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Commentary on World Events and Answers to Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 23, 2017 4:21 pm

Commentary on World Events and Answers to Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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May 23, 2017 4:21 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 05/23/17.

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Live from Orlando Florida boy another terrorist attack Donald Trump in the Middle East a lot to talk about. Also, you got questions. We got answers will do it all today it's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown told house of representatives extends its condolences to the families of the victims. Our prayers are especially with those who are still searching for their children. I don't know.

Maybe it's because I'm at father teenagers but that is the part to keep that keeps me coming back to this to deliberately target innocent children is cowardice in its most heinous form so we should not be surprised that Isis has claimed responsibility for this attack, but we will never file or bend to radical Islamic terror. This is Michael Brown. That was the voice of House Speaker Paul Ryan speak about the horrific terrorist attack that Took Pl. in Manchester, England yesterday.

Every one of these terrorist attacks as ghastly as ugly as horrific is despicable is inexcusable. When the bomber targets children makes it even more heinous in Islamic suicide bomber. Apparently, born and bred in England which reminds us were not just dealing with people coming from the outside who want to destroy were talking about an ideology that affects those who are within which is why we must fight not just the terrorists but the ideology our friends. We have a lot to talk about today but I also want to open up the phones for anything you want to talk about. I got a few things him to get through and open up the phones 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 784 I'm in Orlando Florida right now. After the show will be flying up to DC and then speaking at a watchmen on the wall. Pastors conference for Tony Perkins in family research Council also doing live radio from DC, but on the Friday broadcast, I'm just going to be answering your email questions so today when open up the phones a little later in the broadcast for any question of any kind. Anything you want to talk to me about. I'd be glad to do so. 866-34-TRUTH is the number to call so all this happens, this horrific terrorist attack in Manchester while Pres. Trump is in the Middle East and even some of his critics or say well yeah he's doing a good job here in the speeches is making the people he's meeting with. Certainly he's made more than his share of mistakes here in the states, and certainly the way he conducts himself on twitter is different than the way he is conducting himself meeting with these international leaders and I think that most of us recognize if he conducts himself like that all the time that he have less trouble at the same time, we recognize the degree to which the liberal media is coming against him and is attacking him savagely day and night over and above any mistakes he makes, or things he does that deserve criticism. This trip reminds us that he can be a statesman and he can carry class and Prime Minister Netanyahu is even said that he's got more hope now for peace than what man in his lifetime or in his memory.

And it's because he sees America taking strong leadership again in the Middle East. We shall see. We shall see where things go, but this is a time to call on all Muslim nations to categorically not just renounce terrorist acts like this, but to renounce the ideology and to say, to the extent our teaching, our doctrinal beliefs have contributed to this we must make changes that's with the president of Egypt. It presents a seasick. That's when he called for a major speech in Cairo University before Islamic leaders saying we must bring about reform in our religion.

Let's talk about, 866 number and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Looking back, friends to the line of fire Michael Brown. He relied Orlando 866-34-TRUTH 7884 got a question for you. Should we only pray for God's mercy on the terrace dog bring them to repentance, have mercy on them save their souls stop this terror or should we pray for judgment. Is it right for Christians to pray for judgment. Lord, bring your judgment on the bring your vengeance on them, strike them down and we pray for both if they will repent.

Strike them down. It was a few years ago that Phil Robertson was on Sean Hannity. I think he said when it came to Islamic terrorists that there were two choices, convert them or kill the think what what are also so harsh, but what he was saying was, we try to convert them to the true faith and away from their own violent ideology. Otherwise, world war with them to the Met, kill them, spoken in typical Phil Robertson Duck Dynasty terms but is it right to pray God bring judgment. God bring vengeance or is that only for God to do and our only prayer is to pray for mercy. Father forgive them for they don't know what they do when he lands on that 866-348-7884 is a number to call. Okay according to this report on CBS news from London, a CBS news confirmed about Robbie D she's media the terrorist Solomon obligee was known to British authorities prior to the attack is 22 years old. He blew himself up to kill children to kill women to command to kill these people attending a concert as they were leaving, he blew himself up and you think of the panic as parents are trying to find out. As is my character is my kid okay that their children as young as eight years old I posted on Facebook earlier today. The picture of an eight-year-old girl who was at the concert leaving obviously with family and killed others terribly maimed and in you realize these kind of scars they they last for life these last four for life and and you're not just talking about you know, we forget the news in a few days we go on to the latest thing may be just, you know, something else gets our attention sports world or or stock market or selling a house or two graduating from school just normal life were timeout wounds last a lifetime. People bruised and scarred that that need the mercy of God in the redemptive love of God and yes there are Muslims around the world that see these things in grievance a this is not our faith. This is not what we believe but tragically there is an interpretation of the crawl based on the life of Mohammed in Islamic tradition that justifies acts of terror against the unbelievers. Somehow this eight-year-old girl than the others. There they qualify as the unbelievers.

