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Responses to the Charlottesville Events, Two Special Interviews, and Your Calls

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 14, 2017 5:11 pm

Responses to the Charlottesville Events, Two Special Interviews, and Your Calls

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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August 14, 2017 5:11 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 08/14/17.

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I have pent up a lot to talk about today from braces them to Charlottesville to the president whole pro-life missions and more stock for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. While there is a lot of talk about friends want to be constructed. We want to be redemptive.

We want to be helpful when edified. Want to instruct.

We want to inform this is Michael Brown. Welcome to the line of fire broadcast. The president has just issued a very strong, very specific statement condemning by name white racism and white supremacy and other things and speaking explicitly against the evil of racism will play that clip for you in a moment but first I want to give you some background, some history tell you what's grieving me today as a follower of Jesus as a leader in the body. I know not all of you listening agree with me in terms of my spiritual and theological viewpoints. I know some of you are not believers in God are not specifically believers in Jesus, allow me to speak to everyone but specially speak to those who identify as followers of Jesus as well because I know that those who identify as followers of Jesus are the largest part of my audience and I'm speaking to, and that's where I have particular burden concern today because so many of us are just like the world around us. So many of us are so reactionary we react.

First, we think and pray and consider second we speak first and listen second.

So many of us get justice divided over race and over politics. So many of us just get all of our news from one source and that informs our opinions and we have such blind spots so so many of us don't come with the redemptive spirit so I'm I'm grieved in burden just watching some interaction on this. Dr. Brown Facebook page and watching some interaction on twitter and then watching how the nation is in turmoil. It seems the church gets in terminals as opposed to the nation is in turmoil in the church should rise above it, the redemptive message so yes I'm speaking to us letting you I'm speaking to us. We need to do better and it is so remarkable that that you got a set of people who condemn Pres. Trump at the drop of a hat and you got another set of people who are ready to condemn Barack Obama at the drop of a hat all right and and it seems that neither one can see how the other one.

Either has a pointer no point other words, we are so fixed in our particular viewpoint, and biases that we can even recognize that there are two sides to the story and that ultimately it's up to us to be the conscience of the nation and we are doing a poor job of it.

We are striking each other and smiting each other rather than working constructively for good. So all this just flows out of the tragic events in Charlottesville over the weekend we come back. I want to play for you. The initial statement that was made by Pres. Trump to give you background as to what actually happened there.

Then address some of the criticism is Pres. Trump guilty of inflaming racial tensions in America as he rightly associated with white nationalist white supremacist neo-Nazis, KKK, or those who voted for him somehow guilty guilt by association and therefore explicitly tied to these different groups.

What should Christians be doing at a time like this. What about the other groups, the black lives matter in the empty fun demonstrators.

What about them talk about it and will be constructive and redemptive right here on the line of fire plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown transferred joyous Alana Fari 7884. All right, so what actually happened in Charlottesville. There was a rally that was called for, ostensibly in protest of a statue of Gen. Robert E Lee be removed from the park in Charlottesville Virginia. Now if you study Robert E Lee.

I meant no expert on him whatsoever, but people have said that he would be appalled by the sentiments of the radical right of the white supremacists that many of those who fought in the Civil War were not themselves proslavery but Pro states rights, and that was their big Battle of course, others were blatantly put proslavery and willing to give their blood for that but will put that aside, that's a total aside and you can call them with your opinion of property Lee, that's fine. I I am not commenting on that in a focused way and I'm no expert on but that was the reason for the demonstration. There was a counter demonstration as well.

So you're talking about on the white side of things. The ones that were initially calling for the rally or timeout gathering neo-Nazis, white supremacists KKK types.

The types that every person of conscience should denounce that is racism that is bigotry. As I said plainly I posted the Saturday when I get through with the day of ministry. I was in North Dakota I I said plainly put this up on Facebook. There is nothing American about white supremacist. Nothing heroic, nothing praiseworthy, nothing patriotic is a rotten rotten ugly mindset, full of hatred, bigotry, and pride every person of conscience should denounce it degrades others who are also created an image of God and takes his name in vain to further its cause. Whatever political or racial or ethnic backgrounds. Americans we need to stand together against and when some people respond in ways that actually surprised me when I got some kind of racist responses from both sides. I then wrote the bottom line is simple okay what color your skin is and what your ethnic background is when neo-Nazis rally you condemn when the KKK rows you condemn it. When black supremacist really condemn it. When a man plows his car into a crowd, killing one person entering 19 you condemn it. If you can't do that you should be on his Facebook page. I trust we share the same heart here so put that out plainly, unequivocally, there was not going to be any discussion, contrary to that as far as I was concerned. Let's agree on this so this demonstration itself ends up it's can be shut down by police at a certain point before the thing even gets going. Because of concerns as to what was going to go there was a counterprotest so just remember a lot of the violence in the last 12 months, or even beyond and the free-speech right.

Rights against free speech and things like that. A campus is like Berkeley that's been from the left. It has been all that from the left consistently. All right, so you have a lot of violence in that regard. Some of the rhetoric extreme rhetoric of black lives matter led to the assassination of policeman's not forget what happened in Dallas and an empty file has been violent and some of its tactics, the so-called antifascist wires so you've deftly had violence but there's no question that the white supremacist neo-Nazi KKK types are our our violent people in many ways right so you got all this going on. Some claim that when the police were told to stand down that it led to blood shedding or fights breaking out between these various protesters within in the midst of all this is is a counter protest march going on probably seen the horrific video footage. A guy on the the white supremacist side plows his car into the crowds smashes into cars and from its brutal bodies go flying.

One young woman killed 19 injured absolute horrific.

This is this is a terror attack from the white supremacist side.

That's what it is and uproar upheaval. Understandably, people in shock through the nation. What just happened here.

We were reading all the time about Islamic terrorists ramming their cars to people and killing them. Now you have somebody doing it here in America.

So naturally there is a lot of people over this. Pres. Trump makes this statement.

This is the initial step in this there's an updated one today the rim play for you but let's go back because I want to see what unfolds and how it unfolded so here's Pres. Trump's initial statement we condemn in the strongest possible terms. This egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sites on many sites.

It's been going on for a long time in our country that Donald Trump not Barack Obama is been going on for a long long time is no place in America.

What is vital now is a swift restoration of law and order and the protection of innocent lives. No citizen should ever fear for their safety there safe and security in our society and no child should ever be afraid to go outside and play or be with their parents and have a good time right you might say what was wrong with that statement, he denounce the bigotry. The hatred on all sides. He did not specifically mention neo-Nazis or KKK or white supremacists are all right.

