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Insights on the Latest News, Some Free Advice for the President, and Shocking Developments in Canada

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 26, 2017 5:00 pm

Insights on the Latest News, Some Free Advice for the President, and Shocking Developments in Canada

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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June 26, 2017 5:00 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 06/26/17.

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I've got some advice for Pres. Tromp for Katy Perry whole lot more stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown a big day in this court talk to Christian attorney about that in the broadcast today owe some major news and in terms of the president's travel ban on people coming from certain countries Supreme Court has ruled on that as well and am in the midst of writing an open letter to Katy Perry and last night I gave some free advice to the president yeah is not the best thing about it, the advice is free. There's there's more fake news about Tromp in Russia lot to talk about today, 86634. To this is Michael Brown. I hope you had a great weekend. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 I preached yesterday morning at my home congregation and God really stirred me with this message I was praying in the morning about which way to go between two messages and just felt distinctly known all this is the way to go and I spoke from Proverbs chapter 13 verse 12 and I just want to take a moment to talk to you my dear listeners about that verse many of you know it it's as Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but the desire when it comes as a tree of life and what happens is that some people are full of ask expectation your believing your follower of Jesus you're praying you have expectation or maybe you're not a follower of Jesus, but you're looking for. So you're expecting your hope for your whole and it doesn't happen and doesn't have it. It doesn't happen and end time goes on, it looks like it'll never happen and make your heart sick and maybe even praying for the healing of a child and the child dies and some people lose faith entirely.

They walk away from God entirely God I trust you with my whole life. I trust you with my child and nothing happened.

I guess you're not even there. Others change their theology.

Well, I guess Scott still there, but maybe doesn't heal the sick anymore. And others still go on with their faith intact. Outwardly, but they are like the walking wounded that some of you on talking to you and you never got over that disappointed. I'm not condemning God for bid, criticizing you, but I'm saying that that's what often happens that we we go through a rough season and even though were tougher warriors we keep going. Something inside of us dies of faith and in a sense, a spirit of adventure, confidence of courage and all disappears. We find ourselves walking around with our hearts in a broken condition. Hope deferred makes the heart sick with the desire when it comes as a tree of life. Everything blossoms again and that vitality is back again and that that hope is back again and that faith is back again and that that expectation of that excitement about life. It's back again but but what you do in the in between season. What you do when you haven't seen the answer you haven't seen the breakthrough and and you're wondering in your questioning how you experience the reality of hope deferred being weak in the heart sick, but having that reality of the tree of life tree of life, even before the answer comes as a possible it is.

Driving to the church service yesterday I pass this RV dealership tested pretty much every day and it it's got this massive giant flag Americans. I was just hanging just hanging motionless and I realized that the way that flags not going anywhere and we need the resistance we need the test, they may be dreadful horrible. They may be Satan's plan to take us out. Maybe people working against this fruit of our foolish choices. We must go through the tough times growing character endurance lasting hope. Here's the reality resurrection is going to come ultimate. Ultimately it will come and connect with God today can be revived. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. You can listen to my message yesterday day did a Facebook live event. When I spoke at the service so you can go to my Facebook page asked Dr. Brown a SK DR Brown and you can watch the message there I believe will bless you.

This is on Proverbs 1312 hope deferred makes the heart sick.

86634. Truth is the number to call. Okay, my advice for Pres. Tromp. You can read it. My latest article on this will post a number of places* and elsewhere.

It might free advice for the president was reading an article about Pres. Tromp to the dinner was very hostile.

Those ugly I stopped after two paragraphs literally right at the beginning it said to him, will you created the atmosphere you have to live with.

Now, now there's truth to that, and there's error to that his entire administration has been dogged with constant attack constant accusations this whole unity colluded with Russia thing which it's nonsense. It's gonna fade away. He did not collude with Russia to get elected. He got elected because Hillary Clinton was a bad candidate because he had a good strategy because he appealed to two enough things with enough Americans to to put him in that's that's why got elected, leaving out God's sovereign choice in whatever he was doing behind the scenes, but there is there's not a moment that goes by without a constant onslaught from the media. Constant attack and I'm sure if St. Sen. Ted Cruz had been elected, and he was the president he be under attack day and night by the mainstream media and they'd be saying he's his Christian dominion is try to take over the world is trying to think of Americans trying to force Obama regime on us and on, I understand.

I'm Stan look that the mainstream media.

The Democrats were go after mitt Romney was a pretty mild candidate is Mormonism's controversial book for the Democrats.

That was in the controversy at end VP Biden even said to the black audience is gonna put all back and chains I will cut inflammatory ugly rhetoric was that so no matter who was elected River. Some of his mildest John McCain having his fairly conservative that he would been blasted constantly. I understand. But there's no question in my mind anyway that the president exacerbated the atmosphere and in that sense, through some of the first punches is think back to his campaigns and I know there's been all kinds of violence from the left against people on the right and and I think if you look at a trump supporters have been attacked far more than they've attacked others and that the recent horrific shooting of of representative Steve Scalise.

Some of his colleagues have exclusively because he's a Republican and this guy is a strong left-wing Democrat. The shooter that want to kill Republicans so I understand all that I am the and the riots in Berkeley. These other campuses there. There against conservatives. I understand that the left is getting increasingly violent. There's no denying of that written about when when violent words turn to violent deeds. The rise of the radical left of talked about that to there's no argument there. Okay the point, though, is this a sink back to when the early rallies. One candidate Tromp so you get some protesters at the rally wanted you rough them up I'll pay the legal fees that creates a certain environment.

All right, even if the violence ended up going predominantly almost entirely the other way. Words carry weight especially when you become the president United States when you mock and denigrate others. It has an impact, especially when you do it is the president all right misses the ultimate bully pulpit.

In that regard, and look, I I initially agreed with others and thought that the president within the candidate Tromp was guilty of marking a disabled reporter. I even talked about it on the video and mentioned it in an article I have left the video up because that that was what I felt. Then and I'm not trying to deny that I said it. Okay have to live with what I said that right so that's where the video still there was a warning to evangelicals against Pres. Tromp and I mentioned the market disabled reporter. Of course he's denied that repeatedly. And if you see videos of him mocking others of this one being confusion on what to say. He uses the same hand motions of the sense plastic like hand motions so I'll take his word that that he didn't mean to to mock the report ready stance of for their trademarks.

Others Rosie O'Donnell brothers are making Kelly or everyone after he mocks them a certain way and then stance by right so for sure.

He has contributed to some of the toxic atmosphere you may differ with me feel free 866-34-TRUTH but to me there's a way that he can deal with it and be perceived differently by many Americans because I know some even who voted for him that the costly, rolling his eyes were the slightest attack on this one as latest words here and secure the president United States St., still tweaking sure you can still get your viewpoint out. No, you don't have to do with way all the other presidents do, but this is what we demean yourself when you attack people. Certainly, so here's what I advised the president by the way I I did so survey on twitter. I distorted it 37 minutes ago soups of the first hundred some votes in this president United States largely responsible for today's toxic inflammatory political atmosphere. I gave four choices. One, yes you started.

If to know was here before three.

