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The Father of the Sexual Revolution

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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October 10, 2017 5:21 pm

The Father of the Sexual Revolution

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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October 10, 2017 5:21 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 10/10/17.

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You are about to meet the father of the sexual revolution be prepared to be shocked stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience have resident of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown. Many of you know that it on Wednesday, September 27 that you Hefner. I am of the date distinctly because it was the day after my book semi sick America came out with a whole chapter focused on from Playboy to purity reversing the sexual revolution.

Some people think of you Hefner as the father of the sexual revolution but here is really the poster boy for the sexual revolution, even though you Hefner did great evil in terms of what he spread and merchandised the man who's really the father of it is Alfred Kinsey and there is so much about Kinsey that the general public does not know there is so much about his research, he studies his methods, who he was himself the general public still does not know the perversions of this man.

The evil agenda of this man and I and I'm not exaggerating anything I'm saying this needs to be known by every educator in America. Every parent in America by every concerned citizen in America and my guest today, Dr. Judith Reisman is the number one person in the world to educate us on who Alfred Kinsey was and what his legacy is. She is the author of a number of books we give a quick intro. She holds a PhD from Case Western Reserve University. She's served as a professor at University of-Israel American University George Mason University in guest lectured at quite a list of prestigious institutions among her many important related books sexual sabotage came out in 2010 Kinsey crimes and consequences 1998, 2000 soft porn plays hardball in 1991 and the national review said this all back in 1998 the sexual revolution was based on a lie that you do the Reisman has spent 30 years uncovering the truth now friends just want to give you a heads up we are going to be talking about some very intense heavy things on the show today and I know a lot of you listen as families many times I've met with folks after meeting and there's the mom and dad, and that the young kids and you will listen together. The kids can do my my radio announcers intro and they know the phone number and that's awesome. We've taken pictures together and pray together. That's wonderful. Today's show is is one that's best not heard by little ones and young ones because of the intense nature of the content.

Now we will take some calls 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 but I want to tell you upfront what were going to talk about is not just some Internet rumor when you understand the perversion that lies behind the sexual revolution and the lies on which it has been based in the damage it has done to our society it will sober you up even more. Many of you are burdened and concerned about the sexual anarchy of our society and the promiscuity and permissiveness in prayer and perversion of our society and so many different ways today to be burned all the more will be practical as well. In terms of things we can do in response. But this is a type of show best to listen to on your own. As older ones. Certainly not with little children older teens younger teens. That's for parents to decide what's best in listening together because we can talk about some very, very disturbing things today and all of it is accurate.

All of it is factual. So are you ready right back with a special guest paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown joining us today as we focus on the father of the sexual revolution. I'm I am very slow to describe someone is a sexual pervert. I'm very slow to label someone's actions and intentions is evil.

But in a case like this. These words are merited. My guest, Dr. Judith Reisman. I introduced in our last segment, but she has devoted decades and decades of her life to exposing the lies surrounding this man. Dr. Alfred Kinsey that Reisman thanks so much for joining us on the air today like what I'm curious to know how it is that you have given so many years of your life to this very difficult and ugly subject well when clear, the work of Dr. on that map change in our lives. And that map change in character. Our about that that felony Hugh Hefner licked on it being the pamphleteer for that have been at Virgin by wearing ear and Colin and Frankie being ranked here and like Mary up there.

He completely came back the last on main Marion down canteen outline about our great grandparents now and will work to get me in line that back carry on the next generation and learning that generate that have a lot there moral competent, ultimately now epidemic of great children yet so so the consequences are extreme but by the way, Dr. Reisman just obviously problems your connection you're not on speakerphone. Are you now, I'm not but I yeah I really got it wit will have to will have to work on things only. We get to refer the effect let's let's just try to do this very quickly to have Howard reconnect with you because what we have a talk about is is of critical critical importance and I don't want the listeners to miss anything. So Howard, let's try to get a better connection right now right and and I'm going to to get on with with a few things out will will will have to check a different phone try the backup numbers or she can call us but one another. We gotta fix this so that we can we can do this properly. Let me let me say a few things. If you are concerned about the world in which your kids are growing up world in which eight-year-old kids are accessing pornography. This is unimaginable is unimaginable in the normal world.

Eight-year-olds accessing pornography it if if you're you're okay with the world in which 11-year-old kids are 16 each other sitting naked pictures of each other in middle school. If you're okay with the world like that.

