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Dr. Brown Answers Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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October 20, 2017 4:21 pm

Dr. Brown Answers Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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Let's do it.

You've got questions, we've got answers for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to today's broadcast you've got questions, we've got answers.

Michael Brown delighted to be with you. 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 if you have a question for me on any subject that is appropriate for Christian radio and any subject or I can help you phone lines are open for you if you want to probe something I've spoken about. If you want to challenge me on something you differ love to talk with you love to take your calls before I do that I just want to glorify the Lord and I want to encourage you in one specific area because of the grace God's given me to completely change my lifestyle. Eat only healthy food all the time with no exceptions. Because of that overall I'm massively healthier now that I was little over three years ago when God help me make this lifestyle change and I share with you after my blood pressure and cholesterol all these other things it this night and day transformation by the grace of God or the biggest things is my immune system is much much stronger now than it used to be, especially traveling around the world. You get different time zones different weather conditions being on planes constantly. I get run down. I catch colds pretty frequently, and now it's hardly hardly ever well this past week so yesterday and the day before was going to be a very very intense time of ministry.

I was flying out of Orlando Florida can teach my night class at fire school of ministry in Concord, North Carolina teach that on Tuesday night and find out. My sister Dylan to Orlando getting in well past midnight to the hotel. Then I had a do TV shoots for God TV for word on fire show which some preach my heart out for 22 minutes and then two minutes, two minutes intro outer so 26 minutes of just going for it and reduce many shows as we could. A Wednesday afternoon that I was preaching at a key conference Wednesday night and then all day so morning afternoon and into early evening reading the shoot out. TV shows and and that meant maybe 10 or 12 of these half-hour shows and what happened was Tuesday I woke up at sums funny. I'm not feeling right circular. But Monday. By Tuesday night on teach my whole class to my night school class with tissues in my hand because I'm on my nose is running at it and feeling miserable and thinking while I've got to go now do like 14 half-hour TV shows new Recent merit or blowing your nose with a tissue in your hand while you're on your your your on TV and you record the shows and preach the key conference. So I just said Lord by your grace this one step at a time by your grace. This one showed a time and took night quill Tuesday night that we got to the hotel past one in the morning. I want make sure I slept in, but thing is if I take NyQuil like I wake up feeling groggy the next morning and and by the time you go to the shoot. In the early afternoon. I feel like my head is pounding I'm laying there sick on the couch, ready to do the shoots said Lord just your grace just your grace and I know because of the healthy eating because of eating only healthy foods day and night. It's pouring good fuel into my body. So I get cold.

It's much less intense than it used to be, and it passes quickly so we shot for great shows that had a great time preaching by Wednesday night. I was really worn out again.

Slept well. Thursday we did 10 quality shows full of energy, anointing and grace, not a sneeze through two days already and and now next day back home. Got up this morning to fly home ready to go. We got our missions conference this week.

In fact, anyone in the greater Charlotte area you need to come to fire church over the weekend and join in on our amazing annual missions conference 17th annual missions conferences are all people were part of our community trying to ministry school and sent out on the field and having incredible impact. Anyway, I am grateful to God. I am very grateful to God for health and vitality right back with your calls. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown line of fire now by calling 860 Jim is Dr. Michael Brown, welcome, welcome back to the broadcast 866-34-TRUTH you've got questions. We got answers so just want to remind you that if you do not yet have our book breaking the stronghold of food. The book that Nancy and I wrote that shares our journey how we broke free from food addictions and discovered a whole new way of living and it's it's a key reason why I'm here healthy and strong, and so quickly recovering from getting run down with a cold and and able to function in the midst of it. A good fuel for the race of life.

This week we have a special resource offer along with CDs, write code shoot three CDs write good step-by-step here's a get started steps to take in an interview.

Nancy and I did on this as well that we think will really help you on the fourth CD 86634.