After all, they were at a worldly concert so they are unbelievers.

Boil boy what kind of sickness. What kind of demented demonic mentality would cause someone to act like this so Pres. Trump is in Saudi Arabia earlier this week and get treated like the most Royal guest you could imagine, and through the Saudi's know how to do it. In that regard.

Signs and arms deal over $100 billion in arms for Saudi Arabia and delivers a speech in the presence of about 50 Islamic leaders. Leaders of different Islamic nations and I wrote about it. You can read my article. The website asked Dr. SK DR, but his speech there was significant for at least four different reasons. You can read my article. The importance of Trump Saudi Arabia speech denouncing Islamic terrorism. Remember this is a Saudi Arabia's is like the holy ground of Islam with the cities of Mecca and Medina are where Muslims from around the world make the pilgrimage. There every year to the city of Mecca and their places in Saudi Arabia that you cannot go you cannot enter if your anonymous so this is a say in many ways is holy ground that the fact that we had American troops and have American troops stationed in Saudi Arabia, is an insult to some Muslims and they feel it is defiling of the holy ground.

So Pres. Trump does deliver speech on the one hand, he speaks of Islamicists a great world faith and obviously in a setting like that you would expect nothing less. And if you just look at in terms of the great world religions United three monotheistic religions, Islam, Judaism, Christianity, expect them to say something like that. Even if you were a committed Christian who knew the Lord he would speak respectfully about Islam in general. But here's what significant he mentioned terror or terrorism 30 times in his speech, 30 times, you can contrast that with Pres. Obama's speech in Cairo called famous or infamous, depending on your perspective 2009 where he apologized to the Muslim world for the sins of American colonialism of those kinds of things in court.

The Quran in a way which is actually very misleading. It's commonly quoted by A very misleading and never mentioned terrorism in all not once, not once, Pres. Trump actually spoke of here quote the crisis of Islamist extremism in the Islamist terror groups inspires.

He said that twice in the midst of speaking of terrorism or terror.

30 times and he said to fight against this, it means quote standing together against the murder of innocent Muslims. The oppression of women, the persecution of Jews in the slaughter of Christians and and think of this.

Think of this from it. He's there in Saudi Arabia where many of the people hate the Jews and think evil of the Jews and believe the worst about the Jewish people and the worst about the Israeli court occupation, and yet he says we must stand together against the murder of innocent Muslims puts the first the oppression of women, all women are not exactly equal Saudi Arabia, the persecution of Jews and sort of Christians at any called on the Muslim leaders to drive out the terrace and ready quote from your places of worship, your communities, your holy land and this earth. In other words, these terrorists are currently in some of your mosques and you need to drive them out and say this that this this take some cuts but to decide and then he announced the founding of a new global center for combating extremist ideology located right here in the central part of the Islamic world. This groundbreaking new center represents a clear declaration of Muslim majority countries must take the lead in combating radicalization so he didn't just say extremist theology. Extremist ideology skews me okay what is that mean that's ambiguous and is exactly what he say what he he said combating radicalization. That means people taking the teachings of the Koran in a radical way that ends up killing innocent men, women and children in the name of Allah. Now some say that's the only true Islam. There is another say no, the only true Islam is peaceful as long. I say the truth is in the middle that there is a valid expression of Islam that is peaceful and there is about expression of Islam that is violent when I say valid. I mean, based on the Islamic sources. In other words, I don't believe that all Muslims who denounce licensor denounce Al Qaeda, who denounce these terrorist acts. I don't believe that all Muslims who do these things are just hypocrites and their liars and their deceiving about the true nature of Islam from all of my study and understanding of the muscles of interacted with and studied with backgrounds taking Arabic classes in college and grad school in particular that there are many who believe that that you advance Islamic teachings the same way we advance the gospel through through teaching through instructing through education and that if there's a war dislike of America was attacked by another country. We fight back. So there are there is justification for war, but not justification for terrorism or advance in the faith by the sort of visit say no.

Islam always advances by the sword, and there's a pattern of that in history, right up until this day. That's why it's so violent, I believe both expressions of Islam are found historically and in the sources so the question is the question is, can a country like Saudi Arabia really stand against radicalization when in point of fact, she a country like that espouses Wahhabi Islam, which is a fundamentalist Islam, which gives birth to an Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda system would say that the very ideology of Saudi Arabia is an ideology that is radical itself.

We shall see. We shall see if if this is another example of say that the foxes are controlling what is it that the chicken coop or whatever the expression is significant for Pres. Trump sentencing facility things in speech will come to significant things in his speech in Israel and his interaction with this really impels but again we grieve over the horrific horrific terror attack in Manchester on file in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown line going on offense against ISIS.

