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Thinking About America and Freedom As We Approach the 4th of July

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 3, 2017 4:20 pm

Thinking About America and Freedom As We Approach the 4th of July

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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July 3, 2017 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 07/03/17.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

4 July is upon us.

How free are we can America be saved. Stage for the line of fire with your host activist father international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves by going 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, you know, according to the reports, the man who ran the 10 Commandments monument within 24 hours of it being erected in the lawn of the Arkansas Arkansas State House notice he rammed into the 10 Commandments with his vehicle.

He was allegedly shouting the word freedom. Yet freedom as if free from God's laws free from God's commandments.

Separation of church and state. Reality is friends to the extent we cast off God to the extent we cast off God's ways and God's word to that extent we or anything but free the extent we cast off his ways, his word his laws. We are increasingly bound.

Michael Brown, welcome to the broadcast today this day before 4 July. Maybe you got a vacation day and you're able to listen to the show live. Maybe you can even call in song and open the phone lines 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 784 if you want to call in you, but you've always wanted to call but haven't been able because of your work schedule phone lines are open and I will get some calls over the course of the broadcast as well. But as we approach 4 July. A big question to ask is, the founding fathers.

The vision for our nation. Was it to be a secular nation. Was it to be a Christian nation was to be a nation generically under God, was it to be a nation with Judeo-Christian roots, but that gave room for secular people as well and different religious expressions.

It's important to revisit that because our country has gotten increasingly secular over the decades and in many circles. There is increasing hostility to the idea of God in the public place in the end of the question is well, maybe that's what the founders intended. Or maybe that's just the natural development of our country. What I would say is very obvious from reading the history of America from reading what the founders had to say from seeing how much the Bible was in their thinking and and how much it influenced their mindset and attitude, and even their talk about Providence. Speaking of God's involvement, not just an abstract way. But in a real way. Yet all that without enforcing the Christian religion on the nation are one particular Christian denomination on the nation of things very clear when you look back at the founders there was a vision for one nation under God with strong Christian roots that this was considered to be in the best interest of the people I want to share some quotes with you about that today. Got a new book coming out September very excited about cults saving a sick America a prescription for moral and cultural transformation in that book. I go back in and look at the origins of our country and and see what the colonies were or how they operated in the how our country first operated and how we did not try to establish a theocracy, so a nation say were a priestly leadership would rule the nation.

Clergy would rule the nation enforce the Bible on everyone know that was never the vision and yet it was a God-fearing foundation with strong Christian roots and that is the essence of our liberty. That is the foundation of our liberty and you pull that out you pulled God out from the foundation from the center of America and we lose all liberty that seems undeniable.

Also taught you about the president trump tweets and baby Charlie guard in England, major, major discussion. There will be right back over by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, president from residential. Is he a madman out of control.

Some of you absolutely should not be in the White House as our president is the most powerful elected official on the planet that since the most famous person on the planet terms of people alive today, should he that is he unfit for office. Look at these tweets. Now he borrows a scene from from WW Io from professional wrestling where he was involved in is taken down to CNN diet and smashing minutes. If you haven't seen between he sent out he was involved in one of these wrestlemania fancies these mega events that will wrestling entertainment puts on an so what is it Vince McMahon is something he takes them down with a an arm bar that he starts beating on of course all complete states of hundred percent fake. But then somebody currently change the image and will not come to him interesting for somebody did it, and just as real real simple graphic changed as per the CNN logo instead of instruments face sets was beating on slick CNN apparently's trump so the tweet and then he sent it out himself. Watts created a firestorm of controversy and is is inciting violence against the media and what what kind of maniac he's is mentally unfit.

Impeachment is that the case or is it that we have a man who has broken every rule in order to get to the presidency and the final odds to get there and is actually several steps ahead of everyone that his tweets are not impulsive that his tweets are not just fleshly but that he has a strategy with his tweets. We think 86634 think as a strategy to his tweets and it is in fact is not a madman. He's a master manipulator and he's got a whole plan here what he wants to deflect the media. In one way or another. When he wants to change the focus of conversation when he's put it, pushing forth an agenda on one side and doesn't want people to focus on that.

So he gets into a twitter ballot everybody focuses their that what he's doing, one of my colleagues said look, he could be doing this to send a message to foreign leaders that leader of North Korea. The dictator Kim Jong-Il maybe sending a message saying look, I'm crazy you don't mess with me I'll come and bomb your whole country out. Don't don't take me on some Saturday Kim Jong-Il he's a leader Korea.

He's a wrestling fan, so he gets the message as a sick outcome mom mantle. Give the guy that much credit that far ahead of things haven't really it be like saying well he's he's put a little weight since he's been in the White House to distract the media from his real agenda, I don't believe that I've not heard by say that I just give you a make-believe theoretical example, it might take my take is we have a mixture here we have a man who is gone where he's gotten by being who he is and some of that to me is is crass and vile in their appropriate and degrading for the office of the president and as I wrote that article is getting a lot of distribution on lots of different websites.don't sell your soul defending the president one Christian leader on TV but over the weekend. Commended president trump for his Christian faith and stood behind his tweets to me.

Now we just degraded the Christian faith and we just degraded the Lord that we serve and in associating him with those kind of tweets you know calling a newscaster in a psycho Joe for things like that white why do that you now bring yourself down to the level of those people you now degrade the office of the presence is my take on all this.

Even if he's calculated doing it. You don't do it again. Your urine out throne moderate each other. Tell tell me this.

Tell me how you can throw my block in your hands are telling you get not how you get the mud fight somebody throwing mud without getting yourself altered. Even if you win the mud fight, how you not get yourself totally soiled in the process.

Can anybody tell me that you can't you can't not get yourself soiled in the process. So let's just say that you live in a well guarded mansion and you've got somebody downstairs in the yard throwing mud at the walls won't let them get themselves dirty and they'll disqualify them so soon enough use. You stay there and that will guarded mansion. Get your work done to be my perspective on the best way for the president to operate take stands exposed fake news.

Use twitter if you feel it's a good means to use but but don't get down to the level of those who are attacking you and Singer mentally unfit all year you think a mental effort when you're psycho mayhap. How does that help advance any agenda of the does so in my view, I'm giving you my opinion are IIS viewers going to be my opinion this is a mixed bag. You have a man who is a brilliant marketer and marketed himself successfully enough to win the presidency of the United States against all odds and against a strong strong lineup of other potential candidates and then against the whole Democratic political machine in the Clinton political machine and and against that the left-wing media.

Maybe they helped get him to the top of the Republican primary. Thinking right now as easy pickings really can take down it will did work like that. And he has as much as there is high disapprove on the one and he's got a very loyal following. On another and and without question is a lot of good he's done already. There's things that he has done that are positive that are good that are strong that are commendable that are rejoicing other things that grieves me and you think okay as is it worse the exchange the good you get versus the bad you get in. These are questions everyone has to wait for themselves while we pray for president pray for government but II don't see it as just immature outbursts only. I don't see it as just genius master manipulator. I see it as a mix that he's gifted and strong and decisive and fearless and does a lot of things that are good and carries a lot of the same concerns I do about America Butte pro-life be religious liberty.

Things like that that that I believe is got a good handle on or at least at least for this stage of his life has really embraced these things is important.

I see that is positive, but he is who he is and all of us who are think it will, he'll change will become more presidentially since this is the new presidential so barring a radical conversion experience bombarded if not for that, barring God radically dramatically intervening in his life.