We will start in Glendale, California Marcus, welcome to the line of fire by Dr. Brown, Michael sure thing, Dr. Brown a question about Daniel 927 the first I would like to know little bit more about the Hebrew word translated covenant and many open your theater are expound on that trip think Daniel 927 as a whole is is a somewhat difficult verse to translate but it doesn't mean that everything in the verse is is difficult so just looking on Mike my screen here at Daniel 927 the words for covenant is a sent word for covenant breach in Hebrew. That's what you find when God sees me, God makes a covenant of listing covenant with Abraham. It's a breach of the new covenant in Jeremiah 31 is a breach. And that's where the choose and the word from any raw being is the standard were that used for many its use in Isaiah 53 that that how how the servant of the Lord will will justify many it's it's used in Daniel 12 that many sleep in the dust of the earth will arise so standard words for covenant standard words for many that's that's really the easy part of the result how it's interpreted what applies to that can be debated, but the words themselves are quite straightforward burger one final question with the word career or brief visit earlier have the religious connotation of being with God or do you circular well you know it course in Scripture because of the nature of Scripture and because of the subject matter, it's normally it's only with the divine element in it, but we could make a covenant with brothers right to brothers make a covenant okay what will never betray each other no matter what we can make a breach and in that sense he could be secular, so it's not exclusively religious and in that in that respect, outrigger directors, trying to understand it, and working out of it and purported morning Mark Gardner next week. Going thank you thank you sir.

I sincerely appreciate it and and trust me, your funds are wisely used and and they really help us reach a lot of people is good news. Thank you, Marcus, and I appreciate the call and the questions and the support 866-348-7884 we go to Vancouver, Washington. Paul welcome to the line of fire. Underground economy sure thing. Have a quick question about were doing with that issue in our church and some were kind of going to prayer meetings where prophecy irritably placed above Scripture and have been a lot of weird very strange processes and it's kind of bleeding into like a mysticism and I was wondering pastorally how and what advice you could give to address this as church leaders. Yes.

So first explain in what sense prophecy is being exalted above Scripture yet.

Basically Scripture is kind. It's not that it ever sent that way, but Scripture is valued at the cherry on top. But prophecy is the real reason you know to the meeting. You need to work from God, not not in the Bible but from people I understand and are these people recognize leaders in the church.

What's the status recently know their very narrow and some background information on the O'Reilly one person is. I I've known for subject to pitching your bench that woman. She is very keen on I'm gossiping and I just kind of power-hungry and all right on register last month. She looked taken aback yet so what what I would do is is the word says to test the spirits right sometimes people just operating in their own human power sometimes is by the Holy Spirit. Sometimes it's demonic sometimes it's a mixture but I remember early on when we read a prayer meeting. I was a fairly new believer and this woman came in and really had no 1015 people in a Monday night prayer meeting this woman came in and and she began to kind of speak just pulled a few of the young people aside in and she was the super spiritual woman we've never seen her before and my pastor are pastor went up to her and said Hoosier pastor and she said oh Jesus is called me on the organized church. Jesus is my pastor so immediately. Her independent spirit was revealed that she was a part of any fellowship and that kind of expose whatever she was saying is like art.

Whoever this lady is she just preys on people and she's under no authority so because the word says the spirits of the prompted prophets are subject to the prophets: first Corinthian's 14 and because it says that others should judge prophetic words. What I would say is this. If you have new people coming in children known and tested and recognized by the leaders, and especially if they're gathering people around themselves, that whoever is pastoring the congregation needs to let them know.

Hey, if you knew here.

If you're just becoming if you feel you have a word for some of we want you to submit a test as leaders in the pre-Phyllis appropriate will share it with that person. If the people are sincere and humble and love the Lord and really feel they have something from God then will be willing to do that, they'll be willing to to go ahead and submit if not they'll immediately push back against it and that would be a test of what's motivating them and what's really behind things and if the Lords really using them in a wonderful way then then let it be put in context of people understand. Here's the purpose of prophecy is the purpose of personal prophecy is where you don't always go looking for word because you have your relationship with God and things like that to some practical teaching on it, but first I would address a possible problem by really just pushing back a little and just make it know if you feel you have something then let us know who it's for, or if it's for the whole creation submit us as leaders of the way it every Phyllis.

The Lord then then will ask you to share with that personal will share it for you again if there sincere humble in the Lords working through them. Then they'll accept that if they are self-proclaimed prophets or they just think that it's up to them that no one could put them under any authority, then that'll be revealed pretty quickly as well. All right, all right, that helps a lot. Good, and the others give us a call is that whoever is pastoring should just to some practical teaching on.

Here's how we walk with the Lord and know the Lord have a real relationship with the Lord and and and working intimacy with him and hear him through his Word through spirit and if the Lord gives person words. Here's some of the purpose of that as well so people can not get enamored with these things and and exalt them out of proportion. Okay are all right sure thing Paul, I appreciate it appreciate the question now, obviously, I believe that God does speak prophetically today. I do believe that. But the question is have you tested how you evaluate by the word. What's the purpose.

