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Trump's Trip to Israel; Replacement Theology and Middle East Christians; Thoughts on Jewish Outreach, and More

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 11, 2017 5:00 pm

Trump's Trip to Israel; Replacement Theology and Middle East Christians; Thoughts on Jewish Outreach, and More

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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May 11, 2017 5:00 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 05/11/17.

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It's time for a special edition of thoroughly Jewish Thursday stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us this is Michael Brown I am right now in Washington DC attending world Summit on the persecuted church sponsored by the Billy Graham evangelistic Association fact we had a surprise speaker this morning really didn't know anyone who is going to be speaking in advance. We knew Franklin Graham would be there and be involved but did know anyone in particular whose can be speaking but Stephanie surprise when on Wednesday night. The beginning of the conference, they announced that VP Pentz would be speaking this voice that was earlier this morning. An important message of solidarity with the persecuted church. I will not be taking because I know I know you're ready with you Jewish questions ready to ask sorry I won't be taking your calls today, but I do want to cover a lot of ground do want to talk about Pres. trumps visited Israel do want to talk about some relevant things in terms of the church in the midst of persecution that relate to Israel that relate to the Middle East to talk about that as well a lot of things to share. But first on the lighter side I had mentioned earlier in the week that a Palestinian terrorist serving multiple life sentences in Israeli prison has been leading a hunger strike and Israel, whose monitoring his prison cell. Posted a little video montage where he seen eating. This is during the hunger strike. Now known saying it's easy fast, especially when you're just in a prison cell with nothing to do and nowhere to go but when you're leading a hunger strike. Obviously you don't want to be eating so the footage shows economists by his bed still hidden under his bed and one point he takes a candy bar and eats it at another point takes out some cookies and eats them so Pizza Hut Israel is gotten in a little trouble with Pizza Hut international with the main company. What they did is they they posted some pictures of this video of him eating was on social media in Israel and II. I forget exactly how it was put out, but this is just this week, and Pizza Hut shows him eating cookies, eating eating a candy bar and then asked one pizza be better.

So this is Israel's way of dealing with this issue of a hunger striker eating in the name of Palestinian liberation mode.

So much for that. So Pres. Tromp making his first major international trip. Now going to Israel which is very important and does send a message by word is out that he has decided that he will not be relocating the embassy to Jerusalem.

Now there other say no that's not accurate and Israel claims it has no such notification of that Pres. Tromp was asked about this a couple weeks back. With reference to the trip is good to be making. He said asked me a month in Oregon removing the embassy or not. Obviously, Pres. Tromp with a flair for drama could go to Israel and announce yes we are relocating the embassy as promised, the ambassador, the appointed Israel. David Friedman is certainly in favor of that Donald Trump said he was going to do it to the appointed people were rattled over and upset over it because every president talks about it but nobody does it. Will he be in this case once again talk, no action. Like previous presidents, or will he actually do it just got more to say on a course of it in the question of is it worth the risk. This is Michael Brown listen to a special edition of thoroughly Jewish Thursday file. If the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown back to the 15 Michael down here. I want be taking your calls today.

I am reporting from a world Summit on persecuted Christians in Washington DC hosted by the Billy Graham evangelistic Association, because I won't be taking your calls but we want to be as up-to-the-minute as we can hear on the broadcast Juno Billy Graham is now 98 1/2 years old and which Franklin shared was that when Billy Graham was 90 that he told his family he was going to be is believed to be 95 and no one thought he would be in in these that been sick with one thing or another first for many years. Answer in a few minutes of 95's Valley say he's gonna make it to hundred and obviously with a bit of a smile. There it in any case, what, what a legacy. What an important ministry.

All right. Pres. Tromp's visit to Israel is obviously major that he doesn't have to take the trip and some like there's a Summit taking place, a world Summit with different nations and is there for that. So it's sending a message by saying this first major overseas trip is going to Israel, but what exactly is going to happen now.

During his campaign. He emphatically stated that we were going to relocate the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Remember the situation in Israel that different nations that have diplomatic relationships with Israel have their embassies in Tel Aviv rather than in Jerusalem was considered too controversial to have them in Jerusalem. Even though Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. So every other nation around the world.

What ever country says this is our capital markets.

Washington DC.

Whatever the capitalism of any country.

