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Interviews on Apologetics, Education, and the State of America

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 11, 2017 4:51 pm

Interviews on Apologetics, Education, and the State of America

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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July 11, 2017 4:51 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 07/11/17.

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From the defense of the faith to the education system of our nation to hope for revival will come your way today, right here stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH your exam is Dr. Michael Brown friends. It is great to be with you today on the modifier Michael Brown your voice of moral, spiritual, and cultural revolution I did. I just saw posted on Twitter.

A moment ago. Rhonda you are a voice of reason in a chaotic world and someone posted.

Oh who was posted on our Facebook page Laura the other day. You are my new station. I don't trust anyone else. So thank you thank you thank you for keep me updated on what's going on with agave and true viewpoint.

I deeply appreciate all the work you're doing. Hey friends, that warms my heart because that's why we are here. That's why we are on the air. This is not my thing.

This is not my vision. I've got some ambition to be on the radio or read it to take your time know I'm here to serve you as best as I can to be a defender of the truth and to speak the truth in love.

If that challenges you that encourages you, whatever the goal is to speak the truth in love, and I so appreciate you taking your time out of your busy day to listen to the broadcast. We got some special guests in this first hour. J. Warner Wallace well-known Christian apologist to be talking about the defense of the faith in an Upcoming Major Conference Taking Pl. in Charlotte, NC just a few months and then speaking with journalist Peter LaBarbera about some disturbing things in our national education system. The question of why take on the cultures we got a couple of special guests coming your way, go to something funny though that happened yesterday so we release the trailer for my new book, saving a sick America and if you haven't watch the trail yet. It's just three minutes long.

It's on our YouTube channel and Esther to Brown on YouTube. Trust me, it's an eye-opener of people would be writing to me and sing while very powerful, very compelling. Well done. I read some excerpts from the introduction to saving a sick America as I fall asleep, a dad who falls asleep watching leave it to beaver with his family in 1961 wakes up and it's today, oh yeah. So that's on the trailer and it's graphically powerfully illustrated in whole purpose of the book, though, is to give us a prescription for moral and cultural reformation.

A gospel base, Bible-based plan of attack. Okay, here the problems peers got solution. Here's how we live this out and make a difference.

So one of the folks who endorsed the book is Sean McDowell and gave a very gracious endorsement.

Sean is a professor of apologetics and of course Josh McDowell's son, is it saving a sick America as a modern-day wake-up call for the church. Dr. Michael Brown rightly recognizes that within dire times and he offers a hopeful prescription from the church can seize this moment for good this book is insightful convicting and inspiring. My hat is off to Dr. Brown from the courage to write this book with somebody comes on our YouTube channel. Is this the Scott stop before he got posted. Actually, Betty or is taken away shortly after it was posted that I sent a note to Sean McCord. It's a guy using the name Sean McDowell writes a fake identity with Sean's picture and this is what he posted.

This will be another useless book from a man who was targeting the wallets of a small healthful group of people. Shame on you Michael Brown so I decided to Sean let him know about it. But that's that's par for the course. Welcome to my world. If you want to order a signed number copy first printing and will get you before the release date is late September still a website ask Be right back apologist Jay Warner's for cleansing and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown from homicide detective Christian apologist, that is the story of my guest Jay Warner Wallace. Many of you know him as the cold case apologist, author of books like cold case, Christianity and God's crime scene. Jay Warner Wallace was a conscientious and vocal atheist was undergraduate and graduate work in design and architecture will always is always considered himself to be an evidential list, so his experience in law enforcement only served to strengthen his conviction that truth is tied directly to evidence and the age of 35. He took a serious look at the Christian worldview the Christian faith became a follower of Jesus in 1996 and now his using his skills as a homicide detective to bring the gospel to this generation.

Jim great to have you back with us on the modifier and have memory of order would always all will thank you sir hate one thing that you've done. That's really fascinating is tried to take your way of doing apologetics and bring it down to the level that young people can grasp it as well. How if you gone about doing that and what kind of results you see writing the first way to do it is committed to young people and equipment. My my background is shaped by my experience, my kids were growing up they were younger I was ranting Christian. So I started serving children's ministry that follow with them all the way through their elementary school years to the youth years and that was what high school pastor for a number of years and so they kind of got I just fell in love with this generation. It really is the one that I think is under the most challenge right now if you look at the statistics, you know regarding how we interpret them etched with young people not fare as well as older people and only hold certain views theological view.

There are more likely to be heretical than older Christians. I think this is the generation we need to reach in for me it just a matter of transferring passion right to me. I think if young people see that you truly are passionate about helping them or interested in them as your pure focus group I would put down all of my speaking agenda attempt to reach young people, and most my speaking counter is with young people. I think that's part of it out of their day to catch that passion which also trying to do is to make the concept accessible rubber all translators work were Resting on the shoulders of the great thinkers.

I do this all the time. My criminal cases are bringing expert witnesses who are very qualified as scientist and other forms of expert testimony. But in the end we have to be able to communicate that to a jury in a way that I throw the ball the way they can catch itself to any use that organist and on their shoulders, but working to be a conscientious translators of all that material and what what effect you see you doing conference with Frank Turek and others you're speaking to college-age and probably even younger kids there so much confusion these days with the digital media sound biting of everything often it's it's hard to even get people to think and listen or are you able with your background to engage them in and are you seeing fruit yet. A couple of idiotic we are, but probably not as much by my giftedness, edited by where they got it shape my background right if you are if you recommend and say hey I'm gonna make the case for the reliability of Scripture as a store in a story or as a literary expert well that that's going to do it, and certainly I am standing on the shoulders of those experts, but on a commemorative element throw this to you know whether you've been watching on TV for years. If you watch dateline or you watch any crime show. You know how to work crime scene. You know how to investigate eyewitnesses you you seem detective to do that walk. What if we just took that skill set and we leaned it and applied to the gospel authors or we applied it to the crime scene that I would call the universe okay so we were to do that. I did we end up speaking a language that young people are already familiar with, and I think you're right about one thing that their digital natives write this, just you and the you and I was they were digital immigrants and we came to it from a world that wasn't digital, but these folks have always lived in the digital world, and I think you're right about attention span is not that they don't have the ability to think for three hours. Go watch a three hour movie.

No problem, but in that three hour movie W 6000 scene changes we've done as he raised a generation that is got a short attention span visually so III tried to make my presentation, visual my undergraduate degree is in design my Masters degree was in architecture before I became a police officer. So for me, everything is been visual all my cases in front of juries have been entirely visual so I know that that helmet reach this generation is taken to speak the language that they already speak to their wheel holding that glowing rectangle at the end of their arm and and they wanted to be visual make a visual of it not help me to see it and I think if we can do that for young people will get their attention and will hold their attention to this unique gifting. In fact, it's a bit of an unusual journey from design and architecture to police forces and it you never thought of those two days that might my youth or I is a cop at 27 or 28 now thinking okay that was good but never on the go back to that I will be drawing diagrams anymore will be in turns out as I became a youth pastor all of that artistic background came up again because I was trying to teach difficult theological or apologetics concepts and I knew I needed to make them visual.

So here I was back again and creating visual arts to to reach another generation, and I thought about this transferred pretty well. We started doing our criminal cases in front of juries so I think we actually push the envelope as far as I can push it would fit with juries in terms of what can we do visually to make a case I just taken that with me now as I take the stage to do this can work with young people since my guess Jay Warner Wallace. Perhaps you've read his famous book cold case Christianity. You may not know.

