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The Latest in the Jewish World, More on True Islam, and Your Jewish Calls

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 8, 2017 4:20 pm

The Latest in the Jewish World, More on True Islam, and Your Jewish Calls

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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June 8, 2017 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 06/08/17.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

A lot is happening today in the Jewish world and will take you there today on Thursday through Thursday stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown.

Yeah, you know, one of the big things in the Jewish world today is wonder woman. Yeah, wonder woman soup. What talk about well, wonder woman, one who plays the role in this new blockbuster movie which I haven't seen gaga though. She's Israeli she was former Miss Israel and of their some controversy.

There is some Muslim nations that will not show the film because she's a strong scientist who fought which is in the Army next fight was in the Army in Israel. How can you show the one your own from all a whole lot going on. Michael Brown delighted to be with you what talk about wonder woman but we won't focus on that it is thoroughly Jewish Thursday.

I thought it was relevant to bring that up 866-34-TRUTH 7884 the number to call any Jewish related question you have. If it relates to Israel, the Jewish people. The Hebrew language Judaism if it relates to what is happening in the Middle East today leaving to questions relating to Islam I can answer most of them but certainly not all so glad to speak with you if you're Jewish listener don't believe Jesus issue is the Messiah like to interact with me on that, by all means give me a call 8663 for 87884 is the number to call God willing this time next week I should be in Israel scheduled to leave Monday night of next week and be broadcasting a few days from Israel and from there back to Germany for once, I just came some meetings in the 500th anniversary of the Reformation and that too brings us to Israel because of a lot of good that the Reformation did a lot of things of the Reformation corrected certain things. It didn't do and corrected one of them is the history of anti-Semitism in the church that only got inflamed in certain ways by Martin.

Looser so that ties in with Israel as well. Again, any Jewish related question 866-34-TRUTH 7884 a billboard about Mohammed appropriate and not peaceloving Muslims are the genuine Muslims. What about some Muslim nations separated themselves from Qatar over alleged terrorist ties with Qatar a whole lot to talk about. I'm just touching on a few things now, but where should I start about this story. The Senate has voted 92 zero so I guess if you folks not there to vote 92 zero nobody nobody nobody voted against all saying let's move the embassy to Jerusalem. It's on our law books. It is supposed to happen. Let's do it.

President Trump let's move the apps now significantly Pres. Trump did not say that he would not move the embassy simply not now, but through a spokesman said it's a question of when, not if I believe in II actually believe that's his intent and he wants to do it and he plans to do it. Will he ever do it because it's never the right moment is like making a lifestyle change source tomorrow. There's always a reason not to make the change will he make it. I certainly hope so, but don't know if you will, or if he won't, but it's amazing with all the division in our government.

With all the diversity with all the controversy with all the splits between Republican and Democrat.

With so many things that tear us apart. We vote 90 did nothing to do this to me that significant. I think that's one reason God still has mercy on America. I will be right back on file. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Thanks for the line fire, 866884 is the number to call for your Jewish related questions today.

Okay Washington Post how the Jewish identity of wonder woman star is causing a stir. Wonder woman is draw all kinds of controversy over gender politics since its release last Friday but is also put the spotlight on Jewish debates over race and nationality store the film gaga ago who speaks English with an Israeli accent has become is really star and generated buzz both here and abroad, head of the film's international release Lebanon ban the film because of God, though, who, like most Israeli citizens served a mandatory two-year stint Israeli Defense forces as a combat trainer.

Jordan is also reportedly considering a ban on the film. Just saw this morning.

Another Muslim country considering a ban. 2014 got double posted on Facebook support of the Israeli army's actions in Gaza lighting candles with her daughter running Shabbat shalom, greetings.

You say to one another on the Sabbath.

Her grandfather survived Auschwitz, he lost all of his family and Auschwitz in concentration camps. He was born and raised in Roche hi and in Israel. She was in was a miss Israel at age 18 and let's just see here. So Matthew Mueller on comic, said go go go is a gaga, though, is not actually Caucasian, but is in fact Israeli and goes on in the question are James White's it's okay so this is this is just fascinating is that that that here that the.

The big issue from this blockbuster movie apparently does gangbusters doing super super well apparently the inside story goes that the Jewish this Israel again now. On the one hand, I understand that having an Israeli lead store with upset some nations us because they are hostile to Israel. Let's just recognize that let's not play games.

Let's not deny how deep the antipathy is how deep the Israel hatred is how deep the despising of Zionism is how how much anger there is when an Israeli stands up for their country and says hey this is my country, my homeland of relatives that lost everyone in the Holocaust were thankful to have a homeland like this. We can do good and live in safety and because she holds those views as a typical Israeli or Muslim nations that will not show the film so it's interesting that they're not concerned.I and see the movie, but I'm sure she's not covered in the head to toe right is there may not be any lewdness of sexuality and put she's she's obviously not covered from head to toe office wonder what typical wonder woman kind of outfit you would think that would be the bigger concern you. You would think that that would be the thing that Muslims are looking at and thinking we don't we don't want this movie know this is a reissue because they're not that religious or the people you go to movies and other religious or wherever it it's it's the fact that she's an Israeli. There is just something about being Jewish and then draw a circle within the circle. Something about being an Israeli Jew that inflames all kinds of emotions and intensifies the discussion and you can't, can't just be about the movie I'm in picture picture of it was a Hispanic store that was that was new one from Rita maybe was a black star.

