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Dr. Brown Answers Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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October 13, 2017 4:11 pm

Dr. Brown Answers Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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October 13, 2017 4:11 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 10/13/17.

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You got questions, we've got answers.

Let's do it.

It's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown like the proverbial kid in the candy shop I sit here excited and ready, looking at my caller screen ready to answer your questions. You've got questions. We got answers. I don't know why it is that I love answering questions so much and being challenged to think and respond, but it's my joy and privilege so phones are open 866-34-TRUTH 7884 that is never the call 866-34-TRUTH want to get to as many calls as possible. The earlier you call in, I know some of your busy with schedules with the early: the better chance I have of getting to your calls again, 866-34-TRUTH, and as unable I'm going to interact either in this show, or a subsequent show with questions that you post as you're watching live on YouTube raise your listening live on Facebook, so post your questions there probably will be responded to them during this show. But in the subsequent show. I hope to take some of those questions and respond to them as well.

Before go to the phones.

Let me answer a question sent in by jerk. It's tolerance for visitors living adulterous. This was running about how Dr. Brown thank you for your incredible ministry and teaching, which is been such a great resource and support in my spiritual walk will thank you Dirk for the scum wasn't very good to hear that. I also praise God for being such a beacon term substantial. Culturally, for faith and values, especially as it seems that the church by Lord seems to take a subdued let's not offend anyone approach said the all too often that is the case, I'm all for walking in love and sensitivity and compassion. I'm all for recognizing that many people come into our church doors wounded and hurting and bruised and the moment we say something that sounds contrary there there out the door.

But we must speak the truth in love. That's why have a whole chapter and saving a sick America on restoring Sunder to our pulpits to Dirks says this is much closer to home in the same manner that my wife and I face a dilemma of compromise.

In my opinion, her sister and partner want to come and visit us here in Australia from South Africa. Can we allow them to live in adulterous fashion under roof a great concern over such compromise, but my wife believes that allowing them to come and stay with us, give us the opportunity to witness to them. I have on a previous occasion a lot of cousin important. Stay with us but insisted on separate bedrooms. This they respected but delightfully soupy for the same approach will scare her sister and partner not to come at all.

Can you Can you give us advice how we should approach this from a golf gully perspective skews me number one they do not claim to be believers. From what I understand if they claim to be believers. I would definitely have a different approach.

If they claim to be believers 100% no.

If you are not married and you're living together and sleeping together.

You cannot do that in my home very playing very simple. No questions asked and the subject for many, many obvious reasons. If they don't claim to be believers at all, which is what you say you want to witness to them. Then at some the after workout. On the one hand, this is what they do.

This is how their living there living together out of wedlock their sleeping together of you feel good about them doing a G roof II would personally say a stay with us but you know where were believers, we have these views in an we know we have separate bedrooms. But again the police them can make sure one this going to the bed in the middle of night in a you make sure they don't want something wrong on their computers or so it's a matter of conscience. If you say I can't knowingly let them sleep together in my house. What would be a bad witness for the kids, then I would honor that and and and asked ask your wife to honor that as well.

If you say like they don't know the Lord. They don't know they may be at high Cinemas Amy Drake knows whether you get out of a lot more than a knows the Dragon stop sending the trundling of the Lord just give liberty you have to work it out.

You and your wife together before the all right will be right back. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome to cast 866-34-TRUTH number to call you got questions we got answers. Let's go directly to the phones Diane in Kerrville, Texas.

Welcome to the line of fire exit on Carrick's got it all right was spelled wrong on my board but were very busy with. Also, thanks for the correction go-ahead problem. Okay, make me believe that after different born of the Virgin Mary favored the rest of her life. I obviously don't know the answer is you do.

Is there anything I can sure thing yet. The Catholic Church believes that Mary Miriam remained a virgin after the birth of Jesus, but the biblical text is clearly against that.

It tells us in Matthew one that Joseph had no relations with Mary Miriam until Jesus was born. Now Catholic scholars have argued that the Greek does not mean that or make it necessary that he had relations after but that is the most logical reason to say he he had no relations with her until would suggest that afterwards you don't not not only so, the Gospels mentioned the brothers and sisters of Jesus. Now it is possible that brothers and sisters just mean siblings and could refer to cousins but again it's not the most natural way to say it the most natural thing when you see brothers and sisters issue expected to mean brothers and sisters, and not just relatives. I should sets of siblings and relatives like cousins and things like that.

