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You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 4, 2017 4:41 pm

You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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August 4, 2017 4:41 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 08/04/17.

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Let's do it.

You got questions, we've got answers stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown hey friends, welcome, welcome to the line of fire where ever you are listening wherever you are watching you. Have a great broadcast today and the phone lines are open 866-348-7884. That's 866-34-TRUTH you got questions.

We got answers and if we don't have the answers will do our best to find answers for you… Maybe you read something that are right. One of my articles posted* review watch one of the videos are Esther to run YouTube channel. Maybe use yourselves on the radio and you differ with me you don't agree with what I had to say you want to probe further will give me a call 866-34-TRUTH any question you have of any kind in any area of expertise I have. If if you want me to talk about the gestation period of an earthworm. Sorry I can help you with that if if you want me to talk about how food rice is cooked in in villages in Mongolia.

Sorry I can't help you there is you get a Bible related question theology related morality related, culturally related runaway and on politically related things here in America things happening in Israel.

The middle east controversies. Questions like that phone lines are open 866-34-TRUTH okay let me start with an email from Jennifer.

She asked this to questions one. Were my thoughts on the company in Sweden now company in Wisconsin micro chipping their employees and ultimately one of this type of technology be widely used in the future for payment, health records, boarding passes, etc. could possibly reference to Revelation 1316 through 18 where there is a marker assigned that people have on them and and it signifies that they are subservient to the world system and worshiping close the beast or the Antichrist for many years, I've heard about this for many years, Jennifer. I've heard people talking about this and saying we've got to look out, and this microchip technology technology AMI people have it with their pets to track their pets doesn't make sense to have a microchip in your and your child if the child is kidnapped you be able to trace the child.

The child gets lost or something like that and understand why people talk about it and how it could be viewed as a benefit in their places. Now you can pay based on a sum print door fingerprint because that's that's the system that's in place. When I fly back from overseas and I go through something it it's an expedited awaited to to what to get through customs and it takes my fingerprints and recognizes my passport and things like that.

I appreciate the technology.

I personally do not see it as directly tied to Revelation 13. However, should sepsis of such assistant be put in place in the future I see how it could tie into it so we don't want to be antitechnology but you and I know people that won't give Social Security numbers to their children.

They resist doing because they think that's part of the world system of the mark of the beast and I can just be plain silly. But I do see how things like this could make a one world rule scenario more feasible or how you could be checked on your physical body for ID and if you don't have that idea. If you have not signed up with that system saying certain parts will become a member of the Communist Party in years past, or may assert confession to Muslims today that you cannot have normal participation in society. Maybe not even live. I could see how something like this could lead in that direction, but in and of itself.

I don't see it as something necessarily evil, but we watch with interest and caution. I will become back second question about the building of the third Temple in Jerusalem is the Bible talk about this right for cleansing by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown back. Have you signed up for my email list. No, you haven't really will do it right now.

Go to Esther to run ASCII DR to see if the rent in the home page or so for you see it easily sign up for the email us when you do I've got a free e-book. I will send you it's an eye-opener.

Seven secrets of the real Messiah's you be blessed with a free e-book and be blessed to get our emails as we update you every week on all the articles and videos we've posted cutting edge relevant this for you can be up-to-date not miss anything, and then every week. Special resource packages. We put together for you, so be sure to take advantage of this okay before I go to the phones, 86634. Here we go we go to Jennifer's second email question rebuilding of the third temple second Thessalonians chapter 2 all right there is a movement among a small number of Orthodox Jews in Israel to rebuild the third temple. Of course this a conflict. How can it be built when right now you have the dome of the rock there and all oxo Mosque in the immediate vicinity over the ancient temple used to be a disclaimer to another location, but most agree that the mosque could not be there for temple was to be rebuilt. How could that happen.

Major questions there and it's mainly evangelical Christians were more focused on this than the Jewish people as a whole.

Even the population of Israel. But there's a small number of very religious Jews, eager to do this, most religious Jews believe that when the Messiah is revealed that one of the things he'll do is rebuild the temple, so because of that it's is on a major movement in the Jewish world right now, but there are some cushion for I do believe that prophecy suggests that there will be 1/3 temple that second Thessalonians to speak of this antichrist rigor will set himself up in the Temple of God could that be metaphorical that the church is the spiritual temple, the people of God, or the spiritual temple, and hence he will set himself up in the midst of the people of God speak about a literal temple real demand worship.

I believe that the most natural meaning would be a literal temple just can't be dogmatic on Matthew 24, which speaks of the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem its first reference is clearly to the events of 70 A.D., but it's also clear that many things spoken and have not yet happened which case, many believe I included that there will be a temple built before Yeshua returns before Jesus returns and that the rest of Matthew 24 will find its fulfillment.

There just as many Old Testament prophecies have that parallel and immediate application and a future application so it could well happen. There is a group regarding the Temple Mount in building of the temple. They have been training for years priests have been training for when the temple was rebuilt how to offer the sacrifices properly. They have the various priestly garments that have been made in the in the bronze altar in these various things that have already been made and are just waiting for temple so we shall see this. One of these things. Stay tuned. But don't stay focused on this focus on the great commission and the things that are before us that are sure indefinite 866-34-TRUTH 784 to the phones we go and we start with Michael in Denver Colorado. Welcome certain line of fire your go micro air modern Orthodox. Beta, for God Elohim and add an eye (or normal if a creditor name or to holy admit they have sent my question is, and I study Hebrew and I came across about the very strength, my question is, those who vote for God's name in everyday conversation. Big because they believe his neighbor to holy.

What are the same Orthodox believers think about those in the not that Abraham know that David and the patriarch, who are clearly recorded.

I thank God everyday conversation right well the first thing is when they say Hashemi.

Of course, that means the name and sometimes the Bible speaks of the name of the Lord coming. Like I say this 30th chapter, and in his name refers also to his his character and his being.

But Hashemi, the name just becomes another name for God and in your right.

They won't say Elohim, which is God, or I'll deny which is Lord L or or it would literally my Lords meeting Lord with a capital L and of course they won't say the tetra graviton, whether it was pronounced Yahweh. We hold while Rev. was pronounced. They won't say that. In particular, but here's what we do know we do know that many centuries back this. This custom began of substituting Lord or substituting something else for the divine name even see the ancient translations we see some of the Septuagint manuscripts that you start to substitute Curry's and and that is that is now what you have courteous board instead of of Yahweh or whatever the original divine name was. So it's yes considered two sacred to holy. But your bigger question is what do they say then of the religious Israelites were Jews of the past or the forefathers, the patriarchs, who clearly used God's name so there'd be two ways of reading in a one and I can't say that traditional views think like this, but one would be a completely retro jacked today's customs back on the ancient world. Meaning, though the text says that name, but they didn't actually say it now. Again, it's highly unlikely that some of believe that, but sometimes people do that they will actually take their traditions and retro check them back onto biblical leader so I give an example. It's just a joke but traditional Jews know and agree the sports on the joke that when the obligor ahead covering is not biblical. Was it was not commanded in the Bible is not even commanded in the earliest rabbinic literature. It's a custom that is become the norm and such has become a sacred thing to do so.

