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Dr. Brown Answers Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 21, 2017 4:50 pm

Dr. Brown Answers Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 21, 2017 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/21/17.

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You've got questions.

We got answers. Let's do it stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire mouth like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown many times a gram in full sincerity when send you the questions that we want to cover with you and I said it, that's fine. But I'm I'm happy to steer them as we go. There is something I enjoy about the spontaneity of the moment and not knowing what's coming and then being able to answer on the spot were seeing what wisdom the Lord gives on the spot. Of course look to study and prepare to, but on these broadcasts you got questions, we've got answers. I have no clue what you gonna call in with what kind of questions you raised were kind of issues you raise. So my joy to take your calls. You've got questions. We got answers here, simply call 866-34-TRUTH.

It's 8663 for 87884 the only request I have is asked me a question right can help you if you want to ask me about physics now. Not my field. If you want to ask me about NASA's latest interspace program and now this is not my field. If you want to talk to me about dialects of of ancient Etruscan not my field, but there are plenty things right can help you if I can help you recall 866-34-TRUTH 87884. You've got questions, we've got answers.

I want to start with an email question from Angie. She says I been listening to and reading your blog.

Videos of a believer.

What you say resonates in my heart but I been asked by young 20-year-old, a 21-year-old to explain today's social issues in the biblical reason, and I can't seem to get it from my heart to my mouth to her ears as their study that can help us through these issues and help me to communicate real truth to her help. Okay number one there is a great study that I'm gonna recommend to you in a moment, you'll find very very helpful, but let me start here. You want to understand why you believe what you believe. So talk to yourself about it, meaning think through what you believe right out points. See if you can reduce it to soundbites always take what you know, take what you agree with and then sink it through write it out. Try it out on others.

If your and other young people are believers. That's one thing it's very helpful. I try to reduce a lot of what I have to say to soundbites as well because that's what this generation needs a short ways of saying things and I expand from there. So as my problem is, from having a hard time. Okay, I'll give you more practical advice, but that's that's an adjuster very helpful exercise, and then it's important to listen when you're talking to the 21-year-old why does this person feel with a what is fueling their fire. Why do they have these particular issues. Why do they have these different perspectives do your best to understand their perspective because this will help you to better answer and respond as you understand, then here's what I recommend you reading my articles watch my videos. So friends asked Dr. ask Kate your check out our latest videos latest articles were always addressing culturally relevant issues as well as timeless biblical issues and providing information but here's a way to break it down systematically point-to-point. Get online and look up bull's-eye challenge bull's-eye challenge. Look that up. My friend Larry Tomczak has a different subject each day for 30 days. A short, simple teaching video that's free a month and then you buy the book the e-book or the physical book bull's-eye challenge and it'll take you through each of the major social cultural issues of the day.

Point by point. In practical terms in book form write one chapter for each one, and in video form and maybe 30 minutes a day set aside to pray about these things.

Watch the video to read the chapters you'll get things really deeply within you in a practical practical way. So that's what I recommend for the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown in the line of fire now by calling 8663 here again is Dr. Michael Brown joining us today. The line of fire. You got questions, got answers, 866-348-7884 we go to the phones will start in Atlanta with Noah. Welcome to the line of fire from low. Yes, I can record your graph through debate in Atlanta with Rabbi Frederick. Okay Kim, since I University in March is spoke with you afterwards about your product recall last year as well and basically you a call and remind you about us. I remember meeting you yet found that women were given your call would be added provider that usually speak of the Armenian genocide commemoration in Atlanta for capital which will be the actual day after your trip despicable close on Monday and you know I love to be able to share with them some sort of restatement from you think it would do a lot for them to hear area especially unbelieving Jewish brother about it though. Remind you what you can consider to Armenia my mother. I'm Armenian my mother's side. Later in life, but by the grace of God I learned to speak, read and write the major dialects of Armenian class Carmen you know I minister my friends are my friends or the head of the Georgia chapter of the Armenian national Association Georgia usually on one of the presenters at the capital, but I think I will be here anyway so this is set for the benefit of our listeners who may be completely unaware of this genocide or know very little about it first. Give us that the religious background.

The relevant religious background and and then the reality of what happened sure all the long history but basically the Armenian Bennett and I went to the time of no other trickster there are limits to him directly. Anyway, they been Armenian islands in what is now eastern Turkey for oh very long time. The kingdom of Cilicia over a thousand years ago Armenian kingdom there first Christian nation and lived there in their land for a very long time.

Starting in the 1800s and some in the Ottoman Empire were not happy with the sort of laissez-faire policy of Sultan extremism started to arrive.

Starting the persecution of Christian not just terminated. Also in your your meaning in any of the Christian in the Ottoman Empire particular target, just like Jews were for Hitler. He didn't just kill Jews, but they were the primary target so didn't want to be the young Turk, a political party gained power set about to decide before" Armenian question and in 1915 they started a campaign which you build your model to camp and after their of exterminating the Armenian people now with the intellectuals, architects, priest, etc.… They they rounded them up and put them out of major city stumble but you know smaller villages like the village with my family came, they would typically surround it and move and you know toward the center and kill and burn anything in their way.

The result was that about 1,000,000 1/2 Armenian several hundred thousand Greek and Syrian Christians were murdered and that the schoolwide dispersion result was the Armenian population at that point, when 1,000,000 1/2 were murdered. I will let you know it's hard there different estimates coming million and I have met member killed Larry could have been up to 2 million total population of them could have been around 3 million on work were talking about the half, two thirds of the population is intellectuals and inventing things like that right so why what you think and and this was basically radicalized Islam seeking to wipe out the Armenians who were largely professing Christians correct, why do you think we hear so little about this today while I'm in family. A lot of it has to do with intimidation from Turkish interest, not speculation at its reality, not just in America but in Europe recently in the past years, several European nations of officially recognizing that even though you know historically have been established for a very long time.

But even even they received major pressure from Turkish government not to do it just like our government or we live under George W. Bush, that there was nearly in a resolution passed but Condoleezza Rice.

It because of the potential problems of Turkey dumping that we've had military bases in Turkey. You know what what's it what's the Turkish version of what happened. You know, we know the Holocaust deniers is customer happened in in in Europe are there Armenian genocide deniers or people have a different spin on the story sure you know it, and it basically followed the same pattern of Holocaust denial. Somehow, Armenians were Peter you know being provocative or worse starting skirmishes starting wars and really it was just that and an effort to deport them. But in the process of people were accidentally killed in a bad way and and there's not a whole lot of is not a major narrative behind it is in Africa to try to discredit Armenian let me know some people ensure that a different but but you know dislike you here. Would you that the article think that about them, about their ancestry about his strength anything with that right yet Ryan is in the safe to be punished. Yeah, what will you know what, I appreciate you raising up a standard and reminding people about this horrific event that took place which obviously scars the nation for generations to come. In the exact years that this took place but with a Noah were there were no smaller arguments in the late hundred and 1915 and I would be your demarcation when you know it really started insolently talking a little over 100 years. Some of this roughly hundred years ago and I hardly know very little taught so. Here's what I would like to say no and and feel free to communicate this that with the rise of radical Islam worldwide in the genocide of Christians in the Middle East. It's all the more important to remember the Armenian genocide.