So the plain sense of the text indicates that Miriam and Joseph had children after Jesus was born that his own blood brothers didn't recognize him for who he was initially in their hearts were open subsequently and it's likely that the author James or Jacob this week like to call him and in as his name is that he was a blood brother of Jesus, thank you very much. I have been interconnecting for me directly by Mr. oneness doctrine and I would let anything they made how this may not yet yet write it out, go to my website and on and and write it up and they give us like the bullet points initially saw a make sure I see it, but thank God and Diane.

I'm so glad that we can be a blessing and helped to you with the grace of the Lord be yours. 866-348-7884 is the number to call our friend Todd in Cedar Grove, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire that got around microwave.

From acts chapter 11, 100 even faintly go through the power history of the basement, Israel from Abraham all to make the fan before the Council yet. Basically what you have to see is that there something weaved in along the way of Israel's historic disobedience. He doesn't make it so overt that it hits you in the face as it goes but it's the pattern of God calling and and Israel in the wilderness and Israel's rejection in an and things like that until the then suddenly burst and maybe he's judged by body language. Maybe he sees now's the time to get to the point because there is starting to to hear what he's saying. Maybe he's discerning something in their attitudes of the self-righteousness and that's what makes it somewhat of a sudden shift and also look maybe giving us a summary of the of the message and not the full master could be even longer in that respect. But if you read it.

Understanding that God saying hey I don't dwell in in an earthly temple like you expect me to an and I transcend your ways.

You had a history of doing one thing I was doing something else and then home that rebuke between the eyes really like that it's building but in a subtle way. And again, there may be another dynamics at that moment that caused them then to go right for the jugular. So to say and give that strong rebuke and how you you resist and reject the prophets, and you crucified the righteous one. And of course the results were intense terms of how to respond.

Hey thanks as always for your good questions, 866-348-7884.

Let's go to Gabriel and Midland, Texas.

Welcome certain line of fire broke out like you and your medic. My question is looking at the bike back or quote… I think I'm the only one name, model, very wicked about the name of Victoria and I'm just wondering how when we change the name from the original X schedule. How can we not lose the authority of that.

Yeah, well actually the very first writers of the New Testament writing in Greek change the name immediately. In other words it's it's not the sound of the syllables issue.

In fact, you can pronounce it correctly either sees make you are the accent.

Right now I'm sings for reason you put the accent wrong place and I didn't pronounce it perfectly, either because it originally was a right and I am a deeper guttural sound out that's not in our in the way that we pronounce it when the New Testament writers wrote in Greek. They immediately displaced Yeshua with the Asus because that's how you wrote it in Greek. And that's how the name had been known in Greek ready for for several hundred years. We know that because the Greek translators of the Old Testament, called the Septuagint when they saw the name Yeshua, they translated with the Asus so it's who he is. The power and the name is who he is what you do with countries that don't have a yes sound what you do with Greek that did not have a show sound. The reason that that the name Solomon Hebrew Shlomo but it comes from Greek Latin to English as Solomon with an S is because Greek had no show sound so you would have peopled pronouncing something unpronounceable.

I took classical Arabic for three years but my Arabic pronunciation is very weak and and if getting getting the name Reitman pronouncing Arabic correctly.

I'd be in big trouble. Or what if Jesus was Chinese and now we in the West had actually harsh in a pronounced sunlight that our mouth wasn't made for it so it's understanding who he is and then how do you say that name in your particular language. That's what matters. Say it in your language because it's not the sound of the syllables. It's the person that it represents. And that's also what name refers to the person the character the power and not just the syllables.

I hope that makes sense to you again. Thank you. II really appreciate the question, 866-348-7884.

Let's go to Raleigh, North Carolina Marion, welcome to want to fire or Marlon. Sorry about it out there where about black Americans are more than a player thing. The wide know-how that should not vote for talk about the core concepts you collect all I call the conflict and just just to be like this to be 10 seconds for old business but we been talking a lot about the flag of the protest and it's not my place to tell someone wonder when not to protest all over sings strategically. This protest seems to get more bad reaction. So I think there better ways to do it because there definitely issues that should be addressed with your some suggestions on better was the Duke's have been interacting with some black leaders in getting my counseling code would be going back and forth so I try to be constructive about the one to raise the issues but I want to be an ally when issues are being raised so suggesting there may be better ways to do okay back to user progress. A great proposition.

