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You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 19, 2017 4:40 pm

You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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May 19, 2017 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 05/19/17.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Well, let's do it. I'm ready. You got questions. We got answers stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is a joy to be today on the line of fire broadcast. You've got questions, we've got answers. Michael Brown delighted to be with you ever call 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Any question of any kind that I can help you with any comment that you want to raise and discuss with me. Let's do it.

You got differences let's think them through your struggling with the biblical passage with theology was something going on in your church. Let's talk about it together 8663 foray 87884 before we answer your emails or go to your calls up I want to explain something to you in terms of how the world of scholarship intersects with say that the Bible translation your reading or how it intersects with your pastor, preaching a sermon from the pulpit. As I lived in the world of scholarship for years. As I was doing my PhD work.

I was still preaching and teaching, on a practical level and things like that but I was immersed in detail, difficult scholarly work translating ancient tablets and inscriptions try to wrestle through different languages and things like that and it's it's very selective. It's very narrow. I've written some things like that all the 10 scholarly conferences and deliver papers you have other scholars sitting there and and if you walk into something that is say outside of your field. You'll sit there you will understand the word of one of the grads from our ministry school from fire school ministry recently wrote to me and said hey I'm I'm working on a paper. I'm doing a masters program at the school of theology and am working on a research paper that's going to focus on the. The Hebrew concept of healing in the Hebrew word for healing and I said great. Will that was my doctoral dissertation. That's what I focused on average scholarly articles on it. Let me send them to you and what what I was just looking to see what I can send them I realized, oh boy the beginning of this one article will be completely unintelligible to him it's it's linguistic detail it's just exciting things in abbreviated forms and I was looking at a medical proposal from a new company.

They wanted me to pass it onto the medical people I want to look outside. I can understand any of it literally every sentence. I couldn't understand it's the same thing with the world of biblical scholarship or scholarship in ancient Hebrew or Greek or esoteric theology or sifting through manuscript evidence and things like that so scholars will sit and do that they'll work on those text that they will work on those ancient scriptures will compare that to something in the Hebrew Bible or the Greek New Testament say okay this is this is how it this is how it compares here so we can sharpen the translation and and then it'll just sharpen the translation of the Bible to read you won't know everything that was going on behind the scenes is like the cook in the kitchen is preparing all the food and then someone comes up and brings it to you. There you have it, the same weight.

Your pastor may now go to a commentary and that commentary has taken some of this really difficult esoteric information and made a little more simple know your pastor work through that helps them understand the passage and now he comes up with a real simple application on Mother's Day or something that was amazing and yet so it kind of makes it way it's it's way through to you. In fact, in fact, I've done this very thing with the seven secrets of the real Messiah chores for free about friends of yours.

Yours for free. It's a free e-book that you can get what I did is I took years of research into Jesus be the Messiah of Israel. Jewish Messiah look not just at the Hebrew Scriptures. But Jewish tradition as well, and I found in many of these traditions are bridge to the Jewish world to help open their eyes as to who the real Messiah was so is yours for free seven secrets of the real Messiah written simply and clearly go for the world of scholarship right into your world here so you get it. Go to my website. Asked Dr. Brown the Lord ASKGR when you sign up to get our emails, you'll get the e-book free to bring the best of scholarship to you presented a beautiful flight that you can eat and enjoy will be right back in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown think so much for our broadcast day deliver the call with your questions.

866-3487 84 Michael Brown delighted to be with you on the line of fire broadcast and hate the website like asked Dr. Brown Facebook page, like asked Dr. Brown the YouTube channel like asked Dr. Brown. I start my classes asking students you have any questions, so I love to answer questions my joy to take your calls and get to some of your email questions as well.

866-348-7884. Let's see before I go to the phones. Here's an anonymous question dear Dr. Brown what's the difference between the way God treats Christians and non-Christians in this life.

In terms of God's discipline for Christians and God's wrath for non-Christians well insured God disciplines his children. He doesn't discipline those who don't know him. God tests the righteous, God tests his people. He tries us to help us grow and become more and more like his son, and experience the grace of God more fully in this world and experience it more fully forever, so he disciplines us in a constructive way. But he doesn't discipline the loss because they're not his kids ever had up a neighbor and and the friends were pretty raunchy and you really wanted to do something about that neighbors kids but you couldn't because they're not your kids. Hebrews 12 says that God disciplines his children. That's what a good father does so for the world. The world is under judgment. Those who don't know the Lord. Right now, or under a sentence of condemnation and under judgment and they are not being discipline now.

Things may happen in their lives were God's work to get their attention. Regards work to turn their hearts to the gospel. He's constantly working and moving in a redemptive way, that's for sure.

That's that's not debated but the world outside of Jesus is under divine judgment and thereby could be subject to judgment and wrath in the way that we as believers would not. We are not appointed to wrath.

That means that as God's people. We will not ultimately suffer the wrath of God, but let's just say the wrath of God was being poured out in judgment. Let's say it's the end of the age and the wrath of God is being poured out of the world.

We God's people could expect some kind of protection from that wrath is being as is being poured out, but it would be poured out on the sinning lost rebellious world. Another question in the same email is God inconsistent in how he disciplines Christians in this life is not what is it seemed that sometimes Christians use and more and no more serious were so Christians don't get disciplines much by God.

God is perfectly consistent everything he does.

God's perfectly righteous in everything he does. God is perfectly fair in everything he does, he does not show favoritism. The whole thing has to do with appearance.

Our older daughter always used to say that we treated her more strictly than her younger sister.

Well know. She happened to disobey more and rebel more and had to be disciplined more. We showed equal love to them, and carried out equally and should bike it really is that you leave you like a little kid could what snow we love you.

That's what were disciplining you and if you didn't disobey you and be disciplined. Celeste the whole point felt.

It seems that that some Christians are really sitting Moran and nothing is happening to them. Another sitting lesson will may be maybe someone is not willing to hear the voice of God in discipline and in their pushing their own way and God say will go ahead, you can reap what you sow, then this is gonna be your wake-up call may be the one that's closer. The one that's nearer to God's heart and is walking closer.

Obedience will receive more loving discipline with Lord Seattle.

That's a mistake.

You don't want to do that because really good to get hurt later in and he he brings that to our attention may be. Maybe for example were being trusted with with insider information on our company and were going to get a promotion and and we decide how the structure is on the big guy Mr. Sheridan inside information, and the boss yours and he says what promoting you. In fact, you're getting a demotion that could have been the loving discipline of the Lord in that saying needs to learn to keep your mouth shut. Where some other believer is just spouting off all kinds of junk that things happen to them.

Maybe you were in a more tender humble place to receive and someone else was not in there going to hit a wall before they wake up. I hope that's helpful. 866-34-TRUTH 7884 right let us go to the phones in Phoenix, Arizona Danny you're on the line of fire doing well thank you I want a quick question that your mind yeah okay my question of the department. On the one pronouncement you want to give back on all of you know you got one back on is the Torah is clear that none of it may be removed or added or removed or added you as clearly laid out in Deuteronomy chapter 4 verse typically I you may not be changed. This is reflected over and over again throughout not all 19 but for the Lord is perfect, but boring doll making the simple one yet when Jesus gives a sermon on the mount bed you have heard that it was bad. You shall not commit adultery but I think you that everyone who looks at a woman with what already committed adultery with her in part, you Jesus is self admittedly changing what the court you was, not changing anything. Did you say it's okay to commit adultery, defame of his bed, but I did didn't say it's okay to commit adultery. No arts with intention is that's reinforced 100% okay. He simply take the requirement deeper. Where is it say where does it say the end and by the way Jewish discussion of the date.

