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Is Jesus for Gentiles But Not Jews? Were the Ancient Israelites Black? And More

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 25, 2017 4:21 pm

Is Jesus for Gentiles But Not Jews? Were the Ancient Israelites Black? And More

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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May 25, 2017 4:21 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 05/25/17.

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We are live from Washington DC. It is thoroughly Jewish Thursday stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. We are to have a great broadcast today on thoroughly Jewish Thursday Michael Brown delighted to be with you. I'm in Washington DC just spoke old couple hours ago the watchmen on the wall from the research Council conference great speakers, great lineup leaders from around the country wanting to make a difference in their nation but without focusing on moral and cultural issues today were focusing on Israel, the Jewish people what's happening in the world around us relating to Israel and the Jewish people and reaching Jewish people with the good news of Jesus the Messiah and in a few minutes. Were going to get a call from the European Dir. of Jews for Jesus obvious Snyder we can talk about his new book, Jews don't need Jesus and other misconceptions. If you got a Jewish related question for me if you Jewish person listening and you don't believe that Jesus assures our Messiah or whoever you are. Got a question about the Hebrew Bible.

Hebrew language Jewish tradition work, Israel, the peace process or anything else related to that phone lines are open 866-34-TRUTH 87884 a lot to cover today as well.

Linda sore sore is a Muslim woman.

She is an activist who has been known for some very hateful and divisive comments.

She is scheduled to speak at CUNY, the city University of New York for the commencement in old bull just coming up now and there is a protest rally in front of the University today with Pamela Geller and Molly Anapolis speaking out against her being at the commencement we got some clips from that rally, which just took place hostess listen to some of it immediately before the broadcast today so will talk about that. The mayor of Manchester going on record loudly and clearly saying that the terrorist bomber, the suicide bomber that so ripped into the heart of that city and that nation that he is actually not a Muslim. He's a terrorist, not a Muslim and he will not divide the city again a tragic error. A tragic misunderstanding, one that literally is deadly. No, not all Muslims are terrorists no fact is most Muslims are not terrorists but terror and Islam do go hand in hand and less as we stressed all this week. You rightly identify the ideology unless you rightly identify what you are dealing with and why you will not be able to combat it. Therefore, more lives will be lost.

I will talk about all that later in the broadcast.

Have you watched my video presentation on the real Jewish Messiah. 20 minutes long.

It's on a website asked her to ask if your and on our YouTube channel. Of course Esther to Brown. This is part of a virtual video debate that I'm doing with counter missionary Rabbi Israel Blumenthal. We both posted on the same day a 20 minute video as to the real Jewish Messiah now about what to half weeks, three weeks from now will each post a rebuttal to another's video and then about a month after that a response to the rebuttal and you'll have one hour of his argumentation one hour of my argumentation and we believe this is a good way to get a few points out loudly and clearly I feel very confident that my rebuttal to those videos. Be clear and strong that our Scripture presentations clear instrument will let you judge that for yourself the question of maybe Jesus is okay for the Gentiles, but not for the Jews be talk about that when we come back. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. He (five Washington DC and I'm going to be joined now by obvious Snyder European Dir. of Jews for Jesus is got a new book. Jews don't need Jesus and other misconceptions, reflections of a Jewish believer. I gave it a hearty endorsement has a forward by John Piper exit an excellent port forward by John Piper a lot of relevant issues to talk about today so I'll be walking to the line of fire Mike, I'm delighted to be with. Where are you right now I'm calling from Budapest. I would go.

I can hear your care line clear enough. Yes, it's excellent connection I've only been to hungry couple of times what is what Budapest is a stunning city. It really is one of them is good. I know and my wife have lived about five years and we just love it in a somewhat great Jewish history. Here you used to be and still is in many ways very much out one of the Jewish cities of Central and Eastern Europe. So I love being here in the great synagogue is not one of the largest in Europe that corrected the largest one in Europe.

I'm not remembering my facts correctly and the second largest in the world and it it is stunning to come back yeah absolutely been over couple times the space church pastored by Chandra numbers and he has a tremendous heart for Israel, and agree connection with the leadership of Israel as well, yet so so here I'm in DC urine in Budapest, Hungary.

