we respond accordingly.

You might say and what we get is this more little later. You might say look at it like this if if you had a church congregation would summon Pastor leave that church that was nonessential harmony with all of the fundamental doctrines of the church. Obviously not. I'm's not so just like you would not bring in the conservative Baptist to lead an Eastern Orthodox church, you wouldn't bring in an Eastern Orthodox priest to lead a Southern Baptist Church right. Obviously if you have conflicts in beliefs and practices. So is it the same as radio radio host has a certain spiritual pastoral responsibility this on a Christian network. You could argue that what will come to that little while.

I just want to address these recent suicides.

So Aron Hernandez top tight end playing with New England Patriots how many athletes and would be athletes and wannabe athletes make it to the NFL tiny tiny percentage and how many have a successful career even a successful year in the NFL tiny tiny tiny time tiny percentage and yet he made it to the big time now. NFL is the is is violent sport violent league and many in NFL football or there. They have great contracts to make a lot of money, but they don't perform their lives and they have a lot of trouble afterwards and some of trouble while playing in in some destroy the careers while playing.

So that's what I'm to Aron Hernandez and we got convicted for one murder count serving life in prison for that.

Then was found not guilty in the past week of double murder charges and then today is found dead in his cell. According to the reports he hung himself in his cell, then again got an email today. Just some news items being sent to me about the mass shooter in Washington Mall, was it five people and he was found dead in his cell allegedly committed suicide, and then again the report of the Facebook killer and he shoots himself to death. Once the police are chasing him and found him at the side story to that, by the way is he gets found out going to McDonald's drive through. He trimmed his beard somebody hadn't completely shaved his beard and and goes to McDonald's drive through some of them will see you when you you go by drive through certain point, they will see you can give your order right in, and someone hears your voice was certain point when you're paying a pick up your food you will be seen as one of the sticky McNuggets. That's another story so so here's here's the issue. God knows what happened in the lives of these men. If, as reported, they all took your allies. God knows what happened, but there is often a cycle that goes like this, you do something unthinkable you do something that you can ever imagine you would do and one should do it your smitten with guilt, not godly repentance that leads to life, not godly repentance that leads to change, not godly repentance that that leads to reformation or turning yourself in a coming clean, getting right with God. Not that but with a miserable guilt and remorse and you can't shake the thing and you finally get to the point of absolute hopelessness. The pain is too great to live with the consequences are too great to live with life itself is not worth living and you commit suicide. Now I understand that people commit suicide for many reasons and I understand that each of these three men could've had different reasons. Again, only God knows what was going on the hearts and minds up to this point, but for sure this is something that happens all too often, the act is committed, and once it's committed, there's no way back in your mind you think that this is no way back.

I could never fix this. The shame is too great. Normal ever forgive me. I've hurt too many people if they did forgive me of hurt too many people I could never forgive myself or the torment. What what ever it is, it reaches that point when someone takes all my friends. The same devil who tempts you the same devil who tells you you want to do this you need to do this have to do this the same devil who tells you, you'll never get caught. The same devil who tells you it's no big deal. Whatever the temptation is, however, it comes packaged. That same deceiver after you send now comes to condemn you.

That same deceiver when I say Satan weathered Satan, whether it's demons you know what I'm talking about the same one.

This is no big deal.

Who cares come on come on this distillate do we have to do it or the guy intimates a range should support whatever the thing is, once reality strikes. Once you come to your senses once you think all my God what have I done what have I done that same deceiver is there to say is no hope is to lay most would just end it and then the person goes ahead and ends it they they can't face the consequences if someone shoots a bunch of people and shoots themselves that they can't face the consequences they they did what they did and it's unimaginable now again only God knows what's happening. Only God knows what happened in each life but but I'm sharing this for reason because some of you are in that place of hopelessness and despair in your even suicidal when that place were you thinking what's the point what's the use. I blew it.

Look I'm I can mention names and I'm I'm going to be very, very vague, intentionally but there is. There was some years ago, a Christian leader.

If I mention his name.

I would say the vast majority of you wouldn't know his name but you would've known the organization he was associated with many advantages name. The vast majority would know who was he was reportedly involved with the young girl.

I remember reading reports to my absolute shock. I met that the brother one time and spent time with everything to be of a finance whatever weaknesses he struggled with whatever it sends.

