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Why the World Needs the Church; Insights from the Front Lines of the NFL; and More

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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October 9, 2017 4:41 pm

Why the World Needs the Church; Insights from the Front Lines of the NFL; and More

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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October 9, 2017 4:41 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 10/09/17.

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So what is the role of the church in society and what does it mean to be saltier. They got some insights for you today. It's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown why I hope you had a great weekend. I had an amazing time that I'll share with you in a moment. I've got some insights I believe will be very helpful to you think that will sort out some things in a very simple and clear way and in the light will go on as we talk about our role as God's people in society. This is Michael Brown and you're listening to the line of fire not watching it today. We can't live stream on YouTube today or tomorrow gobbling will be back to normal on Wednesday with our new life streaming video as well as audio. But as always, this is my voice. I always enjoyed running into folks and when they hear my voice.

They recognize me they be be among other people in this weight.

I listen to on the radio that that always brings me joy.

So it's my pleasure and honor to be your voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity. I do want to talk to you about the NFL vice president pants walking out on the game between the Indianapolis Colts and the San Francisco 49ers. After many of the 49ers players knelt down during the anthem having been an NFL game this Sunday have got some thoughts and perspectives about that as well that I think will be constructive, 866-348-7884 is number to call to get involved in the discussion today are not taking random questions of all kinds, like I often do on on Fridays and other days of the weeks will be focused in the calls that we do take but I want to speak to specifically about our role in society that we could look at things and say why get involved in any level with the culture wars be at abortion, be it sexual revolution redefining marriage be a similar thing happened in the culture be racial issues.

Why get involved it gets us caught up in controversy and it takes us away from preaching the gospel and the more we preach the gospel, the more we share the good news people get save their lives to change great and we don't get caught up on all the other things that sap our attention like the fight against redefining marriage or the fight to save babies in the will look after all, many of us believe a baby killed the mood was tragic and horrible as it is. That baby was straight to the presence of God. So it's bad but it's not that that a repeat of her people use his arms. These are my arguments. These are not my arguments.

Although I do believe those babies go to be with the Lord is not my argument, that therefore we should just let the be killed in the womb same mentality and muscle call babies right because they all immediately go to heaven to me. What a sick sick argument that would be perverted, ugly, murderous argument, that would be so many people say look it were losing the culture wars look societies going in the wrong direction. Look were never going to see a perfect world, let's concentrate on prayer. Okay, I grant custody and prayer.

Let's concentrate on living godly lives are so's I agree with that, let's concentrate on reaching the lost with the gospel.

I'm all for that. I'm all for them over those priorities in that order. Absolutely yes generalizing and houses in order to commune with God to reach the lost I will dress yes yes I'm all for all of that but the idea that it stops there. The idea that as disciples we don't have an impact on the world around us that I take profound issue with and I will explain why. And again I believe in him to get into the snake segment is going to be very eye-opening, very helpful in many many ways. All right, 86634 is the number to call. You will be right back number and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks Frank for joining us on the far 86637884 is number to call. I posed the question on twitter and I don't have the ability to ask lots of detailed questions and a pole and get all kinds of detailed responses because of the nature of twitter but then again the the demographics of my followers on twitter cipher being strongly conservative would follow the demographics is nationally in terms of those who identify as white. Those those who are white, but something would fit in that category. Caucasian, our people of color. The demographics would be pretty similar.

My twitter followers to nationally so we have to factor all that in but asked the question of white athletes in sports and with the NFL protest with American reaction up in the same 43% said yes, 46% said no. 11% said not sure now. I gave you my demographics, meaning that this is primarily a Caucasian response and white response primarily primarily American really white just statistically because of folks following me how it breaks down pretty much the way breaks down national so that's a significant number that the fact it was Blacks that sparked and led the medical protester, And I could mix parenting but obviously making a black statement and with an Afro that he would be identified certainly by the majority of Americans. Interesting that just for 75 V and I just posted it minutes ago. Now, 47% say no. 40% yes, 30% not sure that's interested. I am will get to that, especially the second half hour will talk about some ongoing racial questions and will do this fairly, as we can, as honestly as we can, as constructively as we can, but back to the question of our role in the church. Last week I read excerpts from into the American gospel enterprise that around 1989 wake-up call asking the questions it too late for America is 1989.

