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Tackling Our Fleshly Lusts

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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October 17, 2017 4:11 pm

Tackling Our Fleshly Lusts

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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October 17, 2017 4:11 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 10/17/17.

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Our fleshly appetites are literally killing us, but there's an answer in the gospel or the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the direct coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown to help not hurt you today to strengthen you were going to help you overcome were going to give you hope but were going to talk plainly and honestly.

Like when you go to see the doctor and the doctor sit you down and says okay we have a serious problem is this. However, there is a serious answer to your problem. That's what were going to talk about today. Candidly and honestly from sexual morality to food addictions. There is hope for change for every human being in the gospel. This is a no condemnation zone if you open your heart to God and say God I need help. He's not here to condemn you. He's here to help you if anything that I say brings a sense of conviction to your heart if it if it hits if it stings it's done in love.

It's done to help. It's done out of compassion and it's done as as a fellow traveler. No pointing fingers here but someone else saying there I go, but by the grace of God this is Michael Brown. Welcome to today's broadcast 866-3487 84. I'm not taking your questions today about the president or latest world political developments not take your questions today random Bible theology questions, but if you yourself are in overcome her you been set free from addiction be at the drugs, alcohol to sexual immorality to food to gambling something else.

If you been set free through the gospel. Maybe there practical things you did. Maybe it was instantaneous deliverance. But if you have genuinely been set free, maybe 30 years ago maybe six months ago.

I love to hear from you will do our best to get to some of your testimonies as well.

866-34-TRUTH that is a number to call or if you're struggling I and you don't see a way out and want to call you can call anonymously. You don't have to give your actual name if it would cause embarrassment. You only have to say where you're calling from some of the most poignant powerful moving calls.

We have received have been anonymous calls right.

What gets me on this subject today. What I could talk about any day the week and it's relevant, though I could talk about it much. Around the world, especially sexual morality. This can be relevant everywhere than most countries of the world for addiction issues could be relevant as well, but certainly in a country we have so much access so much extra these things are absolutely relevant all the time. So why bring them up today.

Well, in the aftermath of all the allegations against Hollywood giant Harvey Weinstein one accusation after another after another, one more perverse than the next.

Many other celebrities.

Many other individuals that were not known for coming forward and sing me to. I too was sexually abused.

I too was raped. I too was molested and you realize then how ask epidemic. The problem of sexual immorality is in our society. Ed, it is been epidemic through human history, the Bible recounts it from Genesis to Revelation. Some of the greatest leaders mentioned in the Bible. David Solomon fell prey to sexual sin when the most anointed and unique men in the Bible. Samson fell prey repeatedly to sexual sin.

So my best friends, colleagues, years ago, fell prey to sexual sin. I live every day of my life recognizing the possibility that I could fall like anyone else. These are major issues not only so, recent studies have reported that the obesity epidemic in America is getting even worse, so why not talk about these things, but again I'm here to help, not hurt, 866 that's where you weigh in will be right back here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown friends for being part of today's cash give out fleshly appetites from sexual immorality to food addictions how we can literally find freedom in Jesus when he said again no finger-pointing here. No throwing stones at those who are really down and discouraged no condemnation and shaming and embarrassment. Rather, to say let's face our problems. Honestly, let's confess our sins to God must recognize our shortcomings and let's find grace and help at his throne to look there plenty of sexual or secular net sexual or secular approaches to these things. There are therapies there are methods there are lifestyle changes and I'm not saying that the secular approach doesn't work.

I'm not saying that reprogramming our minds doesn't work.

I'm not saying that adopting new changes in our lifestyle and implementing them will not bring about the kind of change we want to not saying that all and simply say that is not either/or that God can set us free, and then give us practical ways to stay free. But for many when you find yourself stuck in you don't know how to get out. It seems like any divine intervention. Now Nancy and I wrote the book breaking the stronghold of food breaking the stronghold of food. I think it's the fastest selling book of anything I've written is the first thing we've written together subtitle how we conquered food addictions and discovered a new way of living. If we could do it anyone to do it. I was overweight most of my life.

Good part of my life, even obese.

I didn't think I was obese but according to the numbers that are used by government health and and other industries. Medical care. I was obese and check this out Washington Examiner reports this Washington Examiner reports. This is back in September.

Obesity epidemic at new high costs 150 billion a year hurts military recruiting right obesity epidemic at new high. Americans continue to get fatter and it's delivering a huge blow to the country, both in higher healthcare costs and undercutting military recruiting, according to a huge new study and then time magazine reported this this was just five days ago or so.