So those are the questions 866-34-TRUTH I we go to Joel and Lake Isabella California, welcome to the line of fire are dark brown how you doing doing doing well thank you I got a question for you, the tiny bit of background so I'm a senior pastor of the church and at our church. We won't believe in having multiple characters on their menacing senior pastor and the other was a kind of coca so we don't counseling making.

The only problem arrived like that and am always agreed to have unity before moving: now recently we decided to bring a woman onto our staff, which we've never had before, and shall literally be functioning in the same way that only associate pastors function and all of them agreed to that. Will felt it was the Lord's call and because you have the same function by some of the associate pastors do not want to call her pastor to an end. So as she comes on staff. They want to call her something else and not a pastor, even though shall be functioning only neck roll and how we've always done it. Which is under the senior pastor but you still help, go on vision and making big decisions and counseling. Things like that. So I believe it would almost be dishonest the congregation to make up a different title order and and some of the patches are even okay thank she has a pastoral role of Connor Pat I solicit your thought yes that stay right there. Here's my question for you, then I'll answer why are they okay with her functioning is not having that title will ask you that none of you my best practical answer phone lines are jammed only get to every single one of a right vision will be like that. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on a Friday. Got questions, we've got answers. I love doing radio every day, but I always come in on Fridays with special anticipation because we have no clue what questions can come up and what you can ask so back to pastor Joel so why is it that the associates were in harmony with bringing this woman on but not in harmony with what she was called to new all over having sooner or having a woman be called over your elder writing only have all the Scripture laid out that we want to go over but me. I like I'm being a leader go I thunder out correct mail them still coming from the exam on the screen that everyone has to work these things out in terms of how they see when functioning in ministry and for some women in any capacity like this list are ministering to women is taboo for others. Women can be senior pastors. And that's fine because it's on the spirit. My view is that the senior governmental headship is primarily male, just as it is in the home doesn't mean that God can't raise up a Deborah but I don't see that as the rule, however, if women are under authority, which is the case here. Then again, that's up to your discretion and wisdom as to what their function is, and they are not functioning by their authority, but under your authority, so that no US authorities being usurped again. This can be debated, try to get to that larger debate fact we got some teaching on online and we kind of leave it there but my issue would be if I obviously want to do things in unity and harmony.

Right. So I think you have to press the point either.

She's going to have XYZ function. If yes XYZ function, then we need to call her the same as everyone else with XYZ function. If were not at home with that. We have to change her function. So if she's gonna function the same as the associates that she should have the same title if if they are not at home with her functioning, the same way that she should have a different title and I think that's what you really have to boil it down and and determine what you believe Paul was saying and wasn't saying in that context, but if you have the same function. She should have the same title. Even our current dog in the crime. As a teacher on Monday morning are involved in all kind of ministries more so than you know many other yes Emily allowed her to have all that punk you yeah so so again, like I say I think you have to just say okay guys if we accept that she is qualified and anointed to do this, this, this, just as you, then we have to give her the same title and if we feel she's not capable in the Lord are called to her Scriptures against it may have to change her function, but if she's going to have the same job description. She should have the same job title that would that would be right press. Otherwise it's it's completely inconsistent issues qualified in Scripture permits it, in which case the title. If she's not qualified.

Scripture doesn't permit it. Don't give her the function and may the Lord give you wisdom. I think you have a healthy outcome.

As you work that through together and if you recognize a gift anointing and calling then give the appropriate title right if you see Scripture against it, then don't give that outlet for service. Thank you sir for letting us in on the other conversation and the discussion may the Lord grant you wisdom assures note in a few weeks right and let us know the outcome. 8663 freight 7884 we go to Toronto Ron, welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown good to talk to your hey buddy thought it was you nice to hear you Dr. Brown, the ordinal side of it all was aggravated with the one that you know you asked the Lord what free time to take it away from. Was this a physical thorn in the side or was it a metaphorical thorn outside. I'd like to know what you what you should always complaining about yeah II studied extensively when I wrote my book, Israel's divine healer. I really looked at it carefully was interesting is that through the history of church tradition, there have been various views.