Some of the discussion so if it talks about that as well that it's also you commit adultery when you lusting your heart so that this was part of Jewish discussion in that day.

It is well so what it's saying is you cannot now forbid you cannot that's okay. It's okay to commit adultery that would be changing that.

That would be taking away a commandment or you could add a commandment send you you're not even allowed to have sexual relations with your own wife, but if I say hey you haven't taken the adultery commandment far enough. For example, low to no do not steal what water many of the rabbis say that that means don't kidnap but that's actually what stealing and stealing a person don't kidnap well or they adding or are they defining Jesus is saying that unit you need to take this even deeper. He's not adding is not taking away a good look around but the problem is who in the world and possibly not ever have thought a lot will doesn't claim to it… Commandment of commitment I you sure but but don't attempt to manage our client go to 10 commitments require that no no no no no Vincent what's the last of the 10 Commandments.

Danny cannot cut it. Don't covet is a thought. Don't covet your neighbor's wife. So when you think a lustful thoughts about your neighbor's wife are using. I wish I could be with her. I wish I could sleep with her. I mean, isn't that a thought is that is without a thought on. Note that I am another Danny. Danny. Danny got Danny Hammond from healthy all right is coveting a thought don't covet your neighbor's house.

Don't covet your neighbor's wife is coveting a thought, a desire don't warrant don't covet what your neighbor had. Don't covet your neighbor's wife.

Okay so your wife just had her second lot hope when you covet your neighbor's wife, or you coveting boy I really wish that she could cook pancakes and a little longer. What about not marrying my neighbor okay and you you think boy I wish I had a wife like that. That's a thought. Now I wish I had like I wish I had my neighbor's wife. Dent Danny Danny. The rabbis freely acknowledge Jewish tradition really acknowledgment Dent Danny. Danny, if you keep interrupting her to say what Taylor's buddy your problem is you're not listening. You know, the book of Proverbs tells us over and over. The wise man will listen, and when you come with a preconceived argument that you raise completely ignorant of Jewish discussion surrounding it and trying to score a Jewish point on the radio show. All you do is say Dr. Brown. I'm not willing to listen. I'm not willing to hear. I don't want to grow in wisdom. Subtilis get a minute to think about if you were willing to hear of your help.

Fair enough. But the fact that is universally recognized is that command not to covet has to do with the desire of the heart can we at least be honest there is the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown modify broadcast questions. 7884 is the number to call.

Want to go back to Danny in Phoenix. So simple questions are.

Are you willing to acknowledge that the commandment not to covet has to do with desires of the heart.

I've not yet okay right so how is that possible to never desire and allow yourself to desire something that your your neighbor has and if for example it's the that the idea of of design your neighbor's wife.

Maybe your wife just had a couple of kids in inches will overweight and she's not as affectionate as it used to be and your neighbors got this beautiful young gal and an sheet she likes to parade outside in her bathing suit and things like that don't covet this same thing. It's don't don't look at her thing while she looks like to have sex with her or what if I was married to her boy like that. This coveting so. Yet in the natural. This is not possible to do this we need God's help and that's part of the purpose of the Torah is to reveal our need for God to reveal a need for save. That's what we have an atonement system and don't keep or they were told because we need forgiveness so it's built-in to the towers of five going to fall short when he forgiveness and cleansing; still not the other? Around early.

Don't because were talking about two separate minutes while a document different commandment. The main thing got the Roman Senate alerting out he could've left out. You shall not medical left that out and it would've meant the same thing though. I hang on hang on, okay… I'll it's one thing to have sex with your neighbor's wife is a listen to covet your neighbor's wife, and the fact is, if you steal Cabot stealing at why not just leave that out because that would be included and can coveting notice the act involved. You try to be pedantic to to prove a point. But number one Yeshua does not add or take away the rabbis to all the time.

Part of Gateway wonder about what is sure easy, very easy. Do you know you like Sabbath candles court all right will you print what is your wife. Pray for the woman of that what she pray when she likes them to pray. The candle whether this was a blessing say out an island along right there starter over the public, medical, good, where did God command you to like Sabbath candles. The real it's not that's command of the rabbinic command but but but but that's not intolerant, not changing the Torah now at Vanderbilt between the target for the rabbinic man all downtown so they can give commands but that's not into the Torah so you don't have another words if you is not you choose. If users need to me to Robin on versus meteorites out the sun actually includes the seven minute Commandments in the 613. I'm sure you know that you selection include them in the 613 g of the Torah, so that's a whole separate debate so you have no problem the not doing it. This is not the Torah knows is not binding on you. This is not the Torah know and hopefully not in any relative of Violet becoming auditory but it is rabbinic and the closer say okay you don't, you don't have to do it using you don't. It's not the same as is observe the Sabbath or honor your father and mother.

This is different and you don't have to do it you actually believe that Reggie Senate Wheatley. We do it we believe in all part of what will that's that's a whole thing that's adding okay so don't add that I don't take life, why, why did why did the rabbis abolish the death penalty to certain point because they were there were so many case of adultery and murder things that you can do it will who gave him the right to abolish give the right to abolish the world. There is a friend the for our site. Abolish what you don't think. Faded future on some of the past some of the pelvis is your thing abolish forever know they stopped it, who gave the right to stop it for a period of time because there were so many murders and some adulteries who gave them their power and the authority. It where or think Dr. Tucker court like men are not being applied correctly, you people are outdated, have the right to make changes to what is needed is longer.

Acknowledge that some of the set that some with this Hebrew sentence yet is a conflict that is a complete hear things are just as mind-boggling to me. Here's here's my my big gripes with common missionaries and with religious Jews. They violate the commandment against equal weights and measures that you will give your traditions of miles of latitude, I mean an extra extraordinary amount of latitude and justify virtually any kind of interpretation and then when Yeshua says, and in harmony with rabbinic teaching of the day or the rabbinic teaching that subsequently developed that you commit adultery also in your heart, your essay he's adding to the Commandments I mean it's a more mind-boggling example of a double standard such well, the rabbi, not any commandment don't think any management actually cannot be completed. This business something to that effect cannot awkwardly be all okay that's what you meant. That's really missing the point. Don't covet that is having to do this Hong Kong when we brought Ibn Ezra on some adultery also bake don't covet ident Danny Danny again once again you are failing to think honestly I want to challenge one challenge. You are all clear in all seriousness be before doctors.

I believe your doctoring person think honestly and ask am I trying to justify something you some kind of Talmudic argument to prove a point when it's not really the point at all because how did why did God call you and command you not to covet how you have the ability to carry that out because included in that his love for forget what Jesus taught about all right, let's say that doesn't exist were just going back to Exodus 20, Deuteronomy 5, the 10 Commandments God told you you cannot covet your neighbor's wife.

That would include adulterous thoughts about another woman. Why did God command that if you can't positive the sink. It doesn't do something but enough courses include will then what is it need to covet your neighbor's wife. If I'm not married my neighbor. Maybe I want to be married then I will not not not not Proverbs tells us whoever finds a wife finds a good thing but not your neighbor's wife. I wish I was married to her.

That's coveting your wife okay you broke a commander at maybe you brought can you are you married no okay it's your father was obviously married. Okay if God commanded your father not to covet his name is what so the entire time of marriage. He was not allowed to look at another woman and think what I'd like to have that will board like to be with that woman, all right. Was he able to keep it or not I don't know. I don't know what if he could keep that. Why couldn't he keep the commandment not to commit adultery and is thought see all you're doing is playing games to make a point, I would have far more respect for your position.

