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Why We Need Blood Sacrifices

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 21, 2017 5:21 pm

Why We Need Blood Sacrifices

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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September 21, 2017 5:21 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 09/21/17.

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It is the Jewish new year is a time of repentance where are the blood sacrifices stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown for days now. People been greeting one another versus an auto law meeting for a good year for a good new year and the Jewish new year is not like the new year in the West. It's not a time of partying. It's not a time of fireworks, but it is a time of repentance and introspection. Today's broadcast I will explain how Jewish tradition made this the new year words in the Bible. It is the first day of the seventh month talk about the shofar blasts the significance of the blast of the ram's horn and then want to ask the obvious question. What happened to blood sacrifices.

Why no blood sacrifices as well. It's obvious there's no temple standing without a temple stand you can offer sacrifices within the larger question, is there atonement without blood. What about the biblical concept of substitutionary atonement will also take your Jewish related calls today welcome welcome to the broadcast.

This is Michael Brown here's number to call 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884. Any Jewish related questions Israel related Hebrew related Judaism related Israel, Middle East related, they are appropriate for our thoroughly Jewish Thursday broadcast its 866-348-7884 in the Bible you don't read a loss about this day of crew day of the shofar trumpet blast. It's not mentioned in terms of major significance. It's not mentioned in terms of lots of things to be done on this day, but what we do know is that it is 10 days before the day of atonement, a very solemn time in Israel's history. The one time in the year with a high priest can enter the holiest place of all, but not without blood at time of cleansing for the nation even cleansing of the temple/Tabernacle in the midst of the people because it had become defiled by the sins of Israel, and the time obviously of great repentance of God here on my desk and I cannot hold it up because of the color it's I can come out on our screen but it's a book of wallets. It's a big fat book is how many pages long. It's over 800 pages long.

Over 800 pages long and it's Hebrew and English and is the prayerbook for the day of atonement to the next 10 days into the month on the biblical calendar the 10th day of the seventh month so massive amount of prayer and petition, repentance, confession, traditional Jew on your keyboard. David told will be in the synagogue through that evening that so beginning at Ed with with sunset through that evening for hours and then much of that next day, maybe home for a little break and then there the entire next day in the synagogue praying literally at times beating his breast.

Not not in a way to hurt yourself but in the symbolic way to say God I'm guilty God of sin got I'm I'm grieved over what I've done and and lick the prayer in confession is corporate so on behalf of yourself and the people of Israel.

Your confessing up a massive litany of sins every kind of imaginable sin your confessing to this into this and to this and it does honestly deal with the wickedness of the human heart and repentance is a tremendously important theme in the Bible and in the New Testament we talked about at some last week, but again what's conspicuously absent not by the choice of Jewish people would just use would love to have a temple look to be able offer sacrifices and fulfill other commandments, that they can't fulfill now, but they right now. Through no choice of their own, do not have a temple standing can't be rebuilt at this moment in its ancient location, so no temple, no sacrifices this that mean no atonement that we deal with this focus on the today on thoroughly Jewish Thursday right here on the line of fire. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, the blast of the ram's horn, the shofar is heard around the world and Jewish synagogues.

At this time of the year. Jewish tradition has restriction a two day holy day wears in the Bible it is one day that has to do with siting of the new moon has to do with Jews in exile, but that sound of the blowing of the shofar is heard in a very sober way. It's interesting that some Jewish tradition traces this back to the arcade. The binding of Isaac in Genesis 22, when God provides a ram to the provision of the ram and in the setting of the ram's horn takes us back to the living sacrifice of Abraham and Isaac. Jewish tradition putting the emphasis on Isaac as if he was a grown man. This was taking place we go elsewhere, the shofar, the trumpet blasts in the book of Numbers is the children of Israel were leaving camp. That blast would be sounded it would notify them. It was also a call Lord Verizon go with us to scatter enemies.

And then when settling in the Lord returned so it had that significance and there.