So again with the rise of radical Islam worldwide and with the genocide of Christians in the Middle East. It's all the more important to remember the Armenian genocide. I can also say with the radicalizing of Turkey. It's all the more important to remember the Armenian genocide. Noah may a new generation wake up with a greater consciousness. May God continue to restore what was taken from the Armenian people. May they turn to Jesus in a fresh and living way works just become the tradition to be a true turning to the Lord made be the turning of the Muslim world and Turkey to be recognition the ways of radical Islam do not work either be turning to the Lord in repentance and faith and salvation. A thank you sir for sharing that with us and reminding some and educating others fresh about the major events in world history that is largely swept under the rug. Thank you sir, 8663 for 87884 of. Here's a question here's a question of this is from Ty. So in January 2017. I spent two and half hours with a well-known pastor in Singapore, Joseph Prince will known for his message of grace. But we've had differences about his and hyper grace doesn't go too far, but we agreed to speak out against counterfeit graces brothers in the Lord. We spent 2 1/2 hours together discussing issues and Ty asked did you discuss homosexuality with Joseph Prince asserted you agree with him what your thoughts on how to deal with this is a modern-day Christian, yes we did discuss it. We both agree that according to Scripture, homosexual practices, sinful, we both agree that according to Scripture that you cannot practice homosexuality and follow Jesus as a true disciple at the same time we both agree that ultimate liberty is found in Jesus and that the truth of God's transforming grace of God's transforming love is it wonderful starting point for all and interestingly pastor Prince told me that he gets regular testimonies hearing from folks who have come out of sexual morality, in particular come out of homosexual practice by embracing the grace of God which forgives them and then transforms them empowers them were human tradition empowers them with commandments alone can cause grace working in us turns our hearts and sets us free sense of yes. We talked about it in harmony.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice aboard cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Thanks for being part of broadcast questions.answers hate. Have you received my free e-book and I opening read seven secrets of the real Messiah. It takes years and years of research and study interaction with the Jewish community and breaks it down into seven I opening points. It's a free e-book get it when you in my website.*Brown ASKDR and just sign up for e-news letter. This will also know the latest videos, articles that we put out every week special resources that we have available for you, so good. My website asked her to and sign up for our emails and when you do will send you a free I opening e-book, 8663 for 87884. Let's go to the phones and will go over to Oklahoma Zach, welcome to the line of fire.

Dr. Brown right yeah go ahead. Questionnaires about what he does by stoning adultery. Other sexual like to know why were they necessary time limit is the second, do you feel that the death penalty is ever merited sometimes yeah so so you might you might have a situation where you accept it. Let's just say there was a man of willful in his right mind who goes on the serial killing spree in and kills 20 innocent people is found guilty, that perhaps situate situations that might merit the death penalty okay and and and against others have a different view on that. I just want to know you as well. The first thing is to understand that other cultures look at America because we do have the death penalty for certain crimes and reinforce it and they look at us is as being barbaric, though they look at us as being a completely out of touch, out of date, but we feel that in certain cases it's merited in the ancient world.

The ancient Israelite world.

The death penalty was much more common and existed for more crimes if if you lived in ancient Babylon, for example, reaching Egypt, there were various crimes for which there was a death penalty and and it was considered to be right and fair and just so different societies, different time periods have different perspectives on these kinds of issues. So that's one thing but we go from God's perspective, God brought the children of Israel out of Egypt by his own hand. The whole nation saw God move and act. He spoke to them from Mount Sinai. So the whole nation could hear them.

He demonstrated his power in a way that no other generation, at any time has seen all together at once and he gave his commands and he wanted them to be a separate and holy people and his whole plan was through that people to bring the Messiah is the Savior of the world and Israel is always tilting towards idolatry, always tilting towards the flesh, always tilting towards immorality and sin because it is being judged.

Judge the judge so these very strong penalties for serious issues, be it sexual sin, like adultery, be it worshiping other idols, be it rejecting something as fundamental as the Sabbath. It may seem extreme to us, but these were parameters that God put in place as strong warnings to Israel because this nation had to be preserved as a separate and holy nation, and then through this separate holy nation. Dogs can send the Messiah, through whom the world would now find God through whom billions of people find salvation so these were necessary strong precautions. These were necessary barriers put up so that people would know how ugly and destructive and terrible sin is would also recognize their need for Savior would also be preserved from the nations we see that without stern measures Israel would've apostatized very quickly without God acting sternly and quickly after the golden calf incident without God him to judge that whole first generation that came out of Egypt that then fell into unbelief and outright rebellion. Without God doing that. We wouldn't even be here. The Messiah never would've come none of us would've been saved so everyone in the culture of the day. These punishments were were not unusual affect biblical law in most cases is more merciful than the law and the surrounding countries, but in the culture of the day. It was more normal just like to Americans. We accept the death penalty.

Most of us in in certain circumstances, so that was the mindset the worldview, then number one number two. This was a theocracy. God took his people out of Egypt and demonstrated this power for the whole world to see. They were under one king, the Lord, number three, it was essential for them to be preserved as a nation so the Messiah could come through them and there would be a people that would recognize him and make him known to the rest of the world. Number four. Israel is always going in the wrong direction.

Hence the need to have these very very strong fences and barriers up to keep Israel from completely falling away. Otherwise there would be complete destruction. Israel would've been wiped out in the Messiah would not have come for salvation so the stakes in that sense, or very high. Hate Zach.

I hope that clarifies things for you and I do appreciate the question and for all of us reading Vegas 20 we recognize how seriously God took these things dealing with Israel. Some of them may have been specific for Israel. But when I read a book like Leviticus, even for things I'm Jewish. Of course, but even for things that I knew were specific for ancient Israel and that are not necessarily for all followers of Jesus today they sober me. The accounts sober me when I see how ugly sinners.

When I see the penalty and price of sin when I see how destructive it is these things sober me, and in turn help me say Lord I want to please you with all my heart that it in fact exactly put out one of the thing when you are reading the requirements for the priesthood in the book of Leviticus and in the chapters that follow.

Immediately after this they have no defect, the high priest can have no defect and and he he couldn't be a hunchback he he he couldn't have just that's a small, bodily issues can have a defect here they think that's unfair what I understand, could seem like that. But the point God was saying is if you are going to serve as a priest before me, just like a sacrificial animal had to be without blemish. You two have to be without blemish. Obviously, the condition of the heart is the biggest thing but this is God's way of saying be holy, for I am holy and the closer you get to me.

The more you need to be consecrated to me.

I think at the end of second Corinthians 6 beginning in verse 14, is to come out of the world and be separate which leads into second Corinthians 7 what is God's promise to be our father then says this. Having therefore these promises, dearly beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from everything that the files flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God, and that's what Leviticus is teaching us today.

Hey thank you sir for the call. All right, remember, check asked Dr. check out my latest videos and articles I can be your voice, moral, cultural and spiritual evolution are you there suffering E newsletter and connect with us on Facebook twitter or let thinking seeking to get it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown today on the line for you got questions.

We got answers any question of any kind in any area of expertise. I have yes you may call 866-3487 84 and if you differ with me on something or if you need clarification. Give me a call I'd love to speak with you often talking back and forth.