A bigger part, but talk about what we look at the object like a doll and now all the make sure to come about not be double that you put a little better for you. Black Americans are more left Pledge of Allegiance to the merit but Americans are not Pledge of Allegiance to black people in America, only droplet later do not work and to the republic for which it stands one nation under God with liberty and justice for all. But the caveat that I have never been a hug and Pledge of Allegiance to America's black American athlete. A lot of competent little white brother white Christian leaders among white mesh and white picture they want to kill off the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag was convened.

That would not have been in America if the British white but not players but the British white was not defiant to the crowd, all because they got tired of being taxation what you got out of taxation without rather than patient records more left on three I'll text based in the middle correctly. I'll taxation of fulltext part of the ball of ethnic and religious taxation on black within the body of a monk like that a lot like people that were part of that, but the ethical state see their stay there. I will let you continue on the other side of the break or right of appreciate what you're saying really get that out very clear to the point systems we come back yet the concept to give you a brief response to thank you going right back in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice important cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks for putting us today. In 1-586-648-7884 Marlin in Raleigh back to you sir you wanted to give the what you call the ethnic side of this. I guess America will repair the more encapsulated on the quantitive right right social, political construct, a little less populated mob. But Derek briefly right but things like audible to back by the records they want to blog all people, alert concept at them talk about right and mopping the position that the towel about Mia begin to race performed the new project what's ready to begin the right on the new audit block on the ethical not difficult to build a black America all people kill each other all the talk about that that that that is if you really think it is unfortunate that there black on black valid manipulative abort argument about like people to know the probably of the black and I am older and a level of anger because of our of data. Perfect parent angrily called by black people kill black people black people to jail a high rate black folk. Your bot white caught going to copy Joe talk about you know what black people kill black people from 400 years you would all the major war than Americans fall from the Civil War pre-antebellum poster Cabello all walkable on the miracle of what I don't like my white balance, but it all to me at all would like to hear about it for convenience. I would bill a blockage in America.

We can appoint black on black and young people kill each other, but what the picture to the British what why don't like about the Bible clearly plays on the northern through the northern and southern to dog default for you to do it right because right social political construct predicated on ethnic conflict.

Folk a lot of talk about black on black, but not modeled. It black folks in America are definitive of African Diaspora with defendant from distinct country in Africa. We came to America.

We had to become one will want to become what you were like brothers soul brother and all that trouble become one, because our language is normal to distort anyone talk about the Jew Jew from Aspen – the limbo of the bobwhite in the philosophy of your people have been proven to have a heart: the niche market in the bloodline, but they have more or less been discriminated about what you been up and appointed tentatively talk about issues revolving we talk about like Kelly will block you lose other, not about race. A lot of yeah I'm interested in incident I'm just just jump in. I wanted to. I know you have more to say. You articulate and include in your thinking with with a lot of facts and information because I didn't get to to to let everybody else have get their say out the dam. I want to make sure that you're able articulate things just indifference to the caller. Such a need to move on. I see two quick things if if the protest is about the flag as Colin Said then let it be. In other words, if if it is to the flag, say hey, I can't. I can't, and in any chickadee set initially by the Navy SEALs of that seems disrespectful. You should kneel and that's that's what you did as he was trying to be respectful in the midst of his protest, but if athlete to say I cannot kneel. I cannot stand for what the flag represents then that's fine.

Let them do it if it's not about the flag which is with the players he was saying. Then find a better way that that's that was my input there, but your point very clear about what it means and and has America pledged allegiance to black Americans.

The way the rest pledge the fight very fair question.

The other thing I'd mention is when people tell a black on black violence.