This is what I expect to see the good with the bad and will the good do more good than the bad will will he be able to to do what he needs to do with the constant distractions and battles so I posted a couple of twitter poles.

One just literally minutes ago just during our first break today and one little over 24 hours ago. The one that was over 24 hours ago so I have my complete results on that I got him 600 responses on twitter.

What's your opinion regarding trumps tweets overall are they more of a help or a distraction. 24% said help. 61% said distraction. 15% were undecided. Right 24% said tweets is tweets.

The present screech of more help. 61% said more of a distraction. 15% said they were undecided. Right now, and in written remember my my Twitter following us is not nearly as large as Facebook Facebook like 530,000 followers. There Twitter is like 26 1/2 thousand and but but either way, the vast majority of those following the social media would be conservative.

Many voted for trump. Many didn't. But they would be overwhelmingly conservative. We have others in a conservative that follows, which I'm glad for and appreciate them listening if they differ so that the apologist put out a few minutes ago less than 10 minutes ago. I guess do you believe the president's tweets are highly calculated or immature outbursts. So just got the first 60 something votes coming in, but what will you think they would fall what your opinion right that I receive your hands. Okay, good.

Got it, see it good so. Hugo, do you believe is tweets. The presence tweets are highly calculated. Or do you think they are immature outbursts or mixture of both. So I think the voting is going so far I scanning the way I thought it would go but is just early will see how it pans out 26% said calculated 33% said immature 41% said mixture of both, and we come back.

I want to switch subjects to to tweak from the president today where he said this regarding baby Charlie Gard in UK we could help little Charlie Gardens were friends in the UK and the Pope be delighted to do so while presently United States any personally involved in the will for this little baby that's meaningful here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us today on the line of fire.

This date before July 4 866-34-TRUTH hate I've got a very special interview and be playing tomorrow. It was actually recorded three years ago on July 4 with my dear friend Stacy Popham and Monica from India and just giving prayerful thought to tomorrow show I thought you know what I'm going to air that show again.

Three years ago to the day on July 4 a fabulous interview with some amazing friends and servants of the Lord. So to you and if you can tomorrow get if you miss any broadcasts. If you have our app if you have the line of fire app enough to miss anything, and in fact were ever you are anywhere in the country. You never have to miss a minute of the show anywhere in the world. We have cell phone service, or Wi-Fi.

Get off your cell phone you can use the line of fire app you can listen to the show live. You can listen to past archives. You can call them with one click you can go to our website, you can connect with us in social media. You can support us all done seamlessly.

So download the app on your iPhone go to the app store your android phone, go to the Google play store and just look for the line of fire with Dr. Michael Brown find the app downloaded it's free.

Enjoy it. I was coming back from a meeting with some folks before the show today and I put on the local radio station just trip, news talk to hear what was being discussed.

For a moment.

It was a secular station I just flipped it on its a strong station, but all I got was static. I thought to myself. Hey, if it was time for my show and I was in my car and I couldn't get a radio signal. For some reason bone just take out my cell phone and flip on the app and listen crystal-clear friends literally it will be as if I'm sitting next to you having a conversation so make sure you download the app today are 866-34-TRUTH the number to call. Let's go over to England and again Pres. trump earlier today this is that to me that the good side to take the good with the bad with every every human being, but maybe then exaggerated way with Pres. trump we can help little Charlie Gard as per our friends of the UK and the Pope we would be delighted to do so. So what what happened was this just in case you're not familiar with this Charlie was a baby born seem to be totally healthy and normal and then they noticed he was holding his head up like like other babies's August 4, 2016 when he was born in England seem to be totally normal, but they began to they began to realize that there were some issues with him is now 10 months old and if by the month. His parents noticed he was less able to lift his head support himself. Though the babies of similar age look in an article here from the telegraph in the UK and doctors discovered he had a rare inherited disease infantile onset and said boy okay I get a butcher. The name here, but it has to do with that issue with Mike Mike much mitochondrial DNA and encephalomyelitis a okay sorry for my poor pronunciations there. The condition causes progressive muscle weakness and brain damage. October he become lethargic, his breathing shallow. He was transferred to the great Orman Street hospital.

He spoke it was the whole world looking at things, but what what happened is basically he's just dying slowly and they realize okay. He just has a little bit of time left.

And remember this is public funded healthcare right country like England you agreement you don't pay personal health insurance is considered general taxes. Neither friend years ago. His wife got cancer and almost overnight.

They had a schedule for cancer surgery.

It was quite remarkable. There's a lot of positive this a lot of negative while people don't get healthcare and a lot of elderly people can struggle getting healthcare and well it's some priority or gift to make a judgment as to who gets it doesn't get if this was the whole concern with Pres. Obama's affordable healthcare act, called Obama care, we would have death panels December decide who lives and who dies. So there were major concerns raised about Obama care and other major concerns being raised by trump care and I am not an expert on this, and I do not have a strong opinion to offer except I think we can do better than our current system. I just on the with the answers are in any case in England. It's up to the there are courts and there are panels that will decide okay. Should there be advanced medical treatment. Is it justified as a justified or not. So April 11. Mr. Juster, Justice Francis, the doctors could stop providing life-support treatment after analyzing the case at a hearing in the family division of the High Court in London.

He concluded that life-support treatment should end and set a more move to a palliative care regime would be in Charlie's best interest. So basically like a in a hospice is going to be dying just don't try to keep them alive just care for him as he's dying well that the parents of look, there's a doctor in America a doctor in America who said that he's willing to do this experimental treatment, but to transport him there because he life-support on the web like 1,000,000 1/2 dollars expenses will they they they put on appeal publicly and they raised all the money right there raised they raised all the money by but June 8 what they went when they lost their their their their fight that there they went to Supreme Court okay and said come on, you look we have someone willing to do experimental treatment in the states we've raised all the money but they can't just pick up their baby and walk out because he he have to be on a breathing machine, whatever that the apparatuses in the FB transferred in Ocala got an air ambulance kind of thing to get him over and but all the money was there no now we don't think it's gonna work one of the circuit. Note we don't think it's can work and and and and part of the wording is is really really shocking wording it it said it says this that there is significant harm. This is Katie dollop right, who led the legal team against this. She suggested that further treatment would leave Charlie in a condition of existence that there is significant harm if with the parents, one for Charlie comes into effect. The significant harm as a condition of existence, which is offering the child the benefit it is in human to permit that condition to continue following the stimulus rightly. She saying that if that is going to be his condition that it's in human to let him continue to live. In other words, you are playing God.

Here it's one thing to go through all types of extraordinary care to keep someone on a breathing machine say that is for all intents dead and is no possible hope of recovery is in 103 years old, and cancer through the whole button or whatever I'm not, Dr. Sim is putting out some scenario here.

That's one thing and and you you you do all the sin try to revive the patient if the dying signal if I die let me die right or nothing extraordinary to keep me alive. When it was time for me to go. It's another thing to say, will we don't think the state of existence is insufficient to justify keeping the child alive that smiling and that's why for example, a country like Holland. They have euthanized hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of babies considered not worthy of medical support because of their condition is terrifying.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on the line of fire Michael Brown delighted to with you today in moment I want to bring on the air with me at your friend, Larry Tomczak to talk about some amazing opportunities had to share the gospel to talk about lifestyle evangelism and some thoughts about America as we approach 4 July, but just to close off what I was saying before the break, I I do know that there are things we do to keep people alive that are so extraordinary that you could really debate whether these interventions are all good and ethical write it. In other words, there is no possible way that the person can continue to live or ever recover. There's no argument about that everybody understands it but because we have the capability to keep a heart beating or breath circulating that we do certain things and many people have a living will sink don't do that to me you know I don't want to be preserved in a certain condition.