All right, I read excerpts from other books that came out within the years following that. I then referenced the 13 I believe is the 13th message I preach those either 18 or 19 and so it was 1973, 1974 it was a strong wake-up call. Nancy is convinced that we have the tape somewhere in storage. I felt sure that it was it was so lost she felt sure we have trust me I look for if she was right.

Heavy New York accent and I preach the word doesn't take a prophet to know where Mr. difficult pearl stars and bless the spring for Trump say business passionate teenager is say okay is the same message man your preaching it back then and I asked myself the question, if you drop me in America in 1920 would buy message sound similar. If you drop me an American 1840 with my message sound so if you drop me American 1750, the colonies would sound similar. My conclusion is yes, it would yes it would disable then that proves the whole thing's bogus. It proves that all of your preaching about the decline in society and morality and all that is just you're just like chicken Little, the skies falling the skies falling in your just warning people for no good reason because the world continues as it is, no, no, no, that's not the case. This not the case, why do we keep speaking. Why do we keep acting.

Why do we keep standing.

Why do we keep swimming against the tide and going against the grain.

Why do we keep raising our voices about what is right. Why do we oppose the goals of radical feminism, a radical gay activism or other radical leftist goals. Radical rightist goals. Why do we oppose those what it's what we do, it's our role it's our job it's our calling. If you take us out if we don't speak if we don't act everything falls apart around us.

If we don't do what's right. If we don't shine the light, the society will will descend into complete chaos. That's our role in the world and if were not faithful to it.

Things will get much, much worse, much more quickly and will become even more difficult for us to share the gospel and make Jesus known look we stand against abortion because it is a moral evil. We stand against abortion because it is wrong. It doesn't matter what the laws are. It doesn't matter what the culture says it's wrong. And therefore, we stand to save innocent lives. If you put Christians true Christians in in Nazi Europe in the days of the Holocaust.

They try to save lives. That's what they do and what's interesting is when Christians have been interviewed later on and some of them are nominal, but just had the ethic that there's a right and wrong at some of them were true believers. But when they been asked there were some citizens in France. I think they were Catholic and they risked their lives. They absolutely risk their lives to save Jewish lives and others when they're asked about it they didn't consider themselves heroes and all they just simple, of course, was the right thing to do. They were surprised that they got so much attention. Isn't this the human thing, isn't this the Christian thing, isn't this the right thing again during the. The hurricanes as people did extraordinary things to save other lives.

It would be the. The odd thing to pass by someone in need, when you had the opportunity to help that would rightly get attention that should draw attention. Some of looking at you saying what Whiting you help week we saw the video, the person was drowning and you were right there in the boat you could've grabbed Whiting you help them.

We are expected to do that as human beings. How much more as followers of Jesus say okay I can accept it with abortion. I can accept that it's not just a political thing a cultural thing, saving lives, I can accept but other things, laws, legalization of pot. For example, or redefinition of marriage, or maybe it's gonna be changing laws of prostitution or whatever the thing why what are you involved with those because it's just people doing what people do is just the world doing the world does.