October 12 95 days ago 40% of Americans are obese and the trend isn't slowing close to 40% of American adults in 19% of young people of obesity, a trend that's remain stubbornly high in the last few years and by the way, there are some doctors that say that our standards for obesity are too low that if you measured properly then over half of Americans are obese. So why was I obese. Why did I weigh 275 pounds.

Yes, it worked out yes on the 6 foot three, look like a big hefty football player but I was fat. I was obese. My blood pressure was as high as 149/103 and there were other issues I was having because of being overweight. Although generally speaking, otherwise I was good health and I was super active and pushed hard and worked out as hard as anybody to meet Bosch.

I was obese.

Why was it that I was a glutton that I ate massive amounts of food. NO Nancy would say she was a glutton. She says a plane in the book Nancy would say that that was her issue she could just consume a lot of food that you like when she wanted. She's a foot shorter than me so effects are even worse for me it was a lifelong unhealthy eating habits. Yes, it's another form of lack of discipline I'm not making excuses, no.

I'm simply saying we can be obese for different reasons, though a tiny tiny percentage of the population will have some type of genetic issue thyroid problem something or other because of which some biological issue because of which they they are terribly overweight even though they don't eat a lot whenever I see someone terribly overweight.

I don't judge me quite neurotic adult no-no. To the contrary, my heart goes out to them. I think Manas can be tough. That's a long way back and you can segment destroyed my body. What's the use, but I was think maybe there's some other cause some of the reason I look. Some people go through trauma, you lose a loved one and and you discomfort yourself with food or that's the place of safety.

You can run from the abuse or something else going on in your life. Nancy sat me down one night to watch a show was my 600 pound life or something like that just to get more of a heart and understanding for those that that struggled with morbid obesity and this poor gal what happened when she started getting sexually abused when she was a little girl and then the abuser was father, stepfather, I forget wanted to abuse her sister younger sister so she gave herself up to protect the younger sister and the only place she found comfort was in food unit out turnaround condemned that for all your terribly own rats to know Marcos as a person.

All the more. Sometimes people quit smoking cigarettes and replace with food get overweight for me. It was a lifelong pattern of unhealthy eating, lifelong pattern of unhealthy eating list of Oreos for breakfast. As a boy I was a chocoholic.

Almost all of my life. I made a break several different times over the years and the Lord quit having suites, but for the most part was a lifelong chocoholic and it hardly day would go by without all kinds of white bread and a pizza and imposter burgers and fries for two-year study when I was in junior high school grade 7 and eight I had hamburger and fries every day for lunch five days a week on school and some days for dinner as well. This is just about lifelong unhealthy eating habits will as you get older it has an effect that I was in my 20s I was relatively thin and and the things were catching up with me. But as you get older they start to catch up with you. Your audit restart you call, you start to have other problems and and promise utilizing a free one. I can get free. How I make a break. Hat had a white get out of this, I'm stuck. I'm addicted and I know the how to eat differently. My whole life I was always a very picky eater. My whole life.

I offer be new foods. No thanks I don't eat that meaning I've ever tasted. I want to try. So how do you make lifestyle adjustments.

It's not easy. Sometimes it takes divine intervention but God is able to intervene. I cried out on and off for years being embarrassed being overweight. Although most no one ever raised it to me when I show all pictures to people of know me through the years this bike.

We never knew you were near that heavy as it is, you did you just just do it because I was always someone. Everything got heavier and you just used to it. I talk to people I've known me for years. Did you ever think of me as being obese, not just a big I was obese. How do you make the changes I got a list really talk about the little while 10 ways to know if you're food that gets to help not hurt it's to encourage, not discourage but in my own life.

I cried out. God, you've got to help me God. I don't know how to make changes got. I need you to intervene and Nancy cried out for me because she was concerned for health reasons. She knew the way I pushed and she knew how hard I went and she was unhealthy and unwise. So God mercifully heard our prayers and something happened where God just help me to eat differently. You have to realize and and I have I have lived this out. I have proven this out.

I used to say to people. I am much more ready to preach to an angry and potentially violent crowd than to try new foods and I did that I did both here and I'm saying II preached by the grace of God without fear to hostile crowds were potentially violent. In one case that took over the stage at the meeting that with knives and razor blades in her hands. In India, a radical Hindu crowd.

