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Can These Bones Live?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 6, 2017 4:30 pm

Can These Bones Live?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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June 6, 2017 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 06/06/17.

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It's a question that God asked the prophet Ezekiel 2500 years ago and asked again today.

Can these bones live stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry getting to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown pay friends Michael around here. I have into being Germany as you listen to these words will I should be flying back home just finished some tremendous meetings in Tübingen and preached that tonight is your hearing it now. The next day on the theme. Can these bones live. I got back to my room. It was late thought, okay, gotta get up early in the morning to fly back but I wanted to make sure that I got this message out to you first.

I believe to be encouraged, edified, strengthened by the teaching we bring you just the truth and nothing but the truth reported taking your calls tomorrow. Having a great broadcast in a special interview as well a whole lot is happening so much of it good. So much of it exciting. I know sometimes friends that we can look around the media TV, read the news intranet and is a whole lot.

That's bad happening. That's always the way it's been in the world but with such a big world 7 1/2 billion people in the suffering and pain and tragedy all the time and chaos, world governments, rising and falling, you can easily look around at everything. A sick man. This world is messed up and it is it is and maybe in your own life you go through real traumatic time.

Maybe it's it's really hellish miserable difficult time for you in your own life and that colors some of your thinking is as you look at the world around you, but I want to encourage you to always remember not only to look to the Lord, meaning Lord I trust you larger good no matter what I'm going through another praise and worship you as good your holy faithful you're just you keep your promises. All those wonderful things.

Yes, we look to him, but we also look to what he is doing in the earth when you realize how many great and mighty things God is doing. It encourages you when you realize the lives that are being transformed. It encourages you, I am not going to live in a bubble of only what God does without also looking at the tremendous needs around.

I want to take this knowledge of who God is and what he's doing and I want to bring it to the situations around me the situations that are that are hurting with her suffering where there's pain absolutely on the flip side, I want to live in a bubble of human suffering and human pain and forget who God is and what he's doing. So I was joined here in Germany by my dear friends, a soup Ottoman Monica work with this upon an effort 24 straight years in India, and God's given him a tremendous heart for Germany and he's been coming here now for several months a year in ministry and pouring himself out and they drove over six hours from Rotterdam and Holland were they were joining our ministry school fire school of ministry for special classes that are being held there and and they come with great encouragement and first-hand knowledge of what God is doing. So I want to talk to and very stark real honest terms about how dark things are in Europe about the many challenges were facing in America about the great challenges of reaching the Muslim world about the great challenges of reaching the lost sheep of the house of Israel. I want to speak to honestly, candidly, but in such a way that when this broadcast is done, your faith will be stronger your confidence be greater, and there may even be a little balance your spiritual staff talk about, can these bones live to grab your Bibles. Ezekiel 37. The text started the stroke with ancient Israel to come up till today right here on file. If the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown right begin Germany so yesterday we came UA from Catania in Sicily and as you're listening to these words, I should actually be in flight coming back from Germany to be with you again live on Wednesday but this broadcast was recorded right before leaving after our meeting in Tübingen and can I just thank you for prayer support when I travel overseas my schedule could be pretty full and intense, and if you've ever traveled overseas, you have jet lag time change and things like that so there's just a lot of grace on me to do this, but I know it's it's also help through your prayer.

So I flew us from leaving my home to arriving in Sicily was about 21 hours, the economist night sleep. Just the way the schedule works out.

Slept a bit on the plane and gone to Sicily. I got to nap for about two hours and then what you preach Friday night in the meeting Saturday morning Saturday afternoon Saturday night and then some private meetings with others in between, and preach Sunday morning Sunday night and then flew to Germany early afternoon on Monday and then got to Germany I got a 15 minute nap at that place. Row staying went from there to a late afternoon meeting at a wonderful dinner with dear friends and share some encouraging stories with you and preached again. At night we just had a tremendous service and then back to the room to do radio before flying out and I'm I'm doing great. I'm blessed. Of course healthy diet does help. But God's grace sustains so thank you for praying and standing with me. You are part of this trip. You are always in my heart my dear life or listens where we travel around the world. So the question of the hour, can these bones live with a story historically and we can apply this verse.