He just made it worse, for he made it better was 67% said no. It was here before and certainly by and large it was here before I have to say it's clearly true 27% said he just made it worse. Yacht I agree with that perspective, as again, they're not mutually exclusive under four choices. Which one you think is most accurate for percent say he made it better. I don't buy that 2% say yes he started what he started. Some of started some of it but was here before. The idea though that twice as many say he made it better.

As opposed restarted that that I find somewhat interesting. But I agree that overwhelmingly overwhelmingly. It was here before and he made it worse right and that represents 93% of the votes the came and so forth.

But here's my counsel. And hey, I gave it free to the president sees is a chance you really try think there's a chance agreed, why not II know people that that know people that know him so any and anything can happen. All things are possible with God.

Anyway him reading his other big thing him changing is the big thing. But here's what I recommend because it's gotten so ugly and so dangerous and death threats to L all kinds of things this actor joking about him being assassinated. This is political leader's unit saying this cosmic dessert.

We shot this on it goes. So here's what I believe the president should do is based on Proverbs 15 Wanda harsh word stirs up strife for the soft answer turns away in anger. What is the president made a statement you read it did little thing behind his desk were put out a statement that, in light of that, the toxic, inflammatory, dangerous political climate in America today that he wants to set on the olive branch in and say look, I know that during the campaign and since have been president. I've said many inflammatory things I've degraded insulted others, and I'm sorry for that. I do regret it. Back in August. He apologized for something to sense that he regretted them during the debates, stuff like that regretted some of the words he chose all right and Kelly and calmly said that that that was from his own lips that the words are regretted that this from his own lips said from his heart, so Mr. Pres., where if you got often said, I truly regret some of the things that are said both as candidate Tromp and his Pres. Tromp, and I know it hurt people, and I know scared others, but I'm here to be the president of all the United States and is impossible for us to work together to see America grow and improve for the good of all Americans for fighting each other constantly. So I apologize for what I've done up to now, and with God's help him take the high road nosh respond in kind not degree the office of the presidency with attacks on others and ungulate give myself wholeheartedly job that you elected me to do make America better and stronger and I will make you proud of me.

Your present he does that. Now is the media going to stop attacking, although go if that's it what you mean with David no go after him relentlessly, but now the perception will change and many will see the media as revealed with all of its ugly fangs where it exists.

They'll see it revealed and and when you don't fight back when someone punches you in the nose and you don't punch back and then they punch you again soon enough. The crowd pulls that person away was standing with you. That's how the president could turn public perception here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown about the minutes, an attorney from alliance defending them. Talk about an important ruling with the supreme court. Also, the court has said that in the fall. They will hear the case of masterpiece cakes. Thankfully, this is getting to the Supreme Court. This is a Baker in Colorado who declined business when he was asked to make a cake for a same-sex quote wedding.

He declined the business because of which is been found guilty of discrimination based on sexual orientation and the case is now heading to the Supreme Court because this is a religious liberty's case because Justice core search has been expected to be a strong proponent of religious liberties and because luck. Let's just be candid is no way under the sun, the government should be able to convert course someone in business to do something that violates their conscience go somewhere else, then were not talking about when talking about a person is is rushed into emergency emergency room in the hospital right there bleeding out in the first doctor that gets to them is the difference between life and death and the doctor looks at them and and sees the person's like an Islamic outfit set on operate on Muslims, find somebody else a person does when talking about the were talking about the equivalent of going into a Muslim caterer and saying we hear you got the best need in the city would like you to cater caterer awaiting great okay and we love were Italian and were really into pork products so we like to port Nono.

I have my Muslim dungeons that we don't we don't sell pork.

Oh, no, no, I really want you to do that and you'd be offending me based on nationality and ethnicity. If you don't, really sorry your next-door is it also terrific caterer.

In fact, we got six in the city here though.

I'll be happy to hear you do business with you.

Nono I want you to do if now it take you to court. That's what were talking about something like that. Or how about this, you're Christian and you going to a T-shirt shop owned by a gay couple by two gay guys are right and you say hey listen I hear that you guys are the most creative designers for T-shirts in the city so we are we are doing the special outreach of the next Gay pride event and we want on one side. Leviticus 1822, Leviticus 1822 that says of course it that homosexual practice is detestable in God's sight, and then we want on the front some really cool like one man one woman only God's design for marriage.

Can you design that and they'd say excuse me were gay excuse. We were married. Excuse me will believe. Leviticus 1822. How dare you come in our shop and ask us to do that this it will.

I'm a Christian and you can't it's it's in our state laws. You cannot discriminate against me based on my religious beliefs and these are my religious beliefs so if you won't do this. I'm take the court bogus is ridiculous.

Of course they have the that the right to say no. We won't do that.

Of course, have the right to say this this this is offensive to us and maybe this ahead luck luck. We understand this is religious belief. You understand we have a problem with it, but this go down the block you like three other T-shirt makers that are all excellent. I'm sure will do a good job for you know you have to do it and if not your court.

That's the nonsense we are dealing with today. It is overreach and it must stop and some of the people involved have lost businesses. They said they were not going to compromise in some cases the states going after legal fees, which could literally bankrupt them. Not just put them out of business.

But take every dime of savings have even take their homes so that's what were dealing with, and I hope the Supreme Court will rule rightly on that case, the court has given Pres. Tromp Limited limited rights to carry out his travel band that this is not a Muslim man that is a misconstruing of the bill.

It is not a Muslim man is a limited travel band from six countries. These were countries that Pres. Obama had a ready put on a basic danger list.

You could say so visitors from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sue Don, Syria, and Yemen is it six or seven countries are 123456 countries and and here's here's the limited right that the, the Supreme Court gave to the president if the person coming in they be Muslim. They could be UCD.

They can be Christian that's that's I can be the big issue right here if they're coming in.

They want to commit and they lack quote a credible claim of a bona fide relationship with the person or entity in the United States, then they can be stopped right so it's not simply saying if you're Muslim from those countries.

You can commit again. There how many Muslim countries in the world and there's not a band. There is not a restriction on them specifically because there Muslims they get to be vetted like everybody else right.

These countries have been more hotbeds for terrorism because of which, if you're trying to coming to the states for one of these countries and now according to the court. You do not have them repeat this a credible claim of a bona fide relationship with the person or entity. United States so we can't tell where you're coming. Maybe your legitimate refugee, but there's not there's no connection luck.

I remember that when we sponsor Vietnamese refugees the late 70s early 80s before they could get out of there.

There refugee camp in Southeast Asia. They had to be sponsored by some so you you have someone waiting for the rest of his family and and needing a sponsor because he was just here. Let's say Hero's first the husband that we need someone else will you also sponsor my wife and two children okay will do what we can't, but our neighbor will do it and then we'll just get you guys settle an apartment together or hit our house is big enough you can all come and and sometimes it went years for the and I don't believe the American government thought there really come in and commit terrorist acts against us, but that was just what happened that you needed a sponsor this day. People need sponsors for for various refugee situations. The obviously there legitimate refugee several sponsors and that's where Christian belief gets involved in and tries to place people and find homes for people and things like that and to the extent that the Middle Eastern Muslim world, much of which is very wealthy are some of which is very wealthy can sponsor refugees and bring them in. Hey there Arabic speaking hey there Muslim so get the same language that got the same religion.

