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You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 9, 2017 4:30 pm

You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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June 9, 2017 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 06/09/17.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

You got questions, we've got answers.

Let's do it stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown will thank you for joining us today on the line of fire. This is Michael Brown your voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity in the midst of a society and Catholic Church. All too often in compromise.

It is our Friday broadcast on the line of fire which means you've got questions, we've gone answers any question under the sun, and anything that relates to this broadcast. Give me a call any area of expertise I have I can help you give me a call 866-34-TRUTH it's 866-34-TRUTH 87884. As always I get to as many calls as possible.

One start with an email question from Paul understand you coming out with a book next year that a spouse is a post-trip rapture. I like to begin studying from this perspective right now is there a book you can recommend for me. Alright, so a little clarity on that professor Craig Keener and I doubling or co-authoring a book that I think will come out in 2019. Just because of other publishing commitments we have on why we don't believe in preacher rapture. Now when you say were espousing a poster rapture that presupposes the same seven year tribulation.

So that's that obese on the else we discussed the book but certainly we don't believe in a preacher rapture. We do believe that whatever tribulation testing difficulty paying trial will be here that will be right in the midst of it, but protected by God from his wrath enabled by his grace to overcome the works of the evil one. Therefore we should not be afraid of the antichrist and will each be taking different aspects of that as well as telling our story not also make this clear.

Some of the finest Christians I know in the world believe in a preacher rapture people I've worked with many years believe in a preacher rapture. I don't divide over this and in fact I can even tell you what everyone on my own leadership team believes about his dystonic point of discussion doesn't effectively minister their folks administered with around the world for years and unaware they stand on it. It's never come up in all of her preaching and teaching ministry and serving together for these years. So all of us should live in readiness to meet the Lord. All of us to live with a sense of eager expectation that we want to see him return and all of us should be prepared to trust God to carry us through no matter what. But here's what I'd encourage you to do rather than reading other books on the subject. What I would do is starting to the New Testament again and say father give me eyes to see, helping understand what your word says and do your best to read it as if you'd never read it before and no one had ever told you what they believe.

Before and ask yourself what I deduce what I see we come naturally when I see that there are two separate phases to the Lord's return. When I see that that their sons can it take us out before what I what I see. That really goes through times of tribulation and testing and here's the big thing that I would encourage you to look for watch or we anticipated what are we logging for what are we crying out for is it not the appearing of the Lord doesn't Timothy say in second Timothy four I speak of all those who love his appearing. Doesn't the Bible talk about him coming visibly doesn't speak of him coming in flaming fire to take vengeance on those who don't love God and that's when we get our relief.

In other words were not looking for secret event not looking for something that happens and nobody sees it and so they were gone, what were looking for is his appearing and ask yourself this, are we looking for him to read turn just come halfway back to heaven looking for his visible return to the Bible is very very clear on that. So study the Scriptures see the insides will be right back with the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now going 866-34-TRUTH paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown for joining us on the line of fire. Hate every single day.

I'm writing something new. Putting out a new video girl a website asked Dr. Brown AA SK when you're there check out our digital library. I bet there's something of interest you. There's something happening in America there's something going on in the culture the world around that's of interest you. I bet we are writing about it as well.

And here's an article you can share on social media post on Facebook twitter yeah that's what I'm talking about this.

We can be your voice and serve in that capacity. Also the videos we answer other questions we address cultural issues in a lively way you find them really practical and then 10 hours of live radio every week. It's all archived on the website and so they are free, free, so take advantage of those resources and don't leave the website until you sign up for our email list. When you do, I want to send you a free book 7 secrets of the real Messiah free e-book when you sign up for our emails. All right you got questions, we've got answers anything under the sun. When asked me if you differ with me on something. Give me a call. Let's have a civil discussion, 866-348-7884.

Let's see we will go over to Phoenix Arizona in Phoenix. Danny, welcome to line of fire they don't run oriole doing very well thank you sir. Good dear weeks ago and I want my second question I would enabled, but I'm all right sure okay okay going to read it. I wrote it down and out with sounds good. Okay my question is why you all were true. I applicability murdered well.

The only religion that make the claim of national revelation you them.

Christianity makes no such claim Paul claim in first Corinthians 15 at 500 would not share the same nature as our national revelation is writing that for an audience far removed from that event. An audience that is not feeling that Paul wrote in Greek.

He explicitly stated in Galatians 111 leading the nation directly computer from his personal revelation from heaven like you to all government department. Why do you trust the claim called letter written first before the gospel. Nowhere New Testament, anyone directly witnessed the recollection every religion except for Judaism start that one person per national revelation. Why all the authority taken to be truth at specially when we have good reason not to trust them like candy experiences don't matter.

The way people act as a matter matter is the fundamental contrast that of national reveille personal revelation and no religion can take a monopoly on wonderful people and life-changing, why not trust that a witness nation heard the voice of God directly the payment.

Thank you for your people who have rejected over the millennia the claims of any other religion so fervently great. I appreciate you writing it out so carefully so actually the answer to your questions and your question itself.

I base everything on on the national revelation. I base everything on what God explicitly said in Scripture and in what he said to our people is preserved through the generations.

He clearly paves the way and declare what he would do with his son, the Messiah, so I'm listening to that national revelation beginning in Torah which begins to pave the way for the coming of the Messiah and through her history and prophets. Here's what I see I see our constant failure.

I see that that we reject the law that we reject the God of Israel that reject the prophets that we are in a constant state of disobedience to the point that the 10 northern tribes scattered the southern tribes are exiled that the temple was destroyed, and has remained destroyed. I see our constant failure that I see God's constant faithfulness so number one go back to the national revelation. I start with Torah and that's what Yeshua said if you believe in Torah.

You believe in me. That's right. Start II then go through what continues to come within the Tanakh within the Hebrew Scriptures. The overall clear testimony that Jesus is the Messiah that he had to begin his mission and died for sins and rise from the dead before the second Temple was destroyed so based on that national word that ongoing revelation. We now come up to the top of Yeshua and what he does is over a three-year period.

Throughout the land of Israel in a three year period works miracles, signs and wonders and keeps pointing everyone to the God of Israel, and then fulfills the prophecies about his death and his resurrection and the.

The prophets also tell us that he will initially be rejected by his people Israel. Yet welcome by the Gentile. So God laid it out plainly in our book and a revelation, even telling us once again that we would fail and fall short, and I will give you full answer that and then you can interact afterwards because your question was, was quite conference that's restaurant number one number two.

He then demonstrates his resurrection in a national way by sending his spirit.

So not only to demonstrate his Messiah ship internationally. He then sends his spirit shoveled Pentecost when Jews from all around the world have gathered and then Peter preaches the message and then miracles are wrought. So God now testifying to the nation that Jesus, Yeshua, in fact is the Messiah and just as in Old Testament times that only a remnant believed in the rest of the nation was largely disobedient, so a remnant of Jews has believe and we continue to see the prophecy fulfilled that the Messiah has been a light to the nations.

Despite being rejected by his own people and that's what we know he is the one who will return and are our scriptures even tell us at that time we will mourn in deep repentance when we recognize that we rejected him. So it all goes back to the national revelation. It's in harmony with the national revelation is confirmed by the Messiah over a period of three years straight his Messiah ship and then demonstrating his resurrection by sending his spirit to continue his works in the sight of people gathered from all over Israel. So it's it's all in harmony with that. As for Paul, the Messiah appeared to Paul and the other eyewitnesses who had been with Yeshua who'd seen them die and rise. They confirmed that this in fact was legitimate and that's why we receive Paul's words as well and and finally, yes, he wrote his letters before the Gospels, but scholars have established that the oral traditions of the Gospels were circulating shortly after the Messiah's death and resurrection, and then written down subsequently so the witness got out immediately and it's all in harmony with the national revelation. Very simple.

Okay good I guess I will go if we have reason not all were. But there are good reason for preparing his word and what and what the Bible does in Clayton my question you and why you trust and why do you.

I don't understand how it how it is reveille with you. How can we verify that not all of the Bible is not a book I will point I will have what you trust the book of Ecclesiastes seems to contradict other parts of the Hebrew Bible, what you trust that is as being God's word. I don't gather relevant background noise is still the round-trip trust me it's it's not a red herring irrelevant what he what you trust as ex-cons already seems to contradict other passages because it's not there with them, but not but wasn't part of the body trust is part of the Bible to God, given at Mount Sinai God-given front of witnesses that the verify that it's really only not why. Okay, so while I trusted out.