Some thought it was a sickness ranging from malaria to a problem with his eyes to something else. Others thought that it was near the monks speculated that maybe it was sexual lust because here they were single they think thought Paul single minutes we struggle with others said it was his battle with the super apostles, others, the extreme persecution. My own view is that it was the extreme and unusual persecution that he experienced the word that he uses for it for weakness in second Corinthians 12 and really throughout second Corinthians of first and second Corinthians. It can refer to sicknesses.

It can, but it's often weakness in other ways.

He said a final boast on the boast about my weaknesses as is. That's why boast about persecutions and hardships and difficulties. The King James translates with weakness, weakness, weakness, and then gets says infirmities is the same Greek word changes it to infirmities and give you the impression more than it was a physical illness. I don't believe so. The thorn in the side that imagery from the Old Testament. It is normally having to do with people and as I understand it, Paul had extreme and unusual persecution.

I remember, the purpose was to keep him humble, the Lord allowed it because of the extreme revelation so picture this, you know, II preached Wednesday night at a convention in in Orlando, Florida, and afterwords a brother who is 93 years old. He got up and he said, is that it is a leader there.

He says the greatest messages ever heard this life are heard in many years and then all these leaders say man what an incredible message that this actually happened. Okay well let's say that instead I finished the message and next thing I'm getting stoned, dragged out of the building, beaten, thrown in the dungeon euro instead of like wow what a great Mexico. The Lord really used me.

Instead, your get rejected you're getting hate it, you're getting beat up and it was so extreme, more so than the other apostles seems that reverie went there was this extreme demonic opposition that would come in the way of extreme persecution. So we go from beating to beating whipping to whipping their imprisonment to imprisonment, getting stoned and an honor and honesty recounts in second Corinthians 11 that's what he says. A second Christmas 12 on the boast in the boast in the things that show my weakness. That's why I glory and hardships and persecutions and insults so I don't take it to be a physical illness as best as I can understand it, understand to be the extreme persecution that experience and that is certainly can keep you humble. While while our hyperactive sure thing.

Hey a Ron.Nora four for listeners that don't know you are wrong call with one of the most precious testimonies a few years ago.

His he come to faith is an older man and had been witnessing to his mother that she was in her 90s nursing home now and she had very negative attitudes toward Jesus lived through World War II and the Holocaust and is a girl teenager gone to the beach for a birthday and as you know, the they didn't allow Blacks and they didn't allow Jews and so he had witnessed her others had witnessed to her and he gave her my book, the real culture. Jesus needed 97 I believe she registers she was a reader slow readers read through the validation I need to get in use that but evangelizing nursing home Tehran test it's the line of fire with your host activist and author internationals leader and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown, well, well, Brown delighted to be with you got questions.

We got answers if it's propria radio any area where I can be of help to you 866-34-TRUTH it's 866-34-TRUTH 87884 that is the recall hate before I take your calls I was in Orlando last couple of days filming shows for a God TV program called world on fire.

There is on Sundays were right.

Preached strong messages from the word, tell it like it is that we have another show five days a week five minutes a day. Ask me anything on God TV and it is got a great crew. They've got great studios and multiple camera people A/V. It's it's it's a big crew to do the shows and I was showing them what we're producing here with our tiny crew working overtime to get these high quality videos out to you along with our radio broadcasting and they were super impressed. It's with your help, that were doing that if you're watching right now on YouTube, or if you been watching the many videos that we put out from here. We've done that with your help, you are helping us touch many, so would you take a moment and go to this website is go fund Gibran a.s. Katie are Brown studio. Let's go fund ADR Brown studio. Your gift of any size helps us immensely. You have no idea how much we get out of a little group of dedicated people really serving to make a difference and as I travel around the world.

So many people come up to me.

I watch your videos of watch this and I'm so thrilled to know that we are Texans who were doing this together. Money goes right back out to touch more people just like usual watching. So thank you for your participation and partnership.

We go to the phones now in Alexandria, Virginia Dwight, welcome to the line of fire about the technical sure thing, yet they differed greatly blessed and avocado. We are programmed to thank for that, and the company find despite the broader overall question went as good as Google really at time of year, but if Christians should be celebrating Halloween or not and if there's any scriptural basis against it another's disarmament in the body who made it.

Try to redeem it on great alternative to know some churches they come up with the hallelujah night in Asia Dilaudid is to wear costumes and was only used as an opportunity to share the gospel of trick-or-treaters and abstract stop and discover more conflict with about that over the years in the know, company.