He did not mention any of those specifically not remember he's made a big point of challenging Hillary Clinton Barack Obama. Why won't you say radical Islamic terrorism. Why won't you name it all right and we were applauding him for naming it now. People say why won't you name that is because you want those people's votes not now here is what I believe is a fair criticism. If there had just been rally neo-Nazi rally opposed by black lives matter at the far rally and it got the started punching each other, stabbing each other or shooting each other right horrific horrific. If that happened then you make a statement can condemning bigotry, racism, hatred, all sides and maybe name all the parties involved. But when you have the car slamming into someone telling them try to kill others write when you have that happening and the person involved with that is on the white supremacist side, then that's why you name names so I believe it was right to say he should have name names, but I don't believe that Pres. Trump is a racist, and it is absolutely ridiculous to say will if you voted for him you voted for races will no more than if you voted for Barack Obama you voted for racist yet the KKK endorsed Donald Trump Yemeni radical groups endorsed Barack Obama. What is it mean it means nothing that means nothing if that was the largest support and and the the the groundswell of support for a candidate was coming all from one group or another group and they were bigoted and hateful and that's one thing but when you have a small minority of a particular larger segment of the population, so white supremacists white nationalist white radicals. Yet this the small percentage of the whole, and there Pro Trump what you got planet, radical black racists that were pro-Obama was a type of black populations all nothing was done about why population is all nothing so draws conclusions look the left has been trying to paint a certain picture and yeah I'm I'm going to say it been better Pres. Trump to this from the start point figure the left at the right because I'm not here taking sides and trying to speak the truth all right and that the Republican or Democrat or black or white or conservative or liberal. Right now I'm trying to speak truth is to follow Jesus as best I can sum to the Seaforth elites honestly right on each side when it's there. Let's let's just listen. Let's just listen to what VP Pentz had to say. Clip number two. Listen to his comments after the attack we have no tolerance for hate and violence.

White supremacist neo-Nazis or the KKK. These dangerous fringe groups have no place in American public life and in the American debate and work and condemn them in the strongest possible terms arch so he makes it loud and clear. He makes that initial statement, Pres. Trump has not come out with a similar state that the question is, this has the media, the left-wing media consistently been trying to paint a picture that Donald Trump is leading a white nationalist white supremacist movement. Yes, they have is a true no, no, it's not your is not true. You can accuse him of running a racist campaign. I do not believe he led a racist campaign will believe it and I know folks very close to him who have talked to me about his genuine burden for the poor, the inner city which is mainly minority, so the brushes getting painted way to broadly hear both ways both ways. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to the line of fire, 866-34-TRUTH is the number to call. All right will play fewer clips for you. Did Donald Trump run a divisive campaign. Sure did run a racist campaign, though not in my judgment on my judgment and Annie had leaders with him on a regular basis, people of color people of other ethnicity standing together with him and I believe he wants to be the president of all the nation all right find fault with a ton of things he said and done and wish he'd said and done a lot of things very differently and not as defender of simply being honest and objective and clear here as best as I can. Which means listening to both sides try to hear one of the sides are saying mentoring away in constructive, so for those who thought that Barack Obama was racist and an exacerbated racial tensions in America, you had many opportunities to see you see you see you see noticeable you talking okay now the tables were turned. The students infant receipt.

You see, you see what fears we need to step back, do our best to be objective. Ask yourself an honest question.

Is that too much. Ask yourself an honest question and calm your heart for a moment. Ask yourself and him. I being objective. You have no good way to tell.

I can give both sides of the argument to the satisfaction of people on both sides.

Yeah, that tells you at least that you understand both sides. Often we don't often I don't have to step back and listen often.

Nancy and I will have intense not heated but wonderful, intense conversations back and forth just so you're wrong on this is what you say that I don't think so that we could pack and fourthly okay I see your point. I agree I agree. Or maybe everyone.

Everyone saw everyone sly when I get to her to see my point that snow was his right okay so so here's here's the deal. Here's the Donald Trump now is because racist. Racist. Racist. Racist in whatever he says it was too little too late. Was Barack Obama races races races when he didn't explicitly come out and can imply cosmetic women or black racists or black supremacist money. Let's I have this double standard. Let's be objective. So here some accusations now on morning Joe, there's a panel discussion. Guess Donny Deutsch and then Eugene Robinson's will start with clip number three and go through these quickly discussing whether Pres. Trump is a racist start with number three. I had always early on felt millions on a racist is horribly Machiavellian and horribly manipulative.

But he's playing his game to get what he needs to get to.

I think we have to stop at rationalization that although he is just in a very dispassionate way. Being political needs percent racist.

You that's number one.

Loud and clear and out and out racist clip number four stop giving him any air cover of a political discussion, a political strategy versus core human values without a racist. So that's it can recover politically justice.

Visit now is core human values. The man's a racist. And what what because I'm that particular day when he made his statement. He did not specifically name these other groups. So now we know he's racist and that's just going to have working have to cover it. That's the fact.

And then Eugene Robinson ways" number five incident after statement after controversy over the years while he believed all her mobile believing means what he seems to me, with winters obviously white racism as far as arthritis, yet blatant rate one.

We believe him because he is not guilty of blatant racism. He's not.

I've often said I wish you didn't say this.

I wish you didn't tweet I've written a whole. Articles in recent weeks.

He's gotta stop this is wrong. This is destructive. I was at a meeting with White House advisors and White House staff or evangelicals were there and and they assured us that our concerns would be brought to the present.

II raise this issue about statements the president makes in the way he does things in its destructive and its harmful could you could you please bring this again to the president. They distribute the concerns raised would be brought directly to the present.

II is your voice okay I brought. I raise concerns. I said, he says and does certain things that push away his base and that make it difficult for God-fearing Christians to support him.

I'm not oblivious to any of this but I'm not going to fall into the trap of getting caught up in the moment where there's this entire narrative that the left is trying to push know I can buy into that. So now the president has made a further statement.

Let's listen to what Pres. Trump said just a few minutes ago. Racism is evil and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs including the KKK neo-Nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans we are a nation founded on the truth that all of us are created equal. We are equal in the eyes of our creator, we are equal under the law, and we are equal under our Constitution right so there is by name. Okay, specifically names white supremacists and neo-Nazis justice will be delivered against racist violence. Interestingly, and culture pointed something out in terms of the media's coverage of Islamic terrorism in America compared to the media's coverage of white nationalist terrorism in America, so she is a series of tweets in a court for those that don't understand. I disagree with a lot of what Ann Coulter says okay I will quote people that I agree with and that I disagree with. If I want to make a specific point.

Fair enough and culture a series of tweets, CBS News white nationalist and Charlottesville fear backlash after attack. Of course, no such thing, but now she's got actual news from CBS Muslims in San Bernardino. Your backlash after attack the tweet Washington Post for white nationalist and Charlottesville unease and fears of a backlash after terrifying attack, he thought, what course that correct course not. But here's Washington Post for Muslims in Ohio State, unease and fears of a backlash after Muslim attack New York Times. I'm frightened after tax and Charlottesville New York white nationalist cope with a backlash think that's crazy will New York Times I'm frightened after tax in Paris Muslim stringer backlash. Yes, the double standards or their innate major major way. Let's be consistent. Isn't it funny that the left that defendant prison Obama Hillary Clinton for not saying radical Islamic terrorism. So this is not as long another central watching naming names, not on the flipside it's fair that they do this, but let's make sure that they do it for the left as well. It's fair that they're saying to Pres. Trump. If you name radical Islamic terrorism.

If you say that by name, then why won't you say white supremacist neo-Nazis by name white nationalist violence.

We just did that every right asking that but you better believe they need to turn around and do it to their own side when the violence comes from the left. Name it by name. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on the line of fire. Michael Brown here.