But why do you trust but said everything was back to national didn't hang out serving the Spectra national revelation correct arrived. This was not given by national revelation. There was a debate about your Schumer song of songs not given by the national reveille okay so why do you trust that song Association dream or Koheleth Ecclesiastes that there is a belong in our Bible. What is their controversial books while you trust that he could better with our other or not Koheleth is not how it raises many problems. Ezekiel 44 hated the vision of the temple. Tallman says that that one rabbi spent yellow endless hours reconcile the dimensions of the temple with the dimensions of the temple of God prescribed, but we lost his records.

There lots of things that somehow contradict so so that that the fact is you receive them, because our community receive them. Scripture correct. That's why you receive them because the previous generation are exactly the same thing the Messiah came Messiah handcuffing one part that I know you're not you, trusting your trust in you Shimano your trusting your trusting Yeshua. He is the Messiah.

Paul is not the Messiah. Paul is simply a witness that was rising was Isaiah at Mount Sinai are did Danny tell you it here's here's the only frustration I have answer you is asking questions only mansard you're putting your trust in the Messiah work on that first.

Once you see that Jesus Yeshua is the Messiah of Israel promised in Scripture came and did what he had to do before the second Temple was destroyed. When you recognize that then you recognize that the community of his followers preserved writings that they understood to be inspired just like Isaiah was not at Mount Sinai and Ezekiel was not there, and Solomon David were not there yet.

We trust them as being part of the canon. The Scripture with a right and what they say because it was received by the community. I don't find Paul to be in contradiction with the syllable if he was I would reject. But he's not. This needs to be rightly understood, just like Ecclesiastes is directed to big issue is Jesus. Yeshua get that right. Everything else will fall into place.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends. This is time to call phone lines are open on 148663 for truth. It's 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Any question of any kind that you want to ask me as long as it's in the air. I could help you get me some somewhere my expertise or something that intersects with the guest we've had on the previous discussion that I've written.

Talked about give us a call 866337884 yet you're reading the Scripture what was I mean hey that happens to be this day 45 years studying Scripture me up was that mean need to dig into the little further to this dispute within your church or denomination or group or social media. Was this boat was right here who believes this, who believes that hate me, call me we could help sort these things out 40 866-34-TRUTH, right. This is a question from Izod just got introduced to this name El Shaddai. Some try to convince me that God is female. Also something about multi-rested. God but one. Understand this better through research, hence need your help with this and has attempted feminists try to push their agenda and though I don't think this is feminists it's just people who are misguided because of her preachers and teachers were not feminists put this forth.

So we first put you at rest El Shaddai is not a female deity start there. Number two El Shaddai is not a multi-rested deity, male or female. Yes, there were fertility goddesses in the ancient world. And yes some of them were were visualized in there in the idols that were made of them is a multi-rested but not this God not the God of Israel civil where they get this from very simple. We don't know with 100% certainty what Shaddai means AL is God.

What exactly does Shaddai mean there's one tradition that says it's actually Shanna die, the God that is Shanna die. That is enough Shanna that die enough that's really a leader reconstruction that doesn't really work in the oldest strata of Hebrew. That's more of a play on words so it's unlikely that it means the God who is enough for the God who is more than enough of the profit sometimes rhymed it with the word showed destruction like a showed from Shaddai. This judgment will come, but it's unlikely that Shaddai is connected with the word for destruction is just a play on words in the Hebrew like saying you're Mike and you're sitting behind the mic right my name. Mike Michael is in the do with microphone right so that's just a play on words in the prophetic books when the ancient translators in Greek and Latin translated Shaddai. They translated it with something that would mean Almighty or all-powerful, so the ancient translators, Jewish and Christian translators understood somehow to be an Almighty or all-powerful. That's why in most of our Bibles. UCL Shaddai is translated as God Almighty. Some speculate that Shaddai traces back to a Babylonian Assyrian word called Akkadian word shall do, which is mountain so just like God is the rock and God is the fortress God's mountain.

Hence, powerful, and from there all-powerful is a Hebrew word for demon shade, but this is clearly not associated with God's aware they get the breast. They are the Hebrew word for rest is shot and and breast to breast would be Shaddai am an end based on that sum of six. That's the multi-breast to go though there is no connection there for sure.

However, it could be speaking of the powerful God. Hence the all mighty God we just don't know the hundred percent certainty what the name means, but certainly it is a great name of glorification of the Lord, 866-34-TRUTH out. Let's go to Bert in the morning Iowa looking to want to fire Dr. Brown but so much I really enjoy your ministry.

Thank you, start question, maybe a little off topic number you were just that there's no other topic on topic on the question-and-answer show so were good.

My wife and I just got done watching the movie the shack and I went around throughout, Bible believing Christian have been most my life reflect on the Willard Bible-based church were really really connected with the church in great sum of folks were quite concerned about liking it and I think from a discerning Christian point of view we were able to pick out the good and kind of throw away the bad but from the perspective of some of our unsaved friends if they were to watch it not been that are promoted by anything but you I'm just concerned about the author and universalism. I read some of the articles about bandwidth that I think when they portrayed the Trinity.

There were some factual laws. I believe there are just curious your thoughts about that.

I don't know if you gonna piano on that I'd start I plan to do and I never did. I didn't see the movie. I did get the book years ago I read a little of it and I just couldn't get into it and the fault in the book.

I just couldn't get into it.

Obviously a lot of people find it valuable. I did get a more recent book by the author of the shack and it's about lies that Christians believe in, and the guy is not an Orthodox believer.

There's no question about that.

He does write heterodox views that are dangerous and he and when he puts them forth plainly.

They are dangerous. Now I've had some believing friend see the shack and so incredibly wet they thought was powerful with those great message and it obviously there are things that would raise concern, especially if you're watching it can be influenced doctrinally.

However, right. My understanding and not having seen it, but red pro and con from believers that these things are not the primary message there there more subtle along the way and overall there is a powerful message so I I would look at it like this, I would look at it as if it was a movie put out by secular Hollywood right. I've seen some people they see the wonder woman movie when it first came out they they sought they should bore there like 20 different messages here are symbolic of God and spiritual thing. I like automated maybe so, but I don't think the wonder woman. People say let's get the gospel out the subtle way through this. So, prior movies that Hollywood puts out and the directors are not believers and the producers of ugly was an actress nonbelievers and yet there's this great seem, there's a there's a message of family courage or integrity or hope or faith's use of the starting point know if you want sourcing the case for Christ. The Lee Strobel test market that's over, that's gospel that that bring a friend they can hear the gospel, the shack use it in that regard than as if the world has provided something useful that can be a bridge for conversation with the nonbeliever infant nonbeliever goes there is something about God and what about spiritual things then take that and work with it and say it just like some happening in the news that may be unsettling to people you can say hey let's talk about that and here's why. Have hope in his way of confident so I haven't seen it.

It would be unfair to make more comments based on that, but I've read enough I've ever enough the descriptions of interact with enough people to say with confidence that you understand I can get a pure gospel message in it by the deception is probably less prominent than the. The positive message and therefore if you can get someone to just look at it rather than drink a little poison this look at a little differently and say okay how about this, there's some some great stuff to talk but let's think about it and then go from there.

This blurry picture was so merriment given over to the clear truth of Scripture. In that sense positive white pictures of the website ask Dr. Brown, the Lord, tons of great nation waiting for you there is no line of fire with your host activist author internationals leader and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you for joining us today on the line for this Michael Brown yes people always tell me, listening to radio and hear the smile in your voice as you watching TV you can see it is genuine as I love being on the air answering your questions. Getting into the word together.

If you've got a question of any kind, anything that relates in any way we talk about on the line of fire that's appropriate for Christian radio or TV.

Give me a call 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH eight 784 and it is not to be on-topic because there are no set topics on this special broadcast. I want to go right to an email question and this is from Arisha and have actually heard this more and more in recent years, Arisha asks is it wrong to do yoga, even if it's just the posture. Is it wrong to do yoga now. I've heard every answer, ranging from of course it's wrong. It's Eastern religion it's tied in with Hinduism and demonic spirits and false gods and and all kinds of bizarre spiritual traditions. So of course you don't do it for that of her.

The other extreme brother. And that's in the position is extreme.

