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More Thoughts on the Biblical/Jewish Calendar, Repentance and Forgiveness, and Islam

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 27, 2017 4:31 pm

More Thoughts on the Biblical/Jewish Calendar, Repentance and Forgiveness, and Islam

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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July 27, 2017 4:31 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 07/27/17.

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Since we will be taking calls today. Sit back and enjoy this prerecorded show. You know the meaning of Tosh leaf and all hit and calm injury. You're about to find out right here stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH index 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown while the Muslim world, much of the Muslim world can use to be incensed with America wall turmoil and unrest rises around the world. While Ron continues to threaten Israel and Israel potentially prepares a military response. It's a sacred time on the Jewish calendar were going to talk about it today on the line of fire Michael Brown thank you for joining us 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 my website ask Dr. you can always weigh in with comments on the line of fire links about Esther to Brown, double-click on the line of fire in the lead into the program I mentioned some Hebrew terms Tosh leaf and all hit and calm injury.

I'll explain those to you over the course of this broadcast.

They are all Hebrew terms they have to do with ceremonies that take place, prayers, pronouncements that are made at this time of the year on the Jewish calendar and we are on a number of stations across America. We are not on all over America but a total of over 200 something stations across America. Some the just air on the weekend the key ones that are airing live through the week and when we chose cities to be on initially by God's grace will continue to expand into more and more cities until were able to blanket America with this broadcast on radio. We chose certain cities. We chosen for different reasons, but one thing that was on my list was to have a potentially large Jewish listening audience. So for all of my Jewish friends listening fruit Jewish followers of Jesus for counter missionaries who opposed Jewish faith in Jesus for secular Jewish listeners for religious Jews that are listening secretly right now for fear of anyone knowing your listening or listening not live but later on by podcast, I welcome you to the broadcast. And I want to speak to candidly about the issue of sin and repentance and forgiveness. The question of what it takes for us to be in right relationship with God now for anyone listening with your Jewish or Gentile, with your follower of Jesus or a denier of Jesus as Messiah. You're welcome to call me with your questions with your comments Jewish related questions are wonderful at any kinds of your Christian was usually the questions 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884. Let me say this to all of my Jesus believing friends who are listening with your Jew or Gentile.

If you're a student of Scripture you know that throughout the Bible we Christians call the Old Testament and the New Testament. Israel is a very important subject. You know that throughout the Scriptures. This is something of great concern. It does not go away with the New Testament. Israel does not vanish in the New Testament. In fact, the promises to Israel are renewed and reinforced. And yes it is true that the majority of Jewish people worldwide do not believe that Jesus Yeshua is the Messiah.

The New Testament makes plain that this rejection will not be permanent and that there will ultimately be a turning, there will be a turning of the Jewish people back to Messiah.

My concern right now though is for everyone listening for this current generation of Jews. I don't know when Jesus Yeshua will return. I don't know at what point there will be a massive turning of my people back to Messiah semi people as a Jew for those who don't know me in this turning we know will happen at the end of the agent and will usher in the Messiah's return on concern right now that is a listening are you right with God all your sins forgiven you know if you were to die right now you go into his presence. Smile on your life now back with a whole lot more if you don't want to miss it today file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is 7884. I will get your calls and little while. I just want you to hear some music that that plays out a wonderful theme from the New Testament it's from my friend Martha Pinsky's new CD straight from Israel called Israel's Holt messianic praise and worship and it's it's the second second song on on his CD with 14 songs, many of you would recognize Mark's voice from his vocal work with Israel's hope to get with Paul Wilbur and Renée block in years past.

I just want you to hear these words on Romans 1126 all Israel shall be saved as yeah come on in and it's sung in Hebrews.

You just are that freighting.

If you don't have this yet $15 postage paid for the CD.

Call one 800-2789 978-1800 278997 they trust me you will not be disappointed. All right yeah I was I was tapping my toes to that smiling listening. But the bigger thing is that wonderful theme of rejoicing quick review the biblical calendar begins with Passover, which is comes in March, April month of Nissan Passover, the 14th day of the first month and then within that firstfruits which Passover, unleavened bread within the firstfruits 50 days later Pentecost shoveled feast of weeks, a break of almost 4 months, roughly 4 months and then first day of the seventh month your own true law. The day of the sounding of the trumpet, the shofar blasts 10 days later, Yom Kippur day of atonement five days after that a weeklong festival with an extra day that's mentioned in the New Testament suit coat tabernacles now for traditional junior own true law which we see is ultimately not just a wake-up call and call for repentance, but the sounding of the shofar. Speaking of you. She was return your true laws become roast hush and in the biblical in the in the Jewish mind. In fact, one of my friends in Israel Ron Cantor is been a guest many times on the show went around asking Israelis and Hebrew had you know what young true Onset never heard of it, then your Rosh Hashanah within never heard of young true so this concept is not well known in Jewish tradition what it is exclusively in contemporary Judaism.

What is well known is Russian of this is become the traditional Jewish new year and the sounding of the shofar is a wake-up call. It is a wake-up call of repentance. Maimonides wrote about this.

How when you hear that trumpet blast that shofar blasted stirs your heart to repent to to wake up from slumber to wake up from sin and even the most religious Jews in the world.

Give extra time to repentance and introspection fact I would say the more religious the Jewish person is the more seriously they take sin at this time there because they always take sin seriously. They relate to God in a way that's that's based on keeping commandments and seeking to please him by life of obedience and therefore there acutely aware of sin and falling short, and there can be self-righteousness in Judaism. Just like there can be in any faith or among nonbelievers as well, but traditional Jews specially are searching their hearts and repenting and in looking for areas where they may have fallen short of whether something that's not right with another individual in a repenting before God leading up to Yom Kippur which will begin the eve of this next Tuesday also corresponds with my moms 90th birthday a few listening mom family is getting ready to travel up and see you at this amazing time in your life now one of the. The ceremonies that takes place during this season is called Tosh leak Tosh leak in Hebrews. Literally you will cast you will cast it's it's done the first afternoon of Rosh Hashanah rights of the Jewish new year or the second day of the first day falls on the Sabbath.

It's it's it's after the afternoon service called the Minco service and what you do is you visit a river seashore.

Some other place where water's value recite verses from Scripture concerning repentance and forgiveness of sins and one of the key verses is Micah 714 that says that God will again have compassion also subdue our iniquities… You it switches from he to you. You will cast all their sins.

Tosh leak will cast all their sins into the depths of the sea.

We don't know exactly when the customer originated. Apparently, late Middle Ages.

That's what many Jewish scholars believe we don't know exactly how it came about that was with her other customs that related to this folk customs that were then taken over as the traditional way. There are additions to this. Some Jews of a more mystical bent will add things to it but but you'll often see religious Jews of either side of a body of water. If you live in a community like that and they are throwing symbolically their sins into the sea and then searching their hearts repenting and what are called yummy nor even the days of our 10 day period from Russia in our young true law to Yom Kippur, the day of atonement. 10 often symbolizes testing in Scripture and then during this time, hoping, praying, seeking to have their good deeds outweigh their bad deeds go in the direction of righteousness. Then the hope is come Yom Kippur that God will accept them and write their name in the book of life for another year.

I was talking to a religious Jewish man and time again if you get a Jewish related question 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 with any Jewish related questions you have.