Yeah, I'm cumbered about some things and concerned about some things. I am pent up about some things. Can I tell you something that I learned when I visited the White House, nor did meet with Pres. Trump met with some White House staff a few weeks ago and I was one of a number of evangelical leaders that would be 25 of us that side of the table some White House advisors and briefly with Jared Kushner but then he got called out to another meeting and we were among a few groups. I believe evangelicals that were in that week, representing different backgrounds, different nationalities, different ethnicities, different spiritual expressions within the body, but one thing I found out and and I'm going to research this more to get more details but Jared Kushner has has addressed this and apparently it's it's a major saying within the within the White House. I just can get more details in terms of what has been put out publicly this right can share publicly what's been said publicly to certain things in the meeting should privately naturally I probably talked about being there for that reason, except if it gets reported in different things and guided me with the presidents is one of them one of many people at that went through all right but one of the big things that they are working on.

Jared Kushner is really driving this, but the president has a heart for his prison reform and equal justice for all prison reform and equal justice for all.

Why well. Apparently this is public so this much out all say we were told it was public when Jared Kushner was a young man his father was imprisoned.

Don't know what for. This would have to look into. Get details on see what's publicly no and Jared Kushner basically had her run the family business.

As I understand it, and then he would go down to visit his father, who I believe was imprisoned in the South and when he went down to visit him and when he got involved in seeing what was happening. He saw that there were two different systems that if you're wealthy that you committed a certain crime, you could hire a lawyer.

You can get away with it. You give a minimal sentence and you move on. If you are poor then you get slammed you're going to go to prison and you get out of prison and go back to prison that it was not an equal system, and in particular.

Obviously the way works out is going to be in that kind of setting, demographically disproportionately slanted against poor Blacks. Okay, how how many of you shaking your head like you. We all know this right what I want you understand is this is something that is been near and dear to the heart of Jared Kushner for your soon as I have a little time to focus this too little research I plan to write on this so yeah here on as reported there was a breaking news coming just researching here it is father of Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner spent 14 months in Montgomery federal prison. So this is news. This is known just research for like my producer didn't, there you have it so the point is simply this.

Jared Kushner sees the inequities sees often how whites can get treated better than Blacks or how the rich can get treated better than poor or how one ethnicity can be treated better than another ethnicity and concerns him and he feels that something must be done on the systemic level and this is something important to the president as well. I think that's important to know.

I think it will color some of your thinking and give context do I wish Pres. Trump from the first moment that horrific car attack explicitly condemn what supremacist neo-Nazis what Nessus absolutely didn't today.

Let's take him at his word.

Let's condemn this junk together. Let's move forward.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown all right here organ of gearheads out of the water. Take a deep breath.

Gearheads clear because here's the bottom line is we look at all the division and tension and problems in our nation the greatest need. The single greatest need. We have is for followers of Jesus to live as followers of Jesus, I just tweet posted this on Facebook moments are going to bring on aghast were going to talk about the life that God is calling us to live as believers. It's it's timely in the midst of all the chaos and controversy around Charlottesville and racism and political divide in America that we focus on the church being the church. Which means you and me individually living as God's people. I posted this note agrees me the most is how we followers of Jesus handle divisions in our country. So many of us seem to be so quick to react so quick to get all our news from one settlement so quick to make superficial. Some informed judgments against others so quick to divide of race or politics. We must Empire how we being salt and light.

How are we in the words of Dr. King serving as the moral conscience of the nation. My guest David Shipley is a world missions leader serves as international representative for global advanced fan of the ministry, 1990, author of over 20 books he's equipped hundreds of thousands of leaders and 65 nations to share the gospel of Jesus is written a new book entrusted anchoring your life in the gospel. It's a book calling us to discover our priceless stewardship. So without further. Do let me bring onto the air.

David Shipley hey David, thanks for joining us today. Thank you Dr. Brown.

It's always great to talk with you by whatever medium and so it. The delight to be with you. Thank you. DLS time was face-to-face. This time it's by phone but it's it's a joy either way David before we we talk about your book entrusted, as we see so much bad news all the time a lot of problems in America terrorism around the world. North Korea what's gonna happen there you you have your eyes on something. Also something else which is what God is doing around the world could you just give us a couple minutes of good news of what Jesus is doing right now around the world Michael unity Jesus promised us. He prophesied of the wheat and the tears would grow up together and that is exactly what is happening even as the schemes of men grow worse and worse. I the gospel is going at record speed around the world, and the reception of the gospel in many nations is absolutely breathtaking as persecution against the church increases. For instance, in India, the church is standing strong. It's continuing to grow. There's been this dramatic spike there's a questions among physiologists as to exactly how many now professional name of Christ. In India, but I've heard figures and red figures based on research anywhere from eight to as high as 11 or 12% and historically up until about 20 years ago.

It was two or 3%. So there's been this dramatic search in coming to faith in Jesus Christ. For instance, in India. Perhaps one of the healthiest and most rigorous church planting movements in the world right now is the underground church in Iran, and of course also facing tremendous scrutiny and persecution, so it's exciting what the Lord is doing throughout the earth.

I think there's a fresh call to evangelism today.

A fresh hearing of faith by many people around the world and so I'm encouraged and what the Lord is doing its work as the Lord spoke to her back and look among the nations be utterly amazed something to do a work in your day so incredible. You would not believe that the worker told you and so I'm thankful that I most believers new believers coming to faith in Jesus Christ. They see persecution as part of the package coming to the Lord Jesus and and they get it and they stand firm in him. Certainly we need to pray for our brothers and sisters work in any kind of distress because of their profession of faith in Jesus, but it's it it's a great time for the church right now and the church is moving forward in nation after nation. How can we maintain an attitude of victory confidence and faith. Here in America, you know, Michael. Every day I cannot go to the end and work back and every day I wrote, I remind myself that when all the dust settles. I this is a fixed fight and the kingdoms of this world will become the kingdoms of our Lord and of his Christ, no belligerence against the gospel can stop that no antagonistic government. No terrorist groups can stop the determined purpose of God to bring honor to his son, among every tribe, every people, every nation, and then to begin the work back from there and realize that in the midst of a lot of chaos, a lot of confusion, the Lord Jesus has called us to be his ambassadors.

His representatives in this hour he's bequeathed us with his good news is given us his Holy Spirit to animate and empower us for this task. It's a tremendous hour to be a Christian and I also remind myself that my times are in the hands of terrorists or of those who would want to do harm to me or to the gospel. My times are in the hands of the Lord and so II just place myself in his hands for the day. But to be brilliant light and potent soul. At this time I think is absolutely crucial and I so appreciate the post that you have been sending out over these last couple of days and I think you're spot on what God is doing among us and the standard to which we are called. I say in the book entrusted Jesus told him, Jesus paid it all. All the him I/O Jesus paid it all. That's the gospel all to him.

I know that's the standard on the gospel and that's the standard to which the Lord calls us today so living out the standard. Your newest book entrusted anchoring your life in the gospel. Discovering your priceless stewardship all to him I owe what he has given us really give back what motivated you after all these decades of ministry to write this book, Michael. I've had the privilege of being in vocational ministry in some form now for 51 years. I started preaching as a teenager when I was 16 years old. I just never stop and it became an increasing concern to me over the last several years that you could go into many charismatic churches go into many evangelical churches and I go for weeks sometimes even months and never hear the gospel itself. It's as if that which was meant to be front and center center stage has somehow been pushed to the periphery in that many believers lines and also in many of our churches. I'm grateful that there is now a call back to the centrality of the gospel and I just wanted to bring things down to the boil them down to the least common denominator and after these 51 years. I can save for me to prayerfully over these decades, but certainly for the rest of my life. The focus is Jesus. The message is the gospel and the task is the great commission. It really boils down to that and as a result, I believe, great things are in store in the days ahead. Certainly not without pressure. But the Lord is up something wonderful and we come to the kingdom for such a time as is he wants version for this day even want Wesley for this day. He wanted you and me. The all of that is thrilling and humbling and also energizing and so I'm grateful for voices like yours Dr. Brown who are lifting a biblical standard.