The joke is this how do we know that Isaac were yarmulke wore a skullcap ahead covering what it says in Genesis 24 that he was out in the field meditating and praying, and you need to tell me he would be praying without wearing a yarmulke. So again, it's just a joke, but it shows how people can take customs of their day and Richard take you back. I've seen Christians do the same thing. For example, when Marilyn horror hold at the hands of Moses member when he's fighting Joshua the Israelites to fight against the Amalekites in Exodus 17 it says that when they held his hands up that Israel prevailed there with his hands got tired, Israel would lose so they they stood on either side and held his hands up so I I've actually read the writings of ancient Christian leaders with a suggested that it was the sign of the cross that something I was out so people often retro check their customs back but the simplest answer would be that they were so close to God and so holy that they could do this, but subsequent generations could not traditional Judaism believes that every generation from Moses is further away from Mount Sinai, and thus more reliant and dependent on the previous generations was the saying goes if if they were angels. We were men if they were men like donkeys so these earlier ones. Of course they could converse with the Lord in a direct way that the later generations could not and that would be the most likely explanation that they would give you an art are Rabbi all minor student bank, Elohim and Adonai or and or product that you have found and it is prudent that while David and Abraham that the angel I think it's okay with. There'd be no scolding rabbinic student when things like that that was they fully understand that they are on a different plane than they were. They they believe that these people have the gift of prophecy. For example, and had a special relationship with God and the ability to relate to God. Now, when religious Jews praying they will they will say Elohim they will they will chant this lesson. The name of God.

That's the title the meaning God, but they still will not say the tetra graviton and that that according to Jewish tradition, the high priest would speak just once a year. David told mentor certain mystics would claim to have this special revelation of the name and speak it and things like that but no a traditional Jew if they were going to make the claim that David did it, or Moses did it, that would be the height of arrogance that would be to complete lack of recognition of the greatness of those who went before and that the close relationship they had with God. So again I'm with you on that. To me these are biblical examples and to me, God calls us into intimacy and we can be absolutely reverent right we can be God-fearing and reverent and still very familial. So when Jesus calls us his friends that only deepens my reference for him when I call God Abba which is in intimate names, halfway between daddy and father.

That to me is is not being casual, that's me as being intimate. But yes, the recognition would be in traditional Judaism that the distance is such between these generations that what they could do it in principle.

Moses talking to the Lord. Face-to-face cement talks with his friends. He mentions in Exodus 33 and numbers the 12 chapter will.

Who else who else did that were not Moses that would be the answer that would be the rabbinic perspective. Michael, thank you for your question. Keep studying doing well. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us today on the line of fire Michael Brown here delighted to be with you. You got questions, we've got answers the earlier call, the better chance we have of getting to your call 866348788481 of the thing you may have a question, and we probably answered it already may give them a whole show on it.

Maybe have written articles on it.

Maybe we have videos on it.

So what you want to do is go to asked Dr. Brown a cascade your Browns or if you are unable to call the show are unable to get through. Asked Dr. and just search search the digital library and you'll find many topics covered in great depth. There already 866-34-TRUTH we go back to the phones over to Indiana Lucas. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Michael you very welcome. So I'm betting. This coming semester and I want to know if you could recommend her for understanding the historical context of sure they give you a few recommendations. One, if you're looking for historical and cultural background. You can go a couple of different ways inter-varsity press has the Bible background commentary once I'm in the Old Testament one volume on the new. The inter-varsity press Bible background commentary.

It is exclusively cultural, historical, geographical. That's all it is sent to theological commentaries and exegetical commentary. When I was writing commentaries on Jeremiah and Job.

I would often turn there for convenient references to cultural or historical or geographical backgrounds so you can get that volume, which is very helpful for you. So Craig came to the Old Testament, John Walton and several other scholars to the Old Testament, or you can get the cultural backgrounds Bible if you want something a little simpler and right there with your Bible, you can actually get that John Walton to the Old Testament Craig Keener to the New Testament so the cultural background study Bible. It's condensed is not as much information is in that one volume.

That's also useful because it's right there with your Bible.

Also, if you're looking for a good history of Israel. What you'll find is that critical scholars read the biblical account very differently than conservative scholars do they see a lot more reconstruction they they posit a lot more changes they see errors in certain places conservative scholars find the Old Testament narrative to be reliable. So one of the better histories of Israel is by Ian Pro van PR OVA and Ann Trumper Longman so Pro van and long meant a biblical history of Israel is now in its second edition so it's it's a highly respected work by two top conservative Old Testament scholars so that'll help you for the larger history of Israel. The other volume will help you put each book in a can historical and cultural context as best as possible.

Thank you very much. You are very welcome where you can be studied by the way, while actually I have been invited to their fifth-graders right yet so that that's excellent. Let me say this.

A lot of what I've learned over the years I've learned having to teach just the way it is up you realized a man I don't know as much as I thought about this and no fifth-graders. So yeah, I mean either either of these will obviously give you way more info than you need or your other option just look for introduction to the Old Testament. Trumper Longman is involved with one of those two on in intro to the Old Testament.

That's the other way to go get a conservative scholar with an intro to the Old Testament and that'll give you.

Okay, here's one we understand it was written. Here's the background. Here's the relevant culture and things like that. So that'll be helpful and got God bless you. I'd much rather teach advanced seminary students and fifth-graders.

The latter – must much too intimidating for me. Alright thanks man appreciate it all right 866-34-TRUTH. Let's see if I can grab and email.

Here, this is from Ralph. I have a question for you, I believe, and speak in tongues. I pray in tongues, but here's my question. Is it okay scripturally from one church. We pray in tongues at the same time. The reason I ask is because the Scripture say the two or three speak and let one interpret what Ralph obviously Paul's instructions there in first Corinthians 14 are pretty straightforward, aren't they that when it comes to Republic assemblies. He said I'd rather speak five words in an unknown tongue than 10,000 an unknown tongue. Although call themselves that I speak in tongues more than all of you first rent is 14, although he said that those who speak in tongues, edify themselves and speak mysteries in the spirit, although he said all in first Corinthians 14 don't forbid speak in tongues. There's a proper order for the public assembly note just what's not clear, let's say were all praying together. Many of our churches have this culture where everyone prays out loud together. All right, let's pray right now for the president. I let's pray right now for revival in our city or we all want to pray right now for this family member that's very sick and everyone prays out loud together and then the pastor were misleading in prayer will then pray over the mike and Edwin agrees with them. You have been to Korea or Turin church. This is this is the weights rightly done. Korean churches still have everyone pray together and it just sounds like Sunder Justice roar of voices and then axis of the Korean churches bring that ring a bell. Yeah, how many still do it but it's been done many times I've been there thing that ring a bell. Everyone gets quiet, and then the leader lease and prayed and winces meant in a setting like that you don't really hearing what the people around you are saying. So maybe you're praying in English and I'm praying in Hebrew and the person next me spraying in German and the person next in spring French of the person is a spring in tongues were all just express your hearts to God. At the same time. When not delivering a message in a context like that. If you have all believers together. You have unbelievers there. When praying in tongues at one time. I don't think that's the issue. However, when retirement delivering a message when your termite everybody speaking at the same time, and you have something that's chaotic no note that certainly contrary to what Paul is speaking about sibling praying together and in and no one hearing one another because role praying and it's is one voice ascending to God.

I think that's the issue. The issue is, if I'm standing behind the mic and I'm to speak in tongues for 10 minutes.

Or maybe I'm edify, but you're not.

But hey, tell you what if if I was a fluent Spanish speaker and you were and I spoke in Spanish for 10 minutes. That would help you. It's the same principle tongues.

In that sense, is no different than any other language. Public communication must be clear and it must edify. So if you have a message in it and a tongue than the two or three at the most, speak, and let others interpret this way also. You are digesting, what's being said. Just like with prophetic words.

The same thing one speaking.