If you are concerned about 14-year-old girls having STDs for life. If you are concerned about 20-year-old young man that need Viagra to function because they're so addicted to porn if that's all flying to you then whatever we discuss whatever we talk about with Dr. Reisman will be on. No big deal, but if you say no this is not right. This is a world in which will raise our kids and then sink to the generation after. If this is where we are now the state of sexual anarchy and sexual confusion. If this is where we are now what can happen a few more years down the line if wearing this stage now where things are so twisted and upside down that that a kid could come out at school is gay to teachers and peers say 12-year-old kid without the parents being allowed to even know that it if were in a situation today where a six-year-old can get sent to the principal's office for quote Miss Jen during another child saying Johnny is a boy. Where is Johnny now wants to be a girl today are identified as a girl today if if you're okay with that type of social madness. I guess we talk about today is no big deal, but if you're like me and many many millions of other Americans, especially conservatives, especially people of faith. These things are not okay we haven't even talked about the effect of these things on adults. The effect of pornography on adults, but so much goes back to Alfred Kinsey in 1948 he published a landmark book about the sexuality of the human male and anti-X. It gave statistics about sexual responses of adults and right down to infants you think will what infants little children there. Their responses how long it took them to reach a certain sexual point you think want what kind of madness is where did he get the information from and why one Americans all over the country. This is 1948: there. In fact, he was hailed as a hero and old, he discovered lots of things about America that we didn't know about it and how many men actually have had homosexual relations and and on and on and on and this just became the data became that the scientist even though it was in his field of academic expertise and he was the expert, he was down lightning American level people unfaithful them and realize that a lot of people do things in private. They were realized and so much of what he presented what will the Dr. Reisman tell us where the information comes from.

But so much of it.

So much of it wealth of the wage.

Let's just say that the sources themselves were perverted sources and evil sources. Here's a Kinsey quote the only unnatural sex act is that which you cannot perform what is upbringing. What about his religious upbringing. What about his religious beliefs did that impact things at all.

Will talk about that as well. I wrote an article that Dr. Treisman's attention last week, hence the the discussion to have her on the air with me this week and it was about what Alfred Kinsey and you Hefner had in common. Some of it is the religious upbringing. Some of it is a casting off of certain things they believed in, and other rebellion against the nature of the laws of nature that God has established and the laws of morality that God has established.

These men were ultimately rebels as well. But the big question is how did you become so famous, why would someone with such perverted studies and up on the front cover of Time magazine. Not once but twice a Kinsey basically said the only thing wrong sexually, as is abstinence or celibacy or delayed marriage.

Otherwise, anything goes and he practiced what he preached and get to this day. We talk about the Kinsey scale. To this day we we talk about being graded on the Kinsey scale of one through six it to someone have exclusively homosexual desires exclusively heterosexual desires and where you fit on that scale Kinsey Institute in America, England still widely hailed in widely praised. Hopefully we fixed our our connection here.

Dr. Reisman just a minute before the break.

I've been filling in further details, but in a nutshell, how is it that Alfred Kinsey was hailed in America as a hero in 1948. Well I think they're doing echo again.

I'm going with my back. I foundation and Indiana University and the whole gang was a McNamee led that was paid for like nothing we had ever been for any kind of scientific work and he was promoted and pushed on the American people and it was World War II ended, and here he came along and allegedly telling the truth about our sexuality and people tended to believe that science for science things that he sees another poster boy for lightning American okay with you right back. Hopefully without further interruptions. Thanks for your patience to dry slowly work on this unusual phone call. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown I'm speaking today with Dr. Judith Reisman among her important books and effort.

Kinsey Kinsey crimes and consequences.

Sexual sabotage is also written soft porn plays hardball Dr. Reisman. What were the new revelations the new discoveries that Alfred Kinsey allegedly had and was now bringing to the American people in the late 1940s.

Well, I would claim that we were on our part grandparents actually engaged in widespread promiscuous activity rather like Enough studio 54 right a meat locker for authority and lacked effect in out in all that they think that there was no note that there was no night.

He said you know we had such a low rate of the FPD that the time we had to FPD and binary and family and village were treatable by an employee for children with sexual from birth that they could have sex with adult or with older kids.