We are not beholden to the right or to the left. We are under obligation to the King of Kings and to the biblical standard. Wherever that happens to fall so so well said.

We just got a minute before this first break but is this book just for leaders resist for all believers is for all believers. It's for the brokenhearted people who work leave church sometimes wondering where has the gospel go. It's for those who want a fresh scripturally infused encouragement to bring things back to a proper alignment, putting Jesus first putting the gospel first and really anchoring our lives in that which does not move and that is of course the gospel itself. I and there is there is a stewardship for every believer, such as leaders that are going to give account. There is there are gifts there are special things given to every believer correct absolutely, and I act like talk about that after the break of the veterans between God called evangelist, but also the privilege we all have been witnesses for Christ yet so we will we will do that. On the other side of the break. The new book entrusted anchoring a life in the gospel by David Sibley. I could start reading the endorsements but then we wouldn't have time for the rest of our interview the gospel clear in its content captured by its subject, compelled by its beauty. Convinced of its power called with standard committed to its truth commission Fritz Vance those of the chapters in this a good time to focus of the gospel. This is a great time to focus on the gospel will be right back in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown friend the greatest stewardship we have been entrusted to us, which is of most value not just us but to all those around us is the gospel message we been entrusted with it. That is the name of the new book by David Shipley entrusted anchoring your life in the gospel. Discovering your priceless stewardship right so David we all know of the Billy Graham's of this world of the mass evangelists of the powerful revivalists like Steve held people who lead many people to the Lord, receive videos on YouTube of dynamic Street evangelists healing the sick and we think that I could never do that. So is it is adjustably the evangelist at a been entrusted with the stewardship of the gospel.

How does this relate to court your average believer. The average believer is the one God uses most of the world to advance the gospel. The gospel over these last 200 years since the days of William Carey in the beginning of the modern movement has been born on the backside of the backpacks of twentysomethings why when kids just as men and women who give themselves to the gospel. But again, it's not just a to missionaries or to evangelists as you said, it's for all of us.

What happens when we allow our lives to be controlled by the Holy Spirit. The consequence of that is very clear. Jesus said in acts 18.

The consequence is that you will be witnesses to me. The transliteration of that Greek word is where we get the English word martyr Jesus was saying, even to the point of putting your life on the line units bear witness of me, and I think a lot of times we been to man center in our approach to the gospel confusing our testimonies with the gospel itself. I our testimonies are not the gospel. They bear witness to the power of the gospel of the gospel is about what Jesus did in our behalf in his death and resurrection and his offer of new and abundant and eternal life. Everyone who has the hope of Christ in them. Everyone who's been genuinely born of the spirit through a new birthing price placing their faith in Christ. They have this wonderful deposit with which they are entrusted and even if we do it in faltering ways and halting ways simply opening our mouths for Jesus even if we don't get to assure the whole 9 yards of the gospel is extremely beneficial because Scripture says you know some water, some plant summary for harvest that it takes all of us together and in a day when the belligerence to the gospel seems to be growing very markedly.

That's the great time for us simply to do what and grandma Watts just said in the break for us to not be ashamed of the gospel and let the light of Christ shine through us. As you know, Michael, people are desperate today. Behind the faade of their ideologies.

There are broken searching people and if we simply care and let the light and love of Christ come out through us amazing things will happen. So this is for all of us. I am pastor tell me one time a young pastor. He said that you know I don't have the gift of the evangelist.

Therefore, I I don't have to win souls. I just have to nurture the flock.

I settle, let let's take that to its logical conclusion, I next Sunday when you stand up to receive the offering say this, all of you who have the gift of giving your gift the rest of your pores are exempt from giving well. How foolish would that be the rest of us have the privilege of giving and in the same way all of us have the privilege of bearing the light of Christ and a witness for Christ witnesses something we do with our mouth is the gospel is a message again. We get muddied and confused today. Confusing the ramifications of the gospel, and the result of the gospel with the gospel itself. Someone recently told me so you know, big in this water well is preaching the gospel.

I said brother I'm glad you're digging that well and it honors Christ and it honors the gospel, but that is not preaching the gospel preaching the gospel is preaching the gospel sharing the good news of what Christ is done in our behalf and what you're reminding us of it's not the eloquence of our words, it's the power of the message and also told Timothy, who is not by gift evangelist do the work that evangelist so it's it's for those that are called to be pastors and for those that are called to be moms and dads, and computer programmers and and garbage collectors in them that that's not the work evangelist we all will all do. Jesus didn't say follow me, I'll make you apostles. Since all you make you fishers of men.

You talked at the beginning about what God is doing in India and an Iranian some places it's it's people sharing the gospel with others.

Yes, absolutely, Michael, and in fact there is no such thing as non-evangelistic discipleship.

I've heard some people say well I'm not in evangelism. I'm into discipling believers well if you're truly a follower of Jesus, as you just quoted in Matthew 419 you are going to fish for men you are going to search out for those who need to know the Lord Jesus in a real way and this ridiculous dichotomy that some of made words almost evangelism versus discipleship.

There's no in the New Testament now get it boils down to something very simple in the composite of the great commission if I'm interacting with an unsaved person.

My assignment is to get the gospel to that person if I'm interacting with a believer. My assignment is to move both of us toward maturity in Christ and to encourage and assist him as a disciple maker so I that's it.

We make this too difficult. Jesus just told us to be salt and light and to bear the name of Jesus to exalt him and he said event happens, I will draw people to myself and as you said the gospel itself has power. I think some of us have been inoculated to it that this message of what Jesus did on the cross, taking our sins on himself and then rising again the third day.

That message has transformative power and it's proven itself over and over and over again. It's happening this very day. While we speak. Somewhere someone is experiencing the power of the gospel, and it will just open our mouths in behalf of the Lord Jesus and his good news amazing things begin to happen. Now I'm listening here and getting convicted thinking about the housefly last night sitting next to a gallon. Thought maybe secure the gospel I thought. I want to write and I want rest and it's really not about what I want.

That's about what the Lord wants, and what this woman might need. So your book secular drivers by guilt, but it's going to present a great great picture. The new book entrusted by David Shipley and again, let me just run through the table of contents with you the gospel clear in its content captured by the subject, compelled by its beauty. Convinced of its power called to a standard committed to its truth commission for its advanced Dave and I pray that God will use this to spark a fresh wave of evangelism from the readers through believers everywhere. Thank you so much Michael and of course it's my prayers well so it's going to happen because the two of us are in agreement document you got bless you.

Thanks so much. Thank all right friends. I think it was very healthy for us in the midst of very very intense emotion and discussion regarding races and division president politics in America to step back and focus on our great message. The gospel will be right back. I have pent up a lot to talk about today from braces them to Charlottesville to the president all pro-life missions and more time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown hi friends, that world is swirling around us. Never a dull moment is alive talk radio president Trump issued a statement a few minutes ago that we played in the first hour receipt categorically denounced white supremacist neo-Nazis right now we need to do as God's people is this be the church in the midst of all of the confusion and chaos around us.