The myths and Middle Eastern cultures that best for them to take as many as possible. Surely this is now the ruling of the court and it makes sense to do this or some going to be hurt. Yeah, some legitimate refugees will be hurt and that's where some of Christian relief can work with other believers to try to make connections so that they do have a credible relationship with the person or entity that they can get it just in terms of vetting and security seems like a sober mood by the Supreme Court. That being said, I'm not an expert on immigration will be right back. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks much for joining us on the lawn of our 48 is the number two call okay. Which way do I want to go year yeah it's a bit more on fake news little bit more on fake news I was reading a report in the Washington Post, and it was talk about Donald Trump's daily routine, starting in the morning at 630 in the morning when he still is private residence talking with attorneys about the latest with the rush of charges and things play out media and then next meetings he has and then get upset with people and then frustrated over this and Whitelaw weight gain and so on and so forth and I read it I thought. I've no idea if any, the sister I no idea really. You. You have no idea these days unless there is documentation with sources it and then even then with someone saying yeah this is true. This happened to me this is true, it's really hard to know what's right was not right. Anonymous sources say. Who are they and are they making things up, or did they get things secondhand or thirdhand. Have you ever done marital counseling or maybe try to moderate a dispute between two individuals and you meet with the first one but see you meet with the wife and she lays out her case and why the husband is such a wretch and why it's all his fault. You think man knows that bad, but you asked her question. She responds. She seems rational. She seems clearheaded and and you think while I would just hurt her side, but what could he possibly say that would make us think anything differently about that. He comes in that he shares his perspective and he said oh my God, it's the exact opposite. She's the wretch. And he's the St. Huck how can we been so do but what she said will or is he lying but did you sit there you think I member Nancy and I done this for what ever reason met with each one individually. First and I I remember that we sat one time and and and rank our brain okay. What if he's exaggerating she's dictation. He's life is slick not. There's no way to reconcile these two stories. There is no third option. One of those greatly exaggerating or lying or living in deception. It was so black and white either one way or the other and then they came in together and we began to talk with all there was 1/3 option.

Neither of us sought and there was more to the story, yet the rest of the story. Then, you found out all that's what actually happened it would be as if he's got this long track of emails going back and forth with she's blasting in the calling of yo get off stop bother me. Who are you even know you get away from me. What happened was they were coming into her. I'm just making this thing up there with coming to her with a different email address showing there was some glitch. Somehow she thought it was some stalker get away from you know, you who are you stop bothering me is like what happened. My wife again. Just imagine a scenario you never would've thought of that. So you don't know someone here's reporting correctly passes it on just just they just got fired and they want to hurt somebody and administration. The who knows what. So I got paid to leak something really something. It's it's crazy out there these days and there was a story CNN put out even the slightest thing about Russia Trump collusion.

I look at this not true. It's just not true. Madge glanced at it and then Breitbart to this investigative journalism over the weekend and the whole the whole thing's for bogus bogus bogus bogus Evan CNN said eat humble pie retracted pull the whole story.

It supposedly had a CNN is a look into how this happened and so again that's what story says but I just want to encourage you don't just get all worked up over latest headlines. Sometimes headlines on the sleep.

Don't just get worked up over the latest story in the news may not afford it accurately. Your best to be a seeker for cleansing gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and friends us in the line of fire in about five minutes, about five minutes I am going to be joined by Michael P. Farris president, CEO and General Counsel of the alliance defending freedom to talk about the playground case and the Supreme Court's ruling you Howard. We set a push back five minutes so I think 242 is what were shooting for our time right so before we get to that this major Supreme Court ruling. One other thing I want to mention to you. There were gay pride events there were gay pride events in different cities all over America in different nations and recent days. June being gay pride month in the gay calendar and going back to the Stonewall riots of 1969 and I mean you can't make this kind of stuff up. The thing was in Chicago.

They banned Jewish pride flicks, yet you could not have a Jewish pride flag in the gay pride event because that was triggering for certain people.

It made them feel unsafe at gay pride has a conflict with Jewish pride is that because Jewish pride might be pro-Israel in Israel is bad and evil and ugly and oppressive.

Not like the wonderful surrounding Muslim countries that are so free when it comes to gay liberation.

Yes, that is called sarcasm. There from yours truly.

So in Canada.

I read that Prime Minister could go celebrated at the gay pride event where he was and he he was of wearing socks to celebrate Ramadan.

He thinks celebrating Ramadan at the gay pride event.

You know, no contradiction there no contradiction that wherever you find authentic Islam review final orthodox Islam review find Islam that is faithful to its roots. You find extreme miss treatment of homosexual men and women to the point of stoning them or hanging them or throwing them off buildings in Israel with all of its flaws, it is quite liberated and progressive in the worldly sense so often mentioned that a couple years back when a major survey was done of the world's most gay friendly cities, one that won overwhelmingly all overwhelmingly been way ahead of top 23 combined Tel Aviv. I said to my shame as a Jew messianic.

You for years. Gay pride events in Jerusalem massive couple hundred thousand strong large that gay pride events and Tel Aviv people come up around the world, but you can have a Jewish pride flag at a gay pride event cassettes triggering begin celebrate Ramadan at a gay pride event bizarre isn't it very very strange but that's part of what we are dealing with. And by the way's article in USA Today that says you know this this whole thing of this whole thing about not born that way and that's what science is in the woods is through the thin important to hold that anymore euros but is important to argue for gay rights and things like that but you really don't need to argue for that anymore because you know that sexual is much more complex than that. So when you be interested if his time goes on, there is the admission that there is no evidence that anyone is born gay and yet that was the whole why that help push gay as eight civil rights movement as a whole lie that that help push forward an agenda to say his just like skin color, it's innate and immutable. You're born this way. You can't change the be interesting if gay activists themselves in the days ahead.

Back away from this 8663 for 87884. Okay, let me give you the background to the case that was ruled on by the Supreme Court right it is the case shortly known as Trinity involves a children's learning center in Missouri is application to receive public benefit grants to surface there playground with tire scraps so they asked Republic grant to do this Learning Center applied Missouri scrap tire grant program, a reimbursement program that provides funding to nonprofit organizations for rubber safety form for their playgrounds using recycled tire scripts so every citizen in Missouri is required to pay a fee. Other purchased tires. The fees are then put into a pool donated to the most eligible nonprofits so Trinity Lutheran church has this playground.

This this Learning Center and they wanted to get federal state funding for this, but they were told won't know moment that separation of church and state. You know that doesn't work like that will Supreme Court ruled on that and we are joined out by Michael Farris, president CEO and General Counsel of the alliance defending freedom to tell us what happened with the court today. Hey Michael, thanks for joining us again on the line of fire. My friend right tell us tell us what happened and the significance of it will Supreme Court ruled heaven to to that religious people religious organizations can't be treated as second-class citizens when it comes to programs like this Missouri didn't have to create this playground program. But one thing open the doors to it and the need to follow the secular general rules for eligibility and not impose a special rule for religious organizations think you can't plate you can't or participate whatsoever. And that's what was ruled unconstitutional today.

The Chief Justice called back and thinking odious to our Constitution. Who was it who was it the two liberals that voted for this fire and Justice Ginsburg rented from today's ruling Qiagen just a scholar who also are normally considered part of the liberal wing of the court voted in favor of religious equality which shows you how broad and moderate decision really is today.