If you want to challenge many points that are making about Jesus issue, but I was talking to an ultra Orthodox Jewish man in Brooklyn. One time not that long after Yom Kippur enough five days following Yom Kippur is suit coat tabernacles, which is a time of great celebration which is a time of rejoicing in the Jewish community which would say we have been forgiven of our sins. God has accepted us.

We are rejoicing, but I asked this man, are you sure that you have been forgiven.

Are you sure that your sins have been forgiven that your repentance has been accepted and he gave me a very honest answer. He said I don't know yet why not you ask God for forgiveness.

Did you pray for mercy. Did you say God forgive me for my sins. Did you confess your sins will talk about that little wild was called the offset which is a confession over this sin and this sin in this and which is what offset means concerning this sin for this sin. And I said didn't you pray for forgiveness, or forget the exact conversation which stood out my mom was this, he said I don't know if my report patents was sincere yet what you mean you don't know did you feel sorry for your sins that you beat your breast at certain time. Symbolically, you know, touch or your fist your chested and in the Indo contrition did you confess all the sins and turn away from them. This is what I'm wondering is were talking, but what he was saying was this. I don't know if my repentance was sincere enough yet because I haven't lived it out long enough other words, there's a Talmudic principal talked about a man with with lustful intense sinful intense towards another woman that you know the repentance is sincere when it's the same woman same time same place in which you got the same opportunity to sin, the way you did the past time but this time you don't.

That's how you know you repentance is sincere. Can I ask you is there anyone who's repentance is deep enough and sincere enough to keep you utterly sin free for the rest of the year, let alone the rest your life can ask you honestly if if you've truly repented in one area. Is there another and another and another. That is come up that you are aware of at an end that were you to have a change in one area.

Perhaps there is some spiritual pride there. There was a traveler read about many years ago, staying at it in in in England and he noticed that the floor was filthy and he went to clean the floor and he went to dust it off and to his shock, the more he did, the dirtier God. It was a dirt floor.

That's how it is trying to cleanse our hearts. Without God's supernatural forgiveness which comes to us through the Messiah. He can enable you to experience a deeper repentance. But beyond that he can wipe your sins away in a moment of time and give you a brand-new heart we you know that you know that you know you are free.

I offer you eternal life.

This sins a brand-new start later repentance Jesus issue of SI that number by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael after the broadcast today after my work out shower, then it's time to head to the airport to fly into New York. That's right, tomorrow morning, speaking at a Pastors Gathering Them Take Pl. in Valley Stream, gobbling, and then Sunday all day Sunday ministry at Bethlehem Assembly of God morning services 830 1030 1230 night service with open Q&A six in the evening tackling some of the difficult questions of the face of please everyone listening on W MCA WLI ask an online in the greater New York area. Please join me on Sunday for one of those for meetings and if you have an opportunity to meet me face-to-face do so I'm hoping also be signing copies of the real kosher Jesus book yes Joey. I was about to email you at the out live from New York with my special traveling equipment us, so I'll be broadcasting live with my special comics equipment Joey.

I was about to email you. Sorry about that are here should know that info don't you think 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 878840 joy. I got more info for for letting you know.

Trust me, this is more the story. Alright let me go to the phones here Jim in Centerville, Virginia.

Thanks for calling the line of fire by Dr. Brown thank you so much for taking my call. Yes sir very just a cat I have ever cultural? In the Old Testament, and significant dreams. I was reading in Joseph and how he shared dreams that he had with his brothers which caused him to the hated by them and I'm just wondering what is not significant in that culture to share those and wasn't he supposed to always that's something because of the birth order that you should not have shared that with his family and I'm just wondering in order. The turmoil the cause of culturally was behind yeah it's one of those things you can really read through our contemporary lens as well. What what I mean is this. Having a dream was important and that culture then and if someone today really felt God gave them a dream and in religious believing circles that would have meaning but should certainly back then receiving a dream like that would have more prophetic meaning in a more significant some people might more readily say wow God gave me a dream and and feel it significant but is one of my friends many years ago said that Joseph at 17, had the anointing, but he didn't have the wisdom so yeah it's it's common sense reading it that if you're going to tell your brothers how the road and a bow down to you and your mother and father will not bow down to you one day and you'll you'll be at the highest place and nobody without humbling themselves in front of you that's that's just that's just outlandish that that would be something absolutely not, and especially in that culture where you would honor the elders and were child would be much more submissive to a parent that to have a dream like that would be to go to Fort now for Joseph to say dad I had a dream for Joseph to go to Jacob and say that I had a dream and I don't know what to make of it, but can I share it with you that's that's one thing, however, to share it with his brothers and to announce that that was foolishness. And of course that cost him dearly, but in the providence of God, the price that he pays for his foolishness, ultimately brought him to a place of greater maturity we could be used by God to save his people and to save many others, so pretty much common sense reading. Dreams are important, but he was lacking wisdom in sharing them the way he did great. I thought about what was like a construction is competent because you love so much that no you could share it freely, but now it was a little bit of pride on his part where he probably pride but but at the very least lack of wisdom that look.

Just think of you going to your you work for Christian company you know and you going to talk to your boss. You are an employee there and you going to talk to your boss. You say Sir, I just got a share this with the Lord gave me a prophetic word and he confirmed it with a dream that one day I am going to be at the head of this company and your you will be taking orders for me, sir.

Obviously you can be a jerk to share that like that so that's that's what happened and again.

It's self-evident, but it all the more in that culture are Jim, thanks for the call. Regular Douglas 866-34-TRUTH because it is thoroughly Jewish Thursday.

We do take your Jewish related calls and ingest very quickly get into this more later in the broadcast of the the call injury ceremony is at the beginning of the Yom Kippur service and it's considered to be a very sacred and important time and it is one in which all valves that have been made or renounced. So what, that's just make any promise. You want make a business arrangement. Make a commitment and then voided out Nono.

It had to do with the times of crusades and inquisitions. When Jews were given the choice of baptism or death renouncing Jewishness or death if they were ready professing Christians in some tragically a capitulating it. Use a wide tragically while they were becoming followers of Jesus. They were becoming followers of a religion that was ready to kill them. In Jesus name. I thought the true gospel. So some of them capitulated and fear of death or not wanting their family members to be tortured or die, but they secretly continue to to try to live as Jews. Ultimately, the great thing would have been if they could've known the Jewish Messiah Jesus but that's the sum of the ring presented with an at this time of the year when they came test forgiveness. They asked for release from valves that's that's how this began and then played out to other valves that may have been made rashly or unwisely, and then I'll hit a prayer where 10 times. I believe it's recited over the course of Yom Kippur servicer before the beginning Bianchi for formally and then is as it ends 10 times repeated. We confess the tremendous amount of sins on your behalf in behalf. The community of Israel asking for forgiveness. I will say again, the forgiveness that we long for. Look for is found in Jesus shoe and I live with a clean conscience assurance of forgiveness 24 seven River fall short and quick to repent.

Have my feet wash, so to say. But I've really been cleaned from head to toe last week we give a special resource offer that got such an overwhelming response, I want to do it again today. It's my book 60 questions Christians ask about Jewish beliefs and practices.

It answers times of questions you've asked with in-depth, informative, interesting answers. One of the most practical and enjoyable books I ever wrote. And what we've done just for a few dollars extra. We've added in the.

The DVD two hours of my debate with Rabbi. She will be moderated by Sid Roth was the real culture. Jesus actually were given you that for free $20 postage paid me get the book DVD for free because take advantage of this one 800-278-9978 1-800-278-9978 remind me remind you to join with me live in New York tomorrow on the difference.