If you were consistent and in all honesty in all sincerity, I would have far more respect for your permission your position. If your consistent hate my time I got to go, but by all means let's talk again and tell you what he'd Ibn Ezra read administers commentary on Exodus 20 the command not to covet all right see what he has to say. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

I have been looking forward to this moment, live with you. You've got questions, we've got answers.

Michael Brown glad to be here serves your voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity in the midst of a society in chaos in the church. All too often compromise.

Here's number call with questions. 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884. That's number to call anything that is appropriate for a Christian radio or TV anything you can ask in that context. If you want to take issue with me over something or probe a position I have my joy to take your questions biblical theological what ever they are. If I can help you give me a call 866-34-TRUTH 784 been asked not to use the name of this father has asked a very poignant moving, painful question to Dr. Brown, one of my daughters recently 11 months ago Austin infant 18 weeks to her pregnancy. This is badly shaken her faith since you pray daily for her baby.

She's also been unable to conceive, since it doesn't understand why the Lord sees fit to bless others with multiple children and not her, but she does have one five-year-old daughter at the church revival recently heard about blessings. Fathers can give their adult children for healing etc. do you know anything about blessings for children, so could you send me some examples of blessing prayers. First, I'm a man and is much as I love my children and grandchildren. I I can't relate to what a woman goes through conceiving a child carrying a child, giving birth to a child or losing a child. So it's unique pain that her mom experiences and the feeling of something's wrong with me or why did God let this happen to me it's it's got to be cute for many, so obviously you keep praying for grace on your daughter, let me address a larger subject and then give you some Scriptures that could minister to her as well is not like a magical formula.

It's just we want to prayer. According to the word in and join our hearts with the word in faith. So number one, I'd encourage her to praise God that he's good even in the midst of the storm and to save father, I trust you. Your loving father good. I don't understand everything that happens, but I praise you because your good. That's one and then to let her give thanks to God for her friends that have kids later give thanks to God for others that have kids rather than looking at her she's walking down the street and and and there is there is a a woman like in her ninth month of pregnancy, and she's pushing a stroller with a two-year-old in it and apply. That's gotta be heartbreaking at that moment to see it like I could've been me that should've been me instead encourage it.

Thank you for thank you God for giving children to the cells.

It will help release some things in her and then I would pray Psalm 113 over that that God sets the barren women at home with the mother of children I would say hey, take that verse for yourself. Psalm 113. I'd also pray Psalm 127 and Psalm 128 over her and encourage her and her husband to read those Psalm Psalm 113 Psalm 127 Psalm 128. They all have in common the blessing that comes to children. We know she's been able to conceive. Have a child before and and now to have a child and miscarry. So want to thank God for blessing the fruit of her womb blessing her husband and and we want to thank God and believe the children are a good thing and they are heritage from the Lord, and I believe in the days ahead that she will have the joy of bringing children into this world that God will even give her peace through the storm that if there is some medical cause for the miscarriage that either by God's healing with the help of doctors will be able to identify those things help her in the future.

Psalm 113 Psalm 27 Psalm 128. I believe there really be of help more, less the sum of the mother of children for the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown lives in their thousand goblins have feel free to call with those kinds of questions as well.

They don't just have to be theological, or abstract and cold with those kind of questions. If you spiritual related glad to help. This is Michael Brown. This is the line of fire.

You got questions, we've got answers 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 that is the number to call. All right, let's go to the phones we go next to Kaylene Texas Josiah, welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown I was curious I was talking to a lot of people who believe in the doctoral annihilation. That what your opinion on that doctor what did the early youth believe it. Okay, so, annihilation, meaning that there was a final destruction of the wicked is supposed to an eternal hell for the wicked. Let's say that there were three different options three basic options. Kind of the atheistic views somebody dies and that's it. That's the end of it. They fall asleep.

They die they have no sold that the spirit that's it will obviously us as believers in Scripture we don't look at human beings like that. So what happens to the human being after after that when when we are resurrected either to damnation or to life what what happens or our soul or spirit.

What happens after death. So the two main views are one the most commonly held in the church through the centuries that those who do not love the Lord. Those who reject him will suffer eternal punishment. Matthew 2546 eternal punishment.

Revelation 14 and 20 would speak of the smoke of torment going up forever and ever work or some being tormented.

For example, Satan being tormented forever and ever. So there is eternal conscious punishment and others would say no.

It's not that it's annihilation that the final punishment is fiery judgment a Matthew 1028. Fear him who can destroy both body and soul.

Hell, John 316.

Those who believe in the sum will not perish but have everlasting life. As for what ancient Jews believed there was not one harmonious doctrine that they held to. But there is a passage in the Talmud in the tractate called Rocha shall not, that speaks about those who are perfectly righteous die and and they just go straight up. They go to heaven. Your average person of the they go down for a while. They suffer some type of punishment, kind of, kind of like a purgatory to pay for sins and then they go up, but those who are perfectly wicked they go down and they never come up so ancient Judaism did have a concept of eternal hell fire is not the only concept but it was a concept and some ancient documents do depict the coming fiery judgment with eternal fiery judgment and very graphic terms. The bigger question is what does the Bible say and here's what we have to recognize that as passionate as we are about this doctrine, we cannot divide over it as brothers and sisters, by which I mean even though a cult like the Jehovah's Witnesses holds to annihilation.

That doesn't mean that if you hold to it. You are also part of a cult, and in other words, as major as this doctrine is. We recognize say Christian leaders of the prominence of John Stott who before he died in the last years of his ministry openly advocated for annihilation or a great New Testament scholar of the last generation FF Bruce could endorse a book like Edward fudge's book, the fire that consumes saying that fire ultimately burns things up so you have find biblical scholars, even evangelical scholars and teachers who believe in annihilation. Although that his and and it has certainly been taught through church history, but it is without question the minority view that the question with a bang and fed it to hell or eternal torment yet will I would differ with that I would differ with that and some of the sources are harder to date. You know what I'm saying you have a tradition recorded in the Talmud will the Talmud is finally composed several hundred years after the time of Jesus, but that that position may have gone back to prior to the time of Jesus or pictures of destruction of the book of Enoch.

Those presumably well predate the teaching of the New Testament but but either way either way. Question is, what is the Bible say that's the real question all right and what I'm saying is that we do not divide is being brothers and sisters in other words, if if Chris is a strong proponent of of annihilation is in your strong proponent of of eternal conscious punishment. You don't separate his brothers over that you also your your heretic, you're going to hell. You're not a true believer if if someone denies the bodily resurrection of Jesus, of someone denies that Jesus died for our sins of some of the lies of Jesus is the only way to the father someone denies that there is only one God.

I mean those are right though those are issues of of of heresy. Those are issues of those are issues of you divide over that you market that person. Here's what's clear to me though, right, there are some Josiah who say I can't.

I can't believe in a God that would torment people forever and ever and ever and ever. I had an alcoholic say to me in New York City old when I was 18 years old and was sharing the gospel. The Monday said in your worst enemy.

Let them out after a while and there's some people is just it's it's in they cannot see how what Hitler did is so terrible what Stalin did was to tell, but always mass murderers. This is terrible but but Gazan torment people forever and ever and ever. And that's okay. Other say you have no idea of the holiness of God. You have no idea the sinfulness of man and people are sinning against an eternal holy God and and in doing so, they deserved eternal punishment and the human spirit is to live on forever and ever, and this can keep sin against God, and therefore keeping punished understand the debates on these things so so here's what I say here's here's my official position. I say we declare loudly and clearly what is indisputable in the Bible and we quote versus I have no problem quoting Matthew 25 that speaks of eternal punishment.

Yes, it's in contrast with eternal life but life is not just existing like his relationship with God.