Our engineer engineering to show there in Winston-Salem North Carolina. It's being transmitted by satellite, via Dallas Texas and it's all real time. Amazingly enough, my going so big pickup and string data gathering this fairness. Okay, I'll be we often hear from our people. Jesus is fine for the Gentiles, but the Jews don't need Jesus. We have our own covenant we have our own Torah. We have our own way to please God and live for God or for obedience is that we repent and pray for mercy, rueful short them are good and if Jesus is good for the Gentiles and looking out Mike Brown you are shooting heroin. 15 and Jesus was good for you and you know this guy was an atheist and this lady was a prostitute and if Jesus help them. Great but Jews don't need Jesus highly response today. While there are a lot of ways that you can respond the best way I think it is to really go directly to issuing himself. Jesus said to a Jewish audience at the Jewish holiday of Passover that I'm the way through the life. No one comes to the father but by me that a very exclusive claim and he said it to an entirely Jewish audience to the apostle at similarly we read in the book of acts that Peter the apostle to our people the apostle. The Jewish people said to an exclusively Jewish audience of the Sanhedrin you're not in the hay, but the Jewish high court that there is no name given under heaven by which we can be saved except the name of Yeshua, so the claims that Jesus made about himself and the kind that that the apostles and all the disciples echoed are very exclusive claims, not a popular thing to do anymore, but the claims are exclusive, so the issue is whether not mature fall if they are true then and if they're true, let's Gentiles if you want to say that Jesus is is the way of salvation for the Gentiles, well if you say that which is true, then it has to be true for the people to whom he spoke yeah and then again on a practical level. He didn't come to introduce a new religion called Christianity she was read his ministry is recognizes the one for Moses and the prophets spoke and he clearly said that he lived, died and rose from the dead and fulfillment of prophecy and his followers recognized him as the Messiah, so she's not the Messiah of Israel, then he's not the Savior of the Gentiles right exactly. And you know Scripture itself in your even just the Hebrew Scripture very very clear that there is one way of salvation and is one Savior for people one my favorite verses in the Hebrew Scriptures is that there chapter 49 perspective where the father. Speaking to the sun and he says if an easy thing for you to be my salvation got to raise up the tribes of Jacob and to restore the preservative Israel. I will also make you a light to the nation to the Gentile so that my salvation may reach to the end of the earth.

There are not too negative or not to Asia. Salvation is one Savior is one Redeemer, the Jewish Messiah Yeshua and he is for us to and is also the light of salvation, the nation yeah absolutely and its principles and otherwise it's it's neither nor.

You been on the front lines of Jewish ministry since the Lord saved in 1977 and one thing about use for Jesus is there always very practical of the tracks that are given out the literature the training it's it's practical and that's what your new book is it's it's a practical book dealing with common misconceptions. Why did you write it, and who did you write it for. First of all thank I want to thank you so much for your very gracious and supportive endorsement as well as for your very kind words.

Now I hope it's practical. I wrote it I wrote it because unfortunately in in Europe where I live, especially in the in the UK in the US and in Germany especially Germany for different reasons.

There is a teaching that gaining more and more popularity.

It is not false and wrong teaching at the dangerous teaching and the teaching is essentially what women talk about the farm which is the notion that Jesus is not necessary for us to we Jews don't need Jesus. And there are many different theological arguments that are given to to try to put forth that notion. I've heard these arguments over the course of many many years, especially here in Europe, but I have to admit I put them in the state are the in many places and it needed to be honest with you it really breaks my heart because it usually put forth by two times the people in terms of people claiming to be Christian to tactical Christians. Those who don't really believe in the authority of the scriptural record so so they don't take out the Scriptures afterward is also being voice by by people who claim to be theologically conservative reminded followers of Yeshua and they say that they do it in love.

They say that they do it out of respect for our people that they don't want to cause offense. They don't want to make anybody angrier or whatever but it's posited as though it is they a statement of respect and deference and love.

The claim is that not because were chosen. God. God has a simple way of salvation across the really all of Christian needs to do is just the have a deep love for the Jewish people, and that the patient and is no need to ever tell Jewish people about Jesus because essentially not necessary is dangerous. I wrote the book not of the diatribe. To be honest, I really had to check my anger I rotted in the hope of correcting unit in a direct, a loving way, those who will fallen victim to that very, very dangerous, dangerous teaching it dangerous for believers because once you say that God has a step away salvation for any people. Ultimately they live with salvation for all people, but is dangerous for our people is dangerous for our spiritual well-being.