We will be taking calls today. Sit back and enjoy this prerecorded show. It's the line of fire with your host activist and author, international and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown joining us for 87884 your Jewish related questions.

I'm happy to take on this thoroughly Jewish Thursday oh have you heard the latest from Iran. Let's see here from a dinner jot.

I'm confident that Zionists are goners. The world will be freed from their existence and justice will be established. This was said. Less than a week ago, the vice president of Iran quote nuclear weapons in the hands of the Zionist regime pose a threat to international peace and security, so this was Arena nuclear energy chief ferry for region Abbasi Devante oh. He also serves as Iran's vice president. He denied allegations that Iran was pursuing a nuclear bomb code to liberate Palestine from the conquering Zionists. There is not need for nuclear weapons.

The solution is democracy and the holding of a referendum on the original inhabitants of Palestine or that's that sounds a little softer, then I'm confident that Zionists are goners in the world be free from their existence and justice will be established. 86634878842 your Jewish related calls Brenda and Severn, Marilyn, thanks for calling the line of fire for having me.

I can regarding Yahweh.

I noticed many I Rabbi better crate that may use Yahweh guys name that name is not listed in the Old Testament, where does it come from, where already you find it is. It's in the Old Testament over 6000 times. I yesterday named you in in Hebrew, Yahweh occurs more than 6000 times. It is the primary way that the God of Israel is identified. Now what happened is the name was considered too sacred to pronounce by the Jewish people over the centuries, science, ultra-Orthodox Jews will say how Shem, which just means the name and then normally when it's being read liturgically, you would say Adonai, which means Lord and the the Jewish scribes took the vowels from Adonai and put that with the consonants of Yahweh, which is just a scribal technique to say when you see this word don't say Yahweh say instead Adonai medieval Christian scholars didn't understand with the Jewish scribes had done and they thought that this composite of the consonants of Yahweh with the vowels of Adonai was the actual word and they came up with your whole law which comes into English as Jehovah is no such name as Jehovah God is not offended if we use that name is no such name is Jehovah or your whole. He was never called by that name, but rather Yahweh from everything we understand is the best pronunciation of the name of the God of Israel and then following the custom of saying, Lord, instead of Yahweh. You'll see in almost all English translations thousands of times in the Old Testament L and then some ORD when you see that so it's got KIND held in small caps or do. That means that the original Hebrew says Yahweh.

Okay, one more question if possible. God, I wanted a program is not yours. That ended Campbell.

There were 42 I think 42 treasure boxes that the priesthood fell out with treasure you know anything about that. Honestly, no I don't. It's okay if it exists.

I believe it exists more is a made up tradition so all I'll see if I can find out where it comes from, but no note, no scriptural support for that will hey Brenda, thank you for calls appreciated that with more calls back with more information about days. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends were joining us today on this thoroughly Jewish Thursday online far 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 before I go to the phone someone appeal to all of my Christian friends all my messianic Jewish friends.

All of you who are followers of Jesus. If she were to be praying for the lost sheep of the house of Israel at this sacred and important time of the year on the biblical calendar and in a sense, even more so on the traditional Jewish calendar, which adds in numerous things about this time of the year limit torture from or about: injury 866-34-TRUTH number call with your Jewish related questions: injury which which means all vowels and its comes from Hebrew, Aramaic texts ultimately as a Rabbi Lewis Jacobs explained many Jews.

The essence of the Yom Kippur service takes place at the very beginning of the holiday at the evening service that ushers in Yom Kippur is called: injury. The name derived from the first major piece of the young keeper prayers dramatically chanted at the evening service. All the torso taken out the entire carnation stands in the Cantor chance this formula 3 times what. While most people think the commenter is a prayer it's actually a legal formula as described in what follows, so, so all vowels opening words of the decorated declaration large Aramaic at the beginning of the evening service on young keeper in which all vowels that will be uttered in the coming year are declared null and void when it when I mentioned valves in that it taken place in the previous year.

So this is actually said in terms of what follows what comes in the succeeding year and that the declaration applies only to religious vows and has no effect on oath taken in the court of law.

If a person makes a vow said he denied himself wine for certain. Perhaps this dependency must keep his promise, which is thought of as a promise to God.

But this applies only if the vows only with full intent.

So Rabbi Jacobs explains it, because it was falsely assumed that: injury does apply to oath taken in the court Jews respect was suspected of unreliability in this matter and in a number of countries. The infamous Murray Judaica especially humiliating for a vote was introduced when a Jew had to swear in court. There has been some dispute at times over the college re-eval out with in Judaism. Yet it still recited in the majority of congregations and that if young people were being referred to is called the dray night is no doubt Rabbi Jacob says that it is the famous traditional melody with its note of remorse, contrition, hope and triumph that is saved the call, the jury usual practice is for the reader to chant the formula 3 times, raising his voice. Each time interpretation given to the college or is that the congregation declares, by implication, at the beginning of young people were CO, Lord, what miserable sinners, we are we make promises to live better lives each year and yet always fall short of keeping them there for help us oh Lord and pardon us for our shortcoming.

So again if if the history of this if the origin of this was that it was a way to release Jews from vows they had made her vows they were going to make under duress to convert to apostate Christianity or perhaps under pressure from Islam and other parts of the world to be extended. They are theoretically, it ultimately becomes something deeper which Rabbi Jacob says is is saying in advance. See Lord what miserable sinners where we make promises to live better lives each year and it always fall far short of keeping and therefore help us Lord partners for shortcomings. Yes, the recognition that were not going to live up to. Even what we resolve a recognition of of our failings and our need for mercy. I want to declare the God's mercy has been given freely through Jesus the Messiah who takes our sins and our guilt on his own shoulders so that we, being dead to sin should live to righteousness for those listening who know Hebrew and if it's one of you were 10,000 of you. This is for you.

Isaiah 53 62 lotto cuts on talking over us like sheep have gone astray, initially dark, opining each one is turned to his own way, but the naïve Ghia bowl at the phone Cubano but the Lord has laid upon him the iniquity of all of us who is it, upon whom the iniquity has delayed the perfectly righteous Israelite, the remnant of one Yeshua the Messiah returned to God through him in faith and repentance. Our sins are utterly forgiven the sentence of condemnation is lifted off of us and we live free and clear with obedient hearts before God, not with a license to sin with a license to please God with a clean conscience, 86634 Beverly and Bayshore on Long Island. Thanks for calling the line of fire around bring their are corrected in Roman, 1125 through 36. But I'm just going to read that 2526 turning the cherished people okay for I would not grant rendition for poorly thing you should be ignorant of ministry lest he should be why in your own can't eat that blindness in part it happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles become an end. So all Israel shall be saved as it is written, there shall come out.

Diane with the liver and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob so you the minister I don't see them bringing these chapters that you know where the Gentiles could really understand that whatever happened with the Jewish people was in part to get out brain to save the Gentile. Yes, there are scores of people who do teach on this and and speak about it, but not a fraction of what should be.

Beverly and I heard I heard from a friend of mine of the late Dwight Pryor who taught a lot about Jewish roots that he had a pastor friend who every few years we preach through the book of Romans there, but the pastor friend told him that he skipped Romans nine through 11, which is Paul's whole section about Israel because it wasn't relevant for today. Right now, here's what's so important.

