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You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 23, 2017 4:50 pm

You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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June 23, 2017 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 06/23/17.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Let's do it. You've got questions, we've got answers stalking for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown so it's it's really interesting. I'm sitting here with a smile on my face, waiting for the show to start. As we get to the final minute countdown finishing up the things I'm doing before printing up some things that I wanted to have in front of me and just sit here waiting like okay great I get to do radio again you get to call you and I get to find out what's on your mind.

I look forward to this with tremendous anticipation and I am thankful to God the opportunity to be here on the air.

To answer your questions and to discuss areas where we may have some differences so the phone lines are wide open.

See how wide as long as it's appropriate for Christian radio. The full monster that wide open. Or to put a little parameter on it. As long as it's something that intersects with all that we've covered over the many years on one of our radio broadcast, then the phone lines are that wide open, 8663423663487884 before I go to the phones. Let me answer an email question from Aldrich hello Dr. Brown we make the story of Jephthah and his daughter critical scholars of the Bible view this episode is hinting Yahweh approving of human sacrifice before being revised into the strict and ethical monotheism that is so familiar. In today's society judges 12. Of course a very difficult passages of Scripture difficult for ethical reasons and in point of fact, this has been addressed many times by scholars. Many readers wonder kid what's going on here. Jephthah somewhat controversial judge of Israel makes a vow that if God will help them in battle with the first thing that comes out of his tent of sacrifice when he returns now in saying that you understand that in the tent you have animals going in and out of me. That was normal life you lived with animals and things like that. So the last thing in his mind is thinking is that a child with his is going to come out, but that's what happens daughter comes out celebrating a things all know I got a sacrifice and then she says will just let me more. Never offer friends more than then he performs his round out doesn't say he sacrificed her some believe that if you read between the lines. What it means is that she was now separated never to marry. Never have children which would been a terrible curse in ancient Israel, and much of the world to this day she was consigned to be alone and live alone and that was the equivalent of sacrificing her the text doesn't say that the could it be that he actually did sacrifice it could be that was the state of things in ancient Israel at that time however there's nothing that says God was pleased with it if if this is what happened. This is an indication of how brutal and horrific things were in the days of the judges and just read what happens with Sampson's leader the nation to be sleeping around with pagan prostitutes and get in all kinds of trouble. The idea though, that this is some hint of the Lord approved human sacrifice. Critical scholars would suggest it is not a stitch of evidence for this. In other words, judges consistently assaying every every one did what was right in their own eyes. Judges is consistently speaking against the situation and and and all the authors that proceed judges. However, many wrote before judges all speak of Israel's idolatry or Israel's compromise for the sins of the sons of Israel and things like that so sweeping it under the rug so is a question that God revealed himself as the one and only God but his key people Flirting with idols and in this happen for many centuries. Really, up until the Babylonian exile. So there is not a stitch of actual textual evidence to support critical scholarly thesis. All right, we will be right back with your calls for and by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

I said dies in Judges 12, 866-34-TRUTH you got questions, we've got answers hate be sure to check out my latest articles and videos late last night I did I felt prompted to write an article that would simplify some of the discussion the difference between the faiths based on Jesus and the faith based on Mohammed, and I wrote an article on the key difference essential difference between Christianity and that's in speaking of the true faith of the New Testament that may be called Christianity today. There between Christianity and Islam is a difference between Jesus and Mohammed. The difference between the cross and the sword message of Jesus brings liberation. The message of Mohammed brings subjugation and I wrote the article, it's getting a lot of attention on different websites. You can read it asked Dr. you can also go there for my brief commentary about differences between Alex Jones of info wars and me as well as my rebuttal to Rabbi Blumenthal the link to his rebuttal with me all on the website ask Dr. all right. Let's go to the phones will start in Grand Rapids, Michigan Justin, welcome to the line of fire by Dr. White.

Dr. like Dr. Brown entered through Dr. James White really interact you to add together the debate that you done on election and things like that in a great help.

Thanks, question today is regarding the fourth commandment. West Michigan is a strong understanding that the fourth commandment in the New Testament basically applies the Lord's day and at the Lord, based on data. Data should be set apart and people love the point in Matthew 2420 talk about your flight not being on the winter on the Sabbath. What is your understanding of New Testament Christians are we called to set apart the specific day in line with the fourth commandment with the same restrictions yet. Let's first address. Matthew 2420 which works 100% against Sunday is the Sabbath argument. Jesus is talking to his disciples. There and tells them to pray that when when Jerusalem is going to fall to pray that their flight would not be on the Sabbath or during the winter. In other words, certain things are going to unfold. Pray that they don't unfold in ways that are totally detrimentally because if it's the Sabbath it's can be harder to travel because the nation is basically observing the Sabbath. If it's winters can be harder to travel and flee so you know you see the handwriting on the wall before the other people in Jerusalem. That's when you need to get out. It certainly applied to the generation that was alive in the second Temple was destroyed the travel during the Sabbath, Robinson winter would have been more difficult, but I believe that Matthew 24 has it and overlap where it applies to the end of the age as well. And that's telling us that there will be a Jewish controlled Jerusalem is of the Scriptures indicate and the assumption would be that the be travel restrictions on the Sabbath. During that time, and if this passage also applies to the end of the age would be telling you that the be Jewish believers in Israel at that time leaving before that the final judgment falls again if if this passage applies as well send it to be 70 Sabbath observance as well. In short, and and I've got some videos on this Justin. You can find them Esther to asking your Brown director search for Sabbath. In short, there is no New Testament command of any kind saying that the Sabbath was changed from Saturday to Sunday. Nothing you see, Jesus rose from the dead on the first day we correct correct doesn't say that begin the Sabbath symbol of Paul exhorts Christians of restricting 16th beginning every week to put aside money for an offer he was to receive when he came through Was essentially method in the Sabbath.

In other words, start the week off. First things first.