Either way will will come to that moment of saying I've offered both sides to others where you have places that teach Christian yoga and they do Bible study and prayer in and do yoga so what's right and what's wrong. Let me say that I'm give your personal opinion, that I can't say definitively that my position is a scriptural position or the scriptural position. I do my best to use biblical wisdom, but obviously the Bible does not address everything directly and plainly so take this for what it's worth, it's my opinion of you to prayerfully consider number one if it is being done in the context of Eastern religion, or, in the context of new age when the context of other types of un-biblical beliefs, then stay away from entirely that was.

If you have some local health club and they do it but they do witness in conjunction with with other things with the music and sounds were, New Age Revelation, or were some Hindu meditation. Then you stay away from there plenty of other ways you can exercise and be in shape that's that's number one. You say no no no. I'm just like in my home.

I've seen somebody stretches work well in some of these breathing techniques are helpful: and so on are no incident incident.

A Christian health club and and will pray together and then we go to aerobics and that we do some yoga. Okay, that's obviously between you and God become because your lip but let's face it, moving my arms this way upward downers twist it movement in itself is is not godly versus satanic. You know I'm saying if I if I'm doing a particular stretch am learning to breathe a certain waiter took to rest in and of itself. That's not obviously to get some movements in themselves. Or we could neither week we understand their folder, talk about that. I just about if I stretch this way versus stretching that way in itself is just physical movement and if you didn't maybe then you know is yoga just take these great ways to stretch and learn five will then what's the problem with it.

In that regard. However, having said that one of my dearest friends in the world is a Christian and Indian Indian Christian well respected leader in India and he says don't do it don't do it all the traditions come from Eastern religion. It's a way that Eastern religions being sent around the world and I've read from proponents of Eastern religion look at this were getting our philosophies and concepts around the world and people he realizes coming the form of yoga and other ways, so maybe they know something about this that I don't my own thought is just an exercise was a matter however maybe there's more attached to it and maybe find another way, the distraction work out three that's unassociated with yoga, work it out for yourself. Sorry I can't be more error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown of line of questions on any subject under the sun is all you can do this I will get a lot of takers to keep doing this. If you disagree with me if you want to challenge something that I hold to if you think I'm wrong on a particular issue. Give me a call I'll be civil.

I'll give you an opportunity to express your disagreement and I'll do my best to interact fairly and intelligently test the software 8663 freight 784 hey, some people while I'm doing live radio two hours a day, though start a Twitter world. I'm really sorry I can't respond right now due to radio Breuer Otero will call Michelle if you sit there and tweak you can't be working that hard on your job call the show will have a friendly conversation. 866-348-7884 is the number to call us. He will go over to Houston, Texas. Jay drawn the line of fire. Dr. Brown hey, new plan of your love your show. Really, really interesting object discovered or you were here in the lab. My don't know where I've been, but thank you in our contemporary dump 60 years all I think you probably thought that I is 62 will thanks look like I know you looking to the family J death while I read your letter to Bernie Sanders that I thought on town hall really like the letter extremely well done and to say on that but what I called about the just jump in and say one thing you you make friends. You may be listening to this or watching this in a later date but if you want to read my open letter to Sen. Bernie Sanders of about his very un-American grilling of a Christian nominee for position put forward by Pres. Trump.

It's all there on the website asked her to ASK you see it in the digital library yeah will see whether he reads it or not, but I felt it was important Teresa because it was it was terrific listening to the hearing and the way he's grilling a man for Christian beliefs and say this is not what our country is about. That was kind of chilling and in the best construction was that Sen. Sanders misinterpreted the Christian words but even if he did, still can't put a religious test on the candidates. It was very disturbing course of such right graciously in my direction so thanks for reading it. As to your question. Granted, J yeah it was very bright. Hearing but but but letter with excellent, thank you. My question.

Dr. Brown today is but you know about all client demographic while you probably address the gravity of job have been labeled as an everyday alien and catch everything that you say. But you'd like to know you probably regret that the note on the your friend James Whited drafted a crosswalk something comments on it, couldn't see the whole thing but I would like this. I would like your thoughts on what Hank situation is she reverting to Greek Orthodox yes or yes so the first day we are, of course, praying for Hank ceiling he's battling cancer right now is a brother in the Lord instance in which good for so many years so were praying for resealing the courses, a great family above all wife and and and many kids so were praying for his healing and for use of fruitful service ahead. I obviously differ with what he's done where he's gone. I believe him when he says he still committed to Jesus.

He still committed to the word of God, he still believe I don't look at him is apostatized from the faith, and no longer being a Christian because he's converted to Eastern orthodoxy and he's also downplayed and said he appreciates the church and and so on and on conversations he's had with others and still holds to all the fundamentals of the faith. The difference would be though that if he is Eastern Orthodox he holds to Scripture plus tradition and in Scripture interpreted in the light of tradition that was first the fundamentals of the faith to believe salvation only comes through Jesus that he believes Jesus is the divine word made flesh that he died for sins and rose from the dead on the third day that he's our Lord, that the Bible is God's word he holds to those things the same way.

Does he hold to justification by grace through faith, exactly as before, hasn't changed at all. That's that's another conversation, one that we have to hear from Hank directly so I still look at him as a as a brother but I differ with the direction that he's gone and I believe it's going to be confusing for many others and not only so, I do understand why Christian networks that he was on have dropped his radio show. I feel badly for him especially now that he's under physical attack will he's going through with honoring the Lord in the great spirit of grace in the midst of it and putting his trust in the Lord. The matter what happens to him. But if you're the Bible answer man and you now hold to a particular church tradition, which is the Bible plus tradition it's difficult you to do that. I can imagine this is a Greek Orthodox Russian Orthodox radio show or TV show that there Bible answer man would be an evangelical who denied the authority of the church, so there is obviously a conflict there because of that different networks have have dropped his broadcast understanding to be upsetting a difficult, but I fully understand why they would do that.

Some say no. He's apostate. He's left Lord I look at it that way. I don't believe that. However, I believe he has forfeited his right to speak as the Bible answer man saying the Bible and the Bible alone is our final authority and no church tradition can rule that changes is obvious. Got to be some degree of compromise.

Now that he's going to Eastern Orthodox owning compromise morally. I'm in compromise in the position of so the Scripture for Scripture alone that's explicitly saying not Scripture plus church tradition. Where is he would have to say is truly converted to Eastern orthodoxy, Scripture plus church tradition hey one more thing I did shoot him a note to say hey man, I'm still waiting for you at the real original faith as a messianic Jew because Eastern Orthodox would claim to have the original Jewish roots of the face.

So I did send him that note with a smile in the mitzvah. Hey, thank you for asking Jay and again thank you for your gracious words, 86634 choose, let's go to Boston, Massachusetts.

Casey, welcome to want to fire well good afternoon. I my questionnaires to Christian radio all day long because my job is driving. I got a job okay yeah I want you sure have a lot of impact articles apostate law after thing. Do it in support of Donald Trump. Okay yeah they make them out to be like you did great.

You know Christian who going to, save America and I have a problem with that because you are so many lives and told them exaggeration that because he's a Christian, you know he P agrees with everything Trump does as well and I feel like I will not that's Christlike. If you talk to should be a one-sided yeah with with this president and offered everything else is going to stop dictation as illicit.

This a very valid concern and I agree with it.

I voted for Donald Trump as president. With reluctance, I opposed him during the primaries, but then voted for him with with concern and I am rooting for him and praying for him and I do believe that there are ways that that God can use them and is using him and yet his faults and his flaws or self evident to Sen. Cruz reluctantly said a few weeks ago that the lot of his wounds are self-inflicted that others who said that he's often his own worst enemy. So here's what I appreciate about him I appreciated his fearless and that is not going to bow down to the political establishment that's big because Washington has has crushed many a good leader before this this number one. I appreciate the fact that he is seeking to be a genuine friend of believers and stand for liberty.

I appreciate the fact that he's being an incredibly strong friend of Israel and even challenging the UN like none of our presidents have done because of the extreme anti-Israel bias.

I believe that he really has taken a strong pro-life position is been consistent. There is a point to good people like Atty. Gen. Jeff sessions and and your corsets to the Supreme Court. That's all big and I believe he said he's a patriot and he cares about the best interest of America.

At the same time he he often puts his foot in his mouth. Sadly, at the same time, yeah. Are there exaggerations or are there lies and can he be trusted. Those are those are valid concerns and and it is there too much of a family thing going on there, too much influence from the family of his within the Lexus family we we elected himself as president. Just as I prayed for Pres. Obama. Even though I differed with him strongly.

I always said I'm praying that he'll will become more our best presidents ever.