If Jesus's words are true is the only way salvation then to say that there's another way salvation or even worse, to deliberately withhold that message of salvation from our people specifically because what you best not an act of love and that nonactive perspective probably the most anti-Jewish action that a genuine Christian can commit yeah and it is not for many of us is not for Christians reaching out to us with the good news. We never would've come to face with a varied or lost in our sins and died in our sins, and I understand especially in the aftermath of the Holocaust.

There was deep grief in the hearts of many Christians, or professing Christians, be they nominal or real.

They looked at the horrible history of anti-Semitism in church history, especially in Europe they saw how this prepared the way for the Holocaust and you could say in some cases it was an over repentance and and they went from one extreme to the other, the one extreme of of damming the Jews to hell is a cursed race and the other extreme of single Jews don't leave the gospel so we got we got some more misconceptions to cover milk will go through a bunch of them.

When we come back.

The new book is practical is clear, it is edifying and boring.

Jews don't need Jesus and other misconceptions, reflections of IRB Snyder SN why your great forth by John Piper). The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and to our deceptions is based now in Budapest, Hungary is the European director of Jews for Jesus hey Avi what what's happening with Jewish ministry in Europe right now so much upheaval and shaking and so much social tension.

What what's going on in the spiritual realm. Well, there are a lot of exciting things going on. First of all, there is a genuine responsiveness among quite a number of Jewish people on a lot of different levels of faith that it will probably amaze you in in Budapest where I live we have had the joy of seeing quite a number. Why would they are a large number, but a significant number of Holocaust survivor give their hearts to the Lord. These are people who for the most part they were children who went to the Budapest ghetto and now at this late stage in their life have opened their hearts.we know that for the last 30 years Russian speaking Jewish people, wherever they are.

Whether the former Soviet Union with now in Germany or even Israel. So many of them have been extremely responsive to the gospel.

That's very exciting. There is of course always knew the horror spin of anti-Semitism. It is like a thread through so much of of European history and European culture. But I tell you if it's one of the reasons why so necessary for for Jewish followers of Yeshua Jews like Jews for Jesus to be open and to be identifiably as Jews proclaiming the gospel. In fact, it's like a redemption of history because when we Jewish believers in Jesus, but we messianic Jews proclaiming the gospel openly, unashamedly, as you not only to our own people but but to European people understand that this is not natural. When we come back to the city where we dined, proclaiming God's message of life. This is like from the dead. We have a moral obligation.

We have such a strategic advantage just because of the history credible travel.

God God is an amazing Redeemer also obviate a back to your book of let's let's just go through a few other misconceptions similar to deal with Jews are ready say because their natural elected and chosen God's covenant with Abraham and Moses good enough, Jews will be judged only clients of what they receive.

Jesus is Israel's only but anonymous Savior what's what's that one about. I remember overhearing a conversation with Maurice Rosen who was the founder of Jews for Jesus and that we went to visit Prof. because the market heard that the professor was waffling on the issue of whether or not Jesus is the lookout failure so what happened directly. I do believe that the Jesus is the only way salvation Jews and non-Jews alike, and the gentleman to get nothing to end the conversation, but that was asked a follow-up question which I never would've thought that but you believe that we Jews need to know that Jesus and the gentleman did indeed wobble.

He balked on that if there is a comfortable notion to think that yes Jesus is the only Savior that's what he said but but we just don't need to know about that. Will find out about that later on, but there are so many reasons scripturally for why that just can't possibly true.

The most obvious one to me is the fact that Yeshua himself. He was asked was the greatest commandment and and he answered first.

According? Anything you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart volume I'm going straight public still, how can we love someone with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength. If we don't even know who we is it makes no sense in the line Deuteronomy you know in in Deuteronomy 18 were told it will be a prophet like Moses. We know that properly Jesus is Yeshua and we are commanded in the law to heed what he says and if we don't, then we will be held accountable for how can we heed what he says after we obey his voice. After we follow him.

If we don't even know who he is an absurd notion that that that Jesus is an anonymous Savior. It goes contrary to everything that God says about himself by his counties that have not spoken in secret. He wants to be known over and over again. He tells wanted your obviousness as I hear you speak and then as I look at the various chapters in the book to Jewish people can't believe because they're hardly blind and fail from symmetries or the flip side of all this will be saved eventually. So we don't need to witness now and what you have to the Holocaust. We can share the gospel in an inherently receptive Jewish bodies whereafter Jewish souls were worse than Hitler you realize from every different angle.