Now with no problem and all of these align fully that he and he he entered 4441 women and there was never any real rate so you think there was no harm in what ever it life that he claimed we were doing math abortion gone off quickly. Never had to explain to anybody the fact that abortion was illegal for an event that contraception was really addicted Mary both where were all the baby right and wherewithal to immediately write all this activity filled out and then added to that claim that children with sexual from birth weight stand final into changing all of our laws to the model Penal Code, which went all over the nation and most every state adopted all or part of the model Penal Code which one there for effective information in the model Penal Code with Allstate. Basically African art went when she gives us information about children and their sexual responses.

First, where it easy get such information, and second, why didn't American say what were you getting this from how you know this already looked at canopy, but I realized what he was telling I did is it can't be real.

Not applicable. Okay and that however when I chop all the material written by even the evaluation by the American typical of the nation. I did not find anything anywhere when they question how he now at two month old baby did or did not happen or catch them right. How did he know that a five month old baby with anything. Time I'm out with a stopwatch did or did not happen or No fat and child up for 26 Oregon 24 hours. Now you know that is an around-the-clock that was all. People questioned male and female. You know that what they were doing but nobody child data and it went repeated and in our book for our educated classes back psychologist think I had to social order.

They would read all of it permission about the quick look where we are today immunocompetent implemented and and his his sources for this horrific information is needed.

If he didn't make it up, and by the way I remember hearing about it many many years ago before before I was given much thought on the how this reading somewhere and I thought all this and how they did it. It just that that the shocking conversion of accusers decades ago was he thinking about this. It was so out there that I didn't even it didn't even Donnelly to say what second where we were this from so basically his sources for this information. Were they not pedophiles and sexual perverts themselves were I die. Factual warrant that we are all really actually led me to open it again. Don't make the kind yeah and it went out even. What 400 ex-offenders. They were private population is normal population, but I you know and and it looked important and relevant issue here in connection with what their life is a virgin at 22 he would like most guys in college.

He had Kinsey and he almost knocked you know everybody in line to that auto hypocrite.

That repression of our sexuality is fired because there's no harm from experiencing and trying all the thing and I he said I will be split here. I will start to broadcast held did have a court itself from two of them working together, supported by the Rockefeller and Annie University and challenge from Apple plaintiff like Lanny would.

Although there were many, many people I scientific challenged much of what Kennedy wrote, but they did not challenge the child data at all, that carried the day. Extraordinary use.

What were going to do our phone connection still cutting out some and I want to sure I want to be sure that we get the maximum listenership and even viewership for my interview with Dr. Reisman. So what will you try to do is schedule a time when we can record a Skype interview that we can then air in numerous different forms and blast out all over the Internet.

For maximum viewership because no one has the information is clear this Dr. Reisman has no one knows how it is affected our society as well as she does and sings that we must do to turn the tide suit just because of some cutting in and out on the phone.

I don't want to let anything be missed so little work on rescheduling in the time that the subject Reisman schedule will put it on Skype so that we can watch and listen as well and friends. The roots of the sexual anarchy of today, or worse than you understand the attack on our children. What's happened in the courts what's happened in the schools was happen in the media is more pervasive then we likely even know.

In other words, the cancer has spread through the whole body in a very critical way changes can be made radical changes necessary will be right back.

It's the light a fire with your host activist, author, international and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown phone lines are open now you have a question of any kind whatsoever type usually ask on a Friday any question of any kind. Anything you want to take issue with me.

Anything we want to probe more deeply about what I believe or why nothing is off limits as long as it's appropriate for Christian radio phone lines and open 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 first money. Tell your funny story. My dear friend Dan Juster, theologian, this entry was theologian, scholar, went to Wheaton University, among other schools, and one of his professors was a very eccentric kind of guy brilliant philosopher Dan said that he would wear the same time I went went completely out of fashion until he came back into fashion and he meticulously scheduled every hour of his day and one day he realized she had a gap in his schedule one hour open that was not scheduled not meeting with anyone not scheduled to be writing a research and whatever else he would be doing the teaching so she decided to do something spontaneous and came in and he said to his class. He said I just had the most amazing our nothing was scheduled so I did something completely spontaneous. He said I liked it so much. I am now going to schedule one hour a week for spontaneity is kind of schedule one hour a week to do something spontaneous. The reason I mentioned that to you is we have had a spontaneous and sudden change of subjects.

I had a special guest with me the last half hour or part of the last if our the computers. Reisman, as we were talking about Dr. Alfred Kinsey, the father of the sexual revolution. We kept having phone connection problems.

