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Naming Islamic Terrorism; Should Christians Pray for Judgment?; and a New Book on Hearing the Voice of the Lord

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 24, 2017 4:40 pm

Naming Islamic Terrorism; Should Christians Pray for Judgment?; and a New Book on Hearing the Voice of the Lord

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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May 24, 2017 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 05/24/17.

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All right still more to focus on world terror. Radical Islam. What should we do stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, Kent.

Can someone please tell me why after yet another Islamic terror attack that much of the news is about the fear that there will be a back lash against Muslims. Why why is that what comes up over and over and over again. Hey friends, this is Michael Brown entryway live from Washington DC here for a conference with the family research Council and before we talk about terror before we talk about the role of Islam in terror before we talk about with the Muslim world needs to do and more about the president's trip to the Middle East. I just want to give a quick shout out to give background I was doing teaching on Monday in Orlando recording for our TV show were on fire and I was going through some of the messages of Jesus to the churches in Asia minor and starts off most of the. The letter saying I know your deeds. I know your deeds. I know your deeds, that could be good news that could be bad news.

Depending on what your deeds are but one of the things I mentioned is that when you serve the Lord. When you honor the Lord.

When you do what's right, TEC's that he knows that even if others don't. Even if you take advantage of.

Even if people don't acknowledge or even if someone else gets credit for what you do.

He knows your deeds and and he will bless you, he will honor you for what you do well okay so fly in from Orlando. After doing radio yesterday and get in late last night, and immediately want to check to be sure that I have a proper connection in my room. I travel with this this small radio unit. It's expensive the radio unit and I have to plug in a cable connection to the Internet in order to get it the right connection for studio so that we can broadcast a high quality, literally from anywhere in the world right get the right connection so I I check I cool watching from Malaysia join one from doing a Facebook live video at the same time a little experiment here you can see the hotel room behind me but what happened was I got in late last night and around midnight and trying it to hook up the ethernet cable and I see I have no signal sought work so Jason from Baltimore came in. The engineer still on duty at the hotel and Jason was kind enough to explain to me that when you live in Baltimore. Even though the T and there you don't say the TSA D Baltimore, Baltimore, so he tried to work on until late couldn't get it working. So I said hey man, I'm gonna give you a shout out when it's time for the show today.

Here's how you listen and then this morning a Leno who is one of the the head engineers in the hotel here Leno from the Philippines. He came in to work on things with that typical Filipino servant spirit service with a smile here to help and he and then the chief IT man, Jeremy, who's a regular listener to the line of our broadcast Jeremy was audit that actually called to say Jeremy's on his way up to make sure you do your radio show and between them they got everything up and running how to switch ports and do this and do that to get the right connection.

So we are literally here on the radio with you today. Thanks to Jason Leno and Jeremy with terrific staff at the hotel where I am in Washington DC I promise the shout out. And you got it, but I want to say to each of you listening and to each of you watching when you're praying in secret. When you're shedding those tears in honor for the Lord, because you you want to do what's right. When you refuse to bow down and compromise when you're under pressure and and only God sees it, and he sees the purity of your heart when you say no to to temptation and you do what's right when you share the gospel with similar do good in the snow around to see God sees God knows to take my little shout out Jason Leno and Jeremy God shout out to you come back sober things talk about Islam terror which the relationship, how should the response will be right back for cleansing by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is now on the basis of today's investigations that the threat level should be increased for the time being from severe to critical.

That was the voice of British Prime Minister Teresa may the nation of new England reeling rocking over this horrific terror attack more suspects arrested and on top of that search for the alleged bomb maker.

Just think if it children as young as age killed teenagers killed moms and dads killed chaos this this is the exact express goal of terror.

This is the exact express goal. This is the focus purpose terror is to bring terror. This is looked at as a war on the unbelievers now here is what's even more staggering for the people of England. If you consider this when there were the train bombings in the year 2005 there were four bombers involved three of them born and raised in England. One of them came from Jamaica the island of Jamaica when he was five, so he was raised all his life in England. They had the benefit of the best that England had to offer. They were not raised in oppressed environments. They were they were not raised under some fierce dictatorship. They were raised in environments that theoretically were conducive to liberty and freedom and should've brought about an expression of that and an appreciation for the freedoms they had instead, they were radicalized to the point of blowing up innocent civilians in the name of their religion. Now the bomber involve the, the chief suspect who blew himself up at the concert in Manchester Salmon oddity. According to the reports. He was also born and raised in his family came from Libya to flee the dictatorship of Moammar Gadhafi but the father was known to be very devout and highly spoken of in the mosques and and would would do the early morning prayer calls was known for his beautiful voice you civil.

That said, I mean that's the whole thing in his and his kids. His sons memorized the Quran as children and this is this is a real act of piety in the Muslim world you civil that set that's the whole thing in a nutshell, I mean they were radical they were crazy but will hang on.

It's not that simple. It's it's not that simple. The fact of the matter is that that these the D's that this man, this gentleman and his family opposed radical Islam that his father according to a friend would speak out against ISIS would speak out against Al Qaeda groups like that and say that the that the family thought it was. Not just bad but it was criminal behavior and that the family allegedly turned the family allegedly was one that went to the police and said that this is our son is our brother so they were, they opposed radical Islam in the name of Islam, not out here is why we must identified by name, we must address it under the Obama administration. Sadly, there was a refusal to use the term Islamic terrorism or radical Islam because Pres. Obama's position was. This is not Islam at all. That was his position. This is not Islam will. Here's the problem that there are references to Islam were literally purge from our law books or intelligence books. It is couldn't mention that because that wasn't the problem will then how could you focus in on radical Islamic ideology.

How could you focus in on how people are recruited and radicalized. How could you focus in on the messages that were coming from the mosque is there like that if if you can identify Islam that now here's the thing you can do bait. Whether this is a valid expression of Islam or perverted expression of Islam.

You can debate whether this is the one and only true Islam, or if it is a perversion of the faith or if it's one of several valid expressions we can have that debate but you can't deny my view and the view of many.

You cannot deny the connection terror attack after terror attack all over the world and where does it fall from Islamic ideology.

The message of Mohammed the Quran, the hadith, the sooner Islamic history. In recent years, Islamic theology in recent years. They can select a labyrinth its misinterpretation or other interpretations find have a debate but you can't separated from Islam in that respect. And that is the big problem here. So under the Obama administration is always you don't want to offend the Muslim world don't offend the Muslim world Select-and-Say radical Islam. Sonicare will discolor terrorism or extremism. So think for a moment if neo-Nazi skinheads white neo-Nazi skinheads were going around different neighborhoods burning down synagogues, killing Jewish people, but you are not allowed to identify just say that there is extremis out there there crazies out there now identified. If this was happening, you'd identify them as neo-Nazi white supremacist skinheads you be better able to profile you be better able to trace the roots to be better able to see how the recruiting whites, angry whites imprisoned in this kind of thing it in the poor white communities what they're appealing to and whether ideology is, of course, should do it you have to do it so I was on Jihad watch, yesterday Robert Spencer's website and you could feel the frustration article after article after article were people don't want to say is long-term going so Sumter and Katy Perry is interviewed and she says look we just have to love each other and coexist. Hey is as I tweeted out earlier notes, Katy Perry, radical Muslims don't want coexist with you and we can virtually tell you you're the enemy you're not just dealing with another rational mindset would sit down to discuss her differences. I do that all the time with people that sit down across the table and discuss her differences and if you walk away with deeper differences right to kill each other, but we are talking about a radical Muslim or radical Islamic ideology with support from kilometer to interpret rightly or not, with support from crop with support from Islamic tradition, with support from the life of Mohammed did. It's it's clear what we are dealing with and therefore why we must identify it by name.