I'm just give me a perspective not pushing back nocturnal argue, but just to give the perspective back if if someone say black lives matter and we had no here in Arizona black men killed by white officer in the white often go to jail for. They found some excuse etc. and maybe, maybe there actually five times it happened in the year then I suppose, and why all the rights and protest what what about the hundreds and the thousands that are killed by skilling Blacks in this and sees many outreach over that utility outreaches over the injustice and in a white Americans is, but I thought the outreach was over black life loss and that's where sometimes we miss each other but Sir I know you have a come back to what I'm saying. I'm not. I'm not arguing I'm just giving a response but thank you for weighing in, and I hope we can talk again and further flesh. Some of these things out. Thanks thanks for weighing in. That's what we have phone calls. Thank you sir, 866342. Let's go to Matthew, are you actually in Cambodia, yet I am wonderful. Where in Cambodia, Montgomery, Cambodia.

I've been been here about nine years now in America you die. You coming through. Yet it is, it's a pleasure to hear from certain. I've been to Asia about 50 times or close to that but never to Cambodia, but we had Cambodian refugees during the boat people crisis late 70s early 80s staying in our home yet and that really joined us with that part of the world. I'm so glad you're there so you you doing gospel work in Cambodia. Yeah I work with an organization or faith-based NGO called up Aaron learning and with it mostly orphan.

And been about nine years. Most of the get there right, but in the home, the tail end of my excited to see them go often begin their live will awesome awesome so soon to hear that yes there so you're your question, yet my rent and think online that I thought were pretty and it was the I'm pretty sure you probably come across the but I've never been a reply yet. Basically, in reference to people saying that in the early it. Hebrew manuscript Palio Hebrew manuscript I get you actually have in the first verse of the Bible and online where it dead in the beginning God. Having your what is missing in the Greek translations in Latin Vulgate and the King James is the translation of something that is found in the Palio not route yeah is a circus with Gallup in the top completeness 100% 100% completeness.

Okay, the argument private data for bond with the op and the Omega and not on how relevant yeah that absolutely not that the olives and tops of the first and the last letters of the Hebrew athletic just the direct object market.

When you have the words or a name following use the direct object markets.

It still is in Aramaic it's yacht and in Hebrew it's accurate, there's nothing to that end, this whole Palio Hebrew thing is is based on poor scholarship and a complete myth long before Genesis was written right and long before the Phoenician alphabet was developed which was then borrowed by the Hebrews, but long before and and barred by the Greeks long before then, there were different characters that were pictographs right so the first letter all if was an ox header or bait by it was a house right but by the time they were just uses in alphabet. The pictographic meaning was completely gone.

A pictographs you have hundreds and thousands of pictographs, not 22 like this is in alphabet. Okay, so the same alphabet was then borrowed by the Greeks and then by the Romans in that's regular English alphabet from so that a in the English alphabet goes back to the original ox said, but it has no box had meaning in English, while more than the Hebrew olive had oxygen so that is 100% focus, pure scholarship from the United States to Cambodia. Let that myth be banished. God bless you dear brother for service to a nation so broken the hearts of Pol Pot and communism. It's the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown. So this morning I spoke to the shore of the Carolina annual massive Southern evangelical conference and saw some of my buddies there Frank to Richter's J. Wallace and I think maybe the first time we met face-to-face, but others, Dr. Richard land, the president of the seminary and there's just a lot of fine apologists there and so many hungry and thirsty believers, hungry and thirsty for Tresa. What a joy to be there scheduled to speak again tomorrow morning at the apologetics conference. If you're anywhere near Charlotte got out yet still time to register and enjoy the speakers if I had time to sit and listen to all of them I would I be enriched and challenges I do a one gentleman came up to me as we were walking to my session wanted know he's become a torchbearer monthly supporter. That means the world to me. I don't care if we have 10 million or three.

It means the world to me to know the people stand with us and I deeply appreciated. I want to say to all of you though that everyone can help I here's a website you can go to go fund DR Brown asked her to Brown studio go fund*up and ask if your Brown studio. Your one time gift. There will help us do what were doing to get our message out via video to more and more people around the world does give us a great platform an amazing open door to reach people and you're helping us reach more than ever, better than ever and we keep improving day by day with what were able to put out thanks to so go there and if you get a note which you will after gift this is. Thank you. Or thanks for your solidarity. That's actually for me. I'm taking a moment to send a personal thank you to each one. By say hey this is an important project. Thanks for being part of it. 866342. Let's go to Stuart and California. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown hey I have a question for you about the passion translation establishing that that's really taken off the charismatic Michael that I'm a part of book require that I just want let you know what a big difference.