So what was the argument is if your likeness of the last, how could they even construct an argument that sounded like it had any credibility using the state constitution which has a very strict rule that no public money we ever go to a religious institution and the interview took it literally and you couldn't use government firetrucks turned afire to church and so the material has been not approved by the Supreme Court in on this very provision previously of the state of Missouri tried to keep Christian groups off of the public campus at a university having this very same constitutional provision and that case as well. The sprinkler said no priest is for everybody and religious speech is not second-class speech and religious people are not second-class people very similar ruling in that respect. After God up to date ruling that will have wide implications.

Now that the court also said that they will hear the masterpiece cakes case in the fall.

This is where a baker was penalized because he said I can good conscience make a cake for a same-sex wedding ceremony. Obviously, we don't know where that will go. We know where we assume we know were just discourse which will lead on this.

What your expectations with the case you were going great report this morning.

And so it means there are four justices that were interested in the case of William very close call and one of the things I predicted in I don't think this is a very hard prediction.

I think I broke all records in terms of the gambler friend of the court brief amicus brief that will be lined up 20 sidedness case is going to attract and of attention and will be extremely contentious and expert a closed position. This is this is the ultimate battle between religious rights versus gay-rights, but to me it's it's just a simple common sense thing that we got no business going into a gay T-shirt company and penalize and if they don't want to make a teacher with Leviticus 1822, inscribed on with every right to say thanks but no thanks. Writer on the block to someone will do it for you. Am I missing something with that logic know is that you are applying logic on the left that they're not familiar with that idea logic, but that you have the analogy that was in the news this year is a number of draft designers publicly declare that they would just an address for top and so the rights to do that but we don't want to have the government come until the stress designers must is something us.

Yes absolutely say if you got one more minute of the l'Amour question that I did a bunch of today file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown Michael Farris presidency Council of the alliance defending freedom. There has been speculation that Justice Kennedy might be stepping down on the if you've heard anything more than speculation.

What do you think that if we do have a vacancy if say Justice Ginsburg has to set that stepped out of Justice Kennedy decides to retire. You think that the president can push through another conservative pro-life justice. The way he got Neil Gorsuch through I and my do so and not just for creases that were part of for this for the good of the country and so you know Pres. Obama to toyed with the idea of doing appointment and you know one strategy that I said I thought about is if the president really want to make them move fast he could threaten to appoint somebody you the list of Jewish philosophy like me to the recess appointment and you think you don't do that you don't think I was clearly not qualified, and into the path every reasonable test and I went to go in and in general Harker conservative and point of the quarter for year will move quickly if he does, goddess, and zero are many more vacancies on the federal level. Now I've read twice as many as one as Obama came in.

I think hundred and 8 to 54 and Republican slow down some of his nominations. This is behind the scenes, but which are life appointments to two appeals courts and things like this. How significant is that because most of us just looking Supreme Court Supreme Court them will hear some loony no loony ruling of some radically left appeals court but we don't think about appointees there.

How important is that Matt Hellyer important hundred cases appealed to the Supreme Court.

They take one.

That means 99 cases are decided by either federal Court of Appeals or state Supreme Court and the vast majority of those are federal, Court of Appeals, and so 99 times out of 100, the federal court of his decision is final decision. So having good judges and all federal level is essential for the future of this country. I don't forbid interviewing a bunch of people I would swiftly pick up the pace and getting her getting them confirm that you nominated and confirmed on a faster track and one last question.

This is philosophical, you may say, good question, but you're not prepared to answer, but there has been such a leftward shift that the Bar Association being so left-leaning in Canada even there even a restriction Savo of the Christian law school, you know that that because they had Christian standards of sexuality. There their law degrees would be recognized.

Can you comment on why think shifted so far the left in the legal profession and and then how it's played out, the courts bettered me on issues of philosophy that Francis Schaeffer Francis to the film series on using Oracle. How shall we then live you where he talks about this issue is basically when the theory of evolution was applied to law that things evolve over time and that evolution is that the request for good right then this consumer for judges to take over the forces of evolution in our Constitution says in me, and so it for intellectual elite to justify the country and you know it's probably the goal of every committee is to rule the world will philosophy is allowed to Supreme Court takes pretty good crack at trying to rule the world. Fascinating and that's that is a great observation and that's why these these things need deeper philosophical spiritual revolutions to turn the tide. So I appreciate the work you're doing and their many praying for you and standing with it on the front lines. It can be encouraging one-day and discouraging the next, but after you have your your eyes fixed on the right place and manner. Today was one of those really encouraging. God bless you. Thanks so much. All right good news.

We are encouraged and we move forward in faith focused on the risen Jesus no matter what hate. I am not going to get into my open letter to Katy Perry am I'm writing it right now about is not right now. The what the talking, but God willing later today I'll finish it and it should appear in a bunch of sites either tonight or tomorrow but as soon as it's out religion on Facebook or twitter, but in short it's just this, that riches and fame can't buy you happiness can't buy you contentment can't buy you joy and Katy Perry recently did a and an open discussion with her therapist and talked about the snow, wanting to be who she was reaching out.

I don't know how what she thinks of the gospel and how much of her upbringing she that was good and bad.

God knows all of that but you'll see that and just remember whoever you are, and I see the rich and famous.

The celebrities at night.

I was feel bad for them saw this headline and was Jay-Z and Beyonc this summer retreat. It's like $400,000 a month and I thought there'd bring in so much money it does really matter to them and they can spend that it be like you spending 40 a month 400 a month to have that much money. I don't begrudge them the Midas of the issue, but I think now I wonder, will damage contentment and joy is there in the myths is to have it.

It's because their family, not because the riches noticing if if if they do have contentment and joy in God knows they have it because of their marriage and their kids whatever not because their outward fame white friends. Let me encourage you that you can make a big difference in helping us reach many many people with the good news of the Messiah by God's grace we are right on the front lines and lives are being changed every single day over the weekend we have folks encourage folks to just post review on our estrogen about Facebook page to let us know if the patient is a blessing. It really to tell others that go there what to expect in an II got embarrassed reading the comments literally.

I started to feel embarrassed, I was so overwhelmed with the stories and what people are saying and the impact that we hadn't was blessed and humbled. We did it for the sake of others. I want God's approval must approve of people, but sometimes what people write the nastiest reviews and death with stuff and I thought you know that's encourage folks that are blessed by the page to weigh in as well and it to help others coming in if they wanted front of who we are sometimes look at reviews right byproduct to review some people do that with with webpages and Facebook pages as well. One of the review say so we did that for the sake of others coming in and and I was literally embarrassed, but I told Nancy that I feel embarrassed reading these because were humbled to see what God's doing. We could really use your help.

We are trying to expand in many ways and trying to tip with a tiny staff and a tiny budget reach people in an amazing way and you can help us do it.

Stepping into some key things in Jewish ministry and then ministry that will touch literally on a daily basis. All of you that will enrich on a daily basis to stand with us, website, now become a torchbearer get a free gift for you when you do and then wonderful benefits coming away every month so take a minute to ask Dr. Brown a SK DR right when you're there.