If we want to understand God's faithfulness. If you make promises to Israel Ryman doesn't keep them even when Israel fails, we can wonder if he'll keep his promises to the church when the church fails was relevant in that respect, it's also relevant because the Gentile believers have a historic debt to the people of Israel because the Messiah and the prophets and apostles came through them and Paul warns against arrogance in Romans 11 Santa Gentile believers. Israel is not fallen beyond recovery. Don't think a God's through with them where the new kids on the block and God's through with them. Paul warns against that.

That's the very attitude that gave place to a wrong spirit replacement theology that open-door anti-Semitism churches are and then it's important because beginning in the 11th and 11th chapter about the 12 verse, Paul explains how through Israel's rejection of Messiah versus not come to the Gentiles, and it's up to the Gentile believers to provoke Israel to envy and that through doing that Israel's salvation will literally be life from the dead, and Paul's whole point. Verse 25 is to say, don't be arrogant. I don't want you to be ignorant, arrogant, the hardness is in part, in other words, it's not for the whole nation.

There is always a remnant that believes and not for all times.

There will be a turning of Israel and the Jewish people at the end of the age. I encourage every pastor every teacher.

Every leader at least annually to teach and preach on these things that were so important to Paul that that he ultimately devoted in our numbering out three whole chapters of Romans can deal with construes and in and it's to have God's full heart and is that takes place then we can see the fullness of God among Jewish and Gentile believers. So Beverly, thanks for reading those verses and antimatter and I work every go to Roman and read and trying to think of them felt yes man, you know it's let's remember that Paul had not been to Rome yet and he wrote Romans because he was wanted. He was planning on going to Rome knew that God would bring him there and he wanted them to understand doctrinal foundations before he got there. So he lays out it from the first half, the second half of the first chapter to the end of the third chapter how all of us have fallen short Jew and Gentile alike, or sinners needing mercy in God's sight in chapters 4 and five, he lays out justification by faith. The glorious truth of the gospel. Then, in 678. He deals with overcoming sin. The battle with sin, overcoming sin, life in the spirit and then 910 11 what happened to Israel to Mr. vigil knows this is a foundational part of the gospel remnant 12 through 16 practical application of the streusel. One of my friends, a colleague here at fire school of ministry. Bob Gladstone is often said if you don't understand Israel you don't understand Paul's gospel hate got around we got a Brown thank you for the call. Beverly got back. God bless you. All right, James in San Diego. I like your question and I want to get to it all right so stay with us and celebrate a fascinating question. James oh yeah, the scapegoat was a come from and more about poor David.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for running us are 87884. Let me just very quickly mentioned that traditional Jews prayer. Prayer: WHICH is confession since it's and it's a 10 times in the course of the Yom Kippur services. So for right before Yom Kippur day of atonement to right before sunset on Yom Kippur, Eve twice each. During following services and it's it's prayed as we not just as traditional Jewish prayers are for the symmetry committed before you under duress or willingly, and for the symmetry committed before you buy heart heartedness for the symmetry committed before you inadvertently for the symmetry committed before with an utterance of the lips for the symmetry committed before you with immorality for the symmetry committed before he openly secretly it's prayed over and I do so it's a long list of sins would take me quite a while to read them all and for the sins for which we incur the penalty of the four forms of capital punishment executed by the court storing burning decapitation strangulation asking for forgiveness.

You are the partner of Israel to forgive her of the tribes of Yeshua in every generation siphon. We have no king he forgot who forgives and pardons. These prayers are sincere. These prayers are often prayed passionately sometimes just by wrote hypocritically. Like any person can do in any religion but but there prayed sincerely by many traditional Jews and yet it will not bring forgiveness. It will not bring true cleansing of the heart and conscience without the blood of Messiah who has paid for sins. That's why God established the whole sacrificial system to teach us the meaning of atonement and substitution of couple calls I want to get to before out of time here so James and San Diego. Thanks for calling the line of fire guard around her. I'm sure many are ordered on going nightmare would like you to give their loved your mother when you coming your radio audience. I will do that.

James, thank you that now is so meaningful to her.

I will absolutely do that and and mom if you listen now you're hearing it right from our listeners. They love you, having a man and you were, I think under the importance of active bell okay. I consider myself the event of another kid and therefore the subject of the veil, and everything I II think can be may be given from a Jewish perspective and you might want to pick up from there.

Okay, so what would this is talking about in Leviticus the 16th chapter, there were two principal goats that were involved in the Young Keyport David Tolman ceremony. One of them had its bloodshed and that blood had to do with making atonement, cleansing, purging because of Israel, sins and transgressions.

The other one was called the gold for Oz, a sale, what, what is that what is the meaning of that that was the goat upon which the high priest would lay his hands and confess the sins of the nation and then that goal would be sent out into the wilderness symbolically carrying those sins now and later Judaism. The goat was actually pushed off a cliff and the goat would have a escrowed thread around its horn in the hope would be the before was pushed off the cliff to die that that scarlet thread return white symbolizing Isaiah 118, though your sins be escrowed to be made is why the snow. There was also escrowed thread that would be tied to the temple door and if that turned white, then the people would have confidence that sins were forgiven. These were customs of the second Temple that existed in Jesus day from what we can surmise now we don't know for sure what causes sale stands for.

Some say that it's the name of a demon in the wilderness and this goat was sent out to the demon in the wilderness and the question would be what are you perpetuating a demon in the wilderness is that the purpose of it. Others would simply say it was sent out to that demonic dark place and that's where the sins were carried. Ultimately, the name scapegoat has come up. Speaking of the goat that escaped as if it was A's us all something like that a goat that escaped if if that that meaning can be derived from Hebrew or Semitic languages. So ultimately we don't know hundred percent what causes cell meant the idea that it was just a demon, as is possible, but questionable.

Certainly was not a goat that was given to demons was at the goat that escaped those good questions. What we know for sure though, is that this goat symbolically carried the sins of the people away. And those two goats symbolize what Jesus Yeshua does on the cross he dies for sins sheds his blood, to cleanse us and bring atonement to us and then and then carries our sins away.

He also stands for the high priest who makes intercession is all those things are rolled up in who Jesus Yeshua is what he does. James thanks for the call and the kind words. Hate Sarah. I want to talk to right on the other side of the break. In fact, our dear Jewish friend Sarah from Brooklyn Orthodox Jewish woman who on her 88th birthday the end of July of this year had a revelation of Jesus. Yeshua the Messiah. When I talked to Sarah reminds me of talking to my mom is 89 and about to turn 90 so I want to make sure we have adequate time to chat some like I want to hear from Syria, but we got a break coming up so keep listening online, you can listen to the call.

That's the beauty of the broadcast. If if you lose this on your local radio station this going to ask Dr. and click on the line of fire and you can keep listening. There remember Sunday Sunday this coming Sunday I will be with all of you on Long Island's if you listen to me on WMC A&W L, I ask greater New York Long Island area.