Okay, I'm looking at an article here from MB This is the Middle East mid meteor research Institute Jihad and martyrdom in Palestinian Authority schoolbooks. The following are examples of references the following are examples of references to G hot and martyrdom in Palestinian Authority schoolbooks.

The references appear in books for the subject of Islamic studies Arabic and language.

So here are the textbook for grade 7 features. The following poem, the martyr by posted import object of our Hima mood, I carry my life in my hand and cast it into the abyss of perdition. Give me either a life that gladdens the heart of a friend or death that hurts the enemy what kind of life is this. If I do not so fear in the safe haven of the enemy by my life.

I see my death, yet I hasten my steps towards it. I see myself dying without gaining my stolen night and without my hope for home.

When the ring of steel is pleasant to buy year, the stream of blood gladdens my soul and and on and on it goes.

Here's his opponent, praising martyrdom for seventh graders, page 7 down the same book. Students are asked to write an essay about a Palestinian or Arab female martyr is someone who killed Israelis killed Jews celebrate them. They are martyrs, and exercise.

In part two of this book, page 49 students to write an essay about a martyr. They knew and mentioned details like his name is Place of birth is achievements out.

He was martyr society's attitude towards his family after his martyrdom and the status of martyrs down Islam and on and on it goes in a language textbook for to grade 10 and exercise. On page 51 requires students to consider the sentence. The cons us of Palestine offer up their children for the sake of the victory of Allah and his messenger, and on and on. This is what kids are being fed. This is what kids are being fed and Palestinian textbooks be worse. Even under Hamas in Gaza. This is an ideology and what's it associated with its associated directly with Islam. So here's what needs to happen we need to say yes this is a problem associated with Islam.

Let us see how people being radical I say in the states.

It's not just a matter of keeping terrorists out of the country. It's about people keeping people within the country from getting radicalized, who's doing the radicalizing.

How are they being recruited to what extent is it happening in mosques and places of worship and things like that to what extent is that going up and we call on the Muslim world categorically unequivocally to announce this to say this is not Islam and and and then to deal with this junk that's in these books and to deal with the trauma Palestinian textbooks did to deal with the ideology that associates this with Islam, and to say we will make an exception if you blowup Jewish family in Israel you blowup a British family in England. It's terrorism.

Nonetheless, let the Muslim world stand up and say this has nothing to do with Islam and let him work with us to prove the point, the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

The Jesus kind of revolution, one that overcomes hatred with love, the one that overcomes anger with peace. The one that overcomes the flesh with the spirit, the one that overcomes lies with truth. The one overcomes evil with good.

You like to call get the conversation, 866. Refer to the 866-34-TRUTH 784 if you're watching live on Facebook welcome to the broadcast from Washington DC amount of my regular studio today on the road with my special portable radio unit broadcasting from my hotel room getting ready to speak at a conference for Tony Perkins in the family research Council. I have a twitter pole going.

Let me just check the latest results. This proves nothing other than what my twitter followers believe. Okay it proves nothing, meaning it does not give us any indication whether what people think is true is actually true.

All I'm asking is what's your understanding of his long as violent Islam V true expression of his law is not Islam at all recent. One possible expression of Islam.

Now, the vast majority of people responding are not Islamic scholars. The vast majority will not of studied the Quran Islamic tradition, the vast majority will not be Muslims. I'm just getting the opinion of my twitter followers. That's all this is designed to do. 61%. This is the biggest answer 61% say violent Islam is the true expression of his law limits. Many say to me, don't use the word radical. Don't call it radical Islam because it's just Islam, radical Islam. So 61% say that violent Islam is truth on this is what Islam is really about 9%.

This is the smallest response say it's not Islam, not Islam at all, and then 30% say it is one valid expression of his law. That's my view, it is one valid expression, but a peaceful. Islam is also a valid expression and has basis in the text and things like that and that's why the father of the terrorist bomber according to the reports was against Islamic violence, and thought it was just criminal behavior had nothing to do with Islam and he was a devout Muslim himself, so this much we know this much we know that the radicals the extremists whether the have an aberrant form of Islam, a valid former Islam, or the true expression of Islam.

They make it bad for Muslims worldwide.

When I was in Florida yesterday I was walking through the mall just had to pick some things up and I saw couple Muslim women walking though they were somewhat westernized mother wearing slacks and things like that that they work they did have scar see jobs on Anna I thought they must feel uncomfortable walk around in public is Muslims today because people think you retires you murderers reported that group so I understand Muslims do suffer because of this, but the big concern. The big concern we should have is not is this going to be bad for Muslims.

The big concern we should have when there's a terrorist attack is how can we deal not just with the people but with the ideology and again think of profiling in the best possible term.

Okay criminal profile may like the TV show Criminal Minds you're looking for a serial killer. Okay, it's this type of person let's profile the person is going to be this age there going to be white or black.

They're going to have this kind of job or not it's going to help you locate that person. Israeli security when you fly El Al they do expert profiling. They are the best at it. They talk to you. They look for certain reactions.

They look for certain types of people and this is how they keep terrorists off of their planes and out of their country.

There's an unhealthy profiling that makes sinful judgments that that looks at people just based on on race or ethnicity or something like that and makes character judgments and there are people I had many of African-American callers. Tell me about how they been racially profiled with the kids been racially profiled wide well because his high crime rate in their community and the demographic is it's mainly committed by black men between this age and that age may happen to fit the demographic and they get stopped.

That's unfortunate. That's unfortunate that good law abiding people get stopped on the flipside, you have to put yourself in the that the shoes of the police officer says okay we've just been given a description of a burglary committed by someone that fits this description we see them drive by in a car and we notice a little suspicious. We stop the car that's that's the challenge with a we need when it comes to this ideology to profile in the best sense of the word and then from there we can better combat the ideology. How absurd that people don't even want to mention it by name. There is a British anchor BBC anchor that and he tweeted out that Europe has to get used to these attacks Europe has to get used to this. This is what he he tweeted out what's his name Jack possibly act and that would think that you eliminate until you just have to get used to what kind of rubbish is that you don't get used to this. To combat it. Yet, as believers, we pray for the salvation of these radical Muslims.

We pray that their eyes would be open to to the deception and the murderous nature of what we believe. Yes we pray for all that absolutely and then on a military level of world war. We try to take out the enemy on the self-defense level we have secure borders and things like that but you know when and I referred to this earlier Katy Perry's utopian optimism shouldn't just say let's just coexist, you know, she said, look, no barriers, no borders will just need to coexist and as I said earlier, and as I tweeted how to Katy Perry on coexist with you that will convert or kill you.