Even though I couldn't vote for him and and and I pose so many of his policies and feel he brought great harm to our nation. It is our president and therefore worthy of respect. As president, and I pray for him and I would never mock him or speak disparagingly of them because he's the president United States.

The same with Pres. Trump. I know a lot of his past behavior is very distressing.

I know there many issues. Teresa I think is nuanced to say there's a guy with clay feet Samantha some very real problems, but believe that God can use them. Great call request for plan and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, 866-348-7884. That's 866-34-TRUTH and let's go to Richmond, Virginia. Kevin you are on the line of fire. Paragraph Dr. Brown how are you more about the room I'm doing great.

Unless thank you sir.

Good, but you are perfect mock all other? The origin of evil on how to remember exactly where to put in the Bible of the work of God, created good and evil you and I just after you know with your rapture. And when God created heaven and earth, we have to deal with the cycle all over again. You know, because Lucifer but we do have free will and beer premeditated extravagant God of heaven, though, would be faced with experienced Vicodin or do you think that the owner be totally wiped out.

If we have free will Aldara be wiped out.yes a couple questions there and and I love the question so here's his restarts number one in in Isaiah the 45th chapter the seventh verse of the King James, this is God created evil, but most all translations have that have that correct. The Hebrew word claw or, it can mean something bad like disaster or something morally bad like evil and when God does it. It's like disaster and judgment. When we do it it's it's evil so in context, it's the opposite of shalom or well-being and and you got the contrast between light and darkness and things God is saying I'm the one who brings well-being. Shalom and I'm the one who brings disaster that I create both. He's not cynically created evil that would make God himself tainted or stained is no blemish in him is is light and there is no darkness at all. So like I needed is create free will, in the in environment where someone could make a choice and by choosing to go their own way or by choosing to say no then evil is actuated evil comes into being than through our disobedience.

That's what happens with Lucifer and are in a perfect world with with with only angelic beings and God and no worldly temptation and and things like that in no sin simply that you can make a choice that evil is an actuator that's it makes free will, so mysterious in that regard, free will is actuated through that and the same with Adam and Eve that that we became evil and evil was actuated in the human race by disobedience, and since then it's just part of our nature, which is what we need a new nature so as a cycling to be repeated. Every another fall, and then we get saved of the loss that saved Noto Walmart, we won't for the following reasons we have made our choice by God's grace to follow him right entered world to come will be resurrected with a willing heart to serve him and with no Satan, with no sin, with no flesh with no world around us. For example, if I put you in a room and sedate.

Read whatever you want in the room which are locked in that room and and there is no drugs in that room. You can choose to do drugs.

There are no drugs there. Okay, so Ryan can it be in a perfect environment, but one in which we have already made our choice in God by his grace saved renew the new heart, a new mind and he's simply confirming that forever so we will be tells us will be with him forever. It's ready set is ready fixed is nothing to worry about, but it's not because he he he made us into robots. It's because I received it. Lord, I want to follow you. I want to serve you.

If you're Calvinist you you know you look a little different, but that the same end result that our heart now says God I want you and I want you alone renewed by God's grace. So when that environment is no sin is so temptation is the devil is the world there's no flesh we were ready said, Lord, I want Falla he said on the keep you to the end them were good. It's is is just like if if you are in the middle of of dry land, and the nearest water is 10,000 miles away, you're going to drown in water there is snack in the habit) and the good thing is when I can struggle mightily and it was tough to know because there's nothing struggle with what when I got out yet what I wonder about in that Nancy anomalous minutes and I've joked about this is is a okay Charles Spurgeon said that the Angels don't understand grace because it is a cell within four words we felt were not redeemed.

So he said forever is to preach to the Angels about grace good elegy for you every week they got here because like we still got to get but you know Nancy's got interest like photography org or gardening or building thing you know and she's creative and wet.

Everything I do is controversy. I'm debating a take on moral cultural issues and the rest of this season really didn't do what you do in the world to come in no hurry to the brow door so that we laugh about that and that's what I wonder about, like, wow okay will worship the Lord is essential to be with him and worship and to explore the universe of their or their freedom. For example, if if there's a possibility of losing then that is winning, exciting, or if there's a possibility of failure than what about achievement or how does it work is the world are in every dog, no pain, no gain kind of thing. But second be doing this the world to come will all just be exhilarated and who knows, but it's beyond our most wild dreams, but don't wear high and low remake.

Is there no turning back. Here we trust in God. Right now, today, and we trust him forever. Arrived for your call got you. Your family thanks man, I appreciate the smile in your voice as well. 866-34-TRUTH 78840. It's amazing to think of being with him forever. A lot of us things good in this world good in life may be finances in order, family healthy. Maybe your marriage strong things along the local church to be in a more superficial level, your home team just won a championship, or you just got a promotion or something like that. Life is good but it was like pain in this Lotta suffering but hurting in some of your you go through hell on earth right now, and in our friends, brothers and sisters around the world persecuted for the faith to go through hell on earth. And it reminds us that how nice things are in this world which is passing through the old joke is told about this this very very wealthy man and he made a deal with the Lord that in the world economy could bring one giant sack with the he's about to enter the pearly gates are distorted. The jokes told in Peter standing there and sing when you can come in with the secular snow check my name check dynamic a special arrangement here and this is actually due. I just need to see what's in the sack. This massive giant sack and the guy takes out the largest bar of gold. You could even imagine God, the sum of millions of dollars worth of people at Simpson. Why did you bring concrete to have the streets are paved with gold but the highlife is being with the Lord forever.

While well hey if you haven't signed up for my emails want to get the form of articles, videos, and sign up. I send you a free e-book real Messiah go to Astor to Brown, the Lord today. You got questions, we've got answers. Let's do it is time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to the line of fire. This is Michael Brown. If you've got questions, we've got answers will have the answers will do our best of find them for you as we dig into the Scriptures and theology in practical matters, moral cultural matters in Israel, Jewish people, whatever you want to ask me about any question of any kind, as long as is appropriate to ask on the air go for it. Have added this is your data call. Here's number 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884. Want to dig into these questions get to as many as possible and we will go straight to the phones will start in St. Louis with Antonio welcome to the line of fire everyone Dr. Brown sure thing ever? Where okay I know the dollar controversial issue really don't like many people in particular? Like a vascular Blanchard unbiased clavicular Jewish perspective, you in Paul's writings, and first Corinthians 11 three maybe it's like reader general public that he's talking about the head of woman bearing the head of magistrate above the head cover yet you think that when a woman prays she's a pretty with her head covering, and also if you are a measurement you do you think it's disrespectful to point to pray with the cable okay so a key focus for those that don't know that is. It's also called yarmulke just a little skullcap and that's his head covering that men would wear right several several questions here of importance and will will sort them out one by one. First, the order that Paul lays out prescriptions 11 and in terms of the father the son and then the husband and wife believe that order is is clear in Scripture and in another words the Jesus the Messiah is an subservient role to the father and then that the man is in that subservient role to Jesus and the woman to the mat. Not in a slavish way but yes I do believe that the husband is the head of the wife and the head of the home and that he is therefore called to love his wife as the Messiah loves his body loves the church that is in the loving sacrificial way and in doing that, he then becomes a man worthy of her respect as well.

So that order is important there and that's part of what Paul's point you to doubt let's make sense of this. There was a cultural context and in the cultural context a women would be veiled married women would be veiled in public, not not quite to the extent that you see in the Islamic world, but certainly very different than women dress in the west of this, not just in Jewish culture, but in other parts of the ancient world and the question is now you have a meaning in your home when the when the.

The wife is in the home. She does need to be veiled recovered and the longhair is also part of her glorious a woman and and therefore part of the gender distinction that I think remains in think should be encouraged in that respect them a dogmatic, that I think with it. When a woman diversely shakes her head and that's her style it. I think there is something that is beneath her dignity as a woman calling him since I have in her hell issue. The question is we have a meeting in your home now. If you get 20 people in your home and you've got men and women together. Should the woman be veiled the wives. This would speak about the wives is the same Greek word for women is that the Greek word for wife so should they be veiled and cover the answers yes it's it's a sign of submission.