Let's fight them over there instead of here and that's what we need to have a competent strategy to go on offense against ISIS and I think the president is doing a great job of getting our Sunni Arab Alloc Arab ice in the Gulf to help us do just that and that was the voice of Paul Ryan. This is the voice of Michael Brown 866-34-TRUTH can open up the phone lines now. If you have questions of any kind completely unrelated to what we talk about today little while and open up the phone lines more widely to discuss whatever's on your mind to talk about. I will be taking calls on Friday. I am just going to be answering email questions on Friday so if you would've called on a Friday with a random question or comment when you challenge me on something.

Today's a great day to do that. But once we get through some things I do want talk at 866-348-7884 acute filters was not so happy with Donald.

Come speech in Riyadh and Saudi Arabia. Why won't he ceases that that Islam itself is the problem is words. Islam is the problem. We can only deal with the threat of refers face the truth which might not be too politically correct but still is the truth and that is that Islam and not Islamism. Radical Islam, but Islam is an evil ideology like communism or fascism that has no place in a free society.

At the end of the day it will replace us and we will lose our freedom.

He said if we don't act today. We ceased to exist in the future. He appreciated Trump recognize the global fight between good and evil but is it is not that we have two different kinds of Islam is that I acknowledge the fact we have two kinds of people there moderate Muslims and non-moderate Muslims, but there is really only one Islam, and this is the Islam of the life of Mohammed of the cross of the use of the soon. This is not a battle between different face different sex or different civilizations. He said this is a battle Donald Trump said this is a battle between barbaric criminals who seek to obliterate human life and decent people of all religions who seek to protect it. Will this is now, it's impossible for the ideology of Islam to assimilate in a free society.

That's a debate that we will continue to have, and something that we will continue to discuss and and I personally get blasted by critics on both sides. I get blasted by critics who, on the one hand, say there's no such thing as radical Islamicist just Islam. All Islam is violent like this all Islam is oppressive like this all Islam gives birth to terror like this. And the subject that have others you say this not Islam acts of terror like this is not Islam is on the do the slump again. I believe that there is Islam that is more peaceful and there is an Islam that tends to violence and that both are found in the sources and both are found in history as a so that's a debate that we can save for another day. Back to the president's speech in Saudi Arabia. He identified Iran as the enemy. I mean this is big. He singled out Iran if it is 50 Muslims is the enemy with your aunt directly repeatedly to Islamic terrorist that certainly Saudi Arabia and Iran are archenemies. Some of the civil war in Yemen.

Some of the civil war in Syria was really underwritten to a certain extent by the Saudi's on the one hand, representing of Sunni Islam, the majority Islam in the irradiance. On the other hand, representing Sheila as long which is the minority Islam. Let's remember though that the majority of over rocky Muslims or Shiites and they do not embrace the full ideology of the Iranian terror regime so this is not such a battle between Sunnis and cheers. Although in that environment and in Sunni Saudi Arabia.

Donald Trump talk about Iraq is the enemy that could scale your warm hearing. There literally said he called it the government that gives terrorist safe harbor financial backing, the socialist and need for recruitment. He labeled it a regime that is responsible for so much instability in the region. He stated that from Lebanon to rock to Yemen. Iran funds arms and trains terrorist militias and other extremist groups that spread destruction and chaos across the region. Is it for decades. Iran is fueled the fires of sectarian conflict and terror. He said it's a government that speaks openly of mass murder.

Following the destruction of Israel, death to America and ruin. For many leaders and nations in this room that also was highly significant.

Third third of the president put Hamas and Hezbollah in the same category as ISIS and Al Qaeda.

He said the true toll of Isis Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas and so many others must be counted not only the number of dead.

It must also be counted in generations of vanished dreams. Now there are critics I was reading one critic quoted by CF course that they just got people critical Trump speech including a profession professor from Iran what you say all wonderful that the president bashed us for the 50 Muslim leaders but they they courted Lebanese Prof. CNN does who pointed out the Trump equated Hezbollah Lebanese political and military group made up mostly of sheer Muslims with ISIS and Al Qaeda has below was conceived in the early 1980s, probably to fight against Israeli occupation and southern Lebanon so that the professor Lebanese Prof. said this is irresponsible on many levels with Israeli rhetoric increase against Lebanon. This is not bold well the liberties will not put too much stock in yet another grant speech with ill keep an eye out for transposition towards Israel's threats against Lebanon and any shift in US policy toward Syria and and for Trump to say luck, you can call Hamas and Hezbollah freedom fighters against the Israeli occupation. That's your rhetoric is recalling terrorists at end, and he did say fourth, the terrorists do not worship God.

They worship death.

So here he got a little theological to court again, this is a battle between barbaric criminals who seek to obliterate human life and decent people of all religions who seek to protect it. This is about between good and evil.

