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You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 7, 2017 12:11 pm

You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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July 7, 2017 12:11 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 07/07/17.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Let's do it.

You got questions, we've got answers stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown will here we are.

I am ready. I am excited I am thrilled to be here with you on the air today Michael Brown call 86634268663487884. As always on Fridays you've got questions, we've got answers, you can ask me a question having to do with politics.

You can ask me a question having to do with culture, you can ask me a question having to do with Bible translation. You can ask me a question. I'm to do with spiritual life issues.

As always though just a few guidelines anything is anything is game on Friday but for to be constructive.

It should be in an area where I have some level of expertise. If it's an area where I don't know anything whatsoever. If you want to talk to me about details of fixing your car's transmission. Sorry I can help you if if you want me to talk about the mating habits of the earthworm. Sorry I can't help you there either.

But there are lots of other areas we can help you. One of the thing that we suggest and request if you're in a church and there's a controversy in the church.

Maybe your pastor's teaching a particular thing in you and others in the church are struggling with it. Then in it.

Yeah Jessica. I'm not an expert on Freemasons either, so will save that for another day.

We have an expert on good to recover that one so you don't don't call me about fixing car transmissions about the mating habits of earthworms or about Freemasons, although probably we get more calls about the last of those three subjects in the first two, but let's say your local church and there's controversy that what you don't have to call up and say I go to such a such church in such and such an area with pastor social now it puts me in a difficult position because what if you're not representing things accurately. Now we just made that leader or pastor look bad or what if it's someone and other congregants are listening and they don't know what's going on, and so you can just raise the issue ham in a church in the past is been teaching. Thus, in such and based on what you say we can just evaluate that.

Alright so, fair enough.

8663 foray 87884. Here's an email from John hello Mr. Mrs. Brown thank you for writing your book breaking the stronghold of food I'm reading, crying, reading and gaining hope. Good I like that smile and their question is, is your website up with the workouts you mentioned in the book. If not, may I know you're 7×200 rep workout. The former athlete was up to nearly 400 pounds at 320 now and working my way to 220 like to concentrate on bodyweight workouts since we have similar bills. I like to try the 7 x 200 rep workout you mentioned in the book it online. Thank you John okay we planned on doing a get fit with Dr. Brown YouTube website to just to have fun and to encourage you. My trainer was going to give me workouts to do and then I would do them and we would do them together online. We have not been able to record them yet for a number of reasons about the whole thing was, not to try to compete with professional workout sites with the say hey I'm in my 60s and by God's grace am in good shape. Let me encourage you to get good shape. Let's have some fun. We haven't been able to do it yet. However, I will send you another link that does tell you specifically what that workout is exactly what it was that I am seeking to do you know periodically annually distant to measure myself but I want to give you one to try. Alright. And out we come back at the other side of the break. If if you're into this working out getting fit.

Maybe this will encourage you listen.

Although inducing courage.

I know it's a struggle be overweight. I know food habits are hard to break.

I know it's hard but with God's grace alone. Encourage right back for cleansing by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown 48788 for the moment I wanted to talk you about some bizarre interaction I had with someone on Twitter a little while ago someone who claimed to know the Hebrew language, and one of those things were.

They instantly disqualify themselves, but come back to that in the moment any question you have of any kind is laws is appropriate for Christian radio and yes you can feel free to call in and differ with me. You don't have to be able to win an argument with me to express a difference.

You don't have to be able out to bait me to express a difference. Alright, I don't want to feel intimidated. I have the mic and it's my show and I'm a debater, but unless you call an arrogant nasty attitude we have to to expose error and correct things will still didn't love them as you call that kind of attitude you can still differ with me and do not feel the win an argument have a difference with alright, fair enough.

So just real quick. For those of you that want to try something and and see what kind of shape you're in. Don't again don't do heavy exercise or push hard, and less you're in good shape, or if you if you haven't had a physical check with your doctor, please don't do anything silly. Alright, I'm not a professional trainer.

This is not professional advice.

But here's something that I've done with folks. I did a challenge with with some of our or our ministry school students that were like college aged between 18 and 21. Some of the guys that want to try were ladies as well, but just a fun thing I'll do on the road if I don't have much time alone to do a quick little workout and it consists of just four different exercises one is jumping jacks right. The other is air squats. The other is push-ups. The others crunches so jumping Jack and the legs go out and touch your your tips your fingers over your head is sitting swinging arms and legs. The air squats you stand basically upper like you to be sitting at a chair with your your back straight and and you you squat down the stairs deeper you cancel a chair level and and up and then the push-ups would you, why so their shallow Wimpy push-ups and then the crunches that's laying on your back, right elbows to needs you connect your elbows and your needs and that that gets the apps going okay so here's the deal. Jumping jacks to account for one alright and if you're just hurting and I'm I'm answering an email from someone about a fitness issue in working out what is the one my routines. So, two counts for one meeting with jumping jacks.

If I say do 20 you do. 40 you count every other one, then everything else is one is one so you start with 20 of each okay start with 20 jumping jacks meeting 40 jumping jacks, two for one then you do 20 air squats than you do 20 push-ups and just do them that you can, do Wimpy first push-ups, that's right, just try to keep yourself moving and then do 20 crunches jump back up to 1919 1918, so that means 38 jumping jacks and then 19 air squats, 19 push-ups 19 crunches. We are on your feet for two and then your you're on the ground for two then 18 that since you count all the way down and you do them in that order. Okay you don't you don't run one trilogy doing in that order and switch from what so at the end you do like to do to that woman will go jumping up and down, back and forth and you do that. The goal is just to keep moving right if your form is lousy here and there, that's okay. The goal is to keep moving when you're done, you'll have done 420 jumping jacks 210 squats 210 push-ups to attend crunches and you'll normally see you may be running out of strength for one. By the time you get back to it again because you've done other exercises you're actually in better shape you your you can you can keep going. I can do all of that in oh probably silly under 15 minutes, probably under 14 minutes if I push hard.

Okay, yeah, and in the old days when I was having the best I could do was in the low 20s. Now I could do it under 15 minutes so give it a try.

But just finish.

If you take three hours. That's all right, but only do this if you're fit to do it okay 866-34-TRUTH. Let's see here a question from Holly. What is the Bible say about cremation and is it okay for people of the Christian faith to exercise cremation for their loved ones. Holly ultimately this is going to be a decision that you and your loved ones have to make between you and God either friend of mine that wrote a little track against cremation based on the Bible and another friend who wrote a mini book against cremation based on the Bible and they pointed out that throughout Scripture.