God is my witness, and in the witness of many many others that were there. They can testify to. To this day I did that by the grace of God fearlessly, but you put down some new food in front of me knows that I'll find some excuse not to eat it.

I was a food lamp and yet God's help me to make radical changes in my life now going on three months and two years without deviation, without exception, by the grace of God, no posting here.

I mean less than eight months I lost 95 pounds and one from 275 to 180 without dieting just eating only healthy food and get really getting rid of all the unhealthy subverts almost a fatal molecular weight of almost all that and just eating healthy foods yeah a little meet once a week.Toby beacon so little meat once a week but I'm fine without it. Either way, I get my protein things and other ways but my blood pressure went from 149/103 down to 165. My cholesterol was a size 231 councils 123. The good cholesterol went up the back cluster went down I step three for headaches.

We Kevin had a headache in over three years used of constant lower back pain virtually no back pain now in over three years was on a breathing machine. Sleep apnea hat so when I travel have to travel around the world. That little hotel in India. Try to find an outlet to plug in the breathing machine so you know you have sleep apnea. Dr. said there was nothing to be done surgically is no cure for an what happened, why lost enough weight that somehow cleared up passages in the back of my throat that I will lost weight of the top of my tongue and roof of the mouth just open up breathing passages there so I don't need the breathing machine.

My life is been transformed energy level off the charts immune system so so much stronger than it's been before to sharpen every weight for the glory of God friends if I could do it.

Anybody could do it. 866-34-TRUTH will be right back over the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown back friends fire were talking about about the lust of the flesh and the appetites of the flesh to help you. The church is sexual addiction being food addiction being something else to help 866-34-TRUTH if you have testimony about being set free from an addiction or if you're struggling you. You need help.

You need input you need prayer breakfast to turn this into a prayer service were not able to do this on the purpose of the broadcasts, but we do understand with you and help right so the book Nancy and I wrote breaking the stronghold of food how we overcame food addictions and discovered a whole new way of living. It's helped a lot of people find the testimony a moment and read it to you that that was an incredible blessing to read and to hear but were constantly hearing from people who have been blessed to been helped him up to be a conference row speak over the weekend people glowing hate your book is help change off of lost 30 pounds a bus 50 pounds and unhealthy here I got were this sickness, whatever. Just yesterday someone else thanked me for the inspiration of the book, and so much of it is Mr. Nancy's words, we have a special resource we've put together for you can see it and asked her to DSK DR It is our coaches special. Here's what I did. I took three sessions on DVD and CD three hole sessions where I sit down and I coach you through your say start here the steps you take here the things you have to process through prey, through we do that and then there is one CD were Nancy and I were interviewed by Sid Roth. She actually get to hear Nancy's own words interviewed by Sid were we talk these things through plus the book so it's a great resource.

The package together available on your website. Asked her to breaking the stronghold of food elsewhere available everywhere online and hopefully in your bookstores, but here's what's so important to understand if you want to get free from addictions from bondage is you have to be honest with yourself.

I was with a friend one time and this friend was worn by a doctor. Recently a friend in the 60s.

The friend was worn by a doctor. You need to change your life or you will not be here to watch her grandkids grow up warned strong and and the person contact me and said yeah you know him. My husband and I we we were both told this button are both friends husband and wife both told us we know we need to make changes, we know we need to make changes and we then went out for a meal afterwards and it was a breakfast buffet so I just got a lot of fruit and nut posting of this and that's my lust on that's at the buffet. That's what I can have like a lot of fruit and was enjoy my fruit brother enjoyed enough. That's what I was eating and watch my friend put all these meet every unhealthy thing on the plate but then explain why wilderness doing this now are changing this later. Or why they didn't have this much of that only that much of that and I just thought all your lying to yourself. How do I know because I've done it many times over the years not solve the problem like a changes I lied to myself as well not consciously, but certainly didn't and I just grimaced all you're never going to get free.

If you keep lying to yourself. So even if you don't know a way out. Even if you feel hopeless in saying it better to start honestly and say God I'm addicted.

I'm addicted. Whatever it is, whether you say you're addicted to pornography or your addicted to gambling your addicted to food your addicted to sexual morality. Your addicted to lying, whatever it is just to admit it. Be honest. You said hello Dr. Brown I have a problem here. Sexual morality that's that's always wrong it's always wrong and lying in gambling arose from, but food is not always yeah that's the problem. We need food to live right. We need food to live. The problem is our standard American diet is Dr. Joel Fuhrman.