We shall see, with the most liberal dose. I remember years back when Louis Farrakhan was asked to renounce acts of Islamic terror. And he said we renounce all acts of terror, be they Christian, Muslim, Jewish, with nervous Nelly was asked to do is very answer said that that he was not willing to do that is in the same with the Palestinian Authority we renounce all acts of terror, be they acts by Palestinians are asked by Israelis only. He wasn't asked to do that. He was asked specifically to to renounce and denounce an active Islamic terror carried out by Palestinians against Israel. So in the same way if if you came to me if God for bid, some some professing Christian killed and abortion Dr. the name of Jesus in here and there is happened tragically at I immediately denounce it, renounce it as of the do Jesus and through the gospel with him to do with with being pro-life it's ugly it's it's a look at what the motivation was reprehensible and it's wrong. End of subject were pro-life medical kill someone medical murder someone met with abdominal just go take it one on Hansen murder that person. I can do that categorically. I don't say Embry also announces liberal acts of terror and Islamic action to know so we shall see how much the Muslim world that will stand with Pres. Trump say we will work to gather against terrorism in the name of Allah. We will rooted out of our mosques.

We will work with you and security shall see if the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown, welcome back friends to the lifeguard run coming away live from Orlando Florida. So let me highlight this again in dealing with the issue of terrorism right.

It is important to name it and identify radical Islamic terrorism or Islamic terrorism and not just talk about violent extremism as the Obama administration did as as candidate and formally Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did as others have done in recent years, but we don't want to alienate our Muslim friends.

We we don't want to in a peaceloving Muslims will.

The fact is you're dealing with an ideology you're dealing with a mindset you are you are dealing with something that radicalize his people was just reading a report that a suspect has just been was brought into custody earlier in conjunction with the Manchester England bombing and according to the report when he was brought to custody was obvious that the suicide bomber himself, but someone that may have cooperated in the attack, helped with the attack that as he was brought into custody.

He was smiling basic what what kind of human being could smile, surely he's read the reports.

Surely they knew what was going on. Surely they knew that the the damage that would be done.

Surely they knew there would be young people attending the concert. Surely this was their very target. He must've read the reports of families in a frenzy trying to find out is there child okay people, they are searching for others in a running out screaming and the blood he messes and who's alive and who's not alive. 22 killed Mr. hundred 20 wounded gnosis if all of them will make it to those with their state will be for for life in the states of the families who would be smiling someone who was so demonically brainwashed.

Who still believes that the the world around them is evil and polluting and destructive that all these actions are somehow right look, it's it's ugly enough if, say, a Palestinian terrorist kills an Israeli soldier because they believe this Israeli soldier is part of an occupation that is fighting against them and this is war. This is a soldier so they target that person may be a 19-year-old Israeli kid in the Killam in cold blood that that's evil enough that's ugly enough that they would say hey this is war and that's a soldier so that's evil that's ugly but but how you describe it when you're intentionally killing children, teenagers, and what justification so you say will Mike that's the whole thing. Christianity says the world is evil. Christianity says the whole world of the control of the evil one in the God of this world has blinded the minds of those who don't believe in and and unbelievers are of their father the devil in the world lives in darkness yet and what's the answer. Love the answers follow the example of Jesus, the answer is if you believe the world the start go shine light in it. Don't kill the people in the dark go shine life in the dark that the reality is that Jesus came to save man's laws, not to destroy men's lives, that he did not die as a warrior in battle that he did not behead his enemies, but rather he laid down his life willingly sacrificially so that we could be forgiven that we could receive eternal life. So we might look at the world is evil and sinful. Therefore we reach out with love and compassion and a helping hand and forgiveness. Radical Muslim reaches out with the sword kills people.

So we must address the ideology it's not only a matter of keeping terrorists out of our country. It's a matter of addressing the ideology come back. I want to focus on Pres. Trump in Israel and by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, my friends, the line of fire broadcast Michael Brown coming away from Orlando Florida soul tonight. There is a special airing of the CBN documentary in our hands celebrating the reunification of Jerusalem 50 years after the six Day war in 1967 I was given a private showing sent the link to watch the film in advance. I was so impressed with that.

I gave a strong endorsement and even help promote it via email and social media that's happening tonight. If you don't have your tickets yet, go to in our hands. in our hands. 1967, is the website and I just heard from someone involved with this that the responses been tremendous, and there may even have to be an encore performance to open up more venues next week for people that don't get to see it but be that as it may, Pres. Trump timed his visit to the Middle East obviously to coordinate with this and I want to say again, I am not here was a defender of the president. I am not here is his defender and chief I'm not here to justify everything he does. I wish he did certain things differently feel there to be much more smooth sailing. If not for things he's done ways is present in the substance is been present at the same time I believe the attack against him has been over the top of, for example, there's not bad on saying that the Saudi's love Milani or Trump because she's is a picture of submission they really like her because she is a picture of of female submission to man. That's what they like or actually have been reading some reports were she's getting rave reviews, not just for her outfits and by the way she can cover head with a headscarf, nor did it funk or Trump cover her head headscarf in Saudi Arabia so they did make a statement with that but people have been praising it out, who thinks of this in terms of the presidential side that obviously the world watches this and of the outfits that she's worn in the way that she's conducted herself and her gracious nests or gracefulness or whatever you want to call it the way she's interacted with with other women in these countries.