These this passage to different times in history and up until today. Mineral Mize will make a spiritual application. Ezekiel 37 one the hand of the Lord was nominated, he brought me out by the spirit of the Lord and set me in the middle of the Valley. It was full of bones that you ever stop and picture this. Have you ever seen some of the horrific pictures from the Holocaust. You have stacks of human bodies, distal amount of human bodies and then amount the bones. I mean it's it's a devastating kind of picture, so he's brought out the Millis Valley. It's full of bones.

He led me back and forth among them, and I saw a great many bones for the Valley bones that were very dry, not just not just bones, but dry bones not just rivals but very dry bones. Yes, we Son of Man can these bones live.

I said sovereign Lord you know now if if I've been asked that question God showing me the bones can they live. I think I would've had a debate in my mind as to what would be the correct answer.

God was expecting. I probably would've said yes of course they can live because your God, and they can do whatever you want them to do it which point God might've said to me that superficial. These bones are dead. What makes you think they can live woman I could have been a realist city sponsored that obviously I see that of course the Live but the answer was the right one given by secure Lord you know because NaturallySpeaking know they can't. If you do something they Then he said to be prophesied to these bones and say to them dry bones, hear the word of the Lord. This is what the sovereign Lord says to these loans.

I will bones.

I will make breath, breath and spirit same word so as it was laid out by the ruach of the spirit now use these profits and that breath spirit what you and you will come to life, and here's what is he goes to prophesy to them all attach tendons to make flesh come upon you and cover you with scalp and breath ruach in you and you will come to life. You will live and you will know that I am the Lord, you know, the extraordinary account that follows from here if you're not familiar with it. It's Ezekiel 37. Read it and and be blessed as you read okay historical context. Ezekiel is in exile in Babylon, God's temple in Jerusalem.

The sacred holy temple has been destroyed and burned with fire. Many of the leaders of the nation and thousands of the people have been brought to exile Ezekiel among them, and they are there in Babylon in a foreign land, and even though there were still Judeans Jews that were living back in in in the land in their original homeland exile was devastated and in particular that the end of the Davidic rule is no more Davidic king on the throne the temple representing God's majesty and power in his his covenant with Israel it's destroyed and the people are in exile and it's easy to think this is it. It's all over again. It and our lives here were gonna die here our children to die here and in this nation will cease to be a nation, as we live and die in exile.

It would be very easy to think that way any point of fact, that is happened to other nations through history they've gone to exile. They suffered terrible devastation they've never come back to their homeland, and that's the end of the story. Much of the 10 northern tribes of Israel was was lost to history and that very way. Of course, a remnant of the all the tribes remain. But many were lost to history and it would be easy to think that way. And yet God said you will return from the exile, and Jeremiah prophesied.

Zechariah prophesied that that bill be people will be people young men and young women dancing in the streets. Weddings being celebrated. Children playing the elderly. There again if there's any great restoration. The temple will be rebuilt. God's presence will be there and it did happen.

There was a return from exile, the dead bones live the dry bones live but but this passage has has applied again and again to the Jewish people not saying that was the primary intent of Ezekiel, but certainly the Holy Spirit is speaking this and there's a template that the the deliverance from Babylonian exile is a template of God's deliverance of his people in future generations in his regathering them back to the land. Let's think of the Holocaust. Let's think of the horrors of the Holocaust here in Tübingen, Germany.

This was a city famous for many Nazi executioners not just the people gave the commands but knocks Nazi executioners, who with their own bullets killed hundreds or thousands of Jews and others. It was a city famous for its Nazi cruelty. That's where I am right now as I speak to in Tübingen and you think of that the horrors of the Holocaust.

Two thirds of European Jews slaughtered Jews that were able to get out of Europe and try to make their way to Palestine were stopped and the British would not allow them in force them to go back to Europe and many of them died there.

So is it is the British mandate is Great Britain that that is over Palestine there is there is no new plan on the table at that moment in terms of right. Here's the partition plan. Jewish people have a home and that comes a little bit after. But in the midst of the horrors of the Holocaust is as bodies are being burned in crematoria by the hundreds of thousands.

You look around and you think, can these bones live there, not just bones there dry bones are not just dry bones there very dry bones. And yet out the ashes of the Holocaust God restored his people back to the land and you could even say that you would never have had a UN vote for a Jewish homeland with enough sympathy for to be done had it not been for the devastating horrors of the Holocaust and despite all odds, despite all odds. The bones have lived and next year is the 70th anniversary of those but those bones living. What's the point God does things that are in possible to us. God does things that defy the pattern of history. God does things that the whole world would get up and say this can never happen.