That's the way that we can best interact and best learn from one another.

So give me call 866-34-TRUTH 784 here's a question I often get in and I want to start here, here, here's here's the first question. So before I go to the phones or answer emails I get this question asked a lot and and it is simply this. Should Christians get involved with social issues. Should Christians get involved with cultural issues. Doesn't that take us away this in a take us away from the gospel does not take us away from winning the lost does not take us away from the great commission. A friend of my former student was talking to a man that they were going to some event there online.

He was sharing the gospel with them and then the man asked him who did you vote first president voted for Donald Trump.

The guy wouldn't talk about Jesus and now it could have been the cassette I was really kinda guy wouldn't talk from the bottom line is the moment politics came up at that moment. At that moment that I did want to talk anymore now it's one saying to get caught up in part in politics, and to be primarily known for political affiliation, and to identify as Republican or Democrat or libertarian, more than we identifies followers of Jesus. That's not healthy that's divisive and that's secondary.

However, I'd like to raise the question.

Should Christians get involved in moral issues and answers. Of course, of course, this isn't that a major calling throughout the Bible for God's people to care for the needy to stand up against injustice to to help those that are helpless that a major calling of the gospel. I look at it like this one does light do want does light do if you put a light in a dark place.

It is going to shine if you put a believer in a dark place that believers should make a difference if you put a believer in a dark place that believer should shine that believer should illuminate what's hidden in darkness, that believer should see a need an address that need. I mean think of it like this, we go back always to the question of slavery. Was it right for Christians in America to sit back mightily and do nothing during the slave trade to not speak up to not act II thought problems, 20 forces to rescue those who are perishing. I thought the whole prophetic witness is to seek justice. The Center for that for what is right. I thought Jesus is always going about his father's business and that is often helping those in need and Jesus even uses of the great parable in Matthew 25 versus 3140 60 separate sheep from the goats who help those in need who help the people of God in need and suffering and pain so I don't look at it as primarily social issues were talk about abortion were talk about redefining marriage. When we talk about human trafficking over talk about what our kids are taught with some sex ed curriculum in school.

I don't look at this is some separate social issue and it's outside of the purview of the gospel. Rather, I look at this as part of our calling to be the salt of the earth which part of that means being that the conscious the conscience of the nation.

I look at this as part of our calling to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world and as natural as a light shining yes the great commission is to go and make disciples. But the question is how did disciples live what the disciples do once they are in this world. That's what I want to ask how does it affect your marriage has affected family has affected business has affect what you do in society. Light shines disciples live change lives course get involved moral issues of our era. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on one 487884. You got questions leave God answers. Let's go straight to the phones and will go to New York. Damien, walking to the line of fire by Dr. Brad question I was wondering if you can keep my gun in your prayers. He had leukemia and he just three years old and my pray pray for him and remember him because we have big news on Monday so we can pray for a good report. I would greatly appreciate that you been since listening, watching, let's let's list of Damien's son, you can imagine that with the child Nicholas all right. Sure thing. Yes sir, thank you very much a question to questions about the Old Testament.

My first question is about Genesis ¥18 80 where Abraham believed that there yes and he addresses those three Lord, and he uses the Lord in singular and singular, and I was wondering is not representative of the Trinity and yelling and my second question is about how the Jewish people do not believe in original, then so I'm not sure how they view when Adam been like Christians believe in Original Sin, but you don't yeah so.

Genesis 18 the best way to understand that it is this the Lord Yahweh, the Lord, appearing with two angels and one of them is addressed as Yahweh as Lord and the interaction Abraham and Sarah have direct interaction speaking back and forth. It is what you call a theophany a divine appearance that there were some Christian teachers that look that this is Trinitarian instead it represents father-son spirit.

But as I understand Scripture the father remains hidden in his glory. John one no man has seen God at any time. First Timothy six CT dwells in unapproachable light, which no one can see.

Yet the sun makes him known. In the spirit. This is working visibly in the earth, so I understand this theophany, this divine appearance to be the son of God, making God known as a poster father son and Spirit appearing but one of the three is addressed as Lord or specifically as Yahweh, the divine name in the Hebrew he interacts directly with Abraham and Sarah, and then it says that they leave and Abraham has an extended conversation with the Lord they interact. They go back and forth over period of time about Sodom and Abraham into it and intercedes for Sodom and when they're done. It says then the Lord went on his way subbing there. He is physically in the flesh with Abraham and he walks away and then then we get to the very next verse Genesis 19 and it says and the two angels came to Sodom so it's identifying the other two as angels and it saying that the Lord had gone on his way. Before that, so it is the Lord appearing with two angels deftly the best way to read that text to read through all of Genesis 18 into the beginning of 19th I think that'll be clear as to peers and Jews in Original Sin. Your average secular Jew doesn't believe in Adam and Eve and and is not a sin conscience as a religious Jew, but a traditional Jew believes that there was a cataclysmic fall without a traditional Jew believes that he was glorious and giant and could stride the earth and if you strive to meet some actually take these pictures literally, but certainly he was glorious as God's first creation and the fall did bring terrible disaster. The fall did bring a terrible diminishing of of things on this earth and the human race, but Judaism believes that human beings have an evil inclination and a good inclination that the answer hurrah the evil can inclination the answer had told the good inclination so that every human being is in a battle and and that they have to find a way to overcome the evil inclination with the good inclination and honesty with God's help as well but they would look at it as a lifelong battle there even religious Jews when they'll go to pray at special occasions, they will they will tie a belt around her waist and it's to symbolize the lower half as if that was the animal half has to be subdued by the upper half which is the more sublime half soap it's it's not a totally different view that a Christian would have but a Christian would basically say that that the answer hurrah the evil inclination has dominated and without God's supernatural intervention that the image of God within us cannot overcome that that sinful nature we referred to it as the flesh or the sinful nature we would say even though we created an image of God were falling so it's like a rock that's falling and is going to keep falling and musters divine intervention to pick it up and turned around and that's what we look to Jesus for so we would have a greater consciousness of the need of a Savior than a Jewish person out there would believe in the importance of repentance they would recognize a lifelong battle with the evil inclination, but they would not look at the sin of Adam as being imputed in the same way to future generations. They would recognize our guilt and our need for repentance so it's it's not a total difference. It's a difference of hill on one side of the bridge to the other with similarities asked about a poster being completely pulls apart so hope that helps and Lord, we ask you to be gracious to Nicholas we have to be gracious and show your mercy and goodness give them long life and health. Hey Damien, thank you for calling the God's grace to yours and your families. 8663 for 87884.

Let me just say one. One other thing we're were happy to pray, and if you send this prayer needs. Our team is happy to pray at our ministry. So that's asked Dr. and this is an exceptional case and of course we we were glad to pray for Nicholas, but just to remind you and calling it that the purpose of the show is to answer questions and to equip you and help you get into the word together as opposed to a issue for prayer. Alright, so their prayer hotlines with other ministries and you can watch a TV show. I got a prayer hotline and is there per accounts is rated a call so that's the subtle redoing her, but by all means, by all means send us urgent prayer needs prayer requests.

We have a prayer team and they are more than happy to be praying and certain things will come to my attention so I can join with you in faith and prayer as well. 86634 other me answering each question. If you're it is from no-name arts and email address for Mike to give that up on the halter.