Another is inspired. The first one stop. The second one speaks. This way you have coherence rather than confusion. So I hope you find that helpful. This is based on reading Scripture and then being a charismatic Pentecostal circles many times over the years and those of you who are not charismatic Pentecostal. While you don't have to worry about the issue in your own church. All right, remember, download my free e-book seven secrets of the real Messiah. How do you get it signed up for the email list. Do it right now. Asked Dr. Brown a SKDR they're sure to check out our latest videos and articles cutting edge commentaries and what's happening in the world now one of you like sons of Issachar. Understanding the time and knowing what Israel should it's the line of fire with your host activist author internationals leader and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown go God questions God answers.

Let's do it right here on the line of fire. You know I controversy inspires me when it's constructive if it pushes me to speak up if it pushes me to stand up if it pushes me to address the subject and I can bring truth. I can bring more light than he. It excites me and there are so many questions and so many issues and so much confusion. If I can help set the record straight. If if I can help point us back to simple foundational truth. Boy it's my joy to do so. So your calls on all manner of subjects are welcome, be they controversial or not be the technical questions about the Bible or difficult spiritual questions were more politically based questions I can be supercharged with controversy. We are very glad to take your calls and you can be a skeptic you can be an atheist. You can be one of Mark's religions really want to ask me something and challenge me that's great. I welcome it from the heart.

8663 freight 784 we go straight to the phones and will start in Petersburg, Virginia. Stephen, welcome to the want of today. What can hear Stephen there. I will have to come back to him in a moment. All right, let's see here.

Question a while ago you had pastor Bill Johnson on your show asking questions about their church practices. Mistress spoke to friends about used to go to my church the like family and I was shocked and angered at the same time with you through Facebook, I saw that my friends wife got a tattoo I'm in, spoke to them, maybe a couple of years before that. So immediately I posted questions response was Yemen spokesman Walnut rebuking me apologize to start telling me that knowing she convicted doing anything wrong. She told him that someone or group of the tattoo ministry that sounds like witchcraft. They reach her tattoos and piercings what you think whether this is first in news to me. I didn't sit on the Internet. Hope to hear from you soon, okay, and the writer asked that I not use the name, can I just give you one word of advice regardless of what you think about tattoos. I don't have any and and I wouldn't have any thing to it in good conscience, but not judging others that do this one verse in the Old Testament. Leviticus 19 that addresses it, and it's not the context of universal holiness principles for all it's in the context of separation principles for Israel so and even then it's in the context of mourning for the dead.

I personally would not have a tattoo and don't have tattoos. But I like and condemn someone that has gotten tattoos as a believer. All right obviously certain things are plainly satanic and wrong another sales tattoos is the time for that's it.

That's another debate entirely okay this is that I'm having right, but I am not going to judge a church or ministry with thousands of people in it. Based on what someone in the congregation does, or even what someone in the congregation says if if someone was listening to the radio show and then you are there regular listener, no matter love Dr. Brown I listen to document every single day. I love is Brock, and so on and so forth it and you know going on and on with that and then they do something flaky and they posted online and involve Dr. Brown to some problems that don't don't judge me but with that one person does which one finance okay what is Dr. Brown say about that. What's his view on so someone might go to your home congregation. And they may have very compromise views on things and these ignore pastors fine with will maybe he is maybe isn't so what you always want to do is find out directly from the leadership of the ministry with their particular view is especially when you have thousands of people that go to a church. So for example Sonos to Joel O'Steen's church and they have certain practices and they say oh yeah I learned this from Pastor O'Steen on the judge.

Pastor hosted by the other. Listen to his actual messages are in there when I listen to his messages, I might say I like them or don't like them.

So that is the wisdom that is the right way to go. We will be right back with more of your questions. I asked the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you for joining us well.

Got questions, we've got answers and we go back to the phones in Orlando Florida. Matt, welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown hey I have a quick and I was wondering in your estimation, why a Christian would be current would be left wing. Politically and I'm also. If you have any advice for churches that might be split down the left and right. I'll and what maybe what they should do. Yeah this first questions little easier to answer than the second question, but one of my friends said that the Lord once said to him, you can't fly with only a right-winger only left when you need to wings and it got me. It got me thinking about this book, I cannot understand how a Christian could vote for a candidate that is a pro-abortion candidate for the life of me I can understand that. I can understand how someone could vote for candidate who believes that will redefine marriage or something like that I can a Christian vote for such person can't see it under any circumstances, but off in a focus on the left have sensitivity to areas of focus on the right don't. For example, folks on the right might be quicker to wage war and might be more hawkish in the process, you might displace millions of people and hundreds of thousands might die and they might civil what about them you're pro-life you care about abortion right what about all these people killed in war or they would say you know your insensitive to the needs of the poor you don't like the welfare state and all that fine. We agree with that but you're insensitive to the needs of the poor, or you're looking at this issue were looking at larger justice issues and you know what we see all these people being killed because of so much access to guns. We think there should be more gun control. He said no all the murders take place in the world you have the most unconscious of the debate goes back and forth, but it is often that people Christians that lean left are concerned about other issues and I've had them call my shul and say look, I don't like abortion but here's what I voted for Barack Obama.

Or here's what I voted for Hillary Clinton and we've had serious conversations I've probed them and question them, but they said was the lesser of two evils for me also and I could vote for for this candidate for the following reasons. So sometimes it's compromise is sometimes those on the left have compromised biblical principles, but sometimes it's just that other issues are important to them. Also, into a black pastor New York City one time and he said to me, look your your concern.

Like any prayer back in schools. I'm concerned about getting education back in schools so he might look at the party that in his view was going to be more concerned with educating poor children in the inner-city and he would vote for that part even though he did like other aspects of where that party stood so that's how these things can happen. I think we need to challenge each other and to listen to what folks have to say, not some radical leftists so-called social justice warrior sound. Some bizarre fringe position.

As far as I'm concerned but you still like it when Hannity and Colmes laydown Combs Ron together because they each make their point and one would sound good to the other came and challenged it so there often two sides and I think we need to hear the other side and be challenged by it. Now, in a congregation where you have diversity often will you have ethnic diversity you'll you'll have major major controversy. For example, you've got a congregation that's equally divided between Blacks and whites and Hispanics and you're almost guaranteed to have disparate political views there, one pastor in Connecticut told me is a white pastor with a racially divided Church of any unified church, but racially divided in terms of numbers and he went through these voter guides, and with the voter guides. He said okay here's here's a look at when I can endorse a candidate, but here are the issues here's where we stand and we encourage you to vote based on these principles so he thought it was a no-brainer that all vote Republican and it split down the middle. The whites largely voted Republican. The Blacks largely voted Democrat. He was shocked by Mattel and he wished he was shocked but obviously, each side had its reasons for what they did.

They were people that love the Lord and they had different perspectives.

So what I would say is this, I would say in a setting like that I would let both sides articulate things if if I was the pastor.

I was the leader I I have an ability to argue both sides pretty well so I say right. Let's present this side why we should vote for this Republican candidate and all that's good and all that they stand for and these life-and-death issues and I hear their weaknesses.

Now here's the Democrat candidate.

Here's what we should vote for them and hear the weaknesses or maybe have two people with two very different views passionately get up and argue their viewpoint all right and and here's one maybe Hispanic individuals gonna talk about immigration issues and a white individuals is is going to talk about pro-life issues, and a black individuals is going to talk about social justice issues and will each explain their perspective. The site all rights we can each love the Lord. We can each love the word and hold to differences. Yes, I will shout out to the world if you love Jesus, you cannot vote for a pro-abortion candidate better not to vote at all.