They even knows that, nearly 1 or have a howling thing office event and on the thing about on out of the fleet of beanie and problems with that. But even thing about my daughters school where they want to, they want to dress her up or when a howling with the colorful, as with the order out of the young and not enough to know this is a if this is under them may probably make a big deal out of it or what being dogmatic over or what I was really curious about your 21st. I appreciate your kind words.

Number one. Thank you. Number two. I appreciate your heart in this that you're in a sensitive way trying to honor the Lord and try to do the right thing. You don't want to come across like a religious fanatic and and you're all the whole world is full of demons and you're all going to how I camping area. On the other hand, you want to be polluted by the world that is sinful. So, what's the best way to approach this. I give you some thoughts.

Just look at the clock get a break right here since we come back on the other side of the break to share my perspective. Again, my perspective, each of your sound most of you go to*around the Lord-Halloween about as well write back the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you so much for being part of the broadcast questions. We've got answers so back to Dwight in Alexandria, Virginia. First thing, there are some who say Halloween actually goes back to Christian origins and is positive in you should let it be demonized regardless of the origins. This is a time of year where if you talk to Satanists. They will say it's a time of heightened Satanic activity, and if you watch what was being shown on movies and things like that and on TV it's it's it's a lot of the violent films of the Halloween films being violent demonic films and if you look at the way people dress up for Halloween. You may just have no celebrity look-alike rum sure the be people dress up like Donald Trump.

Now you know whenever it is. But you have a lot of the demons and the goals and and stuff like that so I would never think that was appropriate for my kids to participate in something like that, even if for them. It was pretty innocent just because so much of the other stuff would be demonic and see if in the school.

It was a dress-up day and everybody came in your dressed up as a a sports figure, or an actor and actress, or a celebrity of some kind help that the one thing that I think you get all the other stuff someone comes in his Dracula and some comes in his Frankenstein symptoms and is a zombie you know and and if the same thing in your workplace if it's a matter of you know you're gonna command dress like people from the 1950s.

Okay, whatever that silly that's fun right but if it's if it's gonna be a typical hollowing dress-up.

I'm sure he can say hey I really that into the whole demon thing you know other celebration of this and I think any employer would have to understand that they can't they can impose something like that. On the other employees with his first churches that say hey we don't want kids to feel deprived.

That's the big issue that you don't want to raise your kids in a way that they can never do anything all my friends are doing this and I can't well plenty things they can't do because the other kids are doing things that are worldly, and other things you don't approve of and that's why you let your kids to sleep over at one house, but not another house for those very reasons, but some churches say hey let's be positive rental leakage can't we have a fun event at our church that the kids you look forward to and they will feel deprived. I think that's fine. Why not do that one of even do it is an outreach of sorts and things like that.

I don't have any issue or problem with that, but we don't have to keep in competition with the world. If your kids are whole and enjoying God and enjoying life and goddesses like added stupid. We don't do it fine but if there's a way to replace with something better great and wherever you feel to be exposed to something that's darkness you participates in Scripture for me would be Ephesians 5 if you read through a few verses and repulses is nothing Paul writes to us that have nothing to do with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them. So something to you is a manifestation of the unfruitful works of darkness. You will participate in thank you very much and was very helpful. All right, you're very welcome and again friends if you go to my website ask Dr. Brown, the Lord ask ADR Just type in Halloween. You'll see a video that we did on the subject right we go over to Alex in Northern Virginia. Thanks for: the line of fire Brown area doing well thank you Gregor yeah I had a question regarding the book of Genesis and I can turn extent accident and and how a Christian it could and not from someone who is an unbeliever, you know, it just feels like it very hard to to to create a defense for especially you know with but not having a scientific background you have a lot of people like Richard Dawkins or Sam Harris or Christopher Hitchens, who yeah seem to just tear it apart you know any opportunity they get out, and then in comp looking internally you know and try to look for answers from certain people I've seen enough folks at William Ln., Craig and you know other theologian, Pat Robertson, I believe, to just kind of going to different types of tribunals are for example creationism can kind of in a rip into well, you know, younger. Creationism is a joke and you know well if you believe in order to create it. Creationism it's radical so I guess you know I would like a little bit of God, and that to kind of what your understanding of the book of Genesis is sure and you know maybe you can kind of kit, take it from there. Yes Olson number one I don't know that I'm going to get a nonbeliever to recognize the inspiration of Genesis or Exodus, unless they are born again. That's a very real possibility that you reject the whole of the word of God. Especially books like Genesis and Exodus without Revelation from God without being born again so I just accept as a very real possibility and not make it until I die on my bigger issue would be the help them come to faith in recognize the need for Savior, but it could very well be that these are the intellectual questions that stop them for even considering the gospel. The bright point number two that what I would do is say. Let's look at this. Let's look at Genesis 1.