So those are Christians that will share the gospel.

Katy Perry if she really knew the Lord growing up we wanted her to come back to the Lord really know she never really knew it was just raised in Christian tradition and and never really experienced of herself. Even she was raised around the gospel, we want to really know the Lord, and if she does we could pray for killer. We could pray for. I tweeted this out yesterday that radical Christianity says that that the world is as evil and him and we reach out to unbelievers with the love of the gospel. The radical Islamicist world was evil and kills the unbelievers an end. Look, there are Islamic leaders around the world.

Major Islamic leaders that justify this type of behavior in the name of Islam. Hats hence because because we are fighting ideology. We must name it and identify and combat it, and I am sure there are Muslim leaders who have spoken out against the Manchester tax. I don't doubt it, but where where, pray tell, are the mass Islamic protests all around the world.

Where are they in Pakistan where they in Afghanistan where they in Saudi Arabia where they in Iran where they in Libya where they in Yemen. Where are they in Islamic country after country in the world.

Where are they saying this is not Islam. We reject this violence, we reject it where Muslim communities in France and Germany and the Netherlands jumping up. Say we reject this.

This is not Islam could be this much of a connection to Islam, but the Muslim world speak it's the light a fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I want to integrate what I said about the professionalism of the emergency services and the bravery of the people of Manchester through the actions they proved that colleges will always be defeated by bravery that evil can be overcome by good and the funnies rule, pluralistic values of Britain will always prevail over the hateful ideology of the terrorists. Again the voice of British Prime Minister Teresa may with all respect to the pain in your country right now with all respect to the upheaval with all respect to the, please, please mention Islamic terror by name. Just think, just think the mayor of London is a Muslim that I say is a terrace no. The mayor of London is a Muslim. That's how much Islam has influenced Great Britain. I remember being in Luton England in 1987 I was preaching there. It is number of different churches in England and was being hosted by a pastor in Luton and in the morning you heard the prayer call Islamic prayer call Asa Jim Mosk has just been built here. This 1987.

He said that churches have been trying to get land to build on and it's been declined. This Mosk was given land to build on or was able to acquire land to build on and as I was preaching. I I asked the question who's to say that in 30 years. England won't be a Muslim nation and people looked at me with scorn and wife talking about the 1987 of 32 years old.

Some kid over from America and just so they didn't think I was being biased and trying to speak evil of of a Melissa who knows America could be a communist nation 30s are quite simply that for split second I decided to set your all LK Roosa who knows right of by in point of fact, Islam is had goals on a woman for years and in Saudi Arabia, not through violence. In this case, but through education through its massive oil money has underwritten Islamic outreach and the building of mosques in prominent places in major cities around the world as part of Islamic outreach and some would say that that the ideology of Saudi Arabia and Islam will have Bisson fundamentalist Islam is a major source of the violence and the people would point out that most of the suicide bombers involved in the 9/11 attacks came from Sally Raber that Osama bin Laden came from Sally Arabia.

These friends are realities again when I was on G hob watchdog award last night and looking at article after article, Robert Spencer written a bunch of them in a couple of days. One example after another example after another of people just not wanting to say radical Islam and, in fact, understood a pull of that page now and and see. Let's see here, but all KG Hogg mass murderers older brother smiles as he is arrested for role and massacre is an interesting that the father denounced Islamic terror but his sons center bracelet is two of them New York Times on Manchester Jihad mass murder. No one yet knows what motivated him to commit is such a horrific deed that's within your time says no one yet knows what motivated him to commit such a horrific deed what you talking about.

No one yet knows what, but of course we know he was radicalized as a Muslim been back and forth with to Libya recent days allegedly was was shouting out Carano according to Krohn on the streets and days before it acting all that we don't know no one yet knows what motivated him Islamic state.

We swear a law that the infidel countries in the West won't have the luxury of security and on and on. Germany considers fines of up to $56 million for hate speech or just what we need. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us friends on the line of fire or cast, 866 work truth is the number to call you like to get in on the conversation. One more clip from Teresa may click number three again.

She is reacting.

Prime Minister of England to the attack in Manchester. By the way, what were looking on the site of CA, I or the Council of American Islamic relations, which many believe is really a front for Islamic terrorism or as a friend to Islamic terrorism and in the past was known to have ties with Hamas just looking on their website now for their statement denouncing the attack renouncing the attack and let me explain why this is significant that there is silence if it is silence indeed is significant at first listen to Teresa may once more while we mourn the victims of last night supporting attack. We stand defiant the spirit of Manchester and the spirit of Christian is far mightier than the sick plots of depraved terrorists. That is why the terrorists will never win, and we will prevail. Yet, here's here's the problem. I appreciate the courageous statement I appreciate her saying were not going to bow down but but right now, England the nation of England is on critical alert for another terrorist attack you have soldiers marching through the streets.

Life is not going on like normal.

In that sense, the terrorists have already won. And let me say it again in less you name it. Radical Islamic terrorism then you will not look at the problem holistically and wisely. Am I saying all Muslim should be profile no. All terrorists should be profile and to the extent that the terror connects to Islam. Then you act accordingly. With the help of non-terrorist Muslims and if they don't stand with you and help then they are saying I have greater solidarity with Muslims who are terrorists that I have with the country in which I live. That is saying something, and thus far.

If I'm correct I qualify this if I'm correct in what I've heard.

British intelligence has not gotten a lot of help from the Muslim community in the recent past to help expose terror if I'm correct, but here's here's why say significant of groups like care, and other major Muslim organizations do not actively, aggressively and unequivocally denounce this and said this is nothing to do with Islam and we are working to root this out of mosques and Ruth this out of our community wherever it is found let's say that it's a few years back and it's one of the very few still inexcusable, but very few attacks by Christians on abortion doctors. Yes, there have been people that from what I can tell are Christian and they get twisted in their faith and they think I have to take the law in my own hands. Just like someone was coming into my house did to steal my children until my children now some of us try to kill someone else's baby in the room again to take the wall mount hands and they killed abortion Dr. that not just realize we are passionate the pro-life movement the pro-life movement has been active for decades, even before Roe V Wade and all the more since Roe V Wade, and yet with all the passion you don't hear about abortion clinics being bombed. You don't hear about abortion doctors being killed. You don't hear about that because were pro life so that one of the few times again inexcusable with its five or 100 or 10. It's an excuse. One of the few times this is happened what what what is that in nearly every pro-life organization immediately says this is not the gospel. This is not our faith. This is not who we are. This is not what we believe this is wrong. This is Albert.

This is nothing to do with Jesus correct immediately with unqualified real. Should we reject all terrorists – including Islamic terror and hindered her and Jewish terror know we just sit this is not the gospel is that Jesus is not our faith. We renounce it we we have this to do with this repudiated. The subject done and if some group rose up, say like a Westborough Baptist group that I go around killing people but they're espousing hatred, God hates fags, God hates America. God hates Sweden when when tsunami devastated so many parts of the far east and horrific horrific suffering took place in their words say Swedish tourists who were killed in it that they Westborough Baptist were rejoicing. They got what they deserve. They got what they deserve.

