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Anti-Semitic Nonsense, an Update on Anti-Sharia Marches from Brigitte Gabriel, and Your Jewish-Related Calls

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 22, 2017 4:30 pm

Anti-Semitic Nonsense, an Update on Anti-Sharia Marches from Brigitte Gabriel, and Your Jewish-Related Calls

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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June 22, 2017 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 06/22/17.

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Islam Judaism anti-Semitism Jewish scriptures Jewish related calls all come your way thoroughly through Thursday stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown. I you ready for a secret.

This is from a gentleman since he is a PhD who says he has been section censored, exiled, banish torture, terrorize poison, beaten down and checked with poison to form destroy because he refuses commie union with the Martian Jew spooks that own America reposted this with his phone number on our YouTube channel no. It never made it to the light of day was held up for approval. For some reason by YouTube and we didn't approve it because we don't approve lies being posted that inflame hatred towards other groups that are you ready this is Michael Brown you are listening to the line of fire. It is thoroughly Jewish Thursday number to call 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884.

Yes Johnny Martian Jew, are you ready the Vatican's Jewish Mafia and wants all the human Gentiles exterminated from Europe and the Muslims are Jews, and if the Muslims kill Gentiles they get into the Jewish Mafia of the Vatican and take back Italy and that means infinite money from all the Jew banks and would you believe infinite life to spend all that money.

Let us pray PR EY on the human Gentiles and make billions by whacking them all trillion they cannot see the Jewish UFO then they must bow down and die like pigs or goats because God a law only wants Jews that I what goes on and it goes on and it goes on but this is the type of trash that I see posted on a regular basis you Howard could be a new TV show. It's far enough out a reality TV sets it reality TV show of all these people with their wild ideas and they we could track them in.

Problem is serious about this promise is nothing to laugh about problem is that this kind of stuff circulates and when it circulates it. It actually gets believed and then at the right times in an economic crisis or health crisis or military crisis.

It's easy to get people turn on these vermin Jews or whichever group is being demonized yet but I get the personal attacks like this all the time. You know, as as as equally idiotic and in bizarre and it'll be because my I pray I pray for fruit for the folks at night sometimes even reach out to them. So one post a friend sent me yesterday. Michael Brown is more of a danger to true Christianity and the vast majority of jihadists so I get this personal junk all the time.

I'm first. I laugh a little at a laugh because it's so preposterous. I pray for the people to think about it. Take this seriously. I pray for them, but it's it's just the same position of the Vatican is the Jewish Mafia stuff. What makes it insidious is is that through history through Jewish history Jews have been slaughtered for these very kinds of libels Jews have been slaughtered for it for this type of nonsense in the Jewish conspiracy and all the horrific things the Jews are to do, and people believe it to this day, will do our best to continue to expose the lies and speak the truth by God's grace. One of the greatest and unexpected friends with the Jewish people have worldwide today, especially the nation of Israel. When the greatest most expect friends.

It is believing Christians through history, the church of the Jewish people did not have the best relationship I will be back. I got some interesting reflections on yesterday's Islam show little walling and be joined by Brigitte Gabriel is leading anti-sharia marches in America for cleansing and the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. If you have a Jewish related all related question is related question Hebrew related question? Judaism, Jewish tradition belief in Jesus as Messiah. If you differ with me on any of these points by all means give me a call 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 784 if you have a comment or question on yesterday's broadcast. The first hour talking with Dr. James White about his interfaith dialogue with conservative Muslim Elana Imam second hours he debated Robert Spencer after command the gentleman for being so time conscious and working within the type parameters we have with her radio show was commercial interruptions as he discussed the true nature of Islam is monolithic and always going to lead to violent oppression of others and to G heart or or is it instead. Not so monolithic, and you can be a peaceloving Muslim or a violent Muslim give question may call 86634878 a for one story that I haven't heard a lot about is is this from Israel. There was the tragic terrorist killing of a 23-year-old Israeli border policewoman last week, we wrote about the horrific responses from the BBC from the Palestinian Authority from Hamas. BBC reporting is the three Palestinians killed after deadly stabbing. What what are you kidding me yet three Palestinians killed after deadly stabbing. They were the terrorists doesn't say that is really policewoman was killed by terrorists though three Palestinians were cut, yet they were the terrorists shot dead in the act of terror and then Thomas, of course, there they command the hero martyrs and they take credit for this is not on the lysis was beyond his we did and fought off the political arm of the Palestinian Authority called a war crime that Israel killed the terrorists boys young man, 17, 18 and 19 on with an assault rifle and knives. The active shooting and stabbing with some wounded one fatality Israel is guilty of war crimes for shooting them.

Yikes, what we we talked about on the radio wrote about it as well. But this story, I only found about fun about yesterday when a colleague sent it to me Arab paramedic fought to save the life of fatally wounded soldier. That is how it works in Israel that Arabs, Palestinians are treated constantly in Israeli hospitals and in that here you have an Arab paramedic seeking to save the life of an Israeli woman. Why because there fellow human beings and fellow Israelis and and there's a moving personal account from Mohammed Abdul Rothman, Senior paramedic with my again David a dome which is this the Jewish red star gave his all last week to save the life for police officer Hadas Mollica ultimately died of her injuries in the terrorist attack.

It's, it's, he gives the whole story and he says when I accept the patient with wounds in such a severe degree. I'm only concerned with her and not with reports. I didn't even hear the warning that there were additional taxes on the scene. It didn't matter to me is assessed in obligation to treating Hadas at that time was only with her. I conducted surgical procedures on the field in order to release the pressure in a trust as well as treated her other injuries. To prevent loss of blood flow towards even if he knew their other terrorists out there still trying to attack he's gotta get there and care for her. This is the spirit of the human race. This is the spirit of love your neighbor as yourself. This is the spirit of how Israelis and Palestinians can live together and yes, it takes work from both sides, but it's a story that hasn't been told in the story that needs to be told all right let me just share a little bit about yesterday's broadcast and thanks for so many of you listening. We had a problem with the lifestream during the first hour all the audio is up, you can listen to it just click on listen for yesterday show or underline a fire after you have that deadline fire app. If not, just downloaded look for the line of fire with Dr. Michael Brown on Apple or Google play store for your iPhone for your android phone and get the app and then you can listen live forever. You are around the world to the show two hours live every day and catch every archive show citizens put on line which is a couple hours after the show, thanks to our hard-working team here, but I just like you little background.

I was generally surprised to see posts on Facebook.

I follow these unruly don't follow the comments because there too many and not have too many of the things that I'm involved with. We will give you a foreman for discussion. Suffer me to get involved there for the most part, but I was genuinely surprised that folks were saying I'll try to slant the debate to James White's I can be a fair debate or is he debated Robert Spencer in the second hour or that he pick the topic or all kinds of crazy things like that, I will.