I will shout that out to the world but I do understand that there are some that will and say look, it's the lesser of two evils, and I see that the so-called pro-life candidate is having all these problems that are gonna cause loss of life in another way. Hence the debates of the best way I think is to let different sides express themselves. Let people understand it and then at the end it was prayer, and it was coming together and say, look whatever we do, it's major on the majors. We love Jesus we want to reach the lost. Let us not divide over these things. Thank you sir great question and always relevant. 86634 true outlets go to Brad and have Ron Indiana. Welcome to the line of fire.

Oh, thank you Dr. Brown appreciate the opportunity I've been hearing something about the town that stressing some of it has to do some perversity of with adult child sex income of the information I professed true or not but I wanted to find out if you could can enlighten you on any of that. So yeah there are like all kinds of the of the Talmud is several million words very complex, very difficult to understand, easy to misrepresent. So to be clear, I don't believe the inspiration of the tome, but it is often lied about and completely misrepresented so you can go to Islamic websites. You can go to neo-Nazi websites and they will have the so-called exposes against the tome without there are traditions of the tome of that, I deftly reject. There are things that reliant ancient folklore and superstition. There are statements that I find objectionable, but most of what's presented is gross misunderstanding. So I give you the classic example because it's the one that your your referencing okay here's a classic example. It's it's talking about a girl right. Let's say it is a three-year-old girl and she loses her virginity that now that's the way it is that the hymen is broken technically get it it's it's nothing what what is it me what it's taught it's it's just like she she set on something. There was a stick and it had penetrated her and that's what happened. It has to do with marriage. In other words, let's say there was a child who at the age of two years old God for bid was violated by someone was sexually abused right.

It shall now disqualified from being married as a virgin elixir ever marry circle not marry her as a virgin, or should she still be treated under law is a virgin and the answer is it's nothing. It's just like someone you know put you in the eye or you were penetrated with a stick accidentally or something sat on something so it has to do with status as a virgin. It's not saying the child abuse is inconsequential or that you can marry a three-year-old or something like that what it's saying is under the law, which is a merciful thing yet don't look at her like she lost her virginity and her treat her as if she was a virgin, because you can't do the normal test for the loss of virginity, you know that the woman bleeding running riot for etc. as Deuteronomy required so that's that's the issue there all right and many things like that are grossly grossly misrepresented now are there statements in the Talmud that are ugly or obscene or wrong I get there out there are and and in the Talmud you'll have many opinions okay so Brad said this. Mike said this Joe said this Sam said this and then here's the final verdict in the midst of it either you'll have some some things that that are ugly or some opinions you know for example all the different animals brought before Adam right and none of them are suitable while one ravens, one rabbi in your two hapless million words. Who said that Adam had sexual relations with each of the animals and the most suitable lots of scene that's gross.

That's that's only I don't know but I don't know a single rabbi in history who, based on that so that beast reality is okay. See you do have some statements like that that are that are ugly. You do have some things that can paint Gentiles in a bad light of women in a bad light.

But overall, that is not the spirit or tone of the Talmud and the worst things of all, sir, are gross misrepresentations. I will be right back here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown. Yes, we are by God's grace functioning as the voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity in the midst of a society and cast in the church all too often in compromise. You've got questions. We got answers 863487884. Remember, download my free e-book.

Our real eye-opener. Seven secrets of the real Messiah.

How you do it this good asked Dr. AES Kd are sign up for emails when you do, you'll get the e-book free plus the benefit of our emails which I think you'll find it very very helpful.

We go back to the phones, 8663 Fortune our friend Nick in Alberta, Canada how you doing man, Heidegger, Gregorio doing well thank you via the director that your counselor will or computer you dear yes are getting a beer and I know the rabbis moved to a vote on the trumpet can conduct will be about that one when that will go worldwide will go over healthy justify doing such a thing. When requiring Exodus yeah and in fact, it's so clear that Rashi's commentary. The most famous commentary on the Bible rush lived in the 11th century that that he begins to comments on Genesis 1 quoting another rabbi who asked why does the Torah start here in Genesis 1 was not start Exodus 12 because Exodus 12. This is the beginning of the commandments to Israel. If the Torah is about laws and things like that then wasn't start there knowing God's timing is okay this is the first day of the year for you know the Passover it's it's a new beginning for you. So the importance of it is always recognized at some point in time, and we can't know exactly when, but at some point in time before the New Testament. The shift was made or at least other New Year's recognized for.

For example we we may have a fiscal year in the fiscal year is that the financial calendar that she's we may have also along the fiscal year of school year and school year is like from late August or early September into May be made or something like that and we have our our calendar year. So, in Judaism there were different years that were developed. Okay this is the agricultural year and this is that the Royal year. The civil year and somehow they came up with four different years and then ended up saying that the first day of the seventh month would be the new year. How exactly the transition came is not known to me. In other words, we we know that it happened but over what period of time. Did it happen or how did it happen.

We don't have explicit records for we do know by the time of the Mishnah which is compiled a couple hundred years after the time of Jesus, but reflects many traditions going back a generation or two or three or four or sometimes longer before that it speaks of the four different New Year's, but to a Jew when you say the new year traditional Jew.

That's one thing and one thing only and that's row session on the feast of trumpets restriction on being the head of the year. This is the that knelt it significant that it's a wake-up call. It's good spiritually and that's a wake-up call.

It's a call for repentance. It leads into the day of atonement and then after that feast of Tabernacles.

So it's quite a way to start the year.

The year starts as opposed to partying in a traditional Jewish home. It starts instead with repentance and introspection and seeking God in different ways, but did the rabbis have authority to make that change.

No. If you are a Carol light Jew, so a Jew that does not believe in rabbinic tradition, but is not a messianic.

She does not believe in Jesus as the Messiah. You still celebrate the new year with Passover and to me as a messianic Jew it's it's an interesting call on the one hand you want to be part of the larger Jewish community and calling feast of trumpets the new year is not a sinful thing and in terms of it's not related to partying, getting drunk or getting high. It's related to repentance and wake-up call before God.

So most messianic Jews will will still celebrate that or will will say to one another.

You know a happy new year and things like that because that's what the Jewish community worldwide is doing and were still part of that really a scriptural basis know there's no no basis for the change and this is one of the areas right say the rabbis did something beyond any authority that God gave them so it's part of the culture. It's not changing and that regard, but I don't see it is biblical nor do I see it as part of the authority that God gave these men are and what microgrid enter all right. You are very welcome 866-34-TRUTH. Let me give you little insight here into how rabbinic Judaism works okay you little insight.

Deuteronomy 17 is talking about the Levitical priests in those days, or the judge that will be judging in Jerusalem no national leader or leaders and let's say you have a dispute it in your local village local city and the elders can agree on it some initial bloodshed or something like that and you you can agree, we don't know what's ready to come to so just like today of court system that gets bumped up, bumped up until finally the Supreme Court. This would be like the Supreme Court of ancient Israel and you had abide by what they said, obviously for national order whatever they say and go left to go right you how to do it. You can question it, under penalty of death because the this was the authority so would be just like the Supreme Court decree something we don't like it, but if we go out defiant them were breaking the law since it was an ancient Israel will over period of time. This authority shifted from what would be the Supreme Court so to say in Jerusalem to the rabbinic authorities and the rabbinic leaders of the generation so the Pharisees are succeeded by the rabbis and they would then point to this text and say that that this is the authority that illiterates whatever the. The community leaders. The spiritual leaders. The religious leaders.