It's a side of being under authority and therefore you're now in right order when when praying and prophesying accordingly. That seems to be with. The dispute goes back to being in the house churches in a question so we don't have that same cultural phenomenon. Now we are in our culture, married woman is failed with this should obviously be right center gender distinctions right understanding of governmental authority in the church and in the home or it will get to the other side of your question. On the other side of the brakes the right here on file.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown questions 7884 we just finish up the question about St. Louis from St. Louis about head coverings from Antonio all right is it wrong for a messianic Jew to keep yarmulke and pray is that current head will remember the high priest were a miser. It was a kind of hat that was obviously not the issue and in a skullcap is not a head covering the question would be if a man veiled himself. The way a woman didn't prayed in that way with that be appropriate, and that was the. The issue or for man to have hair the same way that a woman had hair that would be the issue but in either case. In either case, these are not salvation issues. These are things that exclude someone from the kingdom of God. These were important especially if you culture the best thing we do is understand the ancient culture and apply to today you have other things like moral issues, adultery, that's the same from culture to culture success and would like to and from culture to culture, buying, stealing, gossiping the same from culture to culture wears since women today. Wives don't wear veils and in our Western culture. Then the question is right. How does this apply how we work this out in Arctic. There are women that that circuit their culture, custom and culture and they feel okay in a church service on on the polyvalent God bless you. If you feel it's the right thing to do wonderful and and the sisters in India were a minister every year when they pray they take their sorry and they they wrapped around their heads when they pray and worship and and wonderful. That's part of the world and culture that's their understanding first Corinthian's 11th best be applied with cultural sensitivity art 86634 let's go to the phones in the New York City Anthony Pastor Anthony walking to the line of fire around her street. All right, thanks. Or hate tell me what's on your mind in terms of some concerns that I understand you've had have invited you to give me a call let's let's discuss this. Your think I reach out to be specifically mired written a devotional regarding is something we talked about last time I spoke to us photogravure.

The Bennion shop I found out, loading your credibility which you built up over decades of service to the body of Christ to people who have not earned it. Don't deserve it, and are essentially false teachers within the body of Christ is so my concern was that it had gotten to the point where I think I used the term gatekeeper so essentially you know it's not that you are promoting the false teachings of fact, I think that if the teachings were separated from the people you were denounced Dr. Blanco in the case in case there's a projection workbook against so you but I was determined that a youth gatekeeper simply meant that you may not realize it, but you're essentially pointing people to people who were false and ultimately at the end of our disagreements, remakes, or simply come down to whether you agree that the people I've outlined right and that's this will understand.

And then of just just for everyone else that's that's listening and and watching. We did ask Anthony to call I get blasted day and night websites contact me videos attacking me and my staff ascended to me I'd I do pray for the folks smiled.

The vast majority of them bothered to look at especially anonymous.

No discernment ministries as I only know who you are. You. You might be limited adultery. You might be a heretic you might be 18 you have no idea who you are. If you and I will say that contract but but you you and written article and was fairly strong, but you're eroding friendly when I say you know what I'm trying to model the works of these differences in the body. Let's reach out. You and I reach out to others he differed and they they were willing to interact. So yeah, I always try to reach out and and dialogue and understand things so just just a very quick my perspective. Several years later about appearing on unbending hints show okay. Not just one address that first and and then I want to ask you specifically say about 11 Christian leader that was on my show that you believe is your false prophet. You can feel that by my not announcing that person. I am now misleading others or are not functioning well and and and my calling and not take that responsibility seriously so quickly faded number so you have to renounce them, but when you give them the platform okay. You don't say. I am the ILA of a nonanonymous deterrent discernment you silly given the platform without saying hey I differ with this this and this.

Also let's let's proceed with caution. But I just have some as a guest writer for enough rights of bank back to Benny Hinn. I knew that there were teachings he had that I strongly differed with some of them he renounced in the early 90s so Hank had a graph helped influence him and he renounced a number of these and and I I I research to see if he pick them up sense and any had, but I heard all the bad reports and fundraising nests and lifestyle – said all his other issues. Then I had some folks that I graduated from a ministries industry school, he got to know him as a Dr. Brown usually get to know Benny Hinn we been his meanness. He preaches the gospel been his home. He lives a godly life is very devoted to the Lord assist a lot of. Set about and then shortly after that I got an invitation to appear on the show and to talk about who is the real Messiah and I just read my books will culture Jesus so I thought well do I want to start fresh because I I don't know what to believe and follow them carefully at all. So II don't know exactly what to believe or not so gloomy.

Let me meet him legal on the show and meet him release this right gets it.

Message of Jesus the Messiah. And he also agreed that we could do it a day on hyper grace was my biggest thing I want you hyper grace out to his TV audience because I knew that many people watching his the network. She was also here in the hyper grace message that was Mike further incentive and I thought if I get to know him because he seems to be really eager to get to know me then from there we'll see what goes and if there is serious error. Maybe I can play road reconciling all that I think we discussed back then. So ended up being on the air that the time we spent before the broadcast was wonderful into the word talk about the things of the Lord wonderful. You look at the Bible in Hebrew. This shows themselves were terrific shows are unfortunately the hyper grace show for a couple reasons. They didn't care.

Instead, they they put on a no-show which was a carnal fundraising show, in my judgment, so that that grief in a subsequently I've not had a relationship with with Benny Hann and had the end of the time contract.

I did write him a very strong appeal with concerns about the way he raise funds in this ministry and the people he worked with in raising funds and urging him to work with me to clean this up so II did do that but that's all that and I did hear back that's that's the interaction we have is what happened that day. In retrospect, it may have been a mistake to go on because I have been so associated with things that that he's done there been controversial or negative. So if I had to do it again. I might not do it just to be totally straight with you it now if things are going differently if they dared hyper gray show. If I be able to build relationship and then see first-hand if there were issues and then be able to speak into his life that I don't care about the flak I could care less if I get negative ficus behind the scenes. I can do good and that over period of time bring about change, but in retrospect I did pray before, but are not infallible so that that could have been back in the been a mistake or error. There have us of the quite candidly and out but I haven't haven't followed him carefully enough to say things a false prophet. He tried welcomed him as a brother in our fellowship. But there are things that have concerned me. I just haven't followed close enough to go beyond that.

So that's understand the concern you totally candid answer. Because every background.

I called right after the show, so you know I think that you have not really been up to speed on a lot of what you expressed to me this is nonsense a serious accident. I've had a lot of them. Since we sent some of them, he definitely announced yeah but yet Soweto so that's my that's my perspective the same history as to why I did it in looking back now, was it wise or not. Maybe not brother? I've no reason not to. II have no reason not to.

In this this is the big question that that that I want to try to pursue with you Anthony, and as to where someone is disqualified from being a brother or sister in the Lord that was on what basis, if someone says the Lord shall be Jesus is coming next year and doesn't come next year. Are they still say about why wouldn't they be saved based on the wrong prediction if they say I believe in the preacher rapture versus a posterior brat from a Calvinist reseller me on accident right right so so I think were in harmony and that's absolute let's do this right. Let's focus on on one particular individual of Pastor Bill Johnson, could you mention him in in your eBay in your in your article as to why you couldn't go follow my ministry or anything so let's let's talk about that. I Bill Johnson on the air with me on the condition that we could ask in many of the hard questions that critics have asked in the open forms for critics of which the holiday but I estimate the questions I've been asked what I will understand is why you don't consider him a brother on what basis to say that he is not saved, not a brother in Christ for cleansing and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown by Dr. Michael Brown has no credibility by Anthony Wade and was sent to me and again I get stuff sent constantly cartoons made against videos made against me.

To be candid.

A lot of the ministries that are so-called discernment ministries or do much more harm than good. They are tearing down and not building up their attacking brothers and sisters in petty waste or unethical. They don't reach out some anonymous and some do great job of really exposing error and heresy and we attract whatever we cannot tell people if nonanonymous, if you let us know who you are.

You will interact.

Let's interact by all means I love truth of the word. I love the Lord so she reached out to say hey here's a here's here's a someone that's that's writing things in and trying to be constructive.

Let's let's reach out and interact. So we continue with that interaction. Anthony welcome back to the broadcast. Yes silt a Bill Johnson. I think you identified him as a false prophet or false teacher, which according to the New Testament would be a wolf in sheep's clothing. Therefore, hell bound sinner not redeemed, and because II don't sure that you want people accordingly. Then on that a good gatekeeper and I have no credibility. So, on what basis do you say that Bill Johnson is not a brother in the Lord your the Bible instructs us to evaluate everything that so I try to stick to teacher you made the logical conclusion that if somebody is a full treatment of portraiture. It better. Hell bound sinner, etc. etc. I never wrote that recital I'm pretty sure I didn't because I try not to get personal right to my people because back then people get get things for point to point out, the teaching of Jesus.