Just click on donate become a monthly supported join our team and you together with us will be reaching people around the world every day really be shocked to go to Canada and find out what's happening there is time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown place transport. Join us today on the line of fire. This is Michael Brown and even though the largest percentage of you listening to me, or listening in United States. We are going to focus on Canada but in a way that you will find very very relevant to the United States and so much of what's happening.

There is a lesson and warning to us here in America and for years now. People have been speaking about religious liberties issues in Canada and even though Canon America very different countries were neighbors, but were very different countries ethnically and geographically. Historically, Canon America very different countries. Yes, many of the issues that will will unfold in Canada say attacks on religious liberties or sexual extremism with LGBT issues and things like that often there happening in Canada first the make their way down to America. Although some is what America does is exported around the world certainly is. Canada is even further back in some of these areas. Back meeting going in the wrong direction. Quite a few years ago. I mean well over a decade ago may be over 15 years ago.

I recall learning that Focus on the Family when Dr. Dobson was leaving Focus on the Family that they would cut out a show and states, and it would deal say with issues pertaining to morality of homosexuality and they could not air that same shall in Canada, it would not have made it to the sensors in Canada this year's back so I'm joined now by Tony Costa. He's been on the show with us before he has a PhD in the area of theology and New Testament studies from runabout University in the Netherlands is there if expertise is biblical and systematic theology calls the New Age movement and comparative world religions with a specialization in Islam is an ordained minister of the Gospels than many debates actively engaged in apologetics is enough of the skull. The volume worship and the risen Jesus in the Pauline letters hey Tony, welcome back to the line of fire back with you will thank you sir.

We just got a minute and 1/2 before the first break but a quick question for you with everything happening in your country are you seeing any increased opportunities to share the gospel.

Also, because a lot of of your feedback.

Postmodernism is not not delivering on the promise for better life better hope people are finding a lot of vanity in in these types of levels used in and also a lot of Muslims, and that is more on the way and so there's there is a lot of opportunity to share the gospel so Christ is still going to start in Canada and you have any debates coming up any any outreaches or lectures anything like that. Well I am going to be involved in the webinar this coming Thursday. That is going to be hosted in the United States, but the broadcast on the Internet and I I'm going to give engaging a Roman Catholic office directly next month. But here in Canada. I had a debate with a Muslim couple of months ago so I'm still very active involvement actively involved in debating and dialogue here Canada. I assume we come back I will start with a question about Prime Minister Trego celebrating the recent Gay pride event in Canada wearing a red socks in celebration of Ramadan why you assume when it's debated. Muslims might have a comment about that and then I'll let you take us through some of the recent bills that have been passed in Canada and what these mean right back with Christian New Testament scholar and apologist Tony cost for plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for buyer go back to Canada with scholar and apologist Tony Costa told you, you studied Islam years along with your focus on New Testament theology so promised her Trego.

Of course, very, very much to the left joins in the gay pride event you'd expect them to do that given his track record, and then he weaves in as I read the celebration of Ramadan in the midst of that this anything about that picture strike you as odd while waiting our prime minister. Unfortunately, it is abysmally ignorant of Islam and what it teaches concerning example sexual relations and the end of Ramadan and filled the grading of the Mubarak and you going around saying happy pride day in any barbaric and he has absolutely no clue that under Islamic law, sharia law, homosexuality is punishable by death. So things like this that the secretive prime minister who believed that in his own work by diversity is our strength. But he is abysmally ignorant of the dishes and so is just trying to win more votes and he really warmed up to the community in Canada prior to being voted in as prime minister. But he is as you also know Michael is also pro-choice. In fact, you made it a standing order that no pro-lifer can be a member of his party and yet he claims to be a Roman Catholic youth in photograph with the Pope, but he is an ardent order of abortion. So the man is a walking contradiction and as far as the Muslim community in in in Canada. What percentage of it.

If you have a rough idea what percentage of it would be strongly conservative, what percentage would be for the liberal I will. I would say that I would place the conservative probably 80% in Canada with a 20% margin being more towards moderate or or even just nominally about, but there is a a large amount of Canada would identify an end and by that they ultimately want to have sharia law for their own communities are absolutely other than the number of imams in Canada who have mostly stated that they would like to see sharia law come to Canada and and in full support of data to apostate folkloric, so there's no doubt about it that that is definitely on on their agenda's eye, but obviously the big challenge in Canada right now is not coming from Islam is coming from the left, which, in the name of tolerance becomes completely totalitarian. So let's let's go through one at a time so the bills you live in Canada you know how to do accurate research. It's not just like you saw something reported some on the Internet and repairing it out.

Start we want to start this go through these one at a time and talk about the implications sure we'll talk about motion. 103 which is not a bill of the motion that was introduced in December 2016 and it was passed just a couple months ago and what it does is it the motion that call to recognize not quoting Eric recognize the need to quell the increasing public climate of hate and fear condemns Islamic phobia in all forms of stomach racism and religious discrimination. What this motion does is it calls or an awareness of an increase in climate of opinion. Canada but then what it does of the clips of the word Islamic phobia and associate that with all forms of stomach racism and religious dissemination and this caused quite a controversy in Canada because the question is number one.

What is Islamic phobia of this motion does not even define the term. And secondly, here's the main point Michael, the criminal code of Canada and our Constitution already protects Muslims and Jews and Christians in and beautiful people of every stripe of creed and religion are already protected and so why do we need something I Wightman you the motion condemning Islamic phobia because in 2015 the most attacked and marginalized group in Canada in terms of hate crimes were Jews, not and so the question is why is this why is this being brought forward and it was brought forward by one of our members of Parliament for name Khalid and a quick to lead. She was in in university that she attended. She was part of the Muslim student Association, which has the connections of the Muslim brotherhood and there's been a lot of concern about the motives behind this motion because what we foresee is that with the Islamic phobia motion is going to do is going to stifle criticism against the law or or Mohammed or the Kalon and so this is of great concern for Canadian so it is theoretically then if were talking on Canadian radio and I said to you. So from our perspective, the Quran is not inspired by God and Islam itself is evil and Mohammed would be the most significant false prophet of all time, which should be consistent Christian positions with. Would that be potentially considered hate speech and illegal. Well, not not at this moment because the motion in Canada is not a bill one ability through the health, Bennett, then it becomes law given well spent so at the present moment. No, but the concern is that this motion had the potential of becoming a bill and this is our concern is that down the road you and I may not even be having this conversation account got it because it would be it would be stifle then yeah it all right.

Let's this a question I've asked endlessly and not I have some insight on it that I'm still not totally satisfied. So let me get your take. Why the coalition between the left which is so extremist left and so liberal and and so against many of our fundamental conservative values.

Why the solidarity between the left and Islam, which is so fundamentally opposed to be the reason why there is a commonality between them; I believe that the primary enemy of postmodernism or cultural Marxism is Western society and Christianity. And so the left wants to dismantle what party by dismantling the family by redefining the family by destroying the nuclear family and and replacing it with a neutral gender identity, which is already happening. Canada and also it is hatred for anything Christian Knopp Islam is also totalitarian just by: Catherine Islam is also totalitarian and Islam hate moxie because democracy is man's government man's world as opposed to the will of Allah, which is sharia law and the primary enemy of Islam.