There are some Jewish traditions that speak to this mission, the Torah, which was written by Moses Maimonides in the 12th century, he says this regarding the laws of the shofar is in a pot is a positive mitzvah commandment. The positive commandment of the Torah to hear the blast of the shofar on Russia shall not, as it is stated it shall be a day of blowing the horn to you again. Jewish tradition has made at Roche ocean, the head of the year. The new year in the Bible. It is the sounding of the ram's horn, and then he says this is laws of repentance.

Moses Maimonides again. Although the sounding of the shofar restriction is a Torah decree. There is an illusion that it is well, it says be rouse sleepers from your sleep and slumbers wake from your slumber searcher deeds and return in repentance, so this is a wake-up call this a time when Jewish people around the world, even those that are not that religious will go to synagogue I grew up in a nominal Jewish home. I certainly knew I was Jewish.

It was part of my identity. The community which I grew up, was largely Jewish. Lori went to school and at school.

It was Jewish and Gentile. We all hung out together but my dad felt that he had lost a lot of his Jewish heritage. Growing up when his parents came over from Russian. He was born here in the states. Neither he nor her. His brothers were bar mitzvahed, and he felt it was important for me to be bar mitzvahed into recovered some of the Jewish heritage we had lost and sometimes he go to synagogue every week and then often he wouldn't, but the high holidays we were always there and I remember going because I had to go and being bored like little kids would be if they don't have a real connection with their faith, but you know the prayers that would be prayed long hours and things like that. We go there we we do our part, at least for part of the ceremony and you hear the shofar blasting again.

II was that serious enough to understand the traditional Jew now between now and Yom Kippur, the day of atonement is doing tremendous of soul-searching, a tremendous amount of personal repenting tremendous amount of getting things right before God. Yes, repentance is a daily thing for traditional Jew, but this time it's considered to be an especially auspicious time in Hebrew, yummy know how EM the days of awe and him is during this time that according to Jewish tradition. Our deeds are being weighed in the balance. You may hear me talk about this every year but many are not familiar with this will take the time to do it, and the astrological symbol associated with this month. The seventh month, Tishri is a scales so we are being balanced and weighed before God. According to Jewish tradition, and for good deeds outweigh our bad deeds that are names we written the book of life for another year you say well if a religious Jew dies there ever was gonna die right so when you die you assume that your bad deeds that we drew goodies.

Well, that's a silly assumption that's made or your little too wicked that your that is an assumption that's me and you might cement it sounds legalistic. That sounds like this well and good deeds outweigh your bad deeds. You kidding me in and who can we usually tell me how can we tell where human beings right we think our repentance is perfect in its fought, we think were doing great were for the self-righteousness and pride so that's that's a very fair question to ask. Can't can't God alone way our deeds and balance things out. The answer is obviously yes. So for some traditional Jews is definitely legalist the psyche of legalism in Christian circles in Muslim circles and and others. In short, so I'm sure for some traditional Jews is very legalistic and very Mistretta balance the accounts properly and for others it's deeply sincere before God, and there's a hatred of salmon want to turn into the right thing, in that the Talmud and the tractate on Roche ocean. Also on this holy day and season it says God speaking. Say before me versus of kingship so that you shall crown be king over you. How with the shofar so that sounding of the shofar then symbolizes the recognition of the kingship of God is as well and then you heard those different sounds right, you heard the different sounds. So you hear a tequila which is a long single blast. That's thought to be the sound of the King's coronation Schwerin, which was three short wail like blasts, which signified repentance true law, which is nine staccato blasts of alarm to awaken the soul, Iago Dole, a great long blast was long as you can low that some of the symbolism behind this and to me as a Jewish person. This is a very important time to pray for a Jewish friends for family members for for traditional rabbis and others that they would truly come to know the forgiveness that comes through the Messiah that they would know forgiveness on a deeper level, there have that they would know forgiveness in the cleansing of guilt and assurance of being in right relationship with God and a sense of once for all. Having passed from death to life once for all. Having passed from a state of guilt to it to a state of acceptance as beloved children and not to be renewed again every year I pray deeply that my Jewish friends, family members who don't yet know the Messiah traditional Jews who look at me as deceived and is a deceiver that they would experience repentance had never experienced that they would experience that once and for all. Forgiveness that does not give us a license to sin but empowers us to live holy lives you say, but as a follower of Jesus. Don't you confess sin when you fall short short and archer claims on a regular basis, yes, but it's not in terms of salvation.