The teachers tell you have to do it what it says but it's a good left of the right okay that then became interpreted even if they tell you left is right and right is left you have to obey so II have talked with traditional Jew, sometimes very sincere people, very God-fearing people very devout.

Their whole family every body. The mom dad the 12 kids 100% and committed praying the prayers and keep the commandments as best as they can as best as they understand and repenting and asking for forgiveness. Very sincere people. Very genuine people. When I challenge them. It's about that look the interpretation of the rabbis here is wrong interpretation of the rabbis here is is contrary to Scripture. I'm the one that gets rejected. Those who are you disciplines like this, read it, read the text in front of your eyes. It's right there, but no, there tradition tells us something else and they are to follow these rabbis and follow these great leaders of previous generations because they are the Giants. They were the ones that had more wisdom and more knowledgeable closer to the original revelation. Who were we to argue with them that my friends is a problem is a danger and that's where for any of us any of us. Whatever church tradition. You have religious tradition. Tradition overrides Scripture you are now in the area dangerous deception and let's do it. You got questions, we've got answers. It's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us today on the line of fire Michael Brown here your joyful voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution you got questions, we've got it. Yeah you got caught lots of questions you got questions. We got answers so give me a call. Anything you want to talk about anything you want to ask me about any area of expertise that I have 866-348-7884 controversial questions or more than welcome disagreements or more than welcome clarification questions were you want to probe something I've said they are all more than welcome were not thin-skinned here when I'm insecure in our position here.

We are trusting God, trusting his word and confident in his truth so by all means give me a call 86634878840 let's see here.

All right, good question. Just signs and wonders validate a preacher's doctrine. What are miracles and people getting saved happened to preachers with questionable doctrine to get touched by God under false prophet, does that mean it wasn't God of God does safe people does miracles under false prophets why it's confusing art, very, very important question. In the Old Testament, signs, wonders and miracles often validated the messenger of God. Moses was sent with signs to perform in the presence of Israel and Farrell and his court and in the same way Elijah call down fire from heaven. These were signs that confirmed them as messengers of God to a disbelieving or questioning people and they confirmed that God alone.

Yahweh, the God of Israel was the one true God in the New Testament. The signs and wonders accompanied the message of the gospel to confirm. Similarly, that Jesus is Lord that he has risen from the dead, but they don't necessarily a credit the individuals now for the apostles God back them in unique ways and Paul could speak of that as well. But if I pray for the sick and the sick are healed. But as I confirm that God heals it doesn't confirm that Michael Brown is necessarily a man of God. If God uses you to speak a prophetic word over someone that is exactly accurate. What is a confirm.

It confirms that God knows that person and is speaking clearly to them. It does not necessarily confirm you as an individual. As individuals we must be tested doctrinally when we believe this is hold up with Scripture and morally. How do we live does it hold up with Scripture.

So those are the questions that we address, yes God, perform signs, wonders and miracles. To this day is another verse in the New Testament that says that they will stop before Jesus comes around the world. God is working with signs wonders and miracles to glorify the name of Jesus and in accordance with Scripture now. Maybe someone teaching or preaching has a wrong doctrine or emphasis, but they genuinely know the Lord. They genuinely believe God for healing, they may even have a gift to the Corinthians had gifts, but they had some moral issues and they had some doctrinal issues but they were still believers who were gifted by God, so maybe God is using a particular vessel and that vessel is gifted by God and has faith, it doesn't mean everything they teach is accurate. It doesn't mean everything that they believe is accurate. So many people are touched and receive mightily from someone who may be wrong about the end times are of a wrong view about Israel or or some other issue but God is still using and if you were blessed through them. It doesn't mean there's something wrong with you work or tainted in your life just means you want to be careful not to be enamored by the power and believe everything that person says because they seem to be powerfully anointed that we could fall into right back her and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown 7884. You got questions, we've got answers to the phones we go starting in Greensboro, North Carolina Monique, welcome to the line of fire. You left your actually went by, the first thing you are staying because my question to you at work or on everything so far that I heard it and found why think that the lack of humility in the teaching that at the forefront even in the body. I want to call court. Anyone out, but, or, or do you not think that any event but my point anything so blatant that it is fair to state why has it been so easy for there to meet at the lack of humility and even you thinking if it even if it's true, which is now the spirit of God, no current dental at each site.

The Scripture spent apparently no cloak of humility. Why that yeah what's the first thing is, the question is who you looking at you to remember not mentioning names intentionally on a horse right right but in other words, some listeners may be listening or folks watching and they're like yeah she's exactly right. Honesty and humility in Sonos like what you talk about all the teachers I know very humble and gracious.

So it all depends were being exposed to.

I would say this folks I work with around the world for many years, or humble. They love the Lord. They're serious about God that they're serious about teaching the word you're not in it for it for money, they they really do fear God and they want to be accurate in and what they have to say so. So that's that's one thing but here's here's here's a flipside here. Something very different that the fact is that if we can be on TV. If were going to be in front of a mega church there's almost a persona that goes with it. You know what I'm saying and I that persona may not seem humble you hear him on the radio, got my radio persona. It is the so I have fun you got questions we got in a minute having fun with it right. As part of who I am. I'll I love doing it, but early on some of heard the other radiance of bike would have been humility you noticeably mean a severe boast of having answered not like I was having fun, you know. To me this is who I am on the radio 100 when I'm on TV. Obviously a from souvenir, like the rain is like hey were you in the word today in euros you got it oh 5000 people in your church service. The whole feeling is kind of alive and animated, so I'd say three things.

One, some are proud. Some are proud and full of themselves, would God be their judge but like and emulate them. That's 12 some dismay seem that way because of the nature of the medium through which their speaking and in three of their plenty plenty plenty who are serious teachers love the Lord and as always in the body you got far more good apples than bad apples and and I guess we try to concentrate on the good apples and pray for the bad apples and I understand what you paid learned that either way you jump out the law and everything like humility because at it. I think that you have to learn you know you don't go based on what you like unique but yet another case on partly it is that we fail. But thank you so much for answering that in that way probably help but let me say one last thing a good test of humility is not the appearance, but the response in other words, if you challenge someone let let's say someone is presented with a question like there was a famous leader in the body. Years ago he did know me from Adam right and I heard him teach on prophecy and prophetic ministry. You know me from Adam, a big meeting people form lines to get into the meeting I was in ministry was teaching a Bible school, but he did know me from Adam. I wrote him a handwritten note was in the days before emails or even in everyone. Haven't you typing things out of the computer. I wrote a long, handwritten note saying that I think he was wrong on this particular verse and hear the reasons for it right that he's a big shot. He was famous he was well-known I give it to an usher Pacific could you get this to write this evening to see it while the next day. He says hey someone so here I just want to thank you will be a great note, I think he's right on that. Another change will set that's humility. That to me either further and really listen and hear. So hey thank you, great question. I appreciate God bless 866-348-7884. Let's go to Scott in Winston-Salem. Welcome to the line of fire where you gotta probably quick reminder upgrade. Video compression accrued work infection during that year. It was reported 30 were accountable, not to mention hundred euros that what I have only one why God would I run a question on a noted name will and despair.

You will have had your question, but what is the difference between session and truth.

What's the difference between deception and truth.

Well truth is accurate. Truth is, in accordance with God's word truth is in accordance with reality, truth is not misrepresenting anything. Think we we understand this things a set amount of my truth in your truth. If you're Scott from Winston-Salem that is verifiable that is accurate. That is in accordance with the plain meaning of what were saying if I shall let your truth my truth is that you're actually Boris from Russia mono this not my just not truth at all.