Middle Eastern countries in Israel that she's been getting these rave reviews. No, no that's not it. The reality is that she just is a picture of us miss of woman wife what whatever Milani is idle on a picture his chest saying yes, Mr. Pres., Trump, whatever you say I'll do just snap your fingers and I'll jump at that. Yes sir, you're the boss that somehow I don't get that impression but I want to speak well of what the president is doing doleful but no I look if I differ I differ and when he does something worthy of praise, praise him, and the same same way as with Pres. Obama was if I did speak of him was only critically because I took issue, but when he did something like that. I commended him for so again, kudos to Pres. Trump for delivering that speech in Saudi Arabia. In speaking about terrorism and the directly relating it to Islam and even saying it's in some of your houses of worship. You gotta drive it out. I believe that is significant.

We shall see how far it goes. We shall see how far these Islamic nations have the ability to renounce and denounce terrorism in the name of Islam will see how father able to go but I think it's a good positive step for sure. So in Israel timed with the 50th anniversary of the six day war 1967, Pres. Trump goes to the hotel. The Western Wall knows the Wailing Wall but you still refer to as the Wailing Wall we refer to it.

Those in the outside refers the Wailing Wall but you still refer to it as the Wailing Wall just the wall of the cartel in Israel and he prayed there you say will you others have done other presidents.yet, but he's the first sitting president to do that. Some I didn't realize until I read it.

He's the first sitting president select is going as a candidate and not going after being president. The first sitting president to go pray at the wall and remember son-in-law Jared is an Orthodox use in modern Orthodox account of left-wing orthodoxy stored in Vaca converted to Judaism.

We got married. So that means his grandkids are considered Jewish so this is not something that foreign to him. He must've work with Jewish people in New York for many many years and considers himself a strong friend of Israel visited God bless Shanda the Holocaust Museum in Israel, which is powerful and intense to visit, spoke clearly to Israeli leaders about never again and from what I understand, also reiterated to Marco the boss of the past and authority cannot cannot sponsor terror look the fact of the matter is if you are a Palestinian terrorist.

You blow yourself up may be born and raised in Bethlehem and you're able to blow yourself up and kill those Israeli children and women and men. Your family will get supported for life by the Palestinian Authority if if you go to prison for terrorist attack, and you're in prison you'll get a salary in your family will benefit from that that is sponsoring terror and Palestinian media watch reports this of this was posted yesterday on how Palestinian media watch as Trump meets a boss in Bethlehem, the PA name squares after murderers.

So there are two squares that were just name. This is common posted authority naming elementary schools after mass murder is terrorist naming squares streets signal normal seats.

The this is this is like us celebrating George Washington fight against the British cities are freedom fighters. These are terrorist murders terrorist murders do not talk about in the midst of war were shooting back and forth to the children soldiers die you're talking about kidnapping people and killing them. You talk about shooting people on bus civilians come up blowing up a building with children on the inside, among others. That's what you're talking about in this still gets celebrated so the report on says in the weeks leading up to his meeting with US Pres. Trump present a PA Chairman Abbas has done his best to convince Trump in the world that the PA desires peace with Israel but words are one thing, and actions are another of the bosses been talking about peace Housing Authority's name two squares after terrorist murders behind Trump's back the car and Eunice squaring Janine in the Maher unit square until Kara Kareem and Maher Eunice are to Israeli Arab cousins who kidnapped and murdered Israeli soldier Oliver Hamm Bromberg in 1980 there, each serving a 40 year sentence for this crime. In this way, Abbas's deception continues regardless of Trump's visit. The PA carries on its policy of honoring terrorist murders by naming Street squares and schools after them while Abbas assures Trump in Bethlehem that there is a genuine Palestinian desire for peace Palestinians and Janine and to call to Corinth will gathering squares newly named after terrorist murderers.

I think of that you celebrate this square named after a terrorist named after a murderer, you celebrate that at wall wall that the that the president of your country or of your territory is telling present from all we want peace and were working towards peace and raising our children in an environment of peace.