Let's compare it to the other ancient near Eastern creation accounts and when you begin to read them. It's, it's like one thing is on this extraordinarily lofty mono theistic level of a God that speaks things into existence and even things that agree with science and in terms of light and sound and being integral elements of creation and and you compare that to all the other accounts from the ancient world. In ancient Babylon or Egypt or things like that where the gods are warring with each other and slicing each other up and that's how we get heaven and earth that one got a slight stop in part here in part they are and you know the people are too noisy, so don't wipe everybody out here just it's completely different and after this that we are waiting to get this from where they get this idea of order coming out of chaos. And Einstein said that, to paraphrase, that the great miracle of the universe is is that can be observed in other words, it it's a can can be quantified mathematically. It operates on mathematical principles, I mean that secular scientists could tell you that that this force here in the that they operate as as if some great mathematician set the whole thing up so I last in first. How is it that this literature from that same time. Stands so starkly above it and I recently studied some of this refreshment was writing my book, saving the sick America and I felt where they came from. If it's not inspired where they get these ideas in these concepts that are so transcendent above everything else. And then there there are Egyptologists well known Egyptologists like Kenneth kitchen and James Hofmeyr who believe in the inspiration of the book of Exodus 2 of the world's most premier Egyptologists so II would say to them. What's interesting is that the more the Scripture has been studied and scrutinized over the years, the more people take it seriously.

That's why we still take it seriously in the 21st-century and it hasn't been discarded so that would be the second approach and then the third thing is this. I tell him there are brilliant scientists who believe that the earth is young and they believe that's the right interpretation of the Bible and read it and send them to or answers in for young earth creationists and the list all the PhD's in all the unit or university professors that agree with their perspective and then say there are brilliant scientists who believe that the Bible teaches an old earth and the best way to read the Bible is an old earth perspective and point them to with Dr. you Ross and others and your fine great scientists and solid who believe in old earth creation you'll find great scientists and solid Christians the and answers in who believe in a young earth, and I would just say hate the scientific evidence is there, you can look at it you can discuss it with others that might my own view, Sir, in a nutshell is that based on the genealogies. They point more to a young earth but I don't see Genesis 1 itself, pointing to a young earth necessarily. I see it primarily to teach us about God the Creator to teach us theology more than to teach us about the length of creation so honestly my perspective is that Genesis 1 of the whole Bible with talks by creation does not give us a dogmatic perspective of young earth old earth that that can be debated scientifically and while the genealogies would point to a young earth. There are ways to explain the genealogies that would be in harmony with ancient near Eastern geology's genealogies as well that would allow for various gaps. So, if it's that so-and-so begot so-and-so it could mean so-and-so begat so-and-so and so-and-so and so-and-so, who then begot this one is the next major player in the subsidence of the plain sense of the sum single that's other ancient genealogies read so I personally am agnostic.

Based on the Bible as to whether there's a young earth or an old earth. I say that scientists can make a better decision on that, based on the information we have that reading the Bible. I honestly believe it could be read either way young earth old F you know a thing about electronic cop out a controversial position that's just based on my own study Scripture I will be right back. It's been called her and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown as I can always start with Michael in Denver, Colorado concerts and want to fire regular hello so my question concerning the eval marketing on the pentagram and it is a scholarly something that Manfred about how deny it on the pentagram and or that like back that they did that, that we know from their writing. We traditional Jews don't question it. For a split second traditional Jews understand that this was something that was done in keeping with the customs of the mass rates and it's not that they didn't have writings where they had books and documents rather had customs that they did that they know residents.

Okay, here's our system and here's what we do. So there's even debate notes still about why they did certain things certain ways, but the. The function of the Val points in certain ways and why they were where they were.

That was universally understood and and not really disputed. From what I know so another words that they didn't write about it in a book and say we took that the.

The words that the valves from Adonai and then as they fit properly put them under the YH WHO cave of hay in Hebrew so that instead of saying Yahweh.