You can't stop people from sending you can't stop people from living the lives they want to live and if if they want to change the laws it's up to them and salt were all okay. We have forgotten that Jesus said you are the salt of the earth. So what is one of the functions of salt. What is one of the purposes of salt is preservative member. The ancient world did not have refrigerators did not have freezers did not have ice that you could just put things in terms of yeah and ice in certain parts of the world, but certainly does living in the Middle East say that you whether you have ice so you can't freeze the thing about Selectric running freezer so one of the ways that you would preserve meat was by salting it. Okay, so we are God's moral preservative in the earth. This is what we do when we see things going in the wrong way. We stand up and say something if we don't the slide will be more rapid than we can imagine, especially when we have no large numbers of believers in a given country. If we don't stand for what is right. If we don't shine the light and dark places the moral depravity the sexual anarchy the family confusion that the laws that would even back things that are unjust and wrong and harmful or destructive. It would just be unleashed in the society and it would almost become difficult for us to live are almost impossible for us to live and function as believers in the midst of a world like that we would just be continually going backwards backwards backwards backwards backwards backwards backwards until the little cave somewhere. This only place to get away from the rampant pollution spreading to the society. Let's not kid ourselves. When the world gets dark around us. It affects our kids or grandkids. Let's not fool ourselves. When the world gets dark around us. It affects our own standards and our own lives. I have talked to more pastors and leaders in California and some of his parts of America that I would care to say who have told me with with concern hearts. These are godly men with strong ministries and they they did not just throw their families to the dogs when they went to ministry there. Try to raise their families in godly ways but they didn't realize the degree to which the world is influencing their kids and I've I've had leaders say to me my kids there there there teens or 20s they don't agree with my stand on homosexuality. Why because her friends around the culture around the media around the world around them spiritual influences around them. We better not kid ourselves friends shining light and being salt. These are things we do because this is who we are, whether we quote succeed or fail secondary to the fact that it is our job in our mission public number and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown as friends with us by God's grace. I'm here to serve as your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Do you have the line of fire app you haven't yet. It's it's a great app we just had some techie folks who specialize in these kinds of things, review some of our material. They loved the app really impressed with it you find it super helpful super user friendly and if you enjoy our materials. A great way to connect with us. So this is for your Apple phone in the app store or your android phone in the play store just look for the line of fire with Dr. Brown glorify with Dr. Michael Brown, you'll find the app downloaded you can listen to the broadcast anywhere in the world live when wrong, you can just click to listen to all of our recent broadcast you can click to access or other articles you can stand with us. There you find it to be a super super practical practical tool. The line of fire at 866-34-TRUTH. Let me get back to being salt and light. On the one hand, I don't know how to turn the light off: say when I am in situations where it's dark, it's natural for me to shine as light when when I am when I am confronted with error. It's natural for me to speak truth and I'm sure it's the same with you. It does mean that in every situation we speak up and we speak out and there are times were quiet.

There are times when we reserve certain comments and and actions because it's not appropriate something like time is our job, but generally speaking, when confronted with sin when confronted with darkness. When confronted with evil. When confronted with compromise when confronted with social wrongs. It's our role to speak and act what are you tell me you tell me… Go back in time that it was not right for Christians to oppose slavery because it's not for us to get worldly people do the right thing is is I want to tell me that really don't. We universally speak against Christians that they accepted slavery don't universally speak against Christians that practice slavery don't universally speak against Christians that decided that compromise was the better way to go. I'm still at certain points in our history. See coming together fight against Great Britain.

We had a come together despite our differences and understand that the issue of slavery was one from from day one.

Once we begin to come together as a nation in the debate over I'm Stan and I understand that there were Christians with blind spots because of upbringing and culture not justify actions of the same.

I understand them and said they will have blind spots. The statement is anybody to tell me that it was fine for Christians to see the horror of the slave trade and not say anything and not do anything really. That was fine that there was not an issue and was going to be the world can't stop you from real world. What might try to stop people from being sinners to stop people from the world he was standing up for what's right, there is right and wrong within our society on a daily basis and do not have laws and the purpose of laws is is to enforce what's right and to stand against what's evil and and don't don't we have people in government. According to Romans 13 people in government that are supposed to oppose evil and protect good as anyone to tell me that Christian should not have spoken out when it came to segregation that we should've just accepted the unequal treatment of fellow human beings created in the image of God, for whom Jesus died that we should just accept it because of our racist heritage in certain parts of the country where just know God for bid will, why should it be any different today you say Mike societies far to fall and were were were gone too far to turn back may be. I heard that years ago. I've read that years ago. I've seen it documented people work it out.