I'll make a long story short, Christian messianic years. I tried to obey God felt that if I didn't obey God.

I would lose my salvation go to hell this maybe feel very bitter feel hatred and anger, sickness, depression, etc. I tried getting deliverance.

I tried for years, asking God to change my heart and change me. I tried therapy, medication, and so many other things but none of them worked to get rid of my feelings of hatred, bitterness, etc. I recently began to believe that I cannot lose my salvation matter what I do or don't do that is okay to send.

But God would prefer it if I don't send this belief has caused me to have a better walk with God. Take away my bitterness, depression, hatred is given your desire to want to obey God recently heard you say that is a heresy to believe that. So my question is can I lose my salvation if I believe that I cannot lose my salvation matter what I do or don't do that it's okay to send the guy would prefer if I don't sent okay first thing you must realize that sin is always bad and wrong.

Can we agree on.

Sin is deadly sin is destructive and you never want to make an excuse for sending your life well you know I sin sometimes and you know it's not every day I watch pornography or not.

Every day I cheat on my wife and not every day I steal from work not in most days I do and God understands he understands and he sent his son to die for that. He calls us to repent, and those who love him will turn away from sin. It is a calling is requirement no will always fall short in this world and the blood of Jesus cleanses us and washes us as we turn to God, but we don't want to trivialize sin so don't think of it it's okay to sin may be the reason you're feeling better is because you're just not care that much about sin. On the flipside, it seems that you have a real issue with your security in God, so let me make the simple if you want to serve the Lord God has promised to keep you and you got nothing to worry about. He has promised to keep you and nobody can plug you out of his hand.

Nothing complex when absent. You could say I don't want God. I do believe that you can say God I don't want to. I don't want to serve you. I'm leaving you I'm walking away for you. He will not force you to stay in his family. But if you desire to be in his family. He has promised to keep you no matter what. Therefore have no reason to fear if you blow it one day.

Salvation think along thought you lost your salvation so grass surety in God and then from that vantage point. Work with him against sin for plan and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown here, but everyone of your questions and it's my joy to answer your questions. Your 866-348-7884 number to call. Have you signed up for my E blast for my E newsletter.

No will. Every week we write numerous new articles put out new videos. Sometimes there can be 789 10 new resources a week there dealing with cutting edge cultural issues are dealing with major questions folks ask and and they're all high quality in writing or or video or audio form. In this way every week will let you know.

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I want to send you a free e-book seven secrets of the real Messiah eye opening e-book free when you sign up to get our E blast 866-34-TRUTH number call asked Dr. The website to go to a we go to Ames Iowa Robert welcome to the line of fire and Michael are your my wife about a month ago serve me with divorce papers and I I was a no-fault baby. Aaron I'm not saying I'm totally basically, I I will I will admit and confess that I have been rather harsh with her. Will you afterwards.

I have you know, repent or forgiveness from the book offender to spend so much hurt. My question is like we have a mandatory counseling appointment, the court ordered when they what what happened exploit because I want to do whatever it takes with an overlying God's grace and the Holy Spirit doing miracles of two sheep reconcile Mikula's marriage.

I'm working on myself. You know I'm and but sometimes I just start falling hopelessly. Nothing I do is good enough for her work to be good enough for God because all it here from her is like.

I don't believe I don't believe your mortal Robert.

Robert how long have you been married but will be here May 14. Okay, got it and your life is a professing Christian data. I will just use what you have to do you want to take full responsibility right as as you doing whatever her guilt is with her. Her responsibility as redness between her and God you take absolutely full responsibility to the point of saying I understand why you don't believe me I understand that you feel I haven't proven myself but remember you got married for reason she saw something in you that that she loved and she wanted to spend the rest of her life with you when you got married that was that was the plan that was the intent.

I made it so if you married you to get your money or something like that. From what you write that the two of you were serious about each other. You got married and and as she saying that your issue should behavioral issues have pushed her away which need to do is first go to God like you've never gone to God enforcer. Pray like you never prayed. If you've never fasted fast even even skip a few meals and say, I'm putting this aside to cry out to you for help and then if you are not getting serious counseling from a Christian leader or counselor to help get to the root of your issues and help you find the repentance and complete freedom from the so that they they never raised her head again. I strongly recommend that you do that and what I would do is is I would humble myself before my wife no matter what buttons get pushed I would. I would not respond. I would say I fully understand and here's what I also do I guide right from the heart. The very last letter and you had a right II bring it with me in and I FRS if I could read it. Otherwise I would give it to her and I would take full responsibility. I would say I fully understand why your divorcing me. I fully understand why you don't want to be with me anymore, but I believe God brought us together. We did get married in his sight, and I am committed to doing whatever it takes to be the man you need me to be this. Remember the calling us husbands, love your wives as Christ loved the church. If you truly do that from your heart. I believe God can intervene. We all know that I believe that there's an excellent possibility he will intervene August we can control voice behavior and in my view, that even if you were verbally abusive. That's not grounds for divorce, but right now we have to leave her to God. I would appeal we got married in the sight of God. We made a commitment in the sight of God. I know I failed you, but I'm committed to being the man you want me to be an end and ask God to give you the words so that when you communicate to her. She knows it's real that that and that's what you may want really want to pray and get something to her in writing and say please read this. It's from the heart.

It's how I feel. The reason that I want to keep our marriage together is because I love you because I care about you in and out and I believe I can be the husband you need me to be, pray, serve for the right words and that through those words that her heart will be softened and pray for her. God softened her heart softened her heart towards me and and cry out to God like you never have Lord save our marriage save our marriage it sacred and God site God hates divorce. No-fault divorce is a terribly destructive thing in our land. Today no-fault divorce in the church has done more to undermine marriage and all the gay activists combined in my opinion, so I stand with you in standing against this, let's pray for divine intervention, and then you put all the focus on you where happens in counseling if if she rejects you pushes you where she falsely accuses you don't respond the way you responded in the in the past in the flesh, and if you humble yourself. God gives grace to the humble. Insert you to have a wonderful marriage.

The two of you can be blessed. I know I know families were there is multiple adultery committed. You think there's there's no way this March will go on and it's gone on and been stronger in the years ahead than it ever was in the years before and most of all, God wants you Robert to be like Jesus and who give the grace to overcome. I used to have a horrific horrific temper and I was terribly verbally abusive with friends when I lose my temper before I was a believer and and if you talk to my family now you talk to my kids and grandkids to talk to Nancy what they'll tell you is a very patient and unloving, and not easily provoked, and caring, and gracious testimony to the life-changing grace and power constantly God's grace be yours to help you sir days ahead. They friends remember your your voice more cultural spirits revolution take advantage of any resources on the website ask withstand together negative you've got questions. We got answers.

Let's do it is time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown in a different days of required different preparation radio sometimes love a stack of news items. Want to get to sometimes as a major subject I want to focus on just one subject sometimes you got special guests and prepare for interviews with those guests. Sometimes come in like Friday I got a stack of emails. I look through those and decide which would be best for radio there. We open the phone lines for your questions, whatever they might be.