It's not in terms of coming into right relationship with God. It's in terms of of getting our feet washed, because as we walk in this world as clean plans, redeem forgiven people set apart to holiness by the blood of the Messiah as we do that what happens is our feet get dirty walking in this world and that's why we confess our sins on a regular basis but but notice what's written in Hebrews and let me read this to because this is significant, and I know that many traditional Jews listen to this broadcast maybe on podcast maybe live, maybe not listening today because of the the holy season, but I want to encourage you to hear these words. In particular, if you are a traditional Jew I'm reading to you from the book of Hebrews are right Hebrew starting in chapter 9. Indeed, even the first covenant had ordinances of divine service in the earthly sanctuary.

So going through the Sinai covenant and what it said and signified and then it's it points out that the holiest place of all.

Only the high priest could go and that only once a year and it was symbolic for the present time in which both gifts and sacrifices are offered which cannot make him who perform the service perfect regard to the conscience sold is talk about while the temple was standing. That's when Hebrews was written and the priests are offering up sacrifices for the people and that they are doing this with all sincerity, and yet every year. There had to be the renewal of this atonement process because what the atoning sacrifice is repointing for had not yet come into the world. It says this with the blood of bulls and goats in the ashes of a heifer sprinkling the unclean sanctifies for the purifying of the flesh, how much more shall the blood of Messiah, who through the eternal Spirit offered himself without spot to God claims your conscience from dead works to serve the living God. And then Hebrews chapter 10 for the law.

Cheraw, having a shadow of the good things to come, and not the very image of the things, can never with the same sacrifices, which they offer continually year by year, make those who approach perfect meaning, into that perfectly right lasting relationship with God, for then would they not have ceased to be offered the worshipers once purified we have no more consciousness of sins meaning we would not feel as we need to be cleansed of this guilt on a regular basis or as Goggin except me or not. On an annual basis, something would be fundamentally different and then having crossed over into this extraordinary relationship with God forgiven through the blood of Messiah, the daily cleansing the washing of our feet takes place is very very different goes through your report day of atonement were just getting started much more to come. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown on young people are soil people festival so the little drink.

We don't use electricity just going to the synagogue and pray all day and I hope that the file basically own people from is a day for justice, forgiveness, height, it would myself month of the time and talking to God either in the morning afternoon at nighttime.

I just talked to him all day. You know, and I know you listening to me to so these are some Israelis not religious Jews who were working at a nearby mall and some of her team asked them what you do for Yom Kippur again coming up roughly 10 days of the Jewish calendar. What you do for Yom Kippur for the day of atonement so one fast goes to synagogue in and does the traditional thing and that may be the only time of year. During the high holidays that he does this maybe goes to synagogue more often but is not a traditional shoe and then you have another Israeli. She sits at home and talks to God so she knows that there's something special about this time it's part of the lifecycle. You grow up with it. You go out on the roads and Yom Kippur, the just going to be empty. You know a kid could just ride it bicycle back and forth on a main road. Basically, of any cars will be there no cars at certain times and in yet this was not a traditional Jew, she doesn't say the traditional pressures that the synagogue, so it's a time when even nonreligious Jews become more religious, but the reason for blood is important is the goddess of fascination with blood is not that blood has some magical power pop prepared powers somewhat would argue rather the blood signifies the life and the loss of the blood is the loss of life and it is a violent loss of life that some of the animals.