So I've no problem saying that if you reject Jesus.

The punishment is eternal punishment is painful it's it's it's heartbreaking to say that but I have no problems that that's what Scripture says and I'll problem saying second Thessalonians 1. The Jesus will come back in flaming fire taking vengeance on those that don't know God and that they will be punished with everlasting destruction destruction would seem to speak of a point in time or something and and and eternal punishment is that punishing all all that the word speak for itself. So what I've done from many, many years now, Josiah is I just quote Scripture.

I quote Scripture and I come to these three conclusions. I know people who say I can't serve God I can't love a God that would punish people forever, and I've heard people to call my radio show and said I share the gospel much more freely now that I don't believe in eternal punishment.

I tell them this terrible punishment, but I do believe eternal punishing anymore.

That makes it easier for me to share the gospel unto others as symbol of this folly can be destroyed is an end to it. Its origin widely down my life for someone in the public roads is no Jesus I've seen both of those reactions. Here's what I say plainly number one. The consequences of rejecting Jesus are dreadful.

Do not downplay annihilation so that it is not dreadful on this and Chris that you quoted does that all but let us preach it with the fear of God. If you believe that annihilation is the final punishment for the wicked.

And obviously there's the question okay this Hitler get annihilated the same way that someone else doesn't. Other grades upon it and and that's it.

That's another question as to be worked out, and how does out. How is someone punished and then the final violation. These are all sub questions to ask what you believe. It's dreadful. Jesus warned about it, weeping and gnashing of teeth out of darkness. Some reports with the hypocrites. This is the most dreadful fate. It is dreadful that whatever is coming on the wicked is dreadful someone number two it's irreversible you will be able say I can I get another chance.

Here, Mulligan scholar Mulligan on my life.

I do know what was really good happening. Can I can I do that cannot can I call a lawyer make a pillow irreversible. If we die in sin, rejecting Jesus is irreversible. So is dreadful is universal and it is of eternal consequence if the eternal consequences.

Some of his annihilated and will never be with God will never experience eternal life and will face his fiery judgment and that's the end. If it is eternal conscious punishment. Either way, it is of eternal consequence and my bet is that Chris would agree with those three points as well. As an annihilation us and I bet that all of my friends that hold to eternal punishing would also agree the fate of the wicked is dreadful is irreversible and is of eternal consequence hate. We will be right back with more of your questions right here on file.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I just live there are doctrines divide over because there's a difference between heaven and hell. In other words, fundamental errors in the faith which if someone holds will damn their souls fundamental truth. They reject that will damn their souls. That's one thing we will say to that person.

You are not in the Lord, you are a heretic you are a false teacher on the other hand, there are things that we can disagree on.

Can we expect God to heal the sick today.

In answer to prayer or not is speaking in tongues for today are not is Jesus coming before the tribulation, or after, or will there be a seven year tribulation.

There are things that are weightier like the fate of the wicked will there be eternal conscious punishment as we understand or will there be annihilation.

Is that a valid understanding.

This is a weighty issue, but we can differ on that and still be brothers and sisters in the Lord, that you may not be able to work closely with someone that has a difference but you don't excommunicate someone from the body over those things. That's the point I was making welcome back to the line of fire Michael Brown delighted to be with you.

Let's go to Monterey, California Mark, welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown because of you and one for Israel and chosen people ministries that I've even had this conversation thank little yes thank you Glasser. I don't know her start. I became a Christian in 1977 but things never stuck. I was I was pulled away very very quickly and never really understood why until I moved to Monterey California and found out I was very bad, ADHD, OCA or OCD your water all those crazy things is basically at the age of 34 I found out I had 1/4 grade reading skill and my comprehension of anything was was pretty much nothing. It really was. Life went on. I was a musician, I was on the road.

I played music. Things weren't really too bad, I became an alcoholic.

In 2000, 2007, medical marijuana I've been a porn addict since 12 were some really really dark stuff in there that we can't talk about on the phone that I would gladly like to share to you on the side and I think I might build to help with some of your argument.

I mean really help but anyway so then November. God comes knocking on my door almost in person and sister St. Louis in November 2016. Yes okay well alright I I I had pretty much blown away and he came knocking on my door almost in person and just just scared me to no end and I have now come back to the Lord, but there is I don't know that I am very careful most the time I'm just I'm just scared to death because I have been away so long you and never understood his words and now that I am an understanding his words. I don't know how I would like to get together. I don't know else would like me to receive salvation. After after 77 yeah like the long back now. Yeah this and I want to do more right once you read Luke chapter 15 started out Luke chapter 15 over okay and over and over until it settles in.

All right God is lucky and I yeah yet. Luke chapter 15 I read it over and over and over once a day twice a day, three times a day until it becomes absolutely real to you. Listen Mark Jesus in the in the sense of the parable, there the threefold parable in Luke 15, the parable of the lost sheep, the parable of the lost coin, the parable of the lost son. He has been looking for you. I don't mean that he couldn't find you and just found. I mean, his heart has been longing for you, I mean he has been looking forward to this reunion and ask yourself this question. If you were separated from your own child.

Your own child walked away. All right, for whatever reason, misunderstanding some traumatic incident. Whatever happened they walked away from you and they were away from you for three months and then reunited. How sweet. With that reunion. What if they were away from you for therapy years and you didn't even know if there alive – and every day you prayed for them and then after 30 years you get a knock at your door and it's your long lost child.

Could you imagine how sweet that reunion would be. Could you imagine how you just sit with whatever you did I forgive you. I forgive you. I've been privately waiting for the state in Luke 15, the father who represents God in the parable when he sees his his wayward son a long ways off. He runs after him. Yeah he runs at he sees them and he goes running and he embraces him. Mark God wants to put his arms around you, in that respect. He just wants to shower you with love. He want you know, the past is past. The past is forgiven.

Who did Jesus die for. If not for people like you and like me who did Jesus die for. If not for sinners member what he said I didn't come for the righteous for the sinners. So in that respect that respect the picture. Luke 15 as he says okay you guys are all right your you're following me your serving me your love your all right, I gotta go find that I got a fun Mark he's been lost. He lost his way a long time ago know you don't deserve.

You do not deserve it any anymore not deserve to salvation and mercy is a 16-year-old heroine shooting rebel, but that's the goodness of God. That's grace.

That's the meaning of the cross. That's the whole reason he came, Jesus took what we deserve. Now you get with he deserves friendship with God being a son of God having eternal life. Having your sins forgiven. Having your guilt removed get a healthy fellowship with others who love Jesus, recognize along the way that you may think a wrong salt one day your lose your temper wife day.

Doesn't God stop loving it means your work in progress. Keep moving towards him and let Luke 15 get hold it when it doesn't.

And you're probably cry like a baby for a while but that's that's the cry of someone that safely in the father's arms, I'd say he's going to take.

Hair days to come. Hey, let's pray for Mark to discover the fullness of God and for everyone watching, listening you to come to know of the love well, let's do it.

I'm ready. You got questions, we've got answers stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you thank you for joining us on the line of fire. Michael Brown your voice of moral culture and spiritual revolution. You've got questions, we've got answers any question of any kind whatsoever that you want to ask me in any area of expertise. I have my droid answer.

You might say I am trying to understand the difference between this kind of flower that conflict up. Sorry can't help you with that you might signal my car is not starting properly. Sorry can't help you that there are a lot of ways we can help.

So give me a call 8663 foray eight 784 also got some great email questions I want to get to effect when you get to a quick email question and then I want to take your calls.