The crime is very clear on this, in particular on the Jews but also the Christian. And so in order to destabilize the west. Islam must dismantle Christianity and both of them are both totalitarian and in the world used in both of them see Christianity as one of their archenemy. It reminds me Tony of when Herod and Pilate, who formally enemies became friends and got included in the crucifixion of Jesus is the point yet alright so let's get started on another bill in Canada what's what's next. Well, we could also talk about the ability nine provincial enough in Canada. We have our federal government in Ottawa and there are 10 provinces in our territory have their own provincial and territorial government would have to which would call state government so in Ontario which is the province that I live in capitalist Toronto.

Bill was passed. Ability nine, and what this bill does is this bill seeks the best interest of the children in protecting their sexual orientation and their gender identity. What that mean is that if a child under the care of their parents claims to be gay or lesbian or gender-neutral and the parents are not accepting of that child position that child can complain to the school to an authority in government and the present legislation now allows the courts to remove that child from the care of their parents and placed the child in the care of foster parents who support that child position also. Also prohibit a foster parent so that by their work. Christian family foster parents who could conceivably want to adopt the child in Canada. Well, the adoption agency would ask them what their views would be on sexuality and and gender identity. If the foster parent that while our Christian position is that God has made them male and female.

We believe monogamy at Oak Park that that agency would have the legal right to left, prohibit this couple from adopting the child for what it does is it gives the government of Ontario, a totalitarian, a grasp on our children. At the very, very dangerous bill.

I friends I want you to hear this would repeat this on the other side of the break were talking about Ontario right if you have an eight-year-old boy who says mommy done.

I really think I'm a girl and she knows why in this help you work through why you think you're a girl this child potentially could be taken from you by the government to be raised in an environment that will affirm his quote female identity. This is reality now in Ontario. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks Rodriguez to them on a five speed apologist New Testament scholar Tony Costa about recent bills and laws passed in Canada, nationally or provincially in the different provinces so toilet. Let's make sure understand this correctly write your mom and dad, an eight-year-old boy and he sisters my daddy I know I'm a girl. I'm really a girl and I don't want to be called Sammy. I want to be called Sally. I really am a girl and the parents they hate will talk is try to find out what you feel that way in but we know that God made you a boy and and so on and try to help women and he's a little upset and feels is not getting a fair hearing from his parents and say he's talking to teacher at school and teaches what's matter you don't seem happy. Well, I know I'm a girl, and my parents say no, I'm a boy they won't let me dress like a girl use a girl's name so what could that happen potentially. What could this teacher then do what could the outcome be what they do.

Michael and and not in Canada and in Ontario in particular, we have called the children's aid society which would be similar to your child services night date initial data study investigate all pipes report on abuse against children because bill 89 is now legislation in Ontario.

This would include abuse against the child in terms of denying or challenging their sexual orientation or gender identity and gender expression, and so the children that he would be called in and then what they would do is they would take this matter to court.

Presented before Judge and argue before judge that the parents of this child are inflicting mental abuse on the child by questioning his or her orientation, identity, gender, etc. and this should be totally based on the perceptions of the child correct and so it's completely subjective and as you probably know Michael being a parent. Parent. We know that children go through very long children who go through the phases in life. They think there's peer pressure in support. Studies have shown that vast number of the children go to the questioning of their identity to go out of it after puberty, but the matter fact no matter scientific research does not matter all that matters is who or whatever you think you are what what to do parents dues and it is currently on Ontario to to resist this club is not what recourse they can do it if the lie that they can hardly feel it. But laws the law and so what you're looking at here. The determining factor here is what's called the best interest of the child is not the best parent that the best interest of the child and so what does Bill Brothers authorizes the court to side with the child and seek his or her best interest against the family, one of the most senior psychologists in America. Paul McGee use Hayden, vilified by the transgender community is on record as saying that any surgical or medical intervention in the life of the child to sit see a boy to help them identify as a girl, you know, hormone treatments or submit surgical thing is actually child abuse, but we are being told it's child abuse.

What will child abuse. When a mom and dad tell their boy okay you're a boy you're not a girl and really help you even get gender child counselor try find out the root of this as you said, the great majority of kids identifies the opposite gender. By the time to go through puberty 80% or more.

I identifies that yet. That literally the kids could be taken out of the parents home right people attack me singer make it up for the state site. Let look at it is, there's a reason that that people are reacting to it the way they are in Canada has this caused any of a ripple or most people just too complacent to even think about this low low Canadians are too complacent and the only one. Your who are actually raising will been raising red flags are really the Christian community and and so ended up in protest at our provincial premier of the premier of Ontario. When is a professing and an active lesbian and she also introduced about two years ago a special-education curriculum in Ontario that was believed to have been crafted by someone who is now been used in part with Julia and that no longer teaching at the University of Colorado, but what the sex education curriculum. That was a talk children in grades one and two, about things like masturbation, renal facts and all sex motorcycle bill and many Christian parents in Ontario stood up and protested they pushed the specs whether the specs what is critical and through and so now children in Ontario in public schools are being taught about the various genders think speculation very special act and so forth, and even here in Canada we also have now people who are transvestites reading stories below children. You could just check in online junk by actually reading nursery rhymes to children, men dressed up as women. It is in the states to this is the new thing drag queens reading to kids in libraries as young as two years old.

We were told known on the Western drag queens, which I met some instrument transgender is not drag queens with each new thing. Once you accept the new reality it goes further. It goes further. It was further." Slippery slope and we are slipping really fast up here. Yeah.

Note you have time to extend the second half of the outcome of their alright so just a quick question then would you say to fellow Canadians maybe two Americans in people's and other countries that are discouraged by the way things are going. Obviously as a child of God we you have a certain mentality and attitude your surrealist, would you say to those that this will throw in the towel bar I would play golf on the towel pick Dan for righteousness sake.

Christ is still king and where ultimate vector were effective as we agreed on the precipice of of of the end of time. The second coming of Christ.

We know things are going to get worse. Persecution is gonna rise against Christian and so I think that the best of the best approach is the biggest event of the gospel continue doing what you're doing. Don't give up a greater speed was not used in the world absolutely and and are you seeing that any Christians are now waking up and becoming more courageous now that they realize okay. Sitting back is not doing it, or any waking up and getting involved there there there very small and in between Michael and very discouraging to be quite frank with you.

Many pastors in Canada don't don't seem to care and the reality is that they think turn a blind eye to it and most of them are probably figuring well court, dinner after me away from this and I'll have to bother with any of this were losing our Sultan of Michael and Bob both good for nothing and so I pray that God revived the church, not just in Canada but unite them because that this totalitarian ideology that is going to choke us out yeah and in the reason that you and I and others have been sounding the alarm for years is because this does affect us. You're now talking about the foster parents that are unable to care for a child that they could've been great foster parents for Rene kid is stuck in foster care, out, out, just dissuading the middle of nowhere and godly parents great parents terrific parents who have a kid that's little confused maybe confused by some of the curriculum they're getting taught at school and what they're bombarded by the media, and they can literally have their child taken from their home.

Where were not chicken little crying.

The sky is falling. This is a real and present danger.

That's why the law was passed by friends. More to come with Tony Costa this if any of this is a surprise to friends where you been even sound the alarm for years like that. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends.