Alyssa pointed out is deadly if if you rely on on our fast food culture. It's deadly we get our restaurants so much of it is deadly and to be addicted to food and incense, which will get into.

I haven't done it yet, but will give me 10 ways to know if your food addict will get into that shortly. That's wrong that's wrong. God does not want us to be slaves to any bodily appetites of the need to eat is different than the addiction to food want to go to phones in one moment, but first a very important announcement if you live in Charlotte North Carolina. Please take this information down. It's for tomorrow Wednesday, October 18. If you live in Charlotte you can vote in Charlotte North Carolina concerned women for America, North Carolina Frederick Douglass foundation, North Carolina first Baptist culture impact him in Jesus ministry Inc. cordially invite you to the Charlotte municipal candidate form find out where your candidates stand Christians in Charlotte get involved and vote no on repeats of the disasters we recently had in the school board, city Council or Mayor get out and find out with the candidates stand for 630 to 9 PM 630 to 9 PM. This is at first Baptist Church 301 S. Davidson St., Charlotte, I think you be shocked when you find out with some of the candidates do and don't stand for tomorrow night first Baptist Church, 639 in Charlotte be there if you're a voter in the city and get involved in vote. All right, let's go to the phones we have John from somewhere.

Welcome Sir to the line of fire) doing well thank you so actually, I could probably relate to allotted different thing tonight.

I added drug addiction that had to give birth to her back in 1983 when they were trendy in Southern California to do a particular drug and Derrida watched a pastor I don't like coming home.

Motivational speaker and I heard him speaking and aware of never been spoken. Now myself and my other four siblings. We went through a lot of abuse and I know when people hear that they're like oh well China qualify that as a reason but you know the truth is, drug addiction is usually a result of something out. So I got involved in drugs and 83, and by the grace of God. Last time I did drugs, but in 2001, and I want to say this quickly, before I forget, I also started smoking when I was about 15 years old and was probably 1981 and again by the grace April of last year was the last time I had a cigarette that was a 35 year addiction while now the final thing I want to stay that I would love to have your book because as you can imagine somebody smoke cigarettes. Cigarettes now there's a way to share hey John, stay right there I got a break. Howard, let's get Johnson so you got a free copy of my book with the CDs. The whole package. The coaches corner coming away want to send it to you as if God bless you man. Good news is on the way. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown your hearing stories about now. Encouraging and enabling others to come with us. I was raped I was abused I was molested I was taken advantage of many women coming forth some man as well and you realize how much of this is been hidden under the surface.

Some of you listening right now the moment I start speaking to trigger some deep pain inside of you something you tried to suppress for many many years. We want to bring hope. We want to bring encouragement in the midst of pain as we talk honestly about dealing with addictions be addictions to food or addictions to pornography want to talk honestly candidly and in a helpful way the recall 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884. Maybe you have a powerful testimony of deliverance from addiction.

Would love to hear from you.

I was shooting heroin using LSD known as drug bear Ironman took the largest quantities of drugs in my high school was idiot, not idiotic enough to be proud of it and got wonderfully born again at the age of 16 in 1971 in December 1771 said to the Lord of never put a needle in my arm again was free from that night on other things in life. I battled for years and addiction to chocolate and other things and finally found freedom and victory a few years ago so we can be set free. Instantaneously we can battle something for years and then find freedom, especially the things that are more socially acceptable like food addictions so again were not here to condemn were here to help right here to point fingers of accusation, but to be honest with each other so that we can find the help that we need in the Lord. Let me let me tell you a painful story during the browser revival Friday nights were water baptisms and people who would been saved transform come back to God through the revival would testify would have 20 or 30 a night. On Friday nights and many times there were scores and scores and scores of them to be baptized, but we had talked about 20 or 30 on Friday nights and the testimonies were incredibly moving, but I began to hear people who would fall in a tall kinds of sin. Some drug abuse, some prostitution, some other areas of sin, violence, and they all traced it back to being abused as children are number one man stood up to be baptized, and he said that he was sexually abused by his pastor as a boy, which then open up the door for him to have a lifetime of homosexual relations as I fell apart. Other ways become a drug addict. He was now not just free from drugs, but sufficiently restored in the soul that with the leader of the drug rehab ministry had served under they were going together to confront the pastor that abused him as a boy, what horrific consequences. I remember one young woman getting baptized and saying how she had been molested by man growing up because of which she had a tremendous hatred for men that dominated her life, but now that she was saved in born-again. She said I want to bring to heaven with me as many molesters as I can.