It was difficult to hear properly what she has to say is so important and valuable that we just ended the interview were going to continue it for another 30 minutes we just ended the interview so that we can record one on Skype and thereby get it on video and audio as well to our maximum audience. So if you happen to see what we were planning to talk about today and that's why you're listening what we've had a change of subjects, but feel free to raise questions and talk with me about the sexual revolution as well. 8663 freight 7884 is the number to call.

I am just looking at a tweet from chosen books Craig Keener and I are scheduled to write a book together a short book so it's going to be a massive scholarly violence.

I can be like Craig's. What 6000 page, turn the book of acts outside or be like that.

As I have 85,000 words of endnotes like my book, Israel's divine healer, but it's really very readable based on solid scholarship as to why we don't believe in the pretrip rapture and why were not afraid of the antichrist is settable to divide.

We honor those who have differences, for good divide over and time beliefs them were going to hardly have anything in common through the whole body of Christ, but this will be very practical, eye-opening and helpful in many many ways. It will get into the word.

It will give a positive case for what we believe what we don't hold true pretrip rapture.

It'll give promises of assurance of God's grace and keeping power in the midst of trials and tests and tribulations, and even God's wrath be poured out on the ungodly and would give some history as to how some of the pretrip beliefs have come about. Come back I'm going straight to your questions.

You've got questions, we've got answers.

A special Tuesday edition on the line of fire. 866-34-TRUTH 780 error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, welcome, welcome back answers of. Here's a question from father Gary ought to stop there was about to give a lesson father, Gary, I've been asked to give a lecture on pornography and its effect on the churches ministry was wonder if you could help me with resources.

I've been given 50 minutes yeah there is there is a lot that's out there, sir. In my book, saving a sick America. The chapter on from Playboy to purity reversing the sexual revolution. You'll find a lot of relevant data. There are right a lot of relevant data there in the chapter a lot of relevant endnotes and practical books of the guest ahead of the last half hour took Judith Reisman. If you just google her research on Amazon, REI, SM a and Dr. Judith Reisman.

Her book on sexual sabotage or her book on soft porn and its consequences of war Kinsey crimes and consequences on a larger level, I think you'll find that very very helpful as well. So check out my book saving sick America chapter reversing the sexual revolution. We lay out where things are today we give links to relevant websites that are helpful as well as informative. So I think that'll be helpful to you and really go through Proverbs 5 through seven in first Corinthians 6 very carefully and prayerfully. First Corinthians chapter 6 and Proverbs chapters 5 through 786634 let's go to Brandon in Charleston, West Virginia. Welcome to the line of fire Vermont Dr. Brown are will thank you walk calling today because our modern culture on the subject's Tokyo structurally with the Imperial and how it affected your generation. I thought I would tell you about our YouTube channel better showing export with effectual carpet do not work to be example of of one of the channels and without getting into details what you mean by sexually explicit shirt. It was all worn YouTube channel about creepy man are you are you trooper named… Maybe you made a YouTube video about it. It would basically undressing baby doll. It will have our target baby doll but I like to surrender that there was absolutely disgusting and they played cheery baby music you were a pair that were overlooked or cared what the living room. Your body thank creepy auto yet you know that the thing is the reminder, sir, is there's just a lot of stuff out there it's it's the type of thing where it just like you're in public. Let's say you're you're you're at the mall and you've got your 45-year-old with you that kid is your holding hands the whole way you're walking together. You know, maybe your dad to put skin on your shoulders for little while but you're not. Some of the care. I'll meet you back here in five minutes because there are child predators around will. That's what it's like even more with the Internet and we've got to be actively involved. What how old the kid is when I get a cell phone. What interaction we have with what they do. Make sure social media that up until a certain age responsible is it that you have passwords you know you're doing get accountability software so you can then check every site they've been to.

You'll be notified in your computer it it's it's an unbelievable cesspool. Someone just sent sent a link Brandon about a new show on Netflix that is basically a sexually explicit show for children and we've looked at some stuff and featured it on the air some extreme gay activist stuff which is teaching kids stuff because I don't even understand the nature and introduce them to concepts of being gender queer and things like that so it's it's a tightly vigilant for most of our kids up for you.

We didn't have a TV in the house is resistant want to be around certain things and and we had a TV screen so we could watch videos together and things like that that we wanted to do that so I was always Mario's long time ago that was lot easier than today. So we we've got to be vigilant. We absolutely must be involved. Brandon thanks for thanks for raising that word of warning, 86634 Benjamin on twitter ass when correcting a brother. Is there a time. Her more so, a leading of the Spirit was decided to break fellowship from him what you always want to reconcile.