Every was two years to three years there's been a conference. Israel called Christ at the checkpoint is largely sponsored by Palestinian Christians but other international Christians and it's a conference to talk about okay what's happening. The Israeli occupation and the Palestinians and Israelis and what should a Christian response be Palestinians are suffering under the Israelis and how should we look at it and and some of my friends have been involved in that the conference others to sit it's not worth it. It's too much of of a of a hit piece against Israel just designed to make Israel look bad and it's it's it's not worth attending because the gotta be a spin put on so I was asked a couple years back when I speak at the current crisis.

The checkpoint conference I said in a heartbeat now. Bear in mind I had friends telling me we will recommend you do it because the whale get spun with media and reporting things like that but as far as I'm concerned this Laura tells me not to.

If that door is open.

I will walk through it and we have enough media outlets around the radio, and social media, and articles that I can get out an accurate, truthful message but I was asked if I would speak of the persecution of Jews by professing Christians through the centuries and understood the intent and I appreciated the intent was let the Palestinian Christians also realize how much the Jewish people suffer few years. Just look at them as the occupied evil occupier something like that to give their perspective a secure speak on that, but I like to speak on another topic as well. Back today with the topic was we come back to light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown action much for joining us today on the line of fire. This is Michael Rountree rely from Orlando Florida hate for all of you who prayed for me yesterday I post a prayer request and RS Dr. Brown Facebook page and on my twitter feed which is Dr. Michael Brent DR Michael L. Brown on Twitter a posted request for prayer because I was recording TV shows for God TV for my word on fire broadcast all day yesterday and there was great grace on me and on the team think we we recorded a lot of really excellent programs.

So for those of you who don't know, we have three TV programs right now. In addition to the line of fire broadcast an end to one of the if you don't know there's an app now for your iPhone or your iPad. The line of fire at you can download this. Just search for the light a fire with my name Michael Brown. You will see the applets free of course you can listen to this broadcast anywhere you have a phone signal. You can listen live. It's a great app. It is super user-friendly and it's ready for your iPhone's line of fire app so you can listen to this broadcast freely and then get the archives as well.

Right with this app but if you didn't know. We also have three TV programs. We take our Friday broadcast.

You've got questions. We got answers. We take some of the best of that and we then enhance it with some special video features and that airs Wednesday nights at 7 o'clock on NRB TV. If you have DirecTV if that's how you have your cable or satellite. Whatever it is a DirecTV you can watch it there on Wednesday nights at seven, so that's the line of fire made for TV and we've we've got great shows so far with great calls and excellent interaction and it's it's been rich and we were really blessed by that and there other ways you can watch it. Just go to NRB TV's website for more info. Now we have two shows on God TV. This is also on DirecTV but airs around the world as well affect God TV has four more viewers outside the United States and in the United States. It's a great opportunity for us to reach out around the world. We have a daily show five minutes a day and it's called ask me anything where I respond to questions that you were sending from God TV were getting great responses to that five minutes a day five days a week and then Sundays at 630 in the evening so great time to watch preaching I'm I'm preaching the gospel preaching the word. It's called word on fire. Preaching with passion, with conviction rocking the boat being politically and religiously incorrect but hopefully true to God and his word. You can watch that on God TV so three TV shows we have, and I was in Orlando to record those TV shows yesterday and after the show today fled to DC will be speaking for the family research Council watchmen on the wall. Pastors conference should be a terrific conference will be coming your way live from DC doubled in the next couple of days right so back to Christ at the checkpoint conference I was asked to speak a couple years ago what I'd be willing to speak and would I take the subject of the persecution of the Jewish people by the church through the centuries. Again, this is a conference held in Bethlehem is sponsored by Palestinian Christians were the parts the world and the criticism against it has been that it presents a slanted view of Israel makes Israel look like the evil presence there that it's unbalanced in its theology and they would say no need to bring attention to these issues because of friends of Israel don't know are suffering, etc. so some of my friends who participated in spoken of as a said they won't because it's just going to be used propagandistic leak against our side when I was asked. I said sure, I'll do it, but I want another session.

I want another session.

If you have been. I also want to be able to speak on radical Islam, the elephant in the room and I never heard back. Now I did have one of the leaders from the conference on the air with me. Oh maybe year and 1/2 ago is close to two years ago now made even longer and I said if invited. I'd like to speak on that and seemed to be a positive response that, but I've never heard anything out of most of their having another conference of the schedule. I don't know, but I certainly haven't heard about or been invited to speak at it we see that's the real issue.

That's the gradation that the enemy to peace the enemy to peace in the Middle East is not Israel the enemy to peace in the Middle East is radical Islam that is the enemy to peace.

The reason that the Palestinians are suffering is not because of evil Israel notice me everything Israel does is good and right. It means that radical Muslim leadership has not been willing to make peace with Israel through the decades. It means that a security barrier manly offense, but at times the wall like in parts of Bethlehem that that is there to keep terrorists out to keep murderers out in the wall, especially to keep snipers from sniping and if the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.