Please join the Bethlehem Assembly of God pastor by Steve Lawson. He was a student of mine in the 80s on Long Island with a wonderful ministry and in Valley Stream and beyond and I'll be with him Saturday assumes me Sunday morning 830 1030 1230 services, preach on the problem of suffering in the goodness of God and then again six in the evening tackling difficult questions of the faith and taking your questions and hopefully doing some book signing as well. So please join us if you listen regularly please get out to the meetings of love to greet you personally. At least your face as one of our listeners thrilled to be all over America. New York is a small hometown so we got special roots in New York and I love going back out there. If you have not yet taken advantage this we got such an overwhelming response last week I decided to do this again when the most practical, informative books ever wrote 60 questions Christians ask about Jewish beliefs and practices. The book with postage is around $20. Get the book were giving you free without my two hour debate moderated by Sid Roth with Rabbi Shirley who is the real culture Jesus and and until you you will open the box. I always wondered about all that's what that means. That's where it comes from your find it absolutely fascinating. 60 questions Christians ask about Jewish beliefs and practices. Call now 1-800-278-9978.

That's 1-800-278-9978 to get it cellular once more, 1-800-278-9978. My bottom line today. We can confess our sins endlessly be our breast contrition fast and pray for mercy and try our hardest to repent God's mercy has been poured out across the Messiah shed his blood for us. If you want mercy. That's the place that friends will be taking calls today.

Sit back and enjoy this prerecorded show with all the Muslim riots taking place around the world do we really know what Islam is stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

It is thoroughly Jewish Thursday but on Thursdays there's something else that we do Thursdays. We focus on Israel to Jewish people, but also sometimes more broadly on the Middle East, and today I want to focus as well on some questions having to do with Islam but will the real Islam please stand. Will the real Muslims please stand so undertake your Jewish related calls today as well as your Islamic related calls today and I know that some of you listen that are Muslims. I know it from some of our folks running into insane you listen to the show fact that we've invited one Muslim spokesman who was in Charlotte before the Democratic national convention to join me on the air. Haven't heard back from him yet but hopefully we will 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884. But before we get into any of that discussion before we give some updates on the Islamic riots. We have a dear friend that we've gotten to know in recent weeks.

Some of you have been thrilled to hear her voice on the air. She's our 88-year-old Jewish friend Sarah, who has recently become a follower of Jesus, Yeshua and I did have time to take her call in the last hour so we joyfully start this hour with her friend Sarah from Brooklyn hey Sarah, so nice to hear from you from you when you and bless you and how your photo foundation out virtual nutritional approach that you sent me your material, but share something with you. I went to a very special day and they were thinking. How will you learn everything I close my dear I Dr. Brown came walking down the Nile and extracting a branch down key and then a man came following me and then I heard thinking you are shipwrecked by the name shipper Sarah a very special person and who will be your royal king and I feel weighted and to go into your and then the person carrying two gentlemen, I'm thinking you can't shift for Cara to feel weighted white her comfort care and her teacher and he can't yet and I napping on command by a put the ring on my finger and everybody was saying what I like I failed. I will tell dear my mammy well you know it's it's an extraordinary position and experience while you know in the New Testament. Paul writes that Messiah and his followers that the body of Messiah. Some called the church of the messianic allegation that if you spiritually.

The husband and that all believers together spiritually or or the wife like you experience that in a very personal and sacred weight next next time you read a sheer Hershey rain song of songs song of Solomon read it as as God's love song not just to the people of Israel but to the followers of Messiah and and in particular to you as an individual hey hey hey now that's an amazing thing that you share.

It's amazing to have a vision like that. I know you have a question want to ask yourself about your for Dave Thomas to stay right there right back talk to further our dear friend Sarah smiled of our faces. This we pray for strong user friends the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown transport wanting us if our youth on this thoroughly Jewish Thursday any Jewish related questions or questions about Islam, but you have or if you're Muslim you want to weigh in on your views about the rights taking place in different parts of the Muslim world. Give me a call 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 write Sarah back to you in Brooklyn.

We were thrilled to watch the journey that you're on and stand with you to be of help to you. So what was your question about young smiling like going out Brooklyn catching out very act Jewish community found a place to go flying out My question is going to be around my biking.

I know we don't fact the court took care that anything but what should I read what should be my attitude. What should I pray if I'm going to be around and I cannot find a plate young that will will do our best. Since we been in contact with you will do our best to to hook you up with some other believers on that day so you can gather together and and hopefully will be able to do that. I'll have my folks go through since we have your contact info but but a few things. The first thing is if if you if you did faster if you could with health purposes.

If if you could what you're doing is is praying for the people of Israel, having achieved forgiveness what you want to be doing that day is praying for all your friends who will be will be fasting. Sometimes some.

It's the only time they fast during the year will be praying the beaks in the B confessing sin after sin after sin after sin, and yet you know the true forgiveness you received. They haven't received yet. So what you want to be doing is praying for them and saying all God have mercy on my friends, my fellow Jews there so sincere they don't know you the same way you gave me a revelation. Give them a revelation. The symbol you open my eyes open their eyes. That's something very important that you want to be praying for them. Also remember that now is as someone in close relationship to the Lord, even in that sense married part of his bride to the Lord. We live our life in the spirit, meaning it's not so much a set of rules and regulations and prayers to pray it's done relationally. So what I would do with is I would meditate on some of the teachings of Jesus in the New Testament and and meditate on you read about some of his miracles. Read about his death and his resurrection and and pray all God open the eyes of my people to see this, open the eyes of my people so that they will see and they'll understand. And though recognize their need for you and if you do that you also enjoy the Lord's love for you and and and give thanks at all. It'll be the most unique Yom Kippur you've ever had. Her entire life, Sarah had tried and and will will do our best to out to connect you with some other folks to see if there's a congregation that that you feel at home in with other believers to spend part of the day together and it every so often there some messianic Jewish variations that they like to pray the same prayers that appraised the traditional synagogue, but they're not so much praying for themselves.

There praying for their fellow Jews. And that's fine as long as they know we are ready forgiven and cleansed.

It's a great time just to give yourself refresh to the Lord say Lord however many days you have her many years you have here I am, I'm your daughter. II want to make you known.

Give me the opportunity to share and then the best best thing of all is to pray the opening of eyes of the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

All right, so perfect I cannot comment about my thinking now, but there she she can't give me seriously. Call and tell them so I told him they all can I do while that is all I do. The home currently patient personally out the end of the nation and they all go because she taught me to go under the canopy and fell. I just finished my thinking and it came out alive. That's, that's amazing. That's hey you have a relationship with the living God, and things like that can happen.

So thank you for sharing that.

That's just amazingly we can talk about another subject had sent me on Sarah talking to somebody that you think would be something you can tell them that you want to kill whoever I talked yes if there truly open and they understand what it means to really embrace Jesus. She she was the Messiah to come to the end of living for themselves and now living for God.

That's a great way to introduce them to the Lord. So thanks for sharing that Sarah LSU, since there. Oh boy. All right Joey I think we need to capture that call for archives as well.

What you say. After that I go hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah for a Savior like that who touches people like that such a life transforming way and can I ask you to really pray for Sarah someone that comes to faith like that and then starts to open up like that. Certainly there going to be those that will oppose her the enemy that will try to attack her. So it's really pray for grace in her life and for her to just get more and more grounded in the truth of the word day by day. There's a story that someone a couple want to hear one of the famous preachers in England in the 1800s, and they went into the meeting and at the end of the meeting.