I was genuinely surprised to see that so just to give you the origin of this on the last two weeks or so we can have James just interact with me a little bit just let me know about this wave of attacks coming against them for this interfaith dialogue he did in January with conservative Imam that you might say I think you should do that, even if it's a church building are not behind the pulpit. People are getting tickets to come into the building is on church service. I think you should have any monitors church really want that fine you. You have your opinion. I debated the rabbi once in a large Baptist Church.

But the pastor was listed to use a lower pulpit instead of the main pulpit because he didn't want is a rabbi preach against Jesus from his main pulpit.

I I find understandably welcomed us to do it in a church building is glad to have the students church building and had no problem with his people and others that were there Christians that were there hearing a rabbi's perspective and preach okay and and was glad I was there obviously to give our side to defend the faith.

But you" was a good or not a real adjuster because these these radical and should you know he's just he he's there for his own purposes. Okay you can question things fine. You can say we don't believe he's not as radical as he used to be will play be a change of that fine, I understand that you see in skepticism, the question is all that the types of attack against my friend, were completely bizarre, ugly, awful spirit of antichrist and of the gospel because it's nonsense junk. So, it so happened that a colleague of mine. Brother II don't I don't get to interact with a lot said just sent out this mailing list.

I guess I was in Germany I was getting ready to minister and I saw that he sent out a radio show by someone night I heard the name Isaac once before.

He may be well known as a just wasn't familiar with. I think I heard about once before when he went after me on some on some minor point and anyway I just wrote back to sky immediately insists rubbish, not knowing that he was a friend of the guy whose report he said that I'm just not mentioning names Cassano try to make this bloodier master more divisive than the body cannot tell you my fine if not better.

So I told this is utter rubbish man's complete rubbish. These attacks, I just listened to a little bit of the radio show that he sent a follow-up article that that was absolutely horrific. Beyond inexcusable in its tone and its accusations.

It is for completely wrong for a Christian leader attacking the Christian so II told the call exist.

Plain and simple, and I asked James come on the air with me and I said let's let's address the issue.

Let's talk about the interfaith dialogue so I asked him to come on my show that some of the interfaith dialogue. Let's field questions from callers are concerned if they read this if they have concerns, let's let's take calls as well and I challenge this gentleman with an attack him to come on the show and defend his accusations against James guaranteeing them equal time he wouldn't do it. That is not an expert on Islam anyway. So then you should've kept your mouth shut instead of attacking James falsely wrong as you read on expertness and peaceable he's afraid to debate was a debate sole-source James, not afraid to debate is going to Moscow by himself and debated leading Muslim apologist in hostile territory that the issue is that it's the can we have a fair moderate debate. James said give us a fair topic and will do what someone message Robert Spencer Robert Spencer civil ugly the debate the issue in it was is Islam, monolithic, true Islam is, it is it ultimately violent and jihadist or can you be a peaceloving, Muslim and true to the Corolla he was happy to debate that. So I basically told James out want to do this and he said okay. His preference was to take calls from those that had questions or criticism, but he was happy to do it at my behest, so I came up with the topic. I invited Robert Spencer on the show and I basically asked James, would you please do this because really demonstrate that you're not afraid to debate the issue close. There's a coherent thesis and some of its willing to stay within time frames and parameters and I'm so pleased we could do it.

So the debate came as an afterthought, and just because you get to men so expertness they were able immediately to make themselves available if you do it and I I moderate straight down the middle straight down the middle. I am in my eyed I'm more able to defend Robert Spencer's position. The James White's position my own studies on file in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and now it was hearing these very folks. The three voices singing in Hebrew.

What a joy. What a blessing this is Michael Brown. It is thoroughly Jewish Thursday.

If you have any Jewish related question of any kind. Phone lines open earlier you call the better chance we have of getting to call of also having a serious dialogue.

If it's something that merits some more time you have a question, it is a follow-up to my show yesterday with Dr. James White and then the second hour, James White, Robert Spencer, please give me a call as well will even take some Islam related calls in general, 866-348-7884 I to believe that there are sincere peace loving Muslims who, to the best of their understanding are following the Koran and the example of Mohammed and their traditions and their main theologians and jurists and things like that. Can you argue that violence Islam is truer to the original context of the chronological, I think so. I think you can't, and in some would say hey look, peaceloving Muslims are no different than than people who affirm gay Christianity.

Yeah, I understand that and and I I appreciate the arguments behind behind this.

I very much appreciate your image that Robert Spencer was bringing and I appreciate what James White was saying is look.

The very fact that there are exceptions and muscles protesting these things shouldn't that tell you something in Robert Spencer's, could be will show me that in the systemic level.

Show me that where you have a Muslim ruled country that is faithful on some level to sharia law.

That is, is not engaging in violence. If it feels it can be used appropriately.

And of course you listen to the debate for yourself will listen to yesterday show them on or will be posting it, probably in next day or so on you YouTube just as a separate audio of the debate between these two gentlemen just the second hour about the people. So we would James run in a first outer said to set things up to make him look better for the second hour that the thought didn't enter my mind.

The thought did not enter my mind. He was on my invitation to push back against some of the ugly attacks, accusations, and to say, by all means let's demonize all Muslims. Let us do our best to reach out with love with the gospel and build relations and let's also be wise about radical Islam.

That's why asked Robert Spencer in the midst of the debate about the West being such useful idiots when every thousand terrorist attacks of this is not as long as that really Islam.

This is not Islam and on and on it goes. Excellent explained that so you can understand why he does what he does and by all means visit Jihad I differed with his assessment of the interfaith dialogue, but by all means I go Jihad watch on a regular basis. On the flipside, I asked James about why he does what he does in the streets, muscles with the gospel. Robert Spencer's different Golden than James White has but what you need to understand friends and LME my greatest goal ultimately used in terms of Muslims is to reach some of the gospel. Although a lot of what I've done is to sound the alarm against radical Islamic and to expose the, the, the evil nature of radical Islam and how it goes back in many ways to Corolla Mohammed's obviously that's I can to help reaching Muslims. Okay, I understand that it's can be seen as more as it is a put off fully understand, but the idea that I James on Furstenberg and something snow. The second hour was James doing me a favor and saying I'm happy to debate Robert Spencer if you'd like me to write that that was him doing me a favor that was my way of also send Chris of course will debate an issue if you give him a fair setting and it and a coherent thesis to debate you know if if if you want me to.

Let's have a debate is water up with water up was that mean it has a distal coherence to there's nothing to debate so that that was the issue and as you see, we were able to conducted in a fair way in and get a lot of good material out and a lot of good food for thought between two experts in this in the subject and am so pleased we could do that push in the first hour. I studiously avoided the subject because that was not going to be the topic and I did not want to prejudice any one so look, here's my deal. Again, I criticize me all you want take issue with me all you want to blast me all you want. Just do it based on what I actually say not on what I don't say not on what you think. I'm thinking okay is is that fair all right here if if we were if we were in a boxing match. Forgive the violent analogy, but if we were in a boxing match, and I am 100% playing by the rules.

The references break we break no illegal shots for me right and then you start hitting me with rabbit punches to the sponges behind the head back in the neck for the Sedona there illegal. You started me with rabbit punches and then low blows so below the waistline and I said what you doing so on.