This is an anonymous question. I was a pulpit pastor for 25 years. I'm not doing anything as far as ministry. I'm worried that if I died I go to heaven which I be doing right now you know it must be kind of like a retirement crisis, people go through a midlife crisis. They go through you had such an identity and doing a particular thing now you're not doing it and plus supposed be working for God working for God.

So what should you do not everyone recognize that your salvation was paid for the cross start there recognize that Jesus paid for your sins. He bought you with the price you now belong to him and your saved by his grace now truly safe people will do good works truly safe. People will live differently. We prove our repentance by our deeds but our deeds do not save us. Our works do not save us every every so often folks will attack me Michael Brown. Though Dr. Brown does believe in the gospel he lives in salvation by works. I met feel bad for folks misunderstanding me so severely. Works the proof of our faith works or the demonstration of our faith, our deeds prove the reality of our pets but were not save our works are not saved by our deeds were saved by the blood of Jesus.

So, Sir, you are not saved because you are pulpit ministry you're not more.

Save all your pulpit minister than not, not more say because you preach me on the pulpit active in preparing sermons and things like that and now your your your your not really say because you're not working though you were never saved by your efforts.

You were never saved by you could preach. You are never saved by any of that. Your saved by God's grace for preaching your ministry. That was a reflection of your love for God and love for others. So first he should be doing is settling your heart that your say because of what the son of God, did for you. That's a first. Second thing is every day. Make yourself available to God and look for opportunities to serve if you sigh time is analog have a lot opportunities. Ronnie give yourself to the ministry of prayer. What better ministry then the ministry of prayer and every day spent quality time praying for loved ones praying for the church praying for the nation, praying for Israel praying for world missions pray as the Lord leads you. There is no higher ministry than ministry at the throne of God.

There is no higher calling. In my view than the calling to pray. Also, your your online yet you emailed me so. There are constant you do online. Get involved in social media and start posting things of interest in or get involved were busy websites or chat rooms were were people are asking questions or some of us mocking the gospel is the most challenging. Use the wisdom you have and say hey have you ever considered this, or hey here's what the word actually says of study this and then if there are folks you can connect with your part of a local church just say hey I'm here to help you help, I'm here to serve and God will keep you busy every day say Lord here I am silly use me share the gospel with your neighbors.

There million and one things to do.

God leads you in your be fruitful for his kingdom. I will direct that your calls her plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown again saw it it it is a real eye opener. It will bless you usually get to go to my website Esther to Brown a SK DR when you sign up for the emails you get the free e-book plus every week you'll know if you're my latest articles are my latest videos on our on our broadcaster Q&A broadcast. You got questions. We got answers as were doing today will get into a lot of political issues and cultural issues and less questions coming from callers like that but through the rest of our daily radio show and in our writing and videos on the website. We are constantly addressing what's happening in the culture and and maybe your first outage on the news and current prelude in front of your voice were probably articulating the things that you feel I've often mentioned this but some years ago when I was on Pierce Morgan he challenge me about what the Bible said about homosexuality. Would Jesus actually say about it and I dress the objections and and then the Gemma Marc Lamont Hill came with a response and was in the report that response one pastor said I was watching the TV shouting because I was saying what he wanted to signify that with many of my articles, videos, you could share them with others as well. By the way you to get involved in some of the controversy or live with their life. It's good it's worth it.

It's constructive and we will never misrepresent the Lord. In other words, whatever we say will stay with grace and truth together. So find out all about the latest articles, videos on my website Esther to run SK your sign up for emails and we will immediately send you the free e-book or real eye opener page turner seven secrets of the real Messiah. Let's go to the phones in California. Debbie welcome to want to fire Dr. Brown.

Thanks for after my call.

Sure my question is about replacement theology, and it just seemed to be increasing in our American churches. I'm wondering if you know if there are any statistics that indicate what percentage of churches are aligning themselves with replacement theology that first let me say that there's just no way of giving an exact number response to that one reason being that we have so many tens of thousands of independent churches and you have to find that exactly with each of them believe in them within denominations. You can have differences, but first for the benefit of my listeners and viewers will explain what you mean by replacement theology replacement theology is the idea that the church has replaced Israel and God's plan of salvation.

This is how the term has been used for some time now. In other words, God gave promises to Israel reading the Old Testament their promises to Israel that say will Modell's promises not apply to the church they got Mr. love the Jewish people as as individuals, but there are no national promises that remain. The church has replaced Israel and God's plan of salvation. It's also called super secessionism which simply means the church as superseded Israel.

Others would say what will know there always promises given to God's people called the church the ecclesia in the Old Testament was Israel. Now it's it's Jewish believers and Gentile believers are never promised just for national Israel. Of course there were there many promises given to national Israel and, for example, God said he would scatter the nation's wrath, he would regather in his mercies are the ones he scatter was yesterday, regather and when replacement theology began to grow in the early church, the seeds of it in the second third centuries, and more full-blown in the fourth fifth centuries open the door wide to anti-Semitism.

So even though Debbie there are fine Christians today. People who love the Lord who are not anti-Semites who hold to one form of replacement theology of them.

I call it fulfillment, theology, or expansion theology or covenant theology.

They may not like the term replacement theology, even though today there are fine Christians.

They love the Lord, they they love the Jewish people.

They are not anti-Semites and they just have these theological views it's undeniable that through history through history it was the teaching of replacement theology that opened up the door to anti-Semitism in the church and I documented in detail in my book, our hands are stained with blood. The tragic story of the church and the Jewish people so as for is it growing in America. This was a largely held viewpoint in many churches around the world before the restoration of the Jewish people back to the land. Now you had great Puritan leaders select John Owens the greatest theologian of the Puritans who spoke very plainly about a Jewish return to the land and and promises to Israel remaining speaking of this happening in conjunction with Jewish people putting their faith in the Messiah you had men like Charles Spurgeon saying that their findings plainly taught in Scripture it's at their promises that remain for national Israel, and there will be a national regathering of the Jewish people to the land in a messianic kingdom in the land with the Jewish people as a nation following the Messiah. You had great preachers of a generation back like Dean Martin Lloyd Jones that made plain the same thing. The promises remain. But what happened was that when the Jewish people restored to live the rebirth of the modern state of Israel. 48. In the aftermath of the Holocaust. Many churches change their views. They thought while obviously because I finish with Israel as a nation because here they are Gaza through the Jewish people as a nation because they been preserved and who they are and many other churches, Debbie were grieved because they knew that anti-Semitism in their church traditions, post-Protestant, Catholic helped pave the way for the Holocaust in Europe because without centuries of Christian anti-Semitism, you could not have had the Holocaust would not of had that level of Jew hatred without centuries of Catholic and Protestant anti-Semitism.

So there was a repenting of that in the grieving. Some over repented and announced the Jewish people can be saved without Jesus, they have their own covenant. They don't need Jesus. So they they went too far, but others now are starting to swing back. They don't recognize Israel as the fulfillment of prophecy.

Some never did. But soma did no longer do the more liberal churches.

The, the liberal sides of the Presbyterian Church of the Lutheran Church.

They become almost anti-Israel are so pro-Palestinian or anti-Israel as part of their overall apostasy.

There also pro-abortion.

There also pro-homosexual activism, but what's happening is that the younger generation rising up today they they have no real recollection of the Holocaust and that's this distant history to them. The miracle of the rebirth of the modern state of Israel. They'll grasp it that the miracle of the Six-Day War in 1967 they don't grasp it. What they see is wise Israel so mean to the Palestinians.