When when someone comes back see killed by an IED in Iraq. One of our heroic soldiers there their body shipped back to the states. Westborough Baptist will of the protest at the funeral say we have a fag army and this is divine judgment. We all immediately we hear that we we renounce it we denounce it we say that is not our faith that is not the gospel is not Jesus is not who we are. That is not what we believe and yet, what, when this happens over and over again in the name of Islam. Yes, there are some who speak out, but there are many who don't.

And for my perception.

Most who don't and and most disables our faith. This is accurate will then work with intelligence in the West and say okay here. Let let's work together to uproot this from a mosques and we have one of these radical leaders were we ourselves as a community or can excommunicate the person and we are going to announce from every mosque and and in all of our literature. You said happens know it doesn't happen nearly the way it needs to happen where you said you blow yourself up you go to hell not paradise.

This needs to happen so Katie Hopkins will terror before before I get to Katie Hopkins I mentioned yesterday hear them play this clip and it again. This is the this is the wrong thing to be emphasizing at this time John Agrippa clip number four of this is Christine Marsh on ABC and what what what is so are Christian Marsh reporting on this.

What's ABC worried about that in the immediate aftermath of the Manchester radical Islamic terror attack. This and Martha G said that he will Manchester determine the kind of go back to daily life. This is also likely to inflame anti-Islamic sentiment across Britain across Europe intercut Giorgio Manchester itself is a very multicultural city. There's a large Muslim population with many there for generations. So headscarf attracts little attention there, and notably, Manchester did not vote in favor of Rex it but an attack like this is you said is much bigger than Manchester itself and will likely create backlash depending of course on the details of this attack. Yes, so it's going to create backlash. That is what is going to happen. That is the concern hate it. It is is a concern.

I recognize that you need to tell people don't go out hating all Muslims now, but the Muslim community can help in this regard, the Muslim community can say we are working to eradicate this. Okay, let's see that I'm going right now to the Council of American Islamic relations care CRA CAR I looking on their together website and here we go this May 23.

So yesterday plenty of time to report in this what's the lead article CA IRD FWS Texas Sheriff to reaffirm commitment to equal justice after Islamic former grant.

That's the problem. Islamic phobia is another word from yesterday Muslim civil rights group launches inspired to care video series care to offer Ramadan. Know your rights as an employer webinar with where is the message being shouted out, not that here it gets worse, it gets worse. Are you ready I get a quote from my article. If you haven't read it yet. It's up on the website asked Dr. Brown totter.

While you must name identify combat the ideology of radical Islam. There is a book by a Catholic scholar of Islam.

He is not a scientist. By the way Samir Khalil Sameer and in this look hundred 11 questions on Islam I cite this in my article he pointed to the final document released at the end of the summit held in Beirut in January 2002, which more than 200 Sunni and Shiite Lima which is scholars are coming from 35 countries participate. They were discussing suicide attacks in Israel and whether those can be justified in the name of Islam which otherwise opposes suicide. So here's the context it is 2002.

Write more than 200 Sunni and Shiite Islamic scholars from 35 countries participated in this Islam teaches against suicide clearly. But what about a suicide bomber who blows himself off to kill Israelis to justify not. Here's what they had to say 200 Islamic scholars from 35 countries stay guilty. What they say here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown transferred joining us in live washing at a conference with from research Council Tony Perkins. This week before heading home.

866-34-TRUTH 7884 okay I want to get back to England.

Katie Hopkins on Tucker Carlson in a moment but first, here is what 200 Islamic scholars in 2002 from 35 countries said about suicide bombers in Israel. Be ready. So here are Muslims blowing themselves up to kill Jews in Israel. The document stated this.

The actions of martyrdom of the mujahedin. The freedom fighters are legitimate and have their foundation in the Quran and in the prophets tradition, they represent the most sublime of margarines because the mujahedin accomplish them in full conscience and freedom of choice, that is their final statement that is part of their final document that although suicide is prohibited by Islam. In these cases it is legitimate notice and these actions have their foundation in the Koran and in the prophets tradition to be any more clear than that. This is at the very least a valid expression of Islam and because it's just on all fronts where Islam is threatened by the world and worldliness than you carry out these acts on all fronts. 2001.

The prominent Muslim leader from Egypt, Yusuf Alcaraz, Dolly. He claimed quote nobody can declare that it is unlawful to fight with all means against the Israeli occupation. He wrote G hot on the way to God and in the defense of the country of homeland of sacred things is today an obligation for all Muslims more than any other. In the past, and any maker, this did not just apply quote in Palestine. It applied also in cashmere and other hotspots in the world, noted Muslim leader saying go ahead and blow yourself up and kill civilians in the name of Allah because we are at war, and it is justified yes that is sick and yes that is part of Islamic ideology. So if it is an aberration and let every Muslim around the world.

That is a true Muslim fight against it's not an aberration and own up to it and say we have a sick religion that you much to ask right so Katie Hopkins she is a journalist and on TV in England. She's conservative and she tweeted out her pain that the heart of the people of England over the Manchester bombing. She tweeted that out and then she said we need a final solution and people are crazy over that I mentioned a tweet yesterday on their people went crazy over that and that you change.

It's a true solution. I did not think that she intentionally said that that she was calling for the extermination of Muslims. I think she said final solution. The way I once did in a scholarly paper that I rated at a conference Scully conference of this particular difficulty rephrased towards the final solution. I thought I said a final solution meant no final solution to figure out the he reset I thought, yikes you don't use the term final solution because of what it means. So I believe this meant we needed true solution made some final answer but but here's a glimpse of what life is become like a because of radical Islamic terror clip number five. This is Katie Hopkins talking to Tucker Carlson my children at breakfast this morning section.

I will try to be shopping: opponents made to pull back rings and I decided that in our conversation, we cropping hay and $0.25 report to my left foot children are growing up with children are growing up with Tara being normal and a man planting a bomb filled with not impulse when they're having fun that's normal in Britain and we pool that will ensue our country. We pool that will swell pavements onto our streets, and I don't hear anybody still no politician standing up and saying I am sorry we were wrong. We are going to change what we have horse make extremist encounter while investigating you for your tweets in the country that gave the rest of us freedom of speech yet exactly what did she tweet, but who did the bombing and had about how many mosques supported and an and hat here if if you have friends in Muslim England.

If you have friends that that support this you gotta do something about it. You gotta speak up, you get would be known as the leader of your mosque supports. If you gotta tell the government the government's gotta do something about not in our country remade the bed terracing or support it, you can ensure it and you don't have the right to be here, that's fair. That's very fair and my fiancé exterminate the people of St. if you are in our country and your you are celebrating the murder of children and you are aiding and abetting it anyway. You don't deserve to be in this country you go back your homeland or or receive some other type of punishment, but do not sit there and cheer on the slaughter of little children that have okay just keep coming and coming and coming and there's this got to be a way to approach this and up to its continued discussion clip number six again Katie Hopkins on Tucker Carlson establishment and now on the side of anything that represents divested tea or indeed Muslim supporting Islam. We immediately to say the Greater Manchester head of police came out this evening and said you know we will not tolerate heights against the Muslim community and at the site. Many of us what kind of thing but it's okay that we will tolerate mental Dell eight-year-old girls being saluted as they make a concept we went tolerate hate speech seems to be wet wet in the UK yet exactly exactly.