We need to do is rise up and be the salt and be the light and not be torn by division that's in our country and strife.

We do is step back, get our heads clear and then speak redemptive leap into the chaos that surround us in the second half of this hour will be joined by a former KKK member who now pastors a multiracial church would be as redemptive and clear as we can, but there's a subject that's that's always a great concern to us here at the line of fire, and it's the ultimate issue of life and death and the ultimate issue of justice in our country and it has to do with the treatment of the unborn will start there and then later in the show will go back to what's happening in Charlottesville so I'm joined in the studio by a couple of special guests of Fletcher Armstrong who is the director of at Southeast director for the Center of bioethical reform get a PhD from Clemson University and dramatic Hilson graduate of UNC Greensboro, having earned her BS degree in public health, education, Fletcher and Joanna great to be with us here. Thank wonderful to be anything here.

All right, so Joanna you are fairly new to the center bioethical reform tell us about the calling burden your heart and what exactly you're going to be doing.

Thank you Carol. I got started on like American college is a time that I was in the waking yet to a lot of things and one of the things being what's going on in our culture and nation reckoning children and continues to do something in agony. Something that suits her here as as a single young woman you get gripped by this was it. The atmosphere at your college was something happening your private life. What what is the that got you burdened so I knew that the issue my mom actually helped start when first crisis pregnancy centers before it even existed in Maryland years ago and I got involved with the local pregnancy center there some in my church that is can even remember exactly how it got started.

I just called me and said I said okay on to something. And there is a campus organization getting started at UNC Greensboro and they had to fight University, University said no you can't be seen grip on based on these values and so we got legal help, and then okay here in organization & let that campus arm of the pregnancy center on my senior year in college. All right, we've got just 45 seconds before this break but you're sitting here talking with a big smile on your face seem to be energetically seem to be joyful. What is the source of that energy and joy when you're in the midst of a real life and death struggle God. I have hope in Christ and he's working and I'm going to skip entering can't be a part of his work and I know who wins concrete side grant even though it looks like the majority is on the other side and that Satan, death.

The culture of death is winning. We know that doesn't and sign privilege to be part of the fight.

Awesome. I we come back wanted to get to speak with Fletcher and Joanna about what the center bioethical reform does and what progress is being made. If we can make progress here stronghold of Roe V Wade in the stronghold over 50 million babies slaughtered in the last 40+ years. We can make headway anywhere right back her plan and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown X friends talking redemptive Lee about what the church can do in the midst of racial strife and division political chaos how we can be in the words of Dr. King. The moral conscience of the society, but if there's ever an issue with the church must be the moral conscience of society is in the issue of abortion. So sitting in the studio with me. We've got three guests from the Center for bioethical reform.

Fletcher Armstrong is the Southeast director Fletcher.

Welcome back to light a fire is good.

Thank you. What is the center for bioethical reform will exist to you as an advocacy organization on behalf of vulnerable people, including the unborn, the age, the infirm, but we really to be honest, we spend most of our focus and effort on abortion because as long as were killing a million children.

Our own children every year in this country I were never going to get these things right so we really spend most of our time working on abortion. We are a education organization.

We don't do lobby and we don't endorse candidates, but we absolutely advocate on behalf of unborn children and in our main event of main role is to develop new educational materials and and develop educational materials and programs of people you all over the world are using got it. I remember some years ago, you commented on what the church prioritizes it, we we will pay for certain staff. This is important you know you will have no use leader have a worship leader have children's pastors are for things like this conversation ahead of that with you another pro-life leader, probably okay.

I thought that everyone thought it was you so I thought it but I remember you making these comments are someone that strikes me as being you making these comments that we prioritize all these different things and we say were pro-life, but we don't seem to prioritize mincing to put money, energy, attention, effort intimately think about the decapitating and dismembering little children down the street and there's a and and if you look at the budgets and the graduates of most major Christian universities around the country. You would think that one of our biggest spiritual problems that there are is that our music isn't good enough. On Sunday morning. We spend millions and tens of millions of dollars around this country church money hiring full-time people to make our music sound better on Sunday morning, yet babies are dying down the street and we spend almost no church money. No church staff time. No effort to do anything at all about that and you know, if you look through the Old Testament, you'll never find a single time and links God chasing this people, because their music wasn't good enough yet. He sent his own children into captivity, he allowed the Babylonians to come and kill many of them take them into captivity burn their cities and so forth. Because of the practice of sacrificing their children to pagan gods. And that's what abortion is.

Abortion is sacrificing a child to a pagan God why you feel that we have this blind spot. I'm all for having good music power in terms of for sure is little the importance of that in the life of the body, but even if you want to voting money just effort energy you have to devote money to be a presence in front of an abortion cannot develop money that are involved in the pregnancy crisis center help it.

In other so I think you can do. And then of course we should invest money in the effort. Why we have this blind spot every week me know what's wrong since rumble doesn't seem to connect I go back to Birmingham in the in the mid-1800s and try to find the church in Birmingham, Alabama, or any southern city where they routinely preached against against slavery because so many people in our churches have been either complicit or complacent well assays complicit one of one of every five women who abort her child identifies himself as born-again or evangelical Christian lemmings 200,000 children bring aborted in our evangelical or born-again churches every year and this is not just the women ever got 200,000 women involved in this 200,000 men involved because they play a part in this too. So the church is involved in this and doing anything about it say anything about it.

Showing people the truth of what it looks like coming most most bore most people attend pro-life terms of never actually seen with their own eyes when an abortion is and what it does.

If you never seen it you do, you tend to think that it's evil, but you don't really know how evil it really is and you don't really understand the nature of the evils to the extent that you would understand God's command that we be a witness against this evil got it.

Got it and we say it all over a main deterrence has become a business I and and people are very reticent to do things that I know about upset people in the church because those people leave the church mop my boss gave a talk at a church in Wichita Kansas a few years ago and he spoke at all the services like six services and 14 families left the church, but three women wrote a letter to the pastor and said I came to church I heard the sermon on abortion I saw the abortion video you played and I decided not to go through that abortion that I plan to have someone when we show people indefeasibly. So Christians, what abortion is and what it does, then they get a sense of how evil it really is a negative sense of their own personal responsibility to avoid that sin in the first place, but also to build a voice against evil and and a witness on behalf of the victims. Got it. Got it while sick clearly said Michaela Raymond also with us in studio is a recent graduate of liberty University and she's joined the team, the Center for bioethical reform from the team and made Michaela. Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you so much right so how did you get the bird to get involved into to say hey I want to give the season of my life full-time to doing this while at liberty University. I learned what abortion was just because it was a little pro-life group on campus and they just said hey do you want to join. I didn't really know much about the pro-life movement or anything about abortion. But, as I kosher you know I kind of knew.

I don't murmur how much I knew but I know a little bit about what abortion was, I think, and I kind of assumed that everyone was pro-life and that anyone who was, you know, in favor of any kind abortion that must be such a small part of the part of America so I joined without even really thinking about it too much, but that's when I learned in that group that it's a huge issue that where a boarding hundreds and thousands of children every year and everyone's celebrating it or thinking it's okay or just not even talking about it all and I was shocked and I was just in. I figured I should definitely do some about this, at least while I'm here in college.