Obscene codes go back to the second century were church leaders of this is the final apostasy I've seen that the last chapter of of saving a sick America will fill you with hope when you realize how dark things have been before and how light shan't shine out of the dark exhibit likely never been a Christian nation exactly we've never been a perfectly Christian nation and we never will be, until Jesus comes in the whole world will glorify Jesus to to the honor of the father, but think the goal is not to take over and make everything perfect. When I perfect in our lives over to make the society perfect where I perfect a local church get 20 people or churches still have differences. Not perfect their when I try to make America perfect were trying to stand up and do what's right to be a moral preservative and shine like lights in the darkness and and to slow down, slaughter, and to slow down collapsing to slow down destruction to to slow down the the the horrible descent into evil to just look of if we can stand against abortion. Where would it go. If there was no moral voice led by the church, standing up against abortion. The other moral voices would be few and far between in the world maybe would be the place of infanticide.

Now openly justified. Maybe that would be happening. Maybe we be euthanizing the elderly that didn't seem to have much hope for future life much to offer the society. Maybe we be doing that. Why not if it jumps him saying if if we did not stand against the onslaught of the sexual revolution and availability of pornography and the pollution of of Americans today through this evil if we didn't stand against that way, and sadly were so compromise with somebody relies but if we can stand against that. Where would that be now how how open would things be.

Would you be able walk down the street without constitutional right and then doesn't this bring us to a point where judgment comes more quickly, were destruction comes more inevitably, where God then steps in and destroys a nation judges a nation. It's our job to be the moral preservative. It's our job yet to always be holding up a stop sign same turnaround are heading in the wrong direction. It's always our job through the church. We have seasons of backsliding and renewal within the church is always our job to be calling for renewal and then when renewal comes to deepen that renewal with the hope that it will spread through the whole body and then will be deep enough that that it will be transmitted to another generation and that we can fix whatever needs to be fixed. The foundations, but until Jesus comes. We can have these ups and downs.

The New Testament makes it clear in the book of Revelation.

The five out of the seven churches reviewed by Asia minor group review pipe chases excuse me in Asia minor that five of the seven congregations. These churches in different cities. Five of the seven were told to repent or else why this is within the first century. Why does Paul have to rebuke the Corinthians for doctrinal error and moral failure, and and divisions and other things like that. Why does he have to do that because of the fact that there's backsliding there's compromise that's going to be a role we are to be at repent, a perpetual revival movement, a perpetual renewal movement, a perpetual Reformation movement, a perpetual roof repentance movement in the church and in the world. That is our goal to it because it's who we are.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown will Dallas Cowboys owner Jones is now set all players will stand.

You don't stand for the and thumb sit you will not play during the game of the owners seem to take similar stands.

But what about 20 San Francisco 49ers players knelt at yesterday's game in Indianapolis VP Mike pence left since it was all preplanned that he knew that they would kneel and therefore he left his tweet saying that he would not stay there while the flag was disrespected by these motion or tweet ever we sort these things out. There's no denying that there are inequalities that remain in America there's no denying that there are inequalities that remain in our judicial system and yet the idea of this roof respecting the flag remains a major major issue.

I respond to these things.

866-34-TRUTH this is Michael Brown.

I am delighted to be with you today semi-clear after Donald Trump made his statements that upset many of the owners and the vast majority of the players.

Even some of the owners who have supported, and financially.

Jerry Jones made statements. For example, Jerry Jones knelt down with his team before the national anthem to say we are standing together in unity, then for the national anthem. They stood right II had the opportunity yesterday through the gracious invitation of a player on the Detroit Lions solid godly believer if you're listening sir. Shout out to you and your lovely bride, so I had the invitation to go and the joy of speaking with about 20+ players and coaches at the chapel service center the night before they get into their final film reviews for the game on on Sunday so have the joy of speaking to them. A chaplain so impressed by their focus and taking in the word and the seriousness of our time together is open with the book of Proverbs with a very intense word. It's been a lifesaver for me and others over the years.

So no, I didn't didn't discuss the protests or no, that was not what I was therefore okay this is bringing the word from the book of Proverbs. So at the game. I tended with with my grandson my your grandson Connor himself plays football is a big 13-year-old at the game. I was struck by how much it does feel like a real slap in the face of the flag and the nation.

When players kneel. None of the players knelt that I saw at the game but you're you've got. I'm been in the game, and in some years, I think this is my 4th foot will give them a lifetime. So this is the fun of going to the game and enjoying it.

But you've got the flag presentation. You've got the military standing there.