People are buried. It is an honoring of the dead to bury the dead that, for example, if people were left in natural elements that would be an absolute horror that would be divine judgment. So burying the dead. Even burying the dead. In anticipation of the resurrection. Obviously thousands of years go by that the that you just can have ashes in in a coffin. We understand that but there was honoring the dead bury the dead that that was the norm and doing it and based on reading the little track with my friends wrote and looking at some of the arguments of other friend had in his mini book talk about that. I thought yeah you can make a good case against cremation and then you look at other religions like Hinduism that cremate words your Judaism doesn't etc. traditionally someone then pointed out a couple times in the Bible where the bones of the dead were burned in the Bible or the body was burned in the bones were buried and I thought okay minute and it wasn't in a judgment setting. I've had family members love ones who were cremated when my mom passed away. Of course we buried her last year but I've had other family members were is not my choice or had I had no involvement with it that were cremated and I don't think that they committed some horrific sin against God that it affects them in the world to come, or something like that so I think you can make a good case for burial. But I'm not going to condemn a family where there's cremation or lay a guilt trip on them. That's ultimately between them and God to work that out. 866-34-TRUTH on the keep going with email questions here for bit Jeremy. I'm a quick question on the canon of Scripture. How do we know what books are supposed to be in the Bible.

I been reading the intimacy and fathers, and they seem to hold a lot of Catholic and Orthodox views was under the impression that these are also the men, we look to Philistine, inspired scriptures, etc. I just in a God is the ultimate authority in his own Scriptures, but how do we know which ones are inspired without looking to fathers that hold different views than we with any info would be great. Yes, we recognize that within different segments of the professing church.

There are differences Catholic and Orthodox would include the apocryphal books. Those are included in the Septuagint to Greek translation of the Hebrew Scriptures.

But they are not included in the official Jewish canon of Scripture, the Ethiopian canon. The easy optic church actually reveres the book of Enoch as well. As Scripture.

How do we know mean Enoch is quoted by Jude. Then you also have others quoted in the New Testament. Even pagan poets what to make of that.

To me the simplest way to look at it is this Jeremy that we look at the New Testament and see what Jesus and the apostles quote as Scripture. They may reference other texts and again they do they do it with with the text from from outside the Bible as well. They do it with text from pagan authors as well as from other ancient texts that may been literature that they read among themselves but were not part of the Bible. Look at what they quoted Scripture not a passing reference to something not simply quotation but what is quoted as Scripture.

What is quoted as as it is written, or Scripture says the Scripture cannot be broken or a text that is quoted as the Lord saying okay and you will find that it is never with reference to any of the apocryphal books you also find and in some of the earliest writings from the early church leaders are not referring to the apocryphal books with Scripture quotations in the same way. Now some of them later on will be okay. But for me that's what's determinative when I see that none of the apocryphal books which are worth reading. First Maccabees. For example, the prayer of Manasseh mean there different books that are there worth reading Tobit, etc. there worth reading, but not as Scripture, when I see none of them are quoted as Scripture.

In the New Testament than that tells me that the New Testament writers agreed with what became the Jewish canon, which is our current Old Testament and then with regard to the New Testament books here and there was some dispute about some of the books debate and discussion, but ultimately near universal agreement or total universal agreement on what cliques belong in the New Testament can feel secure the books of the Bible, we have are those that God wanted us to have as Scripture gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 8663 here again is Dr. Michael Brown before I go to the let me encourage to check out my latest articles and videos.

The Esther Brown website asking your Brown.Borg most recent articles XK is here to stay home.

What's that about you want to read it.

And yes gay activists are after your children but I was right there is simple, clear, truthful, and dismissed distressing to the point that we need to wake up and get involved and make a difference in some recent videos or Jews who followed Jesus still Jewish and are discernment ministries biblical all those on my website instructor Brown the road when you're there check out or special resource offer when you do 30% off all of our DVDs in our store online. 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to the phone.

Starting Colorado Springs a cliff welcome to the line of fire. I picked Dr. Walker question I asked under Dr. Brown.

But the question is, what I don't have the greatest relationship. While we haven't while her and I are going great related to to following Christ. She is interesting, doesn't really act it out and you know I try to point things out her cheek. That the wife you know she really act much like a wife.

In my opinion, mean and cheery yellow, she refuted go to counseling, which now I think would help.

Obviously me. She should probably not the only person with and I'll be honest, there are not. I'm obviously not perfect but my question is anything like things continue down the line, you know, she continues to be not sexually immoral because she did not ours. What other people are like that, but some are being used on all committing to God not committing to wifely duties and what should I do, and you have moved out of the house before heading back because her stepson is autistic at the Mystic while you're wanted to be there to make sure not harming himself or others… Literally yet. Let me let me share some thoughts with you.

Sorry. Going through this and when you mentioned the the additional dynamic of an autistic, potentially violent son. Certainly it's it's puts pressure on everybody when I'd encourage you to do those. Is this and it is it is the difficult way. It's the way of the cross story of redemption, which is that you put the entire focus on love your wife is Jesus love the church that whatever issues she is having whatever hypocrisy she's walking in whatever withholding of things from you that she's doing are no intimacy or whatever that you put your whole emphasis not on pointing out she's doing wrong review complaining about it, which is difficult and and frustrating and in more ways than one. But you put your entire emphasis every day on going to God and asking that he'll help you to be the husband he calls you to be only God knows the amount of pressure and stress that that having an autistic son has is put on her and the toads taken with what's happened with her own relationship with God or faith in God because of that only God knows all those things but if I were in your shoes I would make my whole effort to draw closer to Jesus myself and to be the greatest husband and father.

I could possibly be whether I get anything given back to me at all whether I get any appreciation. Whether I see any change in her behavior or attitude I would determine what unconditional love. There certainly no no grounds for divorce or anything like that.

We we make lifelong commitments to one another for for reason we do it before the Lord. It's one thing if someone abandons you, and remarries you know and etc. that that's a whole different case, but you are not dealing with that of I would also say this though. Cliff. What's amazing is when when we walk like that and I believe there's a message you can even find on my website called husbands, love your wives if you look at our sermon collection program to spiritual growth that I preached at her home church many years ago we decided to put online husbands, love your wives what's amazing is as you do that over period of time not asking for anything or expecting anything you really do see change coming and I would even if I were you. Sit down, as long as you're in communication. She will go for counseling. That's fine I'm it's better she would for both of you but to say hey how have I failed you as a husband. Have I let you do have the hurt you just let her express herself to you and and then take it to the Lord without being being defensive. I I know that in her in a relationship that we can generally justify ourselves to a certain extent if if we feel like retrying and the other one isn't what's amazing is is when we just cast off that mentality and say okay Jesus. How does Jesus love the church.

That's what I'm supposed to love my wife and nurture her build her build her up but but he laid down his life for us. That's want to do it. So Nancy and I married 41 years now and we can each give a list of where we fall short as as spouses or as children of God or his parents or grandparents. Whatever, it's not like we're story either oblivious but we love each other deeply and dearly and have a wonderful relationship and if you asked Nancy what is it and she and I can speak about this publicly.

Some secret what is it that she most appreciates about me is that is that I love her unconditionally and she knows that and feels that never feels like she has to perform look a certain way or be a certain person she knows I do love her unconditionally and that's what's actually critically important for herself. This is the way the cross. Cliff there a marital counseling sure could sit down and give you both numerous practical suggestions. But what one, one last thing, just a very, very simple question. Did you both ever read the famous five love language book. I have not read it now actually get my mom and I do and we have yet it's it's not it's not a cure-all but if you could ask her to read it and say that you want to read it that you just want to understand what her love language is again this is not the cure-all. Cliff but let me just say this is a look at the clock.