Honor God put money aside this even say that your gathering together and then you have and asked the 20th chapter that that Paul is speaking of the first day of the week. It could mean Saturday night, which by the Jewish calendar. The first day of the week and is he speaking late at night. He keeps on speaking Utica's falls out of the upper window there and Paul raises him from the dead, or it could be speak about Sunday night using Roman calendar, but either either way it's not saying that there was a change in Sabbath and in fact if they been the seventh, a Sabbath that would make sense and after that they gathered for an evening meeting on Saturday night and in Revelation 1 Johnson's he was in the spirit in the Lord's Davidson will let Sabbath who said it was Sabbath the Lord they considered simply mean a day when the Lord visited the Lords they could mean seventh day Sabbath. It could mean the day Jesus rose from the dead, but there's no background there to tell you and some scholars have argued that there is no indication that the Lord's day meant Sunday for quite a few years seventh of the fourth century, the church leadership formally makes a change in says that the Sabbath is not been changed to Sunday without any authority to do so. So in short, Justin the seventh, a Sabbath command to Israel remains as a covenantal injunction for the people of Israel. God never commanded it on the Gentile world. God never commanded it for the Gentile world. Okay, there's no New Testament indication of that in Colossians 2 says don't let anyone judge you based on Sabbath or new moons are feast days. Remember that the Sabbath is the shadow of things to come. The reality, the substances found in the Messiah. So I believe the principle of Romans 14 applies even though it probably didn't address Sabbath initially, but everyone be convicted in his or her own mind if over period of centuries Gentile Christians developed the habit in the tradition of honoring the Lord's resurrection on Sunday and sitting at the airport as a Sabbath. There is nothing saying that they couldn't do it but to say that Jewish believers shouldn't keep the seventh, a Sabbath or there is a specific new tester command ordering you to keep the seventh, a Sabbath or 1/8, a Sabbath, and if not the be punishment is not found in the New Testament hate Justin thanks for the call. Dr. White and I wish we could do better with the colors white browns pretty boring but it is what it is your some years ago I debated a rabbi in an Florida name rabbi silver and then after that I do debated another rabbi named Rabbi gold yet seriously, so we were really looking for the next debate with you rabbi platinum or a rabbi rabbi diamond to select that that that didn't happen. 866-34-TRUTHs we go up to Canada Anthony, welcome to the line of fire. I got around to calling you a quick question regarding top leaders that work on Berkeley is long minute. Luckily I can hear you yeah this is on speak right into the phone were good for my culprit question is undergirded by conduct the debate you moderated yesterday with Dr. Bender and Dr. White and here even if any activity did an article document how don't import and is not a different spirit to work for you two gentlemen to an alternative meeting representative about a lot of conservative who knows where they are out of God, but their work in an oligopoly you and I know a lot of Americans have a lot of portion of the country and country and freedom and the competition title. The God in American culture sometime. My question is related to giving advice for trying to reach Michael.

I know we have to try to meet them where they're at and we can just stop the conversation because we know Hotmail Christianity is true and Islamic not therefore I don't want or dialogue about the underlying assumption not Islam is true because it's not enough you like nighttime conservative neoconservative secular American made a grant from that so long as they don't kill anybody, and respect freedom and liberty of the competition they can do whatever they want. Of course we don't want to coordinate all credit unit that it will, but I don't either difficult financially.

So let's simplify this for you, Anthony, and I appreciate the question and you said you set up a bunch of things there. First, just a little a little clarity of the debate.

A modern sexy Wednesday between Robert Spencer and James White on the true nature of Islam is monolithic disability support violent subjugation of nonbelievers is it is that it in oversimplification and I only asked one question to each of the gentlemen and you can listen to that it's it's it's up on our YouTube channel Esther Gibran on YouTube just as a separate separate audio show by itself, but I only asked one question of each of them.

It was a different question and my questions pointed misdirection that Robert Spencer's goal is not evangelism of Muslims.

Robert Spencer's goal is to expose Islam is a violent and radical and to wake up the west to the danger of radical Islam and Dr. White's goal. James White's goal is to reach Muslims with the gospel. They have very different goals.

Therefore, little do is forgive you know you can decide for yourself better and convey the information you agree with this agreement, the purposes of different so I recognize say that Pamela Geller in the states try to reach Muslims with the gospel. She's Jewish himself distraught expose the dangers of his long different approaches, different reasons.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Looking back, friends to the line of fire, 866487884. You've got questions, we've got answers back to Anthony in Canada so in the states. There's no question that there is a strong patriotism for many, especially the conservative side, but that often for conservative Christians.

There is a blending between patriotism and the kingdom of God because America has certain Christian roots and certain biblical foundations in the midst of all of its flaws. It's easy to think of God blessing America and God being with America and God using America as opposed to primarily praying for the kingdom of God to come to America and change us. So sometimes conservative Christians that might enjoy my broadcasts also enjoy someone that's maybe fairly vulgar right wing may be extremist but very patriotic and and to me that can be a bit of a dangerous mix.

But when it comes to reaching Muslims. That's really simple. The out there either. They're going to be broadly speaking, fairly nominal, in which case their faith is not much deeper than the faith of a nominal Christian or a non-Catholic normal Protestant nominal Jew and it's it's in name only it's in word only and is not you build a relationship with the person share the gospel with them or there to be more religious in which case they will look at the commitment of many Christians in the West and think what what are you doing your very superficial that we are much more committed we are much more devoted and there it's it's good to have dialogue to understand what they believe and why.

To be ready to share. First, you share your testimony you have that you can talk about relationship with God because it's a foreign concept to them because of their their viewpoint of of all lobbying to transcendent to have a relationship with with with a manner with a woman you tell about God being your father about the assurance of forgiveness of sins and things like that asked them since they believe in Jesus to show I have ever read his words. Maybe the read some of the New Testament read some of the Gospels and pray that the Holy Spirit convicts them of sin and do your best, leading to lower than the many websites that have answers to their objections so I wouldn't think twice Anthony about issues of terms of radical Islamic security or patriotism.

That's a whole other issue I saw recently with the gospel. If I'm sitting extra muscle on the plane their fellow human being, but the difference between them and many other people is that if you're serious. Most of the very serious about their faith and therefore there's a much wider open door for me to have a conversation with them about faith quite real quick if you want to ask the homosexual related question for monster jam but go forward quickly if you can. Thank you Dr. Brown real quick about that. I Christianity will track down right answered yet invite or reckoning with a question we know all things correct about all the punishment often on sexual morality, and otherwise pointing to the Old Testament passages where climate history and the conduct going homosexual punishment for sexual behavior.

How do we address that now with Dr. by letting them know that no that's not on it started often on a we understand it immoral that we certainly punish homosexual behavior is because I was away yet that the way I dress that Anthony is very simple idea. I'd say number one Sabbath breakers were put to death. Adulterers were put to death others to a child. It did struck his father, mother, would be put to death. So homosexual practice was hardly singled out. There are a number of practices behaviors for which there was a death penalty. So start there real simple note, adulterers put to death. Sabbath breakers put to death and you say will how can there be rights you have to understand that God literally came down power and took his people out of Egypt with the greatest demonstration of power the world ever seen and spoke to the whole nation from Mount Sinai and said do this live by that they suggest me what you do, don't play games with that unification of it. That was also for certain point in time. The laws of the Old Testament are actually more humane than the laws of the surrounding ancient near East and this was to prepare the way for Jesus to come to the world and he is the Savior, and you send I've sin, but rather than God putting us to death right now.