So in college I got involved with the sidewalk counseling ministry and when I did that I was faced with a lot of persecution. I kind of felt like all of the pro-choicers who might exist on liberties campus would come to me and kind of be shocked and surprised that why I was doing this and come just to be honest as a black person I feel like a lot of people kind of assumed that I would be on the other side. And so when they would come and talk to me they would assume that I would be on their side and you know they would know talk normally talk honestly with me and then I would reveal that I was actually not only pro-life but doing some thing about it actively because it was you know we are decapitating and dismembering these little children and were just calling it a political thing were calling it a liberal thing, but it's just an evil thing. Basically, so I was faced with a lot of persecution, but that persecution just kind of let me towards God a lot more in focusing on him focusing on what he wanted me to do instead of what I wanted to do to be comfortable. I think all of those things played a factor in why when the Center for bioethical reform came in asked me if I would like to work with them. I was able to pray and honestly seek out what God wanted for me to say yes you know what I think God is leading the work in this organization, and she just kind of go for that as well as I could eat of it and in my mind. Demographically, if there's any one segment of the population that should be at the front of the pro-life movement.

It's black women. Yet as I look at this is a black genocide a look at this is satanic a tactic to destroy black lives and then and then the black women in particular to be the victims. In some ways a whole culture and and and on and on. The fatherlessness and then I take responsibility sites.

If there's any want to champion the costs would be it be someone like you yeah no I think I agree with you because I mean abortion destroys so many black children every year. And in fact it suppresses the black vote more than the Ku Klux Klan and basically any other thing that's a people of cues of trying to suppress the black vote and you know it it's just a terrible thing that's happening in our culture and people just kind of look at it is a political thing like all you know it's not really big deal, but you know thousands of these black women are killing these black children get their misinformed or scared or dealing with the difficulties in our culture, but they're not really getting that not only education support, but just, you know, that honest talk about what abortion actually is and what it's doing to us what we come back at like to do this one asked Fletcher. Another question that I want to speak to join and Michaela as young women in terms of what they hear from other young women, but less question just got 30 seconds. Michaela, in your mind from what you could tell how large was the quote pro-choice population at school at liberty. I don't know how to say it, honestly. But for me everything the person to talk to me about abortion was pro-choice and so out of a campus of 14,000 students. That's gotta be at least 100 students that there at the least got it so and you don't know that the size and minority, but even a Christian Is a campus that they that it was gonna share the season depth. Hopefully they get educated and I we come back when asked Fletcher question is, it is appropriate to really program set on a Sunday morning church service.

Show pictures of abortions is at the time and the place will start there. Then these two young ladies will be right back. I file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown transfer Brown and we are focusing as we often do on the issue of life, pro-life incredible call we got a couple of weeks ago moving call from a Christian woman who taken a job at Planned Parenthood is a single mom and she needed to make money and her friend Sandra not actually involved in performing abortions want to know what I had to write had to say and of anywhere. I told him to get out of there. As of now she could go back to work a day in the Cobb would forgive her but that she needed to move on and it was no different than for jobless counting slaves getting off the boat or counting numbers of shoes of of Jews getting told the Holocaust and anyway after that, she began to pour her heart out broke down sobbing and saying that they caught the products of conception.

It's not it's baby and she just went on, so we been connecting her with pro-life friends and and sheets is called in that Monday got out of there.

So when we were rich about life-and-death issues right before the break. Return to Michaela about Liberty University and its great school find school wonderful school in so many ways, but she was saying that anecdotally she ran into hundred students that were all talking that were that were strongly pro-choice and was surprised with her pro-life position so hundred out of how many we don't know but in other words, even a Christian campus. You have 5% by 10% to 20% that are that are quote pro-choice cassettes, the environment, which so many arrays. Fletcher showing pictures of aborted babies is at the Kensington Assiniboine church service. Come on man you there to worship God and meet with God and be uplifted and curries is at the time to do absolutely. The great commission says to go out and make disciples into the world. That's part a part B is to teach the disciples to obey all that I commanded what is it, what did God command when he listed the commandment for the rich young ruler. The first commandment he listed was do not murder and and about 15 nearly 15% of our women in our churches in born-again evangelical women are having abortions. That means nearly 15% of our young men are our fathering children and often paying for abortions, so there abortion is happening in the church and in the reason that is happening is because people I know how you they know abortion is and he will but I don't understand it. It's how evil it really is. They don't understand the decapitation this members a little human being they don't understand is child sacrifice and when the church is silent. Babies are killed when when the pastor speaks but does not show the pictures.

Some babies are say but other babies are killed. Who could've been saved if he would've been willing to share the whole truth. We need to give the whole counsel of God gone and people have to see it in order to understand how evil it is God all all clear, all clear, so we swap out Fletcher and Joanna here for a moment and go back to Michaela so when you are talking sidewalk counselor young black woman talking to other young ladies. What what would you say is the most powerful objection. You hear that the thing that is emotionally, psychologically, the toughest thing to to answer the most heartrending. Why don't know if I would say it's the most heartrending, but I know the most common when I would hear is that these mothers just don't have the time and money and that's really difficult for a lot of families and you know we don't want to turn our nose up at those things but it was the most common when I heard and it was one that it just it hurts the mother and family to just you know be so focused on how much money to have them assigned they have whether or not they can financially to support a child but they're not focusing on the humanity of that child or what that child would what would happen to that town, and abortion, and Joanna and gets close to the mic as you can as you speak. Thanks. Would you say that women that are concentrating abortion.

Many of them think they're doing the compassionate saying to have an abortion to say I think they want to believe that reality they know deep down there thinking is wrong, but they are told by society and they tell themselves know this is for the good of myself, my family, my life and even my children. You know they would take care of them or you know right so what what you say then just you encourage them Michaela to think in terms of adoption determined other alternatives or just focus on the humanity of the baby well with my background so far doing sidewalk counseling actually talking to these women, we were able to know if they came and talked to us to actually help them directly know we were linked to pregnancy centers and other organizations around college or college campus and we would offer to the house them if they needed given food give them whatever they needed to escape danger situations they might be in so those are things in my back on that we've actually offered to them and and wait when you when you see someone make a decision. Joanna to to keep their baby or if you've watched over the years, maybe with with your mom and the pregnancy crisis center that kind of thing Jeffrey gets it. See afterwards here for the person or see the child or have you had that experience. It fell back on and pregnancy centers. I wasn't a peer advocate, but technically heard stories of women. He had to choose life and were so thankful and I know the statistic that you know even in the case of the hardest thing meet you know when I do things that the overwhelming majority of women are grateful that H is like even in that circumstance and yes so so getting getting someone on the other side of it, we we get emails periodically from a local ministry here where they send here the baby showers for the babies and hear the couples are the single moms in there and it's just amazing because that's risky that's that's what didn't happen.

That's what wouldn't have happened since could've ended up the so-called products of conception cut up in pieces and in a bottle somewhere.

So, as is young ladies are in the midst of conflict and people pushing back against you.

Do you see the pro-life side, the pro-life argument getting out more DC hearts and minds of young people being change ultrasounds. Those kinds of things going at definitely do you think that were seen in her youth deftly more pro-life mindset on people's minds are being changed and as our generation is maybe a rebellion against liberalism of our generation. I know people younger than myself. My friends and I are going to college in their so strongly pro-life and definitely know there are people that are strongly committed to the publishing are pro-choice. I bet there are some people that are open and the most beautiful thing to have someone listen.