The man was heard is as they left the meeting saying what discernment one sermon that night. This man and his wife went to hear Charles Spurgeon preach this tabernacle and when they left that meeting after hearing his amazing message. The man was overheard saying what a Savior. What is Savior and that that's gonna be our ultimate goal that Jesus Yeshua gets the glory gets the attention gets the honor that all people are drawn to him and that through knowing him, experiencing him, they would find life is the God of Israel, the only true God intended 866-34-TRUTH. Last hour I talked about some of the very interesting Jewish customs and traditions and prayers that are carried out in recited at this time of the year, I'd encourage you to listen to the show you'll find it very informative because wrong for two hours week we don't repeat everything in both hours will cover different content in different hours, sometimes a subject to be so important will stretch it out over two hours and continue to interact take her calls were always building and adding through this time.

So go online when you have the opportunity go to ask Dr. click on the line of fire and just within a few hours of the show. Both hours will be online and archive for you. All right, as we talk about something very close to Judaism something very close to Israel, namely Islam, it's becoming clearer and clearer that the administration has not been telling us the truth about the uprising in Libya. It was, not the spontaneous uprising. It was not something that just happened in response to the anti-Islamic movie. The innocence of Muslims. In fact, without the Islamic riots.

Almost no one would've ever heard about this ridiculous poorly done movie. It's becoming increasingly clear and increasingly difficult to deny that this was an organized, planned, not demonstration protest but attack violent deadly attack on the embassy that there was Al Qaeda involvement and that it was in conjunction with 911 that it was also payback for our taking out and boasting about the death of Osama bin Laden, the leader of Al Qaeda. So this is obvious now that in the Islamic world, or to say that, at least in the radical Islamic world then triggers other riots, you're missing the crowd mentality.

Somebody starts yelling every body starts yelling every body starts screaming and it can happen like that in different segments of society and then the innocence of Muslims movie gets circulated clips of it. People hear about it. And that leads to these protests in other parts of the world but is that a real picture of Islam is that a true picture of his law back to discuss that her plan and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown 487884 where devoting this thoroughly Jewish Thursday broadcast not only to you Jewish related questions remind you to pray for the lost sheep of the house of Israel pray for religious and nonreligious dues around the world that this time of the year right now in between your own true all the day of the sounding of the trumpet, the shofar blasts, which in traditional Judaism becomes Rosh Hashanah restriction all the new year time of repentance, introspection, soul-searching, leading up to Yom Kippur or is it cyclically called Yom Kippur which is 10 days later so it's right now eight days away. That is the day of atonement. Let's be praying for revelation for the salvation of Jewish people around the world with this time of the year but were also talking about Islam today on this thoroughly Jewish Thursday as we sometimes do so. If you have a Jewish related question or an Islamic related question will do our best to answer.

I'm far more expert on Jewish related questions as opposed to Islamic related questions, but I had three years of classical Arabic. Of course, have studied in Quran and traditional Jewish Islamic literature and interacted with Muslims and red Islamic related books. I'm just not expert in it as I desire to be and expect to be with God's help in the coming years. But I think we can answer a lot of your questions. The question I want to put out to you is what's authentic Islam are Brian McLaren, Pastor greatly loved and greatly reviled and controversial in many ways. I deftly differ with his stands about gay activism and some other issues he's written an article that appeared on religion blogs on CNN. I take it's time for Islam of phobic evangelicals to choose is as I was raised as an evangelical Christian American any discussion of Christian, Jewish, Muslim relations around the world must include the phenomenon of American Islam phobia which large sectors of evangelical Christianity America serve as a greenhouse time when US embassies are being attacked on people getting killed over the fence about a lesson puerile film targeting Islamic beyond pathetic in its tardiness. We must begin to own up to the reality of Islamic, excuse me, of evangelical Islam phobia is there such a thing as evangelical Islam phobia, or are we rightly presenting who Muslims really are and he says look most Christians that are that are looking at Islamicist terrible violent religion don't even know Muslim agreements talk to a Muslim. While I am wondering who the real Muslims are the representative Muslims, the one who were attacking embassies and killing people over this film and before that a provoked by history of 9/11 in terms of our retaliation against the Islamic world taken of Osama bin Laden. Our earth is that the real Islamic world is the real Islamic world, represented by Ahmadinejad in, knee and in Iran want to wipe out Israel is the real Islamic world represented by a Hamas terrorist on a suicide mission to kill Israeli men, women and children, or is that the Islamic equivalent of say Fred Phelps and Christianity with his God hates fags sign God hates Israel. God hates America signs or is the real Muslim the one that doesn't take the crown literally, that doesn't pray five times a day that a poor as these types of of violent acts, which is the real Islam, 866-34-TRUTH. I want to talk about that with you today refers to the phones Tony in Roswell, Georgia.

Thanks for calling the line of fire and are you doing all your luck you know you you were talking about the crowd going crazy. I prefer thinking in mind when contacted by a crowd.

When cheated with. L. For some reason educated mine yet but it's it's an illustration of the crowd mentality. Everyone start screaming you start screaming peaches that violent solstice breaks out so and that spreads especially in certain Middle Eastern and Islamic mentalities that that the kind of crowd psychology can explode and can happen in many different cultures across the board absolutely directly what my real question was that your mentor might you know it. My real question goes back to the ancient Hebrew writing to clarify for II I've been trying to study ancient Hebrew and I got stuck on Aaron at our predicament. A guy who felt it. It shows me what he called ancient ancient Hebrew and pictorial. Like for example (and modern Milliken act on most of which is showing is that when Abraham was alive left leg.

Like all of the bowl. Yeah we just jump in and I'm unaware of of the website and the first thing is that's not the place to be learning Hebrew.

There's a lot of misleading information there or they're trying to read too much into things what's called the Palio Hebrew script originally came from from pictographs and was especially pressed olive accent on the first syllable was originally an ox head, so if if you take take a capital a right with a rounded top and in English and then extend that line that goes through extended up as a curve and it looks like you've got an ox head with horns.

Our letter a comes from the Latin, which comes from the Greek, which comes from the ancient Phoenician alphabet.

The Hebrews borrowed from the Phoenicians and all of foods, which states that means ox original FICA and ox head bait Richie look like an enclosure because it means house by it, but those are just symbols nodes. Once that was put in writing.

It was just the letter all if it had nothing to do with an ox head anymore. Bates had nothing to do with the house anymore, and to make anything out of that is is just like to say that the English letter a originally goes back to ox head and was a pictograph. It's meaningless is no significance to it.

Nothing is gained by that and any Hebrew scholar setting biblical Hebrew nose with the original alphabet was in the only possible time he could be of use is if you're looking at it.

The biblical text and it seems to that the Hebrews we have. It doesn't seem to make perfect sense.

You wonder what the way it was written originally. The ancient Hebrew Scriptures is that is is. Could that shed light on a scribal or somewhere but without be like one in 10,000 times what you just need to do is is learned biblical Hebrew from any any of the standard grammars and it did just get online and check you learned biblical Hebrew and you find 100 good sources, CDs, books learned. With that the script that's been used for 2500 years in the script that Jesus would have used when he read in the synagogue and ended up not going to have you.

What is it backtracks on market. The fact that you have read. I've heard people say aromatic or whatever what what what was it called biblical Hebrew correct what went when he would've read from his escrow like the book of Isaiah 61 he would've been reading from biblical Hebrew. The native language he would've grown up speaking in is in a small village in Galilee with Ben Aramaic and if that inscription as well studied in ancient Hebrew so that would have been known to him, but he witnessed in all likelihood is that script to Tony. I got a run, but I'm glad I can be a mentor and influence in your life. Please write to me info and ground alloys with any further questions help the friends we will be taking calls today.