He put his son to death for us. Will you accept his gracious offer your best to bring it back to you and me today and or responsibility before God a thank you for the question sir, 86634 let's go to Colorado Springs, Colorado Cliff, welcome to the line of fire like Michael Dr. like to talk in particular quite a while, on the debate between Dr. White and Ben and Robert wanted you if you recruit might take on that court.

Dr. Whited coming from you in August at the eight-year-old not not. Almost from want to embrace the orthodox view of the farm bill, which Robert Spencer not I would say the James position. As you can see there is one orthodox view of Islam because the sources are ambiguous, that that I would say is the difference you got got you wondering if what I noticed in their work away week youth clinic. You know what I like that I like a lot of Jake roach from know and using clinic, you know. I mean I understand that you don't all agree to try just with short on time so if you get if you could try to summarize authentic lottery so I'm good for you.

You may Robert Spencer take on it as a polemic against the clinic to debate, don't necessarily want that you know (like that interpretation yes yes for sure. In other words, and insert a rush I was just looking at the clock and want to make sure I could respond in a meaningful way, sir.

Yeah but Inc. in short, yes, for sure. Robert Spencer's argument that Islam will consistently go the way of violent subjugation of unbelievers or violent war against unbelievers was to say, okay, show me any major school of of Islamic jurisprudence, show me any Islamic nation that consistently lives by these principles and you'll see that they all go the same way that all the way of of violent Islam and then he mentioned one man of pseudonymous major cleric there who was actually put to death for challenging if you and James responsibly, but I proved my point to the fact that that this man calendars that view as a Muslim scholar means is not monolithic in the Robert Spencer's comeback is, but he was put to death for it so that's where you have that was the nature of the debate.

But, of course, Robert Spencer's argument would be the consistent argument that Islam by nature goes the way of violent subjugation and Dr. White should be. You've always had exceptions to that in Islamic history right up until the stain Islamic jurisprudence and theology and Robert Spencer again would say the consistency goes one way and one way only, but certainly that if you are looking to polemic size against Islam in general and say it is a violent faith that subjugates others and Robert Spencer's material would be very well use in that regard polemic to serve for the call. Much appreciated. If the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown hate money invites you to invite you to join in the discussion, not just here on the radio but watch the videos. Watch the video.

In this case video this with audio files of my discussion with James White about interfaith dialogue with conservative Imam right or wrong to do.

You can listen to it on a YouTube channel S. Dr. Brown, and then get engaged in the comments you agree or disagree that you can listen to the debate to Robert Spencer and James White on what constitutes authentic Islam is also up on the YouTube channel.

Listen to it and get involved in the discussion section. There, we welcome you to do it. You can also watch my ongoing debate with Rabbi Yisrael Blumenthal where I give a presentation on the real Jewish Messiah.

He gave him give the same time was separately recorded and posted in the same day. One month later we posted our rebuttals and then about three weeks from now doubling. We report post, our responses to one of those rebuttals that'll be it.

Three and three. So an hour on each side, get involved there.

There many Jewish people interact on YouTube who don't believe in Jesus issue may be of study this issue maybe want to interact with them. Or maybe you like Alex Jones you don't ask like Alex Jones you want interact with my video about that all there and if you want to just find everything in one place, then just go to our digital library – Dr. right-center for my emails this way you won't miss a single article or video display once a week. Here the new articles in the videos are summaries of everything that's up there and then you can just you want to watch on YouTube. Click on the link in take YouTube easily done get involved in the comments there and don't leave the website before you sign up for my free e-book a real eye-opener.

One of those that was an adventure to research a journey and adventure to write and then to condense into a little e-book for your seven secrets of the real Messiah. When you sign up from IE blasts you get that free 8663 freight 7884. Let's go to Clayton, North Carolina José, welcome to the line of fire. I got very well, thank you thank you thank you I appreciate being on the so you appreciate your leadership brand and teaching. I wanted to question but I also mentioned what it was all right compact comment on a question. You answered from a gentleman in Michigan concerning the fabric day and yet sent to at least see the sky.

We actually don't take calls on the Sabbath is we've debated over and over and we we refer he went to my discussion on the website. What happened was that I was asked a question about Matthew 2420 that's what our call screener was told it's turned into a Sabbath question so to be courteous. I answered that. But we'll leave that part out.

Just go to your your question about something else. Okay I very well.

Well, the question that I have been concerning. I feel I found in 2009 and I was not. I had a neighbor who wears around his neck and we were having a discussion about that and I was starting up a little bit more on what are you in all etc. etc. notice that I feel you thousand and nine had symbols and fund it lasts care of that kind of aspect, and I was curious after your take as to why a godly king biking. I would have §I've done some research on that from your scholarly background why he would have such simple on the yes there at that that is a very natural question and one of the first questions I had when I saw this clock is ticking so I can answer this on the other side of the break, but a seal belonging to King Hezekiah was discovered articles about it came out towards the end of 2015 and I'll explain how a seal refused to come back, but it has certain imagery on right at a two wing son this flight by ox symbol and containing a Hebrew inscription that reads belonging to Hezekiah, son of a cause, king of Judah. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks so much for got God answers so back to José in Clayton, North Carolina. So first, just for the sake of our listeners the way a seal would be used in the ancient near East. Let's say you had you had some kind of drug documents or something that you had some maybe you rolled up document that was an and then you would put this clay around it okay and which were then hardened and then if you had a seal should be like on your ring or something that you press that in and that would be the that would be like your signature or that would say okay own, own by so-and-so, so that the royal seal of of Hezekiah, which goes back to what over 2700 years, roughly, was was found in 2015. That's when reports were given of it but it seems to have pagan imagery on so there there a couple of possible explanations. One would be that idolatry was so pervasive in the kingdom of Judah. At that time that it was even found that Hezekiah seal that's highly unlikely, though, because he was a godly king who purged the nation of of idols and we even know that say when when Judah fell evidence of Judah falls about 130 years after this after Hezekiah and if you compare that to when Samaria fell 750 years between the two Samara in the north. The kingdom of Israel were there were more idolatrous. Judah in the south were there less idolatrous. You'll find, for example far more by all names in the north and far less in the South, that was the South become less idolatrous. Even though it was in serious sin. The other explanation would be just like Solomon's Temple was adorned with various images from pomegranates to angels and things like this that these were just looked at as symbols and images that may have conveyed to note. Good luck or fortune or something like that that would not idolatrous in themselves but were just part of the of the culture in the Star of David. Today is been used for centuries by the Jewish people, but it's also been used by Satanists and other groups. So to me that's that's the best explanation again. It could be that the paganism was that ingrained that even though Hezekiah fought against idols. There was the little idolatry mixed in. But but it seems unlikely. It seems more that these were just images that were not associated with paganism, but just with various parts of the culture were somehow seen.