When his life. There was a report that he was being arrested for sexually abusing a girl and not some of his own family. The girl at all, not him know you're hoping please let it be a false report to let you know no in the next report killed himself God and in he was the leader of the important ministry. Natalie like a pastor is that type of leader, but moreover executive leader for ministry.

And I remember thinking it must've just been the pain was unbearable.

It it it must, it must've just been that that the shame of it. What he did to his family. What he did to the to the ministry what with that the repercussions were going to be. It can live with it and rather than face what was going to be coming. He took his own life. Can God as judge causes judge. I don't sit is to throw stones. And that's why I speak of this in such general terms because I don't want you to think I'm trying to disparage the memory of someone it's gone from this world, but there is always a way out for come to God, we might go to jail we might lose our family but would not lose her soul would have to lose our life.

God is a Redeemer in the matter how horrific the act.

There is a place of forgiveness and perhaps this is brother.

Given the rest of his life to secret prayer in prison for sexual abuse victims pray against human trafficking. Let history be known as warning. God help us, friends, suicide is not the best option. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and friends.

Drawing SDI. I noticed I understand pretty heavy stuff, but friends of these realities, the price of sin sin it is terribly terribly costly. Don't want to be overly repetitious said this before. It's an old saying sin will take you father than you plan to go. Sin will keep you longer than you plan to stay symbol cost you more than you planned to pay. It's what sin does.

It's the nature of it and it it it distorts our thinking it it lowers us as human beings. It it perverts us and twists us, makes us stupid. And then people end up doing stupid things, the more sin comes into their lives and in the they they begin to one light leads to another and then more layers of deception and we become subhuman in terms of the image of God in which we created.

We go lower and lower and lower. Redo the ugly things in our humanity so that the fact is that that the Holy Spirit doesn't condemn us, though, he convicts us as but as believers, he doesn't condemn us a ton about this last night to her students and fire school of ministry but a way to find out about our school go to fire – fire – as I was teaching in our holiness class and teaching about living free of condemnation explained that condemnation is that gavel coming down saying guilty as charged. You are guilty away from me. It's it's it's God speaking those words. For example, on the day of final judgment. To somehow say away from me, depart from me before the loss and wanted to do with God on that day José find depart for me. The consequences of your sin. That's condemnation, that's damnation. That's doom. That's hopelessness. That's is over. That is never, never, never, never, ever with God says to one of his own children. Someone in his family. He may convict us of sin, he may rebuke us. It may staying we may get on our faces and weep in repentance, we may feel miserable for days. For weeks we might think of what we've done and it strikes us.

I mean, just think of how someone would feel. Maybe this is you, your believer you're walking with the Lord you get loose and casual with some your friends, come on man, get what can have a drink with us, watches game can have a drinking well is one drink would be a problem independent one drink a little tipsy leads to another drink a little more tipsy leads to another drink mixing your stone cold drunk, get your car driving home and kill a child crossing the street. Yet this can stay with you. You repent yes God to forgive you. You you go to court you're found guilty of vehicular manslaughter, expensive years in jail that thing that things hang on you. You vest the family to forgive you if you don't you can to make restoration of God's forgive you, but never that things in a fight at you and staying and and and you remit you know what when this a little kid crossing the road you get hit with that again.

I think I father thank you for gave me Lord I pray for the family. Of course, of course, it's going to happen but that sentence of condemnation is never ours is believers that sentence of condemnation is never hours as children of God is only ours if we turn our back on him walk away from refuses grace and go home way and and and diocesan rebellion.

This child of God that's never yours.

So when the Holy Spirit comes to convict. He doesn't condemn our minds off academics are unconscious is often condemn us friends condemn us, people condemn us misreading of Scripture condemns us. Legalism condenses but God does not condemn his people. There is no condemnation to those who are in the side Jesus for the law of the Spirit of life is set us free from the loss and death of all the Spirit of life in Christ has set us free from all sin and death and and those of us who are truly his will not live persistently consistently and without interruption. The way the world lives, we cannot because we been born from above, we will live differently. So what's the moral of the story. The moral of the story is about what you've done come to God don't run from God run to God no matter what you've done run to God, not from God. No matter what you've done, come clean and you'll be blessed may be a painful process.

It may be a difficult process but if you violate a trust for someone if if you work in a job for years and been dishonest and stealing complaint. If you been unfaithful to your spouse come clean.