It is false prophets of wolves in sheep's clothing and I'm not. I'm not disagreeing with you or your next week on to say that I didn't write Bill Johnson at a D&C. I wrote this is what Bill Johnson teaches in this essay, I don't let you have it labeled him a false positive.

Okay, so he's a false prophet is a wolf in sheep's clothing. If he's a false teacher introduce damnable heresies to destroy others that's that's Jesus the Army.

Would you like to go through the group to list the that will be talking about, it will let's get started 6C operates a school for supernatural reteach of the gifts of the Holy Spirit (check the Bible for the spirit you get for you to certain he wishes the claim will hello. It was set lately Lily that's her first point as to why he's a hell bound sinner are you serious well no I think maybe I told you I totally misjudged you, sir. That's, I guess. Again, I think that you need to look at the entire body of work not done answer is that your first course was supposed to teach on the gifts of the spirit. That's what they do. I've I taught at that I taught at the school that I have time grads in the tour of the school. Paul teaches on the gifts right doesn't turn on each other gifts about increasing objects. He believes and teaches that anybody can prophesy to give support to both the people that absolute heresy that is not what the Bible's first first first build your your misrepresenting what he says and to call it heresy and then to say this is, there your first proof.

These hello I said, I hasten to limit we just Tyson very candidly okay very candidly, you will be measured by the measurements on others, and I guarantee you, others in her body. Others in the body will damn you to hell for your teachings that you find Orthodox like priority order number one number 100 feet of the Christ was born again because of the questions on the line while working on now.

He does not teach that does not teach that creature Dr. Brown for one reason or not you are 100% wrong. He teaches that he always was holy God. But like many others teach while he was on the earth. He did not use his divine prerogatives to heal by field by the spirit. Jesus himself says that I can only do what I see the father doing the spirit of the Lord is upon because is not to be preached. I drive out demons by the Spirit, and he teaches, he does not teach that he ever cease to be God. He is explicit on that Split Christ Being Born Again He Uses in the Biblical Sense That He Was Declared Son of God with His Resurrection, so He Was Born the Son of God and Then Born Again, a Son of God and Teaching Is Jammed Recently When I Asked Him out on the Radio and Readers between You and I Didn't Bring You to Not Write Anthony Listen I Know the Man I Have Sad Face to Face with Them. I Know People That Have Been in His Church for Years and Years and Years. What You Are Representing Is Not What He Believes and What They Believe. What's Ugly That Mr. Petrie Was. He Is Not Teaching You Are Misinterpreting It.

But Listen, You Have You Have Done Worse, Have Done a Worse Job of Interpreting Scripture and Rightly Representing Bill Johnson Than He Has Done Representing His Own Position. If Anything, If Anything, You Should Be Looking in the Mirror and Saying How Dare I Write What I'm Writing with the Responsibility I Have As a Shepherd and As a Pastor and Other People. It's 10 or Hundred Argument Read What I Write A Lot. How Dare I Misrepresent a Brother and Sister in Such a Serious What Bill Will Look at You with Kindness and Love and Say on the Who the Guy Is, but Just a God Bless Him and He'll Enjoy Meeting You in This World and the World to Come and Present History to Reflect Service Requiring That Angels Other Than Gold Appear so We Can Go up to Go Back and I and I Am from the Bible You Clean out I Misrepresent Something Scripturally Argued That Discussion with Scripture I Misrepresented You Have Right Number Number One You Misrepresented about the Gifts of the Spirit You Misrepresent with Bill Johnson Teaches Scripturally and and Yes That's Different. But since You're Attacking Him. Since I Actually I Have To Be Totally Candid with You, Sir. I Miss Read What Was Sent to Me. I Thought You Were of a Totally Different Spirit and Attitude I'm Being Is Candid As I Can with You on on Live Radio and This Also Be Seen on TV, I Misjudged You I Thought You Were of a Totally Different Attitude and Spirit. I Had No Idea That You Were Misunderstanding Someone Else's Position so Grossly That You Were Nitpicking in a Reading of Things to Allow You to Do That and in Its It's at and Understand Identify Yourself As an Assembly Of God Pastor of Former Oso. Okay That's That's Another Thing. Suits Are No Longer Charismatic or Pentecostal or Micronet Collector Longer Charismatic Red Sunset. That's Something Else. If That Was in Your Information There. I Missed Because I Just Asked in My Bio That Your Apartment Yeah Okay Right I Yeah I Didn't Didn't See That You Had Renounced Those Things the Lawyer Helps Them, but Hate Bottom Bottom Line Is, Is This and I Just Want to Give You Word Wisdom. I Reached out to You for You Okay Not Not for Me Because I I Don't Mind Being Attacked Out Of My Being Misrepresented. I Don't Mind Someone Saying We Can Listen to Dr. Brown Anymore, but That's That. I Know My Concerns, I Can Help You. I Can Help You Ways to Help You. I Get Blessed in That I Get This, Wishes Day and Night.

Okay, so the Less the Less Than Death Threats. The Last Thing I'm Concerned about the Summer Writing a Blog so I Reached out to You for You It and to Have a Conversation for Our Listeners or Viewers. That's Why Did It so Here's What Was Informed on the Wrong Path Left Things of the Spirit Left the Precious Heritage Going Away Sir, Your Worlds Can Get More and More Narrow for the Lord with Grace of the Lord in Effect Giving You a Word of Loving. It's the Line of Fire with Your Host Activist, Author, International Speaker and Theologian Dr. Michael Brown and Voice of More Cultural and Spiritual Revolution Get into the Line of Fire Now by Calling 6643 Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown Thank You Friends for Wanting Us of the Line of Fire Will Make My Day. Call Me. Give Me a Call with Your Question. You Would Really Make My Day. Call Me and Challenge Me on What I Believe Will Have a Friendly Debate.

How about That 866-34-TRUTH 866487884 That Is the Number to Call. I Will Go Straight to the Phones Will Start in New York City with James Welcome Sir to the Line of Fire by Dr. Brown McCall, You Bet I Wanted to with Relevant or on Some Topic, but I Earlier This Week You Get a Great Example about the Period of Christian History and Violence in Agreements and Pastors during the American Revolution and Their Thing with Their Christian Duty to Fight for the British Fight Fight the British. There Is No and Revolution or the Divine Thing I Gotta Part of My Questions like What Is It Possible That Is Where Things Are in the Muslim World. If We Just Give Them 100 Years Else They Out Of Their Affairs Will Be the Same Kind of Reformation.

The Same Kind of Softening Towards Violence Because I Always Thought Doctrine and Theology Were Really What Determined the Jihadist and Their Motive yet and You Have Fundamentally Even If You Acknowledge That There Is a Fundamental Difference between the Two Religions on This or Were Saying That Manifest Though and I Couldn't Look at You Know, We Can Look at the Crusades, but We Can See How That You Know You Gave a Great Case for That's Radio That's Fundamentally a Very Different Thing That Was about This Responding to 300 Years of Christian Lands Being Taken and You Know, Even. But Even for like Several Hundred Years, You Know, in Northern Ireland There Is No Update Meant.

What Thing Was Religiously Motivated War between Catholics and Protestants so I Don't like Using Differences.

The Very Fundamental Differences. They Go Back to Jesus and Mohammed. And That's What Historically They Been Totally Different.

Jesus Is Crucified.

Mohammed Starts As a Spiritual Leader Then Becomes a Political Leader Than a Military Leader and a Ruthless Military Leader at That from Islam's Earliest Days. It Spread with the Help of the Sort from Islam's Earliest Days Engaged in Acts of Violence from Islam's Earliest Days Had Sacred Texts and Sacred Examples That Espouse Violence in the Name of God, Whereas the Scriptures That Would Speak of Violence in the Name of God with the Old Testament Versus Having to Do with Specific Situation of Expelling the Canaanites and Even Then Waiting for Hundred Years until There Was Enough Evil for That. So, from the Earliest Days of Islam and the Centuries That Followed the Birth of Islam. There Was A Lot Of Violence, A Lot Of Warring and Even Warring and Battling and Bloodshed between Muslim Leaders.

Where's in the Early Centuries of the Church Where the Opposite. The People of God Being Persecuted, Not Being the Persecutors You Don't Have Church Sanctioned Quote Violence. In Jesus Name for a Thousand Years. As You Have Continuously in Islam out There Here's Here's the Other Thing It Does Go Back to Theology. There Are Peaceful Verses in the Koran. There Are Peaceful Examples in the Life of Mohammed. There Are Peaceloving Muslims Today Who Are Sincere and Devout Muslims in the God-Fearing Muslims and and They Reject the Jihadist Theology Positional Question throughout Islamic History. It Has Been There.