Where's if it is not for food and water something out I would or even with food and water. I would die unless there is all this unusual intervention. Our people say don't revive me if if I die let me die. I'm ready to go but to be with the Lord. That's one thing it's it's another thing to say, well this this condition of existence is not worth the or it is not proper it is. It's cruel to the child. What about what about a child it's born with it. Terrible chronic condition and is always in acute pain and the doctors are trying to find out ways to lessen the pain and the parents struggle with watching their child suffered the set. Does that mean that you would starve the child say until they die. You drown the child is those words are horrific to say those words are monstrous or barbaric.

The thought of but but this is what some doctors are saying that the quality of existence is such that it doesn't marry keep a child alive or as some doctors and Holland have said thank God for the fine doctors there there saving was not taken off but if you know that this child's life expectancy is just say six months, but the get them to six months you have to perform hundred thousand dollars in surgeries white. Why do that.

Why do that so I understand they could make certain ethical arguments, but the question is always more than where does one draw the line who was worthy of living and who is not worthy of my friend and colleague Keith Collins was on the air with me some months back and he he he talked about the experience. He and his family have had with their grandson, Jude, and almost almost died in the womb during pregnancy really extraordinary efforts had to be made just to get through the pregnancy extraordinary Reston and and not normal activity of life and then baby being born and he's been on the edge of death.

3+ years old most precious little guy.

Literacy on the edge of death over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over in all types of medical interventions over and over and over and over. And yes this this family loves Jude the mom and dad that the Graham monograph other than the uncles and aunts love him like your own soul. Their lives have been enriched by this precious little guy. They've said they all believe in divine healing. They pray for healing.

They believe that it's best to see God heal. And yet, they've said that this is the greatest blessing. The gods ever brought into their lives. And you say but what you can have and communicating Cavities sees him shining is giving life to others. So this is the scary part is worthy of living are not scaring the border at the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Well tomorrow is 4 July and talk little bit about our liberties that our nation better.

History about what we can do as gospel witnesses. I'm joined by my longtime friend and colleague Larry Tomczak and Larry welcome back to the broadcast Mike to be with you answer together in bringing spiritual revolution in the gospel to our generation and the next one coming up event that's that's our heart and we are we are joined at the hip with that, Larry. How much do you know about the origins of our country.

Your some of our Christian vision or some of the history of the nation that you know what would become increasingly secular driven look back at our roots at all. All Mike it was, you know, I did a book in a video surgical bull's-eye challenge in there. I voted one third of the beginning of it talking about.

Do we have a secular spiritual worldview and spiritual worldview is really the accurate one beaker where our nation started I did at Plymouth Rock probably been there. They came why you know that advance the gospel that was there there there desire of the Pilgrims and Puritans, and then we read the statements of our founding fathers in our state Declaration of Independence created, you know, we have a creator for references to God.

It's bad to be the meltdown in our nation today, morally and so many ways, but how much that we drifted from our our biblical roots. Mike I mean you know what it was either. That's what were trying to do is help people come back to our heritage and and understand the foundations upon which this nation was established yeah and and we understand this course we leave taken and more people for more different parts the world more religious beliefs secular etc. but what we had a lot of that even in the founding of our nation and there was there was room for everyone, but there was a certain respect for God or fear of God or reference for the Bible it's interspersed in the writings of of our founders, even those that were more secular.

They still seem to have a great respect for for God and often quoted from Scripture that was a reference point for them. They use black stones writings of the two great lawyer legal theorist from England and and he relied heavily on Scripture. So the Bible is the number one source Blackstone number two Plextor relied heavily in Scripture sold America back then look very different.

Your visit to colonial Williamsburg Larry over the years. All yes we take in our family we gone there and all you all over Virginia. I lived in Virginia, you know, for a number of your Mike your heart break.

When you think might, ending in the rotunda of our Capitol building and looking at all the spiritual biblical references and portraits. It just shakes it to the court.

David Barton did a tour and I would prove to be a part of it.

About a decade or more ago so we've got to help people understand unit separation of church and state does not mean freedom from religion but freedom of religion and you and I and others. I hope or awakening to that reality to help others. Yeah, Samuel Adams, so one of the revolutionary leaders in our country 1700s. He said that that the rights of colonists services before leaving her to the revolution may be best understood by reading and carefully studying the institutes of the great lawgiver and head of the Christian church which are to be found. Clearly written and promulgated in the New Testament and then he said a general dissolution of principles and manners will more surely overthrow the liberties of America than the whole force of the common enemy, while the people are virtuous they cannot be subdued but when once they lose their virtue there will be ready to surrender their liberties to the first external or eternal invader.

So it seems to.

It seems to me that to the extent we push God out of our lives. To that extent we become enslaved country. I'm sure you see it the same way so people in circuits. What can I get what can I do. And one of the greatest things we can do is share the gospel with others right in and out my need to be here only to be a professional minister or pastor that there's nothing more effective that we have then the the gospel to share. So you're always looking for opportunities a couple weeks back. He said he pray for me I'm I'm going to be going to a reunion, a tell me about that yet. Like I love the opportunity that your porting me because I love to inspire like you folks. We have a privilege. How beautiful are the feet of those bring the good news and the gospel is the power of God under salvation is not arguing in all, but we share the gospel to win some way and I mean the truth of the gospel and call people to shake lives are revolutionized and so when I go places like you reference two weeks ago I had Mike 50th high school reunion know a lot of people think they say why bother unwanted and I do want to look at older folks, not golden, it takes too much time, but I thought it a divine appointment.

And so my wife and I we grow round trip was about 20 hours from Nashville bit Cleveland Mike Lifton here a real quick overview before we go there. A fellow that was in our band played in a rock band called the lost souls that he couldn't go any so my lighthearted but you know what, let's go to his house.

I wasn't exactly sure what were you present with the Lord. My wife and I drove one hour from downtown claimant to his home. We sat with him. He's battling cancer, leukemia right now he think this is a quote he looked me in the eye with my wife there, sitting in his living room in the afternoon instead Larry, I have no one to talk to Hardy. You know, bending time, sharing, loving, taking an interest in human everything.

By the time we left, he prayed with me to receive Jesus Christ as his brilliant Savior. All Mike was it made the whole trip worthwhile and then from there we launched into the reunion four hours. You know there's 500 in our class that was about 100 and hundred some that showed up and and here I'm open about I had in my back pocket. I get about 2530 personal testimony tracks.

As I was talking here is the former quarterback here is the star guy this guy years average got my home group homeroom and I just shared with you to can enter. They don't want you doing and shared a little bit and that way reduced discharge.

My spiritual journey, but one of the highlights like this.

There were so many divine appointment, but here's a viewpoint gifted the rock star of the evening and he was in a rock star was a guy that was on the football team was the icon came back from Arizona. There was a guy he would hundred 60 pounds and he was on the line. He was the center and he was up against God that would like to can to 20 any but he was just wrong and everything will get this becomes to me and he said Larry is he hugs me and my wife body.

When he hears it she said Larry I came here that a main reason I came was I want to thank you and he said decades ago, you shared the gospel with me and he said, and I responded that that's been 40 years ago.

Whatever it was.

40 some years ago and I'm now coaching that I had five state championships is that I'm not boasting, I want you know I'm the second winningest high school coach in Arizona history. My son is playing in the NFL.