There is there's an effort by Satan himself to stop the church from sharing the good news with the Jewish people, is it I want to be conspiratorial but you gotta trace it back to the devil will not you know what you said is really the crucial issue. People have to understand that anything aimed against her people ultimately is the panic attack but you have to understand why it to stand against God and against the spread of the gospel worldwide. I firmly believe that the Scriptures teach of the only call that would that we Jews that Israel has received the only color we have received was to be an evangelistic light to the nation why living is one of the reasons why the apostle Paul would be possibly Gentile always brought the gospel first to his fellow Jews because we can't proclaim the gospel unless we believe the gospel can't believe the gospel unless we hear the gospel, we can't hear the gospel unless someone brings it to us. First, the best way to interfere with the cause of world evangelization is either through hatred or mistaken love to keep the gospel away from yeah absolutely so, when in fact, in the name of what we don't want to be anti-Semitic and ascend Jews were being anti-Semitic people be anti-Semitic by withholding the water of life from Jewish people, and in one thing Jews for Jesus has always been unashamed was a moist Rosen strategy will just put it right out there and so not only to deal with all the theological issues 18 different issues all practical Gentiles Witness to Jews and things like that but you deal with the real reasons for choosing not to speak for fear of offending the fear of rejection, fear of man so that's really the heart of only got about a minute, but just comment on that.

Briefly what that really is the real issue. You know I like to say that better theology is authored by our feelings. We choose what we want to believe in the rebuilder theology around it.

We are so many believers are are fearful of hurting us.

But you know the Scriptures that that the kisses of an enemy are sweet but the wounds of a friend, your faithful. I tell I tell believers in Jesus that they want to love it. Should love a broken heart, with all of the yeses to bless us with the gospel and they should pray that with all the salvation of a amen absent friends get the book. Claudia Snyder Jews don't leave Jesus and other misconceptions get it out share with your friends is a Jew I'm asking you share the gospel is healthy.

Keep up the great work. Thank you sir.

Thank you. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for spending this Michael Brown left to be with you. I finally got around to getting a DNA test. It just curious to see whatever origin's history. I could find out through it. Nancy gotten hers. A few years back and I thought you might as well do it and and I would I was asking myself what what if I found out that my Jewish blood was not as thick as I thought it was we did not go back as far as it did. How that affect my identity or mindset is always say that our primary densities being in Yeshua being in Jesus primarily Jew or Gentile, that that would be down the list a little bit first and foremost our identity being sons and daughters of God and then most fundamentally, after male-female. Then after that you Gentile, but turns out that that as I understood thoroughly Jewish blood and it was about 90% Ashkenazi which would've been Eastern European and from what I've read about it. Interestingly enough, and I am I am not an expert on DNA will make it very clear that in no way, shape, size or form. So I'm just repeating some things that I read that seem to be coming from reliable sources, but Ashkenazi Jews according to this DNA series were traceable back about 2500 years ago of two times of of of Israel.

So 500 years before the time of Jesus. The people of Judah and Israel and then having fleeing being exiled, moving to another part of the world and the community that would've originally been several million had what was called a bottleneck where it became reduced to very low numbers and then with some key families then begin to reproduce and expand. And obviously there would have been people that married into Judaism married into the Jewish people. Hence, you have the Eastern European look Caucasian look as opposed to a middle eastern look but that would that would explain some of the history of the Ashkenazi Jews, but Christ well back several hundred years before the time of Jesus in the Middle East.

The great explosion of the population happening in Eastern Europe some centuries later, and then about 10% is Sephardic Jewish Safari Jewish which is north Africa, Spain, so there would've been some Jews that were were from other Jews for the personal that married into the lineage. So again, just found that interesting to look back at that history confirm what I pretty well knew just because of ancestors coming from Eastern Europe, but it was just interesting to to look at that and anything okay what if in fact this chain going all the way back to Moses, or all the way back to the 12 tribes of Israel is that important. And God said to preserve that change MS 90% Ashkenazi 10% Sephardic and then like a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a percent. That was just something else in Europe. So was based hundred percent Jewish blood 90% Ashkenazi 10% Sephardic. I do believe that Jewish identity is important in God's sight, not in a saving way, but in a covenantal way. I do believe it is important and that it should be passed on, and that it is part of our witness, but our primary witness is is the status of being a light to the nations. All right I will get into some of the political issues and some of the things having to do with with Islam

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