If if if you have betrayed people close to come clean first company before God and then pray pray pray and come clean with the person you may need the help of a leader to be there to help mediate you depends on how volatile the situation is the maybe real consequences to your actions. It it may get ugly first. But I'm telling you God will ultimately bring blessing into your life as you bring everything into the light. There is no reason to end it all.

There is no reason to put a bullet in your head, or to do something else and say there's no hope there's no reason to live another day, and it may not be the result of sin. It may be the result of hopelessness and depression.

The pain is too great. You suffer the loss and and you have been healed. You're the one that lost that child was killed by the drunk driver and the pain is never gone away. You're the one that that had that precious relationship that you ran taken from you and the pain is never gone away, and you feel is no hope of telling you as surely as Jesus rose from the dead as the world celebrated that this past weekend as surely as Jesus rose from the dead. There is hope there is a way out.

There is a better way and if you come to God and all your pains have done it before.

Do it again see God. I can't live with this. I can't live with this pain. I'm giving it to you. I'm giving you two doesn't mean you don't love the person because you're not in agony over the loss anymore. It means that life goes on and that God wants you to heal all the will always be that whole will always be that something missing, that's understood, that's called love, but God can give joy again.give peace again talking to freedom again talking give hope again and if you're one of those who is guilty and feeling condemned come to Jesus asking him to wash you clean either. He died for your sins are heated it. If you pay for your misdeed. Your transgressions rebutted on the cross or heated if he did and he did in fact put your trust in him receive forgiveness. God is faithful and just to forgive us, because Jesus paid for our sins and therefore God can look at us and say because of what he did. I freely forgive you and then your life can be an example to others. Your life human example to help others your life bring restoration to others as well. Changing topics we get back.

Friends take this to heart of this is for you with grace. If the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown, who is say is not say it's in doesn't get it right with God is not right with God, who is a believer in God's sight, who is not a believer in God's sight. Michael Brown, welcome to the line of fire. Thanks much for joining us today, 866-348-7884. What prompts me to raise these questions today. Well a few things. One eye I saw the news that my radio colleague and apologetics colleague Hank had a graph is losing a number of stations that he is on because he is converted to Eastern orthodoxy and my friend and colleague Dr. James White fellow apologist has raised the question. Can you be the Bible answer man if you're not Eastern Orthodox meaning if you no longer believe in Solis group Torah that Scriptures of the Scriptures alone. Our our our our foundation guideline basis for faith, not Scriptures plus church tradition, but Scriptures alone. I can be. The Bible answer man in that respect very fair question to raise.

I do not believe Hank has left the Christian faith.

I do not believe he is a plasticized I view him. Still, as a brother and colleague in the Lord. Yet I differ with his Eastern orthodoxy.

How far does it go before we say you are now outside the faith and is up to us to make that proclamation. Another reason this is on my mind is because we post videos on a regular basis and I do teachings on a regular basis about controversial subjects and the way some people respond to these controversial subjects is even to me after all these years still surprising to me. I do II feel bad for the people being totally candid with you. I I laugh, but I feel bad for the people at the at the same time when they will have the here here's the it here, here, here's one. This is a debate I did with the full credit risk. Someone who believes that Jesus returned the year 70 A.D. and that the resurrection of the dead is a spiritual thing right. Dr. Don Preston alerted representative of his position to. Here's a comment to the. The debate that we have on you to be have a couple of debates right this is to one of them. Michael Brown is a horrible liar. I'm saying like this because it's WITH multiple!

He is a Jew who never believes in Jesus is only 45+ years of taking heat is dutifully reduced to solidify the that either believed in Jesus going to this poor soul all Jews are trader like Brown. He is a spy infiltrated the Christian religions are destroyed from inside out like all the scientists till now. They kill the Christian Palestinians blank this Talmud believer. He follows Satanic culture. Yeah, that was that was posted in because the profanity of the joke. It was with movement, but all. Oh yeah, I mean all the time I get junk like this. We just posted a video on is the pretrip rapture biblical because I don't hold to pretrip rapture. There some almost want to cut you out of the faith for not holding to that. Oh yeah apps absolutely, absolutely. So where do we draw the line. The person who attacked me with a therefore outside the faith. When we truly want. Did God call us to draw such lines, whom we to do so or does the word draw them clearly will talk about that a few more things we come back online, afar 8663 freight 784 where you sent what your take on all this.