Just retaliating for your illegal shots. I will problem with that because I didn't throw any illegal shots if if if I swing the pungent youth's metaphorically speaking and you punch back in the hay. Great. So I say something on the air and you differ with it at a regular article or a book you differ with great care for an end and you want to write 100 blogs on fine and you want to say I'm danger what whatever is as long as is based on actually say or do or believe. But please don't get all worked up about something imaginary.

What you see with me is what you get.

I am not one of these people fill with guile and deceit.

In fact, is much as God is giving me a certain amount of knowledge and assortment of wisdom.

I can be very nave because I'm trusting. I believe the best about people I met him once when some colleagues told me there are some guys that really wanted to hurt me professionally. You could say I thought now they would never do that in this like you know what you're like you're like this. There is guys have a have a noose hanging from the ceiling. This is Mike, would you mind to standing on a chair to see how that fit your autostart for you which is trying to see if it was someone your height and I go all you sure this is something EV can be sometimes. So blast me as much as you want, that's fine. I'm a public figure.

I've opinion site. I get a lot of stuff out the radio and in writing, Internet and TV and books in the bedroom. We lost about day and night, so glad I got over 800 videos on my YouTube channel gone the semi hundreds thousands of articles thousands of hours radio guy have added differ with me every day of the week if you like. Just differ with what I actually say and do not with what you perceive or believe or think or imagine if someone else says is is that fair is that too much ass.

I will be back in six of your calls and talk with Gabriel about her auntie Shelia March campaign. Stay with us thoroughly.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown (two or early Jewish Thursday broadcast often on these Thursday broadcast. We often touch on his mom as well. Prerelease previously had Brigitte Gabriel on the show. She shared some of her own story Lebanon and upbringing and just remarkable background. She is the founder of ACT! for America in the last week has been a national the national spotlight because of a series of anti-sharia marches that she helped organize. I just tweeted out a moment ago Christianity subjugates and oppresses other faiths when it is not true to its principles. Islam does it. When it is true to its principles, which eat a welcome back to the line of fire. Thanks for joining us today. I'm delighted you could could you just tell us why we in America need to be even thinking about sharia.

I mean got a tiny percentage of Muslims and most of them are probably not terrorists are associated with terrorism. Why should we be thinking about sharia law.

We need to be thinking about you a lot right now. We have already documented 143 patent or scenario about what you have in the United States instead of the contribution in 20 to restate different career lot was established in the United States and Richardson Texas drinking prior to September 11 and that's why today after watching what's happening in Europe and feeling that it's already starting to happen in the United States. We need to stand strong in defense of our Constitution will limit limit. Yes, this I'm a obstinate Islamic good amount that a former expert in Judaism and in a religious Jewish community the loss and have their own courts still will work out their problems between themselves and people live by rabbinic law and they do their best not to go to the secular courts doesn't seem to be hurting anybody or danger. Why is it any different with Islam I become very different than Chris.

I remember fighting in our lives are based on Judeo-Christian values victim and today a Christian set of rules and principles so that when people got the Jewish court to work how different the family differences there a day or judgment compatibility at Concord decided to do it. I really just got some understeer, we outline a woman is worth, that of a man and woman have a right to custody of her children once they reached the age of six years old. They will become the property of the husband shall not be allowed to feed them or socialize with them or do anything with them encourages female genital mutilation you perfect example in America today, according to the CDC defendant for disease control, which came out with its report in America today. We have 513 girls critical female mutilation or already undergone the procedure and the girls. Dr. Brown happening on a downward by the United States were to break it Gabrielle different disease control and we got a longer segment. After this, but just in short, it is sharia law, monolithic, or are there more liberal aspects to it or are you oversimplifying things around by that occur in there no liberal affect the serial body.

I do think that with food, Vincent may have been praying and E etc. and that's fine. We have no problem with that.

Whether you want to watch their hands before the meal are not what would the problem is that so we outline it completely different than I want Judeo-Christian value system because it has no respect for human right it, the killing is decisively killing the BBQ community great is the wave. My friends say it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I guess Brigid Gabriel. You can read more about her at ACT! for ACT! for she's the author of the book. They must be stopped. Brigitte, when you speak of. They in your book. They must be stopped.

Who are they are doing a radical Islamic bank on our destruction. I don't are committing character packs around the world today. I don't want to beheading people don't run and that people with a knife but we, in Detroit in Michigan, Flint, Michigan yesterday and verify the radicals that I am talking about because we need to come together as people in the last question you speak to David B and we need to come together as a united front to find the radicals who are bent on our destruction. I you launch these marches in a number of different cities marches against sharia and the perceptions away the liberal media would report this if you are the bad violent guys and the protesters are the progressives what actually happened that these marches were ironic the way you expect from the media bring everyone together. We were all united against every we brought people from all community. For example, the market in New York was organized by PDQ members Michael J. Guy I the market here if you thought it was organized by a Jewish mother marking a plant that was organized by a Muslim man named speaker speaking well. We had an Iranian doctor, Dr. Nabel from Virginia Beach from Iran, in speaking about sharia law, bringing the lady live on deck for all and for becoming an apostate Bay by Becky Manning a Christian man government had her in shackles in jail and point you gave birth to her child and only after international interference that she was able to come out brought together to shine a light about female mutilation in the United States in the United States about United States department came out with a report saying that in America today. We have between 23 and 26 murdered honor killings per year in the United States. I confided with the bombing of the nightclub at the nightclub and nightclub would be to become a nightclub. We want Americans to come together and basically trying to educate people about carry him a plate and scream about and I break the premium though speaking the truth of the human right. Then there were even some attacks on your marches once or black lives matter and their cronies. After the come out and protect New York State to Ewing on the reporter marking the story and there were multiple across the nation not right but they were called from the fight of been put up the basically create violent so maybe you can shed some light on this, but the same leftists that so militantly opposed conservative Christians and conservative Christian values.

They seem to side with Islam which is obviously far more conservative and are in a radical sense but also violent in its methods and means what you think that is how your hair economics with an agenda about bringing them together is their common hatred of everything we stand for America different in the way we think about America when you see for example people like Linda first floor will come them of the Palestinian activist sharia law.

When the Palestinian family linked to terrorism. Many members of her family are in Israeli jails, terrorism, and was investigated for carrot in question like that made an interview that you gave to me last month about how the offender is basically funding her you incoming radiation coming from the affected group, Inc. DBA D in the coming together and pulling their resources to literally bring down America. We now stand against you that we hold dear.

American remake of an image.

Everybody come here. We should not be able to free speech. We should not be able to demonstrate peacefully and express our opinion. Americans need to be a way of people Right now for and become a member.

We are no national security or limitation United States and 50,000 members and a breakdown in chapters nationwide time for Americans to come together from all faith from all backgrounds from all gender, or from all walks of life to come together put differences aside and come together and defend our freedom and our Western value. And since if you think anything my just to say this is extreme just like to look into it look and look at the level of radical left opposition these days from campus protest against speakers. They differ with the two professors wishing that that those in the sub just died to people saying your representative Scalise deserved to be shot because he was conservative. I mean look at what's happening. Study George Soros and this is not some while conspiratorial theory Brigid Stark about the rule. Watch this unfold in front of her eyes.