This is wow. You know, dark skin, wonder woman that okay to be a lot of discussion about would be the countries be banning it because of that know what what if it was a Muslim star would or say no and at a woman from the Muslim Arab world was store and she was new wonder woman with Israel Bennett. Well, if she had been involved in terrorist activity or that kind of thing yes and see that's the whole deal that for much of the Muslim world.

That's who Israel is.

For much of the Muslim world when Israel fights back against Hamas.

Israel is not guilty of terrorist activity when Israel puts up a security fence which is partly a wall about what 3% of it is wall than Israel is engaging in oppression of the Palestinians, even though they're putting up the fence and wall to keep murderers out. That's just the mindset so if Israel could celebrate a soldier who falls in battle fighting against Hamas or fight against Hezbollah something like that and and lionize this person and speak of them as a great hero. Well, then the Muslim world will do the same when a Palestinian blows herself often in intakes with her men, women and children, civilians, people sitting at a restaurant having a meal and she's also to be praise because she too is a freedom fighter against depression and and see. That's how you have this false equivalence. Yes, it's ridiculous yes it's it's ugly but that's reality that is reality and just you want another example of this bizarre hatred of Jewish people, and in this almost irrational reaction against Jewish people. Well, just look at this wonder woman as an Israeli we can show the film art upset on that 866-34-TRUTH briefly briefly briefly the testimony of James, I am not getting into it, even though it is the big news in everybody's talking about his testimony before Congress today. I just want to make a few comments. Since this is live news talk radio right. I was not in the room with James Comey and Donald Trump nor were you.

We are listening to his reports of conversations, some of which confirm things that Trump said and for the most part, none of what he saying so for is really surprising in terms of his opening statement which I read that I was trying to follow right up into radio time. The ongoing testimony and interaction that the big takeaways for me or are these number one Trump Pres. Trump was treating Comey like you would treat any high level employee and asking for loyalty and saying he needed that and expect that was he doing it in his role as president so as to put wrongful pressure on the intelligence Bureau to skew their findings or to elect a Mafia boss just telling somebody under my need your loyalty. I don't think so II think it was a president is a businessman coming in to a new setting and not understanding the implications of what he saying because you don't say that you don't ask for loyalty from someone that is supposed to be independent rights of yes he's under the present present fire him but he's independent FBS independent terms of its post be able to operate do it does without having to do with the present art present.

Once you find this out and cover this. No, not supposed to do that.

So certainly was wrong for him to ask for loyalty, but I don't take it in a malicious way.

I take it more of an ignorant way occasion to be working for me. I expect loyalty of so should he have would be better not to say it, if in fact this is what he said yes absolutely would be better not say it is a scandal. No I don't I don't believe so. Okay so that's the simple one number to his asking to to let the Flynn investigation go get II taken that same spirit not try to interfere with an investigation with a look.

The guiding to.

Here's what he did wrong. Don't get on a witch hunt with is a good guy but usually did wrong so it would be great if you could just move on to other things and was it right for him to say I'd like you to get the word out like you to get the word out to about two as many as as possible split so that I'm not under investigation, or that are not being investigated for tampering the elections or or or colluding with Russia if it Comey let other information you should let that information it's interesting now that Loretta Lynch is coming up together is conflict of interest there and there deftly inconsistencies the fact it Comey ultimately lets his information out leaks it to a friend, a law professor for him to get out to the public. That's me is absurd.

Come on, you just say have information get it out a minute nearly get to someone is that despite head of the FBI.

But to me to me it is a matter of which side you're on. If you really pro Trump to say what's the big deal.

Nothing here if you're against Trump to say all my nose got all this evidence against this moment, so is that a stitch of evidence that I'm aware of. Not ace that says that he is guilty of colluding with Russia doing anything illegal will be right back by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Thanks for Brown your number to call with your Jewish related question 866-34-TRUTH 7884 a few weeks back Marie getting a call from a gentleman.

We we began to have a discussion, but ran out of time because with the end of the show and I think really get to resume that discussion. If my memory serves me right, Yehuda from New York walking back to the line of fire.

Good that we you in New York last time you called.

I may have okay because I thought it was California will be taught but anyway doesn't matter night nice to talk with you. Did you want to resume the conversation were having less time sure art so it just just for the sake of my listeners just need you to talk right in the form which we can hear you.

Well you had asked me who within the five books of Moses, Abraham O someone else or what would they believed in Jesus, who they've known about Jesus and I said there would've been foreshadowing's that pointed to him and you challenge me with a certain wooden been able to believe in him.

Basin was in the five books that I came back and said will display some of the Flynn's in the five books of Moses would have a complete picture of Messiah certain would believe in the oral law, etc. naturally ran out of time so I throw it back to you can resume review like sore. It would quickly body bring a God that we are not familiar with that we don't know what you nobody in the five most effectively if that is the were not looking for and then ethic that that would've been enough for anybody but we are not them for not if the test no you love me and only me so clear. There and you can play well maybe it was for those people that passed before but I then came back and added the word Shema of prayer that you think we can't edit their work. You've word to your children and the understanding of every generation you fill from this is your ears just got to just know what I just want to clarify one thing that if you asked one question I just need to clarify something you asked me one question and then took my answer and 100% twisted. You asked me one question I asked you clearly okay about Jesus the Messiah.