It is as acceptable usage research that did you come up with anything better than that because those are the only alternatives I see.

I did hear from collar, after I was looking in my heart call or possibly that because of some of the connection. Judah had a lien with Egypt often believe that they might have used some of the time and showing you note some sort of solidarity between the two countries possibly now way of looking at it but you know my I heard some people try to fade anything like that. It like a credit sector to the Christian cross because I don't hold that, but even if it is that we have that doesn't connected to the cross.

Back then I yeah yeah isolate political lines of me that's that's that's possible. As as well because sometimes something that can be outright.

Pagan does not always stay pagan for example, my first trip to India. Had altar call for people to get right with God and a woman came up and said she was praying and I saw that she had the dot on her for head in which Hindus do when they worship, and so on like that and I told her wipe it off and she did immediately and she's repenting getting right with God's my first trip there and someone said you know for some of the ladies is just makeup.

Those it has no symbolism to it has nothing to do with Hinduism is just is just makeup for some soap Inc. it could be that innocent.

In that respect, it still strikes strikes us as odd. You know, but it could be that innocent hate José of my point was not to cut you off as a Seventh-day Adventist, but simply that the policy that are called is know about the Sabbath, but tell me if I'm stating your position correctly that the seventh day Sabbath is something that God gave universally to all people and that it is pleasing to him today for all followers of Jesus to keep all of the 10 Commandments which were specifically given by God and written by the finger of God and that it's a matter of obedience and disobedience with we keep the seventh day Sabbath, not with that accurately represent your position.

I and you know that is one of them were living in harmony with the commandment of God and all of them, not just nine of them.

That way I would look at God for being a doctor being saved, you know.

But I ask because we are anything were grateful for the foundation given to Margaret now.

Have there been any in the history of the Seventh-day Adventist movement that taught that Sabbath observance was necessary for salvation. While I what I could have been interpreted by those who were listening in, but I think that the main focus that was being brought out that the time where the logon was kind of being put on the background and the church felt that I've Christian people.

They meet every infant of the law of God as important and for Christian the fate well and they and you know my grace but I don't have to keep God's law to be contrary to the New Testament testimony, where Paul says that they actually abolition the law.

Nothing yet do away with yet to sit say this like I do believe that your is a Seventh-day Adventist pastor representing things as accurately as you can and that there many summative answers to fully agree with you I would certainly say that you can find literature over the years that would make it a matter salvation and perhaps your representing a a reform movement against that but let's agree on this Sabbath was given as a gift, and we should look at it as such and explore it as such hate.

Thank you for calling and much appreciated. 866342 we go over the Boston fab welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown Shabbat shalom. Almost there, okay no I am looking at your videos online. I will live. You to know I have question that I want proposed for everyone here because were talking about the debate what to video the debate with Rabbi and then be gone. He have active going now and then. You did a video on call and interestingly I ended up in the call thread comment that I'm getting from respondent about the weather. 90 G that the ratio is higher.

Though I have my own rebuttal, but I want to hear your Isaiah 11 I have here is God.

How can he fear himself number one if the you know it. If the act of God or God settlement by let's let's just do them one at a time just so very easy. The Messiah is the son of God in human flesh is fully God is fully manned so as man he prays to his father is man he eats and drinks and sleeps as man, he fears God. That's exactly what we've always believed okay and I have added that he let out in a way that the West became black and Kelly allowed the authority of the father.

You know he only stand and did what it father told him to do. Now he had his own thought is that I don't and handwritten are one of the Rabbi and I have my own thought about you, but only bottom line is delete. He is he slowly took on human flesh. The word became flesh. In the same way medically. He slept in the eight and he drank in his little baby he had learned to walk and talk fully took on human flesh and as such he feared God and he drew all attention to his father.

I agree. Now you need heal and I don't know where it particularly I have done. He get an inheritance and that you get back by armed God is silent now, but I'd like you doesn't say it doesn't say okay this reference to an agreement that I just met Frank's. This reference to a prince in the book of Ezekiel, but nowhere just say the son of David will will have sons and offer sacrifices or that the son of David's sons were the Messiah's sons will have an inheritance that's just trying to interpolate something from from other words of Ezekiel, but no rebuttal select is not there now know, the common objection is Isaiah 53 that Hill CC, which is then taken to mean physical offspring and the answer to that is that the expression CC this actually unique expression, Scripture, and Sarah C can simply refer to future generation or it could potentially refer to spiritual seed. Hence his disciples that we cover all that. All that is on a real Messiah website they would stay right there will will come back on the other side for your other questions and with you. Soundbite answers stay with us.

It's all your calls as soon as I can. 866-34-TRUTH. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, welcome back.

The questions we got answers and encourage again friends.

If you have a genuine beef with me genuine concern genuine if you call me it is far better than posting nasty comments on social media and in challenging me to respond when number one on public and see them to. I don't have time to respond. Number three. We could do far better with the conversation now if you want to talk feel free your your life. Your words go for it. I'm I'm blessed by God. Either way, however, if you want to be constructive rather than destructive. Let's have a discussion.

Maybe I could help you so you can help me. Maybe I can help you help me, that great let's do let's help each other 866-34-TRUTH okay back to fab in Boston. Keep going okay no I love that you know honestly guide commenting about all Dr. Brown and I give them your phone number I want to hear you between 14. Let's make it live but your brilliant enough for everyone to hear, let let you know challenge them directly. Don't don't go to those comment and and you know to me that the cowardly anyway. VM. The third point was that John one now course we all know that the book of John, get attacked irritably but that the fact that yet Jesus.

Sheila says that in the father wanted no one can come to the father but through me. I'm being told that the cobbler teaching and the ignorant cannot understand it properly.

Not really what it came I'm paying you now. I don't think either. Sheila is big on copying out Kabbalah catabolism though.

What is your take on the first thing Kabbalah doesn't exist at that time Kabbalah come centuries after Jesus, the central book of Kabbalah. Although tradition attributes it to the second century after Jesus is it's actually about 1300 years, 12, 1300 years after the time of Jesus is assisting us Kabbalah in his day that's that's the first thing would be like saying that that George Washington was quoting Barack Obama okay X, except much more exaggerated and that this number one number two while the uproar if you didn't mean what he said why people getting so upset with him. Why then did his disciples understand him to say that so that in acts 412. Peter tells the Jewish leadership.

There is no other name under heaven by which we must be saved than his name why Peter says in acts five verse 31 that repentance and forgiveness of sins are given to Israel through him, while why Paul warns in acts 13 to 2.

Beware of this judgment come upon them for rejecting the Messiah and and on and on it goes. Why pulses in acts 1730 the God calls all men everywhere to repent and it's based on the fact that the will be judged by this Jesus one day why Paul's message in acts 2021, was that he declared to all people.