His name is Jim Rath J Ari a wide Eddie said Larry because you shared with me. I influence how young people in sports and in the high school anything.

Thank you. Thank you. I am indebted to you because you invested in me.

I'm not boasting, but it made me here I am today. I'm thinking here's a guy that struggling with leukemia comes to Christ and dearest. A football player that is influencing thousand because of what I'm not special. I just love people take an interest look for ways to serve the kind and then when it wherever I can, I try to share the gospel and you know Mike, I read this quote recently. You know to fear fluids that what one called interruption are precisely one's real life.

The life God is ending one day by day. CS Lewis said that in the John Piper recently said that I like you might meet 80,000 people in your lifetime that 80,000 opportunities to say something about Jesus all Mike, what an honor and privilege will have and that doesn't mean everybody can respond but players need. Sometimes you water it and and you know I love the gospel tracking into a little personal test because that the pressure is off believe it.

They go home. I gave it the cop. We walk in insecurity can hurt you did.

Here's appointment I talked to him is having problems in phone there at the table and when I walked by him about an hour later I spent thank you for serving. We respect you. I pray for you daily and I gave my little track you know what, I took a picture that dilator he was sitting there eating and what you do what is reading the testimonial track bike. It's a joy and it's an adventure and I are just right. If they did all the come on folks, let's get on with the task that gospel changes lives at the power of God under salvation it does in the thing that is amazing.

When you sow the seeds well into the 25th anniversary reunion from from my high school is amazing to run into some people that told me the impact that that my life had when they saw the radical change. I just thought they were some of the people mocking me for they were watching you never you never really know. I will be right back more with my friend Larry Tomczak will tell you how you can take the bull's-eye challenge stated the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown rings one of the reasons I'm on, put out a strip strengthen you and to help equip you so that you can go into a God called you to do just as others have helped to equip me to do it God's called me to do. My friend Larry Tomczak is deeply committed to that and Larry to be frank, as a radio host and columnist in the other than all the other things I do the seminaries and I knew pretty well so I know very well so I noticed a little and plenty. I don't know anything about. That's why bring special guests on but there there are so many areas where we we should at least have some understanding coming.

What is what some assess wise abortion wrong wise gay marriage not really marriage or or you know what you are out would be as believers when it comes to the economy or data security or things like that so you put together really useful tool video series and then a book that goes with it.

So the videos are free.

The book we encourage you to get us to see you get everything in depth, but I can never remind folks about this too much because it's so practical and there plenty of issues you address just as the fire of expertise I can in those few minutes watching the video reading the chapter. I can get a great overview so the bull's-eye challenge for Stella listeners again what it is and how they can connect what might you know what, in Colossians 4-there's a director for you and me and all today you engage with the broadcast. And God tells us to be wise and wisdom in relating to unbelievers, outsiders, and it says make the most of every opportunity you gotta seize opportunities there out there and let your speech always be gracious. Season with salt and then if it is so you know how to answer everyone you know how to answer in many Christians and I mean I was in the thing, but when I first started out, we get tongue-tied we don't speak out on some things we were afraid were timid we get.

You know, people run roughshod over us no matter what the topic may be because were not prepared and equipped in the sad thing is, we know many pastors and come on if your pastor today. I was one Mike we served in this white there's fear of I want to lose members if I get in the controversy.

You know that I could loosen pride.

I so I don't talk about abortion.

I do want to get into these issues like gay marriage or you know immigration you know social justice.

I just steer clear. And that's not biblical because Paul said he didn't shrink back from declaring the whole counsel of God and so we need to be equipped so there's a tool there's a resource called bull's-eye you go there bull's-eye child you take 15 minutes every day for 30 days. That's it. And you watch a video.

It's free.

It's accessible in Europe. The pain it just watch it three minutes and then read the chapter in the book you go to bull's-eye get the book on Amazon will be there in a couple days and then take 10 minutes. Go to that chapter accompanied the video and then take two minutes to pray, reflect, if you don't do that investor 15 minutes 30 days, you will become an informed influencer on the hot button issues of today.

It's a prim work. This is not a treaty required to 17 hours of study on abortion. Thank you. Life and so it's a resource and you and about 15 senior influential leaders all over the country instead get it.

It's for you so is your listing today. I'm not pitching a product. I'm trying to make something available to you that will change your life. I promise you in 30 days and so you have a good boldness you feel confident you'll be able to speak in a cogent way and I say that because not only have I been helped by this, but I want to help others you know coming this week and I had been in Dayton, Tennessee for where the Scopes evolutionary Delta flight and I talked with about 25 protesters. The debris I wasn't timid. I didn't think I'm getting out of here I can't talk, I'm able to interact and engage why because I'm special because I'm equipped and like you and I are passionate about serving people.

In this capacity, so that the overview go to bull's-eye watch the videos get the book here and you have.

I promise the new confidence evident informed influencer knowing how to answer everyone on these issues of today.

Yeah. And I again recommended heartily and you'll find everything practical, clear, and you want to be an informed influencer is apparent as the students is a coworker with a friend on the job. Someone in church ministry talking to the lost.

Whatever the setting refund is helpful, edifying, useful every week Larry to Scott 02 minutes, but you you went to a gay pride event Nashville to share the gospel to have any visible fruit. Sometimes you just plant seeds by faith, but any visible fruit or any sign from the Lord that he was smiling on the effort well.

What I would say and honestly bike you know you goaded it it it it after the people will screen everything so I go there. I think the harvest passion.

The loss here would be the main thing to take away from you. What walking among all these people talking to people. I I'd look for something a T-shirt he told me about that. What that mean Alabama gambled look for Congress and injected like all that I had when I talked with people love them without one person not want everyone to thank you I solicit you and have a good title to too much thought. Here's something. This is my little spiritual journey. Would you like to read it hurt read it. I think it's good to encourage you, and I took pictures of the reading or sitting by the curb. My wife came to Christ and share the gospel. She was in her 20 nobody ever told her, so I might big take away his love people and I think you have a bridge in their heart and then you plant something and again when I left there I just that God please work that only you can do can fit and crawl wonderful folks here today that are confused yourself so that's the big take away Mike. There's no dramatic conversion people falling straight. You know it wasn't that way, but it was just lifestyle evangelism.

Planting the seed that God waters and may God bring the increase. Yeah and you know if someone says I just don't have that love for people that we ask God. Yes God I look Larry you you know me for decades. And if you would've thought of Mike Brown years ago.

The main thing you think of is a confrontational, fearless, general prophetic wake-up call, Guyana obsessed all have that burden. But a lot of people think if he is very compassionate, gracious if if I could be known as being compassionate and gracious, as obnoxious as I was before I was saved and is much as God had to deal with me after I was saved. If I could be noticed. Just as people say like I'm just not a slice. Larry to let Larry Tomczyk some of the nicest guys you ever meet. He so loving it's like what Jesus change Larry Tomczak and Jesus changed Mike Brown and he continues to change the so if you can change you if you can change me. We are both drummers before were save you place the path of prophetically called the lost souls prophetic, but I was the name of it so so if God could take people like us and use us in take you and your famous or unknown is not the issue, but that's the thing. So, Larry, keep up the good work keep set a great example.

Love you and appreciate you all right thank you my godless salsa friends to pray pray that God would give you a heart of love listen. July we got a DVD blowout. Yeah, 30% off anything in my DVD library debates teaching messages times of stuff. Check it out and asked Dr. KSK around the Lord of 4 July is upon us.

How free are we can America be saved, it's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to the line of fire on this day be for July 4. So I've I've got freedom on my mind.