Blood is pouring out instead of the victim you lay your hands on the sacrificial animal which happens in some cases under Torah law, you lay your hands on the sacrificial animal you confess your sins over it and then the animal is put to death. What a lesson life instead of life that the innocent taking place of the guilty, and ultimately points towards what are Messiah did I get an article bring your article to relive Esther to how Jesus smashes the gospel of self-esteem when we minimize the ugliness of sin, we minimize the greatness of his sacrifice. When we exalt human nature we diminish the meaning of the cross for me. Recognize our guilt.

We recognize our need for Messiah.

We recognize than what he did as our perfect sacrifice, 86634 to let's go to the phones will start in Lake but we won't start there a let's start in Holly Springs, North Carolina Gary, welcome to the line of fire around here. This again actually I can.

As Howard let's see what's going on with Gary but I heard you first. I can hear you now so we go to another call with San Diego Jonathan, welcome to the line of fire by Dr. Michael Brown had a question that affected chapter 30 okay typically verse 23. I'm a pastor and my congregation had a question regarding this passage and reclaimed bet upon some research that there is a mistranslation of what translations have a calamus or sweet cane and that it really should be cannabis marijuana from Connie both them. It is a phonetic similarity there but I was curious what your thoughts were on that. Obviously the hot topic with the use of medical marijuana what's going on with that.

What are your thoughts on that special committee with respect to yet.

My thoughts are the person who has to this in the in the congregation see the smoke and some themselves are rented from somebody who smoking something know it. In all seriousness though, I course.

Not here so here's a good way to test out a theory okay when you have scholars from wide ranges of backgrounds Jewish Christian religious, nonreligious, and they all agree on the translation of the text and then when you go back through history and see that historically the text is been translated the same way the word is been translated the same way. It's not because there's some world conspiracy over it.

Okay. Rather, it's because that's what it really says so at the end of of the verse. It ends with who can they can they post them, she mama time so 250 of this steward, 50 shekels of this, can they boast them. So what is that what is it specifically referring to and both Sam that's that has to do with Spicer or balsam the balsam tree we get that word from there. But can they is is just that the word from which we get Canon because it has to do with a read or wrought okay so sooner word. The word there's this read or wrought and it is a a a read or wrought of of the sweet smelling calamus so number one no connection to cannabis okay and no phonetic, no philological connection whatsoever. Now if you look through history. How was this how was this translated a few go back to the ancient Greek translation, how they translated sweet smelling calamus integrate 200 years before the time of Jesus more than that if we look at the ancient Aramaic translation from so from around the time of Jesus which I'm looking at now translates it just like the Hebrew which is sweet smelling calamus.

Now if if you if you look at him to look at a bunch of different translations.

The new Jewish publication Society, aromatic cane same of the complete Jewish Bible. The NLT fragrant calamus. The NET sweet smelling pain NIV fragrant calamus, ESV, aromatic cane, fragrant pain etc. so that's all it's referring to an end and by the way, even if there was something in the in the incense and was trying to argue that it had to be deleted refers to that it refers to to cannabis. They suggesting that they would be kind of this pot smell in the sanctuary were or or something like that or whatever the larger context of the verses is here that it would it smell like the old rock concert halls and she went into in point of fact, Harrington's sons were told. Don't drink wine we going to the holy place and there's Jewish speculation that not of an obvious who must've been drinking wine and there were little tipsy and that's when they went and offered up unauthorized fire to the Lord and died before the Lord. So the idea that this can be anything that tends to lack of sobriety in the presence of God is is absolute nonsense. So aside from philological phonetic argument is complete nonsense on every score. Okay yeah and actually if you look at the proportion of the Mount Baker ratio.

It would've been a very, very potent mix for the benefit of an end anyway so that they got Jonathan as a pastor, he does deal with all kinds of things that we can help you out so no no, God did not prescribe cannabis incense in the holy place priest could be hired as a minister, but maybe some hallucinogenic student maybe all the visions and stuff.