And then you brought in Deuteronomy 30, which has nothing whatsoever to do with this. I worship the God is very simple. I worship the God of the time off and the God of the Torah, the same God. Moses worshiped and that Abraham worshiped in the same God to whom Jesus the Messiah pointed during his time on earth he saying worship the same God of the Torah and that's that's the one I worship the nobody knew and I there is one God often complex and unity part of the Trinity are trying, and that nature is nowhere in Scripture that nobody during the time of heart anything about that now you're missing the point here is missing the point. But you're missing the whole point. The one true God who in the Torah sometimes made himself seen in bodily form, as in Genesis 18 reveals himself in bodily form in the Messiah.

That's all that same and got the exact thing you asked me about Jesus being on the earth. The person called Jesus came into existence when the son of God took on flesh okay so that's what I was discussing his what he did on the earth. Okay, as to the God to whom he always pointed that was the same God. He referred to the Shema. He pointed to that worship the one God of Israel. The same God, so if you asked me a question which I answered. You're telling me that that God, the very nature, and when I mentioned actually that I've been brainwashed, but I would appreciate it if we can think of comfort level, we don't have to tell about a market report anything that you called or been brainwashed and perfectly that's fine you don't look I don't get triggered, though you could treat either I use brainwashed it in in a derogatory sense. So I apologize that I met was a funeral if you're raised in from home from your earliest moments you been taught a certain thing from your earliest moments of thinking. That's the goal okay and and use thought a certain way you see things their way here I was injured I was interacting with ultra-Orthodox rabbi a few weeks you recall the show and challenge me. So I called them off the air and he was incapable, literally incapable of going to reverse with me on the phone in Hebrew and in the Torah with the meaning straightforward in every English translation by traditional Jews. I have says is the same way because of atomic reference. He couldn't see it. I finally had a talent look up with this commentator says that his own commentaries and finally after like a week. DeSoto saying but if anyone else did not have that brainwashing is but but here's here's were missing. You know anything about me or how I was raised it exactly so so might my apologies for any any wrong assumptions. There and certainly for because I was intrigued and the least I thought it was a pleasant conversation about telling you I will trigger yeah here's my point here is my point.

All right, what in the Torah did Moses know about the identity and the work of the Messiah. What in the Torah, the five books of Moses was revealed about the identity and work of the Messiah. What it Abraham know, for example, based on the Torah. I thought they knew everything perfectly about fire but they knew that Jewish people had a covenant relationship covenant relationship with God exactly that's the whole that's what I was answering with regard to Jesus that they didn't have all the details but here's what they could know to prepare the way you then took that sentiment different God. I'm not about the same God is about the same God. And that's that's okay if you can't get what I'm saying different fire.

We can have II believe by all human know God. I believe that to understand the very act of God, absolutely critical and God bring about any relationship I need to know a party to have a relationship with something about getting estimates to stay there stated we get time today. Come back. I continue the conversation but heavenly focus on this Exxon God is a thought.

The Shema Deuteronomy 6 what is the Torah tells about a concept or start their it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown that Messiah.

So Sir I think we got off on the wrong foot of understanding was if you said to me what did the Jewish people know about the, the God of the New Testament or what did Moses and Abraham know about the God of the New Testament.

I'd say that that's the God that they knew the same one God who can reveal himself in bodily form who can manifest his presence with you of the words otherwise cannot be seen one God complex in this unity, I would've said that's the same God that they knew.

So that's that's it again when we asked the question I gave specifics about Jesus as the Messiah's acute dreams and at least why I'm saying that were missing each other on on the question point yeah the logic of your argument) and one of the passenger side of the story of the burning that God revealed himself on earth in the form that we can basically comprehend your logic you therefore you and your logic from a logic template. You have a better argument. Tell me about glowing the Bush God you tell me about a Trinity about being the intermediary between us and God. Even though one God. Jerry is one God, now have a second or third portion of actually it's quite the reverse. Jesus, the Messiah, who is both man and divine functions that are as our great high priest.

We need a high priest any functions as adding later on in Scripture it's explicit about his atoning death, his substitutionary death on our behalf insane bye-bye don't cut out the rest of the tongue off-site. I take that is sacred as well and this one God when he first manifests himself invisible form is talking with Abraham. Face-to-face is a human being looks like human beings with two others.

Abraham just thinks there's three men goes to wash their feet freedom yet one of them is a sham. One of them is the Lord so that's why my timeout globally that the Bush when I really have him coming in human form. Yet we know we can't be seen, since the same God is the God of the New Testament so that it again on unstrung be consistent and all we only believe is this that as God continues to speak in reveal through the prophets through the Messiah. The picture he laid out becomes increasingly clear if you were correct and it was a different picture than we reject it if it is the picture that's there.

Maybe like you you to try to tune something like the old days with the TV and yet it true that little bit and turn that now this gets even clearer. That's what happens as God continues to speak so I find total consistency. There what I don't what my argument actual worth the God who basically who I am relationship.

I want to have with you right couldn't be clearer and anything outside of what I taught you, you don't know your own admission they didn't know that nature.