He also has cold case Christianity for kids other books forensics phase, dogs, crime scene, looking at the universe, a gym when you're speaking to younger people, what would you say are some of the biggest obstacles that they're hitting now in terms of their own faith. I do know that many when I was how you are Michael but I'm I'm 56 so if I go back and look at my life growing up, I would not a Christian dog, 35, but as a young man at the thing that it was a wedge issue probably for migrations with this idea that science and evolution would eventually explain everything and that it was no need for this crazy creation story we see in Genesis. But I don't think that that is a wedge issue anymore for this generation. The wedge issue for this generation effects is beyond sexuality at gender identity at marriage all the rep that there is moral revolution that we have undergone as a culture in the last generation has been absolutely purchased by the Genji group. In other words, if you were to pull them Christian, who are in that age range and of high school and asked them that what they believed about that of critical social issues related to marriage and gender. You'll see that for the most part they have already purchased it already bought in to the cultural views on all of these definition other words, they're not coming at it from a Christian perspective is struggling with their wondering why their adult Christian parents don't get what was the deal they they've already accepted the worldview teaching on those issues of that of the culture and that's where I think we got out that the wedge issue right now. At some point it sounds to young people like you want me to join your club. But in order to join your club.

I've got to become a racist love. Sorry been a racist is wrong. Therefore not doing your club blog, say now you want me to join your club but you want me to accept these and reject the that that the moral that the moral behavior of people. I like what I know or either artist I'm listening to what people I'm going to school with the entire transgender community that the the sexual community and there there's a hey I can't.

I can't do that to join your got your group anymore.

I can be a racist to join your group. They see these two things is almost parallel ideas so they know that that God is loving and kind and that God accepts people as they are and that we should be nice. I mean this is their gospel basically say what you're telling them is that you should being mean to to Jimmy, who identifies his chain and you can be mean to Sue and Sally who were really nice and love each other.

That's what they're hearing basically part of it if we gotta help our young people see this not just as the key to happiness.

But as the cure for what's killing them.

There are times when you know it. Nobody would take chemotherapy by choice when they've come down with cancer. Nobody want to go through the side of W. But if you got cancer and this is the only cure. You're willing to say okay this is it. And by the way, if your parents were trying to give you that cure chemotherapy they would be doing it out of a position of luck you would actually see their efforts. The paper your chemotherapy.

For example, as an expression of love, but we lost I think is the ability to communicate the gospel as an objective reality about the cure for what's killing all of us spiritually and and and also we gotta redefine what love Dave that that culture. They were living. It has redefined love as the kind of simple, you know, kind of gushing platitudes that weekly will think about love as tough love that that that a loving God if he is loving would also have detective justice. If you're not equally just your love is nothing but an expression of course, if your all of your all justice and no love used a tyrant.

So it's holding those two things in balance, truth and mercy and grace and justice.

That's what makes God loving so it still be surprised that your loving father heavenly father loves you, but also has a view that you want you to hold which is a truth view a justice view. So I think this is that that which can communicate to our kids is not just that most of us think I've had a solid time in our conferences) turn on.

Most people are not friends with you. Take that up. You decided to break want to find out what Jim Wallace will be talking about the SCS apologetics conference in October.

I'll be speaking there as well. The lineup looks terrific will be right back where we will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Looking back to the line of with and other important apologetics books Jim at the Southern Evangelical seminary apologetics conference in October you'll be speaking I'll be speaking as well. What are your your topics. There was great comfort that you know it by the biggest conference in the country. October 12 and 13. According to actually the Friday and Saturday we have a preconference also. 12 but he was appointed as a Calvary church in Charlotte North Carolina and I'll be speaking about what you have.

The talk was in the resurrection on the case were to write a lab in Scripture. But this year to close the conference with Julius to call for encouragement. There are four attributes of first responders that help us to be in the world but not of the world as a gift. We, as Christians adopted these four attributes. We would be more effective in the world while still remaining our position is not being of the world so they'll be my talk on the last session on Saturday yet excellent, was just looking at some of the schedule. There and I see that there's going to be a debate between Prof. Richard Howell and and Dan Barker who leads an atheist Association, Deb Barker, former minister now in an outspoken atheist there to be due to the debates of this is the most conferences where we can bring people that don't agree with you people that don't believe. And they'll still be challenged will be exposed and it's it's want to get believers thinking, but you mentioned encouragement. Obviously we look at young people today and we can say well how were even losing some of the church generation. How can we get them on board with us and all the negative stats you see in so much of the culture happening that seems to be going the wrong direction. Yet I live with the constant sense of faith and hope and encouragement. Because I know the truth will will triumph. What what fuels the fire of encouragement in your life. Well, I want you II think I'm trying to read it. A little bit here and and understand what the culture is doing what ideas is there's a group that are shrinking but the core of those people who always identify themselves as Christian actually understand what it is Christ taught and what is a Christian and proposed.

I also think that that group is shrinking.

I think this is to reach an opportunity for to reach people who in the past, perhaps thought that Christianity was attractive and maybe it was convenient. It was culturally acceptable so they can consider themselves to be part of the club but now they're really starting to wonder, is this really worth my time considering is no longer in a position of favor. There are a lot of folks we can call them the nuns they check that box that says no religious affiliation on the reports when they are surveyed, but really have nothing like what what what religious affiliation you have, they would say none. Well that's the group that I think is best group for us to reach because they cannot check the boxes it atheist or agnostic.

They simply said well I used to be chemical over here. I'm not so much a molding you've never considered the truth claims. Now I know that God's spirit has to does best to do something and people before any of my case makes any sense. And I know that that the case would not rejected the case. I would even listen to anyone who would offer the case until God's spirit.

First, did something in me, so I'm always praying for those people who come to an event like the SCS conference that they will. The guy was good to do something to open up their eyes and suddenly the elderly sitting and that therefore throughout that talk and they are actually hearing for the first time that they probably heard before, but because God's spirit had not yet know open their their mind to this it just kinda bounced off I think that does happen every day it certainly happened for me and then God use the evidence to reach me.

That's what we do it SCS recto national conference that's with the entire school is designed to do is to train up leaders to be these kinds of case makers and you see on the schedule thereupon Michael you you you and Norm Geiszler and Richard Richard Lanning and and you know… JT bridges all these folks are folks who were trained Frank Turek at SES. I think I'm just lucky to be invited at all because this is a school that is cranking out case makers cranking out people who can actually make the case for what they believe, that I think I was glad be part of it and I'm I'm an adjunct to visiting profession over the years at seven different seminaries in each school has certain qualities that are special when I find when I'm at SES with students, their understanding of philosophy, their ability to engage the culture with the truth of the gospel.

This is second to none. I taught a class once on the book of Job there and it was tremendous to have the level of discussion we did about the problem of evil.

Those cousin thinks her friends. SCS.ED you that's we find out about the school and the conference

You can register their course are always earlybird registrations and it's just checking out. Check out who's going to be there and you will be impacted by it brings me back to one last thing went when I went to a little church to pull my best friends out in 1971 my my fellow bandmembers that were starting to get interested in Jesus. So I went to pull them out as as a heroin shooting hippie rock drummer and the first thing that happened was the people there were really nice to me and whatever expectation I had. I didn't expect to be greeted by folks in their 60s at the door some 1662 habit 60s that was ancient to me right right friendly, full of energy love nice enthusiastic the whole bit and just loving me the way I was long-haired rebel, full of hatred and anger. So the first thing that softened my heart was the people I said to my friends. If you have your way.

I have minded or whatever and in that he started to pray for me. So the prayer part the Holy Spirit that's massive and speaking the truth is messy, but also overcoming a lot of the stereotypical ideas that must happen when the young people and those hear you talk because you're not one of these hateful religious right bigots that they're expecting lichen. This is the hardest thing for those of us who call ourselves apologists or case we get so hung up on the head issues that we forget that what's most attractive. What changed the entire Roman Empire. The first 200 years was the behavior in a loving, obviously loving nature of Christian disciples and so I think we we kind of forget that right but that anyone should be expressing will understand why any other group would out Christ and this does happen. We see it, sometimes with more Mormon families and and Mormon friend. They can sometimes do a better job of presenting me the nature of Christ than the Christians do.