Sit back and enjoy this prerecorded show. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international sneaker and Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us today on this really Thursday as we are in the midst of the high holy days on the biblical and calendar and we want to be praying in particular for the salvation of the lost sheep of the house of Israel 866-34-TRUTH in a Jewish related questions you have, but also today I want to take some Islamic questions in light of what's happening around the world. As the news becomes clearer and clearer that there was not a spontaneous protest in front of the Libyan embassy of the American Embassy in Libya that it was planned that it was retaliation for our actions against Al Qaeda and that was planned to take place on 9/11 but Muslim riots continuing to spread what is the real Islam, 866-34-TRUTH may read a little bit of this article from Pastor Brian McLaren, CNN religion blogs.

It's time for as long as llama phobic evangelicals to choose. He says many of my own relatives receive and forward pious sounding an alarm bell ringing emails that trumpet and lots of capital letters will! The evils of Islam that called her fellow evangelicals and charismatics to prayer and spiritual warfare against those alleged evils that often. Truth be told, contain lots of downright lies. For example, one recent email claim Egyptian Christians in grave dangers Muslim brotherhood crucified his opponents.

Of course he says that claim is been thoroughly debunked elephants been thoroughly debunked. It's been debunked.

Elephants thoroughly debunked.

However, I sure that said its report. Don't know if it's true or not. We know for a fact element of interrupting with Pastor Clarence at interact Wheatley no Sir for a fact that there have been many atrocities committed against Christians in Egypt, especially since the so-called Arab spring of last year and that Coptic Christians have had their buildings burned and have been beaten in the streets without police intervention and and many are living in more and more fear of of heard that from Coptic Christians in Egypt that can't be denied. So the fact that it may not have been crucifixions. Shall we go over to Sue Don where where I have friends that have worked there for years and they can talk about the Christians who have been crucified by Muslims and Sadat now is that representative of Islam as a whole, or is this just representative of radical Islam. That's that's a fair question. That's the question Raskin but but please don't don't get upset about what may be a false report in one part of the world when similar things have happened in other parts of the world and other atrocities really happen within Egypt. Brian McLaren continues.

Many sincere and goodhearted evangelicals have never yet had a real Muslim friend and now they probably never will because their minds have been so prejudiced by Islam as llama phobic broadcast on so-called Christian television and radio, Janet Parshall, for example, popular talkshow host on the Moody radio network frequently host Wally Shabbat Muslim evangelical Congress, anti-Muslim claims, along with claims but his own biography are frequently questioned John Higley a popular televangelist also horseshoe bat as an expert on Islam. Is this the 700 club.

Many Christian bookstores that used to sell my book still so's books such as Paul Sperry's infiltration on Muslim spies and subversives have penetrated Washington.

In so doing they fuel conspiracy theory such as the ones US rep. Michelle Bachmann promoted earlier this year and he goes on with his concerns and and say look this is hate speech is no different from the anti-Semitic garbage that's been all too common in Western Christianity at sub Christian beneath the dignity of anyone with a functioning moral compass as llama phobic evangelical Christians in the neoconservative Catholics, even some Jewish folks rather unlikely political bedfellows of light must choose was as llama phobic and spread further among us will be stop rethinking seek a more charitable approach to our Muslim neighbors.

All right fair question at fair question of ready taken exception to some of the things that are fair question, which is the real Islam that with your calls and my assessment, 866-3450 line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by going 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown who is the real Muslim. What I mean by that. Well, if someone says all followers of Jesus, and I believe that all roads lead to heaven. I don't believe he really rose from the debtor was virgin born Oakley Benito Smithson the Bible is one of many holy books and roll that person is not a true Christian and not a true follower of Jesus. They have ready denied the fundamentals of the faith and send it so if someone says look, Muslim and II can't stand this violence.

It's it's horrific it's it's no more representative of Islam than the Crusades are representative of Christianity and one of these ayatollahs in Iran is no more representative of of Islam. Then then some fanatical white supremacist so-called Christian is representative of Christianity is that person a real Muslim or on on the one hand the white supremacist so-called representative Christianity say wants to kill all the Jews is is not a leader of his nation. He's not Pres. Ahmadinejad of Iran. He is not ayatollahs, knee of Iran, so the comparison doesn't work there.

However, you could still say that that represents a radical stream of Islam that is still the tiny tiny minority and is not true historic is law. So my question would be, can a person be a true Muslim in the historic sense of the word. That would've caused this person to be recognized as as a true member of the Islamic community hundred years ago 300 years ago 500 years ago in the so-called Golden age of Islam, eight, 900 years ago. If this person did not pray five times a day. If this.person did not fast from dawn to dusk the entire month of Ramadan. If this person did not hold to the absolute inspiration and authority of the Koran, among other things, could this person be considered a true Muslim and in other words, I'm wondering if Pastor Brian McLaren with a sincere desire to build bridges.

I hope without compromise the truth of the gospel that salvation is only found in Jesus, but that's another question for Esther McLaren. I'm glad that he wants to build bridges and remove misconceptions but I'm I'm wondering is he mistaking a nominal Muslim virtue must again there plenty of nominal Christians out there. They're not really Christians.

They're not really followers of Jesus there plenty of normal Jews out there but they don't truly represent what Judaism is about. I didn't know what Judaism was about till after I got saved. The Judaism I was raised. It was not a true representation of historic Judaism. I guarantee if it was the Jews would not have persevered and held onto their faith through the centuries, because there wasn't that much to hold onto the well was raised so so who are the real Muslims in what is real Islam 866-34-TRUTH on them give you my thoughts on that.

But let me go to your calls. First Rick in our when we lost Rica in Bradenton, Florida. If I remember do I remember correctly Rica as a messianic Jewish believer, perhaps even Israeli from Florida. It could be.

It's been sometime since I heard for.

She is wondering why our government wants to sugarcoat what Islam really is and of course there are two possible reasons.

One is its pragmatic, politically to speak about the great world religions and to praise Islam is a great religion as people are rising up and attacking embassies and wanting to kill Americans in our French, of course, always Jews to could you imagine a religious Jew just walking around the one of these Islamic countries how long they would last this just to mention that or street preacher getting up just preaching Jesus is the only way Jesus is the son of God and and it's the Bible that is God's word not to cross how long they would last, but hate you want to have peace with your Muslim neighbors. Part of it is from political pragmatism and part of it is the belief that real Islam is peace loving that real Islam repudiates this kind of violence that that real Islam is no more represented by these fanatics were rioting than real Christianity is a set is represented by the Crusades.

I remember during our war in Afghanistan that President Bush publicly commented about with the Corolla really said in the Koran did not support this kind of violence.

The violence of the Taliban and let's understand that within Islam to tell about a considered extreme. The main victims of radical Islam are Muslims not Westerners, and Jews. The main victims of radical Islam or other Muslims is the Taliban with an extreme version of Islam that is brought much destruction on Afghanistan, which was a ready many ways religious Islamic country, but President Bush was explaining that the Koran did not really mean what with the Taliban and took it to mean things like that and and I remember watching a news conference where some of the Taliban and leaders in Afghanistan said all now President Bush is the one who can interpret the Koran as our book. We know what it means who's got the right perception here.

866-34-TRUTH 7884 Brenda in Atlanta. Thanks for calling the line of fire. Hello hello.

We had it disconnected. I wanted to have Jewish blood.