You'd end up seeing a whole wall which comes into English is Jehovah. But since traditional Jews knew to pronounce it as Adonai, always. For centuries, right and since you have the tradition of St. Curry awesome Greek, which is Lord of these traditions go back quite quite a ways and really it's only recently that that some have ever challenge this a bit more. The only reason we got the name Jehovah was Christian scholars initially weren't aware of this and just thought it was the pronunciation.

The intended one.

Remember, Lord, which is Adonai, the Lord has been used for centuries and centuries. We know they going all the way back to the Septuagint so I was it safe. It's a firm tradition in that regard. All equipment is there a possibility that you would be the correct date (in and where can I read up more on the tradition and the battery okay. No, as I understand it, that's not a possibility because they would not have put the valves in to pronounce a name that they wouldn't pronounce what were they have the valves there when the whole thing saying don't pronounce this at sacred. It's not pronounceable you're not to speak it so note to have those vows. There means that's certainly the way it was in pronounce and then other forms like that you have. For example, with the distinct short for Yahweh that would not really be will explain with your whole wall form Jehovah form of the best thing to do is if you just go online to Jewish Jewish it's a standard work from hundred or so years ago and then just type in Jehovah. You should have a pretty extensive article there and that will give you further references as well.

Thank you though for the questions their excellent questions, 866342. I would go to Abraham in Hawaii. Welcome Sir to the line of fire. Dr. Brown had a quick question on why second chapter 19 is pretty much made him to I. 37. I know some skeptics to invalidate Scripture and I just wanted to know your thoughts on it and basically how or why the author of Kingswood differently either, possibly copy down for might be a verbatim corporate buyer verbatim yellow notes uninspired verbatim. It's one using other sources and in other words, what is the logical thing to do if I have a sacred writing about this story that I'm telling. And now I'm telling the same story I quoted you have the same thing.

The last chapter of of Jeremiah Jeremiah 52. Most of that comes directly out of the exact same count in in second Kings so you have that several times in the Bible where they have the set.

They had the same source. So in other words, the second Kings is is relying on an earlier source okay as I Isaiah would predate certain parts of of second Kings.

So if Isaiah's written first. Okay then.

This was a common source they have and when Kings was writing it. Use the same source or in the case of Jeremiah when Jeremiah is writing his book now. The final enters getting to the that the final summation they just take it from the historical source and put it in Certs is just like if I've written a book on the subject and now I'm later on wanting to excerpt something I just take it from what I previously wrote and put it in their right and if you have the book. You are the historian and I now want to quote what happened during that time. You're the standard story and song, and take what you wrote and put it here so it's is just using the same sources. I can even imagine how I could be used as an argument against inspiration of Scripture is just same authors in the common common community using the same writings. Why wouldn't they do that. I sense I yeah exactly special either in a small area.

They don't have a ton of different sacred writing self. Here's the historical buckwheat we quote from it, yeah, thanks for asking.

I appreciate it and look sometimes things strike is like the really difficult and is a simple answer to them right. Let us go to Gina in Grapevine, Texas. Thanks for calling the line of fire background? Are several questions in one eye care if you are married and your aircraft is our divorce mentality that are your throat and eight is not living a godly line regarding our it's what you want to Leah yeah and you had no choice but to lay much of the day you are here on time and on the radio all time that he shouldn't be associated with people that aren't trying to live a godly and Talia Jana. I yes to Gina, to the extent that this touches you personally in your life or someone close to you. I'm sorry for the pain and the Trenton. It's the person you sense of the rest your life with in your soulmate in the turn against Shiite.

I can imagine the pain of that Paul does address that though in first Corinthians 7. So if you're married to an unbeliever don't know divorce and you could be the key to them coming to the Lord, but if they leave you, you're not bound in other words, you can't stop them from leaving you, and if someone in that case wants to go through the divorce. You can't stop it from happening and then from there you have to really work out before the Lord. What that means. Are or are you free to remarry or not what the circumstances.

You always do your best to reconcile your people don't want to be the one in this case to initiate a divorce USA look even though you're not following the Lord. I will stay with you and analyst to be to be married if they insist on leaving insist on going through the divorce. Obviously you can't stop that from happening and I encourage you not to embitter them in the process bite by fighting and scratching along the way to make it so hard to say hey I can't go along with this, but I can't stop you and then you keep praying for reconciliation. If it gets the point where it's impossible then you go on with your life and the Lord God, you were supposed race say this man doesn't turn to the Lord race step without hey friends back with you on Monday. In the meantime, visit the website asked Dr.

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