So I think you're right call on our lives is to make sure that even the were interested in the evidence in worldview and making the case that we don't forget that that firstly that impacted you the first and impacted my life. The first to impact the culture and that of Roman Empire was the loving nature of Christians don't lose that was on forget that is not an either/or. It's about there yet, and if we have that love in our hearts. I tell people when you cut us we should bleed love people will feel that week we could put up a false front, but when it's really in our hearts.

Then when God puts in our heart a real love for those who don't know him, people will feel that as we speak.

Yet across the challenges with not reject the others that you cannot be loving without a true understanding of what is true without justice without a righteousness, you'd love it. One thing and it looked like we shifted a little bit. As a culture sometimes work were letting it easier than knowing the truth and been able to articulate the truth, but we have to do both.

I think in order to be effective disciples, yet absolutely I friends J Warner Wallace. If you don't have his book cold case Christianity start there. If you have that fun out of the book for kids God's crime scene dealing with the universe and then here J1 Wallace in person at the apologist conference right in the middle of October Charlotte, North Carolina. Go to Jim, thanks for joining us for the great joy. Looking forward to seeing you, yes sir. It's the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I am, and more. But just want to comment on this briefly.

I tweeted this out a little while ago and I said can we agree on this from all points of view, the whole truth about Russian trumping only dealt with and then let's move on from day one. I've never believed that candidate Trump colluded with Russia to steal the election from Hillary Clinton whether Russia was involved with Russia hacked emails from the Democratic national party whether there other things that Russia did.

There is debate about that but I never sought from minute into this.

Up to this moment.

There is not evidence of collusion between Pres. Tromp and Russia to steal the election from Hillary Clinton.

I know it's reported constantly. Of course you have some of the behind the scenes tape with CNN producers and spokespeople journalists. There are contributors saying that's the whole thing's nothingness is the big nothing burger. It's just nothing, however.

However, the big buzz now Donald Trump Junior come on he and Matt with Russian leaders met with attorney from Russia that was about the election and it was June of last year so he is now released. His email is not a please understand if you're just tuning in, I am not a spokesman for the Republican party, not a registered Republican, so that a spokesman for the Deborah Democratic Party. I'm an independent I'm not a spokesperson for the president when he does things that I think are right and good. I command him when he does things that grief may I address it. But with respect for him as our president and believing that God is using him. It's a very positive ways.

Then there some very negative things happening as well. So in that sense again. I seek to speak the truth in love, if it offends everyone offends no one that's not my concern. My concern is to honor the Lord and to speak the truth in love so Donald Junior now has released the email chain. The email thread leading up to this meeting with this woman from Russia and what was sent to him was information saying hey, this highly sensitive but there may be some in Russia that has information on Hillary Clinton working with the Russians to influence the campaign. That's what it was about it was not how can we work with Russia to influence the campaign, but there may be some dirt on Hillary Clinton, well, unfortunately this is the way of politics, if you've got some major dirt on on the person that you expect to be running against a right and and they are colluding with another nation to influence the elections and you have information on that.

That's quite damning so he goes ahead with the meeting, but there is no such information. They were meeting about something else that's with the woman, one of the speech about was something else. This is the big smoking gun. But what about smoking gun friend wrote to me today at critical Tromp to be seen now what what you consider this essay to what the issue was was Hillary Clinton colluding with Russia and that's what Donald Trump Junior was meeting about and he released the east thread about so bottom line. Did someone set it up with Democrat setting enough to try to make Trump campaign looked at who knows. I don't know.

And that's not my issue right now. My only issue is that this thing just needs to go away so we can deal with issues that really have some substance. I was going to happen with healthcare and what's going to happen with border security and our treatment of immigrants and what's going to happen with our Middle East policy and and and what's going to happen with with our relationship to NATO and and various issues Christ and what about North Korea and then RR trumps appointees for the federal courts given get through with Democrats from stolen but let's talk about issues of substance right let this this nonsense go away soon arrested come to light that he come to light in a certain point people to stop beating a dead horse will be right back.

Her plan and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown transferred I had on with me, David pickup and Sue Halverson who were manning a booth.

This is an X gay booth at the national education Association and part of a group that is recognized as part of the NEA but the NEA was trying to expel. We've got a video of the excuse me a YouTube video of the audio interview that we did last week. You can listen to it and asked her to but my friend and colleague Peter LaBarbera is written an article on life site about the NEA and some of the extremism within it. This is the nation's largest union and it's a very old union over hundred 50 years old teachers union radically promotes transgender ideology and more want to talk about that in and some other disturbing news appear welcome back to the line of fire.

My current great family honor and I believe it or not I work from Wikipedia. Was once conservative that went one with a concern of how far back. Well, I just checked out. What if you are working at because they're generally very liberal and they said that, you know, I guess, and up two decades ago, when the country was more conservative. The teachers union was more conservative as well since he was interesting. I research them some in my book, saving a sick America for my book saving sick America talk about the shift in education and how, through the 1600 1700s and 1800s in America.

The Bible played a central role in our education but began to be phased out as you get later in the 1800s and and some of this was the influence of the NEA so on the on the one hand, there has been a strong secularism in there but it is interesting that as you says the country was more conservative because you got more conservative teachers and administrators. It would make sense that the NEA was more conservative. How how far left has this union. This teachers and educators union gone now. Well, it's just absolutely incredible.

Mike as you know, you start know I my old friend I am Stanton Evans was a great conservative journalist are not a religious man by any stretch but he had something called the law of insufficient paranoia.

I generally find that comes true with the with the LGBT Q IAP now. Whatever the acronym is agenda because it just continues to get more radical. But what struck me was the deer solutions which I guess were going to talk about but also the stridency of the NEA's president. I hadn't checked into the NEA until now in the last few months. Anyway, I I was unaware that the once again the NEA's president on the name esculin Garcia. She has a gay son. She's very radical and you can you could just hear a radicalism which I'm sure she she is. She's well meaning of course, but it comes out as being very very very radical on the honest particular issue right so it is, is this a matter of we have diversity of views in our midst. This is my view. But we welcome all other views or we only welcome some views here. Well, based on the story were both talking about the excavator again. The liberal definition of tolerance, which is actually intolerant that you've taught many people might get tolerant just to be wicked, we could have a civil discussion. Even though we disagree. Now the polar opposite. We have a civil debate but now they're talking about booting the X gay educators as well as the creation and this is just the standard way of operating. For the liberal side especially on the homosexual and transgender issue. They don't regard us as a legitimate viewpoint a classifier viewpoint is hatred and they find means to basically abandon that viewpoint, which looks like they're getting ready to do for 2018. So in other words, their justification is we are intolerant of bigotry. We should not be tolerant towards groups like the KKK or tolerant towards Nazis and you are just like them. You are just as evil. So that's how they caricature us and it seems that many people actually believe that because they come up to David and Sue were loving people they come up to them as if they're the devil themselves don't think right and I think what happened to start believing their own propaganda. You just sit down and talk.

I told many people about you Mike. As I think you're one of the great representatives of our side on speaking the truth in love, but as you know you could be Mother Teresa, and against gay marriage and they felt that your hater so it fits that narrative, they can't. FYI, I think it did demonstrate the weakness of their side. If there are so petrified of even hearing from X gate. They know they must fear something I think what they fear is the destruction of their narrative that your basically inherent or in inborn homosexual or transgendered who you are is inherently who you are and and if there are X case. People want to let that life live that lifestyle and our happily out of it and and not know that our living good live happy lives contended live that destroys that narrative right so so you cannot threaten some of the foundational lies but am not saying this to demonize all those who identify as LGBT. So you're all liars.