I've got a break coming. Let's just say every day you you brought flowers home to her and showered her with gifts, but her love language was quality time.

You could be making all these efforts in running in and out running all about. Where is she just wants to sit down with you in a focused way shy guy. If you just ahead what you read this and tell me what you love languages and then go to God's out all of my wife, Jesus of the church will do something and you and I'm sure Cliff it'll do something in her it's the line of fire with your host activist and author international speed and Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

So much for being part of the podcast without you would not have a Friday broadcast answering your questions here in the line buyer 866-348-7884 is the number to call and go straight to the phones in Richmond, Virginia Zach, welcome to line of fire. Writer Mike Brown doing well thank you about yeah right. Other very scriptural record.

We can use to locate their surely not obviously within within the body.

By the way you be able to hear me which will do the respondent hearing a lot of sound like wind or something in the background, which is hard on the ears of our listeners, but you can hear me perfectly well that number one I do not believe that infant baptism is scriptural give you the arguments for, but I don't see it as scriptural number two. This is not a heaven or hell issue, meaning there are Christians who differ over this and yet we both recognize the other as being true believers. So, I don't believe in infant baptism. If you were baptized as an infant and and didn't really come to the Lord until your 20 then I would tell you you should be baptized as a believer. Those in favor of infant baptism would say that basically it is the New Testament version of circumcision that this is the way that a child is brought into the world in a family of faith and it is now bringing the child into the covenant just like ancient Israel would bring a male child into the covenant through circumcision and and that you'll have.

For example, in acts 16 that the jailer and his whole family are baptized someone similar come to faith that we come to faith and is the family and even children would be baptized in an there other arguments that folks raise in favor of infant baptism, but that's the major gist of it. It's bringing children into the covenant. It is doing what. Circumcision would have done. I see no scriptural basis for that number one baptism in the New Testament is always a response to something you are repenting and being baptized you are believing and being baptized you much. It will yet. That's because messages are being preached so people have to responses messages. It will then show me where it's done for anyone who is not a believer. Remember, this is something that was done in Judaism ritual immersion and you did not immerse a baby okay you immersed someone that was getting ritually pure or some of that was going through an act of repentance or someone that was converting to Judaism determined adults they would be immersed that would be the whole purpose of it. So through the New Testament.

It is believe and be baptized repent and be baptized, and baptism in Romans six, symbolizing death to sin and new life in the Messiah is obviously something that a believer is doing. As for the jailer when it says that he and his family were baptized.

It tells us that Paul preached to off them. So presumably they all heard and they all responded and they were all baptized but again, we don't divide over this if your Presbyterian.

For example, you practice infant baptism.

If you're a Baptist you practice adult baptism. Yet, we would say the determining factor is true faith in Jesus as Savior.

True turning to God for forgiveness and beginning a new life in him, so baptism in itself is not going to save us. But it is important again. Anyone that I know that comes to face if I help lead them to the Lord, are there in our congregation. They were baptized as an infant. When asked, looking baptized until an absolute should be is for adults or don't divide over this. We recognize there are differences within the body and church history over this issue right right back with more difficult. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to the line of fire in our Friday broadcast. You got questions, got answers if it's appropriate for Christian radio go for 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number to call. We go back to the phones in Connecticut's Aleta. Welcome to the line of fire Dr. Brown for answering my phone call and take my question question I and I've been reading a lot about the advancement of the homosexual agenda. Schools and education and I'm a Christian.

I also homeschool my children because of it, but I still worry and look around me and see what going on a wonder, what can I do what can we do to start changing that around because it's been happening for so long, it feels awkward behind yes need to do. Yes, absolutely. In in my new book, saving a sick America will be talk about that more starting next week, but I have a whole chapter dealing with the educational system and I do have some suggestions in it. Let's let's realize that that there are many hard-working educators in the public schools that are doing their best that are people of integrity that are doing their best to be good moral examples and and teach our kids and in a good way. Unfortunately, a lot of the curriculum is is extremely humanistic lead based. There is a strong Darwinian evolutionary emphasis that you're going to find through the science classes. The sex ed classes are going to have a very different morality than we do, even putting aside homosexual issues. Sometimes, in some curricular there's even a bashing of the Christian faith and it is sympathetic view save Islam and other faiths and then you have the peer pressure issue where you've got ungodly kids and so on and so there lots of the lots of challenges. While there are many people working hard doing good. So a few things.

Number one, there has been an ongoing homeschool revolution, which is quite radical and dramatic. If you go back just 2030 years recently four years as a bar. Kids were first born.

No one was even talking about this. Send your kid to a private Christian school that was in a Catholic school that was kind of the new thing you know that there are Protestant Christian schools, and that that was that. The big change. Homeschooling was harder than anybody's radar. Now it's very very commonplace and increasingly you know that the most elite schools in America. Welcome homeschoolers with with degrees from homeschool so that's something over period of time that is going to have an impact because you do have millions of Americans involved with it. However, that in itself is is only part is that the issue, but we have to do is this. We have to all of us who are in the public school arena, meaning we have kids in public school from from preschool up to up to high school. We have to get involved more Christians need to pray about getting involved in the public school system to be teachers to be administrators to be librarians is shocking when things are documented what one of my friends is a former schoolteacher and she would go into the library and her school district in Chicago and look for books on say homosexuality because she was focusing on cultural issues and in phonics 60 or 70, promoting, celebrating homosexuality and maybe one raising a question if that one was even there. So we need to get involved. However we can. That means parents sitting down with your kids finding out with their learning.

Looking at the textbooks they're using meeting with the teachers raising issues if they have issues here is what also means how about the local school boards. Most of us don't even think of that young thinker change the world and shake the world what how about the local school board that if more and more believers get involved then we can make good decisions. For example, when there's pressure now on your school district to to say that a six-year-old boy who identifies as a girl can use the girls locker room or or bathroom or that a 15-year-old boy who identifies as a girl can play on the girls softball team and share the shower stalls that that the school board could very easily get involved and shut something like that down to Christian involvement. There I was, I was preaching's Aleta in in Indiana a few years ago and the pastor was telling me about the amazing open door they had in the school district.

There to share the gospel of the schools us what share the gospel. So yeah they know some of the kids are troubling at gangs and other issues. And so we can just go in there and share the gospel well after the service I met an older gentleman full of life and vibrancy, but he was a retired school principal. When he retired.

The pastor said to him, we need your involvement so he got involved in the local school board, together with other Christians and they were able to open the schools up to the gospel to help these kids find the Lord quite remarkably. The other thing we can do is work holistically to support solid Christian schools. However, we can because they struggle for finances and it's rough we have right now we have to pay say it you have to pay your tax money to support your local public school right but you put your homeschooling. We sent our kids to private school.