That's where the embassies are accepting Israel disable why haven't we moved our embassy. There was something Obama did not know. Don't blame Pres. Obama don't blame President Bush dumping Braden President Clinton, or blame all of them, meaning that a resolution was passed. While President Clinton was in office saying that we would move the embassy to Jerusalem and then every appeared of time goes by so can I can do your but will just vote will just renew it will just as I press the snooze button pressing the snooze button will the next time the snooze button has to be pressed is June right so right around the corner will Pres. Tromp was so strong on this. He was knocking to do would Pres. Obama that he was knocking to do it President Bush that he was not going to do it. President Clinton did.

He was so strong on this that it rattled some people. I remember one news commented that that I referenced on the air work. He said look, everybody talks about ability, sexy, good, do it. Donald Trump said he's going to do it and then then he appoints David Friedman at his as our our ambassador to Israel and David Freeman is very strong on is very strong on the embassy be relocated that you have to understand you don't need to build a building okay and and were talking right out West Jerusalem, which is supposedly the undisputed part of Jerusalem is the Palestinian city want East Jerusalem to be there capital you put the embassy in West Jerusalem and taken existing building there that America owns Angela government also okay this is the embassy here it is that simple to do. Theoretically, why would they be done is Donald Trump not a true friend.

There is a lot I believe is I believe is a true friend of Israel, and I feel better about his stamp of Israel that I did about Pres. Obama stand with Israel that was notoriously weak and Israelis by lawyers did not feel good about Pres. Obama stands to resist a little better about President Bush's stance.

Although both President Bush and Pres. Obama pushed for wanted to see a two state solution so Pres. Tromp, I do believe is a friend of Israel. I don't believe charges that is anti-Semitic completed for split-second but is he just a big talker, did he use all kinds of rhetoric in in his campaign. So every politician is all right while he was knocking to be like every other politician so his talk was strong enough that I thought he might well do it. III think he'll do it.

That why wouldn't he do what why unnecessarily disrupt the Muslim world will write Roger in turn appease ISIS are trying to appease Hamas but were talking about why get the president of Egypt upset. Why get other Muslim and Arabic leaders upset that we have a good working relationship with why provoke them so perhaps it's not wise. Perhaps it's not worth it. I've I've even read from some pro-Israel people. That's not worth it that it's gonna flare up because too many problems to flareup and on top of that it could risk the lives of Israelis because certainly this can be used for anti-Israel propaganda.

Certainly this is gonna stir up more hatred towards Israel. Certainly there's gonna be another intifada and, in Jewish blood will be shed, women, children and men. So why provoke it. That's that's some of the argument against it and maybe even terrorist attacks against Americans that serious and that should be taken seriously because we tell you my casualties were talking about human beings being cut down because of a political decision on the flipside, I believe there are very strong ample and good reasons to do it after all Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

Why, pray tell, allow for other every every other nation on the planet to say words capital is and yet you don't have your embassy there that's in front and and Israel's only capital for millennia. The city that was the city of the Jewish people, the city where they long to return to where they religious Jews pray facing every day and and the one recognize capital of the nation through the centuries is Jerusalem and and isn't it about time to tell the terrorists write about down to you, Israel can double down its security and and do its best to prevent further terrorist attacks in America can tell allies with Saudi Arabia, whether it's Egypt but there's another Muslim country with whom we have good relations with intelligent look. This is the way it is. It is the capital and were not even talking about divided Jerusalem or will East Jerusalem be a capital of a Palestinian state. All right, where time any of that if if if East Jerusalem think of this, of East Jerusalem was post be the capital of a Palestinian state. You telling me that people other countries would not then put their embassies in East Jerusalem because that's the capital of the Palestinian still I do it for Palestinians, not for Israel. So this is not even a statement as to what it will be a two state solution are not.

It's simply recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and I personally believe that America should do it and Pres. Tromp is going to need some very clear reasons why he can't because of the strength of what he said, campaigning again. I understand politicians make promises so they can't keep some they simply don't keep sometimes the realities on the ground are different than they expect. Sometimes they realize a gonna compromise more but when you run the way candidate Tromp ran made the statements you made and he has every legal right to do this to not do it to me would be a real let down and betrayal so there was a report on the Hebrew language news site and RG that implied Israeli sources were notified that Tromp had decided against moving the embassy and would sign a waiver in June blocking implementation of a long-standing congressional mandate ordering the relocation since as reported by Eric Ct., Alessa on the times of Israel website so the Israeli governments is no we have no such notification.