We are saying that some of the pillars of the movement are born this way. You can't change it's innate and immutable, or 10% of the population is gay or gay is the new black that these are all falsehoods if there falsehoods that have have moved the country move public opinion. So for that to be challenged in any way theoretically the that the whole structure of the building blocks fall apart so have you seen over the years you you been at this for for many years burden to address this for years that that as people find out the truth.

There viewpoint on the activist and changes yeah I all about it and I think that media centers are my young people were only 1% of the American public order your book on your your query in deed book. A queer thing happened.

Americans are or are other great resources like that. I think things will change and so that's what I'm talking about the weakness of the gay side note, it used to be that you said what if you really want to.

When afraid me and you would not be afraid to debate anoxia. We really were not they should let up me but they really I think know deep down that were not Nazis and so they're just using that as a tactic because if you really have bad speech you just let that speech go and people will know that bad speech what they're doing instead if they've done everything they can to block especially the X gate and it's not just LGBT movement is also no powerful media papers people like Oprah, you know like an Oprah Winfrey ever have an X gay on her very popular TV show that would've been a you know you think the media would be curious and want to have most people on but so few do.

Yeah. And obviously this tremendous threat look some years ago.

Glad, which was originally gay and lesbian alliance against defamation that I I renamed the galas and Alaskans disagreement and outages.

Consuls glad they don't use the acronym they put out of service.


Know the numbers gonna commentator accountability project where they went to the secular networks and said don't have Michael Brown don't have work, but when Chuck Colson is I don't have Chuck Colson on don't don't don't have Tony Perkins. I don't have Peter LaBarbera on don't have these people want because they gonna pollute people's thinking they are not really experts. They have no right to speak on the subjects and and you should not allow their pointing to self. This is even saying of the liberal network was good to be skewed. They might have three liberals and you on on the panel. For discussion and you might get a minute in edgewise. Now don't even let that many in because it's going to negatively influence people's thinking.

When you have the truth you know when I go to do electronic campus. I request a debate as to can we do a debate instead. I want someone from the other side to present their point of view, the best they can't, because we got nothing to fear over dealing with the truth when you're not on the side of truth. You can't bring everything into the light and that's why it's so important that you keep doing others keep doing what they do, Peter. What is it that God shoe moved to get involved as you Bennett journalist reported with Washington Times and and others. There a lot of easier battles to face. I know you've had virtually no funding for this. You've done this sacrificially your family sacrificed together with you. What is it that caused you to take a stand. Well, I was, I finally read my Bible. I knew the truth about homosexuality. Not that we only get artery Bible. But what I saw as a young sort of activist with an writer with concerned women for America started researching the gay lobby and that was 25 years ago Mike, I thought, wow, there's a huge thing growing here.

Not many people know about how radical is this why use their own sources to educate people. For example, once we exposed a very large gay international consortium at pedophile groups as among among its members. We would use their own sources to show what it was all about but Mike 25 years ago. I think the movement that was probably 1/100 decided they in fact I would speculate that the transgender movement alone. The transgender lobby probably spends more on LGBT issues in higher family all as I continue on this. I have a new article when the church celebrates same sex surgery will write back with my guess Peter LaBarbera the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown I'm speaking with my friend and colleague Peter Barber. His website, Americans for truth about homosexuality.

That's after AFT to read his columns on life site news looking at a column from end of June. Schools must refer to students by preferred gender pronoun or face investigation June 20 pro-abortion actress tweets you don't need a father on Father's Day, June 20. Gay activists sexualize and exploit young girl after coming out as lesbian and Mormon church service June 16, of gays are so tolerant. Why are they disrupting annex K conference. All these articles. There will research their clearly laid out.

They are practical. Peter II remember. Maybe the first time we talked on the radio.

I asked you why you stay at this and you said something very simple, but I quoted it since I'll stop when they stop in. In other words, this is not a battle we were looking for. There plenty of other things I'd like to write about and address course we we we do address other things but to constantly have to address the latest aspect of transgender activism. Another Church of England is considering whether to have a special blessing ceremony for for sex change surgery and things like that in the madness were confronted within the schools that this continues to knock at our door and were simply responding with truth in reporting things to a culture that an church that still often doesn't want to hear about it.

So Peter if if you could say something to pastors and leaders who are listening and if you can get in their ear and urge them to hear you, what would you say to them about the importance of them engaging these cultural issues like I think it's all about the true and and it's more than just confronting this morally. This also is going to have a big impact on the Bible and on the gospel Mike I hope you saw that story where the art that are education Sec. Betsy DeVos, who by the way, as a pretty strong pro-LGBT record even though she identifies as a Christian it's very strange, but she has outside of her and but to her credit, she said that she was being drilled in Congress about vouchers and they sold about vouchers to the Indiana school Lafayette Indiana was receiving federal vouchers for education and they they allow doctors to begin to religious schools and the days they raised example of this very fine looking Christian school in Indiana and she said she would just let them go by their local you know they can distribute it as they choose, and the left went crazy. Why did they go crazy because they want to control they want to tell religious schools, what they can and cannot teach this is going on much farther in Canada, but we are well on our way we see the ACLU's chewing Catholic schools because they don't want to sanction homosexual married so-called married employees.

This has a huge implications for religious liberty but also for the gospel and now we have so-called gay Christians what you've written about very eloquently. Mike that I think they are the most radical gay activist now because they're saying that they're redefining Christianity in the name of rationalizing their homosexuality, which goes about as far you can go to the conservative gays now pose a bigger threat because there there purporting to redefine truth and even Christian biblical truth that felt as part of their self rational date rationalizing project. Originally it went from the looks of course religious people don't agree with us and we know what you say. The Bible teaches and and so on. So that's not our issue. We just want the right to do what were doing.

Now it's basically telling the religious world you're going to have to conform otherwise they're going to be penalties and and that that brings us back to something like difference.

Remember also, it also was will never going to schools we don't want anything to do with children.

Now they're saying she is. Schools must teach even toddlers about transgender is yes and when you say remember most people don't even know that because they want alert to what was happening in the early days of gay activism. So let's think of this for a moment that the first gay activists that came out in major numbers for Stonewall 1969. It was very militant is very blatant. There was no nude marches down the streets and were here require get use to it and then gay strategies put their heads together and said this is not working out when I change the culture and and kind of the more savvy conservative side one out. Let's just present gay man is Hilliard great typical couple yelled faithful married couple together for many years and and and let's we been characterized caricatured the wrong way, so will go the other way with a little extreme in the positive caricature and and that's how will turn public opinion and when we need to police our Gay pride events, and so on. So of course with that strategy.