Yeah, I definitely agree with that, Joanna, and also for me when I was at liberty University. I noticed that when the David delight in videos came out they were kind of helpful to those who are already pro-life and learned about that yes actually mobilize them and get them into it and it's just that imagery of the abortions that actually happening take place in you. Now I'm selling the body parts and all of those things you know seeing those things in an actual video kind of motivated more pro-lifers to get involved. Yeah, final, you are to add, wasn't sure okay so let me just say this if you go back to me that after Roe V Wade settled it was done. That's it galvanized move on and I don't think the proportion activists figured that over 40 years later the pro-life stronger than ever.

Every life matters. So let's rejoice with every lysate. Let's cry out until the tightest turn center for Bio ethical Reform pray for these young ladies on the front lines, it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown, the are going to be redemptive.

We are going to be peacemakers, not troublemakers. We are going to be ambassadors of reconciliation.

We are going to build bridges, not tear bridges down, this is Michael Brown. Welcome to the line of fire 866-34-TRUTH 87884 I announced a few minutes back those you just joining me now that we'd be speaking with a former KKK leader who now pastors a multiracial church. There was a mixup with the guest being on today, but hopefully later in the week we will do that. What I want to do what I want to do today is focus on how we can bring redemptive note in the midst of the racial division political division, Even Spiritual Division Taking Pl. in America today and I'm saying this in the aftermath of the tragedy in Charlotte. I'm saying this in the aftermath of Pres. Trump. As of today, condemning white supremacist neo-Nazis by name. I've seen this in the aftermath of charges of racism flying both ways I'm saying this in the aftermath of all of the exacerbating of racial tension that we've had in the last years under Pres. Obama and Pres. Trump were whoever's responsible whatever reason or cause. Things are much more exacerbated now. I want to be as redemptive as possible.

You can weigh in number to call 866-34-TRUTH 87884 but only relating to the divisions in the country Not just answering your Bible.

Questions were general theological things will focus on the study with Nevins about North Korea and and potential world, one ought not not today.

Not today. Let me read something again that I posted earlier and I wrote this during a break.

I was just so grieved in my heart you agrees me the most. It's how we followers of Jesus handle the divisions in our country.

So many of us seem to be so quick to react so quick to get all our news from one settlement so quick to make superficial. Some informed judgments against others so quick to divide over race or politics.

We must step higher how we being salt and light how we, in the words of Dr. King serving as the moral conscience of the nation so I'm I'm looking at at comments pouring in on social media from different folks who identify as followers of Jesus and that the level of device assistant device of this in the comments that the level of just believing one side of the news writing and thinking there's another position. The level of of being as is worldly and politically influenced. Is anybody else that this grievous and look it's one saying if you say I think what the president said was divisive.

I think with the president said was healing is one thing he said I think that Pres. Obama should've him What I think Pres. Obama could've handled this way right. That's one thing. Of course we have our opinions. It's another thing were based on limited information really call someone a racist to get. I'm just like I've never written an article my life defending Steve Bannon. I don't know him at all. But as far as I know he's not a racist. And Breitbart is not a white supremacist website that I can tell you going there lot is one of the new source I go to go from all different sides and good new small different viewpoints are right, but when I see people posting. Steve Bannon is a white supremacist.

That's a heavy accusation is a heavy accusation with out substance ever throw those things around whether it's on the right on the left, black, white, green, yellow, Jew and Gentile, just throw that stuff out to be careful friends are words Harry way, let us speak carefully and by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on a 486687884. Here is a narrative that I am strongly rejected. Are you ready is a narrative that I am strongly rejected. I'm strongly rejecting a narrative that says because the KKK endorsed Pres. Trump. Therefore, if you voted for Pres. Trump you are pro KKK that is complete nonsense. Did the their new Black Panthers and Doris Barack Obama assume they did and they certainly stood in front of certain voting places. Does that mean that those that voted for Barack Obama and Doris new Black Panthers of course not, of course not. So it's it's this kind of narrative that I'm not buying into and I'm not buying into the narrative that Pres. Trump as president has encouraged neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups because he has not, and there is not up plank of his of his platform that was in any way explicitly racist and as I mentioned earlier in the broadcast. There are folks working close with them that have told me about his genuine burden to help those in the inner cities and to help empower them and there we are talking about, primarily minorities, so the fact that he has an issue with certain people coming into the country is not because of race or ethnicity.

It's because of possible terrorism or possible crime, but those that legitimate immigrants are looking to take refuge into the wings of the United States and become part of our country and help us build our future. People like that are always welcome and that's part of the lifeblood of America so here's here's some of what I have shared about Charlottesville and I'm delay this out. Feel free to disagree all right, 866-34-TRUTH, and the larger issues were facing right now in the body. Here in America as we face the challenges of a divided country. Number one, although there were certainly divisive aspects to Trump's campaign. There's little evidence that he's racist. From the reports I hear from people close to me as a genuine burden to help the inner cities which are large minority, as I just said to let's assume that many white nationalist voted for Trump.

Still, they make up a tiny part of his overall base that'll reflect the sentiments of the vast majority of his voters. Three. It's a non sequitur to argue knows this and follow that because the KKK supported trumpeters who voted Trump supports KKK shouldn't Black Panthers overwhelmingly voted for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton does mean that a white California. June voted for Obama and Hillary supports the Black Panthers for the vast majority of evangelical Christians denounce racism and have no connection with the all right or with white supremacists affected some white racist use Christianity as a cookhouse one thing only. They are hypocrites. Five. Identity politics can be just as dangerous as outright racism both you divisive both to me the value of others and both make judgments based on skin color or ethnicity. Six. We should distance ourselves from the extremism of groups like black lives matter and anti-far justice we distant distance ourselves from the extremism of white nationalism exposing the hateful rhetoric rejecting the violent acts and saying with one loud voice, as Americans, this is not who we are so cold for my article directly if you have it ready Echo asked Dr. it's called Charlottesville white supremacist evangelicals racist and Trump to read it and asked Dr. asking your along with a number of videos on a wide range of interest answering all kinds of fascinating Bible related questions and some great interviews with had her on the line of fire all on the website*, some ensuring some from my article here just I close it out right now across the country. There is massive distrust, polarization, misunderstanding and misrepresentation. Rather than bring us together much of the media's fanning the flames of division fear they're often grossly hypocritical. They find fault with more extreme and downplay the other at volatile times like this when our blind spots only become bigger. We must decide to be part of the solution and not the problem.

That means listening before speaking. Yet that's a big one for me. Listen first digest what's being said.

First, consider the possibility that the person speaking as a prospective I don't have you don't have consider the possibility that the person speaking may have a valid point. All right listening before speaking, understanding, before giving an opinion and caring before criticize about. I'm not the only one that immediately. My tendency is to argue my point rather than to hear the other side or am I the only one that doesn't. Am I the only one who has as the person speaking. I'm formulating my response rather than digesting what they have to say and thinking is there any truth to it. Am I the only one that just judges others.

Am I the only one that does that and and that says all all all your having that position because this is your biases, your background, this your new sources are as opposed to objectively evaluate. Am I the only one that sometimes does that. So I do my best here when you call in, here's what I see on my screen I see your name I see your city and I see in less than one line. I mean one line mean a few words is one line in a tiny little box on the screen what your subject is all right sometimes is unclear what particular position to take this the subject one address within her time specifically clear you have this for you have that few this question that question is clear as we can before you, I may say I disagree with you. Looking at that. But here is my stance when you call, let me see what you have to say genuinely that that's my stance I I may even recognize is not often, but I may recognize and name and a city site.