So deception is when I think I'm following the truth and I'm not. It's one thing to blatantly lie. It's one thing to blatantly say that that us.that I am Boris from Russia when I know that I'm not okay that would be lying if I really believe it. Someone is convinced me that I am Boris from Russia than I am deceived so in short, in short, we have a situation where people think they're following the truth they're not they think their following something accurate that that is being deceived. Here's the trick, though no one is knowingly deceived. No one is knowingly mis-led that's the issue you've never seen the church called the first Church of deception or the congregation of the misled someone said the problem with deception is that it's very deceiving. So how do we avoid deception.

We stay close to the word of God we humble ourselves before God. We live in accountable relationships. Those are key ways to avoid deception, 866-34-TRUTH and I do appreciate the call in a some things are so foundational say wow how could I answer that what is what is truth right.

Let's see here. Zachary understand your against free grace, theology, I'm against hyper grace theology against hyper grace not quote free grace, I believe in free grace, and against hyper grace. My question is do you believe only the 12 disciples were saved in the Gospels about the Godfrey women who were also disciples of Christ in the 500 disciples that left Christ prior to the 12 there are two types of Christian the barleycorn spiritual.

Both are saved will why would you even think for a split second that I didn't think that there were others in the New Testament of saved drugs in the gospel saved if people believe God, following the example of Abraham put their trust in God for salvation and turn to him for forgiveness turn away from sin turn to him. Why wouldn't there be plenty of others say and you did it.

This such as this court a carnal Christian that's that's an mistaken concept. There are Christians who are carnal Christians who act karmically in first Corinthians the third chapter makes reference to Paul's rebuke in Corinthians were being carnal, but polished the Roman state that we are required to call the people of the spirit so if you are saying Zachary that you can practice sent willfully. You can pray to be saved. Pray for God to forgive you and then willfully practice sin willfully participated in sinful activity to the day you die without repenting. You can be a practicing alcoholic extorting adulterer either worshiping murder to the day you die without ever repenting you still said no, you're not saved. Either you were never saved in the first place, or you have rejected God's gift of salvation. One of the two, but under no circumstances at all.

Could you call that person believer that the whole New Testament is explicit on that and and you was the most explicit Paul most explicit. Those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom read first Corinthians 6 read Galatians 5 read Colossians 3 and he is dogmatic and is clear as to what to do with the flesh. Romans six, seven, eight and the end of 13 mile line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is 866784 you've got questions leave God answers. Let's go to I was going to Patrick Clover suck, but say what I like the question that was there. What about seeing the shifting glory in the New Testament that English recall the Shekinah glory bins from the Hebrew word she see not issue phenol by the Wicklow teaching are vicious enough found in the Old Testament that word.

No it is not. That means the manifest presence of God. The presence of God dwelling among us is that word found in the Old Testament note with the verb shock upon the two dwelled to be a neighbor that's found and to me the pivotal verses in Exodus the 25th chapter where Moses tells the people on behalf of the Lord of us truly make Dosh have them make for me a sanctuary holy place for shock on TV talk, and I will well I will tabernacle in their midst.

So when people would see the glory of God in its normally the Hebrew word, vote, which speaks of of heaviness and weight and and divine presence in the cub vote was manifest say in the cloud.

The cloud would come down and end and fill the place and and so Exodus 46 Chronicles 5. The priest couldn't even enter to minister because of the cloud because of the cub vote because of that divine presence. It was it was tangible and real real have some accounts for the people saw the glory of the Lord and they they fell to the ground and screamed and worshiped, so what about seeing the call vote in the New Testament seeing the glory of God in the New Testament or today. Why would that happen.

Why couldn't it happen.

Based on what Scripture the simple reason see the greater glory of God in the face of Jesus are yeah I understand. In second Corinthians 3 that the glory of the old covenant surpassed by the glory of the new yes amen agreed wholeheartedly.

So our focus is on Jesus not seeing a cloud of steam fire and things like that.

But when the Holy Spirit came in and asked to write the hundred 20 there that they saw looked like tongues of fire over over each of them split tongues of fire over each of their heads. So that certainly was an outward sign and the Holy Spirit came with the sound of of a rushing violent wind in acts 431 after they prayed. The building was shaken. So why couldn't someone see the cloud of God's glory today because I ran it's phony will why are you saying that that just because some church you know during the worship they have like a smoke machine that means that God's glory can't really come and fill the building. I know of meetings in all meetings and in a completely different setting.

Nope, no big building, no smoke machines, no nothing.

Where the presence of God was surreal that the cloud filled the room seen Obama's one-time and I I substitute teaching Korean students in New York City in the early 1980s, and this actually happened to me so that center every Circle glory cloud is true that some things are manipulated now and I don't measure anything but a study similar happened in my life before I ever heard of it before Herbert glory Corinth on you is what Scripture said and I was teaching Korean students New York City I was teaching them Hebrew and Old Testament seminary students at a branch in New York City and I came in to teach. It was winter, I and the really cold outside New York winter, I came inside to teach and when I got the room, to my surprise it was completely filled steam. I think it's completely and I thought what the world is going on here maybe is an old heating system in the building can that be the case maybe is an old heating system made. Maybe that's the issue and and that's that's what's going on that the it you know so the steam coming out of the pipes because they didn't say anything I say is a literal bedroom 15 students in the class just completely fill the steam to look like others is like a cloud in their fault, heavy fog, thick fog sites since anything they didn't say anything.

Saw after teaching for maybe 1/2 hour.

I forget the exact time it dissipated less and less and less the disappeared, so I finally said, oh, what what was that fog steam in the room what what was that, and they looked at me like what we talk about messaging on the whole room was filled with liquid steam cloud fog will and one of them. I'm in their eyes get really big.

One of them said Rev. Brown may be steam from our coffee just sarcastically I realized I was the only one that saw and I thought something to happen today because we removed today. Something is going to happen and lo and behold nothing unusual happened that day I asked the Lord about it. I asked Lord about it and I felt the Lord say to me. I'm to do great things this semester among the students and sure enough, even though I was teaching Hebrew and Old Testament, we had an outpouring of the Spirit. We had a bona fide outpouring of the Holy Spirit and deep repentance people getting right with God. A skeptic came in with a distant chapel lunch time they'd eaten and have chapel service and in the Holy Spirit was poured out so I would since I experience estimate this myself and since there is nothing in Scripture against it, then yes, I believe it can happen today. Not that being said I would never seek these things I would never look for them and one ministry. I know that people have said on a number of occasions they seeing the cloud of God's glory appear all well and point of fact, when it does happen, the leader I know tells everyone just go on worshiping the Lord's obviously a sign of his presence would just go on worshiping the Lord so my friends were the meeting in in a local congregation. And they felt this tremendous presence of God and a number of people said they they saw the cloud of God's glory and in the room and someone took a picture and sure seems to be there and there is no logical explosion for that thing set arsenal, hoaxes, arsenal, phony things. I know charlatans have taken advantage. Some like this so we don't seek these things but I see nothing in the New Testament that tells me that they cannot happen. I see nothing in the New Testament tells me I cannot happen. Hey Patrick, we just reconnected but I answered your question.

So if you missed it. I answered your question at some length because I liked the question so if you missed my answer sir. Just go to the line of later today and you'll be able to catch the entire question there. Alright so do I believe that God's manifest presence can occur in these New Testament times. Yes.

Do I see evidence for outward manifestations in the New Testament itself.

Yes, but our focus is on Jesus not on seeing him physically that on seeing a cloud in the room that I'm feeling a particular thing, but on following him.