Massive massive changes have come in with that strategy. There is been much more acceptance of same-sex quote marriage and out little by little, even transgender activism, but the more things are getting except it seems to me Peter that the things becoming more out of the closet. NASA now you have drag queens reading stories and libraries to two-year-olds that this wouldn't have happened a few years ago, but it's almost like now that more things are accepted that that that everybody could just come out of the closet and now the whole agenda has to be accepted right right and I did a story on eight-year-old drag queen so-called in Canada with her mother actually encouraged that the sun addresses woman and you know it is. It's appalling. But the question is will the blowback from all this is there is a good as ours is our culture degraded to the point where they know they can just push this or will there be pushback coming. I think I'm seeing on the transgender issue that a lot of people were very upset that Tucker Carlson Tuesday getting more and more conservative on this as he realizes something's got to be done because nobody is saying no no, what were really distresses me like the Republican Party is pretty much pulled out of this debate and as you said at the beginning of the show. The gay lobby never stopped there. Always driving are always on offense we always can be seen to be on the yeah exactly and and that that is the question has the culture degraded so much that we are so desensitized that anything goes, or is there still that window and and I believe there is. But it's closing quickly where people just say I didn't sign up for this. And yes, we see in the pushback of the transgender issue receiving folks a look. I think if you love each other. You should be able to be married and I want to be a tolerant person but I didn't sign up to have a 15-year-old boy playing on Microsoft will team and sharing the shower stalls with her. II didn't sign up for that and not in a Masonic theater scares me. I talked to a young conservative Republican want to be a conservative talk show tonight school really good kid and he basically said well I think that a be able to get married but nice and so I sent him away. Best, not marriage.

That policy, public policy based on a lie, and what what we see is the incrementalism this relic that the more people you know it's always the next thing is on but I fear that 20 years from now he will fill.

I think it's okay to have transgender light, but I feel he is too much of the weight we've got to get back to the basics. Yes, I think that is about homosexual behavior and get to the behaviors because they won by making this all about discrimination, equality, all these abstract ideas when it's really about normalizing, legitimizing immoral behavior. Yet something that's very contrary to God's design, which is where messages were fallen human race. Jesus died for everyone come to him as you are, but come to him to be changed not to stay as your hey Peter, keep up the good work. Your labor is not in vain to Mike Douglas from the defense of the faith to the education system of our nation to hope for revival will come your way today, right here it's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I read a story about Ronald Ragan this week. I had never heard before is verified, it is accurate, it is known to those close to the Reagan's to be true, but I just found out about it this week and I'm going to share it with you shortly this is Michael Brown.

Thanks so much for tuning in to the line of fire broadcast. I was thinking today about Joshua chapter 5 remember the account. There Joshua and the children of Israel are about to invade the land of Canaan and take the promised land.

And they're going to first to war with Jericho. One of the most famous stories in the Bible is the walls of Jericho come tumbling down supernaturally. Well before the battle, Joshua encounters the angel of the Lord described as the captain of the Lord's armies right Joshua chapter 5, someone argued that it was the son of God himself appearing. So let me share this account and then I want to tie it in with today you and me and politics.

So when Josh was my Jericho, he lifted up his eyes and looked, behold, a man was standing before him with his drawn sword in his hand.

Joshua went to him and said to him, are you for us before adversaries and he said no. I love that answer no.

Who siding on are you for us, refer adversaries because he sees a man with a drawn sword right and as far as he knows he's a soldier maybe recognizes him as being in an angelic ambassador, but he knows he's a soldier's got a drawn sword in which it is, is not just their working afield or something like that or taking a walk to another village there was a drawn sword Susan who siding on or are you for us, refer adversaries and he said no but I am the commander of the Army of the Lord. Now I have come Joshua fell in his face to the earth worship him and said to him, what is my Lord say to his servant, the commander of the Lord's army said to Joshua, take off your sandals from your feet for the place where you are standing is holy on a certain level friends the posture and position of the angel of the Lord should be similar to ours. What I mean when it comes to are you Republican or Democrat are you for the president or against the president. I'm not saying by the way, you can have a party affiliation.

I'm an independent but that does not mean that's the only way to go right. This is my personal choice and expression, but it's not a matter of you are you for or against Barack Obama. Are you for or against Donald Trump. No, no, I'm for the Lord and the truth of the Lord him for righteousness and justice and mercy and compassion, and for what is right that what is popular, not what is politically expedient. But what is right and therefore if I see something right and good. It doesn't matter if it's Democrat Republican independent libertarian I see something that's right and good. I can commend it. If I see something that's wrong and hurtful. Doesn't matter if it's Republican, Democrat, libertarian independent I will address that that is the goal, and ultimately, as God's people, not all of you have a microphone like I do her platform. I got you on the will have some platform some influence there. All of us touch some of the lives somewhere, somehow.

But as far as our posh source or attitude. I was not an Obama opponent. I am not a Trump loyalist because of my devotion to the Lord. I took issue certain policies of Pres. Obama agree with some of present competent take issue with other things, follow me. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown friend somehow committed to the I'm serious, I I am committed to this moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

I live it, I breathe it it's it's in my blood. I can't get away from it. Jesus changes us and we going change our world through the gospel. I'm not talking about taking over the society and enforcing our views and imposing our views on society of said that countless times, but rather as we are changed by the gospel. We bring that same gospel to the society around us as we are impacted by the truth. We speak the truth to the world and what's the alternative hibernation stagnate going to closet friends. Cowardice is crippling milligrams of the courage is contagious, but cowardice is crippling.

Let me digress. Now will not digress, I digressed for a minute speaking about moral culture revolution. Let me get back something I said I wanted to talk to about and then want to share with you briefly for my new article when the church celebrates same sex. Excuse me sex change surgery.

Yet a Church of England school considering special services to celebrate gender reassignment. This article and stream written by Mark Tooley and it's called Reagan's evangelism. Now I have friends that knew Ronald Reagan and spoke of his Christian faith, being genuine and life-changing. I never knew how deeply committed to the Lord. He was because I didn't know him, and I've never studied his life in depth, but there is a book by H. W.

Brands historian and it's a new biography of Ronald Reagan and there's a paragraph that Mark Tooley cites during Reagan's second year in office, his father-in-law loyal Davis became seriously ill regular and starry. Nancy is very depressed about his father's her father's health and understandably so Davis and Nancy's mother had retired to Scottsdale Arizona and his illness prompted repeated flights by Nancy across the country from Washington Reagan liked and respected his father was naturally concerned for his health but he worried more about his spiritual health. Reagan wrote he's always been an agnostic. Now I think he knows fear for probably the first time in his life. So the biographer continues to be Brands Reagan can take the time Nancy did to visit Davis, but he wished he could.

I want so much to speak about faith, he said. I believe this is a moment when he should turn to God and I want so much to help them do that yet. Reagan never found the time Davis died a few months later with Reagan's words unspoken Mark Tooley points us out friends. I found this fascinating and I think you'll be encouraged by pieces, but Reagan did find the time to contact his trouble father-in-law even if he could not visit and who told the story Nancy Reagan July 27, 1988 to 10,000 delegates to the students Congress on evangelism. The event was hosted by youth for Christ at the Washington convention center so she spoke and then Ronald Reagan spoke the next day but but listen to what Nancy Reagan says July 27, 1988 my father died six years ago was a brilliant man and internationally known brain surgeon. He was a person of tremendous self-confidence and intellect.

So it is ironic that his spiritual life is influenced by small petty event that happened this child when he was a boy there was a contest in his Sunday school class. The winner was to receive a Bible. My father knew he'd won the contest feeling that he was totally confident in himself and his abilities simply couldn't accept it. When the Bible was given to the child of the minister in reaction my father feeling wrong. The disillusioned allowed no place for faith in his life for the next 80 years, he would take my mother and me to church and Sunday school. Nancy Reagan said, but he'd leave and come back only when it was time to pick us up. My mother had a very deep religious faith.

Read your Bible every night and it was that deep and abiding faith that help you tremendously at the end of her life, but my father didn't have to the end of his life. He was terribly frightened and afraid to go to sleep for free or he wouldn't wake up to move from chair to chair, try to keep awake and I guess alive. I can't tell you how much it hurt him hurt that it hurt to see him this way this man would always been so supremely confident and strong in my eyes, my husband to summit.

Ronald Reagan wrote him too long letters explaining the encompassing comfort he'd receive if he just put himself in the Lord's hands. This is Pres. Ronald Reagan. The evangelist reaching out to his father-in-law writing up to long letters.