You always want to do your best to be a peacemaker. Many times there is a way to reach out to some of which is not as confrontational me put the burden on yourself and reaching out, but if someone has send an and it's a serious issue and they refuse to repent. It's not the kind of thing that you bring to the rest of the congregation for for the purpose of confrontation by the elders and leaders as per say. Matthew 18 first Corinthians 5.

Then I would just say that if someone has really sinned against you they don't humble themselves and only technology they harden their hearts against you.

You really can't have fellowship.

You're just it's not gonna happen if you know you been lied to her. They're lying to themselves. A socket happens to pursue peace when it becomes a counterproductive when it becomes something that's now stirring up attention.

You just can't go your own way and pray for that person and hope that a door fellowship will open Othello come to repentance.

86634 let's go to Steve and Raleigh, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire by Dr. Brown I got a question I have read and you are concerned about veritable area okay Jessica is concerned about veritable that the encountered when he was but it and I've tried talking to her and I haven't been able to find anything of Scripture but he apparently when she told me she was walking a movie or something or other and pray that you thought the movie ended before 8 o'clock or thump that you would spell her soul or something along the lines and not allow the movie ended or so pretty that it sold her soul and I think you might have a little of the that started opening about a wealth of traffic light I could make the traffic light been on do it and I won't you not to those like playing game out of it.

Let me just jump in.

Obviously this is not some little game we play where we forever sell our soul to the devil or to darkness. In this way that there's obviously a deeper confusion that she's having. So what I would do my best to do is sit down with her it's okay you believe the Bible is God's work due yes okay so let's go through this if you confess your sins is faithful and just to forgive your sins, or just go through basic versus heavy sinned against God, yes. Have you asked him to forgive you is to believe the blood of Jesus cleanses you from Olson to believe that Jesus died for the young God of the Messiah died for the ungodly and just okay believe that believe what's written that's God speaking our minds can confuse us different things we see in here can confuse us.

But God's word is 100% true to believe that yes okay so then God says that if you truly asked for forgiveness. He'll forgive you God's word says if you come to him. He won't cast you out.

So whatever since you've committed large or small. Jesus died for them and and if she's having a hard time believe, but what about this, but what about that, then there's there's a deeper spiritual problem some deeper spiritual confusion which case a pastor or counselor might really be able to help her because something else is going on.

That's blurring her vision and blocking her from believing was plainly written and like you said OCD. Whatever other personality quirks or issues or problems you may have. There's this probably a whole way that the same person that say has to wash their hands 100 times a day because they're afraid that their germs that same person is probably spiritually going to have a problem with believing there forgiven once and for all, or believing that when God says your cleanse your cleanses, or believing that when God says no more guilt that it's real. Now, it's not universal it's going to happen, but I remember one guy like that he was OCD and the natural. He had a real hard time believing that God forgave him spiritually and he kept feeling he was dirty all the time so sometimes of these deeper psychological or spiritual problems and we get to that root, then everything else falls into place, but I would not engage the specifics because they're not true. I will try to go it what whatever thing and Janet were about fellow birthright and yet you got a claim that anything really that will not number one did she consciously say consciously. I am forfeiting my relationship with God.

For whatever does first and second thing Lisa could get his birthright back as was given to someone, but her salvation is not given to anyone else.

Alright, so no matter what show her Manasseh and show her a have two of the most wicked men in the Old Testament, but when they repented God gave them right. So show them these other examples and then go to Luke 15 prodigal son Lloyd set this woman free. Her plan gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Here's a female pastoral counselor considered in spiritual authority position of the mail client as per biblical principles. The big issue as I understand it is a woman usurping authority over man take authority that is not rightly hers a spiritual counseling position. Someone is coming asking for help and if it's appropriate for a woman to counsel a man that would be the bigger issue.

How far can counseling go should counseling be limited to only counseling members of the same sex for women councilwomen and then counseled men. Those are valid questions to ask, but someone is coming and willfully saying I'm looking for your help. I'm looking for your input. So what I have a problem with a man reading a book by a gifted female counselor who gives great insight say unto how to change the negative self-image. How to motivate oneself to succeed or how to deal with guilt or depression us with some was writing about the man read the book know if the problem with it.

I have no problem with that man saying I I'm choosing my own volition to get counseling from this woman again just say that the question is meant councilwomen. When counseling men there has to be certain wisdom with it. They have to be certain parameters with it. There's a lot that shared where you can get into depth where it's very easy to form some type of emotional dependencies.