I'm a believer in Jesus. I wondered I don't hate Muslim change what they are. Course work that day.

The Koran hit the which together comprise sharia, we can't think with our feelings.

We still have to go to what the word of God that and it is you know first John four that every spirit that does not does not confess Jesus is from God the spirit of antichrist and the, the Koran denies cry and personally I believe that Muslims are the first victims of Islam by Islam.

When you look at their core story for the Carranza teeth and sharia is not a religion of peace. It is a religion of violence cut off their heads cut off their feet. The commentary say that you and I take personal offense to this with Jewish blood should not go out in the rain or they will contaminate the groundwater art.

So here's the here's the question. There with without a doubt, Brenda, when you read sections of the Koran, they do call for violence. No question about that creek without a doubt, there is a history of violence, but you do have the radio on the background, trying to come right got it just just heard an echo there wasn't sure what that was but anyway without a doubt, when you read some Islamic tradition, the authoritative traditions and hadith. There are actions recounted of about the Prophet Mohammed is his call by Muslims which are our violence and even the practice of beheading would be found. Going back to Mohammed in Islamic tradition. There's no question about that. The Muslim answer the muzzle polemic would be you have verses in the Old Testament the call for violence that call for genocide. The call for ethnic cleansing, you have these these terrible verses and in Jesus even implying certain things in the New Testament or parables bring my enemies before them and cut them to pieces.

They could also be used violently and that the verses in the Quran that are used to advocate violence were talking about a time when there was actually a war going on in them. The Muslims were fighting in the midst of war, and then the later passages call for for peaceful coexistence.

That's the polemic. The problem is that that there is no historical timetable as we can say no note. This happened historically with Joshua in the in the Canaanites and so on, and it was something that happened one time and it is a repudiation of Scripture to say were supposed to go kill people today. Jesus is put the sword down take up the cross where Islam never comprehensively makes that statement. Another words I agree with you that the Quran with an in hadith with anti-Semitic comments and with calls for violence can be more readily used, to justify violence than can the Scriptures, and especially the teachings of the New Testament we have a new covenant in Jeremiah 31 new covenant. I'm thinking specifically of the 1991 Muslim brotherhood written plan to take over this country from within to destroy quite a quite that miserable health through cooperation through religion, through education through government of written plan to destroy this country from within, which was written in 1991, and anyone can go online and find the Muslim brotherhood 1991 plan to take over the country from within, but it's frustrating that people who want to put a smiley face on Jesus are not willing to look at the fact that it there are differences between Islam and Christianity and the interstate dialogue can be very destructive when some of the plan, such as on your breaded judge just just got a jump in because we got a break here. The question is those documents which are indisputable in terms of their existence. Some of the different ones for the Hamas charter quickly calls to just ignore those they do absolutely represents the seriousness of the phenomenon got a tackle. One day Islam discussion Christianity, Islam by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, to be sure I'm clear what is clear as I can. The great majority of Muslims worldwide. As I understand it, and having some of our grads working in Muslim worlds that in countries and living in Muslim countries for years, and other friends who do mission work and in the midst of Islamic countries for decades. The great majority of Muslims worldwide are not radical. The great majority of Muslims worldwide would be more peaceloving than is reflected in the demonstrations and riots outside of our embassies in many nations, and then certainly there are several hundred million Muslims who are nominal dislike there over 2 billion profession Christians in the world are half of them true believers while in the same way in Islam. It's a fair question to ask in terms of how many would ^ B characterizes true Muslim so it's it's a good chance your neighbor, your your Muslim neighbor here in America. You're the most let you go to school with is probably not that religious. A Muslim or is probably not a radical Muslim, and therefore we don't want to stereotype, we want to build relationship reach out if there were radical or terraces to internal read some of the gospel.

Of course, but it to downplay the radical nature of much of Islam or the potential for erratic how the in Islam, or to deny that, say, a Hamas or Hezbollah or an Iranian regime or Attala bad or others speak for a a good sizable portion of Islam representing hundreds of millions of people that would also be a serious mistake to make 866-34-TRUTH car and in Atlanta. Thanks for calling the line of fire. I wanted to comment in my car driving and I'm doing off the top of my head as I understand it. I went right back to Eric and would consider them to be true Muslim or Orthodox. My plan B way to look at it is that rhetorically email account verses in the Quran plaintiff those that are considered to be loving, repeat oriented birth of the later birth is that our militant aid those that have anything to do with me and if you read the Quran, which is very telling. I believe over 60. That Quran I speak of and 19 per Christians and Jews and so we have to go by what their air document.

They are so-called Bible right in and that's that's very important distinction. Many, many people don't notice about the Quran, but there were different sections that were supposedly revealed at different times and always struck me. By the way, when our president would make reference to the Quran when he spoke in Cairo, for example, or even other statements he made. He would make reference to when the Quran was revealed to me that's not just speaking sympathetically of Islam that speaking is if you believe, and I must say he's a Muslim. I'm just saying that always struck me because that's that's the Orthodox view. The Quran was revealed to Mohammed, but it was revealed over period of time and and your Islamic scholars, which would supposedly be able circuit. This is revealed here. This was revealed there and and that's the question which ones come first. The polemic would be that the more peaceful coexistence ones come come last and supersede the violent ones obviously which are present is the opposite. It is great we know historically is that Mohammed presented his revelation to shoot to Jews expecting that to embrace them as the prophet, and when they didn't that some of the historic enmity and even some of the early violence against the Jews. So again I I question whether someone could be an Orthodox Muslim in the true sense of the word without ultimately believing that Christians will be there convert or come into servitude and Jews will ultimately be destroyed and maybe I get some crock scholars to come on. Discussed that thank you for the call. I appreciate that. I got cut of time for one more call our earnest in Honolulu. Thanks for calling the line of fire. Figure Dr. Glasser.

I have a lot of work. There are a worry and audible were like when I was driving A lot of regard that might be attributed to Koran are yet that they are encrypted in Arctic. There there for all father Abraham father 11. They can't all yell acknowledge I owe your opportunity that I asked him what block you one. It buried people we are all people that we don't like to buy the back deck absolute isolate the and and just a jump jump in consumption on time and I want to ask you question without question that reflects many Muslims that there peaceloving, and that the day of horror at the violence and the authoritarian rule in their society in a much much prefer a democratic way of life, which is not really known, and in most all of the religious Islamic world. The question is how religious release. It was real quick. Did these men stop work to pray five times a day. While I don't know about Mark but what I do know that when 9/11 there are five and a coat and a look at what we got a directed breaker but we have family backing up granite that your family backing up you yet. Are you are you in an honest III appreciate you calling with with the first-hand account because again it's a reminder that there are hundreds of millions of professing Muslims like that around the world that that are peaceloving and that a port the violence and the attacks. The question is, does that represent Orthodox Islam.

That's a conversation we going to continue to have in and out. I'll get some representatives of Islam for religious Muslims to come on and discuss this with me.

All right amount of time you can always send your E questions to be through the website asked Dr. We had such an amazing response to special resource offer last week. I want to make it available again.

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My two hour debate with Rabbi. She will be moderated by Sid Roth who is the real kosher Jesus but call right now to order 1-800-278-9978 that is one 800-2789 97. It will more time, 1-800-278-9978.

My bottom line today. While we debate the real nature of Islam. While we debate who is true Muslim let us demonstrate to the world what it means to be our premises of our Savior and of

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