You got the call to stand in and honor America you've got the singing in the home of the brave and and the land of the free office.

We have always been that a fully understood fully fully fully understood, but that moment there. There is this sense of rising together in respect you got military men there rising together in respect for those who sacrificed in respect for the flag and as I had shared with it in some of my articles for NFL players with the hope that it would get to the notes gotten some might. My point was simply this, that if you have any issue a true justice issue. I want to stand with you. I want to join with you, I will want to be your ally and be another voice for righteousness but to protest during the national anthem is to send the wrong message member, And he plainly said he snuck in respect of flag that the press is minority. So he made it about the flag so to get the point across. Has to be a better way to do it because you don't want to shoot yourself in the foot NFL player told me that will talk. He said listen, it's the process is not about the flag and I and we were great unary greens which had it's not about the flag but you make it about the flag during that well will be back on file with the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown click minutes and respond to it. 866-34-TRUTH 7884. My goal is to be constructive, not inflammatory.

Michael is to tackle controversial issues in a way that is edifying so that there is more light than heat, but we will talk about the controversies we absolutely will.

So here's something I suggested just in a private conversation with an NFL player and he was in agreement with me that when you have a game and you're in the midst of a close game tone NFL here and maybe some some guy without the ref C and shoves you is really ill really hits you painful place does nobody looking just you turn around and raged and you punch that person and now you get a 15 yard penalty unsportsmanlike conduct in the changes the game. Your team loses, what's the lesson it's not about you it's about the team.

It's not above you it's it's it's not about you it's about the team and therefore which you have to do is restrain yourself no matter how egregious the file for the good of the team right so if you have a cause. If you have a larger cause you're trying to draw attention to I'm just time a being strategic all right if in trying to draw attention to the cause it makes you and your cause. Look bad, it ends up being more destructive than constructive.

You have to rethink the strategy that Dr. King was asked years ago about why certain stands were taken and did that not inflame things and he said sometimes there's a need to dramatize. I agree with that I review with that in principle I agree with that in practice, but there must be wisdom and what's going on. So for places like I'm not I'm not okay look. Trump he said this about us and are not bound out to that man look we got issues to deal with that. Look, I understand all that but is this the best way to get across. Do you want fans now who came in ready to cheer for you, booing you, you want them chanting USA USA because they think you don't care about USA, where is you do care about US and that's what you're upset about inequality in the society here. Let me give an example of something I try to grab clip number one. This is 49ers safety Eric Reed and he's talking about Mike pence walking out on the game.

Here's what he said the new housing is at the multiplex process. You knew that we probably go again.

So this was the middle person looks like Mel Parkinson again to us a couple things out and leaves again with an attempt to support our efforts that is not systemic oppression, and that's not what systemic oppression looks like and nobody was oppressing the players they were expressing strong differences with the players I could say it systemic oppression. Let's just say I was gonna say something stupid. Okay, I do not agree with Ron about the site I'm about to make a stupid statement to make a point to illustrate something I could say it systemic oppression. When I a fan who pay good money to go to a game all right. Let's M a white fan I am going to say something very ridiculous to make a point. So don't react to me, but understand what I'm saying I go to a game I'm a white fan. I pay my hard earned money to go to the into to watch the game. I bring my kids along you know tickets for everybody. We have a fine game and now some black athlete who makes more in a year that are making a lifetime decides that during an important time. I'm standing there with my family.

He's going to kneel down and I have to explain to my kids why he's that Danny wasn't that man standing wise and he standing now this is that systemic oppression you oppressing that's a stupid cyst, not systemic oppression.

Now II got personally offended by okay I think was right and I don't I'm going there for game okay. If an athlete decides that's what they want to do them a good fight for because it's that's that's up to the employee to sort out, they can have their debate as to what the person the right to do that, nothing debate that the courts but the question is, is it constructive for the larger goals. A and B is is that the message that you want to send because of what it is conveying. Again, having been at the game first in the wall of previous game. I was at was a guest of a general manager in and sat sat in a booth and was not concentrating a lot of these things in plus that plus the fact that there was the controversy of the anthem that but now that it's a big issue and it's understood a certain way.