You've made in my life just a big impact on Fish Creek before I listen to your sermon on YouTube.

I starting to be an actor, musician, and then after I wasn't your sermon. I just want to be a missionary. So I mean just I just want thank you so much for service to the body. Am I just remember when I was in college like is that outgoing be an actor, and somehow I found YouTube video of yours are not the messianic prophecies or some like that at UCLA and then I see USC that was yesterday, USP and Dutchess under my command dog preacher and in it I found a message about you preaching at the Brownsville revival like the message fire. Yes, I just remember listening to that. Like I just felt my knee and began weeping during the altar call part and up to that point. I mean I listen to a lot of sermons but like no sermon ever made like weeping come under conviction like that but basically for that sermon.

My eyes which is open like I saw that I was looking for God I was and truly following God and being a disciple and ever since.

Looking got message I I rededicate my life and just died apology to give my life for mission and I just want thank you so much for your service. Once again, because I know that if I had not with that that certain and also got your books will of the one on board revolution I would. I would've fallen away from the Lord. I know that for fact because messages of repentance are not just in really sure that what I was so thank you so much for that, Stuart.

Thank thank you for sharing that this moving to hear and I pray that the Lord with would move deeply in your life the years ahead in addition to the full effect I was going to ask for you to stay on during the break just encourage you that you shoot your testimony to us through the website I was gonna send you the revolution say that we got a break I get you question about the passion translation. Thanks for sharing today. What if you email us testimony in writing, similar to the website I come up with a book. Maybe you don't have them send it to you as a gift. Thank the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is lasting to bring forth 866-34-TRUTH. You've got questions, we've got answers right back to Stuart California's you ask me about the passion translation. I just want to get your opinion on it and maybe you've ever thought of writing an article about because I'm the passion translation is like beeping right now that like charismatic leaders are our reading and like recommending and from what I've researched like the website got question, I'm just verse after verse is like is like not not the literal translation or lot like a lot of additions and also read something that fit an entire paragraph with added to Scripture and how you don't like them. She seems like a good guy but it's only one person there is no committee of translators and people are saying it's not really a translation interpretation, but then you know leaders like Bill Johnson are are using it. Next you preaching from it, as well as many others, I respect Bill Johnson. You know like yours back I speak in tongues I could be doing all that.

But like we can associate you on our foundation of Scripture like it's not really translation yet whining like yeah yeah so you increment yet limit the media anyway and and and and thank you thank Stuart for framing the question clearly. I've known Brian Simmons for good number of years.

He and his wife were Bible translators in jungles of the Amazon summer like that when the Lord called him back to the state CE pastor thriving church in Connecticut and then felt called out of that in the midst of successful ministry to devote himself fully to Bible translation.

So he reveres the word he said he's a great lover of the work is a God-fearing man who really reveres and loves the word and is devoted more of his life to Bible translation than most human beings you'll ever ever meet. So that's one thing. Second thing is that the passion translates that's a good name for it is passionate. It is vibrant.

It is powerful.

It is beautiful, but it is not really a translation. It is more a paraphrase of the translation in my opinion. Now it's not a paraphrase on the level that the messages the messages is a more radical paraphrase Brian Simmons rendering is closer to the original but I would not use it as my primary Bible because it is not close enough to the literal sense. In that regard now know translation is word for word because you cannot go directly from one frontlines to another word for word and have it make perfect sense that sentence structures can be differently. The emphasis is going to be different. The grammars can be different but you can get closer to that. So for example the NASB shoots to get closer to that type of translation in the NIV would be a little bit more free to try to get things in a more smooth flowing English so's translations are more literal versus more dynamic and then you have a paraphrase like the NLT the new living translation.

That's a mild paraphrase living Bible little bit more extreme. Paraphrase the message a really extreme, paraphrase the passion translation fits in with those paraphrases and that's why I say don't use it as your primary Bible. Use it in a secondary way.