We were not told that that the president had decided that he was not going to move the embassy and then deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters at the daily press briefing yesterday, Wednesday, quote the president has not made a decision yet and is still reviewing that and I was at last week of the week before VP Pentz said the same thing now as to the idea the Pres. Tromp would use his visit to Israel. This could be May 22 23rd will be there but he's going to use his visit to Israel to announce the relocation of US Embassy to Jerusalem that that would be high drama. I for one would be pleased to say no don't crash relationship with with with Muslim nations but basically say look, you're just going to have to accept this is the capital. That's the reality and and that's where our Embassy belongs all right friends. We are just getting started on the special edition of thoroughly Jewish Thursday we come back alone I want to talk to about something removing very touching. I heard from a Coptic Christian last night at the world Summit for persecuted Christians. This is a special by invitation only event being hosted by the Billy Graham evangelistic Association. By the way, speaking of Jewish ministry on this thoroughly Jewish Thursday and Tuesdays. Do you have a mini book free e-book seven secrets of the real Messiah. No, here's a get to go to ask Arthur today. Center for E list and the e-book is yours. It's a real eye-opener. Our gift to you here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution of your again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to this special edition of thoroughly Thursday, this is Michael Brown coming DC. I'm not taking calls today on this thoroughly Jewish Thursday, but I have to say the last few Thursdays.

We've had some really, really important call some excellent calls calls were usually able to interact at some length with callers who had different perspectives which I really appreciate being able to do so if you're listening and you're one of those who differs with me and you were you are already a call today gobbling next week next Thursday at the villagers.

There is a difference Jewish related by all means give me a call are a few things I want to share in terms of reaching out with the good news of Jesus to Jewish people. On the one hand, as a Jew I have an advantage of speaking to all people because because I'm one of them. I'm I'm I'm a Jew is well and it's harder for them to say will. Jews don't believe in Jesus because will. Here's one sitting next to who does so it's an advantage I have in that regard, we're just like if your particular culture or background, ethnicity, skin color come from religious background. Whatever.

If you have certain commonality with a certain person that this very helpful.

Maybe you came out of Catholicism and became a born-again believer in Jesus maybe came out of it of a dead Protestant tradition and came to really know the Lord and you're talking to someone with a similar background that's always very helpful and, obviously, since there's this deep sense of betrayal. There is this this deep sense of betrayal where II can't betray my ancestors and they didn't believe in this Jesus why should I Wear to foreign religion say no, not more attached to my people on the riverbed when the learn Hebrew if if not for Yeshua.

I would sorta be some rock drumming. Who knows no then Pequot program live that long, but income to the war but you know the love that I have for Israel the bird I have to shared the pain that is was experienced in history with the church. These things I want, because I'm born again follow Jesus, but on the flipside on the flipside, many times it is Gentile Christians. Christians who are not of Jewish descent who haven't an opportunity to share with Jewish people because it's okay for that Gentile to believe in Jesus. That's fine for you and they can almost put their defenses down in that regard, just got your gentle it's fine if you believe in Jesus, we have no problem with that is, Jews, and if and if he's helpful to you and brings you closer to God.

It helps a little more life will great more power to you and and you might have more of an open brochure because you look like views if your trader you not looked at as if you're a traitor, blasphemer, and that's how traditional Jews made that would look at me and okay you're not expected to keep the seventh day Sabbath.

According to Jewish tradition, but a religious Jew would look at me and said would you do it will not not according to Jewish tradition. I do set aside as a day of rest to find that out speaking ministry which would be the equivalent of the priest working in the temple on the Sabbath doing priestly ministry on the Sabbath. So if on the preacher ministry on the Sabbath on on Saturday then III set that aside just to rest.

It does this mean of a burden to write that I will write but traditional Jews would save if you write several letters together than this work is it that that's considered work at negative study you'd study for hours and hours. That's not work but if you write that's work so I don't keep the Sabbath.

According to Jewish tradition, or in the same way a religious Jew waited in and in the same way of of a command with a penalty if I don't alone keep in that regard I I do it it in a way, set apart before the Lord, but not the way Jewish tradition would so I'm looked as the bad guys outsider is a traitor or an because I'm trying to win other Jews to Jesus. I'm I'm the worst of all, not just a sinner but I'm leaving others into sin.

That's the way they would see it as one rabbi said decades ago's were having a friendly debate. He said I'm not just a hotel but a mosque tea at this discernible one, causing others to sin.