Maybe it's just hallucinogenic's is wise to think I was doing drugs. It's the line of fire with your host activist and author, international and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 8664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown is the same time calendar time of the Jewish calendar was originally the first day of the seventh month of the Jewish calendar has become the Jewish new year and this is happened in Jewish tradition. If you are what's called the Carol I shoe very small minority of Jesus identifies that Jews that reject rabbinic tradition, but still observe the written Torah, they would say this is not the new year they would say it's very clear in the Bible that is the time of the Exodus, the Passover, that's the biblical new year and that's what we should celebrate so that that would be the first month on the biblical calendar and this would be the seventh month, on the biblical calendar but Judaism recognized different new year is a civil new year and agricultural new year just like you have a school year starts and ends at a certain time or tax. Answer certain time begins at a certain time. So this over period of time, became known as the Jewish new year and although I don't accept that tradition.

There was I don't personally say okay this is the Jewish new year in God's sight because it is celebrated by Jews around the world is such I join in with that wish my fellow Jews. Happy new year and pray in particular for my traditional Jewish friends. They would have a revelation of the Messiah that we have a revelation of the one who sacrificed himself that we could have eternal life.

The death of the righteous atoning for the wicked.

As we turn to God in repentance and faith God will forgive 866-348-7884. It is thoroughly Jewish Thursday before share some other interesting facts with you about this time of the year before we take more of your calls.

I want to speak with David Karen. He has produced a new fascinating movie on Israel and as its thoroughly Jewish Thursday I want to take a few minutes to focus on this with you, David, welcome to the line of fire. Thank you Dr. Brown thank you I appreciate you having me on.

I'm I just got a fit of public week we talked. I just appreciate you so much and the boldness that you have in speaking in our our day and age. I appreciate so much. Most, thank you sir, I do appreciate that we we got a couple minutes before the first break but there a lot of movies about Israel there movies about the history of Israel there movies about the geography of Israel. The agriculture of Israel. The amazing exploits of Israel different things like this.

What makes your movie unique.

II hope it's very active view of Israel that people of everything before, because it's about the beauty, the beauty of the land and the beauty of the people I was brought over there for the first time in my life about three years ago by invited me to go out always wanted to go, document don't make a stop been around the world telling stories about what God is doing in the world and we got have been up a believer or a follower of Christ and have been a little guy, but Israel is not actually on my map. I didn't think about so much and we went over there and it just blew me away and it was it was to think of the miracle of the land in the miracle of the people. Every I didn't know Israel was green.

Now every picture I've seen every movie exiting document anything it was always dusty without some way that you never want to go in your life. But when I went there I saw that that's not true at all and if the door displacement screen fruits and ministries and this is life all over the place and the other the other thing is I thought we we had breakfast lunch there with Jewish families every single day in a row, tell me the exact same story didn't even know each other. There tell me the story of how they came to Israel or their father or their grandfather and eventually tell me everybody tell me Ali Oster there. Tell me how they came and it was it made me think. After a week it made me think of the prophet Jeremiah says this is just as time when you have come from all all over the world like to come back in a few more minutes with David Karen. His documentaries been shown in many churches ready. I am Israel gets the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is there is and as we are doing live streams of our broadcast now on you to a review that are watching on YouTube. There is comes up. Glad to have you. You say why can't I can't watch live but I like to watch afterwards will we post each shown as we been putting them up on YouTube.

Daily reposting shows with this means is sometimes of redoing an audio clip on the radio rectally playing a video clip not always, but sometimes replaying that you get to watch that as well and I've got stacks of questions that are coming in and that the chat box on YouTube.

I'm going to try to answer some of them as well.

866-34-TRUTH 784 this thoroughly Jewish Thursday and will come back to this concept of substitutionary atonement and why it is something tremendously lacking right now among the Jewish people and has been from his 2000 years since the death of the Messiah was rejected. So before we go back to Russia Chenal before we go back to your usually questions. I will take a few more minutes with David Karen. So David, you been around the world. Something struck you about Israel. What is striking, you know, Israel was was a swampland before the Jewish people really began to develop it was largely uninhabited.

You can still see so many rocks and dirt places as you go and yet is that the lands been developed.