The message of repentance towards God and faith in the Lord Jesus. So, I mean over and over. You have this and if there was any other way shoe makes it clear in the garden of Gethsemane. If there's any other way for us to be saved if you could bypass the cross. It would've happened, but there was no other white so again.

The question would be why did everyone around him. Misunderstand that as well and you know people will say Kabbalah or mysticism, or this is that when they don't want to accept the obvious truth of Scripture. You know it's it's it's almost like someone gives this amazing explanation, you know an incredible depth for why it's perfectly fine to have milkshakes and M&Ms and and burgers and fries all day long and they're going to be like scientific evidence until your your brains are ready to burst, and then someone else's. You know I used to do that. Then I started eating healthy, and I lost 100 pounds. Like that's the that's the end of it does the same kind of things like look at the exclusivity of the New Testament.

Look at the fact that these people were put out of synagogue that these people were persecuted that question is why because they said faith in Jesus the Messiah is essential that you know what the it with that youth who are meant interpreting what he was saying.

But honestly, if you think about okay where they met interpreting because if it was just simply being a black if there is a punishment for blasphemy and I don't think most know they didn't have it didn't have the legal authority that there were times when crowds rose up against him. It didn't have the legal authority to put anyone to death. The Romans had to do that but but in this case fab. You have some examples like in John eight when they're upset with him say on the father one he makes clear that that he was set apart and sent by the father John 13 says he understood that he came from God and was going back to God.

He speaks myself elsewhere in John's Gospel, for example, John six is this one came down from heaven a job three missed that same indication where's the ambiguity in John 316. For example, where's the ambiguity of John 10 saying that they see is that the gate for the sheep to come through that he's the door and that he is the good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.

Where's the ambiguity there all who came before were thieves and robbers. Where's the ambiguity of that arrears ambiguity. Matthew 24 false messiahs and false prophets will come in my name, saying, I am he don't listen like because he is the one and the only whites in Matthew 25 verse 31 to 46 that all nations will one day sit before he'll sit on his throne, and judge the nations who gives the right to do that if you just one of many ways to God and his exclusivity or divine natures misunderstood by his critics know because I got what he was saying he understood that he would. He was saying that created such outrage rather than back down from it. He pushed it further went and when he testifies, and in Mark 14, before the Jewish leadership of his day and and they accused him of blasphemy was at blasphemy to say was the Messiah, not at all, but to say he's going to be sitting at the right hand of power that that he is giving himself some level of divine status. 20 back to Daniel seven that's what they were objecting to hate at a time. But appreciate, listen, if you've never gone to real and click on objections. You'll see broken down into six categories that we have in my five lines of answering Jewish objections to Jesus. You'll see we break them down into general historical, theological, messianic prophecy, New Testament and tradition.

We break them down that way.

And then we have short written answers in most cases short video answers all their conveniently in one place. Hey friends, do have the app yet the life are apt say no way for Jeff's cell phone, tablet, then get it got android phone Apple phone. This matter is available for both get online now. Just grab your cell phone. Don't not give you driving now. If you're driving okay this is your break get your phone out the tablet go to the app store play store. Whichever it is on your phone or tablet and look for the line of fire was Dr. Michael Bratton Intel five or 10 friends about can ask you to do that partner with me. By doing that until a few friends is what you download the app this week and listen to ours anywhere in the world, all the archive shows people and they're there for you immediately access to a website. All because of other things downloaded today hey friends, have a blessed weekend for the rest I got another hour to go. Let's do it. You've got questions, we've got answers stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. We just have the light will call filled first hour, but my joys that we got one more hour to go so the phone lines are open any question of any kind whatsoever be a theological, biblical, be it political, moral B, it is real Jewish.

Islamic, be it controversial of any kind, as long as it ties in with anything we talk about on the line of fire radio was trying to talk about the NBA draft last night. For example, when you talk about the stock market this not stuff we talked about on the show but a whole lot of other stuff we do so, the phone lines are wide open and as always, if your critic a skeptic, a mocker despises what I believe are differs what I believe are a sincere questions about it. Give me a call. I'm a nice guy really. And you'd be amazed as much as I'm happy to speak the truth, and as much as I'm happy to address error and is much as I'm happy to to confront sin and do it in obedience to God without batting an eyelash. I really am a peacemaker and and you'd be amazed at the amount of time that that I'll reach out behind the scenes to folks essay can we talk and it it is not limitless clear it's it's not to win an argument to prove him right.

But if it's with a fellow brother. It's for the good of the body before the phones 866-34-TRUTH 784 illustrates history sometime back I was trying to reach out to a leader who had strong differences with and I was interacting with his colleague, but that's as far as it got.

I never got to the leader himself, and that there been a good number of try to reach out to some I got great relationship with now we text each other interact with each other with talk by phone and others.

Others I been shut down that they won't interact with.

But in in this particular case I was interacting with a senior colleague of this leader and and really trying to to set up a time when I could meet with them face-to-face talk by phone and the this leader's right hand man said to me I don't understand why our approval is so important to. I said I want your approval.

I care about your proof this very uncomfortable for me is very unpleasant for me, I rather leave this alone this for the good of the body were both leaders of the same body.

We were at work and spend eternity together and we could help each other and is instead of you being in a hostile position of tearing down. I want your approval is meaningless to me if I left that meeting and that person put on the website Michael Brown's on the finest men ever met. Will God bless about. I'm not looking for. I could care less about. And if he blessed me when I left Michael Brown's a jerk and an idiot.

I would care about me. I think he hurt himself by saying that now were stilly.

He heard the body he defame the Lord by speak against a brother like that that that would be my biggest concern is my reputation is not the issue I sent a full before God. There are websites designed to attacking me their articles written. Ditto open letters and Falcons videos of people send them to me and not normally when I see the stuff it's sometimes a so out there and it literally laughing out loud that I thank God for the for the reproach that comes by for being obedient and I pray for the people and then every so often will actually reach out every so often on some assistant reach out to this person similar to talk to. I offered some of the other Dessa Taylor off the air at a public eye. Let's talk by phone. What can someone help the guy. He responds by telephone repent. I should burn to ashes, but hey, I reach out anyway. If I feel prompted to do a number on them to do it so if you differ with me. Give me a call and maybe we can have a constructive discussion that can model how to differ and be grown-ups about it would not be good. And in this toxic age in which we live quite as soon as we come back. I mean, as soon as we come back. I am diving over into the phone calls will start with Philip and then Daniel and then Jamaal and Rebecca so stay right there were coming your way for plan and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown during a similar far, you've got questions, God answers, 866-34-TRUTH. The number call.