All right, so if you know it's going to seem disrespectful if you know you to be associated with the calmest concavity make made and it will be it will be about the flag. Now we have a problem to say it is systemic upper. It is not systemic oppression. It's statements like this that make whatever causes being stood for. Look more wrong. The vice president has every right to do what he did in every right to walk out, especially if president had asked him to and did he know for sure the 49ers would do was preplan. I don't know I don't II looked with curiosity was the big focus at the game yesterday Detroit versus Carolina. I look with curiosity. See if it was the only because I'd been behind of behind the scenes and some discussion with some folks involved in an and so on that had any influence in anything at all. I don't mean that.

But I'm out. I was curious to see was in effect my day. Overall, because I was there with my grandson to have fun at the invitation of player, but the point is for many others it would've made a difference and and it would seem unpatriotic and on and on and on and it would seem to be's standing with common Comments that it is about the flag, so to say it systemic appraisers. Nobody was oppressed through this okay. The 49ers players doing what they're doing.

Apparently the support of their owner and and and VP Mike pence is doing what he's doing with support of the president and each has their outlet to the media and let the opinions God is not systemic oppression where there is systemic oppression.

Let's address it. Let's address it. Please let's address it. Let's pointed out right exists. Please let's do it. I'm here to help a friend of an ally, but statements like that you shoot yourself in the foot in my humble opinion doing so right to the phones we started the morning I will Walter, welcome to the modifier. Will Walter White Wolf is gone we go to Baltimore Adam, welcome to the modifier affect background here and that you have to go more constructive and destructive. You know, I find that trumped attitude in the art extremely unhelpful national unity bringing people together and I mean I'm a conservative, whatever Hillary left of the peacemaker trunks. I don't know what reading anything to be the most you look to divide the bring division you know islands are laying waste US territory, including about the effect and I you know I think will Christian work comp a lot of people more than anthems more than monument more than flags. I don't understand why this is even Christians would even make with the priority priority should be pay.

How do we how we become peacemakers in this nation as a whole lot of the information find around and you know last night on a conversation at my family. The comment was made. Comp has put a map of the made by someone who voted for him and still want the famine power in the final comment was confronted map of these coming from the leader of a nation will get you into nuclear war it will destroy you from the inside or the outside.

And yes, so silent, yet that this is obviously concerned that many had been those who voted for Trump that his his words as readily could be so inflammatory and incendiary that they would lead to a nuclear war, potentially an and I've written publicly urging him to be a unifier rather than an the divider that the question is though Adam so I'm I'm not I'm not down find that out yet. I wish things be done differently, but as the president isn't he supposed to also stand for the nation in a patriotic way. Don't you expect him to be in that sense, the flag bearer and say listen, we can have differences, but not if not at the cost of disrespecting our servicemen and our sacrifices is not something that voters are expecting him to do the player you know what yeah right like becoming affiliate fully agreed know what a total 100% agree with the wrong this is not an answer. Granite standing by and making that, he didn't answer my question. Are you didn't answer my question. Should he not be calling for Americans to rally around the flag and really run our troops the patriotic ways are present. That's what he's done it the wrong way fun, but shouldn't he be calling for that as the president I that interesting. We get a break interest interesting. I didn't get an immediate yes anyway to get some of the calls, but thank you for going in and yes yes yes I wish I wish our president would not put his foot in his mouth.

He does yes yes yes I agree for cleansing by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, my whole which is in our old white athletes export to lead the NFL protest with American reaction up in the same 39% C. Yes, 47% no 14%. Not sure since the demographics of my twitter followers are similar to those in America. That would mean the large majority of those responding or white and yet 47% say the reaction would have been different, meaning that there would not be the same response. The same reaction to a white protester as a black protester to me is very telling. Again, an article of hands up don't you this and true speak of the Michael Brown Ferguson Missouri episode if if that is not true.

Why do so many black Americans still believe it because of bad experience they've had with the justice system for years and years and years and years. That's why that's why they are less trusting of the legal system less trusting of the police system then white sort in general terms, I believe that to be absolutely true and that's something that I've been educated on his white person for years now by callers in France. At the same time. When I see misstatements when I see unhelpful reactions.