So the deal is that it is a greater sin to judge evil is evil than to be evil or commit evil acts that's that's what it's come down to is a greater sin to judge evil as evil to recognize to identify to speak against it to call for action against then to commit the evil act itself.

It's almost like that's where the greater focus is. It is sick and an end. To be clear, I'm not saying here in America. If there's a terrorist attack, and you've got an American us citizen makes a good most people got what they deserve what we don't have the right to deport that person. We don't have the right to imprison that person for having a wrong attitude but you better believe they should be watched and monitored yes and if they're part of a group that holds to these things.

They should be watched and monitored very, very carefully and very, very closely and any steps they take towards potential acts of violence should be noted, all the more clearly so as to stop them before they do it and if they are in the process of getting citizenship and express these kinds of things that don't have a right to be here by all means we don't open the doors to those who want to come here and tell us exactly as I friends ensure good – Dr. Brown Dr. Ward sign up to get my emails.

I want to equip you as evil days. These difficulties, Jesus said that he she. His voice, what exactly does that mean it's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, one of the great things of now line of fire broadcast that we cover lots of ground and one day we may spend answering your Bible. Questions one day we may spend focusing on is really Jewish people. One day we may spend talking about moral cultural issues in America one day we may spend look at what's happening all around the world.

We just finished one hour talking more about radical Islamic terrorism, talking about what Muslims must do in response to this with the West must do in response to this talking more about the pain.

England is suffering right now and I do want to comment briefly on Pres. Trump's comments in Israel, but we're going to switch gears in this hours.

Many of you are joining me right now live across the country and listening on Internet around the world. You switch gears totally and I am going to speak with Prof. Leonard Sweet. He and my friend Frank Viola have co-authored a book Jesus speaks to totally change gears from the pain and difficulty of the terrorist attack and the questions of radical Islam change gears entirely and talk about how you and I can hear the voice of God in a tell you in the midst of the chaos, the craziness that is all around us. We need to learn to hear the voice of God is only through the Bible is only through the written word. Are there other ways that we hear the voice of God in audible voice and internal voice streams, vision circumstances, how do we know. I will talk about that with Prof. Leonard Sweet in just a few minutes but I wanted briefly comment on Pres. Trump's keynote address on Israel by the way sheet.

Yes, he did have a slight glitch sitting with the Israeli leaders insignia. We just came from the Middle East from Saudi Arabia.

You could see the ambassador are best or to the states wrong drummer's cover looks like a void than just takes his hand on his face. This President-elect is fixing his hair.

The parents expect Mr. Pres., you are in the Middle East. You are the Middle East. It's amazing.

So media is focusing more on that are monitored Trump not holding Donna from Sam to get off the planet.

That's the big focus of focus on what the presence doing. He's acting in it in a statesmanlike way and by the way at the wall praying at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. Ask God for wisdom. The first sitting president to ever visit the Western Wall hotel and the that's a good prayer to pray at night. I I believe is a God freemen. I don't have any indication actually knows the Lord was born again, but I believe he's a God-fearing man. Maybe Stephen with all his faults and foibles and weaknesses I believe is a God-fearing man so Aaron Klein on lists six points that he feels are important in Trump's speech one year from the Jewish people's ancient and eternal ties to the land of Israel wants me to explain that in the heart of the tyrannical Middle East, Jews, Christians and Muslims live freely in the one democracy in the region three Trump complex to always stand with Israel for trumpeted at the possibility of a larger regional peace between Israel and the Sunni Arab nations five conquered all evidence.

Klein reminds us, Trump claimed a boss of the Palestinians are court ready to reach for peace again our clients as is conquered all evidence and six complexes firm commitment to ensuring that Iran does not obtain a nuclear weapon and halting Iran's support for terrorist overall. Aside from the questionable statement about the Palestinians and the desire for peace much that is positive in that statement right back. Leonard Sweet for cleansing and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Now I have a spend the next 20 minutes reading the biography of my guest Prof. Leonard Sweet I give you the short version of who he is. Just in case you haven't read one of his 50 or so books were hundreds of articles you listen to his many messages that are online so you give you the short version of vintage Swedish theologian semi Titian church historian, pastor and author. That's what Wikipedia sums it up and looking this pile that's a pretty good little summary.

He's currently the E. Stanley Jones Prof. of evangelism, a true theological school at Crewe University. He served in United Methodist Church. I think I first started to come across his writings with the sole tsunami book some years ago, but he's co-authored out three books with my friend Frank Viola. The most recent being. Jesus speaks and we want to talk about Jesus speaking today hail and welcome to the line of fire. Thanks for joining us today. Hey give me the short version. But what makes you tick. Who who are you and God. And what makes you tick. Well, I play the banjo who want everybody. Everybody out there actually go new culture around no at all. I tried to look them up right away and shut up point mark on and you do it both in the academic setting, and in the popular setting, how you managed to walk in those two worlds at the same time the rope but I I have a real desire to look them up Academy in a real jerk. So I bifocal love local scholarship greeted were so big is your Reformation $500 but what dollar with quite a bit about your own. I just wanted to do a fraction of what is there. That's 20%. Whether 22nd century.

Got it so you you've written out three books together with Frank violence is really a trilogy beach book stands on its own.

This one Jesus speaks so when I was I was interacting with the cessation us with some of those who believe in prophecy and gifts of the spirit for today and and I said look, Jesus told us that we hear his voice and John X chapter and this person responsible for inserting a look at the context is just talk about Jewish people. Those who recognize him as the Messiah and those who don't. I said so once we recognize in it. It ends there. Do you believe that in an Ongoing Way, God's people should hear the voice of God. I don't know why I will not good for you but I go away to pregnant with you or you and a whole new way. And ended the greater things would you do that I have done because the power at work. You and I think what what happens is that people fail to keep together everything but cannot be separated. When I got the only bright Greek and not stronger than a braided rope but nothing longer that the only great but when one one half one part of the great, separated the whole thing unravel the holy break that there are three things you cannot separate that is Jesus Scripture. The purpose of the Holy Spirit, the Christ, the light is the Holy Spirit which is the spirit of those three things always need to be great. You can't talk about one… Keep that graded and that always present with you. It is coming this movement for credible, radical, revolutionary benefit of the gospel.

Jesus wants to live his resurrected life alive. We serve a risen Savior eat in the world that, like Dr. I came to faith when in 1971 is a heroin shooting Ellis using hippie rock drummer 16 years old Jewish kid of those of the songs that we sang in the church where he lives, he lives. He asked me how I know he lives. He lives in me today and and yes, we understood the Bible is the word of God, that's that stands on its own by itself. In that regard. Nothing else is the word of God, but we were told it we would have a living relationship with them and in fact it's not that someone told us this is what's going to happen it's that we experience that new life and in the book Jesus speaks do you give practical guidelines for people to cultivate a deeper relationship with the Lord so they can have genuine fellowship with the Holy Spirit. What Frank Gober would crack living near there's no going what I do in the book as I do the biblical look at all the story. The difficulty Bible in hearing recognize that it many are same problem today.