What I have this mean wall up. Were they killing children in Gaza me that's that's how it looks to them so want to stand for the side of justice, not understanding the word often is much depth having a more superficial understanding of what's happening in the Middle East, they have often cited with Palestinians and then adjusted their theology with that as well so on the one hand there's a real problem. There's no question that replacement theology is growing again in churches and that concerns me because as I said the past it has opened the door to anti-Semitism and for example the Palestinian Christians who are most hostile to the state of Israel are those that hold replacement theology, Palestinian Christians that do not hold to replacement theology recognize the legitimacy of the state of Israel and have a very different attitude towards the Jewish state and the Jewish people.

It is a real problem. On the flipside, Debbie God is still moving. There is a major, major, major evangelical base that stands with Israel, especially in America, there is a strong outreach to young people turn their hearts.

So again, I can't quantify it with statistics is of concern, but God is still moving, still working, there is a strong foundation of rejection of replacement theology and by the way, this does not mean you have to be a pretrip dispensation must believe that Jesus is coming before AAA sure I don't leave the I do not hold replacement theology, but on the dispensation list. I do not hold a pretrip theology person and I don't provide over that many people such as modern dispensations known of this is on the church is healthy for the centuries in the early church believe that there would be a restored kingdom of Israel in the end. In the center of it that's that's clearly taught. They believed a thousand year millennial kingdom with with Israel. The center at that that was widely held by many in the early church, but it is certainly a concern and and I wish every pastor leader in America would read my book or hands are stained with blood. Let them see first, the bad, ugly fruit of replacement theology and history. Let's see what kind of fruit. This tree bore that someone number two chapters 12 through 14 in our hands are stained with blood. I go through the scriptural evidence did Paul teach this in Romans nine through 11 or do you teach the exact opposite. And how do we interpret the Old Testament if ever going to hold replacement theology. What we do with verse after verse after verse after verse. Let's test this doctrine by the word discuss this doctrine by the fruit.

Yes, you should be concerned but not in a panic, still God. He still with Israel and he continues to raise up many with Hartford's all last thing around the world. As I travel around the world nation after nation after nation after nation after nation I see her found love for the Jewish people, no clue about replacement theology and recognizing that God has restored the Jewish people back to the land in unbelief.

So God is moving around the the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends of Michael Brown here welcome back to the one for you know there's joy in doing the will of God, even when there's pressure on you when the difficulties challenges through his joy in doing the will of God and is wonderful to know that you're in the center of his will when I'm here on the radio when I'm here doing this broadcast for you. I I just have this great sense of joy answering your questions. Digging into the word together so thanks for participating. Here's a recall with your questions.

866-348-7884 let us go back to the phones and will go to Richmond, Virginia, carry welcome to the line of fire. I duck around. Gloria Cory all right yet you know you know what it is that you know what it is without my glasses. The O and the a date they look familiar, so I've done this before, but thank you, Cory will direct Cory, welcome to line of fire elaborate for me.

I am all black killer/monument in the midst at the border there. Yes, so I Isaiah 19 is is a fascinating passage and I'm just looking at it in the Hebrew from egos of the spell of the and in English translation. There is a promise of future blessing coming to Egypt and Syria, which is modern day Iraq. Yours was sisterly.

Verse 18 on that day five cities in the land of Egypt will speak the language of Canaan. By the way the language of Canaan Slotkin on in Hebrew that that's actually the.

The Hebrew language. So Hebrew was a Canaanite dialect by the way, this is with the text so still snow all speak Hebrew language of Canaan and swear loyalty to the Lord of hosts one of the cities will be called city of the sun on that day there will be an altar to the Lord in the center of the land of Egypt and a pillar to the Lord near her border will be assigned and witness to the Lord of hosts in the land of Egypt when they cry out to the Lord because of their precious, he will send them a Savior and leader, and he will rescue them. The little make himself known to Egypt in Egypt will know the Lord and that they will offer sacrifices and offerings to make vows to Lord fulfillment.

The Lord will strike Egypt striking in healing, then the return to Lord and he will hear their prayers and heal them on that day will be a highway from Egypt to Syria, etc. go to Egypt Egypt was seriousness and eatable worship of the spirit not to get this on that day Israel will form a triple alliance or will be the third part with Egypt and Assyria a blessing within the land the Lord of hosts will bless them saying Egypt my people Assyria my handiwork and Israel. My inheritance are blessed. So this Cory is speaking about a future event. I understand that Jesus, after whatever tribulation is put on this earth. Jesus will return at the end of this age will be caught up to meet him and he will establish his kingdom here on the earth for a thousand years. This is before we go into eternity was called the millennial kingdom. It's described in passages like Isaiah 11 it's described in passages like Zechariah 14 Jesus speaks about it. In passages like Matthew 19 when he says to the disciples that you'll sit on 12 thrones, in the regeneration judging the 12 tribes of Israel. It's spoken about in passages like Revelation 20, which describe the thousand year reign of the Messiah, and during that time, the nations of the earth will come to worship the God of Israel and few would say there will actually be sacrifices and offerings. I was literal little sacrifices and offerings which case they are simply memorials and and and vows of dedication and and if anything, reflecting back, looking back to what was sized on the cross or is it spiritual metaphorical. You can read it. Either way, but they will worship at some of the that God declared what happened in Malachi 1 of the nations would offer incense to God. So this is something that will happen in the future. As I understand it, Israel will be the lead nation in the millennial kingdom. Those of us were ready, say, born-again resurrected, we will rule and reign together with the Messiah, but Israel will be the lead nation in the millennial kingdom. Jesus will have his kingdom established in Jerusalem. Passages like Isaiah 2.2 that Peter says in and in acts three that everything the promise.

The prophets spoke will come to pass.

The restoration of all things, of which the prophets spoke. That will all happen and Egypt and Assyria worship the God of Israel together and they will form in that sense a a a threefold alliance. Each one loved by God and all worshiping God together in Hebrew, something still to come, and it will be memorialized by that pillar. Hey, thank you for your question 866-34-TRUTH old. Let's just see if I have time for one more quick question. Let's go to Raleigh, North Carolina Layla.

Time is short. Let's try to dive right in question. Why are you sure how accurate the cricket action in order to only artful punishment. All right, so here's your simple answer when he hangs on the cross.

He says in John XIX chapter.

It is finished. It is finished. As one minister said many years ago. He did not seek to be continued. He paid for our sins. With his blood Messiah bore our sins in his body on the tree, that we, being dead to sin should live to righteousness by his blood, we are cleansed we are washed by his wounds we are healed. The punishment was put on him on the cross. That's where he paid in full force and sell did he descended to the netherworld. Yes, I believe he did not suffer not to suffer.

Ephesians 4 probably speaks about that that he descended into the lower parts of the world a message as music came down from heaven to earth, but I think they could will mean there he descended into the lower parts of of the earth in the first Peter three says that he went into the lower parts are thinned into Hades, into the place where were the dead were into the place where the unrighteous did were and the spirits of angels, angelic spirits that had previously disobeyed they were there and what happened is that Jesus descended there and declare his victory. He didn't suffer there.

I will ask to says that the pangs of death can hold that's that's physical death.

He did not suffer in hell he went and declared his victory you get more information by going to my digital library to discredit, ask Dr. Brown a SK DR

Just search for did Jesus go to hell right did Jesus go to hell or just some of the keywords there and you'll find the short video teaching that I did on the digital library so no, he did not suffer in hell to pay for since he had already paid for our sins on the cross. It is finished. If you just go back a few verses before that in John 19 so John 1930. Is it recess is finished just go back a few verses Jesus finished everything they had to be done same word same form in Greek.

He knew that everything was finished that he says it is finished on the cross. And that's why he then says father into your hands I commit my spirit. Work is done.

Thank God finished work.