Know that God will know. I never said that I said they don't have the details about the system assigned unit right right with here's here's were your ears. You're so smart. God your your your thinking person, so I'm baffled. I'm baffled what are you missing. I explained to you what the those who live in the time Torah understood about the earthly messianic work of Jesus. One called Jesus came into existence was born on this earth. That's retirement plan, the nature of God that was never question stay right there will be right back. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown crack at this with my new friend Yehuda II appreciate his levelheaded tones were interacting here. I still think were missing each other because of which it is hard to have substantive conversation listed to pinpoint will really have have a difference and I'm being sincere out review dispensers. Let's just a mortgage of the calls in a bit. But let's this is take a few more minutes and and try something. So I appreciate your calling sure you're busy as well so Kent can we try just slightly different angle to look at actual words of the Torah is that okay alright so the Shema Deuteronomy 6 declares that that our God is a hard correct or a weird word yes yes or imprint yet you were right, not anything beyond the this is right always Suzies he's going to be our God. This is this is who he is certified if I tell you that that he is now a female and was created for generations ago. Obviously something God or that were worshiping the sun, moon and stars of his okay so were RAM, Oracle, Oracle exactly exactly hundred percent or that he himself is human by nature. I did graduate, said same thing. Okay.

Raised he right, he is not amend Numbers 23% to 15 we fully granite question is Kenny of reveal himself in human form that be a fair question, but is not amend. We agree on it.

So just just look at the meaning of a hard the first time it occurs is it isn't reishi Genesis 15 right of a cryo humor or your only kosher Corel I love a Kiera Fahey, Voltaire, human thought.

So God called the light day, the darkness he called night.

There was even there was morning, your macaw one day. So is it true that one day consists of evening and morning okay just sisters. Okay then then it occurs with the waters being gathered to go to Macomb. I thought then Genesis 224 says this Adam speaking or a retrospective, be made all Kenya's all V-shaped Aviva at the mall but Devante Stover hi how you live Asarco. Therefore a man will leave his father and his mother and will cleave to his wife and they will be one flesh right so let's bus our college degrees one flesh right is 15) object of just asking about the usage. It's the first message was evening and morning or one day is one day two components now here Bassar called one flesh made up of male and female so are there any components in God, I mean the mystics talk about the tents rewrote and we have the screen in the member God of the God of the God of judgment all make him feel part make fun in the Holy Spirit right now is of course has to exploit with different if I could let me go in with a woman and they provide. They have the same goal are gonna get picketing.

The government under the canopy, not her and she said I got plastic surgery last night. Remember what I told you that I do like my note obviously okay now regular after the wedding were to go to our house in New Jersey. No more moving to Antarctica, you no work. The oil pipeline. Remember we watched that show about the Antarctica oil pipeline that was cool the whole trying to take their out of context. Bateman and trying to put that the fabric of the relationship where the fabric of the relationship is very clearly laid out the know and clear, possibly could be very little that you have to do to get to where I am from in terms of the relationship, whereas having having heard of the Christian dozens of contradiction God of the man but not a member have to be in demand because he was Jewish because he would sacrifice that would be a human sacrifice or human sacrifice that our nature, we would do the commandment but will not limit you have a heart that the commitment or if we don't know what the commandment thought the contradiction and like like you believe what you want to believe it, but understand intellectually what have to be gone to get to where you are in a straight line that dutifully yes so so many response that the number one I find the position of an oral law and some of Judaism to be intellectually untenable and in 100% contradiction to the revelation of Scripture and demonstrate that in-depth very easily with Scripture if the Scripture from the Torah, someone number two, the way you represented what I believe is complete mishmash with plenty of misstatements as well. I can understand why it's contradictory to eschew number 31 a look at. I thought of the session with the word means for you to say that God cannot have different components because it says thought right out whereas I'm giving you the first examples in the in the Torah word Exxon has different components about reading anything and just say was with me and let's but some sentence number four everything in the Torah is pointing to Yeshua the Messiah, the sacrificial system. The intercession of the high priest, the prophet would be like Moses, the God who is invisible on scene and yet can walk among us.

Our need for atonement. Even the idea that is six comes to its fruition. Later on in the turnoff about a righteous one taken the place of the sitting world.

It's all laid out so that when he comes, and then he opens up the Scriptures after his death and resurrection.

Like there is in effect. What I find interesting and you'll find this fast and Yehuda is when I debate a rabbi and we posted on YouTube or after call like this if folks listening.

They'll all be baffled that you can see it know it's it's it's so clear it's a lineal it's a simple it's a straightforward will be baffled by, and I'm hundred percent consistent with the God of the Torah and in that regard, and in fact the God of the Torah is is the only one that I worship and bow down to every day as if you ask him based on his word and to help me to please him with every fiber of my being and and of course when the roles of massage to bring God's salvation to the ends of the earth. Even though initially be rejected by his people, so not a look at the whole picture and again other friends look at it they say how how can these guys not see it.

How can they be so blind. That's how they perceive it. I have disabled it from a different angle and everything so that's sidling great. If I possibly can.

Word for word of God.

I don't know okay you and I were at our night together.

We would not know. We would not know the nature of the Trinity.