Their problem is our problem. But what Frank is the brink that all the rubber hit the road. Thank you that shows you how and ability what product of absolutely this to be cleaned out not to be conquered the Scriptures with great how do we know right that that but I sense to find out more, go to Jesus speaks.any Jesus speaks.ME so link for those that think solar scriptural means that God will never speak outside of the Bible that if he speaks outside of the Bible that its new revelation and is adding to the Bible as an exegete someone who spends time opening up the Scriptures and explain, with a mean address that concern that many sincere Christians have well I think they can use quote logon incredibly complex work required and we so mistranslated were that's the problem.

The word became more word and all the work that the actual got me have oral components that were hearing God speak God. God God all about the continuing boy dear God today through the word biblical words but these words are not worth the store.

Mr. this is what the modern world will exhibit all of it like all diversified everybody think the default setting for the thing Bible was written the Bible story: the letter on and that we have so left that Michael that we are we are. We understand that you you've lived before the story and am anyway. You know from the Greek background. Every Jewish child at the table were that these are my story not buried at bay. The story that your life is a continuation of that worry that is what were talking about.

Here's the story and you live at the percolate. The manifest in our life and we are continuation of our life and those would offer.

I and authority and the question of life is global. Your author will be allowed off your story, your authority and I only let Jesus offer you five but that story is story. I like the part of my glory in my flesh and blood so that is like the living presence is not of the authority of the rubber doggy stories are limping toward the living word of God the living resort. Why and that they want to live me you this idea that God word is who in word that they're all about how moving associate what you're saying is, and through the Bible itself, not just through I had a dream last night I saw a vision but through the Bible itself, God's living word is continuing to speak to us in the living relevant way.

Like I've got more practical questions we come back.

My guess Prof. Leonard Sweet with Frank Viola. The book Jesus speaks go to Jesus speaks.MD file. If the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown transferred joining us on a far away downloaded the line of fire at your iPhone yet iPhone, iPad, doing today just go to the app store. The line of fire with Dr. Michael Brown will modify with Michael Brown. You'll find it this week and listen to the show. Two full hours from anywhere in the world.

Listen live catch up with recent podcasts even call in from the app if you have an android phone download the asked Dr. Brown at ASKDR Brown for android speak with Prof. Leonard Leonard Sweet together with Frank Viola Dave written Jesus speaks the website Jesus speaks.ME and by the way, if I ever have a guest on to talk about a book I do it because I think it would be of interest to our listeners, but some books are greater appeal to me like Obama read that and that that's what happened. I was looking at this book by Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola so land if if I am if I'm listening to the show when I see you and III know the Bible is true. I know Jesus rose from the dead, but do I have a relationship with God the way have a relationship with my spouse or my best friend know it's more common for formal saying is you know I hold to theological truths. Obviously, it's good to hold theological truth but is is that what God has in store for us just that in this world will miss reading the incarnation God with Ward or principal to proposition with krait and your joy in my is not is not just to butter like trying to mimic but manifest the power the spirit in our daily that is incredible promise to review the ultimate I'm going to be going to become present you in a cold or at a limited example think of Jesus had not offended and is now sitting at the right think if he still here in his resurrection body. I imagine the line of people waiting while many many months or years with you and I give up what I give up Babel have human well I give up year aboard just to be able to unit deathly finicky thing know it's good for you that I go away because I am going to be present in a whole new way. My living resurrection life. I'm going to share with you know that everything I did.

You can do these are the radical department here but due to the power the Holy Spirit. Now this doesn't mean we get to be God know you can human but also unique feature of human vision can't be human without that divine breath that divine spirit filled with enabling up to be fully human, showed a note of what that be that the relationship that we can have it in dwelling present of the very reason Christ… More Christian means the little card I mean there's only one big day. One big but were all little we are all struggling to be greater and greater. But knowing that we will there's only one, but we are all called we are part of his body are we not, let me ask what that means something to think about art, so your role in the Jesus speaks book was practical theology and and friends of their heredity. Leonard Sweet books that Bowman books the very readable. He's easy can be a heavy theologian, but the books are very readable. So here in a readable way you open up what Scripture says not not so much with proof texts, but again, to bring us into a relationship with the living. On his living word Frank Viola does the practical how to how to implement this, but since Frank's not here today and you are could you just give our listeners wanted to thoughts in terms of right I want to learn to hear the voice of God. I want to learn to grow in deeper fellowship of Jesus is speaking. I want to be listening and responding.

What what insights would you share one of the things about our show at Rancho.

One problem every time. Every time he appeared for because he didn't hear what you want to be looking for Jesus, expecting him and go on okay where I predict the going dear. The note you that it will vote here where and when the didn't turn everything up by dumbing it was the symbol of the Holy Spirit, the bald eagle or the Golden Eagle or some beautiful no white nugget of nature: white, I made it the trash prevented so the symbol of the most talked about animal in the Bible by the Lamb.

The funky value the bone that is noted that the when you got to be put there to receive it or hear it in the most unlikely unexpected. Yeah that person throws us off or thrown a little bit it done and it is II wanted to.

I remember years back, going on roller coasters with my daughters and their little and then we can go horseback riding. My wife and artists love to ride horses and I sat on the horse and is looking for the seatbelt because I was used to being strapped it on the road but there's no seatbelt on the horse and it's kind of like that is a great mentor. There is no depot was one bumpy ride but better a practice really well in show how we gotta be careful that way. But because the person who is the perfect boy dear and we can hear that I will open you the couple like dollars Bible thing though… I felt like not here right there. We we've got always check check about your and that's the important what we are gearing doesn't contradict the way, what God is already delivered, absolutely, and I often remind the Lord I'm just I'm just an ignorant sheep.

I don't know much. I don't hear well you speak you know how to speak in such a way to get me to hear.

And that's that's the wonder of our shepherd friends. The book Jesus speaks check it out, go to Jesus speaks.MD hey Lynn, thanks for spending time with a silica order meet you face-to-face. One of these days Douglas, it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown, I have something to light happen today Micah mentioned names, but I want to talk about it. Will talk right now about terrorism want to talk right now about the state of America talk right now about radical Islam want talk about relationships with in the body of Christ within the messiahs body.

This is Michael Brown you're listening to want to fire communally live from Washington, D. C. We live from Orlando Florida yesterday from Washington DC today, but not mentioning names at all its positive by the way its positive. There is a pastor of a major church recently had someone come in. That was controversial on talk about a mega mega church in a very well-connected pastor recently had someone come in and speak that is very controversial and that under no circumstances will I have stand behind my pulpit or pastor church but rather leadership responsibility would not have them in.

Alyssa was having a debate with them, but is always concerned that the Henneman and I was thinking about writing about it, addressing it, but wanted to find out more and we contacted the church, my assistant, Dylan reached out to the church a bear in mind this is the church of many, many thousands of people, one of many mega churches in America.