So Friday requires the least preparation for the day, but it requires the most life preparation because your questions want to have good solid answers for. So here we go. Michael Brown, welcome to the broadcast 866-348-7884 is the number to call any question of any kind in any area of expertise I have, by all means give me call if you have a difference with me on something and you want to probe that difference we gone wrong on something want to set me right phone lines are open 866-34-TRUTH. We will start and Quinton Virginia Terry, welcome to the line of fire over. I have a question about when you were talking to the gentleman earlier about the great King and through Angel and God. There are guesswork. My question is that Jesus Christ come to the earth before he was born on the father. No man will ever see Karen, their dog comes to the FICA that yes, that the sun makes the father known. For example, John 118 no one has seen God at any time. The one and only son is in the bosom of the father, he has made him known. It would be technically incorrect to say Jesus Christ came to earth before before his incarnation because the incarnation is when the son of God takes on human flesh and is born to Miriam's will. Mary's womb is given the name of Jesus and is called the Messiah, but if we asked the question has the son of God, come to earth before the incarnation all yeah absolutely no it says the son of God, come to earth before he came to earth in the person of Jesus absolutely believe the call was Damien's son was Nicholas.

I think that's what your friends but Genesis 18 is a clear example of a theophany, a divine appearance.

God coming to earth in human form, who comes to earth, the son because the father remains hidden in his glory. We even have John 12 telling us this explicitly.

John 12 brings together Isaiah 6 where the prophet sees the Lord high and lifted up in Isaiah 53 the suffering Messiah and it says that Isaiah spoke this of the suffering Messiah when he saw his glory in Isaiah 60 when Isaiah sees the Lord high and lifted up and is a 6 inch train fills the temple. Who is he saying he seeing the son of God there. In Exodus 24 where it says that Moses and Aaron and not of an RV who and 70 elders saw the God of Israel, and they ate and drank a live he did he didn't strike them, then the question is who are we referring to their obviously to the son of God, because no one has seen the father and although the spirit can be manifested in a cloud or something like that.

Our general understanding as the spirit is doing his work invisibly and you can look at it like the physical song. The core of the sun is too bright week.

We can actually see that we see the raise or the light that shines forth from it and then this that the rays of the sun working invisibly on the earth. That's that's a physical picture father-son spirit in that regard.

Father hidden his glory son revealing him spirit working invisibly among file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown seven got questions, we've got answers. If you only tune in on Fridays. Thursday is our thoroughly Jewish Thursday broadcast refocus on Jewish related issues. We had some fascinating calls yesterday one from an Orthodox Jewish rabbi another from a woman who converted from Christianity to Judaism at some extended discussions you can listen to them. Good line of just click on listen. You can also subscribe to our podcast. When you go there Wednesday Tuesday Michael going backwards through the week. The same Monday were often catching up with what's happening around the world keep news it's taking place, but often special guests and and will will weigh in on things and Tuesday off another theological bent Wednesday off in the world. You bet. But every day different Friday you got questions, we've got answers, 8663 freight 7884. Let's go to Fort Myers, Florida. Welcome to the line of fire. Jason, thanks for calling us regarding Michael.

I hope believe the rapture the apologetic chapter on campus and I next week I'll be returning auto equipment and a lack regard. I live in Waterford or on Mormonism running our yeah and excellent. Now it went really well, you didn't turn out, and so on. I don't want to. I wanted your advice on what you think. There is no equipment and maybe you want me to sure things will a good resource for the major errors of Jehovah's Witnesses. This is a great apologetics website and they will systematically break down the major errors of Jehovah's Witness teaching the history of the movement and the clear reputation to false doctrines among Jehovah's Witnesses. So that's that's a great resource. I go through that and make sure I understand that that's one thing. The second thing is the approach I would use with Jehovah's Witness is to ask them to share their testimony is basically they don't have one. They do not have a testimony of being wonderfully born again a passing from death to life of coming to that point of knowing that they know that they know that their sins are forgiven of the they don't have that assurance they are working hard with the hope of being faithful workers in the millennial kingdom and somehow earning salvation in conjunction with the cross, but they do not have the assurance of being born again salvation so I would often ask a share your testimony tell me time Betty became a Jehovah's Witness and until about your relationship with God and then say a can I share mine with you. And that's where you want to talk to about what it means to be a child of God.

What it means to have your sins forgiven. It means to be born again what it means to be loved by God what it means to be in fellowship with God. All the things that they don't relate to or experience.

Their faith is real legalistic faith. It's also fear based the social pressure to be out on the street certain amount of time through the organization so know this is this is a major emphasis as well, and I would be practical in that regard.

Now if they're coming from the end choose to speak with someone I would also say Soso first first point, go to website and get a lot of the basic information make sure that's clear to you. Secondly, on a practical level asked them to share how they became Jehovah's Witnesses tell you about the relationship with God and then you share from your heart about how you came to know the Lord and and you want to give all that the proofs of you know why you believe God is the creator while you believe the Bible is infallible. That's not the issue with them issues there that are true children of God. So you want to share your testimony share what it means to fellowship with God and or your sins are forgiven and beloved by God and and then then if there you have two people in less you really know there the issues well they don't know the whole Bible well but but most of them are trained to know several key points in verses well and that's with her grandma major on so if you're not really strong in verse then you want to sit with someone else that's solid and the word or knows how to answer Jehovah's Witnesses so so that you have a more equal situation that's always recommended many times will intimidate someone because there at their school, with a few passages in your average Christian is somewhat ignorant of those and there are many possible things to major on. Obviously, they deny the deity of Jesus and and they would they would translate John 11. Not that the word was God.

But the word was all God. I would then ask them the question about how many gods do you have.

I thought there's only one God. They tell me that Jesus was also a God to worship multiple gods and I might press that point with them, but on a practical level I could get to a big battle with them about is hell eternal resell annihilation because that that's not his life and death in issue is the other issues are and I might just go to to a passage like first John, it's really easy to go on a million tangents and and and dill they'll get you barking up one tree to another and another and another. But I I might just go to first John and and start reading from the fifth chapter and you get to verse 13 I write these things to you who believe in the name of the son of God, that you may know that you have eternal life. You look this personally I Jason you can say I know that I have eternal life because of what Jesus did. Do you know that you have eternal life, and the standard answer will be no that was only for the hundred 44,000 for this mythical hundred 44,000 chosen ones and and and that was basically a New Testament times and a few people here and there afterwards. But no, they're just faithful workers they can know that and say will know this is in the Bible doesn't say it's written to hundred 44,000 dozen doesn't give any hint of that this is this is everyone reading this and and and who is it addressed to whoever believes in the son. Whoever has the son and and I would press that and say you are supposed to know that you have eternal life. So any of those verses that speak of assurance that they have to create this whole bogus thing that was just for this hundred 44,000, and by the way, I never verified this, but a former Jehovah's Witness told me that the origins of the hundred 44,000 doctrine came at a Jehovah's Witness meeting. I believe Judge Rutherford was the leader then says in the early days of JW's again is a former Jehovah's Witness told me that I never got it verified, but that he said how many of you have the assurance of eternal life.

Assuming that they all would say they did and only a tiny handful said they did and it was out of that that they develop this doctrine. That is, only a handful that had that are of the hundred 44,000 have assurance of eternal life that everybody else is just in some faithful workers try to prove themselves worthy and they come into the millennial kingdom.