We are we are ignorant to our own shame hate last question for you.

You speak of Islamists you speak of radical Muslims and NI. I fully believe there are many peaceloving Muslims will pour the terrorism or are they true Muslim so that's that's the big question can you be a true Muslim and really opposed terrorism and genital mutilation or as a true Muslim a bad person, Following the commandments of the car and cannot be my like my mom and what we think is a mileage level very clear on how to do the encrypted and how to deal with the people of the book, which is funded into the Christian convert, submit or die due to the encrypted estate alignment with the production would become second class citizens of the meek shall they when we get on what we call Islamist debating with Michael Islam about the sound of the wicked-Al Qaeda, finally Linda debate because the lot, client is under five understand the religion who do not call for violence against the infidel who do not call for hearing a girl consummating the marriage at nine years old who do not believe that your wife is worth half of what you are that you can become vapor. You can kill your daughter in the name of Connor reading through Islam and Islamic people. According to him and wants him to be when you doing right now is exactly what we had people have sex with a nine-year-old girl and declared war on people and don't live in the property that booty up of building women were stoned for adultery and Christianity have reformed our religion had not been reformed when we have them speaking like that would be just a colleague of mine and I respect him. Even Great American want to kill anybody that you think you want to practice Islam reformed Islam in his own mind that we were talking about. And that's not reality. Americans need to understand why he heard it loudly and clearly go to act for PG under you do hundreds thousands of entries. Thanks for being so passionate very much. Have a great day all right I just want to add one comment to the Christianity before me much about that I get to celebrate that your calls to light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown how the word changed was on the we just know as word of praise comes from Hebrew who Schiano who Schiano is, literally, oh say please save as and save the King and this cry of oh God, save, save the King protect the king that then became just a word of praise to God, just interesting how come if shifted in meaning.

So this is one click, I want to make. I just didn't have time to make it rightly before the sink by them. I guess Brigid Gabriel II do not see the need to reform quote Christianity is much as to go back to the purity of the New Testament faith if we do that yes will have a strong moral basis. Just will differ with gay lesbian activists. We will be a radical life-giving force in the world. If you go back to Islam in the spirit of Mohammed the Quran say that you will have an oppressive faith more than a liberating faith, 86634 let's go to Sarah in Maine. Welcome to the line of fire will sorry there, like I guess I guess we lost or how are I guess he enjoyed listening to Brigitta and then had to go okay. That gives me a minute, then to change subjects a lot, but it will tie-in with my last guest okay I said that when Brigid Gabriel is talking about the forces on the left and people funded by by billionaire George Soros and various things like that that this is not some conspiratorial theory that they on the one hand, Satan wants to destroy the human race is the ultimate conspiratorial theory that's based on spiritual reality.

Satan wants to destroy the human race so he hates everybody and wants to destroy everybody and summaries marked for destruction more than others because they're more dangerous to his cause okay but but it is clear that there are groups working together see the SPLC. The ACLU they have similar ideology similar goals there funded with hundreds of millions of dollars, and in so many cases they are on the other side of the issue from us. They are against our freedoms of religion they they have reviewed Gabriel and and me on on different hate list leaders of of hate groups and things like that so it's not conspiratorial now.

At the same time I read she earlier in in the broadcast from this complete wacko posts that that we held off from being allowed to put on YouTube that it's of the Vatican's Jewish Mafia wants the human Gentiles exterminated from Europe and the Muslims are Jews and of the most skilled gents, it'll honor, not craziness.

Okay, those type of conspiratorial theories know that they are just what they are civil.

How do you tell the difference between what you do best to study issues and you do your best to see what's really out there and you do your best to separate fact from fiction, so I put out a little video the other day just difference between Alex Jones of in force and me. Now when I say in the video of only thought of a little. What's because he's on radio with six days a week is been for years and years. So if I listen to him here and there and read him here and there. That means a foam, a little dismayed. I don't have a good idea for his coming from. I probably read or watch more videos and post from Paul Joseph Watson unenforced than Alex Jones and there's a lot that's posted that I agree with this lot is posted there that really does expose left-wing extremism and dangerous violent left-wing radicalism absolutely and there's a lot I think is complete trash and disgraceful in an ugly and and ought not to to see the light of day ever right to post it on to say it's it's so off so completely off that you can see that the light of day.

But of course free speech recited little post with the one post that we listen agree or disagree or choose not to listen at all. But here's what I found interesting, and after I have to say surprising again. I post certain things that I know. Okay, here comes the attack here comes that that is the blasting and I know it. I don't have a say so I really get blessed so I do my best to be accurate. I do my best to speak the truth in love. If I'm burned about something else be candidly but I do my best to speak accurately, as opposed to just using inflammatory words is a three-minute post on the street Alex Jones in the essay you be totally sincere when I said that I would like. I so suppose like you're saying is not so no I are you be totally sincere. I meant to. I mean what I say if I'm using sarcasm intentionally that I mean the opposite of what I say but you get it because I'm being sarcastic when I give you hundred examples of the slippery slope in Seo and there is no slippery slope than you instead of being sarcastic so I everybody totally sincere. Don't know the man he may not have a monetary bonus body may do everything we does for America and for the cause.

It could believe it all could be true. My issue is that I was surprised to see a number of people saying Dr. Brown I fall you all the time and I love Alex Jones to and how could you differ with him while I'm glad folks follow me, that devotedly and it regularly and and if this talk shows and by the vicinity also and I love ever mention them on the air before that the last the last week, but but that the fact of the matter is that I I find it striking.

I mean, I listen to some branch of his head to shut them off the most extremely vulgar and ugly, and it just off the complete off-the-wall statements and were not sure if he is a Christian or not.

If you're Christian you don't say those things you don't behave in that way is pretty. Basically we know people by their fruit. So I was just a little surprised to see some people say that's right terribly disappointed with you. Hey friends there some dangerous conspiratorial nonsense out there even even the entertaining the thought that the Sandy Hook massacre was was just a hoax by the government, even to have those also. I do not trust the government on tons of things I do not trust public statements for other who is the president.

I don't care I don't trust. Lots of things that are said I view tons of things with a grain of salt, but I was just candidly surprised there some things I've written and gone to Paul Joseph Watson thought, man.

You said it much better than anybody, well presented video there that's unenforced right is as well so not bashing all thing. I'm simply saying there is a dangerous conglomeration of mixing together of conspiratorial theory with reality. You know where to separate level yet I find that downright dangerous, and engage in any hey friends, we have resource awfully.

This week my book breaking the stronghold food and a DVD.