That's how I'd be viewed but use Gentile Christian your Jewish friend religious Jew you not expecting you to keep the seventh day Sabbath and he certainly explicated to keep it.

According to Jewish tradition, so you might actually have an open door to share the gospel that I wouldn't have not. But let me give you case in point.

So I I speak with this ultra-Orthodox Jewish man and on on Thursday were a couple Thursdays ago and we begin to have a call him afterwards and he's calling you to reach out to me to set me straight.

And if I just will study with him one time my life will be changed this great let's do it study over the phone to get a great and so I call on the see the leases number with her studio.

I call on the same day.

We talked for 45 minutes. He raises a particular point to it and I said but that's a misinterpretation of the Scripture and then that leads to email dialogue between us, after which time he cut me off no more dialogue with the basically same questions are fine but you have to keep the commandments pretty much as taught by the rabbis while you have your questions.

Otherwise, your apostate what will hang on if you have questions. If I don't agree with the rabbinic interpretation of the text. Why would I keep the laws according to the rabbis while I look for my questions to be answered. That's like me telling you maybe come from a charismatic background and used to speak in tongues and now you don't think it's God anymore.

A civil, at least while you're wondering about a keep praying in tongues in our day. Simple, why what I found think is real or if if if you were once an atheist and and and and now for the first time you certainly read the Bible, but you have a million questions about it I still got live by it while you have your questions. I want to live by, sure it's real and so the point is, I was this dangerous outsider because although I'm a Jew. I was that living by our traditions and in his mind as a Jew I have to even while I have questions right well you as a Gentile Christian. He's not expecting that those you are a person of another religion now yes you wanted to see that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah.

Yes, you want him to see that that he is the one promised to Israel.

He's the one of whom Moses and the prophets spoke that the New Testament writings constantly referring back to it's written in the Scriptures and send this came to fulfill what was written in over and over and over and over and over and over again.

There's no question about that. There is no ambiguity about that but for the religious Jew you're from another religion, talking to a believing of religion, but you might actually have an open door visual be immediately written off and may be hell see something in you that is beautiful and precious and holy, that he wouldn't be able to see in me, or that she wouldn't be able to see in me big because I be expected to be living by the traditions that make sense to in any case, the great majority of Jews in America even worldwide especially outside of Israel.

But in America are not religious, you probably know the Bible better than they do yard the average student you speak with you probably know the Bible better than they do in which case knowledge of relationship with God and forgiveness of sins of the transformed life but you know the Bible but is also, don't be hesitant to share the gospel with doors open in relation minutes it most Jews in America to come to faith probably do so through the witness of the Christian her plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown make you so much for joining us today on the relief Thursday, this is Michael Brown I'm delighted to be with you is a special edition of the broadcast. Right now I'm in Washington DC and I'm attending a special conference and invitation only private conference persecuted church worldwide. The reason I stated like that is caused by said all I would've loved to be there if I knew about it represent is coming from different nations.

Relatives of some of the Coptic Christians were beheaded by Isis. One of the more atrocious videos that they sent out last year. Some of the relatives of of the martyrs or herein just to some incredible godly people in the midst of suffering, so I'm not doing my normal call in show today as I'm in Washington DC but a lot to share with you so gullible and will will resume with your Jewish calls next week as I say that my half is to go out the form of the market to do it. Let me mention a couple things of interest that have come up ready in this conference and I will get back to a more specifically Jewish focus in a moment a number of people have come up to me, some from other countries, some from the states, but we all have in common is our concern for persecuted Christians. Some of the folks speaking to me there for their full-time ministry in their full-time job is serving the suffering church and you know what some of these leaders have said to me.

Thank you so much for the stance you're taking on cultural issues and gay activism, and thanks for doing it with love and truth together. You see what you just patting yourself on the back. No, no, no, no, that's not why I share this. It's not Lasher I share it to say that these issues matter.

I share it to say that these are concerns carried by Christians in other countries as well.

I share it to say it's not either or.

It is both and. And yes, I want to do more and more to help myself and brothers and sisters in different parts the world. And yes, we have grads for ministry school serving in dangerous parts of the world. And yes, one of her grads was martyred by Islamic terrorists. About five years ago.

Yes, all all all that is true but the suffering is so great and I feel a certain level. There's so much more I could do to raise my voice or help or stand together and I really hope to do that more and more in the years ahead. These have always been burdens of carrion and for some time.