I've got American roots on my mind but I'm opening the phone lines now for anything on your heart.

Any question you have anything you want to interact with me about phone lines are open 866-34-TRUTH 87884 I try to do this on days when perhaps some of you have a free time that you normally would.

Maybe have a day off from work and you're able to call them on folks about love to call, but I'm always working at this time but before I go to questions that you might be posting on social media, or any of your calls of George Washington said this is the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led like sheep to the slaughter.

Let's remember, let's remember that the most fundamental freedom on which our nation was based was freedom of religion. When you tamper with that you tamper with our very foundations not now look. Our goal is not to establish a theocracy. When Jesus returns and sets up his kingdom on the earth then will have a theocracy when he rules and reigns as King over the earth in a face-to-face way then we will have a theocracy and then it will be perfectly executed if we try to exit if we try to have that now.

If we try to impose a theocracy. Now it will be horrific.

It would be contrary to the gospel. It would be a bloodbath. It would be religious leaders trying to impose their understanding of the Bible on the entire society with penalties for noncompliance you would have a physical revolt against that you would have the government trying to suppress. You would have a total mess. You cannot do that. Now if you got say a group of of the 30 Christian families that come together in a certain area and say we want to live communally. We want to live by shared values and if you're part of this community were all expected to be up for prayer at this time of the day were all expected to attend religious services twice a week for all expected to live in such a way that that we are not opening the door in our homes to pornography to moral movies and shows and you will agree to live a certain way just as fine stopping you from doing that and in certain ways. That's what some of our founding colonists did so the different colonies, which then became states. Many of them were founded in these ways, almost like many theocracies that they they were Christian and they agree to live by Christian values and educate their children in certain ways. If they had more than a certain number families than they would establish school to make sure that the children can learn to read in order to be able to read the Bible and and that's perfectly fine for groups to come together and do that. But once you begin to form a larger union you have different interpretations of what true Christianity is reviewed baptize infants or only only adults or summer between your way to set fall and what about this religious view and that religious viewing and whose views being imposed and what about people that don't believe anything there there atheist or secular with their Jews or Muslims are so now you have a situation where you you're not trying to impose a theocracy. So America at its founding is not a theocracy.

When I say its founding as a nation. The colonies were somewhat theocratic but that the nation's establish was not and there's much more secular room for secular views, etc. but it was freedom of religion, not freedom from religion and what I contend I think is pretty easily argued as to the extent were faithful to the biblical principles and biblical revelation and that becomes the will of the people we vote the have these things and it is for the benefit and freedom of the nation. I will be right back her and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown to come back to five broadcast July 3 of tomorrow we've got a great interview with my friends a soprano moniker from India. I realize we we did this interview three years ago to the day on July 4 and I thought you know what I want to play this again. It's gonna be great interview so you're able to listen.

By all means catch the show.

Also, my latest article asked the question, is it too late for America. Can America be changed. Can America be saved. You can read that on the website asked Dr. I posted on Facebook yesterday less than every so often I get criticized for addressing cultural and political and social issues rather than just quit preaching the gospel. So why then do I do it while I assured thoughts not to defend myself. That's lesson was on my mind for us to get tons of encouragement and second III feel deeply. The more importantly God's favor and what I do, but I want to help give people larger perspective so I laid out for reasons why I address cultural, political, social issues and overwhelmingly overwhelmingly got massive affirmation to this in appreciation for what we do, which confirmed what I revenue so I'm sure that with you in a bit. I think you'll find it helpful as well.

But first, to the phones we started in Marksville, North Carolina Lori, welcome to the line of fire RAM you're welcome calling my daughter strong Christian character I get taken on that mindset and I am very unfamiliar with it in our hearts are just broken and I just didn't know if you knew anything about it. And if you could guide us in anyway. Yes, this course absolutely, I'm so sorry to hear the how old is your daughter 2222 okay so let me let me first explain what traditional Judaism is and then I can explain the care I Judaism is a traditional Jews believe that on Mount Sinai. God gave Moses, not just the written law, but an oral law with explanations of the written law and principles of interpretation of the written law, etc. and then that was passed on through Joshua and the elders and succeeding generations and then finally in the centuries after Jesus those oral traditions were written down and that becomes the foundation of rabbinic literature or traditional Judaism is called rabbinic Judaism because it's the Bible. Plus, the rabbis were traditional Judaism because the Bible plus tradition and then over the centuries there were hundreds and thousands of traditions that developed that the Jewish community leaders felt this is the best way to implement this implement this implement that and those traditions become part of the fabric of life for traditional Jews.

So if if you're with a traditional Jewish man. He's wearing a yarmulke head covering, while is that in the Bible know that's just a later traditional development okay.

I noticed you like the Sabbath candles, your wife lets the Sabbath candles and you prayer person God commanded you to like the scandals, but can you show me that command in the Bible know that comes from the rabbis comes from the sages to you. Find a tremendous amount of what's done in Judaism is based on these traditions, Carol I Judaism is making a bit of a comeback now, but was all but extinct until really the last generation. It was very very tiny and acaricides were a Jewish movement that came to prominence about 12 or 1300 years ago and they said we'd never heard of these traditions you're introducing you traditions. We never heard of. We just go back to the Bible so if you notice the word caramelized is very similar to the word for Quran, the K a RARKORAR that's because both of those words go back to the Hebrew word for Scripture, so care I to say we are not traditional Jews. We are Scripture-based Jews.

We believe it's written in Scripture and through our methods of interpretation of Scripture. That's how we determine how to observe the Sabbath that so we determine how to keep the fees because a traditional Jew would say what the Bible says don't work on the Sabbath, but it doesn't to find work.

So how do we know what's working, what is work we have to ask the rabbis and they tell us a carrot you would say no through principles of interpretation, we can deduce what work is what is at work, etc. so they rejected the rabbinic traditions, and they claim to be the original true Jews. They claim that the traditions were added later and that they are the ones who are the true Jews that the Pharisees and other groups turned against and that there the faithful ones and in recent years they've just rebound that they become a little bit more popular. Otherwise, they were down to distillate tiny handful of practitioners so they share fundamental Jewish beliefs.

Emphasis on one God, one God only emphasis on the importance of keeping the law of things like that. Emphasis on unethical living emphasis on study and prayer, but they reject the vast majority of rabbinic traditions, so they have a synagogue service they they do these different things and some of them to become more friendly with rabbinic tradition. It's in notes. It's not as as hard and fast. A line drawn but fundamentally they reject Jesus the same as a traditional Jew. Now why this is why this branch appealed to to your your daughter is supposed to traditional Judaism. Maybe because they're more Scripture based as she explained her reasons to you on the property. Don't point him. She really has a truck that have trouble with account for my house and I see it again. I'm not sure exactly what that is. What would she have yet so so what happened was when Christianity came to prominence under Constantine.

Constantine's code conversion and he was the Emperor and and now Christianity was kind of the state religion during the same period of time.

There was a major church council called the Council of Nicaea that agreed on certain things agreed on the divine nature of Jesus agreed on the Trinity, and in some ways separated itself from the Jewish roots of the faith, but basically just affirmed with the church had been teaching for the first two centuries. Maybe the divine nature of the son of God and God's tri-unity, one God, the complex in his unity. The critics claim will that's when these documents were created cheap.