So it's it's a really hopeless religion in that regard as well and must practical point stand focus don't go from here to there there there just stay on a point stay there until you get resolution on it and then pray that the Holy Spirit would reveal their bankruptcy so that they would come to know true faith in Jesus and have the lives changed.

You are a very very welcome in the Lord be with you as you give your presentation, 866-34-TRUTH hey friends, next week, next week. Pick up my itinerary and asked her to next week on Wednesday sold five days from now. 26 April yeah I am scheduled to speak at a community college in Hickory, North Carolina, and there was a presentation given about homosexuality is innate and immutable.

Homosexuality's is inborn and unchangeable and I'm to be giving a presentation.

I'm amazed that the doors open for him. Please, that hasn't been shut down. It's gonna be a noon presentation when students are not in school. If it's the best time to do it and I'm going to lay out that homosexuality is not in a and immutable on the layout scientifically and practically why we say that we recognize that homosexual desires are are often very very deep and trace back to the person's earliest consciousness about sexual romantic attraction. We understand when not saying that some of this wakes up one day and said to be gay diving and be straight, they may choose to act on certain things.

But it's not like they just wake up and this make the choice that I have salad for lunch today.

Now you know what instead out the skip lunch or you know I will wear this coat now not know it's not know it's thinking that that's how it is with sexual attraction or romantic attraction of sexual desire seems to be very, very deep-seated and it's not to suggest :-) and change this to say there is no scientific evidence, reputable scientific evidence that homosexuality is in a war immutable, so inborn and unchangeable. So will give that presentation, God willing next week and hopefully give you report soon after it happens.

Maybe even get some audio or video footage post will come back straight to your calls by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown looking to quantify got answers 866-487-8843 664 truth we go right back to the phones in Cedar Grove, North Carolina Todd, welcome to light a fire like Dr. Brown. My question is coming from my first Samuel chapter 20.

If a conversation between 13 follow Jonathan and Akeem called for by the way to go with government wake me, data from the King James version. A fair bit of faith with the oh, don't know that you have chosen David to your confusion into the confusion of your mother, they could live in August.

At the Heber 80 about them for but I didn't want to get a clear about that with you. Of course this is this is one of the verses that the activists will use to say that yet. This is this is Saul recognizing that the David and Jonathan are in a homosexual relationship and the specific verse your your talk about in first Samuel chapter 20.

Yes. Okay.

And what I want to do is I just want to grab the verse in front of me in multiple versions of yet. Let's just go down here right and Saul is furious. Here we go. So verse 30 and Saul's anger was kindled against Jonathan, he said to them, so ESV you son of a perverse rebellious woman do I not know that you've chosen the son of Jesse to your own shame into the shame of your mother's nakedness.

Of course, that's a literal reading of the Hebrew the.

The HCS B says your own shame into the disgrace of your mother and and that's with a Hebrew idiom is your mother's nakedness, meaning you're disgracing your mother of the NLT which is a mild paraphrase, says you stupid son of a horror. He swore him. Do you think I don't know you want him to be king in your place, shaming yourself and your mother so everyone semi-mother's nakedness is is simply saying ultimately shaming hurts the. The absolute shame to him. And it's not that Jonathan was in love with David. Okay that's that's not the accusation, but rather the Jonathan thought that David should really be the heir to the throne and and this was shaming him and shaming the mother bore him and it's distant and very very strong and graphic language and of let's just do a little test here. I keep on my desk. The NIV cultural background.

Bible and every so often there is a verse, and will look it up to see how that's explained. Not all of them get explained and this verse. First Samuel chapter 20 verse 30 does not have an explanation here just just checking to see if it did little little test. Sometimes it will sometimes it won't. But you went when you read the whole account they they are deeply love his brothers.

We know of course that Jonathan is married with children know that David gets in trouble because of his heterosexual lusts. We know he falls into sin while he has multiple wives and then he falls into sin because of shibboleth lusting after her, which is not some of the gay guy does is get in trouble because of heterosexual lust. §One uses the Jonathan your love was was greater than the love of women.

But is this thing sexual limits is a sexual word that's used in terms of the relationship. Rather, they had a wonderful close covenantal friendship and the loyalty that was greater than anything they've experienced with with any of his wives, and hence is morning for Jonathan but it was Jonathan's allegiance to David which was shameful to the kingdom as if David should be the air and end.

Notice also that that Saul's anger, he lashes out at his wife.

He lashes out at at Jonathan's mother right right and and that's that's that's the way of lashing out at him. So I again it's not that, suddenly he's insulting the mother is much to say you are you are one messed up kid to come from messed up lineage and shaming everybody with your behavior and that's that's with the idiom would mean watching it on the water. They claim you're never here go about trying to make a case revamping a day, you think the relationship between favorite job and not out of the that walked by orbit out of wanted to get your clear statement about a flop you and and and is used just the other.

The other thing is that yes, remember that that ancient Israelite culture very strongly condemned homosexual practice.

There is no ambiguity about that.

So the height of the biblical writers would be celebrating a gay relationship. You know this is not design it happened. That's one thing. The other thing is that there are idioms like your woman's skirt being pulled up again the ultimate picture of humiliation and exposure and enhance shame and and these just very, very graphic ways of expressing it so I can understand why gay activists would read it a certain way, but in the context of the whole Scripture in the context of David's relationship with Jonathan, of course, it's impossibly good question.

I appreciate it. 866-34-TRUTH Todd always has good questions when he calls in all right. Let's see do I have time.

Yeah, let's not. Let's go to San Francisco. Patrick walking to light a fire hello hello equate good about the dinner 12 three and when those that would curse Israel. Is it referring to derogatory language or accusation or perhaps even treatment versus the that they hope to in Boca some sort of supernatural back upon Israel.

Yet the.

The Hebrew word that's used for curse. There does not specifically mean to exit crate meaning to pronounce a curse on someone. It certainly could include that like Baylon trying to curse Israel and God tells bailment numbers 22. Don't try to curse them because they're blessed and and of course bailment subsiding with bearlike and ends up dying for, but it it is it is all-inclusive. As I understand that those that missed treat the descendents of Abraham, willfully and in an ugly way. Those that treat them in a disparaging way those that literally seek to curse them. God himself will curse and judge. We see countries that have tremendously mistreated Israel over the years Babylon and Assyria that they are no more God judge them. We we see that the terrible consequences for Germany in the aftermath of the Holocaust. That means so many German casualties and the dividing of the nation for many years into into East and West and and a lot of pain-and-suffering for the nation that would be the kind of thing that that we would ultimately expect for those that try to destroy Israel but know that the Hebrew does not explicitly require just trying to pronounce a curse on its included the Hebrew would be broader than that. As I understand it hate. Thank you Patrick for the call and I do believe that still applies. As you can see from my answer about the Holocaust. I believe that still applies to this day, and does mean that Israel's guiltless does mean that there is a calling and purpose on Israel and those that will seek to bless them blessed by God and with his need for justice for Palestinians. What is justice. The extent we can bless Israel Jewish people. I believe there is divine blessing.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown is cool doing live radio really really a special really is neat. I've done preaching teaching on radio.