Let's go over to Philip and Margate, Florida.

Thanks for holding over from the first hour. Welcome to the line of fire Michael Brown how you doing very well. Thanks. Good. I got a question about John 13 from translation they all things were made through him, they all things were made by him. When two different meaning through him, and by him.

No, I actually not it's it's this it's just different ways of translating the same preposition by or through really have the the identical meaning and it is. I just look at her and a bunch of of translations of their all saying the same thing and some see-through and and some say by and if I was putting it in in Hebrew or Aramaic and I'm just look at the Hebron Armada translations to get there. They're all saying the same thing.

The and and the third, the Greek word and involve there is is just the preposition for by or through so really there is no difference at all. Dr. Brown, which would be the most accurate one. I'm having different but which you so soon you could you could you could say that if you say by him that he's the one doing it entirely worse through him means it was done by means of him so that's that's where if if Sim I'm reading them and knowing they say the same thing okay but if I didn't know anything which way would be the less ambiguous I think.

Through him that email.

They say the same thing potentially I could think that the creation was this that the sawn created everything, whereas the Scripture say the father created everything through the son by the son right so privates to say this, this book was written by Michael Brown versus this book was written through Michael Brown.

What is through microgravity. It would mean something very different. Whatever it would mean so in that sense, by and through could mean something different in the new translations as I read it I was ready, meaning the same thing because I knew what it meant and I knew the Greek said, and I knew with the overall statement of Scripture was and but however if if I want to avoid all ambiguity and make sure people got it right then. Then I will.

I would say through for the for the Greek preposition Dia I would say through and and I think I would that would avoid it. So we have the same statement by the way in first Corinthians chapter 8. So Paul says since their first Corinthians chapter 8 for, though there may be so-called gods in heaven or on earth is neither many gods may Lordship roasters one God the father from whom are all things and for whom we exist among Lord Jesus the Messiah, through whom all things and through whom we exist, and then same statement also in Colossians the first chapter and there a Paul says this he is the envisioned image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation. For by him all things were created there. It's it's the ESV translates with by and let me just see you and and that that uses the Greek and so in him all things were created, meaning by in that sense, but yeah John one if I want to avoid all ambiguity I say through him, but that's the that's the reason we pray to the father, he's the source, everything comes from him through the son. That's how she radiates his will, down to us on the earth. Hey, thank you for the call center right 866-34-TRUTH, let's go over to Arizona and Daniel hey what's the temperature there buddy really. I like that okay cool cool the you there. I would take yet table it on the trip you speaking directly into the phone. Let's let's try this again, but go ahead Daniel we lost you there for a moment, can you hear me all loud and clear like you sitting next to me now temperature is okay. Pica you got.

I will want to asking whether you had heard the audio of the coastal Montag on the breast and DMC official saying that he wished the expletive Phillies had been shot dead, but he was glad to have been shot and whether you thought that the DMC was self-destructing. I think it's like self-destructing the wheel to follow you. Yeah, like in question yes so so with regard to that. Yes sir, look there just as the special election in Georgia Republican one with a five point when over this young guy young Democrat that was called the Trump slayer and the Republican actually won by a greater margin and historically Republican district, then trump one over Hillary Clinton, and all that to say right now with so much media attack against Pres. Trump and was president Trump for the most part being his own worst enemy that you would think okay now is when the Democrats can really make gains but they continue to be so extreme they continue to to go further to the left and the Bernie Sanders view of the view of others as you've got a go further to the left to win the election race is much as America may have shifted if if it's not a a center-right country. It still close to the sentries. It's not a left of center country. Overall, yes.

So when when you have veto chairman of the DNC saying that that they can't support a Democrat candidate that's pro-life, yet they are continuing to marginalize themselves and let it be, not by the way, my hope is not the Republican Party. My hope is not an president Trump but let it be that those who have a radical pro-abortion, pro-gay activism, anti-religious liberty mentality.

Let them be exposed, and then let it be a wake-up call to the Republican Party quit compromising in and do the right saying in a holistic way for America and recognize why people voted you into office again.

I'm not looking at the Republicans is all good and the Democrats is all bad. And so that looking at the Donald Trump is the Savior of anything but. But yes, horrific comments and look again or Johnny Depp is now apologizing for comments that he made joking about once less time and after assassinated the president. Speaking of your John Wilkes Booth assassinating Abraham Lincoln. Maybe it's time. This is a big festival in UK glassed invariant obscene annuity was doing and he said the sky got the media's can be bad. He sees apologized for it, but it's is really ugly. It's not to say that the right does not have bad sentiments.

It's not to say that there was that anger and hostility towards Pres. Obama. Things have really escalated.

Now in its extremely ugly and yes the radical left is exposing its nature and self-destructing. In that regard.

Yes or your other question thank God have to be an answer to prayer supernatural doctrine. Thousands of like anything you comfortably got but the second? How would you reconcile Roman figure 16, which think this thing that people who receive eternal life will be repaid. According to the deeds of the law and passages like Romans 319 248 which think it is the exact opposite. Yes, a wonderful question and one that I asked myself many times as I read through Romans.

Paul lays out in Romans the second chapter as he is demonstrating in Romans two and three that that all like our understanding that your Gentile that Gentiles don't have the law by conscience. Sometimes do what it commands refuse to have the law, sometimes don't. So the Gentile can condemn the Jew as opposed to the reverse which would be the position of religious self-righteousness, youth loss, Gentiles, and hear their living better than some views but then it it makes clear that there is for everybody, Jew or Gentile.

Those who live a certain way will inherit eternal life, and those who don't will be damned. One view is if someone is able to do that and if you do here and there that there rewarded for their righteousness, whereas the rest will be punished for their sin. The other Daniel. The other way of reading. It is, Paul is saying yes this is how it works. This is the standard. If you live righteously by God's commands, either written on your heart. Written on Stonestreet or Gentile or Jew if you live righteously by God's commands, you will be judged accordingly and you will receive which are deeds deserve.

And if you first of June on the Gentile and the same with destruction and judgment by he now continues to say, the fact is, everybody fall short. There is no one good in theory, absolutely. This is how it works.

Those live righteously will be rewarded for those who sin will be punished for.

But in point of fact rebut is guilty. In point of fact, this is what he concludes all alike, are under sin.

If you keep reading it through.

So he's always not contradicting himself in the course of a few verses. He's developing an argument I've had Rabbi say well how about me. Do I get in I said hey, if you're good enough you get in but as I understand it, everybody falls short. The other side would be once we are transformed by faith in God we will live different and we will be rewarded accordingly.