Great price. Check it out and asked Dr. Brown dog board, Islam, Judaism, anti-Semitism, Jewish Scriptures, you're Jewish related calls all come your way thoroughly through Thursday stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown patrons were joining us on today's really wish Thursday broadcast. I was sent an article a fascinating article and it is about a new book that I just ordered as soon as I saw discussed here did Hitler's obsession with the occult lose him the war Robert Carver on the spectator the Nazi war effort relied to an astonishing degree on dousing astrology and mysticism are explained dousing in a moment. As Eric Kerr Lander reveals his book called hist Hitler's monsters a supernatural history of the third rifleman to talk to about that in a moment this thoroughly Jewish Thursday, which means any Jewish related call or question of any kind. Phone lines are open and as you know if your regular listener. If you're Jewish person you differ with me, you differ with my faith in Yeshua as our Messiah. I welcome your calls within the context of the radio show them or the constraints we have with time frames do my best to dialogue with you about your differences now if you not aware I'm in the midst of a virtual video debate with Commissioner Rabbi Israel Blumenthal the way that we agreed to do it was a little different. I had wanted to do a live face-to-face debate and of wanted to do one for many years.

Rabbi Blumenthal from early on indicated to me that that was not his style that that was not his preference that he like to get things look at them in writing.

Consider them then formulate response was I like to do that too. But I love this back and forth, back and forth spur the moment just this be as prepared as we can both have added several early on, he made clear that he wasn't going to do that and he wrote several hundred pages in response to my 1500 pages of answering Jewish objections to Jesus.

Plus, my books will kosher Jesus plus a lengthy article chapter 1 of the Strobel's books, the case for the real Jesus and Anna. I've worked on some parts of responses to what he wrote to just time as it permitted me to focus on that. So he wanted to debate me and in a written form. I have the time to do it.

So we came up with this idea of okay 20 minutes 20 minutes. Let's agree on a topic so fundamental topic.

The real Jewish Messiah.

I give a presentation on who that is. According to Scripture with the Bible says about that. He is a presentation we don't see it in advance. We posted our respective future child the same day. 30 days later we each post a rebuttal to one another. 30 days later we post responses to the rebuttals in them were done and there is so you got 60 minutes each way. Again, we don't get to go back and forth in a normal debate setting or or cross-examine each other or anything like that. However however, we do get to present our differing views as clearly as we can in this format. So where to search through now the rebuttals have both been posted. If you haven't seen them go to my website. Asked Dr. Brown dog or cascade your browser or just click in the videos in the digital library and use either, but if you haven't seen any of it. Then go back to the opening presentation just escrow for Blumenthal searcher Blumenthal my website watch mind and want kids want to watch both alright then go to the rebuttals watch mind watches and soon I'll get to record my final response, which I am really looking forward to doing. I'm so thrilled to get this out because I believe the more clearly we present the evidence, the more clear it will be as to which way that evidence points come back going to your calls, your on 15. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. THIS is Michael Brown I'm delighted to be with you got a Jewish related question of intake some calls and then I want to give you more details about this latest volume, which is based in eight years of research about Hitler and the occult. Certainly a fitting topic for thoroughly Jewish Thursday. Let's try again to connect with Sarah in Maine at this your second chance are you there I am very Dr. Brown hello Mario doing fine, thanks. I would start okay one I didn't know you had. Every airline he is a wonderful and I fully support her and thank you for having similar sale and I am looking at your videos protect you anyway. But I'm looking at your video with and I'm really happy to you during May and experiencing some pushback from my Jewish brother who really went there staying in her but but let there and that is not divine and still my my concern is that if a right to man which we all know right along perhaps thereon. Another man, but it just became God tells us that the animal the creation can only atone for some not everlasting temporary NIC IQ network management when American life or someone on the a righteous man get up at night for someone temporary. It is not everlasting, not eternal, though there's pain that you shall it get demand from below is not divine, but he did give up that life and that he is divine and the whole Gospel of John, guiding that the gospel of John proved that issue is that he is not God and not divine which I didn't really there there seriously misguided and in slippery slope into major there ready in major error employment fact if you look in John XII chapter. Disappoint Dr. James White and I raced repeatedly when we debated Sir Anthony posted and Mr. Joseph Goode a few years ago which was broadcast.

We had went back to this text over and over that in John 12 with reference to Isaiah 53.

Speaking of the suffering Messiah. It says that that Isaiah wrote this in about the one that he saw. He saw his glory in Isaiah 6 where he sees the Lord high and lifted up and strengthening the temple. John tells us that that's the same one as the suffering servant of Isaiah 53 when Yeshua speaks in John 17 about the glory he enjoyed with the father before the world was created when John wanted Colossians 1 and Hebrews 1 tells us that everything was created by him and through him that he is before all things, when Revelation 5 says that every creature in heaven and earth is going to worship the Lamb and and the father then if the Lamb is not divine than those of a lamb is stealing glory from God. Revelation 22. It says that the throne of God and the Lamb.

One throne will be there, and his servants will serve him, not them and see his face, not their faith. So to two downplaying deny the deity of Messiah is this terribly dangerous and ultimately makes a mockery of the gospel because you're right it saying a fellow human being, however perfect you might have been to die for the sins of the entire world.

There's no possible basis for that. Not only so that that the Jewish tradition. This is the death of the righteous atones for the sins of regeneration again@eight that is a Jewish concept that I have used 2.2 the ultimate truth of the gospel, and it has some roots in Scripture but but very limited because it's it's looking at people is as if you could be that righteous it in yourself, but the bottom line is even that teaching says it's with repentance and it's only forestalling judgment for the generation. It's not marking someone's eternal soul.

I can only bank not every letter right yet so that the whole thing will look if we say that issue is divine, then there that's that's a fundamental stomach bug to Judaism know all we have to says this is faith in the one God.

His faith in his Messiah that were not that all faith in the Messiah's faith in God that act through Yeshua glory comes to God the Philippians to which takes the words of Isaiah 45.

That's where were Yahweh with the Lord says every knee will bow to me and every tongue will confess it takes those and applies them to Jesus.

Yeshua, which would've been blasphemous if he himself is not the divine son but then it says it's all to the glory of the father so the song serves as a magnet to draw praise and glory and honor from the world to God the father. That's with the son does so were not dividing our loyalties and there's there's a Messiah and there is God resetting the God is our Savior were putting our trust in the one true God who reaches out with his arm with his son with the Messiah to save us from our sins.

That's that's what's taught in Scripture to make him into a glorified man is to bow down to a heretical spirit and heretical belief, and ultimately to deny much of Scripture because the sun appears in the in the Hebrew Scriptures in advance and if he's just a glorified man, then how could he be appearing in advance so the Tay. Honestly, it was great to team up with Dr. White. We made a really good time right are different styles ate it and I was really, really need to do it but I have to say it's an easy debate to win because Scripture so clear. To be honest Unitarian are not a threat. Unitarian and so I booked my brother Annie Unitarian all know you shall not why he was going to at them that he came into the thinking is not far above other than low shade above are made about aberrant Iran and that the whole place went aberrant on that whole situation will it get you back before our ham was even considered before he was even born deaf or even wise.