I want to see them saved. I want to see them repent and see them set free.

Then there was a young lady, 15, 16 years old, blind but in a way that her eyes are look a little mangled in the coach was born blind.

She seemed very ill adjusted for someone blind summits born blind.

They tend to be able to function in public settings. Very normally and I want to talk draft which was at the altar want to talk draft which would happen when the most tragic stories ever heard.

She was sexually abused as a girl got her so depressed traumatized that she got into drugs. She and her boyfriend heavy drug use is get so depressed they decided they wanted to take their lives. They convinced her friend to shoot them both in the head Christopher and went to jail for the boyfriend I she was blinded for life. I thought the blood that's on the hands guy that abused her trigger this whole thing.

God have mercy. We need intervention, the abuses must repent in those views, healing and health grace. Everything you want to file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown just checking on my Facebook page is my YouTube made the shout out to some of our YouTube viewers Jesus and Jeremy and Ryan and Gail and who else we've got their miracle and others. Thanks for tuning in and keep the interesting discussion going there.

Remember friends, you can watch most days we are live streaming radio broadcast. You can watch it on video on the YouTube channel S.

Dr. Brown. You can also listen on Facebook RS Dr. Brown Facebook page were doing a live stream so somehow you're not.

It would get us on radio you don't have the line of fire app. These are the ways you can listen and even watch 866-34-TRUTH were talking about getting free from addictions.

Sexual morality is been with the human race since the fall sexual the sexual nature of human beings is something God gave us for good, but it's very powerful.

We can easily be used for bad you my 13 reminds us that even Solomon the wisest man that lived on the earth fell because of sexual sin. So that's where it starts with me if he could happen to David if he could happen to Solomon if he could happen to other well-known Christian leaders if it could happen to men and women of faith in the past it can happen to me. My latest article you can read on our website, instructor Brown, the Lord my latest article raises the question.

Now you understand why Mike Pentz has the guidelines that he has. He got ridiculed for reviled for a written article.

It's getting a lot of response online. I wonder if you're a woman who would you rather work for who would you feel safer with you. Would you trust more Harvey Weinstein or Mike Pentz if if your father you've raised a daughter. Now she's 18 going into the work world who would you rather she got a job with VP Pentz or Harvey wants to.

I hope I realized income student to find the Lord and receives grace and forgiveness in a place of repentance and transformation from attacker condemn them simply asking a question would you rather be around those that put up guidelines and parameters Mike Pentz won't be alone with another woman other than his wife, would you rather have someone like that with those kind of guidelines or would you rather have someone that is allegedly guilty of all kinds of sexual abuses of of other women. Many times in the past we would talk about LGBT activism and things in society that were going against our values people so your hypocrite about gluttony. What about food that's all you that's an issue as well, but I don't see an active movement. The strata redefine marriage based on food addictions or that's trying to teach ungodly things for kids in school based on food addictions or that's attacking the Bible based on predictions. Nonetheless, we do need to address these things and get if you're not aware, Nancy and I wrote a book's best-selling book, I believe anything I've written. I think it's because of Nancy's contribution breaking the stronghold of food. It's it's also something massively relevant to so many of us in America and other nations. How we overcame food addictions. I discovered a new way of living throughout the book Nancy gives her comments side-by-side with mine so is as you're reading it through. I may be talking about something and then you'll see you know from Nancy show way head. It could be a short comment to be long. Then she tells her whole story in the back of the book and then also gives keys Nancy's keys for breaking food strongholds, but before I share some of his keys because they also work in other areas of life.

Sexual addition addictions others of life, but Lemme give you 1010 ways to know if your food right again. The purpose is not to condemn the purpose is not to attack or make you feel guilty before I do that, here's a testimony to encourage this is from a gentleman. He and his wife are in full-time ministry and he says this want to write to thank you and Nancy for breaking stronghold food one half months ago, I asked my parents if they would like to read it with us and go on a very strict diet and again it's not a diet with you know DiPrete just below this is a little at no eat a lot of healthy food totally healthy food and everything else within that healthy parameter in moderation choices. This long story short, my dad has lost 25 pounds in six weeks. My mom is down 16.