It really is in essence a land flowing with milk and honey. But Israeli is called the Sombra which is a cactus type plant so it's prickly on the outside but soft on the inside. What struck you as may be unique to every nation has its unique qualities. What struck you as unique about the Jewish people and Jewish stories you encounter.

There been? Maybe you know that the people that I met maybe.

Maybe. What struck me with their ultimate ideal that their living for us to live out what you called the greatest commandment without the Shema to love the Lord your God with all your heart and so the people that I met they were there there because God called them back to Israel. They could live other places. They can be very, very successful. Other places, but they chosen to go back and and take a risk and live there and develop the land and you know a lot of the Movie Takes Pl. in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the Golan Heights, which is another unique thing about I am Israel it to a lot of the movie takes place in in in places that many leaders in the world would say oh that's not Israel.

We have characters in the end we have a character in the North that the cowboy Golan Heights.

We have a young Jewish mother and on the mountains of Samaria who and you know everybody represents something like that.

The cowboy represents the protector of Israel because he served in the idea that the Jewish mother represents new lifetime and motherhood, and there are living out this this amazing call and I feel I just feel so privileged to have been able to be invited and be invited to their homes and film these things because it's really strengthen my faith after you like it.

It strengthened my faith because it's what God said he was going to do and so it's just this amazing think there's there's a lot in the movie where there's this amazing man. The vineyard owner and he says the he says to me Israel is the greatest proof on earth that God exists and is still acting in our world and that's actually my my worldview to I think you can feel the proof of God in creation yet. I think after creation. Best way to prove God, that God is active in this world is the nation of Israel and the Jewish people. Yeah, and even the world. Controversy over Jerusalem and the history of of anti-Semitism and attempts to wipe out the Jews and yet the preservation of the Jewish people and and on and on it goes up to see the others.

You don't see the hand of God in creation is a look around the world are in Israel but I'm I'm absolutely with you in terms of the importance of these things and David last question. What's your reason for wanting Christians to see this.

You didn't do this is as an outreach try to win Jewish people.

Jesus, you didn't do this is something primarily for the Jewish community along with what you've done.

Especially for Christians.

What's the goal what kind of impact is this movie having on Christian viewers.

I think it's because we live and thought about Joshua and Caleb. I think that the majority of the world is coming back with a bad report and I believe that people that I believe are so many Christians that love Israel to come back with a good report, but without a film unit without you going to stop her without a film, it's very hard to communicate the majesty of God, the miracles of God, of what's going over there so I think it's II think Christians really called right now to be those Joshua and Caleb in the world and say God is on the move in and you have to you have to go and the so far the film is done in 1200 churches in many television networks, and our goal is just to be in thousand thousand of churches in a totally free for churches to sign up and show the film and we just hope it really connects Christians the hearts of Christians to Israel and the Jewish people.

I saw you folks find out about this where they go. Our website is I am Israel and they plug in and sign up and then they get the download link for free and able to play in their small group in their synagogue or in the church and the trailer is right there as well on the website, correct yes are correct. I I am Israel what's stopping you with your small group Bible study with your large church service. Having a special gathering. What's stopping you from doing this.

It's free. What a great time of year to do this while I am Israel David, thanks for all your labor and effort appreciated. God bless you forgot about you. Dr. Graham, God bless. All right fascinating and check out the trailer. Just go. If the trailer is an interesting find. But check out the trailer I am Israel ballistic if you Jewish related calls will go to Holly Springs, North Carolina Gary, thanks for holding welcome to the line of fire by Dr. Burke. Well, you're in and out. Let's look will try again. Keep going. Dr. Brown.

My question is if the ark of the company behind the curtain or the veil in the most holy place, and only the priest could go in on the day of atonement, the most holy place. How is it that first annual or more.

They sent burglary for the ark to come into battle against the Philistines of the it ultimately got captured but how could they get to the ark of the covenant.