We still had to pay for public school so hopefully with the current administration will be more of a push for vouchers where you can say okay here's my money. Here's what I want to use it, but the key thing is we have to recognize how extreme things are in the schools of my latest article. Yes, gay activists, Rafter children just to suit the tip of the iceberg. Folks can see that and then we get more involved and then those that are able because not everyone is able those are able homeschoolers and the kids to private school. Another one feels like to, but those that are able invested in your kids and encourage your kids to pray about ways that they can get involved as they grow up.

Maybe God wants one of them to be a public school teacher, or maybe want double swelling to go to law school and become a judge and note that these are also solid options for believing kids off, thank you so much. You're very welcome and hopefully when saving the sick America comes out a bit in September you and your family will find that value may the Lord bless you and your family for the quality choices you're making 86634 let's go to Thomas in Mesquite, Nevada.

Welcome to the line of fire. Dark brown hey what I would not you. Very day David Hogan. Yup, earthquake, man is real and can I hear back. I do believe it or leave for people to be yielded very okay in my answering this question, I will have the critics swarming all over me but that's okay. Number one, Matthew 10 Jesus sends his disciples out and says to heal the sick, raise the dead, drive out demons that you could say okay that was a specific calling for the 12 disciples when they were sent out.

At that time.

On the one hand, I agree with that. On the other hand, Jesus tells us in John 1412, that whoever believes in him, which is a universal statement. The Greek issue several times in the Gospel of John.

And it's always universal whoever meeting whoever whoever believes in him the works that he does and he did.

We will do also and even greater works than these.

We do because he goes to the father so he goes to the father and now sends his spirit and intercedes for us so I would base my theology not just on Matthew 10, where there could be a push back against that I would base my theology on John 1412 and then the testimony in acts where the sick are healed, were demons are driven out and where the dead are raised, and there are documented cases of the dead being raised to this day, by the power of God is not the norm. Jesus did not go about raising the dead all the time so we we know and understand that but at times the dead were raised.

As for David Hogan folks will have to evaluate first-hand whether his claims or true or not, here's what I can tell you he was in my home over 20 years ago and he had. He is as radically devoted to prayer and fasting and loving Jesus and being an unashamed witness, as anyone that I know I can tell you that I can tell you that I visited his work in Mexico over 20 years ago, and went out into outlying areas where they planted churches among the Mexican Indians and the Gospels has gone where had never gone before. I can tell you that's true. I can tell you some have left his ministry and and and have attacked him and written against him and renounced him. I can also tell you the two grads from our ministry school have been with him now over 15 years, two brothers. They have served with him in the jungles of Mexico and outlying areas for over 15 years and I just saw one of them. Oh, two weeks ago and he would absolutely 100% vouch for David Hogan so there you have it be challenging your heart obey the Lord. Let's see what he does. God bless you sir I care on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you so much for being a part and spiritual revolution. Any call of any kind. It's appropriate for Christian radio in any area of expertise I have, by all means give me a call do my best to get to as many of your calls as I can. I we go to Tampa, Florida Jean, welcome to the line of fire brought you welcome your or are brought up to question the prescription. One or an undiluted document between but I do believe the Bible. What should I do Robin. I worked with the rubbing of years now. I would ask her about who to question your image under very very good opening up.

No one can change their belief on what I'm questioning. You got unless one has spoken upon one target of the Holy Spirit sure I do not on all of the memorability spirit which may not yes or Jean which you need to do is without making a big sauce without making it a public spectacle over it without challenging the leader's use of the need to leave that church and get the church that preaches a gospel that is more in harmony with Scripture. There may be many fine qualities about the people there. You may have a lot of beliefs in common.

But those two things, which of course the UPC is famous for, or are things they will not move on barring God shaking the whole denomination. I'm not damning them all to hell. God knows their hearts.

God God knows whether some are in right relationship with him or not, but you are not going to change. And like I said, barring God shaking the whole denomination and it's it's always a good practice to go to a place where you are in harmony with the doctrines you can submit yourself fully and then you can also serve there and throw yourself in.

Certainly the oneness Pentecostal idea that that when Matthew 28 says baptized in the name of the father son and Holy Spirit that that the name of the father son and Holy Spirit is Jesus and that Jesus praying to the father is the sky like playing different roles or at the baptism in Matthew three, for example, where Jesus is being baptized in the father speaks of. This is my son, whom I love and the Holy Spirit comes down like a dove, which is crucial in his father son and Spirit that that's just like different manifestations and saw that it just doesn't work texturally. Yes, there is one God and one God only, but he is complex and is unity and he has revealed himself to us as father-son and Spirit in John 17 Jesus talks about the glory that he enjoyed with the father before the world began, so there is so wrong on that and then tell you that you don't have the Holy Spirit because you never spoke in tongues is an insult to God in his grace, Jean. The moment you put your trust in Jesus to save you the Holy Spirit entered entry you and you were given new life by the Holy Spirit and you became a temple of the Holy Spirit.

Note there is something else in terms of the Holy Spirit coming on you in power and and in response to that you speaking in other tongues. That hasn't happened to you, but you are a child of God by faith in what Jesus did and the proof of that is the new life that you live in him, and that you're indwelt by the Holy Spirit. So there is are quite mistaken on a number of lines and what I would encourage you to do.

I'm sure there are plenty of good gospel preaching churches and Tampa is just to pray about the Lord leading if you have friends that are in another church that they like. Great, I can't recommend churches are on the air for a number of reasons, but unless you lived in my neighborhood.

I tell you work, where I go, but but other otherwise.

If you're not sure where to go then just look at some churches in your area and you get online and look and and then look at their doctrinal statement see some that are not innovator in driving distance or house look at their doctrinal statement as they hold to the fundamentals of the gospel as opposed to some of these aberrations that you find in the UPC then check it out if it's a place we feel you could be at home there. Great throw yourself in, but I would certainly move on, especially after eight years there I would absolutely move on from the church.

But like I said don't make a big fuss out of it. Don't make it like your you're on a mission to expose them just to sleep quietly and move on somewhere else I would do that in a heartbeat if are you beginning this Sunday. A writer when I was praying when I read the Bible and I are and forward scribbled on that program department. My thoughts are not your fault are your ways my ways, we are going to change and let them know yet but here's just a deal even if they're wrong it's not your which they are in these ways, it's not your role to change them for it.

For example, if if there's a restaurant and it's it's serving in a fast food, unhealthy food right what you don't want eat a healthy food. You don't go to that restaurant you you you don't own the restaurant. You're not responsible for the restaurant you just don't go there with the same weight. God didn't raise you up to be the leader of the church or tape to give you a role you would have authority to change them. So the best thing to do is to to make your will, known by leaving and like I said I I go somewhere else. Beginning this Sunday I do with that quickly if I was able to but III wouldn't go on the warpath of an expose them on the right letters to the pastor. Leave them to God and pray for them and get on with your own life. He may the Lord bless you Jean and the heat may lead you and guide you 866-34-TRUTH tell you what I've only got a minute before the break, so those of you on hold.