Many were the pastor is high-profile and very well known and we reached out and had no idea if they had any idea who I was and immediately got a response from the senior pastor's executive assistant. You kidding me, not just from somebody else on staff for somebody sing sorry when I can communicate with you. I'm talking about the senior pastor's executive assistant, Rebecca immediately wanted to reaffirm clearly what they do believe in what they do whole to with the purpose of this speaker coming in was in with a whole to us is godly and right and true and so I concerns. Of course about it. Then I was sent to clip of some interaction that took place during the night that further raise concerns for me to we got an immediate response from executive assistant that was gracious in thanking us for reaching out and reaffirming their position very clearly without ambiguity. That was wonderful. Thank God for that. So then she saw the clip, etc. how do you reconcile these. How can I be so clear on this, and yet have this fellow here and speaking so we followed up with a further question for clarification, and I just concluded I had my system include my phone number in the event that anyone there want to contact me and immediately got a call to set up a time and got a call from the senior pastor himself who loses open and humble and gracious as could be sure what such a big deal about that inductive value of your platform, your well known in his will know he had no idea who I was kid no idea who I was when I was a stranger to him before today. And yet, because of the concerns that are raised and because he cares about these concerns. He called me to have an honest talk and to reiterate explaining clearly where his church stands and into welcome any input that I could give that would be of interest. You don't often see that kind of humility or the kind of excessive billing and will be totally candid and in a church of that size he would have request day and night for people to talk to him and maybe could speak to one in 1001, 10000 Stuff Comes Our Way through our ministry and it's very rare that I can reply directly every so often I'll tell my assistant or something does get to me. Otherwise, others in our team will answer it. Hey I want to speak to the person directly. The fact that he did this speaks a lot about integrity and leadership in the type of thing that could avoid a lot of pain a lot of strife a lot of vision in the body.

So I'm very thankful for that and hopefully our dialogue behind the scenes will be right back.

Her plan and by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown so let's visit subject that I believe is very important in the body.

Today, which is the difference between discernment and destructive criticism. The difference between discernment and rejecting the voice of the Spirit.

The difference between discernment and cynicism skepticism you're listening to the life I this is Michael Brown and in the remainder of this broadcast. If you have any question for me whatsoever regarding the things of the spirit regarding my views of the Holy Spirit regarding my understanding of the gifts of the spirit today regarding some guests that I've had on this broadcaster. Folks I've interacted with her movements that I have or have not interacted with. Give me a call 866-34-TRUTH 784.

My goal is to help. I am not using the platform of this radio show to bully and attack others. I'm not using our Internet platforms and platforms and preaching platforms.

The goddess graciously given us TV platforms over platform sees given us.

Each of us has a sphere of influence. Each of us is accountable to God for what we do with that sphere of influence be it large or small, and God only knows the real influences the ones that seem to have the smallest influence may have the greatest influence in God's sight. But with the platforms goddess graciously given us. I do not use them as bully pulpits to attack others and were I do have concerns all speak candidly and freely, but always with the goal of building up if I tear down arrow want to build up truth. I'm not out to sister of controversy make a name for myself as God's policeman and I'm here to correct every error in the body. Well then, who's gonna correct me know that he's gonna correct my arrogance for thinking I'm the man. No, God's policeman is his the Holy Spirit and the word of God. In that respect.

Okay if if air is going to be exposing we are watchmen on the wall and we are serving and doing our best to address error and to build up the body at the same time but I give an example why I bring this up, I noticed someone had posted review on our Facebook page on the S Dr. Brown Facebook page for some time. Reviews were hidden from the page. So is there being posted. I didn't see them. Facebook suggested that we use a different layout on our page notices for what you're doing. So we just clicked on it and next analyst reviews were appearing again so I'm I'm just looking here you. Let's see there but over 2000 reviews of the page and an analysis of how people are being ministered to what they think of it I like about God's evaluation. If I had 100 million people praising me and God against me I be on my face weeping repentance if if I have 100 million people against me and God. For me, I'd be praying for them and rejoicing. But let's see out of the reviews one and 1/2 thousand are five-star and 292 a one-story others. This polarization right, that's to be expected with or calling the ministries we have, but but one fellow Riverview and it was graciously worded and he said this page along with Dr. Brown sure released under your name change modesty just to be changed to ask Dr. Brown anything except to take an intellectual and biblically honest look at the teachings of his favorite charismatic leaders and then silos many others once considered Dr. Brown to be a refreshing voice of reason no longer. He has become the most ardent defender of the worst aspects of the charismatic Refuses to give honest consideration to any positions which differ from his own.

Let's blatant falsehood. It's 100% falsehood, that statement the most ardent defender of the worst aspects of the charismatic camp false and refuses to give honest consideration to any positions which differ so I give honest consideration to positions of different file day and night, day and night constantly constantly so actually took time because of it and the person was on graciously.

I I reached out and wrote back and haven't heard back what so what what I found interesting is that here I'm saying hey let me interact with your friend.

Thanks for your being gracious we are, but you wrote some things and blatantly false isn't bearing false witness. Something serious and on-site is not writing something false about a brother sister serious in fact of ministry question. Let's say you are Ada Pentecostal charismatic service and may be people speak in tongues loudly going on for a minute or two, and there's no interpretation or anything and you cigarettes out of order. Okay what you think would be worse that the tongues were out of order in the Pentecostal charismatic service or that you went out of there and posted on the Internet. These people are demonized and are speaking by demonic spirits will be worsening onset of the latter for sure for sure what wimp also lack of ordering currency to the Savior of the devil. I didn't say that cigarette of order. He thanked God for the gifts of the spirit of the wrist. But he said you're out of order and then he corrected it. But first, praise them for not falling behind in any spiritual gift so what I find interesting is I have whole broadcasts were. I ask people who differ with me to call in, where, for example, when I had Pastor Bill Johnson on my show from Bethel. He'd written a book in the published research like a modest gel. But here's the condition that I can open the phones for people to call in who differ with him who were critical and then I will also ask him as a friend about concerns what about this about that and answered things yeah some people redoing this intermix to be immediately shut down its wrong brother getting that from. No, we don't believe this would not believe that know this was said yes. One of our people said that that's wrong we don't notice it anymore, but don't really call that day-the funds are sent out three times open the phones for people to call with with critical interaction and finally got people to call. Why am I doing that to show your stupid I'm smart you're stupid know to say let's interact may be what you heard is false. For example, Bethel promotes grave sucking where people go to the graves of former Christian leaders and suck the anointing off of them.

Some people actually did that and one senior Bethel leadership heard about a Chris Valentine wrote about them. You have Facebook subverting the get.

This is completely wrong that we will believe in us that we don't practice and I will repudiate it yesterday repudiates wrong and ended Bill Johnson doing here the balance of course it's wrong is contrary to Scripture, and why would anyone do that to happen because there many thousands of people like those of the church or been through the school are associated with sister churches and leaders renounced it said this happened some people from its did the where we got where they got from we don't know but it's wrong. We speak against it reroutes okay so in other things. Maybe we have a difference but we do it said to dispel rumors here. Look, I a few times played clips from Benny Henn timeout. We are little dots and it was using it to illustrate a point about an extreme teaching false teaching.