We often look at things that happened in different countries and we say in America. Okay, this could be happening to us next let's look let's see, let's learn that's been the case in Canada for number of years now where there have been bills passed laws passed.

Discussion introduced that increasingly restricts religious liberty that increasingly comes against Christians in particular that increasingly pushes a radical LGBT agenda. Even little children it's unfolding daily in Canada.

The news gets worse and worse and it's another call to pray for Canada as well as to wake up in America yes what America does goes around the world. Yes, America exports things around the world, but you can see trends in other countries as they begin another countries often they make their way to America this is Michael Brown give a question or comment to them to call 866-34-TRUTH 7884. My guest is Tony Costa, New Testament scholar and apologist. We were interacting a few days ago. He said hey think I should come on the air and discuss some of the bills that are being passed in Canada and I had written about some of them but Tony living in Canada with with much more first-hand knowledge of Persepolis and by all means let's do it. Tony, what about dictating speech in terms of let's say your coworkers is Jim and he now identifies as a woman, but he wants to be called by the pronouns they redressed is see your server, it is their lawn cattle about that now.

Yes, we just had about a week or two ago we just had built in liquid or federally in Ottawa, which is not federal legislation. Basically what it doesn't have that gender expression into the criminal code of Canada and it has also been out inspection and the criminal code of Canada under hate speech and so if someone does not want to be, wants to be identified as non-binary that is something other than male or female and you refuse to acknowledge of that pronoun. You can be now in Canada charged with a eight crime and I think you may have had Dr. Gordon Peterson on your program yesterday.

Prof. of psychology at University Chronicle. I don't know and that Dr. Peterson came under a lot of fire for taking a stand against a bill Beatty was at Senate hearings in Ottawa. Speaking against the government when it happened and push the trousseau now in Canada. If someone wants to be called on Thursday. Whatever your Majesty, you have to lie to them and if not then you are loading hatred toward an identifiable group. When I found fastening 20 month when I had Prof. Peterson on my show, said his real expertise was not so much in these issues.

He'd studied communism for years.

Seth and and totalitarian governments that dictate ideas in speech and things like that and that was his and he immediately saw the same spirit work here and and I looked at it, just as if it was a communist take over the government saying you shall be like a North Korea kind of atmosphere is exaggerating it. No right on target right on target. Help part and parcel of totalitarian ideology. The menu this is George Orwell, 1984 this is new speech and and thought crime and everything that Orwell wrote about is is now happening before our very eyes.

Big brother is watching your big brother now you how to speak in. That's what Prof. Peterson was deposed and was the idea of compelled each which is exactly what totality totalitarian communist regime were pushing for and so this is assessing my friends take a break and come back to review quickly. What's been happening in Canada and in focus on this is a video I saw from Canada. Another shocker 20 cost.

Our guest is going to help us get caught up in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends where it Canada pray for Canada and the well-being of the people of Canada to because what's happening in Canada as a warning to its coming in America and intoning the thing that so wild is that we warned for years but slippery slope about implications and rose told no one of there is no slippery slope no-no you're crazy you know is never going to happen and when it happens, people civil. What's the big deal.

What's so bad about it and then when it happens people are so dull old and their consciences so so numbed that they they they don't really care that much. So you tell people, 10, 20 years ago this Can happen.

He said be crazy would never have by the time it happens there so used to it so dull old to it that they don't really care in New York City. Now it's the law that you come to work is Tony and and say instead you want to be known as Tammy. While I'm required to call you Tammy and I can't ask for any verification from a psychologist, psychiatrist or anybody or anything.

I have to call you Tammy and and if I don't to be $250,000 fine and if you will use the ladies room. I have to let you use that you find what's happening now in Canada has gone one step further and and University of Toronto told Prof. Peterson that if he would not call a kid's boy wants to be known as as you see yours. Is she your whenever if he wouldn't do that. And there was a lawsuit against him that they wouldn't stand with him. This is before the national law was passed. Now this is dictated speech compelled speech for the whole of society.

Answer okay I will. I explained I thought I'd go ahead and exclaim jump in. Yeah well Michael. It got so bad in Canada that they are removing gender completely from our legal document.

For example, the passport Canada drivers like you don't want to identify as male or female.

You can place the next under gender and the same goes for marriage licenses. I know that in Ontario before they would have the name of the bride and bridegroom and they would have their father and mother's name. Now what they've done is they've removed father and mother, and now they have parent parent and so there is there is there is a a a move here to literally erase gender distinctions and I think you probably know Michael that this is ultimately an attack on the model D. The image of God which God himself identified he created us in his image and identified that image as male and female, and so the eradication of sexual gender in the attempted eradication of the image of God within and that's when that happens, then God help us of the consequences if you believe created in the image of God. There goes the pro-abortion movements and in my instant and so obviously there's a constant assault on that and Tony over the weekend. Nancy, my wife Nancy had been talking to our daughters and they told told her to check out someone on Facebook and then she sent it to me the look and it was an old friend of the family. Similarly, we knew when our kids were little, so I minute, change details a bit. I don't want to embarrass anyone of them might hear this, but you know a guy who now dresses and looks like a woman and is married to a man who dresses no high marital woman who dresses and acts like a man so they switched roles and what when I start I should look at the pictures I just broke down crying suite we use person for years and then the more I read, I felt like I was in the movie the invasion of the body snatchers you know where just the whole world is changed and you don't know like crews can appear on that page. Think that's wonderful.

You're doing a great thing it you think know what's happened. How is this happening, but it is that fundamental assault on one God creating us to go back to evolution in those issues right there is no God and everything just evolve on its own, then God creating human beings is the pinnacle of creation.

He makes us male and female. There is a frontal assault. This is not just have sympathy for Kim struggles with gender identity. Of course we have sympathy for that kid right that's on the issue. It is a frontal assault on the way God made things and Nancy was Savior's and I wrote about over the weekend. Our lost God's pain she was saying to me think of how he crafted us informed us says so carefully and so beautifully and so miraculously to fit together enmeshment which is trashing the whole thing is crazy. The Darwinian theory as well. Many evolutionists actually are not very happy with the whole construct because it flies in the face of the Darwinian evolution because evolution is all about sex reproduction and DNA, but it if there is no male-female end and infected me with whatever and whoever then this goes against the primary you Star Trek the prime directive of evolution with which is all about the reproduction of the species, but ultimately at the end of the day you you attacked your model D.

The image of God.

You eradicate the sexual gender that God is the fine as is image and that if you notice also Michael are turning against scientific research and again knowledge and find the wisdom are rooted in the triune God.

If we reject the triune God and were going to reject knowledge and we do know that cultural Marxism is both truth and knowledge as social constructs are not objectively true all-wheel there what we make them. And so the whole thing that it crumbles right at the point of the nine view the image of God and so this is the consequence that ideas have consequences yeah and and were seeing these things played out seeing in America, the voice of tolerance is violent, the voice of tolerance was to suppress other views and and will use physical violence to do it is anything but tolerant those who say diversity they mean my way or the highway. Tolerance is just a code word for intolerance. It is the Orwellian doublespeak OII had a group that would not work with me years ago because of my conservative views. They explained to me because they're inclusive of the words that mean the opposite of of themselves and writer and Peterson enemies getting a lot of attention. He's he's 10 times louder than the vast majority of Christian leaders the RR people catching out of the listening trimmers he just being marginalized is a nutcase. Good listening boy violent majority there listening but the problem is that most people are too afraid to take standard afraid for their jobs there.