I am all one that can referring to Opera again by you know I'm putting it down on the altar and what would come back now, everything to do with the words that were above and pre-existing the word coming to the flash and Yeshua here in the were going on right exactly and when he says, before Abraham was, I am working there in Greek a go. Amy immediately brings you back to sayings of Yahweh in the Hebrew Scriptures and if you speak in Hebrew, Aramaic, you would immediately tie you in which she would a bit.

I would tie you in with the the I am that I am passages in, for example Exodus that the third chapter and not not only so when he says and it says in John 13. He knew he had come from the father and was going back he come from God and was going back to God is a system of a human soul. The settlement who came down from heaven sent to some of the human soul.

This says about anybody else in the Bible that we came down from heaven when we were born with these folks fail to understand is that the willing stripping of certain divine prerogatives so that he did get tired and have to eat and sleep and and he did feel pain. Eddie did tell Charlie I learned to walk, so the same way when it came to his ministry. He was anointed by the spirit to do the work, which is why he's called Mysia the anointed one. Yes.

So I do appreciate you. You following the debate with Rabbi Blumenthal and I'm really really looking forward to the rebuttal.

As I told Rabbi Blumenthal.

I wish I could've done it the same day because gets my style instantly want to respond if you will will both get to reflect lay things out. Hey, I just got a minute before the break, but overall, watch the debate watching both sides. What you learn from it.

How are you enjoying it. How are you liking it.

I am actually enjoying the bar I'm enjoying and waiting and waiting and thinking okay Lane. This one point here because it going to. Am I going to theater under third video but I am very appreciated and I think you're obviously doing an extra job. There's a reason why respond here is speak my language. We think the same.

I learned from you. Will you know you're very helpful to me and I'll I and I are entirely Blumenthal eyelid.

He did respond and that he is taking the time he's being very good with it.

I I am very yet, but I clearly see that your point. There are very pretty. I and although he does address some of them nodded, not interacting but I believe are the critical line that brings his argument is not as I appreciate you weighing in. Glad to have you as a student, Sarah and a custom friendly truth triumph will be back with more of your calls the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown him yesterday. White and Robert Spencer.

If you missed it, go to the one and you can listen to two hours in their entirety for start talking with Dr. White about interface dollars with conservative Muslim leader second hour debate between Robert Spencer and James White on the true nature of Islam. Here's a book by Mark Anderson, Mark Robert Anderson, the carotid context of Christian exploration in chapter 13 chronic spiritualities political dimension. The chapter begins with this paragraph, we can truly understand across political dimension only within its seventh century Arab context in which virtually all religion was geopolitical, military, G hot religious tolerance in the law of apostasy or three practices vital to this dimension of spirituality. Despite efforts on the part of moderate Muslims today to collapse this entire dimension into a modern notion of pluralism. Historically Mohammed struggled G hot against unbelief in the world became militarized within two years of his coming to power.

Medina has the tolerance promulgated by the cross extended only limited religious rights to subjugated monotheists protected by treaty within a context that ensure their community steady decline.

In addition, the law of apostasy made Islamization a one-way street. Since conversion from the Muslim faith, was punishable by death. Though eminently practical. All three spiritual practices fit within a success oriented externalized ethic and they diverge widely from the nonviolence, religious pluralism and freedom inherent in the New Testament the core of which is a kind of humility and love absent from the Koran of said many times that summit up the fundamental difference between Islam and Christianity or Islam.

The mess in the Jewish faith is the difference between Mohammed and Jesus Yeshua, 86634 let us go back to the phones in Cedar Grove North Carolina taught welcome to the line of fire like Dr. Brown year got hurt. Whittled about equated but I have about am a quick vehicle. According to your research. If the what do you believe that the euro and father were spoke about of the Old Testament.

You would think that this would get more attention because it's so fascinating and interesting, but it may not get more attention because we we don't know for sure so that in Hebrew ream and to mean or literally lights and perfections and this is part of the. The priestly breastplate or the priestly garments and it was used for discerning the will of God that you are trying to find out what God wants you to do.

Should we attack the enemy or not. Is this a good thing to do or a bad thing to do and you go to the priest to have that room and the two men and he would consult these for you and then tell you okay go to war. Don't go to war. What exactly was this we really know very very little about it some major theses have been written on it, but I'm not sure that that anything definitive or anything near definitive has ever been said. One theory is that these were lights on this. This priestly apparatus and when the will of God was being consulted that they would light up a certain way and could be all ill, alternating lights are both at the same time or only one or only the other and then the priest would then know how to interpret this, but here just to I made that is as good an explanation as any that I've heard suggest, for example of the here. Here's the encyclopedia of the Bible. Baker encyclopedia of the Bible that room into me or to untranslated Hebrew words which might mean lights and perfections refer to some kind of stones or tokens which the ancient high priest of Israel used for discovering the will of God. Theories abound, but most guess that there was something like hang on this schoolbus screen there that they were something like dice or coins which had to land upright or upside down. One idea again others. There were lights that would go on or off when Exodus 2030 there were kept on or in the breast piece of the high priest there not mention from the time of Saul and to the time of Ezra Nehemiah when they were used for re-accrediting returned priest in for similar 1441, the Greek translation preserves what may have been lost from the Hebrew original mention of them in connection with Saul's effort to determine guilt in his army that they could give answers to true false or yes or no questions as evidence from this verse.

Hence, the system was akin to casting lots but again beyond that Todd we don't know if somewhat mysterious and what I'm telling you in terms of the Hebrew probably means or the words would most likely mean lights and perfections and the different series with a cast like lots were they like dice with a lights that went on that's that's about all we can speculate we don't know anything beyond that operated a Dr. Brown agar for better quality food you verify what curiosity had about Walt so that early strikeout debate yet you know when I've envisioned it may be because that first word ream lights and because of the individuals that would be in the breastplate in the various garments of the priest would wear it out. I thought of it in of lights.

It's kind of a cool idea, but obviously is only so much communication I could come from it and notice if they were like the stones that within be rolled or that could be as well below the other thing it underscores to be, though Todd is is that the people of Israel did not have the relationship with God that we have and the ability to hear God the way we do, and that relationship where we don't have to go to work, profit to get a word from the Lord. We don't have to cast lots.

We don't have to go to a priest to having to find the will of God through oriented to me. We can seek the face of God we can ask him to lead us and guide us. Of course we read his word. We live by the principles and teachings of the work, but also the Holy Spirit is at work in our lives and that he leads us to God's as he convicts us that we can have that would people refer to as a check in their spirit. They just note note sums wrong here, with a feel that overwhelming sense from the Lord that he's in something I remember years back when I wrote the book the end of the American gospel enterprise I had at manuscript form and and I I started telling people that Leonard Ravenhill was gonna write the forward to it that he was a great man of God from 1907 to 1994 were very close last five years of his life a great prayer warrior authoring prayer and a great revivalist author and revival most famous respect what revival tarries he did know me from Adam. But I I knew is correct. The forward to the book. I told the publisher I told a friend of mine that was going to have me on radio Leonard Ravenhill's North forward to this book before we never communicated and Nancy said to me, did God tell you that I said no, but it's all over me. I just know it. I knew I knew that I knew that I knew I didn't hear a voice I just knew that I knew that I knew Scott's which of course he did. Then we became close friends last five years with life and it was invaluable to me in so many ways, but I just knew it several patients can assess and yeah I hear that part of wisdom but the spirit of God leads us and guides us and speaks in accessible moments only way.