I do preaching teaching on TV and and those shows air and they have their place in some of the greatest shows on radio and TV are our prerecorded uptime of the Christian shows ministry shows.

But my rear end here is this cool I'm here I am sitting in my studio in your driving in your car resetting your home with the computer on earth. Rev. you're eliciting live and you pick up the phone call me up a conversation and I've done this around the world have done this it at odd hours of the night early in the morning so we could be live overseas with a portable radio unit and and slows we get the right hookups in a review from anywhere in the world and I find it so cool. I remember I was broadcasting live from Jerusalem and a caller called from Jerusalem, but the radio show was being linked back to the United States in different satellite connections there than the caller's call about United States budget but we are talking as if you're sitting next to each other before we in the same city. All right. Well here we go. You got questions.

We got answers.

Michael Brown delighted to be with you on this Friday, broadcast, 8663 for 87884 is the number to call and I am going straight to the phone. Starting in Huntington Connecticut. Steve, welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown hey I am searching for a call on on dealing with an error whether doctrinal or behavioral, and I saw the message recently titled something like meeting error with condemnation not conversation and that gave me some some positive thinking on the point of that message so I'm trying to figure out when dealing both with the lost and next day. When you make their doctrinal or behavioral error like presence at the same day you now this is wrong and at that point, but it has to be action in the separation and when you meet with a more conversational approach and and and let it go in the same with the lost when you say you now let's have a conversation, let's let's be together or when you say what you're doing is is condemnatory and it's against God and and and so on. So I'm really looking for: M and and a time to know when you have one or or when you condemnation. When you have Jan frustration when you got a lot of it has to do with the level of culpability level of knowledge level of willfulness level of understanding everything we do we want to do with love. Everything we do we want to do with kindness, even if were rebuking. We want our rebuke to be based in love. If were rebuking that we want our rebuke to to demonstrate that we care about that person and that's why were rebuking as opposed were just angry over self-righteous. So in that respect, even we give warnings they should be with tears, but Paul says in first Timothy one that he receive mercy.

Despite what he did because he acted ignorantly and in unbelief of God did apprehend him strongly, but he received mercy. A lot of people are blind there lost and blind and utterly clueless that they have no idea the things that they're doing or morally wrong in the sight of a holy God, some to believe that God exists and some of them have so hardened their hearts are so distant from God that this is normal lifestyle for them. They things are not as bad as someone else. So that's what we have to start how culpable is that person too much is given much is required and how much interaction if we had with them how much light do we have speaking their life. It's one thing to into a total stranger. I might need to befriend that person first to really get involved in laws.

I can talk were deeply it's another taught another subject, talking to own blood brother or sister of the premier steroid. There is the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 8663 here again is Dr. Michael Brown line for you. The questions that answers 866-348-7884 is number to call so Steve in Connecticut this back to the question of condemnation versus conversation even with a brother or sister who's fallen into sin. Galatians 61 says this brothers.

If anyone is caught in any transgression, you who are spiritual should restore him in a spirit of gentleness, keeping watch on yourself you to be tempted. We don't want to come across the self-righteous. We don't want to come across is is the morally superior police the Internet since condemning others.

We want to say hey you need help.

Hey grin, send hate. You need to turn from the sin I want to help you if the person is at a point of hardening their heart. If the person is at a point of rejecting loving outreach then often it's time for strong rebuke. I remember many years… Happened many times, but many years ago some friends asked us to speak to another man they asked me if I would speak to him. He was a good friend of theirs, and after many years of marriage she was divorcing his wife.

So I got on the phone.

He professed to be a follower of Jesus as his wife was to follow Jesus.

She didn't want the divorce. He did and I said to him who's the other woman said there is no other woman I said you are divorce your wife because there's another one said there is no other woman I said listen you not playing games here sums going on your divorcing your wife you could marry another one while I'm in friendly with another woman enough anymore.

I said, is it worth going to hell for said what I said is it worth going to hell for having sex with this other woman is worth going to hell for at that point he hardened his heart. At that point he had rejected loving counsel, loving counsel of his friends and for the pastor and his church. He was dead set on leaving his wife. So ultimately could marry another woman, or have sex with another woman. Call it legal and I felt it was time to warn him, but you have to cross certain lines for that to happen if it's with a total stranger. It would be very rare that there'd be a warning that strong in the last God and preparing them.

I remember flying one time and the guy next to me was having a lot of drinks and we were talking and and he talked to me that he was in was raised in the faith, and so on and and Ms. away from God the old buddies really wants God and and I said I I feel this verse is for you. Colossians chapter 4 which is tell our chip. This to to complete the work that he started and I said I feel this verse is for you, and he looked at me starting the that's my name Archie short front surface address is a pretty strong word from the Lord. Right then, but God knew how to reach him so I always want to start with compassion, with empathy with try to meet the person where they are, but depending on their culpability depending on the degree of hardness. Sometimes we need to warn sometimes we step away because it's it's seed falling on on infertile soil, or on hard ground and we need to just back away and pray other times we need to warn there's a sense of urgency. So if we walk in love and really care about others and are prayerful. I believe will have the right sense of when to speak the right way more specific. I have the time I what about doctrinal movement, not outside of orthodoxy little all orthodoxy, you know, to decry the fiduciary, and so on. But now is someone saying in your family that you attended, which I still probably most people there you don't believe certain things decided they were going to move interaction. Maybe it was Calvinism immediately in our cessation at maybe it was you know just different things like daddy you start know I think that's wrong. Doctrinal they're not looking like the elite Orthodox, but I'm concerned that they're going doctrinally away when you and name like that and you said look, you're right about now. Cessation is or I think you're right about how your you know this right right so that's on Steve. Here's the thing if it's within the space if it Differences with the site.

Let's remember that the person is a secessionist with income in error because of charismatic with persons of Calvinist with a common error because Arminians I would simply appeal to that person to reconsider as a brother is a sister to reconsider with a believe unlocking it if ice saw that they were heading in the wrong direction. In other words, that the steps they were taking the steps they were taking because they were falling away from God and this was part of the path they were getting into a hyper intellectualism and and no longer relating to God in a relational way and were on some dangerous path that would concern me more and if I knew them well enough and saw that I say I pray look at this really you is that you relieve your first love man here. I can you see it continue.

Where's that passion can take and we spent some time praying together we got witnessing to get you in and see how they respond. But even then it's not condemnation the re-condemnation, unless actually departed from the Lord. It would just be warning, but for the most part within the body you share why you have concerns today that in the last it's part of a larger issue of turning away from the truth and turn away from the faith, I would not give a warning as much as I say, would you consider the side. Have you read this. Have you looked at this and they always try to point them back to intimacy with God he can we pray together while we pray together and and and share the gospel. Some folks if you rekindle some of the sparklers that's that's ultimately the biggest issue I believe hey, thank you for the call. I appreciated 86634878840 we go to Charlotte, North Carolina Jason, welcome to the line of fire and show thank you? Do you know Jesus what he was on the cross going to work from my heart you know explained to me knowing that my God, my God, what about respectively all that younger in my Christian walk don't like or live what did you question do you know what you think so like you said, you know the answer to the question and then I felt how you know the Scripture says that you know ET knew no sin became sin that we could become the logic that God so at peace about that that it showed the degree that he actually was forsaken that he actually said where are you in that account showed that God did have to turn it back on so you knuckle peace about that and then I also look at Scripture. You know what Jesus know was wondering where did Jesus go for three days after he was on the cross because it is in the lead up to my question is, specific question as to what degree did Jesus pay the price for our spend and what I mean by that is know he said that Jonah was in the belly of the whale, three day social mapping mix on extinct and that that God would not allow his holy want to study and I'll bodied the decay so that Jesus took on the old prize had to pay know he had to be the murderer. The rapist, the fee that everything on the cross, and you know he didn't have to prove that he would Lord of Lord, but he did it for our sake that at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow, not in the future, but in this light, because he was the innocent one that died for that. But from my perspective.