The cross again. Check our resources and ask Dr. set up for emails get our free e-book. There and your gifts. Your contributions help us do exactly what we do right now we do it together with you. Thank you. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you thank you for joining us today on the line of fire. You got questions, we've got answers. Whatever I can do to help sort out something biblically, theologically, spiritually, it is my joy to do so. 866-3478 84. Also, if you're unable to get through or if you're listening or watching the time. That's not live in your unable to call in during the live broadcast. Remember we have thousands of hours of free resources waiting for you on a website asked Dr. a SK DR so just go there since you have a few minutes go there and and look at okay all the articles we have there. All the videos we have there.

We have a digital library to search what you think. Teach about Tylenol women in ministry or drug anyone on the new earth creation shoulders creationist and radio show. Just search will be amazed how much info is waiting there for you. 8663 freight 7884.

Let's go straight to the phones in Columbus Ohio. CJ walking to the line of fire. Hello Dr. Brown hey I just wanted to act can I got a passion for learning and sharing all the good thing that he put in the food and fruit and I think that given but also recently incorporated bank that involved genetically modified risk and note that when I share the question with the church.

They don't really seem to be and welcome well received and I don't know if it's because of scriptures like Mark 1618 of first Timothy 48, but I just wanted it it it it is not biblical to want to have that type of ministry or to think Dakota County educate that the church on all this is bank CJ hits its biblical hats needed wise biblical love your neighbor as yourself. If if you were watching your neighbor drink himself or drink yourself to death. Love would say reach out if if you saw your your neighbors doing all these things with kerosene heaters in the house and and all the safety culture you think that your guests at your house on fire man love would say you sit down and talk to the person if if you had so your brother or sister. They they were eating themselves into the grave.

They were getting heavier and heavier now. The doctor says you got high blood pressure, your arteries are clogged. You got type II diabetes and and and you're going you're gonna live five more years max the way you're going to love would reach out so I know if you've read the book to my wife Nancy and I wrote breaking the stronghold of food how we conquer predictions of how a whole new way of living.

You better believe this is spiritual. This has to do with the stewardship of our bodies. What is the Bible say about gluttony know it's not that what I eat will will defile me see you mention passages in Mark 16. The longer in the market. If they drink any deadly thing will hurt the best of someone trying to poison you for the gospel that's that's what that has to do it. The first Timothy four yeah there's a God created there there good.

Nothing to be refused, and in yes Mark seven Matthew 15 what you eat, what goes in your mouth doesn't file you, but doesn't the Bible speak of of of false teachers whose God is their belly this in the Bible speak against gluttony isn't one of the fruits of the spirit self control. The reason a lot of people on here.

Can someone change I don't want to change 59 years August 24 of of 2014 I would 275 pounds.

I'm a big guy work out but I was obese, which hundred 75 pounds. It was because I was a glutton I just said lifelong bad eating habits and I was addicted to chalk and other junk blood pressure size 149/103 cholesteryl size to 30 headaches three, four times we cost lower back pain, severe sleep apnea less than eight months later, I weighed 180 pounds blood pressure 100/65 cholesterol down to 123. Haven't had a headache now in almost 3 years.

The lower back pain on reading machine anymore. Life and death difference.

Check out breaking the stronghold of food will show you the spiritual situs yes yes the church needs this desperately yes no do it with the blessing of God. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to the line of fire broadcast.

This is Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution joyfully here to serve you answer your questions, 866-348-7884. I want to go straight back to the phones, this time in San Diego. Carlo, welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown I don't do well. Thank you Dr. Brown I just wanted to thank you for spiritual workers. The Angel and being in it has truly been a blessing, but I still have a question on aspect of beer. Yes, the Holy Spirit has just been revealing to me a lot of things in my childhood and me and my wife and but it still everyday. Dr. Brown. There's just so much evil penetrating coming through and and I'm on my face and I'm planning on crying out.

The Lord, but it is been hard and I'm so tired but I just hit like torments with fear and that kind of thing all yeah I mean, what happened is that we were sleeping and it happened like at three in the morning.

A week ago and I could I could just hear evil spirit just speaking the and our apartment was the only apartment without light in the whole complex and I thought freaky and you know Dr. Brown is been I'm just tired and but I'm hopeful in years. What was interesting is that my laptop as soon as I flipped it open. Started blasting through and it was just you speaking and my wife and I were just plain in our apartment speaking, the Lord of the only thing right now I think it's just… Spirit of fear that has only been a part of me and I never gave over to the Lord and others asking for help because I am here just pending outstanding on Ephesians 6 and every down crying out galore, but at the same time Dr. Bonnett is tiring to be in a spiritual battle, yet it is is tiring soon alright so I do have some practical thoughts for you. Again, I don't know every detail of of your situation, but let me give you some practical thoughts and for folks listening, watching, wondering what would Susan talk about actually in the late 1980s, I taught a series of spiritual warfare and series on Angel Stevens deliverance. I taught them prior to that I taught them subsequently to that but one time teacher thought this is the best I've taught them lay them out so we have a distributor that audio series for many many years. It's on a website asked Dr. one spiritual warfare 12 hours of teaching and one on Angel Stevens deliverance Scholastic teaching very, very biblically-based and practical. So number one do what you're doing presently and continue to renew your mind to the word that you are in overcome her that he that is in you is greater than he that is in the world, that fear has torment and perfect love casts out fear I would speak those words.

I would pray over those words.

I would renew my mind with those words. I do it together with my wife Anna on a regular basis. You're probably doing that already, but I would I would do that. Secondly, if you found no breakthrough in that you get hit just torment to be like a panic attack hits and and and I had that happen a few times in my life. It's, you know, just in a certain squeezed in situations I had to get out of this you're not thinking rationally them, how you break the spell of it and it's it that's what fear is fear is that a rational power you will get out of it had a white how I five away for free from the soul of for sure it can be very challenging in that moment. In particular, fear is paralyzing in faith. Of course, is as a direct opposite force in and in that we are trusting in God and his power.

So that's the one thing keep renewing your mind. According to the word. I have the armor of God have the mind of Christ, the spirit of God is within me. He was in these greater than he was in the world. I'm in overcome her perfect love in my heart casts out fear that someone number 27 doing that I have had a breakthrough, have you fasted for breaks. Have you set aside whether it's a day or two or three that's okay. I've got to fast for breakthrough. I've been under spiritual attack sometimes and there were some times many years ago where it was a battle of quite a few months of constant oppression every day.

It felt like running through knee-deep mud out when I go to preach.

It took me several hours of prayer just to feel normal, like a normal human being before I can get to the point of thinking about preaching and ministry.

There was real ugly attack. Nancy and I were under it, day and night, and it finally broke while fasting. I won a way to pray for a few days and and fast and pray and that's when the thing broke if it still doesn't break after that. That's where you go to a solid leader pastoring your congregation a solid respected leader and asked for prayer.

There may be some stronghold in your life where you need outside help. We all do one time or another, or many of us do it one time or another. There could be some root of that fear deep inside of you that just goes back to some earlier trauma and God's can address that and fix it. In other words, no, I talked about a panic attack being squeezed in somewhere. It may be that it happened to somebody wants to they were trapped in a building and results in a suffocate diet. Now they find themselves in tight spaces.

They get that fear God can fix that God can heal as well.

So one keep renew your mind. According to the word and praying pray in spirit if you don't see the breakthrough to give yourself the fastest pray for grace to fast, set aside some days and fast for breakthrough for complete deliverance from the spirit of fear, if still you're struggling they get outside help get someone to pray with you and for you. The breakthrough will come.