Nancy Reagan said this, I was at the hospital with him with her father, but my father never mentioned to me what happened next.

The doctors told me two days before he died he asked to see the hospital chaplain. I don't know what the chaplain did what he said but whatever it was it was the right thing and it gave my father comfort I noticed he was calmer and not as frightened when he died the next day he was at peace.

Finally, and I was so happy for him. My prayers were answered.

More Tooley says. I vividly recall 29 years ago's young man reading about Nancy Reagan's emotional remarks I was moved that the president of taken time from his brutal schedule to offer spiritual counsel to his dying father-in-law. I've never found the story in any history book biography. It's very hard to find any account online and then he give some examples of it in a video of the speech of Nancy Reagan, he said, but wouldn't it be fascinating to see the true long letters.

Reagan wrote to his father. They presumably survive likely at the Reagan library, but I've never seen the quote. I hope they surface tell us a lot about the man and his faith. Now let me throw something out to you right for everyone who is upset with Pres. Trump for everyone who feels he has degraded the presidency for everyone who feels that his tweets have been destructive and have lowered decency in America. For everyone that does not trust him in his dealings with other nations for everyone who still believes he's a misogynist and may be a racist or a bigot or Muslim hater. Whatever. So I'm speaking to some of your others like retirement he's God's man.

He's God raised him up. I understand that maybe most of you listening to me are more protracted and anti-trumpets certainly even among believers. There are many who have a real problem with the president. I am not saying that Donald Trump now is like Ronald Reagan was. I'm not saying that we know the different method of communication. Ronald Reagan used we know how he would take a higher ground against his ideological opponents in a way that did not make him look bad if they push them down and and expose their wrong way of thinking, but it was in a way that did not make him look bad himself right.

I'm not saying that Donald Trump has a real relationship with the Lord as Ronald Reagan did and God knows God knows but what I'm saying is this, most conservatives and objective historians recognize that Ronald Reagan was a very effective president that Ronald Reagan was instrumental in the. The collapse of the Iron Curtain that Ronald Reagan was a blessing to the pro-life movement even though we continue to abort babies through his administration, just as at the beginning he was still a friend of the pro-life movement. Most of us look at him and very very positive life, but would you have picked a Ronald Reagan to be the president divorced remarriage, Hollywood, accurate, and not not even one of the best Hollywood actors. I remember a few decades ago Nancy and I renting a movie that we watched with our kids bedtime for Bonzo Bonzo being the pet chimpanzee, starring Ronald Reagan yeah what would you have picked him I wouldn't have the many others I would've picked but God picked you voted for him I'm I'm not not saying that but I'm saying is, as far as years earlier saying here's the man I'm going to use no way.

So were not denying Donald Trump's baggage were not denying his ongoing faults least I'm not wrote an article a few weeks ago.

Don't sell your soul defending the president okay so so in short I'm not denying that past problems or the current problems. I'm simply saying, ask yourself the question, could it be that God raised him up for a purpose. Nonetheless, and that God is continuing to work on his heart and his people said Justice Neil Gore such a ready doing a great job but is not yet 50 years old and lives to be healthy and strong. He could be serving 30 years of the Supreme Court and there could be others like him that follow this a very major things taking place.

Donald Trump is making good decisions on perhaps God is at work in the midst of this in ways beyond what no, that's it. That's what I want to share in any case. Pray for the man the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown tweeted this out a while ago break. Jesus says to us, come as you are not stay as Jesus does not practice affirmation no inclusion. But transformational includes, in other words, he doesn't say the lost sinner. I affirm you in your sin.

He doesn't say come to me and I will affirm you and your sin. He says come to me and I will save you out of your sin come to me and I will transform you from your sin when he hung out with the tax collectors, but how with the prostitution of the tax collectors were notorious for poor extortion. They hung out with them was a friend of sinners. Was he not but but did he teach the prostitutes how to make more money Aditi teach the tax collectors how to extort more money is that we did or did he change them. They were around him, and by being around him. They came out of their send Matthew the tax collector comes out of the sin others. Luke 7M, or woman, she comes out of first said as a result of the encounter with Jesus to cast the tax collector. As a result of his encounter with Jesus, he turns away from his sin.

So many times friends the church today wanting to be compassionate, wanting to be kind. What happens is the church today embraces sin in the name of compassion. It does far more harm than good. It misleads it mis-guides it destroys so the latest news Church of England is now considering special services to celebrate gender reassignment and I'm saddened by it disappointed by but I'm not surprised at all. First, the Hebrides, but on the wall for a while now. In terms of the increasingly liberal direction of the Church of England and other groups, other religious groups have a ready instituted special ceremonies for people quote transitioning son, I'm disappointed. I'm saddened but I'm not surprised, but let let's look at this from the viewpoint so of an LGBT activist right.

Let's look at this from the viewpoint of someone who says on the Christian and I care for the LGBT community and here's what they might say look, Jesus calls us to come to him as we are with all our blemishes and sense and the gospel of grace tells us that we don't need to clean up her act before to be accepted by God, so Victor Chris New Orleans said tutoring and vigor.

I hope that we can make a powerful statement that we believe trans people are cherished and loved by God who created them so they would ask questions like what sin is transgender person commit if they genuinely believe there born in the wrong body.

Why can't they pursue a surgical hormonal solution. Why should this be treated differently than your physical or emotional handicap with the struggle sulfite family forever. They can read and condemn, celebrate, and that would be the voice of liberal Christianity with some truths mixed in with error, the right Rev. Paul baize said as world listens to us today. The world needs to hear us say that LGBT I orientation and identity is not a crime, not a sickness, and not sent but if if you're saying that someone that feels same-sex attracted is not sinning by having a feeling or someone who struggles with gender identity manager feels he's trapped in a woman's body. That's what that's what he believes are excreted. A man who believes Susan he's a woman trapped in a man's body that is a sin to have that feeling will know that's not the issue.

The issue is endorsing it. The issue is normalizing it. The issue is celebrating at the issue is acting on so the liberal line of reasoning replaces defines it. Wisdom with human wisdom, and it substitutes a misguided earthly compassion for a truth based, scripturally grounded compassion so so call progressive Christianity embraces same-sex marriage because what love is love, but a biblically-based faith recognizes God's plan for marriage is sacred and unalterable. It's not just from Genesis, Jesus himself reinforces marriage is is the union of one man and one woman. It's God's intent from the beginning, from creation circle. Progressive Christianity endorses homosexual behavior because hey this way God made me biblically-based faith recognizes homosexual desires as part of our fallen nature center be rejected as sinful emerging through the cross circle. Progressive Christianity celebrates exchange surgery because of struggling souls from wholeness biblically-based faith understands 16 surgeon to be a mutilation of a healthy body knowing that God can make us whole from the inside out.

Now Church of England has been lurching towards embracing gay quote marriage in recent years, so it's no surprise that they're considering now special ceremonies to celebrate someone's sex change surgery but none of this surprises me. In 2011 in my book where thing happened to America through trucking six years now six and almost all six of the courtiers as the book came out, and then I'm documenting things that happen in the years prior system must go back seven years. Some 10, some 50, and some 20 that Reform Judaism which is the most liberal main wing of Judaism now has a series of blessings over this in 2011 to be recited over sex change surgery part of the revised 500 page manual called Coulomb and meeting all of us a program for implementing gay and lesbian inclusion of 500 page manual for Reform Judaism as I ask you to Chrissy Capt. America can imagine, praying a prayer who sentiments roughly equivalent to WSU to bless our efforts as we radically alter your creation and design, through mutilating surgeries, a perfectly healthy body parts and organs. In keeping with our preferences and needs and gets worse. The and and I know there always young years listening so let me say this as delicately as I can in the homosexual community. There are even the especially male.