She's bought a bill of goods. Now, and it would seem that you say we just have to go back to Scripture about we go back to Scripture than we had. We start with the Old Testament and because of that we reject the New Testament and right right so it's not it's not the end of the world. There are many many answers to her and and for her and do you have any of my books on answering Jewish objections to Jesus start for me. Oh yeah but but here's here's what I would think because she's not coming at this from a traditional Jewish angle. It is she willing to to read and study these things have targeted scientific minded okay and had tell you what I'm I'm going to put you on hold in a moment right and and Howard. Our expert call screener is going to get your address and I want to send you a little care package a book or two and then some videos for her to watch and just say hey look here some debates or some presentations, one want you take a look at these things are to me watch them together or read this and just approach it on a on a totally honest intellectual level and then there the other thing is do what only a mother can do is pray for your daughter the way mother Because some something has to happen just like in a happy marriage you're knocking to go out and commit adultery unless something's wrong in the relationship somewhere.

So something had to be wrong in a relationship with God.

Either she didn't walk close enough to him or she opened herself up to a wrong intellectual pursuit, but something went wrong somewhere. Otherwise she wouldn't have strayed. You know, she would have had? I believe she married him a couple weeks ago. So what I understand what you're saying about praying for and pray before I make this phone call and I can't think of care package and given me someplace to start all bless you Lori and yeah I think you just told me everything there and start with the relationship and because otherwise is no logic. Why she from Christian background would get into 2 TB Judaism, but Lord Reese we feel your pain, friends, can I ask you to to join with Lori for prayer for her daughter and for her son-in-law.

The goblet really radically get hold of them that he bring them to repentance that he bring them to face that he'd open their eyes to the truth that they have the courage to follow. So Lord, we pray and believe God to do that future hope of the living God and how to get your info and how just assented to us. Ask us with the care packages to put it together. All right Grace Grace to you Lori file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown immediately posted this friend of the Salvation Army with his wife Catherine, one of the great Christian leaders of the 1800s and early 1900s.

He said this, the chief dangers which confront the coming century, meaning the 20th century will be religion without the Holy Ghost Christianity without Christ forgiveness without repentance.

Salvation without regeneration politics without God in heaven without hell wow was prophetic going into the 20th century, how much more going into the 21st century if you ever read my latest article. Is it too late for America can our nation be saved.

The ties in with my newest book throughout September, saving a sick America will be talked about that book more in the weeks to come. 8663 for 87884.

No topic is off-limits today. No topic is off limits today, 8663 foray 7884 is the number to call. I I told folks on twitter to go ahead and post some questions. Here's one from David to reengage in a real conversation with phony Twitter handles instead of transparent identities and a waste of time.

David.I myself have a hard time interacting with engaging with giving time to people using phony identities or just hiding behind some generic name.

Who are you, especially David. Those who criticize and attack other ministries, or other individuals who are you who my dealing, I don't give the time of day two anonymous websites so-called discernment ministry websites that speak against other leaders ministries. I don't give him the time of day I get sent headlines and sometimes have laughed out loud at the headlines are so pathetic that I thought all this does is hurt the body and cause division and even if let's say 1/5 posts made a good point or 2/5 posts made a good point, or one post had two good points out of seven at the viewing of you dealing with is this person 16-year-old immature kid who has no business criticizing other pastors and leaders at this stage of his or her life is is it a 30-year-old guy that's just been excommunicated from his church after committing adultery. For the third time and and refusing to repent and wants to glossing his Christian.

Is it someone a part of a group that's almost a sacked that there is so extreme in their views who were dealing with. So I do my best to engage folks that even on busy and and lots of stuff going on. I do my best to engage folks. I've even if if I felt he could be redemptive of even say let's talk off the air.

I'm busier busy with volatile let's talk what is on the peacemaker and I'm trying to to bridge understanding and if I'm guilty but it's a great show. Mel fix it if you're guilty, let me show you so you can fix it, but once an anonymous site, especially an attack site critical site. I've told folks on twitter you want to engage you woman explain this or that or why hasn't guest on the radio. What I believe at this that tell me who you are glad to do it. Tell me who you are and they will think that's that's bad what what are you hiding would you not, are you not willing to take the flak do not want people know who you are because you want to take the flak of the controversy. You don't want them writing articles about who you are what you believe, or you want to draw attention to it in a negative way or or or you what hey if you have the truth come into the life nothing to hide high so those things that I don't give the time of day to and it's unfortunate because here and there in the midst of of some nonsense. They put out here and there. They made you some good. I like to help them do better, you attacked me falsely fine, but let me help you a suture try to do, let me help you that's that's my attitude.

I've interacted with folks. He said let him try to help you not hurt you.

I'm I'm critiquing you because I'm trying to help you not hurt you.

So the other day I interacted with with somebody and it I do block them but didn't take long for lobotomy file file real bad real real bad that I think they got the personal phone number friend the monolith mobile message in the way they do that if we knew who they were.

I said what you want to do with me. Tell me your silence.


Now if somebody has a big following with some fake identity and there's a point there, making that's one thing that I or their people with big following set of fake identities on a twitter something like that. So finally who the person is a poem I can interact. Even if I had the time of all right, here's a question from Arthur, can you write another book on transgender activism.

Okay right right now I I am not specifically focused on the new book on that I might put out a book that collects together the dozens and dozens of articles that are written about this in a compassionate outreach from the church to those identifies transgender and where we are with the, the activism issues, but I would just say this Arthur that it may happen in the future, but I have scores and scores and scores of articles and videos up on this and I may put it out just altogether in an e-book or something like that.

But if you just go to Astor to ask your and enter the search engine. Just search for transgender you'll see lots of articles lots of videos also if you look at the last chapter of a queer thing happened to America's LGBT and beyond. You'll see. I deal with a lot of those issues. There were this 2011 so the last chapter of a queer thing happened to America and then in my 2015 book outlets to the gay revolution. I have a whole chapter on that on transgender issues and the war on gender in outlets to the gay revolution. So those books I recommend starting points.

The last chapter of the christening aftermarket it's it's a big chapters along chapter and the whole chapter dealing with the war on gender in outlets to the gay revolution. So if you don't have those take advantage of those resources and then the many many many articles that we have on the subject as well. Let's see here. Okay see addiction quarries ask about that Corey doing cigarette or cigar. Let me know. I'll try to respond Christian ass like to learn and understand more on messianic theology. What books do you recommend a couple books Jewish roots by Dan Juster is an old classic Jewish roots is an old classic.

Also my book, the real kosher Jesus.

I think you find those to be very very helpful. So Dan Juster Jewish roots and then my book, the real kosher Jesus and then there's a book of collected essays that was edited by David Rudolph and Joel Willits and this will give you more understanding of messianic theology on a number of subjects. I believe Joel Willits correct yeah, introduction to messianic Judaism right so introduction messianic Judaism David Rudolph the Willits extent just for local business Expo line of fire with your host activist and author, international and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you for joining us today on the line of where it is my third. Tomorrow's broadcast July 4 forecast a special interview. I recorded three years ago to the day with Jesu Parliament Monica my dear friends from India I Rosemont I was a July 4 broadcast.

Let's do that again so you'll be blessed and enriched by tomorrow's show. A question I posted this on Facebook yesterday I got quite an overwhelming response from folks there and I just want to mention this very quickly. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number two call if you've got a question you to ask. No subject is off limits that if it's listens and appropriate for Christian radio, but no subject is off limits because I try to give folks on a day when it's a holiday work long weekend for folks.

Maybe they have a chance to call in that they normally don't submit to go to the phones momentarily, but I posted this on Facebook yesterday. Why is it that I address moral cultural, spiritual, political issues altogether instead of coaches preach the gospel every so often I get criticized for trust me, it's it's minor and for every one pointed criticism. I get 100,000 people thanking me for.