It Has Been Brutal. It Has Been Ugly, and It Has Gone Back to the Koran. It Is Gone Back to the Life of Mohammed. It Has Gone Back to Other Sacred Texts That Have Been Transmitted Theological Rulings and Things like That and Is Nothing to Do Ultimately with Us Being Involved in Islamic Affairs Because the Greatest Amount of Muslims Dying Our Muscles Coming Muslims. For Example in Algeria Was Hundred Hundred 50,000 Casualties in Syria and within Iraq Muslim Scholar Moses Afghanistan Muslims Coming Muslims and on and on It Goes.

There's an Excellent Book by Even While Rock W a R or a Q-Tip in Moyock While Rock Is Called the Islam and Islamic Terrorism. It Will Refute All the Other Explanations for and It Will Show It Goes Back to Its Root Islam Theology Is Not Go Back through Christian. Quite the Contrary.

Can There Be a Just War Were Involved in. Yes, That Is Not Part of the Theology of Violence. The Line of Fire with Your Host Dr. Michael Brown Get into the Line of Fire Now by Calling 866-34-TRUTH Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown. ITS Line of Fire Today 866-34-TRUTH You Got Questions. We Got Answers. Nothing Is off Topic Is We Don't Have a Set Topic on This Particular Days Broadcast 866-348-7884 Let Us Go to New Orleans Anton, Welcome to the Line of Fire. A Couple Weeks Ago You Told the Story about Some Coptic Christian Is Being Marketed. Yes, I Would Just Thing That Callicles Would I Know Catholic Orthodox Churches Is Part Number Different Route. Better Currently and Usually If You Were Just Sort of Give Us the History of the Stuff That in Some Way That I Would Have a Better Understanding of You of the Distinction the Importance of Making the Books with Some of the Other Candidates Used That the Evangelical Conduct, and You Yeah so Here's Our Case for the Bibles. We Have 39 Books of the Old Testament.


In the New Testament and the Other Books Excluded the So-Called Apocryphal Books That Would Be Received the Scripture Say by the Catholic Church or the Book of Enoch, Which Is Even Received Just in the the Ethiopian Canon. But Here's Our Case for the 66 Books When It When It Comes to the Disputed Books. It's the Books Written Primarily between the Old and the New Testament. That's That's the Basis of the Dispute so That the Christian Canon or the New Testament Canon. Those Received Books Were Weren't Basic Universal Harmony on and We Also Agree on the Canon of Scripture That the Hebrew Bible, All except Those Books so It's What about These Other Books 1st Maccabees or or Ecclesiasticus or Wisdom of Solomon or Prayer of Manasseh or Tobit or Something like That so the Reason That I Say We Understand That They Are Not Part of the Canada's Number One They Were Not Received.

Ultimately, a Scripture by the Jewish Community We Say Will Jewish Community Could Be Wrong. Understand That but They Were Not Ultimately Received As Scripture by the Jewish Community, and Hence If You Get a Hebrew Bible You Will Find the Same Books That We Have in the Old Testament, and No More of A Few of Them Are in a Different Order in the Call by Profits Are Put Together As One Book, so the Numbering Is Different, but the Same Books Same Text Right Then When It Comes to the New Testament.

None of the Apocryphal Books Are Quoted As Scripture and the New Testament. Maybe There's a Reference That You Can Say Relates to Teaching Apocryphal Book or Something but Nothing Is Quoted the Scripture Is Not Quoted As This As As the Scripture Says, There Is the Word Says It Is Written. None of That. So It Is Not Quoted As Authoritative Scripture Number One. The Apocryphal Books Were Not Ultimately Received As Canonical Scripture by the Jewish Community and Jewish World Number One, Number Two, the New Testament Authors Never Quote the Apocryphal Books As Scripture. Some Say Another Referring to Here Furniture, There Can Be an Allusion or Background or Something. They Quote Poets They Quoted Was in the Book of Enoch Is Quoted All That Was Not Considered Scripture except Just by One Tiny Part of the Church Preserved It of the Ethiopian Church so Things Can Be Quoted, but When They Are Quoted As Scripture. That's One Thing. And None of the Apocryphal Books Are Quoted As Scripture. Now We Don't Have Them in Our Bibles at All. At the Time of the Reformation, When There Was Discussion Disputed These Things They Were Printed in the Middle of the Bible. So As the Bibles Were Being Printed, You Would Have Bibles That We Have the Old Testament, New Testament Is the Word of God and the Apocryphal in the Middle, and These Were Considered to Be Edifying and Useful. However, They Were Not Carrying the Authority of the Word of God and We Were Not to Drive Doctrine from Them. I Believe That Is a Sound View, Learn from Them Be Enriched by Them but Don't Base Doctrine on Them and Don't Put Them in the Same Category As the Word of God.

I Look at the Apocryphal Books As Being in between the Bible and a Good Human Book. Those They've Had a Greater Role in Jewish and Christian History, They Were Printed They Were. They Were Translated As Part of the Septuagint or Included in the Septuagint and Greek Us of the Ancient Greek Translation of the Old Testament Also Had the Apocryphal Books and, Therefore, Early Christians Would Have Widely Read Them Again.

They Were Not Quoted As Scripture with the Old Testament Was or Subsequently the Way the New Testament Was and Therefore We Should Not Receive Them Scripture to Learn from That Great Though Enoch Is What's Called Super Graphical Which Means Falsely Named or Falsely Ascribed Writings Falsely Describe Because Enoch in Fact Did Not Write the Book of Enoch, Although Some Words May Go All the Way Back.

Enoch's Feud Quotes so There Are Books That Are Attributed to Authors Falsely. That's Called the Suit. Suited Figure for That Separate from the Apocrypha so Read the Bible Is God's Word and Learn from These Other Books Find Them Interesting and Valuable, but Not with the Same Authority As Scripture. All Right, Thank You for the Call.

Much Appreciated. Let's Go to Athens, Texas.

Luke You're on the Line of Fire or Dr. Brown. I'm Gonna Get Dr. out but I'm Looking A Lot Of Your ASSETS Go Really Enjoyed Him, the Gospel Breaker. Traditional Accountability like A Lot Called about Was. I Believe If I've Understood Your Position Correctly That You Would Hold to a Post-Relational Rapture Is It Whatever Tribulation Is with Its Seven-Year Period or Extended Period That That Jesus Will Come at the End of That and That's Will Be Resurrected and Glorified CS at the End of Whatever Tribulation. There Is Been Going out I Was Right Right in Church All My Life and I Was Raised Pretrip Now Your Older Pretrip Rapture Book, Direct. I Want to Count… Just a Little Bit Youngblood Partial Rep Not Heard about It When I Was Younger and Really Understand Much Heard about Again in Bible College Barely Touch Donated at the Mr. Technology Been through My Own Personal Study That Would Be the Meal That I Would Hold to a Parcel Rapture and That I Would Also Be a Possibly a Mid-Trip Gathering but Also a Post-Relational Gathering… Want to Get Your Thought on If You Looked at the Park for after All Generally Are Divided Very Right Right but but but I Really like to Get Your Thoughts on That. Yes, You Think so There Would Be Be a Select Group of People That Were the Bride That Were Taken on Early and Others Are Taken out. Later, She Was Just My Fundamental Problem with That Luke. I See One Second Coming, and Obviously We Don't Divide over These Things There Find Christians I Work with the Know That Holter Pretrip Rapture Doubling in 2019. Prof. Craig Keener and I Will Have a Book out on What We Don't Leave the Pretrip Rapture. But Again, We Don't Divide over We Have Colleagues Who Holter Pretrip Rapture and for Me I'm I'm Living in Readiness to Meet the Lord at Any Time to Some of Us Have a Guarantee on Tomorrow and I'm Also Planning to Five Years Ahead and Run a Race with with Everything I Have and Whatever Hellish Tradition Comes Away.

I'm Trusting God's Grace to Persevere in the Midst of It, but When I See Scripture I See Were Looking for One Thing, His Appearing. The Glorious Appearing. It's the Thing That Were All Looking Forward to It. It's within the Bride As Has Made Herself and Is Making Herself Ready for What When Paul Talks about the Crown That Awaits Him Is Is Not Me Only Second Timothy Four but Also All Those Who Long for the Law of His Appearing in Hebrews 9 Says That He'll Appear a Second Time, They Can Be Multiple Appearances, but He's Got Appear a Second Time and Then Specifically, Paul Writes of One Time in First Thessalonians 4 That the Lord Will Return and Skimpy Audible with Shout Right at the Voice of the Archangel.