The other side and Gaza Strip. If they put down the radical ideologies if they stop fostering and abetting and encouraging terrorism in various ways and stop supporting it, finding it, then you wouldn't have to have the security barrier because the Palestinians, the leaders would be working with Israeli leaders for security when they do a little now, but they'd be doing extensively and the ideology would be addressed.

The ideology would be addressed. That is what is so critical.

The ideology must be addressed and therefore it must be named. That's why I'm glad that Pres. Trump is naming it directly and although I have been disappointed that thus far the president has drawn back from his promised pledge to move our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem still time to do it but I'm disappointed that there seems to be drawing back from it. I am pleased that he is winning the confidence of the Israelis and building bridges with the Muslim world listen if you can build a bridge to dialogue with your enemy so that they put the sword down. Isn't that better than provoking your enemy so they could kill you with the sword.

If you have the option of working out some differences so that you can work together versus always being at war with each other as long as you don't compromise reality and compromise truth and compromise convictions and values as it's a good thing to do, but we shall see. We shall see. I friends if you haven't read my article on the significance of the president's speech and Saudi Arabia go to the website now asked Dr. Brown a SK DR and when you're there, be sure to sign up for my emails. If you don't get my emails.

What you waiting for surrealism for years and you still get up this way you won't miss a single article you won't miss my latest videos which include what is the doctrine of demons and a video debate with the ultra-Orthodox rabbis won't miss any of these announcements will be the first to know and stay in touch with us and I got a free e-book.

I want to send you an amazing e-book when you sign up to join us right at ask Dr. from Orlando Florida boy another terrorist attack Donald Trump in the Middle East a lot to talk about. Also, you got questions regarding answers will do it all today it's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you thank you for joining us today on the line of fire. 866-34-TRUTH 784 okay any question you want to ask me of any kind like we normally do on Friday. You've got questions, we've got answers. Let's do that today. Any question of any kind is now not off-limits, but within limits is that not off-limits on limits. That doesn't make sense. There are no limits. This can be acceptable for Christian radio 866-34-TRUTH 7884. As we look around the world as we see the latest harbor of Islamic terrorism as we see Donald Trump working for peace in the Middle East. What I'm reminded of something very simple varies. We've got to preach the gospel of Jesus. And we got to press into God in prayer because otherwise there is no hope.

And even though I would love to see a peace treaty between Israel and the Palestinians for the good of all those involved. II deeply question how long-lasting it would be for two reasons.

One, ideologically, will Muslims accept Israeli presence in the Middle East will they accept Jews living in land that was once controlled by Islam that is highly debatable.

That's number one number two. Does the Bible speak to this. Now I don't want to base political decisions on interpretation of Scripture for future events. One major reason being that it's very easy to misinterpret the Bible when it comes to future events that many many times we can we can think this is going to happen now or these passages are applying to this and when it comes to future events. Often times were wrong.

But as far as I can tell if there is a comprehensive peace in the Middle East, to the point of Israel quote dwelling without walls. Here you have little wall security barrier that's been put up by Israel to keep terrorists out. If the walls literally came down with it. Just lead to an ultimate conflict. In other words, would there be a a final conflict there would just be a false peace and then sudden destruction, that's the way I see things, but but who knows how long that would be or how long that would last. So of course you have to want to see peace and work towards it, but bottom line, bottom line, the hope of the world is the gospel, the hope of the world's people coming into right relationship with God as we see some of the moral and social craziness in America as we see the craziness of radical Islam blowing up children and women and men killing innocent people. As we see the evil and madness of this world. We must remind ourselves our message or weapon is the gospel of Jesus. Our message or weapon is not more violence on not saying that America should not be involved in certain wars or should have a military attack but as followers of Jesus our contribution outside of serving as a policeman, someone being a soldier in an army. What can every one of us do preach the gospel when the lost and that has never changed.

We we stand for pro-life stand for marriage. We stand for certain values, but we know ultimately that that the greatest thing of all is for people to come to know Jesus disciples, and if if we can do that. That's how make a lasting let's let's never take our eyes off basics: when the lost be a disciple make disciples. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown transfer Katie Hopkins is the British TV personality and newspaper columnist and she is grieving over the terrorist attack yesterday and she tweeted out Britain's sick is calling out from medic will cure us what action do we take, how can we stop the hurt.

Obviously she spoke for whole nation. There I was successful for people around the world grieving and shocked last night's terrorist attack again if you didn't see I posted on the Esther to Brown Facebook page.

The picture of an eight-year-old girl with the victims of the terrorist attack last night after an RN and ran aground the concert so when Katie Hopkins is same, Britain's car for medic and it sounds like Scripture to me who can heal us. Israel sick and wounded who can heal the wounds.

This is a cry of the prophets often in the Old Testament but but then she. She also said this she said 22 dead number rising Schofield referring to something else there don't you even dare not be part of the problem.