Stay right there as soon as we resume on the other side of the break I will take your call alright so stay there. I still want to tell you about this crazy interaction I had on Twitter was someone claiming to know the Hebrew and a few hearths like it's like someone telling you all you I know how to drive a car and and then the circuit shall be. Go ahead, drive, and they they grabbed the steering wheel with their teeth and they try to put their hands down to touch the pedals like what were you doing you think you know how to drive a car or or they get in the back seat and say okay I not a drivable if you're in the backseat. You can't drive the car back in the crazy stuff and yet some people who were ignorant enough actually get swayed Bacillus at this is what we do our best to get the word out.

Hey friends, if you appreciate what were doing and believe in what were doing and want to stand with us.

Why not do this when I go to the website. Check out some of the DVDs that you like best place in order alright 30% off on all the DVDs within any profit that comes in because right back to ministry right back into radio airtime and blessing others so you'll be blessed to help us ask Dr. Let's do it. You got questions, we've got answers stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you so much for joining us today on the line of fire, 866348784 is the number to call Jeff a question for me about something you heard on Christian TV or read in a book Question that something reading the Bob yourself. Are you struggling with how we address moral, cultural or political issues question about Israel, Islam, the Middle East, anything that we ever talk about here in the line of fire in any shape, size or form.

Feel free to call and I III give this announcement out over and over and over because very few takers. By all means, if you differ with me if you think I'm wrong on some point. Spiritual, moral, or social, political, whatever we've talked about to read my articles listen to the show or watch my videos to think I'm wrong on anything. Tell me will have a conversation once you're right. What if you have an insight and I'm missing something.

While you could help me and help a whole lot of other people because by God's grace we reach a bunch of people.

What if you're wrong, but if I could help you and and and that affects those that you touches well or what if we can just agree to disagree but without hostility don't attack me on social media writer kinds of nasty things in the not be willing to call and talk because I bite you if you do so. Trust me, I put out the skull all the time for critics of those Ross I get blasted of social belief and lastly during radio toxic I can't reply to you during radio time. Number one and number two, there's too many people online for me to reply to. That's why we pay for airtime, so you can call and express your views.

Fair enough. How much more inviting. Can I make it 86634 let's go to is it's entirely in Corona California. Is that correct pronunciation sit lolly okay I am thankful for you and your very help me. He and I actually heard here and Dr. White a and I really appreciate the director and my boyfriend and I and don't anyway. I would think. Actually, I want to ask you a question. How your thought on the foursquare church at cost, the denomination can currently underline that is rooted in court quite church wanted to know what your thought you had heard or angry in their doctrine and if you believe it found or not on my character.

Personally we get it theory on at their plant, which talked a lot about finance and speaking kit announcing financial that a lot of asking gone and handed out like little camp plant in LA knocking my church. I'm under their leadership, understand brow in the word of God and Ali that I'm in a different paneling and are now.

Yes, sure thing that the meat let me just a general first and then if irrelevant to the break will get to some specifics so I asked you couple questions as well. But the best known foursquare church leader in the world is pastor Jack Hayford in his 80s now, and a highly highly respected Christian leader across America and as sound is the common terms of being a Christian thinker and and a man of impeccable track record in terms of living a positive approach so foursquare church are fairly basic Pentecostal charismatic and at least eludes all the fundamentals they hold to.

I hold to you as well. As for specific churches in a very what spirit there will be right back for the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown will come back to the line of fire, 866-8784 heavy check out my latest articles and videos. My video the safest video on all of you to all yeah you want to watch the art discernment ministries biblical so my most recent videos and new articles X is here to stay and another activists are after your children when you read them you will hear nothing but truth and love in those article so check them all out and asked Dr. might want to go back to sit lolly in Corona California so foursquare church is in terms of Pentecostal beliefs is absolutely mainstream and therefore fold emphasis they emphasize. Jesus is the Savior baptize with the Holy Spirit so rebaptized in spirit we speak in tongues. He's the healer and he's the soon coming King.

So they would be different from those that don't believe in the gifts of the spirit for today don't believe in divine healing for today or don't believe in the baptism of the Spirit speak in tongues for today.

I believe that all those things and just during the break I took a look at the 16 page doctrinal statement that's held to buy foursquare just scan that and to me it's that's all just fundamental normal of meat and potato gospel. So to say from a Pentecostal perspective as well. As far as every individual church that almost taught that's that's going to vary. Some of them will be more enthusiastic in the things of the spirit and have a greater emphasis on praying for the sick and things like that others will be less so. But as far as this was what you were taught about debt. Were you given practical teaching on stewardship on on purchasing on on how to spend money how to give her, or was it all a matter of how to address this from a spiritual perspective without a lot of practical and it pretty practical beginning on active rain at a rare I'm not really believing that not what I believing it in a black eye. Quiet, clean branches are well because I believe worshiping out that I Handed out like scriptural words of prayer and faith about God's provision found mankind something like though. I think every financial amount and the company email that lack can I command you to be removed.

I command you to leave and not attempt my life that he contributed in the fight and on handed out her congregation.

I mean Don just trying to discern if it biblical to be under something or charged education.

I know thing got it right so I can my response without being there and I appreciate your humility towards leaders and wanted to be honoring number 10 are certainly many verses about provision in Scripture, Old Testament and New Testament. For example, Proverbs 3, nine and 10. Honor the Lord with your wealth and with the firstfruits of your produce then your barns will be filled with plenty, and your vats will be bursting with wine or for example the words of Jesus. And in Luke the sixth chapter which which you cannot totally divorced from finances a given will be given to you good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over will be put your life with the measure you use will be measured back to you. So when I give when we support our local congregation will be give to our missionaries around the world. I given face with expectation that I'm honoring God with expectation that the funds will be used for the gospel and with expectation that as I put God first.

Even in my finances that help provide for me so I can have my needs met and be a blessing to others. That's provision that's generosity that's good to teach and it scriptural. However, if finance financial riches becomes the goal. It's one thing for businessman to say hey I want to make million dollars a year so I can support missionaries around the world. ROI will make $10 million a year and I want ultimate live on 10% of my of my you know my salary. Note that which would be $200,000 LOL not want to live on this amount so I can I can support the poor Mike. It's one thing for businessman to have motivation to succeed. If he is larger gospel motivation, but to pursue riches and of themselves, it's that's dangerous scripturally and it takes us away from contentment in the Lord in first Timothy six once about it and very very strong terms. So if they are preaching the gospel of financial prosperity or Jesus died to make me rich or I should be pursuing riches. That's certainly erroneous and if if that is something that's regular and steady. I would not be comfortable in an environment like that at all. Even if everything else was sound. If on the other hand, it's just something that came up at this time and maybe it is going a little bit to farming that confession that you read it's one thing to student to speak the word and speak faith. It's another thing to think that so your financial troubles are to disappear obviously was two different things. So I look at it like this.

If this if this is a major emphasis of the church. And it goes the way of preaching the gospel of financial prosperity and Jesus died to make me rich and the more money I have, the more proof of my spirituality then that's not the place I want to be if it's something that just came up in the midst of financial teaching and set and it was manly, practical, but some of the emphasis was little off. I would just in that case, eat the meat throw away the bones. If I found everything else. To be healthy and good in the church, carrier issues. Time all your very welcome.