It was a counselor we do about. I understand I'm just speaking larger terms as far as as far as wisdom but the authority issue no on a have a problem with that you are going and asking for that person's help, they are not wrongly usurping authority, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go over to Bob's somewhere.

Also, North Carolina. Welcome to light a fire by Dr. Brown argue on the duct always show couple weeks ago and I'm only going up the radio… Family from the station because he doesn't want to accept, but I feel that there's a lot of gatekeepers out there, and most other Zionist talk most every time you do a show or duct of the show or someone doesn't show it seems like all the perpetrators of all the violent evildoers are Jewish but yet that's never pointed out, but if it the most important… Let's just Bob Bob Bob Bob, let's try this one thing okay the shooter in Las Vegas was he Jewish Michael Nair, the shooter in Las Vegas was he Jewish words development goal, believing that the shooter in Las Vegas was he Jewish yes or no your trying to correct alright, alright, alright redone half you sleep Josh is using little wisdom and batting someone who spews lies what you just said Bob about all the crimes and violence. Digital arts 500+ killed in Chicago this year. You saying that most of the murderers are Jews. You saying that okay David Berkowitz serial killer Jewish secular Jew, of course, how many others were Jewish of serial killers in our nations history.

Get give me the give me the list of the top 10 worst offenders all then out there isn't that interesting and on and on we go. Bob, the truth can be uncomfortable.

You sir hold to classic anti-submit a lies that have no basis in truth whatsoever in whatever it is that's motivating you to fall these lies is also destroying your own soul so best to wake up to reality. By the way, is a Jewish believer in Jesus. I'm the first to take issue with my people for rejecting the Messiah and I'm very glad to take issue with Israel. What Israel does things that are wrong. No problem, and I'm very happy to point out how Jewish atheist like Sam Harris are influential and Jewish media moguls often very liberal and with an agenda very different than minor folks in the ACLU or SPLC Jewish leaders that have to me and anti-biblical agenda very happy to speak out against it, but I'm not going spews lies Norma gonna let someone come on the show and spew us, especially when they don't have the integrity to give a simple yes or no answer that refutes their bogus position thanks Elise for enlivening things for a few minutes 866-34-TRUTH by the way I'm I'm happy friends. I'm happy to have someone that is going to spew lies so as to expose them as long as though give me an honest answer to an honest question when I don't even see that happening them than our shows. I can be a platform for for garbage. I'm happy to use it as a platform to expose things followed him say go ahead. Great wit will will will let you expose the bizarre nature and the fallacious nature of your error.

No issue with that. But if we can even get an answer with integrity NASA that can happen.

Hate friends just dawned on me all of you listening in South Carolina tonight.

Yes, Tuesday night, shortly after greater than be driving down God willing, with some of the students from fire school of Ministry some of her first your students in our amazing class can be driving down together to North Greenville University in South Carolina.

It is on Tiger railroad in Tiger Phil South Carolina so maybe two hours outside of Charlotte, North Carolina and South Carolina.

It's in Tiger Phil Wright, North Greenville University on Tiger Rd. in Tiger Phil South Carolina sure if you live in Tiger, will you know the University well and it is going to be in the craft hemp Phil building all right the craft hemp Phil building and the talk is can be from 7 to 8 tonight and interestingly I've been asked to address a biblical response to the transgender movement will do it with truth and with love will speak the truth in love, reach out and resist reach out to the people with compassion resist the agenda with courage. My latest article, we should read on the website asked Dr. explains why transgender activism will not work why it will not change the nation so they say it's change they should ready at a certain level, but the pushback is there biological differences.

Male-female distinctives are to real to foundational to be ignored and that's why feel very confident that ultimately ultimately sexual revolution, especially especially in particular in its expression in transgender activism that that will not succeed in changing their sexual revolution as a whole is had a disastrous effect on the nation. Transgender activism is brought much confusion as well. But I do believe the pushback will continue to be that article asked Dr. along with a number of great new videos that I think you'll enjoy and find interesting rich content biblical questions being answered controversial issues being addressed parts of compassion, backbones of steel that's our approach to all that we do. It's her joy to serve as your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. I want to thank you for standing with us, thank you for participating together in this movement.

This worldwide Jesus movement where the Lord changes us and we go and change your world again. If you have them connect with me and asked her to do so today. Center for emails about a free e-book sent

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