Plus I know the Lord call me two and a book of the sense of God's favor and it but it's a fair question to ask you know I'm I'm ordained minister the gospel I preached around the world and want to see people saved to get right relationship with God and disciple. So why do I do this so I put on Facebook just to give folks a broader perspective limit. Let me share with you okay them over the phone sticks of your questions.

Number one is years back, the Lord laid on my heart that he's calling me to do this and whenever a bird not right.

I don't write just to think of what you write about today what controversial subject.

Can I touch on no, I am going about my business I have of the writing projects I have things are busy was costly but then I feel burdened with some happening in the news or some around the Senate and all all right and speak but years back I do listen to talk radio on on the secular talk radio and it be in my heart you're supposed to do this you're supposed be doing this and and then I'd bought some columnists controversial commerce addressing the social issue that an additional must figure to be doing that.

One day, not ambition.

I'm totally happy to not address those issues and just world missions until the happy distribution evangelist Billy happy just to biblical scholarship and you don't say you might my life is rich with calling of God, but this is something years ago. I knew I would do. Second it's scriptural would be like the sons of Issachar understand the times and knowing what God's people should do first Chronicles 1232 so not just identifying the problem, but singer it sure is the solution.

Or here's how we respond and then third very personal questions. Me addressing these issues as a set 100 reform around the world thanked me wishing that more leaders were addressing these issues.

Always people cost the same wish there were more people dressed musicians like you to of after all of this is the world we live in an cultural, political and social issues affect all of us, and I'm constantly asked by other churches and leaders to address these issues constantly around the world and all of the states pastors Lucy, could you come in please address this issue we need help here and forth preach the gospel as well.

In one way or another virtually every day of my life so it's not either or. Plus, there plenty of other leaders who don't address this as I feel it progressively fulfill their role and I fulfill my if you're listening to typical Christian radio station.

You know how many fine gospel teachers you have, you know many fine voices you have you got a wealth of people listen to day or night, whenever you're in your car able to listen you got all these people that are fine gospel teachers in building up the body challenging go deeper and calling you to be in the word infant with godly lives and onto the great job you have that you really have to only to duplicate that God did not call me to be on the radio put my sermons on the radio. God bless those that are called the support you have that you have that there something else that they're not doing that is important to do with the lease called me to do this. I do my part response to what I posted was overwhelming and I do appreciate I will be right back because her plan and by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, welcome back.

The line of fire. This is Michael Brown six or 87884. Let's see do I want to go to twitter no unk I'll go to the phones we go to Raleigh warrants welcome to light a fire doing well thank you for the call you had ever heard of the Armada. The Israelite of today are not is like of the Bible give her that all yeah MEP people constantly raise and I talked about it at length last Thursday on the line of fire so go to want to and just listen to last Thursday's practice.II attack that that myth that lie and it comes different ways. Some people claim that the Jews today or are just Europeans.

Their conversions are converted to us because our tribe or because our kingdom and their all European they don't actually go back to ancient Israel and others say that the black race is the original Hebrews and you have the the Black Hebrew Israelites job of dealt with it many a time. I've had some experts on to talk about this well but last Thursday was the last time I demolished some of that thinking yellow, no DNA evidence, though, no DNA evidence that that that that that owner to the contrary. Through DNA we can trace ourselves back to the Middle East ultimately sterilizing that happened with a lot of with a lot of Ashkenazi Jews, Lawrence, so Jews like me that we have an Eastern European background so there's an original Middle Eastern base okay and then because were scattered around the world right usually put in scattered around the world.

We then intermarried with different cultures. So what seems to have happened was that that I got to a smaller remnant in Europe that then intermarried in these people married into Judaism just like you have.

For example, some African Jews right so I'm on a Caucasian Jew they would be that the African Jews are suddenly white you they be black used it to paint like that in the same deal that is that the 12 tribes of Israel were scattered around the world so then living in Africa, they began to intermarry with Africans or different points in history, African intermarriage, so you've always had different some different races mingle then with the people of Israel. They came out of Egypt and there was a mixed multitude with them most inspired a Cushite woman so you had different skin color through our history about the idea that today's Jews are not really juices is absolutely a myth. What that website a lot of far yet. The line of and just listen to last Thursday's broadcasts are II address it in some depth there. Okay you are very welcome. God bless you 866-34-TRUTH 7884 okay Christian asks what is tongues of fire mean and head of the Jewish audience understand that phrase when it was mentioned in acts two sisters if I just answered Christians questions Hemant. I don't really due to questions it wants, but it's a good follow-up. Saw two questions from the same person in a broadcasts but today is an unusual date day before July 4 of I don't know that tongues of fire had that special significance to to the Jewish hearers. In other words, we do it would've associated in my mind from Jewish understanding it would have. It would've joined them back with Mount Sinai that for sure.

There were Jewish traditions. We just don't know how far back they go, but there were there were Jewish traditions that said that God spoke from Mount Sinai in multiple languages.

Okay, so, so some some would believe that this is this is what's going on here that there is a reference back to God speaking member.

He he speaks with fire from Mount Sinai right in the midst of the fire that it connected them back to Mount Sinai, and God speaking in in various languages of but otherwise fire if I preach whole messages on fire and it's been a great theme of mine for for decades and decades and decades of preaching dobby a consuming fire. God, being a refining fire.

Fire is also associated with divine judgment. Matthew 311 the baptism of the Spirit and fire. Deuteronomy 424, quoting Hebrews 1229 that our God is a consuming fire, and on and on it goes. So all this imagery when you have glory often have fire right the pillar of cloud, the pillar of fire in the and in exodus. For example, the 40th chapter or fire falling at the dedication of the temple, and in second Chronicles 5 and seven are fire falling on the sacrifices in first Kings 18 and things like that. The presence of of God's holy fire so it's purification's judgment. It's the passion of his presence. Was there a specific type to 202 Mount Sinai, and God speaking in multiple languages in the fire. It's possible but that's probably stretching things a bit to think that that tradition was known and that would've been the immediate association not everything has a specific role a specific cultural background context, 86634 let's go to Sebastian, Novato, California. Welcome to the line of fire. Yet hi hey I have a question I was looking at the word in Mark chapter 1123. Truly I tell you that if anyone that this mountain, be lifted up and thrown at the and has no doubt in his heart but believes that it will happen will be done for him.

And so the context of course this prayer and you talked about this.

I'm wondering what the background of such a statement would be because speaking to an inanimate object that you had godlike power yes or and and of course in certain teaching circles would be known as word of faith. Mori 1123 and 24 or verses that are that are highly emphasized. In fact, I remember years ago, a critic same the Kenneth Hagan did say that Jesus said you know sister companies on the word of faith. This is the understanding right so I'm going to read Matthew 1123 and excuse me Mark 11 2324.

Truly I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, be taken up and thrown to the sea and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will come to pass will be done from.

Therefore I tell you whatever asked you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours.

So the way that this would normally be taught.

Is that true faith when it prays knows that it has the answer and therefore thanks you pray once you know we have the answer you thank God for it before you even see the fruit of that answer.

So you pray, you know you're you're about to lose your house is to foreclose because of of financial crisis went through. You agree in prayer and you say you believe that it's already done.