There are far more anonymous encounters. This column anonymous encounters with people, then in the heterosexual community well gay synagogues in San Francisco, New York not have a blessing for quote unexpected intimacy.

Yeah, unexpected intimacy meant to be recited after engaging in anonymous acts.

Those involved in the projects. It could also be said for other meaningful encounters with strangers. So you meet some. I don't even know you are intimate with that person and I have up now you have a blessed saying that you say, including the blessing God cocreated passionate and woven throughout creation and and that this encounter, that you had with this person in your telematics, sexually immoral, perverse act. You're now praying that that it allows us to both touch and see the divider giving thanks for that friends when you see stuff that's sick. It should not surprise you all the Church of England is going in the direction that did is going friends. We welcome everyone, come as you are tell you God is a better way. It's the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I wanted to tell you a little store. This is Michael Brown. Welcome to the line of fire when my dearest friends in the world is to partum from India will often see things that others don't see will see situations as opportunities for the gospel and there have been people that took advantage of him when he was untouchable that mistreated him when he was a young boy working for pennies and not even getting paid in going days without eating taken advantage of by the society and by certain individuals and then later in life as a believer with a large ministry and extraordinary humanitarian arm greatly respected by the local government. He has now encountered some of the people took advantage of him when he was a boy, he has dealt with wealthy people that mistreated him and scorned him, even as a believer and he has. Use these opportunities to serve those that came against him many years ago in order to see them recognize the love of God and come to faith and rather than retaliating rather than writing them off. He treated them with the love of God. He he served them in ways that you think don't don't bend over backwards to serve people like this after they have mistreated you and taken advantage of you, but he has done that when they fell on hard times reached out and helped them. As a result of which they have now come to faith and honor him as if he was there father. In other words, he saw something that others didn't see and rather than seeing the situation is unredeemable or hopeless or too late or too far gone.

He saw it as an opportunity for the gospel. That's how I'm looking at the nation of America right now as I said yesterday it was some months back when I felt the Lord just whispered to me in prayer one day write a book on the fall and rise of America if you didn't watch our three minute trailer yet. This is part of the introduction to saving a sick America. My newest book.

If you watch the trailer just three minutes long.

Go to our YouTube channel asked Dr. Brown ask ADR Brown on YouTube and you'll see it listed saving a sick America brother. We have over 900 videos there for you, over 900 including debates on the wide range of subjects including teaching videos, preaching videos, excerpts from the radio show interviews and different discussions of all kinds, but you will be impacted. People are loving this video got a note late last night from a colleague. What a compelling video multiple exclamation points to paint a picture of how far we have fallen, and yet I am looking at this with pain with grief but with great hope that this great darkness in which we live provides the perfect backdrop for life and light to shine that the to do degree the society is messed up and is not rightly understanding God in marriage and family and moral values and things that he has established the Lord has established for our good.

To the extent the society is not getting it to that extent we have an opportunity to show them a better way.

So if you haven't watch this yet go to Esther Gibran YouTube channel and just watch the promo for saving a sick America. I think you be moved by the book is written to layout in every major area of society here is God's wisdom here is God's way. There is a prescription for moral and cultural transformation. If you'd like to preorder the signed and numbered copy of the book. Just go to the website asked Dr. may ask ADR to be the first to get them signed and numbered when they come out in September right back with her friend James drops for cleansing and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown Québec range Brown here is not yet seen my latest article, when the church celebrates sex change surgery. It is

If you're also looking for perspectives on what's happening in the world today.

From politics to dealing with North Korea.

What about Charlie guard the baby in the UK great timely pieces on the stream that are practical that are faith-based that are relevant. James welcome back to light a fire. Thanks so much for joining us today. The articulately here Michael Jordan's Brenda about an hour with you early leaders writers are seeking the mind of the father so that we can share the heart and the will of the product spitefully all the various tributaries flowing through the website.

The streams to God or I think it's critically important that we realize there's one major part in it. There's one important part. It's Christ at all about her pointing to him as his body submitted. And we really think that the streams of the note. Terry becomes the river but were all flowing in the river.

Glory of God and the benefit of the hearers yet and there is this a great group that has been assembled you and Jay Richards and others putting the team together. I'm always amazed by what I'm reading there and and that the spiritual insights and from from folks for a wide range of background, but all seeking to to go to the throne of God were from. Once the stream flows and through his word and get his heart not because God is never reacting to what's happening in society around us and that the the last half hour I mentioned the mark truly article on the evangelism of Ronald Reagan were touched by his faith in reaching out to his father's will and and what an unlikely candidate he was. But, but you were part of that you saw something in and Billy Graham James Dobson others saw something in Ronald Reagan how God could use numbers. Others didn't see it. God's perspective is often different than ours, and in recent put out a video on Facebook having to do with seeing and not really seeing to talk to us about that were eloquent. Regards by the unbelieving world. A lot of Christians are and which is really sad, but the world controls what we see in the world because were not aware of these principalities and powers that are manipulating people to their own minds sharp.

Paul said when he was glad and actually wouldn't if someone talk are these things that there are two scoffers model cars.ceramic option working there. Work believed though someone should describe his referring back to the book of Habakkuk and have a cow be taken.

The people of God, to an angle like Bish and Annette and wear them around like there are talk about people who repeatedly defeated is being booked but they don't realize they'd been manipulated that point of vulnerability to the deceiver and the creditor who has literally taken them captive to their own demise. And many Christians are living not know the enemy has entered Jerusalem. He entered the house of God. He spelled out everything sacred in the sanctuary and one of the temple of God and you know, if you don't have the house occupied with spirit. Then Jesus take the enemy that was driven out of the live concert for freedom will come back and bring seven more spirits went in the house of worship in the post that you and this is the way many people in church. They look like a train gang when they come into awkward like they're just going to traditional motion and teaching those traditions are deliberate and I have actually been Schneider help captive by him against their will and will have to see "Prince of this unseen oral it's a marimba politics. It's a marimba business.

The fact that people can be successful. Michael is not a problem is what freedom offers people good dedicated leadership problem and greed will hold selfish people captive and the people who don't have anything with covetousness, and even I hate it just tears of human rights apart and it destroys the will of God for every life that he loved so deeply and gave his son directly so I'm talking about getting her eyes open so that we don't have to be controlled by the unseen forces of evil, but we can be controlled with the power of the spirit. It was going to deal with our natural desires and appetites with supernatural desires and supernatural appetite with unnatural desires and appetites. We have have the power of the supernatural Graham in the room batch. To deal with unnatural appetite, so we need to develop appetites of the things it.the word of God. The truth of God limit God and submit to that and we can be lifted by God is over, I want to close this little this little part of our discussion with this reality. If I looked at my life I cannot say that I never failed.

Never was defeated was never thrown in a. Never.

Never found myself in a pit, but I did with my own beats because I've been in the. For all those reasons, but let me tell you something I can say that is that is part I have always been determined not to stay in the. I was determined to get out of. A moment please give me answer, living in the living dictate to leave with the enemies put on our net. We had just checked the one who was kneeling by the. However, there inclined to his near extending his hand as surely as the father of the particle date for the honor that boilers the moment you don't want out of it. Just a note to the person that loves so much that he is leaving). I can't.