My dad's doctor is not going to put on prediabetes, medication like you plan his vision was blurry and now it's cleared up. Praise God. Even though my wife and I primarily took on the challenges and encouragement my parents. I've ended up losing 15 pounds 181 65. My wife is down eight or so. I feel great. I broken my addiction to nasty sugars come on and that we as a family are all reading through eat to live together.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman's book that recommend again, please pass our family gratitude onto Nancy as well. That's good news that is very good news. Alright, so here's a list of 10 questions to help you know if you're addicted to food.

Are you ready number one.

The thought of giving up your favorite unhealthy food foods for an extended period of time, like a week or a month is almost terrifying to them to you. Have a negative emotional reaction when you go without your favorite unhealthy food foods. Number three. If you don't have your daily coffee or sweets or other habitual food, you get headaches and even experience withdrawal symptoms before you know that if you ate differently.

You'd be healthier and would likely live longer, but you're not willing to change signal number five you lost weight in the past press many times only to gain it all back again six you're embarrassed about being overweight could find yourself unable to change or die for any length of time seven you deceive others about your food choices.

Keeping a hidden stash of your favorite forbidden foods or eating the when no one is watching the great make excuses for your bidding habits and ways you would never do for other areas of your life that are undisciplined, number nine you have physical cravings for certain foods and you need to eat them. To satisfy those cravings. Number 10 you live in denial concerning your bad eating habits, blaming others or minimizing your problems or claiming that God is fine with your unhealthy diet you say to me okay Mike, how many of those do I check off to be a food addict. This is like 9/10 of eight and 10 in my opinion anyone anyone of those 10 would indicate that you are food.

I used to be 10 of 10 that was me. 10 additive 10 everything I listed talk to me, but by God's grace in the 0/10.

Trust me, by God's grace he help me.

He did something people so yeah but you're very disciplined person. In many ways I am in many ways. I am also by God's grace, but trust me, my discipline did not get me free for over 50 years and 59 years of unhealthy unite. Maybe the infancy I wasn't, but all my conscience years ate unhealthily whatever discipline I had and that at that point over 40 years in the Lord and I Eddie I broke free in certain ways and I reviewed every day.

I said no to certain foods. I never ate whatever I wanted all day long ever. And yet with whatever discipline I had. I still couldn't get free.

So, if God help me, you can help you and went when Nancy addresses the issue of breaking the stronghold of food.

Some of her points apply to any other stronghold be an addiction to gambling be an addiction to pornography and I understand these things affect us differently in appeal to different bodily lusts and desires and they they affect our brains differently. And yet there is common ground between them. Nancy says this that first quote I had to recognize that there actually was a stronghold. Initially I wasn't in a complete state of denial about it. So first recognizing that there is a stronghold. That's we have to start gotta be honest, it's me, it's me. You know, there is this twitter trend. Many women, some men, many women especially are coming out and sing me to, meaning they too were victims of sexual abuse at NRR Road or I posted a video last night saying you know when revival hits America will know it because the abusers will becoming forcing me to, I've been a sexual abuser. I've been guilty & after go to the police and confess their crimes.

Others, it's on the criminal level but Bill confess their sins either weeping at the altar to someone.

Some of even need to stand up publicly and say it and then step down from certain things are doing. Get help. That's going to be a time of amazing freedom and so many of been too ashamed to step forward, having been abused enough to do it publicly for the world to see but but they'll start to come for the encourager for your victim of abuse come forward, don't go to leaders in your church and say have been abused and I need help on hurting on the inside it's it's affected my life. If you been guilty.

You go you go to leaders and say I'm guilty of sin. There is a place of grace. Yes it's costly in so many ways to be honest, but it's the place where freedom then I will take some calls bring some practical encouragement that number by Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown to friends if you watch on radio broadcast on that's right. Watch our live stream on YouTube than we posted later in the day on YouTube and restricted on YouTube channel. You get to see things like Hebrew word of the day we just talked with the Hebrew word Nefesh you probably learned some stuff you never knew before, and then our website Esther to brown the k do your we have a digital library with thousands of hours of resources, videos or articles links that will edify you teachings we've done and it's yours. It's there for you. It's a resource that we've put together to minister to you to equip you to help you to strengthen you, so check it out and asked Dr. right. Let's be encouraged. The same God who set me free from food addictions and decades before set me free from drug addictions is here to set you free as well. Let's go to Jerry Kia somewhere in Texas. Welcome to the line of fire under every letterhead, yeah, go ahead, so as not in child when you get set free from not yet are on the Lord, the Lord will definitely IIII brought been out all you know the law will make the perspective after I had absolutely no light though all state of being heavily addicted to drug really want and it was really bad and polite. It destroyed my family on destroyed my relationship with the dog bucket the fourth of your family or friends that got and are difficult to navigate and I got kicked out of the house all of the love will find you know the long you know I I want to share the rope back for the people are listening on that I think many Christian all because when they make a date they stop pursuing Christ understand it's almost like no I sailed God's hate. God's disappointed with me. They get discouraged and they quit believe the devil's lies yeah absolutely happens many times yet.