There was custom in my home congregation, where every week we would pray for one of three subjects congregation either revival in the church regionally and nationally or praying for the salvation of Israel or praying for the persecuted church.

It was something that was always our hearts and and and hopefully we can we can do more.

We can pray more, we can carry the burden more and we can leave more boldly but all that to say at a conference on the suffering church people have not said you know what you waste your time on the social issues when the church is suffering around the world. Christians in countries where this persecution have come and thanked me for addressing cultural issues so I just say that to say these things matter.

Yes, people matter yes yes people want to reach out to matter.

But these are issues of concern and I I address them, because the Lord has burdened me to address them. I address them because I care.

I address them because I want to honor the Lord and do it's right. So again I'm not Sen. tomorrow morning. Please, please don't take. I'm not saying that the self-congratulatory way. I'm not saying it to Sam vindicated a sickly say care your voice and let stand together and make a difference will break that the line of fire your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown, welcome back to the line of fire. This is your early host Michael Brown delighted to be with you not taking calls today I'm attending a conference on persecuted church in Washington DC doubling to get a Jewish -related question next Thursday will be taking your calls once again. Okay, one of the great stories that I heard at this conference and this is this is last night. Wednesday night a leader from the Coptic Church in Egypt was there and he talked about speaking to a mother who lost two sons, two of her Coptic Christian sons were slaughtered by radical Muslims right and she has forgiven them and prays that they will really come to know the Lord how to explain something like that have how do you explain that quality of life outside of Jesus working in someone.

All I imagine other people found ways to forgive. Outside of the Lord.

But I'm telling you this is so powerful that you see it so frequently among Christians who have suffered.

It's really remarkable. Also I found out something very interesting. I'd never known before.

There were 21 Christians who were slaughtered by Isis Terrace last year beheaded again sent out by video for the world to see. What I didn't know was that one of the man who was beheaded had not been a Christian before he had not been a believer but when he saw the devotion of these Christians to the Lord when he saw the quality of their faith in the strength of their life in God that when they asked him his beliefs. He said there God is my God and profess faith in the Lord because of which was beheaded. Something to think of this. Think of this.

You're not a believer. All right you walk away Scott free with your head on your shoulders. You walk away a free person simply by holding onto your nonbelief were not time a Christian denying the Lord when I turned in a believer going back on his or her faith were talking about someone who's not a believer and maybe is impressed. While these Christians are Mason put their about to be killed or about to be beheaded here is horrific death, and death. Yours can be cut short right there your young man, probably with family, but he was so impressed by the faith of the Christians that that moved him to say there God is my God and he was beheaded.

How utterly remarkable so I spent some time over dinner last night with two Arabic Christians. One has been on our radio show before Rev. Stephen Curry, a pastor in Jerusalem and another brother who was from Gaza originally and now lives in Bethlehem and in he is also an Arabic Christian and we were we were discussing things about the state of the church in Gaza. The state of the church in Gaza and he said it used to be about 3000 strong, but now it's down to about 500 obviously because of Hamas. If Israel was in control of Gaza. The church of Gaza believers in Gaza would be able to worship freely and serve God freely and preach the gospel freely. However, with Israel not in control and and Hamas in control of Hamas is worse than Palestinian Authority. That means that there is not going to be real religious liberty for the Christians there. And of course it would be illegal for a Muslim to convert a family member went to kill Muslim convert laws pleasing to the sanction it or just look the other way. Go ahead. That's an honor killing and that's legitimate now. Interestingly, to the glory of God heard a story some years back about a Palestinian Muslim who son adult son became a Christian and because of his son becoming a Christian. The father was going to poison him so they have the son over for a meal. Think of this is your own son, but because he's he's committed the ultimate sin of apostasy on joining another religion would be worse than that right so the father was a sacred duty to kill his son so he poisoned him put a large amount of poison in his meal and when the sun ate the meal and was completely untouched, affected the sun had no idea that's what he was there. The families are seated at the father became Christian, but in any case we we were talking about one of the problems that Christians in Israel. Sometimes face in retirement say that her under Palestinian Authority may be living in Bethlehem and it is a victim mentality. This is what this one pastor share with me, who is from God's originally a victim mentality. Look at all the bad things Israel is done to us.