Anxiously waiting to lift you up in such a solid foundation in our court. God will help everybody that's been defeated or is defeated to understand there is a deliverer who can deliver the rest of the outermost and I'm coding about to happen people's lives dealt with so they can see the realm of the spirit and the invisible ramp as it affects the yen and that's why the things that drive you are always compassion and redemption because member in the flesh. We just see problems and issues and someone hurts us to want to hurt them back when we have divine society we see everything is an opportunity for God to be glorified. You can see past someone's failings and blemishes and see see God's purposes for them to know there's a woman I used to work with and focus in the family that helped in ministry people dealing with with homosexuality and she can out of lesbianism.

I only knew her. James is a very godly woman and very Christlike sheet she gave her testimony at my home congregation one day and put up an old picture of her as this caricatured butch lesbian cigarette in her mouth and you would've walked past that person saying she will never listen to the gospel and God made a jewel out of her so often we just see after the flesh, and we don't see after the spirit. We don't have that compassionate redemptive side, but that's driven your ministry for decades now. Well, I've experienced that deliverance and I know what it used to be problems and have the ultimate father who not only knows what he cares for all of us so greatly. I wish everyone listening could somehow begin to comprehend how much the father.

There are no small parts of his body there note on important parts of the body of Christ.

Every person is precious. Every person is special. Could God been designed by the Lord in a unique fashion to accomplish a unique purpose in God's kingdom will write your own disorder.

I pray people will see that he loves him so much and I can point people go to the stream.

As you know, I'm beginning to post on Facebook. Now I'm going to be I want to be there quite often are posted right at proctology this morning sitting in my car due to post and I'm on the beach. I told everyone right as I was going to search. It's been miraculous, and I share that on Facebook. I won't don't want spiritual miraculous healing of the people's eyes. But I'll let everyone know that they will hear a father's heart in her grandfather's heart when I call, but my deep desire is that they will hear the heart the product you play that for me. I know you are Dr. Brown and everyone listing but just know I'm going to do my best to share the heart of the father with the family. He loves, and with all the people who don't know what but he gave his son to redeem them and bring them into the family. It is an amazing, especially the younger generation and its fatherlessness how they will gather around spiritual fathers. There is a God.

It became an Internet sensation from England, grandfather and just put these headphones on and sits there behind his computer and it's it's a lousy setting.

There is nothing good about it graphically, but just talked to Sue grandfather is gotten this massive following it says something about the needs of this generation will review truly, you know what our national leaders realize that they can't communicate with the American people without going around the media arts fitness trauma right and Ronald Reagan was a great communicator and he took the principles of freedom and communicated them correctly with the people. Our national leaders today need to know how to utilize social and go down literally really turkey part go around bias descriptively worsened bikers. They are liars.

They distort the truth about why people play our national men surf. You could just stay with us one more moment. I got a question other side of the thank you I will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends. I have been now saving a sick America prescription for moral and cultural transformation comes out in September, but but we have now released the trailer for the book there's website will give you later in the week where you can go and download a free chapter from the book. It is a book that will vividly tell you where we are in America, but point for point through Scripture tell you, God's prescription for change and I'm greatly honored from the heart greatly honored that James Robison wrote the forward for this book, I I get requests constantly for forwards and endorsements and have to be so selective it's going to be 10 times more for my college James Robison so I'm truly honored that you wrote forward for the book and and blessed that you're willing to stand with me as we talk about saving a sick America or scorching terms. Every month the right forwards and I basically cannot, but I wanted to give you this because I do believe your post I think you have a very prophetic voice, but I think you expose evil as a surgeon who trying to come from one out that they have a disease that is deadly, possibly, without the warm hope and there is a hope that medical doctor the prescribes the hope of the rightly diagnosed situation is the one most sought after and rightly so. I think you recognize the great buildings like the one and only perfect prescription. There is no perfect prescription for every field. As we face in the physical ram, but there is one perfect pitch.

Not wishful thinking is not stable hope, but it's a real solid reliable transforming promise and so I know people will get it.

I just thank God for you as a kid right now to the church and so I think that if you're sipping people to garage many times people think we gotta start a new movement know we need to release a new spirit on every movement. Many say what we need to start another organization or another party know we need to awaken one organism that can impact every organization and that organism is the body of Christ.

The church of Jesus Christ.

That church needs to awaken and when those people not only called by his name know him as part of a personal relationship with him and with Jesus that body of believers can claims form we have been left here on the kingdoms assignment to repeal the kingdom right now in the realm of darkness to those who defeated by and CBM have their eyes open and come to the redemption that's really all and experience the reality right now in the midst of all the challenges and trials that we price, we can have peace in any valley we can have provision as we price any of and anything that the predator in the enemy brings against us. You are a blessing and I urge people to The book and read it again, thank you truly honored to have your forward in your endorsement and encouragement and we share the heart of God's redemption through Jesus through the word is gonna come through us. Hey, I know you're your time is precious. I appreciate you being with us today. Thanks once more. Well, go to the stream. Also look at these different tributaries of wisdom, the stream is going to become more and more powerfully affect to give us insight so will not perish for lack of knowledge embedded in that knowledge me where knowledge of the truth that their status free and keep us free immense immense stream done was the place to go. God bless you James, thank you so much talking all right friends for the latest articles you can read my article on when the church celebrates same sex surgery and just tremendous articles that are there on a wide range of fish all all yikes I recommend that this one last night teen vote is teaching your teenage girls, your teenagers about sodomy. Yeah, coaching them in sodomy. That's that's up at the stream need to read it but encourage you if you want to get a signed and numbered copy of saving a sick America to hardcover about 250 pages before that James Robison is due out in late September. We hope to have the preorders out earlier in the month, but the first.

Once we get. Whether it's the first hundred or 300 or 500s based on on reader interest.

If you'd like to get a signed numbered copies of the first ones that come in for the first printing we number them one through 50 or hundred or 500 however many orders we get for the signed preorder copy and then assign them to you.actually do actually sign them with breaking stronghold of food. Nancy sign them as well so actually sign up. It's not a stamp signature it's it's it's real. For whatever it's worth to you if if if that's of value to you and if your name is June to June and here's a Scripture for you and then here's assigned to you and I don't mean it prophetic Scripture for everybody. We we look for a Scripture that fits the book and put that in there so it's kind of a collectors item from the very first printing if you'd like to get that go to my website, asked her to Brown ASKDR to see it right on the homepage of one of the banners there on the homepage. Take advantage of that. Maybe get it is a gift for a friend or a loved one. Why not get a copy for your pastor get one for yourself and one for your pastor were getting some tremendous endorsements from from some fine Christian leaders over America. Dr. Robert Jeffress, pastor First Baptist Church in Dallas said by accurately diagnosing just how sick America is Dr. Michael Brown can now offer a hope filled prescription for moral and cultural change based on the timeless principles of the word of God will service throwing in the towel and calling on the church to retreat Victor Brown sees the current darkness as the church is great opportunity to arise and shine. America has fallen but it can rise again. That is the message of the book, and Peter Sprague with the family research Council, said Dr. Michael Brown saving sick America is unlike any other book I've read. I wish I could push a button and get it in the hands of every pastor in America. Oh yeah, and there's a chapter restoring Sunder to our pulpits, calling on pastors and leaders to speak the truth without compromise to speak the truth in love, in the fullness of the spirit. The thunder truth from the pulpits again. That will awaken the church and thereby awaken the nation yes and and whatever the pulpit is.

Twitter Instagram or Facebook or YouTube or physical pulpit. Let's Sunder holy life changing Sunder the reference of the Lord return to our culture. I wish I could get a copy of this into the hands of every pastor in America comes from you if you're a congregant even if it's a mega church you can get it to your pastor or pastoral team. There get a copy for your pastor. Give it to him as a gift and say hey wanted to read this book. It's my gift to you. I believe the being gates and remember it's filled with realism and filled with whole Bible based hope to get a copy by going to ask Dr. Brown SK your Brown

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