This will never happen and we add our two famous words but God do you know that something extraordinary is happened right here in Tübingen. Do you know that there is something that's been raised up in a new way, a new spiritual application of dead bones living and do you know that the current mayor of Tübingen is a Jew the first time in something like a thousand years something like this is happened in the city is growing and prospering under him. The city of Nazi murderers now has a Jewish marrow, but there's something far more significant that will share with you the ministry that were involved here, received a special burden and mandate from the Lord to pray for the people of Israel and to call on the silent generation is determined that this analysis for Nazis and then just talk about it as a challenge. Lift the veil of silence and to speak the truth, and the results have been dramatic error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution of your again is Dr. Michael Brown back to the line of fire Michael Brown, your friendly voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution coming away from Tübingen in Germany and looking forward to a great broadcaster Nick show on the line of fire, take your calls with an important interview on Wednesday broadcast, but but first we focus on what's happening right here in Europe. In Tübingen, Germany. A ministry was raised up a dear brother friend Yost Bittner… Wife Charlotte and interestingly they are some of the most powerful faith people in Germany just taking the gospel on the streets just being bold and full of faith, full of the spirit standing with Israel. They have really swamped swamp swamp slam slam swim golf they've swamp slam.

Whatever you do against the tide they they have gone against the grain and they felt the only way to stand is to be uncompromising their faith in the witness and it's remarkable to see what what's happened through the ministry here so God gives them this tremendous burden for Israel, and God gives them a ministry and a burden to address the speak of that, the veil of silence over the older generation, the parents and grandparents that had connections to the Nazis were themselves Nazis. Then after the war, just felt bad about things and went on with life. But it was nothing addressed in the younger generation grew up somewhat ignorant of of the reality and these believers felt. How can we really see God's blessing our nation into week come clean with our past. The German Christians often had repentance meetings and things like that as forgiveness, but this was something different. This was bringing things out publicly and openly say this to. I was this is what my father was involved with and and we are now going to take public steps to correct that and he wrote a book I wrote the forward to it on this veil of silence and it's had an incredible impact in Germany it's gonna to other nations in other languages and it's been a tremendous eye-opener. One of our German friends read it. Some years ago and was shocked to read it. She said this is true, she just did not know Smith things of of the past and what's happening now is amazingly this church has been used, to reach out to Holocaust survivors in your talking about children or grandchildren of Nazis who are ministering to Holocaust survivors in Israel. In fact, this church has a house in Israel at a base there at its entire purpose is to minister to Holocaust survivors in Israel to help them to share the love of God with them. And amazingly, as they just show them love and just demonstrate kindness.

Many of these people want to find out more.

Why is it that you German Christians, descendents of the Nazis's of your parents or grandparents were actively involved in atrocities while you have this love, and they share the gospel and some of been wonderfully born again and they they began this March for life there very strong in the overall pro-life movement.

But they felt that the large March for life movement had to bring the message of life to Germany because of the horrors of the past and that it had to be a March that that stood with the people of Israel. The last one they did had tens of thousands of marchers standing for life and standing with Israel in over 80 cities and nations, and extraordinary event and they have one planned for next year May 13-15 Israel to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the birth of Israel March of the nations and they are seeing incredible fruit and in the scenes they have described of of these young people reaching out to Holocaust survivors and saying my parents. My grandparents were involved with this and and I want to show you the love of God. Israel has recognized this with appreciation is a genuine Christian witness and they are unashamed of Jesus. They they make it clear that we do this because we love you shoe at the Jewish Messiah, and they have a genuine love. There needs to be nothing reciprocated is a genuine love for the Jewish people and it's having an impact. But not only so here they are in Germany and things are rough in Germany. In my message, I described how dry the bones are in Germany, spiritually speaking, we know the original context of Ezekiel's prophecy to dry bones prophecy in Ezekiel 37 but but we can make spiritual application second application to our own situations around this work, try bones mean Germany is in a spiritual mass and like much of Europe.

The birth rate is too low to sustain a society long term.

In other words, if you don't have sufficient amount of children being born.