We need a final solution and someone responded — Sarkar Katie Hopkins color for final solution after the Manchester tragedy because there has been enough blood sugar ready despicable that you assume she realized the words she was using when she said final solution final solution. That's what Hitler said we needed with the Jewish people.

Final solution to wipe them out to exterminate them once and for all. What did she just use the words unthinkingly did she use it unthinkingly saying that note, this is we just need so we need something to solve the problems or did she do it singly. We need to wipe out Muslims. Anyway just just looking at this report.

Here wasn't I'd heard the neighbor wasn't familiar with her, but just looking online.

Television was television persona newspaper, was first came to notice in 2007 as a reality television set.

Contestant is now best known as the calmest British newspapers. Initially, the sun, and later the daily mail web site.

The fact of the matter is the we are not just dealing with people we are dealing with an ideology we are dealing with a mindset that says the West is evil that America is the great Satan. Israel is little Satan, the European nations are evil. Therefore, of unbelief, their fill of immorality there full of carnality and therefore Muslims should wage war against them, something that even adds more pain to the tragedy in England is that news reports that the parents of the suicide bomber were Libyan refugees who came to England to escape the Qaddafi regime in Libya think of that UK opens their borders to bring in refugees fleeing from the evil of the Qaddafi regime in Libya. They come to England to have a place for.

They can raise their family and safety and get away from the insanity of Moammar Gadhafi and what happens there son is radicalized and I'm a little more about the parents are radical they were. The sun is radicalized and and now is going to slaughter people blow them up, blow them to bits, maim and injure as many as he can in the name of Allah with what kind of payback is that decency you cannot deal with this, as if you're just dealing with normal rational thinking people logical. Why would you want to kill these people know that the very fact that someone would blow themselves up in the name of religion and target victims like this know they can be children and young people that that tells her that you cannot reason with this person and or rational way and endure spiritual strongholds. There is massive deception, and it must be exposed and here is a problem. I don't have an article in front of me to have an article in front of me but in point of fact, I read a few go months back years, but I always pack that British authorities were upset because they were not getting help from the Muslim community to help identify radical Muslims in other words, there is more solidarity with Muslims. Even the radicals will we can expose the radicals because were fellow Muslims. This works more solidarity with Muslims being Muslim them with being British. Is it always a way to second is not matter being British or being Muslim. It's about fighting terrorism. It's about combating terrorism.

That's what it's all about so careful who you say you are.

If if the government came to me is Dr. Brown. We know that that you have a lot of circulation in different born-again evangelical circles and things like that and there are people who are claiming to be born again Christians are followers of Jesus and and and they they are recruiting people for violent ideology. Could you help approved.

For example, Britain, of course, we would create connections that will help expose the prism of course we would and and for sure if I knew what they taught and preached I get on the air and speak against it expose everyone knew how and right against it but but this is not been the case and and I don't think I am not speaking with assurance here, but I don't think we've had much more success in America. Please correct me if I'm wrong, give me documentation from wrong, but I don't think we've had much more success in America with Muslims say okay we want to help expose radicalism. We want to help expose this ideology because we renounce it we say it's not really Islam. So we want to help expose we want expose it in Moscow expose it in schools will expose centers which being taught.

We want to sever all ties with any radical groups around the world and and separate ourselves from the make that known.

And let's work with the authorities is not a witchhunt against all Muslims. This is Muslims say Ray to prove that this is not real Islamic real expose these imposters.

That's how they look at why not. That is the point of great concern and that's what this reminds us of in England look for the train bombers the equivalent of the 9/11 tragedy America.

The train bombers in in England they were raised in England that they were in the and that summer I think often raised in good neighborhoods with good education and yet there embracing of radically a radical ideology and one that says it is is good to inflict these acts of terror that was something they embraced as native born Brits with British accents and British education. So friends it's not just an issue of immigration say it again it's an issue of ideology.

It's an issue that must be confronted and if you haven't read my articles on radical Islam and were explained why I use the term, take a few minutes to do so. If you find it helpful. 866-3487 884 is the number to call if you need clarification but go to my website ask Dr. a.s. K.

G. R. and you just type in Islam in the search engine and that'll pull up a lot of articles you can search for radical Islam but you will read articles were. I explain why refer to radical Islam.

Why believe it is a true expression of Islam, but not the only true expression of Islam because of which I get blasted on both sides, some saying all Islam is evil. Another saying if it's evil like this is not Islam but I don't write and I don't speak and situate to avoid getting blasted. I do my best to speak the truth and look coming back to Pres. Trump's he's in a historic important visit to the Middle East and he is acting as a statesman in his speeches and saying some things that are very important that need to be said and being warmly greeted quite different than his reception by the media in America if if you hate the idea

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