Sometimes we just know that we know the living room and the two men will be right back.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown delighted to be with you today. Here's number to call 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884 with your Jewish related calls in a moment want to talk to about it off Hitler and the occult. But first, an article on the world Jewish campus anti-Semites are winning. This is posted earlier today. Campus anti-Semites appear to be succeeding in their brutal campaign to intimidate Jewish students. It's a self-hatred in opposition Israel according to Jerusalem Post a new poll has shown that Jewish student support for Israel dropped 27% over last six years. Notice that not non-Jewish student support for Israel but Jewish students support for Israel dropped 27% of less six years. The report states the reason for this is an American view see Israel is failing to uphold liberal values, which emphasizes the hypocritical tech pro-Palestinian and anti-Semitic activists make an additional number of Jewish students who support the Palestinians jump by 11% of Aleuts the remains.

Thankfully over 13% number of non-Jewish students supporting Israel also dropped by 17%. On the one hand, I appreciate the fact that these Jewish students don't automatically disable whatever Israel does is right and Israel get with it get away with anything and we don't care right so it is an end point of fact and in point of fact, the whole idea that Israel is viable of criticism or to stand with Israel means that you sanction everything Israel does with it, Israel is always right. In the past and is always wrong. That is an overly simplistic monolithic way of looking at things is not righteous is not just an is untruthful.

Do I personally believe that Israel overwhelmingly more wants peace of Palestinians in the post is well with Israel. Broadly speaking, yes. Do I believe that the policies of Israeli government would lead to freedom for the Palestinians were is the policies of the Palestinian government would lead to destruction of Israel. Yes, I believe that God has brought the Jewish people back to the land that Satan wants to destroy your presence that yes and I believe injustice and I believe in fairness and I recognize that my Jewish people are flawed and fallen and that the Palestinians are created an image of God, the same way as the Israeli Jews are and that we all need a Savior that we all need a Messiah July also believe the old adage that if the Israelis season if the Palestinians were to put down their weapons, there'd be no more worth is rosewood a put down their weapons would be no more Israel. Yes, I I also believe that I do however I believe Israel certainly can be criticized. I believe Israel can certainly be held accountable. I believe it's one of the beauties of Israel that you have Israelis criticizing Israel and Jews criticizing Israel and and Jews standing up for the Palestinians and Israelis to have the Palestinians us and not be treated fairly. I think it's great that they can happen that Israel provides a platform for that to happen.

So the one hand I'm good that these Jewish kids in college and not just automatically siding with Israel against the Palestinians. However, I believe there hearing a false narrative. However, II believe it. It indicates that they are listening to propaganda and that there liberal values are so liberal with the nonbiblical that they are part of a progressive left, which is ultimately in every body's worst interest because it will turn on itself and die. It's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

I have for me is related reasonably Jewish tradition, questions about belief in Jesus Yeshua the Messiah Jewish background to the New Testament. Those kinds of things always appropriate on thoroughly Jewish Thursday. I am about to focus on a fascinating new book just ordered it only read an article about that of read some things about this in the past. A new book on Hitler and the cult before I go there, though I wanted to interject this in yesterday's debate between Robert Spencer and James White about the true nature of Islam, but there was no point in which I could do it without taking away from their time so I ended up not doing it, but it Gamble will help you to understand the different dimensions of Islam that that you do have some groups of Muslims that advocate a more peaceloving faith might guest earlier today.

Brigitte Gabriel said that they are moderate Muslims who are trying to reform Islam rather than Muslims. True to the original spirit of the faith which she would say needs to be reformed. There's a lot of debate about that. In other words, is a peaceloving muscle, no different than like a gay Christian other words, they are departing from the historic faith in order to hold to their views, so there liberal not not true adherence of the faith. That's a fair debate and discussion to have.

But there is an excellent helpful book by believe a Jesuit priest who is an expert in Islam, Samir Khalil some ear. He's not a Zionist. By the way, is not pro Israel. He's is not an apologist for Israel and against the Koran or something like that. I find it to be fair-minded and massively more expert in the Islamic sources than I am. So, in his book 111 questions on Islam that he says this and adheres that the question being answered. Let's just see you. He's discuss okay the Koran says there can be no constraints in matters of faith sit in the Koran. There exist versus in favor of religious tolerance and other verses that are openly opposed to tolerance of how you sort these things out well. We are told that there is the principle of abrogation right that because within the Koran you have conch contradictory versus so one verse theoretically, God says, go left, always only and in another verse, God says go right always only just making this up right will how having a B12 in another verse.

The Koran says that God can say wants go left. Always only because that apply then but now we can say go right always only okay well I'm reading it 500 years later. Which is it well then there's lot abrogation that the later command the second command abrogates the first command and this is commonly known, the tolerance versus the versus it is no constraint, religion that's before Mohammed had the supremacy bureau before Mohammed was was ruling and reigning is a political leader. Once he was. Then it was the violent versus the militaristic versus the oppressive and suppressive versus so they the simple principle would be the later versus the violent versus abrogates the earlier versus what's interesting though is that it's not always that simple. In Islamic theology and jurisprudence.

So here's what Samir Khalil Samir says he says I speak about the violence expressed in the Quran and practiced in Mohammed's life in order to address the idea widespread in the west, that the violence we see today is a deformation of Islam.

We must honestly admit that there are two readings of the Koran and the sooner Islamic traditions connected to Mohammed one that opts for the verses that encourage tolerance towards other believers, and one that prefers the verses that encourage conflict, both readings are legitimate. Confronted with these contradictory versus the Muslim tradition was obliged to find a method of interpretation called the principle of the abrogating and the abrogated. So, in Arabic, see while monsoon this theory is simple. God, after giving a disposition on order can give an opposite order for contrary reasons is in a matter of knowing which one was God's last order which cancels and abrogates the preceding disposition. Now going to jump and make his comment were normally told him to have a David would dry meet next week to talk more about Islam only told what simple the later versus yearly versus yearly versus of the peace and tolerance versus the later versus a Nevada versus that simple. Some believe it is that simple.

But here's what Samir says the problem was faced by many exegetes who wrote long treatises titled on the abrogating of the abrogated without unfortunately reaching a consensus that allows a clear statement about what versus fabricated others.