Look at how they've taken our land look at how they're keeping us down, and rather than having the mentality of over commerce that believers often have in the midst of difficult situations even if Israel was guilty of course I differ with their narrative, but these of their lives and understand where they're coming from. I but even if Israel was guilty. You don't gain ground spiritually by having a victim mentality.

Now this is something of of heard from other believers, but it was interesting coming from the lips of Arab Christians trying to speak that to his colleagues on that same throughout the Middle East.

I'm saying living in Israel.

This is now the official narrative by which you say on the victim. Look at what evil Israel has done rather than saying father forgive them rabbit rather than having that attitude and this is not universal but it's fermenting when you talk to believer suffering of the countries they know the world is against other countries against them and and and many of them have the supernatural grace and joy in ministry over and over, and yet that can be lacking when we have the victimhood mentality just leaving the natural. This is something I've often talked about in the nobody owes you a free lunch as part of my book saving a sick American will be on September about the entitlement mentality and how deadly that is and how we have to overcome that.

But the that the bottom line here is is that if if I think, for example, sports team, and what animal like me because they'll mail L like to color my skin a little like me because they don't like math this year they'll like me because I come from wealthy failure, per the inner click here is something walk around the bad attitude yeah go ahead cut me off. The team is probably next only a fire if my attitude was man nobody here likes me but to make this day nobody likes me. I would take this incentive to do even better is that the whole team wants to be on the team you see how the attitudes are different and and in order to gain the sympathy of Christians, who often side with Israel. There has to be this blows me kind of mentality. Again, this is what this Arab Christian was sharing and and I've seen it to be true as well.

Not here's a good not universally in the fine Christians that that that live in Israel that live under the posted authority and that have issues with Israel and look at Israel's occupied understand understand.

I'm simply saying that there's a problem with the mentality that many of them have an and this was to me from in our Christian pastor Cory and I were talking about replacement theology and I said is it accurate to say that there are some Palestinian Christians who have a problem with the Old Testament.

He said yes why because God is always processed Israel Israel Israel Israel Israel is regarding his Olanta Israel Israel. Israel is even a the conquest of the Canaanites will they read Israel that's my neighbor that's oppressing me that's my neighbor that stole my mind that's my neighbor that's occupying my country that's my neighbor that that the dependable Walter did and deprive me of rights and that's how the reading. It's very difficult for them to see past that, but some do. Because of which they have a supernatural love for the Jewish people and a recognition of hate. This is the land that God gave you would like to live side-by-side with you.

So welcome us, but this is the land that God gave you and we affirm that it it's just very interesting to see these dynamics workout in EF you have to have compassion for those who been raised in a certain environment where Israel is so demonized and where some of their own experiences have have reinforced the demonization of Israel and yet God's choosing of Israel is not because of Israel's goodness and not because of Israel's kindness and not because of of Israel's moral superiority. Yes, there are many wonderful qualities about Israel are many things that cause Israel to stand out in the Middle East, and if yes, your average Palestinian would you rather be under Israeli government or are posted in government you be surprised how many say Israeli government because they know they have freedoms there. Nonetheless, you're raising a certain environment you see things through certain lines sometimes takes the grace and love of God and I love I love when I see supernatural reconciliation. Across the Messiah through blood of shoe all right more to come on the special edition of thoroughly Jewish. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

I have one more segment to go up. Look about things I want to get into this is Michael Brown listening to the line of fire broadcast on this thoroughly Jewish Thursday a special broadcast system coming your way from Washington DC not taking calls today on this Thursday, May 11.

It's a slick of the counter lose track of days, so let me give another side of the story. There are religious Jews who read the injunction of Leviticus 19 the house to the replica mocha.

You shall love your neighbor as yourself.

And they say that neighbor is a fellow Jew.

You don't have to love the Palestinian Arabs, the nonbeliever, the non-Jew the same way that you love a fellow Jew and an obviously that's a misreading of the text and you sure even challenges the type of misreading in Luke 10 with the parable of the good Samaritan with which he concludes with you go be the neighbor you go be the neighbor to the person that may be different than you go be the neighbor to the outside or you will be to the neighbor to the person in need.

So there are certainly attitudes among some in Israel that would cultivate negativity towards Palestinians. I want to make a general statement that to the extent Israel is in control and and running and leaving the territories that it quote occupies. To that extent, be Gaza, which thou pulled out of, or be at the West Bank history today and Samaria, to the extent that Israel leads those runs those it's best for Palestinians, meaning the have better quality of life. They'll have better education.