God bless you. Appreciate 86634 we go to Hawaii with Derek Wilkins line of fire on Dr. Brown thank you."

Regarding that. I don't think about it already. Did Adam and Eve have glorified body parts are an option on that there was no death yet. What your take is about what their state of being was at that time. Follow-up that would be no Jesus in his resurrected form you're here. Like a gardener wound what you think.

But the state of being the thank you post resurrection well, yeah, sure, say okay so as far as as far as Adam is concerned if he had been glorified.

Adam and Eve had been glorified and they were in the equivalence of resurrected bodies. Then as I descended death would not have been a possibility whereas they had to eat from the tree of life in order to live forever, and they were barred from doing that right into Genesis 3. There is are kept from eating the tree of life the gods as if they eat of it than the live forever, so that would tell me that they could not have been perfectly glorified bodies because they had to eat of the tree of life at whatever this is symbolic language. God knows we just take it face value, literally.

Okay so my understanding was that they would've had glorious bodies that they would have been the perfection of humanity that that they were not made with with all kinds of of defects and shortcomings and rabbinic literature now again this is just homiletical this. It's not like some ancient traditions have been preserved and and passed on, but ancient rabbinic literature speaks of Adam being a massively tall and could walk over the whole person and just you know a few strides in a one tradition says is his body reach from earth to heaven before sin caused them to sink. He was of extreme beauty and sunlight, brightness, etc. so those are some of the pictures but that's that's just rabbinic myth is no substance to it but I do want to part this one thing it's a little off topic of what you've asked but II believe it's it's it's important to mention this, I I often wondered what was it like to be Adam and Eve before they ate the tree of knowledge of good and evil. What that actually means either the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and I thought of this.

You could put two babies next to each other right that are say each six months old, a baby boy and a baby girl and there in the nursery and there, each having their diapers changed and there lay next to each other, totally naked without any sense of sexuality any sense of of being a shame because there naked because they're totally innocent in that regard. So think of Adam and Eve as being perfectly formed by God, fully mature human beings. And yet utterly innocent as far as having the same understanding of good and evil that we have against different question than you asked but something that is is striking in terms of their existence. So Jesus after the resurrection one hand, he certainly glorified for sure, but he does speak of his wounds. He said a spirit doesn't have consistency that I have. So, in what state was he will talk about that on the other side of the brain file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown transfer part you've got questions leave God answers okay so Derek just during the break. Out of curiosity, I typed in online Jesus resurrected body. Those three words without quotes. And interestingly the first two references that come up. Number one is Carmen which is an excellent apologetics website to read from their statement in the moment number two Jehovah's Witnesses because Jehovah's Witnesses are trying to teach that the Jesus rose differently and it's not resurrected bodies different than the glorified body, etc. but if you you'll find it to be very very helpful and they make this statement which they are say is a fundamental statements with which I agree Jesus rose from the dead, and the recent physical body which he died, and I just jump in and emphasize that this is what Paul speaks of in first Corinthian's 15 that our whole hope of future resurrection goes back to the folk that Jesus rose from the dead, physically right if he did not literally physically rise from the dead. Then we don't have the literal physical hope of our own future resurrection as well that someone so Jesus rose from the dead, the recent physical body which he died. This resurrected physical body was a glorified spiritual body, the spiritual body is not merely spirit the spiritual body is the resurrected glorified physical body. I agree with that and my understanding in the Gospels would be that just the way Jesus presented himself. He could have been covered or certain way. Whatever it was also the Holy Spirit not opening their eyes to see that would indicate yes, the same Jesus because he says, look here, the nail prints look and see tells Thomas to touch him. There is people physically grabbing his feet to worship him. So we know he he is recognizable in that way that he is a literal being overseas, not just the spirit floating through the year, but the resurrected body is a glorified body it's it's actually a a body just will have certain different qualities about live forever, but that being said if if you look for example in in in Luke the 24th chapter. What is it say about the two on on the road to Emmaus went when Jesus is is with them and if they they only realize what he he takes the bread and blesses it. It's is then their eyes were opened and they recognized him so God simply didn't didn't let them see or know, but in other cases you know think it's the gardener could just be you know you're not. You don't recognize it because of how what he's wearing or how he standing or where his positioning cellular so many possible isolation of the gospel just doesn't give us all the details but it's not like he rose in one body and appeared different another day, another day in psycho is a thick wow. He's one days tall and a short Wendy's black Wendy's white Wendy's green with a split though it was wasn't that same Jesus in his resurrected body, but interestingly it's the same body that respect measures the question what if your urine amputee right or what. What if you're born say that's that's beside that. What if you were born say and your your physical body, you're missing a limb whether some of the defect.

Obviously gobble address all that, but somehow we will be recognizable one to another, and in the world to come. So appreciate your your questions very much. All right. 866-34-TRUTH 784 okay I make it to some more emails in a moment, but what he said about this interaction I have for the fellow on twitter today as he can interact with everyone.

I'd love to trust. Trust me, trust me. I love truth. I love to engage a look. Answer questions. I love to debate okay so when I see something posted this not true or accurate. Let's say for example I post a YouTube video and I happen to see comments aplenty, so won't see especially on Facebook or sponsor article. Some articles are right can have hundreds or thousands of comments in response and I don't see any of them is understandable.

Temperature can extend but I'll see something that's posted and and maybe it happens to get stopped by by YouTube.

In other words, it doesn't get posted immediately. Maybe it has a link in it.

It's linking to another website, so I may happen to be the one on our team that sees that while some has to prove it and I look at it and what it says is false or if you started to do Bruce's visit but because someone's giving their opinion and they're not attacking another person are lying about me or something or slandering somebody we are permits obligate thick. That's not true, but it's there right notes comment section that they get to weigh in and I would lie with love, love to fix every error. But that's not the way it is in this world that is not the way it is in this world and Gaza called me to be his policeman as if I alone am right and everybody else is wrong but there are certain things that are factually false and certain things that are factually true, and no amount of argumentation can change that if if I if I say that a microphone is is a telescope. I'm lucky to be able to see through if if I tell you that a bicycle is a jet like and be able fly on the same way if I tell you that that the English word three THR EE actually means 41 that this not true. The sun accurate. So somebody still challenging a comment I made on twitter and when I look at is his bio which is sometimes different turn interact with someone any human having half of the Fosdick 78 of us don't try to be civil and interact and no notion of Hebrew scared scare the church or something of those biblical languages like okay great so he starts saying of Leviticus 1822 is mistranslated is saying that it's detestable for for man to lie with a man the way Medlock would lie with a woman and is mistranslated by homelessness is my area of expertise and of biblical Hebrew, and so on. So he proceeds to post some things that a couple things were everybody knows you and and's meaningless than the other stubs like what are you talking about.

You gotta be kidding me. Anyone that knows Hebrew knows that these two words that are spelled the same are two different words just like you so I know I know English I know what it means to go to the bank and I said okay was mature the bank to say well there's a river and the river has a bank is not what you may resent.