The principle of the abrogating the abrogated has its foundation in verse 106 of the cow, which is the second sooner than the second server second chapter quote this is to verse 106 chapter 2 verse 106 the cross if we abrogated verse because it to be forgotten will replace it by a better one or one similar. Did you not know that God has power over all things Trinitron, but again Islamic theologians, exegetes, jurists have different about what abrogates what so for some is very simple terms of Islamic scholars and and terrorists and everybody in between some of the terrace are scholars boa and InSync don't hear the violent ones abrogates the piece once of say no it's not that simple. And they argue back and forth because that was one situation. Then outs in the situation that this reminds me of something Jewish. So it get into this and then switch over to the Nazis and the occult. When I was in grad school. I was studying Arabic. This, my third year of Arabic II switch from a music major to Hebrew major in college and then learned other languages while in college.

I also studied Arabic for two years in college that I studied Greek for one year. I studied Latin for one year studied reading German reading theological German Sally German for one year and I studied Yiddish for one year was the smartest thing to take six languages the same time Hebrew, Arabic, Greek, Latin, German generation each of those two very closely related to the other, but I did that and then and in grad school. I continue my studies of Hebrew then added Syriac Aramaic added Cisco juvenile Riddick, Babylonian, Assyrian edit these little dialects that we had in some of some inscriptions, Phoenician, Punic, Moabite, you just have fragments of these languages and continue to study Arabic took the third year of Arabic and that's right studied side by side with some Muslims. As we be reading that Arabic texts together and of something over eight very devout as they would respond if they belong to a couple guys want to different sects, even though we only had three devout Arabs in one class of mine. They are two of them would go out to pray at different times that the take a break at a certain point in class but they had slightly different petitions. I thought this is like the church, but what I found interesting. As I was reading Koran and commentaries on the Koran. Is it very much reminded me of reading the Hebrew Bible with rabbinic commentary there both somatic books. They both come from Semitic peoples and certain similarities in language and style and in certain Jewish influence on Mohammed and his traditions, so I I found that fascinating is as I was doing them. Arabic was sharper than I hope to regain it and still dream of matzoh and sharper than it's ever been. But this whole thing about the abrogating of the abrogated which is which and and dispute on that there is in the Babylonian Talmud, a phenomenon called take to its Aramaic word take to the Hebrew equivalent to stucco and let it stand and it occurs at 300 times in the Babylonian Talmud and what it is is is a debate a legal debate where one side argues one thing emissaries.

The other goes back and forth and back and forth and it'll come to conclusion in the. The conclusion is taken, let it stand and then the the letters for take who the TY shoot you. TY K you those those letters were then taken as an acronym basically say the Tish bite Elijah the Tish bite will decided when he comes, but it's funny will have this lengthy discussion of the arguments back and forth as a cruise right in the conclusion is Decided take to let it stand.

It's interesting in these legal documents books that you will have this discussion and then end up with a no conclusion. I come back with something fasting while chilling Hitler file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown mean I love hearing right before show them love that 30 to 30 citizens. Michael Brown 8663487884B been following my online video debate with Rabbi Israel Blumenthal on the real Jewish Messiah is not go to my website. Asked Dr. Brown dog org go there and by all means, just scroll down the digital library you'll see my recent rebuttal to Rabbi Blumenthal. Then we have a link to his rebuttal to me and then as well, or opening presentations from one month ago, 8663 for sure okay. I had read stuff earlier I had read stuff earlier about this and never researched and carefully made sense to me that there was a demonic element in a brief central way important way in life of Hitler or his henchmen because of the madness of what they did, indeed, the horrific nature and human nature of what they did but a new book is out, Hitler's monsters of supernatural history of the Third Reich by Eric Kerr Lander will get him on the air one day to talk about it and this article by Robert Carver couple days back in the spectator from the UK, so listen to this right. Here's the article begins summarize the book we came to power, Hitler had a dowser scour the right chancellery for cancerous death race before flying to Scotland. Rudolph has had his horoscope drawn up by personal astrologer Hitler back research on the holy Grail and medieval devil worship Lucifer is him and sent an SS expedition by the Explorer chart. Dr. Ernst Schaefer to Tibet in 1938 to investigate the ancient Indo German Re: and origins of Buddhism. Himmler also found the SS which is division which collected evidence in Eastern Europe in the second world war, the Teutonic wise women had been persecuted and burnt in a Jewish Catholic Inquisition plot against Fox's focus German culture so that the popular culture of the of the German people in 1939 globals set up late at night reading the prophecies of Nostradamus, which he revealed to an enthusiastic furor is evidence that the British were soon to be defeated and Carver in his article says one peak could be forgiven for thinking the above might be the fevered imaginings of a Hollywood schlock movie producer. The midnight fantasies of pulp comic writer of pulp comic writer.

In fact there the sober truth just for the immense trove of bizarre material on Nazis and the supernatural that eight years of research by Eric Kerr Lander has uncovered of and this old dowser thing here that will The British had a SDI sealer radar to find German U-boats as stick or raider find German U-boats, the German Navy had the pendulum dousing Institute in Berlin here over a large map of the Atlantic, a 1 inch model battleship was moved about as an expert in pendulum dousing swung a metal divider on string above the map watch by fascinating German admirals if the pendulum wasn't pendulum dowser reacted over the toy ship. This indicated a genuine British battleship in the vicinity.

It goes on and on. The again. I had read some stuff I had read some stuff in terms of the Nazis and the occult.

Over the years never researched it in depth, but had read some stuff and it was thoroughly believable to me but even talk about it much because I hadn't had the time to research it for myself or to verify that someone else had researched for himself or herself. This seems to be the guy who's done it more than others. Yes others have come before Errico ended but he seems to be the one that has really done it and that it's it's wild to read into the crazy nature of it that the more absurd it is.

It seems the more they believed it, but another aspect to the dark side of Nazis. Yeah, hate Wayne. I'm just going to answer your question because I don't have time to bring you on the air right now when Mechanicsville, Virginia. Is there an order of importance with Jewish holidays yes and no. Yes, and that you'll keep or the day of atonement, the 10th day of the seventh month, the month of Tishri originally for September, October is considered to be the holiest day of the year so on that level. Yes, that is is true. You could say that. However, they are all considered sacred and important traditional Jew puts massive preparation into the Passover celebration or the building of the sukkah and the the living in the sukkah for periods of time during the feast of Tabernacles or the sobriety with which that the new year is welcomed. These things are taken with the utmost seriousness and are considered to be holy days, so yes there is a certain level greater importance and that your trip was considered the holiest day of the year, but on another level, they are equally important, they are all part of Jewish history, they are they are all part of their all part of the. The ongoing celebrating of covenant with God, all serving distinct purposes in the ongoing life of the nation and is I have been around and among the religious Jewish community over the years, having not been raised in a traditional home myself as I've interacted with traditional juice. To me the impression I have is that they are equally holy, equally important now is there is great emphasis put in preparation for say shovel both the feast of weeks feast of Pentecost as there is young, keep or officer level norming.

There's not the fast and the level of repentance leading up to it that in that case you still have that the counting of the old Mayor that the County of the days leading up to that the 50th day after the Passover and various other things like that that are sacred and important to traditional Jew in and of course every every week the Sabbath Sabbath observances of absolute paramount importance. A thank you for the question. It's it's a great question to ask right friends on the website. The digital library. We've got brand-new videos for you.

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