If you listen on Christian radio say of course I should submit other great jobs. No person should be on their sentencing. Talk about instructive, not destructive error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown in this yacht the first hour talk about the announcement that Bill O'Reilly was going to be out at Fox and the charges are true against him was sexual harassment. Things like that so bring lessons for us about playing games with sin thinking something will never catch up with us again.

We don't know all the details.

Everything involved. We haven't heard from Bill O'Reilly himself.

We don't say yes or no to allegations to your more facts behind them, but yet sober, sober reminder, but the fox so Fox is officially announced that I was of scene reports for your magazine and widely circulated about it yet at that fuel the content for the first hour of my show that in a number of other related things, but the call from a man who committed adultery and was in agony of soul written want to share his experience with everyone else. The good news is if we send falling short.

There is redemption and forgiveness in Jesus. The bad news is sin is very costly. 866-34-TRUTH 7884 last week, Hank had a graph sent me a note with a link that he had posted and let me just pull up that link answer the question have I left the Christian faith right because this is being reported here plasticized instant people posted that on my Facebook page should be seen by ConAgra pasta sauces want only be a plasticized if he still holds the certain fundamentals, but what I consider him an evangelical will obviously not based on this and when I say these going in the wrong direction. All of course. Of course it was. I've Eastern Orthodox myself right. And remember as a Jewish follower of Jesus as a Jewish follower of Jesus. I reject the authority of the traditions of the rabbis.

This was this was a great issue. Do you accept Scripture plus tradition, according to a traditional Jew you cannot rightly understand the Hebrew Scriptures without the traditions of the rabbis according to traditional Jew. What he's doing today either from his father who learned from his father all the way back to Moses. That's what they believe and that the reason they observe the Sabbath the way they do with all of the details is because they believe it was given by God like that.

Not just being applied properly in the in the modern day certain things change so you know, driving a car, it is that allowed or not, or turning a light. Things changed in that regard that they believe that all the principals have observe this work given by God to Moses at Mount Sinai, and when the when they put on filling when they put on the phylacteries right that the prayer boxes on on the, the, the left arm and on the four head.

They believe that God specifically showed Moses how this would be designed to pass that on. So I with all respect to many the beautiful traditions of Judaism and with full recognition that many of these traditions go way back into antiquity and and some of them. Many of them are known in and she was day as well and she's just as well. I reject the authority of rabbinic tradition.

I am soul a script Torah in that respect. But not just for the Hebrew Bible for the New Testament as well for the whole Bible, Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox believer would have a different perspective. They would say is Scripture plus tradition. One church historian made the comment. One church historian made the comment that Roman Catholicism is no more the religion of the New Testament than traditional Judaism is the religion of the Old Testament you follow that. In other words, for both. It is Scripture plus tradition and they would believe that there is authoritative tradition for Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox that that quoting Paul's words to Timothy that the church is the pillar and foundation of the truth and they would understand that to mean that the repository of wisdom is given to the church and without the interpreters of the church. You will not rightly understand Scripture and that the mother church is inspired.

And with that inspiration will make right decisions and introduce new teachings will have divine authority to do so. So if you say to that Eastern Orthodox believer Roman Catholic believer. Why do you do this it's not in the Bible they would. So we have it by church tradition, and then here is how we attached back to Scripture, we would say yeah but if it's not the Bible was a core practice and that's where we have our differences so Hank posted a statement with this confession should have never been more in love with the Lord Jesus and his body, the church.

As such, I confess my faith in the deity of Christ goes on with detail from their eye from the doctrine of original sin.

I'm deeply committed to the church of the living God, the pillar and foundation of truth which are described in first Timothy three and to the holy Scriptures of infallible repository of redemptive revelation. Second Timothy three.

I love the holy Trinity. Just reading excerpts I hold to the glorious reality that Jesus rose in the third day according to the Scriptures, ascended to heaven. I'm grateful to the Lord Jesus, who for us and for salvation came down from heaven was incarnate, the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary became man. I thank God daily on the new creation in Christ. For by grace are been saved through faith, that of myself as a gift of God not of works. Thus, I should post. Ephesians 2 other for the resurrection of the dead and the life of the age to come.