They'll have more rights and things like that. They're just be more positive things that would come out of it. In general, to the extent it is going to be run by Islamic and even radical Islamic leadership. It's going to be negative for the people. That being said, does not mean that every Israeli has the right attitude. This mean that doesn't mean that that all is Israelis have a spirit of love for their Palestinian neighbors, and there are some that that serve in the military and and it upsets them neatly.

They feel that that that the Palestinians are mistreated or dehumanized or things like that and and they may be very left-wing and and oppose Israel's treatments together. There different sides to this. The ultra-Orthodox called the Kari D charade is to redeem the book of Isaiah. Those that that shaking quiver before God.

They are God furies, but it it's just colloquial for ultra-Orthodox Jews. His report in Jerusalem post Kari D. Schoolbooks promote isolation suspicion of outside world says NGO. This is two days ago May 9, the Jerusalem Post reported by Jeremy Sharon and Rita scroll down here. A comprehensive study by the education watchdog organization impact says this impact S SC is that right that there no, sorry, things just a typo here, a conference, a study by the education modularization impact of textbooks used in Kari D which is ultra-Orthodox schools is found with a teacher worldview that is isolationist, contemptuous of secular society and instills hatred of reform Jews were very liberal Jews, left-wing Jews, they will ordain, say, a lesbian to be a rabbi's ordaining women, let alone lesbian woman to be rabbis completely anathema to them reform Jews would say the Commandments are for guidance, not for governance. In other words you you work out how you keep these in your own life at Celica and absolute that you have to do will that's utterly anathema to religious Jews and their some of them who say that that they're not really Jews, reform Jews, or at least with a practice is not Judaism.

Also that that would not.

That would not surprise me at all. Despite this, the report notes the tolerance and respect toward the individual other is expressed encouraging school textbooks in that respect for the rule of law and a generally pragmatic attitude to the state's encourager assess positive that that there should be tolerance and respect towards the individual other. I guess it is impact SC they examined 93 textbooks used in grades one through 12 and the two major educational frameworks encouraging schools exempting institutions and recognized but unofficial the frequently negative attitudes and many of the textbooks toward not hurt you. Society gives the perception of danger in an suspicion of the outside world. Yet that's how would be viewed the outside world would be looked at with great hostility, especially the outside Jewish world. These are Jews and their supposed to be living either the Torah, the written Torah that was given to Moses, they believe in oral Torah passed down to Moses than two generations been developed through generations. That's that's what they believe.

So for for this Jewish state, which is a secular state emergency Jewish state.

It still does not mandate that every Jew has to keep the law they are not penalties. For example, throughout Israel.

If you don't observe the Sabbath or penalties throughout Israel where if if he ate 11 during Passover something like that know that that doesn't exist and and much of the state is worldly and there's godlessness and drugs and prostitution and crime and always kinds of things. So yeah they will death definitely look at the outside world with hostility is no question about that and and remember that the education they get is primarily religious education so they take other subjects because they are required to by the government, but in most cases if it was up to them, they wouldn't.

That's really secondary is a waste of time or they can just be learning Jewish traditions of the to which they are devoted. So yes the attitudes there might ultimately generate hostility for outsiders, especially for outsider Jews. Interestingly enough, so I'm not trying to paint a picture of Israel's predation in their attitudes within Israel that are destructive and harmful attitudes among the Palestinians that are destructive and harmful hate friends. There is a great tool want to put your hands and it is seven secrets of the real Messiah as an e-book and it sure is absolutely free is my gift to you when you simply sign up for our emails to suffer emails just going to ask Dr. Esther to Brenda. You'll see the box sign up there. It will take just a few seconds and will get you the free book also very exciting announcement. After many many years of dialogue, interaction with ultra-Orthodox rabbi Commissioner Rabbi Israel Blumenthal. We agreed on a format to get our positions out on YouTube and then have time to respond to each other, gobbling on Monday at noon on our YouTube channel unrestricted on YouTube channel.

We will be releasing my presentation on the real Jewish Messiah.

20 minutes long. At the same time on a YouTube channel that Rabbi Blumenthal have set up. He will be releasing his presentation. You can listen to them side-by-side, gobbling one month later will both will both release rebuttals and then one month later responses to the rebuttals you have an hour from each of us back and forth, evaluate, he says what I said your message is listed as an interested list is so they too will be announcing that on Monday, posting on Facebook and elsewhere where time lesson

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