It was in most holy place yet because they had no fear of God that the two sons of of of Eli end up dying as as a result of that half the infinitives they were gone.

This man they were abusing sexually abusing women they were taking for themselves. The best part of the sacrifices and and and Eli even though he saw it didn't adequately discipline them.

So now they're in battle with the Philistines and the think we gotta do something dramatic and obvious to God and strike them down for touching the ark that could have happened Saturday went and did what they were not supposed to do and and think of this, the Philistines see it Gary right this is really significant and they think all know the gods are are fighting against us and yell and that the strongmen see.

You would think okay Yahweh is going to vindicate his name. Now right and he's gonna let Israel defeat the Philistines. Even though the Philistines are a come against sinful Israel he's gonna fight for his people because his name is at stake. No, he lets the people sin take its course.

He doesn't bail Israel out for his namesake immediately.

He does that later. So first Israel suffers the consequences of its sin and obedience in idolatry there defeated in battle, and the ark is taken into Philistine control and then at that point, God begins to demonstrate his superiority over the gods of the Philistines and the Philistines realized you don't want to mess with the God of Israel, so God first note, we might think well if we put the name of Jesus on the line God's going to vindicate us, not a foreign sin, not a foreign presumption.

He'll let his name be disgraced because of our sin, but then he will act in a redemptive way to vindicate his name may be in days. Maybe in weeks, maybe in months may be in the years will do it.

So this is a very stark tail and and it shows what happens when you get presumptuous with the holy things of God. You're going to pay a penalty. And of course the sons of Eli or I did that day. And then Eli when he gets the report yells over. He's a big heavy old man breaks his neck and dies it. It's it's a tragic story and and that's also where the birth of a child to to one of these men killed in battle than the child's name you call vote. Ichabod where where's the glory, the glorious departed. That is the story here. Sobering account and great question Gary, thank you for asking. I will get you a couple more questions. On the other side of the break Michael on YouTube's one euro. None of the Truth Network anymore you Truth Network all of our stations. Nothing strange just cut from two hours in certain cities back to one hour in all cities may re-expand that we've expanded now to have this our available on the live feed online as well. So cut back one way expand another and want to keep expanding to reach as many of you as possible error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Sounds just some of them of the shofar which is blasted in Jewish synagogues today. One day. In the Bible. The seventh, the first of the seventh month, on the biblical calendars become the first day of the new year on the traditional calendar and that that tradition seems to go back about 2000 years certainly least 1800, 1900 years. How far back before that it goes is debatable but again I remind you a great time to be praying for Jewish repentance.

The heart and soul of the atonement system in the Bible is substitution, the innocent taken the place of the wicked. The clearest statement of all found in Isaiah 53. This is what our Savior does he himself takes our sins suffers in his body on the tree. Peter writes about that as well. John first John tells us he is the propitiation for our sins, not for ours only but those for the whole world. And Paul says that the Messiah will we were yet sinners, the Messiah gave himself for the ungodly. All the sacrifices and rights of atonement .2 that coupled with faith and redemption and repentance we have forgiveness 866-34-TRUTH just some questions posted on our YouTube channel a was my view of Kabbalah. Forget the modern pop version of cabal that Madonna and others populace forget that the Kabbalists of Jewish mysticism is very complex. I am not a scholar of Jewish mysticism. There are areas of great beauty and insight and fascinating tradition and others that I think are dark and wrong and fleshly in some cases demonic so it is a mixture in that regard that there is a pop version of it or even a pop demonization of it.

That does not give a proper context. There's a pop popularization of her than a pop demonization. What is Judy's and recover head covering for prayer. This is not taught in the Bible is not even mandated in the Talmud.

This is a later Jewish tradition that men should always have their head covered and it is out of reverence for God, it is it is a reminder that God is above it is a reminder to walk in humility before the God who is enthroned on high. It is not a biblical command by the traditional Jew will keep it is a tradition of the rabbis as if it is something very sacred and important in God's sight, 86634 let's go to Matt in Farmington, Missouri.