We would not note you would not know. We would know one creator who took her from the land of Egypt and gave Torah and we became married to God as his special people, that what we know you will not bring you don't know if you don't know God don't listen that Micah, what if you're mistaken. You better get ready for the prop 101 prophecy you could have don't I lay here is my struggle with peers on struggling with and and we just met at a time and and again I did say if you call or try to give you more time which was of a saw to do but I keep you in, and I appreciate you called. I keep wanting back to Scripture. I couldn't keep courting towards you I'm I'm looking at verse after verse. And you haven't even come near explaining Genesis 18 or Exodus 24, 174 is right. See the God of Israel, and so on. Be consistent and and there's been no Temple and no sacrifices, no functioning, high priest for most of our history and it's not so easy to just always there.

So what I'm finding is what I'm saying something that just it's being processed right out because it's not been received. So here's here's my request to use as is rather time here and a need to get to some of the calls and cover some of the things see if you can at least processed what I'm saying so that the argument comes with weight and force to you, then you can refute trust have done that with. Also, would you allow me to send you a relevant volume will put your name on the list or anything destroy the address immediately after which will allow me to send you a relevant book to read. If so, stay on the line and Howard get your contact info. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown (Brown, thanks so much for tuning in today and and I trust you appreciate the time that I spent with our caller Yehuda. He's a sincere religious Jewish man. I appreciate his perspective and where he's coming from and I invite dialogue and discussion like this and I believe that this will really help you understand where traditional Jews coming from why the ideas we presented about the gospel could sound foreign and why we need to patiently present the truth and pray for insight and understanding, so hopefully you have profited by listening and have a burden to pray for Yehuda 866-34-TRUTH. We have been putting out a loss of materials, videos and articles that that I think are really really important couple of new videos. The Canadian government can take your child for this and is a trans phobic from man to want a real woman friend stuffer dealing with and then a recent article and video.

Yes, there are sincere devout peace loving Muslims or the article for that is up so all that on the digital library and much more.

Take advantage of it.

I believe you will be enriched by the 663 for 878840 we go back to the phones in Boston Sunday welcome to light a fire.

Dr. Brown yes or molecular.which are very occasionally I listening to your sure presentation here and there. 590 WC great my radical assignment and area of my gifts earns my color is in the aero digital archiving out, that 11 and is date on time. Judah does come back when I say come back come back from this doctrine. God's judgment upon his people, and I just managed pressure do not read them and to have a lot of them.

It shall be for actually understate governmental margin or judgment of punishing their public and making them become data, love the Lord acknowledging their own.

You would let us all five dictation of God your dock. Likely stuck in enclosed what you saw advantage and even living logon. I said it will bring them back to their land. It will not totally destroy them. But he will not let them go unpunished ill. Upon a dumb double and a lot of bondage is not double it brought about the delay in the appointed time. According to his own words is what a prophet and Easy Dr. deadlines that not anyone of them God's done not not not acknowledged that day so far that he hands of your fellow human beings. Wherever they went. Yes Jeremiah put it, individuate this document out.

The doctors rested on the Gospel of hobby fish are so crooked yet yeah I'm sorry just it just did to jump in because I see where you're going with this and and just wanted one interact. Obviously you want to develop this at some length the radios not likely conducive to the kind of a lengthy presentation.

Here's what I understand, through our history.

We Jews have been dealt with by God's chosen people, a mystery, while you only have I known of all the families of the earth. Therefore, I will punish you for your iniquities so we have been punished and we have often received more than we redo because of the hostility and hatred of human beings to the point that, for example, God judged the Assyrians and the Babylonians for overdoing their punishment of the people of Israel and the people of Judah. Did God preserve this. I do believe that the end of the age there will be a great attack on the people of Israel. We will go through part for the purging but yet that God will deliver us from that and that there will be a turning of our hearts to God and his Messiah. I also believe this can be great turmoil and shaking over the whole earth is God was mightily, but it is something for sober prayer, sir, and appreciate the sobriety of your tone.

No, I don't believe that we pray for the return of Jewish people to the lancets all get slaughtered there God for bid, but will they be future times of testing purging us over the whole earth, including Israel, and out of that gobbled you something beautiful, including for his people Israel. So thank you sir for the call. Sorry had to jump in in the middle, but I'm looking at the clock want to make sure we could be constructive in the time that we have right friends, 8663 for 87884 number to call. On the other side of the break. I want to get to as many of your calls as possible.

So stay right there and we will get your calls. One quick note. One quick note several Muslim nations, including Saudi Arabia have cut ties with Qatar for color as its coldest days over Qatar's alleged ties with terrorist might say Saudi Arabia made all the 19 suicide bombers came from from their in 9/11 and and you know Saudi Arabia mean they sponsor terror, just different than her on it.

Whatever I understand or the Wahhabi Islamic fundamentalist Islam comes from Saudi Arabia and that's behind auditors it significant though then statement from a leader of Saudi Arabia. He said the Qatar is going to have to cut its ties with Hamas and has a lot of the terrorist groups 10. That's the language of Pres. Tromp, who mentions Hamas and Hezbollah by name as terrorist groups that must be oppose when he was in Saudi Arabia is normally those groups to look at is freedom fighters against Israel and and much of the Muslim world is Lowe's to consider Hamas and Hezbollah terrorist groups because they say they're just fighting for for liberation against the Israeli occupant occupation. That's what they're doing that so they be viewed so this is very interesting. Where will this go.