Brian also relies on the Aramaic prosciutto more than I would but he does so in a mature way and and wrestles it would wrestle for long periods of time to really try to get the nuance of the verse here or there, correct and it's not unprecedented to have one person do translation or paraphrase. Whether it was JB Phillips. Whether it was Moffat or whether it was it was Eugene Peterson, for better or for worse and and those will reflect the idiosyncrasies the gifts and strengths of the individuals involved, but that being said, if it Bill Johnson is preaching from my take would be that he's thoroughly familiar with the Scriptures that he's been through these texts many times and he likes the way this reads if he replaced his Bible reading and just read that over time, I would say that that he would get more used to the way Brian has rendered things with its particular nuances so I would highly recommend the passion translation as a secondary version so your reading through the Bible you want to look at another translation or you want to read it. Let's read through this of the passion translation to see how it flows and then we go back and compare with the translations I normally use, and if I'm preaching.

I have no problem pulling the passage of the new living tresses. I've pulled the passage out of the messages, much as our problems with the parts of but I I promise that I would get back to document of the translations once it did the KJV and I'm planning on getting into paraphrases.

One of these weeks so hopefully I will cover the passion translation at that time as well.

Thank you sir for asking. 86634 let's go to Tennessee Charles, welcome to the line of fire and doing well thank you so. Oh Calvinism. And one thing always the argument doubt that I've never really made a good answer number that actually like make the day okay I understand that there is the writing of the all all those that you know what about all all the third BURGER, but not all that salvation go right so the question is do they have the power to refuse the call that I have an hour to do they have the power to say to say no because Calvinists believe in irresistible grace, as is one past used to say God always gets his man so Calvinists believes that the call is is 100% perfectly effectual than anyone called by God is saved by God and By God and that there's no human yes or no to it so that would be the question. Did God call Saul because he's he saw the condition of his heart remembrance. In Genesis the 20th chapter God says to Abimelech, I didn't let you sleep with Sarah because I saw the integrity of your heart.

So the God see that in Saul and that's why he called him.

Did Saul have the possibility to say no and refuse, in which case we never would've known about him today could be the Bible doesn't tell us. There was, it doesn't prove anything that he was that he was called to salvation, but where does it say that there's no possibility of refusing a call. Rocco thing you would be a lot like we've God is the mother of five great Buckeye work the spell under grace.

Are there is some way.

I may not like the undersigned, personally I think someone is made to be predetermined. The service they would benefit they think they were also read it yet. I appreciate right I appreciate that you understand that nuance that we would read Romans nine, primarily as is the call to service rather than salvation in a number of key texts there so I appreciate that you understand that nuance obviously Paul is going back to language from Jeremiah 1 regard says that he set them apart before he was ever born, but are many and has no problem with that synagogue foresees that God foresaw who Jeremiah would be, God foresaw choices he would make God foresaw how he would respond and because of that God chose him to God to God because Saul to persecute people. What if so, what is he say it. It's hard for you to kick against the goads right in other words you ever fighting against God.

In doing this and Paul says I was. I was a violent man.

I was a blasphemer but but God had mercy on me. Why, because I did it in ignorance and unbelief so so Paul actually gives in first Timothy one a reason and James James White River.

Your writing and listening to this right now. I know you are respond, but you can control and biking can call in the show but in your listening after it happened, but God.

Be listening. I got there I would say this to you but in all seriousness, cousin James listens to some of the shows as he rides. I'm always thinking of him as tight as I give a Calvinistic answer. Paul, what, when he is talking about how things work out. He's very specific and he says God had mercy because I acted ignorantly in unbelief. So he finds a reason for the mercy then could all of that had been foresaw on foreseen excuse before seen by God. And that's part of why God chose them just like he raised the Faro because he knew the hardness of his heart and and is creaking is pointed out, God raised up a wicked man for that very purpose of being resistant and all on board.

Was it everything God does has reasons right and it's based on him. Knowing the beginning from the end right so yeah I would I would I would say that is calling is based on foresight and some of it is simply based on covenant. In other words Abraham responded right therefore God made a promise with Abraham send some of whom would say yes some of them would say no right hate got a run to thank you for great question number gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown many England James welcome to the line of fire from yes I can.