Gotta go to the bank, it means I've got to go to the place where you deposit money or take out money same word bank but anybody knows English knows they're two different words and for him to post we did about Hubert in case I used to think what you did I discover these things is to be homophobic is that I'm not homophobic. I love those who identify as LGBT habitats of all time.

And God loves them and truth is truth can change what's written. God did not make men for women and women for man.

He has a better way. And if all your life you felt attracted to the same sex. It must be very intense and must be deeply rooted in you.

You probably thought you were born that way. Still not without major for he's not the one to put those desires in you and if you healed her life to him.

Everything you have this gift to him. You'll find us a better way.

Jesus will be right back.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown will thank you again for broadcast.

This is Michael Brown and you know we do on Fridays, you've got questions leave.answers soon you call in, the better chance we have of getting to your calls in the next 30 minutes anything that's appropriate for Christian radio that touches on anything whatsoever that we deal with here on the line of fire.

My phone lines are open 866348 what you smell. Just make it simple, basic, 634 truth there you go. Made it even easier for Jeff Jaber at by the general modifier app. No. I just saw some post on twitter raving about it, loving it.

Easiest way to listen to the show all two hours were ever you are in the country are in the world. Jesus, we listen. The past shows are archived crystal clear connection. You'll have to click on it to get to our website.

Check on recent articles, videos, all there modified to search for the life I was Dr. Michael Brown in your app store or play store right. I am going to go to an email question from Justin. I was reading Judges and I came across Judges 1137 and the word virginity appears and I notice it's different than the word for virgin and Isaiah 714. Why is that why when they use the same word for virgin okay number one. There is no Hebrew word which in and of itself in a neutral context in the Bible means virgin about the Old Testament right the word, but true lobby to Lim is plural, which can speak of virginity, but true law, which is the most common word used for virgin and is the primary word used when the law is dealing with virgin in and of itself, it does not mean virgin. Speaking of a young woman who could be a virgin and that's why you'll have versus say in her judgments coming and it's coming onto the young man and the young women alike right and the word for young woman is to law.

Virgin does make judgments coming on the young men in the purchaser, young men and young women alike. Joel 18.

It speaks of true law morning for the husband of her youth, as some claim that she was a spouse to be married and he died and that's what I it's possible, but more likely she was married, but still called up into law because between lot in and of itself does not mean virgin that's what you'll sometimes see up into law who never knew a man it's clarifying.

It's a young woman who never knew a man you have the word. Not all raw which can also be used in this case and not a raw who never knew a man that that means maiden and then you have all mom all mom is the emphasis is not on virginity is on youthfulness. David is called by the male name LM all right, so it does not personally have to do with virginity. It has to do with youthfulness is Isaiah 714 explicit in the Hebrew that it is prophesying a virgin birth. No, it's not the word all mom could certainly mean virgin but that is not again no Hebrew word in and of itself in less it's in a specific context dealing with like laws about virginity things like that no Hebrew word in and of itself exclusively means virgin so all mom has to do with youthfulness it could well refer to a woman who was too young to have a child and that could have been the clear sign and ultimately Matthew understands it in that sense and the Septuagint translators.

The ancient Jewish Greek translators of the Old Testament into Hebrew before the time of Jesus. They likely understood to mean virgin as well. There's some debate on that, but that's the most likely reading. So is it true that the virgin birth is prophesied in Isaiah 714 ultimately yes in the mind of God and the plan of God.

But the Hebrew in and of itself, if it was to say virgin unambiguously learning plan and by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and I have a gospel based more cultural, spiritual ground, ground word prayer ground personal relationship God grounded godly living. If if we're not changed. How can we bring about change. God changes us. We go and change the world through the gospel.

866-34-TRUTH okay just like clock issue at the end of that last segment. So if Isaiah 714, was to be an explicit absolutely clear statement that there would be a virgin birth.

The Hebrew would've had to say something like, look the woman young woman who has never been with a man is pregnant and will have a child or this woman who is never been with a man will conceive and have a child would've had to say something like that, barring that we have is a prophecy full of meaning full of mystery, which Matthew sees whatever the application was in the days of 700 years before Jesus what whatever the application was in his day, its ultimate application is to the messianic King who was born supernaturally. Who is God with us.

If you go to my website, real Messiah dock, Jewish website and look in objections or answers. I think it is a just look at messianic prophecy scroll through and you'll see Isaiah 714 that we do deal with 866-34-TRUTH of its go to Raleigh, North Carolina Dena, welcome to the line of fire. Darker brown doing very well thank you have a question for you, and I called three weeks ago we talked about that. Okay, go ahead and hear me. You why you thought about how I'm getting feedback. I can hear you loud and clear is if you radius turn down great if you need to fix something for the call come back to what's it say what whatever is happening on that hearing. So as soon as Howard gets a moment he'll come back and find out what's going on, but let's go to Ron and Saskatoon. Welcome to the line of fire.

Dr. Brown hey buddy, I had a differing opinion with you on the movie the shack yeah got go for as as you know I'm haven't seen it. Haven't read the the book or seen the movie, so I'm anything but dogmatic and for some that don't know what I did say when someone called about the shack that we know that the, the author of the book holds to some heretical ideas.

The question is how can we know that from other things he's written since the shack but I had spoken some friends that had seen it and thought it was was powerful and especially great for the unsaved and would really get them thinking about about guarded recognize God's love and that the errors or really not the computer clearly pronounced in a major way.

And so it could be a good bridge thing for someone to to go and see or in for believer if they recognize okay the some underlying errors there, but discover, ignore that it to be good so I said yes it maybe maybe it's it's useful to to use as a bridge or someone goes to see it and you can talk to about the gospel.

But again, having not seen it. Have not read the book all I could do is this offer that that that opinion and I have other colleagues about his written scathing interviews of scathing reviews of the movie and sit everybody stay away.

It's dangerous and it's poisonous and you know people that like me. So you're totally wrong on the soap go for go is express your views on. I'm not the least bit defensive over this place. Okay well there's one thing I noticed an article on charisma. A while back and looking at it right now I can't member the date the date anyway think the title of the article is with deep regret.

The shack artist warns about devastation of universalism, the artist's name, Dave Aldrich and acute confidence article about how excited he was to do the artwork for this book.

Love the book so much and it was wonderful amenity really got into it more. It's kind of led him toward the emergent church movement and he and he said he almost got right in full-blown universalism any thanks God that he managed to get out of that and I see like I know people who I would consider nominal Christian and I can see them going to see a movie like the shack coming out very emotionally moved. And then a couple months later, shopping around Costco's being a clearance book Bannon being the author of the shack his neck with his breathing unorthodox yet and is just just a thought that someone would perhaps see the movie. Read the book and single William Young okay great. Always got something else out.

Yeah, that's a very real danger and absolute real danger and that he does have some views that are heretical and he's quite forthright about the church is wrong and needs to change on these things. That's a very real danger. And I fully respect that and that there's people I know if it has Christian were endorsing and I just might be the artist who did the artwork.