Ultimately, this is very very interesting soul's want to bring that your attention also. I'm really excited about a special offer we've never done this before, but are really practical, informative book on reaching Jehovah's Witnesses and one is this is just great reading to sharpen your theology and understanding as well, but Dr. Mark Stigler and his son Mark Junior it sells for 6099 it's a 250 page book, but you live in United States. Your gift of any size to help us with our Jewish outreach.

I want to send you this book is my thank you do this online good*around WC is right on the home page.

I more to come.

A lot is happening today in the Jewish world and will take you there today on Thursday through Thursday. It's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks Frank for joining us on this thoroughly Jewish Thursday Michael Brown thrilled to be with you today so much to talk about in the Jewish world. I also want to get to a very disturbing interaction between Bernie Sanders and a Christian man that took place in the last few days will will get to that shortly. Nikki Haley this ambassador to the United Nations and she's just at the wall in Jerusalem and just joyful over that.

Also some comments in Islam as well so a lot to cover in this next hour.

Plus recalls 866-34-TRUTH any Jewish related call that you have want to go to the phones now will start in Sumner South Carolina Sumter Desmond walking to the line of fire. Are you doing Dr. Brown on his grade. I would be on our dinner huge fan of your work or while now on watching your videos on YouTube and reading your post on Facebook is one of us can all learn a lot from you and glad to finally be able to talk to you. Thank you sir appreciate that knowing "no problem, no problem, but my question to you with don't know anyone ever asked you this before but have you ever heard of the audio on the air may Hebrew OU OOT Oates is his letters. A mature exactly what year or to be signs relate is what exactly are you asking about you know that more details will quiet you would know that each letter of the Hebrew alphabet as a number that goes along with and each letter means dumping and like what I'm not all that familiar with the rapidly. I just know I got it Diane yet. Let them clarify like firefights.

The DC browser that was borrowed from the Phoenician state that had developed the alphabet previously and originally each letter came from a picture of something so the first letter Alice looks a little like an ox head in the second letter with land like a house right but those meanings and by the way, that's were we got our our alphabet from ultimately are a if you trace it back goes away back to the Phoenician ANR be cozily back to the Phoenician be of but there was RB looks like an enclosure like the original one look like a house, but that those meanings sir were were lost ages ago. In other words that's what the letter came from. Once it was written it was just a letter just like our English letter a has nothing to do with an ox or an ox head the same with the Hebrew letters there people who don't know Hebrew or who have these bizarre ideas and they think that that all the 22 letters every time they occur they actually have a a a pictographic meaning likely that all of the first letter that's due with the ox or the that's that's complete nonsense of Smith that gets into all kinds of weirdness and anyone knows the history of the Hebrew language knows that's the case what happened over a period of time not in the oldest phases of the Hebrew language, but later that the. The letters also represented numbers. This is many years later.

And then there some rabbis that would turn everything and they'd add up the let the numbers you know.

So let's say Desmond your name, like the D would stand for one thing in the E for another in the S they might say, well, it's amazing. Desmond has the same numerical value was South Carolina and that's religious. It just, playing games know it's it's somehow God spoke it says just it's it's word games that the rabbis play called from Austria but there's nothing to the that's that's all gone the same with God saying this was written on the patriots. They were there right back there to celebrate when actually put on this error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown delighted to be with you. 866 truth so just go back to Desmond so when we read the Hebrew Bible. When I read it in Hebrew is just like when you're reading something in English that the letters convey words and meanings. And that's all there is to it doesn't matter that the letter a in English. Originally went back to an image for an ox head in. In the ancient world. Or that later it got associated with the number one or be with number two and some system like that so what happens is sometimes people will take the Bible as being enough and they want to try to find the war, so they look for vital numeric meanings are the number for this and you can you come up with anything you nonsense you could you make anything mean anything and that's with the rabbis often did you know and and again it's just it's like playing a game with it. So it's almost like you take the English alphabet and you say okay we are 26 letters so they is one in C is 26 right and then every every word in a weekly total of the number and we say while this is amazing Michael that's the same number as radio and that's why he's on the radio and I'm just making it up us.

That's all it is with numbers and again the original pictograph. That's just have a single written and then once it written that was written and then it got change listener want to look like an ox head anymore because it had nothing to do with an ox is just the first letter of the alphabet, so you don't. There are some folks to try to basal ministries of these big revelations and it's just a lot of nonsense.

To be honest. All right Brown if you have been going through a lot of spiritual been the double minded.

A lot of my way and a lot of confusion and fear, and I just like you do, you can just remember my name whenever next handbrake. XMI praise can be right now for you.

All right yes and you know we normally don't take prayer request, because otherwise it's just we do the whole time it's tell folks to center, but absolutely I will agree with you. Now of course you know keep meditating on the word skip meditating on the word and and see God you be my strength.

You be my strength. The Lord I pray for clarity, wisdom for single-mindedness for spiritual backbone for Desmond to be who he is and you not double minded, but single minded he doesn't know what's right or wrong, may he lean on you and may you guide him to make wise decisions, single minded backbone clarity for my brother in Jesus name amen hate bless you man and thanks again for the kind words. So glad we been able to be a blessing to you to grab a few more calls and then I want to catch up with some important news we go to Washington DC bro. Joe welcome to the line of fire hello are you there yet. I I am so all I did it.