You will see your way out of the tunnel. God is faithful. He will give grace if we hold onto his promises. If will do what he's given us to do he will do what only he can do so. My brother we pray right now for freedom for freedom from the spirit of fear by the authority of Jesus name we pray for breakthrough for my brother for his family this day in Jesus name.

Thank you sir for the call 866-348-7884. Let's go to see Grove, North Carolina Todd, welcome to the line of fire by Dr. Brown my quick coming from chapter 5 it concerning the healing of May about the theory and from where prickly yet. He tell me why should that he will not worship any other gods anymore, but one true God and he requests to carry back from containers of dirt, looking out back to Syria and I will talk about what the significant areas of him doing bad it's it's kind of what you might think. On the surface level, which is not that there was a universal ancient belief that the dirt had spiritual quality.

It's almost just look at it like this. It was a spiritual memento.

All right, but it was his way of remaining attached to the God of Israel when he went back to his home country went when Yankee Stadium.

The old Yankee Stadium was torn down. They actually cut up the field. Good good merchandising thing to do right and there they so they sold pieces of the feel of a preacher with my family members God and the significance of the they sold pieces of the field so it in the same in the same way.

It's kind of doing that, spiritually, and there might have been some superstitious connection that there is blessing with that of the presence of the deity with the ribbon. Other beliefs associated with it. We don't we don't have a massive amount of information about ancient Ironman religious beliefs but if you just look at it as as the same kind of thing.

There was a church that experienced great revival and people wonder when they trust the carpets people. One of the piece of the carpet think it's just a piece of carpet is all that is the presence of God that did it, but they so many people spent so many hours on the carpet repenting of Satan shedding tears of repentance about some of them wanted a piece of the carpet may be more superstition than anything you know or just having the momentum but look at it like a spiritual memento that he wanted to connect him back to the God of Israel, that was his. His way of doing it but again fascinating question and I appreciate you asking it sir out. You've always called with interesting questions. Yet another one today. Thank you, 8663 freight 7884. Let's go to all right. We won't go there. Let us go to Charlotte North Carolina.

Chrissy drawn the line of fire ground. Hearing your ago Mark, I believe, Monterey, California out expanding Head on.

How they can hear everything he thank in the car pulling my daughter. I wanted to reach out and aligned or alternate extreme Aaron Monterey bakery for addiction recovery. I got a man is different that pain and it can be added and a great group of people. I called the branch restoration ministry and it and off to a great chart that we are not called Calvary, and Monterey). Eight.

Enoch, Monterey and Ireland by added just give the lady had given them again with rights of the bridge restoration ministry market Monterey if you still listening the bridge restoration ministry could be a godsend for you.

Thank you Chrissy calling the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown about an eye. I travel a lot and it happens all the time of the walking to the airport. I'll be working the grocery store and someone comes up to me with a big smile.

It's the smile of someone who's known you for years, but I don't know who they are at universities like all senior and like you are but I know it's coming next. I listened to every day on the radio there part of our family. Now that we get to put some of our radio broadcast on TV as well. We get to extend the family, but you just got a great example of a radio family seat. We are on two hours.

Live five days a week across the country going to listen to the show any day disco the line of fire. The line of fire or you can even download the line of fire after spring line of fire in my name, get if your iPhones and things like that.

Just listen on your cell phone anywhere run two hours a day five days a week, but I know some of you are watching a half-hour TV broadcast, or some of you are listening in the car for 10 minutes and we have folks eliciting though for two hours and though here call or maybe an hour ago and the caller was am struggling with this problem my life and someone will finally get through because allies can be busy the font to get to the say I've got information for the cause of you may think I don't member that call because sometimes it may be bigger watching on TV a different TV episode of a week later, some is calling with info but in real time. It's it's happening the same day.

But thank you for being part of her family. I know many of you will rights have been praying for the caller. I remember some years ago an old Jewish woman named Sarah called and she was in her 90s I believe her late 80s early 90s. She had gotten wonderfully born again, a Jewish woman and in Yeshua Jesus made himself real versus religious Jewish woman all her life and and she got wonderfully born again and discovered the radio show and call then it was it was a classical. One of the most unforgettable calls in all my years of radio and I remember we are also alive and in Hawaii at that same moment, and some eroded and said I had to pull the car over and weep.

As I listened to the cost of thank you for being part of our broadcasting program and some may call then with a crisis in the lysosome. You could then go pray for that person. What great teamwork as we serve. Got to get right back to the phones, 8663 freight 7884 we go to Joe in Fleming Island, Florida. Welcome to the line of fire my call. Dr. Brown and really appreciate your ministry just on a daily basis. It's so rewarding to me.

Thank for most of us, the Trinity, the concept of the Trinity is really difficult to wrap her mind around and try to split hairs with my question but there does seem in the Bible to be a hierarchy where Jesus obeys the father. Jesus prays to the father. So my question is who was the creator who is the creator and the so-so. Certainly, while Jesus is on the earth. There is a hierarchy and he says my father is greater than I. And then for scripting's 15 says that once everything has been brought under the feet of the Lord that even death is been destroyed and put under the feet of Jesus and the son was submissive to the force of God will be all in all. And we get to Revelation 22. It speaks of God and the Lamb.

It says his servants will see his face.

So ultimately, the emphasis is on one God.

Yes fathers in spirit, but the biblical emphasis is on one God and yet there are different functions for sure within the Godhead, there are certainly different functions. So if if we take a look at the text like first Corinthians chapter 8 is gonna pull it up on my screen here of what you refer to is spoken of in other words, it's not a matter of splitting hairs. It is with the Bible speaks of. So first Corinthians chapter 5 is from chapter 8 verse five for each of their so-called gods, whether in heaven or on earth is there are many gods and many lords call yet for us there is one God the father. All sayings are from him and we exist for him, and there is one Lord Jesus, the Messiah, all things are through him and we exist through him you find the same language in Colossians 1, you find the same language in John one speaking of the saw in all things were created through him.

So the father is the source of all things, everything comes from him through the son. So the source of the universe is the father. It is created through the son by means of the sun.

Now let's just look at it in the most simple way. Joe so Genesis 1 for your Elohim, he or and God said, let there be light, so the saying is the spoken word.

Jesus is the Word made flesh, not just the spoken word, but everything applied with being the Word made flesh, so God creates the universe help by means of his word, there's the filling physical illustration. Everything comes into being through the Messiah so one God doing the creating, the father is the source of everything and it is through the agency of the sun that things are created so the answer is God created the universe right as we know the father. The source, the sun as the one through whom, by whom things came into existence and we see it illustrated almost physically, as I say, that God speaks and through his spoken word.

The world comes into existence universe comes into existence and in the Holy Spirit is working through all of creation and enlivening creation of the said answer you specifically enough. So you see this assignment as Jesus created the world or the universe. Is that correct or that the father will okay because there one ultimately it's correct.

And because it was by him that everything was created in the words, whatever happens, happens through him. Yes II would say so and I will I would just I would again we can be more precise and said it was through Jesus. The world was created, but really saying that the same thing and in Colossians a chapter 1 it says this uses this very language right. He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation. Verse 16 for everything was created by him all things have been created through him and for him. He is before all things by him all things hold together. So, yes, yes, sure say that Jesus Christ is universe, or more precisely, the son created the universe so impresses you what you mean. You say God created everything and he created it through his son Jesus.

Colossians 1 verse 16 probably shouts it out the loudest of all and thank you. Glad we have been a blessing to your friends.

Don't forget to visit my website ask Dr. explore all the resources that we've got lots of teaching our videos answering many of your questions articles dealing with the critical moral cultural she's how I address what's happening in society.

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