You cannot sustain the society. The older generation is not cared for. There is no support system and and ultimately things break down and and is several of the European nations. The only way they are sustaining adequate birth rate is because of the large numbers of Muslims coming in and having larger families, which means then that the countries over period of time will just shift completely demographically to Islam and and even now even now already in several European cities or country like England. The most common boys name is Mohammed Knight. Yes, it's a difficult situation and there's so much skepticism and so much humanism. Remember my interview with Paul Schaefer yesterday.

He mentioned the Constitution of the European Union 20,000 words in it and God is never mentioned that secular humanist left-leaning skeptical spirit, its powerful but in the midst of it. God is moving in and who's getting dramatically saved, but these Muslim refugees from Syria from Iran, Iraq or Turkey or other countries but but get this when they're getting saved through this ministry and tubing. Not only are they getting saved there getting a heart for Israel, and they have been on the streets testify because this church is every week on the streets reading the Bible and preaching the gospel of the streets of the great University City tubing and interestingly helps ensure lot have have advanced degrees Masters level degrees from the great universities and in tubing. It Charlotte and ancient history and Yost in theology studied under the one of the most famous New Testament professors of the last generation Martin handle so they have this great pedigree, but they are fearless gospel preaching people and they bring the gospel out of the streets every week and they have all kinds of rallies and now you are seeing these Moslems getting saved and testify on the streets in front of fellow Muslims saying we were wrong about Jesus and we were wrong about Israel. God is turned our heart towards Jesus and God is turned our heart towards Israel. You talk about having a double target on your back, but God is doing it and I met one Iranian brother tonight and he was just beaming with the great things that God is doing in his home country of Iran. Yes bones very dry. Yes, things look very bad the situation is dire. God says the bones live come back and talk about there be another revival in Germany and Europe is got through with your friends. Also, special announcement want to stand with us something very special.

As we can tell you about it we come back on the side of her plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown dead bones live question that God asked the prophet Ezekiel 2500 years ago, can these bones live these dry bones. These very dry bones. The bones of the Jewish people in exile. Yes he could live in those bones have lived again out of the ashes of the Holocaust.

The modern state of Israel reborn and those bones have lived in different ways, spiritually speaking, when God brings life out of death when he brings children out of baroness so to say when he brings produce abundance and famine.

God is done this many times in history and I believe the end of the age will see him do it with the lost sheep of the house of Israel in the ultimate way but right now I want to ask the question as I sit and speak with you and tubing in Germany at the end of my 3 1/2 day trip to Italy and Germany. Can Germany live again. Canada dry bones of Germany would conjure up with. Can there be revival here in this nation. Michael Brown, so glad to be with you and have this opportunity to open the Scriptures together. Ezekiel 37 is the text about the dry bones in one of the most extraordinary passages in the extraordinary Bible before I talk about Germany just want to remind you, wherever you are. You can listen to light a fire even if you're away from your radios. You don't get our show your area or you only get part of it all. Two hours on our line of fire app every day. Any show you miss just click on it you can listen to the recent archives you can click on the app to call in. You can click to connect with our website for all of our resources.

So go to your app store, Apple, Google play android and just type in the line of fire with Dr. Brown want to fire with Michael Brown.

Scroll down to see it downloaded. It's free and start enjoying it. I downloaded it and I was a ghost 12 shows but I just I started photographing pies. I listen not show this children crystal clear everything great quality. So take advantage of that and and this week were doing something very special there is a brand-new book out by Dr. Mark Stigler and his son Mark Junior is a great book Josh McDowell gives it the highest praise is called shock. It is a 250+ page book on sharing the gospel with Mormons with Jehovah's Witnesses. I've I've been going through the book and it's accurate. It's well done. It's practical, great charts, sample conversations, a really really eye-opening book for the kind of book that the cults don't want you to get a it sells for 1699's $17. I want to send it to you as my thank you gift for your gift of any size. We are about to be recording videos to go into every home in Israel with cable TV so were timeout reaching the majority of the people of Israel with broadcast tailor-made to reach Jewish people with the gospel interacting with interview clips with Israeli so the Hebrew captions.

This will be the most specific targeted Jewish outreach we have ever done in our lives with the most significant open-door we've ever had set before us, and we could really use your help in doing it. God has funded the airtime and so much of the production time. There's a lot we have to put into it to make it happen and with your help we can really see the shows become a major focus of what were doing and have incredible impact in Israel. So your gift of any size.