But I really think is what is theoretical and yet we all fall short on file in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown transferred us on the line of fire questions got answers again just to clarify for Daniel in Arizona. I believe Paul is laying on an argument and showing how Jews and Gentiles can be right in God's sight rewarded or judged accordingly. However, we all fall short every one of us, so that the verdict is were all lost were all damn were all condemned and in need of mercy which comes her way through the cross now is transform people.

In fact, we will live differently and those who know the Lord will live different lives, then those who don't and those who know the Lord will live different lives once they know him than they did before the emphasis is all falling short, we agree with the standard those who would live a standard pleasing to God would be rewarded for it. However, we all fall short of that standard and therefore find yourselves in need of divine mercy.

8663 for 87884. Let's go to Winston-Salem. Jamaal, welcome to the modifier. Click McCormick's review burial. I heard you call a locker here hours are stricter. Wanted to ask about the four believers and nonbelievers alike about maybe witness testimony use historical documents are books.

I also scientific proof that leads to the yet that the questions existence of God can obviously be approached experientially and scientifically experientially would be when you share with someone, what's happened in your own life see how would you explain this if it wasn't God.

How to explain this when I didn't believe in him.

I wasn't looking for him. I fought against this. I was just like you, but he got hold of me you know and and these, testimonies, II can't trace witnesses but I read it online. Years ago and it was it was verifiable.

I just forget the names but there were two brothers and a sister in England who were long-term staunch atheists. I mean, decades long atheists, and one of them had an amazing life encounter. They had a dramatic life encounter and got radically born-again and the guys thinking how I tell my brother hadn't talked in some months how I tell my brother me he's gonna flip out one night when I tell him they been totally out of touch with the sister for some years and he finally gets up the courage to tell his brother only to find that his brother has also gotten radically born-again and couldn't figure how to tell him. So now the two of them who haven't talked to the sister and years I try to figure out how the really good tell her to she can flip out when she hears that there believers in the reach out or find out that she had a radical experience got say these three atheists are the same family all independently and you know those kinds of things may be divine intervention with the healing with a miracle or something of some kind. Maybe that is as powerful and many people just take right where they live. Yet you offer to pray for them and God touches them. And God works in behalf on on the on the Internet so Erica Texas has a book about miracles which is meant to do that very thing to speak about supernatural divine intervention in the documented way so as to get the attention of a nonbeliever. So Erica Texas miracles. Then on the scientific level. There is no scientific explanation that works for the origin of the universe. None whatsoever. There is no scientific explanation that works for the origin of life. There is no scientific explanation that works for the intelligent way that we are designed for the DNA and the information it conveys you know I'm I'm looking at Bible software which is had God knows how many hundreds of thousands of programming hours to get all these books inherent programmed and tagged properly to say that it just happened by random process is completely utterly illogical and yet human DNA is massively massively more detail than the most detailed Bible software, so even the design of a human being, you know that that just the circuitry of the brain is like the circuitry of an entire city and and on and on it goes.

And then the further you get into the human body. In these tiny tiny little things that are either 1 trillionth of every who can describe how small they are. They have a hold mechanism working within them. Those things that they they cut a blow people away when they learn about them and there's really no good scientific explanation. If you go to the Discovery Institute online.

They've got lots of of excellent articles and information. The Discovery Institute or some of the material put out by by Lee Strobel a book like the case for the creator that's that's very, very powerful, as well, were he talks to German scientist later yeah Lee Strobel case.

You don't just go to his website to Lee and get lots of good stuff there. The Discovery Institute is great on intelligent design. So on the testimony in a book like Erica Texas miracles works well on the scientific intellectual and you can go that way.

There is also William Lane Craig's book reasonable faith, which is can be scientific and philosophical so hopefully those would be some good resources for you and a lot of free stuff on all their websites online. Okay, sure thing 866-34-TRUTH all you know that I have very little scientific background, all of you know that I don't claim to have scientific expertise but everything I told you I I know is accurate. I will speak of that which I know and everything I told you is certainly accurate. Right. I have a break coming up so Rebecca your next and then Clay then Jason. So stay right there.

We've got a couple lines just open up our lines had been slammed the entire show. So give me a call if you want 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and I think before the broadcast is over I can get to well up a bunch more calls. All right, we've got a really neat offer this month when you get my book breaking the stronghold of food were also sending a package together with a DVD, a message that I preached share my own story. The first sees me full message I preached in the church on the subject to breaking the stronghold of food. I think if I really helpful. The book that Nancy and I rode together and yes yes you wanted to tell me her parts of the book are the best part, I knew that before we ever started a new that they want but yes her parts. The book is certainly the best road together and I die just so one post on Facebook and one fellow saying hey I'm still a lot, but unless she's taken off 30 something pounds another testimony. I was just reading again the other day of a woman got off her diabetes medication type II diabetes by eating healthily. Another fellow to say I'm off 10 pounds I lost 10 pounds of four other over 40 pounds.

They've lost and just finding a whole new life.

So take advantage of this.

It's on a website asked Dr. a.s. K. D. R. that is the number two that's the number because the website to go to think clearly. Thank you.*Around it on the front right on the homepage.

Don't leave the website without signing up for the free book Heidi get it the center for my emails right right there… I want to send you this really neat free e-book 7C, the real Messiah will be right back.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown go right back to the phones, 866487884 in San Antonio, Texas, Rebecca the line of fire.

Hello yeah go ahead and try your lady and not mine and had it cooked. When it can't go holding you know it could lead to not quit and that I when I enter the people and a payday loan to the door and make a you not at bay to look to God and gone to do that.

I think it on your and Bonnie that I like. They are looking pale. I will not emanate if you do assign yeah I went to sleep sure anyone trying to find you know a way to get an update. I feel like they are not all interconnected on the okay and going, not like okay what I want to pay you not so. Please note I wore when they like paying it all the people that they wanted to show people that they hold me and behind a caught behind apartment and doing what you know so here's your site here's your sign is on approaching Rebecca a few things.

First, what I would want to do is be an influence in their lives that draws them closer to the Lord and rather than push your convictions on them or your viewpoints on them, but I would say is I would estimate can we pray together is read the word together.

I just feel like be great if we spent more time before the war and then just if they suggest Shirley and you just pray not more children about secular music are shown about this or that, but gorgeous draws closer to her. Give us more of your heart that we want to be more like you display the positive right pray the positive.

It would be like someone with an unhealthy diet and and you say, let's just pray together, pray Laura pray for your health, your energy and restraint over while there pray like that again I get convicted about an unhealthy diet, I take. We just have a mark we just read the word just not even, just read like a chapter the Bible together every day you are doing over the phone or something and take a book and I just read through Ephesians together. Read through Colossians together. You know it, read, read through the sermon on the Mount together and just allow the Holy Spirit to speak. It doesn't mean that you're here now.