The family they become complacent and and felt unfortunately the lead, but left is taking the majority of interesting that Winston Churchill once said that the future fascist will claim that the future fascist will claim to be antifascist and it's also interesting as well that the people claim to be the most tolerant society. You will find the most intolerant of other people's views. Yeah, you and I have very clear views based on our face and in a narrow view of of who is right with God, and who is not. Which is why we bring the gospel to everyone.

We don't we don't claim to be open and tolerant to all views we find to be loving towards all people's you claim you can differ with us but I can tell you what I can to shut you down with violence. You can oppose us everywhere.

You know how we do love you but we believe that there's a right way, this wrongly super clear light up the ones I claim to be tolerant and open-minded liberal it's it's it's anything but right so so real quick for those who just tuned in in Canada there is a bill against code Islamic phobia so that you could not publicly criticize Islam in the mess impediment motor Michael about God's notion right so but that that could well become federal law in Canada and will you and 40 days. Where they are all who hear what the public at the obvious to try to get involved in back on the governmental level to put in my input on the dangers of Islam because the term itself is a contradiction phobia is an irrational fear of something I don't have an irrational fear until July, all babies are politicized terms that are used stifle any criticism yet and so so that is moving forward. And then you have the. The law in Ontario that if your child, I did eight-year-old six-year-old boy identifies as a girl and the parents they hate me love you your kid, but when I can let you dress up like a girl or semi school girls think that that child could potentially by the law be removed right from the household removed by the government and raised elsewhere in the parents they can appeal but that is the woman this Francis reality. In Canada you have this bill now explicitly say you must use certain speech that not is not even a matter of using a bathroom.

Your your your telling me I must refer to you a certain way.

Otherwise, I could be penalized for do you feel on any level that the left is overplaying its hand, is much as this complacency in Canada you got a voice like Jordan peters Peterson, who is brilliant and and who is courageous and he's gets a ton of views on his YouTube page and and is is his his podcasts are getting wide wide review is any Pushback taking place against people like Peterson no-no pushback. What would table it will rephrase for you and will take up on the other side. Perhaps the left is going too far and that's why Jordan Peterson is getting such support from so many places. Could it be that that the last erratic left over places hand and people fussy when you sign up for this to be open-minded and tolerant but we do want this beer is having too far gone will be right back with 20 cost the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends cost the New Testament scholar and apologist Tony.

What struck me about Jordan Peterson and he's he's not a preacher. He is a University psychology professor respected Prof., fearless, eloquent, but he is not coming from just quoting Scripture and that Mattel is coming from a secular mentality opposing the totalitarian overreach of the government, but it seems that he he's getting a lot of support him. Maybe it's more in the states or the countries where people are listening but my feeling was always that that those on the far left go so far that ultimately they disqualify themselves or that there's a pushback I can America. For example, write the same America that so readily embraced everything having to do with redefining marriage and same-sex activism. They're not embracing guys and the girls locker rooms quite as quickly so it is there anything even there to say okay here there's a bit of a movement or is it more likely to pray for the resurrection of the corpse. Well, I think there is a movement that is rising even even non-Christians and tired of the left their demands and and and and wanting everything in an empty explained that they had gone to but I think what's happening is that Dr. Pearson's become their voice now Dr. Pearson advised that your question, but what but he is not up conservative Orthodox Christian.

He he from his study. He talks a lot about how much the totalitarian ideologies of communism have Shaken him. He had been the ugliness of people and what what we have to told the private humans are capable of but but he hoped to different and I'm Dr. Peterson of the Platonic smaller, new believe is Plato's idea of the good. And so the old idea of the transcendent, and so it would be fair to say that he purely effectively. He does have belief in an transcendent, but I think that's what pushes them out to to to be very astute protector of the right of free speech and belief in God and so forth.

But there is 1/3 support coming behind Dr. Peterson.

There's a professor out in McGill University also in Canada and Dr. a gap that was the Jewish professor actually who is also an atheist and evolutionist, but he thought to Dr. Peterson on on these issues as well.

So the support is rising of the problem. Your Michael is that were now facing something that is no law legislation and are and how to read how we deal with that other than fight the court.

Many people, of course, probably impoverishing them stop fighting again, and yet what you hate to see obviously we pray for God to stir Hartson for righteous laws, but the real the real, fearful next case scenario is that the family actually loose their kid and that's all it takes is a loser kid for a few years and that's what it takes to destroy the whole family and that's when people finally wake up.

But you know, even for that the media was pretrade as this evil family. You know this color whose brainwashing this child who now got liberated Melbourne on the Internet to your expert partner. Go ahead, go ahead later doing the same thing in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Canadian Christian school has been told not to teach opened the Bible burst another telling them example to remove first Corinthians chapter 6, 911, which mentions all very defendant that borrows from entering the kingdom of God there now telling them not to mention any of these passages in Scripture that Abilify people in terms of their sexual orientation is not just the family. Michael is not just our speech.

Now with the Bible. It Scripture itself is nothing targeted but you know is always an attack on the Christian you are not on the Muslim not on the Koran, which is equally equally condemnatory when it comes to homosexuality and other factors yet. In fact, I sent you a link sent to look at that that is rebel media will have fun yeah yeah and and he said when he heard the report I Christian school being told they cannot teach Christian beliefs and Christian values rests in a Christian school that he had to check it out himself and of course it was accurate socialist friends. Pray for Canada. Pray for Tony and for the stance he's taking. Pray for awakening in the church and then open your eyes friends because everything which I might here in Canada could be the law in America. In a matter of a few years. If we don't wake up as well. He Tony keeping Strawn the gospel always bears fruit in God is with you in your efforts. Thank you Dr. Brown and God bless you and your ministry. Thanks so much, right friends, we are not just sound the alarm for nothing. There is a reason we are addressing these issues day and night. Do you have my my app yet the line of fire app say oh I forgot it or I didn't know about. All right, no problem slot out there lose out a lot of information so here's what you do you rate go to if you got an iPhone go the, the, the app store with Apple. If you've got a Samsung android phone. Just go to the place store the Google play store and search for the line of fire with Dr. Michael Brown right you'll have a couple on the far scope and then you see the one for this is it is the right thing on fire. Dr. Michael Brown download the app is free. Of course, it's always free to use. But here's here's what you get anywhere you are the country, whether in radial range of motion were not anywhere you are anywhere in the world.

I did this from Israel and was so cool to to do it. Just click on click on the app from 2 to 4 Eastern standard Time of the show was on and boom there listening audience crystal clear or or if you will listen to yesterday show her last weeks there is that recent archives and I'm amazed at the quality I mean it is. It is amazing. I don't know it we get a nap or something like that or I don't really look at our own stuff to play with all the time. It's a get out everybody else to run and play with this and this is amazing or maybe on the website. What about recent articles. Check this out right there. You know what you will connect with us on Facebook or twitter, YouTube go home right there other on the app or say. I will call the show.

One day I forget that number no problem, but breast press one button and you can call is right there program then or if you want to help us casino.

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