Just pray be as generous as you can and my thank you gift is the sculpture shot book, which is a great blessing to a page's $17 book so go ask Dr. Brown, the Lord ask a DR Brown WC this special offer. My thank you personally to you for your gift of the line of fire your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown is God through with your silver for Germany and the nations of Europe. Michael Brown coming away right now from Tübingen in Germany not taking your calls eager take your calls tomorrow on our broadcast getting back should be over early evening tonight early evening. Tuesday night, so here I am in Germany and I preached a message of the theme, can these bones live. My last meeting the Monday night meeting and I said let's talk about how dry the bones are, let's talk about the demographics of the European population is dropping and it's only maintaining necessary levels of of kids per per family for the next generation because of Islamic immigration and Muslim families having large numbers of children and that means that the demographics discussed which were prepared of time Europe will become Muslim is demographics and and then it it's so atheistic in certain ways or secular humanist in certain ways and skeptical of the power of the gospel and then you have just all the other issues in life that with everything the Internet is broad and in the ability either to reach so many for good or bad. Pornography at everyone's fingertips and just on a nonproblem's difficulties.

Often a compromised church. Often the liberal church leading the way and spiritual compromise. Even moral compromise in certain ways in the nation's dire and yet there are men and women of God, praying, seeking the face of God, weeping in repentance reaching out to the lost. Seeing God move and they believe that they will see revival come to Germany not like I can't give you chapter and verse to prove that and I am not giving you a personal prophecy here, but I wanted to share something with you that is significant to me and that I would like to encourage you with. As you look at Europe and pray for Europe. Okay, I've worked with my friend Jesu problem in India now since 1993 is one of my closest friends in the world.

He and his wife Monica dear friends of Nancy and the soul, a been there 24 times since 1993 gobbling December will be 25 times in 25 years and he has one of the most significant works of sin anywhere in the world. There were unreached tribal regions.

Thousands of villages without churches and God gave him a vision to reach these tribal villages. These tribal regions in the mountains of pud Daru and surrounding areas in Andhra Pradesh. In India, southeast India, and over the years. Now through the ministry schools they have raised up and labors. They have sent out. They planted now over 7000 churches and every one of those villages has a gospel witness. Every one of those villages has believers in the vote it's it's extraordinary it's mind-boggling. It's real. There is one city where our lives were threatened as we preached a minute got crazy with the worship leader that they had smuggled him out before people could attack him this apartment are on stage preaching when Hindu radicals came on stage and took the mics from us and stop the meeting shut down. The meeting I didn't see it at that time, but others so they had knives and razor blades in her hands. There's a crowd is Mr. riot broke out and there is a strong church there that was planted three supposedly discovered it's it's mind-boggling to see which happen and how the work is grown and Jesu problem is not an American evangelist TEs in India and he is he is, it will have by me other fine American evangelist Bureau. Sometimes we Americans a little famous for hyping our big talk and I talk about that a lot when I travel about zero. Thank God for America church, but we've messed up a lot of things as well and you know we go overseas we preach in another country and reading our newsletter the whole country restricted bar ministry in your talk to leaders at a house nothing at one famous preacher came over for America and I was going to Italy have been daily 25 times law was going to Italy to minister and I get to the city.

The pastors there were very upset.

I and and famous preacher from America was over there and they said he made all these promises us and how to go this ability left us was a giant hotel bill so I'm I'm not giving you some like talk by some boastful American preacher again. Thank God for all the fine American preachers and teachers and evangelists and those who go to the nations, but sometimes we get caught up in our hybrid become legends in our own minds and old dog did this and God did that site. Mom let's see the free what really happened on I'm talking about an Indian Jesu Parham who was raised in untouchable who was dying of malnutrition on the side of the road collapsed on the side of the rope and a Canadian missionary found him dying bring to the hospital and over period of time is physically rehabilitated. He hated the caste system so intensely. His dad became a Christian and named him Jesu Potter, which means Jesus foot. One of them at the foot of Jesus and he despised the name he signed in his own blood to become a naxalite of violent Maoist Communist when he is 11 years old, became an alcoholic, atheist, and engaged in violent acts against the rich in his early 20s wall being a church service with his wife who was a believer.

He he looked up and faintly saw a vision of Jesus. He saw him there with his arms extended, he saw them with the blood dripping from his hands and Jesus said to him, this is how how much I love you, my son, this is how much of love you what you do for me.