James and I met in the old city of Jerusalem. Maria unfortunately no guard rail.right great, all great hope. Hope you can do it and I think it was James but as I was walking to the old city of Jerusalem, a young pastor from England heard me talking and recognize my voice from listening on radio. I thought it was James but anyway I'm sure there's more than one James in England anyway so yes, your your question. I appreciate all you read on for it. But that could you fracture them think yeah II really am not expert at all on Eastern orthodoxy swung essays can be very, very basic. Okay, very basic. Obviously, it's been a big question because of my colleague Hank had a graph known as the Bible answer man converting to Eastern orthodoxy because of which many of the stations he was on the longer carry him because they say that you're no longer evangelical, so in that sense. Eastern orthodoxy does not hold to some of the key solos that evangelicals would hold like so the Scripture. For example, Scripture alone is our final authority that Eastern orthodoxy like Catholicism, Roman Catholicism would look to Scripture and tradition, and tradition would would have a sacred role even a role of authority and an inspired role so because of that, I would say clearly that you cannot be evangelical and Eastern Orthodox at the same time, I would say though, it doesn't mean to me that you cannot be and Eastern Orthodox believer who knows the Lord. This devoted to Jesus, but we have some differences along the some of the essentials. I would not dam Hank had a graph to help her become Eastern Orthodox, absolutely not.

As as some have done Similac. He believes in salvation by works, he would clearly say he doesn't and Eastern Orthodox would generally say they don't but we would obviously have a very different understanding about salvation by faith alone where works come in. That being said, what I've appreciated about Eastern orthodoxy in some of the writings of red is that sometimes the leaders came at spiritual issues from a different angle and then I've often found refreshing the words I've I've found some traditions with wisdom and spiritual insight that are Eastern Orthodox, but the system as a whole. I would have to reject I would say more but I don't have more to say.

That is really based on serious interaction. These basic things I can say with some degree of confidence. So thanks are call my friend Dr. white on the dividing line and and he'll give you more perspective on Eastern orthodoxy, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to James in Phoenix but I'm sure it's a James white hey, welcome to the line of fire. Yet Dr. Brown here about Anna Marquardt no longer on the other being implacably bright moon and beauty but with retrospect of current network that had acquired God, yes.

And when you have the father of greater than year my questionnaire.

The opened are impaired, not the father. Yes, so there are two different aspects to this are number one in his incarnation. He's obviously as a human being. Now fully human, fully God, but in submission to his father. He prays to his father. He refers to the to the father is his God, and his father. He has to eat and drink and sleep like other human beings. He doesn't know the day of his return. Only the father knows that's in his incarnate state so in that state.

Obviously the father is greater than he is and obviously he is in a submitted state. The question is eternally eternally.

Has he been coequal.

Philippians 2 would indicate clearly that he is coequal in that it says that he didn't take equality with God something to be held on to so in his eternal state. He is obviously as the eternal son equal to the father and the spirit as God.

The question is is this son in submission to the father and the spirit in terms of mission in submission to the sun. In other words, is there some type of eternal subordination was the son always submitted to the father in eternity past the nature of father-son spirit and theologians debate that theologians debate that what I would say is clear is number one as God, there must be fully quality.

Otherwise, you have different gods in different levels of deity, so God is God and that since there was full equality within the Trinity.

In terms of the plan of redemption. The sun is in submission to the father. So whether that's eternal or just in terms of the plan of redemption. The song is in submission to the father in first Corinthians 15 says in the end, some will submit to the father so God may be all in all. And what we get eternally is this great revelation of one God and one God only, and yes father-son in spirit, but one God is the great emphasis I I hope that helps answer the question in the incarnation, certainly lesser than the father in eternity equal to the father but in the plan of redemption submitted to the father white friends.

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All right, I've got time for one last question right. Not there. Let's try James and Barry Kentucky. Time is short so way right in the dark brown, about Daniel 725. I'm thinking that this proves that the pre-tribulation rapture, part one and part two. Christians keep the Sabbath okay as far as the Sabbath go to my website Esta and just search for Sabbath, as far as Daniel 725. Speaking of this antichrist for you shall speak pompous words against the most high, shall persecute the saints of the most high shall intend to change times and law than the same shall be given into his hand for time and times and half a time. No, I don't see that as is proving preacher after your point would be how can the saints, the people of God be subject to an antichrist. It seems to be that there's going to be a period of defeat. It seems to be like Paul wrote in second Corinthians 1 that that we get to a point which is beyond what we can take that out of that resurrection life, that's arranged in just like saints around the world right now are subject to evil rulers persecute them, kill them. Then out of that God brings resurrection my pay. Visit us and ask Dr. and will see again on Monday

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