The Trump of God and at That Time the Dead in Christ, Dennis, I Will Rise.

We Were Live and Remain Will Be Caught up to Him and That's the One Time and When Is It His Paris Ear, Which His Arrival. Think of It like an Airport Plane Is Just Arrived at Terminal B Gate for Right so It Still Is Not Set Not Hear Them Say It's It's It's in the Air. It's, It's Nearby Well It's Now Arrived. It's Now Landed the Piracy of the Coming Is the Landing Is It's and That's What We're Looking Forward to That Were Caught up to Meet Him When He Appears and Comes in and Puts His Feet on the Earth in First Corinthians 15 Tells Us That in a Moment Were Waiting for, in the Twinkling of an Eye Will Be Rapture Is One of the Last Trumpet and What Does He Come Visibly for the Whole World to See When Will Trumpet so If the Last Trumpet Is Warmer Rapture and Caught up to Be with Him. Then the Trumpet Blast with His Return with Angels and Invisible Light from the East to the West That the Whole World Can See Him like Lightning Striking. Yes, Exactly. It's One and the Same Events of These Are Just A Few of the Reasons That That I Don't Agree with the Partial Rapture or Several Phases to the Rapture. One Second Coming, One Public Appearance. One Final Trumpet and with the Trumpet Blast Be with Him Forever. Hey Disagree on That.

That Is Going to Be Something to Look for Are Literate in the Line of Fire with Your Host Dr. Michael Brown Voice of Moral Cultural and Spiritual Revolution. Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown As Friends for Joining Us on the Line of Fire. Boy Phone Lines down into Ever I Can in the Next Few Minutes, 866-34-TRUTH 7888. You Just Her Previous Caller before the Break Mentioned Are Apt to Have It. It's a Fabulous App. I Cannot Believe How User-Friendly It Is. It's the Line of Fire App You Can Get It for Apple Your IPhone Your IPad You Can Get It for Android Google Play Store Right so Here's Here's a Get It. Just Search in Your App Store for the Line of Fire with Dr. Brown or Michael Brown, and Then You Find It and If You're Interested. Cool Thing about since You Got Your Cell Phone Right Okay and You Just You Click on It You Can Listen Live Two Hours They Were Ever You Are in the Country Little in the World They Want to Catch up on Recent Podcast Bring My Theories That You like to Call Him Press the Button but Will Strap on Your Website Articles That the Press That There Is Right on Your Smart Phone.

The Line of Fire App Downloaded Today and Everything the Quality Crystal Clear. I Could Not Believe How Well This App Works All Right. Let's Dive Back into Our Calls in Grand Rapids, Michigan Chris, Welcome to the Line of Fire. Dr. Brown Thank You for Letting Me a Bit of a Troublemaker. So Be Patient. I'm Wondering How a Christian Should Respond to Another Jim Baker Show on June 6, 2017 Steve Stream the CEO Group Critically Make Any Equipment, Media Young Said This Is a Direct Quote. We Need to Support Our President. We Can't Second-Guess How Should a Christian Respond When Somebody Upset Influence and Power Back or Something like "What Was That What Was What Was the Context Was Second-Guessing about about One This Segment Was Commenting on the James Call Me but I Wanted to Be Overly Jesting to Be, We Can't Second-Guess Yeah. Yes. Also, I Send You the Entire Thing Is This a Transcript I Will Obstinately Have Time to Watch Mike Get Some of the Most after the Transcript Is Cellular Playtime. It's Only a like Treatment Elements of the Clip. Yeah That's Fine Yeah so so Here's Here's the Long and Short Answer. Chris I Am a Stephen Strang Pretty Well. He's He's Real Man of Integrity. He Has Very High Standards of High Ethics. He He Would Be Concerned If You Said You You Printed Something and It Was False, That Would That Would Deftly Bother Him If You Said We Get This Great Healing Test Run One for Chris Magazine. He Wants Documentation of It Assessing Them Operate like That in and Seen His Ethics and Integrity and a and I Know That That He Has Strong Political Views As As Well so I'm Only Answer Generically until I See the Whole Clip Right to Be Fair to You, Chris, and to Be Fair to Stephen Strang but Obviously We Have To Question Any Any Leader Knows Their Judgments Not Perfect Okay We We We Can't Think That Everything They Do Is Right and Follow Certain That Donald Trump Odyssey Very Flawed Man, but When I Pray for What I Believe Can Do A Lot Of Good for American and for the Church. So I'm Rooting for Him.

I Rooted for Barack Obama. My Disappointment Felt Things Went Very Wrong Direction.

Many Keyways I'm Rooting for Donald Trump and Hopefully Get More Things Right. That Then Wrong, but I Have Concerns so If If My Friend Stephen Strang Was Saying Matter What Any President Does. You Can't Second-Guess Them There. The President You to Support Them While on Obviously I Would Differ with That and I Would Question That Kind of Loyalty or Allegiance. He Still the President Was like I Can Say Hey I I Respect You As President I Eye on the US President If I Was in Your Presence. I'd Treat You with Respect and Honor the Deserves the Present United States, but I Question Your Judgment on This.

Roy Differ with This Decision.

So If Were Being Told We Can't Do That We Can't Second-Guess. That's One Thing I Differ with That If His Point Was Look.

He's the President You Gotta Trust a Guy You Can't Just Be Questioning Everything That He Doesn't Give the Benefit of the Doubt. Let's Not Second-Guess Melissa Yeah I I Understand That Sentiment and Because There Is Constant Constant Barrage of Criticism of Everything to Present Us from the Left like the Right May Have Cost the Process.

Barack Obama May Be a Little More Intense Now with Left Process Donald Trump of the Prison. Trump Is Done Things That Have Opened the Door for Criticism More, but like I Don't Think It's Fair to Beat up on Them Constantly at the Challenge Everything. Question Everything. So in That Sense. If I Don't Have All the Facts and Information.

Yeah I'm Running to Do My Best to Trust Our Elected Leader and into Hope He's Doing Right and Not Second-Guess Him on Everything but for Sure.

I'm Been a Question Lots of Things and If I Have Data besides the Thing Was Wrong on This for Think This Was a Mistake. I Wish You Didn't Tweet That Been Better That He Didn't and and I Can Imagine That Amanda Stephen Strang's Caliber Would Be Advocating Blind Loyalty to the President No Matter What He Does.

That's That's My Mistake.

If It Means the Worst-Case Construction We Say of Course I Disagree, but I Don't Think That That Would've Been His Intent and by the Way, I Don't Mind a Troublemaking Question, Not a Problem at All. All Right, Let's Even Get One More Call a Brine in Durham North Carolina If You Can Get Your Question Real Quick. We Can Get It in before the Broadcast Is out so Go for Obama Ago about the Wine Bottle Recall Yeah Go Ahead You Ever Checked Your Drought Bible All Yeah Yeah What Yeah Yeah Yeah and I Looked into It Found That Exactly Why and How the Words Were Used, Etc. Yes, so It Nothing Changed My Answer Any Bible Want Anymore about Anything Going. I Yeah Bottle You Happen to Want What Model Bible. Why What the Bible. Line yet. Well It Is Forest Locating That Serve As As Far As Specifically Locating the King James Bible. This Is One Sincere Silk Suit Will Go Right with This Type. This Inducible Exercise. KJV 1611 Text Right, We Just Type That in on Live Radio and TV, and Let's See What We Get Here and Let's Will Go to Mark Say All Right Marks the Third Chapter As the Clock Is Ticking and Will Look at the Parable of the Wineskins. There All Right Will Go Right There and Here It Is the 1611 Text and I'm Scrolling down and Let's See What I've Got Here. All Right, Hang on, I May Actually Be in the in the Wrong Chapter Let's Let's Go Instead to Luke Chapter 5 Right Will Go to Luke the Fifth Chapter and Let's See What We Get Here and This Is an Easy Thing to Do If You Want to See If If It's There. Okay, If You Want to See If It Was Translated Wind Scan or Wind Bottle. Luke the Fifth Chapter 1st Describes One Fourth, and No Man Put Us a Piece of a New Garment upon an Older Father Was in Both the New Make Is the Rent and the Peace That Was Taken on New Agrees, Not with the Old and No Man Put His New Wine into Old Bottles Bottles so Leslie Was from the Earliest in the King James I Said Hi Friends. See You Next Time Right Here, Modify

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