Howard, Johnny, I just did it all boy when I heard nothing. I thought that he did not have a caller and hopefully he's going to call right back is you got it. Couple lines open loops. I dropped the call yet trigger finger there.

I I waited trying to do the right thing.

Okay, my apologies. Hopefully I hear is coming back is going thankfully yes so many times the lines are completely jammed. All right my apology sir when when you didn't respond immediately.

I didn't think you were there. Thanks for calling us right back to go ahead with your questions or yet my question was, and it was around the upstream area development because I've been I've been going back important doctrine or not. Helmet on back hearing back to traditional view of health at night wondering if the unit of the finite duration of their genes are suffering with Matthew touching what you cutting out for some reason, but your question is this. If Jesus paid for our sins by dying on the cross in a finite amount of time, then how could he pay for eternal punishment in a finite period of time that would rather point to some like annihilation that actually the argument breaks down very recently.

Number one as the son of God. He he is infinite harsh. So whatever he does is of infinite significance in the fact that the son of God would pay for human sins more than makes up a billion eternities of human suffering. In that respect to timeout some of God, the perfect, eternal, infinite son of God. So that's that number one number two you can pay the penalty something for something which does not equate with suffering the same fate that someone else would suffer in. In other words, you could have a situation where you have to make restitution and pay $10 billion. Otherwise you spend the rest your life in jail and so you can pay that amount up because you never paid up his ministry like Jell-O a multibillionaire's assault all pay is not to go to jail for the rest of his life he pays it so Jesus pays for our sins, he takes our place. And of course the ultimate penalty is death so one other factor is what if forever people continue to sin, the reason for ongoing punishment is ongoing sin. But Jesus is not sending in an ongoing way. He never sent.

But most of all it is representative punishment by dying on the cross. Just like one man.

How could he pay for the sins of many people viewed pay for the sins of many people that he could pay for the time duration as well is infinite being all right. I appreciate the question, 866-34-TRUTH. Let us go to Mendel and Baltimore, sir. I remember speaking some time ago and even put it on YouTube.

Your assured prediction that the Lubavitcher Rebbe enough to Mendel Schneerson who died in 1994 would be revealed as the Messiah. In September 2015 and we haven't had your back on for an extensive discussion because the condition was if you acknowledge that you were wrong in your prediction, then you can come back on, so that I was wrong important day, strong knowledge of that because what the rabbit hole of 1991 at the time the call for life idea mom glass comes a time of you have arrived that the Lord mom not a day that can product line of time. Mom affect the cookbook so I was really like is beyond my pay grade you got it wrong if you were so specific and said that he was specific bureaucracy you've read his words carefully. What is it you got it Ron and I appreciate your humility somewhat beating up on you just try and understand what you think you got it wrong.

I got wrong because I was not a compound that would make prediction on my part and I was at the cottage, the greatest natives of the Jewish people.

20th-century said that one of the seven makeup radical. I found a silent, tomorrow actually.

So that's thinking again about it. My. A particular employee time monitoring to get the era the letter RN that Erin according to holiday as well share we apparently have the light of psychologists cavalry revelations of the readiness to share the glottis, Al Qaeda immersed, no one that was unlike Don Donald Trump got elected.

You know that his daughter Veronica went to all of the place a little knowledge ready and cream and asked a blessing on abolishing when the election and that her father did land of blessing another gave their not as US because of of 81% of white evangelicals voted for Donald Trump very close to him and you don't think that that was it and that's what the polls indicated your guy give credit to the blessing from a deceased man is based on the Gemara mom Dr. letters are as God is valid, the melody says I will you rolled over me imaginative Michael really got asked about enough, and Jell-O them out. Got it right this is that consciousness you reject Jesus as the Messiah. Despite all the prophecies despite the overly worldwide proof of his Messiah ship yet "atomic passage submitted a righteous person who rules over God will take that up on his son to break for the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us today on thoroughly. Michael Brown, the with you taking your Jewish related calls for for those who are unfamiliar with what what Michael is talking about.

He was referencing a statement in the Talmud that a righteous person could rule over God and he believes that this case the righteous person.

He's thinking of is the grand rabbi of the movement, which was a part of the Lubavitcher movement conceded ultra-Orthodox Jews, many of whom believe that there grand rabbi called the crabby was the Messiah. Even though he died in 1994. Many will say that his death was simply a taste test rather to our faith because he's he's still alive. Others would say that if you look at his grave is not there.

Others no longer believe he is the Messiah, but our friend Mendel from Baltimore fervently believes he was seated predicted very strongly that the Rebbe he would be revealed is Messiah September 2015 and I was humbly said that he was wrong on that. So some end of what what I guy just screams on Mount Fleming. There's a couple more Gemara along the line, rather that Charlotte Geiser like the Craig, I'd like the degree product of Waterloo tzaddik, read the video can nullify or monitor tzaddik of the direct great shampoo girl got the velvet have to bear with you. You have a problem with this idea, which to me is tremendously idolatrous and ugly that a human being, however righteous, can overrule God.

God can make a decree and an a human being can nullify that.

That's is in trouble, you like you require better tzaddik though and Carolyn God. Well that it looked like you objective, grabbed thank the truth is rarely a letter, how to get is a chariot over someone who is driven by God while being other firemen being there little bad luck.

That's why like… It's just about every eyebrow having to stretch out and Schachter blotters value is the usual Iago.