And all you either completely set me free light to checkpoint at the blooper natural delivery, but I've been drug-free for the pack hat they bought the year, completely drug-free. Haven't been doing any type of narcotics are nothing and now I IRA I work full-time on the boy to my truck driver and I packed on the leak. You know and and and and the grace of God that that led me to salvation is what made me administer Jesus that me free from my nonaction, that anybody free and so highlighted how old you today sir.

On 25 years old 25 right so an intense addiction ages roughly 13 to 19 cost them so much family friends homelessness. Then, gloriously set free working and pastoring Jesus could do it for me. If Jesus could do if Jerry Kia friends could do it for you and I'm sure there's more to the story, to hear and will talk another day but I will only get if you are the voices of encouragement. Thank you for calling in and drive safely sir.

Let's go to Richmond, Virginia. David what your testimony. 12. I write 26 (the Lord delivered me from alcohol to excess, but of course are kept on smoking in the December 1985 went to the doctor. In the give me a chest x-ray totally. I had emphysema of March 12 like to remotely look altar Lotus live a life of their situation with your delivery from his cigarettes. I will be I won't be here much longer allowed to smoke in Middle Ages that cigarettes were this had no physical and psychological of desire.

I do not have emphysema anymore of smoke for 28 years, but by the grace of God, of been delivered 31. So she just did it for you just did absolutely yes. So listen friends, some of you here that you're terribly discouraged as he didn't do that for you. They did for me with drugs and and then with food.

This change me, help me, you had to make choices in excess just nobody helped some. You think Nana did happen to me. I'm discouraged. Okay there other ways, step-by-step day by day cutting back getting free, but I want to encourage many of you that what God did for David he could do for you. You really can be set free in a moment God can do that. Thank you sir. What a glorious testimony and Steve in Richmond.

Also a time is short so go, go for it real quick hurt.

Michael Brown picked up repeating the water.

I love you Sir you make me think I'll quickly get many of them 49 years of age and marketer of 2011 I found Brodeur quit drinking and continued smoking marijuana two years and in June of 213 I God to come into my life and help me become completely server not stop worshiping first false bailed and start worshiping the living Christ in our effort just like your caller said it. If Christ could do that for me you can do it for anybody.

And all you could do it. Cannot have my wife. I have my child I have my her. I am blessed and sobriety is the best gift I ever received. Now love when you give your testimony because you get people strength and power know that they can walk away from anything.

Her Current Pl., God PC is amazingly faithful and Steve you speak for millions of others who been set free is as well and he's no respecter of persons is not because Steve special Mike Brown special or David the just call the jerk it is called a special note Jesus a special and and we find our identity and our hope in him hate Howard there a couple more colors. I can't get to but they're calling about food addictions and and high blood pressure and things like that get their information.

I want to send them my book as a gift. Both Nancy and I wrote breaking the stronghold of food will send it out as a gift to those two callers right so Howard, when you get a chance just get the info from them and will gladly send the books out white listen friends, some of you is can be step-by-step by step-by-step, inch by inch by inch others.

You can experience instantaneous deliverance. But here's where it starts God.

I have a problem. God, I admitted I'm struggling I'm addicted to this am addicted to that of a slave to this no condemnation. Be honest with God and he'll have mercy, and he'll help you see God I don't even know where to start. If you pursue them honestly and earnestly he'll send help to give you guidance right. Hey listen friends you know that we are listener and viewer supported a great place to go to help us go fund go fund Brown asked her to Brown studio go fund Dearborn ask Dr. Brown studio.

Watch the video there see where your funds are going to partner with us to gather were making a difference. Get a gift of $10 or gift of $1000. Every gift helps and together you're helping us reach many more people and give much more free material reduces higher-quality way the glory of God. Thanks for being part of the team special broadcast way.

Tomorrow I think you can find, edify, and I

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