The Savior and the Lord and having an intimate relationship with God through him, and thereby bearing much fruit we are people of the word. We are people of prayer for people with holy living where people give ourselves to the great commission, we are people who believe in welcome gifts power of Expo line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you thank you for joining us today on the line of fire Michael Brown here. You've got questions, we've got answers phone lines are open 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884. Any question in any area of expertise.

I have my droid answered the video we put up from the Monday show roast about strengths and weaknesses of the King James version has hundreds and hundreds of comments already to see. Last time I looked and it was just posted what two days ago.

So go to Esther to Brown daughter working to find in the digital library. If you want to join in the comments section, you can do that over on her Esther to on YouTube channel, but let's just see a lot of folks weighing in any of you have some hostile and irrational comments, but lots of excellent discussion going all around on that. Yes, just look at it now ready to hundred 59 comments a distances posted yesterday on our YouTube channel so all we welcome your calls. We welcome your questions anything I can be of any help whatsoever. Give me a call 866-34-TRUTH. Let's see here for which question do I want to ask alright. This is from Chris just pondering your op Ed, which is about whether churches should celebrate sex change surgery because Church of England is now contemplating that having a special service instead of a new birth than changing another church can affirm you going down some rabbit holes with following the opinion and logic, a transfusion that their God-given body is wrong or errant have a Christian coloring his her hair brushed her face plastic surgery without going truly all away absurd braces on teeth and agrees the teeth.

God gave me.

They are wrong.

So I alter what he created with many device will come out of this rabbit hole alright so let me help you, that rabbit hole that's pretty easily done here. You if you fix your teeth okay for for example II have a severe under pipe and if if if my teeth were fixed a little bit. It would help my overall life function, let's okay, let's say someone else is one leg shorter than the other. So, so they they put a mix that up a little padding. Whatever it is you know for some type of art support and the other should other shoe to bounce about your your correcting a physical problem or write your correcting something that is a basic physical problem, not something that is altering your God-given identity and changing you into something else. Based on your own perceptions so if I don't like my hair is too short so hair grows you can change it to cosmetic. Things like that doesn't essentially alter who you are, but if I decide you know, I'm really a leper, not a human being. I'm a leper I'm in the start, and this one guy was leopard mentally lived out outdoors for years and and attaches from head to toe and finally got old couldn't fend for himself and went to a nursing home. Instead, were seized no clothes, I guess in the nursing home, but that's a different thing when you're going to surgically mutilate and alter your body so we could debate certain surgeries are they mutilating surgeries. Are they surgeries that violate who you are as a person the way God created you. Are they playing into fantasy and deception that would be different then let's say woman had a bunch of kids over the years put weight on and then got back in shape ahead in the saggy flabby skin just wanted to have no skin tightening thing that would be a cosmic surgery. That's a whole separate debate completely unrelated 100% unrelated to the transgender issue so look at you but you break a bone you set it. That's biblical at scriptural date they did that, you know the animals and talks about that is setting the bone is a man-made device to set yet, but you are enhancing something that God made is supposed to fundamentally altering write back straight to the phones number Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

We are going straight 487884 will start with Gail in Irving Texas. Thank you for calling the line of fire Brown thank you for taking my call and I think that you and your L thank you yet and it wanted to get your take on the technology there so much of it out, coming out and a lot of people don't know and are the church at large and more information on getting out more now peaking on that.

I just want your take on yes so there's there's pro and con with all technology of the Internet is amazing and its use for the gospel, and it connects people around the world and it's also used to get all kinds of misinformation and pornography in the strictest of people and how to build bombs on it so technology in itself to be neutral but can be used negatively or positively and actually answer the question and email question about this a very beginning of of the of the broadcast been an hour and 1/2 ago about a company in Wisconsin company in Sweden that one older workers to have a chip installed in their in their physical body that would monitor their work within a could potentially monitor other think so. On the one hand, you know, the idea of hey you get a chip put your dog and if the dog runs away. You can find the dog some school. What about having a chip in your child just GPS what if your child got lost. Someone kidnapped your child that seems positive. What if you just going to a story do not have a credit card or anything just wave your hand over something and it'll you know take money out of one account to do that's all sounds great and positive. The problem is how much information, some of you have about us how invasive is it going to be and then people always wonder you know when the book of Revelation and you know the antichrist figure that you you can't buy or sell unless you have them.

The mark of the beast or the number of his name and it's going to be in people's right receiver a mark on the right-hander. Therefore heads and this is what it's talking about. But as long as I can remember. Someone had a theory about what that was talked about. Revelation 13 since I got say 45 years ago, but II look at it like this scale.

It's interesting to see were technology is going. It could be used positively but it could be used negatively. I mean people are surprised to find out that conversations can be heard in their home through their smart TV that people can eavesdrop that it there was there was a TV show and a dialogue going on TV and Amazon echo heard it and and thought that was being told to go online and order something. I was preaching in Australia and mention Syria and someone cell phone started dictating I was saying thinking I said Siri to wake up the cell phone so if you know I look at it with interest and think this could be positive with the more that it gets personal and also wants to put a chip in me I will I would be very resistant to that, generally speaking, there things for health purposes and was it just monitors a health thing. That's all it does and and this can save someone's life fine but otherwise I just be cautious about this. I'm not necessarily tying it in with the end times of the book of Revelation, but just how much Access do you want other people to have to your own life and I think that's where the privacy issues become a real concern right thank you very much.

I got less.

Thank you for calling Gail 86634 a, let's go to the dog will welcome Doug will stay in Texas mark in Arlington Texas walking to the line of fire. All Dr. Brown can you hear me okay.

Oh yes, I can okay my question is there.

I can put this right.

Art is our Christian roots really and Judy is important quite and if it cries Christ said that he was before Abraham and superspeed Judaism and in the book of Hebrews E either high priest after Mountie back our Christian roots really and Judaism or debit superspeed Judaism. Yet, let me fine-tune the question, which is a good question.

Judaism, when we say Judaism does that mean Judaism today.

Does that mean Judaism, a thousand years ago because that Judaism rejects Jesus, does that mean the Judaism that was current in Jesus day in which case they were competing Judaism's let's let's look at it better like this.

Galatians 4 in the fullness of time, God sent forth his son, born of a woman, born under the law.

What did Jesus do on Saturday he kept the Sabbath. Where did he go to worship you went to a synagogue of what did he say he did not come to a polish the law, the prophets, but to fulfill. So when can we find the full meaning of the Scripture. So that brings greater meaning to the Sabbath, not less.

That brings greater meaning to the feasts and holy days, not less. Knows it doesn't abolish them but doesn't just make everything into a spiritual reality that is no earthly touch. Rather, the first believers lived as Jews and taught as Jews and to understand the New Testament. Sometimes you need to understand Jewish teaching and culture of the day. Remember, Paul urged the Corinthians in first Corinthians 5, either literally or metaphorically, to keep the Passover, because Messiah, our Passover lamb was sacrificed for us.