Jesus will are many secondary issues. Genuine believers will continue to debate the side of eternity I have and always will champion with CS Lewis Colbert Christianity essentials unity nonessentials liberty and all things, charity, what will again I I hear those words from Hank and I say that's why I do not believe he is a plasticized that's why I do not believe that he is no longer part of the body. That's why, do not say he is no longer a a true Christian. What I do say is do you no longer hold to so script Torah bite by this that we hold to the Scriptures alone there statement of the church and Scripture. So I wanted just to hold socially toward you still hold to justification by faith on yes yes yes of course a truly justified person truly bargain person will have works yes yes of course yes, we prove our repentance by her deeds.

Yes yes yes true repentance and true faith go hand in hand. Yes yes yes were not saved by works saved by faith. But faith will lead to works faith without works is dead. Yes, Jacob, James tells us that, but a going understand where Hank stands exactly on that hopefully will be able to get together and interact face-to-face on these issues, but if he scabbards Eastern Orthodox that was. It is a shift in some of the theories now at what point some of the longer believer on the Roman Catholic III do not submit to the pope as my spiritual leader. I do not venerate Mary the we Catholics do I reject the Catholic mass. I'm actually not Roman Catholic and information Jewish believer in Jesus always find it odd when I meet a Jewish Roman Catholic base. They find that I'm not Roman Catholic, I understand. But I know genuinely born again. Jesus loving Roman Catholics and and for then they don't see a contradiction between their faith in his other issues I see contradiction is an issue, but if if Mary was superior to Jesus. I cannot see how that person is is a truly born-again believer if if Mary is exalted more than Jesus. It will wear without ever having logged had a picture given to me by one of our students decades ago when he served as it is a missionary in Guatemala and he came back with pictures and it was the Easter parade, and marching down the street. They had Jesus in a coffin and Mary on the throne saying Mary the same yesterday today and forever.

That's heresy. That's heresy. Those who hold to that hold heretical beliefs. I can go down the list with with other things but also because the judge every one of us is an area of ignorance. Every one of us has a blind spot every one of us has has it that an area of lack of understanding. All right, none of us perfectly understand God perfectly understand the word perfectly understand everything having to do with what it means to follow him, but those are all nonessential issues. For example, I could debate someone about predestination, and this is when a debate my friend James White. Dr. White were debating as brothers in the Lord.

I I could debate someone about a pretrip rapture but were doing that as brothers and sisters in the Lord. We could debate issues about messianic Jews, MSN, a congregation and and how important Jewish identity to someone in the Lord. We debate those in Jesus. All right, but then there are other areas where lines cross now again God is merciful and and only God knows how much ignorance he puts up with Saul of Tarsus. Paul says in second Timothy first with the one that even though he was a persecutor blaster, a violent man, God had mercy on you because he acted in ignorance and unbelief. So when he saw the light he followed up until the time he been ignorant and again someone may be devout but have areas of ignorance and blind spots and go will help them grow over prove time but is there a line that can be crossed. Obviously, the denial of Jesus is Lord, the denial of salvation coming through his blood through his death through his resurrection that the denial of his divine nature. The denial of the Scriptures is the word of God.

Any of those things are fatal faith right back for cleansing in the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown about video rapture biblical and specifically my questions pretrip rapture biblical please go to the website.

The line of and just watch the latest videos. There is also debates of had debate with the rabbis there other videos is difficult to pray to Jesus a videos commenting on things in the news as well. Those there.

Plus my latest articles all there waiting for you my most recent one America first does not mean America only got another one coming out tomorrow about the trends. The God really cares about one of the comment. The recent Georgia for a vacant seat. Now that the former rep there was given a job in the current administration, health and human Sec. of Health and Human Services Sec. of there was a lot this a mandate against Trump and this is well it it it ends up that there was one young Democrat Friday against 11 Republicans as well as get 50% of the vote, then then he would take the seat.

This was looked in some kind of mandate.

I think the whole thing was massively overblown terms that he came up short. And now he'll he'll basically compete against the leading Republican candidate hopefully will come behind a person, but to make such a big deal about it to me so some desperation.

Just my own opinion. I do want to give a brief comment on that.

All right, back to Scripture. 866-34-TRUTH 784 let's go to Dallas, Texas Joshua, welcome to the line of fire and very well thank you I urge everything you don't necessarily believe that the pretrip rapture will occur to the regular yeah I deftly don't believe in a pretrip rapture just completely respect I respect you and I love your charlatan every single I just wanted to pick your brain about why you don't think that one of being the book of Revelation.