Jesu Parham was gloriously born-again that day you you come to India and you see first hand the children in the children's school in the orphanage on their knees praying in meeting with God at 430 in the morning and reading the Scriptures and you see the joy of these precious lives you go and see the hospital they built in the next hospital there building you you you see the the places a bill for the old folks in the school they have for the handicap to teach them trades on timeout real down to earth ministry that with that when you go there and see it you will be stunned with what God did through one man, a man of prayer and the team that was praying to the point when he turned 60. A few years ago hit the good, the government sent leaders.

I flew over for America just to be there for his 60th birthday this be there and come back home I wouldn't do that pro-Israeli person the world differ my dear friend was Troy and and government leaders were there at his celebration to to recognize the significance of the ministry there in in India and the good, the humanitarian good that it's done well.

His his wife is Canadian with German blood and God began to burden him to go to Germany and serve in Germany. All he wanted to do was was part of his life for India and established branches of the ministry in different countries to bless those countries and to get funding for those countries for the work in India. God began to burden him for Germany just for the sake of the German people and he went over with the family. They spent three months plus they lived in it. The whole family. The four of them mom dad and two kids.

They lived in a room and I don't know maybe 12 x 12 something like that and then they just reached out to the homeless. They reached out to drug addicts.

They they just encourage the church to do outreach does many German churches list just like many American churches don't have much of a heart for evangelism outreach.

They began to step out the began to do this and after a few months there is a part of total Lord, you know, I want to go back. It's too hard.

I just want to be here in Germany and God said, did you go of your own accord or did I send you Lord you sent me will then you go back, so went back God gave him a tremendous burden for the nation they seen amazing things happen. Now people being converted, I mean homeless lost hurting people, drug addicts, others getting saved not have a house where they can live they get disciple Jesu Potter.

Ms. is working with other pastors and they are now going out there evangelizing in their scene change in an he believes I've known him now since 1993.

I've never known him to just speak empty words I've never known him to just get all hyped up.

He's a realist. He believes in a and and he came to the meetings he drove about 67 hours over from Rotterdam at Holland were there. Were there participating in our fire school of ministry in Holland and in any I said please come and share with the people here in to begin Germany. What you believe God spoke to and he said that he believes God spoke to him that God is going to send revival again to Germany and just as Germany was used in the past to touch Europe in a positive way spiritually in a positive way.

It's going to happen again in their other sober German Christians who believe that as well.

Oh, not the natural, not when you look around the natural and the natural socket happen. These bones are drawn either of their very dry and a lot of them and there's no way to get to come back to life again to take the image of Ezekiel 37 originally spoken about the Jewish people in Babylonian exile. But when you're in the midst of people of faith that were tonight and you see what God is done in the miracles that have happened thus far and the supernatural connections with Israel ministry. They've done around the world, step back and say all things possible. All things are possible with God. Keep praying for Germany the best BA the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you thank you so much for joining us here on the line of fire Michael Brown delighted to be with you every way from Tübingen, Germany. If you could pray for grace on my travel supposed to get home today, Tuesday, old, probably early evening and then next Tuesday scheduled to leave for Israel two days of Israel and then back to Germany for two days.

It's a celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation is much to be thankful for and is much to say that's wonderful but there's got to be more so back-and-forth overseas and then pouring into radio and writing in the midst of all of it. So thank you for praying, can I talk to Ben America ever book due out in September called saving a sick America and I've mentioned this before, but the first chapter it's it's introductory chapter to short chapter.

I asked God for grace to paint a picture of how far we have fallen as a nation and and how much is happened to the younger generation and how much is happen to families and and what's happened to much of our morals and fear of God older certain things better in America now than say a generation ago but but so much that is so much worse and I pray for grace to do it and really felt the Lord gave me a picture to paint of a man with his kids watching leave it to beaver in the early 60s and he falls asleep during the broadcast and wakes up and it's today it's it's quite dramatic and I believe you have a dramatized on video as well and through the Buckeye I talk about how sick America is how dire her condition is how in many ways, it looks like there's only one way we can go and that's down from here and in other words, if someone made the case that America is in steady sure moral decline, steady sure spiritual time you make a case for you, could in other words, if if you were looking for fuel tube to prove that the fuel for your fire to prove that everything is going to get worse before Jesus comes in.

He must be coming soon because look at how bad it is America's a lot. It's bad no questions. I am a realist

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