So there's still spiritual meaning to these things. And Paul writes this in Romans 11 he points out that Gentile believers are like branches of a wild olive tree that were grafted into a cultivated olive tree in the cultivated olive tree, is the nation of Israel in individual branches Israelites and and he says he says this he says of some of the branches were broken off, and you, being a wild all tree were grafted in among them and with them became a partaker of the root and fatness of the olive tree, do not boast against the branches so so Mark, the roots of our faith. Go back to the Old Testament, the Hebrew Scriptures, which then developed into Judy is him developed into Judaism and many traditions that were added that the change things over the years and of course Jesus was rejected. So if you recognize that there were Jewish roots of the faith that supports Judaism, the Jewish roots and that they culminate and point to Jesus. Yes, he's before Abraham, but he came into the world as a Jew and he's going to return as the lion of the tribe of Judah and is going to return to the city of Jerusalem, not just somewhere in mid air. So there are tangible roots should recognize and appreciate them again. The way Paul puts it here Mark is that you partake of the root and fatness of the olive tree so all of the good that God did in Israel, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and Israel in the Old Testament. That's what you was a Gentile believer get grafted into we get to partake of as if it your own. So that should be recognized and appreciated, but the same time you don't need to become a Jew or find out about Judaism or learn Hebrew to be spiritual. Your spirituality and mine as a Jewish believer is found in our relationship with Jesus so central he's preeminent he's above all, he's the full expression of God in human form right if we seen him. We seen the father. That's central that's foundational but at the same time, we recognize that he came into the world as a Jew under the law to fulfill that which was spoken by Moses and the prophets, so it's kind of a both and thing, as long as we keep him central church. On the one hand through history swung so far from its Jewish roots that he basically said for you to be saved, if you would like a Gentile, and it replace Passover with Easter and things like that and replace the seventh day Sabbath was Sunday and would mark those as heretical as they continue to keep the Passover and celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus. There continue to observe the seventh day Sabbath as Jesus did, as the apostles did it swing that way others swing the other way and think that they gotta be super Jews in order to be saved and even try to get Gentiles to live like use both of those that took place in church history and more recently. Both of those are roadies a thank you for the call. Much appreciated. 866-348-7884 hey friends, please be praying with me getting more excited about the release next month of saving a sick America cannot wait to see the book get out pray with me that God will use it impact the nation.

That's why root it is a prescription for moral and cultural transformation.

If you haven't yet downloaded the intro and first chapter it's absolutely free to do so at saving a sick America.calm so make sure you do that you can also watch the trailer there if you preorder their instructions on the website there saving a sick how to do it. Preorder also get a free e-book sent to you. Yes, a free e-book five ways. Pray for America will be like that.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I want to handle a very sensitive email not going to use any names here, but this is this is from a mom and right now this could be many, many moms all over America, many, many moms we get S these things over and over and over again.

So here we go. I still find it hard to write lesbian daughter. This is a woman might speak spoken to private previously about her daughter raised in a Christian home homeschooled and now living as a lesbian wanting to marry her partner and the mom gives some of the history here that I'm not even going to get into but but the big question is how do we maintain our stance without affirming her lifestyle. We letter to bring her girlfriend her house on July 4 about a year ago I wrote a long letter complete description, full of love regarding the differences's respondent with.

I love you mom relationship otherwise is pretty close. She feels like families were important but I know that into God's work in her this change little by little the record breaking point that Mel change she adores her little sister. Sophie doesn't will break your heart as well as mine that I don't always agree how to handle things we love those kids very much can you me some insight how best to keep relationship with or without compromising the word of God. I believe God is amazing things in store for us.

Given gifts are really want to keep a relationship strong.

So God can reach through our lives. If he chooses that route. She just needs to surrender fully and that is our prayer. All right again, I've been asked the same questions many many times and there's a lot more in the email a lot more specifics and I'm not going to get into any of those because I don't want to reveal identity and in any way whatsoever beyond speaking previously by phone on the year and now the specifics here that I can address. All right she knows where you stand. She understands what you believe about Scripture that's clear. You've made it clear, and thankfully, she responded with I love you mom not I hate you why you hate me or get out of my life for his thankfully to have you don't need to bring that up again. She understands just love on her love on her love on her, pray every single day. God make me a blessing. My daughter's life. You, your husband, pray Lord make us a blessing in her life and then pray God, convict her convict her of sin convict you that you can make up for this, whatever the trauma, whatever happened in the life that you describe whatever the background and and when her feelings may have shifted. Pray God get to the root of it and help God save her save her girlfriend.

I know of people where one of the lesbian partners got saved. I know several cases like that exit. As I think of it, a good number. One of them got saved and that's what broke up the partnership. Okay, so somebody been made may been praying for their daughter and the daughter's partner and the doors partner got saved and then the night they left.

That's how the the president for the daughter got answers well so pray that God, convict, serve sin, although she might be doing better in certain ways. Now, obviously, is not in right relationship with God and this is not the relationship God intended for, but you just love on her love on her love on her in every way and reach out to the girl from of the gospel, to whatever extent you can treat her in that regard, as if she was an unsaved boyfriend and her daughter was was going with an unsaved boyfriend and in you couldn't bless the relationship because you knew it was bad or wrong for whatever reason, but you reach out to the daughter so you reach out to this one as well you you reach you reach out to you reach out to the this case, the, the boyfriend is the unsaved boyfriend in real life here. The girlfriend so that someone pray you pray, pray for doing you love on them. But then if he comes to hate Britt were having an engagement party can't be there. Understand that that's 40 can't be there all right and now that now the little sisters noticing more and more it's is that why did she. I thought she likes it out what's going on with the partner and and if it's problematic to do family events because that with the partner just have to understand that this is painful. It's difficult she may not have chosen her feelings of not saying she has, but she has chosen to act on them. She I don't think she chose her feelings. I don't think she woke up when density a thing to be a lesbian right but she is choosing to act on these and feeling it's it's what she wants to do right now so you can participate in that it came to wedding with love can't be there because otherwise you are you are giving your sanction to it. You are participating in the celebration. This can be painful, but she knows where you stand. You don't need to bring it up all the time and do everything you can to keep the door open. I have heard calls from the daughter from the mother years later and saying it was my mother's love should you stayed with me. She kept praying she never gave up on me and that's why came back to Lawrence speaking specifically of cases even where it was a lesbian relationship involved.

So that's what I would counsel you as I counsel others. Let let the love be deeper and greater than it's ever been, but the love the steady as it's ever been, and to whatever extent you can be involved in her life to it and to whatever extent you can reach out to her partner, do it and and beyond that prayer is the key look. There are other things lifestyle choices that people make life decisions that they make feelings that they act on and we don't agree with many of them as parents. Sometimes we have to say hey if you do this your on your own right. You know I'm doing this and taking this course of action I'm converting to this religion.

I'm all right.

Why can't I can't let you have a conversion sermon is long can you come though. Sorry I can't be your denying the Lord but on the love you and stand with you and pray for you and reach out to you and if you marry a Muslim.

You know them or you reach out to both of you pray for both of you to be saved but no would like to participate in this are no sorry we can't participate in this aspect of things that happens not just in cases like this, but love. Love is the key. Okay I know I am saying that 100 times, but we need to hear it over and over because love overcomes everything.

Love overcomes everything.

Read Romans 12 a lot to just in terms of our general personal deals with those who opposes those who differ with us. Those who were sometimes hostile left us overcome evil with good.

Let us overcome wrong with right let us overcome error with truth. Let us overcome darkness with light white friends time here, but I've got a bunch of new articles online and a bunch of new videos. There is the prophetic warning to Christian educators. That's a real eye-opener. I think very, very important. There articles on Pres. Tromp. The old lady the devil and Donald Trump. I think you'll find that very helpful with your for the president against the present terms of your own voting in your political views, new videos, my truth apologist Ray Coco or the babies go to heaven they visit die go to heaven. According to the Bible all those it asked Dr. just waiting for you there take advantage of them and be blessed in the process and then you'll reengage on Monday.

If you have incentive for my emails go to Esther 2000 award Center for the analysis

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