Even the Christian already and he almost would let a stranger universalism. How much easier would be for someone who is a normal Christian who all he remembers being really emotionally moved by the movie and then ACP the next book, the author wrote out and all of a sudden they could just I think it leads people to universalism.

Yeah, that's Ron's totally fair and again I haven't absolutely have not endorsed yet. To be clear, no I do not endorse the movie or the book having neither read nor seen just from what I know about them obsolete. Not without endorse either.

But my question. My answer was a pragmatic one in terms of could be useful for some to go or not. You know, etc. but by all means sound the alarm sound the warning, get it out on the last one of us can oppose that. So appreciate you calling and I appreciate you. You race and that other issue not be on the content itself, but if it destroys you into other writings from this author and that I did do II got a more recent book where he lays out his beliefs and yet he's he's quite clear on where we all have it wrong and you change some of our beliefs yet sarong I'm with you on that and glad to give you the opportunity to shout that out to her listeners. Thank you, thank all right you 866-34-TRUTH will go to Franklinton, North Carolina. Also, Ron walking to the line of fire. Dr. Brown vendor seminary Bob Bob interpretation what what else talking you thought.

How did it better not get it right align yeah yeah okay well a couple of things.

One is just the general rule that the Bible is written for understanding. It's not written to baffle us and mystifies there is mystery and it right. But, in other words, is not it's not codewords it's it's God speaking to us and words that we understand so just you know always remember first read everything in context.

If you're reading a book to understand okay if if if I'm reading Matthew let me try to understand Matthew in the light of Matthew.

Let me try to understand Romans love Romans also let me try to understand okay what can I know about who this was written to write the basics and a review disposable who wrote this from what do I know who wrote it cannot know who wrote for Samuel, but was written to well only not just ancient Israel cable. What's it about what's telling the history of the spirit. Okay, so is is this book book of history is this book a book of poetry.

There is revelation is filled with symbolic language and vision something to read that differently than I gonna read either.

When Paul tells Timothy, can you bring my cloak because winter is coming all right. Unlike a compare that to the book of Revelation in an you know a beast coming out of the bottomless pit.

One is visionary. This product running, so do I know who wrote it dry.

No, who was written to do. I know why it was written and then always do your best to read everything in context with Scripture interpret Scripture and reading as much common sense way you can ask God for for insight.

If I was reading the Bible I might read couple chapters from the Old Testament and New Testament every day, so I'm staying in both in the do my best to read through the whole Bible, maybe once a year, something like that but then to really focus on key areas and dig in and study if if you don't have a famous book, how to read the Bible for all it's worth by fee and Stewart how Bible may want to pick that up and I think you'll find that helpful as well. Thank you sir. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 8663 here again is Dr. Michael Brown just saw the comment that came in to my video are the Jewish people under a curse posted a few days ago. If you missed entities screw the website Oestreich around O'Rourke SK TR and you will you will see our latest videos and articles as well.

So in response are the Druze people and recurs, and here's how it starts YOU are a liar. It was not only the leaders so all Jewish people all Jewish people were guilty of the crucifixion of Jesus. God, it yet. That's the kind of stuff that gets posted. Yeah, that's gotta love we get all the time, which just fine were on the front lines joyfully, 86634 of us go to William and Winston-Salem. Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you Dr. Brown regular call. You are welcome to question her art that's always kind of dumped me.

I believe it Mark and when the man approaches to asking about eternal life and your first joined with good master and Jesus answers. Only God is good Jesus interbeing fully God and fully man portable. Why would your answer man that way and only said that God yet so that there are a few different ways to to answer that. But what's interesting is one of the answers is the exact opposite of what we might often sink so the problem would be, and you have this in Matthew, Mark, and Luke that this rich young ruler comes to Jesus and what I do to inherit eternal life.

So because of good master in one of the accounts.

Jesus is what you asked me about that which is good, only one is good that's God and and another account what you call me good Elvis in a conversation all these things could've transpired in and been true, of course, but the big question is if Jesus is really the son of God.

If he's the sinless son of God, the way we say if he's the word made flesh.

If he's God inclined it then, on what basis does he say don't call me good so some people select proves he was just a man will hang on, doesn't he save himself in John 10. I am the good shepherd.

So if he identifies himself as the good Shepherd.

He would not be saying to spend. Don't call me good. There's only one that's good, that's God who was I'm not good where you can be good if he wasn't good. How could he die for our sins how to be the lamb without blemish and without spot. If he himself was not good. How can I reveal God to us and safe you seen me you seen the father if he himself is not good so the best way to understand it is the exact opposite of how some would think, which is Junior talking to you have any idea who you're talking to your good master, what I'm not just good met this only one that's good, that's God. If you call me good master to understand who I am, so that he's actually telling him your Europe a misunderstanding. Who I am. You are underestimating who I am your company, good master, without only recognizing that the owner was truly good is God and therefore if I'm good. I must be one with him and that's that's a simple way to understand it that that he is telling Scott you don't know who you're dealing with now. It could be that he just is challenging him on a lesser level than that, like get you just run words good masculine good even means only God is good without even send he's not just think juvenile children talking about we talk about good you Raymond no what true morality is true holiness is just using words lightly and then if he says well you only God is good okay will fund your talking to someone who is also good because he has a divine nature, but he certainly not saying that he is not good that would be contrary to the entire gospel message, that would be contrary to everything that the Scriptures teach about him being sinless, and it would be contrary to his own words were he refers to himself as the good Shepherd was probably the opposite, that you sent Scott you know who you're talking to. What when you're coming to approach me and obviously this guy was serious, but not that serious.

As you can see from the dialogue benefit that that ensues right and even the work was just a man noticed a rabbi, but it buddy. They're in a way not old. It Dr. yeah exactly and and certainly saying you are throwing words around lightly and don't even know what they mean because when somebody hurting eternal life, and all these things I get you not even nurture talking about. You think you may view been basically more THE commandments, but but you're still living for this world. So his whole is a worldview mindset was off, and Jesus seems to be challenging that, in his words are prepared. Sure thing you're very welcome and look or previous caller asked about interpreting Scripture. Well you do your best to let Scripture interpret Scripture.

And if you have say 30 or 40 versus our whole chapters that say one thing clearly right and then you have a few verses or one verse that it seems to say something very very different than what you do you do this you you compare the one that seems to be different with all of the ones that are clear and interpret the unclear in light of the clear just like this if if I give you directions to my house right your GPS is not working. I give you directions and you've you've got 10 things to do in the direction and what it's like I'M not. I was writing it down, but wasn't sure if he said to go past the street or to turn to the street when you look at a map is okay if I go past it then then it's not to get me to the rest of the directors if I turned in the rest of the directions make sense. So you put everything in the larger context of Scripture and interpret accordingly minutes God for wisdom and insight every so often you have something come up you so you know I have an answer for that. I'm not sure so I'm going to go with what is clear in this verse that seems to be different. I'm just gonna put a?

There and say not sure how to deal with this or what to make of this, but I'm gonna follow what is clear and is definite hey friends on the website.

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