I remember the guy because it's a different name different city that kind of thing so I know where that guy are like outs coming from I still have to say myself.

Okay, let's see what they have to say in the last sin first before I respond. Some I'm being honest with you as a debater's and are you or me.

That's my tendencies as your speaking summer public debate I'm writing down notes as you speaking I'm writing them down to rebut them, but an interaction conversation going back and forth. That's the subtle redoing so we have to listen before we speak, understand, before human opinion care before criticize the question would be peacemakers troublemakers was to build bridges or block bridges. Those reach out those who push away. So, whether we like it or not with her deep differences strong convictions were one nation under God and United we stand, divided we fall. Which will be 86634 of its go to Thomas and Raleigh. Welcome to light a fire dark brown Marco, you're very welcome sir, electric requirement with regard were that the president to guide me what I thought was a very good spots to be. I think surrogate currently spoke loud and clear. The true nature of America spoke loud and clear, with the election of Mr. Carl and not. I believe it's popular.

I know that I can't prove that and but I do believe that those that surround them again as unit but are about, but trying to equate with Me. What happened in Charlottesville with black dark matter number not the spacer is not been trying to requite with this president with an Obama is not the thing. So I think that's Christian. I just think because did take a look at myself internally at our Scripture and and and it tells the Beckley going to be a chiropractor. I think you have four difficult times affected countries motorbike never met.

I will expect you to be the wise president but I think when in big F Markham continuing just to let him. I cannot just eat you. I want to hear your side right but we just got one minute before the break. Number one thing that makes you feel that the president is racist. The number one thing are Grigor's behavior and comment lack of comment in the direction our country.

And for on destroying healthcare for millions of underprivileged black piano and poor white conduit overturning everything that Obama did effective overturning it. I I think he is a right I think his history spoke about in the house in New York, etc. so I think that he don't have a group marking. And you if I could be persuaded otherwise. But the president stood today and is not. Not there.

Anybody who watched the new reading not from the heart of beer a person brings the country together and I very interesting, right sir. I appreciate you and I got a very different perspective on what you said but I want to hear from you as a God-fearing man. Thank you sir for calling Douglas the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown sooner.

I stand.

I believe Pres. Obama was tremendously divisive. I believe Pres. Trump is been tremendously divisive. I believe that we've seen ugly divisions both ways. I believe that the church needs you. Much better and that we cannot be caught up in the political moment. I disagree with my last caller's perspective in terms of what Pres. Trump is doing was doing but I 100% understand that that is his perspective and that he says it is a God-fearing man and that he is concerned about the direction of the country. I fully respect that I fully respect his position. I hope you can respect my position and that's where phone lines are open all right so II may probe I've anyone to disagree on something, but I want to hear from you are listless. I did a Twitter poll earlier. A leader just sent me a note asking me why would even do this, but I want to see what my listening audience viewing on severe social media audience feels perceives right so I said can you say with certainty that the president is or is not a racist. I'm not trying to determine truth or simply monitoring your views 9% since early racist 60% said certainly not racist.

31% said not sure. All right Rog rarer tweeted this out earlier. Media conservatives must announce white supremacy conservatives down with white supremacy media, you don't really mean it. Well, what if they don't really mean it, then that's a fair question. Why did the president immediately come out and say things on Saturday and they white supremacist bindings. They will there is violence on both sides are can rally counsel yet, but it was one guy with a terrorist attack of crashing a car into the crowd and that one guy was on the white supremacist site so that's what you focus on this matter. What else is going on condemned neo-Nazis. You can tell its premises.. Right so I understand was the uproar, but I believe what Pres. Trump said he said sincerely today. In any case, only take as much time as I can to hear from as many of you as I can and we can disagree on the look in the eye and hug you as a brother or sister and say come on, let's get to know each other better and bring healing to our country and bring the message of the gospel to our country and I'm sure I'm sure Thomas it just call then send same to me couldn't be more respectful, gracious, what he said we have differences.

Five and the trees maybe similar between both of us right. Let's go to Winston-Salem.

Tyler welcome to light a fire. Dr. Brownback your gravity on shore. I don't really relevant about relevant I'm off to a black male, and I feel lot of people that all white people need certain rate that think that they have committed an act needed. I think idea of where Bert ought to bring into the dirt calling for a blanket repentant bird group of people even though they may have nothing at all with the event that Charlotte how would you say the best way to do with that bit you cannot look at people who are but that would be valid with more white and I know that they are legally not notably removed from the white Conversation with them and I'm not have no and grab bitterness toward him back you that it is always been a bit being encouraged bitterness toward those who just happened to be white, yellow, or yellow in color, and it also a thing. I think that the people that care about your group of people even know they have nothing to do yesterday so yeah very very important point number one just in a dialogue with someone if this came up, I would say will will be asking all black Americans to repent over what a a black shooter diddly took out policeman assassinated policeman in in Texas in Dallas last year and ostensibly inspired by the Bible black live matter rallies and those kinds of thing didn't didn't didn't occur to you to go your black neighbor is llama white person with a black neighbors who would you denounce this when asked by Christian leaders across America lead and asked what why why make any connection so there's been a double standard.

I first expose the ugly double standard.

Then, in terms of responsibility here is how things work biblically.

If the. The sin is ongoing.

For example, we were still practicing slavery or segregation government we were still doing that right then we have to repent of of not acting on it, or if the world remains the same specs but the wound still remains because of the system that's been set up in place, then we need to deal with, but if something happens somewhere else or some if a white person in South Africa did something to why after repentant here in America for black person in Nigeria did some and you have to repent of their maintenance complete nonsense and there is an ugly narrative book.

There are college classes them to so one have to we have to abolish whiteness when I was part of the debate. I would have me to white men debating a black woman in a black man about homosexuality in the Bible, but that just happened to be the demographic wheelbase. He told one point that that we are we have the white supremacist position basically that that that there And we've even heard that there could be no black racism towards whites because whites of the majorities. This complete nonsense of what we have to get back to justice doesn't see color justice doesn't see ethnicity justice sees what's right and that's what we need to speak to another because we are being ripped apart and the identity politics that have been rampant for years, or ripping us apart and they are they to me identity politics, or are just as racist as the KKK. So thank you for calling and raising that 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Judy and Charlotte.

Welcome to light a fire hello hello I'm right here. One thing that I realize that we are not going to get 100 backs and here on earth that that that bottom line but we knew half-and-half patient and mercy on each other. We have Patient and mercy because nobody is perfect.

No rain, so we endure each other and educate each other and love one another to hear each other out and realize that we are now coming get 100% inspection on either side here on earth. I am stand lopsided on our planet. But people on both sides willing to hear each other and willing to make light on management each other in year one another out and come to an agreement to all each other.

We have to realize and loom with in order for us to look to you complete calling each other.

We are all human being in anyone out there had been the mixtures of family, you can empathize and leave that I have to give ample time have to be on each other and and common ground is to see that you, Judy Taylor, Greta time, but what you said is just thank you so we can get some more calls will try again tomorrow. Friends go to asked her to ground the Lord ask Kate your branded organ need to read the articles

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