Welcome to the line of fire dark around my call and thank you personally for the impact you get me I'll I love early. Thursday treatment, but thanks for taking time to just do it. If you learn a lot from you. Thank you so my joy, I just recently learned about bread that you cannot duty of them out wondering if you had any element that any perspective on that. I also wonder if maybe you've already done a show about that, but maybe would you consider doing a show about rabbinic Judaism. In addition, it made to the Torah and ended with the Lafayette air actually turned God law at her or something like that if you drive out your list that yeah sure, of course, if you want to get extensive teaching on that good volume 5 of answering Jewish objections to Jesus. Volume 5 of answering Jewish objections to Jesus again said and great that the traditional Jew would say we are rightly interpreting Torah, rightly applying it or using homiletic of interpretations is never being twisted. I would say sometimes the plain meaning of Scripture is turned on its head for traditional purposes.

You were referring to Carol I choose where you are not sure that may be the right word group that rejected helmet and yeah that's caring the case of the Kenite. Sorry. Yeah II thought maybe there's something you cannot just an ancient tribe, yet Carol I choose it.

If you think of Chiron right that were Koran think of Scripture, McCraw, Caracol raw the Chiron team caught goes back to Scripture. Even the Quran is probably that name borrowed from the Aramaic word for it. Scripture you have that same sound, Chiron team Carol-ites McCraw Scripture clear on the same sound so they are Jews who say we are the authentic choose very small number today. They've grown a little bit in recent years, but they would say they are the authentic choose that the ones called the Sadducees, are given a bad name in Jewish history, but they were authentic choose versus the Pharisees who created new traditions and became rabbinic Judaism. That's what they would argue they would say that what they just follow the Bible as written and use the Scriptures themselves to deduce the meaning of the commandments present the traditional Jew says that that the Torah commands us to observe the Sabbath day.

And anyone who works on the Sabbath is put to death within it doesn't tell us what work is right, and traditional Jew would say that's why we need the rabbinic traditions that explain what is work and what is not work is at work. If you write something down as it work if you if you jog in the street. Is it work. If you move furniture is it is it work if you pick up a bucket. Is it work if you talk is at work. If you pray, how do we know what work is so traditional Jew would say obviously God gave Moses. Other traditions oral explanations how to interpret the Torah and additional information so he would be able to convey to the people what work was and that's why you need to traditions Carol right you. I would agree with in saying that God did not give these traditions to Moses Mount Sinai don't agree differ with the fact the traditions grew over the centuries, some good, some bad, some neutral, but I agree with Carol I Jews that God did not give Moses an oral law on Mount Sinai account right, you would say, through the Scriptures through scriptural exegesis through looking at the meaning of the word monaka work through through looking at what this means in the Torah and observing what it means to rest from work that we can now deduce what we should and shouldn't do. Interestingly, though the carrot still develop some of their own traditions all over the centuries, so they became very prominent, or about 12 1300 years ago. They claim that these new traditions were added in that no one ever heard of. And that's why they were rejected traditional Jews claim that they decided to break away from the power structure of the day and from the rabbinic leadership and and start their own saying and what happened was they were growing in number and influence then saw Audrey Golomb in the ninth 10th century was the most influential Jewish leader of that time. She really went after the carrots politically and he tried to take down their arguments. He was a famous philosopher and an legal scholar and that traditional Jews leave. That's when the change came and carries him got smaller and smaller and smaller characters. It was a numbers game is a power play whatever but they remain to this day, and they are growing a little bit. It looks like for a while that they completely going to nonexistence. I agree with a lot of their arguments by rejecting tradition and going back to Scripture, but I fundamentally disagree in their failure to apprehend Jesus as the Messiah. He thank you sir for your question. Listen, friends, I need your help. If we been a blessing to you. I want to ask you to do something with me will cost you a dime. Connect with me on Facebook or twitter dishonesty to do in part with me next week to send out a special announcement to all of your social media followers, so go ask Dr. ask ADR Click on Facebook put a connect with me today

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