I didn't realize that he had repudiated the teaching I think and 93's almost 25 years ago he had said that he renounced, it is erroneous. Now do I agree with everything Benny had says or does know taken issue with certain things. Many insensitive appeared on his broadcast for certain reasons was good move to appear on it to get our message out and talk about the real culture Jesus are not you could debate that weather is good or not to read the farming debate that, but what what concerns me is I had people so you know I was really blessed by your ministry all your books on answering Jewish objections to Jesus and all your books on cultural issues, but I can't use them anymore because your charismatic cannot help you can't help your friend or you are an honest debate with the bathwater. Your ear thrown out good bathwater as well and and that is something that I carry is a concern that looked like that B clear urine not hurting me.

If you don't read my book. I wrote the book to help you. You're not hurting me. If you turn off the radio for some on the radio to help you. I'm not writing the book to make money.

I'm not on the radio to make money.

To the contrary, it costs us, but we have to raise money to be on the radio at at and I am not here to please critics, meaning no I will not go down your checklist said this was wrong to some from the stress of this is I don't agree with this and agreed that this that that's might not my calling and my ministry otherwise. That's all I do every day because you get a call and okay where I differ with John MacArthur, his doctor. Here's are different John MacArthur is what I like is very different. Okay what what about my click okay, here's what I agree with her, so I don't agree okay what about high-caliber features regulators and immigrants okay what about John Piper. What about what about that okay and then get what about the sessions preach on TBS. I am not here to be God's policeman. But if listen friends we have an open radio program rather than just preaching on the radio and teaching have an open radio program will repay for your time so you can call in. If you have valid concerns with questions, give me a call. Maybe I can help you understand something you can enlighten me. They will agree to disagree. I am going phones since we come back in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Looking back to the line of fire 866-34-TRUTH 7884 number call hate one more reminder because I know some of you flip the car on the radio on the car you get to listen the 58 minutes of the broadcast. So sometimes I repeat something over the course of two hours on the air. For that reason our app is now available for iPhones.

The line of fire. So just search in the app store line of fire with Michael Brown and this way you can listen on your iPhone wherever you are at any time.

Two hours a day. You can also catch up with recent podcasts there. And while you're listening this thing click on the phone you can call in right from the app if you have an android phone. It's the asked Dr. Brown FAS KDE are Brown on android that also connect with my articles, videos and things like that.

All right. 866-34-TRUTH 784 we go to Louisiana Chad, welcome to the line of fire and a question about church but not at all. Their phone comes up in about that. I don't I can get behind what the lyrics say how I went back but I don't want to just be somebody who the distant semi like you are saying is hypercritical or anything like that and also don't want to get me to get out of the line you listen yes or not differentiate between the two and a processor help you yeah well you're you're at the right starting point because you're asking the question as opposed to just assuming Balaam always right. Everybody's wrong or it's my way or the highway or orchards compromising or whatever that you want to do things the right way and you want to maintain integrity before God and of course in ministry.

All of us go through that unless we are the senior person that even then we might be under denominational hat or some other regional leadership in an and we have to balance those things. Okay this this troubles me. III can't do this in good conscience I remember sobbing introduced it at my home church some years ago and I'm on the founder of the ministry there so we, the pastor, I carry a lot of weight and and I like one lyric and it wasn't that wasn't a theological error decided like the expression I thought imagery was wrong, and fear was talked about it and said okay make you change your so what you do is first you always keep in honoring attitude towards authority right and people know that a chance on a troublemaker chance not know Mr. Wright.

He's he's not negative, dog dogmatic critical all the time so they know that that should be part of your persona that your loving that your affirming and encouraging that you love authority and submit to it, but that you got integrity and what would which you need to say is is if this comes off to just sit down with the worship leader or if that's not the appropriate one with the senior pastor and say hey I don't be disruptive, but I'm having a problem with this theologically know why I don't I don't agree with this with this doctrinally a commute. Can you give me an example of a lyric that troubled you okay. American questionnaire. I don't necessarily disagree with alert theologically like the Q is great, empowered me to write which I agree with that yet empowers us to win over stand to the carpeting. Can I get that but the nature of the song and like what you're saying about. It's almost kind of glib. It's kind of like day gives great powers middleware like the American dream and I'm like, like the immediate grandeur.

It's so much more than empowered me to manage whatever you have not done it yet is not yet in any case like that. First, I would ask if the song itself doesn't make things clear.

If the worship leader pastor feels good about it. Could could one of them give a clarifying comment no during the worship or afterwards. Sometimes that's sufficient and then that's going to drill it home okay women this sense when it's instance of overcoming sin when, in the sense of not bowing down to the spirit of the world as opposed to you know I'm going to score 100 points of the basketball game kisses great, empowers me barren.

It sometimes just say, would you mind doing that is sufficient and that you can sing it in the in the positive sense that perhaps it was meant but not expressed clearly, if if they just know we that would distract from it or something but it in less you are the disable don't know asked me to leave that one aright because I just, yes, you look down at it out during that… Disruptive riches, quietly sit it out. You know where I am back with a dip in the Bible, we have really good candor between the two of your I got up it represented and I might add that possible very often there is something urgently. One more thing and pray that worship God, and we focused the primary thing on how well you write out how we get the you not just on Micah hello S&S that's just in an ongoing conversation Chad to have in terms of hate. Let's think about what was singing disappointed to Jesus is appointed to the cross. A lot of her singing has been about me and and and and how this affects me in and there's gospel truth and that but a lot of it. You're right is is about me and just keep having fellowship over that you're in.

Obviously community were you know each other. Keep having fellowship over look at some of the older hams and and where they pointed us in the theology that you learn through it say hey if someone's coming here in the main thing they got was what we sang.

What kind of theology with they have what would what would they believe they understand just want to be through the preaching. Only courses can be foundational to preaching and teaching what you sing as well look so much of my early experience of the Lord was learned through song and and singing his little did he hams it was, wasn't the quality of the music I was used to.

Led Zeppelin dazed and confused, and Jimi Hendrix purple haze musics allow the building would basically shake NASA's little did he hams with boy the message of the cross and the message of Jesus the Savior, and the message of the plot in the joint account to my heart. That's part of what God used to save me and transforming such escape, fellowship, fellow shipping over that and if if in any case, there is there is no need to just sit out a lyric or something like that there's a way to do it, we discover that you don't do it without being disruptive. Look up to the Lord then or just look down and pray or whatever you have this you don't want to do things in the website. I'm protest I am protesting. I don't like this. I am protesting. That's obviously not your heart but keep having the fellowship over it and see if they'll put some qualifying remarks or or maybe just relook at some of the theology behind hey thank you for calling. I do appreciate hey friends, we are out of time, but the good news is we have resources waiting for you on my website asked Dr. a.s. Kate when you sign up for my weekly updates. You get a free e-book. If you haven't done that yet would ask Dr. riches email just fill that in. You will get a free e-book seven secret room side.

Hey, next thoroughly Jewish Thursday.

See you tomorrow

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