How can the church is a mention in our every talk about the church and and what effect of M&M purchase dimension until you come back mixed with drawing a blank book earlier in the New Testament, there were a part of it being ruptured out or about the ultimate yeah sure thing at absolutely number one.

Some of the finest believers I know in the world today are pretrip rapture believers.

So I've never divided over that and their folks of work with for decades and I don't even know what they believe Atticus never come up with is never affected or ministry our relationship or serving side-by-side my own belief is that we should always be ready to meet the Lord. None of us know the moment of our death. We should always live in readiness. We should always live with urgency because we only have one life to live. I will have one generation to reach this generation. We only have one life to give back to the Lord for what is done for us in this world we live with a sense of urgency and expectation. But the fundamental reasons.

I don't believe in the pretrip rapture comes simply down to this. I got saved in a church that taught it.

I learned to believe it.

I read through the Bible five times my first couple years in the Lord I remember is probably over 4000 versus when someone asked me to explain three pretrip rapture and then the second coming. I couldn't.

My thought isn't that on every other point you asked me to explain.

I can explain in detail from Scripture I give in verse after verse after verse after verse.

Why believe what I believe but when you ask me, this I can't. So I bought books I master the subject, I taught it dogmatically and then it hit me. A few years later when the second you got this from book stuff in the Bible go back to Scripture. When I went back to Scripture. I thought unless someone came and told me this whole system that the second coming is separate from the rapture and there's two different events that take place, I would never dream this up in a million years and NSO is a testament what I've come to this belief. I've come to this understanding just reading Scripture alone so I adheres what I understand at the end of this age. Whatever happens, whatever goes on in this world, God will be with us in the midst of his wrath being poured out on the sinful earth he knows that he keep us and protect us at the end of this age, Jesus will return in power and glory.

But weighty forces appearing all those who love his appearing. Paul talks about second Timothy four Hebrews 9 when he appears as a way for second Thessalonians 1 when he comes in flaming fire taking vengeance on those you don't know God, waiting for his glorious appearing when he appears will be caught up to meet him and yes I do believe in the catching up. But rather than him turning around and going back to heaven.

We turn around and accompany him back to earth. So as far as the book of Revelation. First thing is chapters 2 and three. He's addressing the Iglesia he's addressing believers in Asia minor. He's not addressing directly some today by application. We look at it like that but that through the spirit. Jesus was speaking to seven different churches in Asia minor that existed in the ancient world and that's the subject matter the first two chapters, and then throughout the rest of the. The book of Revelation is mentioned in the saints. Some of the saints. So that's that's all God's people referred to elsewhere, so this on a message to the church as a whole. Assist congregation seven congregations Iglesia in the city. The city the city. The city now is not talking to them, but saints are there saints are mentioned throughout Revelation, even to the point of there's a multitude.

No one can number that's being mentioned. Jesus tells us in John 16. In this world you will have tribulation.

The big chair of overcome the world. That same word tribulations were used for tribulation. Revelation 7, those who come out of the great tribulation. John one. Johnson's other companion in tribulation, so roles you have testing difficulty. The wrath of man. The wrath of Satan.

The things we deal with in every generation.

But in that and when God pours out his wrath will be protection for us in the midst of it, but will be here sharing the gospel witnessing what I'd encourage you to do Josh Jesus is a big subject, and I'm answering in a short period of time, I'd encourage you to ask yourself the question, if no one told you that there was this pretrip rapture and the second coming.

Would you look at them as two separate events when you read the New Testament which would you look at them as a student, separate things, or would you say will when Jesus appears this were to be with him.

So do little study of that look at the references to his coming. The Greek word for coming as is his arrival right plane is arriving at such and such runway, such and such gate its front touches ground waiting for his arrival for his coming, waiting for his appearing. That's were waiting for that to be a public event not a secret event and that time all of us who are his people will be caught up to meet him and we will then descend together with him in glory. He's coming for his saints is coming with his saints. That's how it's gonna work out so I believe will be glorified. I believe those who are alive when he returns will be caught up and then we descend to earth together with him as he sets up his kingdom and those of the survivors of the nations attacked Jerusalem. Zechariah 14 says will then enter the millennial kingdom as we have already been resurrected and she said Josh another time. Prof. Craig Keener and I are hoping to write a book together with love and edification among the cleavage pretrip rapture. They will talk about this more another day. If you want to and type in live with is listen. Typing rapture for tribulation, you get more info hey thanks for listening back with you tomorrow

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