He also had to pay the full price edited Pete since he didn't suffer any suffering health right yeah right right so student number one, number one, if you want to say pay the full price. The way human being. Did we have suffered forever in hell so so obviously did not literally suffer in hell for all eternity obviously did not literally take all of our physical sicknesses on himself over diseases and all of our sins so that that that he he died multiplied billions of deaths but he absolutely fully paid for our sins die on the cross. He did not suffer in hell for since Helen Psalm 16 should is just Hades that the place of the dead, and the emphasis there is that his body would not stay there. The pains of death could not hold him. Remember what he says on the cross. It is finished. It is finished. He did everything that needed to be done because he was the perfect son of God, because the wages of sin is death, he took that penalty.

Hell is the consequence in terms of that's what ends up happening to us. The penalty of sin, death paid for on the cross. Jesus then descends into the netherworld. First Peter three and declares his victory over the fallen spirits of previous ages. I believe he ascends to heaven spiritually. This is all during this time three days and three nights while his body lays in the earth. So, save one, his body is very know I do not believe that he suffered in hell descended to hell victoriously suffered on the cross the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

So on the cross deal the entire human race. The sin of the entire human race put on the perfect son of God, and he dies for us is a 53 makes every plane he takes our place on the cross. His body, his life becomes a sacrifice of atonement and with that, or sins are paid for it is the blood of Jesus cleanses us from sin, then descends into the netherworld, declares his victory, preaches first Peter three sisters. They preaches the gospel makes declaration to the spirits in prison.

The angelic spirits of those that had fallen in the past. I am he. It is over so to say this is what is declared victory sealed forever. The fate of the lost in the dark fallen once sealed forever. And then I believe he ascends spiritually spiritual realm to to the heavenly place and then ultimately is physically restricted we could debate some of the timing of that. But no, I don't believe that Jesus physically suffered in hell are spiritually suffered in hell would hell he endured, endured on the cross.

866-34-TRUTH let's go to Hannah in the little town Pennsylvania.

Thanks for: the line of fire, having earned by her current experiment. I think you are awesome this is for a girl at boy's Silas all right he shout out Silas man, thanks for being a regular listener and it's if you can repeated your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. That's me hey thanks for listening back there about four friends are my arm had been really different, but that have been I really different way and even chatting with the pointed extent and really had been going to church and all of her accountability and really desiring to break free from that his wife had an feeling justified.

I think it's kind of a green economy can keep holding really alkali and I really cannot currently track you speak to her and would like hey I really don't need a five year marriage.

I would be back turning to God and your family and she sent out.

He found arm strength daughter against me thousand times over reason and my understanding that actually is not true that an lactose bike. It is hate family not actually being tried for murder and wanted to have your clarification on that so I can respond to her accurately, the medical perspective. First, your stance is the exact right stance and in urging her to work to save her marriage and as much as she feels sins against my husband and again I can imagine what it would feel like for that to be happening to me right if it of my wife had observed when his use of the units is as hardheaded relates like this but in reality as Nandu with her. In other words, he's he's got an issue with the flesh and into Monday with her dismay, who is married to doesn't matter it. It's is a fleshly thing and it's he sinning against her for sure, but it's a whole different animal to have an adulterous affair. It's a completely different animal to have an adulterous affair. There is an emotional attachment there. There are other things going on. There is a conscious joining physically together with some and also the two become one to the sexual act. He is not had a sexual act with another woman there for the two of not become one. And if you want to say will just listing your heart is grounds for adultery, then probably every married woman on the planet has grounds, Susan grounds for divorce than probably every married woman on the planet has grounds for divorce because her husband probably one time another has entertained lustful thoughts about another woman is probably happened several online and and if that was the case then Everywoman could just say I can get a divorce so note it is not grounds. It is the physical union together that breaks that covenant. So here you have the the commitment before the Lord in the physical union together, the two become one. Now if that person's joints it with a prostitute or if that person is joined with another man's wife that that man has now joined himself with someone else and there is a fundamental breaking of the covenant, hence the grounds for divorce. But here's we have to be really careful of. I was involved in a situation years ago where couple that I had married was was getting divorce, the wife was leaving the husband and from what I understand now. There was multiple adulterous for your throat. There a lot of things going on and she did have grounds for divorce. I didn't know it then.

I simply urge them to get counsel and so on it and I I didn't want to see the marriage fall apart. I was very close with the mom and dad on both sides and II pushed really hard. Just slow down, slow down and I ended up alienating people that I loved so you have to really have wisdom as to how far you can go if she's not listening and you, your husband really pray for her. God soften her heart and and for the husband that he'll really get low that he'll really do. We can to save the marriage, but it's such an emotional thing Hannah, it's so difficult you care about people you don't want to see the marriage torn apart, you realize the pain she's experiencing because of her husband sin and it's very real so I think she needs to know how deeply care about her and and and then really pray for her. If she's not hearing you really pray just say are are you open are you open to hearing this from another level.

Yes he sinned against her. Yes he's he's betrayed her. Yes it's it's ugly but can Jesus forgive that. Can she forget that. How has God forgiven her.

What about sin of a different kind in her own life has has God forgiven her. See if you can reach her on on those lines, and if it really gets testy if if it really gets difficult.

You have to step back and pray because sometimes it drives the person even further away. And of course it if course there's great hope for redemption. Of course, change can come. Of course there are many couples who've work through these things, but whatever you can get it to you to slow down to convince her that scripturally there has to be the physical act. In short, first Corinthians 6 it's the one that joins himself physically with another that the two become one, that's what pulses would you take the members of Christ drawn into a prostitute. The thought life is wrong.

The thought life is sinful and he's no whatever restores pornography as is disgraceful, but it's so pervasive it's so available, and it such a stronghold that we need to come with great mercy in the midst of this, and so your approach is right out actual adultery court physical act of adultery or frustration. I do believe it is. But still, the goal is is reconciliation share it. In other words, I would always urge the couple to do their best work through a we know folks that have had adultery in the relationship, and they've had a wonderful marriage afterward so I do believe Matthew 50, Matthew five and Matthew 19. I do believe that adultery is grounds for divorce, but we should look for grounds for divorce. We should look for ways to reconcile than the question of remarriage is a whole other question. Ways to reconcile what if your friend could not marry before she could marry her husband's logic should be so quick to God, give grace and wisdom. He friends. Be sure to go to my website, asked her to round out the son of my emails. We got a free e-book

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