You begin to thank God for the answer, even before you get the financial provision of that is true faith. In operation, but here it usually have to remember this is always number one in accordance with the will of God. Other words, we don't have godlike power and speaking of moving a mountain is is more metaphor than anything right. We don't even have an example of Jesus in the Bible literally relocating a mountain so so it's a figure of speech is a metaphor right to say even something that that big. You know maybe the mountain. This is the Iron Curtain standing in the way of the gospel going forth in communist nations or whatever. Maybe the mountain is this radical Islam standing with the gospel going forth in certain countries in the world. But whatever, whatever that that mountain is if you are in harmony with God sent to our will.

It's it's for us to be in harmony with God.

That's always in Scripture, we must pray according to the will of God. So if there is a mountain that is standing in the way of our spiritual calling in obedience to God and we have faith to rebuke that tells to move just like rebuking a sickness rebuking a disease that's the Main Way, Jesus ministered the new Testaments, namely the apostles Mr. they would rebuke sickness there would rebuke disease they would drive demons out so we do that under his authority just like God told Moses, you take the rod and you split the city.

It was the will of God. But God had given the authority to Moses to do it. So when you are operating in faith like that you know that as you speak it.

It's done even before you see the answer.

You know that as you pray the prayer it's done and you can give thanks. Knowing I've prayed God's heard I prayed, according to his will, and therefore I don't have to worry. I'm just in a praise and thank it now. Other times, you know that your prayers like chopping down a tree that you're praying are being heard that you don't know that you have the breakthrough yet which cannot keep knocking you keep asking, but here's the same principle of first John five verse 14. This is the confidence that we have toward him that if we ask anything according to his will he hears us and if we know that he hears us in whatever we ask, we know that we have the requests that we have asked of him. So when we pray and have the assurance of faith. When we speak something forth, and have the assurance of faith, then in that sense it's as good as done and we can give thanks for. Even before we see the answer, at other times we know in the midst of a spiritual battle over praying for someone in and they have decisions to make in the midst of praying and knocking, praying and knocking until you see the answer come Sebastian fortunately have the assurance harmless the other assurance it's as good as done.

Hey, I hope that helps. God bless you man have a great fourth.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 8663 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us today on this date for July 4 hate friends all through July. We have a DVD blowout. I got whole teaching series on countering counter missionaries.

I've got debates with rabbis and agnostics and gay activists and other teaching series and individual messages, sermons on DVD a ton of resources there there great prices to start with this 30% off this month all the info on the website ask Dr. Everything that comes in, goes right back out to ministry. So here you will be blessed by getting these resources and you be blessed in helping us reach more and more people we are frugal we are careful with our funds. If you watched her operation closely you'd be through, especially if your businessperson or real good with money and stewardship.

You'd be thrilled. Give us a big thumbs up and then you'd be amazed to see how far your money goes a great way for you.

Be blessed and to help us reach more people are a.m. ass on Twitter. What New Testament tests of true evangelists are applied to the Holy Spirit, liberation and transformation of hearers church planting, etc. you know it's interesting, sir or ma'am in in the in the New Testament were warned about false prophets and teachers and false apostles but were not warned about false evangelists, which is interesting.

So the question would be how would I define someone truly gifted as an evangelist and be very simple for me.

The person might be a church planter, but maybe not.

Maybe not because a church planter also is a pastoral calling or apostolic calling in an evangelist might not, but what I'm looking for is two things to see if this person is a true gifted evangelist or they anointed from God to win the lost.

So that would mean on a regular basis to sharing the gospel with the lost and they got Testaments but lost people being safe and they seem to ever grace on them that draws the lost. For example, when I ministry in India every year either.

I don't go there for evangelism.

I don't go there for evangelism summits or do you promise not to proselytize merely I don't go there for evangelism the so I go there I go there to strengthen the body and be with friends in Oakville and celebrate graduation and ministry school. Things like that but they do the evangelism. I I do evangelism as a Jewish believer, I do evangelism as an individual follower of Jesus. I'd I do evangelism different ways for apologetics, but my primary calling to the body set evangelist now. I have friends that are really called by God and anointed to be evangelists and if you put the two of us in the same meeting okay they will you put a somewhere and you announce a meeting Michael Brown to speak so-and-so's MO friend Steve Hill with Lorna Steve Hill speaking at that meeting. If Steve was speaking there be a ton more lost before they just be drawn there by God and he be focused not just on strengthening believers in and counter the believers go deeper. She'd be HEB focused on ritual where the loss where the loss be there think I want to help the believers despite help them though. Go out and touch the lost some different calling so I look for that one. Do they have the North utilized to win the lost it's it's clear they are called to do that and focused to do it and burn it to do and to are they equipping the body to win the lost.

That's another thing I want to see a true evangelists is not just evangelizing their stirring others to evangelize their raising up evangelist.

They are there, provoking that within us there, equipping us, that would be a mark to me, 86634. Alright I was going to Rick and Greensboro, but I won't go there. Let's just see.

Okay, not not not going there. Not going there might tell you and tell you what limit me to take the last couple of minutes and and share this I started to broadcasts and for those that were listening almost 2 hours ago. I did talk about the president and his controversial tweets and with his help for these harmful and and what what should we make of these.

How should we respond. And if you haven't follow the latest things only heated up over the weekend and today I did a poll where I asked on Twitter if folks thought that the tweets were helping advances of gender or distraction. The majority said a distraction asked little different question today. Julie was tweets are highly calculated or immature outbursts of the first few hundred votes coming on Twitter, 48% said mixture of both, and otherwise exactly equally divided between calculated and immature right whether they are all calculated whether there all immature. Whether it's a mixture I just want to encourage. If you are a critic of the president. Don't condemn him based on the tweets along. You may feel he has degraded the office of the president, you may feel he's not fit to be president. You may feel he is stirring up all kinds of hatred and the culture and animosity in division. You may feel all of that, but there's no question there are things he's doing that are also good. And there are speeches. He's making a positive, nationally and internationally, and from just discourse it's being appointed which is quite massive and major to some other things for pro-religious liberty in an Israel a lot of things he's done that are very good and positive so don't totally condemn him based on his you may have mass misgivings. You may say this is why I could not vote for him describing his understanding.

I don't criticize you whatsoever.

Fairness is fully understand fully understand, but don't judge him entirely by the tweets okay that's my appeal to have all the concerns you want think there is wrong as you want to think I'm not defendant but recognize a lot of good that he's done as well, especially if you're a Christian conservative. On the flipside, if you voted for Trump.

If your strong Trump supporter as I as I wrote last week, don't.

Don't sell your soul trying to defend don't find it necessary, if he puts out a tweet that strikes you as childish or immature or inappropriate or distraction negative or beneath the office of the president whenever you have to defendant. I am getting major national leaders contact me in the last few days saying Mike, thank you for your article saying don't sell your soul to defend the president because we don't like some of these tweets. We voted for him.

We support and we pray for them, but we don't like some of these tweets. We also feel that they are doing more harm than good. And because of that we we want to support him and stand with him and say that we don't like these tweets, we think through mature their child is sure there are more destructive than constructive whatever so on the one hand totally condemn them and based on these this. This is part of a larger picture and it's quite a mixture of good in the midst of to me some some real bad.

On the flipside of your support of the president.

You don't have to agree with everything he says and does all right, but Nancy Abelard 41 years and the best friends for 43 years and she doesn't support everything I do is agree with everything I do and if we were in a group of people and they said well how'd you like when Mike's edition so I totally disagree with that.

I thought it was wrong. This is fine is totally fine so those are my words. I hope wisdom for you. Be sure to visit the website asked Dr. if you haven't gotten a free e-book yet. It's right on the homepage when you sign up for email

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