I will address them.

Institutionalized oppression just standard definition here occurs when establish loss customs and practices systematically reflect and produce inequities based on one's membership in targeted social identity groups systemic oppression similar institutionalized orbit is specifically enforced by the government laws and police 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go to Salt Lake City, Utah, Detroit, welcome to the modifier good afternoon all my thoughts about it are president properly missed an opportunity wanted everything first started and you know he ran the campaign make America great again. If the players feel that there is an issue whether what the flag or with what's going on up there with racial relations. I think by inviting any and all of the NFL players that are feeling this way to the White House to come together for a conference on what can we do to change these issues and then work with them and have them put their money. Word-of-mouth is have them work with their prospective cities on making the relations with police better or the race relations better and I think you really missed an opportunity and instead of bringing unity to everybody.

She sort of drove a bigger wedge and the divide at than the concert yeah Troy I think you speak for many. Again, you say all come on then you gonna call concavity to the White House right maybe to have the right ingredients is to who the right representatives would be because many of the NFL players are actively involved in their communities on a regular basis but feel that there are bigger issues that America's a whole is not seeing yes and then factors my recent proposal. If the players stood sing. Of course we honor our flag.

We honor the sacrifices of their need for freedoms put Sir, Mr. Pres. There were issues in our country that you seem to be unaware of.

Can we meet with you. I believe you would me. I would hope he would an end that perhaps he could help maximize things I've I've even heard the scenes of at least one owner going to a team and say listen, I will stand with you. Show me the social issues I want you stand for the anthem, but I will stand with you. You show me the issues and I want to get behind them financially to her or her political where I can to help get word out. I'm all for the president leading the way and calling the nation to patriotism and that's is feeling good about the American represent a profit he's president is the commander-in-chief, but you gotta do it in a way that brings maximum unity not just to row your base throughout the nation. Yes, agree there better ways to do things. Let's go to again Salt Lake City crystal welcome to the line of fire.

I hear me, all you hear on any development work everything out there like the problem and with it, nobody know everybody became a hero after the bid. It why we were doing it.

People well you know yeah I very NFL player, there are only on right there in front of the camera pattern NFL game. Make it known that the return on another black man on our black male reason that the path in front of a kid. Karen got late the man pulled over for going across the lane by and we ended up at the Ron and he was shot in the back doubletime but the cop claimed that he was attacking them shot in the back of the patent someone in a bit. Every debit anger example you you were white father bringing it therein again looking gamely players make more money then I will probably ever make lifetime that we are drafting library you need dad like any applicable Lane, but right now why we are taking the rights of searchers. You just jump in Crystal II actually appreciate what you're saying and I am all for getting the message out, but there has to be a wise way in getting it out because I just think being a game struck they really struck me yesterday that it's if it looks like you are's you are spitting in the face of the flag and the military stand. I'm just telling you what it looks like and that's not the message they want to convey so II actually think there are other ways to do it that could be loud and could get a lot of attention that wouldn't do that and when you have black-and-white chanting USA, USA and and upset with certain players because the people just want to go to it to again. Platelets remember the Rosa Parks was not the first candidate for to be singled out as a as a poster person for segregation and injustice. There was another young woman that refused to give up her seat on the bus they were gonna make her the national figure than the fact she was pregnant out of wedlock and said no, that doesn't work the second work so they waited for the right person and then the civil rights leaders wisely chose Rosa Parks so all I'm saying is being strategic, being strategic and then many white Americans say okay we just read about the 500th person was shot to death in Chicago a few a few days back 500th and its many black on black violence that's a thousand times more deadly in terms of possibility of getting shot than an unarmed black person getting shot by a cop, so there there on the saying is we have the discussion we have to have it in a way where everybody says okay will listen to each of the crystal. I do understand that protesters will be hated and reviled question is, is it going get the message across. That's my concern and I'm not minimizing this mentality were exist. So when I wish I can get your call but as a veteran I want to honor you L when Fairfield, California, feels the president has embarrassed himself.

But what is done. Thank you sir for your service.

Your comment back with you tomorrow

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