It is haughty look on your nose into the centers and bad people know it just means it through light begins to shine more and more and more, and then regarding secular music, like II got saved playing drums and I I enjoy good musicianship I can.

I can watch some jazz band and be amazed at the.

The caliber of musicianship among the performers. It doesn't draw me and this other stuff when going near its godless it's world leave out the lyrics that images that again come to mind the associations and the structural up.

I would go near it.

So everybody has to sort that out in their own lives, but I would pray for them privately number one.

That God would really fully lost to the full and just bless them to ask a can we just pray together. Some just go after the Lord together and then three hey were just out of my heart would be arrested and let the word of God do its work and then leave them to the Lord. From there and then you go after menu the faithful to his laid on your heart and hate. May the Lord bless you and your friends for cleansing by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends age 8. Let's go to Clay and Raleigh, North Carolina looking to want to fire going near your got to meet you, when you spoke about transgender recommend the arm got it in Raleigh. Yeah, great to talk with you sir well I just wanted to you tell what you were here with the situation. You know what you're saying through all that's a very key word that I share with people the victim deducting the old and the New Testament return through all but it also after that God is all-knowing and all you know all things work for glory and not share with people all the time and on point probably people better listening now able to get out or be able to get a clear understanding in the Bible. It does not say that God is you know know what we most it's all that's a very key word that you know years ago when I got to see brother in Christ is an evangelist and he said companies are God goals, you, God does not need most of you. He said he needs all of you and you know that that's very important to me because you know you can't do something summertime group something like a drunk when you do it all the time. It's going to be playing where you get completeness like your share with Mr. Becker from Texas yeah being open yourself to know talk about you know how I scriptural it will be open to playing big Wondershare with the bobble.

That's a very key thing to me because you know what we could be more open to that. You're going to be more able to be more fully of the server and you'll find your overlay for more or you paid yet yet and so socially. If we look at it like this.

The whole idea of being wholehearted when you die you want some of you to go be with the Lord, or all of you. You know what I mean did you want to be. I got saved. Like halfway I have unforgiveness you want to be three quarters forgiven 98% forgiven hundred percent forgiven or when Jesus shed his blood for on the cross did he purchase some of you are all of you when we give ourselves as living sacrifices to the Lord. Romans 12 do we put part of her body on the altar or all of our selves. And that's the problem that in certain ways. You're absolutely right, Clayton. You gotta take the plunge before you find the full benefits and results in a one reason convective food for multidimensional food book. When reason that many people struggle with diets as they cut the bad stuff back, but they don't cut the bad stuff out all big difference massive difference see you cut the bad stuff back and you still have the addictions and you still have the cravings but when you cut it out.

If your right eye causes you to sin, pluck it out, throw away Jesus speaking metaphorically their brittleness to deal with it radically. Then you start to really receive the benefits. It's like are you gonna learn to dive into a pool without jumping our unit go deep sea fishing without getting away from the shore. I can you imagine is one of my friends is use this analogy that you're mad and you meet the woman of your dreams and you know she's to be really worldly, but now she's following the Lord, and you're going to get married and she said okay I will marry you, just on one condition.

You are mine and only mine and I'm yours and only yours 364 days of the year, but I want one day every year I go out and party with my old boyfriends asleep around one know they're married or were not married, what the same way with us and God and that's what he expects. It's not partial, Lord Jesus. It is Lord. Jesus said if we have them as our limited Lord be my finding to be or sometime Savior.

The fact is we fall short before short of the ideal which case we go back to him and asking for forgiveness and cleansing, and he washes us clean and he gives us a brand-new slate and is faithful and just to do that because he is wholeheartedly hours was assayed second Chronicles 69 the eyes of the Lord go to and fro throughout the entire earth that he may stand in strong support of those whose hearts are shallow lame with him the chalet and we know that shalom same route there. It means those whose hearts are holy heads little ones those the ones who support to bless you Clay thanks for the call.

866-34-TRUTH of its go to Jason and Miami, Florida. Thanks for calling the line of fire around here. It's a are you talking right into the phone service very hard to hear you yet. I can go ahead. All of so Bellport we have several that have banned urgent prayer for minor repair.

I get picked up your boat your book.

Thank you, Erica and I get overwhelmed with the information it but out, hoping that our full art in your letter you were outlawing back yes yes or so for those who are not familiar with this. It is one of the most unethical ugly things that's happened in our lifetimes having to do with homosexuality. Here's what saying in this bill is now gone into effect in a number of different states and even in Washington DC, California, New Jersey, some of the first pass at many of the states of struck down the accuracy to continue to push for this and then beyond. If they get this through, but this is this is what the band says let's say you're a 17-year-old boy let's say when you were nine years old you were molested by an uncle says you began to come into puberty, he began to feel confusion about your sexuality and and find yourself attracted to other boys, not girls you don't like this you think maybe it ties in with with when you were molested you.

Not really sure.

But you don't like it you you want to marry a woman you want to be able to have biological children that you raise together.

Maybe your Christian or religious Jew, and this this violates your religious beliefs as well so you want to talk to a professional counselor who will talk with you and try to help you resolve these unwanted same-sex attractions. This is with your desire to do it your volition and see your parents back it is now illegal to do that in numerous states. The government is now coming in and and getting in the way of the of the client patient relationship with the therapist and say you shall not receive counseling now if an 11-year-old boy was convinced he was really a girl he can go for counseling and be put on hormone blockers to stop the onset of puberty and then told to dress up as a girl and go to school is a girl and then prep for sex change surgery at the earliest age, maybe 17 or 18 years old and that would be perfectly legal.

It is other insanity.

The argument as well as the snake oil. This is abuse of this this hurts people. It's legitimate put into shock therapy or or some other thing first. That's nonsense, which are about professional counseling. Number one, number two, this is someone asking for such counseling. Number three. Many attest to being greatly help through it and number four no counseling, no psychological counseling is perfect and plenty of people who want counseling for schizophrenia or warrant or medical treatment for or want counseling because of drug habits Rocco Levitz or obesity issues.

They they they fall back Moses there's a that's a perfect your however this is an absolute frontal assault on our religious freedoms on our moral freedoms on simply our personal choices and it is a massive overreach.

I I've written articles about it.

If you search on S.

Dr. If you search for conversion therapy or S OC E which is changes change efforts in sexual orientation. Your final articles live address this and one gentleman whose campaigning tirelessly for this is Christopher Doyle DO why LE he's a professional counselor and he's a former homosexual, married with kids and really raising his voice so if you get online and search for Chris Doyle DO why LE and then type in either S OC E or conversion therapy ban either of those. You should find some of the letters that he's written. You should also find a website of voice of the voiceless voice for the voiceless that addresses some of these things will have no problem finding more if you if you go there. We must raise

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