He stretched out his hand but may not know the Jacobite elements or not they will nominate David here got back by. I had to stretch out of van because I'm no but every fiber being backlight was an abomination that is being tested at length why is completely right is completely irrelevant to the point you're making that a righteous person can overrule God, which I find about the offensive and and demeaning to the driving God of Israel to hang out but it's it's also it's also a myth to think that any human being. So the Messiah himself is that righteous it. Here's what Torah tells us this is what terraces the intention of man's heart is evil from his youth's retorts of the prophets tell us we've all gone astray right clonic and sewing to increase that are complaining about life. The heat gear by the phone, all of us like sheep have gone astray, each one's trench was only the Koheleth Ecclesiastes tells us is that a righteous man on earth who does what is right without sinning.

Proverbs 20 since who can say I'm pure in God's sight.

The psalmist says don't hold us accountable for since there is no living being will be justified in your site yet you are exalted your rejecting the Messiah, who has the perfectly righteous releases life down in accordance with tumbler teaching with the tonsils of the king to compare the death of the righteous atones you reject that which is clearly foretold within the Hebrew Scriptures and then you exalt a human being who is not perfectly righteous and said that he can overrule God and you don't realize the idolatry or engaging in, but by exalting a man above God, planning that appeared in our God. He never got it wanting. The lady does defenders of God is filling it. God always been glad to be that way anyway because the person I was so self fabricated don't nullify the mother was at the rarely is is larger being area chariot.

Whatever God wanted that. That's really doesn't it doesn't trouble you, that you been here it is now. It's 23 years after the baby's death. Now you got a new set of predictions. You know I have watched Christians do this with the second coming because they go beyond my Lila says in Jesus is coming. I have a car.

It doesn't tell you and I met Mendel really doesn't trouble you in September 2015, you were trouble you haven't been trouble that nothing's happened to to prove your point Reyes the point that I make that the Messiah will be rejected first by his own people is a light to the nations, and in the hundreds of millions of people around the world now worship the God of Israel through them more and more every day. So I find my more confirmation of Scripture. The ratings we been praying for the regathering of her people and all all all happening yet it's it's all going. Contrary to what you believe does not.

Don't you see that ultimately you could say up is down and down is often black is white. White. A lot of us can rationalize anything.

I dropped back to what the name of that baby last will be like the first motion just as the first of Amarillo so I looked in relapse.

About time learning about the viral first install a plague of the Beva first-line chaos around bond and ask just don't, so the last available avail himself and then be late. You just preach the gospel. Mendel you just told us about Yeshua reveal hidden review of and then hidden and then reveal that again. I found it. Allow character Dido I'm talking I'm talking the Jew in the biblical Jewish faith. That's what I'm talking about where your your side.

But I'm telling you you're really just bash devising a way no no no, Scientology Nono know what what I'm doing is this is I'm trying to tell you there that God has in his mercy is even put hands to help people like you find your way you listen listen, I appreciate you recognizing your wrong.

I pray you will have the courage to recognize your totally wrong about Richard Eby is not the Messiah, he will never be the Messiah. He may have been a very devoted man who help many very gifted man who help many many phi very fine man who help me, but he remains human being in need of redemption.

Like the rest of us. His soul is between him and God goddesses judge not me, but I can tell you this is not the Messiah will never be the Messiah Messiah has come, was revealed is hidden will be revealed again when you have the time say that a coffee mug with kosher Jesus why because it tell you about how you can discover hidden Messiah is, I pray you have the courage to ask her it's it's important. Is there anything more important really your life right it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown that chance that disturbing can't was from a video called obsession which I want some years ago about radical Islam. It interviewed former Muslims and on that chant. There are Muslims in the UK saying USA will pay UK will pay bomb bomb USA bomb bomb UK was remarkable is that people can do this in the streets of London or another city in England and remain in the country without some type of constant surveillance to make sure they're not engaged in terrorist activity. You wonder why many more not immediately deported if they are recent immigrants, while others are not immediately interrogated and then their mosques investigated more depth, tolerance, France will not stop terrorism at the same time there are peaceloving Muslims. Check out my latest article asked her to there are peaceloving Muslims that is they understand Mohammed as they understand the Quran's interest in the traditions that the acts of terrorists are heinous and ugly nothing to do with Islam.

They need to exist, then there are those that hide behind the rhetoric of peace, who themselves are terrorists or sympathetic to terror. It is multi faceted, but was clear. What's clear is is that there needs to be more aggressive cracking down of those who incite to terror, and those who are influenced by the rhetoric of Islamic terror there many Muslim leaders inciting others to this, and Muslims coming Muslims in the name of Allah and Islam around the world. You know you have someone in your backyard inciting to terror, then if there's a legitimate reason to deport that person you do and this is not a legitimate reason to deported immediately then you put them under the most careful surveillance to be sure that they are not going to perpetrate some type of heinous act, 8663 for 87884. It is thoroughly Jewish Thursday. Welcome welcome to the broadcast. This is Michael Brown. I am delighted to be with you today.

I will get to as many of your phone calls as possible, but but first, something very disturbing, very disturbing Sen. Bernie Sanders, himself a nominal Jew and a religious Jew has an exchange earlier this week with Russell vote VO you Julie